Fallon County, Montana Basics:

Fallon County Montana - Government Site

Population: 3,039
Area: 1621 square miles
County seat: Baker
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.5%
Median household income: $49,732
Persons in poverty: 8.8%
Home ownership rate: 74.6%
Mean travel time to work: 11.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bowman (ND)  Carter  Custer  Golden Valley (ND)  Harding (SD)  Prairie  Slope (ND)  Wibaux  

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Map of the Fallon County area

Our detail map of Fallon County shows the Fallon County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Fallon County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Baker Municipal Airport, Sikorski Ranch Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Baker Police Department, Baker Rural Fire District, Baker Volunteer Fire Department, Fallon County Courthouse, Fallon County Library, Fallon County Sheriff's Office, Fallon Emergency Services, O'Fallon Historical Museum, Plevna Volunteer Fire District

  Canals     show all on map

Big Bushong Ditch, Christenson Ditch, Nyhart Ditch, Sparrow Waste Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bonnievale Cemetery, Community Union Cemetery, Fertile Prairie Cemetery, Lame Jones Cemetery, Peace Lutheran Cemetery, Saint Anthony Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

American Lutheran Church, Assembly of God Church, Baker Community Church, Baker Wesleyan Methodist Church, Congregational Church (historical), Emanuel Evangelical Free Church, First Baptist Church, First Lutheran Church (historical), Jehovah's Witnesses, Lakeview Baptist Church, Lutheran Church (historical), Peace Lutheran Church, Plevna Baptist Church, Saint Anthonys Catholic Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, United Brethren Church (historical), Wesleyan Methodist Church (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

7-UP Sea Dam, 761 Lang Dam, Askin Dam, D Johnson Number 2 Dam, Ehret Land Reservoir Dam, Ehret Number 1 Dam, H A Wyrick Number 1 Dam, Hall Dam, Halmans Number 1 Dam, Halmans Number 2 Dam, Halmans Number 3 Dam, Hough Dam, Keirle Dam, Keirle Number 3 Dam, Kirschten Number 1 Dam, Lazy E Bar 9 Dam, Leo Number 2 Dam, Lindstrom Dam, Logar Dam, Lower Baker Dam, Meccage Number 3 Dam, Mildred Number 1 Dam, O'Henry Dam, Ohlrick Dam, Oscar Number 1 Dam, Oscar Number 6 Dam, Palm Ranch Number 2 Dam, Pinnaw Dam, R Maier Dam, R Myhre Number 1 Dam, Red Butte Dam, Rieger Dam, Rusley Number 2 Dam, Sand Rock Dam, Savage Dam, Sikorsky and Sons Dam, South Sandstone Creek Dam, Sportsman Dam, Stark Dam, Thielen Number 1 Dam, Traweek Number 2 Dam, Tronstad Dam, Upper Baker Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Community Clinic, Elizabeth Hospital (historical), Fallon Dental Clinic, Fallon Hospital, Fallon Medical Complex, Memorial Nursing Home

  Lakes     show all on map

Lake Baker

  Locales     show all on map

Bagley Elevator (historical), Baker, Baker Grain Incorporated Elevator, Bisher (historical), Brault Elevator (historical), Burnt Station (historical), Columbia Elevator (historical), Columbia Elevator (historical), Dodge (historical), Equity Co-op Association Elevator, Fallon County Fairgrounds, Farmers Elevator (historical), Farmers Elevator (historical), Gundersonville (historical), Kingmont Siding, Lake City Shopping Center, Lake Station (historical), Lakeview Country Club, McLean (historical), O'Laughlin Elevator (historical), Occident Elevator (historical), Ollie (historical), Phebus Trailer Court, Plevna, Rush Hall Fishing Access Site, South Sandstone Fishing Access Site, Tonquin (historical), Westmore

  Oilfields     show all on map

Cabin Creek Oil Field, Cupton Oil Field, Little Beaver Oil Field, Monarch Oil Field, Pennel Oil Field, South Wills Creek Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Baker City Park, Iron Horse Park, Jaycee Park, Mangold Field, Plevna City Park, Senior Citizens Centennial Park, Steve McClain Memorial Park, Triangle Park, Wagon Road Historical Marker, Walts RV Memorial Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Alcatraz Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baker, Cabin Creek, Knobs (historical), MacKenzie (historical), Ollie, Plevna, Webster, Westmore, Willard

  Post Offices     show all on map

Baker Post Office, Bisher Post Office (historical), Boots Post Office (historical), Cabin Creek Post Office (historical), Calumet Post Office (historical), Knobs Post Office (historical), MacKenzie Post Office (historical), Ollie Post Office (historical), Plevna Post Office, Preston Post Office (historical), Violet Post Office (historical), Webster Post Office (historical), Westmore Post Office (historical), Willard Post Office (historical), Wills Creek Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Buffalo Reservoir, Lake Baker, Rush Hall Reservoir, South Sandstone Reservoir, Sportsman Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

101 School (historical), Abelt School (historical), Amundson School (historical), Ash Coulee School (historical), Baker High School, Beaver School (historical), Beaver Valley School (historical), Bechtold School (historical), Berry School (historical), Brownson School (historical), Cabin Creek School (historical), Chimney Creek School (historical), Clark School (historical), Coal Springs School (historical), Colbo School (historical), Crow School (historical), Dry Fork School (historical), Duck Creek School (historical), Durheims School (historical), Eastside School (historical), Ehret School (historical), Eureka School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fertile Prairie School, Fletcher Creek School (historical), Fullerton School (historical), Golden Valley School (historical), Gregerson School (historical), Heldt School (historical), Hidden Water School (historical), Hillside School (historical), Hilmont School (historical), Kimball School (historical), Korth-Carrington School (historical), Laddie Butte School (historical), Lame Jones School (historical), Lincoln School, Lincoln School (historical), Little Beaver School (historical), Longfellow School, Ludwig School (historical), Lunder School (historical), MacKenzie School (historical), McNaney School (historical), Medicine Rocks School (historical), Morris School (historical), Morton School (historical), Myhre School (historical), Norman School (historical), O'Donnell School (historical), Ollie School (historical), Park School (historical), Pennel Creek School (historical), Pleasant Prairie School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Plevna School, Prairie Rose School (historical), Prairie School (historical), Preston School (historical), Rambur School (historical), Rasmussen School (historical), Red Hill School (historical), Rife School (historical), Riley School (historical), Rohner School (historical), Scole School (historical), Seving School (historical), Slater School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Sunny Ridge School (historical), Tonquin School (historical), Trail Creek School (historical), Twin Buttes School (historical), Wagner School (historical), Washington School, Webster School (historical), Wells School (historical), Westmore School (historical), Willard School (historical), Wills School (historical), Wyrick School (historical), Yellowstone School (historical), Yokley School (historical), Young School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Ash Creek, Back Creek, Bone Pile Creek, Brush Creek, Chimney Creek, Coal Bank Creek, Coon Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Deep Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork Creek, Duck Creek, Dugout Creek, East Fork Beaver Creek, East Fork Mudd Creek, Fletcher Creek, Fork of Beaver Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hidden Water Creek, Horse Creek, Johny Creek, Lame Jones Creek, Lawrence Creek, Little Pine Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Middle Fork Cabin Creek, Mile Creek, Miles City Creek, Milk Creek, Mud Creek, North Fork Cabin Creek, North Fork Coal Bank Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork of Dry Creek, Pine Creek, Red Butte Creek, Richards Creek, Sandstone Creek, Scroggin Creek, Sheep Creek, South Fork Coal Bank Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Duck Creek, South Fork Milk Creek, South Fork Sandstone Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squabble Creek, Stump Creek, T G Creek, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Waterhole Creek, West Fork Mudd Creek, Wills Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antelope Butte, Bearhorn Butte, Bracket Butte, Cap Rock, Cedar Butte, Grassy Butte, Harmon Butte, Haystack Butte, Monument Butte, Morris Butte, Nelson Butte, Rocking Chair Butte, Seven-up Butte, Shell Butte, Snider Hill, Twin Buttes

  Towers     show all on map

KFLN-AM (Baker), KFLN-FM (Baker)

  Wells     show all on map

02N61E23DABA01 Well, 02N61E36DADC01 Well, 03N59E23CC__01 Well, 03N60E01CBBC01 Well, 03N60E02AAAA01 Well, 04N58E10DDAC01 Well, 04N59E05DACA01 Well, 04N59E10DBBB01 Well, 04N59E14ACCB01 Well, 04N59E32CACD01 Well, 04N61E25CCCA01 Well, 04N61E31DDD_01 Well, 04N62E08CA__01 Well, 04N62E17BAD_01 Well, 04N62E19DC__01 Well, 04S54E17CDD_01 Well, 05N55E11AC__01 Well, 05N55E13CC__01 Well, 05N55E13DAD_01 Well, 05N55E18CDC_01 Well, 05N55E21CCCC01 Well, 05N55E23AADB01 Well, 05N55E23BD__01 Well, 05N55E27BD__01 Well, 05N55E35ADAD01 Well, 05N56E02BB__01 Well, 05N56E04BCB_01 Well, 05N56E07BBC_01 Well, 05N56E08BA__01 Well, 05N56E17DD__01 Well, 05N56E22DABB01 Well, 05N56E22DB__01 Well, 05N56E22DC__01 Well, 05N56E24ABBB01 Well, 05N56E24ADAD01 Well, 05N56E31DAD_01 Well, 05N56E32CBB_01 Well, 05N56E36BAB_01 Well, 05N57E04ADAC01 Well, 05N57E04AD__01 Well, 05N57E04BD__01 Well, 05N57E05DDAA01 Well, 05N57E12AB__01 Well, 05N57E12DBDC01 Well, 05N57E12DC__01 Well, 05N57E13BD__01 Well, 05N57E18BAAB01 Well, 05N57E33CC__01 Well, 05N57E34BCCD01 Well, 05N57E34BC__01 Well, 05N57E36DCAA01 Well, 05N58E04DB__01 Well, 05N58E10CBCC01 Well, 05N58E13DA__01 Well, 05N58E14BBBB01 Well, 05N58E16BDCD01 Well, 05N58E18AA__01 Well, 05N58E26DA__01 Well, 05N58E33BAAA01 Well, 05N58E35CA__01 Well, 05N59E06AA__01 Well, 05N59E08BA__01 Well, 05N59E08BC__01 Well, 05N59E09AB__01 Well, 05N59E09AB__02 Well, 05N59E18AAAB01 Well, 05N59E24CD__01 Well, 05N59E30AAA_01 Well, 05N60E05BB__01 Well, 05N60E06AD__01 Well, 05N60E08CC__01 Well, 05N60E17BCB_01 Well, 05N60E20DC__01 Well, 05N60E21DB__01 Well, 05N60E29BB__01 Well, 05N60E34AB__01 Well, 05N61E35CBDC01 Well, 06N55E14A___01 Well, 06N55E23ABDA01 Well, 06N55E23BA__01 Well, 06N55E24BB__01 Well, 06N55E26BBBB01 Well, 06N56E02BA__01 Well, 06N56E10DC__01 Well, 06N56E19CA__01 Well, 06N56E23AB__01 Well, 06N56E30BB__01 Well, 06N56E31BC__01 Well, 06N56E31CC__01 Well, 06N57E01AB__01 Well, 06N57E03AABC01 Well, 06N57E05DCC_01 Well, 06N57E06AD__01 Well, 06N57E06CCB_01 Well, 06N57E08ACD_01 Well, 06N57E10BC__01 Well, 06N57E10BDBD01 Well, 06N57E12DB__01 Well, 06N57E14BB__01 Well, 06N57E17ABD_01 Well, 06N57E22CBDB01 Well, 06N57E32DC__01 Well, 06N57E33CA__01 Well, 06N58E04BB__01 Well, 06N58E04BD__01 Well, 06N58E05BA__01 Well, 06N58E06AC__01 Well, 06N58E10DC__01 Well, 06N58E14ABCD01 Well, 06N58E15CC__01 Well, 06N58E24BDAC01 Well, 06N58E25AA__01 Well, 06N58E25AA__02 Well, 06N59E03DD__01 Well, 06N59E11BD__01 Well, 06N59E11CAD_01 Well, 06N59E11DB__01 Well, 06N59E30AB__01 Well, 06N59E30AC__01 Well, 06N59E30AC__02 Well, 06N60E06AC__01 Well, 06N60E18BD__01 Well, 06N60E21AC__01 Well, 06N60E30BC__01 Well, 07N55E02BC__01 Well, 07N55E03DA__01 Well, 07N55E05CA__01 Well, 07N55E08CD__01 Well, 07N55E16CC__01 Well, 07N55E17BD__01 Well, 07N55E22AADA01 Well, 07N55E22AA__01 Well, 07N55E28BB__01 Well, 07N56E05BA__01 Well, 07N56E08AB__01 Well, 07N56E08CC__01 Well, 07N56E14DCAC01 Well, 07N56E14DC__02 Well, 07N56E20CC__01 Well, 07N56E25CDB_01 Well, 07N56E26ABDA01 Well, 07N57E06AC__01 Well, 07N57E10BC__01 Well, 07N57E10BC__02 Well, 07N57E13CC__01 Well, 07N57E16AB__01 Well, 07N57E22DAC_01 Well, 07N57E24BAAA01 Well, 07N57E24BBCB01 Well, 07N57E31BB__01 Well, 07N58E04AD__01 Well, 07N58E06CA__01 Well, 07N58E13AA__01 Well, 07N58E13AB__01 Well, 07N58E13AC__01 Well, 07N58E18DDCB01 Well, 07N58E18DD__01 Well, 07N58E19BA__01 Well, 07N58E30DB__01 Well, 07N58E31BBBB01 Well, 07N58E32AA__01 Well, 07N58E32AA__02 Well, 07N58E33DC__01 Well, 07N59E01BBB_01 Well, 07N59E01BB__01 Well, 07N59E02CD__01 Well, 07N59E02DC__01 Well, 07N59E03DB__01 Well, 07N59E04AA__01 Well, 07N59E06CB__01 Well, 07N59E08CA__01 Well, 07N59E08DA__01 Well, 07N59E10BC__01 Well, 07N59E11BD__01 Well, 07N59E11CA__01 Well, 07N59E11CCA_01 Well, 07N59E11CDB_01 Well, 07N59E11DCA_01 Well, 07N59E11DCB_01 Well, 07N59E12CA__01 Well, 07N59E14AAC_01 Well, 07N59E14DA__01 Well, 07N59E17BA__01 Well, 07N59E18AA__01 Well, 07N59E18DA__01 Well, 07N59E23BBC_01 Well, 07N59E24BD__01 Well, 07N59E24CB__01 Well, 07N59E24DA__01 Well, 07N59E24DB__01 Well, 07N59E24DCBB01 Well, 07N59E25BA__01 Well, 07N59E25BB__01 Well, 07N59E26AA__01 Well, 07N59E26AB__01 Well, 07N59E27DA__01 Well, 07N59E31BC__01 Well, 07N59E33CA__01 Well, 07N59E33DB__01 Well, 07N59E34DC__01 Well, 07N59E36CA__01 Well, 07N60E31AC__01 Well, 07N60E31BA__01 Well, 07N61E06AC__01 Well, 07N61E06DBBD01 Well, 08N55E01DABA01 Well, 08N55E06DA__01 Well, 08N55E06DA__02 Well, 08N55E07AA__01 Well, 08N55E13ABBD01 Well, 08N55E25AA__01 Well, 08N55E32DAAA01 Well, 08N55E33AABA02 Well, 08N56E01BB__01 Well, 08N56E01CAAD01 Well, 08N56E10AB__01 Well, 08N56E15AD__01 Well, 08N56E25DC__01 Well, 08N56E27BCDA01 Well, 08N56E29AC__01 Well, 08N56E29CDA_01 Well, 08N56E34ACA_01 Well, 08N57E05CCAD01 Well, 08N57E06CDDC01 Well, 08N57E06DBCA01 Well, 08N57E07DADA01 Well, 08N57E10CC__01 Well, 08N57E12BA__01 Well, 08N57E14DAD_02 Well, 08N57E14DA__01 Well, 08N57E14D___01 Well, 08N57E18BC__01 Well, 08N57E20CC__01 Well, 08N57E23CAAA01 Well, 08N57E23DB__01 Well, 08N57E25CDBD01 Well, 08N57E32BA__01 Well, 08N58E02AABB01 Well, 08N58E08DC__01 Well, 08N58E10DB__01 Well, 08N58E26AA__01 Well, 08N58E29ABAA01 Well, 08N58E30ADCA01 Well, 08N58E30BD__01 Well, 08N58E30DBBD01 Well, 08N58E30DD__01 Well, 08N58E31AA__01 Well, 08N58E34CA__01 Well, 08N58E35DB__01 Well, 08N58E36DD__01 Well, 08N59E07CD__01 Well, 08N59E07DD__01 Well, 08N59E08CC__01 Well, 08N59E16BCAB01 Well, 08N59E18AA__01 Well, 08N59E18AB__01 Well, 08N59E27BD__01 Well, 08N59E29AA__01 Well, 08N59E34AA__01 Well, 08N59E34CD__01 Well, 08N60E02DB__01 Well, 08N60E15ABB_01 Well, 08N61E02CD__01 Well, 09N56E01CBAB01 Well, 09N56E03CBAC01 Well, 09N56E05AABA01 Well, 09N56E07AAAD01 Well, 09N56E11BBCD01 Well, 09N56E13ADBB01 Well, 09N56E14AACB01 Well, 09N56E28DDBC01 Well, 09N56E30DDDD01 Well, 09N56E31DA__01 Well, 09N56E36ABB_01 Well, 09N57E02DB__01 Well, 09N57E05DD__01 Well, 09N57E06DCDC01 Well, 09N57E06DD__01 Well, 09N57E07BBAA01 Well, 09N57E08BB__01 Well, 09N57E10DD__01 Well, 09N57E18CBBB01 Well, 09N57E28CDDC01 Well, 09N57E31AB__01 Well, 09N58E15BC__01 Well, 09N58E27CD__01 Well, 09N58E30CC__01 Well, 09N58E33CDCD01 Well, 09N59E33DCC_01 Well, 09N59E33DC__01 Well, 09N60E08CBB_01 Well, 09N60E19AAA_01 Well, 09N60E23BCBC01 Well, 09N60E30CBBB01 Well, 10N56E04AAAC01 Well, 10N56E18BC__01 Well, 10N56E20DA__01 Well, 10N56E26BA__01 Well, 10N57E02CBCB01 Well, 10N57E03BA__01 Well, 10N57E10CC__01 Well, 10N57E16BA__01 Well, 10N57E25CC__01 Well, 10N57E26CD__01 Well, 10N57E28AD__01 Well, 10N57E28DD__01 Well, 10N57E33CB__01 Well, 10N58E18CDDD01 Well, 10N58E19ABBA01 Well, 10N58E21DA__01 Well, 10N58E22DC__01 Well, 10N58E25AA__01 Well, 10N58E29DB__01 Well, 10N58E30CCCD01 Well, 10N58E30CC__01 Well, 10N58E32DBB_01 Well, 10N58E32DB__02 Well, 10N58E32DCAA01 Well, 10N58E33CA__01 Well, 10N59E15ABD_01 Well, 10N59E22DD__01 Well, 10N61E31DA__01 Well, 11N57E23BA__10 Well, 11N57E27CD__01 Well, 11N57E28CC__01 Well, 11N57E29DC__01 Well, 11N57E32BBBD01 Well, 11N57E32DC__01 Well,

Fallon County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFallon County White population 2,9632,963  
MixedFallon County Mixed population 3333
American IndianFallon County American Indian population 1818
BlackFallon County Black population 66
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFallon County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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