Eddy County, New Mexico Basics:

Eddy County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 54,435
Area: 4176 square miles
County seat: Carlsbad
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 79.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.4%
Median household income: $47,940
Persons in poverty: 13.0%
Home ownership rate: 73.4%
Mean travel time to work: 17.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Chaves  Culberson (TX)  Lea  Loving (TX)  Otero  Reeves (TX)  

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Map of the Eddy County area

Our detail map of Eddy County shows the Eddy County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Eddy County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

2 X 4 Ranch Airport, Artesia Municipal Airport, Carlsbad Cavern Airpark, Cavern City Air Terminal, Loco Hills Landing Field, Pay Jay Number 1 Heliport, Pay Jay Number 2 Heliport, Seven Rivers Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Natural Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Big Sinks, Hackberry Slope, Happy Valley, Kitchen Cove, Los Medanos, Los Medanos, Mescalero Sands, Phantom Banks, Rattlesnake Springs Picnic Area, Rustler Breaks, Serpentine Bends, Sitting Bull Recreation Area

  Arroyos     show all on map

George Draw, Kirkendell Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Sink, Clayton Basin, Indian Basin, Remuda Basin, Sotol Basin, The Bowl, Williams Hollow, Williams Sink

  Bends     show all on map

Adams Bend, Gyp Bend, Herradura Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Malaga Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Artesia Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Artesia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Substation, Artesia General Hospital Library, Artesia Historical Museum and Art Center, Artesia Light and Power Company (historical), Artesia Police Department, Artesia Public Library, Artesia Water Works Pumping Station (historical), Atoka Volunteer Fire Department, Atoka Volunteer Fire Department Atoka Road, Baskin Building Historic Site, Care Plus Ambulance, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 1, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 2, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 3, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 4, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 5, Carlsbad Fire Department Station 6, Carlsbad Municipal Fine Arts Center and Museum, Carlsbad Police Department, Carlsbad Public Library, City Water Works, Cotton Compress, Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Doctor Robert M Ross House Historic Site, Eddy and Bissell Livestock Company Headquarters Historic Site, Eddy County Courthouse Historic Site, Eddy County Sheriff's Office, Eddy National Bank Historic Site, Edward R Gasler House Historic Site, Guadalupe Medical Center Library, Happy Valley Fire Department Station 1, Happy Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Hardwick Hotel, Hodges-Runyan-Brainard House Historic Site, Hodges-Sipple House Historic Site, Hope Volunteer Fire Department, J J Hagerman House Historic Site, Joel Volunteer Fire Department, Joel Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Joel Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, John Acord House Historic Site, La Huerta Fire Department Station 1, La Huerta Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Loco Hills Volunteer Fire Department, Loving Village Police Department, Loving Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Madison Hotel (historical), Malaga Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Mauldin-Hall House, Moore-Ward Cobblestone House Historic Site, New Mexico State Police District 3 Artesia, New Mexico State Police District 3 Carlsbad, New Mexico State University at Carlsbad Library, North Mesa Medical and Dental Group Library, Otis Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance Station 2, Otis Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Pecos Valley Railroad Depot, Queen Volunteer Fire Department, Riverside Volunteer Fire Department, Robert-Sallie Chisum House Historic Site, Sipple-Ward Building Historic Site, Sun Country Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Sun Country Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, The Artesia Hotel (historical), Westinghouse Electric Corporation WIPP Library, Whites City Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Whites City Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, William Baskin House Historic Site, Willie D Atkeson House

  Canals     show all on map

East Canal, Harroun Canal, Harroun Ditch, Hope Community Canal, Johnson Ditch, Livingston Canal, Main Canal, Pecos River, Southern Canal, Southern Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Hope South Cemetery, Hope West Cemetery, Lookout Cemetery, McDonald Cemetery, Old Lakewood Cemetery, Queen Cemetery, Rocky Arroyo Cemetery, Seven Rivers Cemetery (historical), South Cemetery, Twin Oaks Memorial Park

  Census     show all on map

Atoka Census Designated Place, Happy Valley Census Designated Place, La Huerta Census Designated Place, Livingston Wheeler Census Designated Place, Loco Hills Census Designated Place, Malaga Census Designated Place, Morningside Census Designated Place, Whites City Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Bahai Faith, Bethal Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Blodgett Street Baptist Church, Calvary Assembly of God Church, Calvary Assembly of God Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Carlsbad Bible Church, Carlsbad Mennonite Church, Carlsbad Seventh Day Adventist, Cavern Baptist Church, Central Christian Church, Christian Church, Christian Science Society Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ--South Side, Church of Christ--Spanish, Church of Christ-Fox and Lake, Church of Christ-Sunset, Church of God--Hillcrest, Church of God-Fox and Walnut, Church of God-Ninth and Missouri, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church Street Church of the Nazarene, Cottonwood Community Church, El Paso Gap Church, Emmanuel Gospel Church, Epworth United Methodist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Memorial Free Will Baptist Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Church of the Nazarene, First Church of the Nazarene, First Methodist Church South, First Methodist Episcopal Church South, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Garden Street Baptist Church, Gethsemane Methodist Church, Gospel Assembly, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Outreach Church, Hagerman/Lake Arthur United Methodist Church, Happy Valley Baptist Church, Hermosa Drive Baptist Church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Hillcrest United Methodist Church, Hillview Baptist Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Jesus Name Tabernacle, Jesus Name Tabernacle, Kingdom Hall, La Huerta Baptist Church, Lakewood Baptist Church, Lifescope, Loving Baptist Church, Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Sinai United Methodist Church, Oasis Christian Fellowship, Omega Christian Fellowship Church, Otis Baptist Church, Our Lady of Grace Church, Our Lady of Grace Parish, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Potters House Full Gospel, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Primitive Baptist Church, Ranch Acres Baptist Church, Restoration Church, Rice Memorial CME Church, Saint Anthony Roman Catholic Church, Saint Edwards Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Jose Church, Spanish Assembly of God Church, Standpipe Road Baptist Church, Tempe Costa Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Carlsbad Ward, The Church of Latter Day Saints, Tres Rios Christian Growth Center, Trinity Church, United Pentecostal Church, Victory Baptist Church, Victory Mission Church, Wayside Mission Church of God in Christ, West Main Baptist Church, Western College Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), Western College Methodist Epsicopal Church South (historical), Westside Church of Christ

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cedar Breaks, Chalk Bluff, Culebra Bluff, Maroon Cliffs, Telltale Bluffs, Wildcat Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Rock House Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Avalon Dam, Brantley Dam, Cass Draw Site Number One Dam, Cass Draw Site Number Two Dam, Hackberry Draw Site Number One Dam, Hackberry Draw Watershed Site Number Two Dam, Harroun Dam, Harroun Diversion Dam, Harroun Lake Dam, Lower Transill Dam, McMillan Dam (historical), Mississippi Chem Corp Tailings Pond Dam, Municipal Tansill Lake Dam, O'Bannon Dam, SE Storm Drainage Detention Dam, Six Mile Dam, Spencer Dam, Tansill Dam, Willow Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Sitting Bull Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Adobe Flat, Bogle Flats, Burton Flat, Crow Flats, Indian Flats, Saladar Flat, Scoggin Flat, Sinkhole Flat, Tamarisk Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

El Paso Gap, Klondike Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Artesia General Hospital, Carlsbad Medical Center, Loving Health Clinic, Saint Francis Family Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Acrey Lake, Alkali Lake, Black Lake, Bottomless Lakes, Brainard Lake, Cave Lake, Cedar Lake, Crow Flat Lake, Flat Lake, Hackberry Lake, Henderson Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Jahie Lake, Juniper Lake, Kaiser Lake, Kellar Lake, Lindsey Lake, Lower Tonsill Lake, Mexican Lake, Pats Lake, Poker Lake, Queen Lake, Red Lake, Red Lake, Red Lake, Salt Lake, Spring Lake, Texas Hill Lake, The Lake, Tule Lake, Walters Lake, Willow lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abo Shopping Center, Anderson Young Ranch, Andrus and Golf Ranch, Angel Ranch, Armstrong and Armstrong Ranch, Artesia Country Club, Artesia Weather Station, Bailey Well, Ballard Ranch, Bates Ranch, Bates Windmill, Becker, Beeson Station, Benson Ranch, Black Muley Mill, Blue Quail Center, Blue Spring Farm, Bond Ranch, Booker Camp, Boone Beach Ranch, Box Canyon Ranch, Box Shack Well, Bunting Ranch, Burleson Well, Butcher Well, Callaway Ranch (historical), Campbell Ranch, Carlsbad Caverns Weather Station, Carlsbad Reclamation Project, Carlsbad Weather Station, Carper Windmill, Cass Ranch, Cawley Ranch, Circle K Ranch, Cleveland Ranch, Coffin Ranch, Colwell Ranch, Corral, Corriente Cattle Company, Cottonwood Ranch, Cox Ranch, Crawford Ranch, Crockett Ranch, Delaware Ranch, Denny Ranch, Diamond A Ranch, Dickson Farm, Dillahunty Ranch, Double Mills, Dublin Ranch, Eagles Windmill, Eaton Ranch, Eddy County Fairgrounds, Elliot Ranch, Ewing Place, Fanning Ranch, Farrell Ranch, Farrell Ranch (historical), Fenton Ranch, Flynn-Welch-Yates Number Three Oil Well Historic Site, Forehand Ranch, Foster Ranch, Frank Jones Ranch, Game Department Cabin, Gerry Smith Ranch, Gettysburg, Greenwood Ranch, Guadalupe Administrative Site, Guadalupe Church Camp, Gyp Windmill, H Bar Y Ranch, Harkey Double Mills, Harris Ranch, High Lonesome Windmill, Hilt Well, Hope Weather Station, Howell Ranch, Hughes Ranch, Hughes Ranch, Hughes Ranch, Hunter Ranch, J D Well, J X Ranch, James Ranch, Joe Young Ranch, John Forehand Ranch, Jones Ranch, Judkins Ranch, Kee Ranch, Keyhole Windmill, King Ranch, Kite Windmill, Lake Avalon Weather Station, Lakewood, Laney Ranch, Leck Ranch, Lee Ranch, Leeman Ranch, Lewis Ranch, Little Windmill, Loco Hills Gasoline Plant, Lovejoy Ranch, Loving Weather Station, Lowe Ranch, Lusk Ranch, Lusk Ranch (historical), Lusk Ranch Site, Magby Ranch, Mayes Ranch, McAshan Ranch, McAshan Ranch, McCollum Ranch, McIver Ranch, McKinstry Ranch, Mendoza Ranch (historical), Miller Ranch, Millman Ranch, Moss Ranch, Munson Reservation, Murray Ranch, National Ranch, Nester Well, New Mexico State University Experimental Station, New Windmill, North Williams Ranch, North Windfohr and Brown Camp Number 1, Old C P Ranch, Old Duran Ranch, Old Farrell Place (historical), Old Helper Ranch, Old Jones Ranch, Old Pardue Ranch, Old Stone Place (historical), One Hundred Ranch, Onehundred Ranch, Painted Grotto, Parish Ranch, Paxton Well, Phoenix Adobe, Pickett Windmill, Pipkin Ranch (historical), Pipkin Ranch (historical), Plowman Ranch, Polk Ranch, Popes Wells Site, Potash Bullwheel Historic Site, Prisoner of War Camp, Putman Cabin, Queen Ranch, Rain Spring Ranch, Rattlesnake Springs Historic District, Reed Ranch, Reed Ranch, Reeves Ranch, Rock House, Rock House, Rock Windmill, Ross Ranch, Roy Forehand Ranch, Runyan Ranch, Russell Ranch, Sims Ranch, Sitting Bull Communication Facility, Smith Blue Spring Ranch, Smith Ranch, Smith Ranch, Steeple Ranch, Strychnine Camp, Sun Windmill, Sweetwater Windmill, Target Windmill, Tatman Ranch, Taylor Ross Ranch, Teel Ranch, Texas Deep Well, Texas Hill Camp, Thurman Ranch, Tin Henry Well, Tomcat Windmill, Truitt Ranch, Tucker Ranch (historical), Twin Wells Ranch, Twin Windmills, United States Potash Company Refinery, W W Smith and Sons Ranch, Walnut Ranch Well, Ward Ranch (historical), Welch Ranch, White Ranch, Williams Well, Windham Ranch, Windy Windmill, Wood Ranch, Wooten Ranch, X Bar Ranch, X T Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Carlsbad Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Amax Chemical, Amax Potash Refinery, Anna B Byrd, Artesia City Dump Pit, Artesia Plant, Carlsbad Pit, Constructors Pit Incorporated Crusher, Duval Corporation North Mine, Duval Corporation Saunders Mine, Duval Corporation Wills-Weaver, Duval Mine, Eddy County Pits, Eddy County Pits, El Paso Gap, Empire ABO Sulphur Plant, Flotation Plant, Getty Shaft, Golden Eagle Mine, Guadalupe Mine, Hecla-Day Potash Lease, Hobbs Highway Pit, Hobbs Potash Facility, Hobbs Potash Facility Refinery, Hodges Potash Property, IMCC Mine, IMCC Plant, Indian Basin Plant, International Mineral, International Minerals and Chemical, Lepee Claims, Little Walt Canyon, Lone Eagle, Missisippi Chemical Mine, Mississippi Chemical Corporation Potash Mine, Mississippi Chemical Mine, Nash Draw, Nash Draw Mine, National Potash Company Eddy Mine, New Mexico Salt Company, Old Wallace Smith, PCA Loading Mine, PCA Mine, PCA Plant Mine, Potash Company of America, Potash Company of America Mine, Rocky Arroyo, Rose Gravel Co Plant, Rose Pit, Salt Lake Mine, Salt Lake Mine, Salt Supply Company, Sherrell Pit, Sweatt Pit, Townsite Salt

  Oilfields     show all on map

Aid Oil Field, Anderson Oil Field, Artesia Oil Field, Daugherty Oil Field, Empire Oil Field, Forrest Oil Field, Fren Oil Field, Greybug Maljamar Oil Field, Greyburg Jackson Oil Field, Greyburg Maljamar Oil Field, Henshaw Oil Field, Loco Hills Oil Field, Logan Draw Oil Field, North Mason Oil Field, North Shugart Oil Field, North Square Lake Oil Field, Premier Oil Field, Red Lake Oil Field, Sand Dunes Oil Field, South High Lonesome Oil Field, Square Lake Oil Field, Vandergriff Keys Gas Field, West Henshaw Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Artesia Historical Marker, Boyd Park, Brantley Lake State Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Carlsbad Historical Marker, Carlsbad National Wildlife Refuge, Cavern City Dragway, City Park, Espejos Trail Historical Marker, Goodnight-Loving Trail Historical Marker, Guadalupe Escarpment Wilderness Study Area, Guadalupe Mountains Historical Marker, Living Desert State Park, Lonesome Ridge Wilderness Study Area, Lovings Bend Park, McKittrick Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Mudgetts Wilderness Study Area, Sitting Bull Falls Point of Interest, Upper McKittrick Canyon Research Natural Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Artesia, Atoka, Avalon, Barber Crossing, Bass (historical), Black River Village, Carlsbad, Cole Place, Dayton, Espuela, Four Forks, Four Wells, Francis, Frontier Post, Hagerman Heights, Harkey Crossing, Harroun Crossing, Hope, Hunter Place, Illinois Camp, Knowles Place, La Huerta, Loco Hills, Lookout (historical), Lookout Crossing, Loving, Malaga, Old Horner Place, Otis, Pierce Canyon Crossing, Queen, Red Bluff, Riverside, Ross Place, San Jose, Seven Rivers, Three Forks, West Carlsbad, Whites City

  Post Offices     show all on map

Artesia Post Office, Carlsbad Post Office, Cass Post Office (historical), Dayton Post Office (historical), Eddy Post Office (historical), El Paso Gap Post Office (historical), Florence Post Office (historical), Hope Post Office, Lakewood Post Office, Loco Hills Post Office, Lookout Post Office (historical), Loving Post Office, Malaga Post Office, Oriental Post Office (historical), Otis Post Office (historical), Queen Post Office (historical), Reeds Ranch Post Office (historical), Seven Rivers Post Office (historical), Swamp Post Office (historical), Trailsend Post Office (historical), Westwater Post Office (historical), Whites City Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Alacran Hills, Avalon Hills, Cottonwood Hills, East Hess Hills, Frontier Hills, Hackberry Hills, Ocotillo Hills, Seven Rivers Hills, Walt Canyon Hills, West Hess Hills, Yeso Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Carlsbad Caverns Wilderness, Unite State Potash Reserve

  Reservoirs     show all on map

AAA Tank, Acrey Water Storage Tank, Anderson Tank, Apple Tank, B-Storage Tank, Beaman Tank, Big Boy Tank, Big Seep Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Black River Storage Tank, Black River Water Storage, Black Water Storage Tank, Bogle Tank, Boulder Tank, Boy D S Waterhole, Bradley Tank, Brantley Lake, Buck Tank (historical), Burro Tank, Byrnes Tank, C C Tank, CCC Tank, CCC Tank, CCC Tank, CCC Tank Number 1, CCC Tank Number 2, Coad Tank, Cocke Tank, Cockleberry Tank, Coffin Tank, Cottonwood Storage Tank, Cowboy Tank, Dark Canyon Tank, Dirt Tank, Double Tank, Double Wells Tank, Dublin Tank, Dunnaway Tank, Dutch Tank, Eagle Tanks, East Apple Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Effendale Tank, Fanning Tank (historical), Flat Tank, Foster Water Storage Tank, Gail Tank, Gordon Tank, Gravel Tank, Greenwood Lake, Greenwood Tank, Hackberry Tank, Hamm Storage Tank, Hamm Tank, Heard Storage Tank, Hearn, Helper Tank, Helton Tank, Henshaw Tank, Hill Tank, Hilt Tank, Hoag Tank, Hoffman Tank, Hollan Tank, Holt Tank, Horner Tank, Howell Tank (historical), Hurston Tank, Irabarne Tank, Irabarne Water Storage Tank, Jackson Tank, Jo Bar Tank, Johnson Tank, Kee Tank, Keller Tank, Kite Windmill Storage Tank, Knee Deep, Kuykendal Tank, Lake Avalon, Lake McMillan (historical), Larrimore Tank, Last Chance Water Storage Tank, Lawyer Dirt Tank, Line Water Storage Tank, Little AAA Tank, Loafer Tank, Locklear Tank, Locklear Water Storage Tank, Lone Tree Tank, Lost Tank, Lowe Tank, Lower Transill Reservoir, Mail Box, McBride Tank, McIver North Tank, McIver Tank, Middle Fork Waterhole, Middleton Storage Tank, Miller Tank, Mule Tank, Municipal Lake, New Tank, New Tank, Noye Tank, Owens Tank, Park Tank, Pickett Tanks, Poker Tank, Polk Tank, Polk Water Storage Tank, Poor House, Powers Ridge Tank, Prairie Dog Tank, Prickett Tank, Priestly Tank, Rawhide Water Storage Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Reed Tank, Ridge Tank, Road Tank, Roberts Tanks, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rockbottom Tank, Round Tank, Rounds Waterhole, Sandia, Seco Tank, Segrest Waterhole, Shattuck West Tank, Sheep Draw Tank, Sixteen Tank, Smith Waterhole, South Tank, Stone Tank (historical), Stone Water Storage Tank, Sunshine Tank, Taylor Tank, Thurman Tanks, Tin Tank, Ward Waterhole, Watkins Tank, Weld Tank, West Tank, West Water Storage Tank, Wilburn Tank, Wild Cow Tank, Willow Lake, Wilson Tank, Windy Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Big Canyon Ridge, Camp Wilderness Ridge, Cueva Escarpment, El Paso Ridge, Fade Away Ridge, Fadeaway Ridge, Forty Niner Ridge, Forty-Niner Ridge, Guadalupe Ridge, Livingston Ridge, Loco Hills, Lonesome Ridge, Mimosa Ridge, Nimenim Ridge, Pacific Slope, Powers Ridge, Quahada Ridge, White Mule Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Abo Elementary School, Alta Vista Middle School, Alternative School Program, Artesia High School, CARC Farm School, Carlsbad High School, Central Elementary School, Central School, Cottonwood School, Doctor E M Smith Elementary School, Eddy Elementary School, Edison Kindergarten Center, Eisenhower Middle School, Grand Heights Early Childhood Center, Harroun School, Hermosa Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary School, Joe Stanley Smith School, Lake Arthur Elementary School, Lake Arthur High School, Lake Arthur Middle School, Loving Elementary School, Loving High School, Loving Middle School, Monterrey Elementary School, New Mexico State University - Carlsbad Branch, P R Leyva Junior High School, Park Junior High School, Park School, Pate Elementary School, Puckett Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, Rocky Arroyo School, Roselawn Elementary School, Roselawn School, Roy High School, Saint Edwards School, Sunset Elementary School, Victory Christian Academy, Walter Craft AWARE Program School, Yucca Elementary School, Zia intermediate School

  Springs     show all on map

Able Seep, Aqua Dulce Seep, Ben Slaughter Spring, Black River Spring, Blue Spring, Bottomless Lake Spring, Boulder Waterhole (historical), Box Spring, Bubbling Spring, Butcher Spring, Carlsbad Spring Number 16, Carlsbad Spring Number 3, Carlsbad Spring Number 5, Carson Seep, Castle Spring, Chalk Bluff Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Devils Den Spring, Flat Rock Spring, Franks Spring, Geyser Springs, Gilson Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Hammond Spring, Hatchet Spring, Hess Spring, Hidden Seep, Hog Spring, Horse Spring, Indian Big Spring, JRC Spring, Jumping Spring, Jurnigan Spring, Kirkland Seep, Lancaster Spring, Lassiter Spring, Lechuguilla Spring, Light Spring, Little Walt Spring, Longview Spring, Lowe Spring, Major Johnson Springs, Mc Kitric Spring, Mc Kitric Spring, McGruder Spring, Midwater Spring, Mosley Springs, North Mosley Spring, Oak Spring, Popes Well, Rattlesnake Springs, Roaring Spring, Robb Spring, School Section Water Hole, Sitting Bull Spring, Soldier Spring, South Robb Spring, South Seep, Spring Number Eleven, Spring Seep, Stetson Seep, Stone Spring, Turkey Spring, Twin Boils Spring, Walt Spring, Washington Spring, White Oaks Spring, XT Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Black River, Cottonwood Creek, Crooked Creek, Delaware River, Eagle Creek, Helton Creek, Indian Creek, Martha Creek, Middle Rocky Arroyo, Middle Seven Rivers, North Cottonwood Creek, North Rocky Arroyo, North Seven Rivers, Pecos River, Pecos River, Rio Peņasco, Rocky Arroyo, South Cottonwood Creek, South Seven Rivers, Valley of the Seven Rivers, Willow Creek Ditch

  Summits     show all on map

Ares Peak, Azotea Mesa, Azotea Peak, Bandanna Point, Burro Hill, Bushy Knob, C P Hill, Carnero Peak, Centinela Mound, Cone Butte, Deer Hill, Diamond Mound, Dinner Hill, Indian Hill, Lookout Point, McGruder Hill, McKittrick Hill, Nagooltee Peak, Old Ranch Knoll, Pavo Mesa, Pickett Hill, Rizado Point, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sand Point, Tecolote Peak, Texas Hill, Thayer Hill, The Pinnacle, The Tepee, Tower Hill, Wild Cow Mesa

  Towers     show all on map

Dark Canyon Lookout Tower, KAMQ-AM (Carlsbad), KATK-AM (Carlsbad), KATK-FM (Carlsbad), KBPM-La Huerta (Los Alamos), KCCC-AM (Carlsbad), KCDY-FM (Carlsbad), KDIR-TV (Carlsbad), KSVP-AM (Artesia), KTZA-FM (Artesia), KVIO-TV (Carlsbad)

  Trails     show all on map

Double Trail, Golden Stairway Trail, Ussery Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Adobe Draw, Anderson Canyon, Angel Draw, Apple Draw, Baker Pen Draw, Baldridge Canyon, Bat Cave Draw, Bear Canyon, Bear Grass Draw, Beardon Canyon, Ben Slaughter Draw, Black Canyon, Bond Draw, Bone Tank Draw, Box Canyon, Boyds Canyon, Brushy Draw, Bullis Canyon, Buzzard Canyon, Calabaza Draw, Calamity Cove, Cass Draw, Cat Claw Draw, Catclaw Draw, Catclaw Draw, Catclaw Draw, Catclaw Draw, Cave Canyon, Cawley Draw, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Lake Draw, Chalk Bluff Draw, Charley White Draw, China Canyon, China Draw, Chinaberry Draw, Chosa Draw, Collier Tank Draw, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Draw, Crooked Canyon, Dagger Draw, Dagger Draw, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon Draw, Deadman Draw, Deer Canyon, Devils Den Canyon, Dog Canyon Draw, Dog Town Draw, Double Canyon, Double Canyon Draw, Dunnaway Canyon, Dunnaway Draw, Elbow Canyon, Elbow Draw, Esperanza Draw, Fanning Draw, Fawn Valley, Fence Canyon, Fenton Draw, Fir Canyon, Fourmile Draw, Franks Canyon, Gardner Draw, Gatuna Canyon, George Long Draw, Gilson Canyon, Goat Canyon, Goat Canyon, Goat Corral Canyon, Goaty Canyon, Goaty Canyon, Grapevine Draw, Gunsight Canyon, Hackberry Canyon, Hackberry Draw, Hackberry Draw, Hackberry Draw, Hamm Draw, Hart Canyon, Hay Hollow, Hog Spring Canyon, Holt Tank Draw, Hooper Canyon, Horse Canyon, Huapache Canyon, J Staple Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Draw, Jones Canyon, JRC Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Jurnigan Draw, Kirkland Canyon, Kuydendall Draw, Kuykendall Draw, Last Chance Canyon, Lechuguilla Canyon, Lechuguilla Canyon, Lefthook Canyon, Little Box Canyon, Little McKittrick Draw, Little Walt Canyon, Loafer Draw, Locklear Canyon, Logan Draw, Lone Tree Draw, Long Draw, Long Draw, Lookout Draw, Maverick Canyon, McKittrick Canyon Draw, Middle Fork Big Canyon, Middle Fork Little McKittrick Draw, Middle Slaughter Canyon, Midnight Canyon, Mosley Canyon, Nash Draw, New Tank Draw, North Fork Big Canyon, North Fork Hay Hollow, North Fork Little McKittrick Draw, North Hackberry Draw, North Kuykendall Draw, North McKittrick Canyon, North Mosley Canyon, North Prong Long Draw, North Rattlesnake Canyon, North Rocky Canyon, North Slaughter Canyon, North Texas Hill Canyon, Nuevo Canyon, Old Indian Draw, Old Ranch Canyon, Open Hollow Gulch, Opuntia Draw, Owl Draw, Palmilla Draw, Paris Dainwood Draw, Payne Canyon, Pickett Draw, Pierce Canyon, Pierce Canyon, Pine Canyon, Putman Canyon, Rain Spring Draw, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rawhide Canyon, Red Bluff Canyon, Red Bluff Draw, Red Bluff Draw, Red Tank Draw, Righthand Canyon, Roberts Canyon, Robinia Draw, Robinson Draw, Rock Waterhole Canyon, Sacahuiste Draw, Salt Draw, Sandrock Canyon, Scanlon Draw, Schoolhouse Canyon, Scoggin Draw, Seco Canyon, Segrest Draw, Shafer Canyon, Shattuck Valley, Sheep Draw, Siegrest Draw, Sitting Bull Canyon, Sixteenmile Draw, Slaughter Canyon Draw, Soapberry Draw, South Fork Hay Hollow, South Hackberry Draw, South Kuykendall Draw, South Mosley Canyon, South Prong Long Draw, South Rattlesnake Canyon, South Spencer Draw, South Texas Hill Canyon, Spencer Draw, Spring Canyon, Stinking Draw, Stone Canyon, Stone Canyon, Stone Canyon, Strychnine Draw, Taylor Draw, Threemile Draw, Thurman Draw, Toms Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trimble Canyon, Tucker Draw, Tumbleweed Draw, Turkey Canyon, Wadcutter Draw, Wagontire Draw, Walker Draw, Walnut Canyon, Walnut Draw, Walt Canyon, Waterhole Draw, Weldy Canyon, Well Canyon, West Fork Little McKittrick Draw, West Slaughter Canyon, White Oaks Canyon, Wildcat Draw, Willow Draw, Wilson Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Draw, XT Draw, Yucca Canyon, Yucca Draw

  Wells     show all on map

00817 Water Well, 05031 Water Well, 05032 Water Well, 05033 Water Well, 05034 Water Well, 05035 Water Well, 05036 Water Well, 05048 Water Well, 05049 Water Well, 05051 Water Well, 05052 Water Well, 05053 Water Well, 05054 Water Well, 05055 Water Well, 05056 Water Well, 05057 Water Well, 05058 Water Well, 05061 Water Well, 05062 Water Well, 05063 Water Well, 05064 Water Well, 05065 Water Well, 05070 Water Well, 05073 Water Well, 05075 Water Well, 05076 Water Well, 05077 Water Well, 05081 Water Well, 05083 Water Well, 05116 Water Well, 05121 Water Well, 05123 Water Well, 05127 WAter Well, 06000 Water Well, 06001 Water Well, 06002 Water Well, 06003 Water Well, 06004 Water Well, 06005 Water Well, 06006 Water Well, 06007 Water Well, 06008 Water Well, 06013 Water Well, 06014 Water Well, 06015 Water Well, 06016 Water Well, 06017 Water Well, 06019 Water Well, 06020 Water Well, 06022 Water Well, 06035 Water Well, 06038 Water Well, 06039 Water Well, 06042 Water Well, 06043 Water Well, 06044 Water Well, 06045 Water Well, 06046 Water Well, 06047 Water Well, 06048 Water Well, 06049 Water Well, 06050 Water Well, 06051 Water Well, 06052 Water Well, 06054 Water Well, 06055 Water Well, 06057 Water Well, 06058 Water Well, 06059 Water Well, 06061 Water Well, 06062 Water Well, 06063 Water Well, 06064 Water Well, 06065 Water Well, 06066 Water Well, 06067 Water Well, 06068 Water Well, 06069 Water Well, 06070 Water Well, 06071 Water Well, 06072 Water Well, 06073 Water Well, 06087 Water Well, 06088 Water Well, 06090 Water Well, 06091 Water Well, 06092 Water Well, 06094 Water Well, 06095 Water Well, 06096 Water Well, 06097 Water Well, 06098 Water Well, 06100 Water Well, 06101 Water Well, 06102 Water Well, 06103 Water Well, 06104 Water Well, 06105 Water Well, 06106 Water Well, 06107 Water Well, 06108 Water Well, 06109 Water Well, 06110 Water Well, 06111 Water Well, 06112 Water Well, 06113 Water Well, 06114 Water Well, 06116 Water Well, 06117 Water Well, 06118 Water Well, 06119 Water Well, 06120 Water Well, 06121 Water Well, 06123 Water Well, 06130 Water Well, 06131 Water Well, 06132 Water Well, 06134 Water Well, 06135 Water Well, 06136 Water Well, 06137 Water Well, 06138 Water Well, 06140 Water Well, 06141 Water Well, 06143 Water Well, 06144 Water Well, 06145 Water Well, 06146 Water Well, 06148 Water Well, 06149 Water Well, 06150 Water Well, 06151 Water Well, 06152 Water Well, 06154 Water Well, 06155 Water Well, 06156 Water Well, 06158 Water Well, 06159 Water Well, 06160 Water Well, 06167 Water Well, 06168 Water Well, 06169 Water Well, 06173 Water Well, 06203 Water Well, 06206 Water Well, 06415 Water Well, 06416 Water Well, 06418 Water Well, 06419 Water Well, 06424 Water Well, 06425 Water Well, 06426 Water Well, 06434 Water Well, 06435 Water Well, 06436 Water Well, 06437 Water Well, 06438 Water Well, 06439 Water Well, 06440 Water Well, 06441 Water Well, 06442 Water Well, 06443 Water Well, 06613 Water Well, 06614 Water Well, 06615 Water Well, 06618 Water Well, 06619 Water Well, 06620 Water Well, 06626 Water Well, 06633 Water Well, 06634 Water Well, 06641 Water Well, 06669 Water Well, 06680 Water Well, 06681 Water Well, 06682 Water Well, 06685 Water Well, 06703 Water Well, 06704 Water Well, 06705 Water Well, 06706 Water Well, 06707 Water Well, 06708 Water Well, 06731 Water Well, 06732 Water Well, 06733 Water Well, 06734 Water Well, 06735 Water Well, 06736 Water Well, 06740 Water Well, 06741 Water Well, 06742 Water Well, 06743 Water Well, 06744 Water Well, 06745 Water Well, 06746 Water Well, 06748 Water Well, 07006 Water Well, 07007 Water Well, 07011 Water Well, 07036 Water Well, 07037 Water Well, 07039 Water Well, 07046 Water Well, 07048 Water Well, 07049 Water Well, 07050 Water Well, 07051 Water Well, 07057 Water Well, 08033 Water Well, 08035 Water Well, 08039 Water Well, 08040 Water Well, 08041 Water Well, 08042 Water Well, 08043 Water Well, 08075 Water Well, 08607 Water Well, 10064 Water Well, 10065 Water Well, 10066 Water Well, 10067 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20151 Water Well, 20153 Water Well, 20154 Water Well, 71035 Water Well, 71036 Water Well, 71040 Water Well, 71041 Water Well, 71061 Water Well, 71063 Water Well, 71064 Water Well, 71065 Water Well, 71066 Water Well, 71070 Water Well, 71071 Water Well, 71072 Water Well, 71075 Water Well, 71076 Water Well, 71091 Water Well, 71103 Water Well, 71104 Water Well, 71106 Water Well, 71107 Water Well, 71110 Water Well, 71119 Water Well, 71120 Water Well, 71121 Water Well, 71126 Water Well, Allen Well, Andrews Well, Arnold Well, Baldridge Well, Beardon Well, Bearup Well, Burro Well, Callaway Well, Cement Tank Well, Childress Recorder Well, Chimney Well, Chinaberry Well, Clark Well, Clayton Wells, Cottonwood Artesian Recorder Well, Cottonwood Well, Dark Canyon Well, Dark Canyon Wells, Dog Canyon Well, Donaldson Well, Dublin Well, East Well, East Well, Eaton Well, Elbow Well, Fanning Well, Forehand West Well, Grave Well, Hackberry Well, Hamilton Well, Hamm Well, Hat Bar Well, Hess Well, Highway Well, Hobbs Well, Horse Well, Indian Well, J Bar F Well, Joe Lusk East Well, Juniper Well, Kelly Polk Well, Kelly Well, Klendenen Well, Laney Well, Leck Well, Lower John Well, Lower Reed Well, Middleton Well, Millman South Well, Millman Well, Murray West Well, Nash Well, Neds Well, New Well, North Well, Northwest Well, Oil City Well, Old Ball Well, Parisher Well, Pipkin Well, Putman Water Well, Queen Well, RA-1723 Water Well, RA-7804 Water Well, Raider Well, Rattlesnake Well, Righthand Well, Rock Bottom Well, Round Tank Well, S S Well, Salt Draw Well, Section Six Well, Shattuck Well, Sheep Draw Well, Soldier Well, South Donaldson Well, South Pool Well, South Reed Well, South Well, South West Well, Southeast Well, Stallin Well, Thayer Well, Thayer Wells, Thirteen North Lake Well, Tip Top Wells, Truitt Well, Tule Well, Turkey Well, Tut Wells, Walnut Well, Weldy Well, West Well, West Well, Willar Well, Woodruff Well, Yarbro Well, Youse Well,

Eddy County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteEddy County White population 50,89750,896  
American IndianEddy County American Indian population 1,2521,252
BlackEddy County Black population 980979
MixedEddy County Mixed population 871870
AsianEddy County Asian population 435435
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderEddy County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5454

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county