Grant County, New Mexico Basics:

Grant County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 29,364
Area: 3962 square miles
County seat: Silver City
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 84.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 24.2%
Median household income: $37,525
Persons in poverty: 18.4%
Home ownership rate: 76.1%
Mean travel time to work: 18.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Catron  Greenlee (AZ)  Hidalgo  Luna  Sierra  

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Map of the Grant County area

Our detail map of Grant County shows the Grant County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Grant County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Casas Adobes Airpark, Grant County Airport, Sacaton Landing Strip, Turner Ridgeport Airport, Whiskey Creek Airport

  Arches     show all on map

City of Rocks Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Hells Half Acre, Potholes Country

  Basins     show all on map

Buds Hole, Buzzard Bay, Cameron Creek Basin, Murtocks Hole, North Star Basin, O L D Basin, Redrock Basin, Redrock Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Maverick Mesa, Mud Spring Mesa, Rain Creek Mesa, Wild Horse Mesa

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Acklin Store Historic Site, Antonio Torres House, Bayard Fire Department, Bayard Police Department, Bayard Public Library, Bowden Hall Historic Site, Bullard Hotel Historic Site, C W Marriott House, Camp Thunder Bird Upper Mimbres Substation 2, Cliff - Gila Valley Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, David Abraham House Historic Site, Doctor Granville Wood House Historic Site, East Camp (historical), Father Roger Aull House and Chapel, Fleming Hall, Fort Bayard Medical Center Library, Fort Bayard Volunteer Fire Department, Francis McGray Gallery, Gila, Gliff Gila Volunteer Fire Department Buck 1 Station 2, Graham Gymnasium Historic Site, Grant County Courthouse, Grant County Sheriff's Office, H B Ailman House Historic Site, Hurley Fire Department, Hurley Town Police Department, Isaac N Cohen House, Jesus Valencia House, Light Hall Historic Site, Lower Mimbres Volunteer Fire Department Faywood, Lower Mimbres Volunteer Fire Department Sherman, Luciana B Grijalva House Historic Site, Maria J Trujillo and Juan House, Martin Maher House Historic Site, Menard-Galaz House, Mimbres Valley Emergency Medical Services, Minnie L Brumback House Historic Site, O S Warren House Historic Site, Otto Huechling House Historic Site, Pinos Altos Volunteer Fire Rescue, Ramon Baca House Historic Site, Rural Bookmobile Southwest Library, Santa Clara Police Department, Santa Clara Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Santa Rita / Hanover / Fierro Volunteer Fire Department, Sapillo Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue, Silver City Fire Department Station 1, Silver City Fire Department Station 2, Silver City Museum, Silver City Police Department, Silver City Public Library, Silver City Water Works Building Historic Site, Soliz-Baca House, Stine-Fleming House Historic Site, Thomas Conway House Historic Site, Tom Eby Storage Building Historic Site, Trinidad Andazola House Historic Site, Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department, Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department Hachita, Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department White Signal, Upper Mimbres Volunteer Fire Department, Western New Mexico University Museum, Whiskey Creek Volunteer Fire Department, William Redding House

  Canals     show all on map

Clark Ditch, Crawford-De Forest Ditch, Fort West Ditch, Gila Farm Ditch, McMillen Ditch, Riverside Ditch, Slayback Ditch, Upper Gila Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Cemetery Number 4, Cemetery Number 5, Clark Cemetery, Fierro Cemetery, Fort Bayard National Cemetery, Georgetown Cemetery, Gold Hill Cemetery, Hachita Cemetery, Hicks Cemetery, Hurley Cemetery, Maldonado Cemetery, Mangas Cemetery, Memory Cemetery, Redrock Cemetery, Stout Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Arenas Valley Census Designated Place, Buckhorn Census Designated Place, Cliff Census Designated Place, Cobre Census Designated Place, Faywood Census Designated Place, Gila Census Designated Place, Hachita Census Designated Place, Hanover Census Designated Place, Lake Roberts Census Designated Place, Lake Roberts Heights Census Designated Place, Mimbres Census Designated Place, North Hurley Census Designated Place, Pinos Altos Census Designated Place, Rosedale Census Designated Place, San Lorenzo Census Designated Place, Trout Valley Census Designated Place, Tyrone Census Designated Place, White Signal Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Jesus Christ, Apostolic Church, Arenas Valley Baptist Church, Baptist Student Center, Bayard Spanish Baptist Church, Bayard United Methodist Church, Bible Baptist Church, Brewer Hill Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Christian Science Society Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Nazarene, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of the Nazarene, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Gila Valley Baptist Church, Glad Tidings Church, Glenwood Community Presbyterian Church, Gold Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church Historic Site, Gospel Line Church, Hachita Baptist Church, Hurley Community Congregational Church, Indian Hills Baptist Church, Infant Jesus Parish, Kingdom Hall, Messiah Lutheran Church, Mimbres Valley Community Church, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Potters House Christian Church, Prima Iglesia Buatista, Rio Mimbres Baptist Church, Saint Francis Newman Center, San Jose, San Lorenzo Catholic Church, Santa Clara Parish, Santo Nino Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Silver Christian Center, The Bible Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Latter Day Saints, The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard, Trinity Presbyterian, Valley Community Church UCC

  Dams     show all on map

Bear Canyon Reservoir Dam, Bill Evans Lake Dam, Chocolate Peak Dam, Clark Canyon Dam, Kennecott Dam Number Eight, Kennicott Reservoir Lake Number 1 Dam, Lake Roberts Dam, LC Dam, Phelps Dodge Tailing Dam Number Three, Phelps Dodge Tailing Dam Number Two, Phelps Dodge Tailings Dam Number One, Redding Mesa Dam, Turkey Dam, Upper Gila Site Number 10 Dam, Upper Gila Site Number 11 Dam, Upper Gila Site Number Eight Dam, Upper Gila Site Number Four Dam, Upper Gila Site Number Nine Dam, Upper Gila Site Number One Dam, Upper Gila Site Number Seven Dam, Upper Gila Site Number Six Dam, Upper Gila Site Three Dam, Upper Gila Valley Site Number 12 Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flat, Burtcher Flats, Cactus Flat, Chloride Flat, Copper Flat, Copper Flat, Farm Flat, Gattons Park, Gila Flat, Hidden Pasture, Jerky Park, Little Turkey Pack, Meason Flat, Mud Flat, Rabb Park, Reeds Meadow, Turkey Flat, Werney Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Silver City Ranger District, Wilderness Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Board Gate Saddle, Ramsey Saddle, Seep Springs Gap, Signboard Saddle, Snow Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Cottage Sanatorium, Fort Bayard Medical Center, Fort Bayard State Hospital, Gila Regional Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Goose Lake, Horse Lake, Horseshoe Tank, Mangas Lake, Mimbres Lake, North Sycamore Mesa Tank, Tadpole Lake, The Dry Lakes

  Levees     show all on map

The Dike

  Locales     show all on map

2-C Cattle Company, 7 X V Ranch, Alexander Windmill, Allison Ranch, Alum Camp, Anderson Ranch, Anderson Windmill, Angelo Windmill, Arrastre Interpretive Site, Arrastre Windmill, Ash Creek Camp, Aspen Corral, Austin Roberts Vista/Point of Interest, Avery Ranch, B 17 Windmill, Badlands Corral, Baker Ranch, Bar F Ranch, Bar Six Corral, Bar U Windmill, Barrow Windmill, Barrow Windmill, Bayard Shopping Center, Ben Lilly Memorial, Bennett, Big Box Windmill, Big Dix Windmill, Big Tree, Black Hawk Canyon Corral, Black Hawk Corral and Well, Black Hawk Windmill, Black Hawk Windmill, Black Hay Windmill, Blacks Addition Historic District Historic Site, Blakely, Blakey Ranch, Blakey Windmill, Blue Creek Windmill, Bluebell Windmill, Bonds Four Section Windmill, Bounds Ranch, Bounds Windmill, Bradberry Ranch, Brock Ranch, Brushy Mountain Radar Station, Buckhorn Weather Station, Buena Vista Windmill, Bull Windmill, Burro Mountain Homestead, Burro Springs Historic Site, C Bar Ranch, C F Ranch, Camp Thunderbird, Camp Thunderbird Campground, Chapman Place Windmill, Cherry Creek Campground, Chihuahua Hill Historic District, City of Rocks, Clark Windmill, Cliff Weather Station, Colored Windmill, Comanche Springs Reservoir, Cooney Place, Coop Windmill, Copperas Vista, Corral Number 9, Cottonwood Ranch Windmill, Cottonwood Windmill, Cottonwood Windmill, Cow Camp, Cox Ranch, Croom Ranch, Crows Nest Windmill, Crumbley Ranch, Cuningham Windmill, Cureton Ranch, Cureton Ranch Weather Station, Dale McCauley Ranch, Dave Smith Windmill, Davis Windmill, Diamond Bar Ranch, Divide Windmill, Dorsey Camp, Dorsey Ranch, Dutch John Windmill, E McMillen Ranch, Eby Ranch, Eccles Windmill, Engineers Windmill, Estes Ranch, Eubank Corral, Fairground, Faywood Hot Springs, Fleming Ranch, Forest Boundary Corral, Forest Boundary Corral, Forks Recreation Site, Fort Bayard Administration Site, Fort Bayard Weather Station, Four L Bar Ranch, Franks, Frost Ranch, G O S Ranch, Gallinas Recreation Area, Georgetown, Gila Scout Camp, Glaze Ranch, Glaze Windmill, Glaze Windmill, Goat Camp Windmill, Gold Dust Camp, Gold Gulch Windmill, Gold Hill Ranch, Gos Organizational Site, Granite Windmill, Grapevine Recreation Site, H Bar M Windmill, H Bar Y Ranch, H W Ranch, Hachita Weather Station, Hap McCauley Ranch, Happy Hollow Windmill, Harkey Ranch, Harper Windmill, Hawkins (historical), Hay Meadow Windmill, Hay Mesa Corral, Henry Ranch, Hermosa (historical), Hideout Windmill, Hunter Windmill, Indian Ruins, Iron Creek Campground, J Henry, J McMillen Ranch, Jackson (historical), Jackson Seep Corral, Janss Historic Site, Jarrell Ranch, Jim Cureton Ranch, Joe Harris Corral, John Bull Corral, Johnson Ranch, Jones Ranch, Jones Windmill, JPB Windmill, Kaufman Ranch, Kelly Corral, Kemp Corral, Kramer Windmill, Kwilleyleka Historic Site, L C Ranch Headquarters Historic Site, Lake Roberts Campground, Larremore Ranch, Little Box Windmill, Little Dix Windmill, Little Windmill, Little Windmill, Little Windmill, Lower Black Canyon Campground, Lower Skates Corral, Lucky Windmill, Martin Ranch, Mattocks Site, McCarty Windmill, McCauley Ranch, McCauley Ranch, McDaniel Ranch, McHaffey Windmill, McKnight Fire Cabin, McMillan Campground, Meanders Stage Station (historical), Meredith and Allman Bank Block Historic Site, Mesa Campground, Miller Spring Cabin, Mimbres District Ranger Station, Mimbres Weather Station, Mission Windmill, Montoya Site, Moon Ranch, Moore Homestead, Moore Place Windmill, Moore Ranch, Morrow Ranch, Mount Royal Windmill, Mouth of Cottonwood Windmill, Mud Spring Windmill, Muir, NAN Ranch, New Seep Windmill, Nine Hundred Sixteen Ranch, Ninetysix Ranch, Nobinson Windmill, Norris Ranch, O L D Ranch, Old Indian Village, Old Jackson Ranch, Old Man Hext Windmill, Old Ranger Station Windmill, Oliver Windmill, Oraman, Page Corral, Page Corral, Paradise Tank, Patterson Windmill, Patterson Windmill, Peak Corral, Pendleton Windmill, Pete Windmill, Pine Canyon Windmill, Pine Flats Campground, Pinos Altos Historic District, Pinos Altos Weather Station, Pot Hole Windmill, Prevost Windmill, Raeburn Windmill, Railroad Campground, Ray Ranch, Redgate Corral, Redrock State Wildlife Experimental Area, Redrock Weather Station, Rice Ranch, Ridout Ranch, Ringbone Ranch, Ritch Hall Historic Site, Rocky Canyon Campgroud, Rocky Canyon Campground, Roos Ranch, Russel Ranch, Saddle Corral, Saint Marys Academy Historic District, San Juan Historic District, San Vincente (historical), Sandmill Windmill, Santa Rita Station, Saw Mill Ruins (historical), Schale, Schoolhouse Windmill, Section Fifteen Windmill, Senator Clinton P Anderson Wilderness Overlook, Separ Ranch, Seruis Corral, Seventy Four Ranch, Sherman Ranch, Silsby Ranch, Silver City District Ranger Office, Silver City Historic District, Silver City North Addition Historic District, Silver City Weather Station, Silver Dale Corral, Silver Dale Windmill, Skunk Ranch, Slate Creek Camp, Smith Ranch, Smith Windmill, Smith Windmill, Snaky Windmill, Snow Creek Cabin, Soldiers Farewell Stage Station, South Windmill, Spencer Windmill, Stark, Stateline Corral, Stateline Corral, Stevens Ranch, Stevenson, Swartz, Sycamore Camp, T Bar T Camp, Taylor Ranch, Taylor Windmills, Thompson Canyon Windmill, Thompson Ranch, Thompson Windmill, Thorne Ranch, Thygerson Ranch, Tilch Ranch, Tilts Windmill, Tony Corral, Treasure Hill Historic Site, Turkey, Turkey Knob Windmill, Turner Windmill, Tyrone, Upper Black Canyon Campground, Upper End Campground, Upper Gallinas Campground, V Cross Ranch, Victorio Cattle Company, Walker Windmill, Walking H Windmill, Walking X Ranch, Wallace Ranch, Walnut Creek Corral and Well, Walnut Creek Windmill, Warren Ranch, West Prong Windmill, Western New Mexico University Historic District, Wheaton-Smith Site, White Ranch, White Signal Weather Station, Whitetop Windmill, Whitewater Weather Station, Whitmore Cabin, Wilkinson Ranch, Willis Windmill, Willmeth Windmill, WO Ranch, Wood Yard Windmill, Woodward Ranch, Wrights Cabin Campground, X S X Corral, X S X Ranch, Y Bar Nan Ranch, Y Six Ranch, Zumwalt Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Fort Bayard (historical), Fort Bayard Military Reservation (historical), Fort McLane (historical), Fort Webster (historical), Fort West (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

7XV Ranch Deposits, Ace High Fluorspar Deposit, Adams Shaft, Alabama Mine, Alhambra Mine, Alice Mine, Alunogen Tunnel Number 1, Alunogen Tunnel Number 4, American Deposit, Anson S Mine, Apache Trail Mine, Arizona Mine, Ash Spring Canyon Prospect, Astrologer Mine, Atlantic, Atlantic Mine, Atlas Number 2, Austin Amazon Mines, B Shaft (historical), Bank Mine, Barnes Shaft (historical), Barringer Incline Mine, Bear Mountain Group, Beaseley Property, Beaumout Mine, Ben Hur Mine, Betty-Jo, Billalli Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Black Willow Prospect, Blackhawk, Blackhawk Mine, Blackhawk Mines, Blackman Mine, Blackmoor Mine, Blue Benny Mine, Blue Eagle Prospect, Blue Jay Deposit, Bolton Mine, Brachman Prospect, Breman, Brock Canyon Prospect, Bruff Deposit, Bullfrog Number 1 Shaft, Bullfrog Number 2 Shaft, Burro Chief Mine (historical), California Gulch Prospect, Carlisle Mine, Cedar Hill Prospect, Chapman Turquoise Mine, Cherry Creek Prospects, Chewawa Mine, Chino, Clearwater Prospect, Cleveland Mine, Cliff Roy, Cliff Roy Mine, Clifford Shaft, Columbia Mine, Commercial Incline, Connecticut Mine, Consolation Mine, Constellation Mine, Contention Claim, Continental Adit (historical), Continental Mill Number 1, Continental Mine, Continental Shaft (historical), Continental Underground, Coop Mine, Copeland Mine, Copper Flat Number 2 Shaft, Copper Flat Number 4 Shaft, Copper Glance, Copper Glance Mine, Copper Glance Shaft (historical), Copper Gulf Shaft (historical), Copper Queen Shaft, Cora Miller Mine, Cowboy Shaft, Cramer Shaft, Crescent Deposit, Davenport Mine, Deadman Canyon Shafts and Prospect, Deep Down Mine, Denver Shaft, Divide Prospect, Dorsey Mine, Double Strike Deposit, Eagle Claims, Eagle Shaft Number 1, Eagle Shaft Number 2, East Camp Mine, Eighty Four Mine, Eighty-Six Mine, El Paso Iron Pit, Emma, Emma Shaft, Empire Number 7 Shaft, Evening Star Claim, Fleming Canyon Prospects, Floyd Collins Mine, Flux Mine (historical), Franchise Group Mine, Friday Adit, Gardner Prospect, Georgetown Mines, German Mine, German Mine Number 1, German Mine Number 2, Gettysburg Shaft (historical), Glamorgan Mine, Gloden Rule Mine, Gold Gulch Placer, Gold Lake Mine, Golden Cross Mine, Golden Nugget Mine, Golden Nugget Mine, Golden Rod Mine, Goldenrod Mine, Grandview Mine, Grandview Mines, Grant County Mine, Great American, Grey Eagle Mine, Groundhog Mine, Groundhog North Shaft, Groundhog Number 1 Shaft, Groundhog Number 5 Shaft, Hamlett Claims, Hanover Copper Mine, Hanover Shaft, Hanover-Bessemer Iron Pits, Harper Prospect, Hidalgo Smelter, Hidden Treasure, Hillside, Hilltop Group Mine, Hines Deposit, Hobo Mine, Home Ticket Mine, Honeycomb Shaft, Hop Williams Mine, Hope Prospect, Hornet Mine, Hornet Mine, Houston-Thomas Mine, Howard Shaft, Humbolt Shaft, Hummer Mine, Hummingbird Mine, Inevitable Mine, Ivanhoe Mine, Ivanhoe Shaft (historical), Japanese Ranch Deposit, Jennie Mines, Jim Crow Mine, Jim Fair Pit, Joe Mine, John Malone Shaft, Kearney Mine, Kept Woman Mine, Keystone Shaft (historical), King 400 Mine, Larsh Shaft, Las Cruces Adit, Laura Mine, Laura Mine, Leta Lynn Prospect, Liberty Bell Mine, Link Shaft, Lion Mine, Lion Number 2 Mine, Little Key, Little Victor Tunnel, Little Victor Tunnel, Long Lost Brother Deposit, Lou Mine, Lucas Mine, Luck Manganese Mine, Lucky Bill Shaft, Maggie Shaft, Malone Mines, Manhattan and Pleasant View, Manhattan Mine, Mason Tunnel, Mathis Lime Quarry, McGregor Mine, McNulty Mine, Meerschaum Mine, Merry Widow Mine, Merry Widow Shaft, Milton Group, Mineral Mountain Mine, Miss Pickle Tunnel, Missouri Girl Mine, Modoc Incline (historical), Mollie Gibson Group Mine, Monarch Mine, Morning Star Group, Mount Royal Mine, Mountain Home Mine, Mountain Key Mine, Naiad Queen Mine, Nancy Lee Mine, National Copper Company Mine, Neglected Mine, Negro Shack Mine, Nellie Bly Mine, Never Fail Mine, New England, New York Mine, Norman King Mine, North Pit Chino Mine (historical), North Star Mine, Nugent and Booth Mines, Number 2 Shaft (historical), Number 3 Shaft (historical), Ohio Mine, Old Hachita Mine, Old Hatchet Mine Historic Site, Old Man Mine, Old Smokey Group, Old Woman Mine, Ontario Mine, Oro Grande, Osmer Gold Mine, Oswaldo Number 1, Oswaldo Number 1 Shaft, Oswaldo Number 2 Shaft, Pacific Mine, Paddy Ford Shaft, Patsy Mine, Pauline Mine, Pearson Shaft, Pewabic Mine, Pewabic Shaft, Phelps-Dodge Open Pit Copper Mine, Philadelphia Mine, Philadelphia Shaft, Pinos Altos, Pipe Stem, Poe Mine, Princess Mine, Princess Shaft, Prospect Hightower, Junior, Providencia, Prussia Mine, Purple Heart Mine, Racket Shaft (historical), Rainbow Prospect, Red Bird Mine, Red Dodson Mine, Red Hill Turquoise Mine, Republic Number 1 Shaft, Republic Number 2 Shaft, Republic Pit Adit, Republic Shaft, Rescue, Reservation Mine, Rice-Graves Mine, Ricolite Deposits, Robert E Lee and Santa Fe Mine, Rose Mine, Royal John Mine, Ruby Mine, Ruby Mine, S Big Burro Mountains Euxenite Deposit, Saint Louis Mine (historical), Sampson Mine (historical), San Jose Mine, Santa Rita Mine, Savage Prospect, Section 22 Deposit, Sellers Mine, Seventy Four Mountain Prospect, Seventy-Six, Shingle Canyon Mine, Shrine, Shrine Mine, Silver Bell, Silver Cell Mine, Silver Dollar Mine, Silver Dollar Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver King-Mystery Groups, Silver Ribbon Mine, Silver Wedge, Sinks Shaft (historical), Slate Creek Canyon Deposits, Slate Mine, Sleeping Beauty Mine, Sleeping Beauty Shaft, South Pit Chino Mine (historical), Southern Star Deposits, Spar Hill Mine, Sprouse Mine, Standard Mine, Star Shaft, State Shaft, Strike Tunnel, Summit Deposit, Summit Mine, Sunset Gold Field, Super Cobre Mine, Sweet Home Mine, Telegraph Mine, Texas Mine, Thomson Canyon Perlite Deposit, Three Brothers Mine, Thunderbolt Shaft, Timmer Mine, Treasure Mountain Shaft, Treasure Vault Shaft (historical), Trimmer Mine, Turquoise Mine, Twin Peaks Mine, Tyrone Mill, Tyrone Mine, Uncle Jimmy Thwaits Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Union Hill Mine, United States Adit, UV Mine, Victoria Mine, Vigil Mine, Virgin Group Mine, Virtue Mine, Volcano Group, Wallace Ranch Perlite Deposit, Watson Mountain Deposit, Werney Mine, White Eagle Mine, Wild Irishman Number 5 Shafts, Wilson Mine, Zelma Prospect

  Parks     show all on map

Apache Box Wilderness Study Area, Basin and Range Country Historical Marker, Bayard Historical Marker, Blue Creek Wilderness Study Area, Brannon Park, Butterfield Trail, Cookes Wagon Road Historical Marker, Fort Bayard 1866-1900 Historical Marker, Fort Bayard National Cemetery Historical Marker, Gila Lower Box Wilderness Study Area, Hell Hole Wilderness Study Area, Kneeling Nun Historical Marker, Leopold Vista, Little Walnut Picnic Area, Santa Rita Copper Mines Historical Marker, Silver City Historical Marker, The Clanton Hideout Historical Marker, Yucca Plains Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alhambra (historical), Allison (historical), Ansonio (historical), Arenas Valley, Bayard, Big Mill, Black Hawk (historical), Bloodgood Place, Brockman, Bryan (historical), Buckhorn, Camp Monarch (historical), Central, Chance City (historical), Chapman Place, Cliff, Cobre, Dwyer, East Camp (historical), Edgal Place, Estes Place, Faywood (historical), Fierro, Fleming (historical), Fort Bayard, Gila, Gila Hot Springs, Gold Hill (historical), Grant City (historical), Guess Place, Gunn Place (historical), Hachita, Hanover, Hanover Junction, Hansburg (historical), Harden Cienega, Hext Place, Hurley, Ivanhoe (historical), Leopold (historical), Little Walnut Village, Malone (historical), Mangas Springs, Masons Mill (historical), Matthew Place, McKelvey Place, Mimbres, Minero, Moore Place, Mule Creek, Newton (historical), North Hurley, Oak Grove, Odon (historical), Old Hachita, Parks (historical), Paschal (historical), Penrose (historical), Pine Forest (historical), Pinos Altos, Pothook, Rastus Place, Redrock, Redstone, Ricolite (historical), Riverside, San Juan, San Lorenzo, Santa Clara, Santa Clara (historical), Santa Rita (historical), Separ, Sherman, Sid Place, Silver Acres, Silver City, Steeplerock (historical), Telegraph (historical), Turnerville, Tyrone, Union Hill, Vanadium, Vista, White Signal, Whitewater, Wilna, Wimsattville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alhambra Post Office (historical), Allison Post Office (historical), Alumina Post Office (historical), Ansonio Post Office (historical), Arenas Valley Post Office, Bayard Post Office, Black Hawk Post Office (historical), Bryan Post Office (historical), Buckhorn Post Office (historical), Camp Monarch Post Office (historical), Central City Post Office (historical), Cliff Post Office, Dwyer Post Office (historical), East Camp Post Office, East Camp Post Office (historical), Faywood Post Office, Faywood Post Office (historical), Fierro Post Office (historical), Fleming Post Office (historical), Fleming Post Office (historical), Fort Bayard Post Office (historical), Georgetown Post Office (historical), Gila Hot Springs Post Office (historical), Gold Hill Post Office (historical), Goldgulch Post Office (historical), Hachita Post Office (historical), Hanover Post Office, Hansburg Post Office (historical), Hudson Hot Spring Post Office (historical), Ivanhoe Post Office (historical), Jackson Post Office (historical), Leopold Post Office (historical), Malone Post Office (historical), Newton Post Office (historical), Odon Post Office (historical), Parks Post Office (historical), Paschal Post Office (historical), Pine Forest Post Office (historical), Redrock Post Office (historical), Ricolite Post Office (historical), Ruia Post Office (historical), Santa Rita Post Office (historical), Separ Post Office (historical), Sherman Post Office (historical), Silver City Post Office, Steeplerock Post Office (historical), Swarts Post Office (historical), Teel Post Office (historical), Turnerville Post Office, Tyrone Post Office (historical), Upper Mimbres Post Office (historical), Vanadium Post Office (historical), White Signal Post Office (historical), Whitewater Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Big Burro Mountains, Brockman Hills, Cookes Range, Coyote Hills, Diablo Range, Langford Mountains, Little Burro Mountains, Mule Mountains, Pinos Altos Range, Silver City Range, Summit Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ackin Tank, Agua Alto Tank, Alexander Tank, Alexander Tank, Apache Creek Trick Tank, Arvin Tanks, B and P Tank, Back of Pasture Tank, Back Tank, Baker Tank, Bald Knoll Tank, Ball Park Tank, Ball Tank, Ball Tank, Bar Six Tank, Barney Kerr Tank, Barney Tank, Bastard Basin Tank, Bear Canyon Reservoir, Bear Tank, Bear Tank, Bee Tank, Bee Tank, Beth Tank, Biddle Tank, Big Laddie Tank, Big Pasture Tank, Big Tank, Big Timber Tank, Bill Evans Lake, Bircher Tank, Black Canyon Tank, Black Hawk Tank, Black Mountain Tank, Blacktail Tank, Blue Stone Tank, Boiling Tank, Bone Tank, Bootleg Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Bradberry Tank, Brock Tank, Brock Tank, Brockman Dirt Tank, Brockman Tank, Brown Tank, Brunner Tank, Brushy Basin Tank, Brushy Mountain Tank, Brushy Tank, Brushy Tank, Buck Tank, Bucket Tank, Buckhorn Tank, Buckhorn Tank, Burnt Tank, Burro Cienga Tank, Burtcher Tank, C C Tank, Cabin Tank, Cactus Flat Tanks, Cake Canyon Tank, California Tank, California Tank, Cameron Tank, Camp Creek Tank, Canyon Tank, Canyon Tank, Cattle Guard Tank, CCC Tank, CCC Tank, Chapel Tanks, China Tank, Clark Tank, Clark Tanks, Clay Bank Tank, Clear Tank, Coal Creek Tank, Coal Creek Tank, Codey Tank, Condon Tank, Continental Divide Tank, Continental Tank, Cooley Tank, Coon Den Tank, Cooper Tank, Copeland Tank, Copperas Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corral Canyon Tank, Corral CanyonTank, Corral Tank, Corral Tank, Corral Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Crash Landing Tank, Dale Tank, Dan Neal Tank, Dave Tank, Dave Tank, Davis Tank, Dead Buck Tank, Deadman Tank, Deer Tank, Dickerson Tank, Dirt Tank, Distill Tank, Distill Tank, Ditch Tank, Ditch Tank, Ditch Tank, Dons Tank, Double Tanks, Drew Tank, Drift Fence Tank, Dripping Spring Tank, Dry Lake Tank, Dry Lake Tank, Dry Section Tank, Dry Tank, Dud Tank, Duncan Tank, Duncan Tank, Dutchman Tank, Dwyer Reservoir, E T Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Walnut Tank, East Wilkinson Tank, Eighteen Tank, Elk Pasture Tank, ET Tank Number Two, Farm Tank, Fence Line Tank, Fence Tank, Fence Tank, First Tank, Fish Pond Tank, Flat Tank, Fleming Canyon Tank, Fork Stock Tank, Forrest Tank, Fort Bayard Reservoir, Fossil Tank, Foster Tank, Gatlin Tank, George Clark Tank, Georgetown Tank, Geronimo Water Tank, Getaway Tank, Gila Flat Tank, Gila Flat Tank Number Two, Glaze Reservoir, Glaze Tank, Gold Hill Tank, Gold Lake, Gooseman Tank, Government Tank, Grassy Flat Tank, Gravel Tank, Gunn Tank, Hade Spring Tank, Hade Springs Tank, Hardluck Tank, Hay Mesa Tank, Hay Number Two Tank, Hay Tank, Haynie Tank, Heifer Tank, Hells Hole Tank, Hog Canyon Tank, Hogback Tank, Homestead Tank, Hookedy Tank, Horse Lake Tank, Horse Mountain Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Tank, Hot Springs Well, Hub Tank, Ingersoll Tank, Ira Canyon Tank, Jack Steel Tank, Jarrell Tank Number 1, Jeep Tank, Jeffers Tank, Jeffers Tank, Jerky Park Pasture Tank, Jerky Park Tank, Joes Tank, Johnson Tank, Jonnie Tank, Jonnie Tanks, Jordon Tank, JT Tank, Juan Mesa Tank, Juan Mesa Tank Number Two, Jug Tank, Juniper Spring Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Water Well, Kellogg Tank, Kelly Mesa Tank, Kelly Ridge Tank, Kelly Tank, Kelly Tank, Knight Canyon Tank, KWR Tank, Lake Roberts, Lake Superior Tank, Lewis Tank, Lincoln Tank, Line Tank, Lion Tank, Little Bear Tank, Little Laddie Tank, Little Rough Tank, Little Tank, Little Tank, Little Tank, Live Oak Tank, Locked Horns Tank, Loco Tank, Lollipop Tank, Lonesome Tank, Lost Tank, Lower Blue Tank, Lower Elk Tank, Lower Goat Canyon Tank, Lower Pasture Tank, Lower Slate Creek Tank, Malapi Tank, Mallet Pond, Malpais Tank, Malpais Tank, Mantoya Tank, Marsa Tank, Maverick Tank, Mayo Tank, McComas Tank, McCoy Tank, McDonald Hay Draw Tank, McDonald Tank, McKenna Mesa Tank, Meason Tank, Meason Trap Tank, Medina Tank, Meerschaum Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Middle Bear Tank, Middle Mesa Tank, Middle Mesa Tank Number Two, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Midway Tank, Mikes Tank, Mine Tank, Mitchell Tank, Monument Tank, Moore Tank, Morrell Tank, Mount Owens Tank, Mud Flat Tank, Mud Spring Tank, Mulberry Tank, Mule Creek Tank, Mule Creek Tank, Murray Tank, New Coyote Tank, Nicholi Tank, No Name Tank, No Name Tank, North Cooper Tank, North Drew Tank, North Side Tank, North Side Tank, North Star Tank, North Tank, North Water Tank, Oak Canyon Tank, Oak Tank, Oak Tank, Old Big Tank, Old Number Two Tank, Old SI Tank, Old SI Tank, Old Tank, Oscar Tank, Oscar Tank, Ott Tank, Pale Tank, Panther Tank, Park Tank, Park Tank Number Two, Parra Tank, Partnership Tank, Partnership Tank, Pasture Tank, Pasture Tank, Pasture Tank Number 1, Pasture Tank Number 2, Pasture Tank Number One, Pasture Tank Number Two, Pence Tank, Peterson Tank, Pig Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Pinyon Tank, Pinyon Tank, Pipe Tank, Pipeline Tank, Pit Tank, Pit Tank, Pit Tank, Pitts Pasture Tank, Point Tank, Polecat Tank, Porcupine Tank, Pothole Tank, Pothole Tank, Pothole Tank, Powderhorn Tank, Prong Tank, Prong Tank, Puddles Tank, Purple Heart Tank, Quartzite Tank, Quien Sabe Tank, Racetrack Tank, Rally Tank, Ranch Tank, Ray Gun Tank, Rays Tank, Red Kelly Tank, Redrock Tank, Richardson Tank, Ridge Tank Number Two, Rimrock Tank, Rimrock Tank, Rincon Tank, Road Tank, Roadside Tank, Robertson Tank, Rock Bottom Tank, Rock Bottom Tank, Rock House Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rocky Tank, Rocky Tank, Rosencrans Tank, Rough Canyon Tank, Rough Canyon Tank, Round Mountain Tank, Round Mountain Tank, Round Mountain Tank, Sacaton South Tank, Saddle Tank, Saddle Tank, Saddle Tank, Sandrock Tank, Sandy Canyon Tank, Sappington Tank, School Canyon Tank, School Canyon Tank, Scorpion Tank, Second Tank, Section Three Tank, Seep Canyon Tank, Seep Tank, Seep Tank, Seneca Tanks, Seventyfour Mountain Tank, Sheeley Tank, Sherman Tank, Shingle Tank, SI Flat Tank, SI Flat Tank, SI Mountain Tank, SI Mountain Tank, Silver Dale Tank, Skates Tank, Skates Tank Number One, Skates Tank Number Two, Slack Sawmill Tank, Slash Tank, Slow Tank, Smith Mountain Tank, Snow Creek Tank, South Brushy Tank, South Drew Tank, South End Tank, South Fork Tank, South Number 1 Tank, South Side Tank, South Side Tank, South Sycamore Mesa Tank, South Tank, Sparaque Tank, Spring Canyon Tank, Spring Canyon Tank, Spring Tank, Squaw Creek Ridge Tank, Stateline Tank, Stateline Tank, Steep Hollow Tank, Steer Pasture Tank, Steer Tank, Stitzel Tank, Summer Resort Tank, Sycamore Tank, Sycamore Tank, T-Eleven Tank, Tadpole Tank, Tank Number One, Taylor Tank, Telephone Tank, Tennessee Tank, Tennessee Tank, Terry Tank Number Three, Thirtytwo Tank, Thompson Tank, Thompson Tank, Thompson Tank Number Twenty, Three Pine Tank, Tinsley Tank, Top Water Tank, Trail Canyon Tank, Trail Canyon Tanks, Trail Tank, Trail Tank, Trail Tank, Trap Tank, Trap Tank, Trap Tank, Turkey Basin Tank, Turkey Cienega Tank, Turkey Tank, Turner Tank, Turquoise Tank, Twin Calf Tank, Tyrone Tank, Unknown Tank, Upper Corral Canyon Tank, Upper Drift Fence Tank, Upper Goat Canyon Tank, Upton Cabin Well, Upton Tank, Vista Tank, Walker Tank, Walker Tank, Wamels Pond, Ward Tank, Ward Tank, Water Canyon Tank, Water Development Tank, Watson Well, Wayne Tank, West Masonary Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, White Rock Tank, Whitetail Tank, Whitewater Reservoir, Whitewater Tank, Wild Antelope Tank, Wild Antelope Tank, Wilkinson Tank, Willis Dickerson Tank, Willmeth Tank, Winchester Tank, Winchester Tank, Wire Corral Tank, YCC Trick Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Antelope Ridge, Brock Ridge, Goose Lake Ridge, Hay Mesa, Howells Ridge, Ira Ridge, Monument Ridge, North Star Mesa, Rim Rock, Skillet Mesa, Tadpole Ridge, Telephone Ridge, Thumb Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Arise and Shine School, Bayard Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Cliff Elementary School, Cliff High School, Cobre High School, College Street School, Down to Earth School, Gila School, Guadalupe Montessori School, Hanover School, Harrison A Schmitt School, Harrison H Schmidt Elementary School, Hurley Elementary School, Jose Barrios Elementary School, La Plata Middle School, Mimbres School, Saint Marys Academy, San Lorenzo Elementary School, Silver City Christian Academy, Silver High School, Snell Mid School, Stout Intermediate School, Sully School, Western New Mexico University, Western New Mexico University, White Signal School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Adobe Spring, Adobe Spring, Agate Spring, Allen Spring, Allie Spring, Alum Spring, Apache Tejo Springs, Ash Spring, Aspen Spring, Aspen Spring, Barrel Spring, Bear Creek Spring, Big Trap Spring, Bitter Creek Spring, Black Willow Spring, Branding Iron Spring, Branding Iron Spring, Brannon Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Spring, Burro Spring, Butterfly Seep, C F Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Cane Spring, Cave Spring, Cherry Spring, Clark Spring, Comanche Springs, Cooley Spring, Copperas Spring, Corner Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Dark Thunder Spring, Dog Spring, Dorsey Hole Spring, Dorsey Spring, Dripping Spring, East Prong Spring, Eddie Spring, Faywood Hot Spring, Fenceline Spring, Fierro Spring, First Water Spring, Fish Spring, Fort Bayard Hospital Springs, Foster Spring, Foxtail Spring, Gila Hot Springs, Girty Spring, Goat Camp Spring, Goat Spring, Gold Gulch Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grapevine Spring, Hatch Spring, Hells Canyon Spring, Hidden Spring, Holman Spring, Holmon Spring, Homon Spring, Horse Pasture Spring, Indian Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Kelley Spring, Kennecott Warm Springs, Laney Spring, Larkins Spring, Lee Spring, Lindauer Spring, Little Bear Spring, Little Pipe Spring, Little Pipeline Spring, Little Shingle Spring, Lower Cave Creek Spring, Lower Winchester Spring, Lower Winchester Spring, Lyons Hunting Lodge Hot Spring, McCain Spring, McKnight Cabin Spring, McKnight Pasture Spring, McMillan Spring, McNaire Spring, Meason Spring, Meerschaum Spring, Milk Ranch Spring, Milkranch Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Spring, Mimbres Cold Springs, Mimbres Hot Springs, Mine Shaft Spring, Monument Spring, Moore Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mulberry Spring, Mule Spring, Newman Spring, Nichols Spring, Outlaw Spring, Pasture Spring, Pearson Springs, Pelican Spring, Peterson Spring, Pipeline Spring, Pipeline Spring, Pipeline Spring, Poison Spring, Posito Spring, Rabb Spring, Race Spring, Railroad Spring, Ridge Spring, River Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rustler Spring, Salt Creek Spring, Salt Mesa Spring, Salt Mesa Spring, Sawmill Spring, Shady Bend Spring, Silver Dale Spring, Siphon Spring, Smith Spring, Snow Creek Spring, Soldier Spring, South Black Spring, Squeaky Spring, Squirrel Spring, Steer Spring, Stone Corral Spring, Sycamore Spring, Sycamore Spring, Tank Draw Spring, Tennessee Spring, Thanksgiving Spring, Tom O'Shea Springs, Tom Osher Springs, Trap Spring, Tub Spring, Tub Spring, Upper Cave Creek Spring, Upper Cottonwood Spring, Utah Bill Spring, Valentine Spring, Walnut Creek Spring, Walnut Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, Water Canyon Spring, Water Haul Spring, White Oak Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wilson Spring, Yates Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Ansones Creek, Apache Creek, Arroyo Rico, Ash Creek, Atlantic Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beartooth Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Blue Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Cameron Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Copperas Creek, Cow Creek, Dry Gavilan Creek, Dry Gavilan Creek, Dry Gavilan Creek, Duck Creek, East Fork Gila River, East Fork Mimbres River, East Stephens Creek, Fivemile Creek, Foxtail Creek, Gavilan Arroyo, Gavilan Creek, Hanover Creek, Kemp Creek, Little Cherry Creek, Little Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Sycamore Creek, Little Turkey Creek, Lobo Creek, Macho Creek, Mangas Creek, Manzanita Creek, Meadow Creek, Mill Creek, Mogollon Creek, Mule Creek, Ninetysix Creek, North Fork Sycamore Creek, North Fork Tennessee Creek, North Fork Walnut Creek, Oak Grove Creek, Pine Cienega Creek, Pine Creek, Pinos Altos Creek, Rio de Arenas, Sacaton Creek, Salt Creek, San Vicente Arroyo, Santa Rita Creek, Sapillo Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sheep Creek, Silva Creek, Silver Creek, Slate Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Mimbres River, South Fork Mogollow Creek, South Fork Sycamore Creek, Squaw Creek, Stephens Creek, Sycamore Creek, Sycamore Creek, Tennessee Creek, Trout Creek, Turkey Creek, Twin Sisters Creek, Walnut Creek, West Fork Mimbres River, West Fork Mogollon Creek, West Fork Snow Creek, West Prong Ash Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek

  Summits     show all on map

A Four Mountain, Alum Mountain, Applegate Mountain, Aspen Mountain, Avalanche Peak, Bald Knoll, Bald Mountain, Beacon Hill, Bear Grass Hill, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bessie Rhoads Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Peak, Blue Mountain, Bobtail Mesa, Boston Hill, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Buck Hannen Mountain, Buckwood Mesa, Bull Hill, Bullard Peak, Burro Peak, Canyon Hill, Caprock Mountain, Castle Knob, Century Hill, Charlie Hill, Chocolate Peak, Circle Mesa, Clark Peak, Copper Mountain (historical), Copperas Peak, Coyote Peak, Crookson Peak, Cross Mountain, Cross-O Mountain, Davenport Peak, Deer Mountain, Deer Peak, Devils Garden, Dorsey Mesa, Dry Section Mountain, Eagle Eye Peak, Eagle Point, Eighty Mountain, Elephant Back Mountain, Ferguson Mountain, Fierro Hill, Flat Hill, Fort West Hill, Gold Hill, Gomez Peak, Gooseneck Hill, Granite Peak, Granny Mountain, Graveyard Mesa, Hanna Mountain, Hanover Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Hendricks Peak, Hermosa Mountain, High Lonesome Peak, High Peak, Hogback Mountain, Hornbrook Mountain, Horse Camp Peak, Horse Mountain, Humbolt Mountain, Indian Hill, Indian Peak, J P B Mountain, Jacks Peak, JPB Mountain, Juniper Hill, Juniper Peak, Kelly Mesa, Kemp Peak, Kneeling Nun, Knight Peak, L S Mesa, Larkins Spring Mountain, Lead Mountain, Lee Hill (historical), Little Bear Mountain, Little Black Mountain, Little Juniper Peak, Loco Mountain, Lone Mountain, Lookout Point, Lydian Peak, Malpais Hills, Maverick Mountain, McClure Mountain, McComas Peak, McKnight Mountain, McMullen Peak, Middle Mesa, Middle Mountain, Mimbres Peak, Mount Royal, Mud Spring Mountain, Mud Springs Mountain, Nolen Peak, Noonday Peak, Outlaw Mountain, Pigeon Hill, Pigeon Hills, Piņon Mountain, Pinos Altos Mountain, Playas Peak, Preachers Point, Pyrite Mountain, Reading Mesa, Reading Mountain, Red Hill, Redrock Mesa, Redrock Mesa, Rocky Point, Round Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Saddle Rock, Saddleback Mountain, Saint Peters Rock, Salt Mesa, San Jose Mountain, Sawyers Peak, Schoolhouse Mountain, Scott Peak, Seventyfour Mountain, Shelley Peak, Signal Knob, Signal Peak, Slick Rock Mesa, Smith Mountain, Snake Hill, Snow Peak, Soldier Hill, Soldiers Farewell Hill, Steeple Rock, Stewart Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain, Summit Peak, Sunflower Mesa, T X Mountain, Table Butte, Tampico Peak, Telegraph Mountain, The Saltys, Thompson Cone, Three Sisters, Tillie Hall Peak, Topknot Hill, Treasure Mountain, Tulloch Peak, Turkey Knob, Turquoise Mountain, Twin Peaks, Twin Sisters, Union Hill, Vanderbilt Peak, Walker Mountain, Watson Mountain, Werney Hill, White Pinnacle, Whitehorse Mountain, Whitetop Hill, Wild Horse Mesa, Wild Horse Mesa, Wilson Mountain, Wilson Mountain, Winchester Peak, Wind Mountain, Yellowjacket Peak, Zinc Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Howard Cienega

  Towers     show all on map

Granite Peak Lookout, KNFT-AM (Bayard), KNFT-FM (Bayard), KSCQ-FM (Silver City), KSIL-AM (Silver City), KWNM-TV (Silver City), KXKK-FM (Lordsburg), Reeds Peak Lookout Tower, Reeds Peak Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Allie Canyon Trail, Bear Canyon Trail, Black Canyon Trail, Black Peak Trail, Brannon Park Trail, Brushy Mountain Trail, Butterfield Trail, Community Pasture Trail, Granny Mountain Trail, Lookout Trail, Miller Springs Trail, Mogollon Creek Trail, Rocky Canyon Trail, Sapillo Trail, Sapillo Trail, Sawmill Wagon Road Trail, Signal Peak Trail, Snow Creek Trail, Spring Canyon Trail, The Military Road, Turkey Creek Trail, West Fork Trail, Wood Haul Wagon Road Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Bluebell Tunnel, Davidson Tunnel, Dewey Tunnel, Gilchrist Tunnel, Hanover Tunnel Number 2, Mason Tunnel, McDonald Tunnel, Modoc Tunnel (historical), Niagara Tunnel (historical), Snowflake Tunnel, Strike Tunnel, Union Hill Portal, United States Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Alexander Canyon, Alies Seep Canyon, Allie Canyon, Alum Canyon, Ancheta Canyon, Antelope Draw, Apache Box, Arrastre Gulch, Ash Creek Box, Ash Spring Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Axel Canyon, Bar Six Canyon, Barney Kerr Canyon, Barrel Canyon, Bathtub Canyon, Bathtub Draw, Bayard Canyon, Baylor Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Trap Canyon, Bear Valley, Bell Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Pat Canyon, Big Pine Canyon, Big Timber Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon Box, Black Hawk Canyon, Black Mountain Draw, Blacksmith Canyon, Bloodgood Canyon, Blue Rock Canyon, Boiling Canyon, Bonner Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Brick Kiln Gulch, Brock Canyon, Brown Canyon, Brunner Canyon, Brush Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Buckhead Canyon, Buckhorn Draw, Buckhorn Gulch, Bud Wright Canyon, Bull canyon, Bull Spring Canyon, Bull Trap Canyon, Bullard Peak Canyon, Burnt Stump Canyon, Burro Spring Canyon, Burtcher Canyon, Buzzard Canyon, C Bar Canyon, C F Canyon, Cactus Flat Draw, Cake Canyon, California Gulch, Cane Spring Canyon, Canteen Canyon, Caprock Prong, Carrizo Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cave Spring Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cherokee Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Cherry Creek Canyon, Chick Canyon, Chicken Canyon, Clark Canyon, Clyde Canyon, Cold Springs Canyon, Cooney Canyon, Cordell Canyon, Cordwood Draw, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Crow Canyon, Cureton Canyon, Dam Canyon, Dark Thunder Canyon, Davis Canyon, Davis Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deemer Canyon, Diamond Bar Canyon, Dix Canyon, Domingues Canyon, Donahue Canyon, Dorsey Canyon, Doyle Canyon, Dripping Spring Canyon, Dry Gallinas Canyon, Dud Canyon, Dutchman Canyon, E T Canyon, East Canyon, East Fork Schoolhouse Canyon, East Fork Smith Canyon, East Railroad Canyon, Edgar Canyon, El Rincon, Eldeberry Canyon, Eliot Canyon, Elliot Canyon, Fall Canyon, Fall Canyon, Falls Canyon, Faucet Canyon, First Valley, Fleming Canyon, Flo Canyon, Fogarty Canyon, Foster Canyon, Foster Draw, Gallinas Canyon, Garcia Canyon, Georgetown Canyon, Geronimo Draw, Gila Middle Box, Goat Canyon, Goat Canyon, Goat Canyon, Gold Gulch, Gold Gulch, Gold Pan Canyon, Graveyard Canyon, Graveyard Draw, Greenwood Canyon, Guerrero Canyon, Gunn Canyon, Hall Draw, Harris Canyon, Haystack Canyon, Heffner Canyon, Hells Canyon, Hells Canyon, Hells Hole, Henderson Canyon, Hidden Pasture Canyon, High Lonesome Canyon, Hightower Canyon, Hill Canyon, Hill Canyon, Hodge Canyon, Hog Camp Canyon, Hogback Draw, Holman Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Lake Canyon, Hot Springs Canyon, House Canyon, Indian Canyon, Ira Canyon, Iron Gulch, Jack Canyon, Jackass Canyon, Jaybird Canyon, Joe Harris Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Jones Canyon, Jordan Canyon, JPB Draw, Juniper Canyon, Keese Canyon, Kelly Chimney Canyon, Knight Canyon, L C Canyon, Langford Draw, Laura Canyon, Leachman Draw, Lemmons Canyon, Lincoln Canyon, Little Bear Canyon, Little Bear Canyon, Little Brushy Canyon, Little Gallinas Canyon, Little Lloyd Canyon, Little McKnight Canyon, Little Pat Canyon, Little Rough Canyon, Little SA Canyon, Little Shingle Canyon, Lloyd Canyon, Lockler Canyon, Long Gulch, Lost Grave Canyon, Lower Spring Canyon, Lucky Bill Canyon, Maldonado Canyon, Mangas Valley, Martin Canyon, Maudes Canyon, Maverick Canyon, McDonald Draw, McKeefer Canyon, McKnight Canyon, Meerschaum Canyon, Middle Bear Canyon, Middle Copper Canyon, Middle Shingle Canyon, Mill Canyon, Miller Canyon, Miller Canyon, Miller Spring Canyon, Mimbres Canyon, Mineral Spring Canyon, Monument Canyon, Moonhull Canyon, Moore Canyon, Mud Spring Canyon, Mud Springs Canyon, Mulberry Canyon, Mulberry Canyon, Myers Canyon, Myers Canyon, Negro Canyon, New Well Canyon, Niagara Gulch (historical), Nichols Canyon, Noonday Canyon, North Cherokee Canyon, North Copper Canyon, North Fork Clark Canyon, North Fork Corral Canyon, North Fork Ira Canyon, North Fork McKnight Canyon, North Fork Walnut Canyon, North Fork Wild Horse Canyon, North Sawmill Canyon, North Spring Canyon, North Well Canyon, Northrup Canyon, O L D Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Canyon, Old Maid Canyon, Orphan Canyon, Oscar Canyon, Outlaw Canyon, Packsaddle Canyon, Pancho Canyon, Panther Canyon, Panther Canyon, Park Canyon, Patterson Canyon, Patterson Canyon, Pennsylvania Canyon, Peterson Canyon, Picnic Canyon, Picnic Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pipe Line Draw, Pope Canyon, Porcupine Canyon, Possum Hollow, Pothole Canyon, Pothole Canyon, Powderhorn Canyon, Powerline Canyon, Pyrite Canyon, Quaking Asp Canyon, Quien Sabe Canyon, Rabb Canyon, Racetrack Canyon, Railroad Canyon, Railroad Canyon, Rapp Canyon, Ray Canyon, Reading Canyon, Red Hair Canyon, Redrock Canyon, Redrock Canyon, Reece Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Rock House Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rosencran Canyon, Rough Canyon, Rough Canyon, Rustler Canyon, Rustler Canyon, Rustlers Canyon, SA Canyon, Saddle Rock Canyon, Sandy Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Schoolhouse Canyon, Second Valley, Seep Spring Canyon, Seep Springs Canyon, Seneca Canyon, Sheep Corral Canyon, Sheep Corral Draw, Shelby Clark Canyon, Shelley Canyon, Sheppard Canyon, Shields Canyon, Shingle Canyon, Silver Bar Canyon, Silver City Draw, Silver Creek Canyon, Silver Dale Canyon, Skates Canyon, Skating Rink Canyon, Skeleton Canyon, Slick Rock Canyon, Slick Rock Canyon, Smith Canyon, Smith Canyon, Smith Draw, Snowflake Canyon, Soldiers Canyon, South Copper Canyon, South Fork Buzzard Canyon, South Fork Clark Canyon, South Fork Corral Canyon, South Fork Powderhorn Canyon, South Fork Road Canyon, South Fork Walnut Canyon, South Well Canyon, Spar Canyon, Sprague Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Starvation Canyon, Steamboat Canyon, Steep Hollow, Steep Hollow Spring Canyon, Stein Canyon, Still Canyon, Stitzel Canyon, Stone Canyon, Swan Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Tank Draw, Taylor Canyon, Terry Canyon, The Box, Thompson Canyon, Three Circle Canyon, Tom Brown Canyon, Toney Canyon, Trail Canyon, Troffer Canyon, Trusdale Canyon, Turkey Canyon, Turkey Cienega Canyon, Turkey Run Canyon, Turnbo Canyon, Upper Alexander Canyon, Utah Bill Canyon, Valentine Canyon, Walker Canyon, Walking X Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Watson Canyon, Webb Gulch, West Canyon, West Fork Schoolhouse Canyon, West Railroad Canyon, West Skates Canyon, White Rock Canyon, White Rock Canyon, White Rock Canyon, Whitetail Canyon, Whitewater Canyon, Wild Cow Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Willow Draw, Willow Draw, Wilson Canyon, Wind Canyon, Windmill Canyon, Winn Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woodrow Canyon, Y L Canyon, Yates Spring Canyon, Yellowdog Gulch, Z X Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

00006 Water Well, 00007 Water Well, 00008 Water Well, 00009 Water Well, 00010 Water Well, 00011 Water Well, 00012 Water Well, 00015 Water Well, 00016 Water Well, 00017 Water Well, 00020 Water Well, 00021 Water Well, 00022 Water Well, 00023 Water Well, 00027 Water Well, 00028 Water Well, 00031 Water Well, 00034 Water Well, 00037 Water Well, 00038 Water Well, 00039 Water Well, 00042 Water Well, 00045 Water Well, 00048 Water Well, 00053 Water Well, 00056 Water Well, 00060 Water Well, 00064 Water Well, 00071 Water Well, 00073 Water Well, 00078 Water Well, 00080 Water Well, 00084 Water Well, 00090 Water Well, 00093 Water Well, 00095 Water Well, 00096 Water Well, 00101 Water Well, 00105 Water Well, 00116 Water Well, 00120 Water Well, 00123 Water Well, 00128 Water Well, 00133 Water Well, 00141 Water Well, 00144 Water Well, 00156 Water Well, 00158 Water Well, 00169 Water Well, 00171 Water Well, 00179 Water Well, 00181 Water Well, 00183 Water Well, 00187 Water Well, 00188 Water Well, 00189 Water Well, 00190 Water Well, 00191 Water Well, 00196 Water Well, 00202 Water Well, 00208 Water Well, 00214 Water Well, 00217 Water Well, 00222 Water Well, 00224 Water Well, 00226 Water Well, 00231 Water Well, 00236 Water Well, 00240 Water Well, 00241 Water Well, 00244 Water Well, 00246 Water Well, 00248 Water Well, 00249 Water Well, 00250 Water Well, 00254 Water Well, 00260 Water Well, 00262 Water Well, 00263 Water Well, 00264 Water Well, 00265 Water Well, 00267 Water Well, 00271 Water Well, 00272 Water Well, 00273 Water Well, 00274 Water Well, 00276 Water Well, 00285 Water Well, 00286 Water Well, 00287 Water Well, 00290 Water Well, 00291 Water Well, 00294 Water Well, 00297 Water Well, 00298 Water Well, 00300 Water Well, 00302 Water Well, 00304 Water Well, 00308 Water Well, 00310 Water Well, 00311 Water Well, 00312 Water Well, 00313 Water Well, 00315 Water Well, 00320 Water Well, 00321 Water Well, 00324 Water Well, 00327 Water Well, 00328 Water Well, 00335 Water Well, 00340 Water Well, 00345 Water Well, 00349 Water Well, 00351 Water Well, 00356 Water Well, 00358 Water Well, 00360 Water Well, 00364 Water Well, 00368 Water Well, 00380 Water Well, 00381 Water Well, 00382 Water Well, 00387 Water Well, 00388 Water Well, 00407 Water Well, 00411 Water Well, 00412 Water Well, 00414 Water Well, 00421 Water Well, 00424 Water Well, 00427 Water Well, 00428 Water Well, 00432 Water Well, 00434 Water Well, 00441 Water Well, 00442 Water Well, 00446 Water Well, 00449 Water Well, 00452 Water Well, 00453 Water Well, 00456 Water Well, 00458 Water Well, 00464 Water Well, 00471 Water Well, 00474 Water Well, 00483 Water Well, 00485 Water Well, 00488 Water Well, 00493 Water Well, 00497 Water Well, 00553 Water Well, 00555 Water Well, 00559 Water Well, 00560 Water Well, 00565 Water Well, 00567 Water Well, 00570 Water Well, 00571 Water Well, 00572 Water Well, 00574 Water Well, 00576 Water Well, 00592 Water Well, 00652 Water Well, 00658 Water Well, 00658 Water Well, 00673 Water Well, 00685 Water Well, 00686 Water Well, 00734 Water Well, 00736 Water Well, 00743 Water Well, 00752 Water Well, 00753 Water Well, 00759 Water Well, 00775 Water Well, 00781 Water Well, 00791 Water Well, 00795 Water Well, 00797 Water Well, 00805 Water Well, 00822 Water Well, 00860 Water Well, 00862 Water Well, 00863 Water Well, 00866 Water Well, 00868 Water Well, 00870 Water Well, 00872 Water Well, 00874 Water Well, 00876 Water Well, 00908 Water Well, 00909 Water Well, 00910 Water Well, 00912 Water Well, 00914 Water Well, 00916 Water Well, 00918 Water Well, 00921 Water Well, 00942 Water Well, 00945 Water Well, 00947 Water Well, 00949 Water Well, 00961 Water Well, 00968 Water Well, 00988 Water Well, 00989 Water Well, 01009 Water Well, 01010 Water Well, 01036 Water Well, 01069 Water Well, 05036 Water Well, 06004 Water Well, 08898 Water Well, 10000 Water Well, 10008 Water Well, 10012 Water Well, 10013 Water Well, 10020 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10024 Water Well, 10029 Water Well, 10030 Water Well, 10031 Water Well, 10032 Water Well, 10033 Water Well, 10034 Water Well, 10037 Water Well, 10039 Water Well, 10042 Water Well, 10043 Water Well, 10166 Water Well, 10167 Water Well, 10168 Water Well, 10169 Water Well, 10170 Water Well, 10171 Water Well, 10172 Water Well, 10173 Water Well, 10175 Water Well, 10180 Water Well, 10181 Water Well, 10182 Water Well, 10197 Water Well, 10212 Water Well, 2 Mile Wind Mill Water Well, 4 Mile WLS Water Well, 485 Water Well, 491 Water Well, Allie Well, Antelope Well, Antelope Well, Apache Tejo, Armstrong Well, Ash CK CMP Water Well, Aviation Water Well, Baker Tank Water Well, Big Deeper Well, Black Mountain Water Well, Black Mountain Well, Blackhawk Water Well, Blue Stone Well, Brockman Well, Buckhorn Store Water Well, C Bar Water Well, Cabin Well, Carrizo Well, Cedar Breaks Well, Cherry Creek Water Well, Circle Well, Cold Spring 2 Water Well, Continental Divide Well, Cooper Water Well, Cooper Well, Culb 2 Water Well, Divide Well, Divide Well, Dug Out Water Well, Estes Well, Fierro Well, Fourmile Wells, Franks 5 Water Well, Franks RNC Water Well, G 125 Water Well, G 14 Water Well, G 197 Water Well, G 216 Water Well, G 218 Water Well, G 220 Water Well, G 239 Water Well, G 266 Water Well, G 269 Water Well, G 322 Water Well, G 451 Water Well, G 459 Water Well, G 556 Water Well, G 557 Water Well, G 77 Water Well, G 773 Water Well, G 778 Water Well, G 790 Water Well, G 800 Water Well, G 854 Water Well, G 893 Water Well, G 940 Water Well, G 943 Water Well, G 962 Water Well, G 982 Water Well, G323 Water Well, Glaze Well, Harpers Water Well, HDQ Water Well, Highway Water Well, Hinds Well, Hope Well, Hudson Well, J P B Water Well, Kelly Well, LC-28 Water Well, Lower Well, Mangold Water Well, May Well, McKnight Well, Middle Well, Mimbres Well, Mule Creek Well, Murray Water Wells, Murray Wells, NMBS RG ST Water Well, Number 700 Water Well, Phillips Well, Pot Hole Water Well, Red Sap Well, Ringbone Water Well, RVSD Store Water Well, Sawmill Well, Shingle Well, Silver City Water Wells, Skunk Ranch Water Well, South Cox Well, Star Shaft Water Well, Stark 1 Water Well, Terry Well, The Pines, Upper Well, Utah Bill Well, Warren West Well, West Water Well, West Well, West Well, West Well Water Well, Whitetop Well, Whitteburg Well, Woodyard Water Well, X Bar U Water Well,

Grant County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGrant County White population 27,66127,660  
MixedGrant County Mixed population 617616
American IndianGrant County American Indian population 558557
BlackGrant County Black population 323323
AsianGrant County Asian population 176176
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGrant County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2929

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county