San Juan County, New Mexico Basics:

San Juan County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 128,340
Area: 5513 square miles
County seat: Aztec
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 81.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.6%
Median household income: $48,701
Persons in poverty: 20.4%
Home ownership rate: 74.4%
Mean travel time to work: 24.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Apache (AZ)  Archuleta (CO)  La Plata (CO)  McKinley  Montezuma (CO)  Rio Arriba  San Juan (UT)  Sandoval  

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Map of the San Juan County area

Our detail map of San Juan County shows the San Juan County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in San Juan County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Aztec Municipal Airport, Davenport Airport, Four Corners Regional Airport, Keller Field Airport, Navajo Lake Airport, Sanostee Airport, Shiprock Airstrip, Williams Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Arch Rock, Burro Spring Bridge, Cox Canyon Arch, Crow Canyon Arch, Cutter Lake Arch, Gobernador Canyon Arch, Little Delicate Arch, Outcrop Arch, Pemada Canyon Arch, Snake Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Bisti Badlands, Jewett Valley, The Badlands, The Dunes, The Meadows, Tsun-Je-Zhin

  Arroyos     show all on map

Arroyo Del Pajarito, Arroyo Medio, Dry Sandy Arroyo, Sanostee Wash

  Basins     show all on map

Beanie Pockets, Devils Pockets, Devils Washpan, Hole in Rock, Prairie Dog Valley, Yellow Valley

  Benches     show all on map

Bushelberger Mesa, Conger Mesa, Grey Mesa

  Bends     show all on map

Great Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

San Juan River Bridge Historic Site, White Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alto Chjiquito, Alto Grande, Alturian Library, Alturian Public Library, American Hotel Historic Site, Austin-McDonald House Historic Site, Aztec Fire Department, Aztec Motor Company Building Historic Site, Aztec Museum, Aztec Police Department, Bloomfield Fire Department, Bloomfield Fire Department Station 2, Bloomfield Fire Department Station 3, Bloomfield Police Department, Brigham Young Junior House Historic Site, Crozier Post Offfice (historical), D C Ball House Historic Site, Daws-Keys House Historic Site, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway Depot, Engleman-Thomas Building Historic Site, Farmington Fire Department Station 1, Farmington Fire Department Station 2, Farmington Fire Department Station 3, Farmington Fire Department Station 4, Farmington Fire Department Station 5, Farmington Fire Department Station 6, Farmington Museum, Farmington Police Department, Farmington Public Library, Farmington Public Library East, Fred Bunker House Historic Site, Fruitland Trading Company, H D Abrams House Historic Site, Harvey McCoy House Historic Site, James McGee House Historic Site, Little Water Trading Post, Maurice Case House Historic Site, McCoy-Maddox House Historic Site, Navajo Community College Library, Navajo Nation Police Station, Nenahnezad Chapter House, New Mexico State Police District 10 Farmington, San Juan Archaeological Research Center Library, San Juan College Library, San Juan Community College Library, San Juan County Archaeological Research Center, San Juan County Fire District 1 Valley Station 1, San Juan County Fire District 1 Valley Station 2, San Juan County Fire District 1 Valley Station 3, San Juan County Fire District 1 Valley Station 4, San Juan County Fire District 10 Navajo Dam, San Juan County Fire District 11 Dzilth - Na - O - Dith - Hle, San Juan County Fire District 12 Shiprock, San Juan County Fire District 13 Newcomb, San Juan County Fire District 14 Ojo Amarillo, San Juan County Fire District 2 Flora Vista Station 1, San Juan County Fire District 2 Flora Vista Station 2, San Juan County Fire District 2 Flora Vista Station 3, San Juan County Fire District 3 Cedar Hill Station 1, San Juan County Fire District 3 Cedar Hill Station 2, San Juan County Fire District 4 La Plata Station 1, San Juan County Fire District 4 La Plata Station 2, San Juan County Fire District 5 Blanco, San Juan County Fire District 6 Lee Acres, San Juan County Fire District 7 Center Point, San Juan County Fire District 8 Hart Valley Station 1, San Juan County Fire District 8 Hart Valley Station 2, San Juan County Fire District 9 Sullivan Road, San Juan County Sheriff's Office Aztec, San Juan County Sheriff's Office Kirtland, San Juan Regional Medical Center Library, San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, Shiprock Community Health Center Library, Thomas Jefferson Arrington House Historic Site, Two Grey Hills Trading Post Historic Site, United States Forest Service Bloomfield

  Canals     show all on map

Aztec Ditch, Cedar Ditch, Citizens Ditch, Cudei Ditch, Cunningham Ditch, Ditch Number Eight, Ditch Number Nine, Echo Ditch, Elledge Mill Ditch, Enterprise Ditch, Farmers Ditch, Farmers Mutual Ditch, Farmers Mutual Ditch, Fruitland Irrigation Canal, Graves Atterberry Ditch, Greenhorn Ditch, Halford Independent Ditch, Hammond Main Canal, Helton Ditch, Highland Park Ditch, Hillside Thomas Ditch, Hogback Canal, Hogback Canal, Independent Ditch, Jackson Ditch, Jewett Valley Ditch, Kello Blancett Ditch, Kutz Canyon Ditch, La Plata Indian Ditch, Lefthand Ditch, Lower Animas Ditch, McDermott Ditch, McDermott Ditch, Mentzel Ditch, Miller Ditch, North Farmington Ditch, Pickering Ditch, Pioneer Ditch, Ralston Ditch, Sargent Ditch, Stacy Ditch, Star Ditch, Terrell Ditch, Tunnel Ditch, Twin Rock Ditch, Willett Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Heifer Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Aztec Cemetery, Blanco-Turley Cemetery, Bloomfield Cemetery, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Dustin Masonic Memorial Park, Flora Vista Cemetery, Greenhorn Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Jewett Valley Cemetery, Kirtland Cemetery, LaPlata Cemetery, Memory Gardens, Shiprock Cemetery, Waterflow Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Beclabito Census Designated Place, Blanco Census Designated Place, Cedar Hill Census Designated Place, Crystal Census Designated Place, Flora Vista Census Designated Place, Huerfano Census Designated Place, Kirtland Census Designated Place, La Plata Census Designated Place, Lake Valley Census Designated Place, Lee Acres Census Designated Place, Nageezi Census Designated Place, Napi Headquarters Census Designated Place, Naschitti Census Designated Place, Navajo Dam Census Designated Place, Nenahnezad Census Designated Place, Newcomb Census Designated Place, North Light Plant Census Designated Place, Ojo Amarillo Census Designated Place, Sanostee Census Designated Place, Sheep Springs Census Designated Place, Shiprock Census Designated Place, Spencerville Census Designated Place, Upper Fruitland Census Designated Place, Waterflow Census Designated Place, West Hammond Census Designated Place, Young Place Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Aztec Christian Church, Aztec First Church of the Nazarene, Aztec Presbyterian Church, Beclabito Chapel, Berea Baptist Church, Beth Eden Baptist Church, Bethany Christian Church, Bethany Church, Bible Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Shepherd Church, Blue Gap/Four Corners United Methodist Church, Brethel Baptist Church, Calvary Southern Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God of the Apostolic Faith, Deeper Faith Ministries Church, Desert Hills Church, Farmington Church of the Nazarene, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Freedom Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Grace Church, Holy Trinity Parish, Jesus Saves Trinity Church, Light of His Way Church, Mesa View Assembly Church, Nageezi-Deer Spring Church, Navajo Episcopal Mission, Navajo Free Methodist Church, Navajo Miracle Church, New Covenant United Methodist Church, Newcomb Assembly of God, Riverside Church, Sacred Heart Parish, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Michael Church, Saint Rose Church, Salvation Army Farmington Corps Church, San Juan Mission, Seventh Day Adventist - Aztec Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist-Bloomfield Church, Shiprock United Methodist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Assembly of God Church, Trinty Lutheran Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cathedral Cliff, Dufers Point, Shannon Bluffs

  Dams     show all on map

30th Street Dam, Area Silt Dam, Ash Pond Number Three Dam, Beeline Farmington Number 3 Reservoir Dam, Ben Detention Dam, Big Gap Dam, Blue Rock Dam, Bolack Number One Dam, Brewster Dam, Camel Hump Dam, Captain Tom Dam, City Reser City of Farmington Dam, Cricket Dam, Cutter Dam, Drip Pee Wee Dam, Hedges North Dam, Jackson Lake Dam, Juans Vicente Lake Dam, Knob Rock Dam, LaCopita Dam, Little Whitecone Lake Dam, McCabe Dam, Morgan Dam, Nageezi Dam, Navajo Dam, Painted Hills Dam, Pee Wee Dam, San Juan Power Generation Dam, Silver Pipe Dam, Sleepy Grass Dam, Southern Naschitti Dam, Table Mesa Dam, Vee Dam, White Hill Dam, Zebra Hills Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Foxtail Flats, Green Meadows, Jaquez Flat, Lewis Park, Long Glade, Norton Flats, Split Lip Flats, Split Lip Flats, The Meadows, White Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Hollis Pass, Narbona Pass, South Gap, The Narrows

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bisti Clinic, Farmington Community Health Center, Northern Navajo Medical Center, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Shiprock Community Health Center, Sun Crest Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Berland Lake, Black Lake, Chimney Pond, Crow Lake, Dog Eye Pond, Holmberg Lake, Hugh Lake, Jeters Lake, Juans Lake, Locke Lake, Long Lake, Toadlena Lake, Tocito Lake, Todacheene Lake, Wheatfield Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Oliver Dike

  Locales     show all on map

Adobe Downs Ranch, American Plaza, Angel Peak Compression Station, Animas Valley Mall, Aztec Gun Club, Aztec Main Street Historic District, Aztec Ruins, Aztec Weather Station, Ballard Pumping Station, Bennetts Peak, Bisti Clinic, Bisti Trading Post, Black House, Blanco Camp, Blanco Trading Post, Bloomfield Irrigation Ditch Historic Site, Bloomfield Weather Station, Boulder Fortress, Burnham Trading Post, Cabresto Mesa Tower Complex, Carson Trading Post, Casa Chiquita (historical), Casa Rinconada (historical), CGP-56 Historic Site, Chaco Canyon Trading Post, Chaco Canyon Weather Station, Chettro Kettle, Christmas Tree Historic Site, Church Avenue - Lovers Lane Historic District, Compressor Station, Compressor Station Historic Site, Cottonwood Divide Site, Crestmoor Shopping Center, Crevice Ruin, Crow Canyon Historic Site, Deckers Camp, Delgadito Pueblito Historic Site, East Side Rincon Historic Site, EPNG RR Camp (historical), Farmington Country Club, Farmington Weather Station, Foothold Historic Site, Fortyfour Store, Fossil Beds, Four Corners Monument, Four Corners Powerplant, Frances Canyon Ruin, Frances Canyon Ruins, Fruitland Weather Station, Gallegos Trading Post, Gallegos Windmill, Gallo Campground, George Salmon Homestead Historic Site, Gomez Canyon Historic Site, Gomez Point Historic Site, Gould Pass Historic Site, Hadlocks Crow Canyon Number One, Harper Windmill, Haynes Ranch, Haynes Trading Post, Heshoda Bitsulliya, Hogback Field, Hogback Ruin Historic Site, Hogback Trading Post, Huerfano Chapter House, Huerfano Reservation Dormitory, Huerfano Trading Post, Hungo Pavie (historical), Hutton Plaza, Jaquez Site Ruin, Kin Kletso (historical), Kin Klizhin (historical), Kin Nahasbasd (historical), Kinaholi (historical), Kyane:lu Yala:we, La Plata Highway Historic Site, Lake Valley Chapter House, Lake Valley Historic Site, Macu Racetrack, Main Street Mall, McKay Windmill, Mesa Shopping Center, Middle Fork Plaza, Mokie Indian Ruin, Morris Historic Site, New Mexico State University Agricultural Experimental Station, Orchard Plaza, Otis (historical), Palmer Plaza, Peņasco Blanco (historical), Pictured Cliffs Historic Site, Prieta Mesa Historic Site, Pueblo Alto (historical), Pueblo Bonito, Pueblo Bonito Ranger Station, Pueblo del Arroyo (historical), Pueblo Una Vida (historical), Putnam, Ridge Historic Site, Romulo Martinez Trading Post Historic Site, Salmon Historic Site, Salmon Ruins, San Antonio, San Juan Basin Field, San Juan North Shopping Center, San Juan Plaza, Sanostee Trading Post, Sargent Ranch, Shabikeshchee (historical), Ship Rock Campground, Shiprock Substation, Shiprock Weather Station, Sulphur Spring Campground, Taylor Mall, Tocito Trading Post (historical), Toh-Ni-Tsa Lookout, Tsah Tah Trading Post, Tsaya Trading Post, Tsin Kletzin (historical), Twin Angels Pueblo, Two Cross Ranch, Una Vida (historical), Village Square, Wallace Ranch, Washington Pass Radar Site, Wilson Ranch, Windmill Number A-11, Windmill Number A-12, Yellow Adobe Historic Site, Zia Trading Post

  Mines     show all on map

A L Cook Prospect, Abbe Young Mine, Acora Pit, Adamson Mines, Agency Coal Mine, Airport Pit, Allstate Pit, Arco Pit, Aztec Gypsum Prospect, B B B, B B Mine, Baker Dome Well, Bee Sho Shee Mine, Bill Thomas Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Diamond Mines, Blanchard Mine, Bolack Number One, Borrow Pit, Borrow Pit, Brimhall Mine, Burt Thomas Mine, Canyon View, Carl Yazzie Number One, Carrizo Number One, Chaco Wash Pit, Chuska Mountain, Dobey Medina Mine, Dodge Brothers, Dodge Brothers, Dodge-Begay, Eaton Pit, Enos Johnson Mine, Enos Johnson Mine, Enterprise Mine, Fields Mine, Harper Hill Pit, Hendrickson Mine, Horace Ben Number One, Jack Boyd, Jones Mine, Kempton-Prewitt, Kerr-Mcgee Uranium Mine, Kimberto T P, Kings Number 6, Kutz Pit, La Plata Mine, Leejin Ha Ageed Number 1, Lookout Mine, Lower San Juan Pit, Marcellius Mine, Mid-west, Morgan Mine, Morgan Mines, Navajo Mine, Navajo Strip, Nelson Pit and Shady Side, New Mexico Mine, Palmer, Pruitt Mine, Red Shale Mine, Richey Pit, Rowland Young, Salt Canyon Number Two, San Juan Pit, San Juan Pit, San Juan Underground Test Mine, Sanostee Prospect, Scanlon Mine, Shadyside Group, Sheep Springs Pit, Shiprock Pit, Smouse Mines, Spencerville Pit, Stalling Mine, Sulphur Spring, Tanner Mine, Thomas Mine, Thomas Mine, Walker Mine, Waterflow Pit, Wheller Pit

  Oilfields     show all on map

Bisti Oil Field, Horseshoe Gallup Oil Field, Many Rocks Gallup Oil Field, Rattlesnake Oil Field, Shiprock Gallup Oil Field, Table Mesa Oil Field, The Dunes, Tocito Dome Oil Field, Verde Oil Field, Weekley Canyon Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Ah-shi-sle-pah Wilderness Study Area, Aztec Historical Marker, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec Ruins National Monument Historical Marker, Beclabito Dome Historical Marker, Boyd Park, Chaco Culture National Historic Park Historical Marker, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Farmington Historical Marker, Hogback Historical Marker, Jaycee Park, Lions Park, Navajo Lake State Park, Old Indian Racetrack Historic Site, Salmon Ruin Historical Marker, Shiprock Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Bonnie Rock, Chimney Rock, Lion Rock, Pretty Rock, Standing Rock, The Pillar, The Thumb, Tse-ni-cha

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alcatraz, Archuleta, Aztec, Beclabito, Bennett, Blanco, Bloomfield, Canon (historical), Cedar Hill, Christopher Place, Coppinger (historical), Cottonwood, Crystal, Cudei, Farmington, Fivemile Crossing, Flora Vista, Fruitland, Garcia Place, Haynes, Hood (historical), Huerfano, Inca, Jackson, Jewett (historical), Junction (historical), Kimbeto, Kirtland, La Plata, Lake Valley, Largo (historical), Lee Acres, Levee (historical), Liberty (historical), Little Water, Lucero Place, Mackey Place, Manzonares, Martinez (historical), Mullen Place, Nageezi, Naschitti, Navajo Dam, Nenahnezad, Newcomb, Ojo Amarillo, Pendleton, Perry (historical), Rattlesnake, Riverside, Rosing, Saketon (historical), Sanostee, Santa Lulu (historical), Santa Rita (historical), Self Place, Sheep Springs, Sheep Springs, Shillingburg (historical), Shiprock, Simpson (historical), Smith (historical), Spencerville, Toadlena, Tocito, Tsaya, Turley, Two Grey Hills, Ulibarri Place, Upper Fruitland, Wallace (historical), Waterflow, White Rock, Young Place

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alcatraz Post Office (historical), Aztec Post Office, Blanco Post Office, Bloomfield Post Office, Caņon Blanco Post Office (historical), Caņon Post Office (historical), Cedar Hill Post Office (historical), Chaco Post Office (historical), Crystal Post Office (historical), Fairpoint Post Office (historical), Farmington Post Office, Flora Vista Post Office (historical), Fruitland Post Office, Hood Post Office (historical), Jewett Post Office (historical), Junction City Post Office (historical), Junction Post Office (historical), Kirtland Post Office, La Boca Post Office (historical), La Plata Post Office, Laplata Post Office, Largo Post Office (historical), Liberty Post Office (historical), Nageezi Post Office, Navajo Dam Post Office, Newcomb Post Office (historical), Newcombe Post Office (historical), Pendleton Post Office (historical), Putnam Post Office (historical), Riverside Post Office (historical), Rosing Post Office (historical), Satekon Post Office (historical), Shiprock Post Office, Toadlena Post Office, Tsaya Post Office (historical), Turley Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Chuska Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Barton Tank, Basin Tank, Beeline Reservoir, Big Gap Reservoir, Black Lake, Blue Lake, Blue Lake, Blue Rock Tank, C C Reservoir, Captain Tom Reservoir, City Reservoir, Coach Tank, Conger Lake, Cordova Lake, Cutter Reservoir, Dike Pit Tank, East King Tank, East Lake, Farmer Tank, Flora Vista Tank, Fourmile Reservoir, Gypsum Tank, Harper Tank, Hickman Tank, Hollow Pit Tank, Jackson Lake, Jones Lake, King Tank, Lake Farmington, Little White Cone Lake, Lost Lake Reservoir, Meadows Reservoir, Morgan Lake, Sage Lake, San Juan Power Generation Reservoir, Talley Tank, Tanner Lake, Wallace Tank, Wyper Tank, Youngs Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Black Rock Ridge, Bruised Ridge, Rock Ridge, Sand Hills

  Schools     show all on map

Animas Elementary School, Apache School, Aztec High School, Benito School, Berean Mission Navajo School, Berean School, Bible Baptist Shepherd, Blanco Elementary School, Bluffview School, Brethren in Christ Mission School, C V Junior High School, Central High School, Central Junior High School, Country Club School, Dzilth-na-o-dith-hle, Dzilth-na-o-dith-hle School, East Side School, Farmington high School, Farmington Mennonite School, Farmington Special Preschool, Grace B Wilson School, Grace Baptist Academy, Heights Junior High School, Hermosa Junior High School, Kiddie Kollege, Kirtland Elementary School, Kirtland Middle School, Koogler Junior High School, La Vida Missions, Ladera del Norte School, Lake Valley Boarding School, LaVida Mission, Living Word School, Lydia Rippey Elementary School, McCormick School, McCoy Avenue Elementary School, McCoy Avenue School, McKinley School, Mesa Alta Junior High School, Mesa Alta Junior High School, Mesa Elementary School, Mesa Verde School, Naaba Ani Elementary School, Naschitti Elementary School, Natanni Nez Elementary School, Navajo Academy B, Navajo Community College, Nenahnezad Indian School, Nenahnezad School, New Mexico State University, Newcomb Elementary School, Newcomb High School, Newcomb Junior High School, Night High School, Nizhoni Elementary School, Northeast School, Ojo Amarillo Elementary School, Park Avenue Elementary School, Rio Vista Elementary School, Rocinate High School, Ruth N Bond Elementary School, Sacred Heart Academy, San Juan CCDC, San Juan College, San Juan SDA School, Santa Rosa School, Shiprock Alternative Kindergarten School, Shiprock Alternative School, Shiprock High School, Swinburne Elementary School, The Catholic Academy, Tibbetts Junior High School, Tse' Bit' ai Mid School, University of New Mexico Experimental Farm, Wilson School

  Springs     show all on map

112R-78 Spring, 12A-6 Spring, 12GS-33-3 Spring, 12GS-34-6 Spring, 12GS-34-7 Spring, 12M-1 Spring, 12M-39 Spring, 12R-160 Spring, 12R-161 Owl Spring, 12R-162 Spring, 12R-195 Spring, 12R-57, 12R-59 Spring, 12R-61 Spring, 12R-66 Spring, 12R-80 Spring, 13R-104 Spring, 14GS-68-1 Spring, 14M-108 Spring, 14N-1 Spring, 14N-2 Spring, 300-95 Spring, 300-98 Spring, Alamo Spring, Anastacio Spring, Arch Rock, Arch Rock Spring, Armenta Canyon Spring, Aztec Peach Spring, Banco Spring, Barrel Spriing, Barrel Spring, Beanie Pockets Spring, Beclabito Spring, Beef Spring, Bentley Spring, Big Water Spring, Black Salt Spring, Bootlegger Spring, Brown Spring, Bull Spring, Burro Spring, Caballo Spring, Cash Spring, Cattail Spring, Cave Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Coyote Spring, Crow Spring, Decker Spring, Delnazini, E Evans Spring, Gallegos Spring, Garrison Spring, Grey Hill Spring, Hart Spring, Hart Spring Number 1, Hart Spring Number 1, Hart Spring Number 2, Hart Spring Number 2, Headwater Spring, Hidden Spring, Hidden Springs, High Hopes Spring, Hog Spring, Hogback Spring, Ice Spring, Indian Spring, Jackson Spring, John Brown Spring, Kirk Spring, Knight Spring, Last Chance Spring, Lower Pinto Spring, Mike Spring, Miller Spring, Mine Pit Spring, Minix Spring, Missionary Springs, Mormon Spring, Mosley Spring, Mud Spring, Naashoibito, Navajo Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oil Test Spring, Ojo Alamo Spring, Old Pine Spring, Old Sawmill Spring, Owl Spring, Pete Spring, Pilares Spring, Pipeline Spring, Pouch Spring, Prado Spring, Pueblito Spring, Quintana Spring, Rawhide Spring, Rincon Spring, Salt Spring, Sanchez Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Springs, Shovel Spring, Sinks Spring, Squaw Spring, Stephel Spring, Stinking Springs, Sulphur Spring, Sunshine Spring, Tank Mountain Spring, Tank Springs, Valencia Spring, Ventana Spring, Vicenti Spring, West Water Spring, Westwater Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Ah-shi-sle-pah Wash, Alamo Wash, Allen Arroyo, Animas River, Baker Arroyo, Barker Arroyo, Barton Arroyo, Beclabito Wash, Betonnie Tsosie Wash, Black Glade, Blancett Arroyo, Blanco Wash, Blue Lake Wash, Brimhall Wash, Burns Arroyo, Captain Tom Wash, Carrizo Creek, Chaco River, Chaco Wash, Charlie Wash, Chinde Wash, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Mine Creek, Connor Arroyo, Cook Arroyo, Coolidge Arroyo, Cottonwood Arroyo, Cottonwood Wash, Cottonwood Wash, Coyne Arroyo, Coyote Wash, Craig Arroyo, Crystal Creek, Dain Arroyo, Dawson Arroyo, De-na-zin Wash, Dead Mans Wash, Dusenberry Glade, Eagle Nest Arroyo, Escavada Wash, Estes Arroyo, Fajada Wash, Farmer Arroyo, Farmington Glade, First Gray Wash, Flora Vista Arroyo, Fourmile Wash, Gallo Wash, Hargis Arroyo, Hartley Wash, Has-bi-di-to Wash, Hedges Arroyo, Hood Arroyo, Horse Mesa Creek, Hugh Wash, Hunter Wash, Indian Creek, Jaquez Arroyo, Johnson Arroyo, Jones Arroyo, Jones Arroyo, Jones Arroyo, Kim-me-ni-oli Wash, Kimbeto Wash, Kin Klizhin Wash, Kochis Arroyo, La Plata River, Lawson Glade, Leh-tso-bii-to Wash, Lichii Wash, Little Barker Arroyo, Little Shiprock Wash, Little Whiskey Creek, Locke Arroyo, Los Pinos River, Malpais Arroyo, Mancos River, Manuel Arroyo, Many Devils Wash, Martin Glade, McDermott Arroyo, Mefford Wash, Moncisco Wash, Murphy Arroyo, Narrows Wash, Naschitti Wash, North Twin Wash, Oak Spring Wash, Pajarito Creek, Peņa Blanca Arroyo, Pickering Arroyo, Pinabete Arroyo, Porter Arroyo, Rabbit Arroyo, Rattlesnake Wash, Red Wash, Rio Chusca, Rock Wash, Salt Creek Wash, Salt Springs Wash, Salt Wash, Salt Wash, Sambrito Creek, Sanostee Wash, Second Gray Wash, Sheep Springs Wash, Shiprock Wash, Shoe Game Wash, Shumway Arroyo, South Twin Wash, South Ute Creek, Stevens Arroyo, Teec-ni-di-tso Wash, Thomas Arroyo, Thompson Arroyo, To-bil-hask-idi Wash, To-bil-hask-idi Wash, To-dil-hil Wash, To-nil-choni Wash, Tocito Wash, Tocito Wash, Tse-clani-to Wash, Tse-nas-chii Wash, Tse-yaa-tohi Wash, Tseanazti Creek, Tuntsa Wash, Two Cross Arroyo, Waughan Arroyo, West Fork Fourmile Wash, Westwater Arroyo, Williams Arroyo, Willow Wash, Wyper Arroyo, Yellow Arroyo

  Summits     show all on map

Alamo Mesa, Angel Peak, Bald Mesa, Baltazar Peak, Barber Peak, Barker Dome, Beautiful Mountain, Bennett Peak, Black Cone, Black Hill, Black Rock Point, Blanco Mesa, Blue Hill, Burning Hill, Burnt Mesa, Cactus Peak, Carona de Gigante, Chacra Mesa, Crow Mesa, Day Mesa, Dufers Point, Dziltnsahah, Fajada Butte, Feather Hill, Flare Hill, Flat Top Rock, Ford Butte, Gray Hills, Harris Mesa, Hart Mountain, Hood Mesa, Huerfanito Peak, Huerfano Mountain, Kentucky Mesa, Knickerbocker Peaks, Little White Cone, Lone Tree Mountain, Manzanares Mesa, Martin Mesa, Martinez Mesa, Melquadis Point, Mesa Mountains, Mesa Verde, Mesa Verde, Mitten Rock, Moncisco Mesa, Monument Rocks, Mount Nebo, Palmer Mesa, Pinon Mesa, Popping Rock, Pump Mesa, Red Hill, Rock Mesa, Rock Pile Mesa, Rocky Point, Ship Rock, Skinney Rock, Slane Knob, Sleeping Ute Mountain, South Mesa, Table Mesa, Tank Mountain, Thieving Rock, Thompson Mesa, Tocito Dome, Tsin-nas-kid, Twin Mounds, Twin Mountain, Two Grey Hills, Ute Dome, Volcano Peak, West Mesa, White Hill, White Rock, White Rock, Yellow Butte, Yellow Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KCEM-AM (Aztec), KCEM-FM (Bloomfield), KENN-AM (Farmington), KNDN-AM (Farmington), KNMI-FM (Farmington), KOBF-TV (Farmington), KPCL-FM (Farmington), KRAZ-FM (Farmington), KRAZ-FM (Farmington), KRWN-FM (Farmington), KRZE-AM (Farmington), KSJE-FM (Farmington), KTRA-FM (Farmington), KWYK-FM (Aztec)

  Trails     show all on map

Old Mormon Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Adams Canyon, Alamo Canyon, Albino Canyon, Arch Rock Canyon, Arena Canyon, Armenta Canyon, Beechatuda Draw, Beef Canyon, Beef Canyon, Benito Canyon, Benito Canyon, Big Horse Trail Draw, Black Salt Valley, Blanco Canyon, Blind Canyon, Bloomfield Canyon, Bohanan Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Burnt Squash Draw, Caballo Canyon, Cabin Canyon, Calloway Canyon, Caņon Largo, Carrizo Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cerritos Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Chokecherry Canyon, Cholla Canyon, Cinder Gulch, Cinder Gulch, Clys Canyon, Coalbank Canyon, Cottonwood Arroyo, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cox Canyon, Cox Canyon, Creighton Canyon, Crow Canyon, Crow Canyon, Cuervo Canyon, Cutter Canyon, Deer Canyon, Devils Canyon, Dick Earl Canyon, Ditch Canyon, Ditch Canyon, East Fork Kutz Canyon, Escarbada Canyon, Flume Canyon, Frances Canyon, Fresno Canyon, Gallegos Canyon, Garcia Canyon, Gateway Wash, Gobernador Canyon, Grassy Canyon, Gum Canyon, Hampton Arroyo, Hart Canyon, Head Canyon, Hidden Valley, Horn Canyon, Horse Canyon, Huerfanito Canyon, Hutch Canyon, Jacquez Canyon, Jaquez Canyon, Jasis Canyon, Kim-me-ni-oli Valley, Kitten Canyon, Knowlton Canyon, Kutz Canyon, La Manga Canyon, La Whella, Last Canyon, Lewis Park Canyon, Little Pump Canyon, Long Glade Canyon, Mansfield Canyon, Manzanares Canyon, Medina Canyon, Mentzel Canyon, Middle Canyon, Middle Jones Canyon, Miller Canyon, Mine Canyon, Minix Canyon, Mockingbird Canyon, Mud Canyon, Muņoz Canyon, Navajo Canyon, Negro Andy Canyon, Negro Canyon, North Buzan Canyon, North Fork Knowlton Canyon, North Jones Canyon, North Salt Canyon, North Salt Canyon, North Thomas Canyon, North Thomas Canyon, Oak Springs Canyon, Ojo Amarillo Canyon, Palluche Canyon, Pemada Canyon, Picket Canyon, Pilares Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pinto Canyon, Porcupine Canyon, Porcupine Canyon, Potter Canyon, Pump Canyon, Pump Canyon, Purgatory Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rawhide Canyon, Red Valley, Reed Canyon, Reese Canyon, Rock Point Valley, Rocky Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Ruins Canyon, Salt Canyon, Salt Canyon, Salvador Canyon, Sandstone Canyon, Selph Canyon, Sheep Camp Canyon, Sidro Canyon, Simon Canyon, Slane Canyon, Smith Canyon, South Buzan Canyon, South Fork Knowlton Canyon, South Jones Canyon, South Thomas Canyon, Spruce Canyon, Standing Tree Canyon, Stewart Canyon, Straight Canyon, Sullivan Canyon, Sunshine Spring Draw, Tanner Canyon, Todosio Canyon, Tom Gale Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Tsaya Canyon, Tucker Canyon, Tunicha Valley, Ulibarri Canyon, Ute Canyon, Vaca Canyon, Valdez Draw, Vereda Canyon, Walker Canyon, Weekley Canyon, Weritos Rincon, West Draw, West Fork Gallegos Canyon, West Fork Kutz Canyon, West Gum Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Wilmer Canyon, Wool Canyon, Wrights Canyon, Yellow Point Valley

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1 English Water Well, 12-599 Water Well, 12K-300A Water Well, 12K-309 Water Well, 12K-310 Water Well, 12K-312 Water Well, 12K-317 Water Well, 12K-320 Water Well, 12K-335 Water Well, 12K-357 Water Well, 12K-9 Water Well, 12M-27 Water Well, 12P-355 Water Well, 12R-100 Water Well, 12R-125 Water Well, 12R-126B Water Well, 12R-148 Water Well, 12R-242 Water Well, 12R-91 Water Well, 12T-121 Water Well, 12T-323 Water Well, 12T-325 Water Well, 12T-329 Water Well, 12T-336 WAter Well, 12T-338 Water Well, 12T-339 Water Well, 12T-340 Water Well, 12T-343 Water Well, 12T-351 Water Well, 12T-354 Water Well, 12T-505 Water Well, 12T-507 Water5 Well, 12T-508 Water Well, 12T-511 Water Well, 12T-512 Water Well, 12T-516 Water Well, 12T-517 Water Well, 12T-519 Water Well, 12T-520 Water Well, 12T-525 Water Well, 12T-534A Water Well, 12T-548 Water Well, 12T-551 Water Well, 12T-564 Water Well, 12T-564 Water Well, 12T-565 Water Well, 12T-570 Water Well, 12T-576 Water Well, 12T-580 Water Well, 12T-587 Water Well, 12T-590 Water Well, 12T-600 Water Well, 12T-601 Water Well, 12T-607 Water Well, 12T-618A Water Well, 12T-628 Water Well, 12T-629 Water Well, 12T-630 Water Well, 12T-631 Water Well, 12T-632 Water Well, 12T-634 Water Well, 12T-635 Water Well, 12T-637 Water Well, 12T-640 Water Well, 12T-643 Water Well, 12T-646 Water Well, 12T-647 Water Well, 12T-649 Water Well, 12T-651 Water Well, 12T-654 Water Well, 13K-207 Water Well, 13K-208 Water Well, 13K-215 Water Well, 13R-11 Water Well, 13R-59 Water Well, 13T-501 Water Well, 13T-513 Water Well, 13T-514 Water Well, 13T-515 Water Well, 13T-517 Water Well, 14-5-6 Water Well, 14A-33 Water Well, 14K-310 Water Well, 14K-312 Water Well, 14K-316 Water Well, 14N-85 Water Well, 14T-520 Water Well, 14T-521 Water Well, 14T-535 Water Well, 14T-590 Water Well, 15A-18 Water Well, 15A-21 Water Well, 15A-22 Water Well, 15B-24 Water Well, 15B-25 Water Well, 15K-337 Water Well, 15K-340 Water Well, 15R-307 Water Well, 15T-339 Water Well, 15T-509 Water Well, 15T-510 Water Well, 18T-553 Water Well, 19K 339 Water Well, 19R-296 Water Well, 19R-326 Water Well, 19T-313 Water Well, 19T-342 Water Well, 19T-349 Water Well, 19T-50 Water Well, 19T-507 Water Well, 19T-510 Water Well, 19T-511 Water Well, 19T-521 Water Well, 26263-2618 Water Well, 52-16-35 Water Well, A-10 Water Well, A-11 Water Well, A-12 Water Well, A-13 Water Well, A-14 Water Well, A-16 Water Well, A-17 Water Well, Alluvial Water Well, AMW-6-1 Water Well, Angel P 10 Water Well, Ballard 1 Water Well, Ballard 2 Water Well, Ballard 3 Water Well, Beyale Well, Black Water Well, Blackwater Well, BRNHM WSW1 Water Well, Burnham 1 Water Well, C C Field Water Well, Carson-1 Water Well, Carson-3 Water Well, CC Kernodle Number 1 Water Well, CCR-16 Water Well, CCR-2 Water Well, Chaco 6 Water Well, Chaco 7 Water Well, Chaco C 9 Water Well, Chaco Water Well, Charlie Well, Cline Well, Coppinger Well, Cottonwood Canyon Water Well, Deep Water Well Number 1, DH-10R Water Well, DH-1K Water Well, DH-2K Water Well, DH-3 Water Well, DH-3K Water Well, DH-4K Water Well, DH-5 Water Well, DH-5K Water Well, DH-6K Water Well, DH-7 Water Well, DH-7K Water Well, DH-8K Water Well, DH-9K Water Well, Dorm PM2 Water Well, Dzilth-Na-O-Dit Water Well, English Well, Exxon Test Water Well, Fire Rock Well, Gallo-1 Water Well, Gallo-2 Water Well, Gallo-3 Water Well, GT-1 Water Well, GT-2 Water Well, Gus Water Well, Hart Canyon Water Well, Hodges Number 4 Water Well, Huerfano 1 Water Well, Huerfano 2 Water Well, Huerfano Water Well, Huerfano-2 Water Well, Humble Number 1 Water Well, I3T-501 Water Well, Kimbeto-1 Water Well, Knickerbocker Well, LSE EBU 79 Water Well, Manzaneros Water Well, Marve Well, NA-79-204 Water Well, NM000023 Water Well, North Water Well, Number 1 Water Well, Old Coppinger W Water Well, OT-1 Water Well, Otis Water Well, Padilla Well, PC-1 Water Well, PM-1 Water Well, PM2 Water Well, PN-1 Water Well, PN-2 Water Well, PN-3 Water Well, PN-4 Water Well, Point of Entry Water Well, PS A Water Well, PS B Water Well, PS-1 Water Well, PS-2 Water Well, PS-3 Water Well, Pump Mesa Water Well, Sanostee PM3 Water Well, Shallow Well, Sharp Number 1 Water Well, Sheep Sp N Water Well, SJ-13-2 Water Well, SJ-2289 Water Well, SJ-23-4 Water Well, SJ-24-4 Water Well, SJ-412 Water Well, SJ-511 Water Well, SJ-520 Water Well, SJ-525 Water Well, SJ-743 Water Well, Sul Spring 03 Water Well, T26R19s5 Water Well, TL-7-2 Water Well, TL-8-1 Water Well, Tony Lopez Well, USIS Water Well, Willeto Well, Willie Water Well, Willie Well, WS-1 Water Well, WS-2 Water Well, WS-3 Water Well, WS-4 Water Well, WS-5 Water Well, Yazzi Well,

San Juan County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSan Juan County White population 73,92473,923  
American IndianSan Juan County American Indian population 49,28349,282
MixedSan Juan County Mixed population 3,3373,336
BlackSan Juan County Black population 1,0271,026
AsianSan Juan County Asian population 642641
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSan Juan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 128128

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State population table
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