Phillips County, Montana Basics:

Phillips County Montana - Government Site

Population: 4,130
Area: 5140 square miles
County seat: Malta
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 92.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.4%
Median household income: $41,214
Persons in poverty: 10.6%
Home ownership rate: 78.5%
Mean travel time to work: 15.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Blaine  Fergus  Garfield  Petroleum  Valley  

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Map of the Phillips County area

Our detail map of Phillips County shows the Phillips County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Phillips County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Malta Airport, Malta Airport, Morgan Airport, Zortman Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Buckhorn Pit, Lone Tree Sag, Rudolph Valley, The Big Sag, The Sag, Turkey Track Pit

  Bays     show all on map

Mickus Bottom, Skibby Bottom

  Benches     show all on map

Emerick Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Bell Bottoms, Big Bend, Dogtown Bend (historical), Gardipee Bottoms, Kendall Bottoms, Kepple Bottoms, Le Clair Bottoms, Manning Bottoms, Miller Bottoms, U L Bend, U L Bend, White Bottoms, Withro Bottoms

  Bridges     show all on map

Assiniboine Creek Bridge, Beaver Creek Bridge, Burlington Northern Overpass Bridge, Circle Diamond Coulee Bridge, Dodson South Canal Bridge, Milk River Bridge, Milk River Bridge, Milk River Ford Bridge, Missouri River Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Dodson Branch Library, Malta Ambulance, Phillips County Ambulance, Phillips County Courthouse, Phillips County Fire Company Zortman Station, Phillips County Museum, Phillips County Public Library, Phillips County Sheriff's Office, Phillips County Volunteer Fire Company Loring Station, Phillips County Volunteer Fire Company Malta Station, Phillips County Volunteer Fire Company Peoples Creek Dodson Station, Phillips County Volunteer Fire Company Saco Station, Phillips County Volunteer Fire Company Whitewater Station, Saco Branch Library, United States Border Patrol Malta Station, United States Customs and Border Protection Morgan Port of Entry

  Canals     show all on map

Bowdoin Canal, Coburn Ditch, Dodson North Canal, Dodson Pump Canal, Dodson South Canal, Dry Lake Canal, Frenchman Irrigation Company Canal, Nelson Canal, Nelson South Canal, Nelson South Canal, Nelson South Number 25 Canal, Nelson South Number 9 Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Grays Point, Herman Point, Rocky Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bowdoin Cemetery, Forks Cemetery, Grandview Cemetery, Graveyard Hill Cemetery, Hermanson Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Landusky Cemetery, Midale Cemetery, Phillips County Cemetery, Regina Cemetery, Reitan Cemetery, Scandia Lutheran Church Cemetery, Weise Cemetery, Zortman Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Whitewater Census Designated Place, Zortman Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Community Church, Congregational Church of Dodson, Dodson Community Church, Dodson Lutheran Church, Elim Lutheran Church, Grace Chapel, Little White Church, Loring Lutheran Church, Malta Lutheran Church, Olive Lutheran Church (historical), Saco Lutheran Church, Saco Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Francis Assisi Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Scandia Lutheran Church (historical), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Whitewater Lutheran Church

  Dams     show all on map

7-Up Dam, Alley Oop Dam, Austin Dam, Austin Dam, Austin Number 2 Dam, Bar Island Dam, Barnard Dam, Barney Dam, Beauchamp Number 3 Dam, Big Dam, Big Sage Reservoir Dam, Bison Bone Reservoir Dam, Blunt Ranch Number 3 Dam, Blunt RanchES Number 2 Dam, Blunt Ranches Number 4 Dam, Boothe Dam, Bozo Dam, Bruckner Number 2 Dam, Buckin' Horse Dam, Buddy Holly Dam, Burke Number 1 Dam, Carberry Dam, Carl Dam, Carters Reservoir Dam, CCC Indian Division Number 1 Dam, Chamberlain Dam, Chanlin Dam, Clausen Dam, Colen Dam, Compton Dam, Cotter Dam, Cottonwood Grazing Number 2 Dam, Cottonwood Grazing Number 4 Dam, Crow Creek Dam, Curly Q Dam, Current Dam, D Drum Dam, Dahl Dam, David DRUM Number 1 Dam, David Drum Number 2 Dam, David Drum Number 3 Dam, David Drum Number 4 Dam, De Puydt Dam, Demontigny Dam, Dione Reservoir Dam, Dodson Diversion Dam, Drabbels Dam, Drydahl Dam, E Wasson Number 1 Dam, E Wasson Number 2 Dam, Early Bird Dam, Ernest Dam, Ester Lake Dam, Fifty Dam, Fjldheim Dam, Fort Belknap Number 1 Dam, Fort Belknap Number 14 Dam, Fort Belknap Number 16 Dam, Fort Belknap Number 4 Dam, Fort Belknap Number 6 Dam, Fort Belknap Number 7 Dam, Fowler Reservoir Dam, French Fry Number 1 Dam, French Fry Number 2 Dam, Frenchman Dam, Frenchman Irrigation Company Number 1 Dam, Gertrude Dam, Gilda Radner Dam, Government Field Reservoir Dam, Gullwing Dam, Guttormson Number 1 Dam, Halfway Dam, Halvor Number 1 Dam, Halvor Number 2 Dam, Hand Number 2 Dam, Hand Number 3 Dam, Hanson Dam, Hanson Dam, Herman Number 1 Dam, Hewitt Dam, Hillbilly Dam, Holzhey Dam, Isaac Frye Number 1 Dam, Isaac Frye Number 3 Dam, Isaac Frye Number 4 Dam, J-5 Ranch Number 1 Dam, J-5 Ranch Number 2 Dam, J-5 Ranch Number 3 Dam, JFK Dam, Johnson Dam, Jumbo Number 1 Dam, Kelso Number 1 Dam, Kelso Number 3 Dam, Kelso Number 5 Dam, Khomeni Dam, King Reservoir Dam, Koss Number 2 Dam, Koss Number 3 Dam, Lake Reservoir Dam, Lang Corners Dam, Lark Dam, Lazy J D Number 3 Dam, Lazy J-D Number 1 Dam, Lazy J-D Number 2 Dam, Lazy J-D Number 4 Dam, Lazy JD Number 10 Dam, Lazy JD Number 12 Dam, Lefdehl Dam, Little Bunny Dam, Little Warm Spring Creek Dam, Lone Tree Dam, Lonesome Dam, M Newby Dam, Mable Number 1 Dam, Mable Number 2 Dam, Martin Number 1 Dam, Martown Veseth Number 3 Dam, Mary Dam, Matador Ranch Number 1 Dam, Matador Ranch Number 10 Dam, Matador Ranch Number 3 Dam, Matador Ranch Number 4 Dam, Matador Ranch Number 6 Dam, Matador Ranch Number 8 Dam, Matovich One Dam, Matulka Dam, McChesney Reservoir Dam, Meeting Place Dam, Mercury Dam, Mister Bill Dam, Mitchell One Dam, Morrison Dam, MRCLA Number 3 Dam, MRCLA Number 5 Dam, MRLCA Number 1 Dam, MRLCA Number 2 Dam, Nelson Dam, Nelson Dikes A,B,C, and D, Nicholson Dam, Noel Number 1 Dam, Noel Number 2 Dam, Noel Number 3 Dam, None Dam, Not Much Dam, Number Twenty Reservoir Dam, Ohs Dam, Olson Number 1 Dam, Olson Number 2 Dam, Onwatt Dam, Ork Dam, Oxarart Dam, Paleface Dam, Pea Ridge Number 1 Dam, Peck Cart Dam, Peigneux Dam, Pet Rock Dam, Philips Dam, Plethora Dam, PR-11 Dam, PR-110 Dam, PR-132 Dam, PR-139 Dam, PR-147 Dam, PR-156 Dam, PR-16 Dam, PR-161 Dam, PR-174 Dam, PR-19 Dam, PR-35 Dam, PR-36 Dam, PR-40 Dam, PR-54 Dam, PR-56 Dam, PR-83 Dam, PR-88 Dam, PR-95 Dam, PR-98 Dam, Private Reservoir Dam, R Ereaux Number 1 Dam, R Pankratz Number 1 Dam, Randi Dam, Raymond Dam, Resettlement FSA Number 2 Dam, Robinson Dam, Rocky Dam, Rocky Mountain Beaver Colony Dam, Rocky Number 1 Dam, Rocky Number 2 Dam, Roth Number 1 Dam, Roth Number 2 Dam, Row Dam, Sagebrush Number 2 Dam, Salsbery Dam, Sambo Number 1 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 2 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 3 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 4 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 5 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 6 Dam, Schoolhouse Number 7 Dam, Second Telegraph Dam, Sentinel Dam, Seymour Reservoir Dam, Simanton Dam, Simple Simon Dam, Sixty Dam, Slim Dam, Split Rock Dam, Square Butte Dam, Steak Dam, Stratton Reservoir Dam, Sunday Milk Dam, T-Bar Dam, T-Bird Dam, Taint Dam, Three Hundred Dam, Tillman Number 1 Dam, Tillman Number 2 Dam, Tree Bark Number 1 Dam, Tree Bark Number 2 Dam, Turkey Track Dam, Tuttle Dam, Veseth and Veseth Number 1 Dam, Veseth and Veseth Number 2 Dam, Veseth and Veseth Number 3 Dam, Veseth and Veseth Number 4 Dam, Veseth Reservoir Dam, Vesvick Dam, W B Black Dam, Watkins Number 2 Dam, West Alkali Reservoir Dam, Westward Winds Dam, White Dam, White Rock Dam, Whiteface Dam, Whitewater Dam, Wiederrick Dam, Wild Horse Reservoir Dam, William Knight Number 1 Dam, William Knight Number 2 Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Abbot Flat, Alkali Flat, Big Flat, Big Toe Flat, Cruikshank Flat, Hat Flat, Hawley Flat, Parrot Flat, Sun Prairie Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Shetland Divide, Shoemaker Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Phillips County Family Health Clinic, Phillips County Good Samaritan Retirement Center, Phillips County Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Grand Island, Jones Island, Long Island, Lower Two Calf Island, Pelican Islands, Upper Two Calf Island, Woody Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Austin Lake, Beam Lake, Bennett Lake, Buckley Lake, Carter Lake, Drumbo Unit, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake Unit, Erphit Lake, Ester Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Indian Lake, Lake Bowdoin, Lakeside Unit, Lone Tree Lake (historical), McNeil Slough, Mud Lake, Mud Lake (historical), Parrot Lake, Pea Lake, Shed Lake, Solberg Slough, Teal Pond Complex, The Plunge, Whitcomb Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abels Ranch, Ashfield (historical), Bakers Post (historical), Barnard Ranch, Bates Point (historical), Beaver Creek (historical), Bennett Lake, Birums Ranch, Bjornberg Bridge Fishing Access Site, Bowdoin (historical), Brady's Ranch, Broadwater Landing (historical), Camp Creek Campground, Chapman (historical), Cole (historical), Cole Ponds Fishing Access Site, Cotter Ranch, D K Ranch, Davis Ranch, Dodson, Edgewater Campground, Emond Ranch, Equity Co-operative Association Elevator, Ester Reservoir Fishing Access Site, Exeter (historical), First Creek Community Center, Forks, Fort Andrew (historical), Fort Browning (historical), Fort Fourchette (historical), Fourchette Creek Campground, Galiger's Ranch, Gar Ranch, Half-Way House (historical), Harb, Haro (historical), Hedger's Ranch, Hunter's Ranch, Janeauxs Post (historical), Joseph (historical), Kendall Cow Camp, KRM Ranch, Little Rockies Camp, Locke Ranch, Long X Ranch, Loring (historical), Lovejoy, Malta, Malta City Park Rest Area, Malta Stock Yards (historical), Marion Hills Country Club, Martin's Ranch, Matador Ranch, Matovich Ranch, Mills' Ranch, Mills' Ranch, Mitchell Corner, Montana Gulch Campground, Nelson Reservoir Campground, Nelson's Ranch, Nichols (historical), Nichols Coulee Camp, Ordean (historical), Peigneux Ranch, Phillips County Fairground, Pinks, Point au Pauchet (historical), Powell's Ranch, Prices Post (historical), R and G Quality Feeds Incorporated Elevator, Ragtown (historical), Randall's Ranch, Rivets Post (historical), Robinson Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Robinson's Ranch, Rock Dam, Roma White Ranch, Saco, Saco Dehy Incorporated Elevator, Saco Junction (historical), Shaver Ranch, Sleeping Buffalo Resort Campground, Sleeping Buffalo Resort Golf Course, Smith Ranch, Spencer Ranch, Strater, Strater Hall, Taylor's Ranch, Trafton Park Campground, Veseth Ranch, Wagner, Whitewater (historical), Whitford's Ranch, Wiederrick Ranch, Wooldridge

  Mines     show all on map

Alder Gulch Mine, Alder Gulch Number 4 Mine, Alder Gulch Number 5 Mine, Antoine Butte Mine, Antoine Butte Number 2 Mine, Apex Number 2 Mine, August Mine, Beaver Mine, Beaver Mine, Damon Hill Mine, Dry Gulch Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Hawkeye Millsite, Hawkeye Mine, Hawkeye Mine, King Creek Tailings, Linda K Mine, Little Ben Mine, Lodge Pole Limestone Mine, Lower Hawkeye Mine, Lucky Maud Mine, Lucky Maud Number 2 Mine, Pony Gulch Mine, Ruby Gulch Tailings, Ruby Mine, Upper Alder Gulch Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Cattle Brands Historical Marker, Cree Crossing Historical Marker, Early Day Outlaws Historical Marker, Fourchette Creek Recreation Area, Hewitt Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Hillcrest Park, Legg Addition Park, Little Rocky Mountains Historical Marker, Little Rocky Mountains Historical Marker, Manning Corral Prairie Dog Town, Milk River - Dodson Dam Unit Wildlife Management Area, Nelson State Recreation Area, Riverview Park, Sleeping Buffalo Rock Historical Marker, Trafton Park, UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rocks, Square Butte, The Chimneys

  Populated Places     show all on map

Ashfield, Bone Crossing, Bowdoin, Box Elder (historical), Brookside (historical), Caldwell, Chapman, Cole, Content, Cree Crossing, Dodson, Dryer Place, DY Junction, East Malta Colony, First Creek (historical), Fourchette (historical), Greve (historical), Hiline Trailer Park, Jordan Crossing, Landusky, Leedy (historical), Legg (historical), Loring, Loring Colony, Lost Lake (historical), Lowrane (historical), Malta, Midale, Morgan, Murray Trailer Park, Old Whitcomb Place, Phillips, Regina (historical), Riverside Trailer Court, Saco, Sleeping Buffalo, Sumner, Sun Prairie, Tattnall, Trine (historical), Valleytown, Wagner, Whitcomb (historical), Whitewater, X Crossing, Ynot (historical), Zortman

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alkali Post Office (historical), Ashfield Post Office (historical), Bellealta Post Office (historical), Belmont Post Office (historical), Bowdoin Post Office (historical), Brookside Post Office (historical), Caldwell Post Office (historical), Ceekay Post Office (historical), Chapman Post Office (historical), Cole Post Office (historical), Content Post Office (historical), Corwine Center Post Office (historical), Cowan Post Office (historical), Dodson Post Office, First Creek Post Office (historical), Forks Post Office (historical), Fourchette Post Office (historical), Freewater Post Office (historical), Greve Post Office (historical), Harb Post Office (historical), Landusky Post Office (historical), Leedy Post Office (historical), Legg Post Office (historical), Linair Post Office (historical), Lonesome Post Office (historical), Loring Post Office, Lost Lake Post Office (historical), Lovejoy Post Office (historical), Lowrane Post Office (historical), Malta Post Office, Midale Post Office (historical), Nantelle Post Office (historical), Newberg Post Office (historical), Nichol Post Office (historical), Pauchet Post Office (historical), Phillips Post Office (historical), Regina Post Office (historical), Reina Post Office (historical), Rolefield Post Office (historical), Saco Post Office, Strater Post Office (historical), Sun Prairie Post Office (historical), Telegraph Creek Post Office (historical), Trine Post Office (historical), Valleytown Post Office (historical), Wagner Post Office (historical), Waleston Post Office (historical), Walsh Post Office (historical), Whitcomb Post Office (historical), Whitewater Post Office, Ynot Post Office (historical), Zenon Post Office (historical), Zortman Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Larb Hills, Thoeny Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

UL Bend Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

3 Way Number 2 Reservoir, Ada Reservoir, Adair Reservoir, Archie Reservoir, Artie Reservoir, Ashfield Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Bass Reservoir, Bauer Reservoir, Bell Reservoir, Big McNeil Slough, Big Reservoir, Big Rock Reservoir, Big Sage Reservoir, Big Snowy Reservoir, Bison Bone Reservoir, Black Coulee Pond, Black Cow Reservoir, Blizzard Reservoir, Blue Stem Reservoir, Bog Reservoir, Buckskin Reservoir, Carberry Reservoir, Carter Reservoir, Charley Reservoir, Cole Ponds, Converse Reservoir, Dan Reservoir, Dead Cedar Reservoir, Deep Reservoir, Detail Reservoir, Dione Reservoir, Drabbels Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Dusky Reservoir, Ethel Reservoir, Eva May Reservoir, Express Reservoir, Farm Pond, First Creek Reservoir, First Creek Reservoir, Fish Fossil Reservoir, Fjeldheim Reservoir, Fowler Reservoir, Frenchman Reservoir, Goose Island Pond, Government Field Reservoir, Grag Reservoir, Gullwing Reservoir, Halfway Retaining Pit, Happy Gang Reservoir, Hewitt Lake, Hilo Reservoir, Holzhey Reservoir, Hoverson Reservoir, J D Reservoir, Jones Reservoir, King Reservoir, Kohola Reservoir, Lake PR-19, Lake Reservoir, LeNoir Reservoir, Lester Reservoir, Little Warm Reservoir, Louie Reservoir, Manning Corral Reservoir, Martin Lake, Martin Retaining Pit, Mary Reservoir, McChesney Reservoir, McChesney Reservoir, McNeil Reservoir, Monster Reservoir, Morgan Reservoir, Nelson Reservoir, Nelson Reservoir, Nerve Reservoir, Number Twenty Reservoir, Palea Reservoir, Paleface Reservoir, Partnership Reservoir, Patrol Road Pond, Pearl Reservoir, Pep Reservoir, Phillips Reservoir, Plum Reservoir, Point of Rocks Reservoir, PR 40 Reservoir, Private Reservoir, Puckett Reservoir, Reservoir Number One Hundred Sixty-one, Rock Creek Reservoir, Sagebrush Reservoir, Salene Reservoir, Salsbery Reservoir, Sarm Reservoir, Schmittou Reservoir, Seven-Up Reservoir, Seymour Reservoir, Shale Reservoir, Siwash Reservoir, Skull Reservoir, Sorrell Reservoir, Starter Pond, Stratton Reservoir, Taint Reservoir, Timber Pit Reservoir, Titan Reservoir, Tondra Reservoir, Twin Snag Reservoir, Veseth Flat, Veseth Reservoir, Waterfowl Reservoir, Waydown Reservoir, Weigand Reservoir, West Alkali Reservoir, Whiteface Reservoir, Wild Horse Reservoir, Wildlife Reservoir, Williams Coulee Reservoir, Wilson Reservoir, Wrangler Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bell Ridge, Blue Ridge, C K Ridge, Dry Fork Ridge, Gannon Ridge, Iron Stake Ridge, Lost Ridge, Pea Ridge, Sand Hills, Siparyann Ridge, Swede Ridge, Wilder Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Abel School (historical), Akins School (historical), Alkali School (historical), Anderson School (historical), Assiniboine School (historical), Austin School (historical), Avy L Short School (historical), Bache School (historical), Baker Creek School (historical), Barton School (historical), Beaver Creek School (historical), Bellman School (historical), Bench School (historical), Berg School (historical), Big Bend School (historical), Bish School (historical), Black Coulee School (historical), Bowdoin School (historical), Box Elder School (historical), Brezina School (historical), Broderson School (historical), Brookside School (historical), Browns School (historical), Busy Bee School (historical), Caldwell School (historical), Callahan School (historical), CeeKay School (historical), Central School (historical), Circle Diamond School (historical), Cole School (historical), Colmen School (historical), Community School (historical), Corral Coulee School (historical), Cottonwood School (historical), Cree Crossing School (historical), De Flyer School (historical), Denoma School (historical), Dodson Public Schools, Dunbar School (historical), Dunnivan School (historical), East Strater School (historical), Edgren School (historical), Emond School (historical), Ereaux School (historical), Ester Lake School (historical), Flat Rock School (historical), Fourchette School (historical), Freewater School (historical), Frenchman Creek School (historical), Garrison School (historical), Geder School (historical), Grandview School (historical), Grass Lake School (historical), Greve School (historical), Grouse Gulch School (historical), Grove Coulee School (historical), Grytdahl School (historical), Gunhus School (historical), Hanson School (historical), Haukos School (historical), Hermanson School (historical), Higdem School (historical), Hill Top School (historical), Holman School (historical), Horsecamp Coulee School (historical), Horseshoe Lake School (historical), Hould School (historical), Hubert School (historical), Hunter School (historical), Huntley School (historical), Hutton School (historical), Jefferson School (historical), Joenni Ohson School (historical), Kirkaldie School (historical), Knuth School (historical), Kropp School (historical), Lafond School (historical), Landusky School, Larb Hill School (historical), Latham School (historical), Leedy School (historical), Linair School (historical), Little Ben School (historical), Long View School (historical), Long X School (historical), Loring Colony School, Loring School (historical), Lost Lake School (historical), Lovejoy School (historical), Lussier School (historical), Malta Elementary School, Malta High School, Malta Junior High School, Mauch School (historical), McIntire School (historical), Midale School (historical), Milk River School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), Murray School (historical), Nelson School (historical), New Deal School (historical), New Minot School (historical), Nordberg School (historical), North First Creek School (historical), North Fork School (historical), North Harb School (historical), North Strater School (historical), O K School (historical), Obach School (historical), Old Whitewater School (historical), Omundson School (historical), Pearson School (historical), Phillips School (historical), Piedmont School (historical), Pioneer School (historical), Plainsview School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Poe School (historical), Prairie Center School (historical), Prairie Union School (historical), Prost School (historical), Randall School (historical), River School (historical), Robinson School (historical), Rock Creek School (historical), Rock Hill School (historical), Rock Spring School (historical), Rolling Prairie School (historical), Ruby Gulch School (historical), Rudolf Valley School (historical), Rustle School (historical), Saco Public Schools, Saint Mary School, Sanders School (historical), Schandeimeir School (historical), Schempp School (historical), Schmoeckel School (historical), Second Creek School, Sheumaker School (historical), Soennickson School (historical), South Bench School (historical), South First Creek School (historical), South Harb School (historical), South School (historical), South Wagner School (historical), Southwick School (historical), Spencer School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Strater School (historical), Stratton School (historical), Sun Prairie School (historical), Sunny Hillside School (historical), Sunny Slope School (historical), Tallow Creek School, Tieden School (historical), Tollofson School (historical), Trine School (historical), Tucker School (historical), Tuttle School (historical), Twin Buttes School (historical), U L School (historical), Ugland School (historical), Upper Cottonwood School (historical), Valley View School (historical), Vesta School (historical), Victory School (historical), Wagner School (historical), Washington School (historical), West Harb School (historical), White Rock School (historical), Whitewater Public Schools, Williamson School (historical), Woody Island School (historical), Wooldridge School (historical), Wright School (historical), Young School (historical), Zortman School

  Springs     show all on map

24N24E12CDDA01 Spring, 25N24E32DABC01 Spring, 26N25E24BCDB01 Spring, 26N26E32ACAA01 Spring, 32N34E15ACD_01 Spring, Austin Spring, Bebee Spring, Busche Spring, Chandler Spring, Dibble Spring, Erphit Spring, Erphit Spring, Franks Spring, Glascock Spring, Lakeside Spring, Lakeside_Spring, Lone Tree Spring, Luvel Spring, Mud Spring, Nantelle Spring, Negro Jakes Spring, Regal Springs, School Section Spring, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Spiller Spring, Split Shack Spring, Strouble Spring, Taylor Spring, Townsend Spring, Walchuk Spring, Wrights Spring, Zenor Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alder Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Assiniboine Creek, Bad Land Creek, Baker Creek, Beauchamp Creek, Big Warm Creek, Box Elder Creek, C K Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Chippy Creek, Cline Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, D H S Creek, Deer Creek, Dibble Creek, Dodson Creek, Dog Creek, Dry Fork, Dry Fork Creek, Dry Stinky Creek, Duval Creek, East Fork Stinky Creek, East Fork Whitewater Creek, Emerson Creek, Exeter Creek, First Creek, Flat Creek, Fourchette Creek, Fourth Creek, Frenchman Creek, Garland Creek, Hawley Creek, Jim Wells Creek, Johnny Creek, Kill Woman Creek, Larb Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Sevenmile Creek, Little Warm Creek, Middle Fork Little Peoples Creek, Milk Creek, Miller Coulee, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, North Fork Dodson Creek, North Fork First Creek, North Fork Fourchette Creek, North Fork Mud Creek, Peoples Creek, Rock Creek, Ruby Creek, Sage Creek, Sand Creek, Second Creek, Second Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Shotgun Creek, Siparyann Creek, Smith Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Stinky Creek, Swanson Coulee, Tallow Creek, Tallow Creek, Telegraph Creek, Third Creek, Third Creek, Trine Creek, Valentine Creek, Warm Springs Creek, West Alkali Creek, West Fork Dry Fork Creek, Whitewater Creek, Whitmore Spring Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Winter Creek, Woody Island Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antoine Butte, Barnard Buttes, Bear Mountain, Beaver Mountain, Brandon Butte, Button Butte, Coal Mine Hill, Coburn Butte, Collins Hill, Damon Hill, Double S Hill, Fanny Hill, Fortress Butte, Gold Bug Butte, Green Mountain, Haystack Butte, Hubert Hill, Indian Peak, Larb Hills, Mickey Butte, Mission Peak, Old Scraggy Peak, Reynolds Hill, Ricker Butte, Saddle Butte, Saskatchewan Butte, Schuyler Butte, Sharette Butte, Shell Butte, Silver Peak, Spring Park Butte, Square Butte, Sugar Loaf Butte, Tea Kettle Butte, Thornhill Butte, Travois Butte, Turkey Track Hill, Whitcomb Butte

  Towers     show all on map

KMMR-FM (Malta)

  Valleys     show all on map

Abrahamson Coulee, Albert Coulee, Alder Gulch, Alfalfa Coulee, Alkali Coulee, Alkali Coulee, Alkali Coulee, Alkali Coulee, Allen Coulee, Anderson Coulee, Armstrong Coulee, Ash Coulee, Ashford Coulee, Austin Coulee, Badland Coulee, Barber Coulee, Barton Coulee, Bear Gulch, Best Coulee, Best Coulee, Big Coulee, Black Coulee, Black Coulee, Black Coulee, Black Coulee, Black Coulee, Bogg Gulch, Bohner Coulee, Box Elder Coulee, Box Elder Coulee, Brandon Coulee, Brown Coulee, Brush Coulee, Bur Coulee, Burnt Shed Coulee, Burnt Sheep Shed Coulee, Butte Coulee, Button Butte Coulee, Camp Coulee, Canty Coulee, Cart Coulee, Cart Trail Coulee, Chicken Coulee, Chimney Gulch, Clanton Coulee, Clark Coulee, Clayton Coulee, Coal Mine Coulee, Coburg Coulee, Coburn Coulee, Cook Coulee, Coop Coulee, Corral Coulee, Cottonwood Coulee, Cottonwood Coulee, Cowie Coulee, Coyote Coulee, Crooks Coulee, Cut Coulee, Dam Coulee, Davis Coulee, Davison Coulee, Dead Horse Coulee, Dead Horse Coulee, Delaney Coulee, Dry Coulee, Dry Gulch, Dry Sag Coulee, Dunbar Coulee, Dunham Coulee, Duval Gulch, Fourmile Coulee, Garden Coulee, Garey Coulee, Garrit Schoolhouse Coulee, Gilbertson Coulee, Gloyn Coulee, Gonzales Coulee, Goslin Gulch, Gregory Coulee, Grouse Gulch, Grove Coulee, Gustin Coulee, Guston Coulee, Halfway Coulee, Hardpan Coulee, Haukos Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Haynes Coulee, Hemming Coulee, Hideaway Coulee, Horse Camp Coulee, Horse Pasture Coulee, Horse Pasture Coulee, Horseshoe Coulee, Hymer Coulee, Joe Bell Coulee, Johnston Coulee, Joiner Coulee, Jones Coulee, Karsten Coulee, Kennedy Coulee, Kieth Coulee, Kuhr Coulee, La Plaz Coulee, Lake Coulee, Lambing Coulee, Langton Coulee, Lemere Coulee, LeNoir Coulee, Little Coulee, Lone Tree Coulee, Lone Tree Coulee, Lone Tree Coulee, Lonesome Coulee, Lucy Coulee, Lush Coulee, Martin Lake Coulee, Martins Coulee, Mc Kay Coulee, McCarty Coulee, McNab Coulee, Mickey Coulee, Mickus Coulee, Mill Gulch, Montana Gulch, Moore Coulee, Morton Coulee, Moss Coulee, Nelson Coulee, Nichols Coulee, No Name Coulee, North Coulee, North Fork Halfway Coulee, North Fork Sheep Coulee, North Fork White Rock Coulee, North Shotgun Coulee, Ole Olson Coulee, Olson Coulee, Panhandle Coulee, Parrott Coulee, Peck Coulee, Pennington Coulee, Pickhandle Coulee, Plummer Coulee, Pony Gulch, Poplar Coulee, Porcupine Coulee, Porphyry Gulch, Prestige Coulee, Provost Coulee, Pugh Coulee, Rattlesnake Coulee, Red Mud Coulee, Regal Coulee, Reservoir Coulee, Rocky Coulee, Ruby Gulch, Rudolph Coulee, Sage Hen Coulee, School Section Coulee, Schoolhouse Coulee, Scott Coulee, Seven Mile Coulee, Sevenmile Coulee, Shearing Plant Coulee, Shed Coulee, Shed Coulee, Sheep Coulee, Sheep Coulee, Short Coulee, Smith Coulee, Snowbank Coulee, South Fork Halfway Coulee, South Fork Sheep Coulee, South Shotgun Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Steelman Coulee, Swenson Coulee, Tank Coulee, Taylor Coulee, Terrells Coulee, Thomas Coulee, Threemile Coulee, Tin Roof Coulee, Tressler Coulee, Trueblood Coulee, Turkey Track Coulee, Twin Lake Coulee, Voje Coulee, Wagner Coulee, Water Coulee, Whiskey Coulee, White Rock Coulee, Wilder Coulee, Williams Coulee, Wilson Coulee, Wilson Coulee, Wilson Coulee, Wilson Coulee, Windmill Coulee, Wolf Coulee, Woody Coulee, Woody Island Coulee

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20N30E04CCB_01 Well, 21N26E01DD__01 Well, 21N26E14ACDD01 Well, 21N27E01ACCB01 Well, 21N27E04AD__01 Well, 21N29E02DABB01 Well, 21N30E08CB__01 Well, 22N26E15CC__01 Well, 22N26E35AA__01 Well, 22N27E08CB__01 Well, 22N27E23DBCB01 Well, 22N27E23____01 Well, 22N28E12BDC_01 Well, 22N28E26ACBC01 Well, 22N29E01BB__01 Well, 22N29E01DBCC01 Well, 22N29E02ADD_01 Well, 22N29E02AD__01 Well, 22N30E07DA__01 Well, 22N30E09AC__01 Well, 22N30E23BB__01 Well, 22N30E28AD__01 Well, 22N31E07BC__01 Well, 22N32E03DA__01 Well, 23N23E15ABDD01 Well, 23N24E09CBA_01 Well, 23N25E31DD__01 Well, 23N28E06CCAD01 Well, 23N29E15AD__01 Well, 23N29E23ABC_01 Well, 23N29E33AC__01 Well, 23N29E35DC__01 Well, 23N31E05AA__01 Well, 23N31E05CA__01 Well, 23N31E11CA__01 Well, 24N24E25CBC_01 Well, 24N24E25CB__01 Well, 24N24E34AC__01 Well, 24N25E13CBAA01 Well, 24N26E10BACC01 Well, 24N28E12AA__01 Well, 24N28E12DAB_01 Well, 24N28E27AA__01 Well, 24N29E07BD__01 Well, 24N29E14CBD_01 Well, 24N29E14DA__01 Well, 24N29E16BC__01 Well, 24N29E24BA__01 Well, 24N29E30BD__01 Well, 24N30E21BAC_01 Well, 24N30E32DADA01 Well, 24N30E32D___01 Well, 24N31E11AA__01 Well, 24N31E15ACC_01 Well, 24N31E29DAC_01 Well, 24N31E30AB__01 Well, 24N31E30AD__01 Well, 24N31E31AC__01 Well, 24N31E32____01 Well, 24N31E34CC__01 Well, 24N32E34DB__01 Well, 25N22E13DDB_01 Well, 25N23E21CAAC01 Well, 25N25E23ABC_01 Well, 25N25E24DCBA01 Well, 25N26E05BAC_01 Well, 25N26E05BADB01 Well, 25N26E05DDBA01 Well, 25N26E08ADAA01 Well, 25N26E08ADDA01 Well, 25N26E08ADD_02 Well, 25N26E09BCC_01 Well, 25N26E09CDB_01 Well, 25N26E15CCCA01 Well, 25N26E15CDC_01 Well, 25N26E15CDC_02 Well, 25N26E16BDA_01 Well, 25N26E22BBBB01 Well, 25N27E11BBD_01 Well, 25N28E20BC__01 Well, 25N28E29BA__01 Well, 25N28E29BBB_01 Well, 25N28E32ADDD01 Well, 25N29E04CA__01 Well, 25N29E06BC__01 Well, 25N29E06BD__01 Well, 25N29E14CD__01 Well, 25N29E33DDAD01 Well, 25N30E26CD__01 Well, 25N30E27BB__01 Well, 25N30E32AB__01 Well, 25N31E25DB__01 Well, 25N31E36BA__01 Well, 25N32E04AA__01 Well, 26N26E02DC__01 Well, 26N26E27DDBC01 Well, 26N26E33AAA_01 Well, 26N26E33AAA_02 Well, 26N27E01C___01 Well, 26N28E32ACCC01 Well, 26N28E32CD__01 Well, 26N29E28B___01 Well, 26N29E28DD__01 Well, 26N29E31D___01 Well, 26N29E33ABCD01 Well, 26N29E33BC__01 Well, 26N29E33BD__01 Well, 26N32E03ABDD01 Well, 26N32E08AA__01 Well, 26N32E15AA__01 Well, 26N32E16B___01 Well, 26N32E26ACB_01 Well, 26N32E30CA__01 Well, 26N33E08DABB01 Well, 27N26E17CBCB01 Well, 27N26E17CBCD01 Well, 27N26E18CBAB01 Well, 27N26E21ACB_01 Well, 27N26E22BCA_01 Well, 27N26E29BCAC01 Well, 27N26E29BCBB01 Well, 27N27E07CDAB01 Well, 27N27E08CAAC01 Well, 27N28E05CDD_01 Well, 27N28E05DC__01 Well, 27N29E19ACC_01 Well, 27N29E28AC__01 Well, 27N30E34CA__01 Well, 27N32E22CA__01 Well, 27N32E36DC__01 Well, 27N33E14ADD_01 Well, 28N27E18AB__01 Well, 28N30E03CBAA01 Well, 28N33E05AA__01 Well, 29N27E11CCC_01 Well, 29N27E31DCC_01 Well, 29N29E14ADBB01 Well, 29N30E18BBDC01 Well, 29N30E27DCD_01 Well, 29N31E24DC__01 Well, 29N33E26CC__01 Well, 30N26E03CCBC01 Well, 30N26E03DBA_01 Well, 30N26E09DCA_01 Well, 30N26E16AAA_01 Well, 30N26E16AAB_01 Well, 30N26E16ADBA01 Well, 30N26E17AAB_01 Well, 30N26E17ADBD01 Well, 30N26E17ADDD01 Well, 30N28E10CCAB01 Well, 30N28E10CDBB01 Well, 30N29E06DBBD01 Well, 30N30E08ABCC01 Well, 30N31E12D__BOWDO Well, 30N31E15CAA__BOW Well, 31N26E19DCCD01 Well, 31N26E32ADD_01 Well, 31N26E32BAD_01 Well, 31N26E32BAD_02 Well, 31N26E33CCB_01 Well, 31N26E33DBCA01 Well, 31N27E09BABC01 Well, 31N28E15BDBD01 Well, 31N29E19AD__01 Well, 31N30E34BACA01 Well, 31N32E21CCCC01 Well, 31N34E08CA__01 Well, 32N27E08BAD_01 Well, 32N27E25BB__01 Well, 32N28E16CC__01 Well, 32N28E20AAA_01 Well, 32N28E34BA__01 Well, 32N28E34CBD_01 Well, 32N28E34CCAB01 Well, 32N29E10ADD_01 Well, 32N32E35CDBD01 Well, 32N32E35CDB_01 Well, 32N32E35DB__01 Well, 32N32E35DCCA01 Well, 32N33E16BA__01 Well, 32N33E17DAD_01 Well, 32N33E25BCB_01 Well, 32N34E07DCC_01 Well, 32N34E29CCCD01 Well, 32N34E29CCC_01 Well, 32N34E33BAA_01 Well, 33N26E01AA__01 Well, 33N28E31CD__01 Well, 33N28E35CAC_01 Well, 33N29E24AAAC01 Well, 34N29E31ADD_01 Well, 34N31E09DAAA01 Well, 35N28E13AABD01 Well, 35N30E19CD__01 Well, 35N30E31____01 Well, 35N31E26D___01 Well, 35N33E19DBA_01 Well, 36N28E05ABA_01 Well, 36N28E31ABC_01 Well, 36N29E05DAAC01 Well, 36N30E32CDAB01 Well, 36N32E26CDDB01 Well, 37N28E20AD__01 Well, 37N30E24CC__01 Well, 37N32E19AAA_01 Well,

Phillips County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePhillips County White population 3,6223,622  
American IndianPhillips County American Indian population 330330
MixedPhillips County Mixed population 165165
AsianPhillips County Asian population 1212
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPhillips County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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