Hidalgo County, New Mexico Basics:

Hidalgo County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 4,809
Area: 3437 square miles
County seat: Lordsburg
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 78.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.3%
Median household income: $37,531
Persons in poverty: 22.5%
Home ownership rate: 65.2%
Mean travel time to work: 18.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cochise (AZ)  Grant  Greenlee (AZ)  Luna  

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Map of the Hidalgo County area

Our detail map of Hidalgo County shows the Hidalgo County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Hidalgo County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Amigos Del Cielo Airport, Gray Ranch Airport, Lordsburg Municipal Airport, Playas Air Strip Airport, Playas Medical Building Heliport, Rodeo Airport, Rodeo Intermediate Field (historical)

  Areas     show all on map

Lighting Dock Area KGRA, Lordsburg Mesa

  Arroyos     show all on map

Aiken Draw, Been Draw, Eicks Draw, Herridge Draw, Little Lynch Draw, Lynch Draw, Muscrath Draw, New Well Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Juniper Basin

  Bridges     show all on map

Cotton City Community Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Animas Ambulance, Animas Volunteer Fire Department, Cotton City Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Gila - Neblett Fire District, Hidalgo County Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services, Hidalgo County Courthouse Historic Site, Hidalgo County Fire Department District 1, Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, Hidalgo Hotel, Lordsburg Police Department, Lordsburg Volunteer Fire Department, New Mexico State Police District 12 Lordsburg, Playas Emergency Medical Services, Playas Volunteer Fire Department, Rodeo Volunteer Fire Department, Virden Volunteer Ambulance, Virden Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

New Model Canal, Sunset Canal, Valley Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Cloverdale Cemetery, Middle Animas Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Rodeo Cemetery, Shakespeare Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Animas Census Designated Place, Cotton City Census Designated Place, Glen Acres Census Designated Place, Playas Census Designated Place, Rodeo Census Designated Place, Windmill Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Fellowship Inc, Apostolic Church, Assembly of God Church, Buena Vista Pentecostal Church, Church of Christ, Family Life Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Iglesia Apostolica de la Fe, Living Word Family Church, Lordsburg Church of Christ, Playas Baptist Church, Playas Valley Church of Christ, Pyramid Tabernacle, Saint Agustine Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Simon Episcopal Mission, San Felipe Catholic Church, Scripture Baptist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Valley View Church, Valley View Community Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cowboy Rim

  Dams     show all on map

Antelope Dam, Antelope Draw Dention Dam, Dagger Dam Number 1, Dagger Dam Number 2, Dagger Dam Number 3, Horseshoe Terrace Dam, Horseshoe Terrace Detention Dam, Round Mountain Dam Number 3, Secho Detention Dam, Stanford Dam Number 1, Stanford Detention Dam Number Three, Stanford Detention Dam Number Two

  Flats     show all on map

Deer Flat, Deer Flat, Maverick Flat, North Alkali Flat, Playas de Los Pinos, San Simon Cienega, South Alkali Flat, South Alkali Flat, The Park, Tobosa Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Pass, Antelope Pass, Broken Jug Pass, Burro Pass, Cowboy Pass, Granite Gap, Granite Pass, Guadalupe Pass, Hatchet Gap, Johnny Bull Gap, Lone Ceder Gap, San Luis Pass, Whitmire Pass

  Lakes     show all on map

Big Lake, Playas Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adobe Windmill, Alamo Hueco Historic Site, Alf Windmill, Animas Weather Station, Antelope Corral, Arimex, Backer Ranch, Badger Windmill, Ballard Windmill, Barney Stage Station, Bennett Ranch, Benton Ranch, Bert Windmill, Bertoglio-Merrill Ranch, Boone Ranch, Box Canyon Historic Site, Box M Ranch, Bradberry Windmill, Braidfoot Ranch, Brown Windmill, Brushy Creek Historic Site, Burketts Ranch, Burtch Windmill, C Eckles Ranch, Canador Peak Windmill, Chaineys Ranch, Cienega Ranch, Clanton Draw Site-LA 4979, Cline Ranch, Cloverdale Park Historic Site, Cloverdale Store (historical), Coalora (historical), Coe Ranch, Conrad, Conrad (historical), Corbett Ranch, Cottonwood Windmill, Cowboy Springs (historical), Culberson Historic Site, Culberson Ranch, Culberson Ranch Weather Station, Davis Windmill, Deatons Ranch, Deep Windmill, Diamond A Ranch, Dog Spring Ranch, Double Adobe Creek Historic Site, East Garrison (historical), Eicks Ranch, Field Ranch, Fitzpatricks, Foster (historical), Fox Windmill, Fuller Ranch, George Winkler Ranch, Geronimo Campgrounds, Gibson Place (historical), Godfrey Ranch, Gowan Ranch, Grade (historical), Granddad Windmill, Gray Ranch, Great Lakes Land and Cattle Company, Green King Windmill, Guess Ranch, Hachita Cattle Company, Hackberry Windmill, Hall Ranch, Hatchet Ranch, Henderson Ranch, Henderson Ranch (historical), Henrys Cabin, High Lonesome Windmill, Hill Well, Hog Ranch, Horse Camp Wells, Horse Camp Windmill, Howe Ranch, Hughes Windmill, Jacks Defeat, Jim Robinson Ranch (historical), Keiths Ranch, Kennedy Windmill, Kerr Ranch, Kerr Ranch, LA 54021, LA 54036, LA 54042, LA54049 Historic Site, LA54050 Historic Site, LA593 Historic Site, Lambert Ranch, Lanes Ranch, Lards Ranch, Lawhorns Ranch, Little Historic Site, Lone Hill Windmill, Lookout Well, Lordsburg Golf Club, Lordsburg Pumping State, Lordsburg Weather Station, Lower Ranch, Lunch Box Historic Site, Lynch Ranch, Maddox Ranch Historic Site, Maloney, Maloney Ranch, Maloney Ranch, Malpais Windmill, Mansfield (historical), Martin Windmill, McCants Ranch, McCarty Ranch, McDauw's Well, Mengus Camp, Meno Adams Ranch, Mesquite Windmill, Metate Historic Site, Mills Goat Ranch, Mono Adams Ranch, Mosse Ranch, Mouser Place, Mud Springs Ranch, Muir Ranch, Myers Windmill, Nation Well, Nations Hut, New Windmill, North Lisbon Windmill, O K Bar Ranch, Oil Siding, Old Hatchet Ranch, Pablos Windmill, Pages Store, Pages Store, Parkers Ranch, Pendleton Historic Site, Pendleton Ranch, Pendleton Ranch, Petersons Ranch, Pierce Ranch, Pigpen Creek Historic Site, Pot Hook (historical), Pratt, Pyra (historical), Quarter Circle W Ranch, R I Bass Ranch, Ragsdale Windmill, Raymond Fuller Ranch, Red Windmill, Reynolds Ranch, Richardson Windmill, Richens Ranch, Road Forks, Road Well, Robert (historical), Robertson Ranch, Robertson Ranch, Robertsons Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Robinson Ranch (historical), Robinson Windmill, Robson Windmill, Rodeo Weather Station, Round Mountain Ranch, Saddle Bronc Historic Site, Salt Well, Sand Spur, Schlesinger Ranch (historical), Seven Twelve Ranch (historical), Sheridan Wells, Shorty Miller, Shorty Millers Lower Ranch, Smith Ranch, South Lisbon Windmill, South Well, Spencer Ranch, Steins Peak Station, Steve Dunagan, Stewart Ranch Site, Stone Cabin, Summit, Sycamore Well Historic Site, Sylvanite, T Pendleton Ranch, Tase Golman, Tase Golman (historical), Timberlake Historic Site, Tullous Ranch, Tullous Upper Ranch, Unks Windmill, Upper Ranch, Upshaw Ranch, Upshaw Ranch, Van Meter Ranch, Veitch (historical), Virden Weather Station, Vladimir (historical), W E Bass Ranch, W T Sims Ranch, Walker Windmill, Walnut Wells (historical), Walter Dunagan, Walter Dunagan, Wamel Ranch, Washburn Ranch, Weatherby Ranch, Whitmire Ranch, Whitney (historical), Winkler Ranch, Woods Ranch, Worthington Ranch, Wright Windmill, X T Ranch, Youngs Ranch, Z Bar L Windmill

  Military     show all on map

Camp Henley (historical), Lordsburg Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Allen Mine, American Mine, Amy K, Anita, Anita Mine, Apache Mine, Athena Mine, Athena Prospect Number 2, Atwood Mine, August, August Number Two, Banner Mine, Barnett Mine, Battleship, Beloit, Bessie, Bisbee Lode, Black Bob Group Mine, Black Bob Mine, Black Face, Black Streak Claim, Blue Hill Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bonnie Jean, Brockman Mine, Buckhorn Prospect, Bug House Mine, Carbonate Group, Carbonate Hill Mine, Carbonate Hill Mine, Cedar Lode, Centre Claim, Chapo Mine, Charles Mine, Cherrys Mines, Christmas Tree Mine, Clemmie, Cobra Negra, Copper Dick Mine, Copper King Claim, Copper Nugget Number 3 and 4 Mine, Copper Reef Group Mine, Cornelia I and Emma I Mine, Creeper Tunnels, Crystal Mine, Dewey Lode, Dewey Prospect, Doyle Mine, Dry Town Lode, Duchess Lode, Elore Mine, Eloro Mine, Excelsior Lode, Fair View Lode, Faith, Faria Workings, Federal Resources Corporation Mine, Florence Lode, Flourite Group Mine, Flourite Pits, Forced Issue Mine, Ford Prospects, Francis Kay, Francis Kay Mine, Fred L Group, Gamco Mine, General Jerry Boyle, Gila Bend, Gillespie Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Goodnight Lode, Goodsight, Granite Gap Mines, Green Copper, Green Mine, Guano Mine, Hachita Pit, Handcar Vein, Hattie Lee Mine, Hawkins, Kelly, and Butterworth Mine, Henry Clay Mine, Hobson Mine, Homestake Mine, Hope Faith and Charity Group Mine, Horseshoe Prospect, Hughes, Humble Number 1, Ironclad Prospect, James Thomas Mine, Jim Crow Mine, Jim Crow Shaft, Johannesburg Lode, Johnny Bull Mine, Johnson Lode, Jowell Workings, Judita Group, King Solomon, Kingfisher, Kinickerbocker, Kukendall Prop., Lady Mary, Lady Mary Mine, Last Chance, Last Chance Lode, Lazy B Gravel Pit, Lead King, Lead Queen, Light Load Mine, Little Hatchet Mine, Little Lucile Mine, Lone Star Prospect, Lost Prospector Mine, Lucky 3 Claim, Lucky Strike Lode, Luna Mine, Mairland Mine, Mammoth Lode, Mayflower Prospect, Merrimac Prospect, Metropolis Group, Mikesell Group, Mill Mine, Mineral Mountain Mine, Mineral Mountain Mine, Misers Chest Mine, Monrovia Lode, Monteray Lode, Montgomery Mine, Muscovy Mine, Napane Mine, Napoleon and Belle Tower Lode, National Mine, Nellie Bly Mine, Nellie Gray Mine, Nevada Lode, New Year Prospect, Noonday Lode, North Star Mine, Nutshell Mine, Oakland Lode, Occidental Mine, Occidental Mines, Ophir Mining Claim, Oro Alta, Orogrande, Owens Mine, Owl, Owl Mine, Polyanna Mine, Pratt Fire Clay Quarry, Princess Lode, Proverbial Gypsum, Purple Spar Prospect, Queens Taste Mine, Red Hill Mine, Remington Lode, Ridge Claims, Ridgewood, Rincon, Robert E Lee Mine, Ronney-Misers Chest and 85 Mine, Rosemary Lode, Royal Lode, Ruth, Ruth Mine, Scheelite Group, Schley, Search Lode, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Fox Mine, Silver Hill Mine, Silver Trail Tunnel, Silver Tree Mine, Southern Lode, Summertime Mine, Summit Group, Sweet Mine, Sylvanite Mine, Three Js Claims, Triangle Lode, Valedon Mine, Venice, Venice Mine, Vesley Mine, Volcano Mine, Wake-Up-Charlie Mine, Waldo Mine, Waldo Mine, Ward Mine, Weatherfords Uranium Deposit, Wedge, Werney Mine, White Rock Deposit, Winchester Lode, Wing Feather Lady, Winnie Claim, Yankee Girl Mine, Yellow Jacket, Yucca Claim

  Parks     show all on map

Alamo Hueco Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Big Hatchet Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Buck Robinson Wilderness Study Area, Cowboy Spring Wilderness Study Area, Lordsburg Historical Marker, McComas Incident Historical Marker, Peloncillo Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Shakespeare Historical Marker, Short Park, Smugglers Trail Historical Marker, Whitmire Canyon Wilderness Study Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abe Yarbrough, Alamo Hueco, Animas, Antelope, Antelope Wells, Bene Dunagan, Birchfield, Bramlett (historical), Cloverdale, Corner Ranch, Cotton City, Deer, Deer Creek Wells, Double Adobes, Eakins, Eaton Place, Gary, Gibson Place, High Lonesome Wells, Jim Robinson, Joe Yarbrough, Kimball (historical), Lake (historical), Leitendorf (historical), Lisbon, Lordsburg, Lovett, Lower Lovett Place, Mace, McFarlands, McGhee Wells, Middle Wells, Mitchell Place, Mondel, Mouser Place, Old Isaacs Place, Pierce, Playas, Rock Cabin, Rodeo, Shakespeare, Spears, Steins, Ulmoris, Upper Lovett Place, Upshaw Place, Valedon, Virden, White Place, Windmill, Yarbrough Place

  Post Offices     show all on map

Animas Post Office, Bramlett Post Office (historical), Cloverdale Post Office (historical), Lake Post Office (historical), Lordsburg Post Office, Playas Post Office (historical), Pratt Post Office (historical), Pyramid Post Office (historical), Ralston Post Office (historical), Richmond Post Office (historical), Road Forks Post Office (historical), Rodeo Post Office (historical), Shakespeare Post Office (historical), Steins Post Office (historical), Sylvanite Post Office (historical), Valedon Post Office (historical), Walnut Wells Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Alamo Hueco Mountains, Animas Mountains, Apache Hills, Big Hatchet Mountains, Black Hills, Chinaman Hills, Dog Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Leitendorf Hills, Little Hatchet Mountains, Pyramid Mountains, Russel Hills, Sierra Rica, Smuggler Hills, Steins Peak Range, Summit Hills, Threemile Hills, Whitewater Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Aikers Tank, Allen Tank, Anderson Tank, Animas Tank, Apache Tank, Asten Tank, Austin Tank, Badger Tank, Barnet Tank, Bass Tank, Batter Tank, Been Tank, Bens Tank, Big Geronimo Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Bigote Tank, Bills Tank, Birtrong Tank, Black CCC Tank, Black Mountain Tank, Black tank, Blackjack Tank, Blackwater Hole, Boogs Defeat Tank, Border Tank, Boulder Tank, Bow Tank, Bower Tank, Boyd Maddox Tank, Boyles Tank, Bradberry Tank, Braidfoot Tank, Brister Tank, Buck Tank, Buckhorn Tank, Buckhorn Tank, Butterfield Tank, C C C Tank, Caldwell Tank, Cement Dam Tank, Chapo Tank, Chavez Tank, China Pond, Chuck Tank, Clanton Canyon Tank, Clanton Tank, Clanton Tank, Clark Tank, Cordy Cowan Tank, Cornelius Tank, Corral Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cowan Tank, Cowan Tank, Crescent Tank, Day Tank, Deer Creek Tank, Dick Bass Tank, Dishpan Tank, Divide Tank, Divide Tank, Dogs Head Tank, Double Tank, Double Tanks, Doubtful Tank, Dunagan Tank, Dutchman Tank, East Center Tank, Echels Tank, Edwards Tank, Eicks Tank, Elkins Tank, Flat Tank, Foothill Tank, Frankie Tank, Freestone Tank, Garcia Tank, Garland Tank, Georges Tank, Geronimo Tank, Gibson Tank, Gilbert Tank, Gillespie Tank, Goat Camp Tank, Government Tank, Granite Tank, Graveyard Tank, Hale Tank, Harper Tank, Hell to Finish Tank, Hell to Get to Tank, High Lonesome Tank, Highway Tank, Horse Canyon Tanks, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Trap Tank, Horseshoe Tank, House Pasture Tank, Hunt Tank, Ira Tank, Irishman Tank, Joes Tank, Johnson Tank, Jones Tank, Juniper Basin Tank, Juniper Tank, Kings Tank, Kitchens Tank, Lake Tank, Lake Tank, Larson Tank, Lawhorn Tank, LB Tank, Lion Tank, Little Brushy Tank, Little Chapo Tank, Little East Tank, Little Geronimo Tank, Little Hat Top Tank, Little Highway Tank, Little Tank, Lower Bull Tank, Lower Camp Tank, Lower Walnut Tank, Lynch Tank, Maddox Tank, Mailbox Tank, Malpais Tank, Manzanita Tank, McFarlands Tank, McKinney Tank, Mengus Tank, Mesquite Tank, Mesquite Tank, Middle Mountain Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Well Tank, Miller Tank, Mine Canyon Tank, Miner Tank, Monarch Tank, Muir Tank, Nations Tank, Nelson Tank, New Tank, New Tank, New Tank, North Dirt Tank, North Linn Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Tank, Odell Tank, Orchard Tank, Owl Creek Tank, Park Tank, Pasco Tank, Patterson Tank, Pendleton Tank, Pierce Tank, Pigpen Tank, Pine Canyon Tank, Pit Tank, Pit Tank, Prospector Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Red Hill Cement Tank, Red Hill Dirt Tank, Red Lake Tank, Red Tank, Road Tank, Robertson Tank, Rock Guard Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rough Creek Tank, Saddle Tank, San Luis Pass Tank, Sanford Tank, Schoolhouse Tank, Section Fifteen Tank, Section Two Tank, Sheridan Tank, Slough Tank, Slover Tank, Smith Tank, Smuggler Tank, South Pigpen Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Uhl Tank, Southeast Tank, Stanford Tanks, Sten Tank, Still Tank, Sumac Tank, Summit Tank, Summit Tank, Tahoe Tank, Tank Number 1, Tank Number Two, Tank Thirteen, Taylor Tank, Thompson Tank, Three Mills Tank, Trap Tank, Tullous Tank, Tumblinson Tank, Twin Tank, Uhl Tank, Upper Bull Tank, Upper Red Lake Tank, Upper Sheridan Tank, Upshaw Tank, Walnut Gate Tank, Walnut Tank, Wamel Tank, West Center Tank, Wheelbarrow Tank, Whitetail Tank, Whitewater Tank, Williams Tank, Willow Tank, Windy Miller Tank, Windy Point Tank, X T Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Bugle Ridge, Deadman Ridge, Mud Springs Peaks, Quartzite Ridge, Still Ridge, U Bar Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Animas High School, Central Elementary School, Durran-Tarango Middle School, Gray School, Lordsburg High School, Maddox School, Old Maddox School, Old Maddox School (historical), R V Elementary School, South Side Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Able Seep, Allen Seep, Bennett Spring, Black Bill Spring, Bunk Robinson Spring, Cloverdale Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cowboy Spring, Gillespie Spring, Guadalupe Spring, Hoodoo Spring, Humble Oil and Refining Number 1, Indian Spring, Juniper Spring, Las Cienegas Spring, Little Bunk Robinson Spring, Livermore Spring, Mansfield Seep, Maverick Spring, Maverick Spring, Mexican Springs, Mud Springs, Park Spring, Riley Spring, Rockhouse Seep, Rockhouse Spring, Spring of Contention, The Thicket Spring, Whitmore Spring, Woodchoppers Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Animas Creek, Animas River, Ash Creek, Basin Tank, Bear Creek, Bennett Creek, Big Creek, Birch Creek, Bluff Creek, Brushy Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Burro Cienaga, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cowboy Creek, Darling Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Double Adobe Creek, East Fork Brushy Creek, Gillespie Creek, Horseshoe Wash, Indian Creek, Lion Creek, Little Brushy Creek, Lower Deer Creek, Mansfield Wash, McClean Creek, Middle Deer Creek, Middle Fork Brushy Creek, Miller Creek, Millsite Creek, North Deer Creek, North Pigpen Creek, Oak Creek, Pigpen Creek, Railroad Wash, Rainbow Wash, Rough Creek, Rough Creek, Rough Creek, San Simon River, Shakespeare Arroyo, Smuggler Creek, South Deer Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Pigpen Creek, Steins Creek, The Seep, Trail Creek, Tullous Creek, Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, West Pigpen Creek, Whitewater Creek, Whitmire Creek, Whitmire Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

1117 Mountain, 7K Peak, Aberdeen Peak, Anderson Mountain, Animas Peak, Apache Mountain, Apache Peak, Attorney Mountain, Attorney Mountain, Atwood Hill, Baldy Hill, Beacon hill, Beacon Hill, Big Hatchet Peak, Black Hill, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Blue Mountain, Bobcat Hill, Box Canyon Windmill, Buggytop Hill, Bunk Robinson Peak, Canador Peak, Cedar Knob, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Center Peak, Dogs Head, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Nest Peak, Eightyfive Hill, Elephant Back Hill, Elephant Butte, Fourmile Hill, Gillespie Mountain, Goat Mountain, Granite Gap Mountain, Granite Peak, Grey Mountain, Guadalupe Mountain, Hachita Peak, Hat Top Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Hilo Peak, Homestead Hill, Indian Peak, Kilmer Peak, Kirk Peak, Lalacha Peak, Lee Peak, Lightning Dock Mountain, Limestone Hill, Little Tank Mountain, Little Top Hat Butte, Lone Mountain, Lookout Hill, McGhee Peak, Mexican Hat, Middle Mountain, Mount Baldy, Negrohead, New Well Peak, Ninemile Hill, Nipple Hill, One Thousand One Hundred Seventeen Mountain, Pearson Mesa, Pierce Peak, Pinkey Wright Mountain, Preacher Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Red Hill, Red Hill, Riley Peaks, Rimrock, Rimrock Mountain, Rough Mountain, Round Mountain, Sentinel Butte, South Pyramid Peak, Steins Mountain, Steins Peak, Swallow Fork Peak, Table Top Mountain, Tank Mountain, Threemile Hills, Twelvemile Hill, Wildcat Hill, Zeller Peak

  Towers     show all on map

KXKK-FM (Lordsburg), Lordsburg Coaling Tower Historic Site

  Trails     show all on map

Packers Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Aberdeen Draw, Animas Valley, Antelope Canyon, Apache Canyon, Baker Canyon, Baldy Mountain Canyon, Banner Canyon, Basin Canyon, Bass Draw, Bear Canyon, Bercham Draw, Big Horn Canyon, Black Bill Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Bluebird Draw, Box Canyon, Brown Canyon, Cabin Canyon, Carlisle Canyon, Chaney Canyon, Clanton Draw, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cox Canyon, Dagger Draw, Dark Canyon, Davenport Canyon, Dupree Canyon, Dutchman Canyon, East Fork Windham Canyon, Elephant Butte Canyon, Emory Canyon, Engineer Canyon, Foster Draw, Gila Lower Box, Goat Canyon, Gold Hill Canyon, Gore Canyon, Hachita Valley, Hackett Canyon, Hampton Draw, Hightower Canyon, Holtkamp Canyon, Hoodoo Canyon, Horse Camp Draw, Horse Canyon, Horse Pasture Canyon, Hughs Canyon, Johns Canyon, Jones Canyon, Jose Placencia Canyon, Lang Canyon, Last Chance Draw, Lawhorn Canyon, Little Doubtful Canyon, Little Skull Canyon, Long Canyon, Lordsburg Draw, Lordsburg Valley, Martin Draw, McWirter Canyon, Mexican Canyon, Millsite Canyon, Mine Canyon, Miner Canyon, Monarch Canyon, Moore Box, Moore Canyon, Mud Springs Draw, Mudhole Draw, Muir Draw, Nelson Draw, New Well Canyon, New Well Canyon, North 7K Canyon, Oak Canyon, Old Horseshoe Canyon, Olney Well Draw, Owl Canyon, Park Canyon, Picnic Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pinkey Wright Canyon, Playas Valley, Pony Canyon, Post Canyon, Post Office Canyon, Powers Canyon, Pride Draw, Ram Gorge, Ray Canyon, Riley Canyon, Rock Tank Draw, Rockhouse Canyon, Rustler Draw, Salt Canyon, Seep Spring Draw, Sheridan Canyon, Sixtysix Draw, Skull Canyon, South 7K Canyon, South Pyramid Draw, South Uhl Draw, Stanford Draw, Steeple Rock Canyon, Stone Cabin Gulch, Sycamore Canyon, Taylor Draw, Tenmile Canyon, Thompson Canyon, Thompson Canyon, Thompson Draw, Uhl Draw, Volcano Draw, Walker Canyon, Weatherby Canyon, West Fork Windham Canyon, White Rock Canyon, Whitmire Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Windham Canyon, Wolf Canyon, Wolf Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woodhaul Canyon, XT Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

01635 Water Well, 09002 Water Well, 09003 Water Well, 09004 Water Well, 10002 Water Well, 10006 Water Well, 10007 Water Well, 10009 Water Well, 10020 Water Well, 10023 Water Well, 10025 Water Well, 10026 Water Well, 10031 Water Well, 10032 Water Well, 10042 Water Well, 10056 Water Well, 10067 Water Well, 10070 Water Well, 10072 Water Well, 10073 Water Well, 10082 Water Well, 10087 Water Well, 10096 Water Well, 10113 Water Well, 10132 Water Well, 10135 Water Well, 10136 Water Well, 10145 Water Well, 10146 Water Well, 10157 Water Well, 10199 Water Well, 10326 Water Well, 10333 Water Well, 10348 Water Well, 10350 Water Well, 10403 Water Well, 10413 Water Well, 3 Mills Water Well, 8 Mile Water Well, Antelope Wells, Apache Wells, Artesian Water Well, Baker Wells, Ballard Well, Bass Well, Big Well, Blowing Well, C Ranch Water Well, Cabin Wells, Campbell Well, Cedar Mountain Well, Cinco Well, Conejo Wells, Cottonwood Well, Double Well, Doyles Well, Eagle Mountains Wells, Eightmile Wells, Gilberts Wells, Gold Hill Water Well, Graham Well, Granite Water Well, Haskins Wells, Hatchet New Well, Hidden Well, Hightower Well, Hill Well, Holmig Well, Homestead Well, Howells Wells, K Ranch Water Well, Lakeview Water Well, Last Chance Well, Lawrence Well, LB Wells, Linn Wells, M Water Well, Main Well South Water Well, Negrohead Well, Nelson Water Well, New Well, New Well, New Wells, North Well, North Well, O'Neil Well, Old Walnut Wells, Oneil Water Well, Petersons Well, Piedra Wells, Pinkey Wright Well, Pyramid Well, Railroad Well, Railroad Well, Rainbow Well, Rattler Well, South Lisbon Water Well, Sunny Slope Water Well, Sycamore Well, Test 3 Water Well, Thicket Water Well, Three Mills Well, Twelvemile Wells, U Bar Wells, Uhl Well, UNKS Windmill Water Well, Walnut Wells, Well A Water Well, West Baker Well, Whitewater Wells, Wright Well, X T Wells,

Hidalgo County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteHidalgo County White population 4,6174,616  
MixedHidalgo County Mixed population 5857
American IndianHidalgo County American Indian population 4848
AsianHidalgo County Asian population 2928
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHidalgo County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 54

Additional population tables :
State population table
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