Esmeralda County, Nevada Basics:

Esmeralda County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 763
Area: 3582 square miles
County seat: Goldfield
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 82.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.8%
Median household income: $27,500
Persons in poverty: 24.2%
Home ownership rate: 57.6%
Mean travel time to work: 13.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Inyo (CA)  Mineral  Mono (CA)  Nye  

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Map of the Esmeralda County area

Our detail map of Esmeralda County shows the Esmeralda County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Esmeralda County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Circle L Ranch Airport, Coaldale Airport, Dyer Airport, Goldfield Airport, Lambertucci Airstrip, Lida Junction Airport, North Valley Airport, North Valley Airport, Silverpeak Landing Strip

  Areas     show all on map

Indian Garden

  Basins     show all on map

Clayton Valley, Columbia Valley, Fish Lake Valley, Monte Cristo Valley, Montezuma Valley

  Buildings     show all on map

Esmeralda County Sheriff's Office, Fish Lake Valley Ambulance Service, Fish Lake Valley Fire Department, Gold Point Volunteer Fire Department, Goldfield Fire Department, Silver Peak Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Spearhead Point

  Census     show all on map

Dyer Census Designated Place, Goldfield Census Designated Place, Silver Peak Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Lime Point

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Lake, Bonnie Claire Flat, Bonnie Claire Lake, Columbus Salt Marsh, Fish Lake Valley Marsh, Galena Flats, Kennedy Flats, Kibby Flat, Post Meadow, Sagehen Flat, Sheep Flat, Wildhorse Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Coyote Summit, Devils Gate, Divide, Emigrant Pass, Hells Gate, Lida Summit, Meda Pass, Oasis Divide, Railroad Pass, Trail Canyon Saddle, Tule Summit

  Lakes     show all on map

Dry Lake, Fish Lake, Millers Pond

  Locales     show all on map

American Mill (historical), Bar Double 9 Ranch, Bartons Arrastra (historical), Basalt Mine and Mill, Black Mammoth Mill (historical), Blair Junction, Boundary Peak Trailhead, Brandon Mine (historical), Calvada Mill (historical), Candelaria Pipeline, Causer Well Corral, Chases (historical), Chiatovich Ranch, Circle L Ranch, Coaldale Substation, Colonel Youngs Mill (historical), Columbia Junction (historical), Columbia Mill, Columbia Sampling and Ore Company Mill (historical), Columbus Mill and Mining Company Mill (historical), Combination Mill (historical), Cord Mill (historical), Crescent Mill (historical), Crow Springs (historical), Crown Mill, Davis (historical), Deep Wells (historical), Del Bondido Mining Camp (historical), Desert Power and Milling Company Mill (historical), Desert Silver Mill (historical), Diamondfield, Dyer Ranch, Esmeralda County Yard, Fanchini Hughes Mill (historical), Fanchini Hughes Tailing Plant (historical), Faringtons Salt Dump (historical), Fish Lake Valley Community Hall, Florence Mill (historical), Foote Mineral Company Mill (historical), Freese Mine Mill (historical), Gardner Mill (historical), Gates Mill, General Thomas Camp, Gilbert Junction, Gold Horn (historical), Gold Mountain (historical), Goldfield Chlorination Mill (historical), Goldfield Consolidated Mill (historical), Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company Mill (historical), Goldfield Junction (historical), Goldfield Silver Peak Mining Co Mill (historical), Goodwins Borax Works (historical), Gordon Brodie Mill (historical), Great Salt Basin Mill and Mining Company Mill (historical), Greens Camp, Griffing and Wynants Borax Works (historical), Halfway Station (historical), Howland Pulverizer (historical), Hughes Brothers Mill (historical), Indian Garden (historical), Iron Corral, Jumbo Mill (historical), Keith (historical), Kinkead Mill (historical), Main Line Junction (historical), Marotts Borax Works (historical), Martin Mill (historical), McAfee Ranch, McGeer, McGibbon Mining Camp, McNett Ranch, McSweeney (historical), Military Station (historical), Millers Rest Area, Missouri Mill (historical), Mohawk Alpine Mill (historical), Mountain Queen Mill (historical), Nevada Goldfield Reduction Company Mill (historical), Nevada Metal Extraction Company Mill (historical), New Western Reduction Company Mill (historical), Norman Mill, Old Junction (historical), Pacific Borax Companys Mill (historical), Palmetto (historical), Palmetto Electric Substation, Palmetto Mill (historical), Paymaster Camp (historical), Philipsburg (historical), Pigeon Stamp Mill, Pittsburg Silver Peak Gold Mining Company (historical), Rock and Keeler Mill (historical), Rock Hill (historical), Roosevelt (historical), Senner (historical), Silver Peak and Red Mountain Gold, Silver Peak Quartz Mill (historical), Silver Peak Station (historical), Slate Range (historical), Smith and Companys Borax Mill (historical), Spiking Mill (historical), Stateline Mill, Stella (historical), Stewarts Mill, Sweeney Junction (historical), Sweetapple and Hazeltines Mill (historical), Swiftwater, Tonopah Belmont Mill (historical), Turners Borax Works (historical), U S Mining and Milling Company Mill (historical), Valcada Mill (historical), Valcalda (historical), Vanderbilt Mill (historical), Volcano (historical), Vollmar Mill (historical), Weepah Horton Company Mill (historical), Weepah Nevada Mining Company Mill (historical), Wildes (historical), Winkonley Ranch, Wood Yard

  Mines     show all on map

A J A Quarry, Albert Mine, Alberto Mine, Allied Divine Mine, Alto Divide Mine, Alto Divide Mine, Alum Mine, American Mine, Apex Divide Mine, April Mine, Argentine Divide Mine, Arizona Mine, B and B Mine, B and D Mercury Mine, Baluarte Mines, Belcher Divide Mine, Big Blossom Mine, Big Three Mine, Black Horse Mine, Black Rock Mine, Blair Lodes, Blanco Mine, Blue Dick Mine, Boak Mine, Boz Mine, Brewster Mine, Broken Toe Mine, Brougher Divide Mine, Buckskin Mine, Bullion Mine, Burchard Mine, Buster Mine, Calumet Divide Mine, Caracas Mine, Carolina Mine, Carrie Mine, Castle Peak Mine, Castle Rock Mine, Champion Mine, Checkmate Mine, Clayton Playa Mine, Columbus Mine, Congress Mine, Container Mine, Courbet Mine, Crescent Mine, Crimsom Crown Mine, Crocket Mine, Crown Divide Mine, Crowning Glory Mine, Cucomungo Mine, Custom Mine, Darms Mine, Deuces Mine, Dicalite Mine, Divide City Mine, Divide Consolidated Mine, Divide Extension Mine, Divide Junior Mine, Doctor Divide Mine, Double Eagle Mine, Drinkwater Mine, Dunfee Shaft, East Divide Mine, Ebley Tunnel, Electric Gold Mines, Empress Mine, Enterprise Mine, Esmeralda Mine, Eureka Mine, Evergreen Mine, F and L Mine, Fabbi Mine, Florence Divide Mine, Florence Mine, Four Aces Mine, Frank Number Two Mine, Freese Gold Mine, Gaillac Mine, Gap Strike Mine, Garibaldi Mine, General Thomas Mine, Giant Divide Mine, Gilbert Mine, Glory Mine, Gold Coin Mine, Gold Eagle Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Mountain Mine, Gold Number One Mine, Gold Reef Divide Mine, Gold Seam Mine, Gold Zone Mine, Golden State Divide Mine, Good Hope Mine, Gossan Mine, Government Mine, Great Dane Mine, Great Gulch Mine, Great Western Mine, Green Top Mine, Grimes Divide Mine, Harmell Divide Mine, Hasbrouck Mine, Heavy Rock Mine, Heidi Mine, Hennessy Divide Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, High Divide Mine, Hill of Gold Mine, Homesake Mine, Horseshoe Divide Mine, Hubbard Mine, Hull Canyon Mine, Huson Mine, Imperial Mine, Independence Mine, Indian Queen Mine, Ingalls Mine, Inman Group Mine, Jet Mine, Jims Divide Mine, Kentucky Mine, Keystone Mine, Knox Divide Mine, Laguna Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Hope Mine, Light Mine, Lodi Mine, Lookout Mine, Louisiana Mine, Lucky Mine, Mammoth Mine, Marvel Group, Mary Mine (historical), Mattmueller Mine, Maxfield Mine, McBoyle Mine, McKane Mine, McNamara Mine, McNutt Mine, Mercer Brothers Mine, Merger Mine, Mickspot Mine, Micrometal Mine, Midway Divide Mine, Missouri Mine, Mohawk Alpine Mine, Mohawk Divide Mine, Mohawk Mine, Mollini Mine, Monarch Mine, Monarch Pittsburg Mine, Monte Cristo Mine, Montezuma Mine, Morgan Mine, Mountain Queen Mine, Nevada Eagle Mine, Nevada Silver State Mine, New York Mine, Nickel Mine, Nivloc Mine, Norfolk Mine, North Divide Mine, North Star Mine, Oasis Mine, Ohio Mine, Ora Mae Mine, Oriental Mine, Oriental Mine, Original Gilbert Mine, Orleans Mine, Oro Monte Mine, Osceola Mine, Palmetto Mine, Park Hill Group, Paymaster Mine, Perlox Corporation Mine, Pittsburg Silver Peak Mines, Plymouth Mine, Pocatello Mine, Pocotillo Mine, Queen Canyon Mine, Queen Mine, Rattlesnake Mine, Red Rock Mine, Red Rose Mercury Mine, Red Rose Mine, Redemption Mine, Reed Mine, Reno Divide Mine, Reorganized Silver King Mine, Revert Mine, Riek Mine, Rock Hill Mines, Roosevelt Mine, Roseamalis Mine, Royal Blue Mining Company, Sanger Mine, Savage Mine, Seibeck Mine, Shaw Tale Mine, Sierra Mine, Silver Chain Mine, Silver Coin Property, Silver Divide Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver Mines Corporation Mine, Silver Moon Mine, Silver Mountain Mine, Silver Pick Mine, Silver Queen Mine, Silver Queen Mine, Silver Zone Mine, Six Bits Mine, Sixteen-To-One Mine, Smith Turquoise Mine, Smuggler Divide Mine, Snake Pit Mine, Sorenson Construction Mine, Southern Mine, Spor Mine, State Line Mine, Sundown Mine, Sutherland Divide Mine, Sylvania Mine, Tennessee Mine, The Wee Pah Lookout Mines, Three Hills Mine, Tiger Mine, Tiptop Mine, Toggery Divide Mine, Tonopah Divide Mine, Tonopah Dividend Mine, Tonopah Hasbrouck Mine, Tonopah Mine, Treasure Mine, United Weepah and Western Mines Corporation Mines, Valcada Mine, Valley View Mine, Vanderbilt Mine, Vega Mine, Verdi Divide Mine, Victory Mine, Virginia Mine, Weepah Combination Mines, Weepah Development and Mines Company Mines, Weepah Diamond Gold Mining Company Mines, Weepah Discovery Gold Mines Company Mines, Weepah Electric Extension Gold Mining Company Mines, Weepah Gold Mines Company Mines, Weepah Horton Junior Gold Mines Company Mines, Weepah Metals Corporation Mines, Weepah Mine, Weepah Nevada Mining Company Mines, Weepah United Mines, West Tonopah Mine, Western Soldier Mine, White Eagle Mine, Wilson Divide Mine, Wonder Mine, Wylie Green Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Henderson Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Black Rock, Horseshoe Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alkali, Alpine (historical), Alum (historical), Argentite (historical), Argentum (historical), Arlemont (historical), Barrel Spring (historical), Blair, Blair Junction (historical), Calmville (historical), Camp Harding (historical), Coaldale, Coaldale (historical), Coaldale Junction, Columbia (historical), Columbus, Coyote Hole, Cuprite (historical), Divide (historical), Dyer, Fish Lake (historical), Florence Hill, Forks Station, Gemfield, Gilbert (historical), Gold Hit, Gold Net, Gold Point, Gold Reef (historical), Goldfield, Hogs Back (historical), Jumbotown (historical), Klondike (historical), Lida, McLeans, Millers, Montezuma, Montezuma Wells, Nivloc, Old Camp, Oneota (historical), Parrot (historical), Pigeon Spring (historical), Silver Peak, Southern Klondike (historical), Stateline, Stimler (historical), Sylvania, Thanksgiving (historical), The Crossing, Tokop, Tulu (historical), Weepah, West Spring

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arlemont Post Office (historical), Blair Junction Post Office (historical), Blair Post Office (historical), Calmville Post Office (historical), Coaldale Post Office (historical), Columbia Post Office, Columbus Post Office (historical), Cuprite Post Office (historical), Diamondfield Post Office (historical), Divide Post Office (historical), Dyer Post Office, Fish Lake Post Office (historical), Gilbert Post Office (historical), Gold Mountain Post Office, Gold Point Post Office (historical), Goldfield Post Office, Klondike Post Office, Lida Post Office (historical), Mary Mine Post Office (historical), Millers Post Office (historical), Montezuma Post Office (historical), Nivloc Post Office (historical), Oneota Post Office (historical), Oriental Post Office, Palmetto Post Office, Pigeon Spring Post Office, Silver Peak Post Office, Stimler Post Office (historical), Tule Post Office, Weepah Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Cucomungo Mountains, Cuprite Hills, General Thomas Hills, Gold Mountain Range, Goldfield Hills, Monte Cristo Range, Montezuma Range, Palmetto Mountains, Silver Peak Range, Sylvania Mountains, Volcanic Hills, Weepah Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Boundary Peak Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Pipeline Reservoir, Silver Peak Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Clayton Ridge, Garner Ridge, McMahon Ridge, Mineral Ridge, Mira Mountain, Morena Ridge, Mount Jackson Ridge, Mustang Mountain, Paymaster Ridge, Rhyolite Ridge, Slate Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Dyer Elementary School, Goldfield Elementary School, Goldfield High School (historical), McNett School (historical), Silver Peak Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Alida Spring, Alkali Hot Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Big Spring, Birch Creek Spring, Blind Spring, Brickyard Spring, Carpenter Spring, Cave Spring, Cedar Spring, Company Spring, Cone Spring, Cook Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Coyote Hole, Coyote Spring, Crow Springs, Cucomungo Spring, Dago Joe Spring, Deep Spring, Deep Spring, Excelsior Spring, Fish Spring, Gap Spring, Gold Reef Spring, Horath Corral Spring, Hot Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Jeff Davis Spring, Kline Spring, Last Water Spring, Lobo Spring, Log Spring, Lower Cowcamp Spring, Macaroni Spring, Mamie Spring, Mammoth Springs, McNamara Spring, Minnesota Spring, Montezuma Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, North Spring, O'Hara Spring, Outlaw Springs, Owl Spring, Pearl Hot Springs, Pigeon Spring, Pinchot Springs, Pocahontas Spring, Poison Spring, Rabbit Spring, Railroad Spring, Railroad Spring (historical), Red Mountain Spring, Red Spring, Red Springs, Sagehen Spring, Salt Marsh Spring, Sand Spring, Silver Peak Hot Springs, Silver Peak Spring, Slaughterhouse Spring, Soda Spring, State Line Springs, Stewarts Spring, Stockade Spring, Sulphur Spring, Tarantula Spring, Twin Springs, Uncle Sam Spring, Upper Cowcamp Spring, Valcalda Spring, Walker Spring, Wild Rose Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alum Creek, Big Wash, Birch Creek, Busher Creek, Chiatovich Creek, China Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Davis Creek, Dry Creek, Fish Lake Valley Wash, Fish Lake Valley Wash, Indian Creek, Iron Creek, Jackson Wash, Lida Wash, Marble Creek, McAfee Creek, Middle Creek, Morris Creek, North Fork Chiatovich Creek, Oriental Wash, Palmetto Wash, Peavine Creek, Perry Aiken Creek, Pinchot Creek, Rock Creek, Slime Wash, South Fork Chiatovich Creek, Toler Creek, Trail Creek, Uncle Sam Creek, Wildhorse Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, Banner Mountain, Black Butte, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Boundary Peak, Brownie Mountain, Buffalo Point, Carroll Peak, Castle Peak, Chispa Hills, Columbia Mountain, Davis Mountain, Doyle Peak, Emigrant Peak, Flattop Mountain, Goat Island, Gold Mountain, Gold Mountain, Gold Mountain Peak, Goldfield Summit, Hanging Mesa, Harlans Peak, Harvey Peak, Hasbrouck Peak, Jims Peak, Joes Peak, Kendall Mountain, Kennedy Point, Klondyke Hills, Lone Mountain, Magruder Mountain, Malpais Mesa, Montezuma Peak, Mount Butte, Mount Dunfee, Mount Jackson, Mustang Point, Myers Mountain, Palmetto Mountain, Palmetto Peak, Paymaster Summit, Pearsons Peak, Pinto Hill, Pinyon Hill, Piper Peak, Preble Mountain, Red Mountain, Rock Hill, Ruby Hills, Sheep Mountain, Siebert Mountain, Silver Peak, Southern Klondyke Hills, Split Mountain, Sugar Peak, Table Mountain, The Crater, The Monocline, Tonopah Summit, Vanderblit Peak, Vindicator Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Silver Peak Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

KPAH-FM (Tonopah), KTPH-FM (Tonopah)

  Trails     show all on map

Pipers Toll Road (historical), Pipers Toll Road (historical)

  Valleys     show all on map

Argentite Canyon, Big Smoky Valley, Black Canyon, Cirac Valley, Copper Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cucomungo Canyon, Custer Gulch, Eagle Canyon, Eagle Nest Canyon, Echo Canyon, Great Gulch, Icehouse Canyon, Indian Springs Canyon, Lida Canyon, McAfee Canyon, Mustang Canyon, Nevada Canyon, New York Canyon, Paymaster Canyon, Piper Canyon, Pozo Canyon, Sand Spring Canyon, Springdale Canyon, Sugarloaf Canyon, Sylvania Canyon, Trail Canyon, Tule Canyon, White Wolf Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Alum Well, Anderson Well, Coyote Well, Davids Well, Desert Well, Emigrant Well, Frenchman Well, Grapevine Summit Well, Kibby Flat Well, Klondike Well, Mainline Well, McLaughlins Well, Micro Wave Well, Mikes Well, Minnesota Well, Monte Cristo Oil Corporation Well, Ramsey Well, Roosevelt Well, Tokop Well, Wilson Well Number Two, Wilsons Well (historical),

Esmeralda County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteEsmeralda County White population 695695  
American IndianEsmeralda County American Indian population 4039
MixedEsmeralda County Mixed population 2322
AsianEsmeralda County Asian population 33
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderEsmeralda County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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