Garfield County, Montana Basics:

Garfield County Montana - Government Site

Population: 1,263
Area: 4675 square miles
County seat: Jordan
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.9%
Median household income: $40,125
Persons in poverty: 11.5%
Home ownership rate: 75.8%
Mean travel time to work: 10.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Custer  McCone  Petroleum  Phillips  Prairie  Rosebud  Valley  

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Map of the Garfield County area

Our detail map of Garfield County shows the Garfield County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Garfield County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Hoolie Airport, Jordan Airport, Jordan Airport, Matovich Airport, Pluhar Airport, Sand Springs Strip Airport

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  Basins     show all on map

Coyote Basin, Devils Kitchen, The Sag

  Bays     show all on map

Beebe Coulee Bay, Box Elder Creek Bay, Crooked Creek Bay, Dry Arm, Hell Creek Bay, Rock Creek Bay, Sand Arroyo Bay, Snow Creek Bay, Spring Creek Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Sand Creek Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Garfield County Ambulance, Garfield County Courthouse, Garfield County Library, Garfield County Museum, Garfield County Sheriff's Office, Jordan Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Little Dry Water Users Association Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Bell Point, Grave Point, Haxby Point, Kincaid Point, Peterson Point, Sage Creek Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Butte Creek Cemetery, Cohagen Cemetery, Coon Cemetery, Gilfeather Cemetery, Greenridge Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Steve Forks Cemetery, The Zions Lutheran Cemetery, Wolf Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Blackfoot Church, Brusett Community Church, Community Presbyterian Church, Jordan Seventh Day Adventist Church, Neudorfer Church, Our Lady of Carmel Church (historical), Saint John the Baptist Church, Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  Dams     show all on map

6M Dam, 7-B Reservoir Dam, 71 Ranch Number 1 Dam, 71 Ranch Number 2 Dam, 71 Ranch Number 3 Dam, Aberta Dam, Adidias Dam, Alay Number 1 Dam, Alay Number 2 Dam, Alexander Dam, Alfred Jordan Number 1 Dam, Angur Number 4 Dam, Antelope Dam, Archie Number 1 Dam, Artz Number 1 Dam, Aybee Dam, B Murion Number 3 Dam, B Murion Number 5 Dam, Bank Dam, Barclay Dam, Bateman Number 1 Dam, Beecher Number 1 Dam, Beecher Number 3 Dam, Beecher Number 4 Dam, Beecher Number 5 Dam, Beecher Number 5 Dam, Big Bucks Number 10 Dam, Big Bucks Number 11 Dam, Big Bucks Number 13 Dam, Big Bucks Number 14 Dam, Big Bucks Number 15 Dam, Big Bucks Number 16 Dam, Big Bucks Number 5 Dam, Big Bucks Number 7 Dam, Big Bucks Number 8 Dam, Big Bucks Number 9 Dam, Big Mac Number 1 Dam, Big Railroad Reservoir Dam, Billing Spring Number 1 Dam, Billings Number 1 Dam, Billings Number 2 Dam, Billings Number 3 Dam, Binion Number 3 Dam, Binion Number 4 Dam, Binions Number 1 Dam, Binions Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Birkrem Dam, Blue Drew Number 1 Dam, Blue Shoes Dam, BN Number 11 Dam, Bob Number 1 Dam, Bob Number 2 Dam, Bob Number 3 Dam, Bob Number 4 Dam, Bob Number 6 Dam, Bob Number 8 Dam, Bragg Number 1 Dam, Breezy Basin Dam, Bronze Dam, Brooks Dam, Brooks Number 1 Dam, Brooks Number 2 Dam, Brown Number 1 Dam, Brown Number 3 Dam, Brown Number 4 Dam, Brown Number 5 Dam, Brusett Dam, Buffalo Hill Dam, Burgess Number 1 Dam, Burgess Number 2 Dam, Burgess Ranch Number 1 Dam, Burgess Ranch Number 2 Dam, Burgess Reservoir Dam, C Harbaugh Dam, Caldwell Dam, Caldwell Number 5 Dam, California Number 1 Dam, Chalk Number 1 Dam, Charagus Dam, Cherry Creek Number 12 Dam, Cherry Creek Number 23 Dam, Cherry Number 1 Dam, Childers Dam, Chocolate Milkshake Dam, Christenson Dam, Christmas Dam Number 1, Chuch Number 1 Dam, Claribell Number 10 Dam, Claribell Number 11 Dam, Claribell Number 2 Dam, Claribell Number 3 Dam, Claribell Number 4 Dam, Claribell Number 5 Dam, Claribell Number 6 Dam, Claribell Number 7 Dam, Claribell Number 8 Dam, Claribell Number 9 Dam, Clark Dam, CM Russell Dam, Coal Dam, Coleman Number 1 Dam, Coulter Number 1 Dam, Coulter Number 2 Dam, D Harbaugh Dam, D Loomis Number 2 Dam, D Loomis Number 3 Dam, Dice Dam, Dirty Wash Reservoir Dam, Disco Creek Dam, Don McDonald Dam, Drew Number 1 Dam, Dry Dam, Dry Lake Dam, Dugout Number 1 Dam, Edwards Number 1 Dam, Edwards Reservoir Dam, Emma Number 1 Dam, Engdahl Number 3 Dam, Engdahl Number 4 Dam, Engdahl Number 5 Dam, Engdahl Number 6 Dam, Engdahl Number 7 Dam, Engdall Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Engdall Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Fannon Number 1 Dam, Fannon Number 2 Dam, Fellman Dam, Field Number 1 Dam, Fisher Reservoir Dam, Floodly Dam, Fourteen Dam, Frady Number 1 Dam, Fradys Reservoir Dam, Frank McKeever Number 1 Dam, Frank McKeever Number 2 Dam, GA Kramer Number 1 Dam, Galt Number 28 Dam, Galt Number 29 Dam, Galt Number 32 Dam, Gamas Reservoir Dam, Garhart Dam, Gerold Gibbs Dam, Get Down Dam, Glasscock Brothers Number 1 Dam, Glasscock Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Glasscock Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Glasslock Brothers Number 3 Dam, Gliblet Dam, Green Coulee Dam, Gregg Number 1 Dam, Guesanborn Dam, Haglof Reservoir Dam, Haglofs Dam, Hammond Dam, Happy Jack Number 1 Dam, Harbaugh Number 1 Dam, Harbaugh Number 3 Dam, Harmony Dam, Harold Number 1 Dam, Harold Number 3 Dam, Hauso Reservoir Dam, Hauso Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Hawks Nest Number 1 Dam, Haypense Dam, Hays Dam, Hensleigh Number 2 Dam, Hill Number 2 Dam, Hooker Dam, Iris Dam, J Larson Number 2 Dam, Jarden Reservoir Dam, Jeffrey Number 1 Dam, Jeffrey Number 2 Dam, Jensen Dam, Jim Bob Number 1 Dam, Jim J Murion Number 1 Dam, Jim J Murion Number 2 Dam, John Boy Number 2 Dam, Jones Creek Dam, Karen Number 2 Dam, Karen Number 3 Dam, Karen Number 4 Dam, Karen Number 5 Dam, Karen Number 6 Dam, Karen Number 7 Dam, L Galt Number 24 Dam, L Galt Number 25 Dam, Lacosta Dam, Lacosta Sand Creek Dam, Larson Dam, Lehner Dam, Loomis D Number 1 Dam, Magnesia Dam, Mason Dam, Matovich Number 1 Dam, McKeever Reservoir Dam, McKensie Dam, McKerlic Number 1 Dam, McWilliams Reservoir Dam, Merlin Dam, Michel Guesenburu Dam, Michel Number 1 Dam, Mincoff Number 2 Dam, Mincoff Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Mister PP Dam, Montana Number 26 Dam, Montana Number 28 Dam, Murion B Number 2 Dam, Murion B Number 4 Dam, Murnion Dam, Murnions Dam, N E Olsen Number 1 Dam, Newman Number 1 Dam, Ol John Dam, Old Stove Dam, Olson Dam, Pense Reservoir Dam, Petitt Dam, Pink Sketter Number 1 Dam, Pink Sketter Number 2 Dam, Pluhar Number 1 Dam, Pluhar Number 2 Dam, Put It Together Dam, Pyba Reservoir Dam, Ralph Clark Number 1 Dam, Rey Dam, Robertson Reservoir Dam, Rosa Spring Dam Number 1, Ross Dam, Ross Number 2 Dam, Russian Frank Reservoir Dam, Ryan Dam, Sand Cow Dam, Saylor Dam, Saylor Reservoir Dam, School Number 1 Dam, School Number 2 Dam, Section Four Dam, Seven Tree Dam, Severson Number 4 Dam, Shaw Dam, Shaw Number 1 Dam, Shaw Number 3 Dam, Shaw Reservoir Dam, Shawver Number 1 Dam, Sid Hauso Number 1 Dam, Smith Ranch 2 Dam, Smith Ranch 4 Dam, Smith Ranch 6 Dam, Smith Ranch Number 1 Dam, Smith Ranch Number 5 Dam, Snowbelt Reservoir Dam, Sonny Number 1 Dam, Southerland Lacosta Dam, Split Dam, Spring-Miller Dam, Steffins Number 1 Dam, Stevens Coulee Number 1 Dam, Stinebaugh Number 1 Dam, Stinebaugh Number 2 Dam, Stroud Dam, Swayne Number 1 Dam, Taylor Dam, Taylor Number 2 Dam, Ten Dam, Tom Number 1 Dam, Tom Number 2 Dam, Tree Coulee Dam, Twitchell Number 1 Dam, Twitchell Number 2 Dam, US Number 2 Dam, US Number 25 Dam, US Number 4 Dam, USA Reservoir Number 1 Dam, USA Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Uthaug Livestock Dam, Van Number 1 Dam, Van Number 2 Dam, Vic Jay Number 1 Dam, Virginia Dam, Waldo Number 2 Dam, Watt Dam, Watt Number 2 Dam, Weeding Number 1 Dam, Weeding Number 2 Dam, Weeding Number 3 Dam, Wichern CCC Dam, Wild Horse Reservoir Dam, William Pluhar Dam, Withee Number 1 Dam, Withee Number 2 Dam, Yellow Horse Dam, York Reservoir Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Horse Park, Little Horse Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Chilkoot Pass, Hagen Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Garfield County Health Center

  Islands     show all on map

York Island

  Locales     show all on map

Alexander City (historical), Binion Ranch, Brown Ranch, Burgess Ranch, Cole Ranch, Devils Creek Campground, Dutton Ranch, Fairview Hall, Flint Ranch, Flowing Well, Flowing Wells Rest Area, Freemen Ranch, Garfield County Fairground, Hill Ranch, Iverson Ranch (historical), Jordan Mobile Home Park, Kamp Katie, Kirby Ranch, Kramer Ranch, Mahoney Ranch, Matovich Ranch, Matovich Ranch, Mincoff Ranch, Moss Ranch, O'Connor Ranch, Peterson Ranch, Rimrock Ranch, Rock Creek Fishing Access Site, Seven W Ranch, Stebbins Windmill, Thomas Ranch, Trumbo Ranch, Twitchell Ranch, Whiteside Ranch, Wilson Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Camp Loder (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Devils Creek State Recreation Area, Dinosaurs Historical Marker, Fort Musselshell Historical Marker (historical), Hell Creek Recreation Area, Hell Creek State Park, Indian Country Historical Marker, Kariotis Park, Panwitz Park, Rock Creek State Park, Willems Park, Woodland Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Crow Rock, Dutch Oven

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alice (historical), Allen (historical), Anad (historical), Belfast (historical), Benzien, Blackfoot (historical), Braggville (historical), Bruce (historical), Brunelda (historical), Brusett, Butte Creek (historical), Chimney Crossing, Cohagen, Edwards, Freedom (historical), Grisdella (historical), Haxby, Hazny (historical), Hillside, Jordan, Keplerville (historical), Martin (historical), McTwiggan (historical), Mecaha (historical), Metersville (historical), Mosby, Phon (historical), Purewater (historical), Ross Hall, Sand Springs, Smithson (historical), Steve Forks, Tindall (historical), Van Norman, Watson Flats (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alice Post Office (historical), Allen Post Office (historical), Anad Post Office (historical), Antrim Post Office (historical), Belfast Post Office (historical), Benzien Post Office (historical), Big Dry Post Office (historical), Brightview Post Office (historical), Bruce Post Office (historical), Brunelda Post Office (historical), Brusett Post Office, Butte Creek Post Office (historical), Chaldia Post Office (historical), Cohagen Post Office, Davidson Post Office (historical), Dilo Post Office (historical), East Fork Post Office (historical), Edwards Post Office (historical), Feedom Post Office (historical), Finger Butte Post Office (historical), Friel Post Office (historical), Garfield Post Office (historical), Grisdella Post Office (historical), Haxby Post Office (historical), Hay Coulee Post Office (historical), Hazny Post Office (historical), Hedstrom Post Office (historical), Hillside Post Office (historical), Jordan Post Office, Karch Post Office (historical), Keplerville Post Office (historical), Kismet Post Office (historical), McTwiggan Post Office (historical), Mecaha Post Office (historical), Mosby Post Office (historical), Norvella Post Office (historical), Phon Post Office (historical), Purewater Post Office (historical), Randolph Post Office (historical), Ross Post Office (historical), Round Butte Post Office (historical), Sand Springs Post Office, Smoky Butte Post Office (historical), Snowbelt Post Office (historical), Stevesfork Post Office (historical), Taylor Creek Post Office (historical), Tindall Post Office (historical), Trenton Post Office (historical), Twitchell Post Office (historical), Uebra Post Office (historical), Uoll Heights Post Office (historical), Van Norman Post Office (historical), Viall Post Office (historical), Vincent Post Office (historical), Watson Flats Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Piney Buttes

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Antone Reservoir, Birkrem Reservoir, Buffalo Hill Reservoir, Burgess Reservoir, Cedar Bed Ground Reservoir, Christenson Reservoir, Clear Water Reservoir, Cottonwood Reservoir, Cottonwood Tree Lakes, Ezekial Reservoir, Ezwkial Number One Reservoir, Fisher Reservoir, Fork Reservoir, Fourteen Reservoir, Guesanborn Reservoir, Gumbo Reservoir, Jade Reservoir, Krieder Reservoir, Mashesky Reservoir, McKrone Reservoir, McWilliams Reservoir, Mud Lake, Mullory Reservoir, Murnions Reservoir, Old Lake, Section Four Reservoir, Shaw Reservoir, Split Reservoir, Steel Mule Reservoir, Stroud Reservoir, Ten Reservoir, Thomas Reservoir, Wheatcroft Reservoir, York Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Black Buttes, Blue Ridge, Gumbo Ridge, Herman Ridge, Hogs Back, Piney Ridge, School Section Divide, Tripp Divide, White Horse Divide

  Schools     show all on map

Anad School (historical), Beaver Coulee School (historical), Benzien School, Big Dry School, Blackfoot School, Blue Ridge School (historical), Brackett School (historical), Bragg School (historical), Brightview School (historical), Broadview School (historical), Brunelda School (historical), Brusett School (historical), Butte Creek School (historical), Calf Creek School (historical), Canyon School (historical), Castle Butte School (historical), Cat Creek School (historical), Chalk Butte School (historical), Childers School (historical), Coal Creek School (historical), Cohagen High School (historical), Cohagen School, Cottonwood Creek School (historical), Crow Rock School (historical), Crown Butte School (historical), Dilo School (historical), Dodge School (historical), Eagle Butte School (historical), Eagle Nest School (historical), East Uall School (historical), Edwards School (historical), Enterprise School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Flat Creek School (historical), Flat Creek School (historical), Flowing Wells School (historical), Four Corner School (historical), Fourth Point School (historical), Frazier Creek School (historical), Freedom School (historical), Gallagher-Svenson School (historical), Garfield County High School, Gibbs School (historical), Graham School (historical), Greenridge School (historical), Greer School (historical), Hafla School (historical), Harbaugh School (historical), Haxby School (historical), Hay Coulee School (historical), Hazney School (historical), Hell Creek School (historical), Hill School (historical), Hillcrest School (historical), Hillside School (historical), Hinther School (historical), Hope School (historical), Iler School (historical), Indian Creek School, Jarden School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Jordan Elementary School, Keplerville School (historical), Kester School, Kramer Crossing School (historical), Lakeview School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Linebarger School (historical), Lismas School (historical), Lone Star School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), MacDonald School (historical), Mart School (historical), McClung School (historical), McDaniels School (historical), McGlenn School (historical), McTwiggan School (historical), Mecaha School (historical), Meckel School (historical), Milroy School (historical), Mitchell School (historical), Mosby School (historical), North Star School (historical), Olmstead School (historical), Pangburn School (historical), Phon School (historical), Pine Grove School, Pioneer School (historical), Pitzer School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pluhar School (historical), Purewater School (historical), Red Butte School (historical), Red Horse School (historical), Robertson School (historical), Roosevelt School (historical), Ross School, Sand Springs School, Saylor School (historical), Searls School (historical), Shannon School (historical), Sheldon School (historical), Shook School (historical), Skunk Aroya School (historical), Smokey Butte School (historical), Snow Creek School (historical), Snowbelt School (historical), Southerland School (historical), Speas School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Squaw Creek School (historical), Stanerson School (historical), Steves Fork School (historical), Swanser School (historical), Taylor Creek School (historical), Thomas School (historical), Tihista School (historical), Timber Creek School (historical), Tindall School (historical), Tree Coulee School (historical), Tupper School (historical), Unity School (historical), Vail Creek School (historical), Valley View School (historical), Van Norman School, Viall School (historical), Whoop-Up School (historical), Wild Horse School (historical), Williamson School (historical), Wolf Springs School (historical), Younderian School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

22N42E27A___01 Spring, Acorn Spring, Antelope Springs, Biscuit Butte Spring, Breed Springs, Chalk Springs, Dripping Spring, Finley Spring, Geyser Spring, Goodhue Springs, H Cross Spring, Herron Springs, Lemon Spring, Lindbergh Spring, Lower Hanson Spring, Manaige Spring, McKrone Spring, McWilliams Springs, Mud Springs, Mud Springs, Peterson Spring, School Section Spring, Scott Springs, Seventynine Spring, Swallow Nest Spring, Taylor Spring, Upper Hanson Spring, Van Dusen Spring, Wolf Springs, Yoakum Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Ada Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Badger Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Big Coulee Creek, Big Wild Horse Creek, Billy Creek, Box Creek, Butts Coulee, Calf Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cat Creek, Cattle Creek, Cherry Creek, Christenson Creek, Coal Creek, Cole Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Crooked Creek, Crow Rock Creek, Dawson Creek, Deadman Coulee, Devils Creek, Dog Creek, Dry Fork Calf Creek, Dry Fork Nancy Russell Creek, Duck Creek, East Fork Cattle Creek, East Fork Crooked Creek, East Fork Lone Tree Creek, East Fork Long Branch Creek, East Fork Woody Creek, East Gilbert Creek, East Uall Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Flat Creek, Frazier Creek, Ghost Coulee, Gibbs Creek, Gilbert Creek, Graveyard Creek, Haislett Creek, Hart Creek, Hawks Nest Creek, Hay Creek, Heist Creek, Hell Creek, Horse Creek, Indian Creek, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Kelly Creek, L S Creek, Langs Fork, Little Dry Creek, Little Nancy Russell Creek, Little Wild Horse Creek, Little Wolf Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Middle Fork Lodgepole Creek, Middle Phillips Creek, Moonlight Creek, Musselshell River, Nancy Russell Creek, North Fork Box Creek, North Fork Lodgepole Creek, North Fork Lone Tree Creek, North Fork Lost Creek, North Fork Pass Creek, North Fork Sage Hen Creek, North Fork Woody Creek, North Phillips Creek, North Prong Coal Creek, North Sawmill Creek, Norville Creek, Pass Creek, Phillips Creek, Pride Springs Creek, Red Butte Creek, Red Horse Creek, Rough Sheep Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sand Creek, Santo Arroyo Creek, Sawmill Creek, Second Creek, Second Creek, Seven Blackfoot Creek, Seventy Nine Creek, Sheep Creek, Short Creek, Skeleton Creek, Skunk Arroyo, Smoky Butte Creek, Snap Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Box Creek, South Fork Lodgepole Creek, South Fork Pass Creek, South Fork Snow Creek, South Fork Woody Creek, South Sawmill Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Steve Forks, Stole Creek, Taylor Creek, Tepee Creek, Thompson Creek, Tree Creek, Uall Creek, Union Creek, Vail Creek, West Fork Basin Creek, West Fork Lone Tree Creek, West Fork Second Creek, West Fork Thompson Creek, White Horse Creek, White Horse Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Woody Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Adams Rocky Butte, Baker Point, Baldy Butte, Barney Pinnacle, Battleship Butte, Biscuit Butte, Black Butte, Black Hills, Blazier Butte, Boslough Butte, Brownie Butte, Brownie Butte, Buffalo Hill, Buffalo Scott Butte, Cap Rock Butte, Castle Butte, Castle Butte, Chalk Butte, Coal Bank Hill, Coffin Butte, Cox Butte, Crown Butte, Darby Buttes, Elephant Butte, Emma Butte, Fig Mountain, Finley Butte, Froehlich Butte, Hawks Nest, Haystack Butte, Hook Rock, Indian Rocks, Joe Ott Butte, Kirts Butte, Lambs Butte, Little Buffalo Hill, Little Chalk Butte, Maloney Hill, Manlove Butte, McGinnis Butte, McGlen Buttes, McGraw Butte, McTwigan Butte, Montgomery Hill, Mother Butte, Mows Butte, Neiter Butte, O'Day Butte, Phillips Buttes, Pikes Peak, Rattlesnake Butte, Red Buttes, Robbers Roost, Round Butte, Sage Hen Buttes, Sandage Buttes, School Butte, Signal Butte, Smoky Butte, Square Butte, Square Butte, Standing Rock, Strop Butte, Table Top, Thomas Butte, Three Buttes, Timber Butte, Tindall Divide, Turner Butte, Twin Butte, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Waddington Dome, White Buttes

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Draw, Allen Coulee, Arnold Coulee, Artz Coulee, Atkins Coulee, Badlands Coulee, Bair Coulee, Baker Coulee, Barkdoll Coulee, Barker Coulee, Bateman Coulee, Battle Coulee, Bay Stud Coulee, Beaver Coulee, Beebe Coulee, Bell Coulee, Bickels Coulee, Big Bart Coulee, Bighorn Coulee, Billy Coulee, Black John Coulee, Bobcat Coulee, Boelk Coulee, Bog Coulee, Bowen Coulee, Bratten Coulee, Breeze Basin Coulee, Brickhammer Coulee, Bridge Coulee, Bridge Coulee, Bridge Coulee, Broadus Coulee, Brunson Coulee, Buffalo Coulee, Bunn Coulee, Burdick Coulee, Caladine Coulee, Calamity Coulee, Calamity Coulee, Camel Coulee, Carcass Coulee, Casper Coulee, CBC Spring Coulee, Chartier Coulee, Christmas Coulee, Clay Coulee, Coal Mine Coulee, Coal Slack Coulee, Coil Coulee, Cold Turkey Coulee, Coleman Coulee, Cottonwood Coulee, Coyote Coulee, Curry Coulee, Cut Coulee, Daves Coulee, Day Coulee, Dead Horse Coulee, Deeks Coulee, Deep Coulee, Deer Coulee, Diego Coulee, Dirl Coulee, Dog Coulee, Douglas Coulee, Dry Coulee, Dry Fork Coulee, Dugout Coulee, Durand Coulee, East Cabin Coulee, East Hill Coulee, East Ried Coulee, Eaton Coulee, Eckman Coulee, Embleton Coulee, Fir Coulee, Flannery Coulee, Fortyfour Coulee, Frank Coulee, Froehlich Coulee, Frozen Dog Coulee, Germaine Coulee, Getaway Coulee, Gibson Coulee, Graham Coulee, Grass Coulee, Green Coulee, Hagen Coulee, Haley Coulee, Halfdahl Coulee, Halfdahl Coulee, Harston Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Heinecke Coulee, Hell Hollow, Henryson Coulee, Hensleigh Coulee, Hobbs Coulee, Huff Coulee, Hughes Coulee, Humphrey Coulee, Ingles Coulee, Jack Lane Coulee, Jackson Coulee, Jacques Coulee, Jasper Coulee, Jawbone Coulee, Jock Coulee, Johnson Coulee, Jordan Coulee, Kapache Coulee, Kay Coulee, Kelly Hawkins Coulee, Kerr Coulee, Kibler Coulee, Kimmel Coulee, King Coulee, Klein Coulee, Knudson Coulee, Koepke Coulee, Lambs Coulee, Leach Coulee, Lelig Coulee, Long Coulee, Long Coulee, Long Coulee, Lopp Coulee, Lower Newhouse Coulee, Lynch Coulee, Lynch Coulee, Maban Coulee, Mackenzie Coulee, Malone Coulee, Maxwell Coulee, McClay Coulee, McKinnon Coulee, McWilliams Coulee, Meckel Coulee, Melnick Coulee, Morrison Coulee, Murray Coulee, Myers Coulee, Nannastead Coulee, Nelson Coulee, Nelson Coulee, Neuhardt Coulee, Nighten Helser Coulee, Nineteen Coulee, Nordahl Coulee, Nordang Coulee, North Embleton Coulee, North Fork Dog Coulee, North Getaway Coulee, North Kirby Coulee, North Whitey Coulee, North Wilson Coulee, Norwegian Coulee, Ogilvie Coulee, Oliver Coulee, Peden Coulee, Penick Coulee, Peterson Coulee, Pine Coulee, Polecat Coulee, Powell Coulee, Powers Coulee, Rattlesnake Coulee, Redbank Coulee, Ried Coulee, Rough Coulee, Russian Coulee, Russian Frank Coulee, Sage Hen Coulee, Sand Coulee, Sandage Coulee, Sandburn Coulee, Saurs Coulee, Script Coulee, Searl Coulee, Seider Coulee, Seven Tree Coulee, Seventynine Coulee, Shaw Coulee, Sheep Coulee, Sherman Coulee, Shot Coulee, Sleepy Hollow, Sloan Coulee, Smiley Coulee, Smith Coulee, Sonny Coulee, South Embleton Coulee, South Getaway Coulee, South Kirby Coulee, South Whitey Coulee, South Wilson Coulee, Southerland Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Stanton Coulee, Steck Coulee, Stee Coulee, Steves Coulee, Stocker Coulee, Taylor Coulee, Teepee Coulee, Thompson Coulee, Tinsley Coulee, Todd Coulee, Tom Birkrem Coulee, Tom Walker Coulee, Totton Coulee, Trace Coulee, Tree Coulee, Tree Coulee, Tripp Coulee, Tuccori Coulee, Two Deer Coulee, Upper Newhouse Coulee, Van Coulten Coulee, Wagga Coulee, Wagner Coulee, West Branch Coulee, White Horse Coulee, Wickstrom Coulee, Widow Coulee, Wilkinson Coulee, Williams Coulee, Willis Coulee, Witchie Coulee, Woods Coulee, Youderian Coulee, Ziegele Coulee

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13N41E12DBDA01 Well, 13N42E29BBBD01 Well, 13N43E29ADAA01 Well, 13N44E06BABB01 Well, 13N44E09CCBC01 Well, 13N44E27CCDB01 Well, 13N44E28AACD01 Well, 13N44E28DDDA01 Well, 13N44E28DDDA02 Well, 13N44E30ADAA01 Well, 14N30E11BDBB01 Well, 14N30E27DCDB01 Well, 14N40E07BCBD01 Well, 14N41E26ABCA01 Well, 14N43E35DDAC01 Well, 14N44E05DACC01 Well, 14N44E13BACA01 Well, 14N44E14CDCC01 Well, 14N44E16BBBD01 Well, 14N44E18DCAB01 Well, 14N44E22CDBB01 Well, 15N30E27CAAA01 Well, 15N33E13ADDA01 Well, 15N34E16DADA01 Well, 15N38E13CACB01 Well, 15N40E06CCDC01 Well, 15N41E04DBCB01 Well, 15N42E04CCDB01 Well, 15N42E35DCDB01 Well, 15N44E08CDAD01 Well, 15N44E11DDBD01 Well, 15N44E22CCCD01 Well, 15N44E24BCBC01 Well, 15N44E25CCAD01 Well, 15N44E27ACAA01 Well, 15N44E28AADA01 Well, 16N32E27ABDB01 Well, 16N33E16ABCB01 Well, 16N36E11CDDD01 Well, 16N36E28CA__01 Well, 16N38E24DBDA01 Well, 16N39E18BDBD01 Well, 16N40E18AAD_01 Well, 16N40E21BAAB01 Well, 16N41E02C___01 Well, 16N41E20AAAD01 Well, 16N42E06B___01 Well, 16N42E08DCCB01 Well, 16N42E15BAAC01 Well, 16N42E20BABB01 Well, 16N42E34CCCC01 Well, 16N43E12ACAA01 Well, 16N44E02BABA01 Well, 16N44E02BABA02 Well, 16N44E02BABB01 Well, 16N44E04CDCC01 Well, 16N44E08DCBA01 Well, 16N44E11DDCA01 Well, 16N44E14DAAC01 Well, 16N44E22CCCD01 Well, 16N44E25ABBD01 Well, 16N44E25BBAA01 Well, 16N44E25BBAB01 Well, 16N44E25BBAC01 Well, 16N44E30ADAD01 Well, 17N32E04AABB01 Well, 17N33E19DBBC01 Well, 17N34E20DADA01 Well, 17N35E12CCBB01 Well, 17N38E25B___01 Well, 17N38E35BDAD01 Well, 17N39E18B___01 Well, 17N40E26D___01 Well, 17N41E03D___01 Well, 17N41E06A___01 Well, 17N41E19B___01 Well, 17N41E31C___01 Well, 17N41E33D___01 Well, 17N41E34B___01 Well, 17N42E01D___01 Well, 17N42E04DCCC01 Well, 17N43E07B___01 Well, 18N30E18DB__01 Well, 18N30E19BBBA01 Well, 18N31E08ACAB01 Well, 18N32E25CCCC01 Well, 18N34E24CC__01 Well, 18N37E31AB__01 Well, 18N38E17B___01 Well, 18N38E17B___02 Well, 18N38E18AACC01 Well, 18N38E20BBAB01 Well, 18N39E13ADCD01 Well, 18N39E15C___01 Well, 18N39E28A___01 Well, 18N40E01B___01 Well, 18N40E01C___01 Well, 18N40E01C___02 Well, 18N40E01DBBB01 Well, 18N40E02B___01 Well, 18N40E08D___01 Well, 18N40E12CCAD01 Well, 18N41E01A___01 Well, 18N41E12A___01 Well, 18N41E29D___01 Well, 18N41E33C___01 Well, 18N42E18B___01 Well, 18N42E32B___01 Well, 18N43E02CC__01 Well, 18N43E04DB__01 Well, 18N43E06BB__01 Well, 18N43E10ACD_01 Well, 18N43E10DABD01 Well, 18N43E12AAAB01 Well, 18N43E13AAAA01 Well, 18N43E13BAAA01 Well, 18N43E13DD__01 Well, 18N43E14AA__01 Well, 18N43E15CD__01 Well, 18N43E17B___01 Well, 18N43E24AAAB01 Well, 18N43E28AABA01 Well, 18N43E28CBDB01 Well, 18N43E28CD__01 Well, 18N43E29AA__01 Well, 19N33E09CBAD01 Well, 19N34E02BAD_01 Well, 19N34E18ACC_01 Well, 19N34E32BD__01 Well, 19N35E07AA__01 Well, 19N36E03AA__01 Well, 19N37E13ADDB01 Well, 19N38E10A___01 Well, 19N38E10CDBA01 Well, 19N38E31A___01 Well, 19N39E03C___01 Well, 19N39E07A___01 Well, 19N39E09C___01 Well, 19N39E12A___01 Well, 19N39E24A___01 Well, 19N40E19B___01 Well, 19N40E21C___01 Well, 19N40E24ABA_01 Well, 19N41E18DCCA01 Well, 19N41E31C___01 Well, 19N41E32C___01 Well, 19N42E03BB__01 Well, 19N42E03B___01 Well, 19N42E03C___01 Well, 19N42E09AAAD01 Well, 19N42E09A___01 Well, 19N42E10C___01 Well, 19N42E14AD__01 Well, 19N42E21A___01 Well, 19N42E25DA__01 Well, 19N42E26B___01 Well, 19N42E27ADBB01 Well, 19N42E32D___01 Well, 19N42E33BBCB01 Well, 20N31E23BABC01 Well, 20N31E23BBAD01 Well, 20N31E23BD__01 Well, 20N31E29DABC01 Well, 20N33E26BA__01 Well, 20N34E18CC__01 Well, 20N34E32AD__01 Well, 20N34E34ADCC01 Well, 20N35E29BBA_01 Well, 20N36E27CCA_01 Well, 20N37E24DBDA01 Well, 20N38E24D___01 Well, 20N39E21C___01 Well, 20N39E22CBCD01 Well, 20N40E12B___01 Well, 20N40E16D___01 Well, 20N40E28A___01 Well, 20N40E32B___01 Well, 20N41E14A___01 Well, 20N41E17A___01 Well, 20N41E23B___01 Well, 20N41E23B___02 Well, 20N41E26ABAD01 Well, 20N42E14D___01 Well, 20N42E22CA__01 Well, 20N42E23AB__01 Well, 20N42E28CD__01 Well, 20N42E34AB__01 Well, 20N42E34AC__01 Well, 20N42E34A___01 Well, 20N42E34CA__01 Well, 21N38E24A___01 Well, 21N39E12C___01 Well, 21N39E19B___01 Well, 21N39E22A___01 Well, 21N39E22D___01 Well, 21N40E18D___01 Well, 21N40E25BBA_01 Well, 21N41E08B___01 Well, 21N41E08D___01 Well, 21N41E11CCCB01 Well, 21N41E12C___01 Well, 21N41E12C___02 Well, 21N41E18A___01 Well, 21N41E30AC_01_ Well, 21N42E14CC__01 Well, 21N42E15DC__01 Well, 21N42E15DDCC01 Well, 21N42E18BA__01 Well, 22N39E23CDA_01 Well, 22N41E04B___01 Well, 22N41E04CCAA01 Well, 22N41E10B___01 Well, 22N41E10D___01 Well, 22N42E05DB__01 Well, 22N42E27C___01 Well, 22N42E34CC__01 Well, 23N41E04DC__01 Well, 23N41E14A___01 Well, 23N41E23B___01 Well, 23N41E25D___01 Well, 23N41E36A___01 Well, 23N42E13DCAD01 Well, 23N42E32B___01 Well, 24N41E27A___01 Well, 24N41E34C___01 Well, 58N84W23ABBC01 Well, 58N84W23BBCB01 Well, 58N84W23BBCB02 Well, Boelk Well, Christmas Well, Davis Well, Lester Well, Mock Well,

Garfield County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGarfield County White population 1,2361,236  
MixedGarfield County Mixed population 1616
American IndianGarfield County American Indian population 55
AsianGarfield County Asian population 32
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGarfield County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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