Guadalupe County, New Mexico Basics:

Guadalupe County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 4,608
Area: 3030 square miles
County seat: Santa Rosa
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 81.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.2%
Median household income: $27,242
Persons in poverty: 23.7%
Home ownership rate: 81.1%
Mean travel time to work: 15.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Debaca  Lincoln  Quay  San Miguel  Torrance  

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Map of the Guadalupe County area

Our detail map of Guadalupe County shows the Guadalupe County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Guadalupe County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Santa Rosa Landing Field, Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport, Vaughn Municipal Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Los Montecitos, Rincon de la Ciruelita, Rincon Entranoso

  Arroyos     show all on map

Camaleon Draw, Marino Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Sotano Blanco

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Anton Chico Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Grzelachowski House Historic Site, Guadalupe County Correctional Facility, Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office, Guadalupe Courthouse Historic Site, Guadalupe Courthouse Historic Site, Jesus M Casaus House Historic Site, New Mexico State Police District 9 Santa Rosa, Puerto de Luna Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Puerto de Luna Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Santa Rosa Emergency Medical Services, Santa Rosa Police Department, Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department Station Guadalupe County Correctional Facility Campus, Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department Tudi Lorenzo Sanchez, Vaughn Ambulance Service, Vaughn Police Department, Vaughn Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Acequia de Anton Chico, Acequia de los Ranchitos, Acequia del Bodo Juan Paiz, Acequia del Hormigoso, Casaus Ditch, East Puerto De Luna Ditch, West Puerto De Luna Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alamo Cemetery, Calvoria Cemetery, Cuervo Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, La Morada Cemetery, Los Tanos Cemetery, Monte Calvario Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Newkirk Cemetery, Nuestra Senora De Refugio Cemetery, Old Anton Chico Cemetery, Old Pintada Cemetery, Ruth Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Rose of Lima Cemetery, Salado Cemetery, Salado Creek Cemetery, San Cristobal Cemetery, San Ignacio Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery, Sombrio Cemetery, Vaughn Evergreen Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Anton Chico Census Designated Place, Colonias Census Designated Place, Llano del Medio Census Designated Place, Newkirk Census Designated Place, Pastura Census Designated Place, Puerto de Luna Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Church of Christ, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Kingdom Hall, Sacred Heart Church, Salazar Miguel Church, San Isidro Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Casas del Medio

  Crossings     show all on map

San Ignacio Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Power Dam Lake, Railroad Reservoir Number One Dam, Railroad Reservoir Number Two Dam, Santa Rosa Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Catfish Falls (historical)

  Flats     show all on map

Laguna Seca

  Hospitals     show all on map

Guadalupe County Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Baker Lake, Bass Lake, Blue Hole, Bull Lake, Burro Lake, Edwardo Lake, Gibson Tank, Hidden Lake, Laguna de las Vacas, Laguna de los Terreros, Laguna del Arabe, Laguna del Desaque, Laguna del Tul, Laguna del Tuloso, Laguna Seca, Mayter Lake, Nine Hundred Acre Lake, Park Lake, Perch Lake, Post Lake, Red Lake, Rock Lake, Rock Tank, Salt Lake, Swan Lake, Tank Lake, Tres Lagunas, Twin Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Agua Negra Ranch, Alamo Ranch, Alcor (historical), Alegre Windmill, Amy Windmill, Anton Chico Abajo Historic District, Arabella Windmill, Armstrong Ranch, Avant Ranch, Baca, Bado de Juan Pais, Bar Y Ranch, Bedford Ranch, Benavidez Windmill, Benton Ranch, Bibbs Ranch, Big Spring Pasture Windmill, Blakey, Block Windmill, Boggie Windmill, Boylan Ranch, Bray Ranch, Bull Pasture Windmill, Burgette Ranch, Burton Windmill, Byrd Ranch, Cactus Windmill, Canyon Tank, Carde Ranch, Chaves, Clancy (historical), Claunch Ranch, Clayton Ranch, Colinas, Colonias Camp, Colonias de San Jose Historic District, Corner Windmill, Cowden Ranch, Cuervo Weather Station, Dahlia Pumping Station, Del Curto Ranch, Dilia Weather Station, Duoro, Duoro Siding, East Buck Trap Windmill, El Morro Ranch, Epris (historical), Fallon Ranch, Farm Windmill, Ferguson Windmill, Fogon Windmill, Four Corners Pen, Gallegos, Garcia Ranch, Gardner Windmill, George Ranch, Gerhardt, Gibbons, Gonzales Camp, Gonzales Ranch, Gonzales Windmill, Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Hawks (historical), Hicks Ranch, Hidden Lake Pictographs Historic Site, High Lonesome Windmill, Histon Ranch, Hobo John Windmill, Hormigoso Irrigation Ditch and Dam, Hornsby Ranch, Hunt Ranch, Iden (historical), Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Killough Ranch, Kist Windmill, Knowles Windmill, La Capilla de Santa Rosa Historic Site, La Placita de Abajo Historic District, Lasater Ranch, Latigo Ranch, Lib Windmill, Little Boney Windmill, Little Hamilton Windmill, Little Muniz Windmill, Little Spring Pasture Windmill, Little Windmill, Los Esteros Reservoir District, Los Ranchitos, Los Tanos Windmill, Manuel Ulibarri Ranch, Margarito Ulibarri Ranch, Marquez Ranch, Martinez, Martinez Camp Windmill, Martinez Ranch, Martinez Windmill, Martinez Windmill, McGee Windmill, Middle Buck Trap Windmill, Middle Pasture Windmill, Mines Windmill, Miser Windmill, Mitchell Ranch, Mitchell Windmill, Moise Ranch, Monias Windmill, Montoya Ranch, Monzingo, Moon Ranch, Moorhouse Ranch, Morris Windmills, Mullen Ranch, Muniz Ranch, Neafus Ranch, New Monias Windmill, New Windmill, New Windmill, Newkirk Weather Station, Nickelson Well, North Camp, North Windmill, North Winkle Windmill, Oil Well Windmill, Old Boney Windmill, Old Place Windmill, Orchard Windmill, Ortega Ranch, Ortega Windmills, P Ulibarri Ranch, Paradise Plains (historical), Pastura Weather Station, Payne Ranch, Perez Ranch, Pettigrew Ranch, Pino Ranch, Powell Ranch, Puerto de Luna Gaging Station, Ratcliff Ranch, Ratliff, Reilly Ranch, River Ranch, Roark Ranch, Roman Camp, Romero Ranch, Saiaz, San Pablo Windmill, Sanchez Ranch, Santa Rosa Weather Station, Scott Ranch, Secundino Windmill, Sena Ranch, Shamrock Pumping Station, Shaw and Craig Walker, Simmons (historical), Sisneros Ranch, Slaton Ranch, Smith Place Windmill, South Windmill, Sowell Ranch, Sowell Ranch, Sparks Windmill, Spires Ranch, Stage Stop Windmill, Sulfur Windmill, Tapia Ranch, Tarkington Windmill, Tejon Windmill, Thompson Ranch, Top Strip Windmill, Twin Windmill, Upper Brehedo Windmill, Vaughn Weather Station, Vicente Ranch, West Buck Trap Windmill, West Pature Windmill, White Ranch, Willis Ranch, Winkle (historical), Winkle Windmill, Woodward Ranch, Yates Ranch, York Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Guadalupe Mine, Pintada Mine, Preston Beck Grant Quarry, Stauber Mine, Tapia Pit

  Parks     show all on map

Huntsinger Park, Santa Rosa Historical Marker, Santa Rosa Lake State Park, Sumner Lake State Park, Vaughn Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Agua Negra (historical), Alamo (historical), Anton Chico, Arabella, Bess (historical), Borica, Casaus (historical), Colonias, Cuervo, Dahlia, Dilia, Double Mills, East Vaughn (historical), Eden (historical), Elvira (historical), Galisteo (historical), Haile (historical), Joffre, Juan de Dios (historical), Leoncito, Llano (historical), Llano Del Medio, Llano Viejo, Los Ojitos, Los Tanos, Milagro, Newkirk, Pastura, Pintada, Plaza de Santa Cruz (historical), Potrillo (historical), Puerto De Luna, Richey (historical), Riddle (historical), Ruth (historical), San Ignacio, San Pablo (historical), Santa Rosa, Sombrio (historical), Star (historical), Tejon, Tony, Upper Anton Chico, Upper Dilia, Vaughn, Vegas Junction

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alamo Post Office (historical), Anton Chico Post Office, Bess Post Office (historical), Borica Post Office (historical), Colonias Post Office (historical), Cuervo Post Office, Dahlia Post Office, Dilia Post Office (historical), Douro Post Office (historical), East Vaughn Post Office, East Vaughn Post Office (historical), Elvira Post Office (historical), Epris Post Office (historical), Haile Post Office (historical), Hanson Post Office (historical), Isidore Post Office (historical), Juan De Dios Post Office (historical), La Loma Post Office, Las Colonias Post Office (historical), Los Ojitos Post Office (historical), Los Tanos Post Office (historical), Milagro Post Office (historical), Newkirk Post Office, Paradise Plains Post Office (historical), Pastura Post Office (historical), Pintada Post Office (historical), Portillo Post Office (historical), Puerto De Luna Post Office (historical), Riddle Post Office (historical), Ruth Post Office (historical), San Ignacio Post Office (historical), Santa Rosa Post Office, Sombrio Post Office (historical), Vaughn Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Coyote Tank

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Agua de los Juanes, Aguage, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Bar Y Tank, Barrel Lake, Benavidez Tank, Bibbs Tank, Bills Tank, Blue Tank, Bookout Tank, Box Canyon Tank, Camilo Saiz Tank, Cantina Tank, Casino Tank, Catfish Tank, Cherisco Tank, Chico Tank, Cluck Tank, Cosme Tank, Creek Pasture Tank, Cuervo Tank, De Baca Tank, Draw Tank, Duran Tank, East Tank, Edwardo Tank, Eversaw Tank, Farm Gate Tank, Felix Dee Tank, Frank Padilla Tank, Frog Tank, Harben Lake, Holbrook Tank, Hord Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Kelly Tank, Laguna Quates, Little Salitre Tank, Lower East Tank, Lower Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tanks, Mojada Blancas Tank, Molma Moulton Tank, Montecitos Tank, Mullins Tank, New Tank, North Colonias Tank, North Los Tanos Tank, North Tank, North Tank, Ortega Tank, Oso Tank, Padilla Tank, Pass Tank, Pipeline Tank, Poso Tank, Puertico Tank, Puertocito Lake, Punta de la Mesa, Red Lake, Remigio Tank, Repres de las Uvas, Roman Tank, Round Top Tank, Salitre Tank, Santa Rosa Lake, Secundino Tank, South Los Tanos Tank, Spring Tank, Starve-Out Trap, Streetcar Tank, Telephone Tank, Telephone Tank (historical), Thompson Tank, Trailer Tank, Upper East Tank, Upper Tank, Vigil Tank, Walpole Tank, West Colonias Tank, Woody Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

El Alto de Los Esteros, Los Cerritos del Toro

  Schools     show all on map

Anton Chico Elementary School, Dahlia School, Luna Community College, Puerto de Luna School, Santa Rosa Elementary School, Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rosa Middle School, Santa Rosa Public Schools Title 7 Bilingual, Vaughn Elementary School, Vaughn High School

  Springs     show all on map

Agua Negra Springs, Bass Lake Springs, Blue Hole, Cottonwood Springs, Estritos Spring, Morenas Spring, Ojo Cherisco, Ojo de Anil, Ojo Negro, Park Lake, Rock Hole Spring, Sabine Spring, Sabino Springs, Salitre Spring, Valencia Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Agua de los Juanes, Arroyo Colorado, Arroyo Copita, Arroyo El Ojito, Arroyo Hernandez, Arroyo Potrillo, Arroyo San Juan de Dios, Caņada Bonita, Caņada Colorado, Caņada de Abajo, Caņada de Arriba, Caņada de Brehedo, Caņada los Rincones, Carrizo Creek, Cherisco Creek, Cuervito Creek, Difrises Arroyo, El Rito Creek, Esteros Creek, Gallinas River, Gonzales Creek, Los Tanos Creek, Ojo Negro Creek, Pintada Arroyo, Potrillo Creek, Puerto Creek, Puerto Creek, Rio Agua Negra, Spring Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Argonne Mesa, Bar Y Dome, Barrajon, Ben Ortiz Peak, Boot Hill, Cerro de Pedro Miguel, Ciruela Mesa, Cuervito Peak, Cuervo Hill, Cuervo Mesa, El Cerrito, El Toro, Gacho Hill, La Mesa Del Medio, La Mesa Parda, Luciano Mesa, Mesa Cherisco, Mesa de la Chamizalosa, Mesa del Gato, Mesa del Medio, Mesa Leon, Mesa Pajarita, Mesa Palo Amarillo, Mesita Contadero, Mesita Cortada, Mesita Cortada, Mesita de Guadalupe, Mesita del Gato, Mesita del Medio, Mesita Tierra Blanca, North Peak, Pedro Miguel Peak, Piedra Pintada, Potrillo Hill, Punta de Mesa Colorado, Sunshine Mesa, Table Mountain, Tierra Colorada, West Turkey Cone

  Towers     show all on map

KHWY-FM (Santa Rosa), KSSR-AM (Santa Rosa)

  Valleys     show all on map

Alamogordo Valley, Borica Dam, Box Canyon, Bull Canyon, Caņon Blanco, Caņon Bonita, Caņon de Baca, Caņon de Desaque, Caņon de Hughes, Caņon de la Chamizalosa, Caņon de Montecitos, Caņon de Oso, Caņon de Rancho Alegre, Caņon de Uta, Caņoncitos, Collins Canyon, Deer Canyon, El Caņon Pedro Miguel, El Caņoncito de las Canovas, Encinosa Draw, Gate Canyon, Guadalupe Draw, Kipping Canyon, Leoncito Draw, Little Canyon, Long Draw, Milagro Canyon, Monias Draw, Puerto Haspe, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rincon de Ebaristo, Rincon de la Manzanita, Rincon de Rosendo Padilla, Sacaton Draw, San Pablo Draw, Tall Pine Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Antelope Well, Barrajon Well, Bogey Well, Box Canyon Well, Bull Pasture Well, Capps Well, Cherisco Well, Deep Well, East Hill Well, Espedion Well, Gacho Well, Harrison Well, Heifer Pature Well, Highway Well, Little Poso Well, Loma Alta Well, Meadow Well, Middle Poso Well, Miser Well, Nip Well, North Corner Well, Pino Well, Rock Tank Well, Rosendo Well, Sanchez Well, Seven Lakes Well, Snell Well, Stinking Well, Twin Wells, Vaughn Well, West Well, West Well,

Guadalupe County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGuadalupe County White population 4,2534,253  
American IndianGuadalupe County American Indian population 124124
BlackGuadalupe County Black population 9292
MixedGuadalupe County Mixed population 7473
AsianGuadalupe County Asian population 6059
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGuadalupe County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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