DeBaca County, New Mexico Basics:

DeBaca County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 1,933
Area: 2323 square miles
County seat:
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 78.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.0%
Median household income: $32,554
Persons in poverty: 22.3%
Home ownership rate: 78.6%
Mean travel time to work: 13.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Chaves  Guadalupe  Lincoln  Quay  Roosevelt  

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Map of the DeBaca County area

Our detail map of DeBaca County shows the DeBaca County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in DeBaca County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Double V Ranch Airport, Fort Sumner Municipal Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Conejo Basin, Devils Well, Triple Engle Pit

  Benches     show all on map

Taiban Mesa

  Bends     show all on map

Eighteenmile Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Billy the Kid Museum, De Baca County Sheriff's Office, Fort Sumner Public Library, Fort Sumner State Monument, Fort Sumner Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance, Lake Sumner Volunteer Fire Department, Old Fort Sumner Museum, Ricardo Volunteer Fire Department, Rodrick Drug Store Historic Site, Taiban Volunteer Fire Department, Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Yeso Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Fort Sumner Main Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Blanco Cemetery, Engleville Cemetery, Fort Sumner Cemetery, Guadalupe Cemetery, La Lande Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Old Fort Sumner Cemetery, Ricardo Cemetery, Taiban Cemetery, Yeso Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Lake Sumner Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Christ Full Gospel Church, Church of Christ, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, Fort Sumner Church of Christ, Kingdom Hall, Nazarene Church, Saint Anthony Catholic Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Charlotte Point, Pacheco Bluff, The Cap Rock

  Dams     show all on map

Fort Sumner Diversion Dam, Sumner Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

De Baca General Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Alkali Lake, Automobile Lake, Bonner Lake, Cooley Lake, Devils Lake, Dipping Vat Lake, Mail Carrier Lake, North Home Lake, Old Water Hole, Red Lake, Red Lake, Rock Lake, The Old Dry Lake, Urton Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Agudo (historical), Alamo Ranch, Ashbacker Windmill, Atwood Windmill, Bailey Ranch, Baker Ranch, Bays Windmill, Bertie Windmill, Big Tank Windmill, Big Windmill, Black Lake Windmill, Blair Windmill, Brannon Windmill, Brassell Ranch, Buck Tank, Buck Windmill, Buckeye Ranch, Butts Windmill, C C Camp Windmill, Canton Weather Station, Canyon Windmill, Cardenas, Carroll Windmill, Carter Ranch, Clure Windmill, Colter Ranch, Cook Ranch, Cooper, Cooper Ranch, Corner Windmill, Cullen Windmill, Deep Windmill, DeReno Windmill, Doyle Ranch, Drum and Bley Ranch, Duke Windmill, East Camp, East Hale Windmill, East Pasture Windmill, East Sand Springs Windmill, East Windmill, East Windmill, Evanola Windmill, Field Ranch, Fletcher Windmill, Fort Sumner Lake Weather Station, Fort Sumner Weather Station, Frank Windmill, Fry Windmill, Game Reserve Windmill, Gammill Ranch, Gibbons Ranch, Gibbons Ranch, Gillum Windmill, Goldberg Windmill, Good Ranch, Grimes Windmill, Hackberry Windmill, Hale Windmill, Hall Ranch, Head Ranch, High Lonesome Windmill, High Lonesome Windmill, Highway Windmill, Hisel Ranch, Horney Ranch, Horse Pasture Windmill, Howell Windmill, Hudson Windmill, Hutchinson Windmill, Jasper Ranch, Johnson Well, Jointer Windmill, Jones Camp, Jones Ranch, Jones Windmill, Jose Marie Windmill, Key Ranch, Key Ranch, Killo Windmill, King Windmill, Knighten Ranch, Koll Ranch, Koontz Ranch, Koutz Windmill, Law Windmill, Lee Haney Windmill, Lewis Windmill, Lightfoot Windmill, Line Windmill, Little Red Windmill, Long Ranch, Lower End Windmill, M and M Ranch, Marlin Windmill, Martin Ranch, Martinez Windmill, McCabe Ranch, McClure Windmill, McCollum Ranch, McDowell Ranch, McMeans Ranch, McRee Ranch, Middle Spy Windmill, Miles Windmill, Morgan Ranch, My Windmill, New Eclipse Windmill, New Windmill, New Windmill, Noblitt Windmill, North Bonner Well, North Camp Windmill, North Markel Windmill, North Pitts Windmill, North Salado Windmill, North Spy Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmills, Northeast Windmill, Northeast Windmill, Northwest Windmill, Nut Windmill, Old Place Windmill, Old South Windmill, Orchard Windmill, Overton Ranch, Overton Ranch, Payne Windmill, Pennington Well, Perez Ranch, Powell Ranch, Pursley Windmill, R Perez Ranch, Rabbit Windmill, Railroad Windmill, Rattlesnake Windmill, Red Sand Windmill, Reed Windmill, Reynolds Ranch, Rocky Windmill, Sand Windmill, Sand Windmill, School Section Windmill, School Section Windmill, School Section Windmill, Sea Camp, Sheppard Windmill, Shipping Trap Windmill, Shirley Ranch, Shoemake Windmill, Shorty Windmill, Simmons Windmill, Six Windmills, Small Windmill, Smith Ranch, Smith Windmill, Soda Windmill, SoRelle Windmill, South Markel Windmill, South Pitts Windmill, South SoRelle Windmill, South Windmill, South Windmill, Southeast Windmill, Spring Windmill, Star Windmill, Star Windmill, Stark Windmill, Steele Ranch, Steele Ranch, Stevens Ranch, Sulphur Windmill, Taft (historical), Taiban Weather Station, Thompson Windmill, Tom Haney Windmill, Triangle Cattle Company, Triangle Ranch, Trigg Ranch, Trigg Ranch River Camp, Trojillo Ranch, Twin Windmills, Upper Wagon Windmill, Van Eaton Ranch, Vaughn Ranch, Walton Ranch, Weaver Ranch, West Camp, West Gillum Windmill, West River Windmill, West Sand Springs Windmill, West Windmill, West Windmill, West Windmill, West Windmills, Weston Ranch, Wharton Windmill, White Windmill, Windy Ridge Windmill, Winter Horse Pasture Windmill, Wright Ranch, Wright Ranch, Yeso Camp Windmill, Yeso Weather Station, York Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Fort Sumner Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Borrow Pit, Cortez Pit, Fort Sumner Pit

  Parks     show all on map

Alamito Picnic Area, Early Spanish Route Historical Marker, Fort Sumner Historical Marker, Fort Sumner State Monument, Fort Sumner State Monument Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Agudo, Aņal (historical), Banks (historical), Buchanan (historical), Byried (historical), Canton (historical), Carr (historical), Cedar Springs (historical), Charlotte (historical), Dereno (historical), Dunlap, Evanola, Fort Sumner, Glen (historical), Guadalupe, Ingleville (historical), La Lande, Lake Sumner, Largo, Locust Grove (historical), Ricardo (historical), Salado, Schroeder (historical), Taiban, Yeso

  Post Offices     show all on map

Agudo Post Office (historical), Anal Post Office (historical), Banks Post Office (historical), Buchanan Post Office (historical), Byried Post Office (historical), Canton Post Office (historical), Carr Post Office (historical), Dunlap Post Office (historical), Fort Sumner Post Office, Glen Post Office (historical), Guadalupe Post Office, Ingleville Post Office (historical), La Lande Post Office (historical), Ricardo Post Office (historical), Ritchey Post Office (historical), Saldo Post Office (historical), Schroeder Post Office (historical), Taft Post Office (historical), Taiban Post Office, White Flat Post Office (historical), Yeso Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Antelope Tank, Automobile Water Tank, Baker Tank, Big Ragland Tank, Blowout Tank, Bone Tank, Boven Spring Chimney Tank, Box Tank, Breaks Tank, Buffalo Tank, Burro Draw Tank, Burro Junior Tank, Burro Tank, Burro Tank, Charlies Tank, Cocklebur Tank, Cole Tank, Corona Tank, Corral Tank, Coyote Tank, Day Tanks, Dry Lake Tank, Dry Tank, Dunlap Camp Tank, Easley Tank, East Pasture Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Fish Pond, Ford Tank, Galloway Tank, Graces Tank, Grasshopper Tank, Hackberry Tank, Heifer Tank, Hendrick Tank, Highway Tank, Hopper Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Hub Corn Tank, Jack Tank, Joe Tank, Lake Sumner, Lewis Tank, Little Day Tank, Little Ragland Tank, Little Tank, Little Tank, Loco Tank, Lower Turner Tank, Meadow Pasture Tanks, Mora Tank, New Tank, North Ragland Tank, North Sandhills Tank, North Tank, North Tank, O'Brian Tank, Panama Martin Tank, Peak Tank, Pisnel Tank, Posie Tank, Red Fry Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Robertson Fence Tank, Robertson Tank, Rock Canyon Tank, Rock Lake Tank, Rock Tank, Ryan Tank, School Section Tank, Scottie Tank, Shirley Tank, Short Tank, South Sandhills Tank, Turner Tank, Twin Tanks, West Peak Tank, White Rock Tank, Wylie Tank

  Schools     show all on map

Canton School, Fort Sumner Elementary School, Fort Sumner High School, Fort Sumner Middle School, Liberty School, Ritchey (historical), White Flat (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Arenosa Spring, Black Spring, Blanco Spring Number 2, Buck Spring, Burro Spring, Carretas Springs, Cibolo Spring, Conejo Spring, Dripping Spring, James Spring, Lovelady Spring, Lovelady Springs, Mora Springs, Mum Spring, Peach Canyon Spring, Salt Spring, Sand Spring, Shaw Spring, Shaw Spring, Stinking Spring, Sunnyside Springs, Taiban Spring, Watts Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alamogordo Creek, Alamosa Creek, Arroyo Arana, Arroyo de Anil, Arroyo Mora, Cedar Creek, Cibolo Creek, Conejo Creek, Guadalupe Arroyo, Little Conejo Creek, Painter Jim Creek, Red Tank Creek, Red Tank Creek, Salado Creek, Sand Creek, Taiban Creek, Tigre Arroyo, Truchas Creek, Yeso Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Baldy Mountain, Bronco Hill, Burro Hill, Candy Mesa, Conejo Mesa, Dipping Vat Hill, Eighteenmile Hill, El Morro Mesa, La Espia Peak, Loma Alta, Lomas Gatos, Mesita del Anil, Mesita Negra, Sand Hill, Table Mountain, Taiban Peak, Twin Mesa, Watts Hill, White Mesa, Yeso Hills, Yeso Mesa

  Trails     show all on map

Old Military Road

  Valleys     show all on map

Alamo Draw, Blanco Canyon, Burro Draw, Caņon Blanco, Colorado Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Crane Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dead Mexican Draw, Double Windmills Draw, Eighteenmile Draw, Fort Sumner Valley, Gerhardt Valley, Gillespie Draw, Gramma Valley, Guana Draw, Hart Draw, Indian Draw, Jackson Draw, Loco Draw, Long Canyon, Lovelady Draw, North Home Draw, Peach Canyon, Pump Canyon, Ragland Draw, Rock Canyon, Rock Canyon, Sand Canyon, Turner Draw, Ward Canyon, White Draw, Whites Draw, Wildcat Canyon, Windmill Draw, Wylie Draw

  Wells     show all on map

08044 Water Well, 08045 Water Well, 10000 Water Well, 10001 Water Well, 10004 Water Well, 10005 Water Well, 10006 Water Well, 10007 Water Well, 10008 Water Well, 10009 Water Well, 10010 Water Well, 10011 Water Well, 10013 Water Well, 10014 Water Well, 10015 Water Well, 10016 Water Well, 10017 Water Well, 10018 Water Well, 10019 Water Well, 10020 Water Well, 10021 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10023 Water Well, 10024 Water Well, 10025 Water Well, 10026 Water Well, 10027 Water Well, 10028 Water Well, 10029 Water Well, 10030 Water Well, 10070 Water Well, 10071 Water Well, 10072 Water Well, 10073 Water Well, 10074 Water Well, 10075 Water Well, 10076 Water Well, 10077 Water Well, 10078 Water Well, 10079 Water Well, 10080 Water Well, 10081 Water Well, 10082 Water Well, 10083 Water Well, 10084 Water Well, 10085 Water Well, 10086 Water Well, 10087 Water Well, 10088 Water Well, 10089 Water Well, 10090 Water Well, 10091 Water Well, 10092 Water Well, 10093 Water Well, 10094 Water Well, 10095 Water Well, 10096 Water Well, 10097 Water Well, 10099 Water Well, 10100 Water Well, 10101 Water Well, 10102 Water Well, 10103 Water Well, 10104 Water Well, 10105 Water Well, 10107 Water Well, 10108 Water Well, 10110 Water Well, 10111 Water Well, 10112 Water Well, 10114 Water Well, 10115 Water Well, 10116 Water Well, 10159 Water Well, 10160 Water Well, 10161 Water Well, 10162 Water Well, 10166 Water Well, 10176 Water Well, 10177 Water Well, 10178 Water Well, 10208 Water Well, 10209 Water Well, 10270 Water Well, 10271 Water Well, 10312 Water Well, 10314 Water Well, 10318 Water Well, 10319 Water Well, 10339 Water Well, 10340 Water Well, 10341 Water Well, 10342 Water Well, 10343 Water Well, 10344 Water Well, 10377 Water Well, 10382 Water Well, 10461 Water Well, 10462 Water Well, 10463 Water Well, 10464 Water Well, 10465 Water Well, 10466 Water Well, 10467 Water Well, 10471 Water Well, 10472 Water Well, 10522 Water Well, 10543 Water Well, 10544 Water Well, 10545 Water Well, 10546 Water Well, 10551 Water Well, 10553 Water Well, 10555 Water Well, 10556 Water Well, 10557 Water Well, 10558 Water Well, 10559 WAter Well, 10560 Water Well, 10561 Water Well, 10562 Water Well, 10564 Water Well, 10565 Water Well, 10566 Water Well, 10567 Water Well, 10568 Water Well, 10569 Water Well, 10570 Water Well, 10571 Water Well, 10572 Water Well, 10573 Water Well, 10574 Water Well, 10575 Water Well, 10576 Water Well, 10581 WAter Well, 10582 Water Well, 10585 Water Well, 10595 Water Well, 10596 Water Well, 10597 Water Well, 10598 Water Well, 10599 Water Well, 10600 Water Well, 10601 Water Well, 10602 Water Well, 10604 WAter Well, 10605 Water Well, 10606 Water Well, 10607 Water Well, 10608 Water Well, 10609 Water Well, 10610 Water Well, 10611 Water Well, 10613 Water Well, 10614 Water Well, 10615 Water Well, 10616 Water Well, 10617 Water Well, 10618 Water Well, 10619 Water Well, 10620 Water Well, 10621 Water Well, 10622 Water Well, 10623 Water Well, 10624 Water Well, 10625 Water Well, 10626 Water Well, 10653 Water Well, 10711 Water Well, 10712 Water Well, 10713 Water Well, 10714 Water Well, 10715 Water Well, 10716 Water Well, 10718 Water Well, 10719 Water Well, 10720 Water Well, 10721 Water Well, 10722 Water Well, 107224 Water Well, 10725 Water Well, 10730 Water Well, 10731 Water Well, 10732 Water Well, 10733 Water Well, 10760 Water Well, 10761 Water Well, 10765 Water Well, 10766 Water Well, 10767 Water Well, 10768 Water Well, 10769 Water Well, 10776 Water Well, 10777 Water Well, 10779 Water Well, 10782 Water Well, 10785 Water Well, 10833 Water Well, 10848 Water Well, 10849 Water Well, 10851 Water Well, 10874 Water Well, 10875 Water Well, 10878 Water Well, 10879 Water Well, 10881 Water Well, 10888 Water Well, 10889 Water Well, 10890 Water Well, 10891 Water Well, 10893 Water Well, 10894 Water Well, 10895 Water Well, 10896 Water Well, 10897 Water Well, 10898 Water Well, 10899 Water Well, 10900 Water Well, 10901 Water Well, 10902 Water Well, 10903 Water Well, 10905 Water Well, 11482 Water Well, 11488 Water Well, 20000 Water Well, Anderson Well, Baker Well, Benathy Well, Berts Well, Boney Well, Bonner Well, Buck Well, Canyon Well, Canyon Well, Cardenas Well, Ceja Well, Clark Well, Cottonwood Well, Douthet Well, East Douthet Well, East Headquarters Well, East Pasture North Well, East Pasture South Well, East Well, East Well, Electric Wells, Gammil Well, Hanibus Well, Hilltop Well, Horse Pasture Well, Hutten Well, Jensen Well, Lena Lewis Well, Lone Tree Well, Mexican Lake Wells, Miller Wells, Morris Well, North King Well, Polley Well, Sand Hill Well, Sanders Well, South Sand Hill Well, Sweet Well, Twin Wells, West Headquarters Well, West Well,

DeBaca County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDeBaca County White population 1,8341,834  
MixedDeBaca County Mixed population 6463
American IndianDeBaca County American Indian population 2525
BlackDeBaca County Black population 65
AsianDeBaca County Asian population 43
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDeBaca County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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