Pershing County, Nevada Basics:

Pershing County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 6,767
Area: 6037 square miles
County seat: Lovelock
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 80.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.0%
Median household income: $51,094
Persons in poverty: 17.3%
Home ownership rate: 67.6%
Mean travel time to work: 22.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Churchill  Humboldt  Lander  Washoe  

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Map of the Pershing County area

Our detail map of Pershing County shows the Pershing County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Pershing County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Black Rock City Airport, Derby Field Airport, Lovelock Landing Strip

  Areas     show all on map

Blue Wing Mining Area, Dry Lake, Tobin and Sonoma Range Mining Area

  Basins     show all on map

Black Rock Desert, Buena Vista Valley, Buffalo Valley, Copper Valley, Gamble Basin, Granite Springs Valley, Great Basin, Humboldt Valley, Johns Basin, Juniper Basin, Kumiva Valley, Limerick Basin, Little Miller Basin, Miller Basin, Rochester Basin, Sage Hen Valley, Sage Valley, Spring Valley, Texas Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Majuba Bay, Pitt-Taylor Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Poker Brown Beach

  Bends     show all on map

Three Forks

  Buildings     show all on map

Grass Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Imlay Volunteer Fire Department, Lovelock Correctional Center, Lovelock Police Department, Lovelock Volunteer Fire Department, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command East Lovelock Substation, Pershing County Court House, Pershing County Sheriff's Office, Rye Patch Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

American Canal, Army Drain, Big Five Canal, Fairview Slough, Graveyard Drain, Irish-American Canal, Johnson Drain, Lakeshore Ditch, Lovelock Drain, Lower Taylor Ditch, Old Channel Canal, Pitt-Taylor Diversion Canal, Reed Ditch, Rodgers Ditch, Rudell Ditch, Seven Ditch, Seventeen Ditch, Sommers Ditch, Taylor Canal, Toulon Drain, Union Canal, Union Canal, Union Rodgers Canal, Willow Slough, Young Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Big Meadow Cemetery, Lone Mountain Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Grass Valley Census Designated Place, Humboldt River Ranch Census Designated Place, Imlay Census Designated Place, Unionville Census Designated Place

  Crossings     show all on map

Cold Canyon Interchange, East Lovelock Interchange, Humboldt Interchange, Imlay Interchange, Main Street Interchange, West Lovelock Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Big Five Dam, Colado Mill Dam, Irish-American Dam, Marker Dam, Pitt Dam, Pitt-Taylor Dam, Pumpernickel Dam, Rodgers Dam, Rye Patch Dam, Upper Pitt Taylor Dam, Young Dam

  Flats     show all on map

American Flats, Antelope Valley, Blue Wing Flat, Devils Elbow, Dun Glen Flat, Egbert Meadow, Fourth of July Flat, Hualapai Flat, Packard Flat, Sage Hen Flat, Sheep Ranch Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Summit, Bardmass Pass, Fencemaker Pass, Golconda Pass, Hayden Pass, Imlay Summit, Jersey Summit, Juniper Pass, Klondike Pass, McKinney Pass, Natchez Pass, Poker Brown Gap, Smelser Pass, Spring Valley Pass, Trinity Pass, Weaver Saddle, Wildhorse Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Pershing General Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Big Slough, Humboldt Lake, Toulon Lake

  Lava     show all on map

The Lava Beds

  Locales     show all on map

Abel Ranch, Allard Ranch, American Canyon (historical), Anderson Homestead (historical), Arobio Ranch, Ascalon (historical), Atoka (historical), Auld Lang Syne Mill, Bar W Ranch, Barbersville (historical), Barrell Springs, Bartomes Ranch, Batavia and Pacific Mill (historical), Big Meadow Ranch, Blue Wing (historical), Blue Wing Cow Camp, Bridge (historical), Buck and Charlie Mill (historical), Buena Vista Windmill, Buffalo Ranch, Buffalo Station (historical), C and M Ranch, Callahan Bridge, Cedar Springs (historical), Cerini Ranch, Cholona, Cholona Siding, Circle L Cow Camp, Circle L Ranch, Clear Creek Ranch, Coalition Cyanide Mill (historical), Cole Ranch, Cooks (historical), Cottonwood Ranch, Cowles Ranch, Coyote Ranch, Crossley 99 Ranch, Crystal Lakes Trout Farm, Dad Lees (historical), Darby Mill (historical), Davidson Ranch, Donleys Ranch (historical), Essex Quartz Mill, Etchegoyen Ranch, Etna (historical), Fairview Stage Station, Fencemaker Camp, Floyd Canyon (historical), Flying M Ranch, Folsom Ranch, Frendesen Ranch, Friedmans Mill (historical), Garett Ranch, Gemville (historical), Goldbanks, Goldbanks Windmill, Golden Jacket Mines (historical), Grass Valley Ranch, Guthrie Ranch, Halfway House (historical), Hayden Ranch, Hendra Mill (historical), Herschell Ranch, Hoffman Ranch, Home Station Ranch, Hot Springs Ranch, Hot Springs Station, Humboldt Queen (historical), Humboldt Siding, Humbridge (historical), Imperial Mill, Indian Ranch (historical), Isabella (historical), Jacobs Well, Jim Creek Ranch, Junction House (historical), Junction Station (historical), Lamar (historical), Lancaster (historical), Lassens Meadows (historical), Lava Beds Camp, Limbo (historical), Limerick (historical), Little McCoy Ranch, Looney Mill (historical), Lower Ranch, Lucky Lager Ranch, Marker House, Mazuma Hills Mill (historical), McCoy Ranch, Meyer Ranch, Millers Cabin, Mineral Point (historical), Miners Cow Creek Ranch, Mountain Spring (historical), Mud Springs Ranch, Munk Ranch, Nevada Almaden Mines (historical), Nevada Nile Copp Ranch, Ohio (historical), Packard (historical), Packard Mill (historical), Pallens Wells (historical), Paris Ranch, Pine Forest (historical), Pitt-Taylor Cove Boat Launch, Poker Brown Camp (historical), Poker Brown Crossing, Poker Brown Spring (historical), Pole Canyon Petroglyphs, Preston Mill (historical), Prince Royal (historical), Rabbithole (historical), Reids Camp (historical), Relief (historical), Rileyville (historical), Ringling Ranch, River Campground, Rochester Mines Company Mill (historical), Rockeby (historical), Rockhill, Rockwell Station (historical), Ronda, Ruby (historical), Rye Patch Ranch, Sage (historical), Saint Marys (historical), Salinas Ranch, San Joaquinto (historical), Santa Clara (historical), Sarret Ranch, Schmellzer Farm (historical), Seven Devils Ranch, Seven Troughs Kingergarten Mill (historical), Sheba Mill (historical), Sheep Ranch, Sheppard Ranch, Siard Ranch, Small Spring (historical), Smith Ford (historical), Sonoma Ranch, Spur (historical), Star Creek Ranch, Stone Corral (historical), Straub (historical), Strief Ranch, T Nelson Ranch (historical), Tenmile, Thacker Camp, Thackers Ranch, The Causten Mill (historical), The Rogers Mill (historical), Thornton Ranch, Trinity (historical), Tule Ranch, Uppertown, Valery (historical), Valley Ranch, Velvet, Warmoth Mill (historical), Westside Boat Launch, Willow Creek Ranch, Willow Spring (historical), Winnemucca Spring (historical), Wrights Canyon (historical), Young Ranch, Zimmershed Ranch, Zola (historical)

  Military     show all on map

United States Naval Gunnery Range (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Abe Lincoln Mine, Adriene Mine, Aldrich Mine, Alpine Mine, American Canyon Mines, American Ore Section Sixteen Mine, American Ore Section Ten Mine, American Ore Section Thirtytwo Mine, Amonett and Frank Mine, Antelope Basin Mine, Antelope Canyon Mine, Antelope Mine, Antimony Ike Mine, Arcturus Mine, Arizona Mine, Arsenic King Mine, Auburn Mine, Auld Lang Syne Mine, Badger Mine, Band M Mine, Barber Canyon Mine, Beacon Hill Mine, Big Mike Copper Mine, Black Diablo Mine, Black Eagle Mines, Black Hole Mine, Black Warrior Mine, Blackhawk Mine, Blackjack Mine, Bloody Canyon Mine, Bloody Mine, Blue Lead Mine, Blue Wing Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bohannon Mine, Bonanza King Mine, Bottomley Mine, Brown Palace Mine, Buck and Charley Mine, Buena Vista Canyon Mine, Burro Basin Mine, California and Nevada Sulphur Mine, Camera Mine, Cassidy Mine, Cervantite Mine, Champion Mine, Chipmunk Mine, Cinnabar City Mine, Colorado Placer Mine, Congress Canyon Mine, Constant Minerals Separation Company Mines, Coon Can Mines, Copley Mine, Copper King Mine, Delta Mine, DeSoto Antimony Mine, DeSoto Mine, Dice Mine, Double O Mine, Dreamland Mine, Dry Gulch Mines, Dun Glen Mine, Durango Girl Mine, Eagle Picher Mine, Eagle Pitcher Mine, Eason Gomez Smelser Mine, Eastern Star Mine, Eclipse Mine, Electric Mine, Enterprise Mine, Esther Mine, Eureka Mine, Evening Star Mine, Fairview Mine, Fencemaker Mine, Fiftysix Mine, Fitting Fault Mine, Florida Canyon Mine, Floyds Shaft, Fluorspar Mine, Ford Mine, Forge Mine, Four Sisters Mine, Freckles Mine, Friedman Tunnel Portal, Garrett Mine, Gem Mine, Gilberts Mine, Gold Coin Mine, Gold King Mine, Gold Note Mine, Gold Plate Mine, Goldbanks Merger Mines, Goldbanks Quicksilver Mine, Good Spot Mine, Goodview Mine, Green Gold Mine, Green Mine, Greenan-Kerr Mine, Grubstake Mine, H and M Number 1 Mine, Hagan Mine, Hamilton Beryl Mine, Hawkeye Mine, Haystack Mine, Hendra Mines, Henning Mine, Henrietta Mine, Hermatite Mine, Hero Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, High Grade Mine, Hillside Mine, Hilltop Mine, Holiday Mine, Hollywood Mine, Horseshoe Basin Mine, Horton Mercury Mine, Humboldt Queen Mine, Imlay Canyon Mine, Imlay Mine, Imperial Mines, Inskip Mine, Iron Castle Mine, J and B Group Mine, Jackpot Mine, Jersey Mine, Jersey Valley-Rex Mines, Johnson Heizer Mine, Kaolinite Mine, Kennedy Mine, Keough-Noble Mine, Keystone Mine, Kindergarten-Therian Group Mine, La Toska Mine, Lakeview Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Limerick Basin Mine, Lincoln Hill Mine, Little Jupiter Mine, Little Linda Mine, Little Tungsten Mine, Long Mine, Looney Mine, Lori Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, M G L Mines, Majuba Hill Mine, Majuba Mine, Majuba Placers, Marigold Mine, Marvelous Mine, Mayflower Mine, Mazuma Mine, McGee Mine, Michigan Mine, Midway Group Mine, Millionaire Mine, Mohawk Mine, Monarch Mine, Monroe Mine, Montezuma Mine, Montgomery Mine, Moonlight Mine, Morning Star Mine, Motor Mine, Mount Tobin Mine, Muttlebury Mine, Needle Peak Mine, Nenzel Crown Point Mines, Neptune Tunnel, Nevada Iron Ore Mine, Nevada Massachusetts Tungsten Mine, Nevada Packard Mines, Nevada Quicksilver Mine, Nightingale Mine, Noble Mine, North Fork Mine, North Star Mine, Northern Zeolite Mine, Octopus Mine, Old Timer Mine, Ore Drag Mine, Oreana Mine, Oro Fino Mine, Owens Circle Mine, Pacific Matchless Mine, Panther Canyon Mine, Pearl Hill Mine, Pershing Mine, Pershing Mine, Pershing Quicksilver Mine, Pflum Mine, Phlueger Mine, Piedmont Mine, Pinite Mine, Plainview Group Mines, Poker Brown Mine, Pole Canyon Mine, Pollard Canyon Mine, Portland Mine, Pronto Plata Mine, Pueblo Mine (historical), Queen of Sheba Mine, Quick Silver Mine, Rabbit Hole Mine, Ragged Top Mine, Red Bird Mine, Red Hawk Mine, Relief Mine, Republican Mine, Rio Grande Mine, Rochester Canyon Mine, Rochester Merger Mines, Rochester Mines, Rochester Weaver Mining Company Mines, Rockhill Canyon Mines, Rosal Mine, Rose Creek Mine, Rosebud Mine, Ruby Mercury Mine, Rusty Pick Mine, Rye Patch Agnes Mine, Rye Patch Mine, Sacramento Canyon Mine, Sage Hen Mine, Sage Hen Springs Mine, Santa Clara Mine, Section Eleven Clay mine, Section Six Clay Mine, Section Thirty-one Mine, Segerstrom-Heizer Mine, Seven Troughs Gold Mines Company Mines, Sheby Prospect, Sheepherder Mine, Shoemaker Mine, Silver Camel Mine, Silver Dike Mine, Silver Lead Mine, Silver Reef Mine, Silver Star Mine, South American Canyon Mines, Southeast Section Twentynine Mine, Southern Zeolite Mine, Spaulding Canyon Mines, Spring Valley Mines, Springer Mine, Standard Mine, Star Mine, Star Mine, Star Peak Mine, Star Point Mine, Starlight Mine, Steiner Mine, Stonehouse, Storm Mine, Stormy Day Mine, Sugar Loaf Mine, Sulfur Mine, Sunnyside Mines, Superior Mine, Sure Thing Mine, Susie Mine, Sutherland Mine (historical), Sweet Mine, Tallulah Mine, Tehama Mine, Temple Group Mines, Thacker Mine, Thomas Mine, Thrabert Mine, Thrasher Mine, Tip Top Mine, Treasure Hill Mine, Troy Canyon Mines, True American Mine, Tule Mine, Tule Mine, Tunnel Hill Mine, Twin Buttes Mines, Twin Dome Mine, Two Chuckers Mine, Valerie Mine, Valley View Mine, Velvet Mine, Vernon Mine, Victory Mine, Vulture Mine, Wabash Mine, Wadley Mine, Washiki Group Mine, Weaver Canyon Mine, West Group Mine, Wheelbarrow Mine, Wheeler Mine, White Bear Mine, Wildcat Mine, Willard Mine (historical), Willow Creek Mines, Windy Hill Mine, Womens Right Group Mine, Wonder Metal Mine, Yellowstone Mine, Yosemite Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Eastside Picnic Area, Rye Patch State Recreation Area, Westside Day Use Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Elephant Head Rock, Medicine Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arabia, Batavia City (historical), Bonnie Briar (historical), Browns Station (historical), Central (historical), Central Rochester (historical), Cherry Creek (historical), Clarksville (historical), Colado, Cornish Camp (historical), Cosgrave, Dun Glen (historical), East Rochester (historical), Farrell (historical), Fitting, Foltz (historical), Goldbud (historical), Granite Point, Hualipi (historical), Humboldt, Humboldt City, Humboldt House, Imlay, Jersey (historical), Kennedy (historical), Kodak, Kyle Hot Springs, Lander City (historical), Lima (historical), Loring (historical), Lovelock, Lower Rochester, Mazuma (historical), Mill City, Nache (historical), Neptune City (historical), Nightingale, Oreana, Oreana (historical), Panama, Perth, Placerites, Poker Brown, Raspberry Creek (historical), Rochester, Rochester Heights (historical), Rosebud (historical), Rye Patch, Sanborn (historical), Scossa, Seven Troughs (historical), Star City (historical), Stevensville (historical), Torreytown (historical), Toulon, Toy (historical), Trego, Tungsten, Tunnel Camp (historical), Twain, Unionville, Vanderwater (historical), Vernon (historical), Woolsey

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bonnie Briar Post Office (historical), Browns Post Office, Dun Glen Post Office (historical), Etna Post Office, Farrell Post Office, Foltz Post Office, Hualipi Post Office (historical), Humboldt City Post Office (historical), Humboldt Post Office (historical), Imlay Post Office, Jersey City Post Office (historical), Kennedy Post Office (historical), Lima Post Office (historical), Lovelock Post Office, Lower Rochester Post Office (historical), Mazuma Post Office, Mill City Post Office (historical), Millers Post Office (historical), Oreana Post Office, Oreana Post Office (historical), Raspberry Post Office, Rochester Post Office (historical), Rosebud Post Office (historical), Rye Patch Post Office (historical), Sanborn Post Office (historical), Seven Troughs Post Office (historical), Star City Post Office (historical), Tiptop Post Office (historical), Toyland Post Office (historical), Tungsten Post Office (historical), Unionville Post Office, Upper Rochester Post Office (historical), Vanderwater Post Office (historical), Vernon Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Antelope Range, Augusta Mountains, Blue Wing Mountains, East Range, Eugene Mountains, Goldbanks Hills, Hannan Range, Humboldt Range, Kamma Mountains, Majuba Mountains, Nightingale Mountains, Poker Brown Mountains, Selenite Range, Seven Troughs Range, Sheephead Mountains, Tobin Range, Trinity Range, West Humboldt Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Big Five Reservoir, County Fish Holding Pond, Lower Pitt-Taylor Reservoir, Pitt-Taylor Reservoirs, Pumpernickel Reservoir, Rye Patch Reservoir, Upper Pitt-Taylor Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Black Ridge, Cinnabar Ridge, Fencemaker, Gold Ridge, Granite Springs Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Imlay Elementary School, Kennedy School (historical), Lovelock Elementary School, Lower Valley School (historical), Mill City School (historical), Pearce School (historical), Pershing County High School, Pershing County Middle School, Unionville School (historical), Upper Valley School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Abel Camp Spring, Abel Spring, Alson Spring, Amos Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Barrel Spring, Bartomes Spring, Big Antelope Spring, Big Thermal Spring, Black Knob Spring, Black Mountain Spring, Bluewing Spring, Bob Spring, Bonita Canyon Spring, Box Canyon Spring Number Two, Buffalo Springs, Buffalo Springs, Burnt Canyon Spring, Butcher Spring, Cavanaugh Spring, CCC Spring, Cedar Springs, Cherry Spring, Chicken Basin Spring, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Springs, Dago Spring, Danner Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Desert Spring, Dolly Hayden Spring, Double Spout Spring, Duque Springs, Eagle Rock Spring, Elephant Head Spring, Five Troughs Springs, Garrett Spring, Goose Spring, Goose Springs, Granite Spring, Granite Spring, Grayson Spring, Hanna Spring, Harrison Spring, Heineke Spring, Highrock Spring, Home Station Ranch Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Hyder Hot Springs, Indian Springs, J Marzen Spring, J S Ranch Spring, Judges Springs, Juniper Spring, Keath Canyon Spring, Kent Spring, Kitten Springs, Kyle Spring, Lander Spring, Last Chance Spring, Last Chance Spring, Leach Hot Springs, Little Antelope Spring, Logan Spring, Lookout Spring, Lost Spring, Lower Cottonwood Spring, Lower Ranch Hot Spring, Lower Stonehouse Spring, Manganese Spring, Marker Spring, McCarty Spring, McCoy Springs, McElhany Spring, Millers Spring, Mitchum Spring, Moonshine Spring, Muckleberry Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Muttlebury Spring, Mystic Spring, Natchez Spring, Nelson Hot Spring, Nera Spring, Nera Spring, Nera Spring Number 33, Nera Spring Number 56, North Cottonwood Spring, Olson Meadow Spring, Outlaw Spring, Packard Gulch Spring, Petain Spring, Point Spring, Poker Brown Spring, Polkinghorne Spring, Porter Spring, Potato Patch Spring, Rabbithole Springs, Railroad Spring, Rasberry Spring Four, Rasberry Spring One, Rasberry Spring Three, Rasberry Spring Two, Rattlesnake Spring, Rawhide Spring, Redwood Spring, Rocky Point Spring, Root Spring, Rose Spring, Rosebud Spring, Rosebud Spring, Sage Chicken Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Springs, Scorpion Spring, Secondhand Spring, Seven Devils Springs, Sheep Head Spring, Sheep Spring, Shingle Spring, Sou Hot Springs, South Abel Spring, South Juniper Spring, South Springs, Souza Spring, Sportsman Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Tarantula Spring, Texas Basin Spring, Three Forks Spring, Toulon Spring, Trail Springs, Trego Hot Springs, Trinity Spring, Tunnel Spring, Turtle Rock Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Upper Black Canyon Spring, Upper Cottonwood Spring, Upper Stonehouse Spring, West Juniper Spring, Wet Weather Spring, White Horse Spring, Wild Rose Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Woody Springs, Yellowstone Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Barbers Creek, Bartomes Creek, Betty Creek, Big Creek, Buena Vista Creek, Bushee Creek, Cavanaugh Wash, Cedar Creek, Central Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chicken Basin Creek, China Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Congress Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Dry Creek, Dun Glen Creek, Elder Creek, Gem Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Granite Springs Wash, Home Creek, Home Station Wash, Horse Caņon Creek, Humboldt Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Inskips Creek, Jackson Creek Slough, Jayhawk Creek, Jenny Creek, Jersey Creek Wash, Jersey Valley Wash, Jim Creek, Lander Creek, Lava Beds Creek, Lees Creek, Limerick Wash, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Jenny Creek, Little Meadow Creek, Marble Creek, Missouri Creek, North Cinnabar Creek, North Fork Bushee Creek, North Indian Creek, O'Neil Caņon Creek, Peavine Creek, Perry Canyon Creek, Phelps Creek, Poker Brown Wash, Pole Creek, Pollard Creek, Quinn River, Rabbithole Creek, Raspberry Creek, Red Mountain Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Hill Creek, Sage Hen Wash, Sheep Creek, Sonoma Creek, Sooner Creek, Spauldings Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Star Creek, Timber Creek, White Horse Creek, Wilder Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Springs

  Summits     show all on map

Alpha Mountain, Auld Lang Syne Peak, Black Knob, Black Mountain, Buena Vista Hills, Buffalo Mountain, Cain Mountain, China Mountain, Chocolate Butte, Cornish Peak, Creek Hill, Dry Mountain, Dun Glen Peak, Eagles Nest Rock, Finley Butte, Florence Hill, Fossil Hill, Gold Mountain, Golden Gate Hill, Granite Mountain, Granite Peak, Granite Point, Haystack Butte, Humboldt Hill, Independence Hill, Indian Ikes Point, Indian Peak, Juniper Mountain, KBSK Mountain, Kumiva Peak, Lee Peak, Lincoln Hill, Little Black Knob, Logan Peak, Lone Mountain, Lone Mountain, Luxor Peak, Majuba Mountain, Mount Limbo, Mount Tobin, Needle Peak, Nenzel Hill, Old Razorback Mountain, Organ Peak, Pahsupp Mountain, Phonolite Peak, Purgatory Peak, Ragged Top Mountain, Red Hill, Rim Peak, Rockhill Mountain, Rose Creek Mountain, Rosebud Peak, Sacred Point, Selenite Peak, Seven Troughs Mountain, Signal Peak, Sou Hills, Springer Hill, Squaw Butte, Stank Hill, Star Peak, Steamboat Mountain, Sunflower Hill, Sutton Hill, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Toulon Peak, Trinity Peak, Twin Buttes, Van Zant Peak, Weaver Hill, Yahi Knob, Yana Point

  Swamps     show all on map

Battle Lakes

  Towers     show all on map

Pleasant Valley Beacon

  Trails     show all on map

Applegate Lassen Route, Nobles Route, Old California Trail, Old Idaho Stage Road

  Tunnels     show all on map

Boston Tunnel, Lancaster Tunnel (historical)

  Valleys     show all on map

American Canyon, American Flat Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Auld Lang Syne Gulch, Bacon Canyon, Badger Canyon, Barber Canyon, Big Ben Canyon, Big Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Rock Canyon, Bloody Canyon, Blue Lead Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Box Canyon, Buena Vista Canyon, Buffalo Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Central Canyon, China Canyon, Clearwater Canyon, Coal Canyon, Coal Canyon, Cole Canyon, Cole Canyon, Congress Canyon, Cornish Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cosgrave Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Deer Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Gulch, Dun Glen Canyon, Dutchman Canyon, Echo Canyon, Egbert Canyon, Elbow Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Emigrant Canyon, Favret Canyon, Fencemaker Canyon, Fisher Canyon, Flag Canyon, Florida Canyon, Frank Helen Canyon, French Boy Canyon, Garden Canyon, Glidden Canyon, Golconda Canyon, Gold Note Canyon, Grand Trunk Canyon, Grass Valley, Grayson Canyon, Harrison Canyon, Hidden Canyon, High Grade Canyon, Highrock Canyon, Hoffman Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horseshoe Canyon, Hot Spring Canyon, Hughes Canyon, Humboldt Canyon, Imlay Canyon, Indian Canyon, Inskip Canyon, Jackrabbit Canyon, Jackson Canyon, Jersey Valley, John Brown Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Jones Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Kennedy Canyon, Kitten Springs Canyon, Klondike Canyon, Ladd Canyon, Lamberson Canyon, Leach Canyon, Lee Canyon, Lee Canyon, Left Hand Inskip Canyon, Limerick Canyon, Little White Horse Canyon, Logan Canyon, Lone Canyon, Lone Pine Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Lovelock Canyon, Lower Valley, Majuba Canyon, McCann Canyon, McClure Canyon, Milch Canyon, Monitor Canyon, Morning View Canyon, Mule Canyon, Mullen Canyon, Muttlebury Canyon, Muttlebury Canyon, New York Canyon, North Fork Bonita Canyon, North Fork Central Canyon, North Fork Cottonwood Canyon, North Fork Raspberry Caņon, North Fork Straight Canyon, North Fork Woody Canyon, North Hog Canyon, Old Man Canyon, Olsen Canyon, Orofino Canyon, Osburns Caņon, Panther Canyon, Panther Canyon, Peru Canyon, Pleasant Valley, Poito Valley, Poker Brown Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pollard Canyon, Porcupine Canyon, Prince Royal Canyon, Raspberry Caņon, Rawhide Canyon, Rawhide Canyon, Reed Canyon, Reed Canyon, Relief Canyon, Right Hand Inskip Canyon, Rochester Canyon, Rockhill Canyon, Rockhill Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rolands Canyon, Root Spring Canyon, Rosebud Canyon, Rye Patch Canyon, Sacramento Canyon, Sacred Canyon, Santa Clara Canyon, Say Canyon, Seven Troughs Canyon, Sheep Ranch Canyon, Shell Canyon, Siard Canyon, Sou Canyon, South American Canyon, South Fork Cottonwood Canyon, South Fork Emigrant Canyon, South Fork Golconda Canyon, South Fork Mule Canyon, South Fork Straight Canyon, South Hog Canyon, South Relief Canyon, South Trinity Canyon, Spaulding Canyon, Spring Gulch, Spring Valley Canyon, Springer Canyon, Stank Canyon, Star Canyon, Stonehouse Canyon, Stonehouse Canyon, Sulphur Canyon, Sweeney Canyon, Sweeney Garden Canyon, Tehama Canyon, Thunder Canyon, Toll Rock Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trinity Canyon, Troy Canyon, Upper Valley, Washoke Canyon, Water Canyon, Weaver Canyon, White Horse Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Creek Canyon, Willow Springs Canyon, Wilson Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woody Canyon, Woody Canyon, Woody Canyon, Wright Canyon, Yellowstone Canyon, Zimmershed Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Bach Well, Bailey Well, Blue Wing Well, Central Well, Desert Well, Garrett Ranch Well, Granite Spring Wash Well, Hayden Well, Jayhawk Well, Lintons Well, Lowry Well, Mauds Well, McCoy Well, Mineral Materials Well, Muttlebury Well, Nelson Well, Panama Well, Paris Well, Relief Well, Ringing Well, Sheppard Well, Twin Buttes Well, West Ragged Top Well,

Pershing County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePershing County White population 5,9625,961  
American IndianPershing County American Indian population 277277
MixedPershing County Mixed population 156155
AsianPershing County Asian population 8887
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPershing County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1413

Additional population tables :
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