Kings County, New York Basics:

Kings County New York - Government Site

Population: 2,568,435
Area: 71 square miles
County seat: Brooklyn
Area code(s) in use: 718
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 78.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 29.8%
Median household income: $45,215
Persons in poverty: 22.7%
Home ownership rate: 29.8%
Mean travel time to work: 41.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Kings County area

Our detail map of Kings County shows the Kings County, New York boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Kings County, New York

  Airports     show all on map

Alexanders Brooklyn Heliport, Brooklyn Coast Guard Air Station

  Areas     show all on map

Ihpetonga (historical), Ihpetonga (historical), Long Meadow, Nellie's Lawn, Nethermead

  Bars     show all on map

Bay Ridge Flats, Gowanus Flats, Hendricks Reef, Long Pol Bar, Nova Scotia Bar

  Bays     show all on map

Bushwick Inlet, Dead Horse Bay, Deep Creek, East Mill Basin, Gowanus Bay, Gravesend Bay, Hendrix Creek, Mill Basin, Paerdegat Basin, Wallabout Bay (historical), Wallabout Channel

  Beaches     show all on map

Canarsie Beach, Coney Island Beach, Plumb Beach, Ridgewppd Masonic Temple

  Bridges     show all on map

Carroll Street Bridge, Channel Bridge, Culver Viaduct, Metropolitan Avenue Bascule Bridge, Mill Basin Bridge, Montrose Avenue Swing Bridge, Penny Bridge (historical), Terrace Bridge, Third Street Bridge, Union Street Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Abe Stark Center, Alba Theater (historical), Albemarle Theater (historical), Alben Theatre (historical), Alhambra Theatre (historical), Alku Toinen, Alpine Theater, Ambassador Theatre (historical), American Theatre (historical), American Theatre (historical), Amphion Theatre (historical), Ansonia Court, Apollo Theater (historical), Arion Hall, Arlington Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Aster Theater (historical), Astor Theatre (historical), Atlantic Theater (historical), Aurora-Grata Scottish Rite Cathedral (historical), Avalon Theatre (historical), Avenue D Theater (historical), Avenue U Theater (historical), Avon Ninth Street Theatre (historical), Bay Ridge Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Bay Ridge Hospital - Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation, Bay Ridge Masonic Temple, Bay Ridge Theatre (historical), Bayview Manor Residence For Senior Citizens, Bedford - Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Bedford Avenue Theater (historical), Bedford Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch YMCA, Bedford Theatre (historical), Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza, Bell Theater (historical), Benson Theatre (historical), Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology, Bethany Methodist Home for the Aged, Beverly Theater (historical), Bhraggs Grant Square Senior Citizens Center, Biltmore Theatre (historical), Bobby Theater (historical), Boro Park Theatre (historical), Borough Park Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Boylan Hall, Bravo Volunteer Ambulance Service, Brighton Beach Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Brighton Theatre (historical), Brighton Towers, Broadway Theatre (historical), Brook Theater (historical), Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Brooklyn Children's Aid Society Orphanage (historical), Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Club (historical), Brooklyn College Emergency Medical Squad, Brooklyn College Library, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn Masonic Temple, Brooklyn Men's House of Detention, Brooklyn Methodist Church Home (historical), Brooklyn Municipal Building, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Orphan Asylum (historical), Brooklyn Paramount Theater (historical), Brownsville Boys Club, Brownsville Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Brownsville Recreation Center, Bushwick Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Bushwick Theater (historical), Cadman Towers, Canarsie Theater (historical), Capitol Theatre (historical), Carlton Theater (historical), Casino Theatre (historical), Cathedral Club of Brooklyn, Center For Performing Research, Center Theater (historical), Central Court Building, Central Library, Century Theatre (historical), Century's College Theater (historical), Chopin Theatre (historical), Cinart Theatre (historical), City of Brooklyn Fire Headquarters (historical), Clarendon Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Claridge Theater (historical), Classic Theatre (historical), Clinton Hill Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Clinton Theatre (historical), Cobble Hill Cinemas, Coling Medical Transport, Coliseum Theatre (historical), Colonial Theater (historical), Colony Theater (historical), Comet Theater (historical), Commodore Theater (historical), Coney Island Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Coney Island Lighthouse, Congress Club (historical), Congress Theatre (historical), Contello Towers, Court Theater (historical), Covenant Ballet Theatre, Crescent Athlectic Club (historical), Crescent Athletic Club (historical), Culver Theatre (historical), Cumberland Diagnostic Treatment Center, Cumberland Theatre (historical), Cypress Hills Senior Citizen Center, Decatur Theater (historical), Deluxe Theatre (historical), Dewey Theater (historical), Ditmas Theater (historical), Dudley Memorial, Eagle Theater (historical), Earl Theatre (historical), East Flatbush Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Eastern District YMCA, Eastern Parkway Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Echo Theater (historical), Eden Theater (historical), Eighteenth Police Precinct House (historical), Eightyfirst Precinct Police Station, Eightyfourth Precinct Police Station, Eightythird Precinct Police Station, Electra Theater (historical), Elm Theater (historical), Embassy Theater (historical), Empire Theatre (historical), Empire Theatre (historical), Empress Theater (historical), Endicott Theatre (historical), Erasmus Hall Museum, Fair Theatre (historical), Farragut Theater (historical), Fiesta de los Ninos Day Care Center, Fire Department New York City Engine 209, Fire Department New York City Engine 214 Ladder 111, Fire Department New York City Engine 219 Ladder 105, Fire Department New York City Engine 227, Fire Department New York City Engine 235 Battalion 57, Fire Department New York City Engine 240, Fire Department New York City Engine 243 Ladder 168 Battalion 42, Fire Department New York City Engine 248 Battalion 44, Fire Department New York City Engine 249 Ladder 113, Fire Department New York City Engine 250, Fire Department New York City Engine 277 Ladder 112, Fire Department New York City Engine 284 Ladder 149, Fire Department New York City Engine 318 Ladder 166, Fire Department New York City Ladder Company 114, Fire Department New York City Rescue Company 2, Fire Department New York Engine 201 Battalion 40, Fire Department New York Engine 202 Ladder 101 Battalion 32, Fire Department New York Engine 205 Ladder Company 118, Fire Department New York Engine 206 Foam Unit 206, Fire Department New York Engine 207 Ladder 110 Battalion 31 Division 11, Fire Department New York Engine 210, Fire Department New York Engine 211 Ladder 119, Fire Department New York Engine 216 Ladder 108 Battalion 35, Fire Department New York Engine 217, Fire Department New York Engine 218, Fire Department New York Engine 220 Ladder 122, Fire Department New York Engine 221 Ladder 104, Fire Department New York Engine 222 Battalion 37, Fire Department New York Engine 224, Fire Department New York Engine 225 Ladder 107 Battalion 39, Fire Department New York Engine 226, Fire Department New York Engine 228, Fire Department New York Engine 229 Ladder 146, Fire Department New York Engine 230, Fire Department New York Engine 231 Ladder 120 Battalion 44, Fire Department New York Engine 233 Ladder 176, Fire Department New York Engine 234 Ladder 123 Battalion 38, Fire Department New York Engine 236, Fire Department New York Engine 237, Fire Department New York Engine 238 Ladder 106, Fire Department New York Engine 239, Fire Department New York Engine 241 Ladder 109, Fire Department New York Engine 242, Fire Department New York Engine 245 Ladder 161 Battalion 43, Fire Department New York Engine 246 Ladder 169, Fire Department New York Engine 247 Thawing Apparatus 64, Fire Department New York Engine 252, Fire Department New York Engine 253, Fire Department New York Engine 254 Ladder 153, Fire Department New York Engine 255 Ladder 157, Fire Department New York Engine 257 Ladder 170 Battalion 58, Fire Department New York Engine 271 Ladder 124 Battalion 28, Fire Department New York Engine 276 Ladder 156 Battalion 33, Fire Department New York Engine 279 Ladder 131, Fire Department New York Engine 280 Ladder 132, Fire Department New York Engine 281 Ladder 147, Fire Department New York Engine 282 Ladder 148, Fire Department New York Engine 283 Division 15, Fire Department New York Engine 290 Ladder 103, Fire Department New York Engine 309 Ladder 159, Fire Department New York Engine 310 Ladder 174 Battalion 58, Fire Department New York Engine 321Brush Fire 6 Foam Unit 321, Fire Department New York Engine 323, Fire Department New York Engine 330 Ladder 172 Satellite 3, Fire Department New York Engine 332 Ladder 175, Fire Department New York Squad 1, First United Lemberger Home For The Aged, Flatbush Boys Club, Flatbush Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Flatbush Pavilion (historical), Flatbush Theatre (historical), Flatbush Town Hall, Flatlands Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance and First Aid Corps, Flora Theatre (historical), Folly Theatre (historical), Fort Hamilton Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Fortway Theatre (historical), Fox Theatre (historical), Fulton Ferry Museum (historical), Fulton Park Plaza, Fulton Playhouse (historical), Garden Theater (historical), Garden Theatre (historical), Garfield Theater (historical), Gates Theatre (historical), Gem Theatre (historical), Gerritsen Beach Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Gershwin Hall, Glenwood Theater (historical), Globe Theater (historical), Globe Theatre (historical), Gloria Theater (historical), Glory Theatre (historical), Gold Theater (historical), Gotham Theater (historical), Grace Theatre, Graham Cinema (historical), Graham Home For Old Ladies (historical), Graham Theater (historical), Granada Theater (historical), Grand Theater (historical), Gravesend Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Green Street Arcade Theater (historical), Greenpoint Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Greenpoint Branch YMCA, Greenpoint Home for the Aged, Grove Theater (historical), Halsey Theatre (historical), Hanover Club (historical), Happy Hour Theatre (historical), Harbor Theater (historical), Heights Theater (historical), Henry Street Studios, Highway Theater (historical), Hollywood Theater (historical), Howard Building, Howard Theatre (historical), Ifetayo Cultural Arts Facility, Imperial Theater (historical), Ingersoll Hall, Irving Theater (historical), Jamaica Bay Branch Brooklyn Public Library, James Hall, Jefferson Theater (historical), Kallman Home for Children, Kameo Theatre (historical), Kenmore Theatre (historical), Kent Avenue Generating Station, Kent Theatre, Kinema Theater (historical), Kings Bay Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Kings County Penitentiary (historical), Kingsway Theatre (historical), Kismet Theatre (historical), Klitgord Center, Kneses Israel Hall, Knickerbocker Casino Theater (historical), Lakeland Theatre (historical), Leader Theater (historical), Lefferts Homestead, Leonard Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Lincoln Theater (historical), Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas, Linden Recreation Hall, Linden Theatre (historical), Linden Theatre (historical), Lindy Theatre (historical), Litchfield Mansion, Lithuanian Cultural Center, Livonia Theatre (historical), Loew's Kings Theater, Loews Oriental Theatre, Luna Theater (historical), Lyric Theater (historical), Lyric Theater (historical), Macon Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Madison Theater (historical), Main Building Pratt Institute, Mapleton Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Marathon Theater (historical), Marboro Theatre (historical), Marcus Garvey Nursing Home, Marcy Theatre (historical), Mardi Gras Theater (historical), Mardi Gras Theatre (historical), Marine Theater (historical), Marvin Theatre (historical), Mayfair Theatre (historical), Mayflower Professional Building, McCarren Park Play Center, Memorial Hall, Mermaid Theater (historical), Meserole Theatre (historical), Metro Theater (historical), Metro Theatre (historical), Metropolitan Theater (historical), Metropolitan Theatre (historical), Midway Theater (historical), Midwood Ambulance Service, Midwood Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Midwood Theater (historical), Mill Basin Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Miller Theater (historical), Miller Theater (historical), Minerva Theatre (historical), Model Theater (historical), Momart Theatre (historical), Monroe Theatre (historical), Montauk Club, Montauk Theater (historical), Most Worshipful Enoch Grand Lodge, Muslim Community Center, Namm Hall, Nassau Theater (historical), Nassau Theatre (historical), National Theater (historical), New Utrecht Branch Brooklyn Public Library, New Utrecht Nursing Home, New Venus Theater (historical), New York Aquarium, New York City Board of Education Headquarters, New York City Fire Department Headquarters, New York City Public Bath Number 7 (historical), New York City Transit Authority Headquarters, New York City Transit Authority Museum, New York Congreagational Home for the Aged, New York Engine Company 204 (historical), New York Engine Company 212 (historical), New York Engine Company 278 (historical), New York Engine House Number 209 (historical), New York Foam Company 86, New York Foam Company 87, New York Foam Company 91, New York Hook and Ladder Company Number 102 (historical), New York Hook And Ladder Company Number 108 (historical), New York Ladder Company 101, New York Ladder Company 102, New York Ladder Company 103, New York Ladder Company 104, New York Ladder Company 105, New York Ladder Company 106, New York Ladder Company 107, New York Ladder Company 108, New York Ladder Company 109, New York Ladder Company 110, New York Ladder Company 111, New York Ladder Company 112, New York Ladder Company 113, New York Ladder Company 118, New York Ladder Company 119, New York Ladder Company 120, New York Ladder Company 123, New York Ladder Company 124, New York Ladder Company 131, New York Ladder Company 132, New York Ladder Company 146, New York Ladder Company 147, New York Ladder Company 148, New York Ladder Company 149, New York Ladder Company 153, New York Ladder Company 156, New York Ladder Company 157, New York Ladder Company 159, New York Ladder Company 161, New York Ladder Company 166, New York Ladder Company 168, New York Ladder Company 169, New York Ladder Company 170, New York Ladder Company 172, New York Ladder Company 174, New York Ladder Company 175, New York Ladder Company 176, New York Marine Company 7 (historical), New York Satellite Company 3, New York Squad Company 4 (historical), New York Thawing Apparatus Company 64, Newkirk Theater (historical), Nineteenth Police Precinct Station House (historical), Ninetieth Precinct Police Station, Ninety fourth Precinct Police Station, Normandy Theatre (historical), Norwood Theatre (historical), Nostrand Theater (historical), Oceana Theatre, Offerman Building, Orpheum Theatre (historical), Oxford Nursing Home, Oxford Theater (historical), Pacific Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Paerdegat Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Palace Theatre (historical), Paradise Theatre (historical), Paragon Theatre (historical), Park Slope Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Park Slope Masonic Club (historical), Parkshore Manor Nursing Home, Parkview Theater (historical), Peerless Theater (historical), Penn Theatre, Pitkin Theater (historical), Pratt Activity/Resource Center, Pratt Institute Library, Prospect Theatre (historical), Public Palace Theatre (historical), Quentin Theater (historical), Radio Theatre (historical), Rainbow Theatre (historical), Red Hook Community Center, Regent Theatre (historical), Regina Pacis Residence For Senior Citizens, Renaissance Plaza, Reo Theatre (historical), Republic Theatre (historical), Rialto Theatre (historical), Ridgewood/Bushwick Community Youth Center, Ritz Theater (historical), Rivera Theatre (historical), Rivoli Theatre (historical), Robbins Reef Lighthouse, Rogers Theater (historical), Rogers Theatre (historical), Roosevelt Hall, Rugby Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Rugby Theatre (historical), Saint Blaise Youth Center, Saint George Playhouse (historical), Saint James Towers, Saint John's Bread And Life Center, Saint Joseph's Building, Saint Josephs Hall, Saint Louis Senior Citizens Center, Saint Paul's Center, Saint Vincent's Building, Saint Vincent's Home For Boys (historical), Saratoga Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Savoy Theatre (historical), Savoy Theatre (historical), Schwartz Pavilion, Scott Theatre (historical), Seaport Manor Nursing Home, Select Theater (historical), Senate Theater (historical), Sephardic Home For The Aged, Seventieth Precinct Police Station, Seventyeighth Precinct Police Station, Seventyninth Precinct Station House, Seventythird Precinct Police Station, Shaair Torah Community Center, Sheepshead Bay Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Sheepshead Theatre, Sheffield Theatre (historical), Sheldon Theatre (historical), Sheridan Theatre (historical), Shore Theatre (historical), Sixteenth Street Theater (historical), Sixtyfirst Precinct Police Station House, Sixtyninth Precinct Police Station, Sixtysecond Precinct Police Station, Sixtysixth Precinct Police Station, Smith Building, South Hall, Spring Creek Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Stabile Hall, Stadium Theatre (historical), Stanley Theatre (historical), Star Theater (historical), Starr Theater (historical), State Theatre (historical), Stillwell Theatre (historical), Stone Avenue Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Stone Theatre (historical), Strand Theatre (historical), Strong Place Day-Care Center, Subway Theater (historical), Sumner Theatre (historical), Sun Ray Theatre (historical), Sun Theatre (historical), Sunset Park Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Sunset Play Center, Sunset Theater (historical), Supreme Theater (historical), Surf Theater (historical), Sutter Theatre (historical), Sutton Hall, Tanger Hillel House, Temple Bar Building, Terminal Theatre (historical), Theodore Roosevelt United States Courthouse, Thrift Hall, Throop Theater (historical), Tiffany Theater (historical), Tilyou Theatre (historical), Tip Top Theatre (historical), Tompkins Park Recreation Center, Tompkins Theater (historical), Traymore Theater (historical), Triangle Theater (historical), Tristram W Metcalf Hall, Trump Cinema (historical), Tuxedo Theater (historical), Tuxedo Theater (historical), Tuxedo Theatre (historical), Ulmer Park Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Underberg Building (historical), Union League Club of Brooklyn (historical), Unique Theatre (historical), United Theatre (historical), Utica Theater (historical), Van Pelt Manor House, Vanity Theater (historical), Victoria Theater (historical), Vogue Theater (historical), Wagner Theater (historical), Waldorf Theatre (historical), Walker Theater (historical), Walt Whitman Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Washington Theater (historical), Washington Theatre (historical), Waxman Building, Werba's Brooklyn Theater (historical), West End Building, Whitehead Hall, Whitman Hall, Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Williamsburg Branch Brooklyn Public Library, Williamsburg Theatre (historical), Willoughby Theater (historical), Wilson Theater (historical), Windsor Theater (historical), Winthrop Theater (historical), Woodrow Theater (historical), Wunsch Hall, Wyckoff Theater (historical), Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center

  Canals     show all on map

First Street Basin (historical), Fourth Street Basin, Gowanus Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Duck Point, Norton Point, Point Breeze, Red Hook, Stony Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

B'nai Jeshurum and Shereth Israel Cemetery, Canarsie Cemetery, Cemetery of the Evergreens, Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Gravesend Cemetery, Green-Wood Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Old New Utrecht Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Salem Field Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Washington Cemetery

  Channels     show all on map

Anchorage Channel, Bay Ridge Channel, Big Channel, Big Fishkill Channel, Coney Island Channel, Congregation Beth Israel, First Church of Brooklyn, Gerritsen Inlet, Horse Channel, Island Channel, North Channel, Plumb Beach Channel, Pumpkin Patch Channel, Red Hook Channel, Runway Channel, West Broad Channel, Yankee Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Agape Christian Fellowship, Al - Mustafa Islamic Center, Al-Mahdi Foundation, Alahambra Church, All Saints Pentecostal Church, All Saints Roman Catholic Church, All Souls Universalist Church, Allen Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Amboy Street Shul (historical), Anche Lubawitz Congregation, Anchor Baptist Church, Ancient Divine Theological Baptist Church (historical), Andrews Methodist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Apostolic Faith Church, Apostolic House of Prayer, Apostolic United Holiness Church, Assembly of the First Born, Avenue Z Jewish Center, Baptist Church of The Redeemer, Baptist Temple, Bay Ridge Baptist Church, Bay Ridge United Church, Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, Bedford Zion Nazarene Church, Beraca Baptist Church, Berea Baptist Church, Beth Am Jewish Center, Beth Sholom People's Temple Synagogue, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethany Chapel, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bethel Born Again Church, Bethel Church of Jesus Christ, Bethel Jewish Centre Synagogue, Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bethesda Baptist Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem Church of Christ, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Beulah Church of God Seventh Day, Beulah Tabernacle Church, Beulah Temple, Bible Faith Tabernacle Church, Bible Holiness Church, Bible Speaks Church of Christ, Bibleway Church of God, Bnos Zion of Bobov Synagogue, Boro Park Synagogue, Bridge Street African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bridge Street African Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Brooklyn Arabic Bible Church, Brooklyn Church of Christ, Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society Meeting House, Brooklyn Faith Seventh Day Adventist Church, Brooklyn Friends Meetinghouse, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, Brooklyn Miracle Temple, Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brown Memorial Baptist Church, Brownsville Temple, Burning Light Christian Center, Bushwick Avenue Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Bushwick Avenue Congregational Church (historical), Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox Church, Calvary Baptist Church of Red Hook (historical), Calvary Tabernacle Assembly of God Church, Canarsie Church of Christ, Canarsie Church of God, Canarsie Community Reformed Church, Canarsie Seventh Day Adventist Mission, Catholic Seamen's Institute (historical), Celestial Church of Christ, Center For Christian Fellowship, Central Baptist Church, Chamiohoon Church of New York, Charity Neighborhood Baptist Church, Chebar Evangelical Baptist Church, Chinese Promise Baptist Church, Christ Church - Bay Ridge, Christ Church and Holy Family, Christ Memorial Holy Church, Christ's Community Church, Christian Church of Canarsie, Christian Community Alliance, Christian Heritage Church, Christian Heritage Church, Christis Community Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Church At The Rock, Church Avenue Church of God, Church Flame of Ministry, Church of Gethsemane, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God Ecclesia, Church of God in Jesus Christ, Church of God of Brooklyn, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Grace To Fujianese, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of Lord, Church of Our Father (historical), Church of Our Lady of Consolation, Church of Saint Ambrose, Church of Saint Jerome, Church of Saint John the Baptist, Church of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew, Church of Saint Michael and Saint Edward, Church of Saint Michael and Saint Mark, Church of the Annunciation, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Evangel, Church of the Holy Cross, Church of the Holy Spirit, Church of the Living God, Church of The Nativity, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Open Bible, Church of the Pilgrims (historical), Church of the Redeemer, Church of the Redemption, Church of the Saviour, Church of the Upper Deck (historical), City of Faith Church of God, City View Baptist Church, Clarendon Road Church of the Christian Missionary Alliance, Clarkson Avenue Church of God, Community Temple Beth Ohr, Concord Church of Christ, Coney Island Cathedral, Coney Island Pentecostal Church, Coney Island Wesleyan Church, Congregation Adath Yeshuron, Congregation Agudath Sholom, Congregation Ahavas Moische, Congregation Ahavath Achim, Congregation Ahawath, Congregation B'nai Jacob, Congregation Be' Er Avraham, Congregation Beer Moshe, Congregation Beth El of Boro Park, Congregation Beth Elohim, Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, Congregation Beth Tikvah, Congregation Beth-El of Flatbush, Congregation Bnai Abraham, Congregation Bnai Abraham of East Flatbush, Congregation Bnai Israel, Congregation Bnai Israel, Congregation Bnai Israel, Congregation Bnai Israel, Congregation Bnai Jacob Joseph of Brooklyn, Congregation Chaside Belz, Congregation Chasidei Bresslov, Congregation Chernobil, Congregation Havas Tzdokah, Congregation Heichal Hakodesh, Congregation Kav Chaim, Congregation Kehilas Belz, Congregation Kehilath Yakov, Congregation Khal Chasidim, Congregation Kol Israel, Congregation Krasna Ohel Brch, Congregation L'maan Achai, Congregation Magen David, Congregation Meohr of Yisroel, Congregation of Ohel of Shalom, Congregation Ohr Chaim, Congregation Rachmistrivka, Congregation Shaarei Zion, Congregation Shaari Israel Synagogue, Congregation Sons of Judah, Congregation Tiferth Torah, Congregation Vyoel Moshe, Congregation Young Israel of Brooklyn, Congregation Young Israel of Prospect Park, Convent of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, Convent of the Order of Saint Dominic (historical), Convent of the Sisters of Mercy (historical), Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint George, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Cornerstone Temple Methodist Episcopal Church, Cortelyou Road Church of God, Crossroads Christian Church, Crown Ministries, Dansk Somandskirke, Daybreak Ministries, Deeper Life World Outreach, Den Norske Sjomannskirke (historical), Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische Sankt Johannes Kirche (historical), Deutsche Evangelische Sankt Peterskirche (historical), Discipleship Outreach Ministry, East Reformed Church (historical), Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle, Ecclesia Deliverance Ministries, Eglise Baptiste d'Expression Francaise, Eglise Baptiste Redempteur, Eglise De Dieu, El Shaddai Haitian Baptist Church, Elim Seventh Day Adventist Church, Emanuel Church of God in Christ, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Emmanuel Church of God, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Emmaus Seventh Day Adventist Church, Englise Baptiste Celeste, English Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Epiphany Roman Catholic Church, Erasmus Church of God, Evangelical Crusade of Fishers, Evening Star Baptist Church, Faith Christian Church, Faith Christian Missionary Church of God, Faith Church of God, Faith Gospel Assembly Church, Faith Gospel Church, Faith Redeeming Church of God, Fellowship Baptist Church, Fenimore Street United Methodist Church, Fiftyninth Street Lutheran Church, First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, First Baptist Church, First Born Assembly Church, First Church of Brooklyn, First Church of Christ Scientist (historical), First Church of the Brethren, First Congregation Anshe Sfard, First Evangelical Free CHurch, First Free Congregational Church (historical), First Haitian Baptist Church, First Italian Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Flatbush Church of the Redeemer, Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church, Flatbush-Tompkins Church, Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church, Flatlands Church of Christ, Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church, Fort Hamilton Church, Fourth Avenue Methodist Church, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Freedom Hall Church of God, Friendly Christian Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Full Gospel Tabernackle, Galilee Baptist Church, German Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church, Gethsemane Temple Church of God in Christ, God of Mercy Church, Gods Battalion of Prayer Church, Good Hope Baptist Church, Good Life Deliverance Church, Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church, Gospel Tabernacle, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Chinese Alliance Church, Grace Church, Grace Church of the Firstborn, Grace Deliverance Tabernacle, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Reformed Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Gravesend Reformed Church (historical), Greater Mount Sinai Church, Greenpoint Reformed Church, Haitian First Church of the Brethren, Hanson Place Baptist Church (historical), Hanson Place Central United Methodist Church, Hanson Place Seventh Day Adventist Church, Harvest Army Church International, Harvestime Tabernacle, Hebrew Alliance of Brighton Beach, Hebron Evangelical Church, Hebron French-Speaking Seventh Day Adventist Church, His Grace Outreach International, Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, Holy Cross Convent, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Holy Love Pentecostal Church, Holy Name Church, Holy Order Church, Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Church of Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church In Exile, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Homecrest Presbyterian Church, Horizon Christian Fellowship Church, House of God, House of God Mission, House of the Lord Pentecostal Church, Hudson Temple Cathedral (historical), Hyde Park Congregational Christian Church, Iglesia Bautista Calvario, Iglesia Bautista Central, Iglesia Emmanuel Piedra Viva, Iglesia Metodista Unida De Sur Tres, Iglesia Pentecostal, Iglesia Pentecostal Bethesda, Iglesia Pentecostal Misionera, Iglesia Universal Del Reino De Dios, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Immanuel Tabernacle, Institutional Church of God in Christ, Intercessary Prayer Ministry, International Baptist Church, Islamic Society of Bayridge, Janes Methodist Episcopal Church, Jehovah's Witnesses - Bay Ridge, Jehovah's Witnesses of Sunset Park, Jerusalem Christian Church, Jesus Christ Apostolic Church, Jesus of Nazareth Christian Church, Jesus Revival Center, Jewish Center of Brighton Beach, Jewish Center of Fort Greene (historical), Jewish Center of Hyde Park, John Hus Moravian Church, John Wesley United Methodist Church, Judea Center, Kane Street Synagogue, Kenilworth Baptist Church, Kimisis The Otokou Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kings Highway Baptist Church, Kingslawn Presbyterian Church, Kingsway Jewish Center, Kneses Israel Synagogue, Knickerbocker United Church, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Lambert's Chapel United Church, Laundry Depot Church, Lefferts Park Baptist Church, Lenox Road Baptist Church, Liberty Hall Church of God, Life Light Apostolic Church, Light of the World Church, Linath Hazedek of Boro Park, Little Beulah Church of God in Christ, Little Rock Baptist Church, Little Zion Baptist Church, Living Word Church of God, Love Chapel, Lutheran Church of the Messiah, Madison Jewish Center, Mamre Seventh Day Adventist Church, Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Maranatha Baptist Church, Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church, Marantha Assembly of God Church, Marlboro Jewish Center, Mary Queen of Heaven Church, Masjid Abou Bakr, Masjid Al - Aman, Memorial Baptist Church, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Metropolitan Independent Baptist Church, Middle Dutch Reformed Church (historical), Mikyah Israel of Boro Park, Miller Memorial Church of the Nazarene, Miller Memorial Church of the Nazarene, Miracle Line Unity East Church, Missionary Church of Christ, More Grace Redemptive Center, Mosque of American Mohammedan Society, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, Mount Olive Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mount Olive Zion Christ Church, Mount Olivet Presbyterian Church, Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Nachlas Yakov Synagogue, Nachlath Zion Jewish Center, Naomi African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Nazarene Congregational Church, New Brighton Jewish Center, New Creation Christian Church, New Creation Church of God, New Creations Church of God, New Deeper Life Tabernacle, New England Congregational Church (historical), New Hope Fellowship Church, New Hope Spiritual Mission, New Life Center of Truth, New Life Tabernacle, New Lots Community Church, New Lots Reformed Dutch Church (historical), New Temple Mount Zion Christ Church, New Utrecht Reformed Church, New York Chinese Evangelical Church, New York Namsan Korean Community Church, Newman Memorial Methodist Church, Norstrand Avenue Church of God, Ocean Avenue Jewish Center, Ocean View Jewish Center, Old First Reformed Church, Olivet Seventh Day Church, Order of Saint Dominic Convent, Orthodox Friends Meeting House (historical), Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Miracles Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Our Lady of Refuge Church, Our Lady of Solace Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady Queen of All Saints Church, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Park Slope Christian Fellowship Church, Parkville Congregational Church, Peniel Church, Peniel Pentecostal Church, Pentecostal Assembly Church, Pentecostal Church of Jericho, Pentecostal Circle Tabernacle, Pentecostal Evangelist Church, Pentecostal Evangelistic Church, Pentecostal Gospel Tabernacle, People's Church of Apostolic Faith, Peoples Institutional Methodist Community Church, Philadelphian Sabbath Cathedral, Phileo Outreach International Ministries, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, Plymouth Congregational Church, Polish National Catholic Church of the Resurrection, Power of Faith Ministry International, Premier Baptist Church, Premiere Eglise Methodist Church, Preparation Church of God, Presbyterian Church of the Crossroads, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Prospect Park Jewish Center (historical), Prospect Park Temple Issac, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Redeemer Saint John's Lutheran Church, Redemption Gospel Outreach, Reformation Lutheran Church, Reformed Dutch Church of Greenpoint (historical), Reformed Episcopal Church of the Reconciliation (historical), Refuge Church of God, Rehoboth Open Bible Church, Remsen Heights Jewish Center, Reohoboth Christian Church, Repairing Your World Christian Center, Rescue Mission Church, Restoration Temple Assembly, Resurrection Church, Revelation Church of God in Christ, Revival Center, Rock of Holiness Deliverance Church, Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Roman Catholic Church of Saint Blaise, Roman Catholic Church of Saint Domenick, Roman Catholic Church of Saint Therese of Lisieux, Roman Catholic Church of the Guardian Angel, Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family, Roman Catholic Church of the Precious Blood, Roman Catholic Church of the Transfiguration, Rugby Congregational Church, Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle, Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and Saint Stephen's Church, Saint Agatha's Church, Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church, Saint Albans Episcopal Church, Saint Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Andrew the Apostle Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Ann's and the Holy Trinity Church, Saint Ann's Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Anselm Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthony of Padua Church, Saint Anthony Spiritual Baptist Church, Saint Augustine's Episcopal Church, Saint Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Augustines Protestant Episcopal Church, Saint Barbara's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Saint Bernadette's Church, Saint Bernard's Church, Saint Brigid's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church, Saint Catherine of Genoa Roman Catholic, Saint Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church, Saint Edmund's Convent, Saint Edmund's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Elias Greek Rite Catholic Church, Saint Ephrems Catholic Church, Saint Finbars Roman Catholic Church, Saint Francis Cabrini Chapel, Saint Francis Cabrini Roman Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Saint Gabriel Spiritual Church, Saint Gabriels Episcopal Church, Saint George's Episcopal Church, Saint Gregory's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Jacobi Lutheran Church, Saint James Cathedral, Saint John The Evangelist Church, Saint John's African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint John's Wesleyan Methodist Church, Saint Johns Baptist Church, Saint Johns Church (historical), Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Joseph's Anglican Church, Saint Jude's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Leonards Church, Saint Lucy's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Saint Mark's Lutheran Church, Saint Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Marks Baptist Church, Saint Marks Deliverance Church, Saint Marks Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marks United Methodist Church, Saint Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary of the Angels Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church (historical), Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Episcopal Church, Saint Mary's Orthodox Church, Saint Mary's Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marys Mother of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Matthew's First Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church, Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Spiritual Church, Saint Muriel's Religious Church, Saint Nektarios Greek Church, Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul's Church of Christ Disciples, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church of Brooklyn, Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's United Methodist Church, Saint Paul's, Saint Peter's, Our Lady of Pilar Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church In The Village, Saint Pauls Community Baptist Church, Saint Pauls Pentecostal Church, Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church, Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Peter's Our Lady of Pilar Church, Saint Philips Episcopal Church, Saint Philips Episcopal Church, Saint Rocco's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Roslia Roman Catholic Church, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Vincentian Fathers Church, Saint Stephens Lutheran Church, Saint Theresa Roman Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Parish House, Saint Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church, Saint Timothy Holy Church, Saint Vincent De Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Vincent Ferrer Church, Saints Cyril And Methodius Roman Catholic Church, Saints Simon And Jude Roman Catholic Church, Saints Stephen And Martin Episcopal Church, Salem Arabic Lutheran Church, Salem Baptist Church, Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salem Gospel Tabernacle, Salem Lutheran Church, Seaview Jewish Center, Second Church of Christ, Second Evangelical Free Church, Second Reformed Dutch Church (historical), Second Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Sephardic Jewish Center of Canarsie, Shaare Zion Congregation, Sheepshead Bay Methodist Episcopal Church, Shekinah Temple of Praise, Shiloh Apostolic Church, Shore Parkway Jewish Center, Siloam Presbyterian Church, Simpson Methodist Church (historical), Sisters of Saint Joseph Convent, Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Soul Restoration Assembly, South Brooklyn Christian Assembly Church (historical), South Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Church, South Bushwick Reformed Church, South Congregational Chapel (historical), South Congregational Church (historical), Sovereign Grace City Church, Spanish Bay Ridge Seventh Day Adventist Church, Spanish Pentecostal Church, Strong Place Baptist Church (historical), Stuyvesant Heights Christian Church, Synagogue of the Congregation of the Sons of Israel, Synagogue of the Mutual Benefit Society (historical), Synagogue of the Seagate Sisterhood, Temple Ahavath Sholom, Temple Beth Elohim, Temple Beth Emeth of Flatbush, Temple Beth-El, Temple De La Alabanza, Temple Emanu-El of Canarsie, Temple of Restoration, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Third Church of Christ Scientist, Tiperith Israel Synagogue, Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church (historical), Trinity Episcopal Church (historical), Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trinity German Lutheran Church (historical), Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Pentecostal Circle Tabernacle, Trinity Seventh Day Adventist Church, Trinity Tabernacle of Gravesend, Trinity Tabernacle Pentecostal, Trinity United Church, Triumphant Church of God, Triumphant Full Gospel Assembly Church, Truth Center For Higher Conscious, Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Ghost, Union Baptist Church, Union Baptist Church, Union Church of Bay Ridge, Union United Methodist Church, United Community Baptist Church, United Korean Church of New York, Universal Baptist Church, Universal Church, Upper Room Baptist Church, Upper Room Church of the Nazarene, Utica Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Vanderveer Park United Methodist Church, Victory Assembly of God Church, Victory Church of the Nazarene, Victory Temple Church of God in Christ, Vision Pentecostal Church, Visitation Monastery, Washington Temple, Wayside Baptist Church, West Baptist Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church (historical), Williamsburg Christian Church, Willow Place Chapel, Young Israel of Canarsie Synagogue, Yuruba Orisha Baptist Church, Zion Gate Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Presbyterian Church, Zion Sacred Heart Sabbath Church, Zion Temple Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 10, Interchange 13, Interchange 14, Interchange 15, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 2, Interchange 4, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange 9, Staten Island Manhattan Ferry

  Flats     show all on map

Riches Meadows

  Harbors     show all on map

Atlantic Basin, English Kills, Erie Basin, Henry Street Basin, Navy Yard Basin, Prospect Hospice, Sheepshead Bay, Whale Creek

  Hospitals     show all on map

Baptist Medical Center (historical), Bedford District Health Center, Beth Israel Medical Center - Kings Highway Division, Bishop Francis J Mugavero Center for Geriatric Care, Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, Brooklyn Children's Center, Brooklyn Hebrew Hospital For The Aged, Brooklyn Hospital Center, Bushwick Health Center, Canarsie Mental Health Clinic, Carson Peck Memorial Hospital (historical), Cobble Hill Health Center, Coney Island Hospital, David Minkin Rehabilitation Institute, Doctor Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Gotham Care Center, Gravesend Health Sub-Station, Greenpoint Hospital (historical), Hebrew Home and Hospital (historical), Ida G Israel Community Health Center, Interfaith Medical Center, Interfaith Medical Center - Bishop Orris G Walker Jr Health Care Center, Jewish Hospital Medical Center of Brooklyn, John E Jennings Hospital, Joseph E Ray Arron Clinic, Kings County Hospital Center, Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Kingston Avenue Hospital, Lawson Institute Home For The Aged And Hospital, Linden General Hospital (historical), Lutheran Medical Center, Maimonides Medical Center, Manhattan Avenue Health Center, Menorah Home and Hospital Bushwick Avenue Division, Midwood Hospital (historical), New York Community Hospital, New York Methodist Family Health Center of Carnasie, New York Methodist Family Health Center of Downtown Brooklyn, New York Methodist Family Health Center of Flatbush, New York Methodist Family Health Center of Mapleton, New York Methodist Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital, Prospect Hospice, Saint Mary's Hospital (historical), South Brooklyn Health Center, Swedish Hospital, Thoracic Hospital, United States Naval Clinic, Unity Hospital, University Hospital of Brooklyn - State University of New York Center, University Hospital of Brooklyn at Long Island College Hospital, Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System Brooklyn Campus, Victory Memorial Hospital (historical), William A White Clinic, Williamsburg-Greenpoint Health Center, Womens Hospital, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Barren Island, Canarsie Pol, Duck Island, Fishkill Hassocks, Mau Mau Island, Plumb Island, Ruffle Bar, Willets Hassock, Yellow Bar Hassock

  Lakes     show all on map

Prospect Park Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Astroland, Avenue T Sub-Station New York City Transit System, Avenue V Sewage Pumping Station, Aviator Sports and Events Center, Bartel - Pritchard Circle, Bergen Beach Yacht Club, Bill Brown Square, Borough Hall Station, Brooklyn Terminal Market, Brooklyn Yacht Club, Bush Terminal, Bushwick Yards, Callhan-Kelly Square, Canarsie Pier, Canarsie Sub-Station New York City Transit Authority, Columbia Street Marine Terminal, Coney Island Terminal New York City Transit System, Consolidated Edison Ainslie Street Sub-Station, Continental Iron Works (historical), Dock Number 1, Dock Number 10, Dock Number 2, Dock Number 3, Dock Number 4, Dock Number 5, Dock Number 6, Dock Number 7, Dock Number 8, Dock Number 9, Dreamland (historical), Dry Dock Number 1, Dyker Beach Golf Course, Ebbets Field (historical), Edward Block Square, Fiftyseventh Street Pier, Flatbush Avenue Terminal, Fulton Ferry Pier, Gerald H Chambers Square, Greenpojt Incinerator, Greepoint Marine Transfer Station, Henry Street Terminal, Hoyt Street Station, Huron Street Pier, J A Wynn Circle, Livonia Yards, Luna Shopping Center, Marie Walsh Corner, Marine Park Golf Course, New Lots Yards, Newtown Creek Slip, Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, Owl's Head Water Pollution Control Plant, Penn Mall Shopping Center, Pier 1, Pier 1, Pier 10, Pier 11, Pier 12, Pier 1A, Pier 2, Pier 3, Pier 39, Pier 4, Pier 41, Pier 44, Pier 46, Pier 5, Pier 6, Pier 7, Pier A, Police Officer Robert Machate Circle, Seaview Shoppers Mart Shopping Center, Sheepshead Sub-Station New York Transit System, Sixtyfifth Street Railyard, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone, Southwestern Brooklyn Incinerator Department of Sanitation, Steeplechase Pier, Temple Square, Thirtyfirst Street Pier, Thirtyninth Street Pier, Times Plaza, Trump Village Shopping Center, Twentysixth Ward Water Pollution Control Plant, Twentythird Street Pier, West Eighth Street Station

  Military     show all on map

Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn, Coble Hill Fort (historical), Fort Greene (historical), Fort Hamilton, Fort Lafayette (historical), Fort Lawrence (historical), Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Training Station (historical), Marcy Avenue Armory (historical), Naval Air Station New York (historical), New York Naval Shipyard (historical), New York Port of Embarkation And Army Supply Base (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Admiral Triangle, Aimee Triangle, Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces Historic District, Alben Square, Albermarle Playground, Albert Lysander Parham Playground, American Playground, Amersfort Park, Andries Playground, Anthony Chiarantano Park, Arbor Place, Ascenzi Square, Badame Sessa Memorial Square, Banneker Playground, Bartlett Playground, Bath Beach Playground, Bayview Playground, Beattie Triangle, Bedford Playground, Belmont Playground, Benson Playground, Bensonhurst Park, Bergen Beach Playground, Berry Playground, Betsy Head Memorial Playground, Bildersee Playground, Bill Brown Memorial Playground, Boerum Hill Historic District, Boerum Park, Boulevard Grove (historical), Boyland Park, Breukelen Park, Brevoort Playground, Brighton Beach Park (historical), Brighton Playground, Brooklyn Academy of Music Historic District, Brooklyn Anchorage Plaza, Brooklyn Bears Rockwell Plaza Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights Historic District, Brooklyn Marine Park, Brooklyn War Memorial, Brower Park, Brownsville I Ura Park, Brownsville Playground, Bushwick Fields, Bushwick Playground, Cadman Plaza, Callahan And Kelly Park, Calvert Vaux Park, Campiz Playground, Canarsie Beach Park, Capitoline Grounds (historical), Captain Oakley Junior Square, Carroll Gardens Historic District, Carroll Park, Carver Playground, Century Playground, Charlie's Place, Chester Playground, City Line Park, Classon Playground, Classon Triangle, Clinton Hill Historic District, Cobble Hill Historic District, Cohn Triangle, Colonel David Marcus Memorial Playground, Columbus Park, Commander Eugene S Sarsfield Playground, Commodore John Barry Park, Conners Square, Cooper Park, Corporal Wiltshire Triangle, Cosmo Barone Triangle, Crispus Attucks Playground, Cuite Park, Curtis Park, Cutinella Triangle, Cuyler Park, Cypress Hills Playground, Dahill Triangle, David A Fox Playground, David Ruggles Playground, De Diego Playground, Dean Playground, Decatur Playground, DeKalb Playground, Detective Joseph Mayrose Park, DiGilio Playground, Dimattina Playground, Ditmus Park Historic District, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Park, Doctor Richard Greene Playground, Doctor Ronald McNair Park, Doger Playground, Duke Park, Dustbowl, Dyker Beach Park, Dyker Heights Playground, East Fourth Street Garden, Eastern Park (historical), Edmonds Playground, El-Shabazz Playground, Eleanor Roosevelt Playground, Elijah Stroud Playground, Elton Playground, Empire - Fulton Ferry State Park, Ennis Park, Epiphany Playground, Ericsson Playground, Ethan Allen Playground, Eugenio Maria De Hostos Playground, Evergreen Playground, Father Giorgio Triangle, Father Popieluszko Square, Fermi Playground, Fidelity Memorial Park, Fidler-Wyckoff House Park, Fish Playground, Floyd Bennett Field, Floyd Patterson Field, Fort Greene Historic District, Fort Greene Park, Fort Hamilton Athletic Field, Fort Hamilton Park, Fort Hamilton Plaza, Fraser Square, Freedom Square, Fresh Creek Nature Preserve, Friends Field, Frost Playground, Fulton Ferry Historic District, Fulton Park, Galapo Playground, Garden of Union, Garden Playground, Garibaldi Playground, Garibaldi Square, Gateway National Recreation Area, Gateway Triangle, George Walker Junior Playground, Georgia Avenue Garden, Gethsemane Garden, Glenwood Playground, Golconda Playground, Golden City Amusement Park (historical), Goodwin Gardens, Gowanus Greenway, Gowanus Playground, Grace Playground, Grady Playground, Grand Army Plaza, Grand Ferry Park, Grant Gore Triangle, Gravesend Park, Gravesend Square, Green Central Knoll Playground, Greenpoint Historic District, Greenwood Playground, Hamilton-Metz Field, Hancock Playground, Harmony Park, Harmony Triangle, Harold Ickes Playground, Harry Chapin Playground, Harry Maze Memorial Park, Hattie Carthan Garden, Hattie Carthan Playground, Hawthorne Field, Heckscher Playground, Heffernan Square, Heisser Triangle, Herbert Von King Park, Herman Dolgon Playground, Hickman Playground, Hillside Park, Holy Name Square, Homecrest Playground, Hot Spot Tot Lot, Houston Playground, Howard Playground, Hull Street Garden, Human Compass Garden, Institute Park (historical), Irving Square, Israel Putnam Playground, J Playground, Jackie Robinson Park, Jackie Robinson Playground, Jacob Joffe Park, Jacob's Ladder Playground, James J Byrne Memorial Playground, Jefferson Field, Jerome Playground, Jesse And Charles Dome Playground, Jesse Owens Playground, John D'Emic Senior Memorial Park, John J Carty Park, Kelly Memorial Playground, Kennedy-King Playground, KeySpan Park, Kosciuszko Pool, Kosciuszko Street Garden, Lady Moody Triangle, Lafayette Gardens Playground, Lafayette Playground, Lafayette Playground, Leif Ericson Park And Square, Lentol Garden, Lentol Triangle, Lieutenant Federico Narvaez Tot Lot, Lieutenant William E Coffey Square, Lincoln Terrace Park, Linden Park, Lindower Park, Lindsay Triangle, Linwood Playground, Lion's Pride Playground, Lithuania Square, Livonia Playground, Lott Park, Louis Valentino Junior Park, Lowry Triangle, Macri Square, Manhattan Beach Park, Marc And Jason's Playground, Marcy Green Center, Marcy Green North, Marcy Green South, Marcy Park South, Marcy Playground, Maria Hernandez Park, Marion-Hopkinson Playground, Marlboro Playground, Martin Luther Playground, Martinez Playground, McCarren Park, McDonald Playground, McDonald Square, McDonald Triangle, Mcguire Fields, McKinley Park, McLaughlin Park, Mellett Playground, Memorial Gore, Meucci Square, Middleton Playground, Milestone Park, Monastery Square, Monsignor Crawford Field, Monsignor McGolrick Park, Mother Cabrini Park, Mount Carmel Square, Mount Prospect Park, Nehemiah Park, Newport Playground, Newton Barge Terminal Playground, Nicholas A Brizzi Playground, North Pacific Playground, Nostrand Playground, Ocean Hill Playground, Onehundred Percent Playground, Oracle Playground, Orient Grove, Osborn Playground, Owls Head Park, Oxport Playground, Pacific Playground, Paerdegat Park, Park Slope Historic District, Park Slope Playground, Parkside Playground, Paul W Kolbert Park, Payne Park, Penn Triangle, Person Square, Pierrepont Playground, Pigeon Plaza, Pink Playground, Playground Three Forty, Police Officer Reinaldo Salgado Playground, Powell Playground, Power Playground, Pratt Playground, Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, Private First Class Thomas Norton Memorial Playground, Private Sonsire Triangle, Prospect Park, Prospect Park South Historic District, Public School 1 Playground, Public School 125 Playground, Public School 4 Paradise Garden, Pulaski Playground, Rachel Haber Cohen Playground, Railroad Playground, Rainbow Playground, Ramirez Playground, Red Hook Park, Red Hook Recreational Area, Remsen Playground, Right Triangle Playground, Robert E Venable Park, Roberto Clemente Ballfield, Rodney Park Center, Rodney Park North, Rodney Park South, Rodney Playground Center, Rodney Playground North, Rodney Playground South, Roebling Playground, Rolf Henry Playground, Russell Pederson Playground, Saint Andrews Playground, Saint Johns Park, Saint Mary's Playground, Saint Nicholas-Olive Street Garden, Saint Nicholas-Powers Street Garden, Sam Leggio Triangle, Samuel Goldberg Triangle, Saratoga Ballfields, Saratoga Park, Scarangella Park, Schenk Playground, Seaside Park, Seeley Park, Sergeant Joyce Kilmer Triangle, Sergeant William Dougherty Playground, Seth Low Playground, Sheepshead Playground, Shore Road Park, Sid Luckman Field, Sixteen Sycamores Playground, Sixteen Trees Triangle, Sledge Playground, Slope Park, Sobel Green, Sol Goldman Recreation Center and Pool, Sperandeo Brothers Playground, Spring Creek Park, Spring Creek Park, Squibb Park, Star Spangled Banner Playground, Stephen A Rudd Playground, Sternberg Park, Steuben Playground, Stockton Playground, Stuyvesant Heights Historic District, Stuyvesant Park, Success Garden, Summit Street Community Garden, Sumner Playground, Sunset Park, Sunshine Community Garden, Sutter Avenue Ballfield, T Raymond Nutley Square, Taaffe Playground, Ten Eyck Plaza, Terrapin Playground, The Amazing Garden, The Backyard, Thomas Greene Playground, Tiger Playground, Tilden Playground, Todd Memorial Square, Transitional Living Community Sculpture Garden, Trinity Park, Trust Triangle, Umma Park, Under The Tracks Playground, Underwood Park, Union Grounds (historical), University Plaza, Van Dyke Playground, Van Voorhees Park, Vincent V Abate Playground, Vinegar Hill Historic District, Washington Hall Park, Washington Park (historical), Washington Plaza, Weeksville Playground, Weinburg Triangle, West Playground, Whitman Park, William Sunners Playground, Willoughby Playground, Wilson Playground, Wingate Park, Woodruff Playground, Yak Playground, Zion Triangle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adelphi, Atlantic Terminal Houses, Bath Beach, Bay Ridge, Bay View Houses, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Bergen Beach, Borough Park, Breukelen Houses, Brevoort Houses, Brighton Beach, Broadway Junction, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Brownsville, Bushwick, Bushwick Houses, Canarsie, City Line, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Coney Island, Cypress Hills, Dyker Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Eastern Parkway, Ebbets Field Houses, Eleanor Roosevelt Houses, Flatbush, Flatlands, Fort Greene, Fort Hamilton, Georgetown, Gerritsen, Gowanus Houses, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Jonathan Williams Houses, Kensington, Keshaechquereren (historical), Lafayette Houses, Manhattan Beach, Marcus Garvey Village, Marcy Houses, Marlboro Houses, Medgar Evers Houses, New Utrecht, Paerdegat, Paerdegat, Park Slope, Parkville, Red Hook, Red Hook Houses, Rutland Plaza, Seagate, Sheepshead Bay, South Brooklyn, Spring Creek Towers, Sumner Houses, Tompkins Houses, Vinegar Hill, Warren Street Houses, West Brighton, Williamsburg, Williamsburg Houses, Wyckoff Gardens

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adelphi Station Brooklyn Post Office, Bath Beach Station Brooklyn Post Office, Bay Ridge Station Brooklyn Post Office, Brevoort Station Brooklyn Post Office, Brownsville Station Brooklyn Post Office, Bushwick Station Brooklyn Post Office, Coney Island Station Brooklyn Post Office, Downtown Station Brooklyn Post Office, Dyker Heights Station Brooklyn Post Office, East New York Station Brooklyn Post Office, Flatbush Station Brooklyn Post Office, Fort Hamilton Station Brooklyn Post Office, Gravesend Station Brooklyn Post Office, Greenpoint Station Brooklyn Post Office, Homecrest Station Brooklyn Post Office, Kensington Station Brooklyn Post Office, Metropolitan Station Brooklyn Post Office, Parkville Station Brooklyn Post Office, Red Hook Station Brooklyn Post Office, Rugby Station Brooklyn Post Office, Stuyvesant Station Brooklyn Post Office, Van Brunt Station Brooklyn Post Office

  Schools     show all on map

Abraham Lincoln High School, Ahaba Ve Ahva Yeshiva, Al Madrasa Al Islamiya, Al-Noor School, Albee School of Dance, All Leadership Secondary School, All Saints Elementary School, All Saints High School, Allen Monte Karate School, American Business Institute Brooklyn, Angela's Dance School, Aniezer Yeshiva School, Annunciation School (historical), Arista Preparatory School, Arts And Media Preparatory Academy, Auburn Academy, Automotive Division Brooklyn Adult Training Center, Automotive High School, B'Not Rachel High School for Girls, Bais Brocho of Karlin Stolin, Bais Rachel School for Girls, Bais Yaakov Academy, Bais Yaakov D'Khal Adas Yereim, Bais Yakov of Khal Adas Yereim, Ballroom Dance Center, Barkai Yeshiva, Bas Melech School for Girls, Bay Ridge Dance Studio, Bay Ridge High School, Bay Ridge High School Annex, Be'er Mordechai Elementary School, Be'ikvei Hatzoin, Beginning With Children Charter School, Berkeley-Carroll School, Bet Yaakov Ateret Torah, Bet Yakov Ateret Torah High School, Beth Chana School for Girls, Beth Jacob School, Beth Jacob Seminary, Beth Rachel School for Girls, Beth Rivkah High School, Beth Rivkah School, Big Apple Education Center, Binos Desha, Bishop Ford Center Catholic High School, Bishop Kearney School, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School (historical), Blueberry School (historical), Bnei Shimon Yisroel of Sopron, Bnos Chayil, Bnos Israel of East Flatbush, Bnos Margulia Viznitz, Bnos Menachem, Bnos Yakov of Pupa, Bnos Yakov School for Girls, Bonim Lamokom, Boys High School, Bramson Art College, Braverman High School, Brooklyn Adult Training Center, Brooklyn Amity School, Brooklyn Boys Boarding School (historical), Brooklyn Bridge Academy, Brooklyn Brownstone School, Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, Brooklyn Comprehensive Night High School, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn Dance Center, Brooklyn Dance Center II, Brooklyn Ethical Culture School (historical), Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn Generation School, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School Annex, Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn Law School Annex, Brooklyn Preparatory School (historical), Brooklyn School For Special Children, Brooklyn Studio School, Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn Temple School, Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School, Brooklyn Transition Center, Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, Brooklyn's Finest Salsa Dance Studio, Bushwick High School, Bushwick High School for Social Justice, Bushwick Leaders High School of Academic Excellence, Canarsie High School, Catherine Laboure Special Education Program, Catherine McAuley High School, Central Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist School, Christian Heritage Academy, City University of New York Brooklyn College, City University of New York Medgar Evers College, Clara Barton High School, Clara Muhammad School of Masjid Khal, College of the Immaculate Conception (historical), Creative Arts Studio, Crown Heights Yeshiva, Cycle Education Center, Cynthia King Dance Studio, Darchai Menachem School for Boys, David Grayson Christian Academy, East Flatbush Community Research School, East New York Transit Technical High School, Eastern District High School (historical), Ebenezer Preparatory School, Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist School, Edward R Murrow High School, El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice, Enya Community School, Erasmus Hall High School, Excelsior Elementary School, Expeditionary Learning School For Community Leaders, Explore Charter School, First Impressions School, Fontbonne Hall Academy, Fort Hamilton High School, Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, Franklin K Lane High School, Full Gospel Christian Academy, Full of Energy School, George W Wingate High School (historical), Gesher Yehuda, Good Shepherd School, Gotham Professional Arts Academy, Hamilton Vocational High School, Happyland Manhattan Beach Day School, Harry Van Arsdale High School, Hebrew Academy, Hebrew School, Helen Owen Carey Child Development Center, Higgins Hall, High School for Legal Studies, High School for Public Service, High School of Enterprise, Business and Technology, High School of Urban Planning, Holy Cross School, Holy Family School, Holy Family School, Holy Family School, Holy Ghost School, Holy Innocents School, Holy Martyrs School, Holy Name of Jesus School, Holy Rosary School, Hychel Hatorah, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Inperformace Music Workshop, Intermediate School 117, Intermediate School 14, Intermediate School 162, Intermediate School 211, Intermediate School 220, Intermediate School 223, Intermediate School 227, Intermediate School 228, Intermediate School 232, Intermediate School 234, Intermediate School 239, Intermediate School 240, Intermediate School 252, Intermediate School 259, Intermediate School 278, Intermediate School 281, Intermediate School 285, Intermediate School 292, Intermediate School 296, Intermediate School 302, Intermediate School 303, Intermediate School 311, Intermediate School 318, Intermediate School 324, Intermediate School 33, Intermediate School 347, Intermediate School 349, Intermediate School 364, Intermediate School 381, Intermediate School 383, Intermediate School 391, Intermediate School 392, Intermediate School 49, Intermediate School 68, Intermediate School 71, Intermediate School 78, Intermediate School 96, Intermediate/High School 265, International Arts Business High School, It Takes A Village Academy, Ivdu School, Jalopy Theater and School of Music, James Madison High School, Jem Studios, Jewish Center for Special Education, Joe's Music Center, John Dewey High School, John Dinkins School of Arts, John Hus Moravian School, John Jay High School, John Monaco School of Guitar, Johnson Preparatory School, Joseph S Gruss Yeshiva High School, Junior Academy, Junior High School 113, Junior High School 126, Junior High School 126, Junior High School 148 (historical), Junior High School 149, Junior High School 178, Junior High School 210, Junior High School 258 (historical), Junior High School 263, Junior High School 275 Thelma Hamilton (historical), Junior High School 29, Junior High School 35, Junior High School 43, Junior High School 50, Junior High School 6, Junior High School 64, Junior High School 73, Junior High School K057 Whitelaw Reid, Junior High School K166 George Gershwin, Junior High School K291 Roland Hayes, K311 Essence School, K352 Ebbets Field Middle School, K385 School of Business Finance and Entrepreneurship, K553 Brooklyn Academy High School, K626 Achievement First Brownsville Charter School, K656 Brooklyn High School of the Arts, Kedishas Naftoli, Keren Hatorah, Kessar Malka, Khalil Gibran International Academy, Kings Collegiate Charter Academy, Kingsborough Community College, Knowledge And Power Preparatory VII Middle School, Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School, La Cima Charter School, La Salsa de Hoy Dance Studio, Lafayette High School, Latin Fever Dance Studio, Latin Fiesta Dance Studio, Lavanda Gornaya Dancing Studio, Leadership Preparatory Charter School, League School, Leon M Goldstein High School of Sciences, Lev Bais Yaakov, Liberation Diploma Plus High School, Life Academy High School For Film And Music, Little Flower Preparatory School, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, Loreto School, Lubavitcher High School, Lubavitcher School Chabad, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Lyons Community School, Machon Chana, Magen David Yeshiva, Magen David Yeshivah High School, Maggio Music School, Maimouna Keita Dance School, Manhattan Beach Civil Defense Training Center (historical), Marine Park Day School, Mary Queen of Heaven School, Masores Bais Yaakov, McCaddin School, Meorot Beit Yaakov, Mesivta and Yeshiva Gedolah of Manhattan Beach, Mesivta and Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Mesivta Lev Torah, Mesivta Mkor Chaim, Mesivta Nachlas Yacov A Yerim, Mesivta Tiferes Yisroel, Mesivta Tifereth Zvi Spinka, Mesivta Zichron Eliezer, Mesorah School, Middle School 136, Middle School 142 Stranahan Community School (historical), Middle School 266, Middle School 51, Middle School 61, Middle School 88, Middle School For Art and Philosophy, Middle School K002, Middle School Of Marketing And Legal Studies, Midwood High School, Midwood High School Annex (historical), Mikdash Melech Mechina, Mirrer Yeshiva Elementary School, Mirrer Yeshiva High School, Mister Frank's Music Center, Morris Morgenstern High School, Most Holy Trinity School, Most Precious Blood School, Mount Moriah Christian Academy, Multicultural High School, Nazareth Regional High School, Nefesh Academy, Neil Walters Music School, New School of Dance, New Utrecht High School, New Vistas Academy, New York City College of Technology, New York Community College of Applied Arts and Sciences, New York Harbor School, New York Maritime Training Center (historical), Nika Ballet Studio, Northside Catholic School at Mount Carmel, Northside Catholic School at Saint Vincent De Paul, Nubian Conservatory of Music, Nuestros Ninos Child Development School, Orchesis Center For Dance And Movement, Our Lady Help of Christians School, Our Lady of Consolation School, Our Lady of Good Counsel School, Our Lady of Grace School, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Our Lady of Refuge School (historical), Our Lady of Solace School, Our Lady Queen of All Saints School, Packer Collegiate Institute, Parish School of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Park Slope Christian Academy, Parochial School of Our Lady of Victory, People's Elementary School, Phyl's Academy Preparatory School, Poly Prep Country Day School, Poly Prep Lower School, Pratt Institute, Professional School of the Arts, Progress High School, Prospect Park Bnos Leah High School, Prospect Park Yeshiva, Public School 1, Public School 10, Public School 100, Public School 101, Public School 102, Public School 103, Public School 104, Public School 105, Public School 106, Public School 107, Public School 108, Public School 11, Public School 110, Public School 111, Public School 112, Public School 113, Public School 114, Public School 115, Public School 116, Public School 118, Public School 119, Public School 120, Public School 121, Public School 122, Public School 123, Public School 124, Public School 125, Public School 127, Public School 128, Public School 129, Public School 13, Public School 130, Public School 131, Public School 132, Public School 133, Public School 134, Public School 135, Public School 137, Public School 138, Public School 139, Public School 140, Public School 144, Public School 145, Public School 147, Public School 15, Public School 150, Public School 151, Public School 152, Public School 153, Public School 154, Public School 155, Public School 156, Public School 157, Public School 158, Public School 159, Public School 16, Public School 160, Public School 161, Public School 163, Public School 164, Public School 165, Public School 167, Public School 168 (historical), Public School 169, Public School 17, Public School 170, Public School 171, Public School 172, Public School 174, Public School 175, Public School 176, Public School 177, Public School 179, Public School 18, Public School 180 Homewood, Public School 181, Public School 182, Public School 183, Public School 184, Public School 185, Public School 186, Public School 188, Public School 189, Public School 19, Public School 190, Public School 191, Public School 192, Public School 193, Public School 194, Public School 195, Public School 196, Public School 197, Public School 198, Public School 199, Public School 2, Public School 20, Public School 200, Public School 201, Public School 202, Public School 203, Public School 204, Public School 205, Public School 206, Public School 207, Public School 208, Public School 209, Public School 21, Public School 212, Public School 213, Public School 214, Public School 215, Public School 216, Public School 217, Public School 219, Public School 22, Public School 221, Public School 222, Public School 226, Public School 229, Public School 23, Public School 230, Public School 233, Public School 235, Public School 236, Public School 238, Public School 24, Public School 241, Public School 242, Public School 243, Public School 244, Public School 245, Public School 246, Public School 247, Public School 248, Public School 249, Public School 25, Public School 250, Public School 251, Public School 253, Public School 254, Public School 255, Public School 256, Public School 257, Public School 26, Public School 26 (historical), Public School 260, Public School 261, Public School 262, Public School 268, Public School 269, Public School 27, Public School 270, Public School 271, Public School 272, Public School 273, Public School 274, Public School 276, Public School 277, Public School 279, Public School 28, Public School 280, Public School 282, Public School 286, Public School 287, Public School 288, Public School 289, Public School 297, Public School 298, Public School 299, Public School 3, Public School 30, Public School 304, Public School 305, Public School 306, Public School 307, Public School 309, Public School 31, Public School 312, Public School 315, Public School 319, Public School 326, Public School 327, Public School 328, Public School 34, Public School 340 (historical), Public School 345, Public School 346, Public School 36, Public School 370, Public School 376, Public School 377, Public School 380, Public School 384, Public School 39, Public School 390, Public School 397, Public School 397B, Public School 398, Public School 399, Public School 40, Public School 41, Public School 44, Public School 45, Public School 46, Public School 47, Public School 48, Public School 5, Public School 52, Public School 54, Public School 56, Public School 58, Public School 59, Public School 6, Public School 615, Public School 62, Public School 63, Public School 65K, Public School 66, Public School 67, Public School 69 (historical), Public School 7, Public School 71 (historical), Public School 72 (historical), Public School 75, Public School 76, Public School 77, Public School 78 (historical), Public School 79, Public School 8, Public School 80, Public School 81, Public School 83, Public School 84, Public School 86, Public School 87, Public School 89, Public School 9, Public School 90, Public School 91, Public School 92, Public School 93, Public School 94, Public School 95, Public School 97, Public School 98 (historical), Public School 99, Public School K032 Samuels Mills Sprole, Public School K140, Public School K141, Public School K146 Brooklyn New School, Public School K224 Hale A Woodruff, Public School K225 Eileen E Zaglin, Public School K231, Public School K295, Public School K375 Jackie Robinson, Public School K771, Public School Number 213 Annex, Public School/Intermediate School 284, Public School/Intermediate School 308, Public School/Intermediate School 323, Rabbi Harry Halpern Day School, Resurrection School, Risen Christ Lutheran School, Robert F Kennedy Incentive Program, Saint Agathas School, Saint Agnes School, Saint Agnes Seminary, Saint Alphonsus School (historical), Saint Ambrose School, Saint Ann's School, Saint Anselms School, Saint Anthony and Saint Alphonsus School, Saint Athanasius School, Saint Barbaras School, Saint Benedicts School, Saint Bernadettes School, Saint Bernard School, Saint Brendans School, Saint Brigids School, Saint Catherine of Genoa School, Saint Catherines School, Saint Cecilia School, Saint Edmund Elementary School, Saint Edmund Preparatory High School, Saint Finbar School, Saint Fortunata Church School, Saint Frances of Paola Elementary School, Saint Francis College, Saint Francis De Sales School for the Deaf, Saint Francis of Assisi Elementary School, Saint Francis Preparatory School, Saint Gregorys School, Saint Jerome School, Saint John Cantius School, Saint John the Evangelist Lutheran School, Saint John's High School, Saint John's Parochial School, Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran School, Saint Johns Preparatory School, Saint Joseph's College, New York Brooklyn Campus, Saint Josephs School, Saint Judes School, Saint Leonards School (historical), Saint Malachys School, Saint Mariaes School, Saint Mark School, Saint Mark's Day School, Saint Mark's Lutheran School, Saint Martins School, Saint Mary Mother of Jesus School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Michael's Elementary School, Saint Michaels High School, Saint Nicholas Elementary School, Saint Patricks Academy, Saint Patricks School, Saint Paul's Parish School, Saint Peter Claver Institute, Saint Peter's Academy (historical), Saint Rita School, Saint Rose of Lima School, Saint Saviour Elementary School, Saint Saviour High School, Saint Stanislaus Kostka School, Saint Stephen's Lutheran Parochial School, Saint Sylvester School, Saint Theresas School, Saint Thomas Aquinas School, Saint Thomas Aquinas School (historical), Saint Vincent De Paul School, Saint Vincent Ferrer School, Saints Simon and Jude School, Salsa Salsa Dance Studio, Salsa Salsa Dance Studio II, Samuel J Tilden High School, Sarah J Hale High School (historical), School For Musical Performance, School of Bibical Instruction, School of the Little Flower, Science, Technology And Research High School, Seafarers School, Second Street Child Care Center, Secondary School for Law and Journalism, Secondary School for Research, Shaare Torah High School for Girls, Shaare Torah School, Sheepshead Bay High School, Sheldon Ruskin Karate School, Shostakovich School of Music, Shu Du Dance Studio, Shulamith High School for Girls, Shulamith School for Girls, Soille Bais Yaakov High School, Soterios Ellenas Parochial School, South Shore High School, Starlite Dance Studio, Stars and Nights Day School, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Sunset Park School of Music, Tabernacle Elementary School, Talmud Torah Dnitra, Talmud Torah of Kasho, Talmud Torah Tashbar, Talmud Torah Toldos Hillel-Krasna, Teachers Preparatory School, Teachers Preparatory Secondary School, Temple Beth El School, Terrace Dance Studio, Thomas Jefferson High School, Three Hierarchs School, Tiferes Academy, Tiferes Bnos Girls School, Torah Academy High School, Torah Vodaath High School, Transfiguration School, Triple Essence Dance Studio, UFT Elementary Charter School, Universal Dance Studio, Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice, Vicky Simegiatos Dance School, Victory Collegiate High School, Virginia Reginae School, Visitation School, Viva Salsa Dance Studio, W E B Dubois High School, William E Grady High School, William H Maxwell High School, Windmill Montessori School, Woodward Park School (historical), Woollery Studio of Music, Xaverian High School, Yda Elite High School, Yeshiva Ahavas Torah, Yeshiva Ateres Tzvi, Yeshiva Bais Ephraim, Yeshiva Beth Yitzchok D Spinka, Yeshiva Birchas Shmuel, Yeshiva Bnai Yesucher, Yeshiva Bnos Ahavas Israel, Yeshiva Bnos Spinka, Yeshiva Boyan, Yeshiva Chasdei Torah, Yeshiva Chasdei Tzui, Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel, Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr Yisroel, Yeshiva Jesode Hatorah, Yeshiva Jesode Hatorah of Adas Yerem (historical), Yeshiva Karlin Stolin, Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov, Yeshiva Ketana of Bensonhurst, Yeshiva Ketana Shaarei Torah, Yeshiva Mesivta Arugath Habosem, Yeshiva of Brooklyn, Yeshiva of Flatbush Elementary School, Yeshiva of Kings Bay, Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach, Yeshiva Ohel Shaim D'Kaalov, Yeshiva Ohr Shraga D'Veretzky, Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Yeshiva Sharei Hayosher, Yeshiva Sharie Torah, Yeshiva Tifereth Elimelech, Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, Yeshiva Toras Emes Kamenitz, Yeshiva Tzemach Tzadik Viznitz, Yeshiva Vyelipol, Yeshiva Yesoda Hatora of K'Hal Adas Yereim, Yeshiva Yesode Hatorah, Yeshivah Ohel Moshe, Yeshivat Ateret Torah School, Yeshivat Mizrachi L'Banim, Yeshivat Ohel Torah, Yeshivat Or Hatorah, Yeshivat Shaare Rahamim, Zvi Dov Roth Academy of Yesh Rambam

  Streams     show all on map

Betts Creek, Coney Island Creek, Fresh Creek, Gerritsen Creek, Mill Creek, Newtown Creek, Old Mill Creek, Shell Bank Creek, Spring Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Breeze Hill, Lookout Hill, Quaker Hill, Sullivan Hill, Willink Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Christianpol Marsh, Duck Point Marshes, Elders Point Marsh, Nestepol Marsh, Old Swale Marsh, Pumpkin Patch Marsh, Stony Creek Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

WKRB-FM (Brooklyn), WNYC Radio Tower (Ticonderoga), WNYC-AM (New York), WNYE-FM (Brooklyn), WNYE-TV (New York),

Kings County, New York Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKings County White population 1,271,3751,271,375  
BlackKings County Black population 919,500919,499
AsianKings County Asian population 290,233290,233
MixedKings County Mixed population 56,50656,505
American IndianKings County American Indian population 25,68425,684
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKings County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2,5682,568

Additional population tables :
State population table
New York population by county