Clark County, Nevada Basics:

Clark County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 1,997,659
Area: 7891 square miles
County seat: Las Vegas
Area code(s) in use: 702
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 83.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.1%
Median household income: $54,218
Persons in poverty: 14.2%
Home ownership rate: 55.7%
Mean travel time to work: 24.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Inyo (CA)  Lincoln  Mohave (AZ)  Nye  San Bernardino (CA)  

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Map of the Clark County area

Our detail map of Clark County shows the Clark County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Clark County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Boulder City Municipal Airport, Bronze Boot Airport (historical), Circus Heliport, City Hall Complex Heliport, Claude I Howard Heliport, Creech Air Force Base, Echo Bay Airport, Eldorado Substation Heliport, Gilbert Development Corp Heliport, Hacienda Hotel Heliport, Henderson Executive Airport, Hidden Hills Airport, Jean Airport, Kidwell Airport, Landmark Helispot, Las Vegas City Garage Helispot, Las Vegas City Hall Helispot, Las Vegas Hilton Heliport, Mc Carran International Airport, Mead Substation Heliport, Mesquite Airport, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada Fish and Game Region III Headquarters Heliport, North Las Vegas Airport, North Las Vegas Public Safety Building Heliport, Perkins Field Airport, Porters Airfield (historical), Saint Rose De Lima Helispot, Sce Mohave Heliport, Searchlight Airport, Sky Corral Airport (historical), Sky Ranch Airport, Stardust Helispot, University Medical Center-Southern Nevada Heliport, Valley Hospital Medical Center Heliport, Voc Tech Airport, Whitney Airport (historical)

  Arches     show all on map

Murl Emery Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Boulder Canyon Project, Boulder Canyon Project Federal Reservation, Golden Triangle, Six Mile Area

  Arroyos     show all on map

Anderson Wash, Aurora Wash, Big Tiger Wash, California Wash, Capitol Wash, Fire Canyon Wash, Gracy Wash, Hidden Wash, North Fork Quail Wash, Quail Wash, Sawmill Wash, Side Canyon Wash, South Fork Quail Wash

  Bars     show all on map

Big Sand Bar, Boulder Bar (historical), Explorers Rock, Fultons Reef, Gypsum Beds, Iceberg Reef, Jim Jones Reef, Little Gyp Beds, Surprise Reef, Temple Bar (historical), Virgin Reef

  Basins     show all on map

Bitter Spring Valley, Black Box, Boulder Basin, Bowl of Fire, Brownstone Basin, Buffington Pockets, Calico Basin, Cedar Basin, Copper Basin, Crossgrain Valley, Dry Lake Valley, Eldorado Valley, Fire Alcove, Fire Bowl, Goodsprings Valley, Greasewood Basin, Gregg Basin, Hells Kitchen, Hidden Valley, Hidden Valley, Ivanpah Valley, Jacks Pockets, Jumbo Basin, Lost Basin, Mohave Valley, Paradise Valley, Pine Canyon, Pinto Valley, Sheep Basin, Temple Basin, The Bowl, Virgin River Basin, Wechech Basin, White Basin, Whitney Pocket

  Bays     show all on map

Anchor Cove, Antelope Cove, Azure Cove, Bark Bay, Basalt Cove, Bass Cove, Bearing Cove, Bighorn Cove, Bill Gayes Cove, Bluepoint Bay, Boathouse Cove, Bonnie Brae Cove, Boulder Harbor, Boulder Wash Cove, Box Cove, Boxcar Cove, Burro Bay, Burro Wash, Calico Bay, Callville Bay, Camp Thurman Coves, Capital Camp Cove, Cataract Wash Cove, Catclaw Cove, Cathedral Cove, Chemeheuve Cove, Cholla Cove, Clam Cove, Cleopatra Cove, Copper Basin Cove, Copper Mountain Cove, Cottontail Cove, Cottonwood Cove, Cottonwood Cove, Cottonwood Island Cove, Coyote Cove, Crawdad Cove, Crescent Cove, Dead Cove, Dead Elephant Cove, Debbies Cove, Delmar Bay, Devils Cove, Dirty Neck Cove, Dixie Cove, Driftwood Cove, Ebony cove, Echo Bay, Eighty-Three Dollar Cove, Elizabeth J Cove, Empire Cove, Fenlon Bend Cove, Fenlons Hole, Finger Cove, Finger Cove, Fire Bay, Fire Bowl Cove, Fire Mountain Cove, Flamingo Cove, Fortune Cove, Forty-Niner Cove, Fox Cove, Glory Hole, Gold Cove, Gold Cross Bay, Gold Spike Cove, Gordys Cove, Green Light Cove, Gremlin Cove, Hamblin Bay, Hatchery Cove, Haystack Bay, Hemenway Harbor, Hidden Cove, Hideaway Cove, Hog Farm Cove, Horsepower Cove, Horseshoe Cove, Jerry Inlet, Kendal Cove, Kline Hole, Klondike Cove, Lakeside Bays, Las Vegas Bay, Last Chance Cove, Lime Cove, Little Burro Bay, Lone Tree Cove, Lonesome Wash Cove, Lookout Cove, Lost City Cove, Lost Cove, Lovers Cove, Lower Government Wash Cove, Lower Gypsum Wash Cove, Meat Hole (historical), Mesa Cove, Mesquite Cove, Miners Cove, Miners Cove, Monkey Hole, Moon Cove, Morning Star Cove, Navajo Cove, Nellis Cove, Nevada Bay, Nevada Sheep Cove, Nevada Telephone Cove, Newberry Cove, Nine Mile Coves, Ninety Foot Cove, North Basin Light Cove, Opal Cove, Orion Cove, Oro Cove, Overton Arm, Painted 8 Cove, Painted Canyon Cove, Paiute Cove, Pitch Fork Cove, Placer Cove, Plateau Cove, Powell Bay, Preachers Cove, Pumphouse Bay, Pumphouse Cove, Pyramid Cove, Quail Bay, Quartz Coves, Quenos Cove, Quiet Cove, Rams Head Cove, Rattlesnake Cove, Red Cap Cove, Red Cloud Cove, Reef Bay, Roadrunner Cove, Roadrunner Cove, Rock House Cove, Rockefeller Cove, Rogers Bay, Roman Cove, Rotary Cove, Rufus Cove, Ryolite Cove, S Cove, Saddle Cove, Salamander Cove, Salt Bay, Salt Cove, Sand Hole, Sandy Cove, Sandy Point Cove, Scanlon Bay, Seven-Eleven Cove, Sheeptrail Cove, Six Mile Cove, Ski Cove, Solicitor Cove, Sour Dough Cove, Spirit Cove, Stewarts Bay, Striper Bay, Swallow Bay, Swallow Cove, Techatticup Cove, Temple Bay, Tequila Cove, The Meadows, Three Corner Hole, Three Sisters Cove, Tornado Cove, Totem Pole Cove, Trout Cove, Tule Wash Cove, Turtle Cove, Twin Peaks Cove, Twin Springs Cove, Two Dollar Cove, Tyee Cove, Upper Government Wash Cove, Upper Gypsum Wash Cove, Walker Bay, Water Barge Cove, Waterspout Cove, Weasel Hole, White Rock Wash Cove, Wild Burro Bay, Willow Cove, Windmill Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Ann Marguret Beach, Belsmeir Beach, Boulder Beach, Engine Beach, North Beach, Old Swim Beach, South Beach, Special Events Beach, Swim Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Badger Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Aladdin Hotel and Casino, Alta Ham Fine Arts Building, American Medical Response, Archie C Grant Hall, Artemus W Ham Concert Hall, Arville Warehouse, Baker Park Community Center, Ballys Hotel and Casino, Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Bennett Professional Development Center, Bilingual Senior Community Center, Black Mountain Recreation Center, Boulder City City Hall, Boulder City Fire Department, Boulder City Police Department, Bridger Building, Bunkerville Community Center, Caesars Hotel and Casino, Cambridge Community Resources Building, Cambridge Senior and Youth Center, Canon Senior Center, Carol C Harter Classroom Building Complex, Central Desert Complex, Charleston Neighborhood Preservation Society, Child Haven-Agassi Center, Christian Life Community Center, City of Mesquite Animal Shelter, Clark County Coroners Office, Clark County Detention Center, Clark County Fire Department Station 11, Clark County Fire Department Station 12, Clark County Fire Department Station 13, Clark County Fire Department Station 14, Clark County Fire Department Station 15, Clark County Fire Department Station 16, Clark County Fire Department Station 17, Clark County Fire Department Station 18, Clark County Fire Department Station 19, Clark County Fire Department Station 20, Clark County Fire Department Station 21, Clark County Fire Department Station 22, Clark County Fire Department Station 23, Clark County Fire Department Station 24, Clark County Fire Department Station 25, Clark County Fire Department Station 26, Clark County Fire Department Station 27, Clark County Fire Department Station 28, Clark County Fire Department Station 29, Clark County Fire Department Station 31, Clark County Fire Department Station 34, Clark County Fire Department Station 38, Clark County Fire Department Station 65, Clark County Fire Department Station 66, Clark County Fire Department Station 71, Clark County Fire Department Station 72, Clark County Fire Department Station 73, Clark County Fire Department Station 74, Clark County Fire Department Station 75, Clark County Fire Department Station 76, Clark County Fire Department Station 77, Clark County Fire Department Station 78, Clark County Fire Department Station 79, Clark County Fire Department Station 80, Clark County Fire Department Station 81, Clark County Fire Department Station 82, Clark County Fire Department Station 83, Clark County Fire Department Station 84, Clark County Fire Department Station 85, Clark County Fire Department Station 87, Clark County Government Center, Clark County Library, Clark County Museum, Clark County Operations Center, Clark County Parking Garage, Clark Street Building, Claude I Howard Public Safety Building, Claude I Howard Student Health Services, Claudine Williams Residence Hall, Coleman Senior Center, Cox Pavillon, Dayton Complex, Department of the Air Force Surgeon General, Derfelt Senior Center, Desert Breeze Community Center, Desert Shores Community Center, Desert Vista Community Center, Desert Willow Community Center, Donald C Moyer Student Union, Doolittle Community Center, Enterprise Library, Eugene R Warner Residential Life Building, Excalibur Hotel and Casino, First Christian Child Development Center, Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Flora Dungan Humanities Building, Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center, Frank and Estella Beam Hall, Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex, Frontier Hotel and Casino, Green Valley Christian Center, Green Valley Library, Guinn Community Center, Hable Office Building, Harrahs Hotel and Casino, Hazel M Wilson Dining Commons, Helen Meyer Community Center, Henderson City Hall, Henderson Fire Department Station 81, Henderson Fire Department Station 82, Henderson Fire Department Station 83, Henderson Fire Department Station 86, Henderson Fire Department Station 94, Henderson Fire Department Station 95, Henderson Fire Department Station 97, Henderson Fire Department Station 98, Henderson Fire Department Station 99, Henderson Fire Station Number 91, Henderson Fire Station Number 92, Henderson Fire Station Number 93, Henderson Police Department East Patrol Command, Henderson Police Department North Patrol Command, Henderson Police Department West Patrol Command, Henderson Police Detention Center, Henderson Senior Center, Herman Westfall Building, High Desert State Prison, Holbert H Hendrix Education Auditorium, Houssels Building, Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, James E Rogers Center for Administration and Justice, James I Gibson Library, Jesus is the Answer Mens Home, Jesus is The Answer Mens Home 2, Jewish Community Center, John D Jakie Gaughan Boys and Girls Club, John S Wright Hall, Johnson Track Break Center, Juanita Greer White Life Sciences Building, Judy Bayley Theatre, Kitty Rodman Residence Hall, Ko Knudson Community Center, Lake Mead Lodge, Las Vegas Branch Genealogical Library, Las Vegas City Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 10, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 2, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 3, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 4, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 41, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 42, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 43, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 44, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 45, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 47, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 5, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 6, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 7, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 8, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 9, Las Vegas Library, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Airport Center, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Bolden Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Convention Center Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Downtown Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Enterprise Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Laughlin Substation, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Northwest Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Overton Substation, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Searchlight Substation, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff's Office, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department South Central Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Southeast Area Command, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Southwest Substation, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Substation, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Laughlin Community Resources Building, Laughlin Government Center, Laughlin Metro Substation, Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center, Lied Athletic Complex, Lied Library, Life Guard International Incorporated, Lilly Fong Geoscience Building, Lorenzi Adaptive Recreation Center, Lorna G Kesterson Valley View Recreation Center, Lost City Museum, Lowden Community Center, Luxor Hotel and Casino, Lydia Malcom Library, Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Development Center, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, Margie and Robert Falman Residence Hall, Marjorie Barrick and Harry Reid Center Museum, Maude Frazier Hall, Meadows Village Library, Med Flight Air Ambulance Incorporated, Medic West Ambulance, Mercy Air Services 11, Mercy Air Services 7, Mesquite City Hall, Mesquite Community Center, Mesquite Detention Center, Mesquite Fine Arts Center, Mesquite Fire and Rescue Station 1, Mesquite Fire and Rescue Station 2, Mesquite Fire and Rescue Station 3, Mesquite Library, Mesquite Police Department, Mesquite Recreation Center, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Mirabelli Community Center, Mirage Hotel and Casino, Mitzi and Johnny Huges Residence Hall, Moapa Recreation Center, Moapa Valley Community Center, Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, Motorsports Medical Services, Mount Charleston Fire Protection District, Mountain Shadows Community Center, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Indian Springs Substation, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Jean Substation, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Laughlin Substation, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Moapa, Nevada State Museum Historical Society, Nevada State Prison, Nevada Visitor Center, New York New York Hotel and Casino, North Las Vegas City Hall, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 51, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 52, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 53, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 54, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 55, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 56, North Las Vegas Fire Department Station 57, North Las Vegas Justice Center, North Las Vegas Library, North Las Vegas Police Department, North Las Vegas Recreation Center, North Las Vegas Senior Center, Northwest Track Break Center, Orr Community Center, Overton Museum, Paradise Park Community Center, Paris Hotel and Casino, Parkdale Community Center, Paseo Library, Paul B Sogg Architecture Building, Paul McDermott Physical Education Building, Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ Childrens Center, Pittman Library, Rafael Rivera Community Center, Rainbow Library, Reach Out Learning Center, Rebel Recycling Center, Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Richard Tam Alumni Center, Robert L Bigelow Physics Building, Robert Miller Soccer Building, Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences Building, Russell Campus Operations Center, Sahara West Library and Fine Arts Museum, Sandy Valley Community Center, Searchlight Community Center, Searchlight Senior Center, Searchlight Youth and Teen Center, Sherman Gardens Community Center, Silver Springs Recreation Center, South Third Street Building, Southern Desert Correctional Center, Southern Nevada Baptist Association, Spirit Mountain Activity Center, Spring Valley Library, Spring Valley Senior Center, Stan Fulton Building, Stupak Community Center, Summerlin Community Center, Summerlin Library, Sun Shadows Community Center, Suncoast Hotel and Casino, Sunrise Library, Sunrise Town Hall, Sunset Park Recreation Center, Thomas and Mack Moot Court, Thomas Mack Center, Thomas T Beam Engineering Complex, Tonopah Residence Complex, Top Kids Learning Enrichment Center, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Tropicana Hotel and Casino, University United Methodist Family Resource Center, Venetian Hotel and Casino, Virgin Valley Heritage Museum, Von Tobel Community Center, Walnut-Cecile Community Center, War Memorial Building, West Charleston Library, West Las Vegas Library, West Leisure Service Center, Whitney Community Center, Whitney Library, Whitney Senior Center, William D Carlson Education Building, William D Taylor Hall, William S Boyd Residence Hall, William S Boyd School of Law, Winchester Community Center

  Canals     show all on map

Boulder City Lateral, Bunkerville Ditch, Henderson Lateral, Las Vegas Valley Lateral, Syphus Canal (historical)

  Capes     show all on map

Auxiliary Point, Bearing Point, Black Point, Boulder Point, Boundary Point, Callville Point, Cape Horn, Middle Point, Round Rock Point, Saint Thomas Point, Salt Point, Stewarts Point, Submarine Point, The Jawbone, Whale Rock (historical)

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Memory Gardens, Westpoint Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Blue Diamond Census Designated Place, Bunkerville Census Designated Place, Cal-Nev-Ari Census Designated Place, Enterprise Census Designated Place, Goodsprings Census Designated Place, Indian Springs Census Designated Place, Laughlin Census Designated Place, Moapa Town Census Designated Place, Moapa Valley Census Designated Place, Mount Charleston Census Designated Place, Nellis Air Force Base Census Designated Place, Nelson Census Designated Place, Paradise Census Designated Place, Sandy Valley Census Designated Place, Searchlight Census Designated Place, Spring Valley Census Designated Place, Summerlin South Census Designated Place, Sunrise Manor Census Designated Place, Whitney Census Designated Place, Winchester Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

The Narrows, The Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

A Little Chapel in the Garden, A Place For Miracles Church, Abundant Life Church, All Saints Episcopal Church, American Catholic Church of Nevada, Anointed Tabernacle Pentecostal Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Assembly Bible Church, Bahai Center, Bahai Faith, Bahai Faith of Clark, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church, Blood of the Lamb Community Ministries, Boulevard Church of Christ, Boulevard Iglesia de Cristo, Bread of Life Ministries of His Glory, Bright Angel Church of Christ, Calvary Chapel of Lone Mountain, Calvary Chapel of Sonrise, Calvary Chapel of Spring Valley, Calvary Chapel Vida Nueva Ministerio Hispano, Calvary Community Assembly Church, Calvary Foursquare Church, Calvary Lutheran Church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Captives Free Christian Center, Centennial Hills Baptist Church, Centro Cristiano Amigos de Israel, Centro Cristiano De Victoria, Chinese Baptist Church, Christ Covenant Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ the King Catholic Community Church, Christian Dominion Center, Christian Embassy Worship Center, Christian Fellowship Church, Church of God Family Worship Center, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of the Seventh Day, Church of Jesus Christ, Church of Scientology, Church of the Lord Jesus, Church on the Street, City of Refuge Church of God in Christ, Community Lutheran Church, Community of Christ Church, Comunidad Cristiana, Comunidad Cristiana de las Vegas, Congregation Ner Tamid, Connecting Point Christian Church, Crossroads Community Church, Crosswinds Community Church, Daybreak Christian Fellowship Church, Deliverance is Here Right Now Church, Desert Harvest Mission Church, Desert Hills Baptist Church, Desert Storm Baptist Church, Destined for Glory Church, Destiny Christian Center, Ebenezer Church of God in Christ, Echoes of Faith Church, Eckankar Church, Edem Korean Presbyterian Church, El Camino a Cristo Lutheran Church, Elshaddai Church of God and Christ, Ethiopian Word of Faith Church, Evangelica Cristiana Espiritual Church, Extreme Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Temple of Church of God in Christ True Holiness, Family Church of God, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church Disciples of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God, First Church of Religious Science, First Congregational Church United Church of Christ, First Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, First Korean Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas, First Nevada Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church, Foothills Southern Baptist Church, Fountain of Life Fellowship Church, Freedom Quest Ministries, Fresh Start Baptist Church, Friendship Church of God in Christ, Full Gospel Deliverance Church, Full Gospel Las Vegas Korean Church, Gateway Baptist Church, Gateway to Heaven Church of God in Christ, Genesis II Christian Center, Gideons International Church, God Cares Ministries, Gods Plan Christian Fellowship Church, Golden Harvest Fellowship Church, Good Samaritan Lutheran Church, Good Shephard Church of God in Christ, Gospel Outreach Center Ministries, Grace Evangelical Free Church, Grace Immanuel Baptist Church, Grace in the Desert Episcopal Church, Grace Temple Church of God in Christ, Grapevine Fellowship Church, Greater Carver Baptist Church, Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, Greater Glory Christian Center, Greater New Jerusalem Church, Greater Saint James Baptist Church, Greater Saint Paul Church of God In Christ, Green Valley Presbyterian Church, Griffith United Methodist Church, Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh, Hallelujah Praise Ministries, Harbor Christian Fellowship Church, Harvest Church of South Las Vegas, Harvest Church of the Nazarene, Harvest of Faith Ministry, Heavens Light Christian Center, Heritage United Methodist Church, High Praise Family Worship Ministries, Holy Cross Baptist Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Home of the Good Shepherd, Hope Baptist Church, House of Israel Christian Fellowship Church, Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb, Iglesia de Dios Luz a las Naciones, Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, Iglesia Evangelica Amigos, Iglesia Internacional de las Vegas, Iglesia ni Cristo, Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Hispana, Iglesia Roca de Salvacion, Iglesia-Cristiana-Monte-Sinai, International Church of Las Vegas, International Church of Las Vegas, International Faith Center, Islamic Information Center, Israelite Church of God in Christ, Jesus is Lord Church of Henderson, Jesus is Lord Church of Las Vegas, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Las Vegas Bible Church, Las Vegas Chinese Christian Church, Las Vegas Christian Center, Las Vegas Church of the Harvest, Legacy Christian Fellowship Church, Liberty Baptist Church, Life Christian Center, Living Faith Assembly Church, Living Gospel Baptist Church, Living Word Christian Church, Living Word Ministry Church of God In Christ, Logandale Church, Lone Mountain Missionary Baptist Church, Lord of Hosts Ministries Church of God in Christ, Lord of the Nations Church, Meadows Fellowship Foursquare Church, Metropolitan Community Church, Miracle Ministries International Church, Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Zion Full Gospel Fellowship Church, Mountain View Assembly of God Church, Mountain View Baptist Church, Mountain View Church, Mountain View Lutheran Church, Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Mountaintop Faith Ministries, Nellis Baptist Church, Nevada Buddhist Association, New Bethany Family Worship Center, New Community Church, New Day Christian Church, New Day Deliverance Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Christian Church, New Hope Church of God in Christ, New Hope Church of Las Vegas, New Horizon Christian Church, New Horizon Christian Fellowship Church, New Horizon Gospel Assembly Church, New Life Christian Center, New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church, New Light Baptist Church, New Revelation Baptist Church, Neway Church of God in Christ, Newsong Christian Church, Now Faith Christian Center Ministries, Nursing Home Ministries Outreach Church, Oasis Baptist Church, Oasis Christian Church, One Body in Christ Christian Church, Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Church, Our Lady of Wisdom Church, Pebble Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ, Pilgrim Church of Christ Holiness Church, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Powerhouse Church of God in Christ, Praise Church of Las Vegas, Praise Temple Church of God in Christ, Prayer Cathedral International, Prayer Center, Present Truth Seventh Day Church, Primera Iglesia Pentecostal Unida, Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Progressive Community Church of God in Christ, Progressive Pilgrim Fellowship Church, Reconciliation Apostolic Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Redrock Baptist Church, Rehoboth Holiness Cathedral, Revival Temple Church of God in Christ, Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, Saint Anne Catholic Church, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Saint Gabriel Byzantine Catholic Church, Saint James the Apostle Catholic Church, Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Saint Johns Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, Saint Michaels Antiochian Orthodox Church, Saint Paul Orthodox Church, Saint Simeon Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Viator Catholic Church, Samoan Congregational Christian Church, Sanctuary of Praise International Church, Second Baptist Church, Self-Realization Fellowship Church, Shekinah Glory Ministries, Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer, So-Mang Presbyterian Church, Sonrise Community Church, Southern Nevada Renewal Center, Southwest Baptist Church, Spanish Church of God, Spring Meadows Presbyterian Church, Spring Valley Assembly of God Church, Spring Valley Baptist Church, Streams of Life Fellowship, Summerlin Community Baptist Church, Summerlin Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sun City Community Church, Sunrise Congregation Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Sunrise Mountain Ministries, Sunrise Southern Baptist Church, Tabernacle of Praise Church, Teaching of The Inner Christ Church, Templo Cristiano, Templo la Hermosa, The Church at Las Vegas, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Crossing Church, The First Korean Baptist Church, The Four Seasons Community Church, The Good Samaritan Worship and Training Center, The Potters House, The Potters Place, The True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, The Universal Church, Thomas Paine Church of God, Thy Word International Fellowship of Churches, Thy Word Ministries, Trinity Church of God in Christ, Trinity Life Center Assembly of God Church, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, Tropicana Christian Fellowship Church, True Love Missionary Baptist Church, True Word Interdenomination Church, Truth Christian Ministries, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas, United Church of Christ, United Pentecostal Gospel Lighthouse Church, Unity Baptist Church, Unity Church of the Desert, University United Methodist Church, Upland Bible Church, Valley Bible Fellowship Church, Vegas Valley Christian Church, Victory Christian Center, Victory Missionary Baptist Church, Victory Vegas Church, Visions of Faith Church, Walnut Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Warm Springs Baptist Church, West Craig Road Baptist Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Word of Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Word of Life Christian Center, World of Evangelism Ministry, Yung Kwang Korean Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Cliffs, Echo Cliff, Enchanted Formations, Hemenway Wall, Sandstone Bluff, Sandstone Bluffs, The Cliffs, The Pillars

  Crossings     show all on map

Beales Crossing, Byron Interchange, Carp Elgin Interchange, East Mesa Interchange, Hidden Valley Interchange, Interchange 25, Interchange 27, Interchange 33, Interchange 34, Interchange 36, Interchange 37, Interchange 38, Interchange 39, Interchange 40, Interchange 41, Interchange 42, Interchange 43, Interchange 44, Interchange 45, Interchange 46, Interchange 48, Interchange 50, Logandale Overton Interchange, Old California Crossing (historical), Ute Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Bowman Dam, Davis Dam, Evaporation Pond Number 6A Dam, Evaporation Pond Number 6B Dam, Evaporation Pond Number 6C Dam, Evaporation Pond Number Five Dam, Evaporation Pond Number Four Dam, Evaporation Pond Number Three Dam, Evaporation Pond Number Two Dam, Honeybee Dam, Mill Number 1-Pond A Dam, Mill Number 1-Pond B Dam, Mill Number 2-Pond A Dam, Mill Number 2-Pond B Dam, Mill Number 2-Pond C Dam, Mill Number 2-Pond D Dam, Mill Number 2-Pond E Dam, Miscellaneous Waste Pond Number 2 Dam, Miscellaneous Waste Pond Number 4 Dam, Mohave Generating Station Dam, Spent Caustic Liquor Pond Dam, Spent Leaching Liquor Pond Number 3 Dam, Spent Leaching Liquor Pond Number 4 Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Big Falls, Little Falls, Mary Jane Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Arnold Bottom, Cashman Field, Cook Bottom, Deer Pasture, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Latham Bottom, Lewis Bottom, Long Bottom, Lost Lake, Roach Lake, Starvation Flat, Virgin Mud Flats (historical), White Sage Flat, Yucca Forest

  Forests     show all on map

Las Vegas Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Apex Summit, Beer Bottle Pass, Black Gate, Black Hills Gap, Christmas Tree Pass, Columbia Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Crystal Pass, Dutchman Pass, Hemenway Pass, Jumbo Pass, Lovell Summit, McCullough Pass, Mormon Pass, Mountain Springs Summit, Paradise Gap, Pierson Gap, Potosi Pass, Railroad Pass, Red Rock Summit, Saint Thomas Gap, Sheep Pass, Stateline Pass, Summit Pass, The Narrows, Wagon Gap, Wheeler Pass, White Narrows, Whitney Pass, Wildhorse Pass, Wilson Pass, Yucca Gap

  Harbors     show all on map

Lake Mead Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Boulder City Hospital, Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center, Cheyenne Care Center, Cheyenne Residential Nursing Center, Columbia Sunrise Hospital Womens Pavilion, Community Outreach Medical Center, Delmar Gardens of Green Valley, Desert Lane Care Center, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, Desert Surgical Center, El Jen Convalescent Hospital, Emmanuel Health Care Center, Flamingo Surgery Center, Gaye Haven Intensive Care Facility, Goldring Diagnostic and Surgical Center, Harmon Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Las Vegas, Henderson Healthcare Center, Highland Manor Mesquite, Horizon Specialty Hospital Las Vegas, Irene Benn Medical Center, James M Hogan Medical Center, Jurani Clinic, Kindred Hospital Las Vegas - Flamingo Campus, Kindred Hospital Las Vegas - Sahara, Kindred Hospital Las Vegas at Desert Springs Hospital, Las Vegas Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Las Vegas Surgical Center, Life Care Center Las Vegas, Life Care Center Paradise Valley, Manor Health Care Center, Mesa View Regional Hospital, Mesquite Medical Center, Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital, Montevista Hospital, Mountainview Care Center at Boulder City, Mountainview Hospital, Nevada State Veterans Home, North Las Vegas Care Center, North Vista Hospital, Parkway Surgery Center, Plaza Surgery Center, Progressive Hospital, Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital, Sahara Surgery Center, Saint Rose Dominican Hospitals Rose de Lima Campus, Saint Rose Dominican Hospitals San Martin Campus, Saint Rose Dominican Hospitals Sienna Campus, Searchlight Clinic, Shadow Mountain Surgical Center, Silver Hills Health Care Center, Silver Ridge Healthcare Center, Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital, Specialty Surgery Center, Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Sunrise Childrens Hospital, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Surgical Arts Center, Tenaya Surgical Center, The Plaza Regency at Sun Mountain, TLC Care Center, Torrey Pines Care Center, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System Central Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System East Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System Henderson Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System North Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System Northwest Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System Southwest Clinic, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System West Clinic, University Medical Center Ernst F Lied Ambulatory Care Clinic, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Boulder Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Craig Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Enterprise Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Laughlin Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Nellis Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Peccole Ranch Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Rancho Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Spring Valley Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Summerlin Area Quick Care, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Sunset Quick Care, Valley Hospital Medical Center, Vegas Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Womens Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Battleship Rock, Big Boulder Island, Bighorn Island, Black Island, Black Ridge Island, Boulder Islands, Cottonwood Island, Cottonwood Island (historical), Crescent Island, Deadmans Island (historical), Fish Island, Gull Islands, Gunsight (historical), Heron Island, Little Boulder Island, Middle Boulder Island, Middle Point Islands, Overton Islands, Pyramid Island, Ramshead Island, Rock Island, Round Island (historical), Saddle Island, Sand Island, Sentinel Island, Weather Raft (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Beaver Lake (historical), Cottonwood Lake, Desert Willow Lake, Jean Lake, Mulberry Lake, Tule Springs Lake, Twin Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Abbottsville, Acton (historical), Agave Roasting Pit, Alamo Mine, Alan Bible Visitor Center, Alfred Merritt Smith Water Treatment Plant, Alliance (historical), Almond Tree Center, Alunite (historical), Amargosa Substation, Angel Park Golf Club, Angel Ranch, Apex Underpass, Arden Plaster Company Mill, Argentena Mine Camp, Asian Town USA Shopping Center, Atlatl Rock Campground, Aztec Wash Light, Badlands Golf Course, Bauer (historical), Baylor (historical), Bechtel (historical), Belz Factory Outlet World Shopping Center, Best in the West Shopping Center, Bills, Bird Spring (historical), Black Mountain Country Club, Blue Diamond Mill, Bolero Plaza, Bonanza East Shopping Center, Bonanza Square, Bonanza Trailhead, Bonellis House (historical), Boulder - Lake Mead Shopping Center, Boulder Beach Campground, Boulder Canyon Dam Site, Boulder Marketplace Shopping Center, Boulder Sahara Plaza Shopping Center, Boulevard Mall, Boyd Rucker Ranch, Brandlewood Gun Club, Brooks Shopping Center, Buena Vista (historical), Bulls Head Dam Site, Butterfly Square, Byron (historical), Callville Bay, Callville Dam Site, Camelot Shopping Center, Camp Bonanza, Camp Overton (historical), Camp Pittman, Camp Thurman, Camp Vida (historical), Campus Village Shopping Center, Capalapa Ranch, Capitol Camp, Carmen Plaza, Carriage Trade Center, Cashman Landing (historical), Cathedral Rock Picnic Area, Cave (historical), CCC Camp (historical), Centennial Centre Shopping Center, Central Valley Shopping Center, Century Plaza, Charleston Bazar Shopping Center, Charleston Center, Charleston Commons Shopping Center, Charleston Heights Shopping Center, Charleston Plaza Mall, Charleston Square, Charleston Square Two Shopping Center, Charleston West Shopping Center, Charlies Ranch (historical), Cheyenne Commons Shopping Center, Cheyenne Crossing Shopping Center, Cheyenne Plaza Shopping Center, Cheyenne Shopping Center, Cheyenne Village Shopping Center, Chinatown Plaza Shopping Center, Chiquita (historical), Civic Center Plaza, Clark County Industrial Plant Area, Clark County Youth Camp, Clarks Saw Mill (historical), Clarks Sawmill (historical), Cleopatra Mine, Cold Creek Picnic Area, College Park Shopping Center, College Town Number Two Shopping Center, College Town Shopping Center, Colonnade Square Shopping Center, Commercial Center, Comstock (historical), Copper City (historical), Corn Creek Field Station, Corn Creek Well, Cottonwood (historical), Cottonwood Camp (historical), Cottonwood Cove, Cow Camp, Craig Ranch Country Club, Craig Ranch Golf Course, Craig Road Speedway, Craing Ranch Country Club, Crowe (historical), D 4 C Ranch (historical), D Hutton Ranch (historical), David Buddy Ranch, Decatur Crossing Shopping Center, Decatur Shopping Center, Deer Creek Picnic Area, Desert View Trailhead, Desert Viewpoint, Dessert Passage Shopping Center, Dolomite Campground, Double I J Ranch, Durango Hills Water Resource Center, Eagle Crest Course, Eagle Plaza, East End Light, Eastern Beltway Center Shopping Center, Eastern Commons Shopping Center, Eastwind Center Shopping Center, El Rancho Vegas Fashion Center, Eldorado City (historical), Eldorado Ferry (historical), Eldorado Mine, Eldorado Village Shopping Center, Emerald Green Golf Course, Empire (historical), Eureka (historical), Evey Ranch (historical), Factory Outlet Mall of Las Vegas, Fairview Salt Mine (historical), Farmington (historical), Fashion Show Mall, Fashion Square, Fletcher View Campground, Flickerville (historical), Forks Road (historical), Fort Saint Joseph (historical), Foster Ranch, Fountains Shopping Center, Fox Tail Snow Play and Picnic Area, Foxtail Camp, Francisco Centre, Frank Taylor Ranch, Franklin Shopping Center, Fredellen, Fremont Plaza, Frontier Plaza, Galleria at Sunset Shopping Center, Gateway (historical), Gemco Center, Gentry Ranch (historical), Gilcrease Ranch, Glendale Station, Godfrey Ranch, Golden West Shopping Center, Gravel Plant (historical), Greater Vegas Plaza, Green Valley Town Center Shopping Center, Griffith Peak Trailhead, Hardys Ferry (historical), Hardyville (historical), Harris Spring Ranch, Hart Siding (historical), Hemenway Campground, Henderson Plaza, Henderson Sewage Treatment Plant, Henderson Sewage Treatment Plant, Henderson Shopping Village Shopping Center, Hidden Forest Cabin, Hidden Hills Ranch, Hidden Wells Ranch (historical), Highland Falls Golf Course, Hilltop Campground, Himix (historical), Home Ranch, Homestake Mill (historical), Horizon Point Shopping Center, Hoyts Camp (historical), Imperial Plaza, Ivanpah (historical), Jackson (historical), Jamestown (historical), Jean Station, Juan, Juanita Springs Ranch, Juniper Camp (historical), K-Las Vegas Shopping Center, Kahn (historical), Keystone (historical), Keystone Mill (historical), Kingsooper Center, Kyle Canyon Campground, Kyle Canyon Ranger Station, Kyle Canyon RV Camp, Kyle Ranch (historical), Kyles Saw Mill (historical), Lady of the Snows Camp, Lake Mead and Buffalo Center Shopping Center, Lake Mead Recreation Ranger Headquarters, Lake Mead Shopping Center, Lakeside Village Plaza, Lakeview Point, Las Palmas Village Shopping Center, Las Vegas Bay, Las Vegas Country Club, Las Vegas Downs, Las Vegas Downs Racetrack, Las Vegas Golf Club, Las Vegas Gun Club, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Plaza, Las Vegas Plaza Shopping Center, Las Vegas Pointe Plaza Shopping Center, Las Vegas Ranch (historical), Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility, Lawler (historical), Lee Canyon RV Camp, Lee Canyon Ski Area, Lee Forest Service Station, Lewis Ranch, Loma Vista Shopping Center, Lomix Plant, Lookout Point (historical), Lost City Ranch (historical), Louisville (historical), Lower Williams Ranch, Mahogany Grove Picnic Area, Mary Jane Falls Campground, Mary Jane Trailhead, Maryland Crossing Shopping Center, Maryland Square, McWilliams (historical), McWilliams Campground, Mead Lake, Mesa House, Mikes Camp, Mission Center, Mission Center Shopping Center, Mohave Generating Station, Mormon Pass Picnic Area, Mormon Well Corral, Mount Charleston Lodge, Mount Charleston North Trailhead, Mount Spring (historical), Mouses Tank Picnic Area, Navajo City (historical), Nellis Crossing Shopping Center, Nellis/Bonanza Shopping Center, Nelsons Landing, Nevada Inn, Nevada Square, Nippeno Mill, Nob Hill (historical), North Mesa Plaza Shopping Center, North Ranch Parkway Shopping Center, Northshore Plaza Shopping Center, Ocotillo Plaza, Old Bonelli Ferry (historical), Old Mill Cross Country Ski Area, Old Mill Picnic Area, Oliver Ranch, Overton Beach, Owens (historical), P Guest Ranch, Palm Valley Golf Course, Panorama Shopping Center, Paradise Shopping Center, Paradise Valley Country Club, Park 2000 Shopping Center, Parkway Plaza, Parkway Springs Plaza Shopping Center, Patterson Ranch (historical), Pebble Marketplace Shopping Center, Peccole Ranch Town Center Shopping Center, Pecos Plaza, Pecos Plaza, Pierce, Pine Nut Camp, Plaza De Vegas, Plaza Desert Inn, Point B, Potosi (historical), Powers Ranch, Powers Ranch, Pueblo (historical), Pumping Plant Number 1a, Pumping Plant Number 2a, Pumping Plant Number 5, Pumping Plant Number One, Purple Sage Plaza, Quartette (historical), Rainbow Dunes Centre, Rainbow Expressway Center Shopping Center, Rainbow Promenade Shopping Center, Rainbow Vista, Rancho Center, Rancho Circle Shopping Center, Rancho Plaza, Rancho Sierra Center Shopping Center, Ray Vanhorn Farm, Red Rock Dedication Site, Regency Plaza, Renaissance Center East, Riverside Ranch (historical), Roberts Ranch, Rocky Gap Campgrounds, Royson, Runnin Rebel Plaza, Sahara Lamb Shopping Center, Sahara Parkway Shopping Center, Sahara Pavilion North Shopping Center, Sahara Pavilion South Shopping Center, Sahara Shopping Center, Salt Well (historical), Scanlon Dugway, Searchlight Ferry, Searles Ranch, Seven Sisters Picnic Area, Shadow Hills Shopping Center, Shea (historical), Shenandoah Mill, Showcase Shopping Center, Silverado Ranch Plaza Shopping Center, Somerset Shopping Center, Spanish Oaks Shopping Center, Sportsman Paradise County Campground, Spring Mountain Center Shopping Center, Spring Mountain Ranch, Spring Mountain Youth Camp, Spring Oaks Plaza Shopping Center, Spring Valley Town Center Shopping Center, Stardust Country Club, Stardust International Raceway, Stephanie Street Center Shopping Center, Stewart Ranch, Stewart Square, Stewart Square Shopping Center, Stone Ferry (historical), Stumps Spring (historical), Sundance Plaza, Sunrise City Shopping Center, Sunrise Marketplace Shopping Center, Sunrise Picnic Area, Sunrise Shopping Center, Sunrise Station Powerplant, Sunrise Vista Golf Course, Sunset Plaza Shopping Center, Sutor (historical), Temple Bar Mill (historical), The Cabins, The Family Center, The Meadows Shopping Center, The Narrows Dam Site Number One, The Narrows Dam Site Number Two, The Plazas Shopping Center, The Springs Shopping Center, Tiffany Square, Tim Springs Petroglyths, Times Square, Torrey Pines Shopping Center, Tournament Players Club at Summerlin Golf Course, Tournament Players Club at the Canyons Golf Course, Town and Country Shopping Center, Townhouse Center, Trails Village Center Shopping Center, Tristate (historical), Tropicana Country Club, Tropicana East Centre, Tropicana Plaza, Tropicana Shopping Center, Tropicana Spencer Square, Tule Spring Ranch, Tule Springs, Tule Springs Ranch, Twin Lakes Shopping Center, Union Pacific Station, United States Fish Hatchery (historical), University Gardens Shopping Center, University Plaza, Upper Black Canyon Dam Site (historical), Vallejo Center, Vegas Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Vegas Village Shopping Center, Vegas Washoe (historical), Village Center, Village Square Commercial Center, Virgin, Vista Plaza, Warm Springs Ranch (historical), Wellington Shopping Center, Wells, West Ranch, Westgate Shopping Center, Westland Fair Shopping Center, Westland Mall, Wheeler Wash Charcoal Kilns, Wheeler Well, White (historical), White Star Plaster Mill, Whitney Ranch, Whitney Ranch Center Shopping Center, Williams Ranch, Willow Creek Campground, Winchester Plaza, Windmill Plaza Shopping Center, Winterwood Golf Course, Winterwood Ranch (historical), Wonderland East Shopping Center, YKL Ranch, Younts Ranch, Zarina Mine

  Military     show all on map

Camp Siebert (historical), Creech Air Force Base, Fort Baker (historical), Las Vegas Air Force Station (historical), Las Vegas Mormon Fort (historical), Nellis Air Force Base

  Mines     show all on map

Accident Mine, Ada and Edith Mine, Addison Mine, Akron Mine, Alice Mine, Alunite Mine, American Borax Company Mines, Anchor Mine, Anderson Mine, Anniversary Mine, Apex Limstone Quarry, Arden Gypsum Mine, Arden Quarries, Argentena Mine, Arrolime, Azure Ridge Mine, Azurite Mine, Bay City Group Mine, Bell Mine, Belle Mine, Belmont-Phoenix Mine, Berlock Mine, Big Casino Mines, Big Cliff Mine, Bill Nye Mine, Black Hawk Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Salt Mine (historical), Blossom Mine, Blue Diamond Mine, Blue Quartz Mine, Bluejay Mine, Bonelli Salt Mine (historical), Boss Mine, Boston Searchlight Mine, Brandy Mine, Bullion Mine, Calico Salt Mine (historical), Camp Dupont Mine, Capitol Hill Mine, Carnation Mine, Chief of the Hills Mines, Chiquita Mine, Chiquita Mine, Christmas Mine, Clementina Mine, Colorock Quarry, Columbia Mine, Combination Mine, Contact Mine, Copper Chief Mine, Copper Flower Mine, Copper Hill Mine, Copperside Mine, Cosmopolitan Mine, Cottonwood Mine, Crescent Mine, Cumberland Group Mine, Czarina Mine, Dawn Mine, Dolores Mine, Double Standard Mine, Double Up Mine, Duncan Mine, Duplex Mine, Eldorado Crown Mines, Eldorado Empire Mines, Eldorado Rand Mines, Eldorado Rover Mines, Empire Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Mine, Florence Mine Number One, Florence Mine Number Two, Frederickson Mine, Frenchman Mine, Gary Allen Quarry, Gettysburg Mine, Gold Butte Mine, Golden Calf Mine, Golden Chariot Mine, Golden Empire Mine, Goldenrod Mine, Good Hope Mine, Great Eastern Mine, Green Copper Mine, Green Monster Mine, Greenhorn Mine, Griffith Mine, Gypsum Cave Mine, Happy Jack Mine, Hermosa Mine, Highline Mine, Hill Top Mine, Homestake Group Mine, Honest Miner Mine, Hoodoo Mine, Hoosier Mine, Houghton Mine, Ingomar and Milford Number Two Mines, Ireland Mine, Iron Age Mine, Iron Gold Mine, Ironside Mine, Jackdaw Group Mine, JET Mine, Joker Mine, Jubilee Mine, Jumbo Mine, June Bug Mine, Juniper Mine, Key West Mine, Keystone Mine, Kirby Mine, Lakeshore Mine, Lakeside Mine, Lakeview Mine, Lavina Mine, Lead King Mine, Leadville Mine, Lincoln Mine, Lincoln Mine, Lookout Mine, Lookout Mine, Lucky Dutchman Mine, Lucky Dutchman Mine, Lucky Strike Mine, Lucy Gray Mine, Magnolia Mine, Mammoth Mine, McKinley Mine, McVicar Mine, Middlesex Mine, Milford Mine, Mobile Mine, Mockingbird Mine, Monte Cristo Mine, Morgan Mine, Morning Star Mine, Mountain Queen Mine, Mountain Top Mine, Nevada Eagle Mine, Nevada Mica Mine, Nevada Royale Quarries, Nevada Royale Quarry, New Era Mines, New Year Mine, Ninetynine Mine, Nippeno Mine, Noble Mine, Nu-Lite Insulated Homes Incorporated Mine, Oakland Mine, Occidental Mine, Ole Mine, Oro Amigo Mine, Oro Plata Mine, Patsy Mine, Pauline Mine, Picture Rock Mine, Pilgrim Mine, Pittsburg Mine, Platina Mine, Pompeii Mine, Porter Mine, Potential Mine, Potosi Mine, Prairie Flower Mine, Puelz Mine, Quaker City Mine, Quartette Mine, Quo Vadis Mine, Radio Crystal Mine, Rainbow Quarries, Rambler Mine, Rand Mine, Red Bird Mine, Red Bluff Mine, Red Bud Mine, Red Cloud Mine, Rich Hill Mine, Rockefeller Mine, Roman Mine, Root Mine, Ruth Mine, Saint Louis Mine, Santa Cruz Mine, Santa Fe Mine, Schumaker Gypsum Mine, Searchlight Insulation Products Mine, Searchlight M and M Mine, Searchlight Parallel Mine, Shenandoah Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Gem Mine, Silver Leaf Mine, Silver Legion Mine, Simplot Silica Sand Mine, Singer Mine, Sloan Limestone Quarry, Smithson Phillips Mine, Smithsonite Mine, Snowflake Mine, Snowstorm Mine, Solar Mine, Southern Nevada Mine, Spanish Mine, Spearhead Mine, Spelter Mine, Star Mine, Sultan Mine, Sunday Mine, Sundog Mine, Surprise Mine, Swickard Mines, Tam O'Shanter Mine, Techatticup Mine, Three Kids Mine, Tiffany Quarry, Tiffin Mine, Toltec Mine, Tramp Mine, Umpire Perlite Mine, Union Mine, Valentine Mine, Vermiculite Mine, Volcano Mine, Wall Street Mine, Wall Street Mine, West End Mine, Whale Mine, White Eagle Mine, White Rock Mine, White Star Mine, Wiley Inspiration Mine, Windmill Mine, Wyatt Silica Mine, Yellow Pine Mine, Yellow Stone Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Adcock Playground, Alexander Villas Park, Allegro Park, Aloha Shores Park, Angel Park, Ansan Park, Arrowhead Trail Historic Marker, Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, Baker Park, Baker Pool, Baskin Park, Bell Playground, Bill Wildcat Morris Rebel Park, Black Mountain Pool, Blue Diamond Park, Booker Playground, Boris Park, Boulder Canyon Wild Life Refuge, Bracken Playground, Brinley Pool, Brooks Tot Lot, Buena Vista Recreation Area, Burkholder Park, C T Sewell Park, Cannon School Park, Captain John J Clark Memorial Monument, Carson Playground, Cashman School Park, Charleston Heights Park, Charleston Heights Park, Chester Stupak Park, Cheyenne Ridge Park, Childrens Memorial Park, Cimarron Rose Park, City View Park, Clark Community School Park, Coleman Park, College Park, Coral Canyon Wild Area, Cragin Park, Cragin Pool, Culley Playground, Davis Park, Desert Bloom Park, Desert Breeze Park, Desert Inn Estates Island Park, Desert Inn Park, Desert Inn Pool, Desert National Wildlife Range, Desert View Natural Environment Area, Dexter Park, Discovery Park, Doolittle Park, Doolittle Pool, Downs Linear Park, Durango School Park, Earl E Wilson Baseball Stadium, Earl Playground, Early Childhood Development Center Park, East Las Vegas Park, Edwards Playground, Eldorado Park, Elementary Park, Eller Media Softball Stadium, Essex Park, Ethel Pearson Park, Fantasy Park, Ferron Park, Fitzgeralds Tot Lot, Floyd R Lamb State Park, Fountain Park, Fox Ridge Park, Freedom Park, Fyfe Playground, Garside Community School Park, Garside Pool, Gold Crest Park, Goodsprings Park, Gordon McCaw Park, Goynes Park, Grant Bowler Park, Grapevine Springs Park, Green Valley Park, Griffith Park, Guinn School Park, Hadland Park, Hadland Pool, Hafen Lane Park, Hancock Playground, Hartke Park, Hartke Pool, Heers Park, Henderson City Park, Herbert Memorial Park, Heritage Park, Hewetson Playground, Hidden Palms Park, Highland Range Crucial Bighorn Habitat Area, Highland Valley Park, Hills Park, Hoggard Playground, Horsemans and Dog Fanciers Park, Huntridge Circle Park, Indian Springs Park, Indian Springs Pool, James Gay Park, Jaycee Park, Jensen Park, Joe Kneip Park, Joe Shoong Park, John S Park Elementary School Park, Johnson Community School Park, Kiel Ranch, Kyle Ranch Historic Site, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Las Vegas Dunes Recreation Lands, Las Vegas Race Track (historical), Las Vegas Racetrack and Ball Park, Laughlin Park, Laurelwood Park, Legacy West Park, Lewis Family Park, Library Park, Lions Memorial Park, Lone Mountain Park, Lorenzi Park, Lorin Williams Pool, Lubertha Johnson Park, Lyon Mack Park, Madison Playground, Marilyn Redd Park, Mark Dutton Park, Maslow County Park, Maslow Pool, McWilliams Playground, Mesquite Rodeo Grounds (historical), Miller Playground, Mirabelli Park, Mission Hills Park, Moapa Recreation Center Park, Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Monte Vista Park, Morrel Park, Mountain View Park, Mountain View Park, Mountain View Park, Myron Partridge Track Stadium, Nature Park, Nellis Meadows Park, Nicholas E Flores Junior Park, North Las Vegas Regional Park, O'Callaghan Park, Old Las Vegas Fort State Historical Park, Orr School Park, Overton Park, Overton Pool, Overton Wildlife Management Area, Paradise Park, Paradise Pool, Paradise Valley County Park, Paradise Vista Park, Parkdale Park, Parkdale Pool, Parks Playground, Paul Meyer Park, Peace Park, Peter Johann Soccer Field, Petitti Park, Petitti Pool, Pine Creek Canyon Natural Area, Pioneer Park, Pittman Playground, Potosi Park, Prosperity Park, Pueblo Park, Pulsipher Park, Rainbow Park, Recreation Center Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Red Rock Playground, Regional Park, Richard Walpole Senior Citizens Park, River Mountain Park, Robison Community School Park, Rodeo Park, Ronnow Playground, Ronzone Playground, Rotary Park, Rotary Tot Lot, Searchlight Town Park, Seastrand Community Park, Shadow Rock Park, Silver Bowl Park, Silver Springs Park, Silver Springs Pool, Smith Playground, Sonata Park, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Spring Valley Park, Stewart Place Park, Sunrise Mountain Natural Area, Sunrise Park, Sunrise Pool, Sunset Park, Sunset Pool, Tam Park, Thomas Leavitt Memorial Park, Tom Williams Park, Tonopah Park, Trails Park, Trails Pool, Trailside Park, Trent Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Valley View Park, Vegas Verdes Playground, Virgin Mountain Natural Area, Virgin River Recreation Area, Virgin Valley Middle School and High School Park, Virgin Valley School Park, Von Tobel Pool, Von Tobel School Park, W Wayne Bunker Family Park, Walker Park, Walker Pool, Warren Playground, Wells Park, Wells Pool, Wengert School Park, West Flamingo Park, White School Park and Sports Field, Whitney Park, Whitney Pool, Wildwood Park, William Bennett Park, Winchester Park, Winterwood Park, Woofter Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Atlatl Rock, Beacon Rock, Boxcar Rock, Cathedral Rock, Cormorant Rock (historical), Devils Thumb, Kitty Coleman Rock, Pinnacle, Pioneer Rock, Pyramid Rock, Red Needle, The Eagle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Amber, Apex, Arden, Arrolime, Arrowhead, Bard, Blue Diamond, Bonanza Village, Bonnie Springs, Borax, Boulder City, Boulder Junction, Bracken, Bunkerville, Cactus Springs, Cal-Nev-Ari, Camp Booth (historical), Camp Duncan (historical), Camp Dupont (historical), Camp El Dorado (historical), Camp Sunrise (historical), Carver Park, Copper Camp (historical), Copper City (historical), Corn Creek (historical), Crescent (historical), Crystal (historical), Desert View Point, Dike, Dry Lake, East Las Vegas, Eastland Heights, Echo Bay, Eldorado Canyon (historical), Emerald City (historical), Enterprise, Erie, Exploration Peak Park, Farrier, Fort Callville (historical), Garnet, Glassand, Glendale, Gold Butte (historical), Goodsprings, Henderson, Hesse Camp (historical), Hillegas (historical), Hills Camp (historical), Hoover City (historical), Hupton (historical), Indian Springs, Jackman, Jean, Junction City (historical), Jungletown (historical), Kaolin (historical), Kerwin Camp (historical), Kyle Canyon Summer Home Area, Lake Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lee Canyon Summer Home Area, Lincoln City, Logandale, Lost City (historical), Lovell, Lucky Jim Camp, Mandolin (historical), Marie Camp, McKeeversville (historical), Mesquite, Moapa, Moapa Town, Moapa Valley, Morgantown (historical), Mount Charleston, Mountain Springs, Mountain's Edge, Nelson, North Las Vegas, Old Overton (historical), Overton, Paradise, Platina (historical), Port Holiday, Primm, Rioville (historical), Ripley, Riverside, Roach, Root Camp (historical), Saint Joseph (historical), Saint Thomas (historical), Sandy Mill, Sandy Valley, Searchlight, Silver City (historical), Simonsville (historical), Sloan, Spring Valley, Stewart (historical), Stewarts Point, Sunrise Manor, Texas Acres, Ute, Valley, Vegas Heights, Victory Village, Wallace (historical), Wann, West End (historical), West Point (historical), Whitney, Williamsville (historical), Winchester, Winterwood (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Airport Branch Post Office, Alpine Village Rural Branch Post Office (historical), Arden Post Office (historical), Blue Diamond Post Office, Bonanza Station Post Office, Boulder City Post Office, Bringhurst Post Office (historical), Bunkerville Post Office, Cal Nev Ari Rural Branch Post Office, Callville Post Office (historical), Cottonwood Cove Rural Branch Post Office, Crescent Post Office (historical), Crossroads Post Office, Davis Dam Post Office (historical), Desert Inn Post Office, Downtown Station Post Office, Dry Lake Post Office (historical), East Las Vegas Branch Post Office, Eldorado Canyon Post Office (historical), Emerald Post Office, Federal Station Post Office, Garside Post Office, Garside Station Post Office, Gold Butte Post Office (historical), Goodsprings Rural Station Post Office, Green Valley Post Office, Henderson Post Office, Highland Annex Station Post Office (historical), Huntridge Station Post Office, Hupton Post Office, Ice Post Office (historical), Indian Springs Post Office, Jean Post Office, Kaolin Post Office, Keystone Post Office, King Post Office, Lake Mead Base Branch Post Office (historical), Las Vegas Post Office, Las Vegas Post Office Station Number 4, Last Frontier Village Branch Post Office (historical), Laughlin Rural Branch Post Office, Logandale Post Office, Mead Lake Post Office (historical), Meadow Mesa Post Office, Mesquite Post Office, Moapa Post Office, Nellis Air Force Base Branch Post Office, Nelson Post Office (historical), North Las Vegas Post Office, Old Nevada Village Rural Station Post Office, Overton Post Office, Paradise Valley Branch Post Office, Pittman Station Post Office, Platina Post Office, Poe 61 Post Office, Poe 62 Post Office, Poe 64 Post Office, Poe 65 Post Office, Poe 67 Post Office, Quartette Post Office, Red Rock Vista Post Office, Rioville Post Office (historical), Ripley Post Office, Saint Joseph Post Office, Saint Thomas Post Office (historical), Sandy Post Office, Searchlight Post Office, Silverado Station Post Office, Sloan Post Office, Spring Valley Branch Post Office, Spring Valley Post Office, Strip Station Post Office, Summerlin Post Office, Sunrise Post Office, Topaz Post Office, Valle Verde Post Office, West Point Post Office (historical), Winterwood Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Arrow Canyon Range, Bird Spring Range, Black Hills, Black Mountains, Castle Mountains, Cathedral Peaks, Chiquita Hills, Desert Range, Dry Lake Range, Eldorado Mountains, Frenchman Range, Gale Hills, Highland Range, Hiller Mountains, Indian Hills, Las Vegas Range, Lucy Gray Mountains, McCullough Range, Million Hills, Muddy Mountains, New York Mountains, Newberry Mountains, North Muddy Mountains, Piute Range, Ranger Mountains, River Mountains, Sheep Range, South Virgin Mountains, Spotted Range, Spring Mountains, State Line Hills, Virgin Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Big Sand Bar Rapids, Boulder Rapids (historical), Cranes Nest Rapids, Cross Current Rapids, Cross Current Rapids, Horseshoe Rapids, Horseshoe Rapids, Hualpai Rapids (historical), Iceberg Rapid, Indian Rapids, Indian Rapids, Ringbolt Rapids, Ringbolt Rapids, Roaring Rapids, Shallow Rapids, Shallow Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Arrow Canyon Wilderness, Black Canyon Wilderness, Bridge Canyon Wilderness, Eldorado Wilderness, Ireteba Peaks Wilderness, Jimbilnan Wilderness, Jumbo Springs Wilderness, La Madre Mountain Wilderness, Lime Canyon Wilderness, Mt. Charleston Wilderness, Muddy Mountains Wilderness, Nellis Wash Wilderness, North McCullough Wilderness, Pinto Valley Wilderness, Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, South McCullough Wilderness, Spirit Mountain Wilderness, Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Aztec Tank, Bowman Reservoir, Buffington Reservoir, C C C Reservoir, California Wash Reservoir, Crystal Tank, Devils Throat, Dry Lake Reservoir, Gap Pocket Reservoir, Hartman Tank, Honeybee Reservoir, Joe May Guzzler, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Mohave Generating Station Reservoir, Mursha Reservoir, Perkins Number One Reservoir, Perkins Number Two Reservoir, Perkins Number Two Reservoir, Regulating Tank Number Two, Rose Tank (historical), Searles Reservoir, Sheep Canyon Reservoir, Sheep Pass Guzzler, Sink Reservoir, Surge Tank Number Two, Three Lakes Valley Reservoir, Weikel Reservoir, White Rock Reservoir, White Sage Guzzler, White Sage Reservoir, Wilson Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Anderson Ridge, Azure Ridge, Banded Ridge, Bitter Ridge, Bitter Ridge, Black Ridge, Bunkerville Ridge, Cabin Canyon Spur, California Ridge, Canyon Point, Cockscomb Ridge, Dead Horse Ridge, East Longwell Ridge, Elbow Range, Fossil Ridge, Hidden Forest Ridge, Indian Ridge, Lime Ridge, Mule Deer Ridge, Overton Ridge, Pinto Ridge, Rainbow Gardens, Razorback Ridge, Sexton Ridge, South Virgin Peak Ridge, Tramp Ridge, Virgin Peak Ridge, Weiser Ridge, West Longwell Ridge, Whitney Ridge, Wilson Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A Tech Special School, Academia La Gran Comision, Academy for Individualized Study, Academy for Learning, Addeliar Guy Elementary School, Adult Education Programs School, Advanced Technologies Academy, Aggie Roberts Elementary School, Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary School, Alexander Dawson School, All Saints Episcopal Day School, American Heritage Academy, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, Andrew Mitchell Elementary School, Ann Lynch Elementary School, Anthony Saville Middle School, Arbor View High School, Area Technical Trade Center, Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School, Back to Basics Preschool and Day Care, Barbara and Hank Greenspun Middle School, Basic High School, Berkeley L Bunker Elementary School, Bertha Ronzone Elementary School, Bethany Baptist Preschool and Day Care Center, Betsy Rhodes Elementary School, Bill Y Tomiyasu Elementary School, Biltmore Special School, Bishop Gorman High School, Black Mountain Christian School, Blue Diamond Elementary School, Bob Miller Middle School, Bonanza High School, Boulder City High School, Brian and Teri Cram Middle School, Burk Academic Center Horizon Sunset, C C Ronnow Elementary School, C H Decker Elementary School, C P Squires Elementary School, C V T Gilbert Elementary School, C W Woodbury Middle School, Calvary Chapel Christian School, Calvary Christian Learning Academy, Candil Hall Early Childhood Education, Canyon Springs High School, Captain Kidds Sixth Grade, Care Unit Hospital of Nevada, Carousel Christian Child Development Center, Centennial Academy, Centennial High School, Challenger School Lone Mountain, Challenger School Silverado Campus, Chaparral High School, Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School, Charles Arthur Hughes Middle School, Charles I West Middle School, Charles Silvestri Middle School, Charlotte Hill Elementary School, Chester T Sewell Elementary School, Cheyenne High School, Child Haven, Childrens Choice Kindergarten, Childrens Choice Kindergarten, Childrens Choice Kindergarten, Childrens Choice Kindergarten, Childrens Choice Kindergarten, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Christ Lutheran Childrens Center and Preschool, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church Kindergarten, Christian Center Schools, Cimarron-Memorial High School, Citibank Child Care Center, Clarence Piggott Elementary School, Clark County Christian School, Clark County School District Virtual High School, Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School, Claude G Perkins Elementary School, Clifford Lawrence Middle School, Clifford O Findlay Middle School, Clyde C Cox Elementary School, Community College East Cheyenne High School, Community College of Southern Nevada A D Guy Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Boulder City Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Charleston Campus, Community College of Southern Nevada Cheyenne Campus, Community College of Southern Nevada Downtown Learning Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Green Valley Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Henderson Campus, Community College of Southern Nevada Mesquite Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Moapa Valley Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Nellis Air Force Base Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Sahara West Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Summerlin Center, Community College of Southern Nevada Western Center, Community College South Henderson High School, Community College West Charleston High School, Corner Stone Christian Academy, Coronado High School, Cowan Behavior Junior Senior High School, Cowan Sunset Southeast High School, Crestwood Elementary School, Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School, Cyril Wengert Elementary School, D'Vorre and Hal Ober Elementary School, Dan Goldfarb Elementary School, David M Cox Elementary School, Dean LaMar Allen Elementary School, Dean Petersen Elementary School, Del E Webb Middle School, Del Sol High School, Dell H Robison Middle School, Desert Pines High School, Desert Rose Adult High School, Desert Torah Academy, Divine Providence Variety Day Home, DJs Community Christian Academy, Doctor William H Bailey Middle School, Doris French Elementary School, Doris Hancock Elementary School, Doris M Reed Elementary School, Dorothy Eisenberg Elementary School, Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus, Duane D Keller Middle School, Durango High School, E W Griffith Elementary School, Earl B Lundy Elementary School, Early Childhood Education Lab School, Echoes Christian Academy, Ed Von Tobel Middle School, Edith Garehime Elementary School, Edna F Hinman Elementary School, Edward W Clark High School, Edythe and Lloyd Katz Elementary School, Eileen B Brookman Elementary School, Eileen Conners Elementary School, Elaine Wynn Elementary School, Elbert Edwards Elementary School, Eldorado High School, Elise L Wolff Elementary School, Elizabeth Wilhelm Elementary School, Elton M Garrett Middle School, Ernest Becker Middle School, Ernest May Elementary School, Estes M McDoniel Elementary School, Ethel W Staton Elementary School, Eva G Simmons Elementary School, Eva Wolfe Elementary School, Evangelical Free Church School, Explore Knowledge Academy, Faith Lutheran Academy, Faith Lutheran Junior-Senior High School, Fay Galloway Elementary School, Fay Herron Elementary School, First Christian Church Child Development Center, First Good Shepard Lutheran School, First Good Sheperd Luthern School, First Presbyterian Church Pre-School and Day Care Center, Foothill High School, Foothills Montessori School, Francis H Cortney Junior High School, Frank and Victoria Fertitta Middle School, Frank F Garside Middle School, Frank Kim Elementary School, Frank Lamping Elementary School, Fredric W Watson Elementary School, Gateway Christian Academy, George E Harris Elementary School, Glen C Taylor Elementary School, Goodsprings Elementary School, Gordon McCaw Elementary School, Grace Christian Academy, Grant Bowler Elementary School, Grant Sawyer MIddle School, Green Valley Christian School, Green Valley High School, Green Valley Lutheran Kindergarten, Griffith United Methodist Day School, Guild R Gray Elementary School, Gwendolyn Wooley Elementary School, H P Fitzgerald Elementary School, Hal Smith Elementary School, Halle Hewetson Elementary School, Hank and Barbara Greenspun Middle School, Happy Days Kindergarten, Harbor Christian School, Harley Harmon Elementary School, Harriet Treem Elementary School, Harry Reid Elementary School, Harvey N Dondero Elementary School, Hebrew Academy, Helen C Cannon Middle School, Helen Herr Elementary School, Helen J Stewart Special School, Helen Jydstrup Elementary School, Helen M Smith Elementary School, Henderson Junior High School (historical), Herbert A Derfelt Elementary School, Highland School (historical), Hillcrest Academy, Homebound Special School, House of Knowledge Christian Academy, Howard E Heckethorn Elementary School, Howard E Hollingsworth Elementary School, Howard Wasden Elementary School, Hughes Middle School, Hyde Park Middle School, Imagination Plus Child Care Center, Imprints Day School, Indian Springs Elementary School, Indian Springs High School, Indian Springs Middle School, International Christian Academy, Ira J Earl Elementary School, Irwin and Susan Molasky Middle School, J D Smith Middle School, J E Manch Elementary School, J Harold Brinley Middle School, J M Ullom Elementary School, J Marlan Walker Elementary School, J T McWilliams Elementary School, Jack and Terry Mannion Middle School, Jack Dailey Elementary School, Jack Lund Schofield Middle School, James B McMillan Elementary School, James Bilbray Elementary School, James Cashman Middle School, James Gibson Elementary School, Jay W Jeffers Elementary School, Jefferson Special School, Jeffrey Behavior Senior High School, Jerome D Mack Middle School, Jewish Community Day School of Las Vegas, Jim Bridger Middle School, Jim Thorpe Elementary School, Jo Mackey Elementary School, John C Bass Elementary School, John C Fremont Middle School, John Dooley Elementary School, John F Mendoza Elementary School, John F Miller Special School, John R Beatty Elementary School, John R Hummel Elementary School, John S Park Elementary School, John Tartan Elementary School, John Vanderburg Elementary School, John W Bonner Elementary School, Joseph E Thiriot Elementary School, Joseph L Bowler Elementary School, Joseph M Neal Elementary School, Judge Myron E Leavitt Middle School, Judy and John L Goolsby Elementary School, K O Knudson Middle School, Kathleen and Tim Harney Middle School, Kathy L Batterman Elementary School, Kay Carl Elementary School, Keith C and Karen W Hayes Elementary School, Kenny C Guinn Middle School, Kermit R Booker Elementary School, Keystone Academy, Kiddie Academy, Kids Campus Learning Center, Kids Campus Learning Center, Kids Co-op, Kids R Kids Quality Learning Center, Kids R Kids Quality Learning Center, Kids R Kids Quality Learning Center, Kids Turf Academy, Kids Turf Academy II, Kinder Care Learning Center, Kinder Prep Academy, Kirk L Adams Elementary School, Kit Carson Elementary School, La Petite Academy, La Petite Academy, La Petite Academy, La Petite Academy, Lake Mead Christian Academy, Lamb of God Lutheran School, Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Las Vegas Day School, Las Vegas High School, Las Vegas Junior Academy, Laughlin Elementary School, Laughlin High School, Laughlin Middle School, Laura Dearing Elementary School, Lawrence and Heidi Canarelli Middle School, Lee Antonello Elementary School, Lewis E Rowe Elementary School, Liberty Baptist Academy, Liberty High School, Lied Middle School, Liliam Lujan Hickey Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School, Lit'l Scholar Rainbow, Lit'l Scholar Summerlin, Litl Scholar School, Litl Scholar School, Lois Craig Elementary School, Lomie G Heard Elementary School, Lorna J Kesterson Elementary School, Louis Wiener Jr Elementary School, Lucile Bruner Elementary School, Lucille S Rogers Elementary School, Lundy Elementary School, Lyal W Burkholder Junior High School, M Eugene Ward Elementary School, M J Christensen Elementary School, Mabel Hoggard Elementary School, Mack Lyon Middle School, Madison Sixth Grade Center School, Mahlon B Brown Junior High School, Manuel J Cortez Elementary School, Maranatha Academy of Las Vegas, Marc Kahre Elementary School, Mario C and JoAnne Monaco Middle School, Marion B Earl Elementary School, Marion E Cahlan Elementary School, Marshall C Darnell Elementary School, Martha P King Elementary School, Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School, Marvin M Sedway Middle School, Mary and Zel Lowman Elementary School, Matt Kelly Elementary School, Mayfair School (historical), McCarran Child Development Center, Meadows School, Merryhill School at Peccole Ranch, Merryhill School at Spanish Trail, Merryhill School at Summerlin, Mervin Iverson Elementary School, Midbar Kodesh Temple Early Childhood Center, Mike O'Callaghan Middle School, Miley Achievement Center, Moapa Valley High School, Mojave High School, Montessori Academy of Southern Nevada, Montessori Childrens World, Morris Behavior Junior High School, Morris Horizon High School, Morris Sunset East High School, Mother Goose School, Mount Charleston Elementary School, Mount Olive Lutheran School, Mountain View Christian School, Mountain View Elementary School, Mountain View Lutheran School, Myrtle Tate Elementary School, Nate Mack Elementary School, Neil C Twitchell Elementary School, Nevada Southern University (historical), Nevada State College, Nevada State High School, New Horizons Academy, New Horizons Center for Learning, North Ninth School (historical), O K Adcock Elementary School, Odyssey Charter School, Odyssey Charter Schools, Ollie Detwiler Elementary School, Omar Haikal Islamic Academy, Oran Gragson Elementary School, Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic School (historical), Palo Verde High School, Paradise Christian Academy, Paradise Elementary School, Park Village School (historical), Parsons Peace Academy of Ministry and Performing Arts, Pat A Diskin Elementary School, Patricia A Bendorf Elementary School, Paul East Culley Elementary School, Petersen Center Behavior Program, Pinto Campus School, Quannah McCall Sixth Grade Center School, R E Tobler Elementary School, Ralph Cadwallader Middle School, Rancho High School, Raul P Elizondo Elementary School, Red Rock Elementary School, Redeemer Lutheran Elementary School, Reid Elementary School, Rex Bell Elementary School, Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School, Richard C Priest Elementary School, Richard H Bryan Elementary School, Richard J Rundle Elementary School, Robert E Lake Elementary School, Robert L Taylor Elementary School, Robert Lunt Elementary School, Robert O Gibson Middle School, Roberta C Cartwright Elementary School, Roger M Bryan Elementary School, Roger M Gehring Elementary School, Rose Warren Elementary School, Roy West Martin Middle School, Ruby S Thomas Elementary School, Ruth Fyfe Elementary School, Ruthe Deskin Elementary School, Saint Anne Catholic School, Saint Christopher Catholic School, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, Saint Francis de Sales Elementary School, Saint Joseph Elementary School, Saint Judes School-Good Shepherd, Saint Viator Elementary School, Sandy Searles Miller Elementary School, Sandy Valley Elementary School, Sandy Valley Middle School, Searchlight Elementary School, Selma F Bartlett Elementary School, Shadow Hills Baptist Church, Shadow Ridge High School, Sheila R Tarr Elementary School, Shenker Academy, Sierra Vista High School, Sig Rogich Middle School, Silverado High School, South Continuation School, Southern Highlands Preparatory School, Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center, Southwest Behavior Program, Spring Mountain Treatment Center, Spring Valley Christian Academy, Spring Valley High School, Stanford Elementary School, Steve Cozine Elementary School, Steve Schorr Elementary School, Stewart School (historical), Sue H Morrow Elementary School, Summit View Correctional Center, Sunrise Acres Elementary School, Sunset High School, Sunset Montessori Childrens World, Temple Beth Sholom Childhood Center, The Meadows School, Theron H and Naomi D Goynes Elementary School, Theron L Swainston Middle School, Thurman White Middle School, Tom Williams Elementary School, Tony Alamo Elementary School, TOP Christian Learning Academy, Tree of Life Christian School, Trinity Christian Schools, Trinity United Methodist, Twin Lakes Elementary School, Ulis Newton Elementary School, University Baptist Academy, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Ute Perkins Elementary School, Vail Pittman Elementary School, Valley High School, Variety Early Learning Center, Variety Special School, Vegas Valley Christian School, Vegas Verdes Elementary School, Vineyard Christian Academy, Virgin Valley Elementary School, Virgin Valley High School, Virtual High School, Walter Bracken Elementary School, Walter Jacobson Elementary School, Walter Johnson Middle School, Walter V Long Elementary School, Warren Walker Lower School, Warren Walker Upper School, Washington Continuation School, Wassell Academy, Wayne N Tanaka Elementary School, Wendell Williams Elementary School, West Charleston Baptist Center, West Charleston School (historical), Western High School, Westside School (historical), Whitney Elementary School, Will Beckley Elementary School, William and Mary Scherkenbach Elementary School, William E Ferron Elementary School, William E Orr Middle School, William E Snyder Elementary School, William G Bennett Elementary School, William K Moore Elementary School, William Lummis Elementary School, Wing & Lilly Fong Elementary School, Word of Life Christian Academy

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Blue Slide, Huntsman Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Agua Chiquita Spring, Appaloosa Springs, Archilette, Ash Creek Spring, Aztec Spring, Basin Spring, Battle Axe Spring, Bell Number Two Spring, Big Spring, Big Timber Spring, Bighorn Sheep Spring, Bills Spring, Bird Spring, Bitter Spring, Blue Point Spring, Boat Tank Springs, Bootleg Spring, Bootleg Spring, Bootlegger Spring, Bridge Spring, Brine Spring, Brine Spring (historical), Buck Spring, Bullion Spring, Burro Springs, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Springs, Calico Spring, Cane Spring, Cane Springs, Canyon Spring, Cataract Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Spring, Caybank Spring, CC Spring, Center Springs, Clark Spring, Coal Spring, Cold Creek Spring, Connoly Spring, Corn Creek Springs, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cougar Springs, Cow Camp Spring, Cow Spring, Cow Spring, Crescent Spring, Crossman Spring, Crystal Springs, Davis Spring, Deadman Spring, Deer Creek Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Discovery Spring, Dripping Spring, Edna Grey Spring, Eldorado Rover Spring, Fairbanks Spring, Falls Spring, First Creek Spring, Fletcher Spring, Forlorn Hope Spring, Francis Mining Claim Spring, Gallon Tank Spring, Gann Spring, Garden Spring, Gass Spring, Getchel Spring, Good Spring, Goodwater Spring, Gotchel Spring, Government Spring, Granite Spring, Granite Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Springs, Grapvine Springs, Grasshopper Spring, Grassy Spring, Greenwing Springs, Group Springs, Gypsum Spring, Hampton Spring, Harris Springs, Hen Spring, High Springs, Highland Spring, Hiko Springs, Hogan Spring, Home Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Springs, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Huse Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring (historical), Jonah Spring, Juanita Springs, Jumbo Spring, Juniper Spring, Keystone Spring, Kiup Spring, Klinger Spring, Knob Hill Spring, Kyle Spring, La Madre Spring, Latos Pools, Lee Spring, Lees Spring, Lewis Holes, Lewis Spring, Lime Spring, Livingston Number One Spring, Livingston Number Two Spring, Lone Grapevine Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Lone Willow Spring, Lost Cabin Spring, Lower Deadman Spring, Lower Deer Creek Spring, Lower Ranch Spring, Lower White Blotch Spring, Maidenhair Spring, Mason Spring, Maynard Spring, Mazie Spring, McClanahan Spring, McCullams Spring, McCullough Spring, McFarland Spring, McWilliams Spring, Mesquit Springs, Mesquite Spring, Mesquite Spring, Mexican Spring, Miners Spring, Mockingbird Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mormon Green Springs, Moss Spring, Mountain Springs, Mud Hole Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring Number One, Mud Spring Number Two, Mud Springs, Mud Wells, Muddy Mountain Spring, Muddy Spring, Mule Spring, Mummy Spring, Narrows Spring, New England Mining Companys Spring, New England Springs, New Spring, New Spring, Nicholson Spring, Ninetynine Spring, North Key West Spring, North Water Spring, Oak Creek Spring, Oak Spring, Old Roman Spring, Ora Hanna Spring, Peak Spring, Perkins Spring, Perkins Spring, Perkins Spring, Peterson Spring, Physic Spring, Pine Creek Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pipe Spring, Piute Springs, Point Spring, Potosi Spring, Prospect Springs, Pupfish Springs, Quail Spring, Quail Spring, Quail Spring, Quijinump Spring, Railroad Spring, Rainbow Spring, Rats Nest Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Bluff Spring, Red Rock Springs, Red Spring, Rocky Gap Spring, Rogers Spring, Roman Spring, Rosebud Spring, Roses Spring, Ruby Spring, Rye Patch Spring, Sacatone Spring, Sand Spring, Sandstone Spring, Sandstone Spring, Sawmill Spring, Scout Canyon Spring, Shalecut Spring, Sheep Spring, Shoemaker Spring, Shovel Spring, Sidehill Spring, South Fork Spring, South Key West Spring, South Spring, Stanley B Springs, Stevens Springs, Stillwell Spring, Stomp Spring, Stump Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Surveyors Spring, Swamp Spring, Switchback Spring, Ten Mile Spring, Three Springs, Tim Spring, Tip Top Spring, Tip Top Spring, Trough Spring, Trout Springs, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Turkey Spring, Twin Springs, Two Mile Hot Spring, Two Spring, Upper Deadman Spring, Upper White Blotch Spring, Vegas Spring, Wagon Spring, Walker Spring, Wamp Spring, Warm Springs, Warner Spring, Water Plug Number Two Spring, Wesselhoff Spring, Wheeler Camp Spring, Wheeler Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whisky Spring, Whister Spring, White Point Spring, White Rock Spring, White Rock Spring, White Spot Spring, Whitehead Springs, Wild Rose Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Wilson Spring, Wiregrass Spring, Wood Spring, Yellowjacket Spring, Yellowstone Spring, Younts Spring

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Abbott Wash, Aztec Wash, Battleship Wash, Bonanza Wash, Bootleg Wash, Borax Wash, Boulder Wash, Burro Spring Wash, Calico Wash, Callville Wash, Cataract Wash, Catclaw Wash, Cleopatra Wash, Cold Creek, Connoly Wash, Cottonwood Wash, Deer Creek, Duck Creek, Eagle Wash, East Sandy Wash, Echo Wash, Empire Wash, Farrier Wash, First Creek, Flamingo Wash, Galena Wash, Goat Camp Wash, Gold Butte Wash, Government Wash, Gregg Wash, Gypsum Wash, Halfway Wash, Hemenway Wash, Horse Spring Wash, Indian Hills Wash, Indian Trail Wash, January Wash, Kaolin Wash, Keystone Wash, Kirby Wash, Las Vegas Wash, Lava Butte Wash, Lime Wash, Logan Wash, Lonesome Wash, Lovell Wash, Lovell Wash, Lower Narrows, Magnesite Wash, Manganese Wash, McKay Wash, Meadow Valley Wash, Million Hills Wash, Montana Wash, Morning Star Wash, Mud Wash, Muddy River, Muddy Wash, Nellis Wash, New Spring Wash, Nickel Creek, North Fork Deer Creek, North Fork Overton Wash, North Fork Valley of Fire Wash, Oak Creek, Overton Wash, Pahranagat Wash, Pine Creek, Porter Wash, Potosi Wash, Power Line Wash, Pulsipher Wash, Pussy Willow Wash, Quail Springs Wash, Rattlesnake Wash, Red Rock Wash, Rogers Wash, Roman Wash, Sacatone Wash, Saint Thomas Wash, Scanlon Wash, Singer Wash, Slim Creek, South Fork Overton Wash, Techatticup Wash, Town Wash, Tropicana Wash, Twin Springs Wash, Unnamed Wash, Valatier Wash, Valley of Fire Wash, Vegas Creek, Virgin River, Walker Wash, Weiser Wash, West End Wash, Whispering Ben Creek, White Rock Wash, Whitmore Wash, Wieber Wash, Wild Burro Wash, Wildcat Wash, Willow Creek, Willow Wash

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Angel Peak, Bald Knob, Baseline Mesa, Bearing Peak, Beehive Rock, Bill Gays Butte, Billy Goat Peak, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Hill, Black Mesa, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Blue Diamond Hill, Blue Point, Bonanza Hill, Bonanza Peak, Bonelli Peak, Boulder Peak, Boundary Hill, Bridge Mountain, Cairn East of Shenandoah Mine, Calico Hills, Camp Knob, Castle Rock, Charleston Peak, Conical Mountains, Conical Peak, Copper Mountain, Corn Creek Dunes, Crescent Peak, Dead Man Hill, Delmar Butte, Devil Peak, Devils Thumb, Doherty Mountain, Dugway Hill (historical), Duplex Hill, Dupont Mountain, Echo Hills, Elephant Rock, Exploration Peak, Fletcher Peak, Fortification Hill (historical), Fourth of July Mountain, Frenchman Mountain, Garrett Butte, Gass Peak, Gold Butte, Gold Cross Peak, Gregg Peak, Griffith Peak, Guardian Peak, Hamblin Mountain, Harris Mountain, Hayford Peak, Ireteba Peaks, Johns Peak, Jumbo Peak, Knob Hill, La Madre Mountain, Lava Butte, Lead Mountain, Little Devil Peak, Little Peak, Little Virgin Peak, Lone Mountain, Lookout Peak, Majestic Lookout, McCullough Mountain, McFarland Peak, Mica Peak, Middle Peak, Mineral Buttes, Mormon Mesa, Mount Duncan, Mount Newberry, Mount Wilson, Mud Hills, Muddy Peak, Mummy Mountain, Negrohead Peak, North Peak, North Ridge, Opal Mountain, Overton Mesa, Pilot Cone, Piute Point, Potosi Mountain, Powell Mountain, Promontory Point, Pyramid Peak, Quail Point, Quartzite Mountain, Ragged Peak, Rainbow Mountain, Rattler Hill, Rattlesnake Peak, Saddle Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Saint Thomas Salt, Scanlon Hill, Seven Sisters, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Peak, Shenandoah Peak, Silica Dome, Spirit Mountain, Squaw Peaks, Sunrise Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Temple Mesa, The Haystacks, The Knoll, The Sisters, The Temple, Thumb Knob, Turtlehead Mountain, Twin Buttes, Virgin Hill, Virgin Peak, White Butte, White Rock Hills, Whitney Mesa, Willow Peak, Winnemuc Hill

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Arden Beacon, KBLR-TV (Paradise), KCEP-FM (Las Vegas), KCEP-FM (Las Vegas), KDHB-AM (Las Vegas), KDOL-AM (Henderson), KDWN-AM (Las Vegas), KENO Radio Tower (historical), KENO-AM (Las Vegas), KEYV-FM (Las Vegas), KFBT-TV (Las Vegas), KFMS-AM (North Las Vegas), KFMS-FM (Las Vegas), KGZA-AM (Boulder City), KILA-FM (Las Vegas), KILA-FM (Las Vegas), KIPP-FM (Mesquite), KJUL-FM (North Las Vegas), KKLZ-FM (Las Vegas), KKVV-AM (Las Vegas), KLAS Radio Tower, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas), KLAV-AM (Las Vegas), KLUC-AM (North Las Vegas), KLUC-FM (Las Vegas), KLVX-TV (Las Vegas), KMMK-FM (Las Vegas), KMTW-AM (Las Vegas), KMZQ-FM (Henderson), KNPR-FM (Las Vegas), KNUU-AM (Paradise), KOMP-FM (Las Vegas), KOMP-FM (Las Vegas), KORK Radio Tower (historical), KORK-AM (Las Vegas), KRBO-FM (Las Vegas), KRBO-FM (Las Vegas), KRLR-TV (Las Vegas), KRLV-FM (Las Vegas), KROL-AM (East Las Vegas), KROL-AM (Laughlin), KRRI-FM (Boulder City) (historical), KTNV-TV (Las Vegas), KUDA-FM (Pahrump), KUNV-FM (Las Vegas), KVBC-TV (Las Vegas), KVEG-AM (North Las Vegas), KVVU-TV (Henderson), KWNR-FM (Henderson), KXTZ-FM (Henderson), KYRK-FM (Las Vegas), Las Vegas Radio Range Station, Potosi Tower

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Arrowhead Trail, Bristlecone Trail, Cathedral Rock Trail, Charleston Peak Trail North Loop, Dead Horse Trail, Deer Creek Trail, Falls Trail, Griffith Peak Trail, Millers Cutoff, Mount Charleston National Recreation Trail, Old Spanish Trail, South Loop, Spring Mountain Divide Trail

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River Mountains Tunnel

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Arrow Canyon, Azure Ridge Draw, Basin Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Gate Canyon, Boat Canyon, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Box Canyon, Boy Scout Canyon, Bridge Canyon, Bullhead Canyon, Cabin Canyon, Carpenter Canyon, Cathedral Canyon, Clark Canyon, Copper Canyon, Coral Canyon, Corkscrew Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Valley, Cottonwood Valley, Cow Canyon, Coyote Spring Valley, Deadman Canyon, Deadmans Canyon, Devil Canyon, Double Canyon, Dripping Springs Canyon, Echo Canyon, Elbow Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Ewe Canyon, First Canyon, Fletcher Canyon, Foxtail Canyon, Garnet Valley, Goldstrike Canyon, Goodwater Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grassy Canyon, Harris Springs Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horseshoe Gulch, Iceberg Canyon, Icebox Canyon, Immigrant Canyon, Indian Canyon, Indian Springs Valley, Joe May Canyon, Johns Canyon, Keyhole Canyon, Kyle Canyon, Las Vegas Valley, Lee Canyon, Lee Spring Canyon, Lime Canyon, Little Joe May Canyon, Long Valley, Lost Creek Canyon, Lovell Canyon, Lower Black Canyon, Lucky Strike Canyon, Macks Canyon, Mazie Canyon, McFarland Canyon, Moapa Valley, Monocline Valley, Narrow Canyon, North Fork Boy Scout Canyon, North Fork Sawmill Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Paradise Valley, Peek-a-boo Canyon, Picture Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pipe Spring Canyon, Pipe Springs Canyon, Porphyry Gulch, Pyramid Canyon, Quijinump Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Sacatone Canyon, Salt Ravine, Sandstone Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Scout Canyon, Side Canyon, Snow Canyon, South Fork Boy Scout Canyon, Spot Canyon, Spring Canyon, Telephone Canyon, The Chute, The Narrows, Three Lakes Valley, Timber Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trout Canyon, Valley of Fire, Virgin Canyon, Virgin Valley, Wagon Canyon, Wallace Canyon, Weiser Valley, White Rock Canyon, White Sage Gap, Willow Canyon, Willow Canyon, Windy Canyon, Yellowjacket Canyon

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Clarence Lewis Well, Clarks Well, Connolys Well, Crippled Jack Well, Crossman Well, Deep Well, Desert Queen Well, Evey Well, Firpos Well, Government Well, Heavens Well, Hopps Well, Jacks Well, Kennedy Well, Mesquite Well (historical), Midway Well, Morgan Well, Mormon Well, Mud Well, Salt Well, Six Mile Well, Stray Cow Well, Tenmile Well, Tip Top Well, Voight Well, Whitney Well, Wilsons Well, Woodruff and Perkins Well, Yucca Well,

Clark County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteClark County White population 1,462,2861,462,286  
BlackClark County Black population 225,735225,735
AsianClark County Asian population 187,780187,779
MixedClark County Mixed population 81,90481,904
American IndianClark County American Indian population 23,97223,971
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderClark County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 15,98115,981

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county