Dona Ana County, New Mexico Basics:

Dona Ana County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 213,952
Area: 3808 square miles
County seat: Las Cruces
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 76.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 26.0%
Median household income: $38,462
Persons in poverty: 25.8%
Home ownership rate: 65.9%
Mean travel time to work: 19.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
El Paso (TX)  Luna  Otero  Sierra  

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Map of the Dona Ana County area

Our detail map of Dona Ana County shows the Dona Ana County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Dona Ana County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Burris 'E' Ranch Airport, Burris E Station Airport, Cielo Dorado Estates Airport, Condron Army Airfield, Dona Ana County Airport at Santa Teresa, Hatch Municipal Airport, Las Cruces City Heliport, Las Cruces International Airport, Memorial General Hospital Helistop, Shoestring Ranch Airport, Waids Airpark

  Areas     show all on map

The Malpais, White Sands Missle Range Post Area

  Arroyos     show all on map

Candler Draw, Gilmore Draw, Kimble Draw, Tonuco Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Aden Crater, Hunts Hole, Kilbourne Hole, Phillips Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Berino Bridge, Picacho Bridge, Pipeline Bridge, Rio Grande Bridge, Rio Grande Bridge Historic Site, Shalem Bridge, Tonuco Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Albino Guerra House Historic Site, Anthony Volunteer Fire Department, Baldwin Hall, Ben Archer Health Center Library, Branigan Cultural Center, Chamberino Volunteer Fire Department, Chaparral Volunteer Fire Department, Chemistry Building, Collins Casa del Sol, Dona Ana Branch Community College Library Media Center, Doņa Ana County Courthouse (historical), Doņa Ana County Courts Building Historic Site, Doņa Ana County Occupational Education Center, Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office, Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office Hatch, Fairacres - Picacho Volunteer Fire Department, Foster Hall Historic Site, Garcia Annex, Gardiner Hall, Garfield Salem Volunteer Fire Department, Garrett Hall, Goddard Hall, Guthrie Hall, Hadley Hall, Hadley-Ludwick House Historic Site, Hamiel Hall, Hardman Hall, Hatch Ambulance, Hatch Police Department, Hatch Public Library, Hatch Volunteer Fire Department, Health Center, Jacobs Hall, Jett Hall, Johnson Space Center White Sands Test Facility Fire Department, Kent Hall, La Mesa Volunteer Fire Department, La Union Fire Department, Las Alturas Fire Department, Las Alturas Volunteer Fire Department Talavera Substation, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 2, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 3, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 4, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 5, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 6, Las Cruces Fire Department Station 7, Las Cruces Police Department, Memorial General Hospital Library, Mesilla Police Department, Mesquite Volunteer Fire Department, Milton Hall, Neale Hall, New Mexico State Police District 4 Las Cruces, New Mexico State University Art Gallery, New Mexico State University Fire and Emergency Services, O'Donnell Hall, O'Laughlin House Historic Site, Organ Volunteer Fire Department, Organ Volunteer Fire Department - East Mesa Volunteer Fire Department, Pan American Center, Passive Solar Energy Demonstration House, Pelham House, Picacho Lodge, Radium Springs Fire Department, Regents Row Residence Center, Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico, Rentfrow Gymnasium, Rhodes Hall, Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel Dormitory Historic Site, Rincon Volunteer Fire Department, Santa Teresa Volunteer Fire Department, South Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility, Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility Library, Southwest Area Learning Resource Center, Stadium Barracks, Stucky Hall-Water Resources Institute, Sunland Park Fire Department Station 1, Sunland Park Fire Department Station 2, Sunland Park Police Department, The Gadsen Museum, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Thomas-Brown Hall, Town of Mesilla Fire Department, University Museum, Walden Hall, White Sands Missile Range Fire Department, William Hall, Womens Residence Center, Young Hall, Zohn Theatre

  Canals     show all on map

Alamo Drain, American Bend Lateral, Angostura Drain, Angostura Lateral, Anthony Drain, Anthony Lateral, Apache Lateral, Armijo Lateral, Baker Lateral, Bannock Lateral, Boggy Spur Drain, Brazito Lateral, Brazito River Lateral, Brown Lateral, Bullock Lateral, California Lateral, Central Drain, Central Lateral, Chamberino Drain, Chamberino East Lateral, Chamberino Main Lateral, Clark Lateral, Colorado Drain, Crapps Lateral, Crawford Lateral, Deck Lateral, Del Rio Drain, Del Rio Lateral, Doņa Ana Drain, Doņa Ana Lateral, East Drain, East Side Canal, Elwood Lateral, Gardner Lateral, Garfield Canal, Garfield Drain, Garfield Lateral, Gillem Lateral, Hatch Canal, Hatch Drain, Hatch Siphon, Hill Lateral, Houghton Lateral, Jiminez Lateral, Kelso Lateral, Kilgore Lateral, La Mesa Drain, La Union East Lateral, La Union Main Canal, La Union West Lateral, Laguna Lateral, Lake Drain, Lake Lateral, Las Cruces Lateral, Lateral M, Leasburg Canal, Leasburg Drain, Little La Union Lateral, Longwell Lateral, Louisiana Lateral, Lower Chamberino Lateral, Mesilla Drain, Mesilla Lateral, Mesquite Drain, Middle Lateral, Nemexas Drain, Palmer Lateral, Park Drain, Picacho Canal, Picacho Drain, Picacho Lateral, Quesenburg Lateral, Rigney Drain, Rincon Canal, Rincon Drain, Rincon Lateral, Rincon Siphon, Rodey Lateral, Salem Lateral, San Miguel Lateral, Santo Tomas Drain, Santo Tomas Lateral, Santo Tomas River Drain, Santo Tomas River Lateral, Selden Drain, Shalem Drain, Talbot Lateral, Taylor Lateral, Three Saints Lateral, Three Saints West Lateral, Tonuco Drain, Vinton Drain, Vinton Lateral, West Drain, West Side Canal, Wood Lateral

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Hatch Cemetery, Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Odd Fellow Cemetery, Old Berino Cemetery, Organ Cemetery, Rincon Cemetery, Rodey Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemeteries, Saint Josephs Cemetery, San Albino Cemetery, San Luis Cemetery, Tortugas Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Anthony Census Designated Place, Berino Census Designated Place, Chamberino Census Designated Place, Chaparral Census Designated Place, Doņa Ana Census Designated Place, Fairacres Census Designated Place, Garfield Census Designated Place, La Mesa Census Designated Place, La Union Census Designated Place, Mesquite Census Designated Place, Organ Census Designated Place, Picacho Census Designated Place, Placitas Census Designated Place, Radium Springs Census Designated Place, Rincon Census Designated Place, Rodey Census Designated Place, Salem Census Designated Place, San Miguel Census Designated Place, San Pablo Census Designated Place, San Ysidro Census Designated Place, Santa Teresa Census Designated Place, University Park Census Designated Place, Vado Census Designated Place, White Sands Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Tabernacle, Ba'hai Faith Church, Bethal Bible Fellowship Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Chapel of Las Cruces, Calvary Christian Center, Christ Light Ministry, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ-University, Church of God, Church of God Prophecy, Church of Religious Science, Church of the Crosses, Church Triumphant, El Buen Pastor Church, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Emmanuel Spanish Baptist Church, Fairacres Baptist Church, Fairview Church of God, Faith Christian Fellowship Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of the Nazarene, First Evangelical Free Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Fountain of Life Apostolic Church, Gospel Line Church, Greater Saint John Church of God in Christ, Hill Baptist Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witness, Kingdom Hall-English, Kingdom Hall-Spanish, La Capilla de Don Silverio, La Mesa Baptist Church, La Mesa United Methodist Church, La Purisema Church, Las Cruces Bible Church, Las Cruces Christian Church, Las Cruces Friends Meeting Church, Mesilla Park Baptist Church, Mesilla Valley Spanish Baptist Church, Mesquite Baptist Church, Mission Lutheran Church, Mission-Misionero, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Mountain View Christian Church, New Hope Church, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of Purification Catholic Church Historic Site, Peace Lutheran Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Playas Valley Assembly of God Church, Presbyterian Campus Ministry Church, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Primitive Baptist Church, Rainbow Christian Church, Resurrection Power Church, Saint Andrews Epsicopal Church, Saint Francis de Sales Church Historic Site, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Michael Church, Salem Baptist Church, San Albino Parish, San Isidro Parish, San Jose Catholic Church Historic Site, San Luis Church, Santa Niņa Church, Seconed Baptist Church, Spanish Assembly of God Church, Temple Baptist Church, Templo La Hermosa, The Church of Latter Day Saints, The Peoples Church, The Potters House, Trinity Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, United Pentecostal Church, United Pentecostal New Life Church, University Presbyterian Church, Upper Valley Baptist Church, Valley Grove Baptist Church, Valley Grove Church, Valley View Baptist Church, Wesley Foundation Church, Westside Baptist Church

  Crossings     show all on map

131 Airport Interchange, 135-US 70 Jack Rabbit Interchange, 32-Upham Interchange, 35-Rincon Interchange, Hatch Interchange, Jackrabbit Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Alameda Dam, American Diversion Dam, Anthony Arroyo Watershed Site One Dam, Apache Brazito Mesquite Site Four Dam, Apache Brazito Mesquite Site One Dam, Apache Brazito Mesquite Site Three Dam, Apache Brazito Mesquite Site Two Dam, Apache Dam, Apodaca Arroyo Dam, Box Canyon Dam, Caballo Arroyos Site Number Five Dam, Caballo Arroyos Site Number Four Dam, Caballo Arroyos Site Number Three Dam, Caballo Arroyos Site Number Two Dam, Crow Broad Placitas Site 2a Dam, Crow Broad Placitas Site One Dam, Dona Ana Site Dam, Fillmore Site Number One Dam, Fillmore Site Number Three Dam, Fillmore Site Number Two Dam, Hammett Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site Five Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site Four Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site One Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site Six Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site Three Dam, Hatch Valley Arroyos Site Two Dam, Kight Flood Control Retarding Dam, Las Cruces Dam, Las Uvas Number Five Dam, Las Uvas Number Four Dam, Las Uvas Number One Dam, Las Uvas Number Six Dam, Leasburg Dam, Leasburg Diversion Dam, Little Dam, Lucero Detention Dike, McLead Flood Control Project Dam, Mesilla Diversion Dam, North Dona Ana Site Dam, North Fork Dam, North Salem Dam, Picacho North Dam, Picacho South Dam, Porter Whisenhunt Arroyo Retard Dam, Reed Thurman Dam, Rodey Dam, Sand Hill Arroyo Dam, South Fork Dam, South Salem Dam, Spring Canyon Dam, Spring Canyon Flood Detention Dam, Tortugas Site Number One Dam, Tortugas Watershed Site Number Two Dam, Velarde Dams, Wardy Hedgecock Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flat, Antelope Flat, Apache Flats, Big Meadow, Ragged Tank Flat, White Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Anthony Gap, Baylor Pass, Big White Gap, Hembrillo Pass, Little Gap, Little White Gap, Magdalena Gap, Massacre Gap, Middle Gap, Rough and Ready Gap, San Augustin Pass, The Narrows, Webb Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico, Alliance Hospital of Santa Teresa, Memorial Medical Center, Mesilla Valley Hospital, Mountain View Regional Medical Center, Peak Behavioral Health Services - The Peak Psychiatric Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Dalry Lake, Flat Lake, Isaack Lake, Kerr Tank, La Mesa Lake, Lake Lucero, Mauries Lake, Muzzle Lake, Old Coe Lake, Quirke Lake, Red Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Aden, Aden Station Well, Adobe Ranch, Afton Pumping Station, Afton Weather Station, Alamo Windmills, Anderegg Ranch Headquarters, Baird Ranch, Bairds Ranch (historical), Beal Ranch, Beasley Homestead (historical), Beasley Ranch, Berino Siding, Big Sky Dairy, Biggs Ranch, Birchfield Ranch, Boone Well, Boyer Ranch (historical), Braid Foot Ranch, Brass Ranch, Brunswick (historical), Bruton Camp, Carralitos Ranch, Cleofas Well, Clyde W Tombaugh Observatory, Cordova Well, Corralitos Side Camp, Cox Home Ranch, Cox Ranch, Crater (historical), Desertland Dairy, Detroit (historical), Dominguez Dairy, Doņa, Dona Ana Range Camp, Drift Fence Well, Dripping Spring Ranch, E J Isaacks Ranch, Escondido Ranch, Estero Largo (historical), Estero Redondo (historical), Fillmore (historical), Fitzgerald Ranch, Flat Lake Ranch, Flat Lake Ranch, Fleck Ranch, Fort Filmore Historic Site, Foster Well, Globe Spring Ranch, Gravelly Ridges Artificial Revegetation Plot, Hal Ranch, Hall and Primm Ranch, Hatch Weather Station, Hayner Resort, Haynor Ranch, Henderson Ranch, Hermantano Springs Ranch, Herrington's Home Ranch, Herrington's Lower Ranch, Hille Ranch, Horse Canyon Ranch, House Pasture Windmill, International Boundary Marker Number One, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Stockade, Johnson Windmill, Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters, Jornado Weather Station, Junes Mill, La Salienta (historical), La Salineta (historical), Las Uvas Ranch, Lazy E Ranch, Love Ranch Headquarters, Lower Loman Well, Lucero Ranch, Medler, Medler (historical), Mesilla Historic District, Mesilla Plaza, Mesilla Valley Mall, Mesquite Street Original Townsite Historic District, Middle Ranch Windmill, Middle Windmill, Monument (historical), Mossman Ranch (historical), Mount Riley, Mountain View Dairy, NASA Luna Surveillance Station, New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch, New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch, New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch, North Lucero Ranch (historical), Norwood Ranch, Norwood Ranch (historical), Nunn Ranch, O D Ranch, Old LeFebre Ranch, Parker Station, Parker Well, Pelea (historical), Perry Ranch, Phillips Ranch, Point of Rocks Windmill, Red Windmill, River Valley Dairy, Robledo (historical), Robledo el Chico (historical), Rogers (historical), Rose Well, Rough and Ready (historical), Saint Nicolas Ranch, Sertoma International Raceway, Sierra Alta Ranch, Sk White Ranch, Smugglers Hidaway, South Lucero Ranch (historical), State University Ranch Headquarters, State University Weather Station, Strauss Ranch Headquarters, Sunland Park Racetrack, Sunset Dairy, Sweetwater Windmill, Telles (historical), The Malpais, Upper Loman Well, Van Pattens (historical), Wagner Well, Weldon Burris Homestead, White Sands District and Rhodes Canyon, Will F Rogers Ranch (historical), Woods Ranch (historical), X-Seven Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Fort Selden (historical), Fort Thorne (historical), Las Cruces Air Force Station (historical), White Sands Missile Range

  Mines     show all on map

A Mountain-Inman Pit, Albatross, Andrecito, Ash Canyon, Ben Nevis, Berino Well, Beulah May Group, Big Three Mine, Bighorn Prospect, Bishops Cap Mine, Black Hawk Prospect, Black Prince Mine, Black Quart Lode, Blackie Mine, Blackie Mine, Blue Star, Blue Star Prospect, Bonney Spring Mine, Brick Shale, Buck Deer Prospect, Burn Pit, Captain Smith Lode, Chippewa Lode, Cobre Grande, Cook Placer Claims, Copiapo Mine, Copper Bar Prospect, Copper Buckle, Copper Bullion and Cobre Grand Mine, Cowpuncher, Cox Pit Number Two, Crested Butte Prospect, Davy King Mine, Devils Canyon Mine, Devils Canyon Mine, Dona Dora, Dummy B Prospect, Empire Zinc Mine, Eureka Prospect, Excelsior, Federal 'H' Number One Mine, Fillmore Canyon Prospect, Garcia Mine, Geothermal Well, Gilliland, Gilliland Claim, Golden Lily Prospect, Grant Prospect, Gray Eagle, Green Crawford, Green Girl Prospect, Grimm Well, H and H Mine, Herbert Mine, Hilltop Mine, Hoffer MN Prospect, Homestake, Horseshoe Deposit, Hust Mine, Iron Hill District, Iron Mask and Ophelia Claims, Jones, Kilbourne Hole, Lady Hopkins Prospect, Las Alturas Estates Wells, Last Chance, Last Chance Group, Lauer, Lauer Claims, Little Buck, Luchini Manganese Prospect, Maggie G, Manganese Number One Mine, Manganese Number Two Mine, Memphis, Merrimac Mine, Mica Prospect, Mineral Hill, Missle Pits, Modoc Mine, Morgan Mine, Mormon, Mountain Chief, Old Homestead Lode, Old Tough Nut Prospect, Orejon, Pagoda Prospect, Palm Park Mine, Pharmacist Prospect, Philadelphia, Piedra Blanca Claim, Poor Mans Friend, Quickstrike, R C and R J Lodge Prospect, Red Rock, Rickardite, Rincon Arroyo, Rincon Mine, Rincon Well, Rock of Ages Mine, Rock of Ages Procpect, Ruby, Rucker Canyon, Sally Mine, San Agustin Pass, San Andres Lead Mine, Santa Cruz Prospect, Santiago, Silver Cliff, Silver Coinage, Silver Jim, Silver King Mine, SK Standard Mine, Smith, Soledad Canyon, South Canyon Magnesite, Stevens, Stevens Mine, Stevenson-Bennett, Stonewall Jackson Group Mine, Sunol, Sunshine, Sunshine Prospect, Swanson-Lauer, Tennesee, Tennessee Mine, Texas Canyon Group, Tiberius, Tonuco Mine, Torpedo, Tortugas Mine, Trapizoid Prospect, Triangle Placer Mine, Triangle Placer Minning Claim, Vado Pit, Vado Quarry Number One, Vado Quarry Number Two, Velarde Manganese Prospect, Ward Claims, Ward Number One, Ward Number Two, Weaver Federal Number One, White Spar, Willis, Willis Groups

  Parks     show all on map

Aden Lava Flow Wilderness Study Area, Apodaca Park, Bartlett-Garcia Conde Initial Survey Point Historical Marker, Brazito Battlefield Historical Marker, Butterfield Trail Historical Marker, El Camino Real Historical Marker, Espejos Expedition on the Camino Real Historical Marker, Fort Selden State Monument, Fort Selden State Monument Historical Marker, Franklin Mountains Historical Marker, Frenger Park, Hatch Historical Marker, Jornado del Muerto Historical Marker, Jornado del Muerto on the Camino Real Historical Marker, La Mesilla Historical Marker, Las Cruces on the Camino Real Historical Marker, Las Uvas Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Leasburg Dam State Park, Memorial Stadium, Mormon Battalion Historical Marker, Onates Route on the Camnio Real Historical Marker, Organ Mountains Historical Marker, Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Pioneer Park, Preciado Park, Roblado Mountains Wilderness Study Area, San Andres National Wildlife Refuge, Site of San Agustin Springs Historical Marker, West Potrillo Mountains/Mount Riley Wilderness Study Area, Young Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Providence Cone

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aden, Afton, Anapra, Angostura, Anthony, Berino, Bosque Seco (historical), Bowen, Boyd, Brazito (historical), Brickland, Butterfield Park, Chamberino, Chaparral, Chaparral, Chappel, Doņa Ana, El Ojito, Fairacres, Fort Selden, Four Points, Frontera (historical), Garfield, Grama, Granada (historical), Hacienda Acres, Hatch, Hersey Place, Hill, Hockett, Kent (historical), Kenzin, Kimball Place, La Mesa, La Union, La Union Vieja, Lanark, Las Cruces, Leasburg, Lizard, Los Amoles (historical), Los Ojitos (historical), Malpais, Mastodon, Mesilla, Mesilla Park, Mesquite, Modoc (historical), Nombre de Dios (historical), Noria, Orange, Organ, Picacho, Placitas, Plomo (historical), Potrillo, Pronto, Radium Springs, Rincon, Rio Grande (historical), Rodey, Rutter, Salem, San Augustine (historical), San Miguel, San Nicholas (historical), San Pablo, San Ysidro, Santa Teresa, Santo Tomas, Shalam (historical), Spaceport City, Strauss, Sunland Park, Tonuco, Tortugas, University Park, Vado, Vevay, White Sands

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aden Post Office (historical), Afton Post Office, Anapra Post Office (historical), Anthony Post Office, Berino Post Office (historical), Bungalow Post Office (historical), Chamberino Post Office, Colorado Post Office (historical), Crater Post Office (historical), Detroit Post Office (historical), Doņa Ana Post Office, Earlham Post Office (historical), Fairacres Post Office, Fort Selden Post Office (historical), Fort Thorne Post Office (historical), Granada Post Office (historical), Hatch Post Office, Hill Post Office (historical), Kent Post Office (historical), La Mesa Post Office (historical), Lanark Post Office (historical), Las Cruces Post Office, Leasburg Post Office, Mesilla Park Post Office, Mesilla Post Office, Mesquite Post Office, Modoc Post Office (historical), New Mexico State University Post Office, Organ Post Office (historical), Plomo Post Office (historical), Radium Springs Post Office, Rincon Post Office (historical), Rodey Post Office (historical), Strauss Post Office (historical), Sunland Park Post Office (historical), University Park Post Office (historical), Vado Post Office (historical), West El Paso Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Aden Hills, Cedar Hills, Doņa Ana Mountains, East Potrillo Mountains, Organ Mountains, Robledo Mountains, Rough and Ready Hills, San Augustin Mountains, Selden Hills, Sierra de las Uvas, Tonuco Mountains, West Potrillo Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ace Tank, Achenback Tank, Adobe Tank, Alamo Tank, Antelope Tank, Apache Tank, Apache Tank, Augustine Tank, Augustine Tank, Barbaras Tank, Basin Tank, Beacon Tank, Beech Tank, Berino Tank, Big Meadow Tank, Big Tank, Big Tanks, Bill Shaw Tank, Bills Tank, Black Hills Tank, Blackburn Tank, Blanco Tank, Bomie Tank, Borden Tank, Border Tank, Brewster Tank, Brock Tank, Brock Tank, Brockoway Tank, Brown Tank, Burn Lake, Cahoon Tank, Caliche Tank, Campbell Tank, Candler Tank, Canfield Tank, Carter Tank, Cassady Tank, CCC Tank, Chalk Tank, Chandler Tank, Chapline Tank, Chimney Rock Tank, Chivatos Canyon Tank, Choases Tank, Coldiron Tank, Corners Tanks, Cow Tank, Cox Reservoir, Cox Tank, Cox Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Cross Tank, Davids Tank, Davies Tank, Davis Tank, Divide Tanks, Dripping Spring Tank, East Tank, Engholm Tank, Estell Tank, Eugene Tank, Flay Tank, Fleming Tank, Frog Tank, Gabe Tank, Gap Tank, Georgie Tank, Gerrys Tank, Gilmore Tank, Goodin Tank, Greasewood Tank, Green Tank, Green Tank, Green Tree Tank, Gunter Tank, Hackler Tank, Hagens Tank, Hawkins East Tank, Hawkins North Tank, Hayden Tank, Hayfield Tank, Haystack Tanks, Hersey Tank, Hiblar Tank, Hood Tank, Horner Tank, Horse Canyon Tank, Horse Tank, House Pasture Tank, Howard Tank, Hurtt Tank, Indian Tank, J A Tank, James Tank, Jays Tank, John Tank, Johnson Ranch Tank, Katell Tank, Keller Tank, Kerr Tank, Kerr Tank, Lake Tank, Lake Tank, Lanark Tank, Las Cruces Reservoir, Laswell Tank, Lawyer Tank, Little House Tank, Little Tank, Little Tank, Lone Tree Tank, Lower Tank, Lucero Tank, Lyons Tank, Manuel Tank, Marijuana Tank, Martin Tank, Martin Tank, Massey Tank, Mauries Tank, McCall Reservoir, Mesquite Tank, Mesquite Tank, Middle Gap Tanks, Middle Pasture Tank, Middle Tank, Miguel Tanks, Mountain Tank, New Tank, New Tank, New Tank, North Kight Tank, North Kimble Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tanks, Old Bennett Tank (historical), Parker Lake, Parker Tank, Parker Tank Number 1, Parker Tank Number 2, Pearson Tank, Peloncillo Tank, Peoria Tank, Petts Tank, Pierce Tank, Pit Tank, Point of Rocks Tank, Powers Tank, Price Tank, Price Tank, Puddle Tank, R R Tank, Ragged Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rawhide Tank, Red Bottom Tank, Restoration Tank, Road Tank, Ropes Tank, Sally Tank, Sand Tank, Sand Tank, Schultz Tank, Scott Tank, Shoellar Tank, Shorty Swope Tank, Silva Tank, South Kight Tank, South Kimble Tank, South Tank, Sue Anne Tank, Sump Tank, Swope Tank, Tajanio Pinto Tank, Taylor Tank, Thompson Reservoir, Tobosa Tank, Tompson Reservoir, Twin Hills Tank, Upper Swope Tank, Vail Tank, Valentine Tank, Valles Tank, Walk Tank, Ward Tank, Warner Tank, Washington Tank, West Dry Lake Tank, White Bottom Tank, White Gap Tank, Word Tank, Work Tank, Yarbrough Reservoir, Yucca Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Rattlesnake Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Ritch Rim

  Schools     show all on map

Alameda Elementary School, Alameda Junior High School, Alameda School, Anthony Elementary School, Berino Elementary School, Bosque School (historical), Bradley School, Brazito School (historical), Central School, Central School, Chamberino School, Conlee School, Court Junior High School, Dona Ana Elementary School, Doņa Ana- East Picacho, Douglas School (historical), Dunbar School, Excel the Career Program School, Gadsden High School, Gadsden Junior and Senior High School, Gadsden Junior High School, Garfield Elementary School, Hatch Valley Elementary School, Hatch Valley High School, Hatch Valley Junior High School, Hermosa Heights School, Highland Elementary School, Hillrise Elementary School, Holy Cross School, Jornada School, La Mesa Elementary School, La Union Elementary School, Las Cruces High School, Liberty School (historical), Loma Heights School, Longview School, Lynn Junior High School, Lynn Middle School, MacArthur School, Mayfield High School, Mesilla Elementary School, Mesilla Park Elementary School, Mesquite Elementary School, New Mexico State Univ Dona Ana Branch Community College, New Mexico State University, New Mexico State University, Night High School, Onate High School, Picacho Middle School, Program for Pregnant and Parenting Teens, Riverside Elementary School, Salem School, San Andres High School, San Isidro School, San Miguel Elementary School, State University Ranch Headquarters, Sunland Park Elementary School, Sunrise Elementary School, Tombaugh Elementary School, University Hills Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Valley View School, Vista Middle School, Washington School, Zia Junior High School

  Springs     show all on map

Alamo Spring, Aquirre Spring, Ash Spring, Bonney Spring, Borke Spring, Burke Spring, Burro Spring, Chinch Bug Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Coyote Spring, Crawford Spring, Dripping Springs, Dugout Spring, East Cottonwood Spring, Fillmore Spring, Fort Selden Springs, Four Troughs Spring, Gardner Spring, Garrett Spring, Globe Spring, Goldenburg Springs, Horse Spring, Hospital Spring, Las Uvas Spring, Lead Camp Spring, Little San Nicolas Spring, Lower Hembrillo Spring, Markham Spring, Mayberry Spring, Merrimac Spring, Middle Spring, Mine House Spring, Mountain Sheep Spring, Ojo del Perrillo, Pine Spring, Red Spring, Rock House Spring, Rock House Spring, Rock Spring, Ropes Spring, Salinas Spring, Salt Canyon Spring, San Adrecito Spring, San Andres Spring, San Augustin Spring, San Juan Spring, San Nicholas Spring, San Nicolas Spring, Silva Spring, Souse Springs, Stinking Spring, Texas Canyon Spring, Three Troughs Spring, Upper Hembrillo Spring, West Cottonwood Spring, White Rock Spring, Wild Mule Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alameda Arroyo, Andrecito Creek, Anthony Wash, Anthony Wash, Anvil Creek, Arroyo Angostura, Bear Creek, Bignell Arroyo, Broadhurst Arroyo, Doņa Ana Arroyo, Hersey Arroyo, Las Cruces Arroyo, Lucero Arroyo, McLeod Arroyo, Mossman Arroyo, North Fork Las Cruces Arroyo, Placitas Arroyo, Reed Arroyo, Rincon Arroyo, Sand Hill Arroyo, Sotol Creek, South Fork Las Cruces Arroyo, Tortugas Arroyo, Vado Arroyo

  Summits     show all on map

Aden Mountain, Antelope Hill, Baldy Peak, Baylor Peak, Bear Peak, Bell Top Mountain, Bennett Mountain, Big Brushy Mountain, Bishop Cap, Black Hills, Black Hills, Black Mesa, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Block Mountain, Booker Hill, Burro Hill, Cedar Hill, Cerro Quemado, Chimney Rock, Cox Peak, Deer Hill, Doņa Ana Peak, Gardner Peak, Goat Mountain, Goat Mountain, Granite Peak, Guzmans Lookout Mountain, Headquarters Hill, Little Black Mountain, Lookout Peak, Magdalena Peak, Massacre Peak, Mesa Azur, Mineral Hill, Mount Riley, North Anthonys Nose, Onate Mountain, Organ Needle, Organ Peak, Peloncillo Peak, Peņa Blanca, Picacho Mountain, Piņa Peak, Potrillo Peak, Pyramid Peak, Quartz Mountain, Quartzite Mountain, Rabbit Ears, Rattlesnake Peak, Reichey Butte, Riley Black Standpipe, Mount, Robledo Mountain, San Andres Peak, San Augustin Peak, San Diego Mountain, Santo Tomas Mountain, Sierra Alta, Sierra de Cristo Rey, Sierro Kemado, Sleeping Lady Hills, Soledad Peak, Squaw Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, Sugarloaf Peak, Summerford Mountain, Tailholt Mountain, The Needles, The Saddle Mountain, Tortugas Mountain, Twin Hills, Vado Hill, Victorio Peak

  Towers     show all on map

KASK-FM (Las Cruces), KGRT-AM (Las Cruces), KGRT-FM (Las Cruces), KMVR-FM (Mesilla Park), KOBE-AM (Las Cruces), KRUX-FM (Las Cruces), KRWG-FM (Las Cruces), KRWG-TV (Las Cruces), KVLC-FM (Las Cruces), KWQQ-FM (Hatch), KZIA-TV (Las Cruces)

  Trails     show all on map

San Andres Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Achenback Canyon, Apache Canyon, Arroyo Salado, Ash Canyon, Ash Canyon, Bar Canyon, Barbee Draw, Baylor Canyon, Bear Canyon, Beasley Canyon, Black Prince Canyon, Blair Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Box Canyon, Broad Canyon, Broad Canyon, Buckle Bar Canyon, Chivatos Canyon, Choases Canyon, Clark and Brown Canyon, Cleofas Canyon, Cottonwood Draw, Cox Canyon, Cox Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Dead Man Canyon, Devils Canyon, Dorsey Canyon, Dry Canyon, Faulkner Canyon, Fillmore Arroyo, Fillmore Canyon, Finley Canyon, Fleck Draw, Foster Canyon, Fox Canyon, Gardner Canyon, Garfield Canyon, Glendale Canyon, Goldenburg Draw, Grapevine Canyon, Hawkeye Canyon, Hembrillo Canyon, Horse Camp Draw, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Hospital Canyon, Ice Canyon, Indian Hollow, Indian Springs Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Kerr Canyon, Lead Camp Canyon, Lion Den Canyon, Little San Nicholas Canyon, Little San Nicolas Canyon, Loman Canyon, Long Canyon, Lost Man Canyon, Lytten Canyon, Maple Canyon, Mason Draw, Maverick Canyon, Mayberry Canyon, Mesilla Valley, New Well Draw, North Canyon, Oak Canyon, Rincon Valley, Road Canyon, Rock Canyon, Rock Springs Canyon, Rodey Canyon, Ropes Draw, Rucker Canyon, Salt Canyon, San Andrecito Canyon, Selden Canyon, Silva Canyon, Soledad Canyon, South Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Sulphur Canyon, Texas Canyon, Valles Canyon, Wagner Canyon, White Gap Draw

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00002 Water Well, 00010 Water Well, 00020 Water Well, 00026 Water Well, 00027 Water Well, 00032 Water Well, 00039 Water Well, 05007 Water Well, 06018 Water Well, 06020 Water Well, 10010 Water Well, 10013 Water Well, 10015 Water Well, 10017 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10028 Water Well, 10030 Water Well, 10034 Water Well, 10035 Water Well, 10038 Water Well, 10051 Water Well, 10052 Water Well, 10054 Water Well, 10058 Water Well, 10059 Water Well, 10060 Water Well, 10062 Water Well, 10066 Water Well, 10067 Water Well, 10075 Water Well, 10083 Water Well, 10085 Water Well, 10090 Water Well, 10091 Water Well, 10092 Water Well, 10095 Water Well, 10096 Water Well, 10108 Water Well, 10115 Water Well, 10116 Water Well, 10121 Water Well, 10122 Water Well, 10123 Water Well, 10128 Water Well, 10129 Water Well, 10130 Water Well, 10131 Water Well, 10135 Water Well, 10138 Water Well, 10139 Water Well, 10141 Water Well, 10143 Water Well, 10144 Water Well, 10151 Water Well, 10154 Water Well, 10156 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Well, GM-7 Water Well, GM-9 Water Well, Goodin Well, H Q Water Well, Hacienda Water Well, Harris Farm Water Well, Hayner Farm Water Well, Hersey Place Water Well, Horse Trap Well, Hutchins Well, J 2 Water Well, J 3 Water Well, Jesse Well, Jessie Well, Jornada Water Well, K 10 Water Well, K 15 Water Well, K 20 Water Well, K 23 Water Well, K 4 Water Well, K 8 Water Well, K-14 Water Well, La Union Test Water Well, Lazy E Bar Water Well, LC-1 Water Well, LC-10 Water Well, LC-11 Water Well, LC-1A Water Well, LC-1B Water Well, LC-21 Water Well, LC-23 Water Well, LC-27 Water Well, LC-2A Water Well, LC-2B Water Well, LC-2C Water Well, LC-30 Water Well, LC-32 Water Well, LC-35 Water Well, LC-3A Water Well, LC-3B Water Well, LC-3C Water Well, Lethermans Well, Little Gap Well, Little Mills Wells, Little Wells, Lloyd Well, LM-2 Water Well, LM-5 Water Well, LM-7 Water Well, Lytten Well, M-1A Water Well, M-1B Water Well, M-1C Water Well, M-2A Water Well, M-2B Water Well, M-2C Water Well, M-4A Water Well, M-4B Water Well, M-4C Water Well, Mar-1 Water Well, Mar-2 Water Well, MAR-4 Water Well, Mayfield Well, Middle Well, Middle Windmill Water Well, Mimms Well, Monterey Well, MW-2 Water Well, N 59 7-8A Water Well, N-54 Water Well, New Pipeline Tub, New Well, New Well, New Well Water Well, NH 234 Water Well, NM 4903-907 Water Well, NM 4903611 Water Well, NM 4903614 Water Well, NM 4904449 Water Well, NM 4911301 Water Well, NM 4911302 Water Well, NM 4912112 Water Well, NM14912518 Water Well, NM4903307 Water Well, NM4912411 Water Well, NM4912422 Water Well, NM4912424 Water Well, NM4912508 Water Well, NM4912513 Water Well, NM4912526 Water Well, NMSU 1 Water Well, NMSU 10 Water Well, NMSU 14 Water Well, NMSU 2 Water Well, NMSU 3 Water Well, NMSU 4 Water Well, NMSU 8 Water Well, NMSU 9 Water Well, NMSU Water Well, North Well, Norwood Water Well, Norwood Well, Number 1 Water Well, Number 2 Water Well, NW30-1 Water Well, O-29 Water Well, O-4 Water Well, OBS 16 Water Well, OS-10 Water Well, 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Water Well, South Well, South Well, Supply Water Well, SW-10A Water Well, SW-11 Water Well, SW-13 Water Well, SW-15 Water Well, SW-16 Water Well, SW-17 Water Well, SW-18 Water Well, SW-19 Water Well, SW-20 Water Well, SW-21 Water Well, SW-22 Water Well, T-1 Water Well, T-10 Water Well, T-11 Water Well, T-12 Water Well, T-13 Water Well, T-14 Water Well, T-15 Water Well, T-17 Water Well, T-18 Water Well, T-3 Water Well, T-4 Water Well, T-5 Water Well, T-6 Water Well, T-7 Water Well, T-7 Water Well, T-7 Water Well, T-8 Water Well, T-9 Water Well, Taylor Well, Taylor Well, Temple Well, Test 10 Water Well, Testwell 7 Water Well, Testwell 8 Water Well, The Tub, Thorn Well, Turney Water Well, Turney Well, TW-10 Water Well, TW-13 Water Well, TW-18 Water Well, TW-26 Water Well, TW-5 Water Well, TW-9 Water Well, TX U 56 Water Well, TX U 64 Water Well, U 32 Water Well, U 35 Water Well, U 38 Water Well, U 42 Water Well, U 48 Water Well, U 53 Water Well, U 66 Water Well, U 68 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 1 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 18 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 2 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 3 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 4 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 41 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 42 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 43 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 44 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 45 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 46 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 47 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 48 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 49 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 5 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 5 Water Well, United States Bureau of Reclamation 50 Water Well, Upper Well, USBR 6 Water Well, USBR 7 Water Well, USBR 8 Water Well, USBR 9 Water Well, USBR 9 Water Well, USBR-26 Water Well, UVAS 7 Water Well, Vado 1300 Water Well, W M Test Water Well, W Resource Water Well, Wagoner Water Well, Well 17 Water Well, Wessly Well, West Cottonwood Well, West Line Well, West Tub, West Water Well, West Well, Wooten Water Well, Wooten Well, X-7 Water Well,

Dona Ana County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDona Ana County White population 197,906197,905  
American IndianDona Ana County American Indian population 4,4934,492
MixedDona Ana County Mixed population 3,6373,637
AsianDona Ana County Asian population 2,7812,781
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDona Ana County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 428427

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State population table
New Mexico population by county