Monmouth County, New Jersey Basics:

Monmouth County New Jersey - Government Site

Population: 629,393
Area: 469 square miles
County seat: Freehold
Area code(s) in use: 732 609
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 91.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 40.3%
Median household income: $84,746
Persons in poverty: 6.6%
Home ownership rate: 75.6%
Mean travel time to work: 33.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Monmouth County area

Our detail map of Monmouth County shows the Monmouth County, New Jersey boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Monmouth County, New Jersey

  Airports     show all on map

185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop, Alexanders-Eatontown, Asbury Park - Neptune Air Terminal (historical), Belford Airport (historical), Centra State Medical Center Heliport, Central Jersey Bank Heliport, Charles Wood Helipad, Colts Neck Police Heliport, Cruz Farm Heliport, Cuddihy Landing Strip Airport, Due Process Stables Heliport, E A I Landing Strip, Ekdahl Airport, Elmport Heliport, George Harms Const Heliport, Greely Helipad, Hazlet Township Police Heliport, Highlands Seaplane Base, Hop Brook Farm Airport, Hovtown Heliport, Howell Township Police Heliport, IFF Research and Development Heliport, Jersey Shore Medical Center Heliport, Manalapan Township-Village Green Heliport, Mar Bar L Farms Airport, Marine Park, Marlboro Airport (historical), Middletown Township Police Heliport, Monmouth Beach, Monmouth Executive Airport, Mosquito Commission Headquarters Heliport, Naval Weapons Station-Earle Heliport, New Jersey Bell CDC 11 Heliport, Perl Acres Airport, Red Bank Airport (historical), State Police Holmdel Helispot, Werner Heliport

  Bars     show all on map

False Hook, Shrewsbury Rocks

  Bays     show all on map

Atlantic Highlands Yacht Harbor, Belford Harbor, Blackberry Bay, Blossom Cove, Horseshoe Cove, Keyport Harbor, Leonardo Harbor, Lower Bay, Manahassett Creek, Oyster Bay, Pleasure Bay, Sandy Hook Bay, Shrewsbury Bay, South Arm, Spermaceti Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Belvedero Beach, Cliffwood Beach, Highlands Beach, Ideal Beach, L Street Bathing Beach, Navesink Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Coopers Bridge, Glimmer Glass Bridge, Hubbards Bridge, Oceanic Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Aberdeen Police Department, Aberdeen Township Fire Commissioner, Aberdeen Township First Aid Squad and Rescue Squad, Aberdeen Township Hose and Chemical Company Station 1, Allenhurst Fire Department and First Aid Squad, Allenhurst Police Department, Allentown Borough Police Department, Allentown First Aid Squad, Asbury Park Fire Department, Asbury Park Free Public Library, Asbury Park Police Department, Asbury Tower, Atlantic Fire Engine and Truck Company 2, Atlantic Highlands Fire Department - Administration, Atlantic Highlands Fire Department and First Aid Squad, Atlantic Highlands Police Department, Avon - by - the - Sea First Aid and Safety Squad, Avon by the Sea Fire Department, Avon Public Library, Avon-by-the-Sea Police Department, Bankier Library, Belmar Fire Department Administration, Belmar First Aid Squad, Belmar Police Department, Belmar Public Library, Bentley Brothers Greenhouses (historical), Borough of Belmar Fire Department Goodwill Fire House, Borough of Belmar Fire Department Hook and Ladder Fire House, Borough of Belmar Fire Department Union Fire House, Bradley Beach Fire Bureau, Bradley Beach First Aid Squad, Bradley Beach Police Department, Bradley Beach Public Library, Bradley Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Briarhill Welfare Home, Brielle Fire Company 1, Brielle Fire Inspector, Brielle First Aid Squad, Brielle Police Department, Brookdale Administration Center, Channel Club Tower, Cliffwood Volunteer Fire Company, Colts Neck First Aid Squad, Colts Neck Police Department, Colts Neck Volunteer Fire Company 1, Colts Neck Volunteer Fire Company 2, Courtesy Medical Transportation, Deal Fire Company 2, Deal First Aid Squad, Deal Lake Towers, Deal Police Department, Eagle Hose Company Number 4, Earle Naval Weapons Station Fire Department, Eatontown Fire Department, Eatontown First Aid Squad, Eatontown Police Department, Elberon First Aid and Emergency Squad, Englishtown Boro Fire District 1, Englishtown Borough Police Department, Englishtown Manalapan First Aid Squad, Fair Haven Borough Fire Department, Fair Haven First Aid Squad, Fair Haven Police Department, Fairview First Aid Squad, Farmingdale - Howell First Aid Squad, Farmingdale Hook and Ladder Company 1, Fort Monmouth Fire and Emergency Services, Fowler's Theatre, Freehold Borough Fire Department, Freehold Borough Fire Prevention Office, Freehold Borough Police Department, Freehold First Aid Emergency Squad, Freehold Public Library, Freehold Township Fire Commission, Freehold Township Fire District 2 East Freehold Fire Company Daniels Way Annex, Freehold Township Fire District 2 East Freehold Fire Company Pond Road Annex, Freehold Township Fire District 2 East Freehold Fire Company Station 16 - 2, Freehold Township Independent Fire Company 1, Freehold Township Police Department, Glendola Fire Company 1 Headquarters, Glendola Fire Company 1 Industrial Road Firehouse, Gordons Corner Fire Company, Gorman Hall, Grandville Towers, Grauman Towers, Hamilton First Aid Squad, Harbour View Tower, Hazlet Fire Company Station 39 - 1, Hazlet Township First Aid Rescue Squad, Hazlet Township Police Department, Highlands Fire Department, Highlands First Aid Squad, Highlands Police Department, Holmdel Fire Company 1, Holmdel Fire Company Station 2, Holmdel Fire Company Station 3, Holmdel First Aid Squad, Holmdel First Aid Squad, Holmdel Township Police Department, Hope Fire Company 1, Howell First Aid and Rescue Squad, Howell Township Fire Bureau, Howell Township Fire Company Adelphia Station 2, Howell Township Fire District 1 Squankum Fire Company 1, Howell Township Fire District 2 Howell Fire Company Adelphia Station 1, Howell Township Fire District 3 Southard Fire Department, Howell Township Fire District 4 Ramtown - Howell Fire Company 2, Howell Township Fire District 5 Freewood Acres Fire Company, Howell Township Police Department, Howell Township Police Emergency Medical Services, Imperial House, Interlaken Borough Police Department, Keansburg Emergency Medical Services, Keansburg Fire Company 1, Keansburg Police Department, Kennedy Towers, Keyport Fire Department Keyport Engine Company / Keyport Hook and Ladder, Keyport Fire Department Station 22 - 1 Eagle Hose Company, Keyport Fire Department Station 22 - 3 Fire Patrol, Keyport Fire Department Station 22 - 5 Liberty Hose Company, Keyport Fire Department Station 22 - 6 Lincoln Hose Company, Keyport Fire Department Station 22 - 7 Raritan Hose Company, Keyport First Aid Squad, Keyport Free Public Library, Keyport Police Department, Lake Como Police Department, Leonardo First Aid and Rescue Squad, Liberty Hose Company Number 3, Lincoln Hose Company Station Number 5, Lincroft First Aid Squad, Little Silver Police Department, Little Silver Rescue Squad, Little Silver Volunteer Fire Company 1, Long Branch Board of Education, Long Branch Fire Department Independence Engine and Truck Company 4 / Phil Daly Engine Company 4, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 290 Branchport Hose Company, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 375 Elberon Engine Company, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 590 Neptune Hose Company, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 675 Oceanic Engine and Truck Company, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 775 Oliver Byron Engine Company, Long Branch Fire Department Station 25 - 975 West End Engine Company 9 and Water Rescue 88, Long Branch Fire Prevention, Long Branch First Aid Squad, Long Branch Police Department, Manalapan Bureau of Fire Prevention, Manalapan Township Fire Company 1, Manalapan Township Police Department, Manasquan Fire District 1 Manasquan Hook and Ladder 1, Manasquan Fire District 1 Station 2, Manasquan First Aid Squad, Manasquan Police Department, Marlboro Fire Company 1, Marlboro Township District 3 Morganville Independent Fire Company, Marlboro Township Fire Prevention, Marlboro Township First Aid Squad, Marlboro Township Police Department, Matawan - Aberdeen Public Library, Matawan Borough Fire Prevention, Matawan Fire Department, Matawan Fire Department Freneau Company, Matawan Fire Department Hook and Ladder Company, Matawan Fire Department M E Haley Company, Matawan Fire Department Washington Engine Company, Matawan Fire Station Number 1, Matawan Fire Station Number 3, Matawan Fire Station Number 4, Matawan First Aid and Rescue Squad, Matawan Police Department, Maximum Care Ambulance Service, Middletown Fire Prevention, Middletown First Aid Squad, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 1 Navesink Hook and Ladder Company 1, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 10 Lincroft Fire Company, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 11 Old Village Fire Company, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 2 Brevent Park and Leonardo Fire Company, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 3 Belford Engine Company 1, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 4 Community Fire Company, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 5 East Keansburg Fire Company 1, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 6 Port Monmouth Fire Company 1, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 7 Belford Independent Fire Company, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 8 Middletown Fire Company 1, Middletown Township Fire Department Station 9 River Plaza Hose Company 1, Middletown Township Police Department, Millstone Township Fire Company, Millstone Township Volunteer First Aid Squad, Monmouth - Ocean Hospital Service, Monmouth Beach Fire Department, Monmouth Beach First Aid Squad, Monmouth Beach Police Department, Monmouth County Correctional Institution, Monmouth County Courthouse, Monmouth County Fire Academy, Monmouth County Police Academy, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, Monmouth County Youth Detention Center, Monmouth Museum, Monmouth Park Racetrack Emergency Medical Services, Monroe Towers, Morganville First Aid and Rescue Squad, Morganville Volunteer Fire Department, Navesink Lighthouse, Neptune City Fire Department, Neptune City First Aid Squad, Neptune City Police Department, Neptune Fire Prevention Bureau, Neptune First Aid Squad, Neptune Township Fire Department Station 34 - 1 Hamilton Fire Company, Neptune Township Fire Department Station 34 - 2 Liberty Fire Company, Neptune Township Fire Department Station 34 - 3 Shark River Hills Fire Company, Neptune Township Fire Department Station 34 - 4 Unexcelled Fire Company, Neptune Township Police Department, New Jersey State Police Troop E Headquarters, New Jersey State Police Troop E Holmdel Station, New Point Comfort Fire Company 1, North Centerville Volunteer Fire Company 1, Oakhurst Rescue Squad, Ocean Grove Auditorium, Ocean Grove Fire Department, Ocean Grove Fire District Eagle Hook and Ladder Company, Ocean Grove First Aid Squad, Ocean Township Fire District 1 Oakhurst Independent Fire Company 2, Ocean Township Fire District 1 Oakhurst Independent Hose Company 1, Ocean Township Police Department Oakhurst, Oceanport Fire Department, Oceanport First Aid and Rescue Squad, Oceanport Hook and Ladder Fire Company, Oceanport Police Department, Phillips Seaview Tower, Pinebrook Community Hose Company 3, PNC Bank Arts Center at Telegraph Hill, Point Comfort Beacon (historical), Port Monmouth First Aid, Ramtown First Aid Squad, Raritan Hose Company Number 2, Red Bank Fire Department Fire Marshal, Red Bank First Aid and Rescue Squad, Red Bank Police Department, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Navesink Hook and Ladder Company, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Relief Engine Company, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Independent Engine Company, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 4 Liberty Hose Company, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 5 Union Hose Company, Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department Station 6 Westside Hose Company, Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls, Riverview Towers, Robert J Collins Arena, Robertsville Fire Company 1, Roosevelt First Aid Squad, Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Department, Rumson First Aid Squad, Rumson Police Department, Rumson Volunteer Fire Department Oceanic Hook and Ladder Company 1, Rumson Volunteer Fire Department Rumson Fire Company 42 - 2, Sea Bright Borough Fire Department, Sea Bright First Aid Squad, Sea Bright Police Department, Sea Girt Fire Company 1 Station 44 - 1, Sea Girt Police Department, Shark River Hills First Aid Squad, Shrewsbury Borough Police Department, Shrewsbury Fire Marshal's Officel, Shrewsbury First Aid Squad, Shrewsbury Hose Company 1, South Aberdeen Emergency Medical Services, South Belmar Fire Company 1, South Belmar First Aid Squad, Specialty Hospital at Monmouth, Spring Lake Borough Fire Department Station 1, Spring Lake Borough Fire Department Station 2, Spring Lake First Aid and Emergency Squad, Spring Lake Heights Fire Department Independent Fire Company 1, Spring Lake Heights Police Department, Spring Lake Police Department, Spring Lake Public Library, Tackman's House, Tinton Falls Emergency Medical Services North, Tinton Falls Emergency Medical Services South, Tinton Falls Fire District 1 Station 36 - 2 Wayside Fire Company, Tinton Falls Fire District 2 Station 36 - 1 Tinton Falls Fire Company, Tinton Falls Fire District 2 Station 36 - 4 Northside Engine Company, Tinton Falls Police Department, Township of Ocean Fire Prevention Bureau, Union Beach Borough Fire Department Harris Gardens Fire Company, Union Beach Borough Fire Department Union Beach Fire Company 1, Union Beach Borough Fire Department Union Gardens Fire Company, Union Beach Borough Fire Department Union Hose Fire Company, Union Beach Fire Prevention, Union Beach First Aid Squad, Union Beach Police Department, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Waackaack Beacon, Wall Community First Aid Squad, Wall Fire Company 1 Headquarters, Wall Fire Company 1 Satellite Station, Wall Township Emergency Medical Services, Wall Township Fire Company 3 South Wall Fire and Rescue Company, Wall Township Fire Company 3 South Wall Fire and Rescue Company Satellite Station, Wall Township Fire Prevention Bureau, Wall Township First Aid and Rescue Squad, Wall Township Police Department, Wanamassa Fire Company 1 Station 1, Wanamassa First Aid Squad, Warner Student Life Center, Waters Edge Home for the Aged, West Keansburg Fire Company Station 39 - 3, West Long Branch Fire Department Borough Chemical and Truck Company 1, West Long Branch Fire Department West Long Branch Fire Company 1, West Long Branch First Aid Squad, West Long Branch Police Department, Wilbur Ray Police Station

  Capes     show all on map

Barley Point, Bass Point, Conaskonk Point, Ellis Point, Gooseneck Point, Guyon Point, Horseneck Point, Jones Point, Lewis Point, Locust Point, Lower Rocky Point, Matawan Point, Point Comfort, Rumson Neck, Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook Point, Upper Rocky Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Atlantic View Cemetery, Bay View Cemetery, Brewer Cemetery, Cedarwood Cemetery, Chapel Hill Cemetery, Conover Cemetery, Crystal Stream Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Field Cemetery, Glenwood Cemetery, Green Grove Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Harmony Cemetery, Holmdel Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Monmouth Memorial Park, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Mount Prospect Cemetery, Mount Union Cemetery, Old Scots Cemetery, Point Pleasant Cemetery, Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Red Bank Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Rosemont Cemetery, Saint Anne's Cemetery, Saint Catharine Cemetery, Saint Clements Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Shoreland Memorial Gardens, Shoreline Memorial Gardens, Smock Family Cemetery, State Hospital Cemetery, Temple Beth El Cemetery, Wayside Cemetery, White Ridge Cemetery, Woodbine Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Allenwood Census Designated Place, Belford Census Designated Place, Cliffwood Beach Census Designated Place, East Freehold Census Designated Place, Fairview Census Designated Place, Leonardo Census Designated Place, Lincroft Census Designated Place, Morganville Census Designated Place, Navesink Census Designated Place, North Middletown Census Designated Place, Oakhurst Census Designated Place, Ocean Grove Census Designated Place, Port Monmouth Census Designated Place, Ramtown Census Designated Place, Robertsville Census Designated Place, Shark River Hills Census Designated Place, Strathmore Census Designated Place, Wanamassa Census Designated Place, West Belmar Census Designated Place, West Freehold Census Designated Place, Yorketown Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Ambrose Channel, Barley Point Reach, Chapel Hill South Channel, Crabtown Creek, Fair Haven Reach, False Hook Channel, Gedney Channel (historical), Haven Reach, Highlands Reach, Long Branch Reach, Raritan Bay Channel, Red Bank Reach, Terminal Channel

  Churches     show all on map

African Zion Church, All Saints Memorial Episcopal Church, Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Ardena Baptist Church, Asbury Evangelistic Chapel, Asbury Neptune Evangel Chapel, Asbury United Methodist Church, Atonement Lutheran Church, Ballard United Methodist Church, Bayside Community Church, Belford United Methodist Church, Belmar Presbyterian Church, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Bible Chapel, Bethel Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary United Methodist Church, Cathedral Assembly By The Shore, Central Baptist Church, Central New Jersey Korean Church, Chel Yaacob Congregation, Christ Church of Shrewsbury, Christ United Methodist Church, Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Nativity, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Holy Communion, Church of The Master, Church of the Nativity, Church of the Precious Blood, Cliffwood Church (historical), Colts Neck Church, Colts Neck Reformed Church, Community Church of Christ, Congregation Agudath Achim, Congregation Ahavat Achim, Congregation Brothers of Israel, Congregation David Magen, Congregation Magen David, Congregation Shaare Tefilah, Congregation Sons of Israel, Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Due Process Stables Golf Course, Elberon Memorial Church, Embury United Methodist Church, Emleys Hill Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Tabernacle, Farmingdale Presbyterian Church, Fifth Avenue Chapel, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Red Bank, First Church of Christ Science, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Hispanic Presbyterian Church, First Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Reformed Church of Long Branch, First Unitarian Church of Monmouth County, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Fisk Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Freehold First Baptist Church, Freehold Jewish Center, Friendship Baptist Church, Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church, Glendola Bible Church, Good Hope Baptist Church, Good Samaritan Church, Gospel Hall Assembly, Grace Church, Grace Tabernacle, Haitian Church of God, Hamilton United Methodist Church, Harvest Home Church, Harvest Time Worship Center, High Point Chapel, Holy Cross Church, Holy Family Church, Holy Innocents Church, Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church, Holy Temple Church of God, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hope Presbyterian Church of Tinton Falls, Iglesia Manatial De Vida, Islamic Center of Asbury Park, Jehovahs Witnesses Bible Hall, Light of the World Apostolic Church, Lincroft Bible Church, Lincroft Church, Living Hope Fellowship Church, Long Branch Church of God, Long Branch Covenant Church, Luther Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Macedonia Baptist Church, Matawan United Methodist Church, McLaughlin Pentecostal Faith Church, Memorial United Methodist Church, Monmouth Grace United Methodist Church, Morganville Church, Morganville Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Pisgah Baptist Temple, Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Neptune West Grove United Methodist Church, New Apostolic Church, New Monmouth Baptist Church, North Centerville Chapel, Oakhurst United Methodist Church, Oceanview Church, Old Brick Reformed Church, Old First United Methodist Church, Old Tennent Presbyterian Church, Open Door Bible Church, Original Tabernacle of Prayer, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Our Lady of Providence Roman Catholic Church, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Praise Temple, Premiere Eglise Methodiste, Presbyterian Church of Shrewsbury, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Providence Baptist Church, Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Red Bank Church, Red Hill Church, Red Hill Church (historical), Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reformed Church of Freehold, Reformed Church of Keyport, Reformed Church of Tinton Falls, Robertsville Bible Church, Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church, Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church, Saint Anns Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Augustine Episcopal Church, Saint Catharines Church, Saint Catharines Church, Saint Catherines Church (historical), Saint Catherines Roman Catholic Church, Saint Clement's Episcopal Church, Saint Clements Roman Catholic Church, Saint Elizabeth Church, Saint Gabriel Church, Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Saint George's By The River Church, Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint James Church (historical), Saint James Church (historical), Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Memorial Episcopal Church, Saint Jerome's Catholic Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Methodist Church, Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Leo the Great Church, Saint Luke's United Methodist Church, Saint Mark African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Saint Mark's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Episcopal Church, Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church (historical), Saint Michael's Episcopal Church, Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church, Saint Nicholas Russian Eastern Orthodox Church, Saint Paul Baptist Church, Saint Paul's United Methodist Church, Saint Peter Claver Church, Saint Peter's Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Church (historical), Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, Saint Rose Roman Catholic Church, Saint Stepanos Armenian Church, Saint Stephen's African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Uriel's Episcopal Church, Saint Veronica's Roman Catholic Church, Salem Baptist Church, Sea Bright United Methodist Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Shrewsbury Avenue African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Shrewsbury Friends Church, Siloam United Methodist Church, Spanish Pentecostal Church, Squankum United Methodist Church, Star of the Sea Church, Synagogue of Deal, Synagogue of Deal, Synagogue of West Long Branch, Tabernacle Church of God, Tabernacle of Glory, Temple Beth Ahm, Temple Beth Miriam, Temple Beth-El, Temple Shalom, Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church (historical), Union Baptist Church, United Church, United Fellowship Baptist Church, United Holy Church of America, Wall United Methodist Church, Wayside United Methodist Church, West Belmar United Methodist Church, West Farms United Methodist Church, Wicker Memorial Baptist Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 10, Interchange 100A, Interchange 100B, Interchange 102, Interchange 116, Interchange 117, Interchange 16, Interchange 19, Interchange 22, Interchange 25, Interchange 28, Interchange 29, Interchange 31, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange 98, Interchange Number 105, Interchange Number 109

  Dams     show all on map

Aldrich Lake Dam, Allaire Dam, Bucks Mill Dam, Cascade Lake Dam, Deal Dam, Eatontown Dam, Englishtown Lake Dam, Franklin Lake Dam, Glendola Reservoir Dam, Hurleys Pond Dam, Imlaystown Lake Dam, Jumping Brook Dam, Lake Lefferts Dam, Lake Topanemus Dam, Louise Lake Dam, Marlu Lake Dam, Millhurst Dam, Old Mill Pond Dam, Perrineville Lake Dam, Poricy Dam, Red Valley Dam, Shadow Lake Dam, Swimming River Reservoir Dam, Wemrock Pond Dam, Wreck Pond Dam

  Guts     show all on map

Black Point Creek, Marquis Creek, Sea Girt Inlet, Shark River Inlet, Town Neck Creek

  Harbors     show all on map

Belmar Basin

  Hospitals     show all on map

Allenwood Hospital, Bayshore Community Hospital, Brisbane State Child Treatment Center, Centra State Medical Center, Centrastate Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center / Khovnanian Childrens Hospital, Marlboro State Hospital, Monmouth Medical Center, Riverview Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Barley Point Island, Gull Island, Gunning Island, Osborn Island, Plum Island, Raccoon Island, Sedge Island, Sedge Island, Shark River Island, Skeleton Hill Island, South Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Deal Lake, Fletcher Lake, Haskell Pond, Natco Lake, Stockton Lake, The Glimmerglass, Treasure Lake, Wesley Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Airport Plaza Shopping Center, Barlow Flower Farm, Battleview Orchards, Bayshore Greenhouse Farm, Beacon Hill Country Club, Bel - Aire Golf Course, Borough of Keansburg Water Works, Boxwood Farm (historical), Branchport Station, Brielle Circle (historical), Brookdale Farm (historical), Camp Charles Wood, Camp Housman, Camp Kearney, Camp Zehnder, Charleston Springs Golf Course, Cliffwood Station, Colonial Terrace Golf Club, Conover Estate (historical), Crest Fruit Farm, Crusius Ranch, Cruz Farm Country Club, Davis Station, Deal Golf and Country Club, Deans Nursery (historical), Deepdale Farm (historical), East Long Branch Station, Eastmont Orchards, Eatontown Circle (historical), Eatontown Industrial Park, Fairfield Station (historical), Fort Monmouth Golf Club, Freehold Raceway, Freehold Raceway Mall Shopping Center, Freneau Station (historical), Greentree Stables, Hillside Farm (historical), Holland Orchards Country Club, Hollywood Golf Course, Holmdel Towne Center Shopping Center, Homestead Golf Club, Hominy Hills Golf Course, Hop Creek Farms, Howell Park Golf Course, Howell Station, Indian River Farm (historical), J Robin Farm (historical), Jones Siding, Jumping Brook Golf Club, Keyport Yacht Club, Long View Farm (historical), Manasquan Circle, Manasquan River Golf Club, Marathon Dance Pier, Marlboro Industrial Park, Matawan Station, Matawan Water Works, Mid - Monmouth Industrial Park, Monmouth Beach Club, Monmouth Cove Marina, Monmouth Mall Shopping Center, Monmouth Water Works, Navesink Country Club, North Asbury Park, Norwood Country Club (historical), Oak Glen Farm (historical), Ocean Township Industrial Park, Old Orchard Country Club, Pine Brook Golf Course, R Jenssen Poultry Farm (historical), River Plaza, Romanessin Brook Farm, Rumson Country Club, Sarah Switzers Rest Camp (historical), Sea Girt Mall Shopping Center, Seaview Square Mall Shopping Center, Shafto Corners, Shark River Golf Course, Shore Acres Estate, Shrewsbury Plaza Shopping Center, Spring Lake Country Club, Spring Meadow Golf and Country Club, Sunkist Farm (historical), Sunnyside Farm (historical), Swimming River Country Club (historical), The Grove Shopping Center, Willow Brook Farm (historical), Wolf Hills Farm (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Battery Alexander (historical), Battery Arrowsmith (historical), Battery Bloomfield (historical), Battery Engle (historical), Battery Granger (historical), Battery Gunnison (historical), Battery Halleck (historical), Battery McCook (historical), Battery Morris (historical), Battery Peck (historical), Battery Reynolds (historical), Battery Richardson (historical), Battery Urmston (historical), Camp Coles (historical), Camp Evans (historical), Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook, Fort Hancock (historical), Fort Monmouth, Highlands Air Force Station (historical), Naval Weapons Station Earle, New Jersey National Guard Sea Girt Unit

  Mines     show all on map

Buck Pit, Millstone Sand and Gravel Pit, Preston Pit

  Parks     show all on map

Aldrich Lake Park, Allaire State Park, Allocco Park, Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, Baysholm County Conservation Area, Bayshore Waterfront County Park, Bicentennial Park, Big Brook Park, Blackberry Bay Park, Board of Proprietors State Historic Site, Bob Roggy Field, Bodman Park, Boswell Park, Branchport Park, Camp Evans Historic District, Crescent Park, Deep Cut County Park, Devine Park, Dorbrook County Park, Dorsett Park, East Freehold County Park, Echo Lake Park, Edgemere Park, Elberon Park, Ferruggiaro Park, Fisherman Cove Conservation Area, Forman Park, Garfield Park, Gordon Court Park, Greeley Park, Greentree Park, Hartshorne Woods County Park, Henry Hudson Trail County Park, Holiday Park, Holmdel County Park, Howell County Park, Huber Woods County Park, Jerry Morgan Park, Joe Palaia Park, John Parker Park, Labbe Park, Lenape Woods Greenway Municipally Open Space, Leonardo State Marina, Liberty Oak Park, Liberty Square Park, Lincroft Park, Maclearie Park, Manson Park, Marine Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Park, Monmouth Battle Monument, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Monmouth Race Track, Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook County Park, Navesink Park, Navesink River State Wildlife Management Area, Normandy Park, Oak Green Park, Pazienza Park, Pleasure Bay Park, Poricy Park, Potter Park, Robert L Brice Memorial Park, Seven Presidents Park, Shark River Park, Stevenson Park, Stonehurst Park, Sunnyside County Recreation Area, Sunset Park, Swimming River Natural Area, Takanassee Lake Park, Tatum County Park, Telegraph Hill Park, Thompson County Park, Three Acre Park, Tindall Park, Turkey Swamp Park, Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area, Twin Lights State Historic Site, Veterans Park, Wall Stadium, Weltz Park, West Front Street Park, Wolf Hill Recreation Area, Woodcrest Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adelphia, Algers Mills, Allaire, Allenhurst, Allentown, Allenwood, Ardena, Ardmore Estates, Arneytown, Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands, Avon-by-the-Sea, Baileys Corner, Bairdsville, Belford, Belmar, Bergen Mills, Bergerville, Blansingburg, Bradevelt, Bradley Beach, Bradley Park, Branchport, Brielle, Bucks Mill, Burlington Heights, Candlewood, Carmerville, Carrs Corner, Carrs Tavern, Carsons Mills, Centerville, Chapel Hill, Charleston Springs, Clarksburg, Claytons Corner, Cliffwood, Cliffwood Beach, Cold Indian Springs, Collingwood Park, Colts Neck, Cooks Mills, Cooleys Corner, Crawford Corners, Cream Ridge, Deal, Deal Park, Dogs Corners, Earle, East Freehold, East Keansburg, East Long Branch, Eatontown, Elberon, Elberon Park, Elton, Ely, Elys Corner, Emleys Hill, Englishtown, Everett, Fair Haven, Fair Play, Fairfield, Fairview, Farmingdale, Fort Hancock, Fort Plains, Freehold, Freewood Acres, Freneau, Galilee, Georgia, Glendola, Gordons Corner, Green Grove, Hamilton, Harmony, Hazlet, Hendrickson Corners, Henningers Mill, Herberts Corner, Highlands, Hillsdale, Hilton, Holland, Holmdel, Holmeson, Homes Mills, Hornerstown, Imlaystown, Interlaken, Jeffers Landing, Jerseyville, Keansburg, Keyport, Kirbys Mills, Lafayette Mills, Lake Club, Lake Como, Land of Pines, Larrabees, Leonardo, Leonardville, Lincroft, Little Silver, Little Silver Point, Loch Arbour, Locust, Long Branch, Low Moor, Lower Squankum, Macedonia, Manalapan, Manasquan, Manasquan Park, Marlboro, Matawan, Matthews, Maxim, Mechanicsville, Middletown, Millhurst, Monmouth Beach, Monmouth Heights at Manalapan, Monmouth Heights at Marlboro, Monmouth Hills, Montrose, Morganville, Morrell Corners, Mount Pleasant, Natco, Navesink, Navesink Beach, Nelsonville, Neptune City, New Bedford, New Canton, New Monmouth, New Sharon, Normandie, North Centerville, North Long Branch, North Middletown, Oak Glen, Oak Hill, Oak Hill, Oakhurst, Oakhurst Manor, Oakland Mills, Ocean Grove, Oceanic, Oceanport, Orchard Estates, Osbornes Mills, Pages Corner, Parkway Pines, Perrineville, Phalanx, Philips Mills, Pine Brook, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Valley Crossroads, Polhemustown, Port Monmouth, Port-au-Peck, Pullentown, Ramtown, Red Bank, Red Hill, Red Valley, Reevytown, Remsen Mill, Robertsville, Robinsville, Roosevelt, Rumson, Salem Hill, Sands Point, Scobeyville, Sea Bright, Sea Girt, Shacks Corner, Shark River Hills, Sharon, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Siloam, Smithburg, Smocks Corners, South Belmar, Southard, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Spring Mill, Spring Valley, Squankum, Sterling Woods, Stone Church, Stone Tavern, Stonehurst East, Stonehurst West, Strathmore, Sweetman, Taylors Mills, Tennent, Tiltons Corners, Tinton Falls, Town Brook, Union Beach, Van Marters Corner, Vanderburg, Villa Park, Walnford, Wanamassa, Waterloo, Waterwitch, Wayside, Wertheins Corner, West Allenhurst, West Belmar, West Deal, West End, West Farms, West Freehold, West Grove, West Keansburg, West Long Branch, West Shrewsbury, Whitesville, Whittier Oaks, Wickatunk, Wileys Corners, Winston Park, Wrightsville, Wyckoff Mills, Yorketown

  Post Offices     show all on map

Asbury Park Post Office, Avon by the Sea Post Office, Belmar Post Office, Bradley Beach Post Office, Brielle Post Office, Farmingdale Post Office, Freehold Post Office, Keansburg Post Office, Keyport Post Office, Manasquan Post Office, Matawan Post Office, Neptune Post Office, Ocean Grove Post Office, Spring Lake Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Hominy Hills, Mount Pleasant Hills

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Alberta Lake, Aldrich Lake, Brisbane Lake, Bucks Pond, Bulks Lake, Cascade Lake, Conines Millpond, Deal Lake, Echo Lake, Franklin Lake, Glendola Reservoir, Hurleys Pond, Imlaystown Lake, Indian Lake, Jumping Brook Reservoir, Lake Como, Lake Lefferts, Lake Louise, Lake Matawan, Lake Takanassee, Lake Topanemus, Lake Weamaconk, Lake Wesley, Marion Lake, Marlu Lake, Millhurst Pond, Mohawk Pond, Old Mill Pond, Osborne Pond, Perrineville Lake, Poricy Pond, Red Valley Lake, Shadow Lake, Shiers Pond (historical), Shippees Pond, Silver Lake, Simmons Pond, Spring Lake, Sunset Lake, Swimming River Reservoir, Sylvan Lake, Wemrock Pond, Wreck Pond

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Hominy Hills

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A Childs Place School, Academy Charter High School, Adelphia Elementary School, Aldrich Elementary School, Allentown High School, Allenwood Elementary School, Amerigo A Anastasia Elementary School, ARC Dorothy B Hersh High School, Ardena Elementary School, Asbury Park Adult Learning Center School, Asbury Park High School, Asbury Park Middle School, Asher Holmes Elementary School, Atlantic Highlands Elementary School, Atlantic Township Grade School (historical), Atlantis Preparatory School, Audrey W Clark Elementary School, Austin Academy School, Avon Elementary School, B E S T Academy School, Bangs Avenue Elementary School, Bayshore Higher Education Center, Bayshore Middle School, Bayview Elementary School, Beers Street Elementary School, Belmar Elementary School, Bennett Street School (historical), Betty McElmon Elementary School, Biotechnology High School, Bond Street School (historical), Bradley Beach Elementary School, Bradley Elementary School, Bradley Park School (historical), Brielle Elementary School, Broad Street School (historical), Brookdale Community College, Brookdale Community College Eastern Monmouth Campus, Brookdale Community College Northern Monmouth Campus, Brookdale Community College Wall Campus, Brookdale Community College Western Monmouth Campus, Brookside School, C Richard Applegate Elementary School, Cambridge Park School, Cedar Drive Middle School, Center Play School, Central Elementary School, Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School, Children of the King Academy School, Childrens Center of Monmouth County School, Christian Brothers Academy School, Clark Mills Elementary School, Class Academy School, Cliffwood Avenue Elementary School, Cliffwood Grade School (historical), Clifton T Barkalow Elementary School, Coastal Learning Center School, Coastal Learning Center School, Collier High School, Collingwood Park Seventh Day Adventist School, Colts Neck High School, Communications High School, Congregation Sons of Israel Nursery School, Conover Road Elementary School, Conover Road Primary School, Court Street Public School (historical), Cove Road School, CPC High Point Adolescent School, CPC High Point Elementary School, Creative Learning Center School, Croydon Hall School, Deal Elementary School, Deal Yeshiva School, Deal Yeshiva School, Deane Porter Elementary School, Developmental Learning Center School, DeVitte Military Academy (historical), Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary School, East Keyport School (historical), Edith M Griebling Elementary School, Elberon Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School, Farmingdale Elementary School, Forrestdale Middle School, Frank Antonides Elementary School, Frank Defino Central Elementary School, Frank J Dugan Elementary School, Freehold Borough High School, Freehold Intermediate School, Freehold Learning Center Elementary School, Freehold Regional Evening High School, Freehold Township Early Childhood Learning Center School, Freehold Township High School, Gables Elementary School, Glendola School, Goddard School, Goddard School, Goddard School, Goddard School - Hazlet, Green Grove Elementary School, Greenville Elementary School, Gregory Elementary School, H W Mountz Elementary School, Harbor School, Harmony Elementary School, Hazlet Grade School (historical), Hazlet Middle School, Henry Hudson Regional High School, High Technology High School, Highland Manor School, Highlands Elementary School, Hillcrest School, Hillel High School, Hillel Yeshiva School, Holmdel Grade School (historical), Holmdel High School, Holmdel Preschool Center, Holy Cross Elementary School, Holy Cross School, Holy Family Elementary School, Holy Innocents Elementary School, Holy Trinity Elementary School, Home Away From Home Academy School, Hope Academy Charter School, Howell High School, Howell Township Middle School North, Howell Township Middle School South, Hudson Street Grammar School (historical), Hurley School (historical), Ilan High School, Indian Hill Elementary School, Intermedial School, Intermediate Middle School, Islamic Day School, Johanna Huntowski Academy School, John I Dawes Early Learning Center School, Joseph C Caruso Elementary School, Joseph J Catena Elementary School, Joseph M Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center School, Joseph R Bolger Middle School, Keansburg High School, Keyport Central Elementary School, Keyport Grammar School (historical), Keyport High School, Kiddie Academy School of Marlboro, Kiddie Academy School of Neptune, Kinder College Early Childhood Preschool, Kindercare Learning Center School, Kindercare Learning Center School, Kindercare Learning Center School, Kinderland Learning Center School, King of Kings School, Kiva High School, Knollwood Elementary School, Lafayette Mills Elementary School, Land O'Pines Elementary School, Laura Donovan Elementary School, Lenna W Conrow Elementary School, Leonardo Elementary School, Liberty Christian School, Lillian Drive School, Lincroft Center For Children Preschool, Lincroft Elementary School, Lloyd Road Elementary School, Long Branch High School, Long Branch High School Annex, Long Branch Middle School, Mahala F Atchinson Elementary School, Manalapan Englishtown Middle School, Manalapan High School, Manasquan Elementary School, Manasquan High School, Maple Place Elementary School, Maranatha Christian Academy, Margaret L Vetter Elementary School, Marine Academy of Science and Technology High School, Markham Place Elementary School, Marlboro Early Learning Center School, Marlboro Elementary School, Marlboro Grade School (historical), Marlboro High School, Marlboro Jewish Center School, Marlboro Memorial Middle School, Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro Montessori School, Marshall W Errickson Elementary School, Matawan Aberdeen Middle School, Matawan Childrens Center School, Matawan High School (historical), Matawan Regional High School, Mater Dei High School, Meadowbrook Elementary School, Memorial Elementary School, Memorial Middle School, Mesivta Keser Torah School, Middle Road School, Middletown High School North, Middletown High School South, Middletown Village Elementary School, Midtown Community Elementary School, Milford Brook Elementary School, Millstone Township Elementary School, Millstone Township Middle School, Millstone Township Primary School, Monmouth Academy School, Monmouth Adult Education Community School, Monmouth Beach Elementary School, Monmouth County Academy of Allied Health and Science School, Monmouth County Career Center School, Monmouth County Fire and Police Academy, Monmouth County Vocational Technical High School, Monmouth Regional High School, Monmouth University, Montessori Academy of New Jersey School, Montessori Enrichment Center School, Montessori Family School, Morganville Grade School (historical), Morris Avenue School, Mother Teresa Regional School, Mountain Hill School, Navesink Elementary School, Neptune Evening High School, Neptune High School, Neptune Middle School, Neptune Township Early Childhood Development Center School, New Jersey United Christian Academy School, New Monmouth Elementary School, New School of Monmouth County, Newbury Elementary School, North Centerville Grade School (historical), Nut Swamp Elementary School, Oak Hill Academy School, Oakhurst Country Day School, Oakhurst School, Oakwood School, Ocean Avenue Elementary School, Ocean Township Elementary School, Ocean Township High School, Ocean Township Intermediate School, Old Mill Elementary School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Park Avenue Elementary School, Pine Brook Elementary School, Pine Brook School (historical), Point Road Elementary School, Pope John XXIII Regional School, Port Monmouth Elementary School, Port Monmouth Road School, Providence Christian Academy School, Rainbow World Preschool, Ramtown Elementary School, Ranney School, Raritan High School, Raritan Valley Elementary School, Ravine Drive Elementary School, Red Bank Catholic High School, Red Bank Charter School, Red Bank Middle School, Red Bank Primary School, Red Bank Regional High School, Red Oak Preschool, Regional Alternative School, Ridge Avenue Elementary School, River Plaza Elementary School, River Street School, Robertsville Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt School (historical), Rumson Country Day School (historical), Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, Saint Ann Elementary School, Saint Benedict School, Saint Catharine School, Saint Denis Elementary School, Saint James Elementary School, Saint Jerome Elementary School, Saint John Vianney Regional High School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Leo the Great Roman Catholic School, Saint Leo the Great School, Saint Marys School, Saint Rose Grammar School, Saint Rose High School, Saint Rose of Lima School, Saint Thomas More Nursery School, Saint Veronica Elementary School, School for Children, School Number 3, School Number 3 (historical), Schroth School and Technical Education Center, Sea Girt Elementary School, Search Day Program School, Seashore School, Shark River Hills Elementary School, Shore Christian Academy School, Shore Regional High School, Shrewsbury Elementary School, Sisters Academy, Solomon Schechter Academy School, Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Monmouth County, Southard Elementary School, Spring Lake Heights Elementary School, Steelman School, Strathmore Elementary School, Summer Hill Preschool, Summerfield Elementary School, Summerfield School (historical), Swimming River Elementary School, Sycamore Drive School, Taunton Elementary School, Taylor Mills Elementary School, Temple Beth Shalom School, Temple Shaari Emeth Preschool, The Academy Preschool, The First Class Childcare School, The Power of Christs Gospel Academy, The Rugby School at Woodfield, Thompson Middle School, Thorne Middle School, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Tinton Falls Middle School, Tower Hill School, Union Beach Memorial School, Upper Freehold Regional Elementary School, Village Elementary School, Vincent S Mastro Montessori Academy School, Viola L Sickles Elementary School, Wall High School, Wall Intermediate School, Wall Primary School, Wanamassa Elementary School, Wayside Elementary School, Wemrock Brook Elementary School, West Belmar Elementary School, West End Elementary School, West Freehold Elementary School, West Keansburg School (historical), West Keyport School (historical), West Side Christian Academy, William R Satz Intermediate School, Willow Tree Nursery School, Winding Brook School, Wolf Hill Elementary School, Woodcliff Academy School, Woodmere Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

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Kepwel Spring

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Applegates Creek, Ardena Brook, Bannen Meadow Brook, Bass Run, Bear Brook, Bear Swamp Brook, Big Brook, Birch Creek, Birch Swamp Brook, Bittern Brook, Branchport Creek, Buckhole Creek, Burkes Creek, Cattail Brook, Cedar Run, Chingarora Creek, Claypit Creek, Compton Creek, Cranberry Brook, Crane Creek, Cricket Creek, Crow Creek, Debbies Creek, Debois Creek, Deep Creek, Dicks Brook, Dove Creek, East Branch Mingamahone Brook, East Creek, East Fork Marsh Bog Brook, East Fork Mingamahone Brook, East Fork Turtle Brook, East Fork Yellow Brook, Fawn Creek, Finch Brook, Flat Creek, Fourth Creek, Fox Creek, Frog Creek, Gander Brook, Gravelly Brook, Gravelly Run, Ground Hog Brook, Grouse Brook, Hankins Brook, Hannabrand Brook, Harvey Brook, Hawk Creek, Haystack Brook, Heron Creek, Hockhockson Brook, Hollow Brook, Hop Brook, Husky Brook, Ivanhoe Brook, Judas Creek, Jumping Brook, Kingfisher Creek, Lahaway Creek, Laurel Gully Brook, Little Silver Creek, Long Bog Run, Long Brook, Long Neck Creek, Long Swamp Brook, Luppatatong Creek, Mahoras Brook, Manasquan River, Many Mind Creek, Maple Run, Marlpit Brook, Marsh Bog Brook, Matawan Creek, McClees Creek, McGellairds Brook, Middle Fork Timber Swamp Brook, Milford Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Run, Mine Brook, Mingamahone Brook, Mink Run, Miry Run, Mohingson Creek, Muddy Ford Brook, Musquash Brook, Navesink River, Negro Run, New Sharon Branch, Newt Creek, North Branch Dicks Brook, North Branch Metedeconk River, North Branch Squankum Brook, North Branch Squankum Brook, North Branch Timber Swamp Brook, North Branch Wreck Pond Brook, North Fork Timber Swamp Brook, Nut Swamp Brook, Oceanport Creek, Parkers Creek, Parkers Creek Branch, Pews Creek, Pine Brook, Pine Brook, Pine Creek, Plover Brook, Polypod Brook, Polypod Brook, Poplar Brook, Poricy Brook, Pree Swamp Brook, Quail Creek, Reevy Branch, Ridge Creek, Roberts Swamp Brook, Robins Swamp Brook, Sandy Brook, Sandyhill Brook, Shark River, Shrewsbury River, Slope Brook, Small Branch, Snake Creek, Snipe Creek, South Branch Timber Swamp Brook, South Creek, South Fork Timber Swamp Brook, Sparrow Creek, Squankum Brook, Still House Brook, Sweetgum Brook, Swimming River, Tadpole Creek, Tarkiln Brook, Tepehemus Brook, Thornes Creek, Timber Swamp Brook, Titmouse Creek, Toad Creek, Trout Brook, Troutmans Creek, Turtle Brook, Turtle Mill Brook, Waackaack Creek, Wagner Creek, Wampum Brook, Ware Creek, Watson Creek, Weamaconk Creek, Weasel Creek, Wells Brook, Wemrock Brook, West Fork Marsh Bog Brook, West Fork Minagamahone Brook, West Fork Ridge Creek, West Fork Turtle Brook, West Fork Yellow Brook, Whale Pond Brook, Willow Brook, Willow Run, Woodcock Brook, Wreck Pond Brook, Yellow Brook, Yellow Brook

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Beacon Hill, Cranberry Hill, Crawford Hill, Disbrows Hill, Garrett Hill, Highlands of Navesink, Lippincort Hill, Pine Hill, Stone Hill, Sugar Loaf Hill, Telegraph Hill, Throck Morton Hill

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Hockhockson Swamp

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WADB-FM (Point Pleasant), WBJB-FM (Lincroft), WCNJ-FM (Hazlet), WHTG-AM (Eatontown), WHTG-FM (Eatontown), WJLK-AM (Asbury Park), WJLK-FM (Asbury Park), WMCX-FM (West Long Branch), WOBM-AM (Lakewood Township), WQHF-FM (Freehold Township), WRTV Radio Tower (Conway), WZVU-FM (Long Branch),

Monmouth County, New Jersey Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMonmouth County White population 535,613535,613  
BlackMonmouth County Black population 48,46348,463
AsianMonmouth County Asian population 33,35833,357
MixedMonmouth County Mixed population 10,07010,070
American IndianMonmouth County American Indian population 1,8881,888
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMonmouth County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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State population table
New Jersey population by county