Lincoln County, New Mexico Basics:

Lincoln County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 20,266
Area: 4831 square miles
County seat: Carrizozo
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 86.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 24.9%
Median household income: $44,149
Persons in poverty: 14.7%
Home ownership rate: 79.4%
Mean travel time to work: 18.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Chaves  Debaca  Guadalupe  Otero  Sierra  Socorro  Torrance  

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Map of the Lincoln County area

Our detail map of Lincoln County shows the Lincoln County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lincoln County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Block Ranch Airport, Carrizozo Municipal Airport, Diamond A Ranch Airport, G Bar F Ranch Airport, High Desert Ranch Airport, Lincoln Station Airport, Oscura Aaf Aux, Ruidoso Heliport, Ruidoso Municipal Airport, Sierra Blanca Regional Airport, Skeen Ranch Airport, Transwestern Pipeline Number 8 Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Natural Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Cree Meadows, Texas Park, The Malpais

  Arroyos     show all on map

Ancho Gulch, Arroyo Seco, Arroyo Serrano, Cistern Draw, Hackberry Draw, Harkey Draw, Hines Draw, Hughs Draw, Jackson Draw, Miner Canyon, Nogal Arroyo, North Mill Arroyo, Pedernal Arroyo, Taylor Canyon, Willow Draw, Zeufeldt Arroyo

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Rio Hondo Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Ancho Railroad Depot Historic Site, Arabela Fire Department, Bogle (historical), Bonito Volunteer Fire Department Angus Canyon Station, Bonito Volunteer Fire Department Copper Canyon Station, Bonito Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Bonito Volunteer Fire Department Sonterra Station, Camp Sierra Blanca Library, Capitan Police Department, Capitan Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Capitan Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Capitian Depot Historic Site, Carrizozo City Marshal, Carrizozo Fire Department, Carrizozo Volunteer Fire Department, Corona Fire Department, Fort Stanton Volunteer Fire Department, Glencoe - Palo Verde Fire Department, Hondo Volunteer Fire Department, Lincoln County Courthouse Historic Site, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services Capitan Station, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services Carrizozo Station, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services Corona Station, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services Headquarters, Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services Hondo Station, Lincoln County Heritage Trust, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department, Nogal Volunteer Fire Department, Ruidoso Downs Police Department, Ruidoso Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Ruidoso Fire Department Station 2, Ruidoso Fire Department Station 3, Ruidoso Police Department, Western Hotel, White Oaks Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Herrera Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ancho Cemetery, Carrabajal Cemetery, Cedarvale Cemetery, Coe Cemetery, Encinoso Cemetery, Escondido Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Fritz Cemetery, Glencoe Cemetery, Griego Cemetery, Jicarilla Cemetery, Las Palas Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Nogal Cemetery, Patos Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Reventon Cemetery, Silva Cemetery, Stetson Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Nogal Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Burkes Good News Ministries Church, Capitan Four Square Church, Christian Science of Lincoln Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Gateway Assembly of God Church, Mission Fountain of Living Water Full Gospel, Mountain Ministry Parish, Ruidoso Word Ministries, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Annes Chapel, Saint Annes Episcopal Chapel, Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, San Ysidro Church and Cemetery, Santa Rita Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Church, Trinity Southern Baptist Church, United Methodist Church Parish

  Cliffs     show all on map

Red Bluff, Red Bluffs

  Dams     show all on map

Alto Lake Dam, Bonito Dam, Upper Rio Hondo Site One Dam

  Flats     show all on map

White Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Smokey Bear Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Benado Gap, Capitan Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Carrizoza Health Center, Lincoln County Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Antelope Lake, Antelope Lake, Beard Lake, Big Flying H Lake, Big Lake, Blue Hole Pond, Bluefront Pond, Bryan Lake, Burro Lake, Cactus Flat Lake, Cherry Lake, Cherrytree Lake, Chimney Lake, Circle Diamond Lake, Cocklebur Lake, Deep Lake, Deep Lake, Dry Eagle Lakes, Duck Lake, Duran Lake, Galles Lake, Hale Lake, Harrison Lake, Horse lake, Lavade Lake, Little Flying H Lake, Lonetree Lake, Lost Lake, Lutz Lake (historical), Middleton Lake, Nogal Lake, North Lake, North Lake, Pacheco Lake, Patos Lake, Poker Lake, Pond Lake, Pothole Lake, Red Lake, Rip Lake, Seeping Springs Lakes, Shield Lake, South Lake, Zamora Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Ancho Weather Station, Antelope Windmill, Arabela Weather Station, Armstrong Ranch, Aston Ranch, Baca Campground, Baca Forest Service Station, Bagley Ranch, Bagley Ranch, Baker Place, Bar H Farm, Barnes Ranch, Bataan Lodge, Big Asperas Canyon, Block Ranch, Block Ranger Station, Bonnell Ranch, Booster Windmill, Border Farm, Brannum Windmill, Brills Ranch, Brills Upper Ranch, Brownfield Windmill, Brownstein Windmill, Bryan, Bryan Ranch, Buck Camp, Buck Mountain Electronic Site, Buckhorn, Camp Capitan, Camp Sierra Blanca, Capitan Forest Service Facility, Capitan Weather Station, Carrizozo Weather Station, Cedar Creek Campground, Cedar Creek Picnic Area, Cedar Hill Ranch, Chihuahua Ranch, Circle F Ranch, City Windmill, Clark Ranch, Coe Ranch, Collier Well, Cooper Ranch, Corn Ranch, Corn Ranch, Corns Ranch, Corona Pumping Station, Corona Station Number 8, Corona Weather Station, Cow Camp Number 2, Cox Windmill, Coyote Windmill, Davis Ranch, Dean Ranch, Dean Ranch, Diamond Peak Ranch, Ditch Lake, Dogle, Dose Ranch, Double Crossing Historic Site, Double Crossing Site, Double Mills, Double Windmills, Duggers, Dunn, Dunning Ranch, Dutton Ranch, Eagle Creek Lodge, East Windmill, Edgar Ranch, Eichel (historical), Elda, Elda (historical), Eldridge Ranch, Elevenmile Ranch, Elk Point, Encinoso, Erramouspe Ranch, Estey City, Farm Windmill, Ferguson Ranch, Flatley Ranch, Fort Stanton Weather Station, Foster Ranch, Four K Ranch, Fox and Fur Lodge, Fox Cave, Francisco Cordova Homestead (historical), Fuller Ranch, Gallegos Windmill, Gallinas Lookout, Gallinas Weather Station, Gamble Windmill, Gipson Ranch, Gnatkowski Ranch, Goddard Windmill, Golden Gate Windmill, Golder Ranch, Goodloe Ranch, Goodrum Ranch, Granans Ranch, Hale Ranch, Halfway Windmill, Hall Windmill, Ham Windmill, Harkey Windmill, Haskins Windmill, Hasperos Camp, Hatt Ranch, Hays Ranch, Herring Ranch, Hightower Ranch, Hinchley Ranch, Hiner, Hodges Ranch, Horse Pasture Windmill, Husk Windmill, I-X Ranch, Indian Divide (historical), Indian Windmill, Ingram Windmill, J Reynolds Ranch, Jicarilla School, Joyce Ranch, Keith Ranch, Kelt Well, Kennedy Windmill, Koprian Ranch, LA 12153, LA 12155, LA 61200, LA 61201, LA 61202, LA 61204, LA 61208, LA 61210, LA 61211, Lacey Ranch, Lacy Windmill, Lafferty Well, Lake Windmill, Lamay Ranch, Las Tablas Site 1, Lathan Ranch, Le Baron Ranch, Leach Windmill, LeRoy McKnight Ranch, Leslie, Leslie Ranch, Lincoln County Livestock Company, Lincoln Historic District, Lincoln Pumping Station, Little Windmill, Lizzard Windmill, Loma Grande Ranch, Loma Grande Ranch, Lon (historical), Los Patos Ruins, Lovelace Ranch, Lower Windmill, Lower Windmill, Lowes Ranch, Lowrey Ranch, Lowrey Sheep Camp, Malpais Windmill, Mayes Ranch, Mayes Ranch (historical), McDaniel Ranch, McDaniel Ranch, McDaniel Ranch, McKnight Ranch, McKnight Ranch, McKnight Ranch, McNally Ranch, Merchant Ranch, Merritt Ranch, Merton Ranch, Middle Antelope Windmill, Middle Arroyo East Well, Middle Arroyo Ranch, Mile High, Mile High Ranch, Miller Ranch, Millers Windmill, Minters Corral, Mitten Bar Ranch, Monjeau Campground, Monjeau Lookout, Monte Alto, Morris Ranch, Nagel Windmill, Nalda Ranch, Nelson Ranch, Nogal Lake Campground, North Siding, North Windmill, North Windmill, North Windmill, Nuņez Ranch, O Bar O Ranch, Oak Grove Campground, Old Fears Ranch, Old Pruit Ranch, Oscura Range Center, Owens Ranch, Padilla Ranch, Padilla Windmill, Paecheco Ranch, Page Ranch, Patos Windmill, Peakey Windmill, Peralta Ranch, Percella Ranch, Peters Ranch, Pfingsten Ranch, Picacho Weather Station, Pierce Canyon Pass, Pine Canyon Windmill, Pino, Ponderosa Windmill, Porter Ranch, Prichard Well, Proctor, Purcella Ranch, Rancho Torres, Raney, Raton Ranch, Red Cloud Campground, Red Ketchum Windmill, Red Lake Windmill, Red Windmill, Red Windmill, Reynolds Ranch, Richards Ranch, Richman Camp Meeting, Ridge Windmill, Riley Ranch, Riley Springs Windmill, Roadrunner Ranch, Roadrunner Ranch North, Roadrunner Ranch South, Roberts Ranch, Roberts Windmill, Robinson Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Rock House Windmill, Rosendo Windmill, Ruidoso Weather Station, Russell Bird Ranch, Ryberg Ranch, Salt Creek Ranch, Sand Windmill, Sanders Ranch, School Section Windmill, Sellers Farm, Seven Cabins, Shanks Ranch, Shearing Shed Camp, Sierra Blanca Ski Area, Sierra Blanca Ski Lodge, Silva Ranch, Simpson Ranch, Sisneros Ranch, Skyline Campground, Slaughter Ranch, Sloan Wells Camp, Smokey Bear Ranger Station, Smokey Bear State Park Point of Interest, Snow Ranch, Soda Windmill, South Windmill, South Windmill, South Windmill, Spade Windmill, Spencer, Sportsmans Lodge, Spring, Spring Point, Sprole Ranch, Starrett Ranch, Strickland Ranch, Sultemier, Surrat Ranch, Taylor Ranch, Taylor Windmill, The Malpais, Three Rivers Campground, Three Rivers Ranch, Torres Ranch, Towning, Tramble Windmill, Treat Ranch, Twentyfive Windmill, Twin Wells Windmill, Vaughn Ranch, Walker Ranch, Walker Windmill, Walnut (historical), Watson Ranch, Weddige Ranch, Wells Ranch, West Camp, West Windmill, Whitaker Ranch, White Flat Ranch, White Oaks Historic District, Whitetail Windmill, Wilbur McKnight Ranch, Wilson Ranch, Windy Point, Winkler Middle Windmill, Winkler Ranch, Winkler South Windmill, Withers Ranch, Withers Ranch, Wizards Roost, Wood Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

A P Livingston Mine, Abo, Ajax Mine, All American Prospect, Alpha Mill Mine, Alpha Mine, American, American Contact Mine, American Mine, American Mine - Gallinas District, American Mineral Recovery Incorporated, Ancho Clay, Ancho Crusher Plant, Ancho Gypsum, Ancho Upgrading Plant Mine, Angus Pet, Annie Cade Mine, Apex Claim, Arabela Mines Incorporated Prospect, Asbestos, Aviador Mine, Baby Claims, Badger Boy, Bailey Mine, Ball Hornet Claims, Barlejon Number Two, Barry Prospect, Bearcat Mine, Beavers Pit, Bessemer Mine, Betty and Stella Claims, Betty Prospect, Big Bear, Big Ben, Big Ben Prospect, Big Spring Mine, Bill Dao, Black Gold Mine, Black Hat Group, Black Knight Mine, Blue Front Mine, Blue Star Prospect, Bon Group, Bond Mine, Bond Number Two Mine, Bonita Number One Claim, Bonita Number Two Claim, Bornite Mine, Bottleneck, Bottleneck Prospect, Broken Toe, Buckhorn, Bull Dyker Mine, Bumble Bee Mine, Bunton, Buster Brown Mine, Butcher Boy, Butts Pit, C and M Number One and Two Claims, Cap Claim, Capitan Mine, Capitan Number One, Capitan Number Two, Capitan Uranium Company Claims, Carolyn O, Carrizozo Plant, Cashier, Christmas, Cindy Mine, Cinnamon Mine, Clarita, Clipper Claims, Clipper Mine, Collier Mine, Columbia Mine, Commercial Mine, Comstock Mine, Congress Prospect, Conqueror Mine, Conqueror Mine, Conqueror Number Four Prospect, Conqueror Number Nine, Consolidated Mine, Consolidated Number One, Consolidated Number Three, Contact, Contention Mine, Copper Claim, Copper Glance Claim, Copper King Number One Mine, Copper Matte Claim, Corona, Corona Queen Mine, Correction Mine, Couger Mine, Creek Lead Claim, Cristopher, Crow Mine, Custom, D and B Tunnel, Deadwood, Delaware Mine, Divine Guidance Number One Mill, Divine Guidance Number Two, Drunzer Prospect, Eagle Nest, Eagle Nest Number One and Two, Eagle Nest Prospect, Edith Mine, Eighty-Seven Mine, Elda Mine, Emeline Mine, Emma Mine, Empire Mine, EPS-1 Claim, Eureka Prospect, Fairday Mine, Ferro, Ferro Mine, Forgotten, Free Gold Tunnel, Gallinas Rare Earth Deposits, Goldberg Mine, Goldfield Mine, Good Night Mine, Graham Mine, Gray, Great Western Mine, Greenville, Gregory Mine, Grey Goose Mine, Grover Cleveland, Grub Stake Mine, Haley Claims, Half and Half Mine, Hall, Hancock Mine, Hannibal Mine, Hannibal Number 2 Mine, Harkey Prospect, Harry Allen Mine, Hart Prospect, Hat Claim, He Horse Mine, Helen Rae Mine, Helen S, Henry Clay Mine, Hilltop, Hollywood Pit, Homestake Mine, Homestake South, Homesteak Claim, Hoosier Girl Prospect, Hope Prospect, Hopeful Claims Number 1-19, Hopeful Mine, Hubbard Claims, Idaho MIne, Illinois Mine, In-Situ M and T Corporation of America, Iron Age Mine, Iron Blossom, Iron Box Mine, Iron Chief, Iron City Mine, Iron Contact Mine, Iron Crown, Iron Edge Mine, Iron Handle Mine, Iron Jack Number 1 and Number 2 Mine, Iron Lamp, Iron Mask Mine, Iron Monument Lode, Iron Pan Mine, Iron Rail Mine, Iron State Mine, Ironsides Claim, Jack Mine, Jennie Lind Claim, Jester Mine, Jicarilla Mine, Jicarilla Mine, Jicarilla Pit, Jim Strong Pit, Joe Hill, John Brown Mine, Julia Ann Prospect, Junction Mine, King Prospect, King Rex Mine, Knight Pit, L M and M Incorporated Mill, L M and M Mill, Lady Godiva Mine, Lane, Large Hopes Mine, Last Chance, Last Chance Claim Number 1, Last Corner Claim, Leona, Lincoln Light and Power Company Mine, Linderman, Little Hecla Claims, Little Homestake Mine, Little Mack Mine, Little Marie, Little Minne, Little Nell Mine, Little Nell Mine, Little Wonder, Lobner, Lovelace Plant, Luckless, Lucky Strike Mine, M and E Number 13, Magma Number 1 and 2 Claims, Magnetite Iron Lode, Major Mine, Martha Washington, Martin Mine, May Mine, Mayberry Mine, McCrory Prospect, McCrory Prospect Sec 31, McCrory Prospect Sec 36, Michigan, Midnight Mine, Miguel Otero Mine, Mineral Farm Prospect, Miners Cabin, Minnie Lea Mine, Monjeau Number 1 Claim, Monte Carlo Mine, Montezuma Claim, Monzo Claims, Moscow Mine, Nelgect Mine, New Mexico Copper Corp Claims, Norma Grande, Norma Number 1 Mine, North Homestake Mine, Northern Light, Number 1 Jerry, Old Abe Mine, Old Abe Mine, Old Abe Mine Number 1 Mine, Old Abe Mine Number 2 Mine, Old Abe Mines, Old Chinaman, Old Hickory Mine, Old Homestead Mine, Old Price Mine, Old Price Mine, Old Red Fox Mine, Omega Mine, Oscura, Oscura Coal Mine, Oslo Mine, Oso, Oso Claim, Owl, P C Lyman, Pacific, Park Gold Number 3 Mine, Park Gold Tunnel, Parsons Mine, Peggy Mine, Pine Lodge, Pinie Claims, Pittsburg Number One, Price, Pride Number Two, Privateer Mine, R and L Claim, Rare Metals, Red Cliff, Red Cloud Mine, Red Jim Mine, Red Wing Number Four Mine, Red Wing Number Three Mine, Reil, Renowned Mine, Rey Mine, Rialto Group, Richard Carver Mine, Richardson Claims, Rip Van Winkle Mine, Rita Mine, Riverside Mine, Robert E Lee Mine, Rochelle, Rochford Claims, Rock Number One, Sacramento, Sailor Boy Mine, Salazar Canyon Pit, Sally Mine, Schaenna, Scranton Mine, Shikeys Shyster Claim, Sierra Blanca Mill and Processing, Silver Cliff Mine, Silver Dollar Claim, Silver King Claim, Silver King Tunnel, Silver Nugget Mine, Silver Plume Mine, Silver Spoon Mine, Silver-Copper Claim, Silverstone Claim, Sky High, Smokey Mine, Smoot Pit, Smuggler Claim, Smuggler Mine, Soldier, Solitare Mine, South Homestake Mine, Southwest Mineral Corp Mill, Spring Mine, Spur Mine, State Mine, Stiles, Stonewall Jackson Mine, Sugar Stake Claim, Summit Prospect, Sunshine, Sureshot, Surprise Contact Claim, Surprise Mine, Sylvanite Mine, T Claim, T-2 Claim, Tangle Mine, Tecolote Peaks Iron Claim, Telluride Mine, Texas Girl, Thrifty Claim, Trust Mine, Union Jack Mine, Vanderbilt Mine, Vera Cruz Mine, Ward Leslie, Washington, Water Dog Prospect, Wee Three Number 1 Mine, Wee Three Number 2 Mine, Wells and Parker Mine, Whettige, White Swan, Wide Awake Mine, Wildcat, Wilde Rover Mine, Williams, Willow Springs, Yellow Hand, Yellow Jacket, Yours Truly Claim, Zuni Number 1 Mine, Zuni Number 4 Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Blazer Mill Historical Marker, Capitan Historical Marker, Carrizozo Historical Marker, Fort Stanton, Fort Stanton Historical Marker, Lincoln Historical Marker, Lincoln State Monument Point of Interest, Little Black Peak/Carrizozo Lava Flow Wilderness Study Area, Malpais-Valley of Fires Historical Marker, Ruidoso Downs Race Track, Ruidoso Historical Marker, Valley of Fires State Park, William G. Telfer Natural Area, Windy Point Vista Point of Interest

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alpine Cellars Village, Alto, Ancho, Angus, Arabela, Baca (historical), Bethel (historical), Bluewater, Bonito, Capitan, Carolita (historical), Carrizozo, Churchville (historical), Coalora, Cole (historical), Cooper, Cora Crew, Corona, Coyote, Deseo (historical), Double Crossing, Encinoso, Escondido (historical), Fort Stanton, Gallinas, Glencoe, High Lonesome (historical), Holloway (historical), Hollywood, Hondo, Jicarilla, Kennedy (historical), Kimmons, Largo, Las Palas (historical), Lincoln, Lon, Lovelace, Luna, Manchester (historical), Meek (historical), Nogal, Oscura, Parsons (historical), Picacho, Pine Lodge, Polly, Ponderosa Heights, Ramon, Ramsdale Place, Reventon, Richardson (historical), Riverside, Roberson Place, Robsart, Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs, San Patricio, Sierra Vista, Spindle (historical), Sun Valley, Sunset, Tecolote, Tinnie, Vera Cruz (historical), Villa Madonna, White Oaks

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alto Post Office, Ancho Post Office (historical), Angus Post Office (historical), Arabela Post Office (historical), Bogle Post Office (historical), Bonito Post Office (historical), Bursum Post Office (historical), Capitan Post Office, Carolita Post Office (historical), Carrizozo Post Office, Coalora Post Office (historical), Corona Post Office, Deseo Post Office (historical), Doso Post Office (historical), Eichel Post Office (historical), Encinoso Post Office (historical), Estey City Post Office (historical), Fort Stanton Post Office, Glencoe Post Office, Holloway Post Office (historical), Hollywood Post Office (historical), Hondo Post Office (historical), Hurlburt Post Office (historical), Jicarilla Post Office (historical), Joneta Post Office (historical), Kennedy Post Office (historical), Lincoln Post Office, Lon Post Office (historical), Manchester Post Office (historical), Meek Post Office (historical), Nogal Post Office, Oscura Post Office (historical), Parsons Post Office (historical), Picacho Post Office, Pine Lodge Post Office (historical), Rabenton Post Office (historical), Ramon Post Office (historical), Red Cloud Post Office (historical), Reventon Post Office (historical), Richardson Post Office (historical), Ruidoso Downs Post Office, Ruidoso Post Office, San Patricio Post Office, Spindle Post Office (historical), Tinnie Post Office (historical), Vera Cruz Post Office (historical), White Mountain Post Office (historical), White Oaks Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Bald Hills, Capitan Mountains, Godfrey Hills, Jicarilla Mountains, Lincoln Hills, Phillips Hills, Sierra Blanca, Sierra Blanca, Vera Cruz Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Capitan Mountains Wilderness, White Mountain Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

A A A Tank, A A A Tank, Abe Tank, Adobe Tank, Alto Reservoir, Ancho Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Trick Tank, Aquago Tank, Ashbey Tank, Ashbey Tank, Baca Tank, Bald Tank, Bano Tank, Bates Tank, Bates Trick Tank, Bear Tank, Bear Trick Tank, Bentonite Tank, Berts Tank, Bethell Tank, Big Antelope Tank, Big Joe Tank, Big Red Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Billy Bob Tank, Blanche Tank, Blind Tank, Blue Tank, Bond Spring Tank, Bonito Lake, Bookout Tank, Box Lake, Buck Tank, Buck Tank, Buck Tank, Bull Gap Tank, Burnt Tank, Butler Tank, Buzzard Tank, Camote Tank, Canal Tank, Canyon Tank, Cathy Tank, Cathy Tank, Cedar Lake, Clarence Tank, Click Tank, Coal Mine Tank, Collier Tank, Connel Tank, Cooper Tank, Corn Tanks, Cottonwood Tank, Cougar Tank, Cowboy Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Crabtree Tank, Crater Tank, Craven Tank, Crusher Tank, Dead Mexican Tank, Deafy Tank, Dean Tank, Dick Tank, Dillard Tank, Dillard Tank, Doe Tank, Dog Town Tank, Dogtown Tank, Double Tank, Doug Tank, Dry Tank, Dun Tank, Eagle Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Ed Tank, Ellis Canyon Tank, Elumpe Tank, Fain Tank, Federation Trick Tank, Fence Tank, Flume Tank, Forest Tank, Fox Tank, Garvin Tank, Gavilan Tank, George Tank, Gonzales Tank, Graves Tank, Guebara Tank, Hale Canyon Tank, Ham Extension Tank, Hamm Tank, Harkey Tank, Harlan Tank, High Lonesome Water Tank, Highway Tank, Highway Tank, Hinchley Bowl, Hobbs Tank, Hoecradle Tank, Hoecradle Tank, Hog Tank, Hogadero Tank, Hondo Tank, Hondo Tank, Huff Tank, Iron Mine Tank, Iron Mine Tank, Iron Mine Trick Tank, J G Tank, J S Dillard Tank, Jack Robinson Tank, Jacob Tank, Japanese Tank, Jenkins Tank, Jims Tank, Johnnie Tank, Johnson Tank, Jojonera Lake, Jones Tank, Kelt Tank, Killgore Tank, Knollin Tank, Kudner Tank, Lackey Point Trick Tank, Lacy Tank, Largo Tank, Latham Tank, Lee Tank, Line Camp Tank, Little Antelope Tank, Little Joe Tank, Little North Tank, Little Tank, Little Windmill, Littleton Tank, Littleton Tank, Lone Cedar Tank, Lone Mountain Tank, Lone Pine Tank, Lost Tank, Lower Ellis Tank, Lucas Tank, M S Crockett Tank, Mack Tank, Madden Tank, Manzanita Lake, Manzanita Tank, Martin Tank, May Tank, Mayer Windmill, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mexican Tank, Middle Pasture Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Windmill, Moss Windmill, Munoz Tank, Murphy Tank, Myrtle Tank, Natural Tank, New Windmill, Nickles Windmill, Nix Tank, No Water Tank, Nogal Tank, Nome Tank, Norhteast Tank, North Corn Tank, North Hasperos Tank, North Tank, Northeast Tank, Northeast Tank, Northeast Tank, Northwest Tank, Northwest Tank, Northwest Tank, Northwest Tank, Northwest Tank, Ortiz Tank, Padilla Tank, Padilla Trick Tank, Panther Tank, Parker Tank, Pauls Tank, Peakey Tank, Pepper Tank, Pepper Tank, Percella Tank, Perry Spring Tank, Perry Tank, Picnic Tank, Pinatosa Tank, Pinatosa Trick Tank, Pine Hill Trick Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Pines Tank, Pipeline Tank, Pipeline Tank, Pipline Tank, Pistola Tank, Pop Jackson Tank, Porter Tank, Post Corral Tank, Prairie Dog Tank, Procter Tank, Quail Tank, Railroad Tank, Railroad Tank, Rainbow Tank, Ralph Tank, Ramey Tank, Ranger Tank, Red Bluff Tank, Red Bluff Tank, Red Cloud Trick Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Reds Tank, Rentfro Tank Number 2, Road Tank, Road Tank, Roadside Tank, Robsart Tank, Rock House Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Tank, Rock Water Holes, Roosevelt Tank, Round Mountain Trick Tank, Round Tank, Round Tank, Ruidoso Reservoir, Runnels Tank, Rustin Tank, Salado Tank, Salt Cedar Tank, Sam Dillard Tank, Sandy Tank, Sawmill Tank, Schoolhouse Tank, Scraper Tank, Sec Tank, Section 10 Tank, Section Eighteen Tank, Section Thirty Tank, Section Thirty-four Tank, Section Twelve Tank, Section Twenty-six Tank, Serapio Nuņez Tank, Shack Tank, Silva Tank, Simpson Tank, Sinks Tank, Sixshooter Tank, South Adobe Tank, South Camp Tank, South East Tank, South Mountain Trick Tank, South Saddle Trick Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South West Tank, Southeast Tank, Southeast Tank, Southwest 1 Tank, Southwest 2 Tank, Southwest Tank, Southwest Tank, Spur Tank, Stanton Tank, Storey Tank, Storm Tank, Stroope Tank, Sunflower Tank, Swan Tank, Sweethart Windmill, T S Tank, Ten Dollar Tank, Tie Chute Tank, Trapt Tank, Trick Tank, Trick Tank, Tully Tank, Tunnel Tank, Turkey Cone Trick Tank, Turkey Tank, Twin Tank, Twin Tank, Twin Tank, Twin Tanks, Twin Tanks, Upper Chosas Tank, Upper Chosas Tank, Upper Dog Town Tank, Upper Steer Pasture Tank, US Tank, Vera Cruz Tank, Victoriana Tank, W H Shrum Tank, Water Hole Tank, West Mountain Trick Tank, West Silver Tank, West Spur Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, Whitaker Tank, White Tank, Wilson Tanks, Woods Tank, Yates Tank, Yucca Windmill

  Ridges     show all on map

Bald Hills, Barber Ridge, Black Ridge, Border Hill, Bull Gap Ridge, Cerro San Patricio, Chupadero Mountain, Collier Hill, Daugherty Ridge, Daugherty Ridge, Flume Ridge, Gavilan Ridge, Gavilan Ridge, Hogback Ridge, Indian Divide, Long Ridge, Minckey Ridge, Shelerville Ridge, Sierra Blanca, The Hogback, West Mountain

  Schools     show all on map

Capitan Elementary School, Capitan High School, Carrizozo Elementary School, Carrizozo High School, Carrizozo Middle School, Corona Elementary School, Corona High School, Crestview (historical), Eastern New Mexico University - Ruidoso Campus, Hondo Elementary School, Hondo Valley School, Montessoris Little Red School House, Nob Hill Elementary School, Plainview School, Pumpkin Center (historical), Richardson School, Ruidoso Christian School, Ruidoso High School, Ruidoso Middle School, White Mountain Elementary School, White Mountain Intermediate School

  Springs     show all on map

Alice Spring, Alto Spring, Anchor Spring, Argentina Spring, Baca Spring, Barber Spring, Baston Spring, Benado Spring, Bessie Case Spring, Block Spring, Bloom Spring, Bluewater Spring, Bog Spring, Bogg Spring, Bonito Seep, Bonnie Spring, Bragg Spring, Bragg Spring, Brownfield Spring, Buck Pasture Spring, Buckwater Spring, Bull Gap Spring, Candelaria Spring, Canyon Spring, Carrizozo Spring, Carrizozo Spring, Cement Spring, Coal Dump Spring, Collier Spring, Colonel Fritz Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Crenshaw Spring, Crouse Spring, Cub Mountain Spring, Dalton Spring, Daugherty Spring, Daugherty Spring, Deer Spring, Del Cuerto Spring, Devil Spring, Emil Fritz Spring, English Spring, Felix Spring, Fetters Spring, Figure Seven Spring, Gallinas Spring, Gallo Spring, Gaylord Spring, Goat Spring, Goat Spring, Gonzales Spring, Guck Spring, Gum Spring, Hale Spring, Hammett Spring, Hatfield Spring, Hide Spring, Hog Spring, Hog Sup Spring, Hulbert Spring, I Bar X Spring, Ice Spring, Indian Spring, Jacob Spring, Jakes Spring, Johnson Spring, Keen Spring, Keller Spring, Kidd, Koprian Spring, Kyle Harrison Spring, Lamay Spring, Las Palas Spring, Leak Spring, Lincoln Canyon Spring, Lincoln Spring, Lincoln Spring, Little Bonito Spring, Little Creek Spring, Little Spring, Lopez Spring, Lost Spring, Lower Coyote Spring, Lower Padilla Spring, Lower Willow Spring, Macho Spring, Madden Spring, Manchester Spring, Matney Spring, Maverick Spring, May Spring, Meyer Spring, Milagro Springs, Millset Spring, Mitten Bar Spring, Mound Springs, Mud Spring, Nugget Spring, Oak Spring, Padilla Spring, Palomas Moonshine Spring, Patos Spring, Peppin Spring, Perry Spring, Peter Hurd Spring, Phillips Springs, Pine Spring, Pino Real Spring, Powder Magazine Spring, Powell Spring, Raton Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Fox Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock House Spring, Rocky Point Spring, Root Spring, Sandoval Spring, Scott Spring, Seeping Springs Lakes, Seven Cabin Springs, Seven Cabins Spring, Shady Spring, Silva Spring, Skull Spring, Southwest Spring, Spring Cabin Spring, Spring Canyon Spring, Summit Spring, Swan Spring, Tanner Spring, The Spring, Tortolita Spring, Trinidad Spring, Tunnel Spring, Turkey Spring, Upper Padilla Spring, Vanishing Spring, Vera Cruz Spring, Wells Spring, White Oaks Spring, Willow Springs, Wilson Spring, Wingfield Spring, Winston Spring, York Spring, Zamora Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Agua Chiquita Creek, Aragon Creek, Archuleta Creek, Baca Spring Creek, Bear Creek, Block Canyon, Bluewater Creek, Bonito Creek, Carrizo Creek, Cedar Creek, Cherry Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Eagle Creek, Escondido Creek, Fall Creek, Indian Creek, Las Tablas Creek, Little Bonito Creek, Little Creek, Magado Creek, Nogal Creek, Nogal Creek, North Fork Salado Creek, Oso Creek, Patos Creek, Rio Bonito, Rio Ruidoso, Salado Creek, South Fork Aragon Creek, South Fork Rio Bonito, South Fork Rio Ruidoso, South Fork Salado Creek, Stinking Creek, Tortolita Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Ancho Peak, Argentina peak, Baca Mesa, Baxter Mountain, Blue Hill, Boy Scout Mountain, Buck Mountain, Buck Mountain, Capitan Peak, Carrizo Mountain, Carrizo Peak, Castle Garden Mesa, Cedar Hill, Chaves Mountain, Chimney Rock, Church Mountain, Cowboy Mesa, Coyote Mesa, Cub Mountain, Deadhorse Hill, Deadhorse Hill, Diamond Peak, Double Diamond Peaks, Dude Mesa, East Carrizo Cone, El Sentinel Peak, ET Mesa, Fort Stanton Mesa, Gallinas Mountains, Gallinas Peak, Galt Peak, Gaylord Peak, Goat Mountain, Goat Mountain, Godfrey Peak, Granite Knob, Grindstone Mesa, Gyp Hill, High Mesa, Hightower Mountain, Huff Hill, Hughes Hill, Jackass Mountain, Jacks Peak, Jakes Hill, Jicarilla Peak, La Tetita Peak, Lackey Point, Lake Mountain, Little Black Peak, Little Cub Mountain, Little Pelon Hill, Loma Grande, Lone Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Milagro Hill, Mills Peak, Monjeau Peak, Monte Alto, Monument Peak, Moon Mountain, Nogal Peak, Padilla Point, Patos Mountain, Pelon Hill, Picacho, Pine Hill, Polly Hills, R D Hill, Ramerez, Rattlesnake Hill, Read Mesa, Red Hill, Rose Peak, Rough Mountain, Rough Mountain, Round Top, Salt Peak, Snaggletooth, Soldier Mountain, South Arabela, Steel Hill, Sunset Peak, Swan Hill, Tecolote Peak, Tucson Mountain, Vera Cruz Mountain, White Horse Hill, Willow Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KBUY-AM (Ruidoso), KRRR Radio Tower (Conway), KRUI-AM (Ruidoso Downs), KWES-FM (Ruidoso), Ruidoso Lookout Tower

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Ambush Ski Trail, Apache Bowl Chairlift Number 6 Ski Trail, Apache Bowl Ski Trail, Bambi Ski Trail, Barber Springs Trail, Base Trail, Bluefront Trail, Buckhorn Ski Trail, Bull Run Ski Trail, Caliente Ski Trail, Capitan Peak Trail, Capitan Triple Chairlift Number 4 Ski Trail, Capitian Ski Trail, Carrizo Peak Trail, Cedar Creek Trail, Chino Ski Trail, Chute Ski Trail, Clear Water Trail, Cliff Trail Ski Trail, Crest Trail, Dead End Ski Trail, Double Chair Number 3 Ski Trail, Dry Mills Trail, East Meadows Ski Trail, East of East Ski Trail, Easy Street Ski Trail, Elk Quad Chair Number 8 Ski Trail, Elk Ridge Ski Trail, Game Trail Ski Trail, Geronimo Ski Trail, Gondola Liftline Ski Trail, Incredible Ski Trail, Lincoln Double Chairlift Number 2 Ski Trail, Lower Deep Freeze Ski Trail, Lower Moonshine Ski Trail, Lower Peebles Ski Trail, Lower Spruce Ski Trail, Meadows Ski Trail, Mescalero Ski Trail, Mitten Bar Trail, Moonshine Gulch Ski Trail, North Eagle Trail, Number One Triple Chairlift Ski Trail, Oakridge Trail, Oscars Ski Trail, Padilla Trail, Padilla Trail, Patos Mountain Trail, Pennsylvania Trail, Perk Ridge Trail, Rover Ski Trail, Roys Run Ski Trial, Sand Wash Trail, Saunders Ridge Trail, Screaming Eagle Ski Trail, Sierra Blanca Ski Trail, Slalom Hill Ski Trail, Smokey Bear-Nastar Ski Trail, Snow Park Ski Trail, Summit Trail, Summit Trail, The Terrible Ski Trail, Top Notch Ski Area, Triple Chair Number Five Ski Trail, Triple Chair Number Seven Ski Trail, Tucson Mountain Trail, Upper Deep Freeze Ski Trail, Upper Moonshine Ski Trail, Upper Peebles Ski Trail, Upper Snow Park Ski Trail, Upper Spruce Ski Trail, Wet Mills Trail, Whiskey Trail, Wild Onion Ski Trail

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Airplane Canyon, Alamo Canyon, Alfred Hale Canyon, Allison Canyon, Anan Canyon, Ancho Gulch, Ancho Valley, Angus Canyon, Archuleta Canyon, Argentina Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Baca Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Benado Canyon, Big Bear Canyon, Big Draw, Big Pine Canyon, Big Rocks Canyon, Big Tank Canyon, Bills Canyon, Bitter Canyon, Blackwater Canyon, Blanchard Canyon, Bluefront Canyon, Bogg Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Bonito Canyon, Bonney Canyon, Border Canyon, Brady Canyon, Bragg Canyon, Brownfield Canyon, Brush Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Buck Canyon, Buck Draw, Bull Gap Canyon, Burro Canyon, Candelaria Canyon, Carlton Canyon, Carrizo Canyon, Casey Canyon, Catclaw Canyon, Cave Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cellars Canyon, Chaves Canyon, Chaves Draw, Chavez Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Chivata Canyon, Chivo Canyon, Coal Dump Canyon, Coal Mine Canyon, Coe Canyon, Cook Canyon, Copeland Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cow Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Crawford Canyon, Crocket Canyon, Crow Canyon, Dark Betsy Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deep Canyon, Devils Canyon, Diablo Canyon, Diamond Spring Canyon, Dipping Vat Draw, Dow Canyon, Dry Bear Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Gulch, Dunovan Canyon, Duran Canyon, East Lucero Canyon, East Well Canyon, Elder Canyon, Ellis Canyon, Elsie Canyon, Emerson Canyon, Encinoso Canyon, Encinoso Canyon, Escondido Canyon, Ferguson Canyon, Ferris Canyon, Figure Seven Canyon, Flores Canyon, Flores Canyon, Flume Canyon, Flume Canyon, Fox Spring Canyon, Fred Canyon, Gallo Canyon, Gallo Canyon, Gallo Spring Canyon, Gamble Canyon, Gavilan Canyon, Gaylord Canyon, George Canyon, George Washington Canyon, Gilmore Canyon, Give-A-Damn Canyon, Goat Canyon, Goat Canyon, Goat Canyon, Gonzales Canyon, Gonzales Canyon, Granville Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grindstone Canyon, Gum Spring Canyon, Gyp Spring Canyon, Hackberry Draw, Hale Canyon, Hale Canyon, Half Moon Valley, Hasperos Canyon, Hill Canyon, Hinchley Canyon, Hodge Canyon, Hoecradle Canyon, Hog Pen Canyon, Hogadero Draw, Hubbard Canyon, Hunters Draw, Indian Canyon, Indian Canyon, Jackson Canyon, Jesus Canyon, Johnnie Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Juan Largo Canyon, Kelly Canyon, Kelt Well Canyon, Kemp Canyon, Koprian Canyon, Kountz Canyon, Krause Canyon, Kraut Canyon, Kyle Harrison Canyon, Las Chosas Canyon, Las Tablas Canyon, Lavade Draw, Leak Canyon, Lemon Draw, Lincoln Canyon, Lincoln Canyon, Lincoln Canyon, Little Bear Canyon, Little Bragg Canyon, Little Hasperos Canyon, Little Juan Largo Canyon, Little Nugget Gulch, Little Pine Canyon, Little Twin Butte Canyon, Littleton Canyon, Lone Mountain Canyon, Lone Pine Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Ridge Canyon, Lookout Canyon, Lopez Canyon, Lucas Well Canyon, Madden Canyon, Maverick Canyon, Mc Iver Canyon, Merchant Canyon, Mesa Canyon, Michallas Canyon, Mills Canyon, Mine Canyon, Mineral Farms Canyon, Mitten Bar Canyon, Muņoz Canyon, Musket Ball Canyon, Nelson Canyon, Nogal Canyon, Nogal Draw, Nolton Canyon, Norman Canyon, North Canyon, North Fork Canyon, North Fork Cienegita Canyon, North Indian Canyon, Outlaw Canyon, Ox Yoke Canyon, Padilla Canyon, Pajaro Canyon, Palo Verde Canyon, Pancho Canyon, Paradise Canyon, Peachtree Canyon, Pennsylvania Canyon, Peppin Canyon, Peppin Canyon, Perk Canyon, Perry Canyon, Perry Spring Canyon, Peters Canyon, Philadelphia Canyon, Phillips Canyon, Pierce Canyon, Pierce Canyon, Pinatosa Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pine Tree Canyon, Plate Canyon, Powell Canyon, Priest Canyon, Pruit Canyon, Quail Canyon, Ramsdale Canyon, Raton Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Red Bluff Draw, Red Cloud Canyon, Red Hill Canyon, Red Lick Canyon, Reventon Draw, Richardson Canyon, Rico Gulch, Rim Rock Canyon, Robinson Canyon, Robinson Canyon, Rodamaker Canyon, Round Top Canyon, Salazar Canyon, Salsbury Canyon, Sanders Canyon, Santa Rita Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawset Canyon, Schoolhouse Canyon, Serno Draw, Seven Cabins Canyon, Sheeppen Canyon, Shelerville Canyon, Shoemaker Canyon, Shorty Canyon, Silva Canyon, Sixshooter Canyon, Skinner Canyon, Skull Canyon, Skunk Canyon, Skunk Canyon, Slough Canyon, Soldiers Gulch, South Canyon, South Canyon, South Fork Canyon, South Well Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Talley Canyon, Tanbark Canyon, Tanner Canyon, Tecolote Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Thorium Canyon, Tinnie Canyon, Torrez Canyon, Tortolita Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Treasure Canyon, Tunstall Canyon, Turkey Canyon, Uranium Canyon, Vickers Canyon, Vl Canyon, Vorwerk Canyon, Wagon Canyon, Wahalee Canyon, Walnut Draw, Walt Smith Canyon, Warner Gulch, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Hole Canyon, West Lucero Canyon, White Oaks Canyon, White Oaks Draw, White Oaks Draw, Whitmore Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Wind Canyon, Winston Canyon

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10001 Water Well, 10008 Water Well, 10010 Water Well, 10026 Water Well, 10079 Water Well, 10133 Water Well, 10192 Water Well, 10193 Water Well, 7-11 Well, Antelope Well, Antelope Well, Axtell Well, Baca Canyon Well, Baker Well, Blackwater Well, Boggie Well, Border Farm Well, Border Well, Border Well, Branum Well, Buck Pasture Well, Byron Well, Cat Well, Cattle Guard Well, Cedar Hill Well, Chivo Well, Clark Well, Coe Well, Connel Well, Coon Well, Corona Well, Cowboy Well, Crater Well, Craven Well, Deadman Well, Deadman Well, Dicks Well, Dillard-Whitmore Well, Divide Well, Dugger Well, Eagle Creek Well, East Kuykendall Well, East Well, East Well, East Well, El Paso Wells, ET Well, Fiftysix Well, Galles Well, George McDonald Well, Give-A-Damn Well, Golondrina Well, Hackberry Well, Hackberry Wells, Harrold Water Well, Hasperos Well, Hayfield Well, High Lonesome Well, High Well, Hines Well, Hogadero Well, Homestead Well, Jackson Well, Johnson Well, Johnson Well, Jones Well, Juan Well, Kuykendall Well, Lake Well, Lake Well, Little Hasperos Well, Lone Well, Louie Well, Macho Well, Maney Well, Manzanita Well, Marfield Well, Marfield Well, Martin Harold Well, Mattox Well, McKim Water Well, McLemore Well, Middle Arroyo West Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Miller Well Number 1, Morris Well, Mothers Well, Murray Well, Nester Well, New Ball Well, New Brownfield Well, New Water Well, Newmill Well, North Well, North Well, Norton Well, Number 2 Well, Number Four Well, Number Six Well, Old Ball Well, Old Hogadero Well, Old Mills Well, ORC Fire Water Well, Partnership Well, Payne Well, Perry Well, Pine Draw Well, Pipe Line Well, Pruett Well, Rattlesnake Well, Reservation Well, Ridge Well, Ridgill Well, Rim Rock Water Well, Rim Rock Well, River Well, Rivera Well, Rock House Well, Sacate Well, Scholle Well, Sevenhundred and Seventyseven Well, Shearing Shed Well, Shinery Well, Sixteenmile Well, Snaggletooth Well, South Gililland Well, South Tank, South Well, South Well, South Well, Stroope Well, Sulphur Well, Trouble Well, Trujillo Well, Tully Well, Twin Butte Well, Water Hole Well, Water Hole Well, West Cherry Well, West Crow Flat Well, West Well, Yates Well, Yearling Pasture Well, Youngblood Well, Youngblood Well,

Lincoln County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLincoln County White population 19,05019,050  
American IndianLincoln County American Indian population 649648
MixedLincoln County Mixed population 263263
BlackLincoln County Black population 162162
AsianLincoln County Asian population 101101
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLincoln County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4140

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county