Lander County, Nevada Basics:

Lander County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 5,907
Area: 5490 square miles
County seat: Battle Mountain
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 79.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.8%
Median household income: $70,341
Persons in poverty: 11.8%
Home ownership rate: 75.2%
Mean travel time to work: 28.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Churchill  Elko  Eureka  Humboldt  Nye  Pershing  

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Map of the Lander County area

Our detail map of Lander County shows the Lander County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lander County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Austin Airport, Battle Mountain Airport, Dry Creek Ranch Airport (historical), Iowa Canyon Ranches Landing Strip, Kingston Airport, Swanson Ranch 3 Airport, UNR Gund Ranch Airport (historical)

  Areas     show all on map

Copper Basin, Lower Gimmel Field, Mountain Springs Mining Area, North Battle Mountain Mining Area, Slaughterhouse Field, Upper Gimmel Field, Warm Springs Mining Area

  Basins     show all on map

Cottonwood Basin, Fish Creek Basin, Grass Valley, Horseshoe Basin, Horseshoe Basin, Marshall Basin, Smith Creek Valley, Stone Cabin Basin, Valley of the Moon, Wild Horse Basin

  Buildings     show all on map

Austin Volunteer Ambulance Service, Austin Volunteer Fire Department, Battle Mountain Ambulance Service, Battle Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Kingston Volunteer Fire Department, Lander County Offices, Lander County Sheriff's Office, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command East Austin Substation, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command East Battle Mountain

  Canals     show all on map

Blue House Ditch, Cooney Ditch (historical), Fred Ahles Ditch, Gimble Four Ditch, Gimble One Ditch, Gimble Two Ditch, Lower Twenty-five Ditch, Rock Creek Ditch, T-S Ditch, Twenty Five Ditch, White House Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Kingston Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Austin Census Designated Place, Battle Mountain Census Designated Place, Kingston Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Argenta Rim, Malpais, Point of Rocks

  Crossings     show all on map

East Battle Mountain Interchange, West Battle Mountain Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Copper Canyon Mill Dam, Imco Tailings Dam, Iowa Creek Dam, Izzenhood Dam, Kingston Canyon Dam, Milchem Dam, Smith Creek Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Marshall Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Carico Lake, Duffy Meadows, Dutch Flat, Gold Park, Horse Heaven, Smith Flat, Smith Lake, Stony Point Meadow, The Park, White Sage Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Austin Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Austin Summit, Bottle Summit, Cain Spring Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Daisy Pass, Dixie Pass, Dry Canyon Summit, Dunphy Pass, Elkhorn Pass, Emigrant Pass, Hickison Summit, Home Station Gap, Izzenhood Gap, Kingston Summit, Mill Creek Summit, Mount Airy Summit, New Pass Summit, Petes Summit, Railroad Pass, Rocky Pass, Saddle Back, Smith Creek, Wilson Pass

  Guts     show all on map

Outside Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Battle Mountain General Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Alkali Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Ackerman Canyon Ranch, Addington (historical), Allen Ranch, Ansonia (historical), Antelope Station (historical), Arena Ranch, Argenta Ranch, Argenta Siding, Artesian (historical), Austin District Ranger Office, Bailey (historical), Battle Mountain Radio Range Station, Battle Mountain Radio Range Station, Big Creek (historical), Big Creek Campground, Birch Creek Ranch, Blackbird, Blackbird Ranch, Blossom Ranch, Bob Scott Forest Service Recreation Site, Bob Scotts Historical Site, Bobtown (historical), Boone Creek Ranch, Brackney Ranch, Bradleys Ranch (historical), Bridges (historical), Brooks Mill (historical), Broyles Ranch, Buckbrush Cabin, Buels Mill (historical), Burtons Ranch, Butte Mill (historical), Buzanes Camp, Caetano Ranch, Callaghan Ranch, Campbell Creek Ranch, Canyon (historical), Cape Horn, Cape Horn Overland Stage Station, Carico Lake Ranch (historical), Carroll Station, Carter Ranch (historical), Caton Ranch, Catons (historical), Chiara Ranch, Childress Ranch, Clarks (historical), Confidence Hoisting Works (historical), Coopers Canyon (historical), Copper Canyon Placer Camp (historical), Cottonwood Ranch, Cottonwood Ranch (historical), Cowboy Rest, Cowboy Rest Ranch, Crems Ranch (historical), Daisy Creek Ranch, Daniel Ranch, Daniels, Deep Creek Station (historical), Deerings Ranch, Dillon (historical), Dodgeville (historical), Dry Creek Ranch, Dry Creek Station (historical), Dry Wells Station (historical), Duff and Company Mill, Dyer Ranch, Eagle Mill, Empire (historical), Fish Creek Ranch, Francis Cabin, Frontier, Gandolfo Ranch (historical), Gay Mining Camp, Givens Ranch, Gold Hill, Gold Park (historical), Gondolfo Ranch, Grass Valley Ranch, Grimes Ranch, Guadalajara (historical), Hall Creek Ranch, Hattie Mill (historical), Helena (historical), Highland Chief Mill, Hildreths Mill (historical), Home Ranch, Horse Ranch (historical), Hot Springs Ranch, Indian Ranch, Iowa Canyon Ranch, Irish Ranch (historical), Izzenhood Ranch, Jackson (historical), Jenkins Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Jory Ranch, Keystone Mill (historical), Kingston Campground, Kingston Ranch (historical), Kingston Ranger Station, Laborde Ranch, Lake Ranch, Laxague, Ledlie, Lewis, Lewis Junction (historical), Licking Ranch, Marvel Ranch, Marvel Ranch, McCoy Mining Camp, Mettacom Mill (historical), Mineral City (historical), Mitchels Ranch, Montrose (historical), Mound Spring Station (historical), Muleshoe Ranch, Newpass Ranch, O'Toole Ranch, Old Hay Ranch, Parrots Mill (historical), Peerless (historical), Peterson Maintenance Station, Peterson Station, Pilot (historical), Powers Ranch (historical), Racetrack Ranch, Ralstons Mill, Ravenswood Station, Rock House, Ruffi Ranch, Russell Hay Camp, Russells, Schmidtlein Ranch (historical), Sheltons Spring (historical), Sherman Hoisting Work (historical), Shwin Ranch, Silver Age House (historical), Silver Creek (historical), Silver Creek Ranch, Simpson Park Station (historical), Skunk Ranch (historical), Smith Creek Ranch, Smith Creek Station (historical), Spanish Ranch (historical), Starr Grove Mill, Steiner Ranch, Stonebergers (historical), T-S Ranch, TeMoak Indian Housing, Trenton Mill (historical), Trout Creek Ranch, Utah Mine Camp, Valley of the Moon Ranch, Vaughn Ranch, Vaughns (historical), Vicks Stage Station (historical), Victorine Mill, Visbeek Ranch, Wallace Ranch (historical), Walsh Home Ranch (historical), Walters Ranch, Watts (historical), Welch Ranch, White House, White House Ranch, Wholey Ranch (historical), Wiggins (historical), Willow Creek Ranch, Willows (historical), Wilson Ranch, Wire Corral Ranch, Wolf Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

A C Barite Mine, Ajax Mine, Alexander Group Mine, Alhs Mine, Allen Mine, Altenburg Hill Mine, Altenburg Mine, Altenburg Placer Mine, Amador Mine, Amazonia Mine, American Silver Mine, Anna Mine, Annex Mine, Annex Placer Mine, Annie Blaine Mine, Antimony King Mine, Antimony King Mine, Antimony Silver Mine, Apex Antimony Mine, Apex Mine, Argenta Mine, Argentora Mine, Arlington Mine, Armour Mine, Armour Trinity Mine, Arna Goodfrey Mine, Aurora West Mine, Austin Dakota Mine, Austin Hanapah Mine, Austin Nevada Mine, Austin Number Two Mine, Austin Silver Mine, Avalanche Mine, Aztec Group Mine, Badger Mine, Baker Mine, Baldy Mine, Bannock Mine, Bante Mine, Barclay and Smith Mine, Barse Mine, Bartlett Mine, Bateman Canyon Mine, Battle Mountain Mine, Bedford Incline, Beiss Mine, Belle Wilder Incline, Betty O'Neal Mine, Bi-Metallic Mine, Big Bertha Mine, Big Florence Mine, Big Four Mine, Big Four Mine, Big Nugget Mine, Billie Day Mine, Birch Creek Mine, Bird Mine, Black Butte Group Mine, Black Devil Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Mine, Black Nugget Mine, Black Rock Mine, Blackbird Mine, Blind Ledge Mine, Blossom Mine, Blue Dick Mine, Blue Eagle Mine, Blue Eagle Mine, Blue Fern Mine, Blue Gem Turquoise Mine, Blue Goose Mine, Blue Horizon Mine, Blue Incline, Blue Jacket Mine, Blue Jacket Mine, Blue Matrix Mine, Blue Mine, Blue Nugget Mine, Blue Rock Mine, Blue Sky Mine, Bon Ami Mine, Bonanza Little Mine, Bonanza Mine, Boston and Nevada Mine, Boulder Mine, Bowman Mine, Box Canyon Placer, Bradley Mine, Brannan Mine, Bray Beulah Mine, Bray Mine, Brewer Mine, Bridal Vein Mine, Bright Star Mine, Broad Canyon Mine, Bronco Mine, Bronco Number Two Placer Mine, Brown Ledge Mine, Brutus Mine, Bryan Mine, Buckingham Mine, Buel North Star Mine, Buena Vista Mine, Buffalo Shaft, Buffalo Valley Mine, Bull Dog Jack Mine, Bull Dog Mine, Bull Dog Mine, Burges Mine, Butte Mine, Buzzard Mine, Byers Mine, Cahill Mine, Caledonia Placer Mine, Camargo Incline, Cambrian and New York Mine, Cameron Mine, Campbell and Young Mine, Carissa Mine, Carrisa Mine, Castle Mountain Mine, Celestine O'Neal Mine, Charlotte Mine, Charlotte Mine, Chase Mine, Chase Tunnel, Chicago Mine, Christmas Mine, Cincinati Mine, Cleveland Mine, Clipper Mine, Collins Mine, Color Back Mine, Columbia Mine, Columbia Mine, Comet Mine, Commerce Mine, Como Tunnel, Confidence Mine, Congress Mine, Conquest Mine, Contention Mine, Cooper Mine, Copper Basin Mines, Copper Canyon Mine, Copper King Mine, Copper Prize Mine, Copper Queen Mine, Copper Queen Placer Mine, Cortez Gold Mine, Cox and Rose Mine, Crow Canyon Mine, Crown Point Extension Mine, Cullin Mine, Cummings Lease Tunnel, Cummings Tunnel, Curtis Shaft, D and E Mine, Dahl Placer, Daisy Mine, Dalton Mine, Dead Horse Mine, Dean Mine, Deer Point Mine, Defiance Mine, Desert Placers Mine, Detroit Mine, Dewitt Mine, Diana Shaft, Die Verna Mine, Dolezal Mine, Dollarhide Incline, Dolores Mine, Double Eagle Mine, Double H Mine, Driscoll Mine, Dry Canyon Mine, Dudley B Shaft, Durst Mine, Dusang and Logan Mine, Dutch Oven Mine, Dutch Oven Placer Mine, Eagle Mine, Eagle Mines, Eagle Monitor Mine, Eagleye Mine, Eastland Mine, Eathan Allen Mine, Echo Mine, Eclipse Mine, Eclipse Tunnel, Eldorado Mine, Eliza and Eason Mine, Elko-Lander Mine, Ellendale Mine, Emma Mine, Emma Number Two Placer Mine, Empire Mine, Empire Mine, Engineer Tunnel, Engstrom Mine, Esperanza Mine, Estella Bertrano Mine, Esther Mine, Estis Mine, Euclid Mine, Eva B Mine, Exile Mine, Extension Mine, Extra Mine, Fairview Placer Mine, Fanny Mine, Farrell Mine, First Riffles Mine, Flora Mine, Florence Mine, Florida Mine, Florida West Mine, Fortuna Mine, Frank O'Neal Mine, Freehold Mine, Friberg Mine, Frost Shaft, Fuller Mine, Galena Canyon Placer Mine, Galena Mine, Gault Mine, Gem Mine, Giant Mine, Giffen Placer Mine, Gift Mine, Girard Mine, Gloryhole, Godber Mine, Gold Acres Mine, Gold and Silver Circle Mine, Gold Basin Gold Mining Company Mine, Gold Butte Mine, Gold Cash Mine, Gold Crown Mine, Gold Crown Placer Mine, Gold Deposit Mine, Gold Dollar Mine, Gold Dome Mine, Gold Dyke Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Pan, Gold Pan Mine, Gold Pan Placer Mine, Gold Park Mine, Gold Park Mine, Gold Pirate Mine, Gold Pirate Placer Mine, Gold Quartz Mine, Gold Road Mine, Gold Rod Mine, Gold Slug Placer Mine, Gold Star Mine, Gold Top Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Golden Gate Tunnel, Golden Line Mine, Golden Scepter Mine, Golden Scepter Placer Mine, Golden Star Mine, Good Hope Mine, Governor Seymour Mine, Govich and Clark Mine, Grand Prize Mine, Grand View Mine, Grand View Placer Mine, Granger Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Great Eastern Mine, Green Stone Mine, Green Tree Mine, Greenan Placers Mine, Greystone Mine, Grimes Mine, Grove Mine, Groves Mine, Grub Stake Mine, Guttenberg Mine, Guy Davis Mine, Gwenah Mine, Gylding Mine, Gylding Number Two Placer Mine, Hale and May Mine, Hamlet Mine, Hancock Mine, Happy Days Mine, Hard Luck-Pradier Mine, Hard Times Mine, Hardy and Dickman Mine, Hardy Mine, Harnett Lane Mine, Harriet Lane Mine, Harriett Mine, Hatfield Mine, Hatfield Tunnel Mine, Hawkeye Mine, Hawkeye Placer Mine, Henrietta Mine, Henry Mine, Hercules Austin Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Hider Mine, High Bar Mine, Highland Chief Mine, Highland Mine, Hillside Mine, Hilltop Mine, Homestake Consolidated Mine, Homestake Mine, Homestead Mine, Homestead Placer Mine, Homeward Bound Mine, Honeycomb Mine, Hooker Mine, Hope Mine, Horse Canyon Mine, Horton Mine, House Rock Mine, Hubbard Mine, Hullinger Mine, Humbug-Lucky Chance Mine, Hunt Mine, Hyac Mine, Idora Mine, Imperial Mine, Independence Mine, Independence Placer Mine, Indian Queen Mine, Iowa Canyon Mine, Irish Rose Mine, Iron Canyon Mine, Isabella Incline, Jackpot Mine, Jackscrew Mine, Jacobs Mine, Jake Mine, Jarbidge Mine, Jay Emm Mine, Jenkins Mine, Jenkins Mine, Jewett Mine, Jo Lane Mine, Juno Mine, Kattenhorn Mine, Keystone Mine, Kihock Mine, Kilborn Tunnel, Kimberly Consolidated Mine, Kingston Canyon Mine, Kingston Placer Mine, Kling and Ford Mine, Kling and Kelly Mine, Klondike Mine, Lady Adams Mine, Lady of Lyons Mine, Lady of the Lake Mine, Lamartine Mine, Lander Mine, Lander Mine, Lander Shaft, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Laurent Mine, Laurium Mine, Leach Mine, Lee and Lund Mine, Lemaire Mine, Libby Clark Mine, Limelight Mine, Limelight Mine, Limelight Mine, Lindsay and Shepard Mine, Lindy Mine, Lindy Placer Mine, Linka Mine, Little Chief Mine, Little Gem Mine, Little Giant Mine, Little Phoenix Mine, Locust Mine, Locust Placer Mine, Lombardie Mine, London Incline, Lone Eagle Placer Mine, Lone Pine Mine, Lone Star Mine, Louisiana Mine, Lovie Mine, Lowboy Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Lucky Boy Placer Mine, Lucky Strike Mine, Luetgen Tunnel, Luna Mine, Lynch Creek Mine, Lyon Mine, Magdalena Mine, Maggie Mine, Magnolia Incline, Magnolia Mine, Mahoney Mine, Maloy Mine, Manhattan Mine, Maple Leaf Mine, Maria Mine, Maricopa Mine, Marie Mine, Marietta Mine, Marilyn Placer Mine, Marion Mine, Marshall First Extension Mine, Marshall Mine, Mary Ellen Place Mine, Mary Mine, Maximillian Mine, May Bee Mine, May Bell Mine, Mayflower Mine, McCall Mine, McCann and Patrick Mine, McCoy Mine, McFee Mine, McGinness Mine, Meagher Mine, Mendine Mine, Merced Mine, Merritt Mine, Mesa Copper Mine, Midas Mine, Midland Mine, Mill Gulch Placer Mine, Miller Mine, Millsite Mine, Mineral Range Mine, Miners Dream Mine, Miners Dream Placer Mine, Minnesota Placer Mine, Minnie Mine, Minnie Placer Mine, Mizpah Mine, Modoc Mine, Modoc Number Six Mine, Mohawk Mine, Molindel Ray Mine, Monongohila Mine, Monte Vista Number One Mine, Moonlight Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Star Mine, Morris and Caple Tunnel, Morse Ledge Mine, Moss Mine, Mother Lode Mine, Mountain Mine, Mountain Queen Beverely Mine, Mountain Queen Mine, Mountain Springs Mine, Mud Spring Mine, Mud Spring Mine, Mud Springs Placer Mine, Muller Mine, Mullin Mine, Murgan and Muncey Mine, Myra Mine, Myron Clark Mine, Naid Queen Mine, Natomas Placers, Navoyo Mine, Neff Mine, Nelson Mine, Neoma Mine, Nevada Boy Mine, Nevada Equity Mine, Nevada Mine, Nevada-Omaha Mine, New Blue Mine, New Bonanza Mine, New Strike Mine, New York and Austin Mine, Nextime Mine, Niagra Mine, Nicklas Mine, Nicklas Mine, No Money Mine, No Name Number One Mine, Norma Placer Mine, North Butte Mine, North River Mine, North Side Mine, North Silver King Mine, North Star Mine, North Star Shaft, North Tunnel, North Wall Mine, Northern Light Mine, O K Mine, O'Kane Mine, O'Neal Mine, O'Neil Mine, Occidental Mine, Ogden Incline, OK Mine, Old Campground Mine, Old County Mine, Old Humboldt Mine, Old Mill Mine, Old Tenabo Placer Mine, Ontario Mine, Ophir Mine, Oregon Shaft, Oriole Mine, Orr Mine, Oversight Mine, Pacific Mine, Pactolus Mine, Palisades Mine, Park Mine, Parpitt Mine, Pastime Mine, Patriot Tunnels, Paxton Incline, Pay Day Mine, Paymaster and Christopher Mine, Pedro Mine, Peggy Mine, Peoples Mine, Peterson Mine, Phoenix Mine, Phoenix Mine, Pilot Basin Mine, Pine Shaft, Pinto Mine, Pittsburg Mine, Piute Mine, Planet Mine, Plastime Placer Mine, Plumas Mine, Plutus Mine, Plymouth Mine, Pomona Mine, Poorman Mine, Post Mine, Princeton Mine, Prospect Mine, Prothemeus Mine, Providential Mine, Queen Shaft, Raleigh Mine, Rambler Mine, Rast Mine, Raven Mine, Red Bird Mine, Red Hills Mine, Red Jacket Mine, Red Mine, Red Top Mine, Reed and Wilbur Mine, Reveille Mine, Revenue Mine, Rex Number One Placer Mine, Rex Number Two Placer Mine, Ribo Mine, Richland Mine, Richmond James River Company Mine, Richmond York River Company Mine, Riffles Placer Mine, Roaring Gimlet Mine, Roberts Mine, Rocky Bar Mine, Roosevelt Mine, Ruby Incline, Rufan Mine, Rundberg Incline, Rundberg Lower Tunnel, Ruth Mine, Ruth Placer Mine, Ryan Mine, Sagebrush Mine, Saint Louis Mine, Sam Brannan Mine, San Francisco Mine, San Francisco Mine, San Lorenzo Mine, San Miguel Mine, Sander Mine, Santa Margarita Mine, Sapporo Mine, Saratoga Mine, Savage Gold and Silver Mine, Savage Mine, Saybrook Mine, Schoof Mine, Schultes Mine, Semanthe Mine, Shelton Mine, Sheridan Mine, Silver Belt Ledge Mine, Silver Bow Number Three Mine, Silver Bullion Mine, Silver Chamber Incline, Silver Chief Mine, Silver Circle Mine, Silver Eagle Shaft, Silver Eagle Tunnel, Silver Gem Mine, Silver Grey Mine, Silver Horde Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver Moon Mine, Silver Prize Mine, Silver Sides Mine, Silver Wedge Incline, Sinnott and Casey Mine, Skookum Mine, Smoky Valley Mine, Snowstorm Mine, Sonoma Gold and Silver Mine, Sonora Mine, South American Number Two Mine, South American Shaft, Southall and O'Kane Mine, Southern Belle Mine, Southern Light Mine, Southern Pacific Lease Mine, Spade Dot Mine, Spanish and Celia Mine, Spanish Cabin Mine, Spanish Mine, Spotted Horse Mine, Stanley Mine, Star of Nevada Tunnel, Star of the West Mine, Starr Grove Mine, Starting Point Placer Mine, Steinich Mine, Summit Tunnel, Sunday Mine, Sunrise Fraction Mine, Sunset Number Two Mine, Super-X Mine, Superior Lease Mine, Surprize Mine, Sutro Mine, Sweet Marie Mine, Switzerland Mine, T-Bone Mine, Telluride Mine, Tesora Second Extension Mine, Tesoro Mine, Thompson Mine, To To Wan Tunnel, Toiyabe Shaft, Tomboy Mine, Tomcat Mine, Tommy Incline, Topsy Mine, Toulumne Mine, Trask and Woods Mine, Trenton Mine, Trinity Mine, Triplett Group Mines, Trogan Shaft, Troy Gold and Silver Mine, True Blue Tunnel, Tuesday Mine, Turner Mine, Turquoise Fifty Mine, Turquoise Mine, Turquoise Mine, Union Number Two Mine, Union Shaft, Utah Mine, Vail Mine, Vail Placer, Valley View Mine, Valley View Mine, Valley View Mine, Victorine Mine, Viola Mine, Virgin and Superior Mine, Virginia Placer Mine, Wabash Mine, Walsh and Gayhart Mine, Ward Incline, Warm Springs Mine, Warren Mine, Washington Extension Mine, Washington Incline, Washington Irving Mine, Washington Mine, Watt Shaft, Weber Gulch Mine, Wedge Mine, West Oregon Mine, West Point Mine, West Side Placer Mine, Western Lock Mine, Western Mine, White, White and Shiloh Mine, White Horse Mine, White Mine, White Rock Mine, Whitlach Mine, Whitlach Yankee Blade Mine, Widow Mine, Wilder Mine, Willard and Osborne Mine, Williams Mine, Wilson Independence Mine, Wonder Placer Mine, X-Ray Shaft, Yankee Blade Mine, Yates and Yandel Mine, Yellow Streak Placer Mine, Yreka Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Bade Flat State Game Refuge, Hickison Petroglyth Recreation Site

  Pillars     show all on map

Stokes Castle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adits Mill (historical), Amador (historical), Argenta, Argentum (historical), Austin, Bailey (historical), Bannock, Battle Mountain, Betty O'Neal (historical), Blanco (historical), Buckingham Camp, Bullion (historical), Burnt Cabin (historical), Canon City, Canyon City (historical), Carroll (historical), Clifton (historical), Clinton (historical), Copper Basin, Cortez, Curtis (historical), Dean (historical), Dewitt Mill, Frisbie (historical), Galena (historical), Geneva (historical), Gold Acres, Gold Quartz, Grass Valley, Gweenah (historical), Hallsvale, Hiller (historical), Hilltop, Jacobsville (historical), Jenkins, Kampos, Kingston, Lakeview (historical), Lander (historical), Lander City (historical), Maestretti (historical), Maysville (historical), McCoy, Middletown (historical), Mill Gulch (historical), Mosel, Mount Airy, Mud Springs (historical), North Battle Mountain, Old Battle Mountain (historical), Pedro (historical), Petersons Mill, Pittsburgh (historical), Piute, Ravenswood (historical), Rennox, Rosny, Skookum (historical), Skunktown, Spencer (historical), Starr (historical), Telluride (historical), Tenabo, Watertown (historical), Yankee Blade

  Post Offices     show all on map

Amador Post Office (historical), Argenta Post Office (historical), Argenta Post Office (historical), Austin Post Office, Bailey Post Office (historical), Bannock Post Office (historical), Battle Mountain Post Office, Battle Mountain Post Office (historical), Betty O'Neal Post Office (historical), Canyon City Post Office (historical), Carroll Post Office (historical), Clifton Post Office (historical), Clinton Post Office (historical), Copper Canyon Post Office (historical), Copper Post Office (historical), Cortez Post Office (historical), Dean Post Office, Frisbie Post Office (historical), Galena Post Office (historical), Geneva Post Office (historical), Gold Park Post Office (historical), Grass Valley Post Office (historical), Hiller Post Office, Hilltop Post Office (historical), Jacobsville Post Office (historical), Kingston Post Office (historical), Lakeview Post Office (historical), Lander Post Office (historical), Lewis Post Office, Lucca Post Office (historical), Maestretti Post Office (historical), Pedro Post Office (historical), Pilot Post Office (historical), Pittsburg Post Office, Spencer Post Office, Starr Post Office (historical), Steptoe Post Office (historical), Tenabo Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Fish Creek Mountains, New Pass Range, Ravenswood, Sheep Creek Range, Shoshone Range, Toiyabe Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Groves Lake, Iowa Canyon Reservoir, Izzenhood Reservoir, Number One Reservoir, Six Mile Reservoir, Smith Creek Reservoir, Spaghetti Number One Trough, Willow Creek Reservoir, Woods Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bunker Hill, China Ridge, Manhattan Mountain, Vigus Butte

  Schools     show all on map

Austin Elementary School, Austin High School, Austin Junior High School, Battle Mountain High School, Battle Mountain Junior High School, Dutch Flat School (historical), Eleanor Lemaire Elementary School, Eliza Pierce Elementary School, Grass Valley School (historical), Great Basin College Austin Satellite Center, Great Basin College Battle Mountain Branch Campus, Iowa Canyon School (historical), Mary S Black Elementary School, Raleigh School (historical), Silver Creek School (historical), Simpson Park School (historical), Smoky Valley School (historical), Twin Springs School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Abel Spring, Ackerman Spring, Alex Spring, Allen Spring, Banderetta Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Barton Spring, Bateman Spring, Bates Mountain Spring, Bens Spring, Big Antelope Spring, Big Spring, Blackbird Spring, Blind Spring, Blossom Spring, Box Spring, Bradley Spring, Buck Spring, Buffalo Valley Hot Springs, Bullrush Spring, Burro Spring, Bush Creek Spring, Cadro Spring, Cain Spring, Carr Spring, Caton Spring, Charco Spring, Cherry Spring, Chillis Hot Springs, China Spring, Clarks Spring, Coal Canyon Spring Number One, Coal Canyon Spring Number Three, Coal Canyon Spring Number Two, Cold Spring, Copper Basin Spring, Cornin Spring, Corral Spring, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring Number One, Cottonwood Spring Number Two, Cottonwood Springs, Crow Spring, Crystal Spring, Dalton Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Dry Canyon Spring, Dry Canyon Spring, Dry Creek Spring, Dry Hill Spring, Elephant Head Spring, Filippini Spring Number Three, Foleys Spring, Garden Spring, Gilbert Spring, Gillman Spring, Goodyear Spring, Goyeneche Spring, Goyeneche Spring Number Eight, Goyeneche Spring Number Eleven, Goyeneche Spring Number Nine, Goyeneche Spring Number Seven, Goyeneche Spring Number Ten, Granite Spring, Harry Canyon Spring Number One, Harry Canyon Spring Number Two, Henry Meyer Spring, Hess Spring, Hiller Springs, Horse Canyon Spring, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, House Spring, Indian Box Spring, Indian Ranch Spring, Indian Spring, Iron Tank Spring, Izzenhood Ranch Springs, Izzenhood Spring, Lake Spring, Liberty Springs, Little Antelope Spring, Little Hot Springs, Long Spring, Lower Cole Camp Spring, Lower Midas Spring, Lower Reeder Spring, Meadow Spring, Middle Spring, Mound Springs, Mount Airy Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mustang Spring, Ox Corral Spring, Peterson Spring, Petersons Mill Hot Spring, Petes Spring, Pipe Springs, Placer Gulch Spring, Porter Spring, Red Mountain Spring, Red Mountain Spring Number Four, Red Mountain Spring Number Three, Red Mountain Spring Number Two, Redrock Spring, Reeder Spring, Roadside Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rocky Gap Spring, Rocky Mountain Spring, Rocky Mountain Spring Number One, Rose Bud Springs, Ryan Canyon Spring, Rye Patch Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sams Spring, Shale Spring, Skunk Cabbage Spring, Smith Creek Valley Hot Springs, Snell Spring, South Spring, Spaghetti Number One Spring, Spaghetti Number Three Spring, Spaghetti Number Two Spring, Spencer Hot Springs, Steiner Spring, Stoker Spring, Stoker Spring Number One, Stone Cabin Spring, Streshley Spring, Summit Spring, Thorpe Spring, Tub Spring, Tule Spring, Tunnel Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Underwood Spring, Upper Cole Camp Springs, Upper Lower Jordan Valley Spring, Upper Midas Spring, Upper Porter Canyon Spring, Upper Wood Spring, Upper Wood Spring Number Two, Valley Spring, Water Canyon Spring, Watt Creek Spring, Watt Spring Number Three, Wenban Spring, White House Spring, White Rock Spring, Wholey Spring, Wholey Spring Number Two, Willow Creek Spring, Willow Creek Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Wilson Springs, Windlass Spring, Wood Springs, Woods Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Bade Creek, Barton Creek, Batemans Creek, Battle Creek, Big Creek, Birch Creek, Birchim Creek, Birchum Slough, Blackbird Creek, Blue House Slough, Boone Creek, Boulder Creek, Bowman Creek, Cain Creek, Callaghan Creek, Campbell Creek, Carseley Creek, Chicken Creek, Clear Creek, Corral Canyon Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cowboy Rest Creek, Crooked Canyon Creek, Daisy Creek, Dry Canyon Wash, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Creek, East Fork Rock Creek, Elder Creek, Ferris Creek, Fire Creek, Fish Creek, Frenchman Creek, Gilbert Creek, Grouse Creek, Hall Creek, Harry Creek, Haypress Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Iowa Creek, Italian Creek, Kingston Creek, Knox Creek, Lebeau Creek, Lewis Bens Creek, Lewis Creek, Licking Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Lynch Creek, McIntyre Slough, Middle Fork Mill Creek, Milkhouse Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moss Creek, North Fork Big Creek, North Fork Italian Creek, North Fork Milkhouse Creek, North Fork Mill Creek, North Fork Silver Creek, North Fork Skull Creek, North Fork Smith Creek, North Fork Steiner Creek, Ox Corral Creek, Park Creek, Peterson Creek, Pole Creek, Porter Creek, Porter Creek, Roaring Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rosebush Creek, San Pedro Creek, Santa Fe Creek, Schoonover Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Shoshone Creek, Silver Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skull Creek, Slaven Creek, Smith Creek, South Branch Cow Creek, South Fork Fish Creek, South Fork Milkhouse Creek, South Fork Mill Creek, Steiner Creek, Tar Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Washington Creek, Water Canyon Creek, West Fork Ferris Creek, West Fork Hall Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, Willis Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Altenburg Hill, Antelope Butte, Antler Peak, Argenta Butte, Argenta Point, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Basque Summit, Bates Mountain, Bens Peak, Big Creek Peak, Black Mountain, Bob Scotts Summit, Buffalo Summit, Bullion Mountain, Cape Horn, Central Hill, Chesser Mountain, Desatoya Peak, Dome Peak, Eagle Butte, Elephant Head, Elephant Head, Emigrant Peak, Fandango Hill, Goat Peak, Granite Mountain, Grimes Hills, Havingdon Peak, Horse Mountain, Hot Springs Point, Indian Peak, Iron Mountain, Joe Eason Mountain, Lewis Peak, Long Peak, Maysville Summit, Mount Airy, Mount Airy Mesa, Mount Caetano, Mount Callaghan, Mount Lewis, Mount Moses, Mount Prometheus, Myers Hill, North Hill, North Shoshone Peak, North Toiyabe Peak, O'Haras Peak, Peak Number 4, Pinnacle Mountain, Ravenswood Peak, Red Butte, Red Mountain, Red Mountains, Red Top Mountain, Reese River Butte, Rocky Bluff, Roosters Comb, Shagnasty, Shoshone Mesa, South Hill, Squaw Butte, Squaw Tit, Sterritt Peak, Stony Point, Telegraph Peak, Union Hill, Workhorse Butte

  Trails     show all on map

1862 Overland, Austin to Grantsville Stage Route, Battle Mountain to Austin Stage Route, Fremont Route, Old California Trail, Old Overland Road

  Tunnels     show all on map

Clifton Tunnel, First North Lateral

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Ackerman Canyon, Acree Canyon, Alex Canyon, Amador Canyon, Antelope Valley, Basin Canyon, Bateman Canyon, Bernd Canyon, Big Creek Canyon, Billie Canyon, Black Bird Canyon, Black Rock Canyon, Blakeley Canyon, Boone Canyon, Boulder Valley, Box Canyon, Brewer Canyon, Broad Canyon, Brooks Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Butcher Canyon, Butte Canyon, Cahill Canyon, Cahills Caņon, Cahills North Caņon, Callaghan Canyon, Carico Lake Valley, Cedar Ravine, Charlie Canyon, Clipper Gap Canyon, Copper Canyon, Copper Canyon, Copper Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cortez Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Canyon, Crane Canyon, Crippen Canyon, Crooked Canyon, Crow Canyon, Crum Canyon, Dalton Canyon, Dead Ox Canyon, Dean Canyon, Deer Canyon, Deer Canyon, Devils Gate Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Elkhorn Canyon, Elkhorn Canyon, Emigrant Canyon, First Canyon, Galena Canyon, Gandolfo Canyon, Gilbert Canyon, Globe Canyon, Goat Canyon, Hancock Canyon, Harry Canyon, Henry Meyer Canyon, Hilltop Canyon, Horse Canyon, Humbug Canyon, Indian Canyon, Iowa Canyon, Iron Canyon, Jacks Canyon, Jersey Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Kingston Canyon, Leon Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Little Water Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Mahogany Gulch, Marshall Canyon, Maysville Canyon, Midas Canyon, Mill Canyon, Mill Gulch, Mosquito Canyon, Mud Spring Gulch, Mule Canyon, Murphy Canyon, New York Canyon, North Fork Butcher Canyon, Park Canyon, Petes Canyon, Philadelphia Canyon, Picket Canyon, Pipe Canyon, Point of Rocks Canyon, Pony Canyon, Poormans Gulch, Porter Canyon, Porter Canyon, Porter Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Redrock Canyon, Reeds Canyon, Riley Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rosebud Gulch, Rutheford Canyon, Ryan Canyon, Rye Patch Canyon, Salt Marsh Canyon, Sams Canyon, San Francisco Canyon, Sand Canyon, Santa Fe Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Scott Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Simpson Park Canyon, Slaughterhouse Canyon, Slaven Canyon, South Fork Porter Canyon, Spanish Canyon, Spring Canyon, Stone Cabin Canyon, Straight Canyon, Tank Canyon, Thorpe Canyon, Timber Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trenton Canyon, Triplet Gulch, Tub Spring Gulch, Underdown Canyon, Vail Canyon, Veatch Canyon, Victorine Canyon, Vigus Canyon, War Eagle Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Whisky Canyon, White Rock Canyon, White Sage Canyon, Wild Range Canyon, Willow Canyon, Wilson Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Spring Canyon, Yankee Blade

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Alkali Flat Well, Bobtown Well, Bridges Well (historical), Brown Well, Damele Well, Damele Well, Dillon Well, Drumm East Well, Drumm Well, Drumm West Well, East Well, Filippini Well (historical), Gravel Pit Well, Grimes Flat Well, Hickison Well, Izzenhood Gap Well, Izzenhood Well Number Sixteen, James Lister Well, Laborde Well (historical), Laborde Well Number Six, Laborde Well Number Three, Lander Well, Lander Well Number One, Monitor Well, Natomas Well, North Well, Number 4 Well, Palo Alto Wells, Petes Well, Pickett Well, Potts Well, Potts Well, Russell Well Number Twelve, Russells Well Number Three, Russells Well Number Two, Sheep Creek Well Number Fifteen, Sheep Mountain Well Number One-Eleven, Sheep Mountain Well Number Two-Ten, Shoshone Wells, Waldos Well, Well Number One, Well Number Seven, Well Number Three, Well Number Two, Whitaker Smith Creek Valley Well, White Sage Canyon Well, Wholey Well Number Two (historical), Wholeys Well Number Three

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The Cedars,

Lander County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLander County White population 5,3995,398  
American IndianLander County American Indian population 313313
MixedLander County Mixed population 112112
BlackLander County Black population 5959
AsianLander County Asian population 3029
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLander County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county