Valley County, Montana Basics:

Valley County Montana - Government Site

Population: 7,504
Area: 4926 square miles
County seat: Glasgow
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 89.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.2%
Median household income: $45,083
Persons in poverty: 13.6%
Home ownership rate: 69.8%
Mean travel time to work: 15.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Daniels  Garfield  McCone  Phillips  Roosevelt  

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Map of the Valley County area

Our detail map of Valley County shows the Valley County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Valley County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Blatter Airport, Etchart Field Airport, Floyd Ranch Airport, Fort Peck Airport, Glasgow Industrial Airport, Hinsdale Airport, Olfert Airport, Opheim Airport, Redfield Ag Strip, Saubak Airport, Wokal Field/Glasgow International Airport, Zerbe Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Three Forks

  Basins     show all on map

Baldy Pit

  Bays     show all on map

Catfish Bay, Eighth Coulee Bay, Perch Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Sutherland Creek Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Bjornberg Bridge, Milk River Bridge, Tampico Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Federal Bureau of Investigation Glasgow Office, Fort Peck Volunteer Fire Department, Frazer Volunteer Fire Company, Glasgow City County Library, Glasgow Fire Department North Side Fire Hall, Glasgow Police Department, Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department, Hinsdale Volunteer Fire Department, Nashua Volunteer Fire Department, North Valley Emergency Medical Services, Opheim Community Library, Opheim Police Department, Opheim Volunteer Fire Department, Saint Marie Rural Fire District, Saint Marie Rural Fire District Storage Facility, United States Customs and Border Protection Opheim Port of Entry, Valley County Courthouse, Valley County Pioneer Museum, Valley County Sheriff's Office

  Canals     show all on map

Main Canal, Missouri Pump Canal, Rock Creek Canal, Vandalia South Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Jefferson Point, Markles Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Fort Peck Cemetery, Galpin Cemetery, Glasgow Highland Cemetery, Hill Crest Cemetery, Hillview Cemetery, Larslan Cemetery, Lawndale Cemetery, Memorial Gardens, Nashua Cemetery, Roanwood Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Sunset Rest Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Frazer Census Designated Place, Hinsdale Census Designated Place, Saint Marie Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Bethel Lutheran Church of Grain, Big Sky Indian Chapel, Calvary Baptist Church, Cavens Church (historical), Church of Christ, Church of Nazarene of Nashua (historical), Church of the Nazarene, Dakota Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Church, Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church, Faith Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Opheim, First Congregational Church United Church of Christ, First Lutheran Church, First Lutheran Church, First United Methodist Church, Fort Peck Chapel, Galpin Church, Grace Baptist Church, Hinsdale Lutheran Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Joy Fellowship, Larslan Mennonite Brethren Church, Lustre Bethel Mennonite Church, Lustre Mennonite Brethren Church, Marantha Center, Oswego Church, Our Redeemers Lutheran Church, Our Saviors Church, Queen of Angels Catholic Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Richland Lutheran Church (historical), Roanwood Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Alberts Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Raphaels Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cameron Point

  Dams     show all on map

A Anderson Dam, A Nichols Dam, Alkali Dam, Allie Dam, Archambeault Retention Dam, Arrambide Dam, Back Dam, Badger Dam, Barnard Dam, Bat Reservoir Dam, Beaver Tooth Dam, Beaverette Dam, Beechnut Dam, Beil Dam, Big Deal Dam, Big Forks Dam, Big Rock Dam, Blanchard Detention Reservoir Dam, Blatter Dam, Blue Cheese Dam, Bobsland Dam, Bomber Dam, Bomber Detention Diversion Dam, Bond Dam, Brazil Divide Dam, Brown Cow Dam, Browning Dam, Buffale Dam, Buggy Reservoir Dam, Cain Dam, Cain Dam, Camp Dam, Canoe Dam, Carie Dam, Carpenter Creek Dam, Chambers Dam, Chico Flats Dam, Clover Drop Dam, Collins Dam, Collins Headcut Dam, Conehead Dam, Cornwall Dam, Corral Dam, Corral Junction Dam, Corral Junction Extension Dam, Corral Junction Two Dam, Cottonwood Dam, Dead Horse Dam, Deep Cut Dam, Desert Dam, Desert Dam, Dividend Dam, Dog Creek Dam, Don Number 1 Dam, Double Crossing Dam, Dubbe Reservoir Dam, Dyncan Number 2 Dam, Eddie Number 1 Dam, Eddie Number 2 Dam, Eddie Number 6 Dam, Ellsworth Dam, Enkrud Dam, Etchart Dam, Finn Reservoir Dam, Fisher Dam, Forrest Reservoir Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 1 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 11 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 12 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 15 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 4 Dam, Fort Peck Reservation Number 6 Dam, Foulweather Dam, Frank Jenson Number 1 Dam, Frank Stuber Number 1 Dam, Frazer Lake Dam East, Gay Dam, Ghost Number 1 Dam, Ghost Number 2 Dam, Ghost Number 3 Dam, Ghost Number 5 Dam, Ghost Number 6 Dam, Glasgow Sewage Lagoon Dam, Goodwall Reservoir Dam, Gravel Hill Dam, Greenwood Number 2 Dam, Grub Dam, Gutshot Dam, Half Barrel Dam, Halfpint Reservoir Dam, Halverson Dam, Hamms Reservoir Dam, Hanson Dam, Hard Pan Dam, Hard Rock Dam, Hawk-Eye Dam, Horgan Reservoir Dam, Horny Dam, Hose Dam, Hovland Dam, Hovland Dam, Hunter Dam, Hurricane Dam, Itcaina Dam, January Dam, Jim Reservoir Dam, John Black Number 4 Dam, Jones Dam, Jordan Dam, Judy Dam, Kielman Dam, Little Brazil Dam, Little Brazil Number 3 Dam, Little Porcupine Dam, Long Horn Number 1 Dam, Long Horn Number 4 Dam, Lori Dam, Lower Burnett Headcut Dam, Maham and Hoyt Reservoir Dam, Makee Dam, Maraschino Dam, McCuin Dam, Midway Dam, Moccasin Dam, Morgan Number 1 Dam, Mud Pot Dam, Nelsons Dam, Neufeld Number 1 Dam, Neufeld Number 2 Dam, Nod Dam, Nod Dam, North Beaver Dam, North Fork Plug Dam, Number 2 Reservoir Dam, NW Burnett Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Nyquist Number 1 Dam, Nyquist Number 2 Dam, Odin Dam, One Fork Dam, Paul Reservoir Dam, Pearson Dam, Pines Reservoir Dam, Pippen Dam, Professor Pool Dam, Remulac Dam, Reservoir Number 168 Dam, Road Reservoir Dam, Romo Dam, Ruins Dam, S W Burnett Number 1 Dam, Sage Hen Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Script Dam, Sculpin Dam, Shag Dam, Sheep Shed Dam, Short Creek Dam, Skeeter Dam, Skull Dam, Sob Dam, South Beaver Reservoir Dam, Stub Dam, Sweet Carolyn Dam, Sweo Dam, Target Dam, Tarum Dam, Tarum Number 2 Dam, Tarums Dam, Teal Reservoir Dam, Tepee Rock Dam, The Man Dam, Thingamajig Dam, Tigar Milk Dam, Tin Roof Dam, Todd Lake Dam, Tomahawk Dam, Toprail Dam, Triple Crossing Dam, Triple Crossing Water Spreaders Dam, Twin Forks Dam, Two Forks Dam, Ult Dam, Upper Lone Tree Dam, Valley Reservoir Dam, Vandalia Dam, Vandalia Diversion Dam, Vip Sewage Disposal Lagoons Number 1 Dam, Vip Sewage Disposal Lagoons Number 2 Dam, Vr 64 Dam, VR-2 Dam, VR-46 Dam, VR-57 Dam, VR-72 Dam, VR-77 Dam, VR-80 Dam, Wagner Dam, Wards Dam, Weson Dam, Whatchamacallit Dam, Whatshername Dam, Whatshisname Dam, Whatsitsname Dam, White Rock Dam, Whitetail Reservoir Dam, Whodiky Dam, Wilderness Reservoir Dam, Willow Creek Flat Dam, Willow Creek Upper South Fork Dam, Willow Flat Diversion Dam, Willow Flat Number 2 Dam, Willow Flat Reservoir Dam, Winkum Dam, Wittmayer Dam, Your Name Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Archambeault Flats, Burnett Flats, Kansas Flats, Newberry Flat, Wild Horse Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Pass, Brown Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Central Hospital (historical), Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital, Frances Mahon Deaconess Nursing Home, Glasgow Clinic, Glasgow Family Chiropractic Clinic, Great Northern Hospital (historical), Valley County Home (historical), Valley View Home

  Islands     show all on map

Duck Island, Scout Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Baalke Slough, Dry Lake, Georges Pond, Lake Elbert, Lake Grable

  Locales     show all on map

Accord (historical), Anderson Ranch, Archambeault Ranch, Atlantic Elevator (historical), Beaverton (historical), Billingsley Ranch, Blanchard Cabin, Blanchard Ranch, Brazil Creek (historical), Browning Ranch, Campbells (historical), Campbells Houses (historical), Charles M Russell NWR Station, Collins Ranch, Cork (historical), David Horse Camp, Drabb's Ranch, Duck Creek Fishing Access Site, Engstrom Ranch, Equity Cooperative Elevator (historical), Etchart Cow Camp, Etchart Stone House, Faranuf Ranch, Farmers Produce Company Elevator (historical), Farmers Union Elevator (historical), Farmers Union Grain Company Elevator, Fort Copeland (historical), Fort Dauphin (historical), Fort Galpin (historical), Fort Kaiser (historical), Fort Peck (historical), Fort Peck Dredge Cuts Fishing Access Site, Frazer, Frazer Pumping Station, Fuhrman Community Center, Gideon Ranch, Gig G Shopping Center, Glasgow, Glasgow Base Pond Fishing Access Site, Glasgow Rest Area, Glasgow Stock Yards (historical), Glentana (historical), Glentana Elevator (historical), Hamells Houses (historical), Hammond's Ranch, Handley Ranch, Harper Camp, Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator, Hinsdale, Hulbert's Ranch, Imperial Elevator (historical), Imperial Elevator (historical), Inperial Elevator (historical), Kepples Ranch, Kerr Cow Camp, Kintyre, Kirkwood (historical), Kirns Ranch, Kyle's Ranch, Lambetts (historical), Lenox (historical), Magruder Ranch, Nashua, North Bench Community Hall, Occident Elevator (historical), Opheim (historical), Oswego, Oswego Elevator (historical), Paisley (historical), Peavey Company Elevator, Pierson's Ranch, Price's Ranch, Putnam (historical), Ratchford's Ranch, Ratchford's Ranch, Richland (historical), Roub's Ranch, Saint Anthony and Dakota Elevator (historical), Saint Anthony and Dakota Elevator (historical), Shady Rest RV Park, Sherry's Ranch, Smith-Tyner Elevator (historical), Smith-Tyner Elevator (historical), Sneed's Ranch, Sneed's Ranch, Snieder's Ranch, Stebley Ranch, Sunnyside Golf Club, Tampico, Tanner's Ranch, Terrys Drive In (historical), Tomtown (historical), Trails West Campground, Treasure Trail Shopping Center, Uphaus Ranch, Valco Agri Services Incorporated Elevator, Valley County Fairgrounds, Valley Industrial Park, Vandalia, West End Campground, West's Ranch, Whately (historical), White's Ranch, White's Ranch, Whitmore's Ranch, Winter Truesdell Elevator (historical), Wiota (historical), Wittmayer Ranch, Wooldridge's Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Glasgow Air Force Base (historical), Glasgow Army Air Field (historical), Opheim Air Force Station, Opheim Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Battin Mine, Bentonite Number 1 Mine, Bentonite Number 2 Mine, Bentonite Number 3 Mine, Bentonite Number 4 Mine, Bentonite Number 5 Mine, Bentonite Number 6 Mine, Kleppen Mine, Sioux City Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Alumni Park, Big Muddy Park, Bone Trail Recreation Area, Buffalo Country Historical Marker, Bundy Park, Candy Cane Park, Centennial Park, Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Coleman Wildlife Park, Downstream Recreation Area, Duck Creek Recreation Area, Flag Pole Park, Flat Lake Recreation Area, Fort Peck Recreation Area, Hoyt Park, In Memoriam Historical Marker, John Hahn Memorial Field, Lions Park, Liquid Gold Historical Marker, Mall Park, Old Fort Peck Historical Marker, Opheim Park, Osage Circle Park, Red Rock Plaza Park, Scottie Field, Scotty Park, Smith Clinic Park, Sullivan Park, The Pines Recreation Area, Trout Pond Recreation Area, Warren Memorial Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Pikes Peak

  Populated Places     show all on map

Avondale (historical), Bakers (historical), Barr (historical), Barr (historical), Baylor, Beaverton, Delano Heights (historical), Fort Peck, Frazer, Free Deal (historical), Genevieve (historical), Glasgow, Glentana, Happy Hollow (historical), Hiland (historical), Hinsdale, Idlewile (historical), Kaiver (historical), Kansas Flat (historical), Lakeview (historical), Larb (historical), Larslan, Lismas (historical), Lustre, Martinsville (historical), Midway (historical), Midway (historical), Miles Crossing, Minot (historical), Murray Place, Nashua, New Deal (historical), Opheim, Oswego, Park Dale (historical), Park Grove, Richland, Riverside (historical), Roanwood, Roosevelt (historical), Rose Hill (historical), Saint Marie, Square Deal (historical), Tampico, Thoeny, Vandalia, Whately, Wheeler, Wild Rose (historical), Wiota (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ajerton Post Office (historical), Avondale Post Office (historical), Barnard Post Office (historical), Barr Post Office (historical), Barr Post Office (historical), Baylor Post Office (historical), Beaverton Post Office (historical), Boundary Post Office (historical), Chelt Post Office (historical), Delight Post Office (historical), Eight Point Post Office (historical), Faranuf Post Office (historical), Fort Peck Post Office, Fort Peck Post Office (historical), Frazer Post Office, Galpin Post Office (historical), Genevieve Post Office (historical), Glasgow Post Office, Glentana Post Office (historical), Gold Medal Post Office (historical), Grain Post Office (historical), Hinsdale Post Office, Keefer Post Office (historical), Larb Post Office (historical), Larslan Post Office (historical), Lismas Post Office (historical), Lustre Post Office (historical), Meharry Post Office (historical), Middle Fork Post Office (historical), Nashua Post Office, New Deal Post Office (historical), Opheim Post Office, Oswego Post Office (historical), Putnam Post Office (historical), Richland Post Office, Roanwood Post Office (historical), Tampico Post Office (historical), Tango Post Office (historical), Thoeny Post Office (historical), Tobison Post Office (historical), Unger Post Office (historical), Vandalia Post Office (historical), Wendell Post Office (historical), Whately Post Office (historical), Wheatland Post Office (historical), Wheeler Post Office (historical), Wiota Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Calderwood Hills, Dahl Hills, Opheim Hills, Papoose Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Abey Reservoir, Access Reservoir, Ada Reservoir, Aitken Reservoir, Aldrin Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir, Anna Reservoir, Archambeault Retention Reservoir, Ardis Reservoir, Arrambide Reservoir, B and H Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Barb Reservoir, Baulk Reservoir, Bean Reservoir, Bear Tracks Reservoir, Beartracks Reservoir, Beast Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, Beaverhead Reservoir, Becky Reservoir, Beechnut Reservoir, Bend Reservoir, Berger Reservoir, Big Fork Reservoir, Big Rock Detention Reservoir, Bird Reservoir, Black Calf Reservoir, Black Reservoir, Blanchard Reservoir, Bliss Reservoir, Bomber Reservoir, Bones Reservoir, Book Reservoir, Boone Reservoir, Boundary Reservoir, Browning Reservoir, Bubble Reservoir, Bud Reservoir, Bullhead Reservoir, Cabin Reservoir, Cactus Flat Detention Reservoir, Camp Reservoir, Carol Reservoir, Carp Reservoir, Cat Reservoir, Chico Reservoir, Chowder Reservoir, Christmas Reservoir, Cisco Reservoir, Clover Reservoir, Collins Reservoir, Confusion Reservoir, Conrad Reservoir, Cornwell Reservoir, Corral Junction Number 2 Reservoir, Corral Junction Number Two Reservoir, Corral Reservoir, Cottonwood Reservoir, Coulee Reservoir, Craig Reservoir, Crappie Reservoir, Cub Reservoir, Deep Cut Reservoir, Desert Claim Reservoir, Dicks Reservoir, Dime Reservoir, Divide Number Two Reservoir, Divide Reservoir, Do Reservoir, Dodge Reservoir, Dog Creek Reservoir, Don Reservoir, Dont Reservoir, Double Crossing Reservoir, Double Reservoir, Dubbe Reservoir, Duck Creek Reservoir, Duck Creek Reservoir, Duck Soup Reservoir, Duet Reservoir, Eighteen Reservoir, Emory Reservoir, Erie Reservoir, Far-Nuff Reservoir, Finn Reservoir, Five Point Reservoir, Five Reservoir, Flat Drop Reservoir, Florence Reservoir, Forrest Reservoir, Forsman Reservoir, Fort Peck Lake, Fort Peck Trout Pond, Four Reservoir, Frazer Lake, Gauge Reservoir, Glen Reservoir, Gordon Reservoir, Grimes Reservoir, Grub Detention Reservoir, Gutshot Detention Reservoir, Half Barrel Reservoir, Half Barrel Reservoir, Halfpint Reservoir, Hamms Reservoir, Hardpan Reservoir, Hen Reservoir, High Moon Reservoir, Horace Reservoir, Horgan Reservoir, Hump Reservoir, Hurricane Reservoir, Itcaina Reservoir, Jack Rabbit Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jan Reservoir, January Reservoir, Jim Reservoir, John Reservoir, John Reservoir, Jordan Reservoir, Judy Reservoir, Kaulitski Reservoir, Kerney Reservoir, Knob Reservoir, Knob Reservoir, Korman Reservoir, Langen Reservoir, Last Chance Reservoir, Last Reservoir, Last Reservoir, Lewis Reservoir, Loblolly Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir, Lonely Night Reservoir, Lori Detention Reservoir, Lost McMenomey Reservoir, Lower Lone Tree Reservoir, Lunch Reservoir, Lush Reservoir, Luther Reservoir, Magruder Reservoir, Mahan and Hoyt Reservoir, Mail Reservoir, Mary Black Reservoir, Maverick Reservoir, Mc Kee Reservoir, McCuin Reservoir, McIntyre Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Moccasin Reservoir, Mosquito Reservoir, Mud Run Reservoir, Neil Reservoir, Nelsons Reservoir, Newberry Flat Reservoir, Newton Reservoir, North Beaver Reservoir, O'Juel Lake, Ola Reservoir, Old Dog Creek Reservoir, Olson Reservoir, Paul Reservoir, Pearson Reservoir, Pines Reservoir, Pippin Reservoir, Post Reservoir, Prairie Reservoir, Quick Reservoir, Rain Reservoir, Rain Reservoir, Reservoir Number 14, Reservoir Number D-Seven, Reservoir Number Four, Reservoir Number One Hundred Forty-eight, Reservoir Number One Hundred Forty-five, Reservoir Number One Hundred Forty-seven, Reservoir Number One Hundred Sixty-eight, Reservoir Number Twenty-eight, Rinnie Reservoir, Road Reservoir, Robber Reservoir, Robin Reservoir, Ruby Reservoir, Ruins Reservoir, Rustler Reservoir, Sage Hen Reservoir, Sage Hen Reservoir, Sage Hen Reservoir Number Two, Salty Glen Reservoir, Script Reservoir, Seagull Reservoir, Seventeen Reservoir, Seventh Reservoir, Short Creek Reservoir, Short Creek Reservoir, Skeeter Detention Reservoir, Skull Reservoir, Snow Blind Reservoir, Somers Reservoir, Soufly Reservoir, South Beaver Reservoir, Stebley Reservoir, Stockman Reservoir, Structure Number 143 Reservoir, Suburban Reservoir, Sunfish Reservoir, Swift Reservoir, T C Drop Dam Reservoir, Target Detention Reservoir, Target Reservoir, Think Reservoir, Three Trees Reservoir, Thunderhead Pit Reservoir, Tiger Reservoir, Timber Reservoir, Time Reservoir, Tiney Pit Reservoir, Tomahawk Detention Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Trailerhouse Reservoir, Trapper Reservoir, Tree Reservoir, Triple Crossing Reservoir, Trish Reservoir, Tuna Reservoir, Twin Forks Reservoir, Two Butte Reservoir, Two Forks Reservoir, Two Reservoir, Two Tree Reservoir, ULT Reservoir, Uphans Reservoir, Upper Lone Tree Reservoir, Valley Reservoir, Vic Reservoir, VR 33 Reservoir, VR 44 Reservoir, VR 78 Reservoir, VR-105 Reservoir, VR-167 Reservoir, VR-2 Reservoir, VR-80 Reservoir, Wagon Top Reservoir, Waste Reservoir, White Rock Reservoir, Whitetail Reservoir, Wilderness Reservoir, Wilderness Reservoir, Willow Bunch Reservoir, Willow Creek Flat Reservoir, Willow Flat Reservoir, Wilson Reservoir, Winter Day Reservoir, York Reservoir, Your Name Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Barth Ridge, Brown Ridge, Fifth Ridge, Fourth Ridge, Harper Ridge, Middle Eighth Ridge, Robinson Ridge, Second Ridge, Seventh Ridge, Shufeldt Ridge, Sixth Ridge, Third Ridge, Van Hook Ridge, Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Accord School (historical), Anderson School (historical), Avondale School (historical), Badger School (historical), Badger School (historical), Baker School (historical), Barnard School (historical), Barr School (historical), Baylor School (historical), Beaverton School (historical), Big Four School (historical), Billingsley School (historical), Bjorkland School (historical), Black Eagle School (historical), Blinky Springs School (historical), Bluff Creek School (historical), Bog Coulee School (historical), Brazil Creek School (historical), Britzman School (historical), Buggy Creek School (historical), Cain School (historical), Center Bell School (historical), Center Consolidated School (historical), Cherry Creek School (historical), Christenson School (historical), Church School (historical), Copeland School (historical), Cottonwood School (historical), Crow Creek School (historical), Delight School (historical), Detchman School (historical), Divide School (historical), Duncan School (historical), Eighth Point School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Flynn School (historical), Fort Peck School, Frazer School, French School (historical), Fuhrman School (historical), Genevieve School (historical), Glasgow High School, Glasgow Middle School, Glentana School (historical), Golden Valley School (historical), Government Day School (historical), Grain School (historical), Grand Prairie School (historical), Grandview School (historical), Green Valley School (historical), Happy Flat School (historical), Happy Valley School (historical), Harding School (historical), Hardscrabble School (historical), Harmony School (historical), Hatton School (historical), Highland School (historical), Hillside School (historical), Hinsdale School, Honga School (historical), Honrud School (historical), Hopper School (historical), Howard School (historical), Hyatt School (historical), Irle School, Jones School (historical), Kaiver School (historical), Kansas Valley School (historical), Kielman School (historical), Kirk School (historical), Koslowski School (historical), Kronebusch School (historical), Larslan School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lime Creek School (historical), Lone Pine School (historical), Lost Sunflower School (historical), Lustre Christian High School, Lustre School, Marmon School (historical), McColly School (historical), Midway School (historical), Myers School (historical), Newton School, Ninth Point School (historical), Norby School (historical), North Baylor School (historical), North Bench School (historical), North Bench School (historical), North Fuhrman School (historical), North Star School, Nott School (historical), Opheim School, Oswego School (historical), Panton School (historical), Pippin School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Porcupine School (historical), Progressive School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Ralph School (historical), Richland Bench School (historical), Richland School (historical), Richter School (historical), Riverside School (historical), Roanwood School (historical), Rock Creek Schoolhouse, Rocky Ridge School (historical), Rose Hill School (historical), Rosedale School (historical), Saint Raphael School (historical), Sandpoint School (historical), Second Point School (historical), Shamrock School (historical), Sixth Point School (historical), Sjurson School (historical), Smoke School (historical), Snake Creek School, South Bench School (historical), South Fork School (historical), South Fuhrman School (historical), South Nashua School (historical), South Side School, Sowa School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Star School (historical), Steen School (historical), Stevens Point School (historical), Stuff School (historical), Sunflower School (historical), Sunnyside School (historical), Tampico School (historical), Tango School (historical), Taylor School (historical), Taylor School (historical), Third Point School (historical), Thoeny School (historical), Tiger Butte School (historical), Tobison School (historical), Vale School (historical), Vandalia School (historical), Victory School (historical), Waggoner School (historical), Washington School (historical), Wendell School (historical), West Cache Creek School (historical), West Galpin School (historical), Westside School, Wheatland School (historical), Wide Awake School (historical), Wild Rose School (historical), Willow Bend School (historical), Willow Creek School (historical), Willow Creek School (historical), Wiota School (historical), Wolf Creek School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

22N35E04DCC_01 Spring, 23N35E10BCA_01 Spring, 28N44E17CCBD01 Spring, 28N44E17CCCD01 Spring, 29N45E26DCDD01 Spring, 29N45E36BAAA01 Spring, 31N45E16CBDB01 Spring, Alkali Spring, Andys Spring, Antelope Spring, Ashford Spring, Barth Spring, Beaten Spring, Berry Spring, Blink Springs, Burke Spring, Calderwood Spring, Chittick Spring, Dashers Spring, Engles Spring, Ericson Spring, Farmer Spring, Gibson Spring, Gillman Spring, Half Moon Spring, Haney Spring, Hermans Spring, Hunt Spring, Johnson Springs, Kaminski Spring, King Spring, Kline Spring, Kummerfort Spring, Laundry Spring, McChesney Springs, Miller Springs, Needle Spring, Niles Spring, North Spring, Olson Spring, Olson Spring, Olson Springs, Potter Spring, Robinson Spring, Snieder Spring, Sullivan Spring, Tiny Spring, Wagner Spring, Whitbread Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Sage Creek, Bitter Creek, Bluff Creek, Bog Creek, Brazil Creek, Brush Fork, Buggy Creek, Burnett Creek, Canyon Creek, Carpenter Creek, Cash Creek, Chambers Creek, Charley Creek, Cherry Creek, Chisholm Creek, Coal Mine Creek, Collins Creek, Coyote Creek, Crooked Creek, Crow Creek, Deep Creek, Dog Creek, Dogie Creek, Dry Fork Creek, Dry Fork Wolf Creek, Duck Creek, Duck Creek, Eagles Nest Coulee, East Fork Cash Creek, East Fork Charley Creek, East Fork Cherry Creek, East Fork Collins Creek, East Fork Crow Creek, East Fork Flynn Creek, East Fork Little Porcupine Creek, East Fork Oswego Creek, East Fork Porcupine Creek, First Creek, Flynn Creek, Hard Pan Creek, Hardscrabble Creek, Hay Creek, Horse Creek, Ichpair Creek, Jack Creek, Jones Coulee, Kintyre Creek, La Berge Creek, LaBerge Creek, Lime Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Brazil Creek, Little Porcupine Creek, Little Snake Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, McEachern Creek, Middle Fork Cash Creek, Middle Fork Lone Tree Creek, Middle Fork Porcupine Creek, Middle Fork Wolf Creek, Milk River, Morgan Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mud Creek, North Fork Antelope Creek, North Fork Duck Creek, North Fork Little Beaver Creek, North Fork Lone Tree Creek, North Fork South Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, O'Neil Creek, Oswego Creek, Papoose Creek, Plum Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porcupine Creek Overflow, Roanwood Creek, Rock Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sargent Creek, Short Creek, Snake Creek, South Creek, South Fork Antelope Creek, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Bitter Creek, South Fork Brazil Creek, South Fork Duck Creek, South Fork Little Beaver Creek, South Fork Lone Tree Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Square Creek, Square Creek, Stewart Creek, Sutherland Creek, Ten Trees Creek, Timber Creek, Tomato Can Creek, Upper Ichpair Creek, West Fork Bitter Creek, West Fork Canyon Creek, West Fork Cash Creek, West Fork Charley Creek, West Fork Cherry Creek, West Fork Little Porcupine Creek, West Fork Porcupine Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, West Fork Willow Creek, West Fork Wolf Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Castle Butte, Coal Mine Hill, Dead Mans Hill, Glass Hill, Graveyard Hill, Johnnys Hill, Kaminski Hill, Landre Hills, Laundry Hill, Lighthouse Hill, Lookout, Murray Hill, Round Butte, Round Butte, Seventh Point Buttes, Spencer Point, Three Buttes, Tiger Butte, Two Buttes, White Highland Hills

  Swamps     show all on map

Chesley Slough, Mud Lake, Todd Lakes

  Towers     show all on map

KLAN-FM (Glasgow), KLTZ-AM (Glasgow)

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Coulee, Arrambide Coulee, Ash Coulee, Ash Coulee, Badger Hole Coulee, Badland Coulee, Barber Coulee, Bell Coulee, Bennett Coulee, Berry Coulee, Big Coal Bank Coulee, Big Coulee, Billick Coulee, Black Coulee, Black Coulee, Blacktail Coulee, Blanche Coulee, Bob Coulee, Bog Coulee, Bog Coulee, Bog Coulee, Bomber Coulee, Bonnies Coulee, Borton Coulee, Box Elder Coulee, Broken Bow Coulee, Brown Pass Coulee, Browning Coulee, Bucher Coulee, Buffalo Coulee, Cabin Coulee, Carney Coulee, Castle Coulee, Chambers Coulee, Chapman Coulee, Coal Bank Coulee, Combs Coulee, Coon Coulee, Corral Coulee, Coulter Coulee, Cow Coulee, Coyote Coulee, Coyote Coulee, Craig Coulee, Cut Throat Coulee, Davison Coulee, Deep Coulee, Desert Coulee, Dolson Coulee, Dolson Coulee, Doney Coulee, Dry Coulee, East Fork Snow Coulee, Ellsworth Coulee, Enright Coulee, Espeil Coulee, Farmer Coulee, Fifth Coulee, First Coulee, Flat Coulee, Foss Coulee, Fox Coulee, Frenchman Coulee, Fullerton Coulee, Furlong Coulee, Galpin Coulee, Gibson Coulee, Goudge Coulee, Grant Coulee, Hadley Coulee, Hall Coulee, Hammond Coulee, Happy Valley, Hardpan Coulee, Hardpan Coulee, Harry Coulee, Hauck Coulee, Hawk Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hay Coulee, Hell Hole Coulee, Home Coulee, Horse Coulee, Irishman Coulee, Ivy Coulee, Jack Norris Coulee, Jensen Coulee, Johnson Coulee, Johnson Coulee, Jordan Coulee, King Coulee, Krome Coulee, Lena Coulee, Limekiln Coulee, Lindeke Coulee, Line Coulee, Little Frenchman Coulee, Lone Tree Coulee, Long Coulee, Long Coulee, Long Coulee, Lost Coulee, Lower Eighth Coulee, Lund Coulee, Martin Coulee, Middle Eighth Coulee, Milk River Coulee, Miller Coulee, Mooney Coulee, Mott Coulee, Neufeld Coulee, Niles Coulee, North Frenchman Coulee, Norwegian Coulee, O'Watch Coulee, Pack Rat Coulee, Papoose Coulee, Parson Coulee, Pasture Coulee, Paudois Coulee, Pearson Coulee, Plum Coulee, Porcupine Valley, Pot Hole Coulee, Richardson Coulee, Riggin Coulee, Road Coulee, Roanwood Valley, Rock Coulee, Rock Creek Canyon, Roosevelt Coulee, School Section Coulee, Seventh Coulee, Seventh Point Coulee, Shaw Coulee, Sheepherders Coulee, Short Coulee, Short Coulee, Short Coulee, Shotgun Coulee, Sixth Coulee, Skunk Coulee, Slaughter Coulee, Slims Coulee, Smith Coulee, Smith Coulee, Snieder Coulee, Snow Coulee, Snow Coulee, South Coulee, South Fork Box Elder Coulee, South Fork Traux Coulee, South Shed Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Coulee, Spring Valley, Starbuck Coulee, Stevens Coulee, Tank Coulee, Taylor Coulee, The Pass, Thiessen Coulee, Third Coulee, Thoit Coulee, Three Chimney Coulee, Tony Coulee, Traux Coulee, Tree Coulee, Turnip Coulee, Uhlan Coulee, Unger Coulee, Upper Eighth Coulee, Vanwinkle Coulee, Wagon Coulee, Whately Coulee, Wheeler Coulee, White Horse Coulee, White Rock Coulee, Whites Coulee, Wilderness Coulee, Wire Grass Coulee, Wolfe Coulee, Wyatt Coulee

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22N37E04CCBC01 Well, 23N34E14BDCA01 Well, 23N36E04CDBA01 Well, 23N37E20DABA01 Well, 24N34E18AD__01 Well, 24N34E34CDBB01 Well, 25N39E08ACDC01 Well, 26N38E25BCCA01 Well, 26N39E01CCBC01 Well, 26N39E29ADAB01 Well, 26N40E02CBBA01 Well, 26N40E13BDDA01 Well, 26N42E01AA__01 Well, 26N42E02AA__01 Well, 26N43E03BD__01 Well, 26N43E04AA__01 Well, 26N43E04AC__01 Well, 26N43E04AD__01 Well, 26N43E04AD__02 Well, 26N43E05AC__01 Well, 26N43E05CAAB01 Well, 26N43E05DB__01 Well, 26N43E06AC__01 Well, 26N43E06AC__02 Well, 26N43E06BD__01 Well, 26N43E12DD__01 Well, 26N44E01AA__01 Well, 26N44E01CD__01 Well, 26N44E01DA__01 Well, 26N44E01DC__01 Well, 26N44E01DD__01 Well, 26N44E02DA__01 Well, 26N44E07BA__01 Well, 26N44E09AC__01 Well, 26N44E10BC__01 Well, 26N44E12AA__01 Well, 26N44E15BB__01 Well, 26N44E15BC__01 Well, 26N45E01AB__01 Well, 26N45E01BB__01 Well, 26N45E01CB__01 Well, 26N45E01CC__01 Well, 26N45E01CD__01 Well, 26N45E02AC__01 Well, 26N45E02AD__01 Well, 26N45E02BB__01 Well, 26N45E03AA__01 Well, 26N45E03BC__01 Well, 26N45E03CB__01 Well, 26N45E04BC__01 Well, 26N45E04CB__01 Well, 26N45E04CC__01 Well, 26N45E04DC__01 Well, 26N45E04DD__01 Well, 26N45E05ABBB01 Well, 26N45E05AB__01 Well, 26N45E05AD__01 Well, 26N45E05CB__01 Well, 26N45E05DD__01 Well, 26N45E06AA__01 Well, 26N45E06BD__01 Well, 26N45E07AC__01 Well, 26N45E07AD__01 Well, 26N45E08CC__01 Well, 26N45E08CC__02 Well, 26N45E09AC__01 Well, 26N45E09DB__01 Well, 26N45E11AC__01 Well, 27N34E02DBB_01 Well, 27N38E01ABAA01 Well, 27N40E06CDCD01 Well, 27N40E07BDAB01 Well, 27N40E16CCAC01 Well, 27N40E30BAAA01 Well, 27N41E02BBDD01 Well, 27N41E05DDDC01 Well, 27N42E04ABBA01 Well, 27N42E04ABCC01 Well, 27N42E08AB__01 Well, 27N42E11CADC01 Well, 27N42E22CBDC01 Well, 27N42E24CA__01 Well, 27N42E24CC__01 Well, 27N42E25AB__01 Well, 27N42E25BA__01 Well, 27N42E25CD__01 Well, 27N42E25DC__01 Well, 27N42E26AAAA01 Well, 27N42E26AD__01 Well, 27N42E26BA__01 Well, 27N42E26DCBB01 Well, 27N42E26DC__01 Well, 27N42E26DD__01 Well, 27N42E27AD__01 Well, 27N42E28ABDC01 Well, 27N42E33AA__01 Well, 27N42E34AA__01 Well, 27N42E34AC__01 Well, 27N42E35AA__01 Well, 27N42E35DD__01 Well, 27N42E36BA__01 Well, 27N42E36CD__01 Well, 27N42E36DA__01 Well, 27N43E22BD__01 Well, 27N43E23CB__01 Well, 27N43E23DA__01 Well, 27N43E23DA__02 Well, 27N43E25AD__01 Well, 27N43E26BB__01 Well, 27N43E28AA__01 Well, 27N43E31BB__01 Well, 27N43E32BB__01 Well, 27N43E32CB__01 Well, 27N43E33CC__01 Well, 27N43E34AD__01 Well, 27N43E34BA__01 Well, 27N44E14DD__01 Well, 27N44E26CB__01 Well, 27N44E27BCCA01 Well, 27N44E27BC__01 Well, 27N44E28CC__01 Well, 27N44E28DC__01 Well, 27N44E28DD__01 Well, 27N44E31AA__01 Well, 27N44E32CA__01 Well, 27N44E32DC__01 Well, 27N44E33AC__01 Well, 27N44E33AD__01 Well, 27N44E33BC__01 Well, 27N44E34ACAB01 Well, 27N44E34AC__01 Well, 27N44E35DD__01 Well, 27N45E11BC__01 Well, 27N45E11CBBA01 Well, 27N45E31DDDA01 Well, 27N45E32DD__01 Well, 27N45E33CC__01 Well, 27N45E33CD__01 Well, 27N45E33DC__01 Well, 27N45E34CD__01 Well, 27N45E34DD__01 Well, 27N45E35BA__01 Well, 27N45E35BA__02 Well, 27N45E35CB__01 Well, 27N45E36BB__01 Well, 27N45E36BCC_01 Well, 27N45E36CCCC01 Well, 27N45E36DC__01 Well, 27N46E32BBA_01 Well, 28N34E19BDDB01 Well, 28N38E18ADBB01 Well, 28N39E08ADCB01 Well, 28N39E11CBDD01 Well, 28N39E14CBAD01 Well, 28N39E20ABCC01 Well, 28N39E20CA__01 Well, 28N39E32CCDD01 Well, 28N39E35ADBA01 Well, 28N40E15DDAB01 Well, 28N40E22CABC01 Well, 28N40E31CCBA01 Well, 28N40E31CCBD01 Well, 28N40E31CDCD01 Well, 28N41E20DBAB01 Well, 28N41E30BBAA01 Well, 28N41E32ABBD01 Well, 28N41E35DCCC01 Well, 28N41E36ADDB01 Well, 28N42E04CBAA01 Well, 28N42E05BBDC01 Well, 28N42E06BACD01 Well, 28N42E20AA__01 Well, 28N42E28ABDC01 Well, 28N42E29AACB01 Well, 28N42E29AD__01 Well, 28N42E31BD__01 Well, 28N42E31DD__01 Well, 28N42E32DD__01 Well, 28N42E33CDDD01 Well, 28N43E07AABD01 Well, 28N44E17CDCC01 Well, 28N45E10CBAC01 Well, 28N45E34ADDC01 Well, 29N35E09DB__01 Well, 29N38E14CAAB01 Well, 29N39E28DCCC01 Well, 29N42E03BCCC01 Well, 29N42E15CAAB01 Well, 29N44E03BBCA01 Well, 29N44E03BBCD01 Well, 29N44E09ACDC01 Well, 29N44E09ACDD01 Well, 29N44E14ADAB01 Well, 29N44E16DDDC01 Well, 29N44E23BCCA01 Well, 29N44E23BCCD01 Well, 29N44E24ABBA01 Well, 29N45E15CDBA01 Well, 29N45E18CCBB01 Well, 29N45E23CADA01 Well, 30N35E25AD__01 Well, 30N36E33AACA01 Well, 30N38E09CADB01 Well, 30N42E01CDBC01 Well, 30N42E02DDBB01 Well, 30N42E04DCDA01 Well, 30N42E08BBAA01 Well, 30N42E33DDDD01 Well, 30N44E03CBBB01 Well, 30N44E03CDAC01 Well, 30N44E07DDD_01 Well, 30N44E09CBAB01 Well, 30N44E11CADA01 Well, 30N44E11CCAB01 Well, 30N44E20ACBA01 Well, 30N44E22BCBC01 Well, 30N44E28DCDB01 Well, 30N45E03CCBA01 Well, 30N45E04CCAD01 Well, 30N45E16ACBD01 Well, 30N45E17AABB01 Well, 30N45E24AD__01 Well, 30N45E28BBDA02 Well, 30N45E28BBDB01 Well, 31N35E36BD__01 Well, 31N40E28BDAB01 Well, 31N40E33AAA_01 Well, 31N42E25ABCB01 Well, 31N42E27BABA01 Well, 31N42E28DCDD01 Well, 31N43E20CDDC01 Well, 31N43E20CDDD01 Well, 31N43E20CDDD02 Well, 31N43E29BCCB01 Well, 31N43E29BCCD01 Well, 31N43E30DCAB01 Well, 31N44E04AAAC01 Well, 31N44E10BCDC01 Well, 31N44E12ADDC01 Well, 31N44E12DAAB01 Well, 31N44E13CABA01 Well, 31N44E15BADB01 Well, 31N44E17DDAA01 Well, 31N44E20BDBD01 Well, 31N44E24ADAC01 Well, 31N44E27CCCC01 Well, 31N44E28AAAB01 Well, 31N44E28AAAC01 Well, 31N44E33DABA01 Well, 31N44E33DADA01 Well, 31N44E34BABA01 Well, 31N45E08DCCC01 Well, 31N45E14ABCB01 Well, 31N45E15ABAA01 Well, 31N45E15DDAB01 Well, 31N45E18ABBA01 Well, 31N45E18BAAA01 Well, 31N45E18BBBD01 Well, 31N45E23AA__01 Well, 31N45E25CCAB01 Well, 31N45E29DDCA01 Well, 31N45E32AAAD01 Well, 31N45E32DADB01 Well, 31N45E36BCBB01 Well, 32N37E09BB__01 Well, 32N44E04CBBD01 Well, 32N44E05DBCC01 Well, 32N44E06ADDB01 Well, 32N45E05BBCC01 Well, 33N35E17BCCC01 Well, 33N35E25CADB01 Well, 33N40E02CCC_02 Well, 33N40E05CCBD02 Well, 33N40E23BBAC01 Well, 33N40E23BBDA01 Well, 33N40E28ABAC01 Well, 33N41E14BADD01 Well, 33N41E17AADC01 Well, 33N41E17AADC02 Well, 33N41E20DBBA01 Well, 33N41E20DBBD01 Well, 33N42E22BDAD01 Well, 33N42E22BDDA01 Well, 33N42E24ABAC01 Well, 33N42E33BCCC01 Well, 33N42E33CCBB01 Well, 33N42E36BAAC01 Well, 33N43E07CDDD01 Well, 33N43E08CDCC01 Well, 33N43E11CDBD01 Well, 33N43E16CA__01 Well, 33N43E17DAAC01 Well, 33N43E25ADAD01 Well, 33N43E35DDDD02 Well, 33N44E10BABB01 Well, 33N44E30ABBB01 Well, 34N35E01AC__01 Well, 34N35E15DA__01 Well, 34N36E19BD__01 Well, 34N40E01AAAB01 Well, 34N40E28DAAD01 Well, 35N35E32CDD_01 Well, 35N35E32CD__01 Well, 35N43E23DDAD01 Well, 36N39E26AAB_01 Well, 36N39E26BDB_01 Well, 36N40E22BCB_01 Well, 36N40E22BCDD01 Well, 36N41E19CBCD01 Well, 37N41E03ADCA01 Well, 37N41E09ADCA01 Well, 37N41E11DCDA01 Well, 37N41E11DDCB01 Well, 37N41E11DDCC01 Well, 37N42E02CBCD02 Well, 37N42E05DAAD01 Well, 37N42E05DADA01 Well, 37N42E09DDCC01 Well, 37N42E09DDCD01 Well, 37N42E12CBBA01 Well, 37N42E12CBBA02 Well, 37N42E12CBBA03 Well, 37N42E13BCCA01 Well, 37N42E13BCCB01 Well, 37N42E16AABB01 Well, 37N42E17BAAA01 Well, 37N42E18BCBC01 Well, 37N42E29ABCC01 Well, 37N42E29CACA01 Well, 37N42E34ADBB01 Well, 37N42E36AACA01 Well,

Valley County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteValley County White population 6,5666,566  
American IndianValley County American Indian population 720720
MixedValley County Mixed population 165165
AsianValley County Asian population 3837
BlackValley County Black population 2322
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderValley County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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