Washoe County, Nevada Basics:

Washoe County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 429,079
Area: 6302 square miles
County seat: Reno
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 86.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 26.8%
Median household income: $53,994
Persons in poverty: 14.7%
Home ownership rate: 58.6%
Mean travel time to work: 21.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Washoe County area

Our detail map of Washoe County shows the Washoe County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Washoe County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Air Sailing Gliderport, Bailey Ranch Airport, Empire Airport, Empire Farms Landing Strip, Gerlach Landing Strip, Gibb Ranch Airport, H Bar H Airport, Horizon Heliport, Justover Field Airport, Lackerman Airstrip, Nevada Department of Wildlife State Headquarters Heliport, Nixon Landing Strip (historical), Palomino Airport, Reno Sky Ranch, Reno/Stead Airport, Reno/Tahoe International Airport, Rolling Thunder Airport, Saint Marys Hospital Heliport, Sheldon Refuge Landing Strip, Skyline Airport (historical), Smoke Creek Airstrip, Spanish Springs Airport, Sparks Airpark (historical), Sparks Family Hospital Heliport, Vista Airport (historical), Vista Landing Strip (historical), Wadsworth Airport (historical), Washoe Medical Center Heliport, Washoe Station Nevada Department of Wildlife Heliport, Wofford Airport, Youngberg Ranch Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Buckboard Field, Madelin Mesa

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Basin, Antelope Valley, Big Basin, Big Sawmill Basin, Browns Bowl, Bull Basin, Cottonwood Basin, Dolly Varden Basin, Dry Lakes, Dutch Louie Flats, Granite Basin, Grassy Wash, Hole in the Ground, Holy Valley, Juniper Basin, Lemmon Valley, Little Basin, Little Sawmill Basin, Little Sawmill Basin, Little Valley, Little Valley, Little Valley, Long Valley, Meadow Valley, Middle Red Rock Valley, Miller Basin, Nugent Hole, Pleasant Valley, Red Rock Valley, Rocky Basin, Squaw Valley, Steamboat Valley, Summit Valley, The Dip, The Pothole, Tuledad Valley, Warm Springs Valley, Washoe Valley, Willow Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Artillery Bay, Crystal Bay, Fox Bay, Ninemile Bay, Sand Harbor, Tamarack Bay, Thunderbolt Bay, Wizards Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Burnt Cedar Beach, Enchanted Beach, Fox Beach, Hidden Beach, Incline Beach, South Beach, Wizards Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Stoute Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

American Medflight Incorporated, Bowers Mansion, California Building, Cold Springs Volunteer Fire Department, EduCare Residential Facility Fargo, EduCare Residential Facility Pullman, Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department / Gerlach Ambulance Service, Hidden Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Hungry Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Lemmon Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 223, Mark Twain Cultural Center, Nevada Air National Guard Fire and Emergency Services, Nevada Division of Forestry Western Region 1 Headquarters, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command West, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command West Incline Village, Nixon Volunteer Fire Department, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Station 11, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Station 12, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Station 13, Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Institute, Olinghouse Post Ofice, Palomino Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 229, Pioneer Auditorium, Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department 37, Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 237, Pyramid Lake Tribal Police Department, Red Rock Volunteer Fire Department Station 240, Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority Care Flight, Regional Emergency Operations Center, Regional Public Safety Training Center, Reno - Tahoe Airport Authority Fire Department, Reno Fire Department Station 1, Reno Fire Department Station 10, Reno Fire Department Station 11, Reno Fire Department Station 12, Reno Fire Department Station 13, Reno Fire Department Station 14, Reno Fire Department Station 15, Reno Fire Department Station 16, Reno Fire Department Station 17, Reno Fire Department Station 18, Reno Fire Department Station 19, Reno Fire Department Station 2, Reno Fire Department Station 21, Reno Fire Department Station 3, Reno Fire Department Station 4, Reno Fire Department Station 5, Reno Fire Department Station 6, Reno Fire Department Station 7, Reno Fire Department Station 8, Reno Fire Department Station 9, Reno Police Department, Reno Police Department Citicenter Substation, Reno Police Department Neil Road Substation, Reno Police Dispatch, Sierra Fire Protection District Cold Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Sierra Fire Protection District Peavine Volunteer Fire Department, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 30, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 35, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 38 and Galena Volunteer Fire Department, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 39, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 81- Galena, Sierra Fire Protection District Station 82 - Galena, Sierra Fire Protection District Verdi Volunteer Fire Department, Sierra Fire Protection District Washoe Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 221, Sparks Community Recreation Center, Sparks Fire Department Station 1, Sparks Fire Department Station 2, Sparks Fire Department Station 3, Sparks Fire Department Station 4, Sparks Fire Department Station 5, Sparks Police Department, Star Grange Hall, Sutcliffe Volunteer Fire Department Station 241, United States Bureau of Mines, Wadsworth Volunteer Fire Department, Washoe County Library, Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Wittenberg Hall

  Canals     show all on map

Big Ditch, Chandler Ditch, Cochran Ditch, Coldron Ditch, Crane Ditch, Highland Ditch, Lake Ditch, Last Chance Ditch, North Truckee Drain, North Truckee Irrigation Ditch, Orr Ditch, Pioneer Ditch, Prosser Valley Ditch, Pyramid Lake Fishway, Steamboat Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Blizzard Camp Point, Lombardo Point, Lookout Point, Memorial Point, Pelican Point, Sand Point, Stateline Point, Warrior Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Franktown Cemetery, Mother of Sorrows Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Whispering Pines Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Cold Springs Census Designated Place, Crystal Bay Census Designated Place, Empire Census Designated Place, Gerlach Census Designated Place, Gerlach-Empire Census Designated Place (historical), Golden Valley Census Designated Place, Incline Village Census Designated Place, Incline Village-Crystal Bay Census Designated Place (historical), Lemmon Valley Census Designated Place, Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley Census Designated Place (historical), Mogul Census Designated Place, Nixon Census Designated Place, Northwest Truckee Meadows Division (historical), Southeast Truckee Meadows Division (historical), Southwest Truckee Meadows Division (historical), Spanish Springs Census Designated Place, Sun Valley Census Designated Place, Sutcliffe Census Designated Place, Verdi Census Designated Place, Verdi-Mogul Census Designated Place (historical), Wadsworth Census Designated Place, Washoe Valley Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Truckee River Outlet

  Churches     show all on map

Brothers of the Holy Rosary

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Bluff, Guano Rim, Howitzer Slide, Marble Bluff, Melody Rim, Slab Cliffs

  Craters     show all on map

The Craters

  Crossings     show all on map

Bellview Interchange, Border Town Interchange, Clark Interchange, Cold Springs Valley Interchange, East McCarran Interchange, East Verdi Interchange, Garson Road Interchange, Keystone Interchange, Lakeview Interchange, Lawton Interchange, Lockwood Interchange, Lower Crossing (historical), Mogul Interchange, Mustang Interchange, North McCarran Interchange, Orchard Interchange, Painted Rock Interchange, Parr Interchange, Patrick Interchange, Red Rock Interchange, Stead Interchange, Thisbe-Derby Dam Interchange, US395B Interchange, Verdi Interchange, Vista Interchange, Wadsworth-Pyramid Lake Interchange, West McCarran Interchange, West Verdi Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Boulder Dam, Captain Johnson Reservoir Dam, Carter Reservoir Dam, Catnip Dam, Coleman Reservoir Dam, Deadmans Canyon Dam, Derby Dam, Dewey Parker Dam Number One, Dewey Parker Dam Number Two, East Wash Diversion Dam, Fly Reservoir Dam, Frog Pond Dam, Gooseberry Mine Tailings Dam, Grass Valley Dam, Highland Reservoir Dam, Hill Dam Number One, Hill Dam Number Two, Hobart Creek Dam, Howard C Davis Dam, Hunter Creek Dam, Incline Lake Dam, Little High Rock Dam, Little Valley Reservoir Dam, Lower Peavine Creek Dam, Marble Bluff Dam, Marlette Lake Dam, Milk Ranch Dam, Mill Creek Dam Number Two, Negro Creek Dam, Numana Dam, Nutgrass Dike, Rye Creek Reservoir Dam, Sevier Lake Dam, Skedaddle Dam (historical), Spanish Flat Dam, Squaw Valley Creek Dam, Swan Lake Reservoir Dam, Toney Reservoir Dam, Upper Peavine Creek Dam, Wall Creek Dam Number One, Wall Creek Dam Number Two, West Wash Dam, Wheeler Reservoir Dam, Winnemucca Ranch Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Jumbo Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flat, Antelope Flat, Bacon Rind Flat, Bedell Flat, Big Adobe Flat, Big Meadows, Bitner Table, Boneyard Flat, Boulder Field, Boulder Flat, Boulder Flat, Buck Pasture, Buffalo Meadows, Butcher Flat, Button Brush Flat, Clear Creek Meadow, Crooks Meadow, Davis Meadow, Dodge Flat, Dry Lake, Dry Slick, Duck Flat, Duck Flat, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Fish Creek Table, Fraser Flat, Freds Field, Granite Creek Meadow, Grass Lake, Horse Heaven, Jones Flat, Juniper Flat, Lees Flat, Little Adobe Flat, Lower Meadow, Macy Flat, Mahogany Flat, Mare Pasture, Mixie Flat, Newcome Lake, Painters Flat, Rock Flat, Rye Grass Field, Salt Marsh, Skull Meadow, Spanish Flat, Summit Cave, Tahoe Meadows, The Dry Lake, The Tank, Thomas Meadows, Truckee Meadows, Upper Meadow, White Lake, White Sage Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Pass, Astor Pass, Bert Fitz Summit, Burro Mountain Pass, Contact Pass, Devils Gate, Devils Gate, Dry Lake Summit, Duck Hill Summit, Emerson Pass, Fremont Pass, Godeys Gap, Lost Creek Pass, Mount Rose Summit, Mullen Pass, Railroad Pass, Sand Pass, Scott Pass, Sheep Pass, The Narrows, Wagon Tire Pass, Washoe Summit, Wild Horse Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

ARC Med Center, Charles Drive Home, Eastern Sierra Medical Group and Faster Care, Eastern Sierra Medical Group and Faster Care, Gerlach Medical Center, HAWC Clinic, Hearthestone of Northern Nevada, Incline Village Community Hospital, Ioannis A Lougaris Veterans Administration Medical Center, Life Care Center of Reno, Manor Care Health Services, Mediquik, Northern Nevada Medical Center, Physicians Hospital for Extended Care, Pyramid Health Center, Regent Care Center of Reno, Renown Medical Group Urgent Care Center, Renown Medical Group Urgent Care Center, Renown Medical Group Urgent Care Center, Renown Medical Group Urgent Care Center Ryland, Renown Medical Group Urgent Care Center Vista, Renown Regional Medical Center, Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, Renown South Meadows Medical Center, Saint Mary's Medical Center at Galena, Saint Mary's Medical Center Sun Valley Clinic, Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, Saint Mary's Urgent Care Center at Los Altos Parkway, Saint Mary's Urgent Care Center at Mae Anne, Saint Marys Family Walk-In Center, Saint Marys Redfield Clinic, Sierra Regional Center, Stead Medical, Summit Ridge Medical Center, Tahoe Pacific Hospital (historical), Tahoe Pacific Hospital Meadows, Tahoe Pacific Hospital West, Trinity Services, Washoe Medical Center Clinic, Washoe Progressive Care Center, West Hills Hospital, Willow Springs Center

  Islands     show all on map

Anaho Island, Cossitts Island, Poor Island, Scott Island, The Pyramid

  Lakes     show all on map

Alkali Lake, Bald Mountain Lake, Boulder Lake, Burnt Lake, Calcutta Lake, Central Lake, Cow Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Steer Lake, Fatty Martin Lake, Fortynine Lake, Fuller Lake, Garden Lake, Ginny Lake, Grass Lake, Gray Lake, Hidden Lake, Horse Lake, Hunter Lake, Joy Lake, Little Washoe Lake, Long Lake, Lords Lake, Lower Price Lake, Mahogany Lake, Massacre Lake, Melody Lake, Middle Lake, Middle Lake, Mosquito Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, New Year Lake, North Lake, Pilgrim Lake, Pyramid Lake, Rock Lake, Round Mountain Lake, Silver Lake, SOB Lake, Steer Lake, Swan Lake, Swan Lake, Table Lakes, Tamarack Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Washoe Lake, West Lake, Willow Lake, Winnemucca Lake

  Locales     show all on map

102 Ranch, Airway Beacon 212, Ambrose Park, Anderson, Anderson Ranch, Antelope Run, Astor, Atchison Mill (historical), Auburn (historical), Bandy Ranch, Barker (historical), Bella Vista Ranch, Bernard Place, Bernards Corrals, Bianco Ranch, Big Canyon, Big Canyon Ranch, Bitner Ranch, Black Camp, BLM Fire Guard Station, Blondell Ranch, Board Corral Ranch, Bonham Ranch, Bordwell Camp, Bowers Fire Control Station, Boy Scout Camp, Boynton Ranch, Bristol (historical), Bronte (historical), Brooklyn (historical), Brookside Municipal Golf Course, Browns (historical), Broyles Ranch, Brush Corral, Bryant, Buckeye Mill, Bud Brown Cabin, Buffalo Meadows Ranch, Buffalo Spring (historical), Burnt Cedar Beach, Button Brush Windmill, C and M Ranch, CAA Station, Calcutta Ranch, Caldwells Mill (historical), Callahan Ranch, Calvada Station, Camp Fire Girls Camp, Camp Thirtyseven (historical), Casci Ranch, Cavin Place, Cedar (historical), Chalk Hill (historical), Clarksons Plaza, Clear Creek Ranch, Cockrell Ranch, Coleman Ranch, Commonwelth Station, Conlon Camp, Cornell Place, Court of Antiquity, Coyote Camp, Crawford Ranch, Crooks Ranch, Dandrea Ranch, Deephole Ranch, Denio Camp, Desert Research Institute, Dewey (historical), Dickinson Ranch, Ditho (historical), Dondero Mill (historical), Double Check (historical), Double Diamond Ranch, Dows Quartz Mill (historical), Drown Ranch, Dry Valley Corrals, East Lakes Interagency Fire Center, Eastman Mill, Easton (historical), Edwill (historical), English Mill (historical), Essex (historical), Evans Camp, Ferretto Ranch, Figoni Ranch, Fish Springs Ranch, Fisk Ranch, Fly Ranch, Flying M E Ranch, Folsom Camp, Fortynine Camp, Fortynine Ranch, Francis (historical), Francis Station (historical), Galena (historical), Galena Creek Fire Station, Galena Creek Guard Station (historical), Garayenta Ranch, Gardella Ranch, Gerlach and Waltz Ranch, Gibson (historical), Gilpin (historical), Gilpin Rest Stop, Granite Cove (historical), Granite Creek Ranch, Grass Valley Ranch, Grassy Ranch, Greenbrae Shopping Center, Harolds Trap Shooting Club, Harriman Ranch, Harriman Ranch, Hart Camp, Hausen (historical), Hells Trap Shoot, Herstin, Heslip (historical), High Rock Ranch, Hill Ranch, Hills (historical), Home Camp, Hoover Ranch, Ideal Shopping Center, Incline Golf Course, Incline Guard Station, Incline Ski Area, Incline Village Shopping Center, Indian Pole Camp, Iron Horse Shopping Center, Iveson Ranch, IXL Ranch, James Ranch, Jones Canyon Ranch, Jones Ranch, Junction City, Junction House (historical), K-Mart Plaza, Kepler (historical), Keystone Square, Kleppe Ranch, Knoll Ranch, Lakeridge Golf Course, Lakeside Plaza, Last Chance Ranch, Leadville, Lemmon Valley Ranch, Lemmon Valley Shopping Center, Lemmon Valley Speedway, Libby (historical), Lighting W Ranch, Lingenfelter Ranch, List Ranch, Little Bangor, Long Ranch, Lost Creek Ranch, Louis Ranch (historical), Lower Smoke Creek, Mackay and Fair Camp, Magnolia House, Maltby (historical), Manhattan Mill, Massacre Ranch, Mayburg Store (historical), McCarran Plaza, Meadowwood Mall, Melody Place, Mill Station (historical), Miller Ranch, Millers (historical), Minnesota Mill, Miraloma Park Shopping Center, Monte Cristo Ranch, Morris Ranch, Mott Place, Mount Rose Campground, Mount Rose Highway Maintenance Station, Mount Rose Ski Area, Mount Rose Substation, Mountain View Corral, Murphy Ranch, NAA Weather Station, Napa Mill, Negro Creek Ranch, Nevada Patrol Weighing Station, New York Mill, Nolan Ranch, North Hill Shopping Center, Norths Mill, Norton Mill, Norton Place, Numana (historical), O'Neils Station (historical), Oddie Mall, Old Camp, Old Cedar (historical), Old Granite Creek Station (historical), Old Heller Ranch, Old Town Mall, Olinghouse Junction (historical), Olinghouse Mill (historical), Oneida (historical), Ophir Mill Site, Ora (historical), Ox Yoke Ranch, Painter Ranch, Panther, Pappys Corral, Park Lake Center, Parker Ranch, Parry Ranch, Pauls Camp (historical), Pedretti Ranch, Peri Ranch, Picket Corral, Pine Tree Ranch, Piute Indian Agency, Plaza 800, Plumb Lane Plaza, Poeville (historical), Ponderosa Ranch, Powers Ranch, Prison Track (historical), Pyramid Park Shopping Center, Quail Canyon Ranch, Rancho Mira Loma, Ransome, Red House, Redwood Ranch, Reno Sewage Disposal Plant, Robbers Roost (historical), Romolo (historical), Roop (historical), Round Hole (historical), Round House, Roundhole (historical), Rye Patch Sheep Camp, S J Ranch, Sage Hill Gun Club, Salt Marsh Station (historical), San Antonio Ranch, Sapo (historical), Sarvia (historical), Shadow Ranch, Sheepshead Ranch (historical), Sherman Place, Shoppers Square, Short Ranch, Sierra Sage Golf Course, Silver State Plaza, Silverada Mall, Sky Tavern Ski Area, Slide Mountain Ski Area, Slip Mill (historical), Smithridge Plaza, Smoke Creek Ranch, Smoke Creek Station, South Virginia Plaza, Spanish Springs Ranch, Sparks Sewage Disposal Plant, Squaw Valley Ranch (historical), State Highway Maintenance Shops, Stead Ranch, Steen Ranch, Sterling Village Shopping Center, Stevens Camp, Stevens Ranch, Stevens Ranch, Steward Ranch, Stockhams Saw Mill (historical), Stone Corral, Sturtevant (historical), Sunkist (historical), Swingle Ranch, Tahoe Meadows Snowplay Area, Tank Number One (historical), Temelic Mill, The Dip, The Homestead, The Orchard, Thomas Ranch, Thomas Sawmill (historical), Three Mile Station (historical), Three-C Windmill, Toney Ranch, Toombs (historical), Town and Country Shopping Center, Trail Ranch, Treps Farm, Tunnel Creek Station, Twenty Mile House (historical), Two Mile Station (historical), U S Gypsum Company Plant, University of Nevada Experimental Farm, University Village East Shopping Center, Van Riper Place, Verdi Fire Station, Verdi Fish Hatchery, Village Shopping Center, Village Shopping Center, Wall Canyon Ranch, Wall Canyon Windmill, Wards (historical), Washoe County Golf Course, Washoe Fish Rearing Station, Washoe Lake Boat Landing, Washoe Pines Ranch, Washoe Valley Reduction Works, Weir Place, Wilcox Ranch, Wildcreek Golf Course, Williams Place, Winnemucca Ranch, Woodruff Camp, Worland Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Camp Pollock (historical), Fort Defiance (historical), Fort Haven (historical), Reno Army Air Base (historical), Reno/Tahoe International Airport Air Guard Station, Smoke Creek Camp (historical), Stead Air Force Base (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Alexander Mine, Antelope Mine, Antelope Mine, Antelope Mine (historical), Arkell Mine, Auburn Mine, Bargo Mine, Big Mouth Mine, Black Panther Mine, Boss Jumbo Mine, Buckeye Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Buffalo Springs Salt Works, Buster Mine, Cambell Mine, Campbell Mine, Campoodie Mine, Charles Nashs Mine, Choates Mine, Cinch Mine, Crown Prince Mine, Delongchamps Mine, Derby Tungsten Mine, Donatelli Mine, Dondero Shaft, Emma Mine, Empire Mine, Fravel Mine, Galena Hill Mine, Gamble Mine, Garnet Tungsten Mine, Golden Fleece Mine, Golden Gate Mine, Gopher Mine, Granite Hill Mine, Granite Hill Mine, Green Mountain Mines, Gregory Mine, Guanomi Mine, Infant Mine, Jay Bird Mine, Jones Kincaid Mine, Keystone Nevada Mine, Lakeview Mine, Last Chance Mine, Leadville Mine, Little Valley Mine, Londons Mine, Lowary Mine, Mahoney Mine, Modoc Mine, Monarch Gold Mine, Monarch Mine, Mountain View Mine, Nevada Central Mine, Nevada Dominion Mine, Olinghouse Mine, Pacific Pyramid Mine, Packard Mine, Pandora Mine, Paymaster Mine, Pyramid Mines, Recall Mine, Red Metal Mine, Red Top Mine, Reno Mizpah Mine, Rocky Hill Mine, Ruth Mine, Sano Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Fox Mine, Sleepy Joe Mine, Tiger Group Mine, Tohoqua Mine, U S Gypsum Mine, Union Mine, Updike Mine, Venetion Mine, Walker Mine, Water Tunnels Mine, Wedekind Mine, Wheeler Ranch Prospect, White Caps Mine, Wild Goose Mine, Wild Horse Canyon Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Amione Park, Anaho Island National Wildlife Refuge, Ardmore Park, Audrey Harris Park, Backcountry Management Area, Baker Park, Bellvue Day Use Area, Bowers Mansion County Park, Brodhead Memorial Park, Burgess Park, Caughlin Park, Church Park, Cold Spring Park, Crystal Peak Park, Davis Creek County Park, Deer Park, Evans Park, Fishermans Park, Galena Creek County Park, Geiger Lookout Wayside Park, Glendale Park, Governors Bowl Park, Great Boiling Spring Park, Hidden Valley County Park, Highway 28 Management Area, Horsemans Park, Horsemens Park, Idlewild Park, Irving Park, Lake Park, Lake Tahoe State Park, Longford Park, Mayberry Crossing Park, Mayors Park, Moana Municipal Pool, Nevada Game Farm, Newlands Circle, Northwest Park, Ophir Mill Historical Marker, Oppio Park, Paradise Park, Pickett Park, Preston Field, Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno Municipal Tennis Center, Riverside Park, Rock Park, Sand Harbor Beach State Recreation Area, Scripps State Wildlife Management Area, Shadow Mountain Park, Sheldon National Antelope Refuge, Shelly Park, Silver Knolls Park, Stewart Park, Sun Valley Park, Taylor Memorial Park, Tigh Park, Washoe Lake State Park, Whitaker Park, Whittell Forest and Wildlife Management Area, Wilkinson Park, Wingfield Park, Winnemucca National Wildlife Refuge (historical), Yori Park

  Pillars     show all on map

George Washington Rock, Indian Head Rock, Indian Rock, Mushroom Rock, Needle Rock, Squaw With a Basket, The Needle Rocks

  Plains     show all on map

San Emidio Desert, Smoke Creek Desert

  Populated Places     show all on map

Andersons (historical), Andys Place, Beulah (historical), Black Springs, Border Town, Bronco (historical), Brunson, Buffalo Meadows (historical), Churches Camp (historical), Clarks (historical), Cold Springs, Copperfield, Crystal Bay, Crystal Peak (historical), Deep Hole, Diessner (historical), Dodge, Empire, Five Mile House (historical), Flanigan, Fleish, Franktown, Gerlach, Glendale, Golden Valley, Grand View Terrace, Hafed, Heinz (historical), Hidden Valley, Hot Springs (historical), Huffaker (historical), Incline Village, Jumbo (historical), Lawton, Lemmon Valley, Marmol (historical), Martin, Mayberry-Highland Park, Mayberrys (historical), Mogul, Mustang, Nashville, New Washoe City, Nixon, North Valley, Olinghouse, Ophir City (historical), Panther Valley, Patrick, Phil, Pleasant Valley, Pyramid, Pyramid (historical), Raleigh Heights, Reederville, Reno, Reno-Stead, Reynard, Roderick (historical), Sand Pass, Sano, Sheepshead, Smoke Creek, Spanish Springs, Sparks, Steamboat, Sun Valley, Sundown Town, Sutcliffe, Swedes Place, Thisby, Tyrolian Village, Upper Pyramid (historical), Verdi, Vista, Vya, Wadsworth, Washoe City, Wedekind, West Reno, Wimer Place, Zenobia

  Post Offices     show all on map

Air Mail Field Post Office (historical), Auburn Post Office, Beulah Post Office (historical), Black Springs Branch Post Office (historical), Bronco Post Office (historical), Buffalo Meadows Post Office (historical), Clarks Post Office, Crystal Bay Post Office, Crystal Peak Post Office, Deep Hole Post Office, Dewey Post Office, Diessner Post Office (historical), Empire Post Office, Flanigan Post Office (historical), Fleish Post Office (historical), Francis Post Office (historical), Franktown Post Office (historical), Galena Station Post Office, Gerlach Post Office, Glendale Post Office (historical), Hausen Post Office, Heinz Post Office, Heply Post Office (historical), Hot Springs Post Office (historical), Hunters Post Office (historical), Incline Post Office (historical), Incline Village Branch Post Office, Joplin Post Office (historical), Jumbo Post Office (historical), Lemmon Valley Rural Branch Post Office (historical), Marmol Post Office (historical), Mud Meadows Post Office (historical), Nixon Post Office, Ophir Post Office (historical), Ora Post Office (historical), Peavine Station Post Office (historical), Poeville Post Office, Purdys Post Office (historical), Pyramid Post Office (historical), Pyramid Post Office (historical), Reno Downtown Station Post Office, Reno Main Post Office, Roderick Post Office (historical), Roop Post Office (historical), Sandpass Post Office (historical), Sheepshead Post Office (historical), Sierra Station Post Office, Smoke Creek Post Office (historical), Sparks Post Office, Stead Air Force Base Branch Post Office (historical), Stead Station Post Office (historical), Steamboat Branch Post Office, Summit Springs Post Office (historical), Sun Valley Branch Post Office, Sunkist Post Office (historical), Sutcliffe Post Office (historical), Tracy Clark Rural Branch Post Office (historical), Truckee Meadows Post Office (historical), University Station Post Office, Verdi Post Office, Vya Post Office (historical), Wadsworth Post Office, Washington Station Post Office, Washoe Post Office (historical), Wedekind Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Badger Mountains, Buffalo Hills, Carson Range, Coppersmith Hills, Curnow Range, Diabase Hills, Fox Range, French Mountains, Granite Range, Hays Canyon Range, Hog Ranch Mountains, Home Camp Range, Hungry Range, Junction House Range, Lake Range, Little High Rock Mountains, Lost Creek Hills, Massacre Range, Mosquito Mountain, Pah Rah Range, Painted Hills, Painted Point Range, Peavine Mountain, Petersen Mountain, Pinto Peak Range, Rainbow Hills, Sand Hills, Sand Range, Smoke Creek Mountains, Terraced Hills, Truckee Range, Virginia Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness, High Rock Canyon Wilderness, Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness, Mt. Rose Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alexander Lake, Americum Reservoir, Antimony Reservoir, Argon Reservoir, Bedrock Reservoir, Big Mahogany Reservoir, Black Canyon Reservoir, Black Rock Reservoir, Black Rock Reservoir, Boulder Dam Reservoir, Boulder Reservoir, Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 10, Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 6, Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 7, Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 8, Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 9, Captain Johnson Reservoir, Carter Reservoir, Catnip Reservoir, Cockrell Trough, Coffey Reservoir (historical), Cold Weather Reservoir, Coleman Reservoir, Crampton Troughs, Deadmans Canyon Reservoir, Dewey Parker Reservoir, Dewey Parker Reservoir Number Two, Disabel Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, East Wash Reservoir, Fly Reservoir, Frog Pond, Gooseberry Tailings Reservoir, Grass Valley Reservoir, Heward Reservoir, Highland Reservoir, Hill Reservoir, Hobart Creek Reservoir, Hobble Reservoir, Hog John Reservoir, Hunter Creek Reservoir, Incline Lake, Iveson Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jones Flat Reservoir, Larkspur Reservoir, Leadville Troughs, Little High Rock Reservoir, Little Hog Ranch Reservoir, Little Mahogany Reservoir, Little Valley Reservoir, Lower Coyote Reservoir, Lower Peavine Creek Reservoir, Lower Wall Canyon Reservoir, Mahogany Troughs, Manzanita Lake, Marlette Lake, Marlette Reservoir, Milk Ranch Reservoir, Mill Creek Reservoir Number Two, Negro Creek Reservoir, Orphan Reservoir, Parker Reservoirs, Pegleg Reservoir, Racetrack Reservoir, Rocky Trail Reservoir, Rye Creek Reservoir, Sheep Camp Draw Reservoir, Sheep Trough Tank, Slick Reservoir, Spanish Flat Reservoir, Spanish Springs, Squaw Valley Reservoir, Swan Lake Reservoir, Toney Reservoir, Twin Spring Reservoir, Upper Coyote Reservoir, Upper Peavine Creek Reservoir, Upper Price Lake, Virginia Lake, Wall Canyon Reservoir, West Wash Reservoir, Wheeler Reservoir, Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Winnemucca Ranch Reservoir, Wood Road Reservoirs

  Ridges     show all on map

Bloody Point, Canoe Hill, Coyote Ridge, Crabapple Ridge, East Point, Hungry Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Never Sweat Hills, Pine Ridge, Relay Ridge, Terrace Point, The Gooseneck, Tule Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A Plus Learning Center, Academy for Career Education, Agnes Risley Elementary School, Alice L Smith Elementary School, Alice Maxwell Elementary School, Alyce Savage Taylor Elementary School, Anderson Elementary School, Aquinas School (historical), Archie Clayton Middle School, B D Billinghurst Middle School, Bailey Charter Elementary School, Bernice Mathews Elementary School, Billinghurst Junior High School (historical), Bishop Manogue High School, Bishop Manogue High School, Bonham School (historical), Brookfield School, Brown Elementary School, Bud Beasley Elementary School, Cambridge School, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School, Child and Family Research Center, Child Garden, Child Garden, Child Garden South Meadows, Childrens World Learning Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Church Academy, Church School, Coral Academy of Science, Damonte Ranch High School, Damonte Ranch Middle School, Darrell C Swope Middle School, Desert Heights Elementary School, Donner Springs Elementary School, Doten School (historical), Double Diamond Elementary School, E L Cord Foundation Child Care Center, E Otis Vaughn Middle School, Earl Wooster High School, Early Basics Learning Academy, Echo Loder Elementary School, Edward C Reed High School, Edward L Pine Middle School, Edward Van Gorder Elementary School, Edwin S Dodson Elementary School, Elizabeth Lenz Elementary School, Elmcrest Elementary School, Ernest M Johnson Elementary School, ESL Center, Ester Bennett Elementary School, Excel Christian School Elementary School, Excel Christian School High School, Excel Christian School Middle School, First Baptist Childrens Center, Florence Drake Elementary School, Fred W Traner Middle School, Galena Creek School (historical), Galena High School, George L Dilworth Middle School, George Westergard Elementary School, Gerlach High School, Gerlach Middle School, Ginnys Child Garden, Glenn Duncan Elementary School, Glenn Hare Center, Grace Warner Elementary School, Greenbrae Elementary School, Halima Academy, Happy Days Kindergarten, Hidden Valley Elementary School, High Desert Montessori School, High Desert Montessori School, Holy Child Catholic Day Home, Home Garden School (historical), Huffaker Elementary School, Hunter Lake Elementary School, I Can Do Anything Charter High School, Imagination Station, Incline Elementary K-2nd School, Incline Elementary School 3rd - 5th School, Incline High School, Incline Middle School, Jamilian Parochial School, Jerry Whitehead Elementary School, Jessie Beck Elementary School, Kate M Smith Elementary School, Katherine Dunn Elementary School, Kids R Kids Kindergarten, Kings Academy, Koinonia Day Treatment Center, Lake Tahoe School, Legacy Christian School, Lemmon Valley Elementary School, Lena Juniper Elementary School, Libby C Booth Elementary School, Lighthouse Baptist Academy, Lincoln Park Elementary School, Lion and the Lamb Christian School, Little Bear Nursery School/Kindergarten, Little Flower Elementary School, Little Golden Goose Kindergarten, Little Hearts Preschool and Kindergarten, Little Rascals School, Lloyd Diedrichsen Elementary School, Lois Allen Elementary School, Long Valley School (historical), Lou Mendive Middle School, Mama Louisas Child Care and Kindergarten, Mamie Towles Elementary School, Mariposa Academy of Language and Learning, Marvin Moss Elementary School, McKinley Park School (historical), Mount Rose Elementary School, Mountain View Montessori School, Nancy Gomes Elementary School, Natchez Elementary School, New Beginnings Child Development Center, New Life Christian Academy, North Truckee School (historical), North Valleys High School, Opportunity School, Our Lady of Snows Elementary School, Peavine Elementary School, Picollo Special Education School, Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Proctor R Hug High School, Pyramid Lake High School, Rainshadow Community Charter High School, Regional Technical Institute, Reno Christian Academy, Reno High School, Reno Junior Academy, Ring School (historical), Rita Cannan Elementary School, Robert McQueen High School, Robert Mitchell Elementary School, Roger Corbett Elementary School, Rollan D Melton Elementary School, Roy Gomm Elementary School, Safe Harbor Church School, Sage Ridge School, Saint Albert the Great Elementary School, Saint Johns Childrens Center, Saint Marys Childrens Garden, Sarah Winnemucca Elementary School, Shepherd of the Mountain Lutheran Church School, Sierra Nevada Academy, Sierra Nevada College, Sierra Nevada High School, Sierra Nevada Job Corp Center, Sierra Vista Childrens Academy, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Silver Lake Elementary School, Smithridge Elementary School, Spanish Springs Elementary School, Spanish Springs High School, Sparks High School, Sparks Middle School, Stead Elementary School, Stepping Stones Childrens Center, Sun Valley Elementary School, Sutcliffe School (historical), Ted Hunsberger Elementary School, Teen Challenge of Nevada, Truckee Meadows Child Development Center, Truckee Meadows Christian Academy, Truckee Meadows Community College, Truckee Meadows Community College High School, Truckee Meadows School, Truckee Meadows School, University of Nevada, University of Nevada Farm, Verdi Elementary School, Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Virginia Palmer Elementary School, Vya School (historical), Washoe High School, Washoe Middle School, William O'Brien Middle School, Yvonne Shaw Middle School

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Al Owens Spring, Alum Spring, Anaho Island Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Apple Orchard Spring, Aspen Spring, August Spring, Barker Springs, Barrel Spring, Barrel Springs, Bath Tub Spring, Bedell Spring, Beebe Spring, Bell Spring, Bernice Spring, Biebe Spring, Big Antelope Springs, Big Pothole, Big Sawmill Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Wiemer Spring, Biltz Spring, Birch Spring, Bird Spring, Black Mountain Spring, Black Rock Spring, Black Warrior Spring, Boiling Spring, Bootlegger Spring, Bordwell Spring, Boulder Spring, Bowers Mansion Hot Spring, Brackish Spring, Bregar Spring, Browns Bowl Spring, Brush Spring, Buck Corral Spring, Buck Spring, Buckbrush Spring, Buckbrush Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buffalo Spring, Buffalo Spring, Bull Basin Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Springs, Burnt Lake Spring, Butler Spring, Butte Spring, Buzz Spring, Byers Spring, Carl Spring, CC Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Springs, Chester Lyons Spring, Chewing Gum Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Spring, Chimney Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Clover Spring, Cocklebur Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Coleman Spring, Company 40 Spring, Company Spring, Corner Spring, Cottontail Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Cove Springs, Cow Spring, Cowboy Springs, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Creel Spring, Cresler Spring, Crooked Canyon Spring, Cross Fence Spring, Crutcher Springs, Curnow Spring, Currant Spring, Dead Heifer Spring, Deep Hole Spring, Deer Spring, Denio Camp Springs, Dimonte Spring, Dip Spring, Divine Spring, Docking Corral Spring, Dollar Spring, Dolly Varden Spring, Domingo Spring, Double Diamond Spring, East Spring, Emigrant Spring, Ernie Spring, Farmer Spring, Ferdaline Spring, Fern Point Spring, Fern Spring, Findman Spring, Finley Number Four Spring, Finley Number One Spring, Finley Number Three Spring, Fish Spring, Fish Spring, Fish Springs, Fish Springs, Fox Canyon Spring, Garden Springs, Gerlach Spring, Gillam Spring, Glenco Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Gould Spring, Government Trough Spring, Granite Spring, Gravelly Spring, Great Boiling Spring, Harrys Spring, Harts Springs, Hayes Spring, Heward Troughs, Hidden Horse Spring, Higgens Spring, High Up Springs, Hills Warm Spring, Hillside Spring, Hillside Spring, Hillside Spring, Hobble Springs, Hog Spring, Hole in the Ground Spring, Horehound Springs, Hornet Spring, Horse Canyon Spring, Horse Canyon Springs, Horse Corral Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Huffaker Springs, Hungry Spring, Indian Rock Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Irene Spring, Jackass Spring, Jackass Spring, Jackass Spring, Jackass Spring, Jackknife Spring, Jenkins Spring, Jenkins Troughs, Jims Creek Spring, Jones Dugout Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Springs, Kinnikinic Spring, Kissler Springs, Koenig Spring, Laird Spring, Lake Spring, Lawtons Hot Springs, Laxaque Spring, Leadville Springs, Lemmy Spring, Little Antelope Spring, Little Antelope Spring, Little Bull Spring, Little Catnip Spring, Little Cottonwood Spring, Little Hungry Spring, Little Indian Spring, Little Nut Spring, Little Potholes, Little Spring, Little Valley Spring, Little Wiemer Spring, Lone Juniper Spring, Lone Juniper Spring, Lone Mountain Spring, Lone Spring, Look Spring, Lookout Spring, Lope Spring, Lorrie Spring, Lost Creek Troughs, Lost Spring, Lower Adobe Spring, Lower Coyote Spring, Lower Indian Spring, Lower Indian Spring, Lower Post Corral Spring, Lower Scott Springs, Lower Wildcat Spring, Mare Pasture Spring, Mason Spring, Massacre Spring, Matley Spring, MC Springs, McConnel Spring, McKissick Spring, Middle Canyon Spring, Middle Fork Spring, Miller and Lux Spring, Miller and Lux Spring, Miller Spring, Moana Hot Springs, Mocho Spring, Mocho Spring Number One, Mocho Spring Number Two, Montview Spring, Moses Rock Spring, Moses Rock Spring, Mount Rose Spring, Mountain Spring, Mountain View Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Trough Spring, Mule Springs, Murdock Spring, Murphy Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Nava Spring, Nellie Spring, New Spring, Newcome Spring, North Spring, North Spring, Nugent Springs, Nut Spring, Packsaddle Spring, Painters Spring, Pappys Corral Spring, Parker Spring, Parsnip Spring, Paso Spring, Pat Brown Spring, Pauls Camp Spring, Peavine Springs, Pennywinkle Holes, Pick and Shovel Spring, Pick and Shovel Spring Number Two, Pick and Shovel Springs Number One, Pinto Springs, Pipe Spring, Piute Spring, Post Camp Spring, Post Canyon Spring, Post Spring, Potato Patch Spring, Potato Patch Spring, Pothole Spring, Powers Spring, Pradere Spring, Pump Spring, PWR Spring, Pyramid Island Hot Spring, Quaking Asp Spring, Quaking Aspen Spring, Rains Springs, Rattlesnake Spring, Reno Hot Springs, Right Hand Spring, Rim Rock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Springs, Rocky Spring, Roe Deer Spring, Rogers Spring, Roseberry Spring, Rosebud Spring, Rosebush Spring, Rosebush Spring, Ross Spring, Rotten Egg Spring, Round Hole Spring, Rowland Spring, Saddle Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Springs, Sage Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sagehen Spring, Salt Cabin Spring, Salt Spring, San Emidio Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Spring, Santana Spring, Schell Spring, Scraper Spring, Settlemeyer Spring, Sevenmile Spring, Shallow Spring, Sheehan Spring, Sheep Camp Spring, Sheep Pass Spring, Sheep Springs, Sheepshead Spring, Shovel Spring, Sidehill Spring, Slide Spring, Small Spring, Smokey Spring, Soda Springs, South Spring, Stag Spring, Steam Geyser, Steamboat Springs, Steele Springs, Stockade Spring, Stone Corral Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Springs, Summit Springs, Supply Camp Spring, Table Spring, The Geyser, Tin Spring, Tod Hunters Spring, Tom Spring, Townsend Spring, Trail Canyon Spring, Trail Canyon Spring Number One, Trail Spring, Trough Spring, Trough Spring, True Spring, Tuffy Springs, Tule Spring, Tunnel Spring, Twin Peaks Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Two Mile Spring, Upper Adobe Spring, Upper Coyote Spring, Upper Indian Springs, Upper Post Corral Spring, Upper Rock Spring, Upper Scott Spring, Upper Wildcat Spring, Van Norman Springs, Vinegar Spring, Wagon Tire Spring, Wagontire Spring, Wall Spring, Wards Hot Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, West Catnip Spring, West Springs, Wheeler Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whisky Spring, Whisky Spring, White Heifer Springs, White Rock Spring, Whitney Spring, Wilcox Spring, Wild Horse Canyon Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Willow Springs, Winnemucca Spring, Wrangle Pasture Spring, Yellow Rock Spring, Ytciana Spring, Zolezzi Springs

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Alum Creek, Badger Creek, Bald Mountain Creek, Barker Creek, Berrey Brook, Big Hog Ranch Creek, Big Mouth Creek, Bordwell Creek, Boulder Creek, Boynton Slough, Branch Big Mouth Creek, Brooklyn Creek, Browns Creek, Buenaventura River, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Slough, Bull Creek, Bull Ranch Creek, Burro Creek, Campoodie Creek, Catnip Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chimney Rock Creek, Clear Creek, Clover Creek, Coal Creek, Compoodie Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Creek, Davis Creek, Dead Ox Wash, Dog Creek, Dove Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Flat Wash, East Creek, East Fork Skedaddle Creek, East Fork Smoke Creek, Evans Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Springs Creek, Fort Defiance Creek, Franktown Creek, Frog Creek, Galena Creek, Granite Creek, Grass Valley Creek, Hardscrabble Creek, Hobart Creek, Hog Ranch Creek, Hunter Creek, Incline Creek, Jims Creek, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Lewers Creek, Little Hog Ranch Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Mahogany Creek, Massacre Creek, McClellans Creek, McEwen Creek, Middle Fork Buffalo Creek, Middle Fork Negro Creek, Mill Creek, Millers Creek, Mountain View Creek, Mud Lake Slough, Mullen Creek, Musgrove Creek, Negro Creek, Newton Creek, No Savvy Creek, North Catnip Creek, North Fork Buffalo Creek, North Fork Coyote Creek, North Fork Dry Valley Creek, North Fork Frog Creek, North Fork Gray Creek, North Fork Negro Creek, North Fork Rodeo Creek, Ophir Creek, Paiute Creek, Parsnip Wash, Peavine Creek, Rock Creek, Rodeo Creek, Rodero Creek, Rush Creek, Rye Creek, Second Creek, Secret Creek, Secret Creek, Smoke Creek, South Catnip Creek, South Creek, South Fork Dry Valley Creek, South Fork Frog Creek, South Fork Negro Creek, South Fork Parsnip Wash, South Fork Red Mountain Creek, South Fork Rush Creek, South Willow Creek, South Willow Creek, Squaw Creek, Steamboat Creek, Sunrise Creek, Texas Creek, Third Creek, Thomas Creek, Truckee River, Tuledad Creek, Tunnel Creek, Wagon Tire Creek, Wall Canyon Creek, Wall Creek, West Fork Buffalo Creek, Whites Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Winters Creek, Yellow Rock Canon Creek

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Allen Hill, Alpine Walk Peak, Badger Mountain, Bald Mountain, Big Hat Mountain, Big Point, Bitner Butte, Black Butte, Black Hills, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Warrior Peak, Boulder Mountain, Bruffs Rock, Buckhorn Peak, Burnt Mountain, Burro Mountain, Butte Spring Hills, Button Mountain, Catnip Mountain, Cherry Mountain, Chimney Rock, Chocolate Peak, Church Peak, Cone Peak, Divine Peak, Dogskin Mountain, Duck Hill, Eagle Head, Eddies Garden, Falcon Hill, Fern Point, Fish Creek Mountain, Fort Sage Mountains, Fortynine Mountain, Fox Mountain, Freds Mountain, Godeys Rock, Granite Hills, Granite Mountain, Granite Peak, Granite Peak, Granite Peak, Granite Point, Grass Mountain, Grassy Rock, Green Hill, Hart Mountain, Hays Canyon Peak, Herlan Peak, Hog Ranch Mountain, Huffaker Hills, Hungry Mountain, Jackass Peak, Juniper Peak, Kimberly Hill, Kits Peak, Leadville Mountain, Little Hat Mountain, Little Mahogany Mountain, Lone Mountain, Lone Spring Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Mahogany Mountain, Mahogany Peak, Marlette Peak, Massacre Mountain, Melody Mountain, Metzker Peak, Mission Peak, Moses Rock, Mount Abbie, Mount Baldy, Mount Houghton, Mount Observation, Mount Rose, Mount Scott, Mule Mountain, Nache Peak, Needle Rock, Nellie Spring Mountain, North Rock Springs Table, Nut Mountain, Old Lonesome, Pah Rah Mountain, Pah-Rum Peak, Painted Point, Peavine Peak, Pinto Peak, Pond Peak, Poodle Mountain, Porcupine Mountain, Rattlesnake Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Rock, Red White and Blue Mountain, Relay Peak, Rifle Peak, Rocky Peak, Rose Knob, Rose Knob Peak, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Rowland Mountain, Russell Peak, Seven Lakes Mountain, Slide Mountain, Snowflower Mountain, South Mountain, Spanish Springs Peak, State Line Peak, Steamboat Hills, Sugar Loaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Peak, Table Butte, Tamarack Peak, The Banjo, The Buttes, Tohakum Peak, Tule Peak, Twentyone Mile Hill, Twin Peaks, Two Tips, Vinegar Peak, Virginia Peak, Wagon Tire Mountain, Warm Springs Mountain, Washoe Hill, White Hill, Wildcat Hill, Wildcat Peak, Wildcat Peak, Yellow Hills, Yellow Peak

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Holy Lake

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KAME-TV (Reno), KATO Radio Tower, KBET Radio Tower, KCBN-AM (Reno), KCRL-TV Tower (Los Alamos), KGLH-FM (Gerlach), KHIT-AM (Sun Valley), KHTZ-AM (Sparks), KIIQ-FM (Reno), KJOR-AM (Reno), KKMR-FM (Sparks), KKMR-FM (Sparks), KKNC-AM (Sun Valley), KNEV Radio Tower, KNPB-TV (Reno), KOH Radio Towers, KOH-AM (Reno), KOLO Radio Tower, KOLO Radio Towers, KOLO-TV (Reno), KONE-AM (Reno), KPLY-AM (Sparks), KQLO-AM (Reno), KQLO-AM (Reno), KRCV-AM (Reno), KREN-TV (Reno), KRNO-FM (Reno), KRNP Radio Tower, KRNV-TV (Reno), KROW-AM (Reno), KTHX-FM (Reno), KTVN Radio Tower, KTVN-TV (Reno), KVRX-FM (Sparks), KWRN-FM Radio Tower, KXTO-AM (Reno), KZAK-FM (Incline Village), KZSR-FM (Reno), Mount Rose Relay Station

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Mount Rose Trail

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Anderson Canyon, Axe Handle Canyon, Bailey Canyon, Bald Mountain Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Mouth Canyon, Big Sawmill Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Diamond Canyon, Blue Ravine, Bordwell Canyon, Bowen Canyon, Buckbrush Canyon, Buffalo Canyon, Catnip Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Chicken Canyon, Chicken Spring Canyon, Chimney Canyon, Chimney Rock Canyon, Cockrell Canyon, Cold Spring Valley, Coleman Canyon, Copper Canyon, Cottonwood Caņon, Cottonwood Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Crooked Canyon, Crutcher Canyon, Curnow Canyon, Currant Canyon, Deer Ravine, Drag Road Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Valley, Eagle Canyon, Eagle Gulch, East Cottonwood Canyon, Five Springs Canyon, Fort Defiance Canyon, Fox Canyon, Frank Free Canyon, Gardella Canyon, Golden Valley, Granite Canyon, Grassy Canyon, Griffith Canyon, Groundhog Canyon, Hanging Rock Canyon, Hardscrabble Caņon, Hay Canyon, Hays Canyon, Hells Kitchen Canyon, Hidden Valley, High Rock Canyon, Hill Ranch Canyon, Hog Gulch, Home Ranch Canyon, Hornet Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Ravine, Hungry Valley, India Ravine, Indian Valley, Jenne Ravine, Jigger Bobb Canyon, Jones Canyon, Jones Canyon, Kelly Ravine, Laughton Valley, Leadville Canyon, Left Hand Canyon, Lingle Ravine, Little Coleman Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Little High Rock Canyon, Little Rattlesnake Canyon, Little Sawmill Canyon, Little Valley, Little Valley, Lone Juniper Canyon, Manure Canyon, Maria Canyon, McKissick Canyon, Melody Canyon, Moses Rock Canyon, Mosquito Valley, Mullens Canyon, North Bar Canyon, Norton Canyon, Nugent Canyon, Old Camp Canyon, Olinghouse Canyon, Paiute Canyon, Panther Valley, Parker Canyon, Pauls Camp Canyon, Pegleg Canyon, Perry Canyon, Pierson Canyon, Piute Caņon, Poison Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pole Canyon, Poodle Mountain Canyon, Quail Canyon, Rabbit Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Razor Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Light Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Right Hand Canyon, Right Hand Canyon, Right Hand Canyon, Rock Springs Canyon, Rough Canyon, Rye Patch Canyon, San Emidio Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Secret Canyon, Sevenmile Canyon, Sharps Canyon, Sheds Gulch, Sheep Camp Draw, Sheep Spring Canyon, Sheepherders Canyon, Shovel Spring Canyon, Smith Canyon, Smokey Canyon, Smyles Ravine, Spanish Springs Canyon, Spanish Springs Valley, Squaw Creek Valley, Stag Canyon, Stockade Canyon, Stormy Canyon, Stud Horse Canyon, Summit Spring Canyon, Sun Valley, Sweetwater Canyon, Telephone Pole Canyon, Thomas Canyon, Threemile Canyon, Thunderbolt Canyon, Tick Canyon, Tiger Canyon, Tin Canyon, Tom Anderson Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Tule Canyon, Turn Canyon, Twin Springs Canyon, Upper Dry Valley, Upper High Rock Canyon, Wall Canyon, Warm Spring Canyon, Water Hole Canyon, Well Canyon, White Horse Canyon, Whites Canyon, Wilcox Canyon, Wilcox Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Creek Canyon, Windmill Canyon, Winnemucca Valley, Wood Canyon, Worland Canyon, Wrangler Canyon, Yellow Rock Canyon, Yuba Caņon

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Al Koenig Well, Arbico Well, Berrum Well, Biglin Well, Bonham Well, Bonham Well, Brown Well, Buffalo Well, Campbell Well, Carver Well, Christman Well, Clark Well, Clark Well, Country Club Wells, Cow Lake Well, Cox Well, Crano Wells, Davidson Well, DeGiovanni Well, Desert Well, Double Check Well, Double Diamond Well, Drendel Well, Dry Well, East Reno Well, Edmiston Well, Erskine Well, Etcheberry Well, Etnyre Well, Fife Well, Flanigan Well, Forest Eccks Well, Frazier Well, Fred True Well, Frey Well, Geyser Well, Gibbons Well, Glatly Well, Guisti Well, Hall Well, Harold Herz Wells, Helms Well, Herz Well, High Rock Well, Hill Well, Hobson Well, Hughes Well, Isabell Well, Isbell Well, J R Martie Well, Jack Bonham Ranch Well, Jack Horgan Well, John Casey Steam Well, Johnson Well, Johnson Well, Kelty Well, Kimberley Well, King Well, Knox Well, LeCroix Well, Lime Rock Well, Lower Smoke Creek Well, Mackay Well, Martic Well, Matley Well, McComas Well, McCulloch Well, McKenzie Well, McKnight Well, Mercury Well, Miles Well, Mission Peak Well, Moana Springs Well, Moana Well, Moffat Well, Moore Well, Morrey Well, Mount Rose 1 Well, Newton Well, Parragari Well, Pasture Well, Pecknam Well, Peigh Well, Powers Well, Quadrio Well, Randall Well, Renner Well, Reno Press Brick Well, Reno Well, Rodeo Well, Rye Grass Well, Salt Works Well, Senges Well, Siri Well, Smith Well, South Steamboat Well, Steam Wells, Steamboat 4 Well, Sutherland Well, Tachino Well, Terrill Well, The Geyser Well, Threemile Canyon Well, Turn of the Road Well, University Farm Well, Upton Well, Van Slyck Well, Warren Well, West Reno Well, White Sage Flat Well, Willis Well, Yates Well,

Washoe County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWashoe County White population 368,579368,578  
AsianWashoe County Asian population 23,59923,599
MixedWashoe County Mixed population 13,73113,730
BlackWashoe County Black population 11,15611,156
American IndianWashoe County American Indian population 9,0119,010
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWashoe County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3,0043,003

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county