Jefferson County, Montana Basics:

Jefferson County Montana - Government Site

Population: 11,431
Area: 1656 square miles
County seat: Boulder
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 93.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 34.1%
Median household income: $60,459
Persons in poverty: 7.8%
Home ownership rate: 84.8%
Mean travel time to work: 20.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Broadwater  Deer Lodge  Gallatin  Lewis and Clark  Madison  Powell  Silver Bow  

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Map of the Jefferson County area

Our detail map of Jefferson County shows the Jefferson County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jefferson County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Boulder Airport, Jefco Skypark Airport, Klies Air Strip Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Cataract Basin, Frohner Basin, Whitetail Basin

  Bridges     show all on map

Boulder River Bridge, Kountz Bridge, Mayflower Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Basin Rural Fire District, Beaverhead - Deerlodge National Forest Jefferson Ranger District Office, Boulder Ambulance, Boulder Community Library, Boulder Police Department, Boulder Volunteer Fire Department, Bull Mountain Rural Fire District Station 1, Bull Mountain Rural Fire District Station 2, Clancy Volunteer Fire Company Station 1, Clancy Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Eagle Emergency Services, Elk Park Rural Fire District, Elkhorn Search and Rescue, Jefferson City Fire Company, Jefferson County Courthouse, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson Valley Museum, John Gregory Memorial Library, Montana City Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Montana City Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Whitehall Office, Whitehall Ambulance, Whitehall Fire Hall, Whitehall Museum, Whitehall Police Department, Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Carey Ditch, Carey-Twohy Ditch, Delmoe Ditch, Jefferson Canal, Murphy Ditch, Murphy Quaintance Ditch, Paul-McArthur Ditch Number One, Pipestone Ditch, Pleasant Valley Ditch, Whitetail Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Boulder Cemetery, Boulder Valley Cemetery, Fish Creek Cemetery, Old Whitehall Cemetery, Turner Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Basin Census Designated Place, Cardwell Census Designated Place, Clancy Census Designated Place, Elkhorn Census Designated Place, Jefferson City Census Designated Place, Montana City Census Designated Place, Rader Creek Census Designated Place, South Hills Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Boulder Valley Church, Clancy United Methodist Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, Free Christian Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Jefferson Valley Baptist Church, Saint Catherine Catholic Church, Saint John Mission, Saint Teresa Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Methodist Church, Zion Lutheran Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 134, Interchange 138, Interchange 151, Interchange 156, Interchange 160, Interchange 164, Interchange 176, Interchange 182, Interchange 187, Interchange 233, Interchange 241, Interchange 249, Interchange 256, Interchange 267

  Dams     show all on map

B and B Fish Pond Dam, Bison Retriever Dam, Crowley Dam, Delmoe Lake Dam, Keogh Dam, Lowland Creek Dam, Northern Pacific Reservoir Dam, Whitetail Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Crow Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Airplane Park, Bakers Meadows, Berkin Flat, Berrys Meadows, Big Chief Park, Black Hall Meadows, Bluebird Flats, Boulder Chief Park, Boulder Park, Brady Park, Casey Meadows, Cataract Meadows, Cooney Park, Coyote Flat, Deerhorn Park, Delmoe Park, Dunks Meadow, Elder Creek Park, Elk Park, Elk Park, Frohner Meadows, Galena Park, Grouse Park, Hadley Park, Half Moon Park, Halfway Park, Hatcher Flat, Hidden Meadows, Horsethief Park, Houghton Park, Little Boulder Park, Little Whitetail Park, Locker Flats, Lockhart Meadows, Long Park, Lost Park, Lower Whitetail Park, Manley Park, McCauley Flats, McCauley Park, Montgomery Park, Moose Meadows, Moose Park, Poe Park, Poison Flats, Quaintance Park, Ridge Park, Sagebrush Park, Seldom Seen Park, Sheep Park, Spire Rock Flats, Spring Park, Swampy Park, Swede Park, Tacoma Park, Tims Meadow, Turkey Park, Turnley Meadows, Two Pines Park, Upper Bear Gulch Meadows, Upper Whitetail Park, Wilson Park, Woods Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Champion Pass, Homestake Pass, Radersburg Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Boulder Chiropractic Clinic, Boulder Medical Clinic, Hillbrook Nursing Home, Montana Developmental Center, Whitehall Medical Clinic

  Lakes     show all on map

Cliff Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Forest Lake, Frog Pond, Glenwood Lake, Hidden Lake, Homestake Lake, Ice Pond, Leslie Lake, Quartz Lake, South Fork Lakes, Tizer Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

A Shanholtzer Ranch, Alhambra (historical), Alhambra RV Park, Alice (historical), Amazon (historical), Ballard Ranch, Bardsen (historical), Basin (historical), Basin (historical), Basin Canyon Campground, Basin Canyon Picnic Ground, Battle Creek (historical), Beavertown (historical), Beef Straight (historical), Bernice (historical), Big Pipestone Viaduct, Bison Creek Campground, Blackstone (historical), Blomberg (historical), Boomerang (historical), Boulder (historical), Boulder Hot Springs, Boulder Junction (historical), Boulder River Schooland Hospital, Boulder Work Center, Brenner Ranch, Brenner Ranch, Brookes (historical), Cactus Junction, Caldwell Ranch, Calvin (historical), Camp Caroline, Cardwell (historical), Cataract (historical), Cavern (historical), Chicago Milwaukee and Saint Paul Crossing (historical), Childs (historical), Clancy (historical), Cold Spring (historical), Concentrator (historical), Corbin (historical), Correa Ranch, Dawson Ranch, Delmoe Campground, Doughty Ranch, Elder Creek Picnic Area, Elk Park (historical), Elk Park Campground, Elk Park Fire Hall, Elkhorn (historical), Elkhorn Picnic Area, Elliott Ranch, Farcella Place, Finn (historical), Finn Cabins, Fish Creek (historical), Forcella Ranch, Four Corners, Free Enterprise Health Mine and Campground, Freedom Point Campground, G Ballard Ranch, Gillespie Ranch, Gregory (historical), Hager Ranch, Hallbeck (historical), Hartford (historical), Hartwell (historical), Heule Ranch, High Ore Spur (historical), Hodson (historical), Homestake, Homestake Recreation Area, Homestake Rest Area, Hope Mine Spur (historical), Hot Springs (historical), Hubbard (historical), Hyndman (historical), Irvine Ranch, Jaslowski (historical), Jasper (historical), Jefferson (historical), Jefferson City Rest Area, Kains (historical), Keogh Ranch, Kirkendall (historical), Konda Ranch, Kountz (historical), La Hood Park Campground, Ladysmith Campground, Ladysmith Picnic Ground, Lamb Ranch, Larson Ranch, Lazy T Ranch, Lewis (historical), Lewis and Clark Caverns Campground, Lime Spur (historical), Limespur Fishing Access Site, Little Boulder (historical), Lockhart Guard Station, Lockhart Ranch, Long Park, Longeway (historical), Lowland Campground, Lumber Spur (historical), Lump (historical), Marie (historical), Mayflower Bridge Fishing Access Site, Mayne Ranch, McAllister Ranch, McCauley Ranch, McClellan Ranger Station, Menzemer (historical), Mikels (historical), Mitchell (historical), Montana State Highway Department Sandhouse, Montana State Highway Department Section House, Mormon Campground, Mormon Gulch Campground, Murphy Ranch, Murphy Ranch, Murray Cabin, Nineteen Mile, O Shanholtzer Ranch, O'Neill Campground, Omsons Spur (historical), Pacewoods (historical), Park Lake Campground, Park Lake Fishing Access Site, Penwell (historical), Piedmont (historical), Pipestone, Pipestone Campground, Powers (historical), Pryor Ranch, Quaintance Ranch, Queen (historical), Raffety Ranch, RCRV Park, Red Rock (historical), Renova (historical), Rhorbaugh (historical), Rock (historical), Ruddville (historical), Salsbury, Sanford (historical), Sappington Bridge Fishing Access Site, Shamrock Campground, Sheepshead Recreation Area, Silica (historical), Silver Sage Ranch, Simonsen Ranch, Slaterville (historical), Sloan Ranch, Smelter (historical), Sourdough (historical), Spire Rock, Spire Rock Viaduct, Star Ranch, State Highway Department Sandhouse, Stockmens Association Cabin, Suicide Cabin, Summit (historical), Sunnyside (historical), Sunnyside Ranger Station, Sweet Cabin, Tamieti Place, Ten Mile (historical), Thistle (historical), Thompson Ranch, Tizer Lakes Fishing Access Site, Tizer Ranger Station, Toll Mountain Campground, Tomahawk Ranch, Tribble Ranch, Watson Ranch, Welch (historical), White Tail Deer (historical), Whitehall, Whitehall Creek RV Park, Whitehall Ranch, Whitehouse Campground, Whitehouse Picnic Ground, Wickes (historical), Wilder (historical), Winslow (historical), Winters Camp, Woodville (historical), Woodward Ranch, Zenith (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Adelaide Mine, Ajax Mine, Alhambra Hot Springs Mine, Allen Mine, Alport Mine, Alport Mine, Alsace Mine, Alta Mine, Alta Mines, Amason Mine, Amazon Mine, Aquarius Mine, Argentine Mine, Argonaut Mine, Atlanta Mine, Attowa Mine, Aurora Mine, Aurora Mine, Australia Mine, Australian Mine, Australian Mine, B and G Mine, Ba Ka Maa Mine, Ballard Mine, Ballard Mine, Baltimore Mine, Basin Millsite, Basin School Yard Mine, Bauernfeind Mine, Beaver Creek Mine, Beaver Placer Mine, Bell Mine, Bertha Mine, Bettie Mine, Big Chief Mine, Big Major Mine, Big Major Mine, Big Tizer Wildcat Mine, Binghampton Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Patch Mine, Blue Bell Health Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bluestone Mine, Bob Mine, Boston Mine, Boulaway Mine, Boulaway Mine, Boulder Chief Mine, Boulder Chief Mine, Boulder Mine, Boulder Vestal Mine, Boulder View Mine, Boyle Gulch Mine, Buck Horn Mine, Buckeye Mine, Buckeye Mine, Buckeye Mine, Bullion Mine, Bullion Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, C and D Mine, C and D Mine, Calahan Mine, Calahan/Pataloma Mine, California Mine, Carbonate Mine, Carmody Mine, Carmody Mine, Cataract Mine, Champion Mine, Chicago Mine, Chinese Diggins, Clark Gulch Mine, Clark Mine, Cleveland Mine, Clipper/Edna Mine, Colbert Creek Mine, Columbia Mine, Comet Tailings, Comet/Rumley Mine, Copper Bell Mine, Copper Gulch Mine, Corbin Flats Mine, Corbitt Mine, Crawley Camp Mine, Crescent Mine, Crescent Mine, Crowley Mine, Crystal Creek Mine, Crystal Mine, Crystal Mine, Custer/Hiawatha Mine, Deception Mine, Deer Lodge Mine, Delanie Mine, Denver Mine, Diehl I Mine, Diehl II Mine, Dike Mine, Doig Mine, Doris Mine, Dorothy Snow Mine, Dunstone/Klondyke Mine, Eagles Nest Mine, East Butte Mine, Easter Lily Mine, Easter Lily Mine, Economy Mine, Economy Mine, Elkhorn Queen Mine, Elkhorn Skyline Mine, Enterprise Mine, Euclid Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Mine, Eva May Mine, Eva May Mine, Evening Star Mine, Examiner Mine, Finn Cabin Mine, First Shot Mine, Florence Mine, Forest Park Mine, Free Coinage Mine, Free Enterprise Mine, Frohner Mine, Frohner Mine, Galena Mine, Garfiel Extension Mine, Gem Mine, General Grant Mine, Gold Flint Mine, Golden Age Mine, Golden Mine, Golden Moss Mine, Golden Moss Mine, Grant Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Great Northern Mine, Gregory Mine, Gregory Mine, Grey Eagle Mine, Hard Luck Mine, Hardcash Mine, Hattie Ferguson Mine, Hattie Ferguson Mine, Hawkeye Mine, Haynes I Mine, Haynes II Mine, Hector Mine, Heggen Mine, Helper Mine, Helper Mine, Hiawatha Mine, Highway 10 Quarry, Hoosier Boy Mine, Hope Mine, Hope/Bullion Mine, Humbolt Mine, Ida M Mine, Ida May Mine, Ida May Mine, Ida Mine, Ida Mine, Indian Head Rock Mine, Iron Mine, Iron Mine, Iron Side Mine, Jack Creek Tailings, James R Keene Mine, James/Holland/Alpine Mine, Jaslowski Mine, Josephine Mine, Kaiser-Augusta Mine, Kanawha Mine, Katy Mine, King Mine, King Mine, King of Sweden Mine, Kit Carson Mine, La Hood Park Mine, Lady Nell/Ada Mine, Lake Mine, Last Chance Mine, Leadville Mine, Legget Hill Mine, Lena Mine, Little Nellie Mine, Little Tizer Wildcat Mine, Liverpool Mine, Lizzie Osborne Mine, Lone Eagle Mine, Louise Mine, Louise Mine, Lowland Creek Placer Mine, Luck Heat Mine, Lump Gulch Mine, Luxanburgh Mine, Mabel Mine, Mammoth/Crystal Mine, Mammoth/Stiles Mine, Mantle East Mine, Mantle Mine, Marey An Mine, Marguerite Mine, Marguerite Mine, Marks/BLM Mine, Marks/Lump Gulch Mine, Marks/Ridge Line Mine, Marsh Mine, Marsh Mine, Maupin Creek Mine, May Day Mine, May Day Mine, May Mine, May-Lillie Mine, May/Little Sallie Mine, McClellan Creek Mine, McClellan Creek Quarry, Meadow Mine, Meyers Gulch Mine, Mid Fork Warm Springs Mine, Middle Snowdrift Creek Mine, Mill Creek Mine, Mina Mine, Minah Mine, Mineapolis Mine, Mineral Hill Mine, Minerva Mine, Minnesota Mine, Moccason Mine, Molly Snow Mine, Monitor Mine, Montreal Star Mine, Moonlight Mine, Moreau Mine, Morgan Gulch Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Mine, Morning Mine, Mount Pisgah Mine, Mount Thompson Mine, Mountain Chief Mine, Mountain Chief Mine, Mountain Queen Mine, Mountain Queen Mine, Nancy Hanks/Faith/Hope Mine, NE Basin Mine, NE NE Section 13 Mine, NE NE Section 13 Mine, NE NE Section 15 Mine, NE NE Section 18 Mine, NE NE Section 20 Mine, NE NE Section 28 Mine, NE NE Section 29 Mine, NE NE Section 3 Mine, NE NE Section 3 Mine, NE NE Section 32 Mine, NE NE Section 5 Mine, NE NE Section 9 Mine, NE NW Section 15 Mine, NE NW Section 3 Mine, NE NW Section 36 Mine, NE NW Section 6 Mine, NE SE Section 13 Mine, NE SE Section 15 Mine, NE SW Section 1 Mine, NE SW Section 14 Mine, NE SW Section 18 Mine, NE SW Section 23 Mine, NE SW Section 3 Mine, NE SW Section 36 Mine, NE SW Section 9 Mine, NE Three Brothers Mine, Nellie Grant Mine, New Cottage Mine, New Stake Mine, Nickel Plate Mine, NW NE Section 13 Mine, NW NE Section 18 Mine, NW NE Section 24 Mine, NW NE Section 26 Mine, NW NE Section 29 Mine, NW NE Section 32 Mine, NW NW Section 13 Mine, NW NW Section 13 Mine, NW NW Section 17 Mine, NW NW Section 18 Mine, NW NW Section 19 Mine, NW NW Section 21 Mine, NW NW Section 29 Mine, NW NW Section 6 Mine, NW NW Section 6 Mine, NW SE Section 15 Mine, NW SE Section 15 Mine, NW SE Section 9 Mine, NW SW Section 24 Mine, NW SW Section 27 Mine, NW SW Section 29 Mine, NW SW Section 36 Mine, NW SW Section 7 Mine, O K Mine, Old Abe Mine, Old Dan Tucker Mine, Oliverson Mine, Ontario Mine, Ousley Mine, Overland/Goldbug Mine, Parriot Mine, Parrott Mine, Pataloma Mine, Pen Yan Mine, Perhaps Mine, Perry Parks Mine, Perry Parks Placer Mine, Pilot Mine, Placer 2313 Mine, Placer Mine, Porphyry Mine, Quarry Mine, Queen Mine, Rarus Mine, Red Rock Mine, Redemption Mine, Relief Mine, Rex Mine, Rex/Vindicator Mine, Rhoades Mine, Ringing Rocks Mine, Rochester Mine, Rocker/Ada Mine, Roosevelt Mine, Ruby Mine, Ruby Mine, S B Junior Mine, Sage Mine, Saint Anthony Mine, Salvail Mine, Saratoga Mine, Saratoga Mine, Saul's Claim Mine, SE NE Section 2 Mine, SE NE Section 24 Mine, SE NE Section 28 Mine, SE NW Section 13 Mine, SE NW Section 18 Mine, SE NW Section 22 Mine, SE NW Section 30 Mine, SE NW Section 30 Mine, SE SE Section 13 Mine, SE SE Section 15 Mine, SE SE Section 18 Mine, SE SE Section 18 Mine, SE SE Section 21 Mine, SE SE Section 25 Mine, SE SE Section 35 Mine, SE SE Section 6 Mine, SE SW Section 1 Mine, SE SW Section 12 Mine, SE SW Section 14 Mine, SE SW Section 2 Mine, SE SW Section 24 Mine, SE SW Section 28 Mine, SE SW Section 3 Mine, SE SW Section 32 Mine, SE SW Section 5 Mine, SE SW Section 7 Mine, Self - Riser Mine, Seven-Up Gulch Mine, Shiels and Ironsides Mine, Shiels and Ironsides Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver Queen Mine, Silver Queen Mine, Silversmith Mine, Skookum Placer Mine, Skyline Mine, Solar Mine, Solar Mine, Solar Silver Mine, Sourdough Mine, Sourdough Mine, South Fork Mine, Spar Mine, Spar Mine, Sparkling Water Mine, Spire Rock Mine, Springtime Mine, Springtime Mine, Stair Mine, State Mine, State Mine, Sterling Price Mine, Strawberry Creek Mine, Suicide Cabin Mine, Summit Mine, Sunlight Mine, Superior/Jubilee Mine, SW NE Section 15 Mine, SW NE Section 19 Mine, SW NE Section 32 Mine, SW NW Section 16 Mine, SW NW Section 21 Mine, SW NW Section 28 Mine, SW NW Section 29 Mine, SW NW Section 6 Mine, SW NW Section 7 Mine, SW SE Section 1 Mine, SW SE Section 13 Mine, SW SE Section 18 Mine, SW SE Section 21 Mine, SW SE Section 22 Mine, SW SE Section 29 Mine, SW SE Section 32 Mine, SW SE Section 36 Mine, SW SE Section 8 Mine, SW SW Section 1 Mine, SW SW Section 14 Mine, SW SW Section 17 Mine, SW SW Section 18 Mine, SW SW Section 22 Mine, SW SW Section 23 Mine, SW SW Section 24 Mine, SW SW Section 36 Mine, SW SW Section 8 Mine, SW SW Section 9 Mine, Tacoma Mine, Tamarack Junior Mine, Tick City Mine, Tippet Place Mine, Torpy Gulch Mine, Tourmaune Mine, Tycoon Mine, Union Mine, Union Mine, Vandalia Mine, Vera Marie Mine, Victory Mine, Walker I Mine, Walker II Mine, Wall 2 Mine, Wall Mine, Washington Mine, Washington Mines, Welch Quarry, West Mount Thompson Mine, Whiskey Gulch Mine, White Pine/Custer Mine, Wickes Tailings, Wilbur Silver North Mine, Will Parkinson Mine, Willard Creek Mine, Winters Camp Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Boulder River Bridge Historical Marker, Bull Mountain State Wildlife Management Area, Elkhorn State Park, Father De Smet Historical Marker, Freighters Historical Marker, Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, Lewis and Clark Expedition Campsite Historical Marker, Mining Country Historical Marker, Parker Homestead State Park, Prickly Pear Diggings Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Indian Head Rock, Sheep Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Occidental Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alhambra, Amazon, Basin, Bernice, Big Foot (historical), Blazing Place, Boulder, Cardwell, Cedric, Clancy, Clasoil, Comet, Corbin, Dagotown (historical), Donald, Elk Park, Elkhorn, Fuller, Glenbeg (historical), Homestake, Jefferson City, Kyle, La Casa Trailer Park, La Hood Park, Leadville, Lewiston (historical), Louisville, Montana City, Mountain Valley Trailer Court, New Haven (historical), Pappas Place, Paul Place, Piedmont, Pipestone, Pipestone Hot Springs, Portal, Queen, Renova, Rice Motel and Trailer Court, Rieder, Sunlight, Sunset Trailer Court, Tippet Place, Trask, Valley (historical), Vendome, Welch, Whitehall, Wickes, Woodville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alhambra Post Office (historical), Alta Post Office (historical), Amazon Post Office (historical), Basin Post Office, Bernice Post Office (historical), Boulder Post Office, Cardwell Post Office, Cataract Post Office (historical), Cavern Post Office (historical), Clagett Post Office (historical), Clancy Post Office, Clasoil Post Office (historical), Cold Spring Post Office (historical), Comet Post Office (historical), Corbin Post Office (historical), Crescent Post Office (historical), Elk Park Post Office (historical), Elkhorn Post Office (historical), Finn Post Office (historical), Fish Creek Post Office (historical), Glenbeg Post Office (historical), Gregory Post Office (historical), Homestake Post Office (historical), Hope Post Office (historical), Jefferson City Post Office, Lime Spur Post Office (historical), Lockhart Post Office (historical), Lump Post Office (historical), Montana City Post Office (historical), Piedmont Post Office (historical), Pipestone Post Office (historical), Pipestone Springs Post Office (historical), Queen Post Office (historical), Renova Post Office (historical), Trotter Post Office (historical), Weber Post Office (historical), Welch Post Office (historical), Whitehall Post Office, Wickes Post Office (historical), Woodville Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Boulder Hills, Elkhorn Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Bull Mountain Game Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

B and B Fishpond, Columbia Gardens Water Supply, Delmoe Lake, Keogh Reservoir, Maney Lake, Northern Pacific Reservoir, Northern Pacific Reservoir, Park Lake, Taylor Reservoir, Whitetail Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bonanza Ridge, Bull Mountain, Clarke Ridge, Devils Fence, Doe Ridge, Mike Murray Ridge, Wilson Ridge, Wilson Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Basin Elementary School, Boulder Elementary School, Cardwell Elementary School, Carter School (historical), Clancy Elementary School, Cold Springs School (historical), Eureka School (historical), Finn School (historical), Jefferson High School, Jefferson School (historical), Montana City Elementary School (historical), Montana State Training School, Weber School (historical), Wheatland School (historical), Whitehall Public Schools

  Springs     show all on map

02N05W28BBBB01 Spring, 02N05W28BDDD01 Spring, 02N05W28DBBB01 Spring, 05N03W10CBAC01 Spring, 05N04W10CAB_01 Spring, 05N04W10CACB01 Spring, 05N04W10CACB02 Spring, 05N04W10CACB03 Spring, 05N04W10CACB04 Spring, 05N04W16DCA_01 Spring, 08N03W16ACAA01 Spring, 08N03W16ACA_01 Spring, 08N03W16ACD_01 Spring, Big Chief Spring, Bomar Spring, Boyd Spring, Burt Spring, Church Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Conrow Spring Number One, Conrow Spring Number Two, Cowan Spring, Coyote Flat Spring, Deadman Spring, Dearborn Canyon Spring, Elk Run Spring, Elkhorn Spring, Friend Spring, Half Moon Springs, Hope Spring, Hot Springs, Huller Springs, Iris Seep, Long Park Spring, Lookout Spring, Lupien Spring, Maggot Spring, Manganese Spring, McKanna Spring, Meyer Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mud Springs, Mudd Springs, Mulvey Gulch Spring, North Dearborn Spring, Pete Springs, Poison Spring, Pole Canyon Spring, Potter Flat Spring, Quaintance Spring, Roadside Spring, Rock Spring, Rocky Spring, Rogers Spring, Rosie Murphy Spring, Round Spring, Rube Sobey Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Shoddy Springs, South Cottonwood Spring, Swamp Creek Spring, Swampy Park Spring, Tacoma Spring, Tebay Spring, Tom Spring, Trail Spring, Trail Spring, Two Sam Spring, Upper Quaintance Spring, Wheel Springs, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Springs, Wilson Park Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Amazon Creek, Badger Creek, Basin Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beavertown Creek, Beefstraight Creek, Big Pipestone Creek, Big Tizer Creek, Bigfoot Creek, Bishop Creek, Bison Creek, Blacker Creek, Boulder River, Brady Creek, Branch Creek, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Cabin Creek, Cataract Creek, Clancy Creek, Clay Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Colbert Creek, Comet Creek, Conrow Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Crazy Creek, Crystal Creek, Dearborn Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Dry Cottonwood Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dunn Creek, Dutchman Creek, East Fork Dry Creek, East Fork McClellan Creek, East Fork Red Rock Creek, Elder Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Falls Creek, Farnham Creek, Fitz Creek, Fox Creek, Gillespie Creek, Go Devil Creek, Golconda Creek, Grouse Creek, Halfway Creek, Haney Creek, Hartman Creek, Haystack Creek, Headquarters Creek, High Ore Creek, Hogan Creek, Homesite Creek, Homestake Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Indian Creek, International Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jackson Creek, Jackson Creek, Jefferson Slough, Jerry Smith Creek, Jimmys Creek, Joe Bowers Creek, Kit Carson Gulch Creek, Ladysmith Creek, Little Boulder River, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Pipestone Creek, Little Tizer Creek, Little Whitetail Creek, Lowland Creek, Luddy Creek, Maupin Creek, McCarty Creek, McClellan Creek, McKanna Spring Creek, Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek, Mill Creek, Milligan Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Mud Springs Creek, Muskrat Creek, Nellie Grant Creek, Nez Perce Creek, North Fork Little Boulder River, North Fork Little Pipestone Creek, North Fork Quartz Creek, North Fork Red Rock Creek, North Fork Travis Creek, North Fork Warm Springs Creek, Nursery Creek, O'Neil Creek, Overland Creek, Pappas Creek, Pony Creek, Potter Creek, Powderhorn Creek, Quartz Creek, Quinn Creek, Rader Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rawhide Creek, Red Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rocker Creek, Rocky Canyon Creek, Root Creek, Ruby Creek, Sage Creek, Sand Creek, Sawmill Creek, Shedhorn Creek, Sheep Creek, Shingle Creek, Snowdrift Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Fork Basin Creek, South Fork Boulder River, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Quartz Creek, South Fork Red Rock Creek, South Fork State Creek, South Fork Warm Springs Creek, Spencer Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, State Creek, Strawberry Creek, Swamp Creek, Tepee Creek, Tesky Creek, Thunderbolt Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Travis Creek, Troy Creek, Turman Creek, Turnley Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warner Creek, Weimer Creek, West Creek, West Fork Boulder River, West Fork Dry Creek, Whitetail Deer Creek, Willard Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Wissikihon Creek, Wood Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alta Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bear Mountain, Big Mountain, Black Butte, Black Sheep Mountain, Blueball Mountain, Bonan Hill, Bullock Hill, Burnt Mountain, Capital Hill, Casey Peak, Cave Mountain, Corral Mountain, Crow Peak, Doherty Mountain, Dolomite Knob, Dry Mountain, Dunn Peak, Elkhorn Peak, Emerson Peak, Fletcher Mountain, Fox Mountain, Goldflint Mountain, Goodwin Mountain, Gregory Mountain, Haystack Mountain, High Peak, Iron Mountain, Jack Mountain, Jack Mountain, Lava Mountain, Lava Mountain, Legget Hill, Little Butte, McClusky Mountain, Mount Pisgah, Mount Thompson, Pipestone Rock, Pole Mountain, Pulpit Rock, Rampart Mountain, Ratio Mountain, Red Hill, Ringing Rocks, Rocker Peak, Ryan Mountain, Saturday Night Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sheepshead Mountain, Shingle Butte, Skihi Peak, Spire Rock, Spruce Hills, Strawberry Butte, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sullivan Mountain, Three Brothers, Thunderbolt Mountain, Toll Mountain, Valparaiso Mountain, Whitetail Peak, Windy Butte, Windy Point, Wolf Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Piedmont Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

KHKR-AM (East Helena), KOPR-FM (Butte), KQUY-FM (Butte), KTVM-TV (Butte), KXLF-TV (Butte)

  Trails     show all on map

Fetters Trail, Upper Whitetail Park Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Wickes Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Alta Gulch, Anderson Gulch, Basin Canyon, Bear Gulch, Berkin Gulch, Big Gulch, Big Limber Gulch, Big Major Gulch, Bison Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Boomerang Gulch, Boulder Valley, Boyle Gulch, Browns Gulch, Browns Gulch, Browns Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buffalo Gulch, Busch Gulch, Buttermilk Jim Gulch, Cabin Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Clark Gulch, Clarke Gulch, Cluney Gulch, Copper Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cottonwood Canyon, Crazyman Gulch, Curtain Gulch, Dahlman Gulch, Dearborn Canyon, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, DuBois Gulch, Dunn Canyon, Elk Gulch, Ferdinand Gulch, Finch Gulch, Finn Gulch, Finn Gulch, Fourth of July Gulch, Galena Gulch, Gatlin Gulch, Gibson Gulch, Goat Canyon, Gray Gulch, Greens Gulch, Greer Gulch, Greyback Gulch, Grub Gulch, Hay Canyon, Hobo Gulch, Holmes Gulch, Horse Gulch, Hunting Gulch, Iron Ore Gulch, Jack Gulch, Kady Gulch, Kelly Gulch, Kilborn Gulch, Killian Gulch, Kit Carson Gulch, Kleinsmith Gulch, La Belle Gulch, Lily of the West Gulch, Lion Gulch, Little Buffalo Gulch, Little Corral Gulch, Little Galena Gulch, Log Gulch, Long Gulch, Lump Gulch, Main Gulch, McCauley Gulch, McGinley Gulch, McKenzie Gulch, McLeod Gulch, Meyers Gulch, Milligan Canyon, Mitchell Gulch, Moraine Gulch, Morgan Gulch, Mormon Gulch, Mulvey Gulch, Negro Hollow, Ninety Cent Gulch, North Dunn Canyon, North Fork Dry Gulch, Northey Gulch, Ohio Gulch, Olinger Gulch, Olson Gulch, Placer Gulch, Pole Canyon, Pole Gulch, Poore Gulch, Porcupine Gulch, Potter Canyon, Queen Gulch, Rabbit Gulch, Ramsey Gulch, Rear Gulch, Retort Gulch, Roe Gulch, Ryan Gulch, Saint Paul Gulch, Saul Haggerty Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Seven-Up Gulch, Shamrock Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Sloan Gulch, South Fork Dry Gulch, South Fork Queen Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Stagecoach Gulch, Stull Gulch, Sullivan Gulch, Swede Gulch, Tacoma Gulch, Timber Canyon, Torpy Gulch, Twentyone Gulch, Uncle Sam Gulch, Vacchiou Gulch, Water Gulch, Watertank Gulch, Watson Gulch, Weasel Gulch, Westover Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, Whiteman Gulch, Whitetail Valley, Widemouth Gulch, Wilder Gulch, Wood Chute Gulch, Wood Gulch, Wood Gulch

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01N01W13BCCC01 Well, 01N01W13BDDD01 Well, 01N01W27AAAB01 Well, 01N01W27BBAA01 Well, 01N01W27BBAA02 Well, 01N01W28BBA_01 Well, 01N03W03DAA_01 Well, 01N04W03BADD01 Well, 01N04W04ABBA01 Well, 01N04W04ACCD01 Well, 01N04W04ADDA01 Well, 01N04W07BACA01 Well, 01N05W03CCAC01 Well, 01N05W22AAAA01 Well, 01N05W24DCCA01 Well, 02N01W22ADDD01 Well, 02N01W22DABA01 Well, 02N02W26ACCA01 Well, 02N03W12CACD01 Well, 02N03W12CADC01 Well, 02N03W15CBC_01 Well, 02N03W22DCDD01 Well, 02N03W23DDBD01 Well, 02N03W33DCD_01 Well, 02N03W34CCD_01 Well, 02N04W04DCCC01 Well, 02N04W28CDCB01 Well, 02N05W27CBCB01 Well, 03N02W06ABA_01 Well, 03N02W08DCDC01 Well, 03N02W29CDBC01 Well, 03N04W21ABDB01 Well, 04N02W30CABA01 Well, 04N02W30CBCB01 Well, 04N02W30DADD01 Well, 04N03W01CCAD01 Well, 04N03W01CCAD02 Well, 04N03W14BC__01 Well, 04N03W25ABAB01 Well, 05N03W18CDCD01 Well, 05N03W21DACD01 Well, 05N03W22CAAA01 Well, 05N03W22DBBB01 Well, 05N03W34BACA01 Well, 05N03W34BBCB01 Well, 05N03W35CDCC01 Well, 05N04W03AAAA01 Well, 05N04W10BCCB01 Well, 06N04W14BCBA01 Well, 06N04W14CBB_01 Well, 06N04W14CBB_02 Well, 06N04W15DCC_01 Well, 06N04W28DADD01 Well, 06N04W28DADD02 Well, 06N04W28DCAB01 Well, 06N04W32AABD01 Well, 06N04W33BAAD01 Well, 06N04W33BABD01 Well, 06N04W33CCBD01 Well, 06N04W33CCCC01 Well, 07N04W05CDCD01 Well, 07N04W08BDBB01 Well, 07N04W08DBDA01 Well, 07N04W09DBDB01 Well, 07N04W11CDCD01 Well, 07N04W14BBCC01 Well, 07N04W14BBCD01 Well, 07N04W16ACCA01 Well, 07N04W16BBAA01 Well, 07N04W16CDBB01 Well, 07N04W16DBAA01 Well, 07N04W16DBBA01 Well, 07N04W16DBDA01 Well, 07N04W16DCAA01 Well, 08N03W16AAB_01 Well, 08N03W16AAC_01 Well, 08N03W16ABB_01 Well, 08N03W16ACBC01 Well, 08N03W16ADB_01 Well, 08N03W16ADD_01 Well, 08N03W16BDA_01 Well, 08N03W22ACA_01 Well, 09N02W06BCCA01 Well, 09N02W07ACDD01 Well, 09N02W17DBDB01 Well, 09N03W12ADBA01 Well, 09N03W13ABCB01 Well, 09N03W13BDBB01 Well,

Jefferson County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJefferson County White population 10,89410,893  
MixedJefferson County Mixed population 263262
American IndianJefferson County American Indian population 171171
AsianJefferson County Asian population 4645
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJefferson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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