San Miguel County, New Mexico Basics:

San Miguel County New Mexico - Government Site

Population: 28,914
Area: 4716 square miles
County seat: Las Vegas
Area code(s) in use: 505
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 82.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.3%
Median household income: $30,499
Persons in poverty: 26.7%
Home ownership rate: 67.8%
Mean travel time to work: 21.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Guadalupe  Harding  Mora  Quay  Santa Fe  Torrance  

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Map of the San Miguel County area

Our detail map of San Miguel County shows the San Miguel County, New Mexico boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in San Miguel County, New Mexico

  Airports     show all on map

Bell Ranch Headquarters Airport, Bell Ranch Waggoner Airport, Conchas Lake Airport, Conchas Lake Seaplane Base, Las Vegas Municipal Airport, Park Springs Airport, San Miguel Ranch Airport, Tierra de Dios Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Cicuye Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Chupinas Rincon Pasture, El Rincon, El Valle, Johnson Rincon, Las Calabazas, Las Mesas Negras, Las Placitas, Medina Meadows, Rincon Agua Verde, Rincon Bajito, Rincon Bonito, Rincon Colorado, Rincon de Zixto, Rincon del Aguila, Rincon Vigil, Road Rincon, Valle Alto, Valle de la Osha, Valle de la Piedra, Valle del Toro, Valle Escondido, Valle Grande, Valle Largo, Valle Medio, Vegas Bonita

  Arroyos     show all on map

Sanguijuela Arroyo

  Basins     show all on map

Graveyard Pocket

  Bays     show all on map

Catfish Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Angel Arturo House Historic Site, Archuleta Hall, Armand Hammer United World College of the American West Library, Arrott House, AT and SF RR Roundhouse, Athletic Field House, Baca-Korte House Historic Site, Bank of Las Vegas Historic Site, Baptist Student Union, Bean-Newlee House Historic Site, Bell Ranch Headquarters Historic Site, Blackwell and Gross and Company Building Historic Site, Brown and Manzanares Company Building Historic Site, Burris Hall, Canuto Romero House Historic Site, Carnegie Public Library, Castaneda Hotel Historic Site, Champ Tyrone Music Building, Charles Ilfield Building, City of Las Vegas Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, City of Las Vegas Fire Department Station 2, City of Las Vegas Fire Department Station 3, Conchas Dam Fire / Rescue Station 2, Connells Cabin Historic Site, Connor Hall, Crockett Building Historic Site, CWG Ward House Historic Site, Dice Apartments Historic Site, Don Benigno Romero House Historic Site, Donnelly Library Historic Site, El Conquistador Building, El Fidel Hotel Historic Site, Eldorado Hotel Historic Site, Electronics Building, Elks Lodge Building Historic Site, Emmanuel Rosenwald Building Historic Site, Esperanza Herrera House Historic Site, Eugenio Gatignole House Historic Site, Felix Martinez Center, Fidelity Building Historic Site, First National Bank Building Historic Site, Ford Hall, Gazette Complex, Gregg House, Guadalupita Building, Harding County Fire District 1 Burro Hill Substation, Heating Plant, Hebrew Temple Historic Site, Henry Blattman House Historic Site, Ilfeld Auditorium, Ilfield Auditorium, Ilfield Law Office Building Historic Site, Industrial Arts Building, James Cook House, John A Wilson Physical Education Complex, Johnson House Historic Site, Johnson Memorial Mortuary Historic Site, Kennedy East Building, Kennedy North Building, Kennedy South Building, Kennedy West Building, Koogler (historical), Las Vegas Medical Center Library, Las Vegas Old City Hall Historic Site, Las Vegas Police Department, Las Vegas Railroad and Power Company Building, Lewis Arthur Charles and E N House, Lowery Clevenger House, Melody Cafeteria, Melody Hall, Montezuma Hotel Complex Historic Site, Mortimer Hall, Murphy Drug Store Historic Site, New Mexico Highlands University Donnelly Library, New Mexico State Forestry Las Vegas, Newman Center, Old Social Work Building, Patrick Nolan House, Pecos Volunteer Fire Department, Rocky Mountain Emergency Medical Services Las Vegas, Rodgers Administration Building, Rogers Hall Administration Building, Romaine Fielding and Tom Mix Studio Historic Site, Rough Riders Museum, Sala de Madrid, San Miguel County Fire District Cabo Lucero Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Conchas Dam Fire and Rescue Station 1, San Miguel County Fire District Conchas Dam Fire and Rescue Station 3, San Miguel County Fire District El Pueblo Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Gallinas Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Ilfeld Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District La Placita Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Pecos Canyon Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Rowe Fire Department Station 1, San Miguel County Fire District Rowe Fire Department Station 2, San Miguel County Fire District Sapello Rociada Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Sheridan Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Tecolote Fire Department, San Miguel County Fire District Trementina Fire Department, San Miguel County Sheriff's Office, Sapello - Rociada Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance, Schmitt-Laemmle House, Science Building, Science Building Annex, Senator Andrieus A Jones, Serna-Blanchard House, Sininger Hall, Student Center, Taichert Warehouse and Taichert Building, Teacher Education Center, Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Memorial and City Museum, United States Forest Service Pecos / Las Vegas Ranger Station, Vidal and Elisa Salazar House

  Canals     show all on map

Acequia de Tecolotito, Agua Caliente Ditch, Ancon del Gato Ditch, Bell Ranch Canal, Chaperito Ditch, Conchas Canal, Lake Isabel Inlet Ditch, Los Torres Ditch, Los Trigos Ditch, Lovato Ditch, North Storrie Inlet Canal, Pueblo Ditch, Ribera Ditch, Sena Ditch, Storrie Intake Canal, Storrie Project Irrigation Canal, Villanueva Northside Ditch, Villanueva Southside Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Cedar Point, La Botella Chiquita, Montoya Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Aguila Cemetery, Aguilar Cemetery, Alamosa Plaza Cemetery, Caņon Largo Cemetery, El Cerro Cemetery, El Macho Cemetery, Holy Family Catholic Cemetery, International Fellowship of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Jimenez Cemetery, Juan Torres Cemetery, La Cinta Cemetery, La Manga Cemetery, Las Vegas Cemetery, Los Torres Cemetery, Maes Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Mathews Cemetery, Montefiore Cemetery, Montezuma Seminary Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, New Saint Anthonys Cemetery, North Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Old Saint Anthonys Church Cemetery, Pecos Mine Cemetery, Pueblo Cemetery, Rencona Cemetery, Romero Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Sagrado Corazon Cemetery, Saint Anthonys Cemetery, Saint Josephs Chapel Cemetery, San Antonio Cemetery, San Augustin Cemetery, San Geronimo Cemetery, San Ignacio Cemetery, San Isidro Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery, San Juan Cemetery, San Lorenzo Cemetery, San Pablo Cemetery, Santa Niņo Cemetery, Santo Niņo Cemetery, Santo Niņo Cemetery, Sapello Cemetery, Sena Cemetery, Soledad Cemetery, Tapia Cemetery, Trementina Cemetery, Tuloso Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Conchas Dam Census Designated Place, East Pecos Census Designated Place, Ilfeld Census Designated Place, North San Ysidro Census Designated Place, Pueblo Census Designated Place, Ribera Census Designated Place, Rowe Census Designated Place, San Jose Census Designated Place, Sena Census Designated Place, Soham Census Designated Place, South San Ysidro Census Designated Place, Tecolote Census Designated Place, Tecolotito Census Designated Place, Villanueva Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Aposento Alto Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God, Assembly of God Church, Baptist Student Center, Benedictine Monastery, Brother of Jesus Mission, Calvary Baptist Church, Canoncito Baptist Church, Casa Bendita de Dios Spanish Assembly of God Church, Charles Ilfield Memorial Chapel Historic Site, Church of Christ, Conchas Baptist Mission, Dahlia Church, East Side Church of Christ, El Camino Cristiano Missions Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Jehovahs Witnesses Church, Las Vegas Baptist Church, Las Vegas Baptist Temple, Las Vegas Bible Church, Las Vegas Bible Church, Las Vegas Calvary Church, Las Vegas Christian Center, Leandro Ranch, Masonic Temple, Mountain View Assembly of God, Mountain View Assembly of God Church, New Life Assembly of God, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Mission Church Historic Site, Sagrado Corazon Church, Saint Paula Newman Center, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Memorial Episcopal Church Historic Site, San Antonio Church, San Antonio Church, San Francisco Church, San Jose Church, San Lorenzo Shrine, San Rafael Church, Santa Mission Church, Santa Teresita Church, Santo Nino Church, Santo Niņo Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Storrie Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The House of Samaritan

  Dams     show all on map

Aragon Dam, Bradner Dam, Concepcion Dam, Conchas Dam, Garanbuio Dam, Hormigoso Diversion Dam, Lake Isabel Dam, Las Vegas Irrigation Project Diversion Dam Historic Site, Los Trigos Dam, Lovato Dam, Pecos Arroyo Watershed Site One Dam, Peterson Dam, Pueblo Dam, Ribera Dam, San Augustin Dam, San Bacino Dam, San Jose Dam, Sena Dam, Sink Hole Gap Reservoir Dam, Storrie Dam, Tecolotito Diversion Dam, Villanueva Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Bluebell Park, Brazel Park, La Botella, Mora Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Las Vegas Ranger District, Pecos Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

El Puerto, Llano Largo, Minese Gap, Puerto del Norte, Puerto del Sur, Puertocito Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Alta Vista Regional Hospital, Health centers of Northern New Mex Las Vegas Clinic, Health Centers of Northern New Mex San Miguel Clinic, Las Vegas Medical Center - Forensic, New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute, New Mexico Rehabilitation Center, Northeastern Regional Hospital, Pecos Valley Medical Center, Saint Anthonys Hospital Annex

  Islands     show all on map

Big Island, Campers Island, Green Island, Rattlesnake Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Bentley Lake, Crystal Lake, Dos Lagunas, Dry Lake, Goetsck Lake, Harris Lake, Jacks Lake, Juan Torres Lake, Laguana del Gallego, Laguna Huerfana, Laguna La Monia, Laguna Seca, Lake David, Llonidas Lake, Lost Lake, McAllister Lake, Monastery Lake, Nafas Lake, Point Lake, Red Lakes, Sabino Lake, Victors Pit, Wallace Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abercrombie Ranch, Acequia Madre Historic Site, Adlin, Agua Verde Ranch, Aguila, Aguilar, Alamito Camp, Alamosa Windmill, Alamosa Windmill, Allemando, Allen, Aranda, Armstrong Ranch Headquarters, Artesian Windmill, Atarque Corrals, Atarque Windmill, Aurora Weather Station, Aurupa, Badger Windmill, Baker, Balsofete, Barn Point Windmill, Bascom Camp, Bascom Pens, Basin Windmill, Beaver Creek Cabin, Beisman Ranch, Belden Ranch, Bell Ranch, Bell Ranch Weather Station, Bench Windmill, Benevides Ranch, Bert Clancy Recreation Site, Big Flat Corral, Big Pine Picnic Area, Big Pocket Windmill, Big Red Windmill, Black Mesa Windmill, Blanco Trap Windmill, Blanco Windmill, Blue Haven Camp, Blue Pasture Windmill, Bookout Ranch, Bowmann Windmill, Box Ranch, Boxcar Windmill, Boylan Ranch, Bradley and Upton, Bridge Street Historical District, Brito Ranch, Brush Ranch, Bryan Pens, Bueyeros Windmill, Bull Pasture Windmill, C A Camp, Cabeza, Cabra Springs Ranch, Camp La Salle, Camp Long Campground, Camp Maximiliano Luna, Camp Monakiwa Girls Camp, Canadian (historical), Canadian Windmill, Caņon del Agua Ranch, Carpenter Windmill, Carpenter Windmill, Carpenter Windmill, Chaperito Windmill, Chappell-Spade Ranch, Chavez, Chavez Ruins, Chillie Point Windmill, China Canyon Windmill, Chupinas Camp, Chupinas Windmill, Circle Ranch, Clabber Hill Ranch, Clark Ranch, Cobb, Concepcion, Conchas Aquatic Camp, Conchas Dam Weather Station, Conchas Ranch, Conchas Ranch, Conchas Ranch, Conchas Ranch Headquarters, Cow Creek Campground, Cow Pass Windmill, Cowden, Cowles Campground, Cowles Weather Station, Craig, Creek Pasture Windmill, Crespin, Crespin, Crews, Culbertson, Culbertson, Culbertson Headquarters, Dead Horse, Dimas (historical), Distrito de las Escuelas Historic Site, Domingo Ranch, Dominguez (historical), Doodlebug Windmill, Doretta (historical), Douglas-Sixth Street Historic District, Duwess Windmill, East Windmill, Eggert, El Fileto Ruins, El Pablito Indian Ruins, El Piņo, El Porvenir Campground, El Porvenir Christian Camp, El Terremote (historical), El Viandante Ruins, Emerson Ranch, Esquibel, Esquibel (historical), Estrada (historical), EV Long Campground, Evergreen Valley Ranch, Evetts, Exchange Hotel Historic Site, Feliz Ranch, Ferndale (historical), Field Tract Campground, Flying Cloud Ranch, Forest Ranch, Forked Lightning Ranch, Four V Ranch, Fulton (historical), Gacho Windmill, Gallegos, Gallinas Cabin, Garcia, Gartersnake Windmill, Gate City (historical), Gerk, Goetsch, Goetsch Ranch, Gonzales, Gonzales, Goods, Grants (historical), Greens Shipping Pens, Griego, Groseclose, Gutierrez, Hage Ranch, Hagerman Ranch, Hampton Ranch, Hardluck Windmill, Harris, Hartleg, Harvey Ranch, Hatchs Ranch Historic Site, Hawk Windmill, Hells Hole Windmill, Hershfield (historical), Hidden Valley Ranch, Hogadero (historical), Hole-in-the-Wall Windmill, Holy Ghost Campground, Holy Ghost Summer Home Area, Honey Boy Ranch, Horacio, Horseshoe Bend Windmill, Hospital Windmill, Huddleston Ranch, Ice Pond Historic Site, Indian Rock Windmill, Indian Writings Historic Site, Iron Gate Recreation Site, J T Gallegos Ranch, Jack Johnsons Training Camp Historic Site, Jacks Creek Campground, Johnson (historical), Johnson Mesa Picnic Area, Juarez Windmill, Kay Bar Ranch, La Cinta Creek Windmill, La Cinta Ranch, La Manga Camp, Lake Windmill, Lane Pasture Windmill, Las Dispensas, Las Vegas Iron Works, Las Vegas Plaza Historic District, Las Vegas Weather Station, Laumbach, Leatherwood Ranch, Lewis Ranch, Leyba, Leyba, Library Park Historic District, Lincoln Park Historic District, Lisboa Springs Fish Hatchery, Little Joe Windmill, Little Pete Windmill, Llano Pens, Long Ranch, Lopez (historical), Los Cavos, Los Fuertes, Los Torres, Lower La Cinta Windmill, Lower La Manga Windmill, Lower Medio Windmill, Lower Mule Windmill, Lower Oso Windmill, Lower Rattlesnake Windmill, Lower Windmill, Lujan, Maes, Maestas, Manco de Burro, Manzanares Cabin, Manzanares Campground, Martin Ranch, Martinez Ranch, Mathieson, Maxey, Medina, Medina Windmill, Medio, Medio Canyon Windmill, Medio Shipping Pasture Windmill, Melton Windmill, Mesa Rica Camp, Mesteņo Camp, Middle Big Flat Windmill, Middle La Cinta Windmill, Middle Windmill, Mitchel Windmill, Monastery Lake Recreation Site, Monitor Windmill, Monument Windmill, Mora Campground, Muertos Canyon Windmill, Mule Camp, Murrells Ranch, Naranjo, New Farm Windmill, New La Cinta Windmill, New Muertos Windmill, New Windmill, Nick, Noriega, North Dock, North New Town Historic District, North Pasture Windmill, North Windmill, Oak Flats Picnic Area, Ojitos Frios Ranch, Ojo Indian Ruins, Old La Cinta Windmill, Old Town Residential Historic District, Onava Weather Station, Oso Windmill, Pablo Sena Ranch, Pacheco, Padilla Ranch, Pamilla Windmill, Panchuela Campground, Panchuela Ranger Station, Pecos District Ranger Station, Pecos Weather Station, Pelt, Pendaries Grist Mill, Pendaries Ranch, Perez Ranch, Point Windmill, Polecat Windmill, Prairie Dog Windmill, Puerto Windmill, Puertocito Windmills, Quintana, Quintana, Quintana, Quintana Forest Service Station (historical), Quintana Ranch, Quintana Ranch, Railroad Avenue Historic District, Rancho Bonito, Rattlesnake Windmill, Red Spring Windmill, Red Tower Windmill, Rencona Weather Station, Reymond, Rincon Windmill, Rincon Windmill, Rio De Vega Ranch, Rock Hole Windmill, Romero, Romero, Romero, Romero, Romero Ranch, Round Top Windmill, Sabinosa Windmill, Saladito Point Windmill, Saladito Trap Windmill, Saladito Windmill, San Geronimo Cabin, San Geronimo Historic District, San Miguel del Vado Historic District, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sand Ridge Windmill, Sarsaparilla Windmill, Schlothauer, Schlothauer, Screw Windmill, Seco Canyon Windmill, Sena, Seventyfour Windmill, Shearer Ranch, Shelly, Shelly Hayes Camp, Shelly Windmill, Shoemaker Windmill, Simpson, Sinkhole Trap Windmill, Six Foot Windmill, Sixty Gallon Windmill, Snyder Ranch, South Big Flat Windmill, South Coffman Windmill, South Dock, South Gavilan Windmill, South Pasture Windmill, Spring Canyon Windmill, Spurlock Ranch, Sulzbacher, T-4 Ranch, Tall Windmill, Tanka Grande Windmill, Tapia, Tapia, Tapia Ranch, Tecolote Windmill, Thompson Ranch, Thompson Ranch, Three Legged Windmill, Three P Trap Windmill, Tilted Rock Picnic Area, Trading Post, Trigg, Trigg Ranch, Trigg Ranch, Trujillo Ranch, Tulosa Windmill, Tuloso, Turtle Windmill, Tusero Windmill, Twin Windmills, Upper Big Flat Windmill, Upper Chical Windmill, Upper Gavilan Windmill, Upper La Cinta Windmill, Upper La Manga Windmill, Upper Medio Windmill, Upper Perra Windmill, Upper Rattlesnake Windmill, Upton, Villanueva Weather Station, W Bar K Ranch, Waggoner, Waggoner, Waggoner Ranch, Wagoneer, Wagoneer, Walker Windmill, Watrous Windmill, West Bronc Windmill, Western Life Camp, Whiskey Windmill, White Ranch, Wildcat Windmill, Willow Creek Campground, Wilson Ranch, Windmill Number 2, Windmill Number 3, Windmill Number 4, Windy Bridge Recreation Site, Winsor Creek Recreation Site, Witte Ranch, Wright Springs Windmill

  Mines     show all on map

Azure Mine, Baker Gulch, Bish Number Two Mine, Black Nugget, Bookout Ranch Section 31, Cip Lujan, Con-O-Kull 1 Stevenson, Conoco-Leatherwood-Reed, Cowles, El Povenir, El Villa Claim, Elloy Estrado, Faith, Good Hope Mine, Gould and Thomas Mine, Guy Number One, Guys Nickel Claims, High Peak, Hunt Oil Company Mine, Iron Hole Mine, Joe and Jenny Prospect, Joe Matt and Sam Adams Mine, Key Claims, Lesters Cabin, Lloyd, Lookout Ranch Section Twenty Five, Loring Mine, Los Vigiles, Lost Creek, Lujan Cattle Company, Lujan Ranch, Lujan Ranch West, Marquez Pit, Martinez Pit, Mesa Montosa East Point Mine, Mikie V Claims, Neafus Claims, Park Springs Ranch Mine, Pecos Coal Mine, Pecos Mine, Priest Mine, Quintana, Rising Sun Mine, SAB Mine, Saint Anne Claims, Santa Rosa Claims, Santo Nino, Smith Mine, Southwest 1 Conchas, Sparks-Stone Number One, T Claims, Verde Mine, Windy Number Nine Mine

  Parks     show all on map

AT and SF RR Depot Locomotive 1129, Baker Flat Picnic Area, Camp Maximiliano Luna Historical Marker, Canadian Escarpment Historical Marker, Cannon Air Force Base Recreation Area, Conchas Lake State Park, Dalton Picnic Area, Fishing Hole Picnic Area, Fort Bascom Historical Marker, Harold K Brandt Baseball Field, Hermits Peak Historical Marker, Hogbacks Historical Marker, King Stadium, Las Vegas Historical Marker, Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge, Pecos Historical Marker, Pecos National Historical Park, Pecos National Monument Historical Marker, Pecos State Monument, Perkins Stadium, Sabinoso Wilderness Study Area, Storrie Lake State Park, Strike Valley Historical Marker, Truder Park, Villanueva State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

El Porvenir, Mogote

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adero Az, Agua Zarca, Alamitos (historical), Alta Vista, Ancon, Apache Springs, Aragon (historical), Arriba, Atarque (historical), Aurora, Barranco, Belmonte (historical), Bernal, Beulah (historical), Blanchard, Buxton (historical), Cabra Springs (historical), Campana, Canoncito, Casa Grande (historical), Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill, Chapelle, Chaperito, Chapman (historical), Charco (historical), Coca (historical), Conchas, Corazon (historical), Coruco, Cowles, Douthit Place, East Las Vegas (historical), East Pecos, El Ancon, El Cerrito, El Llano, El Macho, El Porvenir, Emplazado, Gabaldon, Gallinas, Gallinas Spring (historical), Garanbuio, Gavaedon (historical), Geronimo, Gise, Gonzales Ranch, Grass Mountain Summer Home Area, Guillou (historical), Hadley (historical), Hamilton (historical), Hilton Lodge (historical), Holy Ghost, Hooverville, Hot Springs, Ilfeld, Jack Canon Place, Jaramillo (historical), Jardin (historical), Kroenigs, La Cinta (historical), La Fragua, La Garita (historical), La Liendre, La Manga, Lagunas, Lagunita, Las Dispensas, Las Tusas, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Town, Los Alamos, Los Montoyas, Los Vigiles, Lovato, Lower Colonias, Lower La Posada, Lower Pueblo, Lucero, Manuelitas, Mineral Hill, Montezuma, Montosa, Myers, New Trementina, North San Ysidro, Ojita, Ojitos Frios, Onava, Pajarita, Park Springs, Pecos, Peņasco Blanco, Pendaries Village, Pinos Altos, Rencona, Ribera, Rociada, Romero, Romeroville, Rowe, Sabinoso, Salitre, San Antonio, San Augustin, San Geronimo, San Hilario (historical), San Ignacio, San Jose, San Juan, San Miguel, San Pablo, San Rafael, San Ramon, Sanchez, Sands, Santa Ana, Sapello, Sena, Serafina, Sheridan, Soham, South San Ysidro, Tecolote, Tecolotito, Tererro, Tierra Monte, Trementina, Tres Lagunas, Trout Springs, Trujillo, Upper Colonias, Upper La Posada, Upper Pueblo, Upper Rociada, Variadero, Villanueva, Wells, Winsor Creek Summer Home

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aragon Post Office, Arragon Post Office (historical), Bell Ranch Post Office (historical), Bernal Post Office (historical), Buxton Post Office (historical), Cabra Post Office (historical), Cabra Springs Post Office (historical), Casa Grande Post Office (historical), Chapelle Post Office (historical), Chaperito Post Office (historical), Cherry Vale Post Office (historical), Conchas Dam Post Office, Conchas Dam Post Office (historical), Cowles Post Office (historical), Doretta Post Office (historical), El Cerrito Post Office, El Cuervo Post Office (historical), El Porvenir Post Office (historical), El Pueblo Post Office (historical), Estrada Post Office (historical), Ferndale Post Office (historical), Fulton Post Office (historical), Gabaldon Post Office (historical), Gallinas Spring Post Office (historical), Garita Post Office (historical), Gavaedon Post Office (historical), Geronimo Post Office (historical), Gonzales Post Office (historical), Gonzales Ranch Post Office, Guajolotes Post Office (historical), Guillou Post Office (historical), Hadley Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Hilario Post Office (historical), Hilton Lodge Post Office (historical), Hogadero Post Office (historical), Hot Springs Post Office (historical), Ilfeld Post Office (historical), Jardin Post Office (historical), June Post Office (historical), Koogler Post Office (historical), La Cinta Post Office (historical), La Concepcion Post Office (historical), La Cuesta Post Office (historical), La Glorieta Post Office (historical), La Liendre Post Office (historical), Lagunita Post Office (historical), Las Vegas Post Office, Leyba Post Office, Lopezville Post Office (historical), Los Alamos Post Office, Los Vigiles Post Office (historical), Lourdes Post Office, Lourdes Post Office (historical), Maes Post Office (historical), Marguerita Post Office (historical), Mesa Rica Post Office (historical), Mineral City Post Office (historical), Mineral Hill Post Office (historical), Mishawaka Post Office (historical), Montezuma Post Office (historical), Oakwood Springs Post Office (historical), Old Las Vegas Post Office, Olquin Post Office (historical), Onava Post Office (historical), Park Springs Post Office (historical), Pecos Post Office, Pendaries Post Office (historical), Pine Post Office (historical), Rencona Post Office (historical), Ribera Post Office, Rincon Post Office (historical), Rociada Post Office, Romero Post Office (historical), Romeroville Post Office (historical), Rowe Post Office, Sabinoso Post Office (historical), Saint Patrick Post Office (historical), San Geronimo Post Office (historical), San Hilario Post Office (historical), San Ignacio Post Office (historical), San Jose Post Office (historical), San Lorenzo Post Office (historical), San Miguel Post Office (historical), Sanchez Post Office (historical), Sapello Post Office, Sedan Post Office, Serafina Post Office, Sibley Post Office (historical), Soham Post Office (historical), Tajon Post Office (historical), Tapia Post Office (historical), Tecolote Post Office, Tecolotenos Post Office (historical), Tererro Post Office (historical), Trementina Post Office, Trujillo Post Office (historical), Valley Ranch Post Office (historical), Variadero Post Office (historical), Ventanes Post Office (historical), Villanueva Post Office, Willis Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Santa Fe Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Agua Bendita, Agua Bendita Tank, Alamito Tank, Alasan Tank, Albino Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Aqua Verde Tank, Aragon Tank, Barbero Tank, Bell Tank, Benada Tank, Big Lake Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank, Blanco Tank, Blue Tank Number One, Blue Tank Number Two, Boggy Tank, Bollschweiler Tank, Bradner Reservoir, Buddy Tank, Bull Tank, Cactus Tank, Calicito Tank, Carpenter Tank, Cattleguard Tank, Cedar Tank, Cerritos Tank, Chalky Tank, Charlies Tank, Chical Tank, Chimal Tank, Cimaron Tank, Conchas Lake, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corralitos Tank, Cow Canyon Tank, Diablo Tank, Divided Tank, Division Tank, Don Santiago Reservoir, Dry Mule Tank, Duck Tank, East Rim Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Elise Tank, Empedrado Tank, Feed Pasture Tank, Foster Tank, Franks Pit, Frio Tank, Gacho Tank, Garcia Tank, Gibson Tank, Gonzales Tank, Gordo Tank, Government Tank, Harris Tank, Head Quarters Tank, Henley Tank, Hern Tank, Hidden Tank, High Lonesome Tank, Hondo Tank, Horse Head Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Tank, Horsehead Tank, Horseshoe Tank, Horton Tank, Huddleston Tank Number 1, Huddleston Tank Number 2, Huddleston Tank Number 3, Huddleston Tank Number 4, Huddleston Tank Number 5, Huerfano Tank, J B Tank, J M Tank, Jackson Tank, Jeff Tank, Jim Dandy Tank, Jon Tank, Kauffman Tank, La Cinta Tank, La Munyan Tank, Ladrones Tank, Laguna del Sauino, Laguna Ortiz, Lake Isabel, Lake Tank, Lake Tank, Laquna del Padre, Laqunita Tank, Larranaga Tank, Leguino Tank, Leyba Tank, Little Lake Tank, Little Water Tank, Little West Tank, Llano Tank, Loma Cita Tank, Loma Tank, Lopez Tank, Lopez Tank, Lopez Tank, Los Diegos, Lost Tank, Loving Tank, Low Cow Pass Tank, Lower Agua Tank, Lower Aqua Tank, Lower Barbero Tank, Lower Cabeza Tank, Lower Carros Tank, Lower Rattlesnake Tank, Madrid Tank, Madrid Tank, Marquez Tank, Martin Tank, Martinez Tank, Mason Tank, McCavley Tank, Melton Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesita Tank, Mesquite Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Mistake Tank, Molasses Tank, Monia Tank, Monument Tank, Moore Tank, Muniz Tank, New Tank, Nicholas Tank, No Agua Tank, North Pasture Tank, North Rim Tank, North Tank, North Tank, North Trap Tank, Pablito Tank, Palmer Tank, Peterson Reservoir, Picket Pens Tank, Pine Tank, Pit Tank, Point Tank, Pothole Tank, Primo Tank, Quail Tank, Quintana Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Refugio Tank, Ribia Tank, Ricardo Tank, Rincon Tank, Rincon Tank, Riprap Tank, Road Tank, Rock Tank, Rockpile Tanks, Sacaton Tank, Saint Patrick Tank, San Antonio Tank, Saxon Tank, School Tank, Seco Tank, Seco Tank, Sheep Camp Tank, Sink Hole Gap Stock Tank, Smith Tank, South Tank, Storie Lake, Storrie Lake, Stump Tank, Sunflower Tank, Tank Number 1, Tank Number 2, Tank Number 3, Tanke Grande, Tanque Grande, Tapia Tank, Tapia Tank Number 2, Tito Tank, Toni Tank, Tony Tank, Trinchera Tank, Tulosa Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Twin Tanks, Twin Tanks, Two Pines Tank, Upper Barbero Tank, Upper Cabeza Tank, Upper Rattlesnake Tank, Valle Tank, Viejo Tank, Watrous Tank, West Bronc Tank, West Camp Tank Number 1, West Camp Tank Number 3, West Pasture Tank, West Tank, West Tank, West Tank, White Tank, Wildlife Trick Tank, Witte Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Bluebell Ridge, Hogback Hill, La Sierrita, Ruidoso Ridge, The Creston

  Schools     show all on map

Amand Hammer World College of the American West, Armijo Elementary School, Conchas School, Douglas Avenue School Historic Site, Gallinas School, Gallinas School, Gonzales Ranch School, Highland University, Jesuit School Building, Legion Park Elementary School, Los Niņos Elementary School, Lourdes School, Luna Vocational-Technical Institute, Maestas School, Memorial Middle School, Montezuma Street School, Mora Street School, New Mexico Highlands University, North Public Elementary School, North Public School, Old Tuloso School, OLO Sorrows Elementary School, Paul D Henry Elementary School, Paul Henry School, Pecos Elementary School, Pecos High School, Pecos Middle School, Robertson High School, Sapello Elementary School, Sierra Vista Elementary School, South Public School, Trementina School, Union Elementary School, Valley Elementary School, Valley Junior High School, Valley Junior High School, West Las Vegas High School, West Las Vegas Middle School

  Springs     show all on map

Agua Azul Spring, Agua Medio Spring, Aguilar Spring, Alamito Springs, Alamosa Spring, Apache Spring, Apache Springs, Aspen Spring, Aurupa Springs, Barillas Spring, Blue Spring, Bobcat Spring, Burnt Spring, Cabra Springs, Calverdes Spring, Caņon del Agua Spring, Chorro Spring, Chupadero Spring, Chupinas Spring, Conchas Spring, Corrales Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Coyote Spring, Deer Spring, Dimis Spring, Grindstone Spring, Hermit Spring, La Cueva Number Two Spring, La Cueva Spring, La Cueve Number One Spring, La Ojita, Lagunita Springs, Lisboa Springs, Los Diegos, Los Montayas, Mortondad Spring, Ojito de las Tortolitas, Ojito del Quemado, Ojito Encindso, Ojito Escondido, Ojito Frio Number 1, Ojito Frio Number 2, Ojo de la Gallina, Ojo Sarco, Pajarita Spring, Pamilla Spring, Park Springs, Pino Spring, Pozo Azul, Refrigeration Springs, Rincon Spring, Salitre Spring, Weener Spring, World College Fountain Historic Site

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Agua Media Creek, Agua Olympia, Agua Zarca, Aguilar Creek, Alamito Creek, Alamosa Creek, Albright Creek, Aragon Creek, Arroyo Alamocito, Arroyo de Chamizal, Arroyo de los Diegos, Arroyo del Gato, Arroyo del Mesteņo, Arroyo Hermanos, Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo la Manga, Arroyo Leguino, Arroyo Manga, Arroyo Pajarito, Arroyo Pecos, Arroyo Rendia, Arroyo Salitre, Arroyo Vegoso, Atarque Creek, Baracos Creek, Barillas Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Bueyeros Creek, Bull Creek, Burro Creek, Cabo Lucero Creek, Cabra Creek, Caņada Ancha, Caņada Bonita, Caņada de Cabo Lucero, Caņada de Cerro Colorado, Caņada de la Cabra, Caņada de Pueblo, Caņada de Rocio, Caņada del Alamito, Caņada Gomez, Caņada Segura, Caņada Tuloso, Caņoncita, Carpenter Creek, Carpenter Creek, Carros Creek, Cave Creek, Chical Creek, Comancheros Creek, Commissary Creek, Conchas River, Cooper Creek, Corazon Creek, Corrales Creek, Corralitos Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Pass Creek, Cuervo Creek, Daily Creek, Davis Creek, Deer Creek, Devils Creek, Doctor Creek, El Barro Creek, El Macho Creek, El Poso Creek, El Rito, Elk Creek, Falls Creek, Frank Creek, Gallinas Creek, Garita Creek, Garita Creek, Glorieta Creek, Holy Ghost Creek, Hyce Creek, Indian Creek, Indio Arroyo, Johnson Creek, La Canada del Alto de la Reuni, La Cinta Creek, La Manga Creek, Lagartija Creek, Las Lagunitas, Left Hand Sapello River, Little Cuervo Creek, Maestas Creek, Manuelitas Creek, Medio Creek, Mimosa Creek, Mora River, Mortandad Creek, Muertos Creek, Mule Creek, Ojitos Frios Creek, Oso Creek, Pajarito Creek, Pamilla Creek, Pino Creek, Pino Creek, Portales Creek, Puertocito Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rio Mora, Rito Atascoso, Rito Chaperito, Rito Chavez, Rito Cola Largo, Rito Cola y Largo, Rito Colorado, Rito de la Osha, Rito de las Quemazones, Rito de los Alamitos, Rito la Vega, Rito Las Trampas, Rito los Esteros, Rito Manzanares, Rito Quemazon, Rito Ruidoso, Rito San Jose, Rito Torito, Rito Vegoso, Road Creek, Ross Creek, Saint Patrick Creek, Saladito Creek, Saladito Creek, Salitre Arroyo, Salitre Creek, San Pablo Creek, Santillanes Creek, Sawyer Creek, Sebadilla Creek, Seco Creek, Sheep Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Bear Creek, Sparks Creek, Tecolote Creek, Tipton Creek, Trementina Creek, Tres Hermanos Creek, Trinchera Creek, Tulosa Creek, TV Creek, Watrous Creek, Willow Creek, Winsor Creek, Wynn Creek

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Aguilar Mesa, Arrowhead Point, Barillas Peak, Bear Mountain, Bell Mountain, Cabra Hill, Carpenter Mesa, Cerrito Amarillo, Cerrito Pelon, Cerritos Colorados, Cerro de Corazon, Cerro de Escobas, Cerro de la Cruz, Cerro de las Tijeras, Cerro del Miguel Antonio, Cerro del Oso, Cerro Encinoso, Cerro Tejano, Cerros Oso, Chaperito Knob, Chical Mesa, Corazon Hill, Deer Mountain, East Mesa, El Aguila, El Barro Peaks, El Cerrito de la Chimaja, El Cerrito Santa Cruz, El Cielo Mountain, Elk Mountain, Fisher Hill, Flagstone Mountain, Flatiron, Glorieta Mesa, Gobblers Knob, Grass Mountain, Gusano Mesa, Hermit Peak, Huerfano Mesa, Hurtado Mesa, Jacinto Mesa, Johnson Mesa, La Cabra Mesa, La Cinta Mesa, La Mesa Corral de la Agua, La Mesa Pobre, La Mesita, La Silla, La Trinchera, Loma del Medio, Lone Pine Mesa, Los Cerritos, Los Cerritos, Los Venados, Manhead Mesa, Medina Mesa, Mejan Mesa, Mesa Apache, Mesa Barredera, Mesa Chupinas, Mesa de Aguilar, Mesa de la Mula, Mesa de los Carros, Mesa del Medio, Mesa el Toro, Mesa Escondida, Mesa Huerfana, Mesa Huerfanita, Mesa las Mulas, Mesa las Tapia, Mesa Lauriano, Mesa Montosa, Mesa Pino, Mesa Portrero, Mesa Rica, Mesa Sacatosa, Mesa Segura, Mesa Sola, Mesas Cuatas, Mesita Colorado, Mesita de los Ladrones, Mesita Trementina, Middle Mesa, Miller Peak, Minese Mesa, Monument Point, Mount Barker, North Mesa, Punta de la Mesa de San Juan Jose, Punta de la Ventana, Punta del Chorro, Punta Del Salitre, Punta Pajarita, Red Tongue Mesa, Redondo Peak, Rosilla Peak, Rowe Hill, Rowe Peak, Sombodoro Mesa, South Mesa, Spring Mountain, Starvation Peak, Tecolote Peak, Turkey Head, Valle Redondo, Variadero Mesa, Viveash Mesa, Vivian Hill, West Mesa, West Mesa, Yegua Mesa

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Bernal Lone Butte SE of Station Thompson Airway Beacon 32, KBAC-FM (Las Vegas), KEDP-FM (Las Vegas), KFUN-AM (Las Vegas), KLVF-FM (Las Vegas), KNMX-AM (Las Vegas)

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Old Santa Fe Trail, Old Santa Fe Trail

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Tunnel Number 2, Tunnel Number 3, Tunnel Number 4

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Abeyta Canyon, Agua Verde Draw, Alamitos Canyon, Alamosa Canyon, Alamosa Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Apache Canyon, Apache Canyon, Arroyo Banco Quemado, Arroyo Calaveras, Arroyo Chimaja, Arroyo del Pueblo, Arroyo Guajalote, Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Sanchez, Arroyo Vegoso, Barbero Canyon, Berts Canyon, Blue Canyon, Boot Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Bueyeros Canyon, Burro Canyon, Burro Canyon, Cabra Canyon, Calf Canyon, Caņada la Calosa, Caņon Agapito, Caņon Agua Chiquito, Caņon Alto, Caņon Arguella, Caņon Bonito, Caņon Burro, Caņon Calaveras, Caņon Carrizaloso, Caņon Chamisolosa, Canon Chispas, Caņon Ciruela, Caņon Cola y Largo, Canon Cordava, Caņon Corrales, Caņon Cuevas, Caņon de Aguilar, Caņon de Caloso, Caņon de Cantor, Caņon de Cuervito, Canon de Duran, Caņon de Eugenio, Caņon de Horno, Caņon de Jacinto, Caņon de la Cueva, Caņon de la Damiana, Caņon de la Jarita, Caņon de la Luvina, Caņon de la Madera, Caņon de la Mina, Caņon de la Presta, Canon de la Primera Agua, Caņon de Laquesta, Caņon de las Cuevas, Caņon de las Mujeras, Caņon de las Yeguas, Caņon de los Diegos, Caņon de los Maderos, Caņon de los Trigos, Caņon de Manuelitos, Caņon de Manzanita, Caņon de Medio, Caņon de Medio, Caņon de Mucha Agua, Caņon de Ojito, Caņon de Ojo Sabina, Caņon de Padre, Caņon de Tijeras, Caņon de Trementina, Caņon de Valencia, Caņon del Agua, Caņon del Agua, Caņon del Angosto, Caņon del Grilla, Caņon del Muerto, Caņon Encierro, Caņon Encierto, Caņon Encinoso, Caņon Escondido, Caņon Escovas, Caņon Gardunos, Caņon Gonzales, Caņon Gordo, Caņon Hondo, Caņon Indio, Caņon Isidro, Caņon Jaroso, Canon Juan Francisco, Caņon Julian, Caņon Largo, Caņon Lauriano, Canon Lucero, Caņon Maximo, Caņon Mesteņo, Caņon Negro, Caņon Ojo Sarco, Caņon Olguin, Caņon Padilla, Caņon Pajarita, Caņon Pajarita, Caņon Pedroso, Caņon Piedra Lumbre, Caņon Pino Real, Caņon Poniente, Caņon Sabinoso, Caņon Sanchez, Caņon Santiago, Caņon Silva, Caņon Uva, Caņon Vegocito, Caņon Ventanas, Caņon Vivian, Caņon Yegua, Caņoncito de Mogote, Canovas Canyon, Canyon del Agua del Corral, Canyon del Agua del Corral, Capulin Canyon, Capulin Canyon, Carpenter Canyon, Carreton Canyon, Cascade Canyon, China Canyon, Chinaberry Canyon, Conchas Canyon, Costilla Canyon, Cow Pass Canyon, Dalton Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Deer Canyon, Denton Canyon, Devils Canyon, Devils Gulch, Dog Canyon, Dry Gulch, Duwess Canyon, El Caņon de Pena, El Caņon del Palo Amarillo, El Caņoncito, El Fileto Caņon, Encinoso Canyon, Ensinosa Canyon, Farmers Canyon, Felipe Chavez Canyon, Flatiron Canyon, Four V Canyon, Fowl Canyon, Garcia Canyon, Gonzales Arroyo, Harris Canyon, Hartman Canyon, Higgins Canyon, Hilton Canyon, Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon, Hollinger Canyon, Hyde Canyon, J S Canyon, Jarita Canyon, Jay Canyon, Jean Canyon, Johns Canyon, Jose Maria Canyon, La Canada, La Canada del Salado, La Cinta Canyon, La Cueva Canyon, La Madera Canyon, Las Caņadas, Lime Canyon, Los Alamitos Canyon, Los Caraneras Canyon, Los Gavilanes Canyon, Lucero Canyon, Macho Canyon, Manzanarez Canyon, Medina Canyon, Medio Canyon, Mica Canyon, Middle Canyon, Monia Canyon, Morse Canyon, Muertos Canyon, Mule Canyon, Muniz Canyon, North Fork Blue Canyon, North Spring Canyon, Ortiz Canyon, Palo Duroso, Perra Draw, Persiliano Canyon, Polecat Canyon, Porvenir Canyon, Potrillo Draw, Puerta de la Primera Agua, Ranch Canyon, Rincon Canyon, Rincon del Leon, Road Canyon, Sandoval Canyon, Sebastian Canyon, Seco Canyon, Seco Canyon, Seventyfour Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Canyon, Tecolote Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Thompson Canyon, Topside Canyon, Tortolita Canyon, Tres Hermanos Caņon, Trout Springs Canyon, Tulosa Draw, Valle Chimal, Valle de la Cabra, Wade Canyon, Wright Canyon, Youngs Canyon

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Barbero Well, Blind Well, Bustos Well, Canyon Well, Cresprin Well, East Well, El Pueblo Well, Flat Well, Flowing Well, Green Well, Huddleston Well Number 1, Huddleston Well Number 3, La Gotera Well, Madrid Well, Madrid Well, Mesa Well, Mitchel, New Well, New Well, O D Well, Ortiz Well, South Well, Trinchera Well, Turney Well, Upper Barbero Tank, West Camp Well, West Well,

San Miguel County, New Mexico Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSan Miguel County White population 26,71726,716  
American IndianSan Miguel County American Indian population 810809
MixedSan Miguel County Mixed population 549549
BlackSan Miguel County Black population 492491
AsianSan Miguel County Asian population 289289
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSan Miguel County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5857

Additional population tables :
State population table
New Mexico population by county