Chaves County, New Mexico Basics:

Chaves County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 65,727
Area: 6065 square miles
County seat: Roswell
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 77.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.3%
Median household income: $38,155
Persons in poverty: 20.6%
Home ownership rate: 67.0%
Mean travel time to work: 17.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Debaca  Eddy  Lea  Lincoln  Otero  Roosevelt  

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Map of the Chaves County area

Our detail map of Chaves County shows the Chaves County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Chaves County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Benedict Airpark, Bojax Ranch Airport, Champion Ranch Airport, El Paso Natural Gas Co Airport, Flying H Ranch Airport, Jenkins Airport, Roswell International Air Center Airport, Two Link Ranch Airport (historical)

  Areas     show all on map

Dry Pasture, Dunnahoo Hills, East Red Pasture, Indian Pasture, Made Flat, West Red Pasture

  Arroyos     show all on map

Middle Arroyo

  Basins     show all on map

Armstrong Basin, Olive Basin, Yellow Lake Sink

  Bends     show all on map

Devils Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Bob Crosby Bridge, Pecos River Bridge, Rio Feliz Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Berrendo Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Berrendo Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Berrendo Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Chaves County Sheriff's Office, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 1, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 2, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 3, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 4, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 5, City of Roswell Fire Department Station 6, Dexter Fire and Rescue Station 1, Dexter Fire and Rescue Station 2, Dexter Police Department, Dexter Public Library, District 8 Volunteer Fire Department, Dunken Volunteer Fire Department, East Grand Plains Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, East Grand Plains Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Hagerman Community Library, Hagerman Police Department, Hagerman Volunteer Fire Department / Hagerman Ambulance Service Station 1, Hagerman Volunteer Fire Department / Hagerman Ambulance Service Station 2, Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico, J P White and T Lou House, Lake Arthur Educational Museum, Lake Arthur Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Lake Arthur Volunteer Fire Department The Mills, Midway Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Millhiser-Baker Farmhouse, Milne-Bush Ranch, Museum of the Horse, New Mexico State Police District 3 Roswell, Penasco Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Penasco Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Rio Felix Volunteer Fire Department, Roswell Correctional Center, Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell Police Department, Saunders-Crosby House, Sierra Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Sierra Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, South Springs Ranch Outbuildings, Telephone Building Roswell, Urton Orchards Farmhouse and Milkhouse

  Canals     show all on map

Hagerman Canal, Hondo Ditch, Hondo Reservoir Diversion Canal, Outlet Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Cedar Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Boaz Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Eden Valley Cemetery, Elk Cemetery, Frazier Cemetery, Hagerman Cemetery, Lake Arthur Cemetery, Liston Cemetery, Murphys Chapel Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, South Park Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Midway Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Aldersage United Methodist Church, Assembly of God Church, Bel Aire Baptist Church, Belvue Baptist Church, Berrendo Baptist Church, Bethal Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Beulah Seventh Day Adventist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Temple, Central Assembly of God Church, Central Christian Church, Central Church of the Nazarene, Christ Holy Temple, Christian Center, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God Prophecy, Church of the Nazarene, Dunlap Spanish Mission, Eastside Church of Christ, El Bethel Church of God in Christ, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assemmbly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God, First Church of the Nazarene, First Free Will Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, First Methodist Church, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Spanish Baptist Church, First United Free Will Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Friendship Center, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Full Gospel Mission, Gateway Baptist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Highland Baptist Church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Kingdom Hall, Life Temple Pentecostal, Lighthouse Assembly of God, Little Zion Baptist Church, Midway Assembly of God Church, Midway Baptist Church, Morris Saint Baptist Church, Mount Gilead Baptist Church, Mountain View Baptist Church, Nadine Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Life Fellowship Church, Northern Heights Baptist Church, Northside Baptist Church, Orthodox Ba'hai Faith Church, Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ, Peoples Baptist Church, Poor Clares Monastery, Presbyterian Church of Orthodox, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Rodeo Cowboys Ministries Church, Roswell Baptist Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint John Baptist Church, Saint Paul Church of God in Christ, Salon Del Reino De Los Testament, Salt Creek Church, Scharbauer Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shady Grove Church, Smiths Chapel, South Manor Baptist Church, Spanish Church of Christ, Spanish Church of God, Tabernacle Baptist Mission, Taylor Memorial Baptist Church, Taylor Saint Church of Christ, Temple Baptist Church, The Salvation Army Church, The Salvation Army Church, The Storehouse Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Victory Temple PCG, Wares Tabernacle Baptist Church, Washington Avenue Baptist Church, Westminister Presbyterian Church, Westside Baptist Church, Westside Church of Christ, World Bibleway Fellowship Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Bluff, Dunlap Sill, Indian Bluff

  Dams     show all on map

Bitter Lake Number 15 Dam, Bitter Lake Number 16 Dam, Bitter Lake Number 6 Dam, Bitter Lake Number 7 Dam, Bitter Lake Number Five Dam, Bitter Lake Number Four Dam, Bitter Lake Number Three Dam, Garrod Dam, Hope Retard Dam, Zuber Draw Site Number One Dam, Zuber Draw Site Three Dam, Zuber Draw Site Two Dam, Zuber Hollow Reservoir Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Bell Flat, Garcia Flat, North Flat, Pump Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Russell Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, Memorial Hospital, New Mexico Rehabilitation Center, Roswell Regional Hospital, Saint Marys Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Adobe Lake, Alkali Lake, Antelope Lake, Ballard Lake, Beaver Lake, Best Lake, Big Lake, Bitter Lake, Blm Lake, Boat Lake, Bottomless Lakes, Broke Tank Lake, Browns Lake, Buck Lake, Buffalo Lake, Bullis Lake, Casaus Lake, Cedar Hill Lake, Chain Lakes, Cockle Burr Lake, Cocklebur Lakes, Coons Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Coyote Lake, Curlew Lake, Dagger Lake, Deep Lake, Deep Lake, Dimmitt Lake, East Lake, Figure Eight Lake, Frenchman Lake, Fry Lake, Government Water Hole, Gressett Water Hole, Harold Lake, Hernandez Lake, Indian Bluff Water Hole, Ink Pots, Inkwell Lake, Johnson Lake, Juan Lake, Lake Saint Francis, Lake Tolliver, Lake Van, Lea Lake, Lewis Lake, Little Lake, Little Red Lake, Lost Lake, Lowe Lake, Lucky Lake, Mare Lake, Mennecke Lake, Middle Lake, Milner Lake, Mirror Lake, Nakee Ishee Lake, Pasture Lake, Peters Lake, Presler Lake, Prichard Lake, Prichard Lakes, Ramadge Lake, Red Lake, Red Lake, Road Lake, Rogers Lake, Salt Cedar Lake, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Samples Lake, Sand Lake, Sardine Lake, Schram Lake, Scotts Lake, Sealey Lake, Shaw Lake, Silman Lake, Singer Lake, Skull Lake, South Home Lake, South Lake, Twin Lakes, Vest Lake, White Lake, White Lake, Wire Lake, Woods Lake, Wormen Lake, Yellow Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abbott Well, Adair Well, Alkali Well, Almo Well, Amarillo Well, Anchor D Ranch, Apache Windmill, Askew Windmill, Atkinson Ranch, Backus Windmill, Badger Well, Bar C Bar Ranch, Barnhill Windmill, Bates Windmill, Beatonbough Windmill, Benedict Ranch, Benedict Ranch, Big Creek Windmill, Bitter Lakes Weather Station, Bloom Ranch, Bloom Windmill, Blue Water Well, Boardman Windmill, Bogles Cotton Gin, Booster Windmill, Boot Ranch, Boswell Ranch, Boswell Windmill, Brady Ranch, Braun Windmill, Brewton, Broadmoor Shopping Center, Brown Brothers Ranch, Buchanan Ranch, Buck Windmill, Buffalo Valley Farm, Bullis Spring Ranch, Burk Camp, Burnt Windmill, Burro Tanks Site, Butler Windmill, C and M Ranch, C H Lewis Ranch, C L White Ranch, Calentine Well, Calhoun Windmill, Calumet Ranch, Campbells Switch (historical), Casarez Ranch, Casarez Ranch, Caudill Ranch, Cauhape Ranch, Cauhape Ranch, Cauhape Teel Windmill, Causy Windmill, Cedar Windmill, Challenge Windmill, Chatten- Muncy Ranch, Childress Ranch, China Draw Well, Christine Windmill, Circle Three E Ranch, Clements Ranch, Coles Camp, Cooper Ranch, Cordell Windmill, Corn Ranch, Corn Ranch, Corn Ranch, Corn Ranch, Costel Windmill, Cottonwood Ranch, Cottonwood Windmill, Coupland Ranch, Crawford Ranch, Crockett Ranch, Crooked Creek Ranch, Cuevo Ranch, Cullins Windmill, Culp, Culp Ranch, Cunape, Dallas Ranch, Daniels Ranch, Daveport Ranch, Deep Sand Well, Deep Tank Windmill, Deep Well, Deep Well, Denton Camp, Denton L Seven Ranch, Denton Windmills, Derrick Ranch, Dexter Federal Fish Hatchery, Dexter Sewage Disposal Plant, Diamond A Ranch, Dirt Tank Well, Divide Camp, Dixon Well, Dobe Well, Doodlebug Windmill, Double Well, Dr Robert Goddard Original Rocket Tower Site, Dunken Windmill, Dunlap, Durham Ranch, Eagle Well, Eagle Windmill, East Camp, East Fivemile Well, East Header Windmill, East Stancel Corral, East Townsend Windmill, East Windmill, East Windmill, East Windmill, Eighteenmile Mill, El Camino Del Diablo, Elk Weather Station, Elkins Weather Station, Ervin Ranch, Ewell (historical), Faircloth Ranch, Faircloth Well, Felix Windmill, Fifteenmile Windmill, Fin and Feather Club, Finley Well, Fivemile Ranch, Floyd Windmill, Flying H, Flying H Ranch Weather Station, Flying M Ranch, Foreman Well, Forsite Homestead, Four Hundred and Seventy, Frazor Windmill, Frier Ranch, Gainer Ranch, Gallina Well, Glenn Ranch, Gnat Windmill, Good Ranch, Goodin Ranch, Graham Ranch, Greenwood Ranch, Greer Ranch, Gressett Ranch, Gulf Well, Hackberry Ranch, Hagerman Weather Station, Haley Ranch, Halfway House Ranch, Harwell Ranch, Haynes Windmill Historic Site, Header Windmill, Headquarters Well, Heifer Windmill, Heights Windmill, Hepler Ranch, Hernandez (historical), High Lonesome, Hill Ranch, Holeman-Taylor Ranch, Hondo Irrigation Project, Horse Pasture Windmill, Howell Ranch, Hurst Ranch, Indian Well, Indian Well, Irwin Corn Ranch, Isler Ranch, J B Runyan Ranch, J M Lewis Ranch, J M McKnight Ranch, Janes Well, Jenkins Ranch, Jernigan Ranch, Jess Well, John White Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Joy Ranch, Juniper Windmill, Keggy Well, Kerr Brothers South Ranch, Kerr Ranch, Kerr Well Number 1, Kerr Well Number 2, Kincaid Ranch, King Camp, King Ranch, Kitchen Ranch, Koch Windmill, KOK Ranch, Koy Ranch, L-E Ranch, L-N Ranch, Lake Van Rod Club, Lake Windmill, Langenegger, Little Windmill, Lone Wolf Windmills, Lowe Ranch, Lower Mill, Lucky Strike Well, Lyles Farm, Macho Ranch, Macho Ranch, Malstrom Ranch, Marley Farm, Marley Ranch, Martin Ranch, Martin Ranch, McCarter Well, McCarty Well, McCombs Ranch, McDaniels Ranch, McGee Ranch, McGuire Ranch, McKnight and Cooper Ranch, Mean Ranch, Medlin Ranch, Mennecke Ranch, Merritt Ranch, Merritt Ranch, Mesa Weather Station, Metal Tank Well, Middle Well, Missouri Plaza Indian Ruins, Monument Windmill, Mutt Windmill, Myers Windmill, Neal Ranch, Neatherlin Ranch, New Well, New Windmill, New Windmill, North Townsand Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, O'Brien Ranch, Oasis, Oasis Ranch, Ogden (historical), Oil Well Windmill, Orchard Park, Orchard Park Station, Panther Windmill, Partnership Well, Partnership Windmill, Peņasco River Ranch, Peņasco Well, Pendergrass Well, Petty Windmill, Pierce Ranch, Piņon Ranch, Pioneer Well, Pipeline Windmill, Pipeline Windmill, Poe, Pollard Well, Pollard Windmill, Pool Windmill, Potter Well, Pretty Bird Windmill, Price Ranch, Publ Corral, R Vandewart Ranch, Rabbit Well, Rainwater Windmill, Rattlesnake Well, Rattlesnake Windmill, Red Bluff Ranch, Red Hill Windmill, Red House, Red Tank Windmill, Red Well, Red Windmill, Redtower Windmill, Reeyes Ranch, Rippee Ranch, River Windmill, Rock House, Rogers Windmill, Roswell Country Club, Roswell Industrial Air Center, Roswell Mall, Roswell Weather Station, Runyan Ranch, Runyan Ranch, Russell, Sacra Farm, Sacra Ranch, Salt House, Salt Windmill, Samples Windmill, Sand Ranch, Sand Well, Savage Well, Savage Well, Scharbauer Ranch, School Section Well, Schram Well, Scotty Windmill, Scrambled Eggs Windmills, Seventyseven Windmill, Shanks Windmill, Shorty Well, Sixmile Station, Smith Ranch, Smith Ranch, Smith Ranch, Smith Windmill, Smith Windmill, Smith Windmill, South Camp, South Chatten- Muncy Ranch, South Spring Ranch, South Van Eaton Ranch, South Well, South Well, South Windmill, South Windmill, Steel Windmills, Sterling Ranch, Stevenson Ranch, Stewardson Ranch, Sturgeon Ranch, Taylor Ranch, Taylor Well, Tecolote Windmill, Teel Canyon Well, Teel Well, Terrill Well, Terry Ranch, The Well, Tidwell Ranch, Treat Ranch, Treat Windmill, Tucker Ranch, Twin Butte Camp, Twin Wells Stock Pens, Twin Windmills, Van Cleve Ranch, Van Eaton Ranch, Vest Camp, Viejo Well, W R McKnight Ranch, Wade Ranch, Walker Windmill, Waller Ranch, Waller Ranch, Well Camp, West Camp, West Camp, West Frazor Windmill, West Singer Windmill, West Stancel Corral, West Well, West Windmill, West Windmill, West Windmill, West Windmill, White Ranch, Williams and Chesser Ranch, Williams Ranch, Willow Well, Windy Windmill, Wooden Wheel Well, Woods Ranch, Y O Crossing, Yellow Windmill, Yoder Ranch, Zimmerman Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Roswell Army Air Field (historical), Walker Air Force Base (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Acme Sand Pit, Beavers Pit, Brasher Pit, Caliche Pit, Caliche Pit, Chaves County Pit, Crusher Pit, Gold Prospect, Hackberry Ranch Pit, Hurford Pit, Jesse E Hite Pit, Mullinix Pit, Opal Garren Claims, Plaster Plant, Rio Felix Pit, Roswell Ready Mix Pit

  Oilfields     show all on map

Bronco Oil Field, Caprock Oil Field, Cato Oil Field, Cedar Point Oil Field, Cerca Oil Field, Chaveroo Oil Field, Double Oil Field, Hightower East Oil Field, Lazy J Oil Field, Little Lucky Lakes Oil Field, South Bitter Lake Oil Field, South Caprock Oil Field, Sulimar Oil Field, Tobac Oil Field, Vest Camp Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Bottomless Lakes State Park, Cahoon Park, Carpenter Park, Castano de Sosas Route Historical Marker, Chisum Trail Historical Marker, Chisums South Springs Ranch Historical Marker, High Plains Historical Marker, Hondo Park, Mesa and Pecos Valley Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acme, Beatty Wells, Berrendo (historical), Blackdom (historical), Boaz, Bosque Grande (historical), Bynam (historical), Campbell, Center Mill, Chaves (historical), Chisum, Corner Well, Deering Place, Dexter, Diamante Mill, Dunken, East Grand Plains, El Rio Hondo (historical), Elk, Elkins, Elva (historical), Fairbanks, Frazier (historical), Greenfield, Hagerman, Higgins Place, Highway Mill, Lake Arthur, Lake Van, Liston (historical), Lone Wolf, Loving Place, Lower Peņasco (historical), McDermott Wells, Melena, Mesa, Midway, Missouri Plaza (historical), Mossman, Mountain View, Old Longbotbam Place, Olive, River Mill, Roanoke (historical), Robertson Wells, Roswell, Sherman Place, South Mill, South Spring, South Spring Acres, Spring Mound Vally (historical), Trails End (historical), Vest Wells, West Grand Plains (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Acme Post Office (historical), Albatross Post Office (historical), Blackdom Post Office (historical), Boaz Post Office (historical), Bynam Post Office (historical), Chisum Post Office (historical), Cumberland Post Office (historical), Dexter Post Office, Dunken Post Office (historical), Elk Post Office (historical), Elkins Post Office (historical), Elva Post Office (historical), Flying H Post Office (historical), Frazier Post Office (historical), Greenfield Post Office (historical), Hagerman Post Office, Lake Arthur Post Office, Lakevan Post Office (historical), Liston Post Office (historical), Lower Peņasco Post Office (historical), Olive Post Office (historical), Orchard Park Post Office (historical), Punneo Post Office (historical), Roanoke Post Office (historical), Roswell Post Office, Rubin Post Office (historical), Southspring Post Office (historical), Stanbro Post Office (historical), Valley Post Office (historical), Vocant Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Collins Hills, Pretty Bird Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Salt Creek Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Tank, Akins Tank, Alden Lee Tank, Anna Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Archer Tank, Bajillo Tank, Bar V Tank, Bar X Tank, Barringer Tank, Beadle Tank, Berts Tank, Big Chief Water Storage Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Bill Parks Tank, Bomb Target Tank, Boulder Tank, Brahman California Tank, Brawley Tank, Broke Tank, Brooks Tank, Broom Tank, Buck Springs, Buck Springs Tank, Buffalo Tank, Burton Tanks, Burts Tank, Camps Tank, Catfish Tank, CC Tank, CCC Tank, China Tank, Christine Tank, Circle Y Tank, Cistern Tank, Clardy Tank, Claypit Tanks, Cocklebur Tank, Columbus Tank, Cooper Tank, Cooper Tank, Corn Tank, Corner Storage Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, County Line Tank, Cox Tank, Coyote Reservoir, Crim Tank, Crip Tank, Crooked Water Storage Tank, Crump Tanks, Dagger Tank, Deep Tank, Denton Tank, Devil Tank, Dirt Tank, Doll Day Tank, Dooley Tank, Double Tank, Douthett Tank, Doyle Tank, Drake Tank, Draw Tank, Duncan Tank, Duncan Tank, Durand Reservoir, E L Tank, East Sand Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Elkins Tank, Elkins Water Tank, Elmore Tank, Expensive Tank, Fence Tank, Fivemile Tank, Flat Tank, Flores Tank, Foster Tank, Fred Tank, Gambil Tank, Gavi Tank, Government Tank, Grage Tank, Grandpa Tank, Grub Tank, Hall Tank, Havens Tank, Henery Tanks, Highway Tank, Hilltop Tank, Hite Tanks, Holman Tank, Hondo Reservoir, Hooten Tank, House Tank, Hub Tank, Hunt Tank, Indian Tank, Indian Water Tank, Janey Tank, Joes Tank, John Gentry Tank, Jones Tank, Jones Tank, Jugs Tank, Junior Tank, Kelly Tank, Lake Arthur, Lake Tank, Lake Tank, Lake Tank, Lee Tank, Little Burts Tank, Little Lucky Tank, Loco Tank, Long Canyon Tank, Lower Irabane Tank, Lower Long Water Tank, Mac Tank, Made Tank, Madison Square Garden Tank, Malone Tank, Mathews Tank Number 1, Mathews Tank Number 2, Mathews Tank Number Three, McBride Tank, McDowell Tank, McDowell Tank, McGrew Tank, Meadow Tanks, Mesa Tank, Mesquite Tank, Mikes Tank, Moon Tank, Morning Glory Tank, Mountain Tank, Mule Canyon Tank, Mule Canyon Trick Tank, Ned Tank, New Fork Tank, New Tank, New Tank, New Tank, North Morris Tank, North Red Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Water Storage Tank, Northwest Tank, Ogg Tank, Olas Tank, Old Fork Tank, Pacheco Tank, Pecan Tank, Philley Tank, Pine Tank, Pipeline Tank, Pipeline Tank, Plains Tank, Price Tank, Purcilly Tank, Rainwater Tank, Red and White Tank, Red Lake Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Redman Tank, Reese Tank, Roosevelt Tanks, Rose Bowl Tank, Rosy Tank, Round Mountain Tank, Round Tank, Rudolph Tank, Sally Tank, Salt Cedar Tank, Salt Well Tank, Sand Tanks, Sardine Tank, School Tank, Scott Tank, Seesaw Tank, Selman Tank, Shortys Tank, Sikes Tanks, Silas Tank, Sink Hole Tank, Sixmile Tank, Sixmile Tank, Sons Tank, South Ballard Tank, South Pasture Tank Number 1, South Pasture Tank Number 2, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Taylor Tank, South Well, Spotted Tank, Spring Tank, Steve Water Storage Tank, Stewart Tank, Strong Tank, Sunflower Tank, Tammy Water Storage Tank, Tank in the Flat, Threadgill Tank, TJ Tank, Todd Tank, Tom Ned Tank, Tom Tank, Tuck Tank, Twin Tanks, Twin Water Storage Tank, Two Rivers Reservoir, Two Rivers Reservoir, TX Tank, Upper Bear Canyon Water Storage Tank, Walker Tank, Watts Tank, Weak Wells Tank, Wells Tank, Wesley Tank, West Cow Water Storage, West Crip Water Storage Tank, West Tank, West Tank, Westfall Tanks, White Lake Tank, White Tank, White Tank, White Tank, Wilcox Tanks, Will Johnson Tank, Windy Smith Tank, Wolf Tank, Woods Tank, Yoder Tank, Young Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Ballard Hill, Mescalero Ridge, Mule Ridge, Railroad Mountain, Sixmile Hill, Twin Buttes

  Schools     show all on map

Berrendo School, Carver School, Cavel School, Central Chritian School, Child Garden School, Chisum Elementary School, Del Norte School, Dexter Elementary School, Dexter High School, Dexter Junior High School, East Grand Plain Elementary, East Junior High School, East Side School, Edgewood School, El Capitan School, Flora Vista School, Frazier (historical), Gateway Christian School, Goddard High School, Hagerman Elementary School, Hagerman High School, Hagerman Junior High School, Highland School, L F D School, Mark Howell School, Mesa Junior High School, Mesa Middle School, Military Heights School, Missouri Avenue School, Monterey School, Mount View Middle School, New Mexico Military Institute, Noahs Ark Christian Preschool and Kindergarten, Parkview School, Pecos School, Penasco School, Pre-K Trinity Methodist Day School, Pueblo Junior High School, Roswell Ed Serv Center, Roswell High School, Saint Andrews Epsicopal School, Saint Johns School, Saint Peters School, Sierra Middle School, South Hill School, Sunset Elementary School, University High School, Valley View School, Villa Solano School for Mentally Retarded Children, Washington Avenue School

  Springs     show all on map

Billy the Kid Spring, Blue Hole Spring, Bosque Spring, Bullis Spring, Comanche Spring, Coyote Spring, Crockett Spring, East Bear Springs, Graham Spring, Gyp Spring, Headwater Spring, Horse Creek Spring, Leslie Spring, Lower Horse Creek Spring, Mescalero Spring, Middle Spring, Paul Springs, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Spring, Rock House Springs, Sargent Seep, Sixmile Spring, West Bear Springs, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Agua Chiquita Creek, Arroyo del Macho, Berrendo Creek, Bluewater Creek, Crooked Creek, East Fork Long Arroyo, Hondo, Horse Creek, Indian Trail Creek, Loco Draw, Long Arroyo, Lost River, Middle Berrendo Creek, North Spring River, Rio Felix, Rio Hondo, Rocky Arroyo, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, South Fork Rocky Arroyo, South Spring River, Squaw Creek, Stevens Creek, Walnut Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Blackwater Hill, Button Mesa, Chimney Peak, Comanche Hill, Haystack Butte, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Mountain, La Espiata Peak, Lewis Peak, Little Haystack, Meadow Hill, Mesa del Rito Gaviel, Mesa Diablo, Mescalero Point, One Tree Peak, Palma Mesa, Panther Hill, PoquitA Mesa, Punta Culebra de Cascade, Round Mountain, Round Top, San Juan Mesa, Sardine Mountain, Wind Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

KBCQ-FM (Roswell), KBIM-AM (Roswell), KBIM-FM (Roswell), KBIM-TV (Roswell), KCKN-AM (Roswell), KCRX-AM (Roswell), KEND-FM (Roswell), KRDD-AM (Roswell), KRPV-TV (Roswell), KRSY-AM (Roswell), KSFX-FM (Roswell)

  Valleys     show all on map

Agua Chiquita Canyon, Alkali Draw, Angel Canyon, Antelope Draw, Antelope Draw, Automobile Draw, Bajillo Draw, Barclay Draw, Barn Draw, Bates Canyon, Bear Canyon, Big Cherry Canyon, Big Ox Yoke Canyon, Blackwater Draw, Bob Crosby Draw, Bosque Draw, Browning Canyon, Bryant Canyon, Buchanan Draw, Buck Spring Canyon, Buckhorn Canyon, Buell Canyon, Buffalo Valley, Burnt Canyon, Burts Canyon, California Draw, Camp Draw, Cave Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Challenge Canyon, Champion Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Chimney Canyon, China Draw, Cistern Canyon, Cocklebur Draw, Collins Draw, Comanche Draw, Copeland Canyon, Corn Draw, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Cowboy Draw, Cox Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Draw, Crockett Draw, Crooked Canyon, Crooked Canyon, Cuevo Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Derrick Draw, Derrick Draw, Eagle Canyon, Earl Draw, East Fork Fivemile Draw, Eddleman Draw, Eden Valley, Eightmile Draw, Eightmile Draw, Elk Canyon, Encino Draw, Falsey Draw, Fifteenmile Arroyo, Fivemile Draw, Fourmile Canyon, Fourmile Draw, Fourmile Draw, Gallo Arroyo, Garst Canyon, Graveyard Canyon, Hackberry Draw, Hernandez Draw, Hobbs Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Huggins Draw, Indian Canyon, Indian Trail Canyon, Johnson Draw, Kenna Draw, Left Hand Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Lincoln Canyon, Little Angel Canyon, Little Collins Draw, Little Cowboy Draw, Little Cuevo Canyon, Little Ox Yoke Canyon, Little Salt House Canyon, Lloyds Canyon, Loco Canyon, Loin Draw, Long Arroyo Draw, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Made Draw, Marley Draw, Mathews Canyon, Meeks Canyon, Middle Canyon, Middle Fork Fivemile Draw, Milner Draw, Montoya Canyon, Monument Canyon, Monument Canyon, Monument Draw, Morgan Canyon, Mule Canyon, North Cottonwood Canyon, North Home Draw, Paul Canyon, Peck Canyon, Pendergrass Canyon, Polecat Canyon, Pretty Bird Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Red Spring Draw, Roach Draw, Road Canyon, Robertson Canyon, Rock House Canyon, Rock Tank Canyon, Rock Waterhole Canyon, Rocky Draw, Rocky Draw, Rosy Draw, Sagebrush Valley, Salt Draw, Salt House Canyon, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sargent Canyon, Scotty Canyon, Selman Draw, Shannon Draw, Short Canyon, Singer Lake Draw, Sixmile Draw, Sixmile Draw, South Fork Rocky Draw, South Fork White Draw, South Wylie Draw, Squaw Canyon, Stephens Draw, Swallow Nest Canyon, Teal Canyon, Teel Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Thimble Canyon, Thirteenmile Draw, Thirteenmile Draw, Threadgill Canyon, Tilotson Canyon, Trouble Well Canyon, Twin Butte Canyon, Twomile Canyon, Van Eaton Draw, Walnut Draw, Well Drilled Canyon, West Fork Fivemile Draw, White Flat Canyon, Whitetail Canyon, Zubi Draw

  Wells     show all on map

01220 Water Well, 05041 Water Well, 05046 Water Well, 05047 Water Well, 05048 Water Well, 05063 Water Well, 05064 Water Well, 05065 Water Well, 05066 Water Well, 05067 Water Well, 05068 Water Well, 05079 Water Well, 05080 Water Well, 05116 Water Well, 05159 Water Well, 05322 Water Well, 05323 Water Well, 05332 Water Well, 05333 Water Well, 05334 Water Well, 05335 Water Well, 05336 Water Well, 05346 Water Well, 05347 Water Well, 05348 Water Well, 05349 Water Well, 05350 Water Well, 05351 Water Well, 06001 Water Well, 06004 Water Well, 06005 Water Well, 06006 Water Well, 06011 Water Well, 06012 Water Well, 06013 Water Well, 06014 Water Well, 06016 Water Well, 06017 Water Well, 06019 Water Well, 06020 Water Well, 06021 Water Well, 06022 Water Well, 06023 Water Well, 06025 Water Well, 06026 Water Well, 06027 Water Well, 06028 Water Well, 06029 Water Well, 06030 Water Well, 06031 Water Well, 06032 Water Well, 06033 Water Well, 06034 Water Well, 06035 Water Well, 06036 Water Well, 06037 Water Well, 06038 Water Well, 06047 Water Well, 06051 Water Well, 06053 Water Well, 06062 Water Well, 06063 Water Well, 06064 Water Well, 06065 Water Well, 06068 Water Well, 06069 Water Well, 06071 Water Well, 06072 Water Well, 06104 Water Well, 06105 Water Well, 06106 Water Well, 06124 Water Well, 06126 Water Well, 06215 Water Well, 06222 Water Well, 06234 Water Well, 06235 Water Well, 06236 Water Well, 06237 Water Well, 06238 Water Well, 06284 Water Well, 06286 Water Well, 06300 Water Well, 06301 Water Well, 06302 Water Well, 06303 Water Well, 06310 Water Well, 06312 Water Well, 06331 Water Well, 06333 Water Well, 06337 Water Well, 07001 Water Well, 07002 Water Well, 08003 Water Well, 10000 Water Well, 10007 Water Well, 10052 Water Well, 10053 Water Well, 10059 Water Well, 10060 Water Well, 10066 Water Well, 10067 Water Well, 10069 Water Well, 10074 Water Well, 10075 Water Well, 10076 Water Well, 10077 Water Well, 10078 Water Well, 10079 Water Well, 10080 Water Well, 10081 Water Well, 10082 Water Well, 10083 Water Well, 10084 Water Well, 10086 Water Well, 10087 Water Well, 10088 Water Well, 10102 Water Well, 10125 Water Well, 10127 Water Well, 10129 Water Well, 10144 Water Well, 10189 Water Well, 10190 Water Well, 10191 Water Well, 10193 Water Well, 10307 Water Well, 10308 Water Well, 10315 Water Well, 10316 Water Well, 10317 Water Well, 10329 Water Well, 10330 Water Well, 10348 Water Well, 10349 Water Well, 10352 Water Well, 10353 Water Well, 10354 Water Well, 10356 Water Well, 10357 Water Well, 10358 Water Well, 10359 Water Well, 10360 Water Well, 10361 Water Well, 10362 Water Well, 10409 Water Well, 10411 Water Well, 10412 Water Well, 10414 Water Well, 10452 Water Well, 10453 Water Well, 10456 Water Well, 10457 Water Well, 10459 Water Well, 10476 Water Well, 10477 Water Well, 10480 Water Well, 10483 Water Well, 10484 Water Well, 10500 Water Well, 10501 Water Well, 10634 Water Well, 10636 Water Well, 10637 Water Well, 10638 Water Well, 10639 Water Well, 10640 Water Well, 10641 Water Well, 10642 Water Well, 10643 Water Well, 10644 Water Well, 10645 Water Well, 10646 Water Well, 10648 Water Well, 10649 Water Well, 10665 Water Well, 10674 Water Well, 10675 Water Well, 10676 Water Well, 10686 Water Well, 10687 Water Well, 10688 Water Well, 10690 Water Well, 10691 Water Well, 10692 Water Well, 10693 Water Well, 10694 Water Well, 10695 Water Well, 10696 Water Well, 10697 Water Well, 10714 Water Well, 10723 Water Well, 10744 Water Well, 10745 Water Well, 10748 Water Well, 10749 Water Well, 10750 Water Well, 10753 Water Well, 10755 Water Well, 10769 Water Well, 10772 Water Well, 10776 Water Well, 10777 Water Well, 10797 Water Well, 10798 Water Well, 10799 Water Well, 10822 Water Well, 10825 Water Well, 10827 Water Well, 10829 Water Well, 10832 Water Well, 10833 Water Well, 10834 Water Well, 10835 Water Well, 10836 Water Well, 10837 Water Well, 10838 Water Well, 10839 Water Well, 10840 Water Well, 10841 Water Well, 10842 Water Well, 10843 Water Well, 10844 Water Well, 10845 Water Well, 10846 Water Well, 10847 Water Well, 10848 Water Well, 10849 Water Well, 10913 Water Well, 10914 Water Well, 10915 Water Well, 10916 Water Well, 10917 Water Well, 10918 Water Well, 10919 Water Well, 10924 Water Well, 10925 Water Well, 10932 Water Well, 12355 Water Well, 12358 Water Well, 12360 Water Well, 12361 Water Well, 12585 Water Well, 12586 Water Well, 12758 Water Well, 12770 Water Well, 12777 Water Well, 12779 Water Well, 12780 Water Well, 12781 Water Well, 12782 Water Well, 12783 Water Well, 12791 Water Well, 12792 Water Well, 12797 Water Well, 12801 Water Well, 12806 Water Well, 12807 Water Well, 12809 Water Well, 12827 Water Well, 12828 Water Well, 12829 Water Well, 12830 Water Well, 12831 Water Well, 12832 Water Well, 12833 Water Well, 12846 Water Well, 12847 Water Well, 12848 Water Well, 12850 Water Well, 12851 Water Well, 12852 Water Well, 12853 Water Well, 12857 Water Well, 12865 Water Well, 12866 Water Well, 12867 Water 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13011 Water Well, 13012 Water Well, 13013 Water Well, 13014 Water Well, 13015 Water Well, 13016 Water Well, 13017 Water Well, 13018 Water Well, 13019 Water Well, 13020 Water Well, 13021 Water Well, 13022 Water Well, 13023 Water Well, 13024 Water Well, 13025 Water Well, 13026 Water Well, 13027 Water Well, 13028 Water Well, 13028 Water Well, 13029 Water Well, 13030 Water Well, 13031 Water Well, 13033 Water Well, 13034 Water Well, 13035 Water Well, 13036 Water Well, 13037 Water Well, 13039 Water Well, 13040 Water Well, 13042 Water Well, 13043 Water Well, 13044 Water Well, 13047 Water Well, 13048 Water Well, 13049 Water Well, 13050 Water Well, 13051 Water Well, 13052 Water Well, 13053 Water Well, 13054 Water Well, 13187 Water Well, 13188 Water Well, 13190 Water Well, 13191 Water Well, 13192 Water Well, 13193 Water Well, 13194 Water Well, 13195 Water Well, 13196 Water Well, 13197 Water Well, 13198 Water Well, 13199 Water Well, 13200 Water Well, 13201 Water Well, 13215 Water Well, 13217 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Well, 13566 Water Well, 13567 Water Well, 13568 Water Well, 13569 Water Well, 13570 Water Well, 13571 Water Well, 13572 Water Well, 13590 Water Well, 13592 Water Well, 13593 Water Well, 13605 Water Well, 325812 Water Well, Adams Well, Adams Well, Alto Well, Amison Well, Annaya Well, Antelope Tub, Armstrong Well, Bajillo Well, Barbara Well, Belcher Wells, Berrendo Recorder Well, Berrendo-Smith Recorder Well, Berry Well, Berts Well, Big Well, Big Well, Big Well, Black Canyon Well, Blackdom Well, Bloom Well, Border Well, Brown Brothers Well, Browns Lake Well, Burnett Well, Burnt Well, Camack Well, Camp Well, Carroll Tub, Cedar Well, Cedar Well, Cement Well, Cherry Well, Chuck Box Well, Chuckbox Well, Clarence Well, Connell Well, Connor Well, Cooper Well, Corral Well, Cothern Well, Cottonwood Well, Cowboy Well, Cox Well, Crockett Well, Crooked Creek Well, Crowley Sand, Davis Well, Deadman Well, Deep Well, Deep Well, Deep Well, Drager Well, Draw Well, Dubs Deep Well, East Cherry Valley Well, East Well, East Well, East Windmill Well, Eightmile Well, Elkins Well, Farrar Well, Fence Well, Fifteenmile Well, Forsite Well, Four Point Well, Four Section Well, Game Well, Goodin Well, Graham Well, Greenfield Artesian Recorder Well, Greening Well, Haas Well, Hackett Well, Haney Well, Harper Well, Higgs Well, High Lonesome Well, Highwater Well, Highway Well, Hilltop Well, Hobbs Well, Hogue Well, Horse Camp Wells, Horse Canyon Well, Horse Creek Well, House Well, Humphrys Well, Indian Well, Irrigation Well, J M Fourmile Well, Jackson Well, Jane Well, Lake Well, Lambert Well, Lea Well, Little Cuevo Well, Little East Pasture Well, Little Salt House Well, Little Well, Little Well, Loma Well, Lonewolf Well, Lookout Well, Lubbock Well, Lucky Strike Well, Luis Well, M P Well, Made Well, Marley Well, Marley Well, Mesa Well, Middle Arroyo Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Moore Well, Morrisey Well, Mule Ridge Well, Murdock Well, Name Seven Well, New Well, New Well, Newlan Well, North Samples Well, North Well, North Well, North Well, North Well, North Well, North Windmill Well, Number 15 Well, Number Five Well, Number Six Well, Old Loco Well, Overly Well, Ownby Well, Perry Well, Peters Well, Petes Well, Pine Tree Well, Piņon Well, Pyatt Well, Ra-1423-S Water Well, RA-4351-S-4 Water Well, RA-4663-S-6 Water Well, Ra-7809 Water Well, Race Track Well, Ragstone Well, Rattlesnake Well, Red House Well, Red Tip Well, Ridge Well, Riley Well, Rippee Well, Rock Tank Well, Rocky Well, Rosenberg Well, Salt Well, Sampson Well, Sand Well, Sand Well, Sand Well, Sand Wells, School Section Well, Shearing Shed Well, Soto Well, South Mill Well, South Samples Well, South Turknett Well, South Well, State Well, Sulphur Well, Sweetwater Well, Sweetwater Well, The Big Well, The Old Well, Three Corner Well, Three Wells, Tolar Well, Toltec Record Well, Tommy Well, Turknett Well, Upper Loco Well, Vinyard Well, W R Fourmile Well, Webb Well, West Well, West Well, West Windmill, White Well, Wilcox Wells, Williams Well, Wilson Well, Wright Well, Wyly Well,

Chaves County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteChaves County White population 60,86360,863  
BlackChaves County Black population 1,7091,708
American IndianChaves County American Indian population 1,3151,314
MixedChaves County Mixed population 1,1171,117
AsianChaves County Asian population 592591
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderChaves County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 131131

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county