Colfax County, New Mexico Basics:

Colfax County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 13,243
Area: 3758 square miles
County seat: Raton
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 86.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.5%
Median household income: $38,263
Persons in poverty: 17.6%
Home ownership rate: 66.8%
Mean travel time to work: 15.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Costilla (CO)  Harding  Las Animas (CO)  Mora  Taos  Union  

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Map of the Colfax County area

Our detail map of Colfax County shows the Colfax County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Colfax County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Angel Fire Airport, C S Ranch Airport, Eagle Nest Landing Strip, La Mesa Park Airport, Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field, Springer Municipal Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Duran Meadow, Green Meadows, Moreno Valley, Philmont Scout Ranch, Whiteman Vega

  Basins     show all on map

Devils Wash Basin

  Benches     show all on map

The Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Angel Fire Community Library, Angel Fire Fire Department Station 1, Angel Fire Fire Department Station 2, Angel Fire Fire Department Station 3, Angel Fire Police Department, Arthur Johnson Memorial Library, Cimarron Police Department, Cimarron Volunteer Ambulance Service, Cimarron Volunteer Fire Department, Colfax County Fire Department District 1 Philmont, Colfax County Fire Department District 2 Miami, Colfax County Fire Department District 4 Farley, Colfax County Fire Department District 4 Farley Abbott Substation, Colfax County Fire Department District 4 Farley Substation, Colfax County Fire Department District 7 Vermejo Park Ranch, Colfax County Sheriff's Department, Colfax Fire Department District 1 Philmont Substation, Colfax Fire Department District 3 Ute Park, Colfax General Hospital Library, Eagle Nest Ambulance Service, Eagle Nest Fire Department, Eagle Nest Public Library, Fred Roth Building, Haven Hotel Historic Site, Joseph Building Historic Site, Kit Carson Museum, Maxwell Fire Department, Moreno Valley Fire Department Airport Station, Moreno Valley Fire Department Black Lake Station, Moreno Valley Fire Department Palo Felchado Station, Moreno Valley Fire Department Val Verde Station, New Mexico Boys School Library, New Mexico State Police District 2 Raton, New York and Golden Rule Stores, Northern Colfax County Hospital Library, Old Mill Museum, Palace Hotel, Parton Past Office (historical), Philmont Museum, Raton City Police Department, Raton Fire and Emergency Services, Raton Museum, Rural Bookmobile Northeast, Saint James Hotel, Santa Fe Trail Museum and Historical Society, Seton Memorial Library, Shuler Theater, Springer Correctional Facility, Springer Fire Department, Springer Police Department, Springer Volunteer Emergency Medical Services

  Canals     show all on map

Border Ditch, Charette Lake Canal, Dyke Ditch, Eagle Tail Canal, Eagle Tail Canal, East Thirteen Ditch, East Twelve Ditch, High Line Ditch, Highline Canal, Highline Ditch, Laguna Eagle Tail Lateral, Mestas Ditch, Middle Drain Ditch, North Ditch, North Drain Ditch, North Fourteen Ditch, Number 11 and Stubblefield Lateral, Number 11 Inflow Canal, Number 11 Lateral, Number 12 Inflow Canal, Number 14 Inflow Canal, Number 14 Lateral, Red River Ditch, Ridge Ditch, Siphon Ditch, Siphon Lateral, South Drain Ditch, South Fourteen Ditch, South Laguna Lateral, Springer Ditch, Stubblefield Eagle Tail Lateral, Stubblefield Lateral, Vermejo Ditch, West Thirteen Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abreu Cemetery, Black Lake Cemetery, Catskill Cemetery, Fairmont Cemetery, Herrera Cemetery, Hollenbeck Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Kelleher Cemetery, Miami Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Mountainview Cemetery, Pacheco Cemetery, Saint Johns Methodist Church Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Idlewild Census Designated Place, Ute Park Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Angel Fire Baptist Church, Angel Fire Community Church, Angel Fire Presbyterian Fellowship, Betania Spanish Baptist, Calvary Baptist Church, Christ Our Savior Lutheran Mission Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Nazarene, Clayton Gospel Center, Eastside Church of Christ-Las Vegas, First Assembly of God Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Presbyterian Church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Iglesia Bautista Betania Baptist, Jehovahs Witnesses Church, Las Vegas Christian Center, Las Vegas Seventh Day Adventist Church, Maxwell First Baptist, Moreno Valley Church of Christ, Palo Blanco Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Raton Seventh Day Adventist, Roy Christian Church, Saint Gertrudes Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Mels Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Paula Episcopal Church, San Antonio Church, Second Presbyterian Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The First Baptist Church of Moreno Valley, The Idewild Community Church, Truth Ministries Church, United Methodist Church of Cimarron

  Cliffs     show all on map

Devils Point, Lovers Leap, Palisades, Prestons Point

  Craters     show all on map

Horseshoe Crater

  Dams     show all on map

Antelope Valley Number 2 Reservoir Dam, Antelope Valley Number Three Dam, Cimarroncito Reservoir Dam, Clarks Fork Site Number 2 Dam, Dam Number 13, Dam Number Two, Davis Reservoir Dam, Decker Dam, Dry Lake Dam, Eagle Nest Dam, French Lake Dam, Hagadorn Reservoir Number 5 Dam, Hebron Dam (historical), Jaritas Number Two Dam, Koehler Dam, Lake Alice Dam, Lake Maloya Dam, Lebus Recreation Reservoir Dam, Lewis Reservoir Dam, Lost Lake Dam, Maxwell Number 11 Dam, Maxwell Number 12 Dam, Maxwell Number 14 Dam, Miami Lake Number Two Dam, Muller Dam, Red Lake La Cueva Dam Number Two, Red River Cattle Company Dam, Rito Del Plano Reservoir Dam, Saltpeter Creek Site 1a Dam, Saltpeter Dam, Springer Lake Dam, Springer Reservoir Number One Dam, Springer Reservoir Number Two Dam, Stubblefield Dam, Stublefield Dam, Throttle Dam, Upper Coyote Creek Dam, Urraca Dam, Ute Creek Reservoir Dam, Van Bruggen Reservoir Dam, Webster Dam, York Canyon Dam Number One, York Canyon Dam Number Three, York Canyon Dam Number Two

  Flats     show all on map

Agua Fria Park, Buffalo Pasture, Butler Flats, Castle Rock Park, Copper Park, Costilla Park, Crow Creek Flat, Ditch Cabin Park, Elk Meadows, Garcia Park, Guajalote Park, Hematite Park, Italian Park, Johnson Park, Kentucky Park, Kiowa Flats, Miners Park, Ponil Park, Tolby Meadow, Vermejo Park, Wild Horse Park

  Forests     show all on map

Valle Vidal Unit

  Gaps     show all on map

Blosser Gap, Comanche Pass, Costilla Pass, Fowler Pass, Horse Thief Gap, Manco Burro Pass, Mills Divide, Raton Pass, Rayado Pass, San Francisco Pass, Stone Wall Pass, Trinchera Pass, Ute Park Pass, Webster Pass, Windy Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Miners Hospital, Miners' Colfax Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Adams Lake, Barela Lake, Bartlett Lake, Bear Lake, Beatty Lakes, Beaver Ponds, Beaver Ponds, Bellisle Lake, Bernal Lake, Black Lakes, Bremmer Lakes, Capulin Lake, Cassan Lake, Cleto Lake, Deep Lake, Deer Lake, Divine Lake, Dry Laguna, East Lake, Farr Vega Lake, French Lake, Gardenia Lake, Gravel Pit Lakes, Gringo Lake, Hidden Lake, Horse Lake, Horse Shoe Lake, Ingram Lake, King Lake, La Grulla Lake, Lake Aspen, Lake Doris, Lake Eight, Lake Seven, Lakeside Lake, Lanier Lake, Mare Lake, Marys Lake, Merrick Lake, Mexican Lake, Middle Lake, Middle Lake, Number Eleven Lake, Rimrock Lake, Rockwell Lake, Rose Lake, Saladon Lake, Sawmill Lake, Seward Lake, Stevens Lake, Vaca Pond, Widow Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A Camp, Abbott, Abbott Weather Station, Agua Fria Trail Camp, Aguila Camp, Allen, American Creek Cow Camp, Andreou, Angel Fire Resort, Angel Fire Resort Golf Course, Angel Fire Ski Area, Angel Fire Ski Basin, Angle Fire, Apache Springs Camp, Aragon, Archuleta Windmill, Armstrong Camp, Aspen Springs Trail Camp, Atchley, Atmore Ranch, Bada, Bada, Badger Camp, Baldy, Barela, Bear Canyon Camp, Bear Cave Camp, Beard, Beatty Cabin, Beaubien Camp, Bedford Ranch, Bents Camp, Berry, Black Jacks Hideout, Black Lake Weather Station, Black Mountain Camp, Blacklake Resorts, Blossburg, Bonito Cow Camp, Box Cattle Company, Brannon, Bremmer Longshed Camp, Brownsea Camp, Buck Creek Camp, Bural, Burke, C S Cattle Company, C S Cattle Company, C S Cattle Company, C S Ranch, Carter, Castillo, Catalpa (historical), Cathedral Rock Campground, Catskill, Cerrososo Camp, Chase, Christmas, Cimarron Campground, Cimarron Weather Station, Cimarroncita, Cimarroncito Base Camp, Cimarroncito Camp, Clarks Fork Trail Camp, Clayton, Clayton, Clear Creek Camp, Clear Creek Store, Clifton House, Coffee Windmill, Comanche Camp, Comanche Peak Camp, Copper Park Camp, Cottonwood Cow Camp, Cowan, Craft Ranch, Crater Lake Camp, Crawford, Cressmer Lodge, Crooked Creek Camp, Crow Creek C S Farms, Cruz, Cunico, Cunico, Cunico Weather Station, Curtis Camp, Cyphers Mine Camp, Dacy, Dan Beard Trail Camp, Dawson Weather Station, Dean (historical), DeDay, Demcheck, Dennis, Denton, Doherty, Doherty, Doherty, Dona Ana Plaza South, Duran, Eagle Nest Lodge, Eagle Nest Weather Station, El Rancho Grande, El Renz-O-Ranch, Elizabethtown Weather Station, Espinosa, Evans, Farley, Favor, Fernandez Ranch, Fish Camp, Fleming, French Corners, French Henry Camp, Garcia Cow Camp, Garcia Windmill, Gillespie, Gillespie, Gillespie (historical), Gillespie Ranch, Glaze and Bates, Goat Camp, Gorman, Guerra, Halliwell Well, Hanson Farm, Harlan Trail Camp, Hayward Farm, Heck, Hennegan, Hennegan, Hillside (historical), Hinston, Hopper (historical), Horse Ranch Camp, Howie (historical), Investment Block, Jaritas Ranch, Jeffers, Jones, Jumping Divide, King, Koehler Junction (historical), La Grulla Cow Camp, Lambert Mine Camp Site, Langely Ranch, Langly, Laughlin (historical), Lazy V Bar Ranch, Lloyd (historical), Lookout Meadows Camp, Lost Cabin Camp, Lovers Leap Camp, Lower Bonito Camp, Lynn (historical), Malpie (historical), Maples, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez Cow Camp, Maxwell Weather Station, McCarty, McCarty, McCarty, McConnell, McCrystal Creek Campground, McDaniel, Meloche (historical), Mesa Windmill, Messick, Messick, Miami Weather Station, Miners Park Camp, Minter, Monte Verde, Monte Verde Unit One, Monte Verde Unit Two, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Moore, Moore, Moore Windmill, Moreno Ranch, Morrow, Morrow, Mount Phillips Camp, Mutz, Mutz, Mutz Ranch, Myers, New Abreu Camp, New Dean Trail Camp, North Fork Urraca Camp, Old Abreu Camp, Old Camp, Old Cartwright Mill Site, Old Dean Trail Camp, Olson, Olympia Camp, Ortiz, Pagett, Parsons Ranch, Penaflor Ruins, Phillips Junction, Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters, Pompoe, Ponderosa Camp, Ponil Base Camp, Popejoy, Porcupine Camp, Preston (historical), Pueblano Ruins Camp, Pueblano Trail Camp, Raton Downtown Historic District, Raton Trap Club, Raton Water Works, Raton Weather Station, Raton Weather Station, Rayado Camp, Rayado Historic District, Rayado Station (historical), Red Hills Camp, Red River Ranch, Red River Ranch Headquarters, Reville Windmill, Rimrock Park Camp, Robinson, Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, Romero, Romero, Roundtree, Roundtree, Roundtree Ranch, Sacred Heart Church, Sangre de Cristo Camp, Sauble Circle Dot Ranch, Sawmill Camp, Shuree Lodge, Shuree Picnic Area, Sioux Trail Camp, Springer Weather Station, Stern Ranch, Stockton, Sugarloaf Ranch, Sweetwater Cow Camp, T O Ranch, T X Ranch, T-O Ranch, Tafoya Windmill, Taylor, The Bench Trail Camp, The Ring Place, Thompson (historical), Tooth Ridge Camp, Toothache Spring Camp, Torres, Torres, Towndrow (historical), Trujillo, Trujillo, Trujillo, Turner, Urraca Camp, Ute Creek Ranch, Van Buskirk, Van Houten Camp, Vasquez Camp, Vermejo Park, Virginia City, Vuicich, W S Ranch, W S Ranch Camp, Waldoguara, Walker, Wallace (historical), Wheeler, Windmill Bremmer Camp, Window Rock, Zastro Camp

  Mines     show all on map

Abe Lincoln Mine, Abraham Lincoln, Ajax Mine, Alabama, Allibaba Mine, American Flag, American Mine, Anaconda Mine, Aristocrat Mine, Arlington Mine, Aztec Extension Mine, Aztec Mine, Azurite Mine, B T U, Bartlett Mine, Bartlett Mine, Belle Fosher, Ben Hur, Big Jim Mine, Big Mike Mine, Black Cat Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Hat Mine, Black Horse Group, Black Jacks Hideout, Black Joe Mine, Black Tail, Black Wizard, Block Coal Mine Number Two, Blossburg Number Four, Blossburg Number One Mine, Blossburg Number Three, Blossburg Number Two Mine, Blue Bandana Reservation, Bobtail Mine, Bolten Mine, Bonita, Brentano, Brilliant Coal Mine, Brilliant Mine, Bull of the Woods Mine, Cabin Mine, California 1 Floersheim, Cannonball Mine, Challenge, Chester Claim, Cimarron Mine, Cincinnati Mine, Cinder Butte, City View Mine, Claude Number 3 Mine, Climax Mine, Colfax Mine, Confidence, Contention Mine, Convention Anex Number One Mine, Cook Hill, Crazy Horse Mine, Cyphers Mine, Dale Mountain Mine, Davis Mine, Dawson Number 1 Mine, Dawson Number 10, Dawson Number 2 Mine, Dawson Number 3 Mine, Dawson Number 4 Mine, Dawson Number 5, Dawson Number 6, Dawson Number 7, Dawson Number 8 Mine, Dawson Number 9 Mine, Deep Tunnel, Deep Tunnel Mine, Denton Mine, Denver, Denver-Climax, Dewey Mine, Dorn, Dutchman Coal Mine, Dutchman Mine, East Pacific, Eleanor Mine, Elizabeth Mine, Elladora, Emerald, Empire, Enterprise, Euclid Mine, Fairfax Mine, Faro Banks Mine, Fidelity Mine, Florence Mine, Fort Wayne Mine, Franks Mine, Free Gold, French Henry Extension Mine, French-Henry Mine, Galena, Gardiner Number One Mine, Garst Mine, Gem Number Two, Gertrude, Gold Bell, Gold Dollar, Gold King Number Two, Gold Leaf, Gold Ledge Mine, Gold Plume Mine, Golden Eagle, Golden Era Group Mine, Good Fairy Mine, Good Friend, Grand Duchess Mine, Grand View Mine, Grand View Number 3 Mine, Graphite Prospect, Grey Eagle Number Two Mine, Grub Flat Mine, Guerrilla, Harmon, Harry Bluff Mine, Harry Lyons Group Mine, Hartzel Mine, Harvey-Genta Mine, Heart of the World Mine, Helen Gould, Helen Mine, Hemitite Chief, Hidden Treasure, Hidden Treasure Mine, Highland Mary, Hobbs Mine, Homesteake Number 2, Hoosier Boy Mine, Hoosier Boy Number 2 Mine, Horse Coal Mine, Horse Shoe Crater, Horseshoe Mine, Hummer Mine, Huntingtonia, Imperial Number Two Mine, Inca Mine, Independence, Independence Number 4 Mine, Independence Number 6 Mine, Indiana Mine, Iron Bird, Iron Mask Mine, Iron Mountain Prospect, Isabella B Mine, J V C Mine, Jack Mine, Jennings Mine, Jill Mine, Jose Butte, Justice, Kaiser Plant, Kaiser Steel, Kensington Mine, Keystone Number 2 Mine, King Yellow Jacket, Klantchnik Mine, Klondike Mine, Klondyke, Koehler Mine, Koehler Number One, Koehler Number Three Mine, Koehler Number Two Mine, Labor Exchange, Lauretta Mine, Legal Tender Mine, Lexington Mine, Little Jessie Mine, Little Mamie Number 2 Mine, Little Monarch Mine, Little Wonder Mine, Llano Vista, Llewellyn Mine, Log Cabin Number Two Mine, Lois Claim, Loughlin Peak, Louisville Number 2 Mine, Lucia, Lucky Dan Mine, M and M Mine, Maid of Erin Mine, Maldonado Pit, Manzanita, Mark Twain Number 1 Mine, Mark Twain Number 2 Mine, Mark Twain Number 3 Mine, Mary L Mine, Master Man Mine, Matie Bell Mine, McClafferty Mine, McGinty Mine, Mendelsohn Mine, Metropole Mine, Misery, Monarch Number 2 Claim, Monitor, Montezuma Mine, Moore Pit, Moreno Centennial, Mount Lion Number 2 Mine, Mount Vernon Mine, Mountain Lion Mine, Mountain Queen Number 1 Mine, Mountain Queen Number 2 Mine, Mountain View Number 1 Mine, Mountain View Number 2 Mine, Mountain Witch Mine, Mystic Mine, Mystic Number 2 Mine, Mystic Number 3 Mine, Nancy Hanks Mine, Nancy Hanks Number 2 Mine, Neill 3 Sauble, New Mexican Mine, New Yankee Number 4 Claim, Newton Mine, Newton-Talbott Mine, North Baldy Ridge Group Mine, North Pacific Mine, North Star Mine, O K, Old Honeyfield Mine, Old Latimore Mine, Onion Mine, Online Mine, Only Chance Mine, Ophia Mine, Oro Dredging Company Claims, Ottumay, Ox Canyon Mine, Ox Canyon Mine, Pack Rat Mine, Paragon Claim, Patent Mine, Pay Mine, Pay Ore, Paymaster Mine, Paymaster Number 3 Mine, Penuckle Mine, Perigo Mine, Pink Cheek, Politician Mine, Ponil Mine, President Mine, Prichard, Puzzler Mine, Ranch View Mine, Ranch View Number 2 Mine, Raton Mine, Real Mine, Rebel Chief Mine, Rebel Chief Placer, Red Bandana Group, Red Mountain, Reynolds Mine, Rosa Mine, Rosebud, Rosita Mine, Royal, Royal Flush Mine, Scoop Prospect, Senate Mine, Seven Points, Shakra Mine, Shell Prospect, Sheridan, Showman Mine, Sinbad Mine, Sixty Eight Lode, Smuggler Mine, Snow Bird Mine, Sonchar, Sperry Mine, Springer Pit, Standard Graphite Company Prospect, Statehood Number 2 Mine, Sugarite Mine, Sugarite Number One Mine, Sugarite Number Two Mine, Sunset Coal Mine, Sunshine Mine, Supply Source Mine, Thunder Mine, Tomboy, Tondrow Peak Mine, Torres Pit, Turner Mine, Turner Mine Number Two, Twinn Mine, Two Sisters Number 2 Mine, Tyroler, Utility Mine, Van Houten Number Four, Van Houten Number One Mine, Van Lint Mine, War Eagle Mine, West York Canyon, West York Strip, White Horse Mine, Willow Mine, Willow Numbers Five and Six Mines, Woodland Mine, Wyanodotte, X-Rays Mine, Yankee Number Five Mine, Yankee Number Four Mine, Yankee Number One Mine, Yankee Number Three Mine, Yankee Number Two Mine, Yankee-Reynolds Prospect, Yellow Dog Group Mine, Yellow Dog Number 2 Mine, York 1 Tex-Mex, York Canyon Number 1, York Canyon Number 1, York Canyon Prospect, Zina Mine, Zorn Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Bernal Cabin, Blackjacks Hideout Historical Marker, Cimarron Canyon Historical Marker, Cimarron Canyon State Park, Cimarron Canyon Wildlife Area, Cimarron Historical Marker, Clifton House Site Historical Marker, Climax Canyon Park, Colfax County War Historical Marker, Colin Neblett State Wildlife Area, D A V Vietnam Veterans National Memorial Historical Marker, Dorsey Mansion State Monument, Elizabethtown Historical Marker, Elliot Barker State Wildlife Area, Folsom Archaeological Site Historical Marker, Folsom State Monument, La Mesa Park, Legion Park, Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge, Palisades Sill Historical Marker, Philmont Scout Ranch Historical Marker, Point of Rocks Historical Marker, Ragsdale Field, Raton Historical Marker, Raton Pass Historical Marker, Ripley Park, Rocky Mountains Historical Marker, Romero Park, Santa Fe Trail Historical Marker, Springer Historical Marker, Sugarite Canyon State Park, Van Bremmer Park, View of the Rocks Historical Marker, Willow Springs Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Cathedral Rock, Eagle Rock, Grizzly Tooth, Little Eagle Rock, Sail Rock, Tooth of Time

  Plains     show all on map

Park Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abbott, Agua Fria, Angel Fire, Arms (historical), Aurora (historical), Banning Place, Bell (historical), Black Lake, Black Lake Resorts, Brackett (historical), Brilliant, Capitan Hill, Carisbrook, Casa Grande, Chico, Chicoso (historical), Cimarron, Coleman (historical), Colfax, Colmor, Cottonwood (historical), Cunningham (historical), Dawson (historical), Deep Tunnel (historical), Dillon, Dorsey (historical), Dover (historical), Eagle Nest, Elizabethtown, Elkins (historical), England (historical), Farley, Franklin (historical), French, Gardiner, Gato (historical), Hebron, Hematite (historical), Hummer (historical), Idlewild, Keota, Kiowa, Koehler, Ladd (historical), Lakeview Pines, Loretta (historical), Maxwell, McCrystal Place, McDaniel Cimarron Place, Miami, Moreno (historical), Newton (historical), Osha (historical), Otero (historical), Palo Blanco (historical), Perryville (historical), Pittsburg (historical), Ponil Park (historical), Rael (historical), Raton, Rayado, Ring Place, Schomberg, Shuree, Six Mile Gate, Slagle (historical), Southside (historical), Springer, Sugarite, Sunny Side, Sweetwater (historical), Tafoya (historical), Taylor Springs, Temple (historical), Tinaja, Toril, Trinchera (historical), Troyburg, Urraca Place, Ute Park, Val Verde Ski Area, Valdez Place, Van Houten, Vernon (historical), Virginia City, Whitson (historical), Yankee

  Post Offices     show all on map

Abbott Post Office (historical), Agua Fria Post Office (historical), Arms Post Office (historical), Aurora Post Office (historical), Baldy Post Office (historical), Bell Post Office (historical), Black Lake Post Office (historical), Blossburg Post Office (historical), Brackett Post Office (historical), Brilliant Post Office (historical), Carisbrook Post Office (historical), Catalpa Post Office (historical), Catskill Post Office (historical), Chico Post Office (historical), Cimarron Post Office, Cimilorio Post Office (historical), Clifton Post Office (historical), Colfax Post Office (historical), Colmor Post Office (historical), Cunico Post Office (historical), Dawson Post Office (historical), Dorsey Post Office (historical), Eagle Nest Post Office, Elizabethtown Post Office (historical), Elkins Post Office (historical), England Post Office (historical), Farley Post Office (historical), French Post Office (historical), Gardiner Post Office (historical), Hatod Post Office (historical), Hebron Post Office, Heck Canyon Post Office (historical), Hematite Post Office (historical), Holkeo Post Office (historical), Hummer Post Office (historical), Kiowa Post Office (historical), Koehler Post Office (historical), Ladd Post Office (historical), Lynn Post Office (historical), Malpie Post Office (historical), Martinez Post Office (historical), Maxwell Post Office (historical), Miami Post Office (historical), Osha Post Office (historical), Otero Post Office (historical), Peņa Flor Post Office (historical), Perryville Post Office (historical), Pittsburg Post Office (historical), Ponil Park Post Office (historical), Rael Post Office (historical), Raton Post Office, Rayado Post Office (historical), Red Mountain Post Office (historical), Southside Post Office (historical), Springer Post Office, Stern Post Office, Stockton Post Office (historical), Sugarite Post Office (historical), Swastika Post Office (historical), Sweet Water Post Office, Tafoya Post Office (historical), Taylor Springs Post Office (historical), Trinchara Post Office (historical), Troyburgh Post Office (historical), Una Del Gato Post Office (historical), Ute Creek Post Office (historical), Ute Park Post Office, Van Houten Post Office (historical), Vanderitos Post Office (historical), Vermejo Park Post Office (historical), Vernon Post Office (historical), Virginia Post Office (historical), Whitson Post Office (historical), Willow Post Office (historical), Willow Springs Post Office, Yankee Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Chico Hills, Cimarron Range, Teton Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Agua Fria Lake, Antelope Valley Reservoir Number Two, Berry Lake, Big Lake, Boys School Lake, Cimarroncito Reservoir, City Reservoir, Davis Reservoir, Dorsey Lake, Eagle Nest Lake, Ferguson Lake, Hagerdon Lake, Koehler Lake, Laguna Madre, Lake Alice, Lake Maloya, Lewis Lake, Maxwell Number 14 Reservoir, Miami Lake, Munn Lake, Number 2 Lake, Number 3 Lake, Number Fourteen lake, Number Thirteen Lake, Number Twelve Lake, Number Twenty Lake, Reservoir Number 13, Reservoir Number Two, Springer Lake, Stubblefield Reservoir, Throttle Reservoir, Twin Lakes, Underwood Lakes, Webster Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Aztec Ridge, French Henry Ridge, Horse Ridge, La Grulla Ridge, Little Horse Mesa, Red Hills, Salt House Ridge, The Little Wall, The Rock Wall, The Wall, Three Sisters, Tooth of Time Ridge, Willys Tip, Wire Hill

  Schools     show all on map

Cimarron Elementary School, Cimarron High School, Cimarron Junior High School, Columbian School, Eagle Nest Elementary, Forrester Elementary School, Hacienda de los Muchachos, Kearney School, Kearny Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Longfellow School, Maxwell Elementary School, Maxwell High School, New Mexico Industrial School, Raton Catholic School, Raton High School, Raton Middle School, Red River School, Saint Patricks School, Springer High School, State Boys School Area 1, State Boys School Area 2, Wilferth Middle School

  Springs     show all on map

Alamo Spring, Alamo Spring, Allen Spring, Backache Spring, Barela Springs, Bubbling Springs, Chico Springs, Cottonwood Spring, Dale Springs, Dipping Vat Spring, Griego Spring, Gutierrez Spring, Heck Springs, Horseshoe Spring, Jimmy Spring, Kiowa Springs, Lucero Spring, Middle Water Springs, Notch-in-the-Rock Spring, Ojo de Llano, Ojo de Maiz, Rock Spring, Ross Spring, Rufelio Spring, Salazar Spring, Shoemaker Spring, Toothache Spring, Willow Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Agua Fria Creek, Alamo Creek, Alkali Arroyo, Alona Creek, American Creek, Apache Creek, Archuleta Arroyo, Archuleta Creek, Bear Canyon, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Bernal Creek, Big Bobcat Creek, Black Mesa Arroyo, Blosser Arroyo, Bonita Creek, Bonito Creek, Buck Creek, Can Creek, Cann Creek, Cassel Rock, Cerrososo Creek, Chacon Arroyo, Cherry Creek, Chico Creek, Chicorica Creek, Chicoso Creek, Cieneguilla Creek, Cimarron River, Cimarroncito Creek, Clarks Fork Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Canyon, Coleman Creek, Comanche Creek, Comanche Creek, Crooked Creek, Crow Creek, Curtis Creek, Dry Arroyo, Eagle Tail Creek, East Fork Chicorica Creek, Elk Creek, Encinosa Creek, Falls Creek, Five Dollar Creek, Frolic Creek, Gold Creek, Graney Creek, Granny Creek, Green Mountain Arroyo, Greenwood Creek, Hematite Creek, Hewitt Creek, Hollenback Creek, Hunter Creek, Jaritas Arroyo, Jarosa Creek, Jeff Creek, Joe Cabin Arroyo, Kappis Arroyo, La Maquina Creek, Ladd Arroyo, LaMaquina Creek, Lawrence Arroyo, Leandro Creek, Little Bobcat Creek, Little Coyote Creek, Little Vermejo Creek, Little Water Creek, Loco Arroyo, Maverick Creek, McCrystal Creek, Mexican Creek, Middle Fork Cimarroncito Creek, Middle Poņil Creek, Mike Creek, Mill Creek, Moras Creek, Moreno Creek, Muddy Creek, Negro Creek, Ninemile Creek, North Fork Buck Creek, North Fork Cimarroncito Creek, North Fork Little Coyote Creek, North Fork Urraca Creek, North Fork Vermejo River, North Moreno Creek, North Ponil Creek, Ocate Creek, Ocate Creek, Ojo de Maiz Creek, Ortega Creek, Parker Arroyo, Patton Creek, Pine Gulch, Ponil Creek, Porcupine Creek, Probar Creek, Raton Creek, Rayado Creek, Ricardo Creek, Rincon Rayado, Rio del Plano, Rito Azul, Rito Presa, Rock Creek, Rocky Arroyo, Rondeau Creek, Salado Creek, Saladon Creek, Saltpeter Creek, San Isidro Creek, Saua Creek, Schuree Creek, Segal Creek, Segerstrom Creek, Sheep Spring Creek, Shuree Creek, Shuree Ponds, Sixmile Creek, Soda Pocket Creek, South Fork Buck Creek, South Fork Cimarroncito Creek, South Fork Little Coyote Creek, South Fork Urraca Creek, South Poņil Creek, Spring Arroyo, Springer Arroyo, Stubblefield Arroyo, Sweetwater Creek, Tinaja Creek, Tolby Creek, Trinchera Creek, Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek, Turner Creek, Una de Gato Creek, Urraca Creek, Ute Creek, Van Bremmer Creek, Vermejo River, West Agua Fria Creek, West Fork Tinaja Creek, West Hills Arroyo, Whiskey Creek, Wild Horse Arroyo, Wild Horse Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Agua Fria Peak, Antelope Mesa, Apache Peak, Ash Mountain, Aspen Hill, Baldy Mountain, Barela Mesa, Bartlett Mesa, Bear Mountain, Black Hill, Black Hill, Black Mesa, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Blosser Mesa, Bonito Peak, Buckhorn Mesa, Buffalo Head, Bunkhouse Bare Point, Burn Peak, Capitan Hill, Cedar Canyon Mesa, Cedar Hills, Cerriot Negro, Cerrito Gato, Cerro Ermitano, Chase Mountain, Chateau Hill, Cieneguilla Mountain, Cimarroncito Peak, Cinder Butte, Clifton Hills, Comanche Peak, Coyote Mesa, Crater Peak, Cunningham Butte, Dale Mountain, Deer Lake Mesa, Dry Mesa, Dwyer Mesa, Eagle Tail Mesa, Eagle Tail Mountain, Elizabeth Peak, Flatiron Mesa, Fowler Mesa, Fudge Hill, Garcia Peak, Goat Hill, Gonzales Mesa, Gonzalitos Mesa, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Griego Mesa, Gringo Peak, Haycock Buttes, Hermits Peak, Hogback Butte, Hogeye Mesa, Horse Mesa, Horse Shoe Mesa, Hunter Mesa, Indian Head, Iron Mountain, Johnson Mesa, Jose Butte, Juan Torres Mesa, Kelleher Mesa, Kiowa Mesa, Kit Carson Mesa, Laguna Salada Mesa, Las Mesetas, Laughlin Peak, Little Baldy Peak, Little Costilla Peak, Little Mesa, Loco Mesa, Lone Tree Hill, Lookout Peak, Madrid Peak, Margarito Peak, Meloche Mesa, Melon Mesa, Mesa Larga, Mesa Largo, Mount Phillips, Nipple Peak, Ortega Mesa, Palo Blanco Mountain, Pecks Mesa, Pine Buttes, Pinon Hills, Piņon Hills, Point of Rocks, Point of Rocks Mesa, Potato Mountain, Raspberry Mountain, Rayado Mesa, Rayado Peak, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red River Peak, Rincon Peak, Robinson Peak, Round Mesa, Saltpeter Mountain, Scully Mountain, Shaefers Peak, Shaefers Peak, Shoemaker Hill, Slate Hill, Sombrero Butte, Spruce Hill, Stony Point, Taos Peak, Temple Peak, The Crater, Tinaja Mesa, Tinaja Mountain, Tolby Peak, Touch-Me-Not Mountain, Towndrow Peak, Trail Peak, Tres Hermanos Peak, Troyburg Mesa, Trujillo Mesa, Turkey Mountain, Twin Buttes, Urraca Mesa, White Peak, Wilson Mesa, Wilson Mesa

  Towers     show all on map

KAFR-FM (Angel Fire), KRTN-AM (Raton), KRTN-FM (Raton)

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Adventure Trail Ski Trail, Angel Food Ski Trail, Angels Plunge Ski Trail, Arriba Ski Trail, Bodacious Ski Trail, Charisma Ski Trail, Exhibition Ski Trail, Fat City Ski Trail, Fire Escape Ski Trail, Fort Union Road, Free Flight Ski Trail, Go Round Ski Trail, Gully Cutoff Ski Trail, Hallelujah Ski Trail, Headin Home Ski Trail, Hells Bells Ski Trail, Highway Ski Trail, Hully Gully Ski Trail, I-25 Ski Trail, Jaspers Ski Trail, Joses Road Ski Trail, Kit Carson Ski Trail, La Bajada Ski Trail, Leons Lane Ski Trail, Lift Number 1 Ski Trail, Lift Number 2 Ski Trail, Lift Number 4 Ski Trail, Lift Number Eight Ski Trail, Lift Number Five Ski Trail, Lift Number Three Ski Trail, Lower Minder Binder Ski Trail, Maxwells Grant Ski Trail, Minder Binder Ski Trail, Moes Road Ski Trail, Mother Lode Ski Trail, Nice Day Ski Trail, Nose Dive Ski Trail, Prospector Ski Trail, Ridge Run Ski Trail, Santa fe Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Silver Chute Ski Trail, Sluice Box Ski Trail, Upper Domingo Ski Trail, Valley Ski Trail

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Raton Tunnel

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Abreu Canyon, Alamo Canyon, Alex Draw, Alkali Canyon, Allen Canyon, Ancho Canyon, Anderson Draw, Anniseta Gulch, Antler Canyon, Arch Redd Canyon, Ashenfelder Canyon, Bat Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Beardon Canyon, Ben Thompson Canyon, Big Canyon, Biglow Canyon, Blackjack Canyon, Blacksmith Canyon, Blind Canyon, Blind Canyon, Bog Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Box Canyon, Bracket Canyon, Brides Pocket, Broad Canyon, Bruggerman Canyon, Burchet Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Butcherknife Canyon, Caliente Canyon, Camp Canyon, Cart Canyon, Castle Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cemetery Canyon, Cerrososo Canyon, Chandler Canyon, Chase Canyon, Chiflones Canyon, Chimney Canyon, Chipmunk Canyon, Cimarron Canyon, Coal Canyon, Coal Canyon, Coleman Canyon, Commissary Canyon, Commissary Canyon, Compos Canyon, Conklin Canyon, Cook Canyon, Corduroy Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Trail Canyon, Coxe Canyon, Crazy Woman Canyon, Creighton Canyon, Crow Canyon, Curtis Canyon, Dargot Canyon, Dawson Canyon, Deadhorse Canyon, Dean Canyon, Deer Canyon, Deer Canyon, Diablo Canyon, Dillon Canyon, Doyle Canyon, Drive Out Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dutchman Canyon, East Canyon, East Fork Chimney Canyon, Encinosa Canyon, Falls Canyon, Fence Canyon, Five Dollar Canyon, Frankies Canyon, Gachupin Canyon, Gardiner Canyon, Get Away Canyon, Goldmine Canyon, Gonzales Canyon, Granite Canyon, Graveyard Canyon, Graveyard Canyon, Graveyard Canyon, Greenwood Canyon, Griffin Canyon, Grouse Canyon, Grouse Gulch, Happy Canyon, Harry Bremmer Canyon, Hart Canyon, Heck Canyon, Hells Canyon, Hells Canyon, Hidden Valley, Highland Canyon, Hobbs Canyon, Hobbs Canyon, Holly Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, House Canyon, Hubsch Draw, Humbug Gulch, Indian Canyon, Jack Miller Canyon, Jenkins Canyon, Jimmy Spring Canyon, Joe Baker Canyon, Jones Canyon, Juan Baca Canyon, Juan Brailla Canyon, Juan La Cruz Canyon, Kappas Arroyo, Laird Canyon, Lake Arroyo, Left Fork York Canyon, Letton Canyon, Linwood Canyon, Little Crow Canyon, Long Canyon, Lookout Canyon, Lowery Canyon, Mac Dougall Canyon, Martinez Canyon, McBride Canyon, McClellan Canyon, McCuen Canyon, McWilliams Canyon, Meatblock Canyon, Mercer Canyon, Mestas Canyon, Metcalf Canyon, Miller Canyon, Mine Canyon, Mountain Lion Canyon, Mud Gulch, Mule Canyon, Nash Gulch, Negro Canyon, Negro Canyon, North Curtis Canyon, Number Eight Canyon, Number Five Canyon, Number Nine Canyon, Ox Canyon, Patten Canyon, Pedro Canyon, Penitente Canyon, Penitente Canyon, Pertie Canyon, Pevov Canyon, Piggly Wiggly Canyon, Pine Gulch, Pipeline Canyon, Piper Canyon, Plaza Canyon, Plumbago Canyon, Polar Canyon, Pooler Canyon, Potato Canyon, Prairie Crow Canyon, Prairie Dog Canyon, Prudencio Canyon, Rail Canyon, Railroad Canyon, Rathbun Canyon, Rattlesnake Draw, Red River Canyon, Reed Canyon, Rex Canyon, Rice Canyon, Right Fork York Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Rockhouse Canyon, Rombo Canyon, Salazar Rincon, Saltpeter Canyon, Salyers Canyon, Savage Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Schombrug Canyon, Screw Plate Canyon, Seally Canyon, Seeley Canyon, Sheep Spring Canyon, Shingle Mill Canyon, Shotgun Canyon, Six Horse Canyon, Slagel Canyon, Slagle Canyon, Smith Canyon, Speilman Canyon, Spencer Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Spruce Canyon, Stag Canyon, Stamped Canyon, Stinking Canyon, Stout Canyon, Strong Canyon, Stubblefield Canyon, Sugarite Canyon, T B L Canyon, Taber Morey Canyon, Taylor Canyon, Tecolote Canyon, Templeton Canyon, Tin Pan Canyon, Torcido Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Tub Canyon, Turkey Canyon, Turkey Creek Canyon, TX Canyon, Ute Gulch, Valdez Canyon, Van Bremmer Canyon, Van Bruggen Canyon, Van Houten Canyon, Waldron Canyon, Warsonick Canyon, West Fork Chimney Canyon, Wet Canyon, White Horse Canyon, White Vega, Williams Canyon, Willow Canyon, Yankee Canyon, York Canyon, Young Canyon, Youngblood Canyon

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080712224 Water Well, 080729322 Water Well, 10000 Water Well, 10001 Water Well, 10002 Water Well, 10003 Water Well, 10004 Water Well, 10005 Water Well, 10006 Water Well, 10007 Water Well, Anderson Well, Bauler Well, Coulter Well, Fisher Well, Hatod Well, Jones Well, Kidder Well, McBride Well, Middle Well, Newton Well, Ottos Wells, Pacheco Well, Petty Well, Rector Well, Sears Well, Spencer Well, Tarpley Well, Ward Well, Wheatland Well, Wood Well,

Colfax County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteColfax County White population 12,48812,488  
American IndianColfax County American Indian population 305304
MixedColfax County Mixed population 265264
BlackColfax County Black population 9392
AsianColfax County Asian population 6666
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderColfax County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2626

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county