Gage County, Nebraska Basics:

Gage County Nebraska - Government Site

Population: 21,787
Area: 851 square miles
County seat: Beatrice
Area code(s) in use: 402
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 90.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.3%
Median household income: $46,164
Persons in poverty: 12.0%
Home ownership rate: 72.1%
Mean travel time to work: 22.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Jefferson  Johnson  Lancaster  Marshall (KS)  Otoe  Pawnee  Saline  Washington (KS)  

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Map of the Gage County area

Our detail map of Gage County shows the Gage County, Nebraska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Gage County, Nebraska

  Airports     show all on map

Beatrice Municipal Airport, Thomas Airport, Thomsen Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Adams Hall, Adams Public Library, Adams Rescue Squad, Adams Rural Fire Department, Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Beatrice Fire and Rescue, Beatrice Police Department, Beatrice Public Library, Beatrice Rural Fire District, Beatrice Rural Fire District Substation, Blue Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Campus Maintenance, Clatonia Rescue Squad, Clatonia Suburban Fire Department, Cortland Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Filley Rural Fire Protection District, Ford Hall, Gage County Courthouse, Gage County Historical Museum, Gage County Sheriff's Office, Homestead National Monument Visitors Center, Hoover Hall, Jackson Hall, Lincoln Center, Odell Fire District, Pickrell Rural Fire Protection District, Wymore Police Department, Wymore Public Library, Wymore Volunteer Fire and Rescue

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Barneston Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Blue Springs Cemetery, Brethren Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Czech National Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Elysian View Cemetery, Evergreen Home Cemetery, Filley Cemetery, Freeman Graves, Grandview Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Highland Center Cemetery, Hooker Cemetery, Immanuel Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Odell Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Reserve Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Stark Cemetery, Sunnyside Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Virginia Cemetery, Wymore Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Holmesville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

American Lutheran Church, Beatrice Mennonite Church, Bible Baptist Church, Brethren Church, Centenary United Methodist Church, Christ Church, Christ Community Church, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Promise, First Assembly of God, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Trinity Lutheran Church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Homestead Baptist Church, Immanuel Church, Immanuel State Line Lutheran Church, Mennonite Church, New Life Baptist Church, Our Saviours Lutheran Church, Our Saviours Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Peters Lutheran Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Presbyterian Church, Wast Side Baptist Church, West Side Community Church, Zion Church, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

  Dams     show all on map

Barnard Dam, Barneston Power Plant Dam, Bear Creek Dam 2-1, Bear Creek Dam 2-A, Bear Creek Dam 2-B, Bear Creek Dam 6-2, Bear Creek Dam 6-3, Bear Creek Dam 6-A, Bear Creek Dam 6-B, Bear Creek Dam 7-B, Bear Creek Dam 7-C, Bear Creek Dam 7-D, Bear Creek Dam 7-E, Bear Creek Dam 7-F, Bear Creek Dam 7-G, Bear Creek Dam 7-J, Bear Creek Dam 8-B, Bear Creek Dam 8-C, Bergmeier Dam Number 2, Big Indian Creek Dam 11-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 11-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 12-1, Big Indian Creek Dam 12-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 13-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 13-C, Big Indian Creek Dam 14-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 14-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 15-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 15-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 16-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 16-C, Big Indian Creek Dam 2-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 2-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 3-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 5-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 5-D, Big Indian Creek Dam 5-E, Big Indian Creek Dam 5-F, Big Indian Creek Dam 6-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 6-E, Big Indian Creek Dam 6-F, Big Indian Creek Dam 6-G, Big Indian Creek Dam 7-1-A, Big Indian Creek Dam 7-1-B, Big Indian Creek Dam 7-B, Big Nemaha Dam G-15, Blue Springs Power Plant Dam, Busboom Dam, Callan Dam, Cedar Creek Dam 9-A, Cedar Creek Dam 9-B, Cedar Creek Dam 9-C, Cedar Creek Dam 9-D, Cedar Creek Dam 9-E, Cedar Creek Dam 9-F, Clatonia Creek Dam 10-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 2-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 2-B, Clatonia Creek Dam 3-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 4-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 6-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 7-A, Clatonia Creek Dam 8-D, Cub Creek Dam G-1, Cub Creek Dam G-20, Cub Creek Dam G-6, Detention Dam 7-A, Dusenbery-Doyle Dam, Ebbers Dam Number 1, Essman Dam, Germer Dam Number 1, Holmesville Power Plant Dam, Indian Creek Dam 1-A, Indian Creek Dam 1-D, Indian Creek Dam 1-E, Indian Creek Dam 11-A, Indian Creek Dam 12-A, Indian Creek Dam 13-2, Indian Creek Dam 16-1, Indian Creek Dam 16-A, Indian Creek Dam 2-A, Indian Creek Dam 3-18, Indian Creek Dam 3-A, Indian Creek Dam 3-B, Indian Creek Dam 3-C, Indian Creek Dam 3-D, Indian Creek Dam 5-6, Indian Creek Dam 5-7, Indian Creek Dam 5-A, Indian Creek Dam 6-A, Indian Creek Dam 6-B, Indian Creek Dam 6-C, Indian Creek Dam 6-D, Indian Creek Dam 6-E, Indian Creek Dam 7-2, Indian Creek Dam 7-A, Indian Creek Dam 9-11, Indian Creek Dam 9-A, Indian Creek Dam 9-B, Indian Creek Dam 9-C, Indian Creek Dam 9-D, Kuhns Dam, Little Indian Creek Dam 13-A, Little Indian Creek Dam 15-A, M B Big Nemaha Dam 9-C, M B Big Nemaha Dam 9-D, Mission Creek Dam 3-A, Mud Creek Dam 2-A, Mud Creek Dam 2-C, Mud Creek Dam 2-D, Mud Creek Dam 2-F, Mud Creek Dam 2-H, Mud Creek Dam 3-A, Mud Creek Dam 4-4, Mud Creek Dam 4-5, Mud Creek Dam 4-8, Mud Creek Dam 4-C, Mud Creek Dam 4-D, Mud Creek Dam 4-E, Mud Creek Dam 4-J, Mud Creek Dam 5-1, Mud Creek Dam 5-A, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-D Dam, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-J, Pierce Creek Dam 3-A, Pierce Creek Dam 3-B, Pierce Creek Dam 3-C, Pierce Creek Dam 4-2, Pierce Creek Dam 4-A, Pierce Creek Dam 4-C, Pierce Creek Dam 5-A, Pierce Creek Dam 5-B, Plum Creek Dam 2-2, Plum Creek Dam 2-A, Plum Creek Dam 2-B, Plum Creek Dam 2-C, Plum Creek Dam 2-D, Plum Creek Dam 2-E, Plum Creek Dam 2-F, Plum Creek Dam 3-H, Snyder Dam, Upper Big Nemaha Dam 25-C, Upper Big Nemaha Dam 6-A, Upper Big Nemaha Dam 7-A, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-12, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-13, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-18A, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-19, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-2, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-20, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-25, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-31, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-35, Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-37, Vitosh Dam, Warford Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Beatrice Childrens Clinic, Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center, Beatrice Family Chiropractic, Beatrice Foot Clinic, Beatrice Manor Care Center, Beatrice Medical Center, Beatrice Orthodontics, Beatrice Orthopedic Clinic, Beatrice Physical Therapy Clinic, Beatrice State Developmental Center, Blue Valley Ear Nose and Throat Clinic and Hearing Center, Community Medical Center, Community Physicians Clinic, Ear Nose and Throat Specialties, Eye Surgical Associates, Eyecare Specialties, Family Mental Health Clinic, Gage County Medical Clinic, Gleason Dental Clinic, Gold Crest Retirement Center, Good Samaritan Center, Homestead House of Beatrice, Paddock Kensington, Parkview Center, Vanengen Chiropractic Clinic, Wymore Good Samaritan Center, Wymore Medical Clinic

  Lakes     show all on map

Ash Lake, Barnard Reservoir, Bear Creek Reservoir 2-A, Bear Creek Reservoir 2-B, Bear Creek Reservoir 6-2, Bear Creek Reservoir 6-A, Bear Creek Reservoir 6-B, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-C, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-E, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-F, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-J, Bergmeier Reservoir Number 2, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 11-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 11-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 12-1, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 13-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 14-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 16-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 2-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 2-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 5-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 5-D, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 5-E, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 5-F, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 6-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 6-E, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 6-F, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 6-G, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 7-B, Big Indian Greek Reservoir 12-A, Boesiger Reservoir, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-A, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-B, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-F, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 10-A, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 2-A, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 2-B, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 4-A, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 6-A, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 8-D, Cub Creek Reservoir G-1, Cub Creek Reservoir G-20, Dusenbery-Doyle Reservoir, Ebbers Reservoir Number 1, Germer Reservoir Number 1, Indian Creek Reservoir 1-D, Indian Creek Reservoir 1-E, Indian Creek Reservoir 12-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 13-2, Indian Creek Reservoir 16-1, Indian Creek Reservoir 16-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 2-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 3-18, Indian Creek Reservoir 3-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 3-C, Indian Creek Reservoir 5-7, Indian Creek Reservoir 6-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 6-D, Indian Creek Reservoir 7-2, Indian Creek Reservoir 7-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 9-11, Indian Creek Reservoir 9-B, Indian Creek Reservoir 9-D, Indian Creek Reservoir S-6, Little Indian Creek Reservoir 13-A, Little Indian Creek Reservoir 3-D, Mud Creek Reservoir 2-C, Mud Creek Reservoir 2-D, Mud Creek Reservoir 2-F, Mud Creek Reservoir 2-H, Mud Creek Reservoir 3-A, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-4, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-5, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-8, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-E, Mud Creek Reservoir 5-A, Oir Reservoir 4-C, Pierce Creek Reservoir 3-A, Pierce Creek Reservoir 3-B, Pierce Creek Reservoir 3-C, Pierce Creek Reservoir 4-2, Pierce Creek Reservoir 4-A, Pierce Creek Reservoir 5-B, Rockford Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adams, Badger, Barneston, Beatrice, Beatrice Country Club, Beatrice State Home, Blue Springs, Chautauqua Park Campground, Clatonia, Cortland, Crossing (historical), Davis Quarry (historical), Diamond T Travel Plaza and RV Park, Ellis (historical), Farmers Co-operative Elevator, Farmers Co-operative Elevator, Farmers Co-operative Elevator Company Elevator, Farmers Cooperative Elevator, Farmers Elevator Company Elevator, Farmers Union Co-operative Elevator, Feit Memorial Park Campground, Filley (historical), Gage County Fairgrounds, Gage County Fairgrounds Campground, Gage County Industrial Park, Hidden Acres Country Club, Hidden Acres Golf Club, Hoag, Holmesville, Indian Creek Mall, Liberty, Linsenmeyer Farms, Martin-Luther Home, Nicholas School (historical), Odell, Pickrell, Pickrell Co-operative Elevator Association Elevator, Putnam (historical), Riverside Park Campground, Rockford (historical), Searcey Grain Company Elevator, Searcey Grain Company Elevator, Searcey Grain Company Elevator, Searcey Grain Company Elevator, Sicily (historical), Southeast Nebraska Co-operative Company Elevator, Southeast Nebraska Cooperative Elevator, Stevens Creek (historical), Stone (historical), Taylor (historical), Virginia (historical), Whitesville (historical), Wymore Country Club

  Parks     show all on map

Arbor Park, Arrowhead State Wildlife Management Area, Astro Park, Beatrice Speedway, Charles Park, Chautauqua Park, Christenson Field, Diamond Lake State Wildlife Management Area, Feit Memorial Park, Hannibal Park Softball Complex, Homestead Movement Historical Marker, Homestead National Monument of America, Iron Horse Trail State Wildlife Management Area, Nichols Park, Oto and Missouri Agency Historical Marker, Riverside Park, Robertson Park, Rockford Lake State Recreation Area, Roszell Park, Shrine Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adams, Badger, Barneston, Beatrice, Blue Springs, Bluff City (historical), Clatonia, Cortland, Danville (historical), Ellis, Filley, Glenover, Hoag, Holmesville, Hoyle North 77 Mobile Homes, Kinney (historical), Krider, Lanham, Leland (historical), Lemon (historical), Liberty, Odell, Pickrell, Reserve (historical), Rockford, Union Center (historical), Virginia, Wymore

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adams Post Office, Aurich Post Office (historical), Austin Post Office (historical), Barkey Post Office (historical), Barneston Post Office, Beatrice Post Office, Blaine Post Office (historical), Blue Springs Post Office, Bonn Post Office (historical), Cedar Bend Post Office (historical), Clatonia Post Office, Cortland Post Office, Cottage Hill Post Office (historical), Cropsey Post Office (historical), Dennison Post Office (historical), Dover Post Office (historical), Dry Creek Post Office (historical), Ellis Post Office (historical), Favors Post Office (historical), Filley Post Office, Floral Post Office (historical), Freeman Post Office (historical), Grandview Post Office (historical), Greer Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Hanover Post Office (historical), Hoag Post Office (historical), Holmesville Post Office, Hooker Post Office (historical), Kam Post Office (historical), Kinney Post Office (historical), Laona Post Office (historical), Liberty Post Office, Littlejohn Post Office (historical), Mellroy Post Office (historical), Meserveville Post Office (historical), Odell Post Office, Paris Post Office (historical), Pickrell Post Office, Putnam Post Office (historical), Reserve Post Office (historical), Rockford Post Office (historical), Roperville Post Office (historical), Sicily Post Office (historical), Silver Post Office (historical), Virginia Post Office, Wildcat Post Office (historical), Wymore Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Arrowhead Lake, Barneston Power Plant Reservoir, Bear Creek Reservoir 2-1, Bear Creek Reservoir 6-3, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-B, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-D, Bear Creek Reservoir 7-G, Bear Creek Reservoir 8-B, Bear Creek Reservoir 8-C, Big Indian Creek Reservoir, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 13-C, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 14-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 15-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 15-B, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 7-1-A, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 7-1-B, Big Nemaha Reservoir G-15, Big Nemaha Reservoir G-18, Blue Springs Power Plant Reservoir, Busboom Reservoir, Callan Lake, Callan Reservoir, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-C, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-D, Cedar Creek Reservoir 9-E, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 3-A, Clatonia Creek Reservoir 7-A, Cub Creek Reservoir G-6, Diamond Lakes, Essman Reservoir, Holmesville Power Plant Reservoir, Indian Creek Reservoir 1-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 11-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 3-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 3-B, Indian Creek Reservoir 5-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 6-B, Indian Creek Reservoir 6-C, Indian Creek Reservoir 9-A, Indian Creek Reservoir 9-C, Kuhns Reservoir, Little Indian Creek Reservoir 15, M B Big Nemaha Reservoir 9-C, M B Big Nemaha Reservoir 9-D, Mission Creek Reservoir 3-A, Mud Creek Reservoir 2-A, Mud Creek Reservoir 4-C, Mud Creek Reservoir 5-1, Pierce Creek Reservoir 5-A, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-2, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-A, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-B, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-C, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-D, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-E, Plum Creek Reservoir 2-F, Plum Creek Reservoir 3-H, Snyder Reservoir, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 25-C, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 6-A, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 7-A, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-12, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-13, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-18A, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-19, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-2, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-20, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-25, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-31, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-35, Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-37, Vitosh Reservoir, Warford Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Adams Public Schools, Anyon School (historical), Balderson School (historical), Banner School (historical), Barkley School (historical), Barnes School (historical), Barneston School (historical), Beatrice High School, Beatrice Middle School, Bethal School (historical), Bethany School (historical), Blaker School (historical), Blue Ridge School (historical), Blue Valley School (historical), Boyd Center View School (historical), Braddock School (historical), Breunsbach School (historical), Bridge School (historical), Brier School (historical), Caldwell School (historical), Cedar Bend School (historical), Cedar Elementary School, Center School (historical), Center Sicily School (historical), Central School (historical), Church School (historical), Clatonia School (historical), Coffman School (historical), Cortland School (historical), Cottage Hill School (historical), Cottonwood Grove School (historical), Cottonwood School (historical), Cracker Box School (historical), Cropsey School (historical), Dobbs School (historical), Dolen School (historical), Ellis School (historical), Elm Center School (historical), Enterprise School (historical), Eureka School (historical), Evergreen School (historical), Excelsior School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Favors School (historical), Filley Public Schools, Freeman School (historical), Friendship School (historical), George Wright School (historical), German Lutheran School (historical), Glendale School (historical), Glenwood Township School (historical), Good Hope School (historical), Grandview School (historical), Grant School (historical), Grit School (historical), Happy Hollow School (historical), Harding School (historical), Hardscrabble School (historical), Harnley School (historical), Hartzell School (historical), Headley School (historical), Highland Center School (historical), Hillsdale School (historical), Hillside School (historical), Holmesville School (historical), Holt School (historical), Hooker School (historical), Hunt School (historical), Inavale School (historical), Independent School (historical), Island Center School (historical), Island Grove Center School (historical), Island Grove School (historical), Jackson School (historical), Jacob Braun School (historical), Josephs College of Beauty, Laona School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lincoln Elementary School, Little John School (historical), Logan Center School (historical), Lonesome Ridge School (historical), Maple Grove School (historical), Mason School (historical), Mellroy School (historical), Moon School (historical), Mount Hope School (historical), Mount Olive School (historical), Mount Pleasant School (historical), Mumford School (historical), New Hope School (historical), Nicholas School (historical), North Star School (historical), O'Brein School (historical), Odell Public Schools, Olney School (historical), Otto School (historical), Paddock Lane School, Pickrell School (historical), Plainview School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Plain School (historical), Pleasant Prairie School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Prairie Cottage School (historical), Prairie Queen School (historical), Prairie Star School (historical), Prince Henry School (historical), Red Diamond School (historical), Remmers School (historical), Rising Sun School (historical), Riverside School (historical), Rockford School (historical), Russell School (historical), Saint Johns School (historical), Saint Josephs Elementary School, Saint Pauls Lutheran School, Sand Cut School (historical), School Number 22 (historical), School Number 42 (historical), Sherman Center School (historical), Sherman School (historical), Skinner School (historical), Southeast Community College - Beatrice Campus, Southern Elementary School, Southern High School, Sparks School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Star School (historical), Stoddard Elementary School, Stoemer School (historical), Stoll School (historical), Sunny Hill School (historical), Sunny Slope School (historical), Sunnyside School (historical), Tom Oats School (historical), Townsend School (historical), Union Center School (historical), Valley Center School (historical), Valley School (historical), Victory School (historical), Virginia School (historical), Wallman School (historical), Washington School (historical), Welcome School (historical), White Rose School (historical), Wildcat School (historical), York School (historical), Zion Lutheran Evangelical Elementary School

  Streams     show all on map

Ash Creek, Bear Creek, Bills Creek, Bloody Run, Bottle Creek, Cedar Creek, Crystal Creek, Cub Creek, Indian Creek, Jakes Creek, Mission Creek, Mud Creek, Otoe Creek, Pierce Creek, Possum Creek, Shaw Creek, Sicily Creek, Snake Creek, Snake Creek, Soap Creek, Town Creek, Turkey Creek, Wildcat Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KKNB-FM (Crete), KTGL-FM (Beatrice), KUCV-FM (Lincoln), KWBE-AM (Beatrice)

  Trails     show all on map

Homestead Trail, Rockford Trail,

Gage County, Nebraska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGage County White population 21,15521,155  
MixedGage County Mixed population 261261
American IndianGage County American Indian population 153152
AsianGage County Asian population 109108
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGage County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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