Nye County, Nevada Basics:

Nye County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 42,914
Area: 18182 square miles
County seat: Tonopah
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 81.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.7%
Median household income: $39,150
Persons in poverty: 20.1%
Home ownership rate: 70.1%
Mean travel time to work: 28.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Nye County area

Our detail map of Nye County shows the Nye County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Nye County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Ash Meadows Airport, Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip, Beatty Airport, Caas Airport, Caas Airport, Calvada Meadows Airport, Chicken Ranch Airport, Currant Ranch Airport, Desert Rock Airport, Duckwater Airport, Flying S Ranch Ultralight Flightpark, Frans Star Ranch Airport, Gabbs Airport, Hadley Airport, Imvite Airport, Jackass Aeropark, M and O Ranch Airport, Mellan Airstrip, Moroni Landing Strip, O'Toole Ranch Airport, Pahrump Landing Strip (historical), Pahute Mesa Airstrip, Precious Materials Heliport, Round Mountain Airport, Scottys Junction Airport, Smoky Valley Mine Landing Strip, Sunnyside-Kirch Wildlife Management Area Airport, Tonopah Airport, Tonopah Test Range Airport, Valley View Airport, Warm Springs Airport (historical), Wine Glass Ranch Airport, Yucca Airstrip

  Areas     show all on map

Nevada Test Site Area 400, Nevada Wild Horse Management Area, Railroad Valley Wildlife Management Area

  Arroyos     show all on map

Antelope Wash, Buttonhook Wash, Crater Flat Wash, Dry Wash, Endless Draw, Gap Wash, Hampel Wash, Idlewild Creek, Ione Wash, Pediment Wash, Red Canyon Wash, Solitario Wash, Timblin Creek, Timpi Wash, Tongue Wash, West Sandy Wash, Willow Creek Wash, Winapi Wash, Winding Wash

  Basins     show all on map

Andrews Basin, Ash Meadows, Belcher Basin, Big Burn Valley, Big Round Valley, Blind Spring Basin, Butler Basin, Charcoal Basin, Dry Basin, Duckwater Valley, Fourmile Basin, Kawich Valley, Lower Cove, Mercury Valley, Miniature Grand Canyon, Monotony Valley, Morgan Basin, Mud Spring Basin, Narrows Catch Basin, Pluto Valley, Railroad Valley, Saulsbury Basin, Secret Basin, Stoneberger Basin, The Cove, Wagon Valley, White River Sink, Wide Valley

  Benches     show all on map

Meadow Creek Bench, Summit Bench, The Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Amargosa Valley Fire Department, Amargosa Valley Fire Department, Amargosa Volunteer Ambulance Service, Beatty Fire Department, Beatty Volunteer Ambulance Service, Belmont Fire Department, Central Nevada Museum, Crystal Fire Department, Currant Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Gabbs City Hall, Gabbs Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Service, Manhattan Volunteer Fire Department, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command West Tonopah, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Beatty, Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command Pahrump Substation, Nevada Test Site Fire and Rescue, Nye County Complex, Nye County Court House, Nye County Sheriff's Office, Nye County Sheriff's Office, Nye County Sheriff's Office, Nye County Sheriff's Office, Pahrump Government Complex, Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Station 1, Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Station 2, Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Station 3, Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Station 5, Round Mountain Fire Department, Round Mountain Gold Mine Emergency Services, Rye Patch Pumping Station, Smokey Valley Ambulance Service, Smokey Valley Fire Department, Tonopah Fire Department, Tonopah Volunteer Ambulance Service, United States Security Associates Fire and Emergency Services

  Canals     show all on map

East Ditch (historical), Ryan Ditch (historical)

  Capes     show all on map

Castle Point, Wolftone Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Belmont Cemetery, Berlin Cemetery, Chief Tecopa Cemetery, Desert Hill Cemetery, Duckwater Cemetery, Ione Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Beatty Census Designated Place, Crystal Division, Gabbs Census Designated Place, Pahrump Census Designated Place, Tonopah Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Black Cliff, Buckwheat Rim, Crescent Cliff, Egg Point, Georges Canyon Rim, Hidden Cliff, Pictured Rocks, Ribbon Cliff, Six Mile Bluff

  Craters     show all on map

Buster Jangle Crater, Easy Chair Crater, Lunar Crater, Meteorite Crater, Scooter Crater, Sedan Crater, Teapot Crater

  Dams     show all on map

Adams-McGill Reservoir Dam, Crystal Lake Dam, Dacey Dam, Echo Canyon Dam, Hay Meadow Dam, Lake Number One Dam, Little Lake Dam, Manzonie Dam, Nevada Works Basic Dam, North Evaporation Pond Dam, Seyler Reservoir Dam, Tule Field Reservoir Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Jackson Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flat, Amargosa Flat, Anderson Field, Bacon Flat, Barney Meadows, Barren Spot, Big Meadow, Burnt Cabin Flat, Butterfield Marsh, Cactus Flat, Chuck Wagon Flat, Collins Meadow, Coyote Holes, Crater Flat, Dead Horse Flat, Devils Gate, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Evans Field, Fourmile Flats, Frenchman Flat, Gold Flat, Gold Meadows, Horse Heaven, Horse Heaven, Jackass Flats, Last Stand Lake, Lebeau Park, Little Meadows, Lunar Lake, Mesquite Flat, Mineral Flat, Mohawk Pasture, Moor Hen Meadow, Mouse Meadow, Mud Lake, Murphy Meadows, Mustang Meadow, Pahute Lake, Round Meadow, Rye Patch, Sarcobatus Flat, Scuffe Pasture, South Twin Pasture, Spaulding Salt Marsh, Squaw Flat, Stonewall Flat, Wahmonie Flat, Werdenhoff Pasture, White Horse Pasture, Yucca Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Tonopah Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Amargosa Narrows, Ambush Pass, Antelope Pass, Barley Creek Summit, Beef Pass, Black Rock Summit, Blue Eagle Pass, Brown Summit, Brunton Pass, Camel Pass, Cedar Pass, Charnock Pass, Checkpoint Pass, Cherry Creek Summit, Clipper Gap, Cloverdale Summit, Danville Pass, Dobbin Summit, Doris Montgomery Pass, Eagle Pass, Gold Reed Pass, Golden Summit, Grantsville Summit, Groom Pass, Hot Creek Pass, Jackass Divide, Jefferson Summit, Juniper Pass, McIntyre Summit, McKinney Tanks Summit, Moon River Gap, Northumberland Pass, Pinyon Pass, Prospector Pass, Prow Pass, Sandy Summit, Saulsbury Summit, Secret Pass, Sixmile Summit, Steves Pass, Stonewall Pass, Strawberry Valley, The Gap, Timber Mountain Pass, Trailer Pass, Union Pass, Vent Pass, Warm Springs Summit, Wells Station Summit, White Saddle Pass, Windy Pass, Yucca Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Desert View Regional Medical Center, Evergreen Pahrump Hospital, Nye Regional Medical Center, United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Southern Nevada Healthcare System Pahrump Clinic

  Lakes     show all on map

Antelope Lake, Bellehelen Lake Number One, Bellehelen Lake Number Two, Big Well Ponds, Blue Eagle Ponds, Clear Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Frenchman Lake, Johnson Hole, Lambs Pond, Little Fish Lake, Lockes Ponds, Mud Lake, Squaw Lake, Upper Fish Lake, Yucca Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Alpha Contaminated Area, Ames Camp, Ancram (historical), Angleworm Ranch, Area 1 Shaker Plant, Area 12 Camp, Area 2 Support Facility, Area 3 Camp, Area 3 Mud Plant, Argenta (historical), Arrastra Ruins, Arrow Head (historical), Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Office, Ash Meadows Rancho, Athens (historical), B J Wye, Barley Creek Forest Service Facility, Barley Creek Ranch, Barley Creek Trailhead, Baxter Camp, Baxter Springs (historical), Bay State Mill (historical), Beatty Junction (historical), Bellehelen Ranch, Bells Ranch, Ben Hur Ranch, Bennetts Ranch, Bergs Ranch, Bettles Ranch, Big Creek Ranch, Big Smoky Highway Maintenance Station, Black Diamond Mill (historical), Black Mountain Ruins, Black Spring (historical), Blackburn Administrative Site, Blakes Camp (historical), Blue Eagle Ranch, Blue Eagle Spring (historical), Blue Jay Highway Maintenance Station, Blue Spring (historical), Bluff Springs (historical), Bob Budd Speedway, Bonita (historical), Bonnie Claire Mill, Bordoli Ranch, Bowman Ranch, Bradshaw Ranch, Brady Ranch, Breen Ranch, Brownes Camp (historical), Bruner (historical), Bruner Mill, Bull Spring Station (historical), Butler Ranch, Butterfield Ranch, Butterfield Salt Beds, Cactus Spring (historical), Callaway Ranch, Camp Oasis, Camp Transvaal (historical), Canyon (historical), Carrara Station (historical), Carter Ranch, Carvers Roadside Rest Area, Cave Valley (historical), CCC Camp, Cedar Pipeline Ranch, Cedar Springs (historical), Centennial (historical), Centrasville Mining Camp (historical), Charleston (historical), Charnock Ranch, Cherry Creek Forest Service Facility, Cherry Creek Forest Service Recreation Site, Chloride, Cirac Mill (historical), Clark Station, Clay Camp, Clear Creek Ranch, Clear Creek Trailhead, Cloverdale Ranch, Columbine Campground, Combination Mill, Cooper Incorporated Ranch, Corn Creek, Cottonwood Forest Service Administrative Site, Cow Canyon Trailhead, Craig Station, Currant Creek Forest Service Recreation Site, Danville Canyon Trailhead, Darroughs Stage Station (historical), Daugherty Ranch, Davis Ranch, Deep Well Station, Derringers Blacksmith Shop (historical), Dierringer Ranch (historical), Drill Hole 4, Dutch Flat (historical), East Manhattan, Eden Creek Ranch, El Dorado (historical), Eldorado Mill (historical), Elizalde Company (historical), Elliot Springs, Emigrant Station (historical), Fairbanks Ranch (historical), Falani Ranch, Fancher Cabin, Farrington Ranch, Fisher Ranch, Fivemile Ranch, Florio Outrider Cabin, Forest Home, Forest Moon Ranch, Fountain City (historical), Fourmile Canyon Kilns, Fowler Ranch, Fox Ranch, Fresno (historical), Gardner Ranch, Garlin Ranch, Gendron Ranch, George Camp, Gold Center Ranch, Gold Crater, Gold Flat (historical), Gold Hill Mill, Gold Park (historical), Gold Reed, Goodings Ranch, Hafen Ranch, Harolds Ranch (historical), Harriman (historical), Haystack Ranch, Heath Ranch, Hendrix Ranch, Hicks Station, Highbridge Mill, Homestake Mill (historical), Horseshoe (historical), Hot Creek Campground, Hot Creek Ranch, Hotcreek (historical), Howard Ranch, Howell Ranch, Hunts Canyon Forest Service Facility, Hunts Ranch, Indian Camp, Indian Gardens (historical), Indian Ranch, Indian Ranch, Indian Ranch, Indian Ranch (historical), Indian Spring Ranch, Indian Springs (historical), Indian Valley Ranch, Irwin Camp, J F Bowler Ranch, Jacksonville (historical), Japanese Ranch, Kay Blockhouse, Keough Ranch, Kiney, Kings House (historical), Knickerbocker Mill (historical), Lani Ranch, Le Beau Ranch, Ledbetter Administrative Site, Little Fish Lake Ranch, Little Meadows Forest Service Facility, Logans (historical), Lone Tree Ranch, Longbridge (historical), Longstreet Ranch, Longstreets Ranch, Lower Corral, Manhattan Consolidated Mill, Manhattan Ore and Milling Company Mill, Mankins Ranch, Manse Ranch, Manzone Ranch, Marble (historical), Marble Falls (historical), Marsh Falls, Martin Ranch, Marysville (historical), McCann Station, McCubes (historical), McDonalds (historical), McGowan Ranch, McLeod Ranch, McNamara Mill, McNamara Mill, Meadow Canyon Guard Station, Meadow Creek Ranch, Mecca (historical), Meikeljohn (historical), Mexican Camp (historical), Midway, Midway Station, Milk Springs (historical), Millett Ranch, Milletts Ranch, Milton (historical), Milton Ranch, Mine Mountain Junction, Miniums Station (historical), Mohawk Administrative Site, Monitor Mill, Monitor Ranch, Montana Tonopah Mill (historical), Monte Cristo (historical), Moon River Ranch, Moores Creek Ranch, Moores Station, Morgan Basin Trailhead, Morgan Ranch, Mosquito Creek Ranch, Mount Jefferson Trailhead, Mountain View, Mountain View Mill (historical), Mud Spring (historical), Mud Springs, NASA Tracking Station, Nay Ranch, Nays Station (historical), Nevada Test Site, Nevada Test Site Area 1, Nevada Test Site Area 10, Nevada Test Site Area 11, Nevada Test Site Area 12, Nevada Test Site Area 14, Nevada Test Site Area 15, Nevada Test Site Area 16, Nevada Test Site Area 17, Nevada Test Site Area 18, Nevada Test Site Area 19, Nevada Test Site Area 2, Nevada Test Site Area 20, Nevada Test Site Area 3, Nevada Test Site Area 30, Nevada Test Site Area 4, Nevada Test Site Area 401, Nevada Test Site Area 5, Nevada Test Site Area 6, Nevada Test Site Area 7, Nevada Test Site Area 8, Nevada Test Site Area 9, New Philadelphia (historical), North Manhattan, NTS Farm Complex, O'Toole Ranch, Oasis Ranch, Old Courthouse, Old Dominion Stamp Mill, Old Dugan Ranch, Old Page Place, Ophir Tungsten Mill, Pablo, Pablo Canyon Ranch, Pahrump Memorial Arena, Pahrump Ranch, Palo Alto (historical), Paradise (historical), Paradise Peak (historical), Peavine Canyon Trailhead, Peavine Forest Service Facility, Peavine Forest Service Recreation Site, Peavine Ranch, Petersgold (historical), Peterson Ranch, Petes Cabin, Pettus Ranch, Phillips Ranch, Pine Creek Forest Service Recreation Site, Pine Creek Ranch, Pine Creek Ranch, Pioneer, Pioneer Mill (historical), Pioneer Station (historical), Pius Kaolin Mill (historical), Porter Station (historical), Potts Ranch, Priors (historical), Pumping Station 2, Pumping Station 3, Pumping Station Four, Quartz Mountain Camp (historical), Quinn Canyon (historical), Quinn Mill (historical), R O Ranch, Ranch (historical), Rattlesnake (historical), Rattlesnake Maintenance Station, Rays, Red Bird Mill (historical), Red Butte Spring (historical), Red Cedar Ranch (historical), Red Rock (historical), Redrock (historical), Reed (historical), Reeds Ranch, Reese River Ranger Station, Republic (historical), Reveille Mill, Rider (historical), Riorden, Round Spring (historical), Rutland Mill (historical), Rye Patch (historical), Sacramento (historical), San Antonio (historical), San Antonio Companys Quartz Mill (historical), San Antonio Ranch, San Antonio Smelting Works, San Augustine (historical), San Carlos (historical), San Juan Forest Service Facility, Saulsbury Roadside Rest Area, Sawmill (historical), Sawmill Creek Trailhead, Says Ranch, Segura Ranch, Seven Mile Spring Corral, Seymour (historical), Sharp Ranch, Sharp Ranch, Shoshone (historical), Sierra Magnesite Camp, Silver Glance (historical), Silverbow Corral, Simpkins Daniels Ranch, Sixmile Canyon Kilns, Slys Ranch (historical), Smoky, Smoky Valley Forest Service Facility, Snowball Ranch, South Twin Pasture Administrative Site, South Twin Trailhead, Spanish Spring (historical), Spaulding (historical), Stebbins Mill, Stewart Creek Trailhead, Stinking Spring Cabin (historical), Stone Cabin, Stone Cabin, Stone Cabin (historical), Stone Cabin Administrative Site, Stone Cabin Ranch, Stone House Ranch, Stonewall (historical), Strozzi Ranch (historical), Sulphide (historical), Summit Station (historical), Sunnyside Whipple Ranch, T&T Ranch, Table Mountain Trailhead, Tates Stage Station (historical), Telluride (historical), The Homestead, Thorpe Mill (historical), Tie House (historical), Timber Mountain Pass Corral, Titus Ranch, Toll House (historical), Toms Canyon Trailhead, Tonopah Beacon, Tonopah Belmont Development Mill (historical), Tonopah Belmont Mill (historical), Tonopah Extension Mill (historical), Toyah, Trappmans Camp (historical), Triple Point Bunker, Triple T Ranch, Trueba Ranch, TT Ranch, Tubb Ranch, Tucker Station (historical), Turks Ranch, Twin Canon (historical), Twin River Ranch, Twin Springs Ranch, Tybo Charcoal Kilns (historical), Uhalde Ranch, Uhalde Ranch, United Cattle Ranch, Upper Corral, Upper Hot Creek Ranch, Upper Peavine Ranch, Ural Canyon (historical), US Milling Company Mill (historical), Vickies Star Ranch, Wadsworth Ranch, Wagner (historical), Wagner (historical), Wagon Johnnies Ranch, Walch Ranch, War Eagle Mill, Ward Ranch, Warm Springs Ranch, Warners Ranch, Washington Creek Trailhead, Waukine Ranch, Weeks Canyon Trailhead, Welch Ranch, Welchs Ranch, Wellington (historical), Wells Station, Werdenhoff Pasture Administrative Site, West End Mill (historical), Whaley Ranch, Whipple Ranch, Whiterock Spring (historical), Wild Horse Ranch, Willow Creek Forest Service Facility, Willow Creek Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, Wilsons Camp, Wineglass Ranch, Winters Ranch, Winters Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Nevada Test and Training Range, Tonopah Air Force Station (historical), Tonopah Army Air Field (historical), Tonopah Test Range

  Mines     show all on map

A and B Mine, Acenith, Adolph Neher Adit, Ajax Mine, Alexander Shafts, American Eagle Mine, Andrews Mine, Antelope View Mine, Arctic Mine, Arentz Shaft, Argonaut Mine, Arista Mine, Arizona Mine, Arrowhead Extension Mine, Arrowhead Mine, Bald Mountain Bill Mine, Bannock Mine, Barcelona Mine, Bay State Mine, Belle of Tonopah, Belmont, Belmont Big Four Mine, Belmont Shaft, Ben Hur Mine, Berlin Mine, Big Chief Mine, Big Four Mine, Big Pine Mine, Big Spring Mine, Big Tono, Black Butte Mine, Black Hawk Mercury Mine, Black Hawk Mine, Black Jack Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Bird Mine, Blue Horse Mine, Blue Point Mine, Boston Mine, Boston Tonopah, Bow Mine, Bowler Mine, Break Mine, Brooklyn Shaft, Brucite Mine, Bruner Mine, Buckeye Belmont Mine, Buckeye Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, Butler Mine, Butte Tonopah, Cactus Silver Mine, Calico Shaft, California Mine, Campbell and Kelly Shaft, Canfield Mine, Cash Boy Mine, Casket Mine, Cathrine Mine, Catlin Mine, Cedar Mine, Cedar Mine, Centennial Mine, Chestnut Mine, Cicero Mine, Cimarron Mine, Cinnabar Mine, Cipac Mine, Clarkdale Mine, Clifford Mine, Climax Mine, Climax Shaft, Clipper Mine, Combination Fraction Mine, Congress Mine, Consolidated Mine, Copper King Mine, Corlett Mine, Cottontail Mine, Craig Mine, Crowell Mine, Cunningham Mine, Daisy Mine, Daisy Mine Syndicate, Davis Mine, Denver Mine, Derelict Mine, Desert Queen, Desert Shaft, Diamond Queen Mine, Diamondfield Mines, Dimick Mine, Dollar Mine, Dooley Mine, Dottie Lee Mine, Downeyville Lead Mines, Dresser Mine, Duluth Mine, Eagle Nest Mine, Earle Mine, Eary Mine, East Golden Mine, Eden Mine, El Capitan Mine, El Dorado North Mine, El Dorado South Mine, El Padre Mine, Ellendale Mine, Ensle Dome Mine, Esta Buena Mine, Eucalyptus Mine, Everett Mine, Exchequer Mine, Fairview Mine, Florence Mine, Flower Mine, Foy Betts Shaft, Fraction Extension, Fraction Number 1 Mine, Fraction Number 2 Mine, Franklin Shaft, Franz Hammel Mine, Fred Bowlers Mine, Giant Mine, Gibraltar Mine, Gibralter Silver Mines, Gila Mine, Gilmore Mine, Gold Ace Mine, Gold and Curry Number One Mine, Gold Bar Mine, Gold Bar Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Hill Shaft, Gold Ledge Mine, Gold Pocket Mine, Gold Point Mine, Gold Reed Mine, Gold Trace Mine, Golden Anchor, Golden Arrow Mine, Golden Chariot Mine, Golden King Mine, Goldfield Consolidated Mines, Good Luck Mine, Gordon Shaft, Gordon Shaft, Grand Junction Mine, Grand View Mine, Grandview Mine, Grantsville Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Great Western Mine, Great Western Tunnel, Grey Eagle Mine, Gruss Mine, Gypsy Queen Mine, Halifax, Hall Mine, Hamlin Mine, Hannapah Mine, Hannapah Silver Star Mine, Harvey Mine, Hasbrouck Mine, Hazel E Mine, Highbridge Shaft, Higrade Mine, Hillside Mine, Homestake Mine, Hooligan Mine, Hoosier Mine, Horn Silver Mine, Horse Canyon Mine, Huntley Mine, Illinois Mine, Imperial Mine, Indian Blue Mine, Indian Jim Mine, Ione Mine, Iron Cap Mine, Irwin Mine, Jeep Mine, Jefferson Mine, Jim Butler Mine, Johnnie Mine, Jumbo Mine, Jumbo Mine, Jumping Jack Mine, Kaiser Tunnel, Kellys Mine, Kernick Mine, Key Flower Mine, Keystone Mine, Kietzke Mine, King Mine, King Tonopah, Kohinoor Mine, Labbe Mine, Lahontan Mine, Landmark Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lea Mine, Lee Mine, Liberty Mine, Liberty Mine, Liberty Pit, Life Preserver Mine, Lippincott Lead Mine, Little Joe Mine, Locke Mine, Longstreet Mine, Lost Burro Mine, Lucky Boy Number Two Mine, Lucky Jack Mine, Lucky Strike Mine, M and M Mine, MacNamara, Magnolia Mine, Mamouth Mine, Manhattan Consolidated Mine, Manhattan Placer, Mayflower Mine, Mayflower Mine, McIntyre Mine, McIntyre Mine, Melbourne Mine, Mellan Gold Mines, Mercury Mine, Mercury Mining Company Mine, Merger Mine, Merrimac Mine, Mexican Mine, Midway Mine, Midway Mine, Mildred Mine, Millett Mine, Milton Canyon Mine, Mizpah Extension, Mizpah Mine, Molly, Monitor Belmont Mine, Monitor Mine, Montana Tonopah, Montgomery-Shoshone Mine, Morey Mine, Mormon Mine, Mount Airy Mine, Mount Ruby Mine, Mountain Chief Mine, Murphy Mine, Murray Mine, National Bank Mine, Nellie Gray Mine, Nevada Mine, Nevada Mine, Nevada Triumph Mine, New Golden Crown Mine, New Moose Tungsten Mine, New Reveille Mine, New West End Mine, New York Tonopah, North Star, Northumberland Mine, Number Four Shaft, Number Two Shaft, Nyco Mine, Nye Mine, Ohio Tonopah, Okey Davis Mine, Old English Mine, Old West End Mine, Ophir Mine, Original Bullfrog Mine, Orizaba Mine, Oro Cache Mine, Oswald Mine, Overfield Mine, Pactolus Mine, Page Mine, Palistine Mine, Panama Mine, Paradise Mine, Paradise Peak Mine, Patootse Mine, Paymaster Mine, Penelas Mine, Peterson Mine, Peterson Mine, Phillips Mine, Phinney Mine, Phonolite Mine, Pioneer Mine, Pius Kaolin Mine, Piute Mine, Point of Rocks Mine, Porter Mine, Potomic Mine, Prussian Mine, Prussian South Mine, Quartz Mountain Metals Mine, Quartz Mountain Mine, Quartzite Mine, Queen of the West Mine, Rattlesnake Shaft, Red Bird Mine, Red Plume Shaft, Republic Mines, Rescue Eula Mine, Return Mine, Richardson Mine, Richmond Mine, Richmond Mine, Royston Mines, Sage Hen Mine, Saint Elena Patent, San Antonio Mine, San Antonio Mine, San Pedro Mine, San Rafael Mine, Sand Grass Shaft, Sandstorm Kendall Mine, Scheebar Mercury Mine, Senator Mine, Senator Stewart Mine, Shamrock Diggings, Shamrock Mine, Shamrock Mine, Shoshone Polaris Mine, Sieber, Sierra Mine, Silicon Mine, Silver Ace Number One Mine, Silver Glance Mine, Silver Glance Mine, Silver Leaf Mine, Silver Top Mine, Silvermonial Mine, Simerone Mine, South Star Mine, Spanish Mine, Sphinx Glory Hole, Star Number One Mine, Steele Mine, Sterlog Mines, Stirling Mine, Stokes Mine, Stone Cabin, Stone Cabin Mine, Stray Dog Mine, Sullivan Mine, Sullivar Mines, Summit Canyon Barite Mine, Summit Mine, Sunnyside Mine, Sunnyside Shaft, Telluride Mine, Terrell Mine, Thompson Mine, Thompson Mine, Tip Top Mine, Tonopah and California Mine, Tonopah Belmont Mine, Tonopah Central Mine, Tonopah City Mine, Tonopah Extension, Tonopah Extension New Shaft, Tonopah Merger Mine, Tonopah Midway New Shaft, Topside Mine, Tramps Mine, Treadwell Yukon Mine, Troy Mine, Tungsten King Mine, Twentynine Mine, Two-G Mine, Umatilla Tonopah Mine, Union Mine, Urania Mine, Valley View and Foothill Mine, Valley View Mine, Van Moner Mine, Van Ness Mine, Vanderbilt Mine, Vernal Mine, Victor Mine, Victory Mine, Viken Mine, Vindicator Mine, Vulcan Mine, Walker Shaft, Wall Canyon Mine, Wandering Boy Mine, War Cloud Mine, War Eagle Mine, Ward Mine, Warner Mine, Warrior Mine, Water Tank Mine, West End Mine, West Mines Corporation Mine, Western Extension Mine, White Caps Mine, White Pine Mine, Willow Creek Mine, Wilson Shaft, Wingfield Mine, Wist Mine, Wyoming Scorpion Mine, Yellow Cat Mine, Yellow Gold Mine, Yellowjacket Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Eagle Springs Oil Field, Trap Spring Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Barsanti Park, Belmont Courthouse State Historic Site, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, Butler Park, Dell Frenzi Park, Forty Mile State Park (historical), Grant State Game Refuge, Highland Park, Logan Field, Meadow Canyon State Game Refuge, Railroad Valley Wildlife Management Area, Reese River State Game Refuge, Wayne E Kirch Wildlife Management Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Elephant Rock, Landmark Rock, Point of Rocks, Round Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Amargosa Desert, Ralston Desert

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adaven, Allred (historical), Amargosa (historical), Amargosa Valley, Antelope (historical), Antelope Springs (historical), Ashmeadow (historical), Ashton, Atwood (historical), Barcelona (historical), Barcelona Summit, Barrett (historical), Basic, Beatty, Bellehelen (historical), Belmont, Berlin, Bonnie Claire, Bowlerville (historical), Brucite, Bull Fork, Bullfrog (historical), Camp Desert Rock, Carrara (historical), Carrs Camp (historical), Carvers, Central (historical), Clarkdale (historical), Cloverdale (historical), Crows Nest, Crystal, Currant, Danville (historical), Darroughs Hot Springs, Downeyville (historical), Duckwater, Duluth (historical), East Belmont (historical), Eden (historical), Ellendale (historical), Ellsworth (historical), Farmer Station, Flowers Camp, Fluorine (historical), Frazier Wells (historical), Gabbs, Glen Hamilton (historical), Gold Bar (historical), Gold Center, Gold Point (historical), Golden (historical), Golden Arrow, Goldyke, Grant City (historical), Grantsville, Green Springs (historical), Hadley, Hannapah (historical), Helena (historical), Hot Creek, Hot Springs, Idlewild (historical), Indian Springs (historical), Ione, Jamestown (historical), Jefferson (historical), Jett (historical), Jett (historical), Johnnie, Junction (historical), Keystone (historical), Knickerbocker (historical), Labbe Camp, Lauville (historical), Learville (historical), Leeland (historical), Liberty (historical), Lockes, Lodi, Lodi Tanks, Longstreet (historical), Lower Town (historical), Maggie Blues (historical), Manhattan, Manse, Mellan, Mercury, Midas (historical), Millett, Monarch (historical), Montgomery (historical), Morey, New Reveille (historical), Northumberland (historical), Nyala, Oak Springs (historical), Old Reveille (historical), Ophir (historical), Original (historical), Orizaba (historical), Pactolus, Pahrump, Park Canyon (historical), Peavine (historical), Penelas (historical), Phonolite (historical), Pine Creek (historical), Pioneer (historical), Potomic (historical), Potts (historical), Pritchards Station, Pueblo (historical), Quartz Mountain (historical), Quartz Mountain (historical), Ralston, Reese River, Reveille (historical), Rhyolite, Roses Well (historical), Round Mountain, Royston (historical), Saint Elmo (historical), San Antonio (historical), San Juan (historical), San Pedros, Scottys Junction, Shamrock (historical), Silverbow, Silverton (historical), Springdale, Stargo (historical), Steigmeyer Mill, Stirling (historical), Stone House (historical), Sugar Bunker, Sunnyside, Superior (historical), Tolicha (historical), Tonogold (historical), Tonopah, Troy (historical), Tybo, Union (historical), Upper Town (historical), Valley View, Van Ness (historical), Volcano (historical), Wahmonie (historical), Warm Springs, Washington, White Caps (historical), White River (historical), Wilson (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adaven Post Office (historical), Air Base Branch Post Office (historical), Allred Post Office (historical), Amargosa Post Office (historical), Amargosa Valley Post Office, Antelope Post Office (historical), Area 12 Branch Post Office, Arrowhead Post Office (historical), Atwood Post Office (historical), Barrett Post Office (historical), Beatty Post Office, Bellehelen Post Office (historical), Belmont Post Office (historical), Berlin Post Office (historical), Bonita Post Office (historical), Bonnie Claire Post Office, Bruner Post Office (historical), Bullfrog Post Office (historical), Carrara Post Office (historical), Central Post Office (historical), Cloverdale Post Office (historical), Currant Post Office (historical), Danville Post Office (historical), Downeyville Post Office (historical), Duckwater Post Office, Duluth Post Office (historical), Ellsworth Post Office (historical), Fluorine Post Office, Gabbs Post Office, Glen Hamilton Post Office, Gold Center Post Office (historical), Goldbar Post Office (historical), Golden Post Office (historical), Goldyke Post Office (historical), Grantsville Post Office (historical), Green Springs Post Office (historical), Helena Post Office (historical), Hotcreek Post Office (historical), Indra Post Office (historical), Ione Post Office (historical), Jackass Flats Branch Post Office (historical), Jamestown Post Office (historical), Jefferson Post Office (historical), Jett Post Office (historical), Johnnie Mine Post Office, Johnnie Post Office, Junction Post Office (historical), Kawich Post Office (historical), Keystone Post Office (historical), Learville Post Office, Leeland Post Office, Lodi Post Office, Manhattan Post Office, Manse Post Office (historical), Marble Post Office (historical), Mercury Post Office, Midas Post Office, Millett Post Office (historical), Monarch Post Office (historical), Montgomery Post Office (historical), Morey Post Office (historical), Northumberland Post Office (historical), Nyala Post Office (historical), Pactolus Post Office (historical), Pahrump Post Office, Park Canyon Post Office (historical), Peavine Post Office (historical), Phonolite Post Office (historical), Pine Creek Post Office (historical), Pioneer Post Office (historical), Potts Post Office (historical), Prichard Post Office (historical), Quartz Mountain Post Office (historical), Reese River Post Office (historical), Reveille Post Office (historical), Reveille Post Office (historical), Rhyolite Post Office (historical), Round Mountain Post Office, San Antonio Post Office (historical), Silver Bow Post Office (historical), Springdale Post Office (historical), Stirling Post Office, Sunnyside Post Office (historical), Tonopah Post Office, Troy Post Office (historical), Twin River Post Office (historical), Tybo Post Office (historical), Union Post Office (historical), Wahmonie Post Office (historical), Warm Springs Post Office (historical), Washington Post Office (historical), White River Post Office (historical), Wilson Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Amargosa Range, Bare Mountain, Belted Range, Bullfrog Hills, Cactus Range, Devils Hole Hills, Duckwater Hills, Eleana Range, Gap Mountains, Grant Range, Halfpint Range, Horse Range, Horse Spring Hills, Hot Creek Range, Johnnie Range, Kawich Range, Last Chance Range, Lodi Hills, McKinney Mountains, Monitor Hills, Monitor Range, Monte Cristo Mountains, Needle Range, Pancake Range, Paradise Range, Park Range, Quinn Canyon Range, Red Mountains, Reveille Range, Rhyolite Hills, Rhyolite Hills, Royston Hills, San Antonio Mountains, Shoshone Mountain, Shoshone Mountains, Specter Range, Striped Hills, Toquima Range, Tower Hills, Yucca Mountain

  Reserves     show all on map

Alta Toquima Wilderness, Arc Dome Wilderness, Grant Range Wilderness, Quinn Canyon Wilderness, Table Mountain Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams-McGill Reservoir, Ammonia Tanks, Antelope Reservoir, Badland Reservoir Number Two, Big Creek Reservoir, Brown Summit Reservoir, Bull Creek Reservoir, Colson Pond, Crystal Reservoir, Dacey Reservoir, Dam C Reservoir, Eastside Reservoir, Echo Canyon Reservoir, Forest Home Reservoir Number 1, Forest Home Reservoir Number 2, Forest Home Reservoir Number 3, Forest Home Reservoir Number 4, Forest Home Reservoir Number 5, Furgy Well Reservoir Number Two, Hay Meadow Reservoir, Horseshoe Reservoir, Iron Tank, Iron Tank (historical), Jackpot Reservoir, Lake Number One, Lava Bed Catch Basin, Line Reservoir, Lodi Tank, Logan Catch Basin, Manzonie Reservoir, McKinney Tanks, Murphy Gap Reservoir, Needles Catch Basin, Peterson Reservoir, Queen City Reservoir, Railroad Tanks, Red Rock Reservoir, Seyler Reservoir, Sheep Reservoir Number 1, Stone Corral Well Reservoir, Sundown Reservoir, Tule Field Reservoir, Uhalde Reservoir, Whipple Reservoir, White River Reservoir

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Air Shaft Ridge, Andesite Ridge, April Fool Hill, Azrael Ridge, Basalt Ridge, Big Fandango, Big Fault Ridge, Black Ridge, Black Ridge, Boulder Cuesta, Boundary Ridge, Bow Ridge, Buckskin Point, Burnt Mountain, Carbonate Ridge, Castellated Ridge, Cathedral Ridge, Chipmunk Hill, Cleft Ridge, Cobble Cuesta, Cockeyed Ridge, Coyote Cuesta, Creosote Ridge, Crescent Hogback, Crested Wheat Ridge, Cruiser Point, Dead Cow Ridge, Desolation Point, Devils Cave Ridge, East Ridge, False Crest, Fang Ridge, Fishhook Ridge, Fran Ridge, Gatecliff, Gaunt Ridge, Gold Hill, Golden Mountain, Grantsville Ridge, Hooked Ridge, Iron Ridge, Isolation Ridge, Isolation Ridge, Jake Ridge, Jangle Ridge, Jet Ridge, Joey Ridge, Jordan Ridge, Knotted Ridge, Lava Ridge, Limestone Ridge, Lithic Ridge, Litigation Hill, Little Fandango, Little Lunar Cuesta, Lower Fandango, Lunar Cuesta, Martin Ridge, Mercury Ridge, Mount Jefferson, Ocher Ridge, Pactolus Hills, Paiute Ridge, Pinnacles Ridge, Portuguese Mountain, Quail Ridge, Quartzite Ridge, Ragged Ridge, Ragged Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Razorback Ridge, Rounded Ridge, Sawlog Ridge, Smoky Hills, Split Ridge, Springdale Mountain, Stairs Ridge, Syncline Ridge, Table Mountain, Table Ridge, Teapot Ridge, The Wall, Tilted Ridge, Trail Ridge, Tram Ridge, West Ridge, White Ridge, Williams Ridge, Yucca Crest

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Amargosa Valley Elementary School, Amargosa Valley Middle School, Beatty Elementary School, Beatty High School, Community Christian Academy, Community College of Southern Nevada Pahrump Valley Center, Currant Creek School (historical), Duckwater Elementary School, Gabbs Elementary School, Gabbs High School, Gabbs Middle School, Great Basin College Pahrump Valley Center, Hafen Elementary School, Horizon Academy, J G Johnson Elementary School, Manse Elementary School, Mount Charleston Elementary School, New Hope Christian Academy, Pahrump Intermediate School, Pahrump Junior High School, Pahrump Primary School, Pahrump Valley Christian School, Pahrump Valley High School, Pathways High School, Pathways Middle School, Rosemary Clarke Middle School, Round Mountain Elementary School, Round Mountain Jr/Sr High School, Silver Rim Elementary School, Tonopah Elementary School, Tonopah High School, Union Canyon School (historical), Yomba School (historical)

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Abel Spring, Albert Spring, Alkali Spring, Allison Spring, Alum Spring, Anderson Springs, Andrew Spring, Angle Worm Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Springs, Antelope Valley Spring, Applebush Hill Spring, Ash Tree Spring, Aspen Spring, Averill Spring, B and C Spring, Bacon Springs, Bacon Springs, Balsam Spring, Bank Spring, Barney Meadows Spring, Barney Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Bassit Spring, Battaman Spring, Baxter Spring, Baxter Spring, Bear Trap Spring, Beatty Springs, Beaty Spring, Belted Mount Spring, Ben Brown Spring, Bernice Spring, Big Blue Spring, Big Louie Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Ten Spring, Big Timber Spring, Big Warm Spring, Big White Sage Spring, Bill Smith Springs, Black Rock Spring, Black Rock Spring, Black Spring, Black Spring, Black Spring, Blair Spring Two, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blue Eagle Springs, Blue Jay Spring, Blue Spring, Boiling Spring, Bole Spring, Box Canyon Spring, Box Spring, Box Spring, Boyd Canyon Spring, Bradford Springs, Bradley Spring, Bradshaw Spring, Brady Spring, Bramer Spring, Briar Spring, Brick Kiln Spring, Brier Spring, Browns Spring, Brush Rabbit Spring, Brush Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Water Spring, Bullwhacker Spring, Bullwhacker Springs, Burnt Cabin Spring, Burnt Cabin Spring, Burnt Canyon Spring, Burrell Hot Spring, Butch Spring, Butte Spring, Butte Station Spring, Butterfield Springs, Butterfield Springs, Buttes Spring, Button Springs, Cabin Spring, Cactus Spring, Caine Spring, Camel Spring, Camp Spring, Cane Spring, Cane Spring, Cap Henry Spring, Captain Jack Spring, Cave Rock Spring, Cave Spring, Cazier Spring, Cedar Corral Spring, Cedar Spring, Cement Spring, Charnock Springs, Cherry Spring, Christian Spring, Cliff Spring, Clifford Spring, Clipper Gap Spring, Coal Burner Spring, Cockalorum Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cole Spring, Cole Spring, Collins Spring, Combination Spring, Copper Mine Spring, Corcoran Divide Spring, Corner Spring, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Basin Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Couger Spring, Coyote Hole Spring, Coyote Hole Spring, Coyote Hole Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Cress Spring, Cripple Spring, Crows Nest Spring, Crystal Pool, Crystal Spring, Crystal Spring, Crystal Springs, Davis Ranch Spring, Dean Spring, Dee Gee Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Derringer Spring, Devils Hole, Dianas Punch Bowl, Dick Allison Spring, Diebert Spring, Double Spring, Douglas Spring, East Dobbin Summit Spring, East Manhattan Spring, Edgewood Spring (historical), Egan Spring, Elliot Springs, Emigrant Springs, Fairbanks Spring, Fifteenmile Spring, Fish Springs, Fish Springs, Fitzpatrick Spring, Fivemile Spring, Flag Springs, Flask Spring, Forest Home Spring, Forest Spring, Fourmile Spring, Fourmile Spring, Fowler Spring, Freitas Spring, Gale Spring, Georges Water, Goat Ranch Springs, Gold Spring, Golden Spring, Good Springs, Goss Springs, Grapevine Springs, Grapevine Springs, Green Spring, Grouse Spring, Hardy Springs, Harmon Spring, Haws Canyon Spring, Haws Canyon Spring Number One, Hay Corral Spring, Head Spring, Heath Springs, Heenan Water, Hennan Spring, Hicks Spring, Hobble Spring, Homestead Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horseshutem Springs, Hot Creek Ranch Spring, Hot Creek Spring, Hot Creek Valley Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Humphrey Spring, Hunter Spring, Hunts Spring, Hyde Spring, Ice Plant Spring, Iceberg Spring, Ike Spring, Indian Garden Spring, Indian Garden Spring, Indian Garden Spring, Indian Rock Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Ink House Spring, Ione Spring, Iron Spring, Iron Spring, Irwin Canyon Springs, Italian Spring, Ivanpah Springs, Jack O'Connor Spring, Jackrabbit Spring, Jackson Falls Spring, Jarboe Spring, Jaybird Spring, Jeans Spring, Jet Spring, Johnnies Water, Johnny Potts Spring, Kate Spring, Keller Spring, Kennison Spring, Keough Spring, Keough Spring, Keystone Spring, Knickerbocker Spring, Knoll Spring, Kwichup Spring, Last Chance Spring, Lava Bed Spring, Laxague Spring, Ledbetter Spring, Leoman Spring, Liberty Springs, Limestone Spring, Little Cherry Spring, Little Cottonwood Spring, Little Cow Canyon Spring, Little Ike Spring, Little Spring, Little Table Mountain Spring, Little Warm Spring, Log Spring, Log Spring, Logan Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Longstreet Spring, Lost Spring, Lower Antelope Spring, Lower Fandango Spring, Lower Indian Springs, Lower Perish Spring, Mahogany Mountain Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Main Spring, Manse Ranch Springs, Marsh Spring, Martilletti Spring, Martin Spring, Mary Scott Spring, Mason Spring, McClure Spring, McDonald Spring, McIntyers Spring, McLeods Ranch Spring, Meadow Spring, Mesa Spring, Mexican Spring, Mexican Spring, Midas Spring, Middle Indian Spring, Mildreds Spring, Milk Spring, Milton Spring, Mississippi Springs, Monitor Spring, Monte Cristo Spring, Moody Spring, Moon River Spring, Moorman Spring, Morgan Spring, Morgan Spring, Mound Spring, Mountain Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mudhole Spring (historical), Mule Shoe Spring, Murphy Spring, Mustang Spring, Neds Cache Spring, Needles Spring, Nickel Spring, North Cottonwood Spring, North Sixmile Canyon Spring, North Spring, Northumberland Spring, Oak Spring, Old Collins Spring, Old Dugan Place Hot Spring, Ottawa Spring, Ox Spring, Page Springs, Pah Rump Spring, Pahrump Springs, Palo Alto Spring, Paradise Spring, Parent Springs, Parrotte Spring, Pat Spring, Pavits Spring, Peak Spring, Pedro Spring, Peppercorn Spring, Pillar Spring, Pine Creek Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pipe Organ Spring, Pipe Spring, Point of Rock Spring, Point of Rocks Springs, Portuguese Spring, Pot Hole, Pott Hole Spring, Pritcherds Spring, Prody Spring, Pyramid Spring, Quaker Spring, Radium Spring, Rainbow Springs, Rat Trap Spring, Rattlesnake Springs, Rawhide Spring, Red Bluff Spring, Red Spring, Red Spring, Reveille Mill Spring, Revert Springs, Reynolds Springs, Road Canyon Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rogers Spring, Rojo Spring, Rose Spring, Rose Spring, Ryecroft Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Salisbury Spring, Sand Spring, Sandy Summit Spring, Santa Cruz Spring, Sawmill Spring, School Spring, Secret Spring, Seep Spring, Segura Spring, Segura Spring, Segura Spring Four, Segura Spring Number Eight, Segura Spring Number Five, Segura Spring Number Seven, Segura Spring Number Six, Segura Spring Three, Sevenmile Spring, Seyler Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Side Hill Spring, Sidehill Spring, Sidehill Spring, Sidehill Spring, Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Silverbow Springs (historical), Six Mile Canyon Spring, Six Mile Spring, Sixmile Spring, Skruggs Spring, Skunk Spring, Slaughterhouse Spring, Small Spring, Snowball Spring Number Seven, Snowball Spring Number Six, Snowbird Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Spring, Soldier Spring, South Canyon Spring, South Cottonwood Spring, South Horse Spring, South Sixmile Canyon Spring, Spanish Spring, Spanish Spring, Specie Spring, Squaw Wells Spring, Stargo Spring, Stevens Spring, Stewart Spring, Stewart Spring, Stinking Spring, Stonewall Spring, Storm Spring, Studhorse Spring, Stump Springs, Sullivan Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Springs, Summit Spring, Sumner Spring, Sumner Spring, Sweet Spring, Tank Spring, Tank Spring, Teaspoon Spring, Thorn Spring, Thunder Mountain Spring, Timber Spring, Tippipah Spring, Tobe Spring, Tognoni Springs, Tom Spring, Topopah Spring, Trap Spring, Tremble Spring, Triangle Spring, Tub Spring, Tubbs Spring, Tule Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tupapa Seep, Turquoise Spring, Twin Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Tybo Spring, Upper Blind Spring, Upper Hot Creek Ranch Spring, Upper Indian Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Perish Spring, Upper Spring, Upper Warm Spring, Upper Warm Spring, Ute Springs, Vanover Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warner Spring, Water Canyon Spring, Water Canyon Spring, Water Canyon Springs, Well Spring, West Willow Spring, White Blotch Springs, White Hill Spring, White Rock Spring, White Rock Spring, White Sage Spring, Whiterock Spring, Wild Carrot Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Indian Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Creek Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring Two, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Winters Holes, Wiregrass Spring, Wood Canyon Spring, Wood Chopper Spring, Woodcamp Spring, Woodchopper Spring, Woodchopper Spring, Woodchuck Spring, Yellow Spring, Young Florio Spring

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Aiken Creek, Alice Gendron Creek, Anderson Creek, Andrews Creek, Antelope Creek, Antone Creek, Argillite Wash, Bakeoven Creek, Bald Mountain Wash, Barker Creek, Barley Creek, Barney Meadows Creek, Barren Wash, Beason Creek, Beatty Wash, Becker Creek, Big Creek, Big Fault Wash, Big Sawmill Creek, Big Spring Wash, Black Canyon Wash, Bordoli Creek, Boyd Creek, Brady Wash, Breen Creek, Broad Creek, Bruno Creek, Bull Creek, Butler Creek, Butte Wash, Cabin Creek, Cane Spring Wash, Carbonate Wash, Carson Slough, Chaos Creek, Cherry Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clover Creek, Cloverdale Creek, Cockalorum Wash, Copenhagen Creek, Corcoran Creek, Corral Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Crane Creek, Currant Creek, Danville Creek, Decker Bob Creek, Decker Creek, Dry Creek, Duckwater Creek, East Dobbin Creek, East Manhattan Wash, Eden Creek, Fish Lake Valley Creek, Forest Home Creek, Fortymile Wash, Freeland Canyon Wash, Gabbs Wash, Golden Wash, Green Monster Creek, Hercules Creek, Hicks Station Wash, Hidden Creek, Hooper Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Wash, Hot Creek, Hot Creek, Hot Creek, Hunts Creek, Ike Spring Wash, Illinois Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Garden Creek, Jefferson Creek, Jett Creek, Kern Creek, Knickerbocker Wash, Lampson Canyon Wash, Last Chance Creek, Little Cherry Creek, Little Ike Spring Wash, Little Jett Creek, Little Meadows Creek, Little Savory Creek, Little Sawmill Creek, Little Stoneberger Creek, Luther Waddles Wash, Mara Wash, Mariposa Creek, Marysville Creek, McLeod Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Chaos Creek, Moon River, Moonshine Creek, Moores Creek, Moores Station Wash, Morgan Creek, Mosquito Creek, Murphy Wash, Neilson Wash, Niavi Wash, North Fork Cabin Creek, North Fork Clear Creek, North Fork Mosquito Creek, North Fork Pine Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, North Twin River, Oak Spring Wash, Ophir Creek, Ophir Wash, Orange Lichen Creek, Ox Spring Wash, Pablo Creek, Pagany Wash, Pine Creek, Riley Creek, Rock Valley Wash, Rocket Wash, San Juan Creek, Sand Springs Wash, Sand Wash, Sand Wash, Saulsbury Wash, Savory Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Scofield Wash, Sevenmile Wash, Sever Wash, Shepherd Wash, Sherwood Wash, Shoshone Creek, Shoshone Creek, Silver Creek, Snowball Creek, South Fork Chaos Creek, South Fork Mosquito Creek, South Fork Pine Creek, South Fork Pine Creek, South Fork Shoshone Creek, South Fork Silver Creek, South Fork South Twin River, South Fork Troy Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, South Twin River, Spring Creek, Stargo Creek, Stewart Creek, Stockade Wash, Stone Cabin Creek, Summit Creek, Sunnyside Creek, Sunnyside Creek, Tates Wash, Teacup Wash, Teaspoon Wash, The Big Wash, Three Forks Wash, Tierney Creek, Tolicha Wash, Tonque Wash, Topopah Wash, Trail Canyon Creek, Trail Creek, Troy Creek, Tulle Creek, Twin Springs Slough, Tybo Creek, Vitrophyre Wash, Wadsworth Creek, Wall Creek, Wattles Creek, West Dobbin Creek, Wheeler Wash, White Rock Creek, Widow Smiths Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Windy Wash, Wisconsin Creek, Yucca Wash

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Alice Point, Amethyst Peak, Antelope Hill, Antelope Peak, Antelope Peak, Aqueduct Mesa, Ararat Mountain, Arc Dome, Aspen Peak, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Balloon Hill, Banded Mountain, Bare Mountain Peak, Barren Butte, Basalt Butte, Beatty Mountain, Belted Peak, Big Butte, Big Dome Mountain, Big Dune, Big Fault Mesa, Big Ten Peak, Bills Peak, Black Beauty Mesa, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Buttes, Black Cone, Black Mammoth Hill, Black Marble, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Peak, Black Rock, Black Rock Mountain, Black Top, Blackcap Mountain, Blacktop Buttes, Blue Eagle Mountain, Bonanza Mountain, Booker Mountain, Boundary Butte, Bracket Peak, Brock Mountain, Brougher Mountain, Buckboard Mesa, Buckeye Hill, Buffalo Mountain, Bull Frame Mountain, Bullfrog Mountain, Burton Mountain, Busch Peak, Busted Butte, C P Hills, C P Hogback, Cactus Peak, Calico Hills, Camera Station Butte, Castle Rock, Cedar Peak, Cemetery Hill, Chalk Mountain, Chaos Knob, Chocolate Mountain, Cine Mountain, Citadel Mountain, Clover Mountain, Coba Mountain, Cole Mountain, Comb Peak, Confusion Hills, Crescent Dunes, Currant Summit, Dacite Hills, Diamond King Hill, Diana Peak, Dome Mountain, Donovan Mountain, Duckwater Peak, Eagle Peak, Eds Hill, Espina Hill, Fac Hill, Fairview Peak, Ferguson Hill, Flagstaff Mountain, Fox Mountain, French Peak, French Peak, Gabbard Hills, Gap Mountain, Goblin Knobs, Gold Hill, Gold Mountain, Grapevine Peak, Gray Top Mountain, Halligan Mesa, Hampel Hill, Hannapah Peak, Hat Peak, Heart Hills, Heller Butte, Hidden Mountain, High Peak, Horse Heaven Mountain, Hot Creek Butte, Hot Creek North Summit, Ione Summit, Jack Rabbit Knob, Kawich Peak, Kinney Peak, Kiwi Mesa, Ladd Mountain, Lathrop Wells Cone, Lime Mountain, Little Black Peak, Little Cones, Little Prow, Little Rawhide Mountain, Little Skull Mountain, Little Table Mountain, Lizard Hills, Lone Butte, Lookout Peak, Mahogany Hill, Mahogany Mountain, Mahogany Mountain, Mahogany Peak, Masket Peak, Massachusetts Mountain, Meiklejohn Peak, Mellan Mountain, Merriam Peak, Mexican Butte, Middle Summit Mount Jefferson, Mine Mountain, Mizpah Hill, Monitor Peak, Monitor Peak, Montgomery Mountain, Moody Mountain, Moody Peak, Moonshine Peak, Moores Station Buttes, Morey Peak, Mount Anna, Mount Annie, Mount Ardivey, Mount Butler, Mount Clayton, Mount Diablo, Mount Gooding, Mount Helen, Mount Montgomery, Mount Moriah, Mount Oddie, Mount Salyer, Mount Schader, Mount Stirling, Mount Wilson, Mount Ziggurat, Mountain Priscilla, Mustang Hill, Mystery Mountain, News Nob, Ninemile Peak, Nixon Peak, North Kidney Butte, North Summit Mount Jefferson, North Timber Peak, O'Briens Knob, Oak Spring Butte, Oasis Mountain, Obsidian Butte, Pahute Mesa, Palisade Mesa, Palo Alto Hill, Paradise Mountain, Paradise Peak, Park Mountain, Peach Peak, Peavine Mountain, Petroglyph Butte, Picture Rock, Pink Butte, Pink Holes Hill, Piņon Peak, Pinyon Butte, Plug Hill, Portuguese Mountain, Puddle Peak, Quartet Dome, Quartz Mountain, Quartz Mountain, Quartzite Mountain, Queen City Summit, Rainbow Mountain, Rainier Mesa, Rainier Mountain, Rawhide Mountain, Red Cone, Red Hill, Red Hills, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Peak, Red Ring Mountain, Reveille Peak, Rhyolite Knob, Rhyolite Peak, Richmond Hill, Rocky Peak, Roller Coaster Knob, Round Knoll, Round Mountain, Rushton Hill, Salisbury Peak, San Antonio Mountain, Sand Hill Peak, Sand Hill Peak, Saucer Mesa, Savory Mountain, Sawtooth Mountain, Scrugham Peak, Seyler Peak, Sheep Mountain, Sherman Peak, Shingle Buttes, Shoshone Mountain, Shoshone Peak, Silent Butte, Skeleton Hills, Skull Mountain, Slanted Buttes, Slanted Buttes, South Kidney Butte, South Mesa, South Ridge, South Shoshone Peak, South Summit, South Timber Peak, South Toiyabe Peak, Southeast Summit, Spanish Peak, Squaw Hills, Squawtip, Stairstep Mountain, Stonewall Mountain, Streuben Knob, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Sugar Loaves, Summit Hill, Survey Butte, Sutherland Mountain, Tank Summit, The Bald Brother, The Bald Sister, The Hump, The Monitor, The Needles, The Prow, Thirsty Mountain, Three Summits Hill, Thunder Mountain, Timber Hill, Timber Mountain, Timber Mountain, Tippipah Point, Tod Wattle Summit, Toiyabe Dome, Toiyabe Dome Southeast Summit, Toiyabe Range Peak, Tolicha Peak, Tooth Rock, Tor Peak, Toro Blanco Hill, Trappman Hills, Triangle Mountain, Troy Mountain, Troy Peak, Tulle Mountain, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks, Twinridge Hill, Urania Peak, Velvet Peak, Wahguyhe Peak, Water Pipe Butte, Wellington Hills, West Knob, Wheelbarrow Peak, White Pine Peak, White Rock Mountain, Wildcat Peak, Wildcat Peak, Yellow Cone

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Carson Marsh, Crystal Marsh, Horseshoe Marsh

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Eagle Roost Radio Tower, Smoky Junior Radio Tower, Smoky Senior Radio Tower, Weather Tower Number 6-280, Weather Tower Station 14

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Austin Belmont Stage Route, Austin Belmont Stage Route, Austin Belmont Winter Stage Route, Belmont and Sodaville Stage Route, Brown Summit Truck Trail, Ellsworth Ophir Barley Creek Freight Route, Midland Trail, Mount Jefferson Trail, Ox Freight Route, Shoshone Jeep Trail, Toiyabe Crest Trail, Tonopah Manhattan Stage Route, Tonopah Stage Route

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Water Tunnel

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Antelope Canyon, Apache Tear Canyon, August Canyon, Badger Gulch, Bald Mountain Canyon, Balsam Canyon, Barrett Canyon, Basket Valley, Battero Canyon, Beaty Canyon, Becker Canyon, Belcher Canyon, Bell Canyon, Bellehelen Canyon, Ben Brown Canyon, Berlin Canyon, Berlin Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cow Canyon, Big Creek Canyon, Big Sand Springs Valley, Big White Sage Canyon, Black Glass Canyon, Black Mammoth Gulch, Black Rock Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Boyd Canyon, Broad Canyon, Broom Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Bucks Canyon, Buffalo Canyon, Bull Frame Canyon, Bunch Brush Canyon, Burnt Canyon, C P Canyon, Cache Cave Draw, Captured Canyon, Carrara Canyon, Charcoal Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Chimney Canyon, Chuckwalla Canyon, Chukar Canyon, Civet Cat Canyon, Claim Canyon, Cockalorum Draw, Cold Spring Canyon, Cole Canyon, Conejo Canyon, Consolidated Gulch, Copenhagen Canyon, Corcoran Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cove Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Canyon, Craig Canyon, Craig Canyon, Crane Canyon, Crone Gulch, Crystal Canyon, Danville Canyon, Davenport Canyon, Dean Spring Valley, Deep Canyon, Deep Creek Canyon, Deer Canyon, Delirium Canyon, Devils Canyon, Diamond King Gulch, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Valley, Dublin Gulch, Dune Wash, East Cat Canyon, East Fork Pritchard Canyon, East Fork Scarp Canyon, East Fork Thirsty Canyon, East Northumberland Canyon, East Stone Cabin Valley, East Union Canyon, Echo Canyon, Elkhorn Canyon, Ella May Canyon, Ellsworth Canyon, Empire Canyon, Fairbanks Canyon, Falcon Canyon, Farrington Canyon, Flagstaff Canyon, Flask Canyon, Fluorspar Canyon, Fortymile Canyon, Fourmile Canyon, Georges Canyon, Germany Canyon, Gilmore Gulch, Glass Gulch, Gothic Canyon, Granite Canyon, Grant Canyon, Grantsville Canyon, Grass Spring Canyon, Grassy Canyon, Green Monster Canyon, Grimy Gulch, Gritty Gulch, Grouse Canyon, Hacksaw Canyon, Handcuff Canyon, Haws Canyon, Haystack Canyon, Heath Canyon, Hidden Canyon, Hildebrand Canyon, Hillen Canyon, Hobble Canyon, Hoodoo Canyon, Hooper Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Heaven Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Hot Creek Canyon, Hot Creek Valley, House Canyon, Hunts Canyon, Idlewild Canyon, Ikes Canyon, Indian Canyon, Indian Valley, Ink House Canyon, Ione Canyon, Ione Valley, Irwin Canyon, Jefferson Canyon, Jett Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Joshua Hollow, Jumbled Rock Gulch, June Canyon, Kawich Canyon, Kellys Mine Canyon, Kelsey Canyon, Keystone Canyon, Kiln Canyon, Lambs Canyon, Ledbetter Canyon, Lida Valley, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cow Canyon, Little Dry Canyon, Little Fish Lake Valley, Little Georges Canyon, Little White Sage Canyon, Lodi Valley, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Longstreet Canyon, Manhattan Gulch, Marble Falls Canyon, Mariposa Canyon, Marysville Canyon, Mayflower Gulch, McCann Canyon, McGery Canyon, Meadow Canyon, Menter Canyon, Merritt Canyon, Mid Valley, Mikes Canyon, Mill Canyon, Milton Canyon, Mine Canyon, Mission Canyon, Mitchel Canyon, Mogul Canyon, Mohawk Canyon, Monocline Canyon, Moonshine Canyon, Morey Canyon, Mountain View Canyon, Mud Spring Canyon, Mulligan Canyon, Music Canyon, Neversweat Canyon, New York Canyon, Niagara Caņon, North Canyon, North Fork Barrett Canyon, North Fork Irwin Canyon, North Fork Troy Canyon, North Fork Wildcat Canyon, North Silent Canyon, North Sixmile Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oasis Valley, Old Dominion Canyon, Old House Canyon, Old Manhattan Gulch, Ophir Canyon, Pablo Canyon, Pack Rat Canyon, Pah Canyon, Paintbrush Canyon, Parachute Canyon, Park Canyon, Pasco Canyon, Patsy Canyon, Peavine Canyon, Perkins Canyon, Perlite Canyon, Phinney Canyon, Piapi Canyon, Plutonium Valley, Poplar Canyon, Post Canyon, Pott Hole Valley, Pritchards Canyon, Quaking Aspen Canyon, Ralston Valley, Rawhide Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Redrock Valley, Reese River Valley, Reveille Valley, Rimrock Canyon, Road Canyon, Rock Valley, Round Meadow Canyon, Round Spring Canyon, Ryecroft Canyon, Sage Hen Canyon, Sandy Wash, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Scarp Canyon, Scofield Canyon, Sear Valley, Secret Spring Canyon, Shamrock Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Shoshone Canyon, Silent Canyon, Slaughterhouse Canyon, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Sleeping Column Canyon, Sloppy Gulch, Snowbird Canyon, Sober-Up Gulch, Solitario Canyon, South Canyon, South Fork Apache Tear Canyon, South Fork Barrett Canyon, South Fork Irwin Canyon, South Fork Shoshone Canyon, South Fork Wildcat Canyon, South Silent Canyon, South Sixmile Canyon, Spanish Canyon, Spanish Ranch Canyon, Stone Cabin Valley, Tarantula Canyon, The Aqueduct, Thirsty Canyon, Threemile Canyon, Timpi Canyon, Titus Canyon, Tiva Canyon, Toll Canyon, Toms Canyon, Topier Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trough Spring Canyon, Troy Canyon, Tulle Canyon, Tungsten Canyon, Tungsten Canyon, Twin Piņon Gulch, Vales Canyon, Wall Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Waterfall Canyon, Waterfall Canyon, Weeks Canyon, West Cat Canyon, West Fork Grant Canyon, West Fork Thirsty Canyon, West Northumberland Canyon, West Stone Cabin Valley, West Union Canyon, White Patch Draw, White River Pass Canyon, White River Valley, White Rock Canyon, White Rock Canyon, White Rocks Canyon, White Sage Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Wild Horse Draw, Wildcat Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Creek Canyon, Windy Canyon, Wisconsin Caņon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Tick Canyon, Woodchopper Canyon, Wrango Canyon, Yellow Cleft

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Antelope Well, Army Well Number 1, Big 10 Well, Big Brush Well, Black Rock Well, Blair Well, Blue Eagle Well, Boyles 1 Drill Hole, Bridge Well, Bruner Well, Bull Creek Well Number Two, Burnt Station Well, Buttes Well, Cabin Well, Callaway Well, Carl Hanks Well, Carter Well, Cave Well, Cayton Well, Cedar Wells, Chance Well, Charlies Well, Clark Well, Combination Well, Cornell Well, Cove Well, Currie Well, D H Well, Darrough Ranch Well, Deep Hole Well, Deep Well, Derringer Well, Desert Well, Dolomite Hill Drill Hole, Drill Hole 2, Drill Hole A-2, Drill Hole D, Drill Hole Me 1, Drill Hole Me 2, Drill Hole Me 3, Drill Hole Me 4, Drill Hole U 15-32, Drill Hole U 15-33, Drill Hole U 15-35, Dry Lake Well, Eagle Springs Oil Wells, Eastside Well, Eds Well, Effinger 1 Drill Hole, Effinger 2 Drill Hole, Effinger 3 Drill Hole, Effinger 4 Drill Hole, Embry Well, Esplin Well, Etcheverria Well, Fallini Well, Ferguson Well, Fergy Well, Ford Well, Franks Well Number One, Fraziers Well, Freds Well, George P Brooks Well, Goat Ranch Well, Gold Flat Well Number One, Gold Flat Well Number Two (historical), Goldyke Well, Government Well, Griswold Lower Well, Griswold Upper Well, Gubler Well, Hagestad 1 Drill Hole, Hendrix Well, Henrys Well, Holly Well, Hooper Well, Indian Well, Jakes Well, Joes Well, Kellys Wells, Keystone Well, Last Stand Well, Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number One, Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number Two, Lower Phillips Well, Manzone Well, Mecca Well, Miller Well Number Two, Millers Well Number One, Moon River Basin Well, New Deep Well, Number One Well, Number One Well, Number Three Well, Number Two Well, Olevia Well, Peavine Well, Pedro Well, Pigeon Well, Pine Creek Well, PU Well, Purgatory Spring Well, Pyramid Well, Ray Thomas Well, Raycraft Well, Rays Well, Rays Wells, Riordans Well, Rogers Well, Roses Well, Salisbury Well (historical), Salsbury Well, Salsbury Well, San Antonio Well, Sand Springs Well, Seattle Well, Sixmile Well, Sorensen Well, Sorhonet Well Number One, Sorhonet Well Number Two, South Well, South Well, Spanish Pipeline Well, Stanley A Tanner Well, Stone Corral Well, Sulphide Well, Surveyors Well, The Big Well, Tonopah Well, Towers Well, Triple T Well, Trudgen Well, Twin Mills, Tybo Well, U S Well, Uhalde Well, Uhalde Well, Upper Phillips Well, Well B, Well C, Well E, Well Five A, Well Five C, Well G, Well J-Twelve, Well Number Three, Well One, Well Three, Whitaker Well, White River Well, Whiterock 1 Drill Hole, Whiterock 2 Drill Hole, Whiterock 4 Drill Hole, Wilcox Well, Willow Witch Well, Zabriskie Well,

Nye County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteNye County White population 38,70838,708  
MixedNye County Mixed population 1,3301,330
BlackNye County Black population 1,1161,115
American IndianNye County American Indian population 815815
AsianNye County Asian population 687686
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNye County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 257257

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county