Coos County, New Hampshire Basics:

Coos County New Hampshire - Government Site

Population: 31,976
Area: 1795 square miles
County seat: Lancaster
Area code(s) in use: 603
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 84.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.1%
Median household income: $41,774
Persons in poverty: 13.0%
Home ownership rate: 71.7%
Mean travel time to work: 22.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carroll  Essex (VT)  Grafton  Oxford (ME)  

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Map of the Coos County area

Our detail map of Coos County shows the Coos County, New Hampshire boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Coos County, New Hampshire

  Airports     show all on map

Berlin Regional Airport, Errol Airport, Errol Airport, Gifford Field Airport, Gorham Airport, Lancaster Heliport, Miller-Quinn Landing Strip, Mount Washington Regional Airport, Twin Mountain Airport, Whitefield Regional Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Alpine Gardens, Gibbs Brook Scenic Area

  Bays     show all on map

Black Island Cove, Sargent Cove, South Bay, Thurston Cove

  Benches     show all on map

Blue Berry Ledge Bench, Greens Ledge, Lookout Ledge, Vals Ledge

  Bends     show all on map

Monahans Bathtub

  Bridges     show all on map

Columbia Bridge, Groveton Bridge, Happy Corner Bridge, Mechanic Street Bridge, Mount Orne Bridge, Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge, River Road Bridge, Spider Bridge, Stark Bridge, Twelveth Street Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Androscoggin Valley Hospital Library, Berlin City Hall, Berlin Emergency Medical Services, Berlin Fire Department, Berlin Fortier Library, Berlin Public Library, Bremer Pond Memorial Library, Brown Company House, Christian Life Center, Colebrook Fire Department, Coos County Courthouse, Coos County Courthouse, Dalton Public Library, Dalton Volunteer Fire Department, Errol Emergency Medical Services, Errol Fire Department, Errol Public Library, Gorham Emergency Medical Services, Gorham Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Gorham Fire Department Station 2, Gorham Historical Society Museum, Gorham Public Library, Gorham Town Hall, Groveton Ambulance Service, Groveton Fire Department, Jefferson Emergency Medical Services, Jefferson Fire Department, Jefferson Historical Museum, Jefferson Public Library, John Wingate Weeks Historic Museum, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, Lancaster Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Milan and Dummer Emergency Medical Services, Milan and Dummer Fire Department, Milan Public Library, Mountaineer Club Cabin, North Pittsburg Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Northern Forest Heritage Park Headquarters, Northern White Mountains Chamber of Commerce, Northumberland Public Library, Numismatic International Book Library, Peacemaker Medical Response, Randolph Emergency Medical Services, Randolph Fire Department, Ravine House, Shelburne Emergency Medical Services, Shelburne Fire Department, Shelburne Public Library, Stark Fire Department, Stark Public Library, Stratford Hollow Fire Department, Summit House, Tip-Top House, Twin Mountain Ambulance Service, Twin Mountain Fire Department, Twin Mountain Public Library, Weeks Memorial Hospital Medical Library, West Stewartstown Library, Whitefield Ambulance Service, Whitefield Fire Department, William D Weeks Memorial Library

  Capes     show all on map

Tidswell Point, Tyler Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Calvary Cemetery, East Whitefield Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Hazelton Cemetery, Lary Cemetery, Lyman Cemetery, Mount Calvaire Cemetery, Mount Hayes Cemetery, Saint Anne Cemetery, Saint Kieran Cemetery, Whitefield Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Colebrook Census Designated Place, Gorham Census Designated Place, Groveton Census Designated Place, Lancaster Census Designated Place, West Stewartstown Census Designated Place, Whitefield Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Berlin United Church of Christ, Calvary Baptist Church, Church of the Ressurection Eastern Orthodox Church, Church of the Transfiguration, Community Baptist Church, Dummer United Methodist Church, East Colebrook Church (historical), East Columbia Church, First Baptist Church, First Congregational Church, Gorham United Methodist Church, Guardian Angel Roman Catholic Church, Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Church, Jefferson Presbyterian Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Milan United Methodist Church, North Country Baptist Church, North Monroe Church, Northwoods Christian Church, Oblate Fathers Novitiate, Saint Annes Roman Catholic Church, Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, Saint Francis Xavier Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Saint Jude Charismatic Church, Saint Kieran Roman Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Stark Union Church, Twin Mountain Baptist Church, United Church of Christ

  Cliffs     show all on map

Alice Ledge, Finnsons Cliff, Linda Ledge

  Dams     show all on map

Airport Marsh Dam, Akers Pond Dam, Anderson Dam, Back Lake Dam, Back Pond Dam, Big Brook Bog Dam, Bog Dam, Burn Lake Dam, Cascade Alpine Water Supply Dam, Cascade Dam, Cascade Mill Aeration Lagoon Dam, Connecticut Groveton Dam, Coon Brook Bog Dam, Cross Power Dam, Dixie Dam, East Inlet Dam, Errol Dam, Farm Reservoir Dam, First Connecticut Lake Dam, Forest Lake Dam, Gilman Project Dam, Godfrey Dam, Gorham Dam, Gorham Dam Brown Company, J Brodie Smith Dam, Kim Day Dam (historical), Kingston Dam, Lake Abeniki Dam, Lake Gloriette Dam, Lake Gloriette Dike, Lime Pond Dam, Little Bog Pond Dam, Lower Dam, Lower Groveton Dam, Miller Pond Dam, Mollywocket Brook Dam, Moose Brook Dam, Moose Falls Dam, Mountain Pond Dam, Mud Pond Dam, Murphy Dam, Number Four Dam, Pearley Terrill Dam, Phillips Pond Dam, Pontook Reservoir Dam, Riverside Dam, Sawmill Dam, Scott Bog Dam, Second Connecticut Lake Dam, Shehan Pond Dam, Shelburne Dam, Stratford Bog Pond Dam, Trio Pond Western Dam, Upper Ammonoosuc Dam, Upper Groveton Dam, York Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Beaver Brook Falls, Coosauk Fall, Dryad Falls, Dryad Falls Trail, Ellingwood Falls, Garfield Falls, Giant Falls, Glen Ellis Falls, Hitchcock Falls, Lower Falls, Moose Falls, Peboamauk Fall, Triple Falls, Upper Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bigelow Lawn

  Forests     show all on map

Connecticut Lakes State Forest, Leadmine State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bunnell Notch, Carter Notch, Cleveland Notch, Cranberry Bog Notch, Cree Notch, Edmands Col, Gadwah Notch, Gore Notch, Hunters Pass, Jefferson Notch, Kelsey Notch, Moran Notch, Moriah George, Perkins Notch, Pinkham Notch, Stratford Notch, Tabor Notch, Trident Pass, Willard Notch, Zeta Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, Weeks Medical Center, Whitefield Family Health Clinic

  Islands     show all on map

Bear Island, Big Island, Blake Island, Buck Island, Evans Island, Hinman Island, Mason Island, Metallak Island, Nine Island, Seven Islands, Stevens Island, Wentworth Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Ammonoosuc Lake, Back Lake, Baker Pond, Bear Brook Pond, Beaver Pond, Blood Pond, Boundary Pond, Bragg Pond, Carr Pond, Cedar Pond, Cherry Pond, Christine Lake, Clark Pond, Clarksville Pond, Connecticut Lakes, Cranberry Bog Pond, Dead River Pond, Desolation Pond, Devils Washbowl, Diamond Pond, Dream Lake, Dummer Ponds, Dustan Pond, East Inlet Flowage, Emerald Pool, Fish Pond, Forest Lake, Fourth Connecticut Lake, Garnet Pool, Gentian Pond, Greenough Pond, Harris Pond, Hazens Pond, Head Pond, Hell Gate Pond, Hermit Lake, Hoskins Pond, Jacquith Pond, Jonathan Pond, Judd Pond, Judds Ponds, Judson Pond, Kent Pond, Kilback Pond, Ladd Pond, Lake Abeniki, Lake Gloriette, Lake Metalak, Lakes of the Clouds, Lamb Valley Pond, Leonard Pond, Little Bear Brook Pond, Little Cherry Pond, Little Diamond Pond, Little Greenough Pond, Lombard Pond, Long Mountain Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Lost Pond, Martin Meadow Pond, Mascot Pond, Matthews Pond, Middle Pond, Millsfield Pond, Mirror Lake, Moose Pond, Moose Pond, Moose Pond, Moose Pond (historical), Mountain Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond Lake, Munn Pond, Nash Bog Pond, Nathan Pond, Nay Pond, No Ketchum Pond, Norton Pool, Page Pond, Perry Ponds, Pike Pond, Pond of Safety, Reflection Pond, Rhubarb Pond, Richardson Pond, Rock Pond, Rocky Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond Lake, Saco Lake, Sessions Pond, Shadow Pool, Signal Pond, Snag Pond, South Ponds, Spaulding Lake, Star Lake, Stub Hill Pond, Success Pond, Sugarloaf Pond, Sweat Pond, Terrell Pond, Third Connecticut Lake, Trio Ponds, Umbagog Lake, Unknown Pond, Unknown Pond, Upper Gentian Pond, Wallace Pond, Weed Pond, Weeks Pond, Whaleback Pond, Wheeler Pond, Whitcomb Pond, Wright Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Androscoggin Ranger Station, Androscoggin Valley Country Club, Balsams Country Club, Balsams-Wilderness Ski Area, Barnes Field Camping Area, Beach Hill Campground and Cabins, Beaver Brook Wayside Area, Berlin Ski Jump, Blue Brook Shelter, Bowman Bose Camp, Bretton Woods Ski Area, Camp 18, Camp 19, Camp Number 31 (historical), Camp Number 32 (historical), Camp Number 36 (historical), Camp Number 5, Camp Number 6, Camp Number 7, Camp Number 8, Camp Number 9, Camp Otter, Carr Camp (historical), Carroll Station, Carter Notch Hut, Clarksville Town Hall, Colebrook Country Club, College Farm, Cowen Hill Camp, Crawford House, Currier Camp (historical), Deer Mountain Campground, Depot Camp, Dolly Copp Campground, Falkenham Camp (historical), Felton Camp, Gentian Shelter, Glen Ellis Falls Picnic Area, Glen Ellis Falls Scenic Area, Gorham Railroad Station, Gorham Shop and Save Shopping Center, Great Gulf Shelter, Greeley Camp (historical), Group Camping Area Number 1, Group Mountain Camping Area Number 2, Harry Davis Camp (historical), Hell Gate, Holden Camp, Hurlbert Camp, Imp Shelter, Isolation Shelter, Israel River Campground, Israel River Ranger Station, Jefferson Station, Klondyke Camp (historical), LeJoliete Snowshoe Club (historical), Meadows, Mizpah Spring Hut, Mollidgewock Campground, Moose Bog Camp (historical), Moose Brook State Forest Camp (historical), Moose Falls Picnic ARea, Mountain View Golf Club, Nansen Hut, Northumberland Shopping Center, Old Ramsay Camp, Palmers Cabin, Peabody Field Picnic Area, Pinkham Notch Camp (historical), Ramsay Camp (historical), Randolph Springs Wayside ARea, Randolph Station, Rattle River Shelter, Resolution Shelter, Rogers Campground, Shehan Camp (historical), Shelter Number One, Shelter Number Two, Shelter Number Two, Slewgundy, Spruce Brook Shelter, Stoddards Cabin, Sugarloaf Campground, Swift Diamond Farm, Twin Mountain Fish Hatchery, Twin Mountain Wildlife Center, Varney Camp (historical), Varney Camp (historical), Waumbek Golf Course, Wild River Campground, Wild River Climatic Station, Wildcat Mountain Ski Area, Willey House Camps, WMNF Shelter, Zealand Forest Camp

  Military     show all on map

Fort Wentworth (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Mascot Mines (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Androscoggin Wayside Park, Brown Company Lots State Wildlife Management Area, Coleman State Park, Dixville Notch State Park, Eames Wayside Area, East Inlet Wildlife Management Area, Forest Lake State Park, Gorham Common, Gray Lot State Wildlife Management Area, Jericho Lake Park, John Wingate Weeks Historic Site, Lake Francis State Park, Lake Francis Wildlife Area, Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, Milan Hill State Park, Moose Brook State Park, Nansen Wayside Park, Northern Forest Heritage Park, Pinkham Notch Scenic Area, Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, Scotts Bog Wildlife Management Area, Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, York Pond State Game Refuge (historical)

  Pillars     show all on map

Ball Crag, Eagle Crag, Glen Boulder, Kelton Crag, Lion Head, Nelson Crag, Pininsula Molls Rock, Table Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Appalachia, Baileys, Beatties, Berlin, Bowman, Bretton Woods, Bungy, Carroll, Cascade, Colebrook, Columbia, Columbia, Cones, Coos Junction, Copperville, Crystal, Cushman, Dalton, Dixville Notch, Dummer, Errol, Fabyan, Gateway Trailer Park, Georges, Glen House, Gorham, Grange, Groveton, Happy Corner, Hazens, Highlands, Idlewilde, Jefferson, Jefferson Highland, Kidderville, Lancaster, Lost Nation, Mapleton, Marshfield Station, Masons, Meriden Hill, Milan, North Stratford, Northumberland, Paris, Percy, Pittsburg, Quebec Junction, Randolph, Randolph Hill, Rim Junction, Riverton, Scates Corner, Scott, Shelburne, South Lancaster, Stark, Starr King, Stewartstown, Stewartstown Hollow, Stratford, The Glen, The Hand, Tinkerville, Twin Mountain, Upper Kidderville, Upper Village, Waumbeck Junction, Wentworth Location, West Milan, West Stewartstown, Whitefield

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adams Post Office (historical), Bartlett Post Office (historical), Bartlette Centre Post Office (historical), Bennetts Landing Post Office (historical), Berlin Falls Post Office (historical), Berlin Mills Post Office (historical), Berlin Post Office, Blais Park Post Office (historical), Bretton Woods Post Office, Carroll House Post Office (historical), Carroll Post Office (historical), Cascade Post Office (historical), Clarksville Post Office (historical), Colebrook Post Office, Columbia Post Office (historical), Connecticut Lake Post Office (historical), Coos Post Office (historical), Copperville Post Office (historical), Crawford House Post Office (historical), Crystal Post Office (historical), Cushman Post Office (historical), Dalton Post Office (historical), Dartmouth Post Office (historical), Diamond Pond Post Office (historical), Dixville Notch Post Office (historical), Dixville Post Office (historical), Dummer Post Office (historical), Errol Post Office, Fabyan House Post Office (historical), Glen House Post Office (historical), Gorham Post Office, Grange Post Office (historical), Groveton Post Office, Happy Corner Post Office, Harts Location Post Office (historical), Hazen Junction Post Office (historical), Hazens Mill Post Office (historical), Highland Post Office (historical), Indian Stream Post Office (historical), Jefferson Highland Post Office (historical), Jefferson Mills Post Office (historical), Jefferson Post Office, Kilkenny Post Office (historical), Lakeside Post Office (historical), Lancaster Post Office, Lower Columbia Post Office (historical), Meadows Post Office, Metallak Post Office (historical), Milan Post Office, Millsfield Post Office (historical), Mohawk Post Office (historical), Mount Pleasant House Post Office (historical), Mount Washington House Post Office (historical), Mount Washington Post Office, North Straford Post Office, Northumberland Post Office (historical), Notch House Post Office (historical), Percy Post Office (historical), Pinkham Post Office (historical), Pinkhams Grant Post Office (historical), Pittsburg Post Office, Randolph Post Office (historical), Riverton Post Office (historical), Scott Post Office (historical), Scotts Mills Post Office (historical), Shelburne Addition Post Office (historical), Shelburne Post Office (historical), South Carroll Post Office (historical), South Columbia Post Office (historical), South Dalton Post Office (historical), South Lancaster Post Office (historical), Stark Water Post Office (historical), Stark Water Station Post Office, Starrking Post Office (historical), Stewarttown Post Office (historical), Stratford Post Office (historical), The Valley Post Office (historical), Twin Mountain Post Office, Upper Village Post Office (historical), Wentworths Location Post Office (historical), West Milan Post Office (historical), West Shelburne Post Office (historical), West Stewartstown Post Office, White Mountain House Post Office (historical), White Mountain Post Office (historical), White Mountains Post Office (historical), Whitefield Post Office, Zealand Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

White Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Great Gulf Wilderness, Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Airport Marsh Reservoir, Akers Pond, Anderson Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Back Lake, Back Pond, Berlin Reservoir, Big Brook Bog, Burns Pond, Cascade Brook Reservoir, Cascade Mill Lagoons, Connecticut River Reservoir, Connecticut River Reservoir, Coon Brook Bog, East Inlet Pond, Farm Pond, First Connecticut Lake, Gilman Project Reservoir, Godfrey Pond, J Brodie Smith Reservoir, Jericho Lake, Keene Reservoir, Lake Abeniki, Lake Francis, Lake Gloriette, Lime Pond, Little Bog Pond, Moose Pond, Mountain Pond, Mud Pond, Phillips Pond, Pontook Reservoir, Scott Bog, Second Connecticut Lake, Shehan Pond, Stratford Bog Pond, Trio Pond, Umbagog LakeBrags Bay, Upper Ammonoosuc River Reservoir, Upper Ammonoosuc River Reservoir, Upper Amonoosuc River Reservoir, West Branch of Indian Stream Reservoir, York Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Bear Mountain, Bemis Ridge, Blue Ridge, Branch Ridge, Cape Horn, Carr Ridge, Castellated Ridge, Chandler Ridge, Crescent Range, Dartmouth Range, Dead Water Ridge, Deer Ridge, Diamond Ridge, Diamond Ridge, Durand Ridge, Elm Ridge, Gordon Ridge, Hardwood Ridge, Howker Ridge, Israel Ridge, Lonesome Ridge, Long Mountain, Montalban Ridge, Mud Pond Ridge, Nathan Pond Ridge, Nowell Ridge, Osgood Ridge, Pilot Range, Piper Hill, Pliny Range, Presidential Range, Ridge of the Caps, Rocky Branch Ridge, Shatney Mountain, South Ridge, Spalding Hill, Stratford Mountain, Teakettle Ridge, Walker Ridge, Whipple Ridge, Whitcomb Mountain, Wildcat Ridge, Windey Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bartlett Elementary School, Bear Rock School, Berlin Junior High School, Berlin Senior High School, Blake School, Brackett School, Brown Elementary School, Camp E - Toh - Anee, Cates Hill School, Cedar Brook School (historical), Clarksville Pond School (historical), Cleveland School, Colebrook Academy, Colebrook Elementary School, Colebrook Primary School, Community Baptist School, Community Baptist School, Community Bible Academy, Cone School, Cummings School, Dalton Elementary School, Doctor George S Emerson Elementary School, Dummer Plain School, East Whitefield School, Easter Seal Lancaster School, Edward Fenn School, Elm Ridge School, Errol Consolidated Elementary School, Factory School (historical), Forbes School (historical), Gore School, Gorham High School, Gorham Middle School, Grand Vision School, Grange School, Great Rock School, Groveton Elementary School, Groveton High School, Groveton Middle School, Guardian Angel School, Haines School (historical), Halls Stream School (historical), Hamlin School, Harvey Swell School (historical), Hillside Elementary School, Hodgdon Hill School, Indian Stream School (historical), Jacobs Ladder School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jewett School, Lancaster Elementary School, Marston Elementary School, Milan Hill School, Milan Village Elementary School, Mohawk School, Mount Cabot School, New Hampshire Community Technical College, North American Family Institute Davenport School, North Country Charter Academy Lancaster Center, North Hill School (historical), Notre Dame High School, Osburn School, Perry School (historical), Pine Grove School, Piper Hill School (historical), Piper School (historical), Pittsburg Elementary School, Pittsburg High School, Pontook School, Riverton Road School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Michael Catholic School, School Number 10, School Number 2, School Number 9, South Columbia School, South Hill School (historical), Stanton School (historical), Stark Village School, Stebbins Hill School, Stewartstown Community School, Stewartstown Hollow School (historical), Stratford Elementary School, Stratford High School, Sunny Brook Montessori School, Twin Mountain Christian Academy, Union School, Union School, Wheeler School (historical), White Mountains Community College, White Mountains Regional High School, Whitefield Elementary School, Whittemore School (historical), Willis School, Young School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Devils Slide, Giant Stairs, The Flume

  Springs     show all on map

Dart Wentworth Spring, Tisdale Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Abbott Brook, Abbott Brook, Abenaki Brook, Ad Chase Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Ames Brook, Amey Brook, Annis Brook, Appleby Road Brook, Arlin Brook, Assaguam Brook, Austin Mill Brook, Ayding Brook, Back Lake Brook, Backfield Brook, Baldface Brook, Barnes Brook, Barrel Brook, Bateman Brook, Bean Brook, Bear Brook, Bear Brook, Bear Brook, Bear Spring Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Bennett Brook, Bennett Brook, Betty Brook, Big Brook, Big Brook, Bishop Brook, Bissell Brook, Black Brook, Blackstrap Brook, Blue Brook, Boardpile Brook, Bog Branch, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bone Brook, Boy Brook, Brandy Brook, Brown Brook, Buckhorn Brook, Bull Brook, Bumpus Brook, Bunnell Brook, Burnside Brook, Burnt Mill Brook, Caleb Brook, Camp Brook, Carlton Brook, Carroll Stream, Carter Brook, Cascade Alpine Brook, Cascade Brook, Cascade Brook, Cascade Brook, Cascade Brook, Castle Brook, Cedar Brook, Cedar Brook, Cedar Brook, Cedar Stream, Chandler Brook, Charles Brook, Chase Brook, Cherry Mountain Brook, Chickwolnepy Stream, Clay Brook, Clay Brook, Clear Stream, Clement Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Stream, Columbia Brook, Cone Brook, Connary Brook, Connor Brook, Coolidge Brook, Coon Brook, Corser Brook, Cowboy Brook, Cozzie Brook, Crawford Brook, Crawford Brook, Crystal Brook, Culhane Brook, Cummings Brook, Cushman Brook, Cutler River, Cypress Brook, Dartmouth Brook, Day Brook, Day Brook, Dead Diamond River, Dead River, Dead Water Stream, Dean Brook, Deception Brook, Devils Hopyard Stream, Dewdrop Brook, Dixie Brook, Dry Brook, Dry River, Dryad Brook, Dube Brook, Dyer Brook, East Branch Bog Brook, East Branch Dead Diamond River, East Branch Dead Water Stream, East Branch Indian Stream, East Branch Mill Brook, East Branch Mohawk River, East Branch Nash Stream, East Branch Simms Stream, East Branch Stratford Bog Brook, East Branch Swift Diamond River, East Brook, East Fork East Branch Saco River, East Horne Brook, East Inlet, Elephant Head Brook, Emery Allen Brook, Falkenham Brook, Favreau Brook, Ferguson Brook, Fifield Brook, Flume Brook, Fogg Brook, Fourmile Brook, Fox Brook, Franklin Brook, Garland Brook, Gates Brook, Gay Brook, Gibbs Brook, Gore Branch, Graham Brook, Great Brook, Greeley Brook, Greenough Brook, Gulch Brook, Gulf Brook, Haines Brook, Halfway Brook, Harvey Brook, Hedgehog Brook, Hellgate Brook, Hickey Brook, Higgins Brook, Hix Brook, Hollow Brook, Horn Brook, Horne Brook, Horne Brook, Hymmel Branch, Imp Brook, Indian Stream, Ingalls Brook, Ingersoll Brook, Island Brook, Israel River, Jefferson Brook, Jericho Brook, Jimmy Cole Brook, Jobbers Brook, Jodrie Brook, Johns River, Johnson Brook, Josh Brook, Keenan Brook, Kelly Brook, Keyser Brook, Kidder Brook, Kidder Brook, Kimball Brook, La Flamme Brook, Labrador Brook, Lamb Valley Brook, Lamb Valley Brook, Larry Flume, Larrys Brook, Lary Brook, Leadmine Brook, Leavitt Stream, Leighton Brook, Leonard Brook, Little Bear Brook, Little Dead Diamond River, Little Magalloway River, Little River, Long Mountain Brook, Loomis Valley Brook, Lord Brook, Lost Valley Brook, Lyman Brook, Machia Brook, Mad River, Magalloway River, Martins Brook, McCordick Brook, Meadow Brook, Merrill Brook, Merrill Brook, Middle Branch Cedar Stream, Middle Branch Dead Diamond River, Middle Branch Indian Stream, Middle Branch Little Magalloway River, Middle Branch Mad River, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Millsfield Pond Brook, Mohawk River, Mollidgewock Brook, Monroe Brook, Moore Brook, Moose Brook, Moose Brook, Moose Brook, Moose Brook, Moose Pond Brook, Moose River, Moran Brook, Moriah Brook, Moriah Brook, Mount Pleasant Brook, Nash Stream, Nathan Pond Brook, Nelson Brook, New River, Newell Brook, Nineteen Brook, No Name Brook, North Branch Beaver Brook, North Branch Horne Brook, North Branch Mohawk River, North Branch Stearns Brook, North Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River, North Fork Big Brook, North Hammond Brook, North Inlet, Number Nine Brook, Number Three Brook, Number Three Brook, Number Two Brook, One Mile Brook, Otter Brook, Otter Brook, Parapet Brook, Parks Brook, Pea Brook, Peabody Brook, Peabody River, Perkins Brook, Perry Brook, Perry Brook, Perry Stream, Pesky Brook, Peterson Brook, Phillips Brook, Pike Brook, Pine Brook, Pisgah Brook, Pond Brook, Pond Brook, Pond Brook, Pond Brook, Potash Brook, Potter Brook, Priscilla Brook, Rattle River, Razor Brook, Read Brook, Red Brook, Red Brook, Red Brook, Redman Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Robbins Brook, Roberts Brooks, Robie Brook, Roby Brook, Roby Brook, Rocky Brook, Round Pond Brook, Rowell Brook, Rowells Brook, Runcourt Brook, Sanderson Brook, Schoolhouse Brook, Schoolhouse Brook, Schoppe Brook, Scott Brook, Scott Brook, Sebosis Brook, Sessions Brook, Silver Brook, Silver Cascade, Silver Stream, Simms Stream, Slide Brook, Smith Brook, Smith Brook, Smoky Camp Brook, Snyder Brook, Sokokis Brook, South Branch Horne Brook, South Branch Israel River, South Branch Little Dead Diamond River, South Branch Lyman Brook, South Branch Mad River, South Branch Stearns Brook, South Valley Brook, Spruce Brook, Spur Brook, Squeeze Hole Brook, Stag Hollow Brook, Stalbird Brook, Stanley Slide Brook, Stearns Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stratford Bog Brook, Streator Brook, Sucker Brook, Sugar Hill Brook, Sugarloaf Brook, Sweatt Brook, Swift Diamond River, Sypher Brook, Teapot Brook, The Mystic, Thompson Brook, Tinker Brook, Townline Brook, Townline Brook, Tracy Brook, Tracy Brook, Trestle Brook, Trestle Brook, Twin Brook, Upper Ammonoosuc River, Upper Stairs Brook, Uran Brook, Washburn Brook, Waterhole Brook, Watkinson Brook, Welch Brook, Wells Brook, West Branch Abbott Brook, West Branch Cedar Stream, West Branch Clear Stream, West Branch Dead Diamond, West Branch Indian Stream, West Branch Little Dead Diamond River, West Branch Little Magalloway River, West Branch Magalloway River, West Branch Mill Brook, West Branch Mohawk River, West Branch Peabody River, West Branch Phillips Brook, West Branch Simms Stream, West Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River, West Inlet, West Inlet, Whipple Brook, Wild River, Woods Brook, Zealand River

  Summits     show all on map

Abeniki Mountain, Adams Five, Agiocochook Crag, Appleby Mountain, Artist Rock, Bag Hill, Bald Cap, Bald Cap Peak, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldhead Mountain, Beach Hill, Beaman Hill, Beech Hill, Beech Hill, Beede Mountain, Ben Young Hill, Bickford Hill, Black Bluff Hill, Black Cat Spur, Black Crescent Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Blue Hill, Boott Spur, Boy Mountain, Bray Hill, Bunker Hill, Bunnell Mountain, Cambridge Black Mountain, Carlton Hill, Carter Dome, Cascade Mountain, Castle Mountain, Cates Hill, Cave Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Chandler Ledge, Chase Mountain, Cherry Mountain, Chickwolnepy Mountain, Cilley Hill, Closton Hill, Collins Hill, Comstock Hill, Corkscrew Hill, Covell Mountain, Covell Mountain, Cow Mountain, Cowen Hill, Crows Nest, Crystal Mountain, Cummings Mountain, Currier Mountain, Dalton Mountain, Dearth Hill, Deer Mountain, Deer Mountain, Deer Mountain, Diamond Peaks, Dickey Hill, Dixville Peak, Double Top Mountain, Dummer Hill, Engine Hill, Errol Hill, First Mountain, Fitch Mountain, Goback Mountain, Gore Mountain, Gulf Peak, Halfmoon Mountain, Hampshire Hills, Hark Hill, Harvey Swell, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Hedgehog Hill, Hedgehog Nubble, Hodgdon Hill, Holden Hill, Holt Hill, Horn Hill, Howe Peak, Howland Hill, Hutchins Mountain, Imp Face, Imp Mountain, Jackknife Hill, Jericho Mountain, Jimmy Cole Ledge, Jodrie Hill, Jordan Hill, Keazer Mountain, Kidder Hill, Kimbal Hill, Lang Hill, Leadmine Ledge, Ledge Mountain, Lightning Mountain, Little Cambridge Mountain, Little Mount Deception, Little Roundtop Mountain, Little Wildcat Mountain, Location Hill, Lovering Mountain, Lows Bald Spot, Magalloway Mountain, Marshall Hill, Metallak Mountain, Middle Carter Mountain, Middle Moriah Mountain, Middle Mountain, Milan Hill, Mill Mountain, Mill Mountain, Millen Hill, Moore Mountain, Morse Mountain, Mount Abigail Adams, Mount Adams, Mount Bowman, Mount Cabot, Mount Carberry, Mount Clay, Mount Crag, Mount Crawford, Mount Crescent, Mount D'Urban, Mount Dartmouth, Mount Davis, Mount Deception, Mount Dustan, Mount Eisenhower, Mount Evans, Mount Forest, Mount Franklin, Mount Hayes, Mount Hight, Mount Hope, Mount Ingalls, Mount Isolation, Mount Jackson, Mount Jasper, Mount Jefferson, Mount Joseph Whipple, Mount Kelsey, Mount Kent, Mount Madison, Mount Martha, Mount Meader, Mount Mitten, Mount Monroe, Mount Moriah, Mount Oscar, Mount Patience, Mount Pierce, Mount Pisgah, Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, Mount Quincy Adams, Mount Randolph, Mount Resolution, Mount Sam Adams, Mount Starr King, Mount Success, Mount Surprise, Mount Tucker, Mount Washington, Mount Waumbek, Mount Webster, Mount Weeks, Mount Winthrop, Mudget Mountain, Muise Mountain, North Bald Cap, North Baldface, North Carter Mountain, North Hill, North Peak, North Percy Peak, North Sugarloaf, Notch Mountain, Oak Hill, Orne Mountain, Osburn Hill, Owlhead Mountain, Owlshead, Page Hill, Paul Hill, Peabody Hill, Percy Peaks, Pine Knob, Pine Mountain, Pliny Mountain, Point Lookout, Pond Hill, Pond Hill, Potato Hill, Potters Ledge, Prospect Hill, Prospect Mountain, Prospect Mountain, Prospect Mountain, Ragged Jacket, Rands Rock, Rice Mountain, Rogers Ledge, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Salmon Mountain, Sams Lookout, Sanguinary Mountain, Savage Mountain, Shelburne Moriah Mountain, Signal Mountain, South Carter Mountain, South Hill, South Mountain, South Percy Peak, Spooner Hill, Spruce Mountain, Square Mountain, Stairs Mountain, Stevens Hill, Stevens Point, Stock Farm Mountain, Stub Hill, Success Hill, Sugar Hill, Sugar Hill, Sugar Mountain, Sugarloaf, Teapot Mountain, Terrace Mountain, The Bulge, The Horn, The Humps, The Outlook, Tromley Hill, Tug Mountain, Tumble Dick Mountain, Van Dyck Mountain, Veezey Hill, Victor Head, Wallace Hill, West Peak, West Royce Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, Wocket Ledge

  Swamps     show all on map

Bear Rock Bog, Blueberry Swamp, Coon Brook Bog, Goose Pond, Hurlbert Swamp, Mile Swamp, Sweat Meadows, The Bog

  Towers     show all on map

WBRL-AM (Berlin), WEDB-TV (Berlin), WHOM-FM (Mount Washington), WKCB Radio Tower (Biloxi), WLED-TV (Littleton), WLGW-AM (Lancaster), WMOU-AM (Berlin), WMTK-FM (Littleton), WZPK-FM (Berlin)

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Adams Slide Trail, Air Line, Alpine Garden Trail, Aqueduct Path, Austin Brook Trail, Baldface Circle Trail, Basin Rim Trail, Basin Trail, Black Angel Trail, Black Brook Trail, Bog Dam Trail, Boott Spur Trail, Brucknell Ridge Trail, Burnt Mill Brook Trail, Buttress Trail, Carlo Col Trail, Carlton Notch, Carroll Trail, Carter Dome Trail, Carter Moriah Trail, Castle Path, Cold Brook, Cook Path, Crawford Path, Crew Cut Trail, Daniel Webster Trail, Dartmouth Trail, Davis Path, Davis Path, Deception Trail, Dry River Trail, Eagle Link Trail, Edmands Path, Glen Boulder Trail, Goose Eye Trail, Great Gulf Trail, Gulfside Trail, Hastings Trail, Highwater Trail, Howker Ridge Path, Ice Gulch Path, Imp Shelter Cut Off, Imp Trail, Isolation Trail, Jericho Trail, Jewell Trail, Kenduskeag Trail, Lowes Path, Madison Gulf, Mahoosuc Trail, Meader Ridger Trail, Mill Brook Trail, Moriah Brook Trail, Mount Cabot Trail, Mount Clinton Trail, Mount Eisenhower Trail, Mount Meader Trail, Mount Pleasant Trail, Mount Webster Trail, Nelson Crag Trail, Nineteenmile Brook Trail, North Carter Trail, Oakes Gulf Trail, Old Jackson Road, Osgood Trail, Peabody Brook Trail, Pine Link Trail, Pine Mountain Trail, Pond of Safety Trail, Rainbow Trail, Randolph Trail, Rattle River Trail, Ravine Path, Raymond Path, Razor Brook Trail, Restricted Ledge Trail, RMC Brook Path, RMC Straight Path, Scudder Trail, Shelburne Trail, Short Line, Sinclair Trail, Six Husbands Trail, Speck Pond Trail, Sphinx Trail, Spur Path, Stairs Brook Trail, Stony Brook Trail, Success Trail, Sylvan Way Trail, The Link, Upper Ammonoosuc Trail, Valley Way, Wamsutta Trail, Watson Path, Westside Trail, Wild River Trail, Wildcat Ridge Trail, Wildcat River Trail, York Pond Trail

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Thirteen Mile Woods,

Coos County, New Hampshire Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCoos County White population 31,04931,048  
MixedCoos County Mixed population 448447
AsianCoos County Asian population 192191
American IndianCoos County American Indian population 128127
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCoos County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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State population table
New Hampshire population by county