White Pine County, Nevada Basics:

White Pine County Nevada - Government Site

Population: 10,007
Area: 8876 square miles
County seat: Ely
Area code(s) in use: 775
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 83.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.1%
Median household income: $46,505
Persons in poverty: 13.9%
Home ownership rate: 67.5%
Mean travel time to work: 21.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Elko  Eureka  Juab (UT)  Lincoln  Millard (UT)  Nye  Tooele (UT)  

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Map of the White Pine County area

Our detail map of White Pine County shows the White Pine County, Nevada boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in White Pine County, Nevada

  Airports     show all on map

Baker Landing Strip, Ely Airport (Yelland Field), Fort Ruby Ranch Airstrip, Kirkeby Ranch Airport, Moorman Ranch Airport, Placer Amex Landing Strip

  Arches     show all on map

Lexington Arch, Natural Arch, Natural Arch, Osceola Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Garnet Fields Rockhound Area, Geyser Ranch Mining Area, Huntington Creek Mining Area, Little Valley, McCurdy Garden, Mount Moriah Mining Area, Wheeler Peak Scenic Area (historical)

  Arroyos     show all on map

Grass Valley Wash, Mike Springs Wash, Spring Valley Wash, White Cloud Wash

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Valley, Blue Mass, Butte Valley, Corduroy Basin, Egan Basin, Goshute Basin, Granite Basin, Horse Heaven, Hub Mine Basin, Jakes Valley, Johnson Spring Basin, Kious Basin, Kolcheck Basin, Long Valley, Miller Basin, Mooney Basin, Newark Valley, Ninemile Basin, Packer Basin, Reservoir Basin, Robbers Roost Basin, Sierra Valley, Sinks of Baker, Spring Valley, Steptoe Valley, The Cove, White Cloud Basin, Willow Creek Basin

  Benches     show all on map

The Table

  Bends     show all on map

The Big Bend, The Cove

  Buildings     show all on map

Bristlecone Convention Center, California Spring Forest Service Facility, Cement Pipe Factory (historical), Cold Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Ely City Hall, Ely State Prison, Ely Volunteer Fire Department, Great Basin National Park Fire Station, Great Basin National Park Visitor Center, Lackawanna Volunteer Fire Department, Lund Volunteer Fire Department, McGill Volunteer Fire Department, Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command East Ely Substation, Ruth Volunteer Fire Department, Snake Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Steptoe Valley Volunteer Fire Department, White Pine County Courthouse, White Pine County Emergency Medical Services - Baker, White Pine County Emergency Medical Services - Ely, White Pine County Emergency Medical Services - Lund, White Pine County Emergency Medical Services - McGill, White Pine County Library, White Pine County Offices, White Pine County Sheriff's Office

  Canals     show all on map

Chin Creek Ditch, Duck Creek Overflow Canal, Dunham McGill Ditch, Hamblin Valley Flood Water Wash Ditch, John Magnuson Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

North Spring Point, South Spring Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Black Horse Cemetery, Ward Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Baker Census Designated Place, Lund Census Designated Place, McGill Census Designated Place, Preston Census Designated Place, Ruth Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Douglas Point

  Dams     show all on map

171 Ac Pond-McGill Dam, 78 Ac Pond-McGill Dam, Basset Lake Dam, Bull Creek Dam Number Two, Cave Creek Dam, Cold Creek Dam, Comins Lake Dam, Duck Creek Dam, Geyser Dam Number Five, Goshute Dam, Ice Plant Number One Dam, Illipah Creek Dam, McGill Concentrator Dam, Preston Dam, Railroad Crossing Dam, Silver Creek Dam, Spring Valley Wash Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Baking Powder Flat, Big Hard Pan, Brewers Flat, Bromide Flat, Chloride Flat, Comins Meadow, Cooper Meadow, Copper Flat, Crested Wheat Patch, Frenchy Meadows, Garnet Fields, Gilford Meadows, Hunter Flat, Lower Terrace, Moffitt Flat, Monitor Field, Newark Lake, Picotillo Flat, Pogonip Flat, Puritan Dump, Rye Grass Patch, Scottys Meadow, Spring Creek Flat, Stillwater Dump, Sunshine Dump, Tippett Lake, Upper Terrace, Weary Flat, Wilson Meadows, Yelland Dry Lake

  Forests     show all on map

Ely Ranger District, White Pine Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Antone Pass, Axehandle Pass, Beck Pass, Buck Pass, Bullwhacker Summit, Cedar Pass, Connors Pass, Devils Gate, Dutchman Summit, Gallagher Gap, Hercules Gap, Hobson Pass, Kalamazoo Summit, Lake Valley Summit, Little Antelope Summit, Marking Corral Summit, Moffet Pass, Molleson Gap, Mooney Basin Summit, Mormon Jack Pass, Murry Summit, Overland Pass, Overland Pass, Pancake Summit, Piscevich Summit, Railroad Pass, Red Hills Pass, Red Rock Summit, Robinson Summit, Rock Springs Pass, Sacramento Pass, Schellbourne Pass, Success Summit, The Narrows, The Narrows, Tippett Pass, Twelvemile Summit

  Hospitals     show all on map

White Pine Care Center, William Bee Ririe Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Baker Lake, Banana Pond, Big Lake, Brown Lake, Brush Pile Pond, Burro Lake, Cottonwood Pond, County Line Pond, Dead Lake, Dry Lakes, French Lake, Jakes Pond, Johnson Lake, Little Lake, Stella Lake, Steptoe Waterhole, Taft Lake, Teresa Lake, The Seep, Treasure Lake, Waldy Pond, Y Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Angelo Belli Cabin, Antelope Springs Station (historical), Argus Mill, Aurum Mill, Baker Creek Forest Service Administrative Site, Baker Creek Forest Service Recreation Site, Baker Maintenance Station, Bald Mountain (historical), Bassett Ranch, Bastian Creek Ranch, Bellander Ranch, Belmont Mill, Berry Creek Campground, Berry Creek Forest Service Station, Bews Ranch, Big Smoky Mill (historical), Big Springs Ranch, Bird Creek Campground, Blaine (historical), Blue Jay Ranch, Borchert Ranch, Boundy Ranch (historical), Buck Station, Bull Creek Ranch, Bullwhack Summit, Butte Station (historical), California Mill (historical), Camp Bonita, Camp Success, Campbell Ranch (historical), Carbonate (historical), Cave Lake Forest Service Recreation Site, Cave Valley Corral, Cazier Ranch, CCC Ranch, Cedar Creek (historical), Cherry Creek Station, Chin Creek Ranch, Circle Ranch, Claytons (historical), Cleve Creek Administrative Site, Cleve Creek Campground, Cleveland Ranch, Cold Creek Ranch, Cooleys Cabin, Cordano Ranch, Costello Place, Cow Camp, Cow Camp, Crosby (historical), Cupperville (historical), D Henriod Ranch, Davis Ranch, Davis Ranch, De Bernardi Ranch, Deep Creek (historical), Diamond Spring (historical), Do-Drop-In (historical), Doutre Ranch, Drive Inn Theatre, Duck Creek Fish Hatchery, Dutchmans Station, East Creek Campground, Eberhardt Mill (historical), Eighteenmile House, Eightmile, Eldridge Ranch, Eldridge Ranch, Eldridge Ranch, Eldridge Ranch, Elk Flat Campground, Ellison Forest Service Facility, Ellison Ranger Station, Ely Junction, Feltons Mill (historical), Floyd Smith Ranch, Foppiano Ranch, Fort Pierce Graveyard Station (historical), Fort Ruby Ranch, Gardner Ranch, Georgetown Ranch, Georgetta Cabin, Georgetta Ranch, Gibson Windmill, Giles Place, Giroux Concentrator (historical), Goicoechea Ranch, Grand Deposit, Green Ranch, Harbecke Ranch, Heckethorn Ranch, Hendries Mill, Hiline, Home Ranch, Hornbek Ranch, Horse Camp, Illipah Campground, Indian Queen (historical), Indian Ranch, Indian Springs CCC Camp, International Mill (historical), Ivirs City (historical), J Henroid Ranch, Jacobs Well Station (historical), Jaques Ranch (historical), Johnson Cabin, Johnson Ranch, Juaristi Ranch, Juniper Dump, Kalamazoo Campground and Picnicking Site, Keegan Ranch, Kerr Ranch, Kerr Ranch, Keystone Dump, Kingston (historical), Kinsley (historical), Kirkeby Ranch, Kogan Place, Lages Station, Lambert Ranch, Landmark Letters, Lane, Lehman Creek Campground and Trailhead, Lehmans (historical), Littles Canon, Lower Lehman Creek Campground, Lund Holding Corral, Lusetti Ranch, Madellina Ranch, Magnuson Ranch, Manhattan Mill (historical), Maryland (historical), Maryland Wells Station (historical), Mathis Ranch, Mattier Ranch, McIntosh Place, Meadow Creek Ranch, Metropolitan Mill (historical), Milk Ranch Corral, Miller Ranch, Minola Administrative Site, Monitor Mill, Monte Cristo (historical), Monte Cristo Mill (historical), Moriah Cabin Administrative Site, Mountain Springs Station (historical), Murphy Ranch, Murphy Wash Administrative Site, Negro Abes, Negro Creek Administrative Site, Nevada Mill (historical), New Station (historical), Newark Mill, Nichols and Mackleys Ranch (historical), Niptown (historical), Oasis Mill (historical), Osceola Ditch Point of Interest, Pancake (historical), Paris Ranch, Peacock Ranch, Peak View Point, Pescio Ranch, Pescio Ranch, Pianum (historical), Pierce Ranch, Piermont (historical), Pinto Creek Ranch, Pinto Creek Station (historical), Pinto Station (historical), Piuma (historical), Plympton Spring, Pogues Station, Pony Express Station, Pony Express Station (historical), Prairie Gate, Preston Seeding Windmill, Prince Shopping Center, Quakies Sheep Camp, Queens Station (historical), Raiff, Rancho (historical), Ratto Ranch, Ray, Robinson Ranch, Robison Ranch, Robust Mill, Romeo Ranch, Rosenlund Ranch, Rothchilds Works Mill (historical), Round Spring (historical), Sage Hen Summer Home Area, Salty Williams (historical), Salvi Ranch, San Jose Mill, Schell Creek Station (historical), Schellbourne, Schellbourne Maintenance Station, Schellbourne Station, Seigel Administrative Site, Seren View Point, Sheep Pass Corral, Shoenbars (historical), Shoshone Campground, Siegel Ranch, Simpsons (historical), Site of Ruby Valley Pony Express Station, Snake Creek Forest Service Recreation Site, Snow Creek Ranch, Social Company Mill, South Peters Ranch, Spring Canon, Spring Creek Rearing Station, Spring Gulch Ranch (historical), Spring Valley Ranger Station, Spring Valley Station (historical), Stanford Mill (historical), Starvation Station (historical), Steptoe Ranch, Steptoe Siding, Stratton Ranch, Strawberry Ranch, Sunkist, Swallow Ranch, Swansea Mill (historical), Teapot Springs Administrative Site, Telegraph Shearing Corrals, The Willows (historical), Thirtymile Ranch, Thomas Place, Timber Creek Campground, Treasure Hill Mill (historical), Treasure Quartz Mill (historical), Upper Lehman Creek Campground, Uppertown (historical), Uvada Ranch, Vernon Mill (historical), Ward Charcoal Ovens (historical), Ward Mountain Ski Hill, Warm Spring Settlement (historical), Warm Springs Ranch, Warners (historical), Water Canyon Holding Corral, Weber Creek (historical), Western Marble Mining Camp, Wheeler Peak Campground, White Pine Golf Course, White Pine Mill (historical), White River Campground, Willard Creek Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, Willow Grove, Yelland Ranch, Yelland Ranch, Yelland Ranch, Yelton Ranch, Yokum (historical), Ziege Ranch, Zips Cabin

  Military     show all on map

Fort Ruby (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Ada Shaft, Ala-Mar East Mine, Ala-Mar West Mine, Alameda Mine, Alligator Ridge Gold Mine, Alpha Shaft, Amargosa Mine, Antelope Mine, Argus Mine, Argyle Mine, Aultman Mine, Aurora Mine, Aurora Mine, Autumn Number Two Mine, Battery Mine, Bay State Mine, Bell Shaft, Bellander Mine, Bellview Mine, Belmont Mine, Bishop Pit, Black Diamond Mines, Black Horse Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Metal Mine, Black Mule Mine, Black Mule Mine, Black Sheep Mine, Black Spot Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Bluebell Mine, Bonanzy Mine, Bonita Mine, Boston Mine Shaft, Boston-Ely Shaft, Brennen Mine, Brennen Mine, Brilliant Shaft, Bull Hill Mine, Caesar Shaft, Calcite Mine, Capitol Hills Mine, Carbonate Mine, Caroline Mine, Chainman Shaft, Champion Mine, Chance Mine, Clipper Shaft, Cole and Johnson Mine, Columbia Shaft, Constitution Mine, Copper Basin Mine, Crescent Mine, Crown Point Mine, Crystal Queen Mine, Cuba Mine, Cumberland Mine, Deep Ruth Shaft, Deer Trail Mine, Dees Antimony Mine, Dees Tungsten Mine, Defiance Claim, Defiance Mine, Deuce Mine, Diamond Mine, Dirty Shirt Mine, Dog Star Mine, Doty Tunnel, Dry Gulch Pilot Knob Mines, Duquette Mine, Eberhardt Mine, Elijah Mine, Ellison Mine, Ely Gibralter Mine, Ely-Centennial Tunnel, Emersly Mine, Emma Nevada Shaft, Emma Shaft, Enterprise Mine, Enterprise Mine, Eureka Shaft, Everett Mines, Exchange Mine, Exchequer Mine, Fair Play Mine, Farnsworth-Ely Metal Mine, Fay Mine, Felt Robison Mine, Fillmore Mine, Four Ace Mine, Galena Mine, Gallagher Mine, Garcia Mine, Garnet Hill Mine, Geneva Mine, Gilded Age Number 1 Mine, Gilded Age Number 2 Mine, Gilligan Shaft, Gimmie Mine, Gold King Mine, Gore Mine, Grand Deposit Mine, Grand Prize Mine, Grand View Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Great Valley Mine, Greek American Mine, Gypsy Mine, Hanna Mine, Happy Mine, Hayes Shaft, Hendrix Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Hidden Treasure Two South Mine, Hill Top Mine, Hogum Mines, Homestake Mine, Hub Mine, Hunter Mine, Indian Mine, Ingersoll Mine, Isaacs Mine, Jenny A Mine, Jenny Lind Mine, Joanna Mine, Joe Shaft, John Shaft, Johnson Boys Mine, Johnson Mine, Jonny Mine, Josephine Shaft, Juniper Shaft, Kansas Mine, Kellinske Shaft, Kelly-Leach Mine, Keystone Mine, Keystone Mine, Kimbley Pit, Kolcheck Mine, La Plata Mine, Lassie Jean Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lead King Mine, Lewis Deralls Shaft, Liberty Pit, Little Flower Mine, Lucky Deposit Mine, Mammoth Mine, Marble Monster Mine, Marble Vale Mine, Mary Ellen Mine, Maryanne Mine, Maryland Mine, Matilda Tunnel, May Queen Mine, Mayflower Mine, Mazeppa Mine, McDonough Pits Mine, McEllen Mine, Meister Mine, Merrimac Mine, Michigan Mine, Mike Springs Mine, Minoletti Shaft, Monitor Mine, Monitor Shaft, Monroe Mine, Morris Shaft, Mount Wheeler Mine, Mulligan Mine, Muncy Creek Mine, Ne Plus Ultra Mine, New Century Mine, Oddie Tunnel, Old Barchert Mine, Old Glory Shaft, Old Quaker Mine, Old Timer Mine, Olympia Mine, Onetha Mine, Ora Mine, Oriole Mine, Osceola Mine, Our Own Mine, Pancake Coal Mine, Paymaster Mine, Pea Ridge Mine, Piermont Mine, Platt Mine, Pleides Shaft, Pocotillo Mine, Poljack Mine, Providence Mine, Queen Mine, Quincy Mine, Red Hills Mine, Rees Mine, Rescue Mine, Revenue Shaft, Rex-Pine Mine, Reynolds Tunnel, Richard Shaft, Rocco Homestake Mine, Rose Cave Guano Mine, Ruby Hill Mine, Ruth Shaft, Sacramento Mine, Saint Lawrence Mine, San Jose Tunnel, San Pedro Mine, Saxton Shaft, Seligman Mine, Siegel Mines, Signal Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Glance Mine, Silver Peak Mine, Silver Stone Mine, Silverado Mine, Smith Mine, Sorehead Tunnel, Stafford Shaft, Star Dust Mine, Star Mine, Star Mine, Star Pointer Shaft, Steptoe Mine, Stinson Mine, Success Mine, Summit Diggings, Sun Burst Mine, Taylor Mine, Taylor Shaft, Teacup Mine, The Calcite, The Chief Mine, The Dolomite, The Rabbit Mine, Three Sisters Mine, Tilford Mine, Time Check Mine, Tripp Pit, Tripp Veteran Pit, Tungsten Queen Mine, Tungstonia Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Valley View Mine, Veteran Pit, Veteran Shaft, Vietti Shaft, Virginia Mine, Ward Beecher Mine, Ward Mine, Washington Mine, Water Canyon Placer Mine, Wedge Pit, White Horse Mine, Wide West Mine, Willard Mine, Windous Mine, Witch Shaft, Woodman Mine, Yellow Jacket Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Cave Lake State Park, Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves National Monument (historical), Mount Grafton Scenic Area, North Creek Scenic Area, Pony Express Historical Monument, Schell Creek State Game Refuge Number 7, State Game Refuge Number Twelve for Antelope, Swamp Cedar Natural Area, Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, Ward Mountain Recreation Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Murry Rock, Standing Snake Pinnacle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adverse, Aurum (historical), Babylon (historical), Baker, Baltimore Mill, Barnes (historical), Bassett (historical), Black Horse (historical), Broadway (historical), Calumet, Canyon Station (historical), Centerville (historical), Cherry Creek, Cleveland (historical), Cooper (historical), Copper Flat, Douglas, East Ely, Eberhardt, Egan (historical), Ely, Glencoe (historical), Glenn, Green Springs, Greens, Greenville (historical), Hamilton, Hobson (historical), Hogum, Hunter (historical), Illipah (historical), Joy (historical), Kent (historical), Keystone, Keystone Junction, Kimberly, Lane City, Lavon, Lund, Majors Place, McCoy (historical), McGill, McGill Junction, Melvin (historical), Menken (historical), Mineral City, Minerva, Mosier, Muncy (historical), Newark (historical), Osceola, Parker (historical), Picotillo (historical), Pinto (historical), Pleasant Valley (historical), Pogonip, Preston, Ragdump (historical), Regan (historical), Riepetown, Robinson (historical), Rosemay (historical), Ruby Hill (historical), Ruppes Place, Ruth, Ruth (historical), San Pedro (historical), Seligman (historical), Shermantown, Shoshone, Siegel (historical), Simonsen (historical), Smelterville (historical), Steptoe, Stockville (historical), Stonehouse, Strawberry (historical), Sunshine Camp (historical), Swansea (historical), Taft (historical), Tamerlane (historical), Taylor (historical), Tippett, Treasure City (historical), Tungstonia (historical), Uvada (historical), Veteran (historical), Ward (historical), Warm Springs, West Ely (historical), White Pine City (historical), Willow Grove, Yelland (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aurum Post Office (historical), Baker Post Office, Barnes Post Office (historical), Black Horse Post Office (historical), Broadway Post Office (historical), Cherry Creek Post Office (historical), Cleveland Post Office (historical), Cleveland Ranch Post Office (historical), Duck Creek Post Office (historical), East Ely Station Post Office, Eberhardt Post Office (historical), Egan Post Office (historical), Ely Post Office, Glenco Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Hobson Post Office (historical), Hunter Post Office (historical), Illipah Post Office (historical), Joy Post Office (historical), Kent Post Office (historical), Kimberly Post Office, Lane Post Office, Lund Post Office, McGill Post Office, Melvin Post Office (historical), Muncy Post Office, Osceola Post Office (historical), Parker Post Office (historical), Pinto Post Office (historical), Pleasant Valley Post Office (historical), Preston Post Office (historical), Regan Post Office (historical), Riepetown Post Office (historical), Rosemay Post Office (historical), Ruth Post Office, Sanpedro Post Office (historical), Schellbourne Post Office (historical), Seligman Post Office (historical), Shermantown Post Office (historical), Shoshone Post Office, Siegel Post Office (historical), Simonsen Post Office (historical), Skaggs Post Office (historical), Steptoe Post Office (historical), Stockville Post Office (historical), Strawberry Post Office (historical), Taft Post Office (historical), Taylor Post Office (historical), Tippett Post Office (historical), Treasure City Post Office (historical), Tungsten Mines Post Office (historical), Tungstonia Post Office (historical), Uvada Post Office (historical), Ward Post Office (historical), Yelland Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Antelope Range, Butte Mountains, Cherry Creek Range, Diamond Mountains, Duck Creek Range, Egan Range, Kern Mountains, Little Hills, Maverick Springs Range, Mokomoke Mountains, Red Hills, Red Hills, Schell Creek Range, Snake Range, South Mountains, Tognini Mountains, White Pine Range, White River Range

  Reserves     show all on map

Bald Mountain Wilderness, Becky Peak Wilderness, Bristlecone Wilderness, Currant Mountain Wilderness, Ely Indian Reservation, Goshute Canyon Wilderness, Government Peak Wilderness, High Schells Wilderness, Highland Ridge Wilderness, Mount Grafton Wilderness, Mt. Moriah Wilderness, Red Mountain Wilderness, Shellback Wilderness, South Egan Range Wilderness, White Pine Range Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Baker Reservoir, Bassett Lake, Blackjack Reservoir, Brown Knoll Reservoir, Bull Creek Reservoir, Butte Reservoir, Cave Creek Reservoir, Chin Creek Reservoir, Circle Wash Reservoir, Comins Lake, Deadman Gulch Reservoir, Deadman Reservoir, Dry Reservoir, Duck Creek Reservoir, Dust Bowl Lake, Giroux Wash Reservoir, Goshute Reservoir, Grass Valley Reservoir, Green Springs Reservoir, Horse Camp Reservoir, Hunter Tank, Illipah Creek Reservoir, Lower Preston Reservoir, Lund Reservoir, Middle Chin Creek Reservoir, Mustang Spring Reservoir, North Chin Creek Reservoir, Preston Reservoir, Robison Reservoir, Sanford Reservoir, Silver Creek Reservoir, Silver Tank, Steptoe Reservoir Number Two, Sunset Reservoir, Travis Reservoir, Von Schmidt Reservoir (historical), Warm Springs Reservoir, West Chin Creek Reservoir, White Knoll Reservoir, Willow Spring Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Alligator Ridge, Babylon Ridge, Blue Ridge, Hayes Ridge, Highland Ridge, Jog Along Ridge, Jupiter Ridge, Moorman Ridge, Pilot Knob Ridge, Pogonip Ridge, Red Mountain, Red Ridge, Robbers Roost Ridge, Rusty Ridge, Shellback Ridge, The Big Bluff, White Cloud Point

  Schools     show all on map

Baker Elementary School, Central Ely School (historical), Consolidated School Number 2 (historical), David E Norman Elementary School, Early Childhood Center, Great Basin College Ely Branch Campus, Lund Elementary School, Lund High School, McGill Elementary School, Mountain High School, Murry Street School (historical), New Ruth Elementary School, Newark Valley School (historical), Ruth School (historical), Sacred Heart Elementary School, Steptoe Valley High School, Taft School (historical), Uvada School (historical), White Pine County High School, White Pine Middle School, White Pine Middle School

  Slopes     show all on map

The Cliffs, The Cove

  Springs     show all on map

Adams Spring, Adams Spring, Akron Spring, Alba Spring, Allan Spring, Allen Spring, Anaud Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antone Spring, Applegarth Spring, April Fool Spring, Archie Spring, Arnoldson Spring, Arthur Spring, Aspen Spring, Aspen Spring, Aspen Springs, Aurora Spring, Axehandle Spring, Ayarbe Spring, Badger Hole Spring, Band Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Bart Spring, Basin Spring, Basin Spring, Basin Spring, Basin Spring, Bastian Spring, Beck Spring, Becky Springs, Bennett Spring, Bennett Spring, Big Bull Spring, Big Springs, Big Wash Spring, Billy Pope Spring, Birch Spring, Black Spring, Blackjack Springs, Blackrock Spring, Blackrock Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blind Spring, Blue Jay Spring, Blue Jay Spring, Blue Mass Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Bolo Spring, Bone Spring, Bone Yard Spring, Boneyard Spring, Borchert Spring, Bourne Tunnel Spring, Box Spring, Bradley Spring, Brush Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buffalo Spring, Bull Spring, Bullwhack Spring, Burnt Knoll Spring, Butte Spring, Butte Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cain Springs, Caine Spring, California Canyon Spring, California Spring, California Spring Number 2, Camp Spring, Camp Spring, Campbell Number One Sheep Swan, Campbell Number Two Sheep Swan, Campbell Ranch Springs, Campbell Spring, Camptender Spring, Cane Spring, Canyon Spring, Carlson Spring, Carpenter Spring, Carter Spring, Cattle Camp Spring, Cave Creek Spring, Cave Springs, Cedar Cabin Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Chalk Spring, Cherry Creek Hot Springs, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Chicken Spring, Chimney Rock Spring, Chin Creek Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Chokecherry Springs, Circle Wash Spring, Clark Spring, Clay Spring, Clear Spring, Cliff Spring, Clock Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cole Spring, Collar and Elbow Spring, Corta Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Cottonwood Springs, Cottonwood Springs, Cougar Spring, Cow Track Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Cracker Johnson Spring Number One, Cracker Johnson Spring Number Two, Cress Spring, Crethers Springs, Crow Spring, Crystal Spring, Currant Spring, Decathon Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Track Spring, Defue Spring, Della Spring, Dipping Tank Spring, Divide Spring, Dolans Trap Spring, Dora Spring, Douglas Spring, Dry Canyon Spring, Dry Canyon Spring, East Canyon Spring, East Side Spring, East Willow Spring, Easter Springs, Edwards Spring, Eightmile Spring, Ellison Spring, Ellison Spring Number 2, Ely Warm Springs, Emigrant Spring, Ephsum Spring, Evan Spring, Exchequer Spring, Fera Ninety Four, Fera Ninetyeight, Fera Ninetynine, Fera Ninetyseven, Fera Ninetysix, Fera Ninty Five, Fera One Hundred, Fera One Hundred Five, Fera One Hundred Four, Fera One Hundred Six, Fera One Hundred Three, Fera One Hundred Two, First Sawmill Spring, Fish Pond Springs, Five Springs, Flat Canyon Spring, Flat Spring, Flint Spring, Fort Ruby Spring, Fourmile Spring, Fourth Sawmill Spring, Freeland Spring, Garden Springs, Gardner Spring, Geyser Spring, Giocoechea Warm Springs, Giroux Springs, Gleason Spring One, Gleason Spring Two, Goat Spring, Golden Springs, Granite Spring, Granite Spring, Grass Springs, Grass Valley Springs, Grasshopper Spring, Grassy Spring, Grassy Spring, Gravel Spring, Gravel Spring, Green Springs, Grouse Spring, Grouse Spring, Halfway Spring, Halloway Spring, Halstead Spring, Handy Spring, Head of Ninemile Spring, Headwaters Springs, Heath Spring, Heusser Springs, Hidden Spring, High Springs, Hole in the Bank Spring, Hoppe Spring, Horse Camp Springs, Horse Spring, Horse Track Spring, Hunter Springs, Ice Cream Springs, Ice Plant Spring, Illipah Spring, Indian Garden Spring, Indian Ranch Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Indian Springs, Indian Springs, Indian Springs, Jacks Spring, Jacob Springs, Jamestown Spring, Jim Swayne Spring, John Salvis Hot Spring, John Spring, Johnson Spring, Jones Spring, Jones Springs, Jupresti Spring, Kid Spring, Kinsley Spring, Kious Spring, Kolcheck Springs, Kraft Spring, Lackawanna Springs, Lake Valley Summit Spring, Lampson Spring, Layton Spring, Lewis Springs, Lexington Spring, Lime Kiln Spring, Limerock Spring, Limerock Spring, Lion Spring, Little Antelope Spring, Little Joe Spring, Little Pine Spring, Little Tom Plain Spring, Little Wellington Springs, Little White Rock Spring, Little Willow Spring, Locket Spring, Log Cabin Spring, Lone Cedar Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Long Spring, Lookout Springs, Lost Spring, Lower Sanford Spring, Lower Spring, Lowry Spring, Lund Spring, Lusetti Spring, Lyons Spring, Madelina Spring, Mahogany Hotel Spring, Mahogany Spring, Malleson Spring, Marble Spring, Martin Spring, McGill Spring, McGill Spring, McManus Spring, McQuinty Spring, Meadow Seep Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadow Springs, Middle Creek Spring, Middle Parker Spring, Middle Sanford Spring, Mike Springs, Mikes Spring, Mill Spring, Mill Spring, Millard Spring, Miller Basin Spring, Millsite Spring, Minoletti Spring, Moffitt Spring, Monroe Spring, Monte Cristo Spring, Monte Neva Hot Springs, Monument Spring, Moonshine Spring, Moore Springs, Moorman Spring, Mosier Spring, Mountain Spring, Mountain Springs, Muchacho Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mud Springs, Mud Springs, Muncy Spring, Murray Spring, Murry Springs, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Mustang Spring, Nancy Spring, Narcise Springs, Nevada Governors Spring, New Springs, New York Spring, Niagara Spring, Nicholas Spring, Ninemile Springs, North Canyon Spring, North Cleve Spring, North Cottonwood Spring, North Creek Spring, North Horse Camp Spring, North Little Springs, North Millick Spring, North Mosier Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Spring, North Springs, North Taylor Spring, Ohio Spring, Oil Springs, Osborne Springs, Owens Springs, Oxyoke Spring, Paine Spring, Paris Spring, Paris Spring, Paris Spring Number Five, Parker Spring, Pat and Mike Springs, Peacock Spring, Pete Holm Spring, Pete Spring, Petes Spring, Petes Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Springs, Pinto Creek Springs, Pipe Spring, Pipe Spring, Pipe Spring, Poison Spring, Pond Spring, Pony Springs, Portuguese Spring, Pot Spring, Preston Big Spring, Prune Springs, Ptomaine Springs, Quaky Spring, Quartzite Spring, Queen Springs, Rabbit Brush Spring, Ragsdale Spring, Raised Spring, Ramires Springs, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Rock Spring, Red Spring, Reservoir Basin Spring, Rhodes Spring, Riepe Spring, Roadside Spring, Roadside Spring, Robbers Roost Number Two Spring, Robbers Roost Spring, Robinson Springs, Rocco Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Springs, Rock Springs, Rock Springs, Rose Spring, Rosebud Spring, Rosebud Spring, Round Spring, Ruppes Boghole, Ruth Spring, Rye Grass Spring, Sacramento Springs, Saddle Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sagehen Spring, Sagehen Spring, Salas Spring, Sammy Springs, Sand Spring, Sawmill Spring, Sawmill Spring, Schellbourne Springs, School House Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Second Sawmill Spring, Secret Spring, Seligman Spring, Shade Springs, Shallenberger Spring, Sheep Creek Spring, Sheep Spring, Shellback Spring, Sidehill Spring, Silver Creek Spring, Silver Spring, Sixmile Spring, Sixmile Springs, Skull Spring, Sliderock Spring, Smith Spring, Smudge Spring, Soda Spring, South Bastian Spring, South Bullwhack Spring, South Fork Spring, South Fox Spring, South Horse Camp Spring, South Little Springs, South Millick Spring, South Rock Spring, South Spring, South Spring, South Spring, South Springs, South Summit Spring, South Taylor Spring, South White Rock Spring, Spring Creek Spring, Springtime Springs, Station Spring, Steptoe Spring, Stevens Spring, Stink Pot Spring, Stinson Spring, Stockade Spring, Stockade Springs, Stone Cabin Spring, Stove Spring, Strawberry Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Springs, Tamberlaine Spring, Tank Spring, Tap Spring, Teapot Spring, The Pots, Thirtymile Spring, Tiarnleys Spring, Tilford Spring, Tin Spring, Tippett Springs, Tognini Spring, Tom Plain Spring, Toner Spring, Trail Spring, Trough Spring, Truckee Spring, Tub Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Turnley Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Uhalde Spring, Ungopah Spring, Upper Bastian Spring, Upper Cherry Spring, Upper Gulch Spring, Upper Long Gulch Spring, Upper Sanford Springs, Upper Sulphur Spring, Virginia Dale Spring, Walker Spring, Want Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Sulphur Springs, Water Canyon Spring, Waterspout Spring, Waterworks Spring, Watkins Spring, Watson Spring, Wellington Springs, West Cottonwood Spring, Westside Spring, Westside Spring, White Hill Spring, White Rock Spring, White Rock Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildcat Spring, Willard Springs, Williams Spring, Willow Patch Spring, Willow Patch Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Woodcamp Spring, Woodchuck Spring, Worthington Spring, Young American Spring

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Antelope Valley Wash, Antone Creek, Bassett Creek, Bastian Creek, Berry Creek, Big Indian Creek, Big Springs Creek, Big Wash, Big Wash, Bird Creek, Board Creek, Bothwick Creek, Carry Creek, Cattle Camp Wash, Cave Creek, Cherry Creek, Chin Creek, Chokecherry Creek, Circle Wash, Clear Creek, Cleve Creek, Cold Creek, Combs Creek, Conners Creek, Cooper Wash, Copper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Dead Horse Wash, Deadman Creek, Deadman Creek, Deadman Wash, Duck Creek, East Creek, Egan Creek, Ellison Creek, Eph Creek, First Creek, Fitzhugh Creek, Freehill Creek, Frenchman Creek, Garden Creek, Geyser Creek, Gilford Creek, Gilsons Run, Giroux Wash, Gleason Creek, Gordon Creek, Goshute Creek, Gould River, Grace Creek, Grass Valley Creek, Gravel Creek, Gravel Wash, Green Springs Wash, Gubler Wash, Halstead Creek, Hamlin Valley Wash, Hayden Creek, Holt Camp Creek, Holt Creek, Horse Camp Wash, Illipah Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Jakes Wash, John Henry Wash, Johns Wash, Jones Spring Wash, Kalamazoo Creek, Left Fork Silver Creek, Lehman Creek, Lexington Creek, Lion Spring Wash, Little Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Negro Creek, Long Valley Slough, Long Valley Wash, Main Fork Silver Creek, Martins Creek, Mattier Creek, Mau Creek, McCoy Creek, McCurdy Creek, McDonald Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Creek, Milk Ranch Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Basin Wash, Miller Creek, Muncy Creek, Murphy Wash, Murry Creek, Negro Creek, North Creek, North Creek, North Creek, North Creek, North Creek, North Creek, North Fork Baker Creek, North Fork Berry Creek, North Fork Big Wash, North Fork Chokecherry Creek, North Fork Cleve Creek, North Fork Garden Creek, North Fork Kalamazoo Creek, North Fork Muncy Creek, North Fork Smith Creek, North Sixmile Wash, O'Toole Creek, Odgers Creek, Paris Creek, Piermont Creek, Pine Creek, Pinto Creek, Pole Creek, Rabbit Creek, Ranger Creek, Ridge Creek, Rowe Creek, Ruby Creek, Sage Creek, Salt Creek, Sampson Creek, Schell Creek, Second Creek, Second Fork Silver Creek, Sestanovich Creek, Sharp Creek, Sheep Creek, Shingle Creek, Siegel Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Six Mile Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Snake Creek, Snow Bank Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Baker Creek, South Fork Big Wash, South Fork Cave Creek, South Fork Chokecherry Creek, South Fork Fitzhugh Creek, South Fork Hendrys Creek, South Fork Kalamazoo Creek, South Fork Lexington Creek, South Fork North Creek, South Fork Steptoe Creek, South Fork Willard Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, South Sixmile Wash, South Taft Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Valley Creek, Stephens Creek, Steptoe Creek, Strawberry Creek, Taft Creek, Tailings Creek, Tehama Creek, Telegraph Creek, Third Creek, Thirtymile Wash, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Trail Canyon Creek, Vipont Creek, Weaver Creek, Weaver Creek, White River Wash, White Rock Creek, White Sage Wash, White Sage Wash, Whiteman Creek, Willard Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Woodwards Creek

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Ada Hill, Alhambra Hills, Alpha Peak, Antelope Mountain, Baker Peak, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldy Peak, Basalt Peak, Beacon Peak, Becky Peak, Big Bald Mountain, Big Rock, Black Butte, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Point, Black Point, Blackrock, Bold Bluff, Brown Knoll, Buck Mountain, Buck Mountain, Bull Hill, Buster Mountain, Camel Peak, Castle Butte, Cave Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Central Peak, Century Peak, Cherry Creek Summit, Chicken Knoll, Christina Peak, Cleve Creek Baldy, Cocomongo Mountain, Cooper Summit, Corduroy Mountain, Currant Mountain, Currie Summit, Dark Peak, Diamond Peak, Dry Mountain, Duckwater Peak, Egan Peak, Eightmile Point, Elijah Hill, First Butte, Fortymile Knoll, Fossil Hill, Garnet Hill, Government Peak, Granite Peak, Hamels Peak, Hamilton Butte, Heusser Mountain, Hunter Point, Indian Garden Mountain, Indian Springs Knolls, Island Mountain, Jeff Davis Peak, Keystone Hill, Kirkeby Knoll, Leader Mountain, Limestone Peak, Lincoln Peak, Little Bald Mountain, Lone Mountain, Lovell Peak, Magpie Hill, Manger Hill, Mokomoke Hill, Mollys Nipples, Mount Grafton, Mount Hamilton, Mount Moriah, Mount Washington, Mustang Hill, Newark Mountain, Ninemile Mountain, Ninemile Point, Ninemile Summit, North Lovell Peak, North Schell Peak, O'Neal Peak, Overland Summit, Petes Knoll, Pilot Knob, Pyramid Peak, Queen Spring Mountain, Rattlesnake Knoll, Rattlesnake Mountain, Red Butte, Red Butte, Red Pepper Butte, Red Rocks, Rib Hill, Sawmill Peak, Saxton Peak, Second Butte, Sentinel Mountain, Sevenmile Point, Sherman Mountain, Silverado Mountain, South Schell Peak, Square Top, Squaw Peak, Squaw Point, Station Butte, Strahlenberg, Sugarloaf, Table Mountain, Taft Peak, Taylor Peak, Telegraph Hill, Telegraph Peak, The Mitten, The Nipple, Third Butte, Tin Springs Mountain, Treasure Hill, Twin Peaks, Wagner Hill, Ward Mountain, Wheeler Peak, White Cloud Mountain, White Hill, White Knoll, Wide West Peak, Willard Hill, Windy Peak, Woodpeckers Peak

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Shoshone Ponds, Steptoe Slough

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KBXS-FM (Ely), KELY-AM (Ely), KELY-FM (Ely)

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Baker Shoshone Trail, Bristlecone Pine Interpretive Trail, Faun Trail, Highland Ridge Trail, Ranger Trail, Route of Elko-Hamilton Stage Lines, Solace Loop

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Eberhardt Tunnel, Wheeler Tunnel, White Pine Water Works Tunnel (historical)

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Adobe Canyon, Antone Canyon, Arch Canyon, Barton Canyon, Basin Canyon, Basque Canyon, Basque Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Horse Canyon, Blackrock Canyon, Blue Canyon, Blue Mass Canyon, Blue Rock Canyon, Blue Spring Canyon, Bone Yard Canyon, Boneyard Canyon, Bourne Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Bradley Canyon, Bull Canyon, Burn Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Burnt Mill Canyon, Butte Gulch, Can Young Canyon, Carlson Canyon, Cathedral Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Cherry Creek Canyon, Cherry Spring Canyon, Chokecherry Canyon, Christmas Tree Canyon, Cliff Canyon, Clonch Canyon, Cold Spring Canyon, Colorado Gulch, Connors Canyon, Conover Canyon, Cooper Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Cricket Canyon, Crow Canyon, Davis Canyon, Decathon Canyon, Deep Canyon, Deerhead Canyon, Doe Canyon, Dolans Trap Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Gulch, Duck Creek Valley, Eberhardt Canyon, Egan Canyon, Eightmile Canyon, El Rey Canyon, Elderberry Canyon, Eldridge Canyon, Essex Canyon, Exchequer Canyon, Fairy Dell, Fandango Canyon, Felt Robison Canyon, Ferrys Canyon, Fisher Canyon, Flat Canyon, Flint Spring Canyon, Fourmile Canyon, Freeland Canyon, Gallaghers Canyon, Ganders Canyon, Garrett Canyon, Gold Canyon, Grass Valley Canyon, Grasshopper Canyon, Gravel Canyon, Grouse Canyon, Grub Gulch, Gubler Canyon, Hamlin Valley, Harris Canyon, Hayden Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Ice Plant Canyon, Ingersol Canyon, Jacks Gulch, Jones Canyon, Kinsey Canyon, Kraft Canyon, Lampson Canyon, Lane Valley, Lead Mine Canyon, Lincoln Canyon, Little Canyon, Little Dry Canyon, Little Horse Canyon, Log Canyon, Log Canyon, Lone Pine Swale, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Gulch, Long Valley Canyon, Loties Canyon, Lowes Canyon, Lowry Canyon, Lucky Boy Canyon, Lunch Valley, Lusetti Canyon, Mahoney Canyon, Mallory Canyon, Martin Canyon, Mary Ann Canyon, Maude Canyon, McEllen Canyon, McGraff Canyon, McMaughn Canyon, Middle Canyon, Milk Ranch Canyon, Miller Gulch, Minerva Canyon, Mining Canyon, Mohawk Canyon, Molleson Canyon, Montgomery Canyon, Monument Canyon, Mormon Canyon, Mosier Canyon, Mud Spring Wash, Mud Springs Draw, Murry Canyon, Murry Canyon, Ninemile Canyon, North Canyon, North Canyon, North Fork Sawmill Canyon, North Spring Canyon, Ocher Valley, Ohio Canyon, Old Mans Canyon, Open Spring Canyon, Orchard Canyon, Ostergard Canyon, Oxyoke Canyon, Paine Gulch, Peacock Canyon, Pete Neece Canyon, Pinenut Canyon, Pipeline Canyon, Pluto Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pole Canyon, Powder House Canyon, Queue Valley, Rabbit Canyon, Ragsdale Canyon, Rams Horn Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Red Canon, Red Canyon, Red Ledge Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Rhodes Canyon, Robinson Canyon, Rocco Canyon, Rock Canyon, Rock Spring Canyon, Rock Springs, Rudolphs Canyon, Rye Grass Canyon, Rye Grass Canyon, Sadler Canyon, Sage Hen Canyon, Sage Hen Canyon, Sagehen Canyon, Salt Marsh Canyon, Sanford Canyon, Sanford Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Schoolhouse Canyon, Secret Canyon, Seligman Canyon, Serpent Gulch, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Pass Canyon, Shermantown Canyon, Silver Canyon, Silver Canyon, Silver Chief Canyon, Sims Canyon, Sixmile Canyon, Skinner Canyon, Smith Canyon, Smith Valley, Snake Canyon, Snowbank Canyon, Soldiers Claim Canyon, South Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Stage Canyon, Still Canyon, Swallow Canyon, Taft Canyon, Tamberlaine Canyon, Taylor Canyon, Telegraph Canyon, The Rabbit Canyon, Tippett Canyon, Tollhouse Canyon, Tonopah Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Truckee Canyon, Tunnel Canyon, Turnley Canyon, Twin Canyon, Verza Canyon, Walker Canyon, Ward Gulch, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Weaver Canyon, West Fork Canyon, White Cloud Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Williams Canyon, Willow Spring Canyon, Windy Canyon, Worthington Canyon, Young Canyon

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Ab Well, Albert Well, Black Point Well, Bradshaw Well, Caboose Well, Carters Well, Cathedral Well, Cattle Camp Wash Well, Connors Pass Well, Copper Flat Well, Dales Well, Deep Well, Dickenson Well, Domingo Well, Douglas Point Well, Douglas Well, Doutre Henriod Well, Doutre Well, Doyles Well, Dry Lake Well, Dry Lake Well Number 2, Dry Mountain Well, East Bench Well Number One, Egan Basin Well, Eldridge Well, Eldridge Well, Fera Fifteen, Fera Forty, Fera Fortysix, Fera Ninety, Fera Ninetyone, Fera One Hundred One, Fera Thirtyeight, Fera Thirtynine, Fera Thirtyseven, Fera Twentyone, Fera Well, Fera Well, Fera Well, Fera Well Fiftytwo, Franks Well, Goicoechea Well, Gracian Well, Gulf Well, Heckethorn Well, Henriod Seeding Well, Hercules Gap Well, Horse Camp Well, Huesser Winter Well, Indian Springs North Well, J and J Well, Jakes Wash Well, Jesses Well, John Henry Wash Well, Johns Wash Well, Julian Well, Junction Well, Lagari Well, Lagari Well, Long Valley Well Number 1, Long Valley Well Number 2, Lund Group Well, Maple Syrup Well, Maryland Wells, McBrides Long Valley Well, McBrides Sheep Well, Middle Well, Midway Well, Mike Urrutia Well, Mooney Basin Well, Moore Well, Mormon Jack Well, Nicks Well, Ninemile Well, North Eldridge Well, North Fox Well, North Lake Valley Well Number One, North Lake Valley Well Number Two, Paris Well, Pogue Well, Preston Well, Robbers Roost Well, Robbers Roost Well, Robison Well, Rye Grass Well, Rye Grass Well, Rye Spring Well, Schaffer Well Number One, Sellas Well, Shallow Well, Sheep Pass Well, Snyder Well Number One, South Butte Well, South Fox Well, South Steptoe Fence Well, South Well, Spring Gulch Well, Sunshine Well, Swallow Well, Townsend Well, Uhalde Well, Uhalde Well, West Camp Well, Whipple Well, White Cloud Well, White Sage Well, Yelland Well

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Berry Creek Grove, The Cedars,

White Pine County, Nevada Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWhite Pine County White population 8,7868,786  
American IndianWhite Pine County American Indian population 440440
BlackWhite Pine County Black population 430430
MixedWhite Pine County Mixed population 220220
AsianWhite Pine County Asian population 110110
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWhite Pine County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1010

Additional population tables :
State population table
Nevada population by county