Judith Basin County, Montana Basics:

Judith Basin County Montana - Government Site

Population: 2,029
Area: 1870 square miles
County seat: Stanford
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 93.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 30.2%
Median household income: $41,100
Persons in poverty: 12.5%
Home ownership rate: 80.2%
Mean travel time to work: 20.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cascade  Chouteau  Fergus  Meagher  Wheatland  

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Map of the Judith Basin County area

Our detail map of Judith Basin County shows the Judith Basin County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Judith Basin County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Russian Flat Airport, Stanford Airport

  Arches     show all on map

The Arch

  Areas     show all on map

The Badlands

  Basins     show all on map

Cayuse Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Coyote Bench, Merino Bench

  Bridges     show all on map

Dry Wolf Creek Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Geyser Volunteer Fire Company, Hobson Rural Volunteer Fire District, Judith Basin County Courthouse, Judith Basin County Free Library, Judith Basin County Museum, Judith Basin County Sheriff's Office, Judith Basin Emergency Medical Services, Judith Basin Rural Fire District Raynesford, Judith Basin Rural Fire District Windham, Sod Buster Museum, Stanford Volunteer Fire Department, Utica Museum

  Canals     show all on map

Ackley Lake Feeder Canal, Ackley Lake Outlet Canal, Belden Ditch, Murray Ditch, Waite Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Russell Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Benchland Cemetery, Buffalo Cemetery, Geer Cemetery, Geyser Cemetery, Kibbey Cemetery, Larson Cemetery, Lehigh Cemetery, Lone Tree Park Cemetery, McLeish Cemetery, Moccasin Cemetery, Philbrook Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Stanford Cemetery, Ubet Cemetery, Utica Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Geyser Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Arrow Creek Church (historical), Calvary Community Church of Stanford, First Presbyterian Church, Geyser Community Presbyterian Church, Hobson Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Cyril Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Rose of Lima Church, Stanford Baptist Church, Utica Church

  Dams     show all on map

Ackley Lake Dam, Antares Dam, Aries Dam, Atlas Dam, Bye-Bye Dam, Cecrle Number 1 Dam, Coffee Cake Dam, Complimentary Dam, Dolcefarniente Dam, Dolomites Dam, Dordrecht Dam, Doukhobors Dam, Draco Dam, Dramamine Dam, Haven Reservoir Dam, Indian Judy Dam, Mad Dam, Miller Brothers Livestock Reservoir Dam, Missouri Wolf Dam, Rung Reservoir Dam, Wendall Willkie Dam, Wilson Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Bear Park, Clyde Park, Jiggs Flat, Lone Tree Park, Oti Park, Russian Flat, Spur Park, Willow Park

  Gaps     show all on map

Elk Saddle

  Hospitals     show all on map

Basin Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Ackley Lake, Hidden Lake, Lake Elva, Red Shed Lake, Rhoda Lake, Twin Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Ackley Lake Campground, Arrow Creek, Barrows (historical), Benchland (historical), Burris Cabin, Dallas (historical), Dover (historical), Dry Pole Campground, Dry Wolf (historical), Dry Wolf Campground, Dry Wolf Ranger Station, Fred M Ellis Memorial Campground, Galena (historical), General Mills Incoporated Elevator, General Mills Incorporated Elevator, Geyser, Geyser Elevator, Geyser Rest Area, Hay Canyon Campground, Hobson, Hobson Stop Trailer Court and RV Park, Hoover (historical), Hughesville (historical), Indian Hill Campground, Joan (historical), Judith Ranger Station, Judith River Game Range Headquarters, Kibbey (historical), Kibby, Kolin, Korell Cabin, Korells Dude Ranch, Leadville (historical), Lehigh (historical), Longs (historical), Mendon (historical), Merino (historical), Middle Fork Ranch, Moccasin, Old Yogo Town, Raynesford, Rocky (historical), Running Wolf (historical), Sipple, Spion Kop (historical), Stanford, Steamerville (historical), Summit (historical), Surprise Creek (historical), Tobin (historical), Tollgate, Trask Ranch, Windham

  Mines     show all on map

American Mine, Barker Mine, Belfont/Harrison Mine, Belt/Grace/Marcelline Mine, Block P Mine, Block P Powder Magazine Mine, Cape Nome Mine, Carter Mine, Chambers Mine, Defiance Mine, Edwards Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Grey Eagle Mine, Harrison/Moulton Mine, Iron King Mine, Lenny Mine, Liberty Mine, M T A Mine, Marcelline Mine, May Mine, Montgomery Mine, Moulton Mine, MS 3048 Mine, Myrtle Navy Mine, NE NE Section 12 Mine, NE NE Section 30 Mine, NE NE Section 31 Mine, NE NE Section 8 Mine, NE NW Section 16 Mine, NE SE Section 31 Mine, NE SE Section 36 Mine, NE SE Section 7 Mine, NE SW Section 22 Mine, Noller Mine, NW NE Section 16 Mine, NW NE Section 2 Mine, NW NE Section 31 Mine, NW NE Section 31 Mine, NW NW Section 14 Mine, NW SE Section 10 Mine, NW SE Section 20 Mine, NW SE Section 6 Mine, NW SW Section 22 Mine, NW SW Section 32 Mine, NW SW Section 7 Mine, Old Yogo Townsite Mine, Our Only Chance Mine, Paragon Mine, Pride of the West Mine, Puzzler Mine, Running Wolf Deposit Mine, Saphire Mine, SE NE Section 30 Mine, SE NW Section 16 Mine, SE SE Section 21 Mine, SE SE Section 33 Mine, SE SE Section 6 Mine, SE SW Section 31 Mine, Skunk Gulch Placer Mine, Smelter Mine, SW NW Section 06 Mine, SW NW Section 10 Mine, SW NW Section 15 Mine, SW SE Section 29 Mine, SW SE Section 29 Mine, SW SE Section 30 Mine, SW SE Section 33 Mine, SW SE Section 7 Mine, SW SW Section 3 Mine, Tiger Mine, Vista/NW NW Section 6 Mine, Vortex Mine, Wright Lode Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Ackley Lake State Park, Judith River Historical Marker, Judith River State Wildlife Management Area, Mining Plays Second Fiddle Historical Marker, Stanford City Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arrow Creek, Barker, Benchland, Cameron (historical), Cotton Trailer Court, Dover, Edith Nelson Trailer Court, Geyser, Hall Trailer Court, Hauck, Hobson, Hughesville, J and M Trailer Court, Kibbey (historical), Kolin, Lehigh, Mann (historical), Merino, Moccasin, Philbrook (historical), Raynesford, Sapphire Village, Scholtztown, Sipple, Spion Kop, Stanford, Surprise Creek Colony, Utica, Windham, Woodhurst (historical), Yogo Crossing

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arrow Creek Post Office (historical), Arrow Post Office (historical), Barker Post Office (historical), Benchland Post Office (historical), Coyote Post Office (historical), Dover Post Office (historical), Gardenland Post Office (historical), Geer Post Office (historical), Geyser Post Office, Grafton Post Office (historical), Greene Post Office (historical), Hobson Post Office, Hoover Post Office (historical), Hughesville Post Office (historical), Kalatta Post Office (historical), Kibbey Post Office (historical), Knerville Post Office (historical), Kolin Post Office (historical), Lehigh Post Office (historical), Lewis Post Office (historical), Mann Post Office, Mendon Post Office (historical), Merino Post Office (historical), Moccasin Post Office, Niles Post Office (historical), Otter Post Office (historical), Raynesford Post Office, Sapphire Post Office (historical), Schley Post Office (historical), Sifton Post Office (historical), Spion Kop Post Office (historical), Stanford Post Office, Utica Post Office (historical), Windham Post Office (historical), Wolfdene Post Office (historical), Yogo Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ackley Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Burnt Ridge, Ettien Ridge, Lost Fork Ridge, Prospect Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Roughlock Hill, Sawmill Ridge, Woodchopper Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Arrow Creek School (historical), Barker School (historical), Basin Center School (historical), Bell School (historical), Bellview School (historical), Benchland School (historical), Braun Creek School (historical), Cayuse Basin School (historical), Chatterton School (historical), Coal Mine School (historical), Community Center School (historical), Cora Creek School (historical), Coyote School (historical), Dorman School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Geyser Public Schools, Hanford School (historical), Hay School (historical), Hobson Public Schools, Hughesville School (historical), Indian Creek School (historical), Kensinger School (historical), Kibbey School (historical), Kibby School (historical), Kolin School (historical), Last Chance School (historical), Lehigh School (historical), Letz School (historical), Lillberg School (historical), Lillegard School (historical), Lindsay School (historical), Little Bell School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), Lower Braun Creek School (historical), Mansfield School (historical), McAllister School (historical), Merino School (historical), Meyer School (historical), Moccasin School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), New Liberty School (historical), Palmer School (historical), Philbrook School (historical), Plainview School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Raynesford Elementary School, Running Wolf School (historical), Sapphire School (historical), Sipple School (historical), Sour Dough School (historical), Spion Kop School (historical), Stanford Public Schools, Stucky School (historical), Sunset Ridge School (historical), Surprise Creek Colony School, Twin Butte School (historical), Utica School (historical), Victory School (historical), White City School (historical), White School (historical), Willow Creek School (historical), Windham School (historical), Wolf Butte School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

11N14E01AD__01 Spring, 11N14E01AD__02 Spring, 11N14E01BB__01 Spring, 11N14E02AA__01 Spring, 11N15E05AA__01 Spring, 12N12E01BD__01 Spring, 12N12E02DA__01 Spring, 12N12E02DD__01 Spring, 12N12E02DD__02 Spring, 12N12E03AA__01 Spring, 12N12E03AC__01 Spring, 12N12E03BB__01 Spring, 12N12E03BC__01 Spring, 12N12E05AD__01 Spring, 12N12E09CC__01 Spring, 12N12E09CD__01 Spring, 12N12E09DB__01 Spring, 12N12E10AD__01 Spring, 12N12E10BD__01 Spring, 12N12E11AD__01 Spring, 12N12E11BB__01 Spring, 12N12E12BB__01 Spring, 12N12E12BC__01 Spring, 12N12E12CC__01 Spring, 12N12E13AA__01 Spring, 12N12E13DD__01 Spring, 12N12E14DC__01 Spring, 12N12E15AD__01 Spring, 12N12E15CD__01 Spring, 12N12E23AA__01 Spring, 12N12E23BB__01 Spring, 12N12E23BC__01 Spring, 12N12E23DB__01 Spring, 12N12E24AA__01 Spring, 12N12E24BD__01 Spring, 12N12E24CA__01 Spring, 12N12E24CB__01 Spring, 12N12E24DB__01 Spring, 12N12E25AA__01 Spring, 12N13E01CA__01 Spring, 12N13E01CA__02 Spring, 12N13E01DC__03 Spring, 12N13E02AA__01 Spring, 12N13E06BC__01 Spring, 12N13E06CB__01 Spring, 12N13E07AA__01 Spring, 12N13E08AA__01 Spring, 12N13E08BB__01 Spring, 12N13E10AB__01 Spring, 12N13E10BC__01 Spring, 12N13E10BD__01 Spring, 12N13E14AA__01 Spring, 12N13E15DB__01 Spring, 12N13E16DA__01 Spring, 12N13E18DA__01 Spring, 12N13E19BC__01 Spring, 12N13E20CB__01 Spring, 12N13E20DA__01 Spring, 12N13E20DB__01 Spring, 12N13E21AD__01 Spring, 12N13E21CA__01 Spring, 12N13E21DB__01 Spring, 12N13E21DD__01 Spring, 12N13E21DD__02 Spring, 12N13E22AB__01 Spring, 12N13E22AB__02 Spring, 12N13E22AC__01 Spring, 12N13E22BA__01 Spring, 12N13E22CA__01 Spring, 12N13E22CD__01 Spring, 12N13E22CD__02 Spring, 12N13E24AB__02 Spring, 12N13E26BA__01 Spring, 12N13E26BA__02 Spring, 12N14E01CC__01 Spring, 12N14E01CD__01 Spring, 12N14E01CD__02 Spring, 12N14E01CD__03 Spring, 12N14E03DD__01 Spring, 12N14E04BA__01 Spring, 12N14E06BC__01 Spring, 12N14E07AC__01 Spring, 12N14E07BD__01 Spring, 12N14E08CD__01 Spring, 12N14E11CD__01 Spring, 12N14E13CA__01 Spring, 12N14E16AA__01 Spring, 12N14E16BB__01 Spring, 12N14E16BB__02 Spring, 12N14E16DB__01 Spring, 12N14E17DA__01 Spring, 12N14E18AC__01 Spring, 12N14E19BA__01 Spring, 12N14E21BA__01 Spring, 12N14E21BC__01 Spring, 12N14E22BA__01 Spring, 12N14E22BA__02 Spring, 12N14E24AB__01 Spring, 12N14E25BA__01 Spring, 12N14E26AB__01 Spring, 12N14E26CD__01 Spring, 12N14E27AC__01 Spring, 12N14E27AC__02 Spring, 12N14E27AD__01 Spring, 12N14E27CA__02 Spring, 12N14E27CA__03 Spring, 12N14E28DB__01 Spring, 12N14E30CD__01 Spring, 12N14E35CA__01 Spring, 12N14E36AC__01 Spring, 12N15E18BD__01 Spring, 12N15E20AC__01 Spring, 12N15E20BC__03 Spring, 12N15E29AD__01 Spring, 13N12E02DC__01 Spring, 13N12E03AA__01 Spring, 13N12E03AA__02 Spring, 13N12E03AD__01 Spring, 13N12E04BB__01 Spring, 13N12E05CD__01 Spring, 13N12E06AA__01 Spring, 13N12E07DA__01 Spring, 13N12E09DD__01 Spring, 13N12E09DD__02 Spring, 13N12E15AB__01 Spring, 13N12E15DB__01 Spring, 13N12E16AB__01 Spring, 13N12E17BC__02 Spring, 13N12E18AA__01 Spring, 13N12E18AC__01 Spring, 13N12E18DA__01 Spring, 13N12E20DD__01 Spring, 13N12E27DD__01 Spring, 13N12E32AD__01 Spring, 13N12E34AA__01 Spring, 13N12E34AC__01 Spring, 13N12E35AA__01 Spring, 13N12E35BB__01 Spring, 13N12E35DD__01 Spring, 13N12E36BC__01 Spring, 13N13E03AA__02 Spring, 13N13E04BD__01 Spring, 13N13E04CB__01 Spring, 13N13E05BD__01 Spring, 13N13E05CD__01 Spring, 13N13E08AB__01 Spring, 13N13E08BA__01 Spring, 13N13E09CB__01 Spring, 13N13E10BC__01 Spring, 13N13E14AB__01 Spring, 13N13E15AD__01 Spring, 13N13E15BA__01 Spring, 13N13E19AC__01 Spring, 13N13E22AC__01 Spring, 13N13E23CD__01 Spring, 13N13E23DB__01 Spring, 13N13E26AB__01 Spring, 13N13E26AC__01 Spring, 13N13E27AB__01 Spring, 13N13E28BA__01 Spring, 13N13E28DB__01 Spring, 13N13E35BA__01 Spring, 13N14E03BC__01 Spring, 13N14E03DD__01 Spring, 13N14E10DD__01 Spring, 13N14E16CC__01 Spring, 13N14E20AA__01 Spring, 13N14E20CA__01 Spring, 13N14E28AA__01 Spring, 13N14E29DD__01 Spring, 13N14E36AA__01 Spring, 13N15E11BC__01 Spring, 13N15E15CC__01 Spring, 13N15E22DC__01 Spring, 13N15E31BD__01 Spring, 14N11E01AC__01 Spring, 14N11E02BC__01 Spring, 14N11E02CB__01 Spring, 14N11E02CB__02 Spring, 14N11E03AB__01 Spring, 14N11E04CA__01 Spring, 14N11E04CB__01 Spring, 14N11E05AD__01 Spring, 14N11E05AD__02 Spring, 14N11E05DA__01 Spring, 14N11E06CB__01 Spring, 14N11E12AD__01 Spring, 14N11E13AA__01 Spring, 14N11E13DD__01 Spring, 14N11E22BC__01 Spring, 14N11E23DC__01 Spring, 14N11E23DC__02 Spring, 14N11E23DC__03 Spring, 14N11E24BC__01 Spring, 14N11E24CA__01 Spring, 14N11E24CA__02 Spring, 14N11E25BC__01 Spring, 14N11E25DA__01 Spring, 14N11E25DA__02 Spring, 14N11E26BD__01 Spring, 14N11E26CB__01 Spring, 14N11E26CC__01 Spring, 14N11E26DB__01 Spring, 14N11E26DB__02 Spring, 14N11E26DB__03 Spring, 14N11E33BC__01 Spring, 14N11E34DB__01 Spring, 14N11E35BD__01 Spring, 14N11E36CA__01 Spring, 14N12E01AC__01 Spring, 14N12E02AB__02 Spring, 14N12E02AD__01 Spring, 14N12E02DD__01 Spring, 14N12E03BA__01 Spring, 14N12E03BA__02 Spring, 14N12E04AA__01 Spring, 14N12E04AB__01 Spring, 14N12E05BB__01 Spring, 14N12E05CB__01 Spring, 14N12E06BC__01 Spring, 14N12E07AB__01 Spring, 14N12E07BC__01 Spring, 14N12E07DB__01 Spring, 14N12E08BC__01 Spring, 14N12E08CA__01 Spring, 14N12E09DC__01 Spring, 14N12E10CC__01 Spring, 14N12E10CD__01 Spring, 14N12E10DC__01 Spring, 14N12E11BC__01 Spring, 14N12E14AB__01 Spring, 14N12E14BA__01 Spring, 14N12E14BC__01 Spring, 14N12E15BC__01 Spring, 14N12E17AD__01 Spring, 14N12E19BB__01 Spring, 14N12E19BC__02 Spring, 14N12E20CA__01 Spring, 14N12E21AC__01 Spring, 14N12E21AD__01 Spring, 14N12E21DA__01 Spring, 14N12E22BD__01 Spring, 14N12E26DA__01 Spring, 14N12E27BD__01 Spring, 14N12E29CC__01 Spring, 14N12E29CD__01 Spring, 14N12E30BB__01 Spring, 14N12E31AC__01 Spring, 14N12E31AC__02 Spring, 14N12E31AD__01 Spring, 14N12E32DB__01 Spring, 14N12E34BC__01 Spring, 14N12E35BC__01 Spring, 14N13E06BC__01 Spring, 14N13E15CC__02 Spring, 14N13E15CD__01 Spring, 14N13E19CC__01 Spring, 14N13E22AA__01 Spring, 14N13E22AA__02 Spring, 14N13E22AB__01 Spring, 14N13E22BB__01 Spring, 14N13E24CB__01 Spring, 14N13E32CD__01 Spring, 14N13E33BB__01 Spring, 14N14E01BC__01 Spring, 14N14E10BD__01 Spring, 14N14E10DA__01 Spring, 14N14E10DA__02 Spring, 14N14E11AC__01 Spring, 14N14E11BD__01 Spring, 14N14E11CB__01 Spring, 14N14E11CB__02 Spring, 14N14E12AA__02 Spring, 14N14E12AB__01 Spring, 14N14E13BC__01 Spring, 14N14E13BD__02 Spring, 14N14E13BD__03 Spring, 14N14E14AD__01 Spring, 14N14E14DB__02 Spring, 14N14E18AC__01 Spring, 14N14E20AC__02 Spring, 14N14E23AC__02 Spring, 14N14E23BA__01 Spring, 14N14E24AB__04 Spring, 14N14E24DB__01 Spring, 14N14E26BB__01 Spring, 14N14E26BB__02 Spring, 14N14E27CC__01 Spring, 14N14E28DD__01 Spring, 14N14E32CC__02 Spring, 14N15E05CB__01 Spring, 14N15E08BC__01 Spring, 14N15E08CB__01 Spring, 14N15E11CA__01 Spring, 14N15E11DB__01 Spring, 14N15E18AB__01 Spring, 14N15E18BB__01 Spring, 14N15E18BB__02 Spring, 14N15E19BC__01 Spring, 14N15E20AA__01 Spring, 14N15E31CC__01 Spring, 14N15E33CD__01 Spring, 15N10E01BC__01 Spring, 15N10E02AD__01 Spring, 15N10E02BD__01 Spring, 15N10E02DD__01 Spring, 15N10E03AB__01 Spring, 15N10E03BB__01 Spring, 15N10E03CC__01 Spring, 15N10E11DB__01 Spring, 15N10E21AD__01 Spring, 15N10E22BC__01 Spring, 15N10E25AD__01 Spring, 15N10E25BC__01 Spring, 15N10E26CA__01 Spring, 15N10E26DA__01 Spring, 15N11E03DA__01 Spring, 15N11E03DB__02 Spring, 15N11E04BC__01 Spring, 15N11E04CC__01 Spring, 15N11E05BB__01 Spring, 15N11E05BC__01 Spring, 15N11E05DD__01 Spring, 15N11E06BA__01 Spring, 15N11E06BA__02 Spring, 15N11E06BA__03 Spring, 15N11E06CC__01 Spring, 15N11E06DB__01 Spring, 15N11E07BA__01 Spring, 15N11E07BC__01 Spring, 15N11E07BC__02 Spring, 15N11E11AC__01 Spring, 15N11E11AC__02 Spring, 15N11E11AC__03 Spring, 15N11E11BA__01 Spring, 15N11E14BD__01 Spring, 15N11E14DD__01 Spring, 15N11E18DD__02 Spring, 15N11E20DD__01 Spring, 15N11E21BA__01 Spring, 15N11E23BD__01 Spring, 15N11E23CB__01 Spring, 15N11E25CC__01 Spring, 15N11E27BB__01 Spring, 15N11E28CB__01 Spring, 15N11E28CC__01 Spring, 15N11E28DA__01 Spring, 15N11E28DC__01 Spring, 15N11E30BC__01 Spring, 15N11E30CB__01 Spring, 15N11E30CC__01 Spring, 15N11E31DA__01 Spring, 15N11E32BC__01 Spring, 15N11E32DC__01 Spring, 15N11E33CC__01 Spring, 15N11E34CD__01 Spring, 15N12E05BB__01 Spring, 15N12E05BC__01 Spring, 15N12E05BC__02 Spring, 15N12E06CC__01 Spring, 15N12E06DB__01 Spring, 15N12E10CB__01 Spring, 15N12E11CC__01 Spring, 15N12E15BA__01 Spring, 15N12E20DB__01 Spring, 15N12E23BB__01 Spring, 15N12E23DB__01 Spring, 15N12E25CB__01 Spring, 15N12E25DA__01 Spring, 15N12E26AA__01 Spring, 15N12E28CA__01 Spring, 15N12E30CC__01 Spring, 15N12E30DA__01 Spring, 15N12E31BA__01 Spring, 15N12E32BC__01 Spring, 15N12E32BD__01 Spring, 15N12E32CD__01 Spring, 15N12E33AB__01 Spring, 15N12E34BA__01 Spring, 15N12E35BD__01 Spring, 15N12E35CA__01 Spring, 16N09E02AC__01 Spring, 16N09E03DD__01 Spring, 16N09E04DB__01 Spring, 16N09E09AC__01 Spring, 16N09E09DA__01 Spring, 16N09E10AB__01 Spring, 16N09E10AC__01 Spring, 16N09E11BA__01 Spring, 16N09E11BB__01 Spring, 16N09E11CA__01 Spring, 16N09E11CB__01 Spring, 16N09E11CB__02 Spring, 16N09E11DA__01 Spring, 16N09E11DA__02 Spring, 16N09E11DA__03 Spring, 16N09E12BC__01 Spring, 16N09E12BC__02 Spring, 16N09E12BD__01 Spring, 16N09E12CD__01 Spring, 16N09E13BC__01 Spring, 16N09E14DA__01 Spring, 16N09E15AB__01 Spring, 16N09E15BA__01 Spring, 16N09E16AA__01 Spring, 16N09E16AB__01 Spring, 16N09E24BA__01 Spring, 16N09E24BA__02 Spring, 16N09E24BD__01 Spring, 16N09E25AB__01 Spring, 16N09E25CC__01 Spring, 16N10E03DA__01 Spring, 16N10E04CD__01 Spring, 16N10E05BC__01 Spring, 16N10E05DC__01 Spring, 16N10E08AD__01 Spring, 16N10E08DA__01 Spring, 16N10E09AD__01 Spring, 16N10E09BC__01 Spring, 16N10E09DA__01 Spring, 16N10E10BC__01 Spring, 16N10E11BA__01 Spring, 16N10E12CB__01 Spring, 16N10E12DB__01 Spring, 16N10E13BC__01 Spring, 16N10E13CB__01 Spring, 16N10E14BA__02 Spring, 16N10E17AD__01 Spring, 16N10E17AD__02 Spring, 16N10E19CC__01 Spring, 16N10E21AD__01 Spring, 16N10E21DA__01 Spring, 16N10E21DC__01 Spring, 16N10E22BC__01 Spring, 16N10E23DD__01 Spring, 16N10E24BC__01 Spring, 16N10E24DB__01 Spring, 16N10E25BA__01 Spring, 16N10E25CB__01 Spring, 16N10E26AB__01 Spring, 16N10E26DB__01 Spring, 16N10E27CC__01 Spring, 16N10E28BD__01 Spring, 16N10E29AC__01 Spring, 16N10E29BD__01 Spring, 16N10E29CD__01 Spring, 16N10E33AA__01 Spring, 16N10E33DD__01 Spring, 16N10E34BA__01 Spring, 16N11E02DD__01 Spring, 16N11E04BB__01 Spring, 16N11E06BC__01 Spring, 16N11E16AC__01 Spring, 16N11E16CB__01 Spring, 16N11E17BA__01 Spring, 16N11E17BB__01 Spring, 16N11E18BA__01 Spring, 16N11E18BC__01 Spring, 16N11E18BC__02 Spring, 16N11E18CC__01 Spring, 16N11E23AD__01 Spring, 16N11E23CA__01 Spring, 16N11E27BC__01 Spring, 16N11E27CB__01 Spring, 16N11E28AD__01 Spring, 16N11E28BC__01 Spring, 16N11E31DC__01 Spring, 16N11E31DC__02 Spring, 16N11E32BC__01 Spring, 16N11E32CD__01 Spring, 16N11E33AA__01 Spring, 16N11E35BB__01 Spring, 16N11E35BC__01 Spring, 16N12E02DD__01 Spring, 16N12E04BB__01 Spring, 16N12E07CA__01 Spring, 16N12E07CB__01 Spring, 16N12E07CB__02 Spring, 16N12E10CD__01 Spring, 16N12E17BB__01 Spring, 16N12E18CC__01 Spring, 16N12E24DA__01 Spring, 16N12E24DA__02 Spring, 16N12E31AC__01 Spring, 16N12E31BB__01 Spring, 16N12E35CB__01 Spring, 16N13E12DDD_01 Spring, 16N13E35BCD_01 Spring, 17N09E02AA__01 Spring, 17N09E04CB__01 Spring, 17N09E04CD__01 Spring, 17N09E04DC__01 Spring, 17N09E04DC__02 Spring, 17N09E05AD__01 Spring, 17N09E05DB__01 Spring, 17N09E08CA__02 Spring, 17N09E09BB__01 Spring, 17N09E10CB__01 Spring, 17N09E10DD__01 Spring, 17N09E13CB__01 Spring, 17N09E17AD__01 Spring, 17N09E22AD__01 Spring, 17N09E22BD__01 Spring, 17N09E22CA__01 Spring, 17N09E22CB__01 Spring, 17N09E24BC__01 Spring, 17N09E25BA__01 Spring, 17N09E25CB__01 Spring, 17N09E25CD__01 Spring, 17N09E26AD__01 Spring, 17N09E26BB__01 Spring, 17N09E26CC__01 Spring, 17N09E26DC__01 Spring, 17N09E26DD__02 Spring, 17N09E27AA__01 Spring, 17N09E33CA__01 Spring, 17N09E35BA__01 Spring, 17N09E35CA__01 Spring, 17N09E35CA__02 Spring, 17N09E35CC__01 Spring, 17N09E36DA__01 Spring, 17N09E36DB__01 Spring, 17N10E01AB__01 Spring, 17N10E01AB__02 Spring, 17N10E01BA__01 Spring, 17N10E02BD__01 Spring, 17N10E03AC__01 Spring, 17N10E03CD__01 Spring, 17N10E03DC__01 Spring, 17N10E04DD__01 Spring, 17N10E07CD__01 Spring, 17N10E08BA__01 Spring, 17N10E08CC__02 Spring, 17N10E09AB__01 Spring, 17N10E12BA__01 Spring, 17N10E12DC__01 Spring, 17N10E19AD__01 Spring, 17N10E19AD__02 Spring, 17N10E19CB__01 Spring, 17N10E19DA__01 Spring, 17N10E20AC__01 Spring, 17N10E23AA__01 Spring, 17N10E24BA__01 Spring, 17N10E29AC__02 Spring, 17N10E31DB__01 Spring, 17N11E03CB__01 Spring, 17N11E04DD__01 Spring, 17N11E07CD__01 Spring, 17N11E12AB__01 Spring, 17N11E18DA__01 Spring, 17N11E19CC__01 Spring, 17N11E25AB__01 Spring, 17N11E28CD__01 Spring, 17N11E29DB__01 Spring, 17N11E30AD__01 Spring, 17N12E18AA__01 Spring, 17N12E28CD__01 Spring, 17N12E32BC__01 Spring, 17N12E32DD__03 Spring, 17N12E33AB__01 Spring, 17N12E33BA__01 Spring, 18N09E09AB__01 Spring, 18N09E09AC__01 Spring, 18N09E12BB__01 Spring, 18N09E14AA__01 Spring, 18N09E16BA__01 Spring, 18N09E20BD__01 Spring, 18N09E23BC__01 Spring, 18N09E23CC__01 Spring, 18N09E27AB__01 Spring, 18N09E28AC__01 Spring, 18N10E01BD__02 Spring, 18N10E01BD__03 Spring, 18N10E01DD__02 Spring, 18N10E05BB__01 Spring, 18N10E06AC__01 Spring, 18N10E06BB__01 Spring, 18N10E07DD__02 Spring, 18N10E18AD__01 Spring, 18N10E22CD__01 Spring, 18N10E22DA__01 Spring, 18N10E23DA__01 Spring, 18N10E24CB__01 Spring, 18N10E25BA__01 Spring, 18N10E28AD__01 Spring, 18N10E31CB__01 Spring, 18N10E34CC__01 Spring, 18N10E35DD__01 Spring, 18N11E04AB__01 Spring, 18N11E05CC__01 Spring, 18N11E16DA__01 Spring, 18N11E21AA__01 Spring, 18N11E24DD__02 Spring, 18N11E30AB__01 Spring, 18N11E30CD__01 Spring, 18N11E32DB__01 Spring, 18N11E33BB__01 Spring, 18N11E34BC__01 Spring, 18N11E35CA__01 Spring, 18N12E04AA__02 Spring, 18N12E07CD__01 Spring, 18N12E13AD__01 Spring, 18N12E20BB__01 Spring, 18N12E23CD__02 Spring, 18N12E29AB__01 Spring, 18N12E35AB__03 Spring, 19N09E28CC__01 Spring, 19N09E35DB__01 Spring, 19N09E35DC__01 Spring, 19N09E36AA__01 Spring, 19N09E36BB__01 Spring, 19N09E36BD__01 Spring, 19N09E36CC__01 Spring, 19N10E13BC__01 Spring, 19N10E14DA__01 Spring, 19N10E15DA__01 Spring, 19N10E15DC__01 Spring, 19N10E17AC__01 Spring, 19N10E17BB__01 Spring, 19N10E17BD__01 Spring, 19N10E17DA__01 Spring, 19N10E18CB__01 Spring, 19N10E19AA__01 Spring, 19N10E19AD__01 Spring, 19N10E19BA__01 Spring, 19N10E19CB__01 Spring, 19N10E20AB__01 Spring, 19N10E20DA__01 Spring, 19N10E21AB__01 Spring, 19N10E22DB__01 Spring, 19N10E22DC__01 Spring, 19N10E24BB__01 Spring, 19N10E24BC__01 Spring, 19N10E24BD__01 Spring, 19N10E27CB__01 Spring, 19N10E28AC__01 Spring, 19N10E28CA__03 Spring, 19N10E28CB__01 Spring, 19N10E29BD__01 Spring, 19N10E31BA__01 Spring, 19N10E32CB__01 Spring, 19N10E32CD__01 Spring, 19N10E33BD__01 Spring, 19N11E20DA__01 Spring, 19N11E31BD__01 Spring, 19N11E32DA__03 Spring, Arrow Creek Spring, Big Flat Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Coyote Spring, Ettien Spring, High Spring, Hoover Spring, Martin Spring, Mitchell Spring, Walker Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Appraisal Creek, Barrows Creek, Basin Creek, Bend Gulch Creek, Berger Creek, Big Hill Creek, Birch Creek, Bluff Mountain Creek, Braun Creek, Burley Creek, Burris Creek, Byrne Creek, Cabin Creek, Carr Creek, Cleveland Creek, Collins Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Courtneys Creek, Coyote Creek, Cross Creek, Daisy Creek, Davis Creek, Dawkins Branch, Deadhorse Creek, Dipping Vat Creek, Doerr Creek, Dry Wolf Creek, East Antelope Creek, East Fork Mud Creek, East Fork Stiner Creek, Elk Creek, Erwin Creek, Fall Creek, Flanagan Creek, Galena Creek, Gerard Creek, Gold Run Creek, Gray Creek, Green Creek, Harrison Creek, Hay Creek, Hell Creek, High Spring Creek, King Creek, Little Otter Creek, Little Trout Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Fork Judith River, Mansfield Creek, Martin Creek, McCarthy Creek, Middle Fork Judith River, Morris Creek, North Fork Courtneys Creek, North Fork Running Wolf Creek, North Fork Sage Creek, North Fork Surprise Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, Old Geyser Creek, Olsen Creek, Pine Creek, Placer Creek, Red Bluff Creek, Rose Creek, Running Wolf Creek, Russian Creek, Sandpoint Creek, Setter Creek, Shannon Creek, Skull Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Courtneys Creek, South Fork Judith River, South Fork Lost Fork Judith River, South Fork Running Wolf Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stiner Creek, Sun Creek, Villars Creek, Waite Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Waymeir Creek, Weatherwax Creek, West Buffalo Creek, West Fork Antelope Creek, West Fork Lost Fork, West Fork Mud Creek, West Fork Stiner Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Woodhurst Creek, Yogo Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Anderson Peak, Antelope Butte, Bandbox Mountain, Big Baldy Mountain, Big Deer Point, Black Buttes, Blacktail Hills, Burley Peak, Butcherknife Mountain, Cabin Mountain, Clendenin Mountain, Coyote Peak, Gibson Peak, Granite Mountain, Grendah Mountain, Indian Buttes, Indian Hill, Irene Peak, Kelly Mountain, Lava Peak, Limestone Butte, Marys Knoll, Middle Peak, Mixes Baldy, North Peak, Otter Mountain, Peterson Mountain, Peterson Mountain, Pine Knob, Red Hill, Reed Hill, Sand Point, Sheep Mountain, Skull Butte, Slide Rock Point, Steamboat Butte, Stevens Butte, Taylor Mountain, Taylor Peak, Tepee Butte, Tepee Butte, Tollgate Mountain, Tucken Mountain, Twin Sisters, Wolf Butte, Woodhurst Mountain, Yogo Peak

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Abbott Coulee, Alice Coulee, Antelope Gorge, Arch Coulee, Arch Coulee, Bear Gulch, Big Coulee, Big Coulee, Big Coulee, Big Coulee, Black Coulee, Blankenship Gulch, Boulder Gulch, Bower Canyon, Bower Gulch, Browns Canyon, Brush Coulee, Buffalo Canyon, Butcherknife Gulch, Cache Coulee, Castners Coulee, Chambers Coulee, Coal Bank Coulee, Coal Mine Coulee, Colarchik Cabin Coulee, Conan Coulee, Crow Coulee, Dark Canyon, Deadman Coulee, Deer Gulch, Democrat Gulch, Dipping Vat Coulee, Dry Coulee, Dry Gulch, Dry Pole Canyon, Dunsmore Coulee, Dutchman Coulee, Eastern Coulee, Ellis Coulee, Ettien Gulch, Flat Coulee, Flat Gulch, Fox Coulee, Frenchies Gulch, Frost Coulee, Government Coulee, Gravel Gulch, Halzell Coulee, Hansen Coulee, Hauck Coulee, Hay Canyon, Hay Coulee, Heiserman Coulee, Holmes Coulee, Hopkins Coulee, Iron Gulch, Jackson Coulee, Kelly Coulee, Kibbey Canyon, Lead Gulch, Leiberg Coulee, Limestone Canyon, Lyons Gulch, Martin Coulee, Middle Fork Rickard Coulee, Missouri Coulee, Mitchell Gulch, Monk Coulee, Moose Coulee, Nebel Coulee, Nickerson Coulee, No Name Gulch, North Fork Rickard Coulee, Ole Coulee, Pagil Gulch, Peterson Coulee, Peterson Gulch, Pleasant Valley, Rattlesnake Coulee, Republican Gulch, Rickard Coulee, Ridley Coulee, Rocky Gulch, Rolfe Gulch, Saager Canyon, Sawmill Gulch, Silver Gulch, Sixteen Color Gulch, Skunk Gulch, South Fork Rickard Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Gulch, Trask Gulch, Tucken Gulch, Vann Coulee, Weber Coulee, Whiskey Spring Coulee, Windmill Coulee, Wolf Butte Coulee

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11N15E03BC__01 Well, 11N15E04CD__01 Well, 11N15E13BA__01 Well, 11N15E14DD__01 Well, 11N15E24AC__01 Well, 11N15E24AC__02 Well, 11N15E24DD__01 Well, 11N16E06BB__01 Well, 11N16E06BB__02 Well, 11N16E07CD__01 Well, 12N12E08DC__01 Well, 12N12E08DC__02 Well, 12N13E01DC__01 Well, 12N13E01DC__02 Well, 12N13E02BA__01 Well, 12N13E10AABB01 Well, 12N13E12DA__01 Well, 12N13E24AB__01 Well, 12N13E24AB__03 Well, 12N14E01AD__01 Well, 12N14E01BB__01 Well, 12N14E02DD__01 Well, 12N14E06AB__01 Well, 12N14E06DD__01 Well, 12N14E07BAAB01 Well, 12N14E07CDDA01 Well, 12N14E08CCBB01 Well, 12N14E09BCDD01 Well, 12N14E09BC__01 Well, 12N14E09BD__01 Well, 12N14E09CA__01 Well, 12N14E09DC__01 Well, 12N14E09DC__02 Well, 12N14E10DA__01 Well, 12N14E11AA__01 Well, 12N14E11AD__01 Well, 12N14E12BB__01 Well, 12N14E14BA__01 Well, 12N14E14CA__01 Well, 12N14E18AA__01 Well, 12N14E18AA__02 Well, 12N14E21BC__02 Well, 12N14E21CB__01 Well, 12N14E24BD__01 Well, 12N14E24CC__01 Well, 12N14E24DA__01 Well, 12N14E24DA__02 Well, 12N14E24DB__01 Well, 12N14E25BA__02 Well, 12N14E25BB__01 Well, 12N14E26BD__01 Well, 12N14E27CA__01 Well, 12N14E36BA__01 Well, 12N15E04CD__01 Well, 12N15E04CD__02 Well, 12N15E04DC__01 Well, 12N15E05CD__01 Well, 12N15E06BC__01 Well, 12N15E06DB__01 Well, 12N15E06DC__01 Well, 12N15E06DC__02 Well, 12N15E07AC__01 Well, 12N15E07AC__02 Well, 12N15E07CD__01 Well, 12N15E07CD__02 Well, 12N15E08AA__01 Well, 12N15E08AA__02 Well, 12N15E08AD__01 Well, 12N15E08AD__02 Well, 12N15E19AC__01 Well, 12N15E19BC__01 Well, 12N15E20BC__01 Well, 12N15E20BC__02 Well, 12N15E21AC__01 Well, 12N15E21AC__02 Well, 12N15E22BCDC01 Well, 12N15E22BC__01 Well, 12N15E22BC__02 Well, 12N15E22BD__02 Well, 12N15E22BD__03 Well, 12N15E22CB__01 Well, 12N15E25AA__01 Well, 12N15E28DA__01 Well, 12N15E29AA__01 Well, 12N15E29DD__01 Well, 12N15E33AA__01 Well, 12N15E33AA__02 Well, 12N15E33BB__01 Well, 12N15E34AA__01 Well, 12N15E34BD__01 Well, 12N15E35DC__01 Well, 12N16E30BB__01 Well, 12N16E30BB__02 Well, 12N16E30BB__03 Well, 12N16E31CC__01 Well, 12N16E31CC__02 Well, 12N16E31CD__01 Well, 13N11E02AB__01 Well, 13N11E11BC__01 Well, 13N11E11DC__01 Well, 13N11E13AD__01 Well, 13N11E14BC__01 Well, 13N11E14CC__01 Well, 13N11E14CC__02 Well, 13N11E14DD__01 Well, 13N11E15AB__01 Well, 13N11E15BA__01 Well, 13N11E16CA__01 Well, 13N11E16CA__02 Well, 13N11E25DA__01 Well, 13N11E25DA__02 Well, 13N11E25DA__03 Well, 13N11E26BD__01 Well, 13N11E26BD__02 Well, 13N11E35AB__01 Well, 13N11E36DA__01 Well, 13N12E12BC__01 Well, 13N12E13BA__01 Well, 13N12E14AB__01 Well, 13N12E17BB__01 Well, 13N12E17BB__02 Well, 13N12E17BC__01 Well, 13N12E17CA__01 Well, 13N12E18AA__02 Well, 13N12E18DB__01 Well, 13N12E18DB__02 Well, 13N12E18DC__01 Well, 13N12E18DC__02 Well, 13N12E19AB__01 Well, 13N12E19AC__01 Well, 13N12E19BD__01 Well, 13N12E19CA__01 Well, 13N12E20CCDC01 Well, 13N12E23DB__01 Well, 13N12E30BA__01 Well, 13N13E03AA__01 Well, 13N13E04AADD01 Well, 13N13E05CC__01 Well, 13N13E06AA__01 Well, 13N13E06BD__01 Well, 13N13E08BB__01 Well, 13N13E11DD__01 Well, 13N13E12CC__01 Well, 13N13E12CC__02 Well, 13N13E12CC__03 Well, 13N13E12CC__04 Well, 13N13E12CC__05 Well, 13N13E17DC__01 Well, 13N13E21CC__01 Well, 13N13E25AA__01 Well, 13N13E25DA__01 Well, 13N13E30DD__01 Well, 13N13E30DD__02 Well, 13N13E36CC__01 Well, 13N14E03AB__01 Well, 13N14E04CB__01 Well, 13N14E10CD__01 Well, 13N14E17BB__01 Well, 13N14E21DC__01 Well, 13N14E25BC__01 Well, 13N14E27BB__01 Well, 13N14E30DA__01 Well, 13N14E30DB__01 Well, 13N14E31BB__01 Well, 13N14E31CDAA01 Well, 13N14E31DB__01 Well, 13N14E34DD__01 Well, 13N14E34DD__02 Well, 13N14E34DD__03 Well, 13N14E35BA__01 Well, 13N14E35DA__01 Well, 13N14E36CD__01 Well, 13N14E36CD__02 Well, 13N15E01CADC01 Well, 13N15E01CA__01 Well, 13N15E01CA__02 Well, 13N15E01CA__03 Well, 13N15E11BD__01 Well, 13N15E12BA__01 Well, 13N15E12DC__01 Well, 13N15E17AAAA01 Well, 13N15E17AA__01 Well, 13N15E17AA__02 Well, 13N15E17AA__03 Well, 13N15E23CC__01 Well, 13N15E32AD__01 Well, 13N15E34AA__01 Well, 13N15E34AA__02 Well, 13N15E34AA__03 Well, 13N16E01BA__01 Well, 13N16E02BC__01 Well, 13N16E04AA__01 Well, 13N16E07AA__01 Well, 13N16E08AA__01 Well, 13N16E11CB__01 Well, 13N16E11CB__02 Well, 13N16E12AB__01 Well, 13N16E12BD__01 Well, 13N16E15AA__01 Well, 13N16E15CA__01 Well, 13N16E15DD__01 Well, 13N16E17AA__01 Well, 13N16E18DD__01 Well, 13N16E19BB__01 Well, 13N16E19DA__01 Well, 13N16E19DA__02 Well, 13N16E20AB__01 Well, 13N16E20BB__01 Well, 13N16E23BB__01 Well, 13N16E23CC__01 Well, 13N16E26AD__01 Well, 13N16E26DC__01 Well, 13N16E26DC__02 Well, 13N16E30DC__01 Well, 13N16E32BD__01 Well, 13N16E32BD__02 Well, 13N16E32BD__03 Well, 13N16E35BC__01 Well, 13N16E35BC__02 Well, 13N17E06BB__01 Well, 13N17E18BB__01 Well, 14N11E03BB__01 Well, 14N11E04CD__01 Well, 14N12E01AC__02 Well, 14N12E02AB__01 Well, 14N12E02CA__01 Well, 14N12E02CA__02 Well, 14N12E02CC__01 Well, 14N12E02DC__01 Well, 14N12E02DC__02 Well, 14N12E02DD__02 Well, 14N12E04BC__01 Well, 14N12E05CA__01 Well, 14N12E08DB__01 Well, 14N12E10AA__01 Well, 14N12E11DC__01 Well, 14N12E14BC__02 Well, 14N12E15BD__01 Well, 14N12E19BC__01 Well, 14N12E22AD__01 Well, 14N12E23AA__01 Well, 14N12E23AB__01 Well, 14N12E34DA__01 Well, 14N13E11CCD_01 Well, 14N13E15CC__01 Well, 14N13E16CCCD01 Well, 14N13E16CC__01 Well, 14N13E19DDC_01 Well, 14N13E21AA__01 Well, 14N13E21BBB_01 Well, 14N13E21DB__01 Well, 14N13E21DC__01 Well, 14N13E22AC__01 Well, 14N13E23BB__01 Well, 14N13E23BB__02 Well, 14N13E24AB__01 Well, 14N13E24BA__01 Well, 14N13E24BA__02 Well, 14N13E24BCBA01 Well, 14N13E24BD__01 Well, 14N13E26CD__01 Well, 14N13E26DCBB01 Well, 14N13E27DC__01 Well, 14N13E28DD__01 Well, 14N13E28DD__02 Well, 14N13E30ABB_01 Well, 14N13E30BCD_01 Well, 14N13E30BC__01 Well, 14N13E33ABAD01 Well, 14N13E33DA__01 Well, 14N13E35CACC01 Well, 14N14E01CC__01 Well, 14N14E01DA__01 Well, 14N14E01DA__02 Well, 14N14E01DD__01 Well, 14N14E01DD__02 Well, 14N14E06ADD_01 Well, 14N14E06DB__01 Well, 14N14E10CA__01 Well, 14N14E10CA__02 Well, 14N14E12AA__01 Well, 14N14E13BB__01 Well, 14N14E13BD__01 Well, 14N14E14DB__01 Well, 14N14E17AB__01 Well, 14N14E19AA__01 Well, 14N14E21AA__01 Well, 14N14E21BA__01 Well, 14N14E22AA__01 Well, 14N14E23AC__01 Well, 14N14E24AB__01 Well, 14N14E24AB__02 Well, 14N14E24AB__03 Well, 14N14E24BD__01 Well, 14N14E24BD__02 Well, 14N14E26CD__01 Well, 14N14E27AA__01 Well, 14N14E28BB__01 Well, 14N14E28DA__01 Well, 14N14E29AA__01 Well, 14N14E32CC__01 Well, 14N14E35AD__01 Well, 14N14E36AC__01 Well, 14N15E06CA__01 Well, 14N15E06CA__02 Well, 14N15E06DB__01 Well, 14N15E06DB__02 Well, 14N15E06DCBD01 Well, 14N15E07BA__01 Well, 14N15E07BA__02 Well, 14N15E07BA__03 Well, 14N15E07BA__04 Well, 14N15E07BA__05 Well, 14N15E07BB__01 Well, 14N15E11BDAC01 Well, 14N15E13CD__01 Well, 14N15E13CD__02 Well, 14N15E13CD__03 Well, 14N15E18AA__01 Well, 14N15E18DD__01 Well, 14N15E19CA__01 Well, 14N15E19CA__02 Well, 14N15E20DC__01 Well, 14N15E23BA__01 Well, 14N15E23BA__02 Well, 14N15E24CA__01 Well, 14N15E26DD__01 Well, 14N15E28BA__01 Well, 14N15E28CB__01 Well, 14N15E29BB__01 Well, 14N15E30AA__01 Well, 14N15E32AA__01 Well, 14N15E35AA__01 Well, 14N15E35AA__02 Well, 14N15E35AA__03 Well, 15N11E03DB__01 Well, 15N11E04AA__01 Well, 15N11E08BD__01 Well, 15N11E18DD__01 Well, 15N11E32CA__01 Well, 15N12E01CBAD01 Well, 15N12E01CB__01 Well, 15N12E02AB__01 Well, 15N12E02ADBD01 Well, 15N12E02AD__01 Well, 15N12E02BBBA01 Well, 15N12E03AA__01 Well, 15N12E03AA__02 Well, 15N12E03AA__03 Well, 15N12E03DD__01 Well, 15N12E04BA__01 Well, 15N12E04____01 Well, 15N12E04____02 Well, 15N12E10DD__01 Well, 15N12E11AADC01 Well, 15N12E12AACA01 Well, 15N12E12ADAC01 Well, 15N12E12AD__01 Well, 15N12E12BD__01 Well, 15N12E12DA__01 Well, 15N12E12DA__02 Well, 15N12E12DB__01 Well, 15N12E12DB__02 Well, 15N12E13BABB01 Well, 15N12E13CADD01 Well, 15N12E14AC__01 Well, 15N12E14CA__01 Well, 15N12E14CA__02 Well, 15N12E15CB__01 Well, 15N12E15DD__01 Well, 15N12E16CA__01 Well, 15N12E18AA__01 Well, 15N12E18CD__01 Well, 15N12E21DB__01 Well, 15N12E22CD__01 Well, 15N12E23BA__01 Well, 15N12E23BA__02 Well, 15N12E23BA__03 Well, 15N12E23____01 Well, 15N12E24AD__01 Well, 15N12E25DD__01 Well, 15N12E27DC__01 Well, 15N12E29AA__01 Well, 15N12E29AA__02 Well, 15N12E29ABDD01 Well, 15N12E29BA__01 Well, 15N12E35AB__01 Well, 15N12E35DA__01 Well, 15N13E02DCC_01 Well, 15N13E03DDD_01 Well, 15N13E07AAA_01 Well, 15N13E16BCA_01 Well, 15N13E16BDBD01 Well, 15N13E20CBD_01 Well, 15N13E25ABA_01 Well, 15N14E12BCC_01 Well, 15N14E16DCDD01 Well, 15N14E23ACA_01 Well, 15N14E34DD__01 Well, 15N15E03ABB_01 Well, 15N15E03DDD_01 Well, 15N15E05DB__01 Well, 15N15E13DD__01 Well, 15N15E14BA__01 Well, 15N15E21DA__01 Well, 16N09E01AD__01 Well, 16N09E01AD__02 Well, 16N09E04BACB01 Well, 16N09E04BBDA01 Well, 16N09E05C___01 Well, 16N09E26D___01 Well, 16N10E05AABA01 Well, 16N10E05AA__01 Well, 16N10E05BC__02 Well, 16N10E08CDAA01 Well, 16N10E14BA__01 Well, 16N10E17CB__01 Well, 16N10E18DA__01 Well, 16N10E19C___01 Well, 16N11E02CB__01 Well, 16N11E04CDDC01 Well, 16N11E04CD__01 Well, 16N11E04CD__02 Well, 16N11E10AC__01 Well, 16N11E12AA__01 Well, 16N11E12AD__01 Well, 16N11E13A___01 Well, 16N11E13BB__01 Well, 16N11E13CC__01 Well, 16N11E20BD__01 Well, 16N11E24A___01 Well, 16N11E24____01 Well, 16N11E25BD__01 Well, 16N11E25C___01 Well, 16N11E25DCBC01 Well, 16N11E26DC__01 Well, 16N11E35BD__01 Well, 16N11E35BD__02 Well, 16N11E35____01 Well, 16N11E36BA__01 Well, 16N12E02DD__02 Well, 16N12E03BC__01 Well, 16N12E03CC__01 Well, 16N12E03CC__02 Well, 16N12E03CC__03 Well, 16N12E05BA__01 Well, 16N12E07BB__01 Well, 16N12E07BB__02 Well, 16N12E07DA__01 Well, 16N12E07DA__02 Well, 16N12E07DC__01 Well, 16N12E07DC__02 Well, 16N12E07DDB_02 Well, 16N12E08AB__01 Well, 16N12E08AD__01 Well, 16N12E08CDDD01 Well, 16N12E08CDDD02 Well, 16N12E08DACD01 Well, 16N12E08DC__01 Well, 16N12E09CD__01 Well, 16N12E09DC__01 Well, 16N12E10DCCC01 Well, 16N12E11AAAD01 Well, 16N12E12BB__01 Well, 16N12E12BB__02 Well, 16N12E13AC__01 Well, 16N12E13CD__01 Well, 16N12E14CCCC01 Well, 16N12E14DD__01 Well, 16N12E15AB__01 Well, 16N12E15BB__01 Well, 16N12E16AA__01 Well, 16N12E16ACBD01 Well, 16N12E16BBBC01 Well, 16N12E16BBCB01 Well, 16N12E16BB__01 Well, 16N12E16BB__02 Well, 16N12E16BB__03 Well, 16N12E16BB__04 Well, 16N12E16BD__01 Well, 16N12E16BD__02 Well, 16N12E16CC__01 Well, 16N12E16CC__02 Well, 16N12E16DCAD01 Well, 16N12E17AA__01 Well, 16N12E17DAAA01 Well, 16N12E17DAAA02 Well, 16N12E17DA__01 Well, 16N12E17DA__02 Well, 16N12E17DA__03 Well, 16N12E17DDAB01 Well, 16N12E18BA__01 Well, 16N12E21AABB01 Well, 16N12E21CB__01 Well, 16N12E22CA__01 Well, 16N12E24BB__01 Well, 16N12E24DD__01 Well, 16N12E25BD__01 Well, 16N12E25CB__01 Well, 16N12E26CD__01 Well, 16N12E27CB__01 Well, 16N12E28AB__01 Well, 16N12E28AB__02 Well, 16N12E28CCAA01 Well, 16N12E28CD__01 Well, 16N12E29AA__01 Well, 16N12E29AA__02 Well, 16N12E29AA__03 Well, 16N12E29BD__01 Well, 16N12E29DD__01 Well, 16N12E30DBDA01 Well, 16N12E31AA__01 Well, 16N12E31AC__02 Well, 16N12E31____01 Well, 16N12E32AA__01 Well, 16N12E32AA__02 Well, 16N12E32AA__03 Well, 16N12E32BD__01 Well, 16N12E32DD__01 Well, 16N12E33AA__01 Well, 16N12E34BCBA01 Well, 16N12E34DB__01 Well, 16N12E35AC__01 Well, 16N12E35BABB01 Well, 16N12E35CCCD01 Well, 16N12E35CC__01 Well, 16N12E35CC__02 Well, 16N12E36CAAB01 Well, 16N12E36CA__01 Well, 16N13E01DDBD02 Well, 16N13E05DDD_01 Well, 16N13E11DADA01 Well, 16N13E14BBB_01 Well, 16N13E15CCAD01 Well, 16N13E15CCC_01 Well, 16N13E15DAC_01 Well, 16N13E18AB__01 Well, 16N13E19AACD01 Well, 16N13E19AAC_01 Well, 16N13E20CDB_01 Well, 16N13E20DDA_01 Well, 16N13E23AAD_01 Well, 16N13E23DDA_01 Well, 16N13E27DCC_01 Well, 16N13E30DDB_01 Well, 16N13E34DAA_01 Well, 16N14E03CDB_01 Well, 16N14E07BBDA01 Well, 16N14E07BDBB01 Well, 16N14E07BDDB01 Well, 16N14E08CDC_01 Well, 16N14E09BDD_01 Well, 16N14E18BDD_01 Well, 16N14E20AAB_01 Well, 16N15E12CBD_01 Well, 16N15E13BAB_01 Well, 16N15E15CCC_01 Well, 16N15E30AB__01 Well, 17N08E03A___01 Well, 17N08E10CCCC01 Well, 17N08E15BBCB01 Well, 17N09E02A___01 Well, 17N09E03AA__01 Well, 17N09E03AB__01 Well, 17N09E03CD__01 Well, 17N09E03CD__02 Well, 17N09E04AC__01 Well, 17N09E05DC__01 Well, 17N09E05DD__01 Well, 17N09E08AACA01 Well, 17N09E08AA__01 Well, 17N09E08AA__02 Well, 17N09E08ABDA01 Well, 17N09E08CA__01 Well, 17N09E08CD__01 Well, 17N09E09DA__01 Well, 17N09E10B___01 Well, 17N09E15BA__01 Well, 17N09E22CC__01 Well, 17N09E22DD__01 Well, 17N09E24BC__02 Well, 17N09E26BD__01 Well, 17N09E26DD__01 Well, 17N09E27AAAC01 Well, 17N09E27AA__02 Well, 17N09E28AD__01 Well, 17N09E28AD__02 Well, 17N09E28DA__01 Well, 17N09E29AD__01 Well, 17N09E29A___01 Well, 17N09E33BD__01 Well, 17N10E01DD__01 Well, 17N10E02CC__01 Well, 17N10E03BA__01 Well, 17N10E04DC__01 Well, 17N10E05BC__01 Well, 17N10E05CCD_01 Well, 17N10E05CD__01 Well, 17N10E05CD__02 Well, 17N10E05CD__03 Well, 17N10E05DCDB01 Well, 17N10E05DD__01 Well, 17N10E06AC__01 Well, 17N10E06AC__02 Well, 17N10E06CC__01 Well, 17N10E06DD__01 Well, 17N10E07CC__01 Well, 17N10E08CC__01 Well, 17N10E09DC__01 Well, 17N10E09DC__02 Well, 17N10E10DC__01 Well, 17N10E13BA__01 Well, 17N10E14AB__01 Well, 17N10E14AB__02 Well, 17N10E14AB__03 Well, 17N10E15BB__01 Well, 17N10E16BB__01 Well, 17N10E16BB__02 Well, 17N10E16DDDD01 Well, 17N10E17ABAC01 Well, 17N10E17AB__01 Well, 17N10E17AB__02 Well, 17N10E17BB__01 Well, 17N10E18CCCC01 Well, 17N10E18DCCB01 Well, 17N10E18DC__01 Well, 17N10E20BDCC01 Well, 17N10E20BD__01 Well, 17N10E20BD__02 Well, 17N10E21AD__01 Well, 17N10E22BD__01 Well, 17N10E22CB__01 Well, 17N10E23DD__01 Well, 17N10E24AB__01 Well, 17N10E24AB__02 Well, 17N10E24AB__03 Well, 17N10E26ADDB01 Well, 17N10E26BB__01 Well, 17N10E27DD__01 Well, 17N10E28DC__01 Well, 17N10E29AC__01 Well, 17N10E29BD__01 Well, 17N10E29CC__01 Well, 17N10E31DA__01 Well, 17N10E32BBAB01 Well, 17N10E32DD__01 Well, 17N10E33AA__01 Well, 17N10E33AA__02 Well, 17N10E33CABB01 Well, 17N10E34BBBB01 Well, 17N10E35AB__01 Well, 17N10E35BA__01 Well, 17N10E36CB__01 Well, 17N11E05BD__01 Well, 17N11E05DB__01 Well, 17N11E05DB__02 Well, 17N11E07DD__01 Well, 17N11E08DA__01 Well, 17N11E12DB__01 Well, 17N11E18AA__01 Well, 17N11E23BD__01 Well, 17N11E27BA__01 Well, 17N11E27CAAB01 Well, 17N11E33AC__01 Well, 17N11E33DB__01 Well, 17N11E33DD__01 Well, 17N12E01DC__01 Well, 17N12E01DC__02 Well, 17N12E01DC__03 Well, 17N12E03AA__01 Well, 17N12E03AB__01 Well, 17N12E06AD__01 Well, 17N12E06AD__02 Well, 17N12E06AD__03 Well, 17N12E06AD__04 Well, 17N12E06AD__05 Well, 17N12E06DC__01 Well, 17N12E10AD__01 Well, 17N12E10AD__02 Well, 17N12E10AD__03 Well, 17N12E10AD__04 Well, 17N12E11BC__01 Well, 17N12E11B___01 Well, 17N12E14CD__01 Well, 17N12E14CD__02 Well, 17N12E15BA__01 Well, 17N12E15BA__02 Well, 17N12E15BA__03 Well, 17N12E17BB__01 Well, 17N12E17DC__01 Well, 17N12E17DC__02 Well, 17N12E18AA__02 Well, 17N12E19CB__01 Well, 17N12E21AD__01 Well, 17N12E21CD__01 Well, 17N12E21DA__01 Well, 17N12E22BB__01 Well, 17N12E22B___01 Well, 17N12E23DC__01 Well, 17N12E24BB__01 Well, 17N12E24BB__02 Well, 17N12E24BB__03 Well, 17N12E27BC__01 Well, 17N12E27B___01 Well, 17N12E27____01 Well, 17N12E28BA__01 Well, 17N12E28DA__01 Well, 17N12E28DA__02 Well, 17N12E29CDDA01 Well, 17N12E30DD__01 Well, 17N12E31DC__01 Well, 17N12E32AB__01 Well, 17N12E32BB__01 Well, 17N12E32DB__01 Well, 17N12E32DD__01 Well, 17N12E32DD__02 Well, 17N12E33CB__01 Well, 17N13E06AA__01 Well, 17N13E14ABB_01 Well, 17N13E14ABB_02 Well, 17N13E25BAB_01 Well, 17N13E26ADAD01 Well, 17N13E26CDC_01 Well, 17N13E26DAA_01 Well, 17N13E30DBD_01 Well, 17N13E32ACD_01 Well, 17N13E32CBB_01 Well, 17N13E36ACB_01 Well, 17N14E20ADB_01 Well, 17N14E28DAAD01 Well, 17N14E32BC__01 Well, 17N14E33DBBC01 Well, 18N08E10C___01 Well, 18N08E12BBCC01 Well, 18N08E13A___01 Well, 18N08E20____01 Well, 18N08E24A___01 Well, 18N08E28____01 Well, 18N08E29____01 Well, 18N09E02C___01 Well, 18N09E08CD__01 Well, 18N09E09CD__01 Well, 18N09E12CC__01 Well, 18N09E13BB__01 Well, 18N09E14B___01 Well, 18N09E14DA__01 Well, 18N09E16BA__02 Well, 18N09E17ADBC01 Well, 18N09E17BB__01 Well, 18N09E20C___01 Well, 18N09E20DD__01 Well, 18N09E30DA__01 Well, 18N09E31AA__01 Well, 18N09E32ACAB01 Well, 18N09E35A___01 Well, 18N10E01BC__01 Well, 18N10E01BD__01 Well, 18N10E01DD__01 Well, 18N10E02BD__01 Well, 18N10E02BD__02 Well, 18N10E13CA__01 Well, 18N10E13CA__02 Well, 18N10E29CDDC01 Well, 18N10E32B___01 Well, 18N10E32B___02 Well, 18N10E32CCCA01 Well, 18N10E32CC__01 Well, 18N10E32D___01 Well, 18N10E35CDCD01 Well, 18N10E35CD__01 Well, 18N11E06CD__01 Well, 18N11E06CD__02 Well, 18N11E06CD__03 Well, 18N11E06CD__04 Well, 18N11E06CD__05 Well, 18N11E22AB__01 Well, 18N11E22AB__02 Well, 18N11E22CC__01 Well, 18N11E22DB__01 Well, 18N11E24DD__01 Well, 18N11E28DB__01 Well, 18N11E28DB__02 Well, 18N11E30CC__01 Well, 18N11E31CB__01 Well, 18N11E31CB__02 Well, 18N11E32BB__01 Well, 18N11E35AD__01 Well, 18N12E01CD__01 Well, 18N12E02CB__01 Well, 18N12E02CB__02 Well, 18N12E02CC__01 Well, 18N12E03DC__01 Well, 18N12E03DD__01 Well, 18N12E03DD__02 Well, 18N12E04AA__01 Well, 18N12E06AD__01 Well, 18N12E10AA__01 Well, 18N12E10AA__02 Well, 18N12E11BD__01 Well, 18N12E15CA__01 Well, 18N12E21AB__01 Well, 18N12E21CB__01 Well, 18N12E23CD__01 Well, 18N12E26BA__01 Well, 18N12E26BA__02 Well, 18N12E26BA__03 Well, 18N12E26BA__04 Well, 18N12E26BA__05 Well, 18N12E27CC__01 Well, 18N12E31DD__01 Well, 18N12E32DD__01 Well, 18N12E34BC__01 Well, 18N12E34BC__02 Well, 18N12E35AB__01 Well, 18N12E35AB__02 Well, 18N12E35AB__04 Well, 18N12E36AA__01 Well, 18N12E36BA__01 Well, 19N10E28CA__01 Well, 19N10E28CA__02 Well, 19N10E35AD__01 Well, 19N11E32DA__01 Well, 19N11E32DA__02 Well, 19N11E32DB__01 Well, 19N12E33CC__01 Well,

Judith Basin County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJudith Basin County White population 1,9881,988  
American IndianJudith Basin County American Indian population 1616
MixedJudith Basin County Mixed population 1414
AsianJudith Basin County Asian population 66
BlackJudith Basin County Black population 22
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJudith Basin County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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