Granite County, Montana Basics:

Granite County Montana - Government Site

Population: 3,110
Area: 1727 square miles
County seat: Philipsburg
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 89.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.2%
Median household income: $40,511
Persons in poverty: 13.6%
Home ownership rate: 73.8%
Mean travel time to work: 27.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Beaverhead  Deer Lodge  Missoula  Powell  Ravalli  

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Map of the Granite County area

Our detail map of Granite County shows the Granite County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Granite County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Bobcat Field Airport, Drummond Airport, Granite County Memorial Hospital Heliport, Riddick Field

  Basins     show all on map

Deerlodge Basin, Dexter Basin, Finley Basin, Frogpond Basin, Glover Basin, Hole in the Wall, Horseshoe Basin, Queener Basin, Sand Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Philipsburg Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Drummond Bridge, Kyle G. Bohrnsen Pfc US Army Memorial Bridge, Windlass Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Beaverhead - Deerlodge National Forest Pintler Ranger District Philipsburg Office, Drummond Museum, Drummond Public Library, Drummond Volunteer Ambulance, Georgetown Lake Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Granite County Courthouse, Granite County Museum and Cultural Center, Granite County Sheriff's Office, Philipsburg Public Library, Philipsburg Volunteer Ambulance Association, Philipsburg Volunteer Fire Company, Valley Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Allen Dale Ditch, Allendale Ditch, Carey Lateral, Conn Ditch, Dooley Ditch, Flint Creek Canal, Marshall Creek Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Dentons Point, Piney Point, Point Lookout, The Wedge, Wright Rock

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Philipsburg Cemetery, Valley Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Maxville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Baptist Church, Drummond Community Church, First Presbyterian Church (historical), Jesus Name Pentecostal Church, Philipsburg Community Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Michael Parish, Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church, Saint Philips Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 138, Interchange 153, Interchange 154

  Dams     show all on map

Albicaulis Lake Dam, Alpine Lake Dam, Bayer Number 1 Dam, Big Racetrack Lake Dam, Fisher Lake Dam, Fred Burr Lake Dam, Gold Lake Dam, Goldberg East Dam, Goldberg West Dam, Lower Willow Creek Dam, Mud Lake Dam, Pozega Lake Number 1 Dam, Pozega Lake Number 2 Dam, Pozega Lake Number 3 Dam, Wolling Wighter Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Cow Camp Meadows, Goat Flat, Indian Meadows, One Hundred Acre Meadow, Peterson Meadow, Sagebrush Flat, Sand Park

  Forests     show all on map

Deerlodge National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bitterroot Pass, Brewster Tyler Saddle, Cinnamon Bear Saddle, Fred Burr Pass, Game Pass, Lodgepole Saddle, Racetrack Pass, Rooster Comb, Sawmill Saddle, Warren Pass, Welch-Gillispie Saddle, Welcome Sawmill Saddle, Welcome Sawmill Saddle, West Fork Tyler Saddle, Whitetail Saddle

  Hospitals     show all on map

Allen Hospital (historical), Community Health Nurse, Granite County Medical Center, Granite County Memorial Medical Assistance Facility, Granite County Memorial Nursing Home, Mountain Medical Associates

  Lakes     show all on map

Albicaulis Lake, Alpine Lake, Altoona Lakes, Bielenberg Lake, Boulder Lakes, Carpp Lake, Copper Creek Lakes, Crystal Lake, Dead Lake, Dora Thorn Lake, Echo Lake, Edith Lake, Flower Lake, Fred Burr Lake, Fuse Lake, George Lake, Goat Mountain Lakes, Gold Creek Lakes, Green Canyon Lake, Green Lake, Hidden Lake, Hunters Lake, Ivanhoe Lake, Johnson Lake, Kaiser Lake, Kroger Pond, Lake Abundance, Lion Lake, Little Fish Lake, Little Fred Burr Lake, Little Johnson Lake, Little Racetrack Lake, Lower Carpp Lake, Martin Lake, Meadow Lakes, Meadow Lakes, Medicine Lake, Milo Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Meadows, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Page Lake, Phyllis Lake, Porcupine Lake, Potato Lakes, Pozega Lakes, Racetrack Lake, Rainbow Lake, Sauer Lake, Sidney Lake, Spruce Lake, Stewart Lake, Stony Lake, Susie Lake, Tamarack Lake, Thompson Lake, Thornton Lake, Tolean Lake, Upper Carpp Lake, Upper Phyllis Lake, Whetstone Lake, Zekes Meadows

  Locales     show all on map

Badger Bay Campground, Bearmouth, Bearmouth Fishing Access Site, Bearmouth Rest Area, Bennett (historical), Bighorn Campground, Bimetallic Power Plant, Birmingham Flats (historical), Bitterroot Flat Campground, Black Pine (historical), Blakeley (historical), Boulder (historical), Camp Siria Campground, Campfire Girls Camp, Carlan (historical), Chalet Bearmouth, Comers Point Picnic Area, Conn Ranch, Copper Creek Campground, Crystal Creek Campground, Dalles Campground, Densmore (historical), Dentons Point Campground, Discovery Basin Ski Area, Douglas Creek Cabin, Drummond, Durand (historical), East Fork Campground, Eccelston Boat Docks, Echo Lake Campground, Elephant (historical), Emmettsburg (historical), Fields (historical), Flint Creek (historical), Flint Creek Campground, Griffith Cabin, Grizzly Campground, Haggin Dude Ranch, Hall, Harrys Flat Campground, Harvey Cabin, Hasmark (historical), Hell Gate (historical), Henderson (historical), Hidden Lake (historical), Hoffmans (historical), Hutsinpilar Campground, Inn at Philipsburg, Jericho Bay Campground, Ludwell (historical), Master Mining Camp, Maxville, Medicine Tree Fishing Access Site, Mud Lake Campground, Nabbs Spur (historical), New Chicago (historical), Nimrod, Norton Campground, Parkerville (historical), Philipsburg, Philipsburg Bay Campground, Piney Campground, Piney Point Campground, Rainbow Bay Campground, Red Lion (historical), Rock Creek Cabin, Rock Creek Forest Service Station, Rosalind (historical), Royal (historical), Rumsey (historical), Sandy Beach Campground, Sawmill Sportsmans Access, Solomon Sportsmans Access, Spillway Campground, Stone (historical), Stony Creek Campground, Summit Cabin, Sunrise (historical), Tenmile (historical), Toohy (historical), Tower, Tyler (historical), Welcome Creek Campground, Welcome Creek Fishing Access Site, West Fork Work Center, Whiteside Station (historical), Willis (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Abe Lincone Mine, Achegan Mine, Alcona Mine, Algonquin Mine, Alps Mine, Alps Mine, Altoona Lakes Mine, Amex Number 1 Mine, Amex Number 5 Mine, Ant Mine, Argo Mine, Argo Mine, Austin Mine, Baier Mine, Banner Mine, Basin Gulch Placer Mine, Basin Mine, Bay Horse Mine, Bentz Mine, Berlene Mine, Bi-Metallic/Old Red Mine, Big Bill Mine, Big Expectation Mine, Black Pine Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Bluebird Mine, Brooklyn Mine, Brooklyn Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, Cadgie Taylor Mine, Carpp Mine, Cascade Mine, Cave Hill-Fairview Mine, Chicago Mine, Cliff Gulch Mine, Climax Mine, Comanche Extension Mine, Combination Mine, Cominco Phosphate Mine, Congdon Mine, Copper Creek Mine, Copper State Mine, Dandy Mine, Dandy Mine, Death Road Mine, Derby/Elienore Mine, Douglas Creek Mine, Durango Mine, Edelman Mine, Elizabeth Mine, Eureka Ridge Mine, Fairview Mine, Field/Porter Mine, First Chance Mine, Forest Rose Mine, Forest Rose Mine, Fourth of July Mine, Fraction Mine, Free Coin - Redcloud Mill Mine, Garnet Mine, Gertrude/Bryant Mine, Gird Creek Mine, Gold Brick Mine, Gold Creek Mine, Gold Creek Placer Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Leaf Mine, Gold Reef, Goldleaf Mine, Granite Mountain Mine, Grant and Hartford Mine, GreatWestern/ShooFly Mine, Grey Mine, Ham Gulch Mine, Harparanda Mine, Hattie Mine, Hawkeye Mine, Headlight Mine, Herzer and Green Mine, Hidden Lake Mine, Hidden Lake/Venture Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Homestake Mine, Hope Hill Mine, IB Mine, Independence Mine, International Mine, Ivanhoe Mine, Ivanhoe Mine, Jackson Park Mine, Jumbo Mine, Kent Mine, Lamont Mine, Lehson Mine, Little Gem Mine, Londonderry Mine, Lori Number 13 Mine, Lost Track Mine, Lower Frost Creek Mine, Lucy Mine, Lycoming Mine, Lynx Mine, Magone and Anderson Mine, Mary B Mine, Master Mine, Master Mine, Maxville Tailings/Londonderry Mine, McDonald Mine, McDonald Mine, Middle Fork Mine, Miller Mine, Millers Mine, Minnie Lee Mine, Moonlight Mine, Moonlight Mine, Moonlight Mine, Moose Lake Mine, Morse and Kennedy Mine, Mountain View Mine, Mountain View Mine, Mountain View Mine, Nancy Hanks Mine, NE NE Section 1 Mine, NE NE Section 6 Mine, NE SE Section 14 Mine, NE Section 15 Mine, NE Section 23 Mine, NE Section 27 Mine, NE Section 7 Mine, NE SW Section 17 Mine, New Departure Mine, New Seattle Mine, Nonpareil Mine, Nonpareil Mine, North Fork Dump Mine, North Star Mine, North Star Mine, North Sunrise Mine, Nut Pine Mine, NW NE Section 14 Mine, NW NE Section 20 Mine, NW NE Section 36 Mine, NW NW Section 6 Mine, NW Section 10 Mine, NW Section 14 Mine, NW Section 23 Mine, NW SW Section 25 Mine, O'Brien Mine, O'Brien Mine, Old Dominion Mine, Old Dominion Mine, Parnell Group Mine, Parnell Mine, Pearl Fraction Mine, Peggy Ann Mine, Pineau Mine, Pineau Mine, Placer Mine, Port Royal Mine, Potosi Mine, Powell Mine, Powell Mines, Princeton Mine, Princeton Placer Mine, Puritan Mine, Red Cloud Mine, Red Cloud Mine, Red Lion Mine, Red Lion Mine, Redemption Mine, Redrock Mine, Robert Emmet Mine, Royal Basin Mine, Royal Basin Mine, Rumsey Mine, Russian Smith Mine, San Francisco Mine, San Jose Mine, Saranac Mine, Savage Mine, Sawmill Creek Mine, Scratch All Mine, SE NE Section 11 Mine, SE NE Section 26 Mine, SE NE Section 6 Mine, SE NW Section 12 Mine, SE NW Section 14 Mine, SE NW Section 6 Mine, SE SE Section 36 Mine, SE Section 12 Mine, SE Section 14 Mine, SE Section 15 Mine, SE Section 17 Mine, SE Section 2 Mine, SE Section 33 Mine, SE Section 5 Mine, SE SW Section 1 Mine, Senate Mine, Senate Mine, Shakesphere Mine, Shamrock Mine, Shapleigh Mine, Sierra Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver King Mine, Snow Cap Mine, Snowcap Mine, South Franklin Hill Mine, Spokane Mine, Star Pointer Mine, Stone Mine, Strip Mine, Sunrise Mine, Sunrise/Queen Mine, SW NE Section 5 Mine, SW SE Section 36 Mine, SW Section 14 Mine, SW Section 14 Mine, SW Section 23 Mine, SW Section 5 Mine, SW Section 7 Mine, SW SW Section 25 Mine, Sweet Home/Ranchero Mine, T and A Mine, Thomas McKay/Hobo Mine, Thursday Friday Mine, Thursday-Friday Mine, Tiger Mine, Tom Hynes/Hobo Mine, Tostman Mine, Travonia Mine, Trout Mine, True Fissure Mine, True Mine, Two Percent Mine, UI Mine, Wasa Mine, WB Development Placer Mine, Welcome Hill Mine, Wenger Number 2 Mine, White Horse Mine, Willie Mine, Young America Mine, Zeus Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Bearmouth Historical Marker, Granite State Park, Jackson Park, Southern Flint Creek Valley Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Signal Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baird (historical), Bearmouth, Beartown, Bradman, Byrne, Clark (historical), Corral, Drummond, Echo Lake (historical), Eightmile Saddle, Garnet, Granite, Hall, Haskell (historical), Maxville, New Chicago, Nimrod, Ozan, Philipsburg, Porters Corner, Princeton, Quigley, Ravenna, Rumsey, Sherryl, Springtown, Stone, Stump Town (historical), Top O'Deep, Tungsten

  Post Offices     show all on map

Baird Post Office (historical), Baird Post Office (historical), Bearmouth Post Office (historical), Beartown Post Office (historical), Combination Post Office (historical), Drummond Post Office, Dunkleberg Post Office (historical), Emmettsburg Post Office (historical), Garnet Post Office (historical), Granite Post Office (historical), Hall Post Office, Hasmark Post Office (historical), Hellgate Post Office (historical), Mariposa Post Office (historical), Maxville Post Office (historical), Medhurst Post Office (historical), New Chicago Post Office (historical), Nimrod Post Office (historical), Philipsburg Post Office, Placer Post Office (historical), Princeton Post Office (historical), Quigley Post Office (historical), Royal Post Office (historical), Rumsey Post Office (historical), Stone Post Office (historical), Top O Deep Post Office (historical), Tower Post Office (historical), Wilma Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Flint Creek Range, John Long Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness, Welcome Creek Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Albicaulis Lake, Alpine Lake, Big Pozega Lake, East Fork Reservoir, Fisher Lake, Georgetown Lake, Goldberg Reservoir, Green Lake, Little Pozega Lake, Lower Willow Creek Reservoir, Mud Lake, Stephens Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Big Hogback Ridge, Bitterroot Divide, Black Pine Ridge, Carpp Ridge, Dora Thorn Ridge, Dunkleberg Ridge, Eureka Ridge, Grizzly Point, Harvey Ridge, Jenkins Ridge, Limestone Ridge, Limestone Ridge, Little Hogback Ridge, Lone Pine Ridge, Maywood Ridge, Pole Ridge, Porter Ridge, Sandstone Ridge, Silver King Ridge, Solomon Ridge, Whetstone Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bearmouth School (historical), Black Pine School (historical), Cow Creek School (historical), Drummond Public Schools, Flint School (historical), Garnet School (historical), Granite School (historical), Hall Elementary School, Harvey Creek School (historical), New Chicago School (historical), Philipsburg Schools, Princeton School (historical), Quigley School (historical), Rock Creek School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Stone School (historical), Sugarloaf School (historical), Trout Creek School (historical), Valley School (historical), Willow Creek School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

10N12W32BBDC01 Spring, 11N12W29BDAB01 Spring, 11N15W14CAC_01 Spring, Barton Spring, Bearmouth Spring, Big Pine Spring, Blue Grotto Spring, Colma Spring, Dooley Spring, Emerine Spring, Fessler Spring, Gunbarrel Spring, Horse Pasture Spring, Horsethief Spring, Lodgepole Spring, Lookout Spring, Miller Spring, Mormon Spring, Mountain Spring, Moyie Spring, Nelson Spring, Southern Cross Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alder Creek, Angelico Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Avon Creek, Babcock Creek, Barnes Creek, Bateman Creek, Bathhouse Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bert Creek, Big Spring Creek, Big Spring Creek, Bobcat Creek, Boulder Creek, Bowles Creek, Brewster Creek, Butte Cabin Creek, Byrne Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Capron Creek, Carpp Creek, Carron Creek, Chelan Creek, Chicken Run, Chino Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Cinnamon Bear Creek, Congdon Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Corduroy Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crystal Creek, Cutthroat Creek, Dalles Creek, Deep Creek, Dexter Creek, Dirty Dick Creek, Douglas Creek, Douglas Creek, Duncie Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Brewster Creek, East Fork Rock Creek, East Fork Warm Springs Creek, Edelman Creek, Eightmile Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Fork Rock Creek, Ferret Creek, Flat Creek, Flint Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fox Creek, Fred Burr Creek, Frost Creek, Fuse Creek, Gambler Creek, Gaskill Creek, Gillispie Creek, Gird Creek, Goat Creek, Granite Creek, Green Canyon Creek, Grizzly Creek, Happy Creek, Harvey Creek, Helm Creek, Henderson Creek, Hogback Creek, Horse Canyon Creek, Howell Creek, Hutsinpilar Creek, Kearns Creek, Laveck Creek, Lavina Creek, Left Fork Little Bear Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Gold Creek, Little Hogback Creek, Little Stony Creek, Little Trout Creek, Long John Creek, Lower Willow Creek, Lutz Creek, Mallard Creek, Marcella Creek, Marshall Creek, McLean Creek, Meadow Creek, Meyers Creek, Middle Fork Douglas Creek, Middle Fork Rock Creek, Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek, Mohave Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Meadow Creek, Morris Creek, North Fork Brewster Creek, North Fork Douglas Creek, North Fork Lower Willow Creek, North Fork Racetrack Creek, North Fork Rock Creek, North Fork Spring Creek, North Gold Creek, Otter Creek, Page Creek, Placer Creek, Poison Creek, Powers Creek, Ramona Creek, Ranch Creek, Ross Fork, Royal Gold Creek, Ryan Creek, Sand Basin Creek, Sauer Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Senate Creek, Senia Creek, Showers Creek, Shylo Creek, Smart Creek, Solomon Creek, South Boulder Creek, South Fork Antelope Creek, South Fork Douglas Creek, South Fork Lower Willow Creek, South Fork Rock Creek, South Fork Spring Creek, South Gold Creek, Spartan Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Standish Creek, Stony Creek, Swamp Creek, Swamp Gulch Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tigh Creek, Tipperary Creek, Trail Creek, Travlers Home Creek, Trout Creek, Tyler Creek, Upper Willow Creek, Wahlquist Creek, Welcome Creek, West Fork Alder Creek, West Fork Beaver Creek, West Fork Lower Willow Creek, West Fork Ranch Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, West Fork Tyler Creek, West Fork Warm Springs Creek, Wood Creek, Wyman Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Anaconda Hill, Anderson Hill, Babcock Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Cable Mountain, Cinnabar Point, Cinnamon Bear Point, Congdon Peak, Cutaway Mountain, Douglas Mountain, Duffy Hill, Eagle Point, East Hill, Fisher Point, Fox Peak, Franklin Hill, Goat Mountain, Golden Mountain, Green Mountain, Harvey Point, Henderson Mountain, Hickey Hill, Hogback Point, Hope Hill, King Mountain, Kurt Peak, Medicine Tree Hill, Moose Mountain, Mount Baldy, Mount Emerine, Mount Princeton, Mount Tiny, Nineteen ten Ridge, Nirling Hill, Pierre Hill, Quigg Peak, Racetrack Peak, Rainbow Mountain, Ram Mountain, Red Hill, Red Lion Mountain, Rose Mountain, Rumsey Mountain, Senate Mountain, Silver King Mountain, Sliderock Mountain, Solomon Mountain, Spink Point, Strawberry Mountain, Sugarloaf, Sunrise Mountain, Table Mountain, The Eyebrow, Twin Peaks, Tyler Point, Union Peak, Warren Peak, Welcome Hill, West Fork Buttes

  Towers     show all on map

Black Pine Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Atlantic Cable Ski Trail, Bad Finger Ski Trail, Berkely Ski Trail, Black Pine Ridge Trail Number 6, Black Pine Trail, Boulder Lakes Trail, Butte Cabin Ridge Trail, Butte Cabin Ridge Trail, Catcha Wave Ski Trail, Christmas Park Ski Trail, Claimjumper Ski Trail, Combination Trail Number 3, Eightmile Harvey Ridge Trail, Gold Bug Ski Trail, Gold Rush Ski Trail, Good Finger Ski Trail, Grizzly Creek Trail, Guns and Roses Ski Trail, Haunted Forest Ski Trail, Hi Line Trail, Hogback Ridge Trail, John Long Trail, Limelight Ski Trail, Little Finger Ski Trail, Lower Willow Creek Trail Number Four, Lums Run Ski Trail, Maloney Trail Number 5, Manhattan Ski Trail, Maverick Ski Trail, Medicine Ridge Ski Trail, Mills Road Ski Trail, Mother Lode Ski Trail, Northern Lights Ski Trail, Old Number Seven Ski Trail, Otters Hump Trail, Platinum Ski Trail, Pole Ridge Trail, Quigg Peak Trail, Ranch Creek Trail, Red Lion Ski Trail, Sandstone Ridge Trail, Sapphire Ski Trail, Silver Bow Ski Trail, Sluice Box Ski Trail, Snaggle Tooth Ski Trail, Solomon Ridge Trail, Southern Cross Ski Trail, Spooky Hollow Ski Trail, Tenderfoot Ski Trail, Terminator Ski Trail, The Pitch Ski Trail, Willow Harvey Divide Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Nimrod Tunnels

  Valleys     show all on map

Alder Gulch, Alpha Gulch, Ammon Gulch, Anaconda Gulch, Apache Gulch, Apex Gulch, Arbuckle Gulch, Aurora Gulch, Baboon Gulch, Badger Gulch, Badger Gulch, Baldy Gulch, Basin Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bi-Metalic Gulch, Bidwell Gulch, Big Moffat Gulch, Blodgett Gulch, Browns Gulch, Browns Gulch, Cannonball Gulch, Cave Gulch, Cayuse Gulch, Chico Gulch, Clute Gulch, Coal Gulch, Coberly Gulch, Coles Gulch, Colfax Gulch, Colma Gulch, Colter Gulch, Colusa Gulch, Cornish Gulch, Corona Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cowan Gulch, Cub Gulch, Day Gulch, Day Gulch, Deadwood Gulch, Dearborn Gulch, Dooley Gulch, Drake Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Mulkey Gulch, Eagle Canyon, Edwards Gulch, Emerine Gulch, Emerine Gulch, Ethridge Gulch, Eureka Gulch, Eureka Gulch, Feather Gulch, Felan Gulch, Finn Gulch, First Chance Gulch, Flat Gulch, Floe Gulch, Fresno Gulch, Garden Gulch, Gaylord Gulch, Genoa Gulch, Ginger Gulch, Golden Gulch, Goose Gulch, Gratton Gulch, Griffith Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Ham Gulch, Hamm Gulch, Harrys Gulch, Highline Gulch, Hoodoo Gulch, Huebeck Gulch, Ione Gulch, Jimmy Lee Gulch, Juno Gulch, Klondike Gulch, Komich Gulch, Lawrie Gulch, Little Moffat Gulch, Little Sawpit Gulch, Lyon Gulch, Maloney Basin, Martin Gulch, Mason Gulch, Maukey Gulch, McDermott Gulch, McDougal Gulch, McFarland Gulch, McKnight Gulch, McManus Gulch, Mecca Gulch, Mill Gulch, Miller Gulch, Miller Gulch, Miners Gulch, Mohawk Gulch, Montgomery Gulch, Moose Gulch, Moss Gulch, Moyie Gulch, Mulkey Gulch, Niles Gulch, North Fork Coal Gulch, North Fork Montgomery Gulch, Oasis Gulch, Packer Gulch, Palouse Gulch, Papoose Gulch, Pat Gulch, Pawnee Gulch, Philipsburg Valley, Pickett Gulch, Potato Gulch, Princeton Gulch, Puller Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Rattler Gulch, Rattling Gulch, Rau Gulch, Sapphire Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawpit Gulch, Schively Gulch, Schoolmarm Gulch, Scotchman Gulch, Secret Gulch, Selmo Gulch, Sequoia Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Short Gulch, Sleepy Tom Gulch, Sluice Gulch, Slussers Gulch, Snyder Gulch, Sonora Gulch, South Fork Montgomery Gulch, Spring Gulch, Stewart Gulch, Summer Gulch, Swensen Gulch, Tank Gulch, Teakan Gulch, Tekoa Gulch, Tendoy Gulch, Tie Gulch, Tindall Gulch, Trail Gulch, Van Curan Gulch, Ventura Gulch, Waho Gulch, Walker Gulch, Walkup Gulch, Wapato Gulch, Weasel Gulch, Welch Gulch, Welch Gulch, West Gulch, Wet Mulkey Gulch, Wildcat Gulch, Williams Gulch, Windlass Gulch, Wyman Gulch, Wyman Gulch

  Wells     show all on map

08N13W04BAAB01 Well, 08N13W04BDAC01 Well, 08N13W04CAAA01 Well, 08N13W04CADA01 Well, 08N13W09BDBA01 Well, 09N12W04BABB01 Well, 09N13W02CBBC01 Well, 09N13W10DCCC01 Well, 09N13W22BCDA01 Well, 09N13W27BCDD01 Well, 09N13W28CBAA01 Well, 10N12W04AAAB01 Well, 10N12W04CACD01 Well, 10N12W06BAAA01 Well, 10N12W06BBAA01 Well, 10N12W06CBBC01 Well, 10N12W09CADA01 Well, 10N12W09CCCD01 Well, 10N12W14BADC01 Well, 10N12W17BABB01 Well, 10N12W17BBDB01 Well, 10N12W30BABD01 Well, 10N12W31ACDA01 Well, 10N13W12BDDA01 Well, 10N13W22AAAA01 Well, 10N13W22BDDA01 Well, 10N13W25CCCC01 Well, 10N13W26ABAA01 Well, 10N13W26DCCB01 Well, 10N13W29ABDD01 Well, 10N13W29DDAA01 Well, 10N13W33CCBC01 Well, 10N13W34BBBB01 Well, 10N13W34DAAC01 Well, 10N13W36BABA01 Well, 11N12W29BDAA01 Well, 11N12W29CCCC01 Well, 11N12W30CDDD01 Well, 11N12W31AAAA01 Well, 11N12W31AAAD01 Well, 11N12W31AACA01 Well, 11N12W31AACB01 Well, 11N12W31AACB02 Well, 11N12W31AACC01 Well, 11N12W31AACC02 Well, 11N12W31AACD01 Well, 11N12W31AACD02 Well, 11N12W31AACD03 Well, 11N12W31AACD04 Well, 11N12W31AACD05 Well, 11N12W31AADD01 Well, 11N12W31ABAC01 Well, 11N12W31ABAD01 Well, 11N12W31ABCD01 Well, 11N12W31ABDA01 Well, 11N12W31ABDA02 Well, 11N12W31ABDA03 Well, 11N12W31ADAA01 Well, 11N12W31ADAA02 Well, 11N12W31ADAB01 Well, 11N12W31ADAB02 Well, 11N12W31ADAD01 Well, 11N12W31ADAD02 Well, 11N12W31ADAD03 Well, 11N12W31ADBA01 Well, 11N12W31ADBB01 Well, 11N12W31ADBD01 Well, 11N12W31ADBD02 Well, 11N12W31ADDA01 Well, 11N12W31CCAC01 Well, 11N12W31CCAD01 Well, 11N12W31CCDA01 Well, 11N12W31CDAB01 Well, 11N12W31CDAD01 Well, 11N12W31CDBA01 Well, 11N12W31CDBC01 Well, 11N12W31CDBC02 Well, 11N12W31CDBC03 Well, 11N12W31CDCB01 Well, 11N12W31CDDA01 Well, 11N12W31DABA01 Well, 11N12W31DABA02 Well, 11N12W31DABC01 Well, 11N12W31DABC02 Well, 11N12W31DBDA01 Well, 11N12W31DCAD01 Well, 11N12W32BCBC01 Well, 11N12W32BCBC02 Well, 11N12W32BCCD01 Well, 11N12W32CBAA01 Well, 11N12W34BBCD01 Well, 11N13W07CBCD01 Well, 11N13W07DDCD01 Well, 11N13W07DDCD02 Well, 11N13W07DDDA01 Well, 11N13W07DDDB01 Well, 11N13W08CC__01 Well, 11N13W08CDCB01 Well, 11N13W08CDCD01 Well, 11N13W16ABCC01 Well, 11N13W17ADA_01 Well, 11N13W17BABA01 Well, 11N13W17BABB01 Well, 11N13W17BDAA01 Well, 11N13W22AAAC01 Well, 11N13W23CDBA01 Well, 11N13W23CDDA01 Well, 11N13W26AACC01 Well, 11N13W36DDBA01 Well, 11N13W36DDBA02 Well, 11N14W11DCAC01 Well, 11N14W14BBCC01 Well, 11N14W14BBCD01 Well, 11N14W14CBDB01 Well, 11N14W15DDA_01 Well, 11N14W15DDB_01 Well, 11N14W16CCCD01 Well, 11N14W16CCDC01 Well, 11N14W16CDCB01 Well, 11N14W17CDCB01 Well, 11N14W17CDDB01 Well, 11N14W17CDDD01 Well, 11N14W18DDCC01 Well, 11N14W18DDDD01 Well, 11N15W07DBCA01 Well, 11N15W07DCDA01 Well, 11N15W24ADAA01 Well, 11N15W24ADDB01 Well, 11N15W24ADDB02 Well, 11N16W15AAAB01 Well, 11N16W15AACD01 Well, 11N16W15AADB01 Well, 11N17W02ACDC01 Well,

Granite County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGranite County White population 3,0073,007  
MixedGranite County Mixed population 6262
American IndianGranite County American Indian population 1615
AsianGranite County Asian population 99
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGranite County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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