Sheridan County, Montana Basics:

Sheridan County Montana - Government Site

Population: 3,576
Area: 1677 square miles
County seat: Plentywood
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.3%
Median household income: $48,148
Persons in poverty: 10.0%
Home ownership rate: 71.7%
Mean travel time to work: 13.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Daniels  Divide (ND)  Roosevelt  Williams (ND)  

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Map of the Sheridan County area

Our detail map of Sheridan County shows the Sheridan County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Sheridan County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Medicine Lake-Sheridan County Airport (historical), Sher-Wood Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Medicine Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Medicine Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Dagmar, Medicine Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Reserve, Outlook Fire Department, Pioneer Manor Retirement Home, Plentywood City Volunteer Fire Department, Plentywood Police Department, Redstone Rural Fire District, Reserve Community Hall, Sheridan County Agriculture Museum and Civic Center, Sheridan County Courthouse, Sheridan County Library, Sheridan County Museum, Sheridan County Sheriff's Office, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Ambulance, United States Customs and Border Protection Raymond Port of Entry, Westby Volunteer Fire Department, Wolf Creek Hall

  Canals     show all on map

Diversion Ditch Number One

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Antelope Catholic Cemetery, Antelope Creek Cemetery, Archer Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Christensen Cemetery, Comertown Cemetery, Dooley Cemetery, Eden Valley Cemetery, Emmaus Cemetery, Eng Cemetery, Faith Lutheran Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Homestead Cemetery, Immanuel Cemetery, Lone Tree Cemetery, McCall - Gibson Cemetery, McElroy Cemetery, Medicine Lake Cemetery, Old Redstone Cemetery, Our Saviors Cemetery, Plentywood Cemetery, Plentywood Memorial Cemetery, Rock Spring Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Olaf Cemetery, Scandia Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Valleyview Cemetery, Wankel Cemetery, Westby Catholic Cemetery, Westby Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Antelope Census Designated Place, Reserve Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Adventist Church (historical), Antelope Creek Lutheran Church (historical), Archer Lutheran Church (historical), Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Bethel Evangelical Church, Bethel Free Lutheran Congregation (historical), Church of Christ, Coalridge Assembly of God Church (historical), Coalridge Mennonite Church, Congregational Church (historical), Emmaus Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church - Plentywood, First Congregational United Church of Christ, First Lutheran Church, First Lutheran Church of Westby (historical), German Lutheran Church, Highland Lutheran Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lone Tree Lutheran Church (historical), Medicine Lake Lutheran Church, Methodist Episcopal Church of Outlook (historical), Methodist Free Church of Daleview (historical), Nathanael Lutheran Church, Nazarene Church (historical), Our Saviors Lutheran Church (historical), Pleasant Valley Lutheran (historical), Plentywood Bench Lutheran Church (historical), Plentywood Lutheran Parish, Plentywood Seventh Day Adventist Church, Raymond Lutheran Church (historical), Redstone Methodist Church, Reserve Lutheran Church (historical), Rock Spring Congregation (historical), Rocky Valley Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Boniface Catholic Church, Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church, Saint John Congregation, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Catholic Church, Saint Raymonds Church (historical), Scandia Lutheran Free Church (historical), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Union Congregational Church, United Methodist Church, Volmer Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Black Out Dam, Box Elder Creek Dam, Bummer Dam, Calvin Dam, Cornhuskers Dam, Dam Number 1, Dam Number 10, Dam Number 11, Dam Number 12, Dam Number 4, Dam Number 6, Dewey Dam, Engstrom Dam, Freske Number 1 Dam, Hasland Number 2 Dam, Lindberg Dam, Marsh Dam, Medicine Lake Refuge Number 11 Dam, Medicine Lake Refuge Number 12 Dam, Medicine Lake Refuge Number 4 Dam, Miller Dam, Miller Dam, Neiser Number 1 Dam, Plentywood Sewage Lagoon Dam, Primrose Dam, Raymond Storage Dam, Reed Number 1 Dam, Reed Number 2 Dam, Soderquist Dam, Sorenson Dam, Thomas Dam

  Gaps     show all on map

Crazy Horse Gap, Gaffeney Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Family Chiropractic Center, Medical Clinic, Outlook General Hospital (historical), Plentywood Vision Center, Sheridan Dental Clinic, Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Sheridan Memorial Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

Big Island, Bruces Island, Gull Island, Youngs Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Brightsmen Lake, Brush Lake, Capeneys Lake, Clear Lake, Comers Lake, Dominek Lake, Flat Lake, Gaulke Lake, Goose Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Johnson Lake, Katy Lake, Larson Slough, Lochin Slough, Lone Tree Lake, Long Lake, Mallard Pond, Mattson Slough, North Lake, Park Lake, Salt Lake, Syme Slough, Tadpole Lake, Widgeon Slough

  Locales     show all on map

Ag Grain Incorporated, Antelope, Antelope Grain Company (historical), Archer (historical), Bedford (historical), Big Muddy Golf Club, Bolster Dam Campgrounds, Brush Lake Resort, Columbia Grain International Incorporated, Comertown, Cuskers House, Daleview (historical), Dooley (historical), Farmers Elevator Company of Fortuna, Farmers Elevator Company of Froid, Farmers Elevator Company of Outlook, Hass Farms Elevator (historical), Homestead, Homestead Elevator, McElroy (historical), Medicine Lake, Merc, Midby (historical), Olson Trading, Outlook, Plentywood, Plentywood Can-Am RV Park, Plentywood Golf Club, Prairie States Cooperative, Raymond, Raymond Community Hall, Redstone, Redstone Grain Company, Reserve, Rock Springs, Sheridan County Fairgrounds, Sheridan Grain Company Plentywood Station (historical), Shermont Electric and Grain, Sunset Movie Drive-in Theatre, Westby

  Oilfields     show all on map

Flat Lake Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Comer Park, Harry DeSilva City Park, McInenly Park, Medicine Lake Memorial Park, Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Mill Park, Noelle Meyer Memorial Park, Onstad Park, Polly Park, Raymond Park and Recreation Area, Sherwood Park, Sportsman Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Antelope, Archer, Coalridge, Comertown, Dagmar, Daleview, Dooley, Homestead, McElroy, Medicine Lake, Midby (historical), Outlook, Plentywood, Raymond, Redstone, Reserve, Rock Crossing, Trails End Trailer Court, Vivs Trailer Court, Volmer, Wanso (historical), Westby

  Post Offices     show all on map

Antelope Post Office, Archer Post Office (historical), Ashdale Post Office (historical), Coalridge Post Office (historical), Comertown Post Office (historical), Dagmar Post Office, Daleview Post Office (historical), Daleview Post Office (historical), Dooley Post Office (historical), Frog Springs Post Office (historical), Greenville Post Office (historical), Homestead Post Office (historical), Homestead Post Office (historical), McElroy Post Office (historical), McNulty Post Office (historical), Medicine Lake Post Office, Midby Post Office (historical), Monota Post Office (historical), Outlook Post Office, Plentywood Post Office, Quitmeyer Post Office (historical), Raymond Post Office, Redstone Post Office, Reserve Post Office, Spring Post Office (historical), Wanso Post Office (historical), Welliver Post Office (historical), Westby Post Office

  Reserves     show all on map

Medicine Lake Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Boxelder Lake, Medicine Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Antelope School (historical), Archer School (historical), Bain School (historical), Beaver Creek School (historical), Bergsland School (historical), Beverly School, Blue Valley School (historical), Brenden School (historical), Central Consolidated School (historical), Coalridge School (historical), Collins School (historical), Comertown School (historical), Coolidge School (historical), Corkery School (historical), Courtney School (historical), Dagmar Academy (historical), Daleview School (historical), Daniels / Sheridan Special Education Cooperative School, Desonia School (historical), Dooley Grade School (historical), Dooley High School (historical), Eden Valley, Emerson School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Franklin School, Garfield School (historical), Garneau School (historical), Gibson School (historical), Griffin School (historical), Hamley School (historical), Hans Christian Anderson School, Hawthorne School, Hendrickson School (historical), Hiawatha School, Homestead High School (historical), Jefferson School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Johnson School (historical), King School (historical), LaFayette School (historical), Lakeside School (historical), Leet School (historical), Lew Wallace School (historical), Lincoln School (historical), Lindblom School (historical), Lone Star School (historical), Longfellow School (historical), Lowell School (historical), Marsh School (historical), McElroy School (historical), McKinley School (historical), Medicine Lake School, Monroe School (historical), Muddy School (historical), Ness School (historical), Nickerson School (historical), Olson School (historical), Outlook School, Phellps School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Plentywood School, Raymond School (historical), Redstone School (historical), Reiten School (historical), Reserve School (historical), Richwine School, Robinson School (historical), Rocky Springs School (historical), Roosevelt School, Roosevelt School (historical), Rose Hill School (historical), Rose Valley, Sindt School (historical), Sloneker School (historical), Smith School (historical), Snuggins School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Sunnyhill School, Thornwood School (historical), Two Tree School (historical), Ueland School (historical), View Hill School (historical), Voight School (historical), Wankel School (historical), Wanso School (historical), Washington School (historical), Welliver School (historical), Westby Schools, Whitney School (historical), Whittier School (historical), Wilson School, Woodrow School (historical), Zich School

  Springs     show all on map

35N54E10ACCA01 Spring, Dead Horse Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Ator Creek, Beaver Creek, Boxelder Creek, Brush Mountain Creek, Cherry Creek (historical), Cottonwood Creek, Crazy Horse Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Big Muddy River (historical), East Fork Brush Mountain Creek, East Fork Brush Mountain Creek, East Fork Wolf Creek, Ford Creek, Give Out Morgan Creek, Harrys Creek, Island Coulee (historical), Lake Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Lost Creek, Marron Creek, McCabe Creek, McCoy Creek, McLaughlin Creek, Middle Fork Eagle Creek, Neiser Creek, North Fork Eagle Creek, Otter Creek, Plentywood Creek, Redstone Creek, Reserve Creek, Sand Creek, South Fork Antelope Creek, Whitetail Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Brush Mountain, Flagstaff Hill, Kisler Butte, Sand Butte, Sand Hills, Umbrights Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KATQ-AM (Plentywood), KATQ-FM (Plentywood)

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Coulee, Clarence Coulee, Folsom Coulee, Green Coulee, Mine Coulee, Richardson Coulee, Sauerkraut Coulee, Sheep Camp Coulee, Shippe Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

31N54E16DCDA01 Well, 31N55E07CBCB01 Well, 31N55E18DBAB01 Well, 31N55E23DCCD01 Well, 31N55E25DDDD01 Well, 31N55E29AABD01 Well, 31N55E35CBDB01 Well, 31N55E36DDDD01 Well, 31N56E17ADDB01 Well, 31N56E18BCBC01 Well, 31N56E19AAAC01 Well, 31N56E19ABAA01 Well, 31N56E19ABBB01 Well, 31N56E20DDDC01 Well, 31N56E24CCDD01 Well, 31N56E30BBBB01 Well, 31N56E32BAAB01 Well, 31N56E33CCCD01 Well, 31N57E01BACA01 Well, 31N57E03DBBB01 Well, 31N57E09ABAD01 Well, 31N57E09CCBC01 Well, 31N57E17ABDC01 Well, 31N57E20ABDA01 Well, 31N57E28DCBC01 Well, 31N57E34CDDC01 Well, 31N58E09CBCD01 Well, 31N58E25AADB01 Well, 31N58E32CBCB01 Well, 31N59E06CCCA01 Well, 32N54E17ABB_01 Well, 32N54E19DDBA01 Well, 32N54E26BCBB01 Well, 32N54E33BABC01 Well, 32N55E18ADDD01 Well, 32N55E25ABCB01 Well, 32N56E05DADB01 Well, 32N56E12CBBA01 Well, 32N56E17CCCB01 Well, 32N56E19BDDD01 Well, 32N56E20CCCC01 Well, 32N56E29AAAA01 Well, 32N56E29DDDD01 Well, 32N56E29DDDD02 Well, 32N56E31BBBB02 Well, 32N56E33BCDC01 Well, 32N57E09DCCB01 Well, 32N57E22AAAA01 Well, 32N57E26BBBB01 Well, 32N57E26CBBB01 Well, 32N57E26CBBB02 Well, 32N57E26CBBB03 Well, 32N58E04DBBD01 Well, 32N58E04DBBD02 Well, 32N58E05DDAB01 Well, 32N58E06DCAA01 Well, 32N58E10CCCC01 Well, 32N58E12DDCC01 Well, 32N58E13DDDB01 Well, 32N58E22CBBC01 Well, 32N58E26ADDB01 Well, 32N58E27BCCC01 Well, 32N58E31CBDD01 Well, 32N59E04DDDD01 Well, 32N59E08BCBA01 Well, 32N59E09DDBC01 Well, 32N59E19BDBC01 Well, 32N59E29A___01 Well, 33N52E17AAAB01 Well, 33N52E17DDDC01 Well, 33N52E23BAAD01 Well, 33N52E23BADD01 Well, 33N52E27CCBD01 Well, 33N52E27CCBD02 Well, 33N52E29AAAA01 Well, 33N53E02BCBC01 Well, 33N53E07AABA01 Well, 33N53E12DCAD01 Well, 33N53E19CCBB01 Well, 33N53E19CCBC01 Well, 33N53E20ACAB01 Well, 33N53E29CCBD01 Well, 33N54E01BBDD01 Well, 33N54E01BBDD01 Well, 33N54E02DDCD01 Well, 33N54E07CDAB01 Well, 33N54E08ADBC01 Well, 33N54E13CDCC01 Well, 33N54E18CDDB01 Well, 33N54E19DCBA01 Well, 33N54E30DBCD01 Well, 33N54E31ADAD01 Well, 33N55E13CDCB01 Well, 33N55E18DDAA01 Well, 33N55E27BBBA01 Well, 33N56E02ACAB01 Well, 33N56E03CC__01 Well, 33N56E05AB__01 Well, 33N56E07ACDA01 Well, 33N56E10DBCD01 Well, 33N56E26DDDC01 Well, 33N56E28CBCD01 Well, 33N56E28DAAD01 Well, 33N56E29BBBB01 Well, 33N56E31BBBC01 Well, 33N56E33ABAB01 Well, 33N57E05ACBC01 Well, 33N57E06CBBD01 Well, 33N57E12CDBD01 Well, 33N57E17BACA01 Well, 33N57E22DCCA01 Well, 33N57E33CDDC01 Well, 33N58E01ABAB01 Well, 33N58E05ACAA01 Well, 33N58E06CBDC01 Well, 33N58E09CDDA01 Well, 33N58E17ABBA01 Well, 33N58E17ADDD01 Well, 33N58E21CCAA01 Well, 33N58E23AADB01 Well, 33N58E23CBCA01 Well, 33N58E23CBCA02 Well, 33N58E23CCAA01 Well, 33N58E24AAAA01 Well, 33N58E25AAAA01 Well, 33N58E25AAAA02 Well, 33N58E25AAAA03 Well, 33N58E28CBBA01 Well, 33N58E29ADCA01 Well, 33N58E29ADDB01 Well, 33N58E29ADDB02 Well, 33N58E30ACAA01 Well, 33N58E32CCAA01 Well, 33N58E33DACB01 Well, 33N58E36AADD01 Well, 33N58E36DDDD01 Well, 34N52E03BA__01 Well, 34N52E13CDDC01 Well, 34N52E33CA__01 Well, 34N53E01CDCA01 Well, 34N53E01DDCC01 Well, 34N53E10DDDC01 Well, 34N53E15DCDD01 Well, 34N53E28DCBA01 Well, 34N54E10BABA01 Well, 34N54E17BBAB01 Well, 34N54E25CBBB01 Well, 34N54E33BBBB01 Well, 34N55E02AADA01 Well, 34N55E12BDCD01 Well, 34N55E23DDBB01 Well, 34N55E24AACB01 Well, 34N55E24ABDA01 Well, 34N55E24ABDA02 Well, 34N55E24ACAB01 Well, 34N55E24ACDA01 Well, 34N55E30BDAA01 Well, 34N56E24ABCC01 Well, 34N56E28ADBD01 Well, 34N56E32AADA01 Well, 34N56E35DDDD01 Well, 34N57E20CADC01 Well, 34N58E06CCCB01 Well, 34N58E11DBAB01 Well, 34N58E13AAAD01 Well, 34N58E13AAAD02 Well, 34N58E13BBDD01 Well, 34N58E13CDBB01 Well, 34N58E14AAAA01 Well, 34N58E14ACAA01 Well, 34N58E14BDDD01 Well, 34N58E14CBDD01 Well, 34N58E14DBDD01 Well, 34N58E18BCBB01 Well, 34N58E20DAAA01 Well, 34N58E21DCCD01 Well, 34N58E22AACC01 Well, 34N58E23BBBB01 Well, 34N58E26ADAB01 Well, 34N58E29CDBA01 Well, 34N58E29DCBA01 Well, 35N52E05BBD_01 Well, 35N52E07CD__01 Well, 35N52E12ABAC01 Well, 35N52E12B___01 Well, 35N52E15CADC01 Well, 35N52E18CD__01 Well, 35N53E01ADCC01 Well, 35N53E01AD__01 Well, 35N53E07DDAA01 Well, 35N53E16ABCC03 Well, 35N53E16BABD01 Well, 35N53E21AAAA01 Well, 35N53E25DDCC01 Well, 35N53E34AABA01 Well, 35N53E35BDDB01 Well, 35N54E05ABDB01 Well, 35N54E10ACAB01 Well, 35N54E13DBBB01 Well, 35N54E14AADC01 Well, 35N54E20CCAA01 Well, 35N55E03ABBA01 Well, 35N55E14DBDD01 Well, 35N55E19ADCA01 Well, 35N55E19ADDB01 Well, 35N55E19ADDB02 Well, 35N55E19ADDB03 Well, 35N55E19DAC_01 Well, 35N55E19DAD_01 Well, 35N55E20ACCA01 Well, 35N55E20BAB_01 Well, 35N55E20BAB_02 Well, 35N55E20BBCB01 Well, 35N55E20BDBC01 Well, 35N55E20DCAD01 Well, 35N55E20DCBA__ Well, 35N55E20DCBB__ Well, 35N55E21CDBB01 Well, 35N55E28BBAD01 Well, 35N55E28BDAD01 Well, 35N55E28BDCA01 Well, 35N55E28BDDD01 Well, 35N56E07CBBB01 Well, 35N56E16BBDB01 Well, 35N56E23CDCD01 Well, 35N56E23CDDD01 Well, 35N56E25AC__11 Well, 35N56E25AC__12 Well, 35N56E32ABAB01 Well, 35N57E02DACC01 Well, 35N58E01AADA01 Well, 35N58E01ACDA01 Well, 35N58E01ADC_01 Well, 35N58E01ADDA01 Well, 35N58E01DABB01 Well, 35N58E01DBAA01 Well, 35N58E01DBDD01 Well, 35N58E24AAAA01 Well, 35N58E24DDDD01 Well, 35N58E36CBBB01 Well, 36N52E11CD__01 Well, 36N53E31BBC_01 Well, 36N53E32DD__01 Well, 36N54E12DDDD01 Well, 36N54E34CDDD01 Well, 36N54E36CDDB01 Well, 36N55E02CCAB01 Well, 36N56E16AABA01 Well, 36N57E07BDBA01 Well, 36N57E09CACB01 Well, 36N57E25DACC01 Well, 36N58E23BACA01 Well, 36N58E29CBCA01 Well, 37N52E26AA__01 Well, 37N55E28ADAB01 Well, 37N57E08BAAA01 Well, 37N58E05CA__01 Well, 37N58E18CBCC01 Well,

Sheridan County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSheridan County White population 3,4123,411  
MixedSheridan County Mixed population 7575
American IndianSheridan County American Indian population 5757
AsianSheridan County Asian population 1817
BlackSheridan County Black population 1414
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSheridan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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