McKinley County, New Mexico Basics:

McKinley County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 72,726
Area: 5450 square miles
County seat: Gallup
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 71.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.2%
Median household income: $30,780
Persons in poverty: 33.6%
Home ownership rate: 71.9%
Mean travel time to work: 22.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the McKinley County area

Our detail map of McKinley County shows the McKinley County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in McKinley County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Black Rock Airport, Crownpoint Airport, Gallup Municipal Airport, Pueblo Pintado Airport, Transwestern Pipeline Number 5 Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Coyote Arch, Pierced Rock, Red Lake Natural Bridge, The Great Eye

  Areas     show all on map

Cerros Colorado, Desliz, La Cuchilla, Manuelito Plateau, Sloping Meadow, Todilto Park

  Arroyos     show all on map

Arroyo Alfredo Padilla, Arroyo Caņoneros, Arroyo Chavez, Arroyo Chico, Arroyo del Puerto, Arroyo Gallina, Arroyo la Azabache, Arroyo Sarcio, Arroyo Seccion, Bread Springs Wash, Caņada la Vacas, Doctor Arroyo, Nelson Wash, Owls Nest Wash, Pine Tree Wash, San Isidro Arroyo, Skeets Wash, South Fork Catron Wash

  Bars     show all on map

White Rock

  Basins     show all on map

Coal Basin, Rincon Chavez

  Benches     show all on map

El Banquito, Pie Mesa, Pot Mesa

  Buildings     show all on map

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Depot Gallup Historic Site, Blessed Kateri Tekawitha Academy and Community Library, Bluewater Lake Fire Rescue, C N Cotton House, C N Cotton Warehouse Historic Site, Chi Chil Tah Volunteer Fire Department, Crownpoint Institute of Technology Library, Crownpoint Police Department, Crownpoint Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Drake Hotel Historic Site, El Moro Theater Historic Site, El Rancho Hotel Historic Site, Fort Wingate Volunteer Fire Department, Gallup Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Gallup Fire Department Station 2, Gallup Fire Department Station 3, Gallup Fire Department Station 4, Gallup Fire Department Station 5, Gallup Indian Medical Center Library, Gallup Medical Flight, Gallup Police Department, Gallup Police Department, Grand Hotel Historic Site, Harrison House Historic Site, Harvey Hotel Historic Site, Lebanon Lodge Number 22 Historic Site, Mariano Lake / Pinedale Volunteer Fire Department, McKinley County Courthouse Historic Site, McKinley County Sheriff's Office Gallup, McKinley County Sheriff's Office Thoreau, McKinley West Volunteer Fire Department, Med Star Ambulance, Museum of Zuni, Nahodishgish Chapter House, Navajo Community Library, Navajo Estates Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Navajo Estates Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Navajo Nation Emergency Medical Services, Navajo Pine Volunteer Fire and Rescue, New Mexico State Police District 6 Gallup, Octavia Fellen Public Library, Palace Hotel Historic Site, Pinehaven Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Prewitt Volunteer Fire Department, Pueblo of Zuni Police Department, Pueblo of Zuni Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 1 Black Rock, Pueblo of Zuni Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 2 Zuni Village, Pueblo Pintado City Ambulance Service, Pueblo Pintado Volunteer Fire Department, Ramah Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Red Rock Musuem, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services Inc Library, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services Incorporated, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital Library, Rex Hotel Historic Site, Thoreau Emergency Medical Services, Thoreau Volunteer Fire Department, Tohatchi Emergency Medical Services, United States Public Health Science Indian Hospital Library, University of New Mexcio - Gallup Campus Zollinger Library, University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus Zollinger Library, Vanderwagen Volunteer Fire Department, Whispering Cedars Volunteer Fire Department, White Cafe, White Cliffs Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Panama Canal, Zuni Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Cerro Legua, Lassa Point, Nose Rock Point, Pot Point, Rocky Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Hillcrest Cemetery, Lone Pine Cemetery, McGaffey Cemetery, Pinehaven Cemetery, Ramah Cemetery, Sunset Memorial Gardens, Torreon Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Black Rock Census Designated Place, Brimhall Nizhoni Census Designated Place, Church Rock Census Designated Place, Crownpoint Census Designated Place, Nakaibito Census Designated Place, Navajo Census Designated Place, Pueblo Pintado Census Designated Place, Ramah Census Designated Place, Rock Springs Census Designated Place, Thoreau Census Designated Place, Tohatchi Census Designated Place, Tse Bonito Census Designated Place, Twin Lakes Census Designated Place, Yah-ta-hey Census Designated Place, Zuni Pueblo Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Ba'hai Community of Gallup Church, Berean Mission, Bethany Christian Reformed Church, Bethesda Navajo Mission, Bethlehem Church, Calvary Southern Baptist Church, Casa San Martin, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Catholic Diocese of Gallup Church, Catholic Indian Center, Church of the Holy Spirit, Coolidge Navajo Church, Crosslands Mission, Emanuel Baptist Temple and Christian Academy, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church Fellowship Center, First Indian Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Full Gospel Assemmbly of God Church, Gallup Baptist Church, Gallup Christian Center, Gallup Church of Christ, Gamerco Church of God, Good News Parish, Holiness Indian Mission, Indian Assembly of God, Indian Assembly of God Church, Navajo Church, Navajo Church, Navajo Mission, Navajo Mission, Pentecostal Church of God Navajo Mission, Pine Tree Mission, Pinedale Indian Assebly of God Church, Rock Spring Navajo Mission, Saint Anthony Parish, Saint Berard Parish, Saint Bonaventure Parish, Saint Eleanor Parish, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Saint Jeromes Church, Saint John Vianney Parish, Saint Mary Church, Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Saint Paul Church, Saint Phillips Mission Indian Village, Saint Valerian Catholic Church, Saint William Church, San Antonio Mission, San Lorenzo Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Spanish Assembly of God Church, Spanish Baptist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Fort Wingate Branch, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Gallup Stake, Tinian Mission, Toyee, Trinity Lutheran Church, Twin Buttes Church of the Nazarene, United Pentecostal Church, West Mesa Assembly of God Church, Westminister United Presbyterian Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Zuni Mission Historic Site

  Cliffs     show all on map

Gumbo Point, Jim Point, Punta Burro, Rancho Perfecto Point, White Cliffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Iyanbito Interchange, Refinery Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Asaayi Dam, Aspen Drop Structure, Black Rock Dam, Cayadito Dam, Chico Detention Dam Number Two, Childers Smith Reservoir Dam, Chuska Dam, Eustace Dam, Fishback Dam, Henio Dam, Kerr McGee Storage Dam, Kerr-McGee Tailings Dam Pond Number One, Leopoldo Diversion Dam, Mariano Lake Dam, McGaffey Lake Dam, Mosquito Dam, Pescado Reservoir Dam, Pinon Canyon Dam Number One, Pressley Jacobs Dam, Ramah Reservoir Dam, Red Lake Dam, San Lucas Dam, Tekapo Reservoir Dam, Whiskey Lake T20n Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Big Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flats, Bloomfield Flat, Blue Grass Flat, Cottonwood Flats, Elk Flat, Hard Ground Flats, La Jolla Alfalfa, La Jolla de Santa Rosa, McQue Flat, Togeye Flats, Tohatchi Flats, Tohatchi Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Pass, Bobcat Pass, Borrego Pass, Dalton Pass, El Puertecito, Satan Pass, Tucker Gap, Wheat Grass Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Crownpoint Service Unit Indian Health Service Hospital, Gallup Indian Medical Center, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services Hospital, Zuni - Ramah Service Unit Zuni Indian Health Service Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Bass Lake, Bowl Lake, Flat Lake, Franciscan Lake, Laguna Bandeja, Laguna Blanca, Laguna Blanca, Laguna Castillo, Laguna Chute, Laguna Cruz, Laguna de Alejandro, Laguna de Cosme, Laguna de Damacio, Laguna del Cerro, Laguna del Cerro Rojo, Laguna del Monte, Laguna Fria, Laguna Grande, Laguna Nieve, Laguna Piedra, Laguna Pino, Laguna Reyes, Laguna Vieja, Los Barreales Lake, Lost Lake, Milk Lake, Natural Lake, Papers Lake, Red Pond, Red Water Pond, Samson Lake, Star Lake, Tinaja Lake, Togeye Lake, Whiskey Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Railroad Dike

  Locales     show all on map

Abak'in Shilow Im'a, Ahayu:t A:chiya' Delashhin'a, Albers Ranch, American Heritage Plaza, Andrews Ranch, Ashcroft-Merrill Historic District, Atsee Nitsaa Historic Site, Ba-Ha-Li, Baca Siding, Ball Ranch, Banco Isidro, Bass Ranch, Becenti Chapter House, Benally, Berryhill Ranch, Berryhill Ranch, Big House Historic Site, Black Hat, Bloomfield (historical), Borrego Pass Trading Post, Borrego Pass Trading Post, Bosson Ranch, Bowl Lake Campground, Broadview Acres, Bull Camp Windmill, Caņoneros Camp, Casa de Estrella Site Historic Site, Casa Moreno, CH Begaye Well, Chaves, Cheechilgeetho, Ciniza Refinery, Cliff House, Clo-Chew-Tah Ranch, COA Number 1 Windmill, Corral, Cottonwood Gulch Camp, Cousins, Cresto Ranch, Cuates Camp, Dal Paso Center, Dalton Pass Chapter House, Dalton Pass Historic Site, Dalton Pass Trading Post, Davis, Dewey, Divide Trading Post, El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline, Elkins Ranch, Elkins Star Lake Ranch, Escondido Ranch, Fernandez, Ford Ranch, Fort Wingate Historic District, Fort Wingate Historic Site, Fort Wingate Weather Station, Fort Wingate Workcenter, Four Corners Cow Camp, Franklin, Gallup Pumping Station, Gallup Ranger Station, Gallup Weather Station, Gamerco Weather Station, Garcia Ranch, Gonzales Siding, Grande Camp, Greenlee Historic Site, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hardpan Windmill, Heshotauthla Historic Site, I K Ranch, Inditos Camp, Irvin Ranch, Jake Chee Windmill, Jaramillo Ranch, Joe Montoya Ranch, Jones (historical), Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant, Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant, Kim-me-ni-oli Ruins, Kin Hocho'i Historic Site, Kin Nahzin (historical), Kin Ya-ah, Kwa'kin'a Historic Site, Kyaki:ma Historic Site, LA15278 Historic Site, LA38011 Historic Site, LA45780 Historic Site, LA45781 Historic Site, LA45782 Historic Site, LA45784 Historic Site, LA45785 Historic Site, LA45786 Historic Site, LA45789 Historic Site, LA50000 Historic Site, LA50001 Historic Site, LA50013 Historic Site, LA50014 Historic Site, LA50015 Historic Site, LA50016 Historic Site, LA50017 Historic Site, LA50018 Historic Site, LA50019 Historic Site, LA50020 Historic Site, LA50021 Historic Site, LA50022 Historic Site, LA50023 Historic Site, LA50024 Historic Site, LA50025 Historic Site, LA50026 Historic Site, LA50027 Historic Site, LA50028 Historic Site, LA50030 Historic Site, LA50031 Historic Site, LA50033 Historic Site, LA50034 Historic Site, LA50035 Historic Site, LA50036 Historic Site, LA50037 Historic Site, LA50038 Historic Site, LA50044 Historic Site, LA50071 Historic Site, LA50072 Historic Site, LA50074 Historic Site, LA50077 Historic Site, LA50080 Historic Site, Largo, Lee, Lhakalhonatah-na, Lhaulhetah-na, Lhep/tequ/aqu/a, Little Water, Lucero, Luna (historical), Manuelitos Complex, Marcus Ranch, McGaffey Weather Station, Mentmore Meadows Historic Site, Mesita Camp, Mexican Springs Weather Station, Michael Ranch, Midwest City, Moleres, Naat'a'anil Bikin, Navajo Tribe Ranch, Navarre Ranch, Nose Rock, Nutria Campground, Olson, Peņa, Phillips Petroleum Ambrosia Mill, Pine Haven Acres, Pinon Placita Shopping Center, Prairie Dog Trading Post, Pueblo Alto Trading Post, Pueblo Pintado, Quaking Aspen Campground, Radosevich Ranch, Ralph Bond Ranch, Ramah, Ramah Indian Tribal Lands, Ramah Weather Station, Rancho de la Punta, Rancho De Stephan, Rancho Del Puerto, Rancho Eufelia, Rancho Feliz, Rancho Nuevo, Rancho Rincon Marquez, Rangel (historical), Resloana (historical), Rico Ranch, Rico Ranch, Rock Spring Ranch, Ruby Wells Ranch, SAk'yaya Yalanne, San Fidel Parish House Belfrey, San Jose, San Miguel Ranch, Sandoval Ranch, Selukai Sheep Dip, Shillingburg, Silva Ranch, Six A Ranch, Slick Rock, Smith Lake, Smiths, Soldado Ruin, South Ranch, Springstead Trading Post, Stallings, Standing Rock Pumping Station, Star Lake Pumping Station, Star Lake Trading Post, Star Lake Weather Station, Steel Windmill, Stepping Stone House Historic Site, Stinkwater Well, Stone A Ruins, The Navajo Tribe Ranch, Thoreau Weather Station, Tinian Trading Post, Tohatchi Lookout, Tohatchi Village Site, Tohatchi Weather Station, Tohlakai Trading Post, Tom Ranch, Toyee, Tse Bonita Trading Post, Tso-Dzil Ranch, Tucker Ranch, Two Wells, United States Forest Service Continental Divide Training Center, Village of the Great Kivas Historic Site, Voght Ranch House Historic Site, Wilcoxon, Willcoxson Ranch, Williams Acres, Williams Acres, Windmill Number 2, Windmill Number 3, Windmill Number 4, Windmill Number 5, Windmill Number 6, Wolye A'din, Yellow House Historic Site, Zuni Indian Tribal Lands, Zuni Weather Station

  Military     show all on map

Continental Divide Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Ann Lee Mine Number One, Barbara J HZ Mine, Barbara J Number 1 Mine, Black Jack Mine Number One, Black Jack Mine Number Two, Buckey Number 1 Mine, Carbon City Mine, Chiaramonte Mine, Church Rock Mine, Cliffside Mine, County Line Pit, Dakota Mine, Dalco Mine, Defiance Mine, Doris Extension, Drift Mine, Duclos Mine, Dysart Mine Number 1, Eagle Uranium Deposit, Elizabeth Group, Elkins Lime Pit, Elkins Pit, Elkins Prewitt Pit, Elkins Thoreau Pit Number 3, Enterprise Mine, Enterprise Mine, Evelyn mine, Faith Mine, Farris Mine, Febco Tunnel Number 1, Federal Mine, Fellin Prospect, Flat Top Mine, Flea Doris Extension, Flea Mine, Foster Canyon Group, Foutz Number 1 Mine, Foutz Number 2, Foutz Number Three Mine, Francis, Gallup Fuel Company Mine, Gallup Titanium Deposit, Gando Coal, George Coal Mine, Gibson Mine, Gibson Number 4 Mine, Glenn and Edith Mine, Glover Claim, Golden P Roundy Mine, Golino Mine, Gossett, Grand Mission Mine, Green Pick Twenty Uranium Deposit, Grenko Coal Mine, Grenko Mine, Grenko Mine, Grenko Mine, Hanosh Mine, Harper Mine, Haystack Butte District Mine, Haystack Mine, Haystack Open Pit, Haystack Underground Mine, Heaton Mine, Hillside Mine, Hogan Mine, Holly, Holly Mine, Homestake-New Mexico Partners Mine, Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 15, Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 23, Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 25, Hope Mine, Hope Mine, Hope Mine, Hoskins and Robinson Pit, Hyde Deposit, Hyde Mine, Ike Number 1, Isabella, Iyanbito Pit, J and P Mine, Jack Johnson, Jack Johnson Mine, Jesus and Pete Mine, Johnny M Mine, Juliano Mine, June Mine, June Mine, Junior Mine, Jurgensen Pit, Kauzlarich Mine, Keepers Mine, Kennedy Mine, Kent Nowlin Pit, Kermac Mine Number 22, Kermac Mine Number 30, Kermac Number 10 Mine, Kerr McGee Pit 31-13-9, Kiewit Pit, Kimbler Pit, La Cuchilla Pit Mine, Largo Number 4 Mine, Largo Uranium Deposit, Last Chance Z Uranium Deposit, Lawerance Elkins, Leyba Mine, Mac Number One, Mac Number Two, Malpais, Manning Mine, Marcus Mine, Mariano Lake, Marinelli Pit, Marquez Canyon Mine, Marquez Mine, Martinez Mine, Mary Number 1 Mine, MC Dermott Mine, McDermott Et Al Prospect, McKinley Mine, McKinley Mine, Melrich Group, Mentmore Coal Mine, Mesa Top Mine, Mesa Top Mine, Mesa Top Seven, Mine Number 17, Mine Number 24, Mine Number Five, Moe Mine, Morelli Mine, Myers Mine, Nance Mine, Navajo Number 5, Navajo Number Five Mine, Navajo Number One Mine, Navajo Number Two Mine, Navajo School Mine, New Mine, New Mutual Coal Mine, New Mutual Mine, New Otero Mine, Nite Group, Northeast Church Rock, Noserock Number One, Noserock Number Two, Number 4 MOE Mine, Olson Pit, Palo Verde Group, Parron Mine, Peacock Number Two Mine, Peacock Numbers 2, 3 and 4 Mines, Poison Canyon Mine, Roberts Coal Mine, Roundy Mine, Saint Michaels, Sanchez One, Sandstone Mine, Section Thirty-three Mine, Shillingburg Mine, Silver Bit, Silver Spur Mine, Southwestern, Southwestern Mine, State Pit 63-4-5, Sundance, Sundance Mine, Thacther Mine, Thatcher Mine, Thatcher Mine, Three Jacks Mine, Tiejan Prospect, Tiejen Mine, Tiejen Prospect, Tietjen Prospect, Todilto Mine Number Two, Tohatchie Mine, Tohatchih Pit, Tom Elkins Mine, Tomada Coal Mine, Top of World, Trotz Construction Pit, Twin Buttes Pit, U Mine, U.S. Mining-Olsen Mine, United Western Mine, Upper Nutria Limestone Pit, Uran Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Deposit, Uranium Prospects, Uranium Prospects, US Minning Section Six, Vallejo Mine, Weaver Mine, Western Section Twenty One Mine, Westvaco Mine, Westwater Number One, William Coal Company Mine, Williams and Reynolds Mine, Williams Property, Window Rock Coal Mine, Winter Mine, Woolly Tommy Mine, Wylie Brothers Pit, Yucca Number Two Mine, Zuni Indian School

  Oilfields     show all on map

Hospah Oil Field, Red Mountain Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Babe Ruth Park, Chaco Cliffs Historical Marker, Continental Divide Historical Marker, Continental Divide Historical Marker, Fort Defiance Historical Marker, Fort Wingate Historical Marker, Gallup Historical Marker, Kiwanis Park, Manuelito Area Historical Marker, Marquez Wildlife Area, McGaffey Camp and Picnic Grounds, Navajo Indian Reservation Historical Marker, Pueblo of Zuni Historical Marker, Red Rock State Park, Red Rocks Historical Marker, Vasquez de Coronados Route Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Cleopatras Needle, Cone Hill, Ear Rock, Frog Rock, Navajo Church, Orphan Annie Rock, Outlet Neck, Pagoda Rock, Piedra Camello, Pyramid Rock, Twin Peaks, Venus Needle

  Plains     show all on map

Chaco Plateau, Dutton Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allison, Ambrosia Lake, Basgal Place, Black Rock, Bread Springs, Breece (historical), Brimhall Nizhoni, Buffalo Springs, Chi Chil Tah, Church Rock, Ciniza, Clarkville (historical), Continental Divide, Coolidge, Coyote Canyon, Crest View, Crownpoint, Defiance, Dos Tristes, Eagle Nest, El Dado, Fort Wingate, Gallup, Gamerco, Gibson (historical), Gibson (historical), Gonzales, Grubisich Place, Hassler Valley, Heaton (historical), Hospah, Iyanbito, Leon, Lower Nutria, Manuelito, Mariano Lake, McCune, McGaffey, Mentmore, Merrill Place, Mexican Springs, Nakaibito, Navajo, Navajo (historical), Navajo Wingate Village, Navarre Place, Noble Acres, North Chaves, North Guam, Ojo Encino, Page, Perea, Pescado, Piedra de la Aguila, Pinedale, Pinehaven, Polich Place, Prewitt, Pueblo Pintado, Rabbit Brush, Ramah, Red Rock, Rehoboth, Rock Springs, Sanchez Place, Seven Lakes, Smith Lake, South Chaves, South Guam, Spencer Valley, Standing Rock, Sundance, Tanner (historical), Tekapo, Thoreau, Timber Lake Ranch, Tinian, Tohatchi, Tsayatoh, Tse Bonito, Twin Buttes, Twin Lakes, Upper Nutria, Vanderwagen, Voght Place, Weaver (historical), Whispering Cedars, Whitehorse, Wildcat, Wingate, Yah-ta-hey, Zuni, Zuni, Zuni Pueblo

  Post Offices     show all on map

Allison Post Office (historical), Black Rock Post Office (historical), Breece Post Office (historical), Brimhall Post Office, Church Rock Post Office, Continental Divide Post Office, Coolidge Post Office (historical), Crownpoint Post Office, Danoffville Post Office (historical), Defiance Post Office (historical), Dewey Post Office (historical), Dewey Post Office (historical), Estrella Post Office (historical), Fort Wingate Post Office, Gallup Post Office, Gamerco Post Office (historical), Gibson Post Office (historical), Heaton Post Office (historical), Manuelito Post Office (historical), McGaffey Post Office (historical), Mentmore Post Office, Mexican Springs Post Office, Navajo Post Office (historical), Page Post Office (historical), Perea Post Office (historical), Pinehaven Post Office (historical), Prewitt Post Office, Ramah Post Office, Rehoboth Post Office, Round House Post Office (historical), Thoreau Post Office, Tohatchi Post Office, Vanderwagen Post Office (historical), Zuni Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alcario Tank, Alcario Tank, Alejandro Water Tank, Alesna Tank, Ambrosia Lake, American Tank, Amos Pit Reservoir, Andrews Tank, Antelope Tank, Antonio Tank, Atavque de Marcelina, Baca Tank, Basgal Tank, Becenti Lake, Bench Rock Tank, Big Cedar Tank, Bill Morgan Tank, Black Rock Reservoir, Black Stock Tank, Blanton Tank, Blue Tank, Borderline Tank, Bottom Stock Tank, Boulder Tank, Brennan Tank, Brown Tank, Brushy Two Tank, Brushy-One Tank, Buck Tank, Bull Pasture Tank, Calladito Lakes, Calladito Tank, Candido Tank, Candido Tank, Casamero Lake, Castillo Lake, Castle Rock Tank, Cholla Tank, Chuska Lake, Chute Grand Tank, Colorado Tank, Cone Hill Tank, Corner Stock Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Dauber Tank, Deer Stock Tank, Deer Tank, Derrame Tank, Eagle Nest Tank, Echo Tank, Eduardo Tank, Effran Tank, Escondido Tank, Escondido Tank, Escondido Tank, Eustace Lake, Fence Lake, Fishback Tank, Floyd Lee Tank, Frog Lake Tank, Gonzales Lake, Gonzolas Tank, Grandmas Swimming Pool, Guadalupe Tank, Harold Tank, Hausner Tank One, Hausner Tank Three, Hausner Tank Two, Heifer Tank, Heller Tank, Homestead Corner Tank, Hoot Owl Tank, Horse Pasture Stock Tank, House Lake, Indian Pond, Indian Tank, J B Tank, Jacks Lake, Jim Tank, John Nelson Tank, Johnson Tank, Jose Gabriel Tank, Laguna Abeyta, Laguna Alamo, Laguna Anaconda, Laguna Blanquita, Laguna Bonita, Laguna Borregos, Laguna Caņoneros, Laguna del Vino, Laguna Eduardo, Laguna Elefante, Laguna Escondido, Laguna Huero, Laguna Leon, Laguna Piedra, Laguna Piedra, Laguna Polvadera, Laguna Quebrada, Laguna Techillas, Laguna Trujillo, Lagunita, Lagunita Tank, Lake McFerren, Little Bear Reservoir, Little Techillas, Llanito Frio Tanks, Lower Calladito Tank, Lower Section Nineteen Tank, Malcom Tank, Mariano Lake, Mariposa Tank, Martinez Tank, Mauled Cedar Tank, McGaffey Lake, McKenzie Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Michael Tank, Middle Section Nineteen Tank, Mosquito Tank, Mustard Tank, Navajo Stock Tank, North Tank, Nutria Diversion Reservoir, Nutria Reservoir Number 2, Nutria Reservoir Number 3, Nutria Reservoir Number 4, Orphan Annie Tank, Pagoda Tank, Pescado Reservoir, Piedra Tank, Piedra Tank, Pinabeta Tank, Pine Grove Tank, Pinos Lake, Pinto Tank, Prewitt Lake, Prewitt Tank, Radar Tank, Ramah Reservoir, Ranger Tank, Red Lake, Red Lake, Rim Site Tank, Rincon Grande Tank, Road Tank, Rock Dam, Rock Stock Tank, Saddle Tank, San Mateo Tank, Sanchez Tank, Sandoval Lake, Seco Tank, Seco Tank, Section Fourteen Tank, Section Six Tank, Section Tank, Seep Tank, Sheep Corral Stock Tank, Sheet Rock Tank, Silt Tank, Smith Lake, Steamboat Tank, Stockade Tank, Store Tank, Stump Tank, Tanner Lake, Tekapo Reservoir, Telesfors Tank, Television Tank, Thurlow Tank, Tinian Tank, Upper Galestina Number One A Reservoir, Upper Section Nineteen Tank, Uranium Claim Tank, Vanderwagen Reservoir Number One, Vanderwagen Reservoir Number Two, Vega Tank, Voght Tank, Windmill Tank, Wingate Stock Tank, Yellow Stock Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Banana Ridge, Banco del Cerro Chiuato, Big Rock Hill, Cejita Blanca Ridge, Cerros de Guadalupe, Coal Mine Hill, Dividing Ridge, Don Andres Hill, Fallen Timber Ridge, Goat Mountain, Grande Ridge, Las Carretas, McKenzie Ridge, Oso Ridge, Piedras Blancas, Pine Ridge, Red Butte, Roman Hill, Sheep Spring Hill, Torrivio Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Aztec Montessori School, Bible Baptist School, Blessed kateri Tekakwitha School, Borrega Pass, Cathedral High School, Central Junior High School, Chee Dodge Elementary School, Chi Chil Tah Jones Ranch School, Church Rock Elementary School, Chuska Boarding School, Chuska School, Crownpoint Boarding School, Crownpoint Elementary School, Crownpoint High School, Crownpoint Institute of Technology, David Skeet Elementary, Dowa Yalanne School, Educational Development Center, Free Trinity School, Gallup Christian School, Gallup High School, Gallup Middle School, Indian Hills Elementary School, Jefferson School, John F Kennedy Middle School, Jones Ranch School, Juan De Onate Elementary School, Lake Valley Navajo School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln School, Navajo Bible School, Navajo Elementary School, Navajo Pine High School, Ojo Encino Trailer School, Pueblo Pintado School, Ramah Elementary School, Ramah High School, Red Rock Elementary School, Rehoboth Christian Elementary School, Rehoboth Christian High School, Roat School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt School, Sacred Heart Cathedral Elementary and Middle School, Saint Anthony Mission School, Saint Anthony Zuni Indian School, Saint Francis of Assisi School, Saint Francis School, Sky City School, Smith Lake Elementary School, Stagecoach Elementary School, Sunnyside School, Thoreau Elementary School, Thoreau High School, Thoreau Middle School, Tohatchi Elementary School, Tohatchi High School, Tohatchi Middle School, Tohatchi Special Education and Training Center, Tsc'ii'ahi Community School, Tse Bonita School, Twin Buttes High School, Twin Lakes Elementary School, University of New Mexico Gallup Branch, Washington Elementary School, Washington School, Wildcat Christian Academy, Wilson School, Wingate Elementary School, Wingate High School, Zuni Christian Reformed Mission School, Zuni High School, Zuni Middle School

  Slopes     show all on map

Banco del Encierro, Red Rocks

  Springs     show all on map

Badger Spring, Bear Spring, Big Thumb Spring, Black Rock, Black Water Spring, Blue Water Spring, Brennan Spring, Buffalo Spring, Burro Spring, Burro Springs, Carvco Spring, CCC Spring, Cerro Spring, China Springs, Claw Spring, Coal Mine Spring, Coal Mine Spring, Coal Spring, Cold Water Spring, Covered Spring, Dadasoa Spring, Dadasoa Spring, Dalton Pass Spring, Doctor Spring, El Dado Spring, Fort Miguel Ruins Spring, Fort Wingate Spring, Gobbler Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Holyan Spring, Indian Spring, Kit Carson Spring, La Vera Spring, Little Bear Spring, Little Water Spring, Loca Spring, Lower Pescado, Luka Spring, Manuelito Spring, Manuelito Spring, Manuelito Spring, Many Mexican Spring, Maruca Spring, Milk Ranch Spring, Montaņo Spring, Montoya Spring, Moses Spring, Nikehoshi Spring, North Spring, Nutria Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Ojo Azabache, Ojo de las Yeguas, Ojo de los Indios, Ojo del Chopo, Ojo del Dado, Ojo del Hijinio, Ojo Encino, Ojo Estaliando, Ojo Eugenio, Ojo los Rechuelos, Ojo Marquez, Ojo Navajo, Ojo Negro Spring, Ojo Redondo, Ojo San Mateo, Owl Spring, Parker Spring, Peņa Springs, Pescado Spring, Pine Spring 14N-25, Piņon Spring, Poision Ivy Spring, Ramona Spring, Raton Spring, Raton Springs, Red Willow Spring, Rock Spring, Rough Rock Spring, Salazar Spring, San Antonio Spring, San Isidro Spring, San Lucas Spring, San Lucas Spring, San Miguel Spring, San Ysidro Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Springs, Santa Fe Spring, Sap Hole Spring, Sheep Lab Spring, Sheep Spring, Shuster Spring, Sixmile Spring, Squirrel Springs, Stinking Spring, Tampico Spring, Tohasged Spring, Tol Dohn Spring, Tol-Dohn Spring, Toruno Spring, Toyee Spring, Turkey Springs, Tynbito Spring, Upper Pescado, Wampia Spring, White Clay Spring, White Water Spring, Willow Reed Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Abeyta Arroyo, Agua Remora, Arroyo Calladito, Arroyo Leon, Arroyo Lucero, Arroyo Pueblo Alto, Arroyo Techillas, Arroyo Tinaja, Arroyo Tinaja, Azul Creek, Banana Ridge Wash, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Ridge Wash, Black Springs Wash, Bosson Wash, Bowl Canyon Creek, Burned Death Wash, Burned Through the Rock Wash, Burning Bridge Wash, Caņada Alamos, Caņada Alemita, Caņada Alimento, Caņada Calladita, Caņada Camino, Caņada Corrales, Caņada del Camino, Caņada Marcelina, Caņada Milpitas, Caņada Verde, Caņon de Saladeta Canyon, Catron Wash, Cebolla Creek, Chuska Wash, Coal Mine Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Daniel Wash, Deer Springs Wash, Disappearing Spring Wash, Dragon Wash, Dubois Wash, Dye Brush Wash, Encino Wash, Figueredo Wash, Figuredo Wash, Gamerco Wash, Gas Tank Wash, Little Water Creek, Many Arrow Wash, Mexican Spring Wash, Muddy Wash, Norcross Wash, North Fork Arroyo Chico, North Fork Arroyo Leon, North Fork Catron Wash, North Fork Sand Springs Arroyo, Oak Creek, Oak Wash, Papers Wash, Red Willow Wash, Rincon Marquez Arroyo, Rio Nutria, Rio Pescado, Salazar Wash, Salt Water Wash, San Miguel Creek, Sand Springs Arroyo, Sandoval Arroyo, Sawyer Creek, Seven Lakes Wash, Slick Rock Wash, Soft Water Wash, South Fork Arroyo Leon, South Fork Catron Wash, South Fork Puerco River, Squirrel Springs Wash, Standing Rock Wash, Tohdildonih Wash, Toledo Arroyo, Twin Buttes Wash, Twin Buttes Wash, Wagon Trail Wash, Whiskey Creek, White Clay Spring Wash, White Smoke Wash, Willow Creek, Zilditloi Wash

  Summits     show all on map

Aguja, Antelope Lookout Mesa, Antenna Hill, B-52 Hill, Barometer Mountain, Battleship, Beacon Light Hill, Beelzebub, Big Point, Bobcat Hill, Cerrito del Relampago, Cerritos de la Jolla de Santa Rosa, Cerro Aguila, Cerro Alesandro, Cerro Alesna, Cerro Chavez, Cerro Chivato, Cerro Colorado, Cerro Colorado, Cerro Cuate, Cerro del Durazno, Cerro Marquez, Cerro Montoso, Cerro Parido, Cerro Pino, Cerro Redondo, Cerros De Alejandro, Chaco Mesa, Chuska Peak, Corn Burned Hill, Cream Colored Rock, Crown Point, Deza Bluffs, Dos Lomas, Dowa Yalanne, Dry Hill, Dubois Hill, Dzil Nda Kai Mountain, El Dado Mesa, El Dado Peak, El Tintero, Feather Rock, Flat Mesa, Flat Top Hill, Gossip Hill, Green Knobs, Havre Point, Haystack Mountain, Heart Rock, Hosta Butte, Jesus Mesa, Julian Hill, Knife Hill, La Mesa del Corral, Lagunas Cuatas, Las Mesas, Little Blue Mesa, Little Ear Mountain, Little Haystack Mountain, Loma de la Gloria, Loma de los Toros, Lone Pine Tree Hill, McCarty Mesa, Mesa Alta, Mesa Amada, Mesa Butte, Mesa Chivato, Mesa Cortada, Mesa Cortada, Mesa Crotalo, Mesa de Jaramillo, Mesa de las Vacas, Mesa de Los Lobos, Mesa de los Toros, Mesa de Ortega, Mesa la Azabache, Mesa Montanosa, Mesa Montanosa, Mesa Pueblo, Mesa Redonda, Mesa Redondita, Mesa Sarcio, Mesita Americana, Mesita de la Madera, Mesita del Gavilan, Mesita Gato, Mexican Hill, Midget Mesa, Mount Powell, Mower Hill, Muggy Point, North Burned Timber Mountain, Ojo Encino Mesa, Pistol Butte, Pretty Rock, Puertecito, Punta Maestra, Purty Rock, Ram Mesa, Red Mesa, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Rock Hill, Refuge Rock, Remnant Mesa, Round Butte, San Antonio Hill, San Mateo Mesa, San Miguel Creek Dome, Separate Hill, Sitting Coyote Mesa, Sombrero Alto, South Burned Timber Mountain, Split Mesa, Standing Rock, Standing Rock, Tezah Mountain, The Cup, Tiger Walkup Mesa, Torrivio Mesa, Torrivio Mesa, Twin Buttes, Twin Knoll Buttes, Two Fault Butte, Two Grey Hills, Umbrella Butte, Umbrella Rock, Wheat Grass Butte, White Mesa, White Rock Mesa, White Water Mesa, Zilditloi Mountain, Zuņi Buttes

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Gamerco Mine Smokestack Historic Site, KGAK-AM (Gallup), KGLX-FM (Gallup), KHAC-AM (Tse Bonito), KHAC-AM (Window Rock), KKJI-FM (Gallup), KKOR-FM (Gallup), KOAV-TV (Gallup), KQNM-FM (Gallup), KQNM-FM (Gallup), KSHI-FM (Zuni), KXTC-FM (Thoreau), KYVA-AM (Gallup), McGaffey Lookout Tower

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American Canyon, Big Falls Canyon, Big House Canyon, Big Rock Canyon, Big Spring Canyon, Black Creek Valley, Black Diamond Canyon, Black Mesa Canyon, Black Water Canyon, Blind Canyon, Blind Canyon Draw, Box S Canyon, Burned Out Canyon, Burned Timber Canyon, Burned Water Canyon, Burro Canyon, Caņon Ancho, Caņon Bonito, Caņon Chamiso, Caņon de los Alamos, Caņon de Marquez, Caņon de San Mateo, Caņon del Dado, Caņon Largo, Caņon Largo, Canoncito Valley, Casamero Draw, Catalpa Canyon, Ceja del Raton, Chama Canyon, Chavez Canyon, Cheama Canyon, Chees Hollow, Chole Canyon, Cliff Dwellers Canyon, Cliff Dwelling Canyon, Coal Mine Canyon, Coal Mine Canyon, Coal Well Canyon, Colorado Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Crazy Woman Canyon, Crevasse Canyon, Crockett Draw, Crow Canyon, Dalton Pass Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Defiance Draw, Dog Spring Canyon, Dog Spring Canyon, Eagles Nest Canyon, El Derrame Caņon, Fenced-Up Horse Valley, Foster Canyon, Fourmile Canyon, Galestina Canyon, Gibson Canyon, Grasshopper Canyon, Grey Ridge Canyon, Hard Ground Canyon, Heaton Canyon, Hijinio Draw, Horsehead Canyon, Hunting Canyon, Inditos Draw, Kay Chee Draw, Knife Hill Canyon, La Polvadera Canyon, Las Yeguas Canyon, Leo Canyon, Little Canyon, Little Rock Canyon, Long Canyon, Los Indios Canyon, Manuelito Canyon, Marquez Canyon, Martin Draw, Maruca Canyon, Mexican Cooking Canyon, Milk Ranch Canyon, Miller Canyon, Milpitas Draw, Mountain Valley, Mulatto Canyon, Mullen Canyon, Narrow Canyon, Noberto Sandoval Caņon, Nutria Canyon, Nutria Road Draw, Outlaw Canyon, Padre Canyon, Pasture Hollow, Peach Orchard Draw, Peach Spring Canyon, Peretti Canyon, Pescado Canyon, Pescado Draw, Pine Canyon, Pinetree Canyon, Poison Canyon, Prairie Dog Draw, Pueblo Pintado Canyon, Pumpkin Canyon, Rafael Canyon, Ramah Valley, Red Mesa Canyon, Red Valley, Red Water Canyon, Rincon Alpejo, Rincon Anzures, Rincon Canyon, Rincon de la Gorda, Rincon del Dado, Rincon Entranosa, Rincon Grande, Rincon Marquez, Rock Canyon, Rocky Cliff Canyon, Running Edge Canyon, Salazar Canyon, San Antonio Valley, San Lucas Canyon, San Lucas Valley, San Miguel Canyon, Satan Pass Canyon, Sitting Water Canyon, Sixmile Canyon, Sixmile Draw, Smith Canyon, Soft Water Canyon, Spud Patch Canyon, Squash Canyon, Stinking Water Draw, Sunshine Canyon, Surrender Canyon, Tampico Draw, Train Canyon, Trapped Rock Draw, Tse Bonito Valley, Valle de las Animas, Vanderwagen Draw, Voght Draw, White Canyon, White Rock Canyon, Whitehorse Rincon, Whitewater Canyon, Wild Berry Canyon, Wild Goat Canyon, Window Rock Canyon, Window Rock Canyon, Windy Canyon, Wrinkle Canyon, Y Unit Draw

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1 Water Well, 1-8-18N-17 Water Well, 10001 Water Well, 10002 Water Well, 10003 Water Well, 10004 Water Well, 10005 Water Well, 10006 Water Well, 10008 Water Well, 10009 Water Well, 10010 Water Well, 10011 Water Well, 10013 Water Well, 10014 Water Well, 10015 Water Well, 10016 Water Well, 10017 Water Well, 10018 Water Well, 10019 Water Well, 10020 Water Well, 10022 Water Well, 10023 Water Well, 10024 Water Well, 102-U8 Water Well, 12T-538 Water Well, 14A-10 Water Well, 14A-81 Water Well, 14K-301 Water Well, 14K-301A Water Well, 14K-314 Water Well, 14K-315 Water Well, 14K-318 Water Well, 14M-1 Water Well, 14M-16 Water Well, 14M-25 Water Well, 14M-25A Water Well, 14M-26 Water Well, 14N-35 Water Well, 14N-45 Water Well, 14N-95 Water Well, 14T-306 Water Well, 14T-319 Water Well, 14T-321 Water Well, 14T-322 Water Well, 14T-323 Water Well, 14T-324 Water Well, 14T-501 Water Well, 14T-502 Water Well, 14T-508 Water Well, 14T-514 Water Well, 14T-532 Water Well, 14T-533 Water Well, 14T-534 Water Well, 14T-536 Water Well, 14T-541 Water Well, 14T-544 Water Well, 14T-569 Water Well, 14T-574 Water Well, 14T-579 Water Well, 14T-585 Water Well, 14Y-9A Water Well, 157-500 Water Well, 15A-12 Water Well, 15B-19 Water Well, 15B-2 Water Well, 15B-32 Water Well, 15B-36 Water Well, 15B-9 Water Well, 15K-336 Water Well, 15K-338 Water Well, 15R-290 Water Well, 15R-291 Water Well, 15R-312 Water Well, 15R-314 Water Well, 15R-315 Water Well, 15R-318A Water Well, 15R-319 Water Well, 15R-321 Water Well, 15R-321A Water Well, 15R-321B Water Well, 15T-504 Water Well, 15T-516 Water Well, 15T-517 Water Well, 15T-537 Water Well, 15T-540 Water Well, 15T-543 Water Well, 15T-544 Water Well, 15T-545 Water Well, 15T-567 Water Well, 16-T-350 Water Well, 16B-37 Water Well, 16K-303C Water Well, 16K-332 Water Well, 16T-339 Water Well, 16T-510 Water Well, 16T-513 Water Well, 16T-524 Water Well, 16T-526 Water Well, 16T-535 Water Well, 16T-552 Water Well, 16T-558 Water Well, 16T-561A Water Well, 16T-592 Water Well, 16T-594 Water Well, 16T-597 Water Well, 16T-608 Water Well, 16T588 Water Well, 171228U89P Water Well, 17228U324 Water Well, 18-7-22-WW Water Well, 18K-329 Water Well, 18T-524 Water Well, 18T-591 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-1 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-10 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-11 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-12 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-13 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-14 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-15 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-16 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-1A Water Well, 19-11-31-131-3 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-4 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-5 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-6 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-7 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-8 Water Well, 19-11-31-131-8A Water Well, 19-11-31-131-9 Water Well, 19-12-32-W3 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-1 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-2 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-3 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-4 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-5 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-6 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-7 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-8 Water Well, 19-12-36-314-9 Water Well, 19K-333 Water Well, 19R-300 Water Well, 19T-500 Water Well, 19T-502 Water Well, 223-18 Water Well, 28U-321P Water Well, 320 Water Well, 80-1 Water Well, 94-202 Water Well, 9U-279 Water Well, Alexander Well, AN-1 Water Well, AN-15 Water Well, Anderson Well, Artesian 1 Water Well, Artesian 2 Water Well, Artesian 3 Water Well, Artesian Number 6 Water Well, Baca Number 6 Water Well, Bass Flow Water Well, Begay Water Well, Betone Water Well, BIA PM-5 Water Well, BIA-MOO-87-21 Water Well, Billie Notahs Well, Black Spot Well, Black Well, Blue M Well, Boarding School Water Well, Bordo Well, Bread Springs Well, Browns Well, Bull Pasture Well, Burned Water Well, Canada del Camino Well, Carter Well, CCR 13 Water Well, CCR 17 Water Well, CCR 18 Water Well, CCR 22 Water Well, CCR 24 Water Well, CCR Number 12 Water Well, CCR-5 Water Well, CCR-8 Water Well, Chas Damon Water Well, Chavez Water Well, Chee Water Well, Cholla Water Well, Coal Well, Conoco-226 Water Well, Crownpoint SC Water Well, Crownpoint-Con Water Well, D4-OE-1 Water Well, Dakai Well, Day School Water Well, Demitro Flores Well, Dent Ranch Water Well, Devil Pass Well, DH-OE-1A Water Well, DH-OE-2 Water Well, DH-OE-3 Water Well, DH-OE-4 Water Well, DH-OE-5 Water Well, Division F Water Well, Dixon Well, Doodlebug Well, ED-7 Water Well, Electric Well, Encino Water Well, ERC 17-1 Water Well, Escalante Water Well, Escondido Well, Etsitty Water Well, Evans Well, Ferris 6 Water Well, Fort Wingate 68 Water Well, Fort Wingate Army Depot Well, G-2 Water Well, G-3 Water Well, Gallup 3 Water Well, Gallup 5 Water Well, Gallup H Water Well, Gonzales Well, Hogan Well, Howard Becenti Well, Hubbel Water Well, Hubbel Well, Huerfano Well, Huero Well, IK 10 Water Well, IK-10 Water Well, IK-11 Water Well, IKW-13 Water Well, IKW-4 Water Well, IKW-5 Water Well, IKW-6 Water Well, JWC-2 Water Well, KD-3 Water Well, Kerr-Mac Water Well, LW Chapter Water Well, M Parks 1 Water Well, McGillvery Water Well, Miller Well, Milpitas Water Well, Milpitas Well, MMW-1 Water Well, Moon Well, Moore Well, Mulholland Well, Munoz 1-A Water Well, Mutual Col Water Well, New Well, New Well, Nose Rock Well, NR 105.034X0150 Water Well, NTUA 1 Water Well, NTUA 3 Water Well, NTUA Number 2 Water Well, Orphan Annie Well, Peterson Well, Pintado PM-3 Water Well, Pintado PM-4 Water Well, Pintado PM1 Water Well, Pinto Water Well, Pitt Number 2 Water Well, Pitt Number 5 Water Well, Pitt Number 7 Water Well, Pitt Number 8 Water Well, PM-3 Water Well, Polvadera Well, Pumpjack Well, Pure Oil Test Well Navajo Number 1, Pure Test 1 Water Well, PWSI000269 Water Well, R-11 Water Well, R-12 Water Well, R-13 Water Well, R-24 Water Well, Red Lake Well, RR2-Baca 15 Water Well, RR2-Baca 16 Water Well, RR3-Baca 17 Water Well, Ruby 1-2 Water Well, Ruby 3-4 Water Well, Ruby Water Well, Ruby Wells, Sage Well, Saint George Well, School Water Well, SJ-104-X Water Well, SJ-104-X-1 Water Well, SJ-104-X-3 Water Well, SJ-109-S-1 Water Well, SJ-109-S-10 Water Well, SJ-109-S-11 Water Well, SJ-109-S-12 Water Well, SJ-109-S-12-0 Water Well, SJ-109-S-12-0-3 Water Well, SJ-109-S-12-0-4 Water Well, SJ-109-S-13 Water Well, SJ-109-S-14 Water Well, SJ-109-S-15 Water Well, SJ-109-S-16 Water Well, SJ-109-S-2 Water Well, SJ-109-S-3 Water Well, SJ-109-S-4 Water Well, SJ-109-S-4-0 Water Well, SJ-109-S-5 Water Well, SJ-109-S-6 Water Well, SJ-109-S-7 Water Well, SJ-109-S-8 Water Well, SJ-109-S-9 Water Well, SJ-109-S-O Water Well, SJ-1361 Water Well, SJ-254 Water Well, SJ-772 Water Well, SJ-823 Water Well, SJ-902-0-1 Water Well, SJ-902-0-2 Water Well, SJ-902-0-3 Water Well, SJ-936 Water Well, SJOBS Water Well, Spencer Well, Star Lake 1 Water Well, Tah Ha Bah Well, Togie Well, Toh-Noz-Bosa Well, Tree Well, Tse De Tha Well, Tucker Water Well, Twentyone Well, Ventana Well, VWC-1 Water Well, W2 Water Well, Well 2 Water Well, West Largo Water Well, Whitehorse Water Well, Wingate 4 Well, Wingate 6 Water Well, Wingate 7 Water Well, Wingate E Water Well,

McKinley County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

American IndianMcKinley County American Indian population 55,56355,562  
WhiteMcKinley County White population 13,96313,963
MixedMcKinley County Mixed population 1,8181,818
AsianMcKinley County Asian population 727727
BlackMcKinley County Black population 655654
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMcKinley County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 7372

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county