Prairie County, Montana Basics:

Prairie County Montana - Government Site

Population: 1,157
Area: 1737 square miles
County seat: Terry
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 83.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.6%
Median household income: $34,875
Persons in poverty: 19.3%
Home ownership rate: 85.5%
Mean travel time to work: 14.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Custer  Dawson  Fallon  Garfield  McCone  Rosebud  Wibaux  

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Map of the Prairie County area

Our detail map of Prairie County shows the Prairie County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Prairie County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Terry Airport

  Benches     show all on map

Broadview Bench

  Bridges     show all on map

Calipso Bridge (historical), O'Fallon Creek Bridge, Powder River Bridge, Yellowstone River Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Cabin Creek Rural Fire District, Fallon Rural Fire District, Prairie County Ambulance, Prairie County Courthouse, Prairie County Fire Department, Prairie County Library, Prairie County Museum, Prairie County Sheriff's Office, Terry Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Terry Main Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Fallon Cemetery, Prairie County Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Fallon Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Evangelical Church of North America, Grace Lutheran Parish, Hope American Lutheran Church, Mildred Community Church, Postal Congregational Church (historical), Presbyterian Community Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint John the Baptist Church (historical), Trinity Lutheran Church, Wesleyan Methodist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Barrs Bluffs, Devils Backbone, Sheepshead Bluffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 169, Interchange 176, Interchange 185

  Dams     show all on map

Agate Flat Dam, Ash Creek Dam, Ban Dam, Becker Dam, Bn Number 100 Dam, Buckley Dam, Cabin Dam, Clark Dam, Coal Creek Dam, Coal Creek Drop Dam, Custer Creek Dam, Dan Number 2 Dam, Dinosaur Dam, Dondarlee Number 1 Dam, Duck Dam, Grant Reservoir Dam, Harmes Reservoir Dam, Hawk Dam, Hines Number 1 Dam, Hines Number 2 Dam, Homestead Dam, Hunter Creek Dam, Hyde Number 2 Dam, Innes Reservoir Dam, Janitell Number 1 Dam, Keltner Number 1 Dam, Little Gertison Dam, Lorin Dam, Lorin Dam, Lower Dam, Marshall Dam, Marshall Dam, McDevlin Number 1 Dam, McDevlin Number 2 Dam, McMullin Brothers Cooperative Dam, McMullin Brothers Detention Dam, McMullin Brothers Upper Dam, McMullin Dam, Nefsy Number 2 Dam, Nefsy Number 3 Dam, Nefsy Number 4 Dam, Olson Dam, Papps Reservoir Dam, Payton Number 1 Dam, Payton Number 2 Dam, Pfaff Irrigation Dam, Pfaft Number 1 Dam, Rattlesnake Dam, Resettlement FSA Number 4 Dam, Saucer Number 1 Dam, Saucer Number 2 Dam, Saucer Number 3 Dam, Saucer Number 4 Dam, Saucer Number 5 Dam, Saucer Number 6 Dam, Schlenker Dam, Schwartz Dam, Sheep Mountain Dam, Sheep Mountain Drop Dam, Shumaker Number 1 Dam, Shumaker Number 2 Dam, Silvertip Dam, South Fork Cherry Creek Dam, Spider Dam, Swift Dam, Terry Sewage Ponds Dam, Wesley Number 1 Dam, Wesley Number 2 Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Fallon Flat

  Hospitals     show all on map

Prairie Community Hospital, Prairie Community Nursing Home, Prairie County Clinic

  Locales     show all on map

Bagley Elevator (historical), Blatchford, Cato (historical), Columbia Elevator (historical), Combs Ranch, Danton (historical), Devlin Ranch, Diamond Campground, Evertz Ranch, Fallon, Fallon Bridge Fishing Access Site, Fallon Hall, Foley (historical), Fort Whitney (historical), Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Kamm (historical), Lacomb Siding, Mildred, Piche (historical), Powder River Depot Fishing Access Site, Powder River Station (historical), Prairie County Fairgrounds, Prairie Drive-In Theater, Prairie Grain and Seed Incorporated Elevator (historical), Susan (historical), Terry, Terry RV Oasis, Terry Scenic View, Townsend Stage Station (historical), Whitney (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Terrys Supply Camp (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Murn Park, Powder River Historical Marker, Walther Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Benz, Blatchford, Bluffport, Calypso, Crow Rock, Fallon, McCloud, Mildred, Olanda (historical), Saugus, Sutherland (historical), Terry, Zero

  Post Offices     show all on map

Barrial Post Office (historical), Crow Rock Post Office (historical), Crowley Post Office (historical), Danton Post Office (historical), De Grand Post Office (historical), Edna Post Office (historical), Fallon Post Office, Foley Post Office (historical), Garfield Post Office (historical), Graber Post Office (historical), Hazel Post Office (historical), McKay Post Office (historical), McMillan Post Office (historical), Mildred Post Office (historical), Olanda Post Office (historical), Powder Post Office (historical), Saugus Post Office (historical), Sutherland Post Office (historical), Terry Post Office, Whitney Post Office (historical), Zero Post Office (historical)

  Rapidss     show all on map

Baker Rapids, De Russys Rapids, McKeons Rapids, White Island Rapids, Wolf Rapids

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Airport Reservoir, Archdale Reservoir, Ban Reservoir Number 1, Clark Reservoir, Coal Creek Reservoir, Grant Reservoir, Homestead Reservoir, Horse Reservoir, Hunter Creek Reservoir, Innes Reservoir, Little Garrison Reservoir, McClure Reservoir, Papps Reservoir, Silvertip Reservoir, South Fork Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Ash Creek School (historical), Bacon School (historical), Bar-G School (historical), Becker School (historical), Big Sheep Mountain School (historical), Bolin Elementary School, Bossert School (historical), Broadview School (historical), Brost School (historical), Buckley School (historical), Buechler School (historical), Calypso School (historical), Clear View School (historical), Columbia School (historical), Cottonwood School (historical), Dersham School (historical), Dever School (historical), DeWald School (historical), Dinwoodie School (historical), Dockstader School (historical), Elhard School (historical), Enebak School (historical), Fairville School (historical), Fallon School (historical), Fraser School (historical), Frieda Jones School (historical), G G Strobel School (historical), Garvin School (historical), Goodview School (historical), Graeber School (historical), Grandey Elementary School, Haley School (historical), Hatchet Creek School (historical), Haughian School (historical), Hay Creek School (historical), Hazel School (historical), Hedstrom School (historical), Heitz School (historical), Highland School (historical), Hillside School (historical), Holman School (historical), Irion School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Jones School (historical), Lincoln School (historical), Little Flat School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), Meyers School (historical), Mildred School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), Naasz School (historical), Olanda School (historical), Pershing School (historical), Pleasant Ridge School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Powers-Wade School (historical), Rapos School (historical), Red Hill School (historical), Richmond School (historical), Roosevelt School (historical), Ruff School (historical), Rundel School (historical), Sackman School (historical), Saugus School (historical), Schlinker School (historical), Schrock School (historical), Souhrada School (historical), South Fork School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Strand School (historical), Strobel School (historical), Sunshine School (historical), Ten Mile School (historical), Terry High School, Thirteen Flat School (historical), Thorson School (historical), Three Buttes School (historical), Trabert School (historical), Tularski School (historical), Undem School (historical), Valley School (historical), Valley View School (historical), Wade School (historical), Washington School (historical), Wheatland School (historical), Whites Creek School (historical), Whitney School (historical), Young School (historical), Zero School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Bootlegger Spring, Calypso Spring, Johnson Spring, Morton Spring, Mud Spring, Shad Spring, Sig Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Arndt Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Barney Creek, Batchelor Creek, Brackett Creek, Brights Valley Creek, Cameron Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cedar Creek, Chalk Butte Creek, Cherry Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Mine Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crooked Creek, Custer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Diamond G Creek, Dickoff Creek, Dry Creek, Dunwoodie Creek, East Branch Timber Creek, East Fork Cedar Creek, Flat Creek, Fox Creek, Gaub Creek, Hatchet Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hunter Creek, Johnson Creek, Judith Branch Ash Creek, Little Fork Ash Creek, Little Whitney Creek, Lost Boy Creek, McNaney Creek, McQuiod Creek, Middle Fork Bad Route Creek, Middle Fork Timber Creek, Morehouse Creek, Morris Creek, Newman Hollow Creek, North Fork Ash Creek, North Fork Cherry Creek, North Fork Crooked Creek, North Fork Lost Boy Creek, North Fork Plenty Creek, North Fork Spring Creek, O'Fallon Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Plenty Creek, Powder River, Robertson Creek, Sand Butte Creek, Sand Creek, Slinker Creek, South Fork Cherry Creek, South Fork Timber Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stouts Creek, Sullivan Creek, Svenson Creek, Swede Creek, Tenmile Creek, Upper Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Bad Route Creek, West Fork Brackett Creek, West Fork Hay Creek, West Fork Spring Creek, Whites Creek, Whitney Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Big Sheep Mountain, Bowgun Butte, Denbys Peak, Eagle Butte, Flat Top Butte, Little Sheep Mountain, McClure Butte, Sheridan Butte, Simons Butte

  Trails     show all on map

Calypso Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Ash Coulee, Brown Coulee, Brush Coulee, Buckskin Gulch, Bull Coulee, Cedar Coulee, Conns Coulee, Crop Land Coulee, Crow Coulee, Dickoff Coulee, Dorothy Draw, Gate Coulee, Gulch One, Gulch Two, Hendrickson Coulee, Lambing Draw, Loony Hollow, Mamies Coulee, McQuoid Coulee, North Coulee, Plum Coulee, Plum Coulee, Pumpkin Coulee, Red Barn Coulee, Reilly Coulee, Roehl Coulee, Sand Coulee, Skunk Arroyo, Smith Coulee, Spring Coulee, Timber Coulee, Yellowstone Coulee

  Wells     show all on map

09N52E05CACC01 Well, 09N53E08BBCC01 Well, 10N50E03BBDD01 Well, 10N51E11ADAA01 Well, 10N51E19ACCB01 Well, 10N51E20DDAB01 Well, 10N51E26BABB01 Well, 10N52E14BAAA01 Well, 10N52E19DBBB01 Well, 10N52E36AACC01 Well, 10N53E13AA__01 Well, 10N54E04DC__01 Well, 10N54E04DDDD01 Well, 10N54E11CBBD01 Well, 10N54E19AC__01 Well, 10N54E22DDCB01 Well, 10N54E29DACB01 Well, 10N54E30ADDB01 Well, 10N55E03BB__01 Well, 10N55E04BC__01 Well, 10N55E06ACAD01 Well, 10N55E06DA__01 Well, 10N55E07CBBB01 Well, 10N55E08CBAB01 Well, 11N49E24ACCC01 Well, 11N49E24DAAD01 Well, 11N49E25ADBA01 Well, 11N50E03BC__01 Well, 11N50E05ADBD01 Well, 11N50E08DD__01 Well, 11N50E12BC__01 Well, 11N50E20DC__01 Well, 11N50E32ADDD01 Well, 11N50E32CD__01 Well, 11N51E08AB__01 Well, 11N51E21CDDD01 Well, 11N52E04BCDD01 Well, 11N52E10DDBA01 Well, 11N52E15DBBD01 Well, 11N52E17BB__01 Well, 11N52E32DBCD01 Well, 11N52E35ABBC01 Well, 11N53E01CCAC01 Well, 11N53E07DC__01 Well, 11N53E15ADDA01 Well, 11N53E28CABB01 Well, 11N53E33BA__01 Well, 11N54E02BCAA01 Well, 11N54E19CCBA01 Well, 11N54E28CCAC01 Well, 11N54E28CC__01 Well, 11N54E29AC__01 Well, 11N54E29CACB01 Well, 11N54E29CACB01 Well, 11N54E29CACD01 Well, 11N54E29CA__01 Well, 11N54E29CBCD01 Well, 11N54E29CBCD01 Well, 11N54E29CBDC01 Well, 11N54E29CBDC01 Well, 11N54E30DDAD01 Well, 11N54E30DDA_01 Well, 11N54E30DD__01 Well, 11N54E32ABCB01 Well, 11N54E33BBBD01 Well, 11N54E35DCDC01 Well, 11N55E01BB__01 Well, 11N55E02AC__01 Well, 11N55E02BD__01 Well, 11N55E03AD__01 Well, 11N55E05AC__01 Well, 11N55E08BC__01 Well, 11N55E11CC__01 Well, 11N55E12AC__01 Well, 11N55E14AD__01 Well, 11N55E16DB__01 Well, 11N55E23BC__01 Well, 11N55E24AB__01 Well, 11N55E30CBDB01 Well, 11N55E34BD__01 Well, 11N55E35DD__01 Well, 11N56E02CA__01 Well, 11N56E02DD__01 Well, 11N56E04ABDB01 Well, 11N56E04BA__01 Well, 11N56E06DB__01 Well, 11N56E06DB__02 Well, 11N56E07AADA01 Well, 11N56E16BC__01 Well, 11N56E19AD__01 Well, 11N56E20AA__01 Well, 11N56E20BCCD01 Well, 11N56E26BB__01 Well, 11N56E34AD__01 Well, 11N57E09AC__01 Well, 12N50E22AABB01 Well, 12N50E24CACD01 Well, 12N50E24DDDA01 Well, 12N50E32DAAA01 Well, 12N50E34DACA01 Well, 12N51E12CDAD01 Well, 12N51E13DB__01 Well, 12N51E16ADBD01 Well, 12N51E16CADD01 Well, 12N51E16DBCA01 Well, 12N51E21AABB01 Well, 12N51E23BDCD01 Well, 12N51E28BBBD01 Well, 12N52E04BBBB01 Well, 12N52E06BAAA01 Well, 12N52E18CB__01 Well, 12N52E23DBAD01 Well, 12N52E25BA__01 Well, 12N52E26BB__01 Well, 12N52E26BCAB01 Well, 12N53E04BB__01 Well, 12N53E23CA__01 Well, 12N53E23CA__02 Well, 12N53E23CDBA01 Well, 12N54E01BA__01 Well, 12N54E02AA__01 Well, 12N54E10DADB01 Well, 12N54E12CD__01 Well, 12N54E13DC__01 Well, 12N54E17ACAD01 Well, 12N54E25BBBD01 Well, 12N54E36AB__01 Well, 12N55E01BB__01 Well, 12N55E05CDAA01 Well, 12N55E08CC__01 Well, 12N55E12DB__01 Well, 12N55E13DC__01 Well, 12N55E15BC__01 Well, 12N55E16DB__01 Well, 12N55E18CA__01 Well, 12N55E19CDCD01 Well, 12N55E20BC__01 Well, 12N55E20DCCD01 Well, 12N55E21DD__01 Well, 12N55E22BC__01 Well, 12N55E24CDDD01 Well, 12N55E25BB__01 Well, 12N55E25BB__02 Well, 12N55E25CDCC01 Well, 12N55E25DD__01 Well, 12N55E26BBCA01 Well, 12N55E26BC__01 Well, 12N55E27AB__01 Well, 12N55E27BADD01 Well, 12N55E28BD__01 Well, 12N55E29DD__01 Well, 12N55E30DA__01 Well, 12N55E31DB__01 Well, 12N55E32AA__01 Well, 12N55E33AC__01 Well, 12N55E35AC__01 Well, 12N55E36DD__01 Well, 12N56E02CC__01 Well, 12N56E10ACDA01 Well, 12N56E18CD__01 Well, 12N56E19CD__01 Well, 12N56E23CCDA01 Well, 12N56E23DCCA01 Well, 12N56E24CABD01 Well, 12N56E25CBDB01 Well, 12N56E26AB__01 Well, 12N56E26DB__01 Well, 12N56E29AC__01 Well, 12N56E30CD__01 Well, 12N56E34DAAC01 Well, 13N45E04CCDA01 Well, 13N45E06ADCC01 Well, 13N45E06DAAA01 Well, 13N45E14ACCA01 Well, 13N45E14ACCB01 Well, 13N45E24BACB01 Well, 13N46E02DDCC01 Well, 13N46E10ADAA01 Well, 13N46E10CBCA01 Well, 13N46E10CBCD01 Well, 13N46E12DCDD01 Well, 13N46E24DA__01 Well, 13N46E25DBBC01 Well, 13N47E02BCCC01 Well, 13N47E03CABB01 Well, 13N47E03CCDD01 Well, 13N47E06ACBA01 Well, 13N47E07ABBD01 Well, 13N47E15CABC01 Well, 13N47E23BDDA01 Well, 13N47E24BACA01 Well, 13N47E26DAAC01 Well, 13N47E26DAAD01 Well, 13N47E29CCAD01 Well, 13N47E31CDAD01 Well, 13N48E01DCCD01 Well, 13N48E08DCAA01 Well, 13N48E09DABC01 Well, 13N48E20CDDC01 Well, 13N48E26ABDB01 Well, 13N48E28DACC01 Well, 13N48E29CBCA01 Well, 13N48E33BBCA01 Well, 13N49E02CCDB01 Well, 13N49E08DDAA01 Well, 13N49E18DBAD01 Well, 13N49E24CBBA01 Well, 13N50E09CCAA01 Well, 13N50E10CDDC01 Well, 13N50E26BBAA01 Well, 13N51E07BDAA01 Well, 13N51E08BADB01 Well, 13N51E09CCCA01 Well, 13N51E31BCDD01 Well, 13N51E31BCDD02 Well, 13N51E31BDCB01 Well, 13N51E34AADA01 Well, 13N52E03BACA01 Well, 13N52E05CACB01 Well, 13N52E24DBCB01 Well, 13N52E24DCA_01 Well, 13N52E25BAAB01 Well, 13N52E25BDA_01 Well, 13N52E29BDBC01 Well, 13N52E29CADB01 Well, 13N52E30CBCA01 Well, 13N52E32ADAA01 Well, 13N52E33AC__01 Well, 13N52E34CBDC01 Well, 13N52E34CDAD01 Well, 13N52E34CDBB01 Well, 13N53E07BDDD01 Well, 13N53E17AAA_01 Well, 13N53E17ADB_01 Well, 13N53E17CCD_01 Well, 13N53E17DCBC01 Well, 13N53E18ABAA01 Well, 13N53E19CBA_01 Well, 13N53E19DBA_01 Well, 13N53E19DDC_01 Well, 13N53E20AAC_01 Well, 13N53E29ACB_01 Well, 13N53E29ACC_01 Well, 13N53E29BBC_01 Well, 13N53E29BCD_01 Well, 13N53E29BCD_02 Well, 13N53E29BCD_03 Well, 13N53E29BDA_01 Well, 13N53E29BDB_01 Well, 13N53E29CAB_01 Well, 13N53E29CBB_01 Well, 13N53E29CBC_01 Well, 13N53E30ADD_01 Well, 13N53E30BBB_01 Well, 13N53E30DABC01 Well, 13N53E30DDB_01 Well, 13N54E35ACAA01 Well, 13N55E28BB__01 Well, 13N55E28BB__02 Well, 13N55E30DBBA01 Well, 13N56E27BC__01 Well, 13N56E27BC__02 Well, 13N56E30CCBC01 Well, 14N45E03CAAB01 Well, 14N45E07CDAB01 Well, 14N45E07DBDC01 Well, 14N45E17AADA01 Well, 14N45E24CBBD01 Well, 14N46E13DBDC01 Well, 14N46E13DDDC01 Well, 14N46E29BACC01 Well, 14N46E30DCCA01 Well, 14N46E36BCAB01 Well, 14N47E04ADCC01 Well, 14N47E05CCBA01 Well, 14N47E08BDDB01 Well, 14N47E08BDDC01 Well, 14N47E13ABBA01 Well, 14N47E15DDAD01 Well, 14N47E17AADB01 Well, 14N47E19CBBD01 Well, 14N47E20CBDB01 Well, 14N47E20DCCA01 Well, 14N47E20DCCB01 Well, 14N47E26CDCB01 Well, 14N47E26CDCC01 Well, 14N47E32CCBC01 Well, 14N48E01ACB_01 Well, 14N48E05CACD01 Well, 14N48E08BCCD01 Well, 14N48E17CDAB01 Well, 14N48E18AABD01 Well, 14N48E29ADCA01 Well, 14N48E33ABBC01 Well, 14N49E21AAAA01 Well, 14N49E28ADAC01 Well, 14N50E02DDCA01 Well, 14N50E13DADC01 Well, 14N50E29DCBA01 Well, 14N50E34AAAB01 Well, 14N51E19CCDD01 Well, 14N51E26DDAD01 Well, 14N51E29DDCC01 Well, 15N45E04CBCC01 Well, 15N45E06AAAC01 Well, 15N45E09CDBA01 Well, 15N45E14CBAB01 Well, 15N45E24CDAB01 Well, 15N45E25DBBB01 Well, 15N45E29AABC01 Well, 15N45E33CBAD01 Well, 15N46E03BDDD01 Well, 15N46E04ACBB01 Well, 15N46E04BBAA01 Well, 15N46E04BBBC01 Well, 15N46E06BCAC01 Well, 15N46E06BCAC02 Well, 15N46E09DBAD01 Well, 15N46E11BBCA01 Well, 15N46E19CBDA01 Well, 15N46E20CCCA01 Well, 15N46E22BDDD01 Well, 15N46E23CADB01 Well, 15N46E24AD__01 Well, 15N46E27DDAB01 Well, 15N46E33BADC01 Well, 15N46E34BBDD01 Well, 15N47E02BAA_01 Well, 15N47E05ADCD01 Well, 15N47E05CB__01 Well, 15N47E06DABC01 Well, 15N47E11ABB_01 Well, 15N47E19DACB01 Well, 15N47E22DDBA01 Well, 15N47E22DDBA02 Well, 15N48E05BBA_01 Well, 15N48E08ADBB01 Well, 15N48E12BDD_01 Well, 15N48E17DBBD01 Well, 15N48E19CCCB01 Well, 15N48E22ADCC01 Well, 15N48E24BAB_01 Well, 15N48E34DBCB01 Well, 15N49E05BBCD01 Well, 15N49E14ADA_01 Well, 15N49E14BCA_01 Well, 15N49E18CBC_01 Well, 15N49E28ACBA01 Well, 15N49E28DBD_01 Well, 15N50E02ABAB01 Well, 15N50E14DBAD01 Well, 15N50E17CAAA01 Well, 15N50E19BBAB01 Well, 15N50E25ABAC01 Well, 15N50E26ABDD01 Well, 15N50E31CDDA01 Well, 15N50E35ACCA01 Well, 16N45E03BCAD01 Well, 16N45E03BCDB01 Well, 16N45E05AAAC01 Well, 16N45E05AABC01 Well, 16N45E06BABD01 Well, 16N45E13DDDB01 Well, 16N45E14DDDA01 Well, 16N45E18BACA01 Well, 16N45E26AAAC01 Well, 16N45E29CDDB01 Well, 16N47E06ADAA01 Well, 16N47E15CBAA02 Well, 16N47E15CBA_01 Well, 16N47E21DAAD01 Well, 16N47E33CAAC01 Well, 16N48E01ACC_01 Well, 16N48E02CCD_01 Well, 16N48E09ACC_01 Well, 16N48E17ACC_01 Well, 16N48E27BCC_01 Well, 16N48E32CBD_01 Well, 16N48E33ABBD01 Well, 16N49E01DDBB01 Well, 16N49E07ADCA01 Well, 16N49E16DDDD01 Well, 16N49E21BBBB01 Well, 16N49E35DDA_01 Well, 16N50E02AACD01 Well, 16N50E05BCBB01 Well, 16N50E06DDCD01 Well, 16N50E10AADD01 Well, 16N50E19ABBB01 Well, 16N50E23CB__01 Well, 16N50E28DAD_01 Well, 16N50E36DDBA01 Well, Brewer Well, Pasture 7A Well, Spade Well, Swank Well,

Prairie County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePrairie County White population 1,1071,107  
MixedPrairie County Mixed population 3737
AsianPrairie County Asian population 99
American IndianPrairie County American Indian population 33
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPrairie County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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