Roosevelt County, Montana Basics:

Roosevelt County Montana - Government Site

Population: 10,903
Area: 2355 square miles
County seat: Wolf Point
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 85.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.5%
Median household income: $40,146
Persons in poverty: 21.9%
Home ownership rate: 61.4%
Mean travel time to work: 13.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Daniels  McCone  McKenzie (ND)  Richland  Sheridan  Valley  Williams (ND)  

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Map of the Roosevelt County area

Our detail map of Roosevelt County shows the Roosevelt County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Roosevelt County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Anderson Private Field, Big Sky Field Airport, J B Airport, L M Clayton Airport, Poplar Municipal Airport, Swank Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Devils Kitchen

  Bends     show all on map

Boys Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Culbertson Missouri River Bridge, Lewis and Clark Bridge, Pontoon Bridge (historical), Poplar Bridge, Snowden Bridge, Tule Creek Bridge, West Poplar River Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Assiniboine and Sioux Fort Peck Tribal Police, Bainville Public Library, Bainville Rural Fire District, Brockton Volunteer Fire Department, Culbertson Museum, Culbertson Police Department, Culbertson Public Library, Culbertson Volunteer Fire Department, Fort Peck Tribal Museum, Froid Public Library, Froid Volunteer Fire Department, Poplar City Library, Poplar Museum, Poplar Police Department, Poplar Volunteer Fire Department, Roosevelt County Courthouse, Roosevelt County Fire Department, Roosevelt County Library, Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office, Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office Substation, Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office Substation, Wolf Point Area Historical Society Museum, Wolf Point Police Department, Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bainville Cemetery, Bauer Cemetery, Boxelder Cemetery, Chicken Hill Cemetery, Courchene Cemetery, Freidens Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Jacobson Cemetery, Kings Cemetery, Kvile Cemetery, Mondak Cemetery, Poplar Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Saint Anns Cemetery, South Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Bainville Methodist Church, Bethel Free Lutheran Church, Bethel Mennonite Church, Big Sky Church, Blue Sky Ministries, Brethren Church (historical), Brockton Chapel, Canipa Presbyterian Church (historical), Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Overcomers, Community Bible Church, Ebenezer Church, Everson-Clayton Mortuary Chapel, Faith Farm Church, Faith Free Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First English Lutheran Church, First Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Kipp - Makaicu Presbyterian Church, Freidens Church, Froid Lutheran Church, Froid Mission Chapel (historical), Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gospel Fellowship Church, Grandview Church of the Brethren, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception Church, Indian Mission - Church of America (historical), Jehovah's Witnesses, Lakeside Church (historical), Lindsey Memorial Presbyterian Church, Morning Star Baptist Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Pentecostal Church of God Full Gospel Church, Presbyterian Church (historical), Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Riverside Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Anns Chapel, Saint Anthony Station, Saint Anthonys Catholic Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Pauls Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Thomas Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Union Congregational Church, United Dakota Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church (historical), Volt Mennonite Brethren Church (historical), Zion Lutheran Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Rocky Point, The Point

  Dams     show all on map

Anderson Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Andy Capp Dam, Aytolloha Number 1 Dam, Band Aid Dam, Baracker Dam, Barney Rubbel Dam, Beck Dam, Below Zero Dam, Belushi Dam, Bertino Dam, CCC Indian Division Number 5 Dam, Christensen Number 1 Dam, Christensen Number 2 Dam, Clark Pond Number 2 Dam, Crandall Reservoir Dam, Crusch Pond Dam, Culbertson Sewage Disposal Ponds Dam, Dolezilek Reservoir Dam, Feisty Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 21 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 22 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 23 Dam, Gettin' High Dam, Graninger Dam, Hansen Dam, Harmon Reservoir Dam, Horab Dam, Iranian Dam, Johnson Farms Number 1 Dam, L Sayer-Magdelena Dam, Medicine Structure Dam, Picard Dam, Picard Reservoir Dam, Poplar Sewage Disposal Pond Dam, Portra Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Shields Fields Dam, Stentoft Dam, Structure Number 119 Dam, Structure Number 124 Dam, Structure Number 137 Dam, Structure Number 149 Dam, Structure Number 95 Dam, Swank Reservoir Dam, Teepee Creeper Dam, Ward Reservoir Dam, Warmbrod Dam, Wilde Dam, Wilma Dam, Wolf Point Sewage Lagoon Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Burnison Maternity Hospital (historical), Dahl Hospital (historical), Dale Hospital (historical), Faith Lutheran Home, Helton Nursing Home (historical), Indian Health Hospital (historical), Listerud Clinic, Mrs Spiegelbergs Hospital (historical), Newtons Maternity Hospital (historical), Northeast Montana Health Services - Poplar Community Hospital, Northeast Montana Health Services - Trinity Hospital, Northeast Montana Medical Group, Poplar City Hospital (historical), Poplar Community Nursing Home, Riverside Family Clinic, Roosevelt Medical Center, Roosevelt Memorial Clinic, Roosevelt Memorial Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

Chelsea Island, Skinners Island, White Shield Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Chelsea Slough, Duck Lake, Geddart Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Johnson Lake, Manning Lake, McIlwain Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Airport Golf Club, Arden (historical), Atkinson (historical), Bainville, Bainville Rest Area, Blair (historical), Blair Gravel Pit (historical), Bridge Park Fishing Access Site, Brockton, Calais (historical), Chelsea (historical), Chief Drive In (historical), Clover (historical), Columbia Grain International Incorporated Elevator, Culbertson, Custom Built Feeds Elevator, Dabney (historical), Equity Co-op Association Elevator (historical), Fairview Mill Elevator (historical), Farmers Elevator Company Elevator, Farmers Elevator Company Elevator (historical), Farmers Elevator Company of Froid - Elevator Number One, Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association Elevator (historical), Fish Camp, Fort Jackson (historical), Fort Kipp (historical), Fort Kipp (historical), Fort Poplar (historical), Fort Stewart (historical), Fort Union (historical), Froid, Froid Elevator Company of Froid - Elevator Number Two, General Mills Incorporated Elevator, Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Junction (historical), Lakeside, Lanark (historical), Lohmiller (historical), Macon, Malcolm Clarks Fort (historical), McCabe, McCabe Brothers Elevator (historical), Moen (historical), Montana - Dakota Grain Company Elevator (historical), Occident Elevator (historical), Peavey Company Elevator, Peavey Company Elevator, Peavey Company Elevator (historical), Poplar, Poplar Elevator (historical), Rancho Campground and Motel, RBW Campground, Roulettes Post (historical), Saxton Independent Elevator (historical), Schnitzler Ranch, Smiths Mobile Park, Soo, Sprole Elevator (historical), Stampede Grounds, Sundown Drive-In (historical), Tawopa (historical), Thornwood Ranch, Treasure State Elevator (historical), United Grain Corporation Elevator (historical), Willows (historical), Winter Truesdal-Dirks Company Elevator (historical), Wolf Point

  Military     show all on map

Camp Poplar River (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Alton Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

East Poplar Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

American Legion Park, Borge Park, Bruegger Centennial Park, C C Recreation Complex, Firehall Park, Fjeseth Field, Fort Peck Indian Reservation Historical Marker, Fort Union Historical Marker, Lewis and Clark Park, Nellies Park, Sherman Park, Snowden Bridge Historical Marker, Swimming Pool Park, Town Park, Triangle Park, Wolf Point Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Anderson, Bainville, Benrud (historical), Biem, Blair, Boyd (historical), Bredette, Brockton, Calais, Chelsea, Culbertson, Deertail Indian Village (historical), Finnicum Mobile Home Park, Fort Kipp, Fort Union (historical), Froid, Lakeside, Lanark, Macon, McCabe, Moes Trailer Court, Mondak (historical), Poplar, Slab Crossing, Snowden, Sprole, Volt, Walker Mobile Home Park, Wolf Point

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bainville Post Office, Benrud Post Office (historical), Biem Post Office (historical), Boyd Post Office (historical), Bredette Post Office (historical), Brockton Post Office, Cosier Post Office (historical), Culbertson Post Office, Cuskerton Post Office (historical), Dane Valley Post Office (historical), Dowd Post Office (historical), Dwyer Post Office (historical), Enterprise Post Office (historical), Expanse Post Office (historical), Fort Union Post Office (historical), Froid Post Office, Lakeside Post Office (historical), Lanark Post Office (historical), Lundville Post Office (historical), McCabe Post Office (historical), Poplar Post Office, Tawopa Post Office (historical), Tyner Post Office (historical), Volt Post Office (historical), Waska Post Office (historical), Wolf Point Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bertino Reservoir, Crandall Reservoir, Harmon Reservoir, Homestead Lake, Picard Reservoir, Shotgun Reservoir, Structure Number 139 Reservoir, Structure Number 149 Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Anderson School (historical), Anderson School (historical), Bainville School, Becker School (historical), Bergstrom School (historical), Biem School (historical), Blowers School (historical), Box Elder School (historical), Boyd School (historical), Boyd School (historical), Bredette School (historical), Brockton School, Buchanan School (historical), Burgett School (historical), Burshia School (historical), Chelsea School (historical), Crusch School (historical), Culbertson School, Cusker School (historical), Dahley School (historical), Damm School Number 5, Damm School Number Two (historical), Dane Valley School (historical), Day School (historical), Dier School (historical), Divide School (historical), Dowd School (historical), Dry Fork School (historical), Dunn School (historical), Eng School (historical), Enterprise School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Flat Center School (historical), Fort Kipp School (historical), Fort Peck Community College, Fort Union School (historical), French School (historical), Froid School, Frontier School, Golden Valley School (historical), Gray School (historical), Gridley School (historical), Hammer (historical), Hammond School, Harvey School (historical), Hertino School (historical), Hertzberg School (historical), Highland School Number One (historical), Highland School Number Two (historical), Hughes School (historical), Huso School (historical), Immaculate Conception School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Kerns School (historical), Kohl School (historical), Lakeside School (historical), Lamar School (historical), Lanark School (historical), LeClair School (historical), Leeson School (historical), LePage School (historical), Leubke School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Long View School (historical), Longager School (historical), Macon School (historical), Marquardt School (historical), McCabe School (historical), McCord School (historical), Miller School (historical), Mineral Bench School (historical), Moothart School (historical), Murray School (historical), National School (historical), Native American Educational Services College, Nelson School (historical), Northside School, Pershing School (historical), Pioneer School (historical), Pioneer School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Poplar School, Reservation School (historical), Rhoda School (historical), Riverside School (historical), Roosevelt School (historical), Rosedale School (historical), Rush School (historical), Sandy Butte School (historical), Seips School (historical), Seth School (historical), Simons School (historical), Smith School (historical), Smoke Creek School (historical), Soo School (historical), South School (historical), Southside School, Star School (historical), Thompson School (historical), Thomsen School (historical), Trenne School (historical), Valley School (historical), Victory School (historical), Volt School (historical), Warmbrod School (historical), Waska School (historical), Westside School (historical), Wide Awake School (historical), Wolf Point School, Woods School (historical), Zich School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

27N46E11ABCB01 Spring, 28N46E01CBBA02 Spring, 28N46E01CCCC01 Spring, 28N47E07ADDD01 Spring, 28N47E20CDCB01 Spring, 28N48E09DDCC01 Spring, 28N48E11DDAB01 Spring, 28N48E12CCCC01 Spring, 28N48E28AADD01 Spring, 28N48E28BBBD01 Spring, 28N48E28BBDB01 Spring, 28N48E28CCDC01 Spring, 28N48E30ACCC01 Spring, 28N48E30DCCD01 Spring, 29N47E26BDCA01 Spring, 29N50E33DDCC01 Spring, 29N51E19DDBA01 Spring, 29N51E30DDDD01 Spring, 30N48E22DDCA01 Spring, 30N49E11BBCD01 Spring, 31N46E05BCAD01 Spring, 31N51E10BDCC01 Spring, 32N47E25CDBD01 Spring, 32N50E21AAAA01 Spring, Little Badger Spring, Reed Springs, Sims Spring, Snell Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Assiniboine Creek, Badger Creek, Big Muddy Creek, Box Elder Creek, Boxelder Creek, Cedar Creek, Chelsea Creek, Clover Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Culbertson Creek, Deer Creek, East Shotgun Creek, Flea Creek, Horse Tied Creek, Lake Creek, Little Badger Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Little Wolf Creek, Littleman Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Creek, North Fork Tule Creek, Poplar River, Red Bank Creek, Sage Creek, Sand Creek, Scott Creek, Sheep Creek, Shell Creek, Short Creek, Shotgun Creek, Smoke Creek, Snake Creek, Spring Creek, Tule Creek, West Fork Poplar River, West Fork Tule Creek, West Shotgun Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bears Nest, Castle Rock, Chris Hill, Clay Butte, Snake Butte, Square Butte, Sugar Top Hill, Twomile Hill, Windy Butte

  Towers     show all on map

KTYZ-AM (Wolf Point), KTYZ-FM (Wolf Point)

  Valleys     show all on map

Brown Coulee, Burshia Coulee, Coyote Coulee, Irish Coulee, Jakes Coulee, Kirns Coulee, Krause Coulee, Reiner Coulee, Riprap Coulee, Smith Coulee, Snowden Coulee, South Branch Coulee, Star Coulee, Swank Coulee, Tule Valley

  Wells     show all on map

01N21E02BCCC01 Well, 26N46E01BA__01 Well, 26N46E01BA__02 Well, 26N46E02AA__01 Well, 26N46E02AB__01 Well, 26N46E02BB__01 Well, 26N46E05DB__01 Well, 26N46E05DD__01 Well, 26N46E06CA__01 Well, 26N46E11DD__03 Well, 26N58E05AB__01 Well, 26N59E02CCAD01 Well, 26N59E03AC__01 Well, 26N59E10BD__01 Well, 26N59E10CA__01 Well, 26N59E10DD__01 Well, 26N59E11BC__01 Well, 26N59E11DB__01 Well, 26N59E15AD__01 Well, 26N59E15BD__01 Well, 27N46E06BB__01 Well, 27N46E07BB__01 Well, 27N46E11DD__01 Well, 27N46E11DD__02 Well, 27N46E11DD__04 Well, 27N46E13BB__01 Well, 27N46E14AA__01 Well, 27N46E20CD__01 Well, 27N46E23AAAB01 Well, 27N46E24BB__01 Well, 27N46E24CB__01 Well, 27N46E25AD__01 Well, 27N46E25BA__01 Well, 27N46E26BC__01 Well, 27N46E26CD__01 Well, 27N46E27AD__01 Well, 27N46E27CB__01 Well, 27N46E28BA__01 Well, 27N46E28BB__01 Well, 27N46E28DA__01 Well, 27N46E28DA__02 Well, 27N46E30AADB01 Well, 27N46E30DD__01 Well, 27N46E31BA__01 Well, 27N46E31BB__01 Well, 27N46E31CB__01 Well, 27N46E32BC__01 Well, 27N46E33AA__01 Well, 27N46E33BA__01 Well, 27N46E33CA__01 Well, 27N46E34CA__01 Well, 27N46E35AA__01 Well, 27N46E36AA__01 Well, 27N46E36AC__01 Well, 27N46E36AC__02 Well, 27N47E03BC__01 Well, 27N47E03BC__02 Well, 27N47E03BC__03 Well, 27N47E03CD__01 Well, 27N47E04BDBB01 Well, 27N47E04DA__01 Well, 27N47E09DD__01 Well, 27N47E09DD__02 Well, 27N47E10BD__01 Well, 27N47E11CC__01 Well, 27N47E11CC__02 Well, 27N47E12CC__01 Well, 27N47E12CC__02 Well, 27N47E13AB__01 Well, 27N47E13AB__02 Well, 27N47E13BA__01 Well, 27N47E13BA__02 Well, 27N47E13BA__03 Well, 27N47E13BA__04 Well, 27N47E13BB__01 Well, 27N47E13CB__01 Well, 27N47E13DA__01 Well, 27N47E13DA__02 Well, 27N47E14AA__01 Well, 27N47E14BB__01 Well, 27N47E14CB__01 Well, 27N47E14CB__02 Well, 27N47E14CB__03 Well, 27N47E14CB__04 Well, 27N47E14CC__01 Well, 27N47E14DA__01 Well, 27N47E15AB__01 Well, 27N47E15AC__01 Well, 27N47E15BD__01 Well, 27N47E15CB__01 Well, 27N47E15CB__02 Well, 27N47E17AC__01 Well, 27N47E17AC__02 Well, 27N47E17AC__03 Well, 27N47E17BD__01 Well, 27N47E17BD__02 Well, 27N47E17DD__01 Well, 27N47E19AD__01 Well, 27N47E19AD__02 Well, 27N47E19AD__03 Well, 27N47E19BB__01 Well, 27N47E19DC__01 Well, 27N47E20AC__01 Well, 27N47E20BC__01 Well, 27N47E20DC__01 Well, 27N47E20DD__01 Well, 27N47E20DD__02 Well, 27N47E22BB__01 Well, 27N47E23BB__01 Well, 27N47E30AABD01 Well, 27N47E30DB__01 Well, 27N48E01CCCD01 Well, 27N48E02BA__01 Well, 27N48E03DC__01 Well, 27N48E04DACB01 Well, 27N48E04DACC01 Well, 27N48E05CC__01 Well, 27N48E05CC__02 Well, 27N48E06DA__01 Well, 27N48E09AD__01 Well, 27N48E09DC__01 Well, 27N48E10BD__02 Well, 27N48E10CB__01 Well, 27N48E10CB__02 Well, 27N48E10CB__03 Well, 27N48E10DB__01 Well, 27N48E11AD__01 Well, 27N48E12AC__01 Well, 27N48E12BB__01 Well, 27N48E12BB__02 Well, 27N48E16DB__01 Well, 27N48E17BA__01 Well, 27N48E17BA__02 Well, 27N48E17CD__01 Well, 27N48E17DD__01 Well, 27N48E18DD__01 Well, 27N48E20DC__01 Well, 27N48E21CC__01 Well, 27N48E28BB__01 Well, 27N48E28BB__02 Well, 27N48E28BB__03 Well, 27N49E02BD__01 Well, 27N49E02BD__02 Well, 27N49E02CAAD01 Well, 27N49E02DB__01 Well, 27N49E03BD__01 Well, 27N49E03CA__01 Well, 27N49E03DB__01 Well, 27N49E05AB__01 Well, 27N49E07BB__01 Well, 27N49E09AA__01 Well, 27N49E09BA__01 Well, 27N49E09DA__01 Well, 27N49E09DB__01 Well, 27N49E10AA__01 Well, 27N49E10CB__01 Well, 27N49E10DA__01 Well, 27N49E11BC__01 Well, 27N49E14BB__01 Well, 27N49E14BB__02 Well, 27N50E01DC__01 Well, 27N50E01DD__01 Well, 27N50E02BB__01 Well, 27N50E02CB__01 Well, 27N50E02DC__01 Well, 27N50E02DC__02 Well, 27N50E03AA__01 Well, 27N50E03AD__01 Well, 27N50E03AD__02 Well, 27N50E03DB__01 Well, 27N50E04AD__01 Well, 27N50E04BB__01 Well, 27N50E05CD__01 Well, 27N50E07BB__01 Well, 27N50E08CC__01 Well, 27N50E08CD__01 Well, 27N50E09BB__01 Well, 27N50E10AB__01 Well, 27N50E10CD__01 Well, 27N50E11AA__01 Well, 27N50E11AB__01 Well, 27N50E11BB__01 Well, 27N50E11BB__02 Well, 27N50E11DA__01 Well, 27N50E11DB__01 Well, 27N50E11DD__01 Well, 27N50E12AB__01 Well, 27N50E12AB__02 Well, 27N50E12AC__01 Well, 27N50E12AD__01 Well, 27N50E12AD__02 Well, 27N50E12BB__01 Well, 27N50E12CCBC01 Well, 27N50E13BD__01 Well, 27N50E14DDAA01 Well, 27N50E23DD__01 Well, 27N50E24BC__01 Well, 27N50E24BC__02 Well, 27N50E24BC__03 Well, 27N50E25BD__01 Well, 27N50E25BD__02 Well, 27N51E01BA__01 Well, 27N51E04BC__01 Well, 27N51E04CCAA01 Well, 27N51E04CDDD01 Well, 27N51E05CC__01 Well, 27N51E05DB__01 Well, 27N51E07AD__01 Well, 27N51E07BD__01 Well, 27N51E07BD__02 Well, 27N51E07BD__05 Well, 27N51E07DB__03 Well, 27N51E07DB__04 Well, 27N51E08CA__01 Well, 27N51E08CA__02 Well, 27N51E08CA__03 Well, 27N51E08CA__04 Well, 27N51E08DDD_01 Well, 27N51E09CA__01 Well, 27N51E09CC__01 Well, 27N51E10BC__01 Well, 27N51E10DA__01 Well, 27N51E10DB__01 Well, 27N51E11CC__01 Well, 27N51E11CD__01 Well, 27N51E12AB__01 Well, 27N51E13CB__01 Well, 27N51E14BD__01 Well, 27N51E15BB__01 Well, 27N51E16CD__01 Well, 27N51E16CD__02 Well, 27N51E17DC__01 Well, 27N51E17DC__02 Well, 27N51E18BC__01 Well, 27N51E18BC__02 Well, 27N51E21BB__01 Well, 27N52E01BC__01 Well, 27N52E01BC__02 Well, 27N52E02AA__01 Well, 27N52E02AC__01 Well, 27N52E02CA__01 Well, 27N52E02DA__01 Well, 27N52E02DD__01 Well, 27N52E07CD__01 Well, 27N52E07DABB01 Well, 27N52E07DABB02 Well, 27N52E07DA__01 Well, 27N52E08AC__01 Well, 27N52E08DA__01 Well, 27N52E09AC__01 Well, 27N52E09AD__01 Well, 27N52E09BB__01 Well, 27N52E09DC__01 Well, 27N52E10BC__01 Well, 27N52E10CC__01 Well, 27N52E10DA__01 Well, 27N52E10DC__01 Well, 27N52E11BA__01 Well, 27N52E11BC__01 Well, 27N52E11BD__01 Well, 27N52E11CA__01 Well, 27N52E15BB__01 Well, 27N52E16AD__01 Well, 27N52E16BA__01 Well, 27N52E17BB__01 Well, 27N52E17CB__01 Well, 27N52E18AB__01 Well, 27N52E18AD__01 Well, 27N52E18CA__01 Well, 27N53E03AA__01 Well, 27N53E06BA__01 Well, 27N56E01AA__01 Well, 27N56E05CA__01 Well, 27N57E01BC__01 Well, 27N57E01BC__02 Well, 27N57E01BC__03 Well, 27N57E02AA__01 Well, 27N57E02CB__01 Well, 27N57E03DB__01 Well, 27N57E04AB__01 Well, 27N57E07BDCA01 Well, 27N57E10BA__01 Well, 27N57E10BA__02 Well, 27N57E12BB__01 Well, 27N57E13CB__01 Well, 27N57E14AA__01 Well, 27N57E14AA__02 Well, 27N57E18AB__01 Well, 27N57E24ACBA01 Well, 27N57E26DB__01 Well, 27N58E01BD__01 Well, 27N58E01CD__01 Well, 27N58E01CD__02 Well, 27N58E02AA__01 Well, 27N58E02AA__02 Well, 27N58E03AA__01 Well, 27N58E03AB__01 Well, 27N58E03AB__02 Well, 27N58E05DD__01 Well, 27N58E06BB__01 Well, 27N58E06BC__01 Well, 27N58E07BB__01 Well, 27N58E07BB__02 Well, 27N58E10BB__01 Well, 27N58E11CD__01 Well, 27N58E12DB__01 Well, 27N58E13DB__01 Well, 27N58E13DC__01 Well, 27N58E14CC__01 Well, 27N58E15BA__01 Well, 27N58E20DD__01 Well, 27N58E21AB__01 Well, 27N58E23AA__01 Well, 27N58E23BB__01 Well, 27N58E23BB__02 Well, 27N58E24AC__01 Well, 27N58E25BB__01 Well, 27N58E25CD__01 Well, 27N58E27AC__01 Well, 27N58E27AC__02 Well, 27N58E27BA__01 Well, 27N58E28AB__01 Well, 27N58E28CC__01 Well, 27N58E32AA__01 Well, 27N58E33DA__01 Well, 27N58E33DA__02 Well, 27N58E34BA__01 Well, 27N59E03AC__01 Well, 27N59E04AA__01 Well, 27N59E04AA__02 Well, 27N59E05AA__01 Well, 27N59E05AC__01 Well, 27N59E07DD__01 Well, 27N59E18BA__01 Well, 27N59E18CB__01 Well, 27N59E18CCBB01 Well, 27N59E29CA__01 Well, 27N59E30BA__01 Well, 27N59E35BA__01 Well, 28N46E02BBCB01 Well, 28N46E05CBCA01 Well, 28N46E05DDAD01 Well, 28N46E06BAAC01 Well, 28N46E09ABBC01 Well, 28N46E10BBBB01 Well, 28N46E11DDCC01 Well, 28N46E12BDAA01 Well, 28N46E18AADD01 Well, 28N46E32BCCC01 Well, 28N47E02CBBD01 Well, 28N47E16BDAB01 Well, 28N47E20DADB01 Well, 28N47E20DADB02 Well, 28N47E26DBAD01 Well, 28N47E26DBAD02 Well, 28N47E26DBAD03 Well, 28N47E28ABBB01 Well, 28N47E33CBCA01 Well, 28N47E35DCBA01 Well, 28N48E01DA__01 Well, 28N48E03AC__01 Well, 28N48E03AC__02 Well, 28N48E03DA__01 Well, 28N48E03DDBB01 Well, 28N48E03DD__01 Well, 28N48E03DD__02 Well, 28N48E03DD__03 Well, 28N48E04AACC01 Well, 28N48E08BBBA01 Well, 28N48E08BB__01 Well, 28N48E08BCCC01 Well, 28N48E17BA__01 Well, 28N48E18AD__01 Well, 28N48E18AD__02 Well, 28N48E18AD__03 Well, 28N48E20AA__01 Well, 28N48E21CD__01 Well, 28N48E21DD__01 Well, 28N48E25CBBA01 Well, 28N48E25CB__01 Well, 28N48E28BABB01 Well, 28N48E28BABC01 Well, 28N48E30ADCD01 Well, 28N48E30AD__01 Well, 28N48E31AB__01 Well, 28N48E31AB__02 Well, 28N48E32BC__01 Well, 28N48E32BC__02 Well, 28N48E34AC__01 Well, 28N48E36DD__01 Well, 28N48E36DD__02 Well, 28N49E01DA__01 Well, 28N49E10DD__01 Well, 28N49E12BC__01 Well, 28N49E15BACA01 Well, 28N49E16BA__01 Well, 28N49E16BA__02 Well, 28N49E17AA__01 Well, 28N49E17AA__02 Well, 28N49E18BD__01 Well, 28N49E23AD__01 Well, 28N49E24BD__01 Well, 28N49E33DD__01 Well, 28N49E34BC__01 Well, 28N49E34DC__01 Well, 28N49E36CA__01 Well, 28N49E36CBA_01 Well, 28N49E36CD__01 Well, 28N50E02AD__01 Well, 28N50E07BA__01 Well, 28N50E07BA__02 Well, 28N50E12AB__01 Well, 28N50E17DC__01 Well, 28N50E21AA__01 Well, 28N50E21AC__01 Well, 28N50E21AD__01 Well, 28N50E25DDDA01 Well, 28N50E26DC__01 Well, 28N50E27CB__01 Well, 28N50E27CB__02 Well, 28N50E29DD__01 Well, 28N50E31BC__01 Well, 28N50E31DA__01 Well, 28N50E32CA__01 Well, 28N50E32DA__01 Well, 28N50E33DD__01 Well, 28N50E34CC__01 Well, 28N50E34CDBC01 Well, 28N50E34DCAC01 Well, 28N50E35CD__01 Well, 28N50E36AAAA01 Well, 28N50E36AAAA02 Well, 28N50E36DDCA01 Well, 28N50E36DD__01 Well, 28N51E01BBBB01 Well, 28N51E02AC__01 Well, 28N51E04CCCD01 Well, 28N51E08AAAC01 Well, 28N51E08ADDA01 Well, 28N51E08BACC01 Well, 28N51E08BACC02 Well, 28N51E08BBDA01 Well, 28N51E08BBDB01 Well, 28N51E08BDBA01 Well, 28N51E08BDBA02 Well, 28N51E08CCBB01 Well, 28N51E08CCBC01 Well, 28N51E08CCBC02 Well, 28N51E08DDDB01 Well, 28N51E09BCBB01 Well, 28N51E09CCDD01 Well, 28N51E09CDBB01 Well, 28N51E09DCCC01 Well, 28N51E12CC__01 Well, 28N51E13CCCA01 Well, 28N51E13CCCA02 Well, 28N51E13CCCC01 Well, 28N51E16DBCB01 Well, 28N51E17AABA01 Well, 28N51E17AABB01 Well, 28N51E17ABDC01 Well, 28N51E17ABDC02 Well, 28N51E17ABDD01 Well, 28N51E17ABDD02 Well, 28N51E17ADAD01 Well, 28N51E17DADA01 Well, 28N51E17DDAD01 Well, 28N51E18ABDC01 Well, 28N51E19AB__01 Well, 28N51E21BDBC01 Well, 28N51E22BBBB01 Well, 28N51E22CBCB01 Well, 28N51E22CBCB02 Well, 28N51E22CDCC01 Well, 28N51E22CDCC02 Well, 28N51E25AC__01 Well, 28N51E27ABAA01 Well, 28N51E27AC__01 Well, 28N51E27BBBB01 Well, 28N51E29BACA01 Well, 28N51E29CACB01 Well, 28N51E32CCCB01 Well, 28N51E32DCCC01 Well, 28N51E33BBBB01 Well, 28N51E33BBBC01 Well, 28N51E33BBBC02 Well, 28N51E33CBAA01 Well, 28N51E33DDCC01 Well, 28N51E33DDCC02 Well, 28N51E33DDCC03 Well, 28N51E33DDCC04 Well, 28N51E33DDCC05 Well, 28N52E09CDDC01 Well, 28N52E11CCCC01 Well, 28N52E13AACA01 Well, 28N52E14ADDA01 Well, 28N52E15DDAA01 Well, 28N52E15DD__01 Well, 28N52E18AC__01 Well, 28N52E19AA__01 Well, 28N52E19AA__02 Well, 28N52E20BBBB01 Well, 28N52E20CCCC01 Well, 28N52E23CD__01 Well, 28N52E23CD__02 Well, 28N52E25CA__01 Well, 28N52E29CD__01 Well, 28N52E29CD__02 Well, 28N52E30DDDD01 Well, 28N52E34CD__01 Well, 28N52E34DD__02 Well, 28N53E06BBAB01 Well, 28N53E19BCCB01 Well, 28N53E19CD__01 Well, 28N53E20DC__01 Well, 28N53E22DA__01 Well, 28N53E22DC__01 Well, 28N53E22DC__02 Well, 28N53E22DD__01 Well, 28N53E22DD__02 Well, 28N53E25AA__01 Well, 28N53E25CA__01 Well, 28N53E25DBBC01 Well, 28N53E26AD__01 Well, 28N53E26BC__01 Well, 28N53E26CC__01 Well, 28N53E27AA__01 Well, 28N53E27CB__01 Well, 28N53E29BC__01 Well, 28N53E29BC__02 Well, 28N53E29CB__01 Well, 28N53E29CB__02 Well, 28N53E30AD__01 Well, 28N53E30AD__02 Well, 28N53E30AD__03 Well, 28N53E30AD__04 Well, 28N53E30AD__05 Well, 28N53E30AD__06 Well, 28N53E30AD__07 Well, 28N53E30AD__08 Well, 28N53E30DA__01 Well, 28N53E30DA__02 Well, 28N53E30DA__03 Well, 28N53E30DA__04 Well, 28N53E30DA__05 Well, 28N53E30DA__06 Well, 28N53E30DA__07 Well, 28N53E30DA__08 Well, 28N53E30DB__01 Well, 28N53E30DDBB01 Well, 28N53E30DD__01 Well, 28N53E31BB__01 Well, 28N53E34AD__01 Well, 28N53E35DD__01 Well, 28N54E02DCCC01 Well, 28N54E03ADDA01 Well, 28N54E16DBBD01 Well, 28N54E16DB__01 Well, 28N54E19CADB01 Well, 28N54E21DC__01 Well, 28N54E23AD__01 Well, 28N54E25BC__01 Well, 28N54E25DB__01 Well, 28N54E26BD__01 Well, 28N54E26CB__01 Well, 28N54E26CB__02 Well, 28N54E26CD__01 Well, 28N54E26CD__02 Well, 28N54E26DB__01 Well, 28N54E26DB__02 Well, 28N54E26DD__01 Well, 28N54E27AD__01 Well, 28N54E27BC__01 Well, 28N54E27BC__02 Well, 28N54E27DC__01 Well, 28N54E28CC__01 Well, 28N54E29CD__01 Well, 28N54E31AA__01 Well, 28N54E32BA__01 Well, 28N54E33AD__01 Well, 28N54E33DD__01 Well, 28N54E35CAAB01 Well, 28N54E35CA__01 Well, 28N54E35DD__01 Well, 28N54E36BB__01 Well, 28N55E01CB__01 Well, 28N55E06ABAC01 Well, 28N55E22BB__01 Well, 28N55E23ABDB01 Well, 28N55E23AD__01 Well, 28N55E24BA__01 Well, 28N55E24DD__01 Well, 28N55E27AC__01 Well, 28N55E27BA__01 Well, 28N55E28BBBB01 Well, 28N55E28BB__01 Well, 28N55E28CD__01 Well, 28N55E29BB__01 Well, 28N55E29DC__01 Well, 28N55E30DD__01 Well, 28N55E31AD__01 Well, 28N55E32AC__01 Well, 28N55E32BA__01 Well, 28N55E34AA__01 Well, 28N55E34AA__02 Well, 28N55E35AD__01 Well, 28N55E36AA__01 Well, 28N55E36AA__02 Well, 28N55E36AA__03 Well, 28N55E36BD__01 Well, 28N55E36CD__01 Well, 28N56E01AA__01 Well, 28N56E01CB__02 Well, 28N56E02AA__01 Well, 28N56E02CA__01 Well, 28N56E02CA__02 Well, 28N56E02DA__01 Well, 28N56E03AA__01 Well, 28N56E03BB__01 Well, 28N56E04BA__01 Well, 28N56E04DA__01 Well, 28N56E06AD__01 Well, 28N56E07AA__01 Well, 28N56E07ADCA01 Well, 28N56E10CA__01 Well, 28N56E11CB__01 Well, 28N56E12AB__01 Well, 28N56E12AB__02 Well, 28N56E12BADD01 Well, 28N56E12BA__01 Well, 28N56E12CB__01 Well, 28N56E12DB__01 Well, 28N56E12DB__02 Well, 28N56E14CB__01 Well, 28N56E15CA__01 Well, 28N56E16AD__01 Well, 28N56E20CA__01 Well, 28N56E20CB__01 Well, 28N56E21AC__01 Well, 28N56E21CA__01 Well, 28N56E23DB__01 Well, 28N56E24DBCC01 Well, 28N56E24DB__01 Well, 28N56E24DD__01 Well, 28N56E25BD__01 Well, 28N56E26CB__01 Well, 28N56E26DB__01 Well, 28N56E27AD__01 Well, 28N56E27BD__01 Well, 28N56E27BD__02 Well, 28N56E27BD__03 Well, 28N56E27CA__01 Well, 28N56E28BD__01 Well, 28N56E28BD__02 Well, 28N56E29AC__01 Well, 28N56E29BC__01 Well, 28N56E29BC__02 Well, 28N56E29BC__03 Well, 28N56E29CB__01 Well, 28N56E29CD__01 Well, 28N56E29DB__01 Well, 28N56E29DC__01 Well, 28N56E29DD__01 Well, 28N56E30CC__01 Well, 28N56E30DD__01 Well, 28N56E32AA__01 Well, 28N56E32DB__01 Well, 28N56E32DD__02 Well, 28N56E33AB__01 Well, 28N56E33AD__01 Well, 28N56E33CD__01 Well, 28N56E36CB__01 Well, 28N56E36CB__02 Well, 28N57E04AB__01 Well, 28N57E04BD__01 Well, 28N57E04DC__01 Well, 28N57E05AC__01 Well, 28N57E06DD__01 Well, 28N57E07CC__01 Well, 28N57E08BB__01 Well, 28N57E08DD__01 Well, 28N57E09CC__01 Well, 28N57E10BB__01 Well, 28N57E13DA__01 Well, 28N57E13DA__02 Well, 28N57E13DA__03 Well, 28N57E16CD__01 Well, 28N57E16CD__02 Well, 28N57E19CD__01 Well, 28N57E20AA__01 Well, 28N57E25BA__01 Well, 28N57E25CB__01 Well, 28N57E25CC__01 Well, 28N57E25CC__02 Well, 28N57E26CA__01 Well, 28N57E26CA__02 Well, 28N57E28CD__01 Well, 28N57E28DC__01 Well, 28N57E28DD__01 Well, 28N57E29DB__01 Well, 28N57E30BB__01 Well, 28N57E31AD__01 Well, 28N57E31AD__02 Well, 28N57E31CB__01 Well, 28N57E31CB__02 Well, 28N57E32DB__01 Well, 28N57E32DB__02 Well, 28N57E32DB__03 Well, 28N57E33AA__01 Well, 28N57E33AB__01 Well, 28N57E33CB__01 Well, 28N57E34DD__01 Well, 28N57E35AB__01 Well, 28N57E36AB__01 Well, 28N57E36DD__01 Well, 28N58E04BA__01 Well, 28N58E04CC__01 Well, 28N58E04CC__02 Well, 28N58E05AD__01 Well, 28N58E05AD__02 Well, 28N58E05DD__01 Well, 28N58E07BC__01 Well, 28N58E07BC__02 Well, 28N58E13CADD01 Well, 28N58E14DD__01 Well, 28N58E15BB__01 Well, 28N58E15BD__01 Well, 28N58E15CA__01 Well, 28N58E17CA__01 Well, 28N58E17CA__02 Well, 28N58E18DB__01 Well, 28N58E19DCDC01 Well, 28N58E19DC__01 Well, 28N58E19DD__01 Well, 28N58E20DA__01 Well, 28N58E21CD__01 Well, 28N58E22CD__01 Well, 28N58E22DC__01 Well, 28N58E24CA__01 Well, 28N58E24DC__01 Well, 28N58E25DB__01 Well, 28N58E26CDCD01 Well, 28N58E26CD__01 Well, 28N58E26CD__02 Well, 28N58E26CD__03 Well, 28N58E27ACDD01 Well, 28N58E28BC__01 Well, 28N58E29AA__01 Well, 28N58E31BB__01 Well, 28N58E31BB__02 Well, 28N58E31BB__03 Well, 28N58E31DB__01 Well, 28N58E33AA__01 Well, 28N58E34BA__01 Well, 28N58E34BB__01 Well, 28N58E34BB__02 Well, 28N58E34BD__01 Well, 28N58E34BD__02 Well, 28N58E35CA__01 Well, 28N59E02CC__01 Well, 28N59E03DA__01 Well, 28N59E17BA__01 Well, 28N59E17BA__02 Well, 28N59E17BA__03 Well, 28N59E17CC__01 Well, 28N59E19CC__01 Well, 28N59E26CD__01 Well, 28N59E27CC__01 Well, 28N59E27CC__02 Well, 28N59E28BB__01 Well, 28N59E28BB__02 Well, 28N59E29CBBB01 Well, 28N59E29CC__01 Well, 28N59E29CC__02 Well, 28N59E29DD__01 Well, 28N59E29DD__02 Well, 28N59E30AC__01 Well, 28N59E34AAAB01 Well, 28N59E35AB__01 Well, 28N59E36BD__01 Well, 29N46E01BCDB01 Well, 29N46E01BCDB02 Well, 29N46E01BCDB03 Well, 29N46E02DDAC01 Well, 29N46E02DDDB01 Well, 29N46E05DCCD01 Well, 29N46E08ABBB01 Well, 29N46E08ABBD01 Well, 29N46E10DAAB01 Well, 29N46E10DAAC01 Well, 29N46E11DDAC01 Well, 29N46E28ABAA01 Well, 29N46E34DBDA01 Well, 29N47E06CBCC01 Well, 29N47E15BAAD01 Well, 29N47E26ACBA01 Well, 29N47E28AAAA01 Well, 29N47E29BBCA01 Well, 29N47E29CCCA02 Well, 29N47E30DBBB01 Well, 29N47E31DBBD01 Well, 29N47E32BCAC01 Well, 29N48E08CBBB01 Well, 29N48E09ADDC01 Well, 29N48E11ADDD01 Well, 29N48E14DBCC01 Well, 29N48E14DCAB01 Well, 29N48E19CDCB01 Well, 29N48E22DDDD01 Well, 29N50E05CC__01 Well, 29N50E10CDCD01 Well, 29N50E14CDAD01 Well, 29N50E14CDDD01 Well, 29N50E15BB__01 Well, 29N50E23BAAA01 Well, 29N51E03BCDB01 Well, 29N51E03CAAD01 Well, 29N51E03CABA01 Well, 29N51E08CC__01 Well, 29N51E09ABBA01 Well, 29N51E09ABBA02 Well, 29N51E09ABBA03 Well, 29N51E09ABBA04 Well, 29N51E09CA__01 Well, 29N51E10CADD01 Well, 29N51E10CDAA01 Well, 29N51E10CDAB01 Well, 29N51E10CDBA01 Well, 29N51E14ACCC01 Well, 29N51E14BDDA01 Well, 29N51E15CACA01 Well, 29N51E15CCBD01 Well, 29N51E16BDAA01 Well, 29N51E16CBCC01 Well, 29N51E16CCAA01 Well, 29N51E16DACA01 Well, 29N51E16DDDD01 Well, 29N51E17CCCC01 Well, 29N51E19DCAC01 Well, 29N51E20ABBA01 Well, 29N51E20ABBA02 Well, 29N51E20DABB01 Well, 29N51E21ABCB01 Well, 29N51E21ABCC01 Well, 29N51E21ABDA01 Well, 29N51E21BBAA01 Well, 29N51E21DDAC01 Well, 29N51E29CBBB01 Well, 29N51E31AABB01 Well, 29N51E31ABDD01 Well, 29N51E31BDBA01 Well, 29N51E31CABB01 Well, 29N51E31DBAD01 Well, 29N51E31DBDD01 Well, 29N51E32ABAC01 Well, 29N51E32ACCA01 Well, 29N51E32BAAD01 Well, 29N51E32BABB01 Well, 29N51E32BABB02 Well, 29N51E32BBAA01 Well, 29N51E32BBBA01 Well, 29N51E32BBBA02 Well, 29N51E32BBBA03 Well, 29N51E32BBBA04 Well, 29N51E32BBBB01 Well, 29N51E32BCCA01 Well, 29N51E32BCCA02 Well, 29N51E36CBBB01 Well, 29N51E36CCCC01 Well, 29N52E27DADC01 Well, 29N52E27DADC02 Well, 29N52E34BCAC01 Well, 29N52E35CBBB02 Well, 29N53E06BBBB01 Well, 29N53E27CABD01 Well, 29N53E32BBBB01 Well, 29N53E36CDCC01 Well, 29N55E18DABC01 Well, 29N56E02ADAB01 Well, 29N56E04CDB_01 Well, 29N57E16CBCA01 Well, 29N57E25DBDA01 Well, 29N57E30BCBB01 Well, 29N57E32BBBC01 Well, 29N58E03CDCC01 Well, 29N58E28ABCD01 Well, 29N59E09BDDB01 Well, 29N59E32DDBB01 Well, 30N45E25BAAC01 Well, 30N45E25BADA01 Well, 30N46E02BBCD01 Well, 30N46E10DDDB01 Well, 30N46E10DDDB02 Well, 30N46E10DDDB03 Well, 30N46E13CCCC01 Well, 30N46E14DDAC01 Well, 30N46E14DDDD01 Well, 30N46E15CABD01 Well, 30N46E26DCBC01 Well, 30N46E36DAAB01 Well, 30N47E08DBBA01 Well, 30N47E12ADCC01 Well, 30N47E19BBBC01 Well, 30N47E20BBBB01 Well, 30N47E24ACDC01 Well, 30N47E24DABA01 Well, 30N47E31BCBC01 Well, 30N47E31BCBC02 Well, 30N47E31BCBC03 Well, 30N48E02BBDA01 Well, 30N48E07BAAB01 Well, 30N48E07BAAB02 Well, 30N48E13AABB01 Well, 30N48E15ACAC01 Well, 30N48E17CCCC01 Well, 30N48E20DAAB01 Well, 30N48E20DD__01 Well, 30N48E26BACC01 Well, 30N48E29ACDC01 Well, 30N48E32BCBA01 Well, 30N48E32BCBC01 Well, 30N49E03ABDD01 Well, 30N49E12CCCC01 Well, 30N49E18ACAA01 Well, 30N49E26DADA01 Well, 30N49E27DCBB01 Well, 30N49E36DCCC01 Well, 30N50E05DCAB01 Well, 30N50E20ABAA01 Well, 30N50E21CACA01 Well, 30N50E30ADBB01 Well, 30N50E30BAAA01 Well, 30N50E32BDBC01 Well, 30N50E35ABAC01 Well, 30N51E01BBDB01 Well, 30N51E10CCAD01 Well, 30N51E13DCBC01 Well, 30N51E28DCAA01 Well, 30N51E30DDAB01 Well, 30N52E02AABD01 Well, 30N52E13ABAB01 Well, 30N52E24CCCC01 Well, 30N52E35AAAA01 Well, 30N53E12DCCA01 Well, 30N53E16BBAA01 Well, 30N55E01BAB_01 Well, 30N55E01DDDD01 Well, 30N55E03AAAA01 Well, 30N55E10DDDD01 Well, 30N55E16BBBA01 Well, 30N55E23DBAB01 Well, 30N55E32ACA_01 Well, 30N55E36DADD01 Well, 30N56E11BACD01 Well, 30N57E23BCDC01 Well, 30N57E35BB__01 Well, 30N58E27CCDB01 Well, 31N46E01CBCA01 Well, 31N46E02DDBC01 Well, 31N46E08CBCC01 Well, 31N46E11CBBC01 Well, 31N46E11CBBD01 Well, 31N46E15CCCB01 Well, 31N46E18ABBA01 Well, 31N46E24DCDC01 Well, 31N46E24DCDC02 Well, 31N46E26BCCC01 Well, 31N46E28DDCD01 Well, 31N46E33DDAA01 Well, 31N46E33DDAB01 Well, 31N47E02DADD01 Well, 31N47E06DDDD01 Well, 31N47E06DDDD02 Well, 31N47E14AAAC01 Well, 31N47E16BCAA01 Well, 31N47E16BCAA02 Well, 31N47E33AC__01 Well, 31N48E01ACCD02 Well, 31N48E07CBAC01 Well, 31N48E07CBBA01 Well, 31N48E17ABAA01 Well, 31N48E18BCBC01 Well, 31N48E25BBCB01 Well, 31N48E25BC__01 Well, 31N48E26BCDA01 Well, 31N48E28BABD01 Well, 31N48E28BACB01 Well, 31N48E30CBCD01 Well, 31N48E31DCCC01 Well, 31N49E11BACB01 Well, 31N49E11BBD_01 Well, 31N49E25BBCB01 Well, 31N50E02BBCB01 Well, 31N50E25DDDD01 Well, 31N50E36AAAA01 Well, 31N51E01ABBB01 Well, 31N51E03BC__01 Well, 31N51E04AAAD01 Well, 31N51E04AADA01 Well, 31N51E04AADB01 Well, 31N51E04AA__01 Well, 31N51E04DDAB01 Well, 31N51E14BBCB01 Well, 31N51E23DDBC01 Well, 31N52E05CDCD01 Well, 31N52E05CDDB01 Well, 31N52E05CDDB02 Well, 31N54E23DDDD01 Well, 31N54E28DCDC01 Well, 32N46E15ACCD02 Well, 32N46E22BBDA01 Well, 32N47E07DAAD01 Well, 32N48E03DAAB01 Well, 32N48E13ABBC01 Well, 32N48E23DDDD01 Well, 32N48E27CACD01 Well, 32N49E13DA__01 Well, 32N49E15CDCC01 Well, 32N49E31DCBB01 Well, 32N49E31DCDC01 Well, 32N50E02DDAC01 Well, 32N50E12AAAA01 Well, 32N50E19BC__01 Well, 32N50E27DCDC01 Well, 32N51E04BCBA01 Well, 32N51E05BAAA01 Well, 32N51E05BAAB01 Well, 32N51E05BAAB02 Well, 32N51E17DCCC01 Well, 32N51E20ABBA01 Well, 32N51E21ABBC01 Well, 32N51E21ABCB01 Well, 32N51E28DCCD01 Well, 32N51E31CCCA01 Well, 32N51E36DCCC01 Well, 32N52E03AADC01 Well, 32N52E04BBBB01 Well, 32N52E04BBBB02 Well, 32N53E02CBCB01 Well, 32N53E13BCCA01 Well,

Roosevelt County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

American IndianRoosevelt County American Indian population 6,4876,487  
WhiteRoosevelt County White population 4,0014,001
MixedRoosevelt County Mixed population 338337
AsianRoosevelt County Asian population 5554
BlackRoosevelt County Black population 2221
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRoosevelt County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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State population table
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