Lincoln County, Nevada Basics:

Lincoln County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 5,357
Area: 10633 square miles
County seat: Pioche
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 85.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.8%
Median household income: $39,293
Persons in poverty: 15.9%
Home ownership rate: 70.1%
Mean travel time to work: 31.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Beaver (UT)  Clark  Iron (UT)  Millard (UT)  Mohave (AZ)  Nye  Washington (UT)  White Pine  

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Map of the Lincoln County area

Our detail map of Lincoln County shows the Lincoln County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lincoln County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Alamo Landing Field Airport, Caliente Flight Strip Airport, Civa Airport, Geyser Ranch Airport, Gunderson Strip, Lake Valley Landing Strip, Lincoln County Airport, Mount Wilson Guest Ranch Airport, Oxborrow Ranch Landing Field, Pioche Airport

  Arches     show all on map

The Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Hogpen Shoot, Panaca Hills, The Gouge Eye

  Arroyos     show all on map

Garden Wash, Sams Camp Wash

  Basins     show all on map

Alexander Basin, Badger Valley, Bristol Valley, Bull Valley, Burro Basin, Coal Valley, Dodge Pockets, Emigrant Valley, Garden Valley, Gleason Basin, Gregerson Basin, Horn Basin, Indian Basin, Ox Valley, Pahroc Valley, Sand Spring Valley, Schoolmarm Basin, Snow Basin, Surprise Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Miller Bench, Terry Benches

  Buildings     show all on map

Alamo School (historical), CAA Building, Caliente City Hall, Caliente Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Caliente Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Eagle Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Lincoln County Ambulance Service, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Alamo Substation, Meadow Valley Volunteer Ambulance Caliente, Meadow Valley Volunteer Ambulance Panaca, Nevada Division of Forestry Southern Area Region Office Lincoln County Fire Protection Office, Nevada Girls Training Center, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Pioche Substation, Old Lincoln County Courthouse, Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Panaca Volunteer Fire Department, Pioche Volunteer Fire Department 1, Pioche Volunteer Fire Department 2

  Canals     show all on map

Alamo Company Canal, Alamo Company East Ditch, Carpenter Pipe Line (historical), Garden Springs Pipe Line, Mesquite Ditch, New East Ditch, Number Four Ditch, Number One Ditch, Number Three Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bullionville Cemetery, Caliente City Cemetery, Conway Memorial Park Veterans Cemetery, Fay Cemetery, Hackett Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Alamo Census Designated Place, Beaverdam Census Designated Place, Bennett Springs Census Designated Place, Dry Valley Census Designated Place, Hiko Census Designated Place, Mount Wilson Census Designated Place, Panaca Census Designated Place, Pioche Census Designated Place, Rachel Census Designated Place, Ursine Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Rattlesnake Point, The Bluffs, The Ribbons

  Dams     show all on map

Caselton Pond Number 10 Dam, Caselton Pond Number 4 Dam, Caselton Pond Number 5 Dam, Caselton Pond Number 8 Dam, Caselton Pond Number 9 Dam, Caselton Recreation Area Last Pond Dam, Dodge Pockets Dams, Eagle Valley Reservoir Dam, Echo Canyon Dam, Hollinger Debris Dam, Mathew Drop Structure, Mathews Canyon Dam, Pine Canyon Dam, Schroeder Dam, Tempiute Tailings Dam, Upper Pahranagat Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Water and Ice Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Ash Flat, Beaver Dam Flat, Bunker Flat, Cedar Flat, Delamar Flat, Desert Lake, Dog Bone Lake, Dutch Flat, Empy Meadows, Evergreen Flat, Fife Flat, Hamlight Flat, Hecker Dry Lake, Hells Half Acre, Miller Flat, Oak Flat, Panaca Flat, Prohibition Flat, Sheep Flat, Sixmile Flat, Steer Flat, Stokes Flat, Tule Desert

  Gaps     show all on map

Applewhite Summit, Atlanta Summit, Bennett Pass, Big Mud Pass, Big Summit, Bristol Pass, Bunker Pass, Cattle Pass, Cottontail Pass, Denton Summit, Docs Pass, East Pass, Empy Pass, Golden Gate Pass, Grassy Pass, Hancock Summit, Horse Corral Pass, Jacks Pass, Kixmiller Summit, Klondike Gap, Little Summit, Logan Pass, Mail Summit, Manhattan Gap, Medsger Pass, Meloy Summit, Middle Pass, Mud Springs Saddle, Muleshoe Summit, Murphy Gap, Oak Springs Summit, Pahroc Summit Pass, Panaca Summit, Patterson Pass, Pierson Summit, Pioneer Pass, Reeds Cabin Summit, Schofield Pass, Seaman Narrows, Shingle Pass, Sidehill Pass, Silver King Pass, Stampede Gap, State Line Summit, The Narrows, Toquop Gap, Upper Meloy Summit, Water Gap, Wells Summit, White River Narrows

  Hospitals     show all on map

Grover C Dils Medical Center, Lincoln County Medical Clinic

  Lakes     show all on map

Delamar Lake, Freshwater Lake, Groom Lake, Lower Pahranagat Lake, Maynard Lake, Papoose Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abbotts Fork, Archie Yoacham Ranch (historical), Ash Spring Exclosure, Atlanta, Barclay, Bennett (historical), Big Jack Ranch, Black Canyon Dam Site, Black Canyon Petroglyths, Bradshaw Ranch (historical), Bristol Mill (historical), Buckhorn Ranch, Buckhorn Ranch, Bullion Mining and Reduction Company Mill (historical), Bullionville Smelting Company Mill (historical), Butler Ranch, Cabin Pines Campground, Camp Valley (historical), Caselton Mill, Castle (historical), Cave Valley Ranch, Chicago Mill, Claflin (historical), Cloud, Cloverdale Station, Coal Valley Holding Field, Coburn Ranch, Cole and Dolan Ranch, Combined Metals Reduction Company Mill (historical), Comet (historical), Condor Mill, Coyote Holes (historical), Craws Ranch, Crescent (historical), Crescent Mill (historical), Crow Corral, Crow Corral, Davis Cabin, Delmue Ranch, Delmues Ranch, Desert Springs (historical), Donahue Ranch, Eight Mile House (historical), Eight Mile Ranch, Elliott Ranch, Ely Springs Ranch, Fifteen Mile Ranch (historical), Finlay (historical), Flatnose Ranch, Floral Springs (historical), Four Mile House (historical), Four Mile Ranch, Francis Ranch (historical), Geyser Maintenance Station, Geyser Ranch, Gould Ranch, Haggerty Ranch, Half Moon Switch, Halfway Camp, Ham Lights Station, Hamblin Ranch, Hiko Mill (historical), Homer (historical), Ida May Box (historical), Initial Monument, Johnson Ranch, Kaolin Spur (historical), Kiernan Ranch, Lake Valley (historical), Landmark Letter, Leith, Lien (historical), Lincoln Mine PIBAL Station (historical), Lyman Crossing, Lyonsville (historical), Manhattan Mill (historical), Mathews Ranch, Mayflower (historical), Meadow Valley Mill (historical), Meloy Ranch, Millet Ranch (historical), Minto (historical), Montgomerys Cabin, Moodyville (historical), Nesbitt Ranch, Newman Ranch, Nores Ranch, Norton Fence, One Thousand One Ranch, Page Mill (historical), Panaca Coke Ovens, Parker Station, Peck (historical), Penoyer Farms, Piersons Ranch, Pikes Diggings (historical), Pioche Mines Mill, Ranch (historical), Raymond Ely Mill (historical), Rice Ranch (historical), Robbers Roost Ranch, Rock Springs Station, Sand Springs (historical), Saw Mill (historical), Scottys Cabin, Settlement Spring (historical), Seven L Ranch, Silver City (historical), Silver King, Silver Park, Silver Spring Station (historical), Smiths Cabin (historical), Springer Hill, Steward Ranch, Stonehouse (historical), Tempiute Historic Site, The Hermitage, The Rockets, The Troughs, Twenty One Mile House (historical), Upper Wilson Creek Ranch, Valley View Farm (historical), Vigo, Wests Camp, Wheeler Mill, Wheeler Ranch, Wilson Creek VORTAC Station, Windmill Number One, Windmill Number Two, Wood Ranch, Wrights Ranch (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Abe Lincoln Mine, Acme Mine, Acoma Mine, Ad Mine, Advance Mine, Advance Mine, Alps Mine, Amalgamated Pioche Mine, American Flag Mine, Andies Mine, April Fool Mine, Arkansas Mine, Atlanta Mine, Aztec Mine, Bamberger Mine, Big Buck Mine, Black Metal Mine, Black Metal Shaft, Black Prince Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Ridge Mine, Boston Pioche Mine, Bowery Shaft, Boyd Alunite Mine, Boyd Clay Mine, Boykin Mine, Bradshaw Mine, Bristol Silver Mines, Bud Rudy Mine, Burke Mine, California Pioche Mine, Caselton Shaft, Cave Valley Mine, Centennial Shaft, Chapman Mine, Charley Ross Mine, Cherokee Mine, Chicago Nevada Mine, Chief of the Hill Mine, Chinaman Diggings, Chisholm Mine, Chope Mine, Cinch Mine, Collumb Lead Mine, Combined Metals Mine, Comet Mine, Confidence Mine, Contact Mine, Cottino Mine, Crescent Mine, Crescent Mine, Crystal Mine, Culverwell Mine, Culverwell Mine, Daily East Shaft, Davis Mine, Davis Northern Mine, Delamar Mine, Delamar Perlite Mine, Delamar Zink Mine, Democracy Mine, Detroit Mine, Don Dale Mine, Doris Group Mine, Eagle Rock Mine, Easter Mine, Eccles Mine, El Cortez Mine, El Rey Mine, Ely Valley Contact Mine, Ely Valley Mines, Emerald Mine, Excelsior Mine, Fairview Mine, Fairview Perlite Mine, Farnsworth Jones Mine, Florence Mine, Forlorn Hope Mine, Free Mine, Freiburg Mine, Garrison Mine, Geyser Mine, Gold and Silver Prince Mine, Gold Chief Mine, Gold Stake Mine, Golden Eagle Shaft, Golden Prince Mine, Groom Mine, Gypsy Mine, Half Moon Mine, Hamburg Mine, Hanus Mine, Helen Mine, Hermes Mine, Highland Mary Mine, Highland Queen Mine, Hillside Mine, Hollinger Mine, Home Run Mine, Homestake Mine, Homestake Tunnel, Horseshoe Mine, Huhn and Hunt Mine, Hulse Mine, Ida May Mine, Ingomer Mine, Iris Mine, Iron Mine, Iuka Silver Mine (historical), Ivanhoe Mine, Jackrabbit Mines, Jackrabbit Tunnel, Jennie Mine, Jerry Mine, Jim Crow Mine, Johnnie Mine, Johnson and Fitchett Mine, Jumbo Mine, Kaolin Mine, Kelly Mine, Kentucky Mine, King Midas Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lead King Mine, Leech Mine, Lightner Shaft, Lincoln Mine, Lincoln Nevada Mine, Little Buck Mine, Log Cabin Mine, Lucky Bar Mine, Lucky Boy Shaft, Lucky Chief Mine, Lucky Chief Number Three Mine, Lucky Hobo Mine, Lucky Mine, Lucky Star Mine, Macbruson Mine, Magnolia Mine, Manhattan Tunnel, Mathews Mine, Meadow Valley Shaft Three, Meadow Valley Summit Shaft, Mendha Mine, Minto Mine, Missouri Prince Mine, Monarch Mine, Monitor Mine, Monkey Wrench Mine, Morgan Bush Mine, Morning Star Mine, Mountain Lion Mine, Mountain Lion Number 29 Mine, Mountain View Mine, Nevada Desmoins Mine, Nevada Utah Mine, Newark Mine, Non Pareil Mine, North Pole Tunnel, North Star Tunnel, Number Fifteen Shaft, Number One Shaft, Number Three Shaft, Ohio Kentucky Mine, Ohio Kentucky Mine, Old Democrat Mine, Old Panacca Mine, Old Tem Piute Mine, Ora Lovell Mine, Pacific Tunnel, Page and Panacca Mine, Paint Mine, Pan American Mine, Peggy Lee Mine, Pennsylvania Mine, Pioche Champion Mine, Pioche Consolidated Mine, Pioche Demijohn Mine, Pioche Gold Crown Mine, Pioche King Mine, Pioche Metals Mine, Pioche Mine, Pioche Mohawk Mine, Pioche Monitor Mines, Pioche Pacific Mine, Pioche Phenix Mine, Pioche Western Extension Mine, Pioche-Bristol Mine, Pip Mine, Pittsburg Mine, Poorman Mine, Pope Mine, Portland Pioche Mine, Prince Extension Mine, Prince Mine, Raymond and Ely Mine, Raymond Ely Extension Mine, Raymond Ely West Mine, Red Eagle Mine, Republic Mine, Rhonado Mine, Robb Mine, Robb Mine, Robison Mine, Rosario Mine, Rustic Mine, Salt Lake Pioche Mine, Schodde Mine, Schofield Mine, Scott Mine, Shannon Queen Mine, Silver Comet Mine, Silver Dale Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver Park Mine, Silver Pick Mine, Silver Star Mine, Silverhorn Mine, Snow Mine, Snowflake Mine, Snyder Shaft, Solo Joker Mine, Southeastern Mine, Southpaw Mine, Springtime Tunnel, Stella Mine, Stewart Quarry, Streator Mine, Sun Moon Mine, Sunbeam Mine, Sunset Mine, Taylor Mine, Tempa Mine, Tempest Shaft, Thor Mine, Timer Mine, Tollock Doll Mine, Toms Mine, Treasure Hill Mine, Tullocks Coal Mine (historical), Tungsten Comet Mine, Union Pacific Quarry, Virginia Louise Mine, Volcano Mine, Washington and Creole Mine, Wells Cargo Mine, White Horse Mine, Whitmore Mine, Wide Awake Shaft, Woodbutcher Mine, X-Ray Tunnel, Y-Z Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Beaver Dam State Park, Caselton Recreational Area, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Cathedral Gulch State Game Refuge, Eagle Valley Reservoir State Recreation Area, Echo Canyon Reservoir State Recreation Area, Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Key Pittman Wildlife Management Area, Leviathan Cave Geologic Area, Meadow Valley Recreation Area, Old State Boundary Historical Marker, Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Rose Memorial Park, Spring Valley State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Court Rock, Devil Rock, Window in Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acoma, Alamo, Angle City, Ash Springs, Atlanta, Barclay, Big Trees, Boyd, Bristol, Bristol Well (historical), Brown, Bullionville (historical), Caliente, Carp, Caselton, Caselton Heights, Cave Valley (historical), Cedarhurst (historical), Cold Spring, Coyote (historical), Crestline, Crossroads, Crystal Springs, Deer Lodge (historical), Delamar, Delmues (historical), Eccles, Elgin, Etna, Fay (historical), Ferguson (historical), Flat Nose, Freiburg (historical), Galt, Geyser (historical), Groom (historical), Helene, Highland (historical), Hiko, Horseshoe Bend, Hoya, Indian Cove, Islen, Jackrabbit (historical), Joseco, Karo (historical), Kershaw (historical), Kiernan (historical), Kyle, Logan (historical), Mendha, Midey Valley (historical), Montezuma (historical), Mud Springs, Newland (historical), Ninemile Rocks, Oneota (historical), Panaca, Patterson (historical), Pioche, Pony Springs, Prince, Princeton (historical), Rachel, Rose Valley, Rox, Spring Valley (historical), Stine, Strawberry Hill, Sundown, Tempest (historical), Tempiute, Ursine, Viola (historical), Wilson Creek (historical), Yoacham (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Acoma Post Office (historical), Alamo Post Office, Atlanta Post Office, Barclay Post Office, Bristol Silver Post Office, Bristol Well Post Office (historical), Bullionville Post Office (historical), Caliente Post Office, Carp Post Office, Cave Valley Post Office, Cedarhurst Post Office (historical), Deerlodge Post Office (historical), Delamar Post Office, Elgin Post Office (historical), Engadine Post Office, Fay Post Office (historical), Freiburg Post Office, Geyser Post Office (historical), Helene Post Office, Hiko Post Office, Joseco Post Office (historical), Karo Post Office (historical), Kiernan Post Office, Logan Springs Post Office (historical), Montezuma Post Office (historical), Newland Post Office (historical), Oneota Post Office (historical), Panaca Post Office, Patterson Post Office (historical), Pioche Post Office, Princeton Post Office (historical), Rox Post Office (historical), Royal City Post Office (historical), Stine Post Office (historical), Stump Post Office (historical), Tempest Post Office, Tempiute Post Office, Ursine Post Office (historical), Yoacham Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Black Canyon Range, Bristol Range, Bunker Hills, Buried Hills, Burnt Springs Range, Cedar Range, Chief Range, Clover Mountains, Delamar Mountains, Desert Hills, East Desert Range, East Mormon Mountains, East Pahranagat Range, Ely Range, Ely Springs Range, Fairview Range, Fortification Range, Golden Gate Range, Groom Range, Highland Range, Hiko Range, Jumbled Hills, Limestone Hills, Mahogany Mountains, Meadow Valley Mountains, Mormon Mountains, Mount Irish Range, Needle Mountains, North Pahroc Range, Pahranagat Range, Pahroc Range, Pintwater Range, Pioche Hills, Seaman Range, South Pahroc Range, Spur of Pahrock Mountains, Tikaboo Range, Timpahute Range, Tule Springs Hills, White Rock Mountains, Wilson Creek Range, Worthington Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Big Rocks Wilderness, Clover Mountains Wilderness, Delamar Mountains Wilderness, Far South Egans Wilderness, Fortification Range Wilderness, Meadow Valley Range Wilderness, Mormon Mountains Wilderness, Mt. Irish Wilderness, Parsnip Peak Wilderness, South Pahroc Range Wilderness, Tunnel Spring Wilderness, Weepah Spring Wilderness, White Rock Wilderness, Worthington Mountains Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Able Reservoir, Acoma Reservoir, Adams Reservoir, Apple Reservoir, Averett Reservoir, Bailey Knoll Reservoir, Basin Reservoir, Big Flat Reservoir, Black Canyon Reservoir, Black Point Reservoir, Blowfly Reservoir, Bracken Pond, Bradshaw Reservoir, Bristol Lake Number Four, Bristol Lake Number One, Bristol Lake Number Three, Bristol Reservoir, Bristol Reservoir Number Two, Bullfrog Reservoir, Cedar Reservoir, Chalk Reservoir, Charco Pit Reservoir, Chuckwalla Guzzler, Cliff Reservoir, Cliff Reservoir, Coal Valley Reservoir, Conaway Reservoir, Cottonwood Reservoir, Crack Reservoir, Crescent Reservoir, Culverwell Reservoir, Cutler Reservoir, Cyanide Reservoir, Delamar Flat Reservoir, Divide Reservoir, Dodge Pocket Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Eagle Valley Reservoir, East Coal Valley Reservoir, Eccles Reservoir, Echo Canyon Reservoir, Elgin Summit Reservoir, End of the Line Trough, Fife Flat Reservoir, Fox Mountain Reservoir, Frenchy Lake, Garden Valley Reservoir, Garden Valley Reservoir Number 1, Grassy Spring Reservoir, Gravel Canyon Reservoir, Gregorson Basin Number Two, Gregorson Basin Reservoir, Henrie Reservoir, Hirshi Reservoir Number Two, Hollinger Debris Reservoir, Indian Canyon Reservoir, Jacks Canyon Reservoir, John Wright Reservoir, Jumbo Reservoir, Knoll Pond Reservoir, Lafes Reservoir, Lone Pine Reservoir, MacKay Reservoir, Mag Reservoir, Mahogany Knoll Reservoir, Main Wash 6 Reservoir, Marble Reservoir, Mathews Canyon Reservoir, Middle Pass Reservoir, Middle Pond, Middle Pond Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Millard Canyon Reservoir, Minto Reservoir, Monumental Reservoir, Murphy Gap Reservoir, Mustang Reservoir, Nesbitt Lake, Nesbitt Reservoir, New Reservoir, Old Highway Reservoir, Onada Reservoir, Ooze Flat Reservoir, Pine Canyon Reservoir, Pocket Number Three Reservoir, Point of Rock Reservoir, Pony Reservoir, Powerline Reservoir, Quail Reservoir, Rockhouse Reservoir, Rolling Hills Reservoir, Rye Patch Reservoir, Sams Camp Reservoir, Schroeder Lake, Sheep Flat Reservoir, Sheep Reservoir, Sheep Reservoir Number 2, Snow Trough, South Canyon Reservoir, Southeast Reservoirs, Southside Reservoir, Southside Reservoirs, Steward Reservoir, Swiss Bob Reservoir, Thiriot Reservoir, Thorley Reservoir, Three Points Reservoir, Tooley Reservoir, Toquop Gap Reservoir, Tule Desert Reservoir, Tule Reservoir, Tungsten Reservoir, Twin Spring Reservoir, Upper Pahranagat Lake, Upper Patterson Reservoir, Upper Reservoir, Uvada Reservoir, White River Reservoir, White Rock Reservoir, White Sage Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Chert Ridge, Papoose Range, Pine Ridge, Red Ledges, Step Ridge, The Big Hogback, The Little Hogback, West Range

  Schools     show all on map

Bristol School (historical), C O Bastian High School, Caliente Elementary School, Community College of Southern Nevada Lincoln County Center, Crystal Spring School (historical), Lincoln County High School, Meadow Valley Middle School, Pahranagat Valley Elementary School, Pahranagat Valley High School, Pahranagat Valley Middle School, Panaca Elementary School, Pioche Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Abandoned Spring, Abe Spring, Acoma Spring, Alum Spring, Antelope Spring, Applewhite Spring, April Fool Spring, Ash Spring, Ash Springs, Ash Springs, Averett Spring, Badger Spring, Badger Spring, Bailey Number Two, Bailey Spring, Bailey Springs, Balm of Gilead Spring, Barrel Spring, Barton Spring, Basin Spring, Basket Spring, Ben Hur Spring, Bennett Springs, Betsy Spring, Big Mud Springs, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Travis Spring, Bird Spring, Bird Spring, Bishop Spring, Black Rock Spring, Blind Mountain Spring, Blue Rock Spring, Blue Rock Spring, Bluff Spring, Blyth Spring, Blythe Spring, Board Cabin Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring, Box Spring, Bradshaw Spring, Brinkerhoff Spring, Brown Springs, Brown Water Spring, Brownie Spring, Bruno Spring, Buck Spring, Buckboard Spring, Buckboard Spring, Bull Spring, Bullfrog Spring, Bullwack Spring, Bunker Spring, Burnt Station Spring, Buster Spring, Butterfield Spring, Buttes Spring, By-Pass Seep, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cactus Spring, Caliente Hot Springs, Camp Spring, Cane Spring, Canyon Number Two Spring, Canyon Spring, Canyon Spring, Carpenter Spring, Carson Spring, Cart Spring, Cattle Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Chalk Spring, Cherry Spring, Chicken Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chris Spring, Cliff Spring, Cliff Spring, Cliff Springs, Coal Burner Spring, Coal Spring, Colburn Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Coldwater Spring, Cole Spring, Connor Spring, Conway Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Cottonwood Springs, Cow Camp Spring, Cow Heaven Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Springs, Craw Spring, Crescent Spring, Cris Spring, Crystal Springs, Cylone Spring, Dana Spring, Davies Spring, De Jesus Spring, Deadman Spring, Deadman Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Delmues Spring, Delmues Springs, Devil Rock Springs, Disappointment Spring, Docs Spring, Dow Spring, Dry Lake Spring, Dula Spring, Dupont Spring, Eagle Spring, East Boulder Spring, East Setting Spring, East Spring, Eightmile Spring, Elderberry Spring, Elly Spring, Ely Springs, Evergreen Spring, Fairween Spring, Fall Spring, Fence Spring, Fife Spring, Five Mile Spring, Flatnose Ranch Spring, Floral Spring, Flying Machine Spring, Fortification Spring, Fountain of Youth Spring, Fox Cabin Spring, Fox Tail Spring, Frenchman Spring, Frying Pan Spring, Garden Spring, Garrison Seep, George Roger Spring, Geyser Creek Spring, Geyser Ranch Springs, Gleason Springs, Gordon Spring, Gordon Spring, Gouge Eye Spring, Gourd Spring, Graham Spring, Granger Spring, Granite Spring, Grape Vine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grass Patch Spring, Grassy Spring, Grassy Spring, Grave Spring, Grove Spring, Hackberry Number One Spring, Hackberry Spring, Hackberry Spring, Hackett Spring, Haggerty Spring, Hamiton Spring, Hammond Ranch Spring, Happy Hollow Spring, Headwaters Spring, Henry Spring, Hidden Seep Springs, Hidden Spring, Hidden Treasure Spring, Highland Spring, Hiko Spring, Hogwallow Spring, Holly Spring, Holly Spring, Honest John Spring, Horn Spring, Hornsilver Spring, Horse Corral Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Springs, Horse Springs, Horsethief Spring, Hoyt Spring, Hughie Spring, Hummingbird Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Indian Springs, Iron Tank Spring, Jasper Spring, Jones Spring, Joshua Spring, Jumbo Spring, Jumbo Spring, Jump-Up Spring, Kane Springs, Kate Spring, Keel Spring, Keno Spring, Kiln Spring, Klondike Spring, Lake Spring, Lamb Spring, Lamb Spring, Ledge Spring, Ledge Spring, Lewis Spring, Lick Spring, Lime Spring, Lion Spring, Little Boulder Spring, Little Cane Springs, Little Cut Spring, Little Davis Spring, Little Geyser Spring, Little Mud Springs, Little Rosebud Spring, Little Springs, Little Travis Spring, Little White Rock Spring, Littlefield Spring, Live Oak Spring, Lizard Spring, Log Spring, Log Trough Spring, Logan Spring, Lone Cedar Spring, Lone Tree Spring, Lone Trough Spring, Lone Willow Spring, Long Point Spring, Lost Trail Spring, Lower Ash Spring, Lower Cone Springs, Lower Fairview Spring, Lower Frenchman Spring, Lower Frying Pan Spring, Lower Indian Spring, Lower Lake Spring, Lower Riggs Spring, Lower Tower Spring, Lower Willow Creek Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Marchell Spring, Mark Spring, Mathews Spring, Matley Spring, McCutchen Spring, McDermitt Spring, McGuffy Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadow Springs, Meadow Valley Spring, Meloy Spring, Middle Cole Spring, Middle Pass Spring, Middleton Seeps, Mile High Spring, Milk Ranch Spring, Milk Ranch Springs, Mill Creek Spring, Miller Spring, Miner Spring, Miser Spring, Modes Hole Spring, Modes Spring, Mona Spring, Monte Spring, Monte Spring, Monumental Spring, Moon Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mountain View Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Muddy Spring, Mudhole Spring, Mule Shoe Spring, Mule Spring, Mullen Hollow Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Naquinta Spring, Narrow Canyon Spring, Nelson Spring, Nesbitt Springs, New Indian Spring, New Tikaboo Spring, North Cole Spring, North Mud Spring, North Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Well Spring, Oil Spring, Old Indian Spring, Old Tikaboo Spring, One Trough Spring, Oreana Spring, Ox Valley Spring, Pace Spring, Pahroc Spring, Panaca Spring, Parsnip Spring, Peach Spring, Peers Spring, Penoyer Springs, Perry Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Springs, Pipe Spring, Pony Spring, Pony Spring, Poor Cow Spring, Porphyry Spring, Prohibition Spring, Put Back Spring, Quail Spring, Quaker Spring, Quaking Aspen Spring, Quaking Aspen Springs, Quartz Spring, Quartz Spring, Quartzite Spring, Quinn Canyon Springs, Rabbit Brush Spring, Rabbit Spring, Rabbit Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Cedar Spring, Red Rock Spring, Red Rock Spring, Reed Spring, Reindeer Spring, Rhodes Spring, Riprap Springs, Roadside Spring, Robinson Seep, Robison Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rose Bud Spring, Rose Spring, Rosebud Spring, Rosebud Spring, Rosencrans Spring, Rueben Spring, Rye Grass Seep, Rye Grass Spring, Rye Grass Spring, Rye Patch Spring, Sabio Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Salt Spring, Sams Camp Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Spring, Savot Spring, Sawmill Spring, Sawmill Springs, Sawyer Spring, Schwartz Spring, Schwartz Tunnel Spring, Scotty Spring, Seaman Spring, Seeps Spring, Seven Oaks Spring, Seven Troughs Spring, Shadow Spring, Shaefer Spring, Shaler Spring, Sharp Spring, Sharp Spring, Sheep Mountain Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Shingle Spring, Shingle Spring, Shoemake Spring, Sidehill Spring, Silver Park Springs, Silver Springs, Simmond Spring, Simpson Spring, Six Mile Spring, Sixmile Spring, Smith Spring, Smith Spring, Snow Spring, South Camp Spring, South Fork Spring, South Milk Ranch Spring, South Monumental Springs, South Mud Spring, South Western Spring, South Willow Spring, Springer Spring, Steward Spring, Stewart Spring, Stewart Spring, Stink Bug Spring, Stinking Spring, Stonewall Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Sundown Spring, Sunflower Spring, Table Mountain Spring, Taffery Spring, Taylor Mine Spring, Tem Piute Spring, Tex Spring, The Seeps, Throwout Knee Spring, Ticapoo Spring, Tobe Spring, Topah Spring, Tower Spring, Tribolata Spring, Trough Spring, Trough Spring, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Tunnel Number One Spring, Tunnel Number Three Spring, Tunnel Number Two Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Springs, Twin Springs, Two and One Half Spring, Tyler Spring, Underground Spring, Upper Ash Spring, Upper Burnt Canyon Spring, Upper Cone Springs, Upper Fairview Spring, Upper Indian Spring, Upper McCutcheon Spring, Upper Riggs Spring, Upper Riggs Spring, Upper Willow Creek Spring, Usave Spring, Vicks Spring, Wall Spring, Wambolt Springs, Wandell Spring, Wardell Spring, Water Canyon Spring, Weepah Spring, West Frying Pan Spring, West Oak Spring, West Parker Spring, West Side Spring, Wheat Grass Spring, Wheatgrass Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whiskey Spring, White Bluff Spring, White Horse Spring, White Rock Cabin Springs, White Rock Spring, White Rock Springs, White Rock-Bailey Springs, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Creek Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Tree Spring, Willow Tub Spring, Wire Grass Spring, Wiregrass Spring, Wolf Hole Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Ash Creek, Bailey Creek, Bailey Wash, Barton Creek, Bennett Springs Wash, Big Lime Wash, Big Spring Wash, Big Spring Wash, Bob Hamilton Wash, Boulder Wash, Bowling Wash, Buck Wash, Buckboard Wash, Bull Valley Wash, Burnt Canyon Creek, Buster Wash, Camp Valley Creek, Caselton Wash, Cave Valley Wash, Cedar Wash, Cedar Wash, Cherry Creek, Clover Creek, Cobb Creek, Cold Springs Wash, Coldwater Creek, Cole Spring Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Wash, Cottonwood Wash, Coyote Wash, Coyote Wash, Craw Creek, Crystal Wash, Davis Creek, Dead Man Wash, Delamar Wash, Dobin Creek, Dupont Creek, East Ditch, East Fork Beaver Dam Wash, East Fork Spring Valley Wash, East Pass Wash, East Pine Wash, Empy Wash, Fairview Wash, Flatnose Wash, Gleason Canyon Wash, Haggerty Wash, Headwaters Wash, Helene Wash, Hulse Creek, Hyde Wash, Immigration Wash, Jumbo Wash, Kane Springs Wash, Kiln Wash, Little Red Wash, Logan Creek, Maloy Wash, Midnight Wash, Miller Creek, Miller Spring Wash, Miller Wash, Monkey Wrench Wash, Mud Spring Wash, Mud Springs Wash, Mud Springs Wash, North Fork Cedar Wash, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Sheep Creek, Page Creek, Pahranagat Creek, Parsnip Creek Wash, Patterson Wash, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Wash, Porphyry Wash, Red Rock Wash, Rosencrans Creek, Sage Hen Wash, Sand Creek, Sand Hollow Wash, Sawmill Creek, Scotty Wash, Seaman Wash, Seven Troughs Wash, Sheep Creek, Silverhorn Wash, Snow Spring Wash, South Fork Cedar Wash, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, South Fork Toquop Wash, Toquop Wash, Tweedy Wash, Wambolt Creek, West Bunker Peak Wash, West Ditch, West Fork Rosencrans Creek, Wheatgrass Wash, White River, White Rock Wash, White Wash, Wildcat Wash, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Winz Creek, Wood-McCullough Creek

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Arizona Peak, Atlanta Peak, Aysees Peak, Badger Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Bally Knolls, Big Lime Mountain, Black Hill, Black Mountain, Black Rock Knoll, Blind Mountain, Blue Nose Peak, Buck Mountain, Bunker Peak, Burnt Peak, Canyon Peak, Chief Mountain, Chocolate Drop, Chokecherry Mountain, Comet Peak, Connor Peak, Coyote Peak, Coyote Summit, Davidson Peak, Diamond Peak, Dow Mountain, Dutch John Mountain, Elly Mountain, Empy Mountain, Fairview Peak, Fallout Hills, Fife Mountain, Flat Top, Flat Top Mesa, Fossil Peak, Garden Mountain, Gatton Peak, Gold Bug Mountain, Government Peak, Grants Peak, Grassy Mountain, Gray Cone, Gray Head Mountain, Grey Dome, Grey Knoll, Gum Hill, Highland Peak, Horsethief Mountain, Indian Peak, Jacks Mountain, Jones Spring Point, Julius Peak, Jumbled Mountain, Lime Hill, Lime Mountain, Little Mountain, Lone Mesa, Lookout Mountain, Mahogany Peak, McCullough Hill, Meeker Peak, Miller Mountain, Millers Point, Mineral Hill, Moapa Peak, Monte Mountain, Mormon Peak, Mosey Mountain, Mount Ely, Mount Irish, Mount Montezuma, Mount Patterson, Mount Wandell, Mount Wilson, Oak Knoll, Papoose Mountain, Parsnip Peak, Patterson Peak, Pine Mountain, Quartz Peak, Raysonde Buttes, Red Buttes, Red Hill, Robber Roost Hills, Rock Hill, Roe Peak, Rolling Hills, Rosencrans Knolls, Rosencrans Peak, Sanderson Mountain, Sawmill Mountain, Sharp Peak, Shingle Peak, Silver Hill, Silver King Mountain, Skull Mountain, Slidy Mountain, Smileys Point, Squaw Knoll, Stapely Knoll, Sunflower Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Top Mountain, Tank Hill, Tempiute Mountain, Tepee Rocks, The Point, The Summit, Timber Mountain, Treasure Hill, Tub Peak, Volcanic Hill, Whipple Peak, White Rock Peak, Williams Hill, Willow Tub Peak, Worthington Peak, Yellow Hill

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KLNR-FM (Panaca)

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Acklin Canyon, Advance Gulch, Anderson Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Applewhite Canyon, Ash Canyon, Ash Spring Canyon, Balm of Gilead Canyon, Barn Pole Hollow, Barnes Canyon, Black Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Broad Canyon, Buckboard Canyon, Bucks Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Burrows Canyon, Camp Valley, Cathedral Gorge, Cave Valley, Chief Canyon, Chokecherry Canyon, Chokecherry Canyon, Chowderhead Canyon, Churndrill Canyon, Clover Creek Canyon, Clover Valley, Cobalt Canyon, Colburn Canyon, Condar Ravine, Condor Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Daves Canyon, Dead Bull Canyon, Dead Deer Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deep Canyon, Deer Lodge Canyon, Delamar Valley, Desert Valley, Docs Pass Canyon, Doe Canyon, Dog Hollow, Dry Canyon, Dry Lake Valley, Dry Valley, Dula Canyon, Dursey Canyon, Eagle Valley, Eagle Valley Canyon, East Mountain Canyon, East Pass Canyon, Echo Canyon, Eightmile Valley, Ely Springs Canyon, English Canyon, Fay Canyon, Fife Canyon, Fulman Canyon, Gravel Canyon, Hackberry Canyon, Hamlight Canyon, Hardy Canyon, Hells Acres Gulch, Hiko Canyon, Hiko Narrows, Horse Canyon, Horse Pasture Canyon, Horse Springs Canyon, Horse Valley, Horsethief Canyon, Horsethief Gulch, Hulse Canyon, Indian Canyon, Islen Canyon, Jacks Canyon, Kane Springs Valley, Kaolin Canyon, Kershaw Canyon, Lake Valley, Lanter Canyon, Leith Canyon, Lien Draw, Little Kershaw Canyon, Little Rock Canyon, Little Water Canyon, Logan Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Valley, Lyndon Gulch, Mathews Canyon, Meadow Valley, Meadow Valley, Miller Canyon, Minto Canyon, Miser Gulch, Monument Canyon, Mormon Canyon, Mud Spring Canyon, Muleshoe Valley, Mutton Hollow, Narrow Canyon, Newman Canyon, North Fork Serviceberry Canyon, Nye Canyon, Oak Well Canyon, Oak Well Hollow, One Wheel Canyon, Pahranagat Valley, Pahroc Canyon, Peaslee Canyon, Pennsylvania Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pine Park Canyon, Pocket Canyon, Power Line Canyon, Purgatory Hole Canyon, Quaking Aspen Canyon, Quinn Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, Red Cedar Canyon, Rice Canyon, Rock Canyon, Rock Springs Canyon, Rose Valley, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Serviceberry Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Spring Draw, Sheridan Canyon, Silver Canyon, Slaughterhouse Canyon, Smiley Canyon, Smith Canyon, Split Pine Hollow, Spring Valley, Springers Canyon, State Line Canyon, Surprise Canyon, Swiss Bob Canyon, Tanks Canyon, Taylor Mine Canyon, Tex Canyon, The Crack, Tikaboo Valley, Trail Canyon, Twin Caves Canyon, Vigo Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Whiskey Spring Canyon, Wild Horse Valley, Wildcat Canyon, Willow Canyon, Wood Canyon

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A P W Well, Barclay Well, Benchland Well, Bitter Well, Black Rock Well, Bristol Well, Browns Well, Buck Wash Well, Burnt Peak Well, Burnt Station Well, C Kenneth Lee South Well, Camp Valley Well, Cave Valley Seeding Well, Cave Valley Well, Cave Valley Well Number Two, China Well, Coyote Well, Coyote Well, Craw Creek Well, Delmue Brothers North Well, Dodge Well, Dutch John Well, Eightmile Well, Fifteenmile Well, Fortification Well, Fourmile Well, Free Well, George Roger Well, Gouge Eye Well, Grassy Well, Griswold Well, Hamlin Well, Harris Well, Highway Seeding Well, Highway Well, Honest John Well, Hot Water Well, Hyde Well, Jackrabbit Well, Kenneth D Lee South Well, Lee Travis Well, Lester Mathews Well, Lewis Well, Lower Lime Mountain Well, Meloy Well, Mendenhall Well, Milk Ranch Well, Miller Crossing Well, Monument Well, Muleshoe Well, Mustang Well, Negro Ligge Well, New Fortification Well, New Pony Spring Well, North Dutch John Well, North Gouge Eye Well, North Lake Valley Well Number Three, Number Six Well, Oak Wells, Panaca LDS Church Well, Pine Wash Well, Pony Spring Well, Pony Well, Rock Canyon Well, Rosebud Well, Rosencrans Well, Rye Grass Well, Sams Camp Well, Sawmill Well, Shadow Well, Shaffer Well, Shoebox Well, Silver King Well, Sixmile Well, Smith Well, South Gouge Eye Well, South Lake Valley Well Number One, South Milk Ranch Well, South Well Number Three, Southeastern Well, Southwestern Well, Spotlight Well, Swiss Bob Well, Tait Well, Timpahute Well, Tule Desert Well, Twentyonemile Well, Uhalde Well, Upper Lime Mountain Well, Upper Patterson Well, Valley Well, White River Well, White Rock Seeding Well, White Rock Well, White Rock Well Number One

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The Cedars,

Lincoln County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLincoln County White population 4,9664,965  
BlackLincoln County Black population 155155
MixedLincoln County Mixed population 112112
American IndianLincoln County American Indian population 7069
AsianLincoln County Asian population 3737
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLincoln County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1616

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county