Cibola County, New Mexico Basics:

Cibola County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 27,259
Area: 4539 square miles
County seat: Grants
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 80.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.2%
Median household income: $35,674
Persons in poverty: 28.8%
Home ownership rate: 71.3%
Mean travel time to work: 22.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Cibola County area

Our detail map of Cibola County shows the Cibola County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cibola County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Candy Kitchen Ranch Airport, Cubero Airport, Grants-Milan Municipal Airport, High Lonesome Airport, King Ranch Airport, Mystic Bluffs Airport, Transwestern Pipeline Number 6 Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Eye of the Moon, La Ventana Natural Arch, Sandstone Bluffs Arch, Woodpecker Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Acoma Pueblo Indian Land, Bajar Quemazon, Bajios Largo, Bajios Redondos, El Medano, Frijol Morro, Hole-In-The-Wall, Little Hole in the Wall, Little Hole-In-The-Wall, Los Medanitos, Mecate Meadow, Middle Tsid-weza, North Pasture, Rincon Hondo, South Passage, Spud Patch, The Malpais, The Vega, Zuņi Plateau

  Arroyos     show all on map

Blackjack Arroyo

  Basins     show all on map

Plumasano Basin

  Benches     show all on map

East Mesa, Indian Mesa, Red Mesa

  Buildings     show all on map

Acoma Community Library Resource Center, Acoma Fire Rescue, Acoma Museum, Bluewater Acres Fire and Rescue, Bluewater Village Fire, Candy Kitchen Volunteer Fire Department / Emergency Medical Services Station 1 Headquarters, Candy Kitchen Volunteer Fire Department / Emergency Medical Services Station 2, Cebolleta Fire Department, Cibola County Correctional Facility, Cibola Sheriff's Office, Cubero Volunteer Fire Department, Fence Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Grants Chamber of Commerce and Mining Museum, Grants Fire and Rescue Station 1, Grants Fire and Rescue Station 2, Grants Police Department, Lobo Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, Milan Police Department, Milan Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Milan Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Mother Whiteside Memorial Library, Mount Taylor Ambulance Service, New Mexico State Police District 6 Grants, New Mexico State University-Grants Library, New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility, Pinehill Emergency Medical Services, Pinehill Volunteer Fire Department, Pueblo Acoma Police Department, Pueblo of Laguna Fire Rescue, Pueblo of Laguna Library, Ramah Navajo Police Department, San Mateo Volunteer Fire and Rescue, San Rafael Volunteer Fire Department, Sky City Casino, Thirteenth Judicial District Law Library, Western New Mexico Correctional Facility, Western New Mexico Correctional Facility Library

  Canals     show all on map

Casa Blanca Ditch, East Ditch, Main Ditch, Middle Ditch, Paraje Irrigation Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Cactus Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Atarque Cemetery, Bluewater Cemetery, Budville Cemetery, Eckerman Cemetery, El Morro Cemetery, Mares Cemetery, Mormon Colony Cemetery, Paguate Cemetery, Paraje Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, San Fidel Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery, Tinaja Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Acomita Lake Census Designated Place, Anzac Village Census Designated Place, Bibo Census Designated Place, Bluewater Acres Census Designated Place, Bluewater Village Census Designated Place, Cubero Census Designated Place, Encinal Census Designated Place, Fence Lake Census Designated Place, Laguna Census Designated Place, McCartys Village Census Designated Place, Mesita Census Designated Place, Moquino Census Designated Place, North Acomita Village Census Designated Place, Paguate Census Designated Place, Paraje Census Designated Place, Pinehill Census Designated Place, San Fidel Census Designated Place, San Mateo Census Designated Place, San Rafael Census Designated Place, Seama Census Designated Place, Seboyeta Census Designated Place, Skyline-Ganipa Census Designated Place, South Acomita Village Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Acomita Indian Asssembly of God Church, Bible Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Grants Mission, Morman Church, Nazarene Church, Red Lake Mission, Saint Anne Mission, Saint Margaret-Mary Church, Saint Theresas Avila Church, San Estevan de Acoma Mission Church Historic Site, San Jose de la Laguna Mission Church and Convento Historic Site, San Jose Mission, San Mateo Church, San Rafael Parish, Santa Maria Mission

  Cliffs     show all on map

Crow Point, Lookout Mountain Rim, Los Gigantes, Peņasco Bluff, Red Cliffs, Sharp Point

  Craters     show all on map

Bandera Crater, El Calderon, Lost Woman Crater

  Crossings     show all on map

104 Cubero-Seama Interchange, 104-Cubero Interchange, 107 Acoma/Sky City Interchange, 114-Laguna Interchange, 117 Mesita Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Acomita Dam, Badger Dam, Casp-Druma Dam, Crow Point Dam, Lucy W Detention Dam, Petaca Pinta Dam, Rice Park Dam, Seis-wilson Detention Dam Number 1, Seis-wilson Detention Dam Number 2

  Falls     show all on map

The Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Chato Flat, Dinner Park, La Rendija, La Vega, Peņasco Flat, Post Office Flat, Rice Park

  Forests     show all on map

Mount Taylor Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Big Notch, Charlie Barns Gap, Little Notch, Puerto de Bartolo Pino, Southwest Passage, The Notches

  Hospitals     show all on map

Acoma - Canoncito - Laguna Service Unit Indian Health Service Hospital, Cibola General Hospital, Zuni - Ramah Service Unit Indian Health Service Pinehill Health Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Agua Media, Atarque Lake, Big Lake, Big Lake, Black Lake, Boggy Lake, Bull Lake, Cactus Lakes, Carpenter Lake, Chaparral Lake, Chimney Lake, Dog Lake, Dog Lake, Dough Mountain Lake, Dry Lake, Fence Lake, Flag Lake, Indian Lake, Jaramie Lake, La Baca Lake, Lady Lake, Lagnuna Del Oro, Laguna Americana, Laguna Bonita, Laguna Bonita, Laguna Brillante, Laguna Colorada, Laguna Concho, Laguna de la Choza, Laguna del Chical, Laguna del Padre, Laguna Encina, Laguna Flora, Laguna Honda, Laguna Juan Garcia, Laguna Larga, Laguna Larga, Laguna Largo, Laguna Macho, Laguna Mason, Laguna Redonda, Laguna Santiago, Laguna Tarrito, Laguna Telesfor, Lake Erie, Long Lake, Mantequilla Lake, Middle Lake, Monument Lake, Nicoll Lake, Peņasco Lakes, Perry Lake, Pie Lake, Pig-a-be-ikiti, Porcupine Lake, Rodeo Lake, Snowbird Lake, Sokno Lake, Trap Lake, Tub Lakes, Twin Lakes, West Trail Lake, Wiley Lake, Williams Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A'labattsi'a, A'mossi'a, A'su'wa, A'ts'ina:wa, A:yaya;kya, Achiya: Dek'yapbow'a, Akkwe-Lana, Akwal-ina: yala:we, Alberts Homestead, Amado Windmill, Amidola: Debow Ul'a, Anaconda Bluewater Mill, Aragon Ranch, Armijo (historical), Armijo Camp Site, Arrosa Ranch, Atarque Ranch, Atsinna, Axtell Windmill, Baca Ranch, Badger Windmill, Barelas Windmill, Baties Shopping Center, Bayye, Beggs Cattle Company, Bi:shu'k'yay'a, Bibo Ranch, Bilan Akkwe'a, Billena:wa, Blue Water Windmill, Bluewater Campground, Bluewater Creek Picnic Area, Bluewater Parking Area, Bluewater Siding, Bo'sho'wa, Brillante Windmill, Camp Two, Candy Kitchen, Caņocico, Cantaralo Windmill, Carter Windmill, Cedar Windmill, Chalk Windmill, Chief Rancho, Clawson Homestead, Coal Mine Canyon Picnic Area, Coddington Ranch, Crow Windmill, Cubero Station, Da'wi Dabak'i:wa, Darrell Ranch, Davy Windmill, Debo'kwin Im'a, Deep Windmill, Dek'yapbowa:wa, Delak Akwe'a, Dent Ranch, Dent Windmill, Deshamik'ya im'a, Deshukt Dina:wa, Deshukt Dina:wa, Deshukt Ina:wa, Deshukt Ina:wa, Deshukt Lan Im'a, Dog Windmill, Dona A:de'ana:wa, Donashi An K'yan'a, Dowa Yalanne, Dry Windmill, Dunn Windmill, Dwankwin Onan Baniyna'a, E'yan Ul'a, East Joe Windmill, East Malpais Windmill, East Windmill, ECW Number 7 Windmill, El Malpais National Conservation Area, El Morro Lookout, El Morro Weather Station, Elkins Camp, Fence Lake Weather Station, Fenceline Windmill, Fernandez Camp, Fort Atarque Ruins, Four Corners Windmill, Franciscan Windmill, G Owsley Windmill, Gibson Windmill, Gonzales Windmill, Grants District Ranger Station, Grants Weather Station, Gunn Windmill, Hak'win A'deyalt'a, Harding Ranch, Harmon (historical), Harrington Windmill, Hayton (historical), Head Windmill, Hebadin'a, Hek'o' Yal'a, Hek'o' Yal'a, Henderson Windmill, Henson Number 1 Windmill, Henson Number 2 Windmill, Heshoda Yal-t'a, High Lonesome Windmill, Highway Windmill, Highway Windmill, Hinkson (historical), Hinkson High Lonesome Windmill, Hinkson Ranch Pueblo Historic Site, Hiyi Windmill, Hogan Windmill, Homestake Mill, Homestead Windmill, Horace (historical), Hubbell Camp, Ice Caves, Idelakukya dey'a, Idiwa Dahn's, Idiwananne, Idwa K'yan'a, Indian Windmill, Inscription Rock, Ishan'anDek'yapbow'a, James Ranch, Jaralosa Pueblo Historic Site, Jaralosa Windmill, Juanito Well, Julian Windmill, K'ya:dechi'a, K'ya:ts'i' K'yan'a, K'yana:wa, Kechiba:wa Ruin, Kiwaikulk/a, Knoblock Windmill, Kose Sheep Camp, Kow-ina Ruins, Kwili Yale Achi, Kyaki:ma, Kyama:kya, Laguna Compressor Station, Laguna Weather Station, Lane Ranch, Las Norias Store, Las Ventanas Windmill, Last Chance Windmill, Lee Ranch, Lobo Camp, Lobo Picnic Ground, Lonely Windmill, Los Cerros Ranch, Los Pinitos, Los Portales Historic Site, Lu:k'yan'a, Lucero Windmill, Luis Well, Lynch Ranch, Major Windmill, Malpais Windmill, Marino (historical), Marmon Ranch, Martinez (historical), Martinez Windmill, Mason Ranch, Mats'a:kya, Mazon Camp, McCartys Siding, McNab Ranch, Medanoso Windmill, Mertz Ranch, Meyer Windmill, Milan Ranch, Mirabal Windmill, Montano Ranch, Mount Taylor Ranger Station, Mujeres Camp, Nadatdekwi:wa, Naluwalawa, Narrows Camp Site, New Windmill, Niobonni Dahna'a, Nobonni Dahna'a, North Windmill, Number 7 Windmill, O R Windmill, Ojo Caliente Ruins, Ojo Pueblo, Ojo Pueblo, Ojo Pueblo Windmill, Ojo Redondo Camp Picnic Grounds, Old Bond Ranch, Oro Windmill, Owsley Windmill, Parsons Ranch, Paz Well, Peņasco Windmill, Pens Windmill, Pie Ranch, Pilares Windmill, Pine Windmill, Place Windmill, Point Windmill, Porter Ranch, Pueblito Well, Pueblo de los Muertos Historic Site, Puerto Grande, Pyle, Quirk, Ramah Navajo Community Center, Rancho Chupadero, Ray Windmill, Red Lake Ranch, Red Windmill, Red Windmill, Reed, Reid and Bright Ranch, Rincon Camp, Rincon Hondo Windmill, Rincon Windmill, Road Windmill, Rock House Windmill, Rock Tank Windmill, Rock Tank Windmill, Roundy Ranch, RWPZ Number 25 Windmill, Saddle Windmill, San Fidel Weather Station, Sand Canyon Windmill, Sand Windmill, Sandia Windmill, Sandoval Windmill, Sarracino Ranch, Schneemann Ranch, Schoolhouse Windmill, Seis-Wilson Ranch, Semi Lonesome Windmill, Serna Homestead, Sha'lak'ona:wa, Sho'Dek'yapbow'a, Shoya K'oskwi'a, Smokey Circle, Sokkiw'a, Solomon Windmill, South Camp Windmill, Stanley and Card Ranch, T X Ranch, Tchalchuitl Mines Historic Site, Thompsom Windmill, Tiet jen Ranch, Towner Ranch, Towners, Tranquilino Windmill, Trujillo Windmill, U'k'yahayan El'a, Uhana'a, Valle Largo Cabin, Venadito Windmill, Venedito Camp, Victorino Ranch, Virgils Windmill, Ward Windmill, West Joe Windmill, White Ranch, Wikk'yal'a, Wikk'yal'a, Wilatsu'u:kw An K'yan'a, Wilcoxson Ranch, Wildcat Windmill, Williamson Ranch, Wilson Windmill, Wimanbowa Yalanne, Windmill Number 10, Windmill Number 3, Windmill Number 5, Windmill Number 7, Windmill Number 8, Windmill Number 9, Windmill Number 9, Woodart, Woods Number 1 Windmill, Woods Number 2 Windmill, Woods Ranch, Yala-Lana, York, York Headquaters, York Ranch, Yriart Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Acomita Pit, Alpine Miner Test Area, Anaconda Section Nine Mine, Balo Deposit, Basalt Quarry, Bentonite Deposit, Betts Deposit, Black Hawk Mine, Boneekay Mine, Bonita Mine, Boone Mine, Breece Deposit, Brownlow Heath Deposit, Cedar Number 1, Chavez Deposit, Christmas Day Group, Cibola, Cooperation District Mine, Copper Hill District Mine, Crackpot Mine, Double Jerry, F-9-2 Mine, Gay Eagle Mine, Grants Mine, Grants Perlite Mill Mine, Grants Perlite Mine, Griego Pit, H-1 Mine, Hamilton Pit, Hanosh Mine, Hill Number Seven Mine, Holy Terror Prospect, Homestake F-33 Mine, Horace and Quemazon Deposit, Irene Number Two Mine, Jackpile Mine, JJ Number 1, Juniper Deposit, L Bar Mine, Laguna Pueblo Pit, Last Chance Mine, Limestone Quarry, Limestone Quarry, Lone Pine Number Three, Low Lease Mine, M-6, Mack Prospect, Malpais - Zuni Group Mine, Marinelli Pit, Mathew - Whiteside Mine, Mesita Well, Miable Mine, Mirabal Mine, Montezuma District Mine, Morrow Mine, Mount Taylor Mine, Oak Creek Canyon Deposit, P-10 Mine, P-9-2, Paisano 23, Paraje, Prospector Deposit, PW - 2 Mine, Rinconada Mine, Saint Anthony Mine, Saint Anthony Open Pit, Saint Anthonys Shaft Number Two, San Fidel Lake Pit, San Mateo Mine, Scojohn Group, Seboyeta Project, Section 15 Prospect, Seis-wilson Dike and Pit Number 2, Sohio Uranium Mine, Sonora Deposit, South Laguna Mines, Stella Mae Prospect, Taffy, Tom 13, Turkey Springs Pit, Twenty One Mine, Twenty Seven Mine, Twenty-One Mine, Twenty-Seven Mine, UDC-1, UDC-5, United Nuclear-Homestake Mill, United States Gypsum Perlite Mine, Vanadium Number 1, Vanadium Prospect, Wilcox Ranch Deposit, Wind Whip, Woodrow Mine, WX Lobo Pit, Zia, Zia Mines, Zorro Deposit, Zuni Number 1 Prospect

  Parks     show all on map

Bluewater Lake State Park, Cebolleta Historical Marker, Chain-of-Craters Wilderness Study Area, El Malpais National Monument, El Morro National Monument, El Morro National Monument Inscription Rock Historical Marker, Grants Historical Marker, Lava Beds Historical Marker, Long Park, Mount Taylor Historical Marker, Old Fort Wingate-Zuni Wagon Road Historic Site, Petaca Plata Wilderness Study Area, Pueblo of Acoma Historical Marker, Pueblo of Laguna Historical Marker, Pueblo Revolt Tricentennial Historical Marker, Rio Grande Rift Historical Marker, San Jose de Laguna Mission Historical Marker, San Rafael Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Chimney Rock, Deadmans Rock, La Vieja, Needle Pinnacle, Sugar Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Los Pilares

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acoma Pueblo, Acoma Village, Acomita, Acomita Lake, Alaska, Amado (historical), Anzac, Aragon, Atarque, Bibo, Bluewater, Bluewater Estates, Boon Place, Budville, Carr (historical), Casa Blanca, Casa Fria, Cebolletita, Closson (historical), Copperton, Crane Place, Cubero, De Vargas (historical), Diener, El Morro, El Morro, El Rito, Encinal, Fence Lake, Gigante, Grants, Grassie Place, Harrisburg, Hogg Place, Hughes Place, Jalaroso (historical), Julian Place, Laguna, Lamance (historical), Marmon, McCartys, McCord Place, Mesita, Milan, Miller (historical), Moquino, New Laguna, New York, North Acomita Village, Ojo Caliente, Orchard Place, Paguate, Paraje, Paxton Springs (historical), Philadelphia, Piedra Lumbre, Pinehill, Pueblito, Romero Place, San Fidel, San Mateo, San Rafael, Sand Corner, Sawyer, Seama, Seboyeta, Tank Canyon (historical), Techado, Tinaja, Tingle, Toltec, Villa de Cubero, West Village

  Post Offices     show all on map

Amado Post Office (historical), El Morro Post Office (historical), Savoia Post Office (historical), Seboyeta Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Dough Mountain, San Mateo Mountains, Zuņi Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Cebolla Wilderness, West Malpais Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

AAA Tank, Alcon Tank, Antelope Tank, Atarque del Doter, Bates Tank, Big Pasture Tank, Bill Aseyna Tank, Blue Water Tank, Bluewater Lake, Bonita Tank, Bull Pasture Tank, Burkhardt Tank, Cabin Tank, Campbell Tank, Carter Tank, Cerro Alesna Tanks, Chicken Mountain Tank, Cordova Tank, Corral Tanks One and Two, Crockett Tank, Crowder Tank, Cullen Tank, Dead Forest Tank, Dead Horse Tank, Double Tank, Double Tanks, Duck Tank, Duran Tank, East Tank, East Tank, El Rito Tank, Flat Reservoir, George Tank, Gist Tanks, Green Tank, Heffner Tank, Henderson Reservoir, Hillside Tank, Holding Pasture Tank, Horse Canyon Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Jayne Tank, Jonah Tank, Jug Tank, La Mosca Tank, Laguna de Frances, Largo Stock Tank, Lee Stock Tank, Lobo Stock Tank, Lookout Mountain Stock Tank, Lower Axtell Tank, Martin Tank, Middle Tank, Mimes Tank, Montoso Tank, Mormon Tank, Mule Tank, Mule Tank, North Pasture Tank, North Sanchez Tank, Ojo Caliente Reservoir, Paguate Reservoir, Pine Tank, Prairie Dog Tank, Red Lakes North Tanks, Red Windmill Tank, Rim Tank, Rim Tank, Roadside Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rough and Muddy Tank, Roundy Stock Tank, Salazar Tank, Salt Knob Tank, San Mateo Reservoir, Sanchez Tank, Sawmill Tank, School Section Tank, Section Twelve, Sheep Tank, Shonagana Reservoir, Slab Pole Tank, Snake Tank, South Passage Reservoirs, Spruce Tank, Summers Tank, Tank Number 4, Tanque Pendejo, Temporary Stock Tank, Ten Tank, Three Way Tank, Trasquila Tank, Triple Tank, Tuas Mesa Stock Tank, Tusas Mesa Tank, Twin Tank, Upper Galestina Number 7 Reservoir, Ward Canyon Tank, Wedding Tank, Wiley Tank, Willie Tank, Willow Springs Tank, Windmill Tank, Y Tank, Youngs Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Cerritos de Jaspe, Cerritos de Jaspe, Cerros de Las Mujeres, Chute Mesa, Clay Mesa, East Grants Ridge, Frog Mesa, Grants Ridge, Las Ventanas Ridge, Peņasco Ridge, Petaca Pinta, Punta Mesa, Sierra Lucero, The Dyke, The Hogback, West Grants Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Acomita School, Bluewater Elementary School, Cubero Elementary School, Grace Baptist Academy, Grants Christian Academy, Grants High School, Laguna Elementary School, Laguna-Acoma High School, Laguna-Acoma Middle School, Liahona Christian Academy, Liberty School (historical), Los Alamitos Middle School, Mesa View Elementary School, Mesita School, Milan Elementary School, Mount Taylor Elementary School, New Mexico State University Grants Branch, Pentecostal School, Saint Joseph Elementary School, Saint Theresa of Avila School, San Mateo Elementary, San Rafael Elementary School, Seama School, Seboyeta Elementary School, Sky City Community

  Springs     show all on map

Abran Spring, Acoma Springs, Agua Fria Spring, Alamo Spring, Alamos Spring, Alamosa Spring, Alkali Spring, Apache Spring, Aragon Spring, Aragon Springs, Armijo Spring, Bear Spring, Big Canyon Spring, Big Spring, Bosque Spring, Bridge Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Bull Spring, Butterfly Spring, Cabin Spring, Camp Two Spring, Canipa Spring, Caņovitas Spring, Cantaralo Spring, Canyon Springs, Caruco Spring, Casa Blanca Spring, Cebolla Spring, Cebollita Spring, Cienaga Spring, Cliff Spring, Cliff Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Colorado Spring, Conejo Spring, Corner Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Dan Valley Spring, De Armand Spring, De Armand Spring, Deer Spring, Diablo Spring, Dripping Springs, East Lobo Spring, Eddlwmann Spring, El Rito Spring, Elkins Spring, Frank Paisano Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Hogeye Spring, Horace Springs, Jaralosa Spring, Johnson Spring, Jose Ignacio Spring, Kemp Santiago Spring, La Gotera Spring, La Jara Spring, La Mosca Spring, Lane Spring, Little Cebolla Spring, Little Trough Spring, Little Turkey Spring, Lobo Springs, Los Alamos Springs, Lower American Spring, Lower Lillies Spring, Lower Water Spring, Lucero Spring, Major Spring, Malpais Spring, Manuel Spring, Marez Spring, Mesa Negra Spring, Mirabel Spring, Moreno Spring, Muerto Spring, Mule Spring, Ojitos, Ojo Bonito, Ojo de la Mosca, Ojo del Gallo, Ojo del Gallo, Ojo Grande, Ojo Piedra, Ojo Redondo, Ojo Tecolote Springs, Palo Blanco Spring, Paxton Spring, Pine Spring, Pink Rose Spring, Point Trail Spring, Poison Spring, Post Office Flat Spring, Pumice Spring, Rainbow Spring, Rancho del Padre Spring, Raton Spring, Red Spring, Revis Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Sacred Spring, Salado Spring, Salazar Spring, Salt Springs, San Mateo Spring, Sandoval Spring, Seco Spring, Serna Spring, Sky Spring, Snooter Spring, Spider Spring, Swamp Spring, Techado Spring, Telephone Spring, Theodocio Spring, Trough Spring, Turkey Spring, Turquois Spring, Twin Spring, Twin Springs, Upper American Canyon Spring, Upper Lillies Spring, Victorino Spring, Water Canyon Spring, Wells Spring, Willow Spring, Zuni Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Acoma Creek, Agua Fria Creek, Arroyo Colorado, Arroyo Comanche, Arroyo Conchas, Arroyo de Piedra Lumbre, Arroyo del Valle, Arroyo Gigante, Arroyo Moquino, Arroyo Zia, Bell Rock Arroyo, Big Sandy Wash, Blue Water Creek, Bluewater Creek, Caņada Ancha, Canipa Creek, Cebolla Creek, Cebollita Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Encinal Creek, Lobo Creek, Lorenzo Arroyo, Petoch Wash, Plumasano Wash, Rinconada Creek, Rio Gypsum, Rio Moquino, Rio Paguate, San Mateo Creek, Seboyeta Creek, Seboyetita Creek, South Creek, Wild Celery Creek, Willow Wash

  Summits     show all on map

Acoma Rock, Arch Mesa, Attack Hill, Badger Butte, Bang-Bang Hill, Bell Rock, Black Mesa, Black Mesa, Black Mountain, Blue Mesa, Blue Water Mesa, Broom Mountain, Brown Hill, Bug Mesa, Canipa Mesa, Casa Blanca Mesa, Casp-Druma, Cebollita Mesa, Cebollita Peak, Cedar Hill, Cerrito Arizona, Cerrito Colorado, Cerrito Comadre, Cerritos Margaritas, Cerro Alesna, Cerro Alto, Cerro Americano, Cerro Bandera, Cerro Blanco, Cerro Brillante, Cerro Brujos, Cerro Candelaria, Cerro Cantina, Cerro Chatito, Cerro Chato, Cerro Colorada, Cerro Colorado, Cerro Colorado, Cerro de la Celosa, Cerro del Oro, Cerro Encierro, Cerro Flora, Cerro Frio, Cerro Gatos, Cerro Hueco, Cerro Leonides, Cerro Lobo, Cerro Montoso, Cerro Negro, Cerro Negro, Cerro Negro, Cerro Orqueta, Cerro Ortiz, Cerro Osha, Cerro Pelon, Cerro Piedrita, Cerro Pomo, Cerro Rendija, Cerro Venada, Cerro Verde, Chimney Hill, Circle Butte, CM Carty Mesa, Crow Mesa, Deer Hill, Dinosaur Rock, Dirty Point, East Paraje Mesa, Ei-Enie, Encerrito, Flattop Mesa, Flint Peak, Flour Butte, Flower Mountain, Gallo Peak, Gavilan Mesa, Goat Hill, Gobbler Knob, Grey Hill, Gunn Mesa, Hawkins Peak, Heart Peak, Hogeye Mountain, Horace Mesa, Horse Mountain, Jacks Peak, Jar Butte, Katama, Koya Mesa, La Jara Mesa, La Mesa, Lava Butte, Lava Crater, Loma Medios, Loma Montosa, Loma Pelada, Lookout Mountain, Los Pilares, Mesa Aparejo, Mesa Carrizo, Mesa Cimarron, Mesa Colorado, Mesa Cortada, Mesa del Lobo, Mesa del Oro, Mesa Encantada, Mesa Gallina, Mesa Gigante, Mesa Hill, Mesa Negra, Mesita Blanca, Mesita Blanca, Mesita De Yeso, Middle Hill, Monte Seco, Moreno Hill, Mount Sedgwick, Mount Taylor, Mush Mountain, New Mountain, North Butte, North Cebollita Mesa, North Oak Canyon Mesa, North Pelon, Obe Worthen Mesa, Paraje Mesa, Pelon, Petoch Butte, Picacho Peak, Pig-a-ti-ana, Piņon Mountain, Punta Mesa, Quartz Hill, Rabbit Butte, Red Point, Rolling Mounds, Salitre Mesa, San Rafael Mesa, San Rafael Mesa, Sandstone Mesa, Sandy Hill, Santa Rita Mesa, Schcro Gana, Seama Mesa, Seven Cedar Trees Mesa, Snowbird Mesa, South Butte, South Lava Butte, South Oak Canyon Mesa, South Point Mesa, Southwest Plaza, Standing Twin Peak, Sunhouse Peaks, The Indian Peaks, The Rincon, Timia, Tsidu-Weza, Turquoise Butte, Twin Craters, Two Feathers Hill, Tze-Midi, Victorino Mesa, Volcano Hill, Ward Mesa, Wheat Mountain, White Hill, Wiener Mesa, Wild Sheep Mesa, Wiley Mesa, Woods Mesa, Yellow Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KLLT-FM (Grants), KLLT-FM (Grants), KMIN-AM (Grants), KOFK-AM (Milan), KTDB-FM (Ramah), KZNM-FM (Grants), La Mosca Lookout Tower, Oso Ridge Lookout Tower Beacon

  Trails     show all on map

Zuni Acoma Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Acoma Canyon, Acoma Valley, Agua Fria Trail Canyon, Alamosa Canyon, Armijo Canyon, Arroyo de los Cerritos, Atarque Canyon, Atarque Draw, Baker Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bibo Canyon, Big Canyon, Black Rock Arroyo, Black Rock Canyon, Blue Water Canyon, Bonine Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Brazo Canyon, Burnt Mill Canyon, Camp Seven Canyon, Camp Two Canyon, Caņada de Cruz, Caņada de Cruz, Caņada de Pedro Padilla, Caņon Ancho, Caņon Arado, Caņon de Conejo, Caņon de la Mosca, Caņon de Pedro Padilla, Caņon Largo, Caņon Palo Blanco, Caņon Seco, Caņon Villa de Aseyna, Cantinas Canyon, Capulin Canyon, Carmel Dias Canyon, Carrizozo Draw, Castillo Canyon, Cebolla Canyon, Cebollita Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Chicken Mountain Draw, Coal Hollow, Cold Canyon, Copperton Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Dan Valley, Dead Cow Canyon, Deep Water Draw, Diener Canyon, Dry Canyon, Duran Canyon, El Caņoncito, El Rito Canyon, Encinal Canyon, Fools Gold Draw, Franks Canyon, Gibson Canyon, Goat Tank Canyon, Grants Canyon, Guadalupe Canyon, Guillermo Canyon, Gurman Canyon, Harris Valley, Hausner Canyon, Hippy Draw, Homestead Canyon, Hondo Canyon, Horse Canyon, Jaralosa Canyon, Johnny Mack Corral Canyon, Jose Ignacio Canyon, Kettner Canyon, La Jara Canyon, La Mosca Canyon, Las Tusas Valley, Lathert Canyon, Lily Canyon, Limekiln Canyon, Little Blanco Canyon, Little Narrows, Little Water Canyon, Lobo Canyon, Lobo Canyon, Log Cabin Canyon, Loma del Medio Draw, Long Canyon, Lost Canyon, Manga Canyon, McQuery Canyon, Middle Canyon, Mitchell Draw, Monighan Canyon, Morada Canyon, Muerto Canyon, North Lumber Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Hollow, Ojitos Cuates Draw, Ojo Bonito Canyon, Ojo Canyon, Ojo Hallado Draw, Ojo Redondo Canyon, Paradise Canyon, Pascual Draw, Peavine Canyon, Perry Canyon, Pinitos Draw, Pink Rose Canyon, Pipkin Canyon, Pole Canyon, Ponia Canyon, Prop Canyon, Provenger Rincon, Puertocito Draw, Reynold Draw, Rincon Hondo, Rincon Hondo Canyon, Rincon Lobo, Rinconada Canyon, Rivera Canyon, Rock Tank Canyon, San Antonio Valley, San Jose Canyon, San Mateo Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Seboyeta Canyon, Seep Canyon, Shoemaker Canyon, Tafoya Canyon, Terrero Draw, The Alcon, The Narrows, Thompson Draw, Timber Canyon, Togeye Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trujillo Draw, Upper Galestina Canyon, Valle de los Cerritos, Valle Largo, Venadito Draw, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, West Canyon, White Horse Draw, White Rock Draw, Willow Springs Canyon, Winslow Canyon, Yellowrock Canyon, Zuni Canyon, Zuni Canyon

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10020 Water Well, 10021 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10023 Water Well, 10025 Water Well, 10026 Water Well, 10027 Water Well, 10028 Water Well, 10029 Water Well, 10030 Water Well, 10031 Water Well, 10032 Water Well, 10033 Water Well, 10034 Water Well, 10035 Water Well, 10036 Water Well, 10037 Water Well, 10038 Water Well, 10039 Water Well, 10040 Water Well, 10041 Water Well, 10042 Water Well, 10043 Water Well, 10044 Water Well, 10045 Water Well, 10046 Water Well, 10047 Water Well, 10048 Water Well, 10049 Water Well, 10050 Water Well, 10051 Water Well, 10052 Water Well, 10053 Water Well, 10054 Water Well, 10055 Water Well, 10057 Water Well, 10058 Water Well, 10059 Water Well, 10060 Water Well, 10061 Water Well, 10062 Water Well, 10063 Water Well, 10064 Water Well, 10066 Water Well, 10067 Water Well, 10068 Water Well, 10069 Water Well, 10070 Water Well, 10071 Water Well, 10072 Water Well, 10073 Water Well, 10074 Water Well, 10075 Water Well, 10076 Water Well, 10077 Water Well, 10078 Water Well, 10079 Water Well, 10080 Water Well, 10081 Water Well, 10082 Water Well, 10083 Water Well, 10088 Water Well, 10089 Water Well, 10090 Water Well, 10091 Water Well, 10092 Water Well, 10098 Water Well, 10099 Water Well, 10100 Water Well, 10101 Water Well, 10102 Water Well, Acoma 2 Water Well, Acoma Number 5 Water Well, Acoma Number 6 Water Well, Acoma Water Well, Airport WL Water Well, Albert HMS Water Well, Anaconda Water Well, Anzac 86-1 Water Well, Aqua Fria Water Well, Arrosa Ranch Water Well, Axtell Water Well, Badger Water Well, Barela Water Well, Barela Well, Barelas Water Well, Barnes Well, Barth High Water Well, Berryhill Water Well, BIA-RWP16A Water Well, Bibos Station Water Well, Black Mountain Well, Blanco Water Well, Blue Water Water Well, Bluewater Inn Water Well, Bluewater Water Well, Bob Water Well, Bonds Well, Brights Water Well, Brights Well, C Blanca Water Well, Camp Water Well, Camp Water Well, Camp Windmill Water Well, Caņoncito Nine Water Well, Carrizozo Well, Casa Frio Water Well, Castillo One Water Well, Cedar Windmill Water Well, Chalk Windmill Water Well, Chance Water Well, Cold Spring Water Well, Corner Water Well, Corner Well, Davis Brothers Water Well, Davy Water Well, Deep Windmill Water Well, Dent Windmill Water Well, Diablo Water Well, Dog Windmill Water Well, Dogs Water Well, Domestic Water Well, Dominion Water Well, Dos Cerrillos Water Well, Dunn WM Water Well, East Windmill Water Well, ECW 4 Water Well, ECW 7 Water Well, ECW-3 Water Well, El Morro Water Well, Encinal 1 Water Well, Encinal 2 Water Well, Encinal Water Well, Fenceline Water Well, Franciscan Water Well, G Owsley Water Well, Gibson WML Water Well, Harding water Well, Head Windmill Water Well, Headquarters Water Well, Henderson Water Well, Henson Camp Water Well, Henson Number 1 Water Well, Hi Lone Water Well, Highland Well, Highway Water Well, Hinkson Hi Water Well, Hiyi Water Well, Homestead Water Well, Horse Camp Water Well, HQ Water Well, Hubbell Camp Water Well, Hughes Pl Water Well, Indian Windmill Water Well, Irrigation W 510 Water Well, Irrigation Water Well, Jackpile Number 1 Water Well, Jackpile Number 2 Water Well, Jacobine Water Well, Jaralosa Water Well, Joe Water Well, Julian WML Water Well, Kowina Water Well, L-Bar 2 Water Well, L-Bar 837 Water Well, La Mosca Water Well, Laguna 11 Water Well, Laguna 2 Water Well, Laguna 3 Water Well, Laguna 6 Water Well, Laguna Number 7 Water Well, Lava Water Well, Line Water Well, Little Oak Well, LJ 205 Water Well, Lobo Camp Water Well, Los Water Well, Lowlands Water Well, Lowlands Well Number 1, Lucero Water Well, Luis Water Well, Lynch Water Well, Malpais Water Well, Malt Water Well, Malt Well, Marmon HQ Water Well, Marquez W Water Well, Mazon Water Well, McCord Place Water Well, Medanoso Water Well, Mesa Water Well, Mesita Water Well, Meyer Water Well, Montaņo Well, Muerto Well, New Windmill Water Well, North Camp Water Well, North Water Well, North Windmill Water Well, Number 1 Water Well, Number 10 Water Well, Number 11 Water Well, Number 12 Water Well, Number 13 Water Well, Number 14 Water Well, Number 16 Water Well, Number 2 Water Well, Number 21 Water Well, Number 3 Water Well, Number 3 Water Well, Number 4 Water Well, Number 4 Water Well, Number 5 Water Well, Number 6 Water Well, Number 6 Water Well, Number 61 Water Well, Number 7 Water Well, Number 7 WM Water Well, Number 8 Water Well, Number 8A Water Well, Ojo Bonito Water Well, Old Water Well, Oro Windmill Water Well, Owsley Water Well, Paint WML Water Well, Penasco Water Well, Phillips Water Well, Pie Ranch Water Well, Pilares Water Well, Place Water Well, Place Windmill Water Well, Prarie Dog Water Well, Pueblo T 4 Water Well, Quartz Hill Water Well, Ramah Number 4 Water Well, Red Water Well, Rincon Camp Water Well, Rincon Water Well, Road Water Well, Rock Tank Water Well, Rock Tank Water Well, Roe Well, Romero PLC Water Well, Rusty Water Well, Ruth Water Well, RWP 1 Water Well, RWP-15 Water Well, RWP-17 Water Well, RWP-28 Water Well, RWP-28 Water Well, RWP-32 Water Well, S Canyon Water Well, S O B Water Well, S Pino 2 Water Well, Saddle WM Water Well, Salvador Well, San Antonio Water Well, Sand Canyon Water Well, Sand City Water Well, Sand WNMLL Warter Well, Sandoval Water Well, SB Water Well, Schoolhouse Water Well, Semilone-Water Well, Slide Water Well, Sohio A1 Water Well, Solomon Water Well, South Camp Water Well, South Camp Water Well, Test Well 3 Water Well, Test Well 79-1 Water Well, Trujillo Water Well, Twin Well, Twin Wll A Water Well, Twin WLL B Water Well, Valle Largo Well, Venadito Water Well, Venado Water Well, Venado Well, Victorio Water Well, Well Number 9 Water Well, Well ZS-1 Water Well, West Joe Water Well, West Water Well, Windmill 9 Water Well, Witch Water Well, Woods Number 1 Water Well, Woods Number 2 Water Well, York Cabin Water Well,

Cibola County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCibola County White population 14,85614,856  
American IndianCibola County American Indian population 11,28511,285
MixedCibola County Mixed population 572572
BlackCibola County Black population 354354
AsianCibola County Asian population 164163
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCibola County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2727

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