Monroe County, New York Basics:

Monroe County New York - Government Site

Population: 748,057
Area: 657 square miles
County seat: Rochester
Area code(s) in use: 585
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 89.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 35.5%
Median household income: $52,700
Persons in poverty: 14.6%
Home ownership rate: 65.8%
Mean travel time to work: 19.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Genesee  Livingston  Ontario  Orleans  Wayne  

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Map of the Monroe County area

Our detail map of Monroe County shows the Monroe County, New York boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Monroe County, New York

  Airports     show all on map

A C Rochester Engineering Center Heliport, Greater Rochester International Airport, Hendershot Airport, Honeoye Falls Airport, Ledgedale Airpark, Manitou Field Airport, Mckinney Airport, Norcross Helipad, Para-Tech Airport, Ridge Road West Airport, Skyview Airport, Smiths Land Base Airport, Spencerport Airpark, Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport

  Bars     show all on map

Lewis Shoal, Wautoma Shoals

  Basins     show all on map

Woodchuck Hollow

  Bays     show all on map

Big Massaug Cove, Braddock Bay, Helds Cove, Ides Cove

  Bridges     show all on map

Ballantyne Bridge, Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge, Irondequoit Bay Bridge, Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge, Knapps Bridge, Veterans Memorial Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Aaron Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Albert W Brown Building, Alexander G Bell Hall, Allen Administration Building, Alliance Building, Anderson Hall, Anna Portka Hall, Arbor Hill Care Center, Arthur Kornberg Medical Research Building, B T Roberts Memorial Hall, B Thomas Golisano Library, Baird Nursing Home, Barnard Fire Department, Basil Hall, Bausch And Lomb Hall, Bausch And Lomb Visitor Center, Beacon Transportation - Rural / Metro Medical Services, Benedict Hall, Birmingham Cottage, Blossom Health Care Center, Braddock Point Lighthouse (historical), Bramley Hall, Breen Hall, Brentland Woods Adult Care Facility, Briggs Hall, Brighton Community and Senior Center, Brighton Fire Department Station 1, Brighton Fire Department Station 2, Brighton Fire Department Station 3, Brighton Memorial Library, Brighton Town Hall, Brighton Volunteer Ambulance, Brockport Fire Department Station 1, Brockport Fire Department Station 2, Brockport Fire Department Station 3, Brockport Fire Department Station 4, Brockport Village Hall, Brockport Village Offices, Brockport-Seymour Library, Brockway Hall, Burton Hall, Bushnell's Basin Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Bushnell's Basin Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Campus Center, Carlton Gibson Hall, Carol G Simon Hall, Carpenter Hall, Carroll Hall, Cary Memorial Hall, Casa Hispana, Casa Italiana, Casa Larga Vineyards, Castle Pointe at Baywinde, Center For Bioscience Education And Technology, Center For Optoelectronics And Imaging, Centro de Oro Senior Center, Chambers Hall, Chapel Oaks, Chapman Service Center, Charlotte Lake River Homes, Charlotte Lighthouse, Chase Tower, Chesbro Center, Chester F Carlson Image Science Center, Chili Community Center, Chili Fire Department Station 1, Chili Fire Department Station 2, Chili Fire Department Station 3, Chili Fire Department Station 4, Chili Public Library, Chili Senior Center, Chili Town Hall, Churchville Fire Department, Clare Bridge of Perinton, Clarkson Town Hall, Clifton Fire Department, Clinton Square Building, Community Place of Greater Rochester, Conrad Welcome Center, Cooper Hall, Cox Hall, Crest Manor Living and Rehabilitation Center, Crestwood Children's Center, Crimson Ridge Gardens, Crosby Hall, Crossman Community Center, Crossroads Building, Crossroads Building, Dailey Hall, Danforth Hall, Davison Hall, Dewey Hall, Dobson Hall, Dorsey Hall, Drake Memorial Library, East Rochester Fire Department, East Rochester Public Library, East Rochester Village Offices, East Rochester Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Eastside Community Center, Edna Tina Wilson Living Center, Edwards Hall, Egypt Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Egypt Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Elaine P Wilson Pavilion, Elizabeth George Hall, Eugene Colby Hall, Fairchild Hall, Fairport Baptist Home, Fairport Fire Department Station 1, Fairport Fire Department Station 2, Fairport Museum, Fairport Public Library, Fairport Town Hall, Fifty Chestnut Plaza, First Federal Plaza, Founders Hall, Founders Hall, Four Corners Building, Frances Baker Hall, Frank E Gannett Building, Frank Ritter Ice Rink, Frederick Douglass Dining Center, Gale Hall, Gannett Hall, Garlock Dining Commons, Gates Ambulance Service, Gates Hall, Gates Public Library, Gates Senior Center, Gates Town Hall, Gates Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Gates Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Gates Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Gavett Hall, George Eastman Building, George H Clark Gymnasium, Geva Theatre, Gilbert Hall, Gleason Hall, Glenmere at Cloverwood, Goler House, Golisano Academic Center, Golisano Academic Gateway, Gordon Hall, Gosnell Annex, Grace Watson Hall, Grande Vie Senior Living Community, Grandeville Home, Granite Building, Greater Rochester International Airport Fire / Rescue Department, Greece History Center and Museum, Greece Public Library, Greece Senior and Community Center, Greece Town Hall, Greece Volunteer Ambulance Service, Gruendike Complex, Haffey Hall, Hale-Andrews Student Life Center, Hamilton Manor Nursing Home, Hamlin Fire Department, Hamlin Public Library, Hamlin Veterans of Foreign Wars and Senior Center, Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Harkness Hall, Harmon Hall, Harrison Hall, Hartwell Hall, Hastings Center For Academics, Heather Heights of Pittsford, Helen Fish Hall, Helen Wood Hall, Henrietta Public Library, Henrietta Senior Center, Henrietta Town Hall, Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Service, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 4, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 5, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Station 6, Highlands Living Center, Hill Haven Nursing Home, Hilton Community and Senior Center, Hilton East Assisted Living Facility, Hilton Parma Volunteer Fire Department, Hilton Village Hall, Hilton Village Offices, Hoeing Hall, Hollister Hall, Holmes Hall, Honeoye Falls Ambulance, Honeoye Falls Fire Department, Hopeman Engineering Building, Hoyt Hall, Hudson - Ridge Tower, Hugh Carey Building, Hutchinson Hall, Hylan Building, Irondequoit Ambulance, Irondequoit Community Center, Irondequoit Public Library Helen McGraw Branch, Irondequoit Public Library Pauline Evans Branch, Irondequoit Town Courthouse, Irondequoit Town Hall, Italian American Community Center, James E Booth Fine Arts Building, James E Gleason Building, Jennifer Matthew Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Jewish Home and Infirmary of Rochester, Just Friends Senior Center, Kate Gleason Hall, Kearney Hall, Kearney Hall, Kendrick Hall, Keough Hall, Kirkhaven, Kodak Research Laboratories Tower, L Slaughter Center For Integrated Manufacturing Study, La Maison Francaise, Laboratory For Applied Computing, Laboratory For Laser Energetics, Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Lakeside - Beikirch Care Center, Lathrop Hall, Latta Road Nursing Home, Lattimore Hall, Laurelton Fire Department, Laurelwood at the Highlands, Lavery Library, Lennon Hall, Lewis P Ross Building, Liberal Arts Building, Lorette Wilmot Library, Lourdes Hall, Lovejoy Hall, Lyndon Baines Johnson Building, Lyons Hall, MacVicar Hall, Maplewood Nursing Home, Mark Ellingson Hall, McFarlane Hall, McLean Hall, Medaille Hall, Meliora Hall, Mendon Community Center, Mendon Fire Department, Mendon Public Library, Mersereau Hall, Michaelhouse Complex, Midtown Tower, Miner Hall, Monroe Ambulance, Monroe Community Hospital, Monroe County Baptist Home, Monroe County Office Building, Monroe County Public Library Barnard Crossing Branch, Morey Hall, Morgan Hall, Morgan Hall, Mortimer Hall, Morton Fire Company, Mount Hope Professional Building, Mumford Fire Department, Munro Hall, Murphy Hall, Murray Hall, Museum of Arts, Nathaniel Rochester Hall, Nazareth College Arts Center, Nazareth Guest House, New York Museum of Transportation, New York State Center For Advanced Technology, North Greece Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, North Greece Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Headquarters, North Greece Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, North Side Fire Station (historical), Northwest Rochester Senior Center, O'Connor Complex, Ogden Community Center, Ogden Farmers Library, Ogden Senior Center, Ogden Town Hall, Otto A Shults Community Center, Park Ridge Housing Facility, Parkside Adult Care Facility, Parma Public Library, Parma Town Hall, Penfield Community Center, Penfield Fire Company, Penfield Fire Company Station 2, Penfield Fire Company Station 3, Penfield Place Nursing Home, Penfield Public Library, Penfield Town Hall, Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Service, Perinton Community and Senior Center, Perinton Park Manor, Perinton Retirement Home, Perinton Town Hall, Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Perry Hall, Peter Paterson Hall, Pillars Adult Care Facility, Pioch Hall, Pittsford Community and Senior Center, Pittsford Community Library, Pittsford Town Hall, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance Service, Pittsford Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Pittsford Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Powers Building, Rakov Center For Student Services, Ralph C Wilson Junior School of Education Building, Reynolds Arcade, Ridge Culver Fire District, Ridge Road Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Ridge Road Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Ridge Road Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Riga Senior Center, Rinker Community Service Center, River Road Complex, Riverside Convention Center, Robert B Goergen Athletic Center, Roberts Cultural Life Center, Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, Rochester City Hall, Rochester Civic Center, Rochester Fire Academy, Rochester Fire Department Engine 1, Rochester Fire Department Engine 10, Rochester Fire Department Engine 12, Rochester Fire Department Engine 13, Rochester Fire Department Engine 16, Rochester Fire Department Engine 17, Rochester Fire Department Engine 19, Rochester Fire Department Engine 3, Rochester Fire Department Engine 5, Rochester Fire Department Engine 7, Rochester Fire Department Engine 8, Rochester Fire Department Quint 6 / Midi 6, Rochester Fire Department Quint 7 / Midi 7, Rochester Fire Department Truck 4, Rochester Fire Department Truck 5, Rochester Institute of Technology Ambulance, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Rochester Presbyterian Home, Rochester Public Library Arnett Branch, Rochester Public Library Highland Branch, Rochester Public Library Lincoln Branch, Rochester Public Library Lyell Branch, Rochester Public Library Maplewood Community Library, Rochester Public Library Monroe Branch, Rochester Public Library Phyllis Wheatley Branch, Rochester Public Library Sully Branch, Rochester Public Library Winton Branch, Rundel Memorial Library, Rush Mendon Senior Center, Rush Public Library, Rush Rhees Library, Rush Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Rush Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Sage Art Center, Sage Harbor at Baywinde, Saint Anns Community Nursing Home, Saint Anns Home, Saint Joseph's Villa of Rochester, Saint Paul Boulevard Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Saint Paul Boulevard Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Schlegel Hall, Scottsville Free Library, Scottsville Town and Village Office Building, Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department, Sea Breeze Volunteer Fire Department, Seabury Woods, Seneca Towers, Seymour College Union, Shire at Culverton Adult Home, Sibley Centre, Skalny Science Center, Slater Hall, Smith Hall, Smith Science Center, Smyth Hall, Sol Heumann Hall, South Side Fire Station (historical), Spencerport Fire District Station 1, Spencerport Fire District Station 2, Spencerport Fire District Station 3, Spencerport Village Hall, Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance Service, Spurrier Hall, Strand Theatre, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Strong Auditorium, Strong Museum, Student Alumni Union, Student Life Center, Summit at Brighton, Sweden Community Center, Sweden Senior Center, Sweden Town Offices, Taylor Hall, Temple Building, The Brightonian, The Color Sciences Building, The Crossings at Greece, The Friendly Home, The Highlands at Brighton, The Hurlbut, The Landing, The Northfield Nursing Home, The Shore Winds, Thomas Gosnell Building, Thompson Hall, Tiernan Hall, Times Square Building, Todd Union, Tower Fine Arts Center, Town of Brighton Courthouse, Town of Chili Courthouse, Town of Clarkson Courthouse, Town of Gates Courthouse, Town of Greece Courthouse, Town of Penfield Courthouse, Town of Sweden Courthouse, Town of Webster Courthouse, Town of Wheatland Courthouse, Tuttle North Athletic Complex, Tuttle South Gymnasium, Union Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Union Trust Building, Unity Living Center, Vanderhoof Hall, Varsity Gymnasium, Village of East Rochester Courthouse, Voller Athletic Center, Walker Volunteer Fire Department, Wallace Library, Wallis Hall, Ward Hall, Webster Community Center, Webster Museum, Webster Public Library, Webster Town Hall, Webster Village Hall, Webster Village Hall, Webster Volunteer Fire Department Enderlin Station 1, Webster Volunteer Fire Department Roseland Station 2, Wedgewood Nursing Home, Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, West Brighton Fire Department Station 1, West Brighton Fire Department Station 2, West Ridge Community Center, West Side Manor, West Webster Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, West Webster Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, West Webster Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Westgate Nursing Home, Westwood Commons Adult Home, WHAM - TV 13, Wheatland Senior Center, WHEC - TV 10, Wilder Building, Wilder Hall, Wilmot Building, Wilson Commons, Woodcrest Commons, Woodside Manor Nursing Home, WROC - TV 8, WXXI - TV 21, Young - at - Heart Senior Center

  Canals     show all on map

Commission Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Beatty Point, Bills Point, Birds and Worms, Bogus Point, Braddock Point, Devils Nose, Inspiration Point, Lewis Point, Ninemile Point, O'Neil Point, Point Lookout, Point Pleasant, Rattlesnake Point, Stony Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Atchinson Family Pioneer Cemetery, Beth Hamedresh Hagodel Cemetery, Blossom Cemetery, Brighton Cemetery, Britton Road Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Buckbee Rural Cemetery, Bushman Cemetery, Castle Family Pioneer Cemetery, Chamberlain Cemetery, Charlotte Cemetery, Chili Rural Cemetery, Clifton Cemetery, Colby Street Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Creekside Cemetery, East Baptist Cemetery, East Street Cemetery, East Sweden Cemetery, Elmgrove Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Fairfield Cemetery, Falls Cemetery, Fellows Cemetery, Garbutt Cemetery, Garland Cemetery, Graves Cemetery, Greenvale Cemetery, Grove Place Cemetery, Harris Road Cemetery, High Street Cemetery, Hilton Village Cemetery, Holy Angels Cemetery, Holy Ghost Cemetery, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Holy Trinity Cemetery, Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Hooker Cemetery, Hoosic Hill Pioneer Cemetery, Irondequoit Cemetery, Kings Landing Cemetery, Lake View Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Locust Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Mason Road Cemetery, Mendon Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Oliver Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mumford Rural Cemetery, North Chili Rural Cemetery, North Rush Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, Oatka Cemetery, Old Burying Ground, Parma Corners Cemetery, Parma Union Cemetery, Perinton Cemetery, Perinton Center Cemetery, Piney Hill Cemetery, Pioneer Burying Ground, Pioneer Burying Ground, Pittsford Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Presbyterian Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Rapids Cemetery, Ridge Road Cemetery, Riga Cemetery, River View Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Saint Casimirs Cemetery, Saint Felicia Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Sandy Hill Cemetery, Shafer Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Family Pioneer Cemetery, South Perinton Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Hill Cemetery, Veterans Memorial Park, Warren Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Webster Rural Cemetery, West Clarkson Cemetery, West Sweden Cemetery, West Webster Cemetery, White Haven Memorial Park, Whittier Cemetery, Wright Family Pioneer Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Brighton Census Designated Place, Clarkson Census Designated Place, Gates Census Designated Place, Gates-North Gates Census Designated Place (historical), Greece Census Designated Place, Hamlin Census Designated Place, Irondequoit Census Designated Place, North Gates Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Faith Ministry, Abundant Life Ministries, Adams Street Church of God, Aenon Baptist Church, Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Aldersgate United Methodist, All Souls United Church of Religious Science, Alliance Church, Anchor Christian Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Apostolic Church, Ark of the Covenant Church of God By Faith, As - Sunnah Masjid, Asbury First United Methodist Church, Assembly of God Church, Atonement Lutheran Church, Baber African Methodist Episcopal Church, Baptist Temple Church, Bay Knoll Seventh Day Adventist Church, Beaver Road Church, Believers Temple, Bethany Chapel, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bethesda Church of God in Christ, Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bethsaida Evangelical Church, Blessed Sacrament Church, Borromeo Prayer Center, Breath of Life Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bride of Christ Church, Brighton Presbyterian Church, Brighton Reformed Church, Brighton United Church of Christ, Brockport Free Methodist Church, Brockport United Methodist Church, Browncroft Baptist Church, Browncroft Community Church, Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Calvary Chapel of Greece, Calvary Chapel of Rochester, Calvary Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cameron Community Ministries, Carmelite Monastery, Central Church of Christ, Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester, Charity Bible Baptist Church, Chili Bible Baptist Church, Christ Chapel Wesleyan Church, Christ Church, Christ Church Unity, Christ Clarion Church, Christ Community Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church, Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Christ the King Church, Christ View Church, Christian Apostlic Church, Christian Assembly, Christian Community Church, Christian Friendship Baptist Church, Christian Love Bible Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of His Saving Grace, Church of Life Ministries, Church of Love Faith Center, Church of Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Assumption, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the First Born, Church of the Holy Spirit, Church of the Incarnation, Church of the Risen Savior, Clarkson Congregational Church, Community Bible Church, Community Christian Church, Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church, Congregation B'Nai Israel, Coptic Monastery of Saint Shenouda, Cornerstone Bible Chapel, Corpus Christi Church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Covenant United Methodist Church, Dewey Avenue Presbyterian Church, Downtown Rochester Presbyterian Church, Durand United Church of Christ, East Church, East Penfield Church, East Rochester First Presbyterian Church, East Rochester United Methodist Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Eden Christian Church, Edgewood Free Methodist Church, Elmgrove Church (historical), Elmgrove United Church, Emanuel Christian Church, Emmanuel Church of Jesus, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, English Road Alliance Church, Ephraim Full Gospel Christian Church, Fairport Community Baptist Church, Fairport United Methodist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Chapel Apostolic Church, Faith Christian Center, Faith Church, Faith Deliverance Christian Church, Faith Hope and Charity Worship Center, Faith Tabernacle of Prayer, Faith Temple Apostolic Church, Faith Temple Church, Faith Temple of the Living God, First Assembly of God, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Chili, First Bible Church, First Born Church of the Living God, First Church Divine, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God, First Community Church of East Rochester, First Community Interfaith Institute, First Congregational Church, First Genesis Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, First Methodist Church (historical), First Pentecostal Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of Chili, First Rochester Spanish Church, First Spanish Baptist Church, First Spanish Christian Church, First Spanish Church of the Nazarene, First Unitarian Church of Rochester, First Universalist Church, First Zion Tabernacle Church, Fountain Missionary Baptist Church, Foursquare Gospel Church, Free Methodist Church (historical), Friendship United Baptist Church, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Garland Methodist Church, Gates Assembly of God, Gates Presbyterian Church, Gates Wesleyan Church, Genesee Park Boulevard Church, Genesee Valley Church, Glad Tidings Church, God Healing Temple, God Holy Temple, God's House of Refuge, God's Temple of Holy Praise, God's Work Pentecostal Church, Goodwill Baptist Church, Gospel Angel Spiritual Church, Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Church, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Grace Community Church, Grace Covenant Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Grace Unity Fellowship Church, Graves Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Greater Bethlehem Temple, Greater Deliverance Church, Greater Harmony Missionary Church, Greece Assembly of God Church, Greece Baptist Church, Greece United Methodist Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit, Guardian Angels Church, Heavenly Temple Church, Helping Hand Missionary Baptist Church, Henrietta Wesleyan Church, Higher Heights Church of God, Hilton Baptist Church, Hilton Methodist Church, His Branches Church, His Way Ministry, Holy Apostles Church, Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church, Holy Cross Church, Holy Family Church, Holy Ghost Church, Holy Light Church of God, Holy Name of Mary, Holy Rosary Church, Holy Temple of Christ, Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Hope Deliverance Temple, Hope Lutheran Church, Hope of Life Baptist Church, House of God the Church, House of Prayer for All Nation, Iglesia de Cristo Misionera, Iglesia de DIOS Amen, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Iglesias Metodista Unida Emmanuel, Immaculate Conception Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Independent Gospel Missions, Inner Faith Gospel Tabernacle, Interfaith Chapel, Irondequoit Presbyterian Church, Islamic Association Masjid, Islamic Center of Rochester, Islamic Culture Center of Rochester, Jefferson Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church, Journey Christian Church, Joy Community Church, Jubilee Christian Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Knox Church, Koinonia Fellowship, Korean United Methodist Church of Rochester, Lake Avenue Baptist Church, Lake United Methodist Church, Lakeshore Community Church, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, Lakeview Community Church, Latta Road Baptist Church, Laurelton United Presbyterian Church, Liberty Temple Church of God, Light of the World Church, Light of the World Church, Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, Lily of the Valley Church, Little Light House Church, Living Water Christian Fellowship, Living Word Church, Living Word Church of God in Christ, Living Word Temple of the Restoration, Lutheran Church of Concord, Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Lutheran Church of Peace, Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Lutheran Church of the Transfiguration, Maranatha Christian Fellowship, Maranatha Christian Fellowship, Megiddo Church, Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Memorial Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Mercy Prayer Center, Messiah Lutheran Church, Metropolitan Community Church, Mikveh Beth Hatvillah, Ministerios Ciudad de Refugio, Mision de Dios, Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, Most Precious Blood Church, Mother of Sorrows Church, Mount Avery Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Carmel Deliverance Center Church, Mount Mariah Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Mount Zion Breath of Life Church, Mount Zion Progressive Missionary Church, Mumford United Presbyterian Church, Nazareth Convent, New Beginning Church, New Beginnings Apostolic Faith, New Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, New Born Fellowship Christian Church, New Covenant Church of God, New Destiny Church, New Faith Baptist Church, New Hope Fellowship House of Praise, New Hope Free Methodist Church, New Jerusalem Church of Prayer, New Life Assembly United Pentecostal Church, New Life Church of Christ, New Life Fellowship Church, New Life Presbyterian Church, New Love Fellowship Rochester Assembly, New Progressive Cathedral, New Testament Christian Church, North Baptist Church, Northgate Bible Chapel, Ogden Church, Open Door Mission, Open Door Mission, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Outreach Temple Church of God, Park Ridge Free Methodist Church, Parsells Avenue Community Church, Peace of Christ Roman Catholic Parish, Pearce Memorial Church, Penfield Church, Pentecostal Christian Missionary Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal Memorial Baptist Church, Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Church, Pentecostal Pilgram Church of God, Peoples Ministry in Christ, Pinnacle Lutheran Church, Prayer House Church of God, Progressive Church of God in Christ, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Renewal of Life Church of God, Rochester Baptist Church, Rochester Bible Baptist Church, Rochester Christian Church, Rochester Christian Church, Rochester Community Ministry, Rochester Islamic Center, Rochester Zen Center, Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Saint Ambrose Church, Saint Andrew's Catholic Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Anne Church, Saint Boniface Church, Saint Bridget's Church, Saint Cecilia's Church, Saint Charles Borromeo Church, Saint Christophers Church, Saint Felicia Church (historical), Saint George's Roman Catholic Lithuanian Church, Saint Helen's Catholic Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint Jerome's Church, Saint John Baptist Church, Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church, Saint John the Evangelist Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Josaphat's Ukrainian Church, Saint Judes Church, Saint Lawrence Church, Saint Leo's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church (historical), Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Saint Margaret Mary Church, Saint Mark's and Saint John's Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Martins Church, Saint Mary the Protectoress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Saint Mary's Church, Saint Matthews Lutheran Church, Saint Michael's Church, Saint Monica's Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul Holiness Church, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Phillip Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Pius X Church, Saint Salome's Church, Saint Stanislaus Church, Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Saint Theodores Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas More Church, Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Saintuary Ministries, Salem United Church of Christ, Schmitt Interfaith Center, Second Baptist Church, Seneca United Methodist Church, Sinai Pentecostal Church, South Perinton Church, South Presbyterian Church, Southside Church, Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church, Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church, Spreading the Good News Ministry, Summerville Presbyterian Church, Tabernacle of Faith, Tabernacle of Joyful Praise, Tabernacle Worship, Temple B'rith Kodesh, Temple Beth El, Temple Sinai, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Third Presbyterian Church, Triedstone Baptist Church, Trinity Alliance Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Communion Church, Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Trinity Reformed Church, Triumph the Church and Kingdom, True Apostolic Church of Christ, True Light Church of God, True Saints Temple, Twelve Corners Church, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Ukrainian Christian Pentecostal Church, Unique Ministries, Unitarian Church of Rochester, United Church of Pittsford, United Methodist Church, United Missionary Baptist Church, Victory Baptist Church, Victory Community Church, Victory Fellowship Center, Victory in the City Baptist Church, Victory Outreach Ministries, Victory Tabernacle Church, Vietnamese Buddhist Association, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Walk of Life Christian Center, Waring Baptist Church, West Avenue United Methodist Church, West Side Church, Westside Christian Fellowship, Westside Church of Christ, Word of Life Christian Fellowship, Word of Life Fellowship Ministry, Word of the Cross, World Wide Church of God, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 46

  Dams     show all on map

East Guard Lock, Lock 32, West Guard Lock

  Falls     show all on map

Honeoye Falls

  Harbors     show all on map

Rochester Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Convalescent Hospital for Children, Eastman Dental Center, Genesee Hospital (historical), Hazen Health Center, Highland Hospital of Rochester, Iola Sanitarium (historical), James P Wilmot Cancer Center, Lakeside Memorial Hospital, Park Avenue Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester Psychiatric Center, Saint John Fisher College Wellness Center, Saint Marys Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester University, Unity Hospital Park Ridge Campus, University of Rochester Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Huckleberry Island, Seth Green Island, Snider Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Blue Pond, Buck Pond, Cranberry Pond, Deep Pond, Devils Bathtub, Durand Lake, Eastman Lake, Hundred Acre Pond, Irondequoit Bay, Kettle Lake, Lake Lacoma, Lake Ontario, Lake Riley, Lilly Pond, Little Pond, Long Pond, Lost Pond, Quaker Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, West Shore Ponds

  Locales     show all on map

Allens Creek Office Park, Alumni Terrace, Arrowhead Golf Club, Barker Farms, Basin Park, Bay Centre Plaza Shopping Center, Bay Towne Plaza Shopping Center, Bayview Marina, Bluff Beach, Bolton Farms, Bounty Marina, Braddock Bay Marina, Braddock Point Light, Braemar Country Club, Breslawski Farms, Bridle Wreath Farm, Brighton Commons Shopping Center, Brighton Corners Office Park, Brighton Landfill, Brighton Meadows Business Park, Brockport Country Club, Brockport Waterworks, Brockport Waterworks Pumping Station, Brockport Yacht Club, Broklea Country Club, Buckmans Plaza Shopping Center, Burch Farm, Burton Corners, Buttonwood Farms, Buttonwood Golf Course, Cambridge Place Corporate Center, Campbell - Whittlesey House, Canal Ponds Business Park, Canal View Office Park, Cardinal Creek Country Club, Carlson Park, Cartersville Guard Gate, Cedar Wood Office Park, Central Drive-In (historical), Charlotte Yacht Club, Chili - Hinchey Plaza Shopping Center, Chili - Paul Plaza Shopping Center, Chili Country Club, Chili Junction (historical), Churchville Golf Course, Cliffside Common Shopping Center, Clover Commons Shopping Center, Cobble Creek Farm, Colby Homestead Farms, Coldwater Lumber Industrial Park, Coldwater Station, Community Gun Club (historical), Cornerstone Centre, Corporate Crossings Office Campus, Corporate Woods, Country Club of Mendon, Country Club of Rochester, Country Club Plaza Shopping Center, Country Side Corners Shopping Center, Country Village Shopping Center, County Fairgrounds, Cragie Brae Golf Club, Craig Hill Country Club, Creekedge Farm, Creekside Plaza Shopping Center, Cross Keys Office Park, Crossbridge Office Park, Culver Ridge Plaza Shopping Center, Cutter Farms, Dandelion Square, Deconinck Farms, Deerfield Country Club, Depot Plaza Shopping Center, Dewey Latta Plaza Shopping Center, Doan Family Farms, Durand Eastman Golf Course, Eagle Vale Golf Course, East Pier Light, Eastman Quadrangle, Ellwanger Garden, Elm Ridge Plaza Shopping Center, Elmgrove Farm, Elmgrove Industrial Park, Empire Drive-In (historical), Empire Plaza Shopping Center, Executive South Family Golf Center, Falls Plaza Shopping Center, Fauver Stadium, Frank E Van Lare Treatment Facility, Gates Business Park, Gateway Plaza Shopping Center, Genesee Dock, Genesee Valley Park Golf Course, Genesee Valley Regional Market, Genesee Yacht Club, George Eastman House, Georgetown Plaza Shopping Center, Gioia Farms, Golden Flyer Stadium, Greece Park Mall Shopping Center, Greece Station (historical), Greece Towne Centre Shopping Center, Greenwell Farms, Growney Stadium, Heberle Farms, Henrietta Plaza Shopping Center, Henrietta Station, Henrietta Toll Plaza, Henrietta Townline Plaza Shopping Center, Hervey Ely House, High Acres Landfill and Recycling Center, Hillcrest Country Club (historical), Hitching Post Plaza Shopping Center, Holleder Memorial Stadium (historical), Holleder Technology Park, Honeoye Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hopkins Farm, Industry, Irondequoit Country Club, Island Valley Golf Course, Jefferson Plaza Shopping Center, Jetview Business Park, John Bailey High Tech Centre, Kelly Farm, Kirbys Farm, Knickerbocker Farms, Kohlman Farms, Kruger Farms, La Marina Bayview, Lakeshore Country Club, Lakeshore Drive-In (historical), Landmark Society of Western New York, Latta Lea Par 3 Golf Course, Leibeck Farm, Leverenz Farms, Linden Oaks Office Park, Locust Hill Country Club, Locust Hill Country Club, Mariah Meadows Farm, Marway Circle Industrial Park, Matthews Farms, Mayer's Marina, McCracken Farms, McMillan Marine, Medley Centre Shopping Center, Meridan Centre, Metro Industrial Park, Midvals Golf Club, Mill Creek Golf Course, Mill Seat Solid Waste Landfill, Monroe County Parks Arboretum, Monroe Golf Club, Natapow Quadrangle, Newport Marina, Newport Yacht Club, North Greece Plaza Shopping Center, North Park Drive-In (historical), North Park Plaza Shopping Center, North Pointe Plaza Shopping Center, North Ridge Farms, Northgate Shopping Center, Northwest Quadrant Treatment Facility, Oak Hill Country Club, Ogden Industrial Isle, Ontario Beach Park, Panorama Plaza Shopping Center, Parkside Commons Shopping Center, Parkway Commons Shopping Center, Partyka Farms, Pelican River Marina, Penfield Country Club, Penn Fair Plaza Shopping Center, Perinton Golf Club, Perinton Industrial Park, Perinton Square Shopping Center, Pinewood Country Club, Pittsford Colony Plaza Shopping Center, Pittsford Farms, Pittsford Place Mall Shopping Center, Pittsford Village Green, Pixley Industrial Park, Powder Mill Office Park, R P Fedder Industrial Park, Regency Oaks Industrial Park, Reis Farms, Ridge - Hudson Plaza Shopping Center, Ridge Hill Mall Shopping Center, Ridgemont Golf Club, Ridgemont Plaza Shopping Center, Riverton Oaks Golf Course, Riverview Yacht Basin, Robbs Farm, Rochester Country Club, Rochester Drive-In (historical), Rochester Gun Club (historical), Rochester Harbor Light, Rochester Henrietta Planned Industrial Park, Rochester Historical Society, Rochester International Commerce Center, Rochester Science Park, Rochester Yacht Club, Saint John Fisher College Golf Course, Salmon Creek Country Club, Schutts Farm, Scottsville Rest Stop, Scottsville Sewage Plant, Scutti Plaza North Shopping Center, Scutti Plaza South Shopping Center, Seneca Park Zoo, Shadow Lake Golf and Raquet Club, Shadow Pines Country Club, Shore Acres Golf Course, Shoremont Plaza Shopping Center, Shumway Marine, Silco Farms, Silver Stadium (historical), South Town Plaza Shopping Center, Southern Meadows Executive Golf Course, Southtown Industrial Park, Southview Commons Shopping Center, Special Olympics Stadium, Speedy's Plaza Shopping Center, Spencerport Wastewater Treatment Plant, Spencerport Waterworks, Spring Pines Office Park, Springdale Farm, Starlite Drive-In (historical), Stone Tolan House, Stoneridge Plaza Shopping Center, Street of Shoppes Plaza Shopping Center, Stutson Bridge Plaza Shopping Center, Suburban Plaza Shopping Center, Summit Point Business Centre, Susan B Anthony House, Sutter's Marina, Sweeney Farms, The Commons Shopping Center, Thruway Industrial Park, Thunder Ridge Country Club, Tobey Village Office Park, Towne Plaza Shopping Center, Townline Business Center, Twelve Corners Plaza Shopping Center, Twin Hills Golf Course, University Business Center, University Park of Rochester, Vantage Point Business Center, Village Landing Shopping Center, Village Plaza Shopping Center, Volkman Farms, Waring Plaza Shopping Center, Warner Castle, Washington Drive-In (historical), Webster Golf Course, Webster Plaza Shopping Center, Webster Square Shopping Center, Webster Woods Business Park, West Brighton Plaza Shopping Center, West Henrietta Station, Westfall, Westmar Plaza Shopping Center, Westover Center, Westridge Shopping Center, Whittier Fruit Farm, Wildwood Country Club, Willard Farms, Willowbrook Office Park, Wilson Quadrangle, Winmark Office Park, Winton Place Shopping Center, Woodcliff Office Park, Woodcliff Sports and Golf Course, Zarpentine Farms, Zastrocky Farms, Zuber Farms

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Brockport Gap Filler Annex (historical)

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Anthony Square, Black Creek Park, Bob Boozer Field, Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area, Churchville Park, Cobbs Hill Park, Dugan Yard, Durand Eastman Park, Edgerton Park, Edmund-Lyon Park, Ellison Park, Genesee Valley Park, Greece Park, Hamlin Beach State Park, Highland Park, Irondequoit Bay Park, Jones Square, Kreag Road Park, Legion Eyer Park, Maplewood Park, Mendon Ponds Park, Northampton Park, Oatka Creek Park, Perinton Park, Powder Mill Park, Pulaski Park, Sawyer Park, Seneca Park, Teoronto Block Historic District, Veterans Memorial Park, Webster Park, White Haven Memorial Park

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Adams Basin, Arnett, Bailey, Barnard, Bartlett Corners, Bay View, Belcoda, Benedict Beach, Beulah, Braddock Heights, Brighton, Brockport, Brookdale, Bushnell Basin, Catfield, Cedar Swamp, Charlotte, Chili Center, Churchville, Clarkson, Clarkson Mobile Home Park, Clifton, Cobbs Hill, Coldwater, Collamer, Crescent Beach, Crittenden, Dann Corner, Davison Beach, East Penfield, East Rochester, Egypt, Elmgrove, Evergreen Mobile Home Park, Fairport, Fenner, Five Points, Five Points, Ford Corner, Forest Lawn, Garbutt, Garland, Gates Center, Genesee Junction, German Village, Glen Edith, Glen Haven, Golah, Grand View Beach, Grand View Heights, Greece, Greenridge Mobile Home Park, Hamlin, Hannans Corner, Harper Park, Harper Park Rochester, Henrietta, Hilton, Hinkleyville, Honeoye Falls, Irondequoit, Island Cottage Beach, Kendall Mills, Lighthouse Beach, Lincoln Park, Manitou Beach, Manns Corner, Maplewood, Martin, Meadow Wood, Mendon, Mendon Center, Mile of Woods, Moran Corner, Mortimer, Morton, Mount Read, Mumford, Newport, North Chili, North Gates, North Greece, North Hamlin, North Rush, Ogden Center, Oklahoma Beach, Ontario Beach, Onteo Beach, Otis, Otis, Parma Center, Parma Corners, Payne Beach, Penfield, Penfield Center, Pittsford, Redman Corners, Ridgeland, Riga, Rigney Bluff, Rochester, Rochester Junction, Rock Beach, Roseland, Rush, Sandy Harbour Beach, Scottsville, Sea Breeze, Sebastian Mobile Home Park, September Place Mobile Home Park, Severance, Shore Acres, Sibleyville, South Chili, South Greece, Spencerport, Summerville, Sunset Valley Manufactured Home Community, Sweden Center, Tomlinson Corners, Town Pump, Tressmar, Troutburg, Twelve Corners, Uptonville, Walker, Wautoma Beach, Webster, West Brighton, West Chili, West Greece, West Henrietta, West Rush, West Sweden, West Webster, Wheatland Center, Whipple Park, White City, Whites, Windsor Beach

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Brighton Rochester Post Office, Brockport Post Office, Charlotte Post Office, Churchville Post Office, Clarkson Post Office, Dewey Post Office, Downtown Rochester Post Office, East Rochester Post Office, Fairport Post Office, Federal Post Office, Greece Post Office, Henrietta Post Office, Hilton Post Office, Irondequoit Post Office, Lexington Rochester Post Office, Penfield Post Office, Pittsford Post Office, Rochester Post Office, Rush Post Office, Scottsville Post Office, Spencerport Post Office, Thurston Road Post Office, Webster Post Office, West Ridge Post Office, Westgate Post Office

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Buell Pond (historical), Cobbs Hill Reservoir, Rush Reservoir

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A D Oliver Middle School, A M Cosgrove Middle School, ABC Head Start, Abelard Reynolds School, Adlai E Stevenson School, Alexander Hamilton School, All Saints Catholic Academy, Allen Creek School, Allendale Columbia School, Alphabet Campus Daycare Center, Andrew J Townson School, Apollo Middle School, Aquinas Institute, Arcadia Middle School, Archangel School, Asbury Daycare Center, Athena Middle School, Atlantic Avenue School, Autumn Lane Elementary School, Baird Road School, Ballantyne School, Barclay Elementary School, Barker Road Middle School, Barnard School, Bates - Rich Beginnings Child Care Center, Bay Knoll Seventh Day Adventist Church School, Bay Trail Middle School, Benjamin Franklin Montessori School, Bioscience and Health Care High School - Franklin, Bishop Kearney High School, Blessed Sacrament School, Bread of Life Christian Academy, Briarwood School, Brick School (historical), Brighton High School, Britton Road Junior High School, Brockport Child Daycare Center, Brockport High School, Brockport State University, Brooks Hill School, Brookside Elementary School Campus, Brookside School, Brookview School, Browncroft Daycare Center, Bubbles Daycare Center, Buckman Heights Elementary School, Calkins Road Middle School, Canal View Elementary School, Cardinal Mooney High School, Care - a - lot Child Care of Henrietta, Care -a - lot Child Care, Cathedral School at Holy Rosary, Catherine McAuley School, Central Junior High School, Charles Carroll School, Charles G Finney High School, Charles H Roth Middle School, Charlotte High School, Chester Dewey School, Chestnut Ridge Elementary School, Childtime Childcare Center, Childtime Childcare Center, Childtime Children's Center, Childtime Children's Center, Childtime Children's Center, Childtime Children's Center, Christ Community Church School, Christ the King School, Churchville - Chili Middle School, Clara Barton School, Clarkson Children's Center, Clarkson District Number 2 Public School (historical), Cobbles Elementary School, Cobblestone School, Colebrook School, Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Columbia Girls School, Community Child Care Center, Community Place of Greater Rochester, Corners High School, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Corpus Christi School, Council Rock Primary School, Craig Hill Elementary School, Creative Beginnings Child Care Center, Creative Kidz Child Care Center, Crittenden School, Culver School, Dag Hammarskjold School, Dake Junior High School, David B Crane Elementary School, Denonville Junior High School, Derech Hatorah of Rochester, Destiny School for the Gifted and Talented, Dewitt Road Elementary School, Doctor Charles T Lunsford School, Doctor Freddie Thomas High School, Doctor Louis A Cerulli School, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior School, Dudley School, Durand - Eastman Intermediate School, E Philip Saunders College of Business, East High School, East High School (historical), East Irondequoit Middle School, East Ridge High School, East Rochester Elementary School, East Rochester Junior - Senior High School, Eastman School, Eastman School of Music, Edison School, Edison School, Emma E Sherman Elementary School, Empire State College, English Village Elementary School, Enrico Fermi School, Ethel K Fyle Elementary School, Fairbanks Road Elementary School, Fairport High School, Faith Child Care and Nursery School, Fallone's Funtime Center, Florence Brasser School, Floyd S Winslow Elementary School, Francis Parker School, Frank Fowler Dow School, Fred W Hill School, French Road Elementary School, Friendship Children's Center, Frisbee Hill School (historical), Gates - Chili Middle School, Gates-Chili High School, General Elwell S Otis School, Generations Child Care Center, Genesee Community Charter School at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, George Mather Forbes School, Gillette School, Ginther Elementary School, Global Media Arts High School - Franklin, Golisano College of Computing and Information Science, Greece Arcadia High School, Greece Athena High School, Greece Christian School, Greece Montessori School, Greece Olympia High School, Guardian Angels School, Hamidiye Academy, Harley School, Harris Hill Elementary School, Helendale Road Primary School, Henry Hudson School, Henry Lomb School, Henry V Burger Middle School, Henry W Longfellow School, Hillel School, Hiller School, Hillside - Halpern Education Center, Hilton High School, Hilton Northwood School, Hochstein Music School, Holmes Road Elementary School, Holy Apostles School, Holy Cross School, Holy Family School, Holy Ghost School, Holy Trinity School, Hoover Drive Junior High School, Ibero Family Preservation Center, Immaculate Conception School, Indian Landing Elementary School, Indian Springs Daycare Center, International Finance and Economic Development High School, Irondequoit High School, Irondequoit School (historical), Iroquois Middle School, Ivan L Green Primary School, James Monroe High School, James S Alesi Academic Center, Jefferson Avenue School, Jefferson Road Elementary School, Jenkins School, Johanna Perrin Middle School, John Marshall High School, John Walton Spencer School, Joseph C Wilson Magnet High School, Karlan School, Kiddie Kollege, Kiddie Kollege, Kinder - Care Learning Center, Kings Preparatory High School, Kirk Road Elementary School, Klem Road North Elementary School, Klem Road South School, Kodak Park School, Lake View School, Lakeshore Elementary School, Lakeside Child Care Center, Lakeside School (historical), Lamberton Conservatory, Laurelton - Pardee Intermediate School, Laurelton School, Leo Bernabi Elementary School, Lincoln Park School, Lincoln School, Lincoln School, Listwood School, Living Waters Daycare Center, Longridge Elementary School, Madison High School, Martha Brown Middle School, Martin B Anderson School, Mary Cariola Childrens Center, McQuaid Jesuit High School, Mechanics Institute (historical), Mendon Center Elementary School, Merton Williams Middle School, Minerva Deland School, Monica B Leary Elementary School, Monroe Community College, Montessori School of Rochester, Mount Carmel School, Nathaniel Hawthorne School, Nathaniel Rochester School, Nativity Parochial School (historical), Nazareth Academy, Nazareth College of Rochester, Nazareth Hall School, Neil Armstrong School, New Horizons Early Childhood Center, Ninth Grade Academy, Norman Howard School, North Baptist Christian School, North School (historical), North Side Public School (historical), North Star School (historical), Northeast College Preparatory High School at Douglass Campus, Northside Christian Academy, Northside School, Northstar Christian Academy, Northwest College Preparatory High School at Douglass Campus, Norwood School, Oakview School, Odyssey Academy, Olive Branch School (historical), Ora Academy, Oregon Leopold Daycare Center, Our Lady of Good Counsel School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Our Lady of Mercy High School, Our Lady of Mercy School, Our Lady Queen of Peace School, Our Mother of Sorrows School, Our Saviour Child Development Center, Paddy Hill Elementary School, Pardee School, Park Road School, Parkland Elementary School Campus, Paul Road School, Pearce 4 Kids Child Care Center, Penfield Presbyterian Church Daycare Center, Penfield Senior High School, Penfield Village Nursery School and Kindergarten, Pepper Hill Farm Child Care Center, Phoenix School, Pine Brook Elementary School, Pine Grove School, Pinnacle Lutheran Church Daycare Center, Pinnacle Lutheran School, Pinnacle School, Pitter - Patter Daycare Center, Pittsford - Mendon High School, Pittsford Junior High School, Pittsford Sutherland High School, Plank Road North Elementary School, Plank Road South Elementary School, Precious Times Daycare Center, Quest Elementary School, Ridgewood Junior High School, Roberto Clemente School, Roberts Wesleyan College, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester Academy of Medicine, Rochester Academy of Seventh Day Adventists, Rochester Children's Nursery, Rochester Christian School, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester School for the Deaf, Rogers Middle School, Rush - Henrietta Senior High School, Sacred Heart School, Saint Agnes High School, Saint Ambrose School, Saint Andrews School, Saint Anthony of Padua School, Saint Augustines School, Saint Barnards Seminary, Saint Boniface School, Saint Bridgets School, Saint Cecilias School, Saint Charles Borromeo School, Saint Francis Xavier School, Saint Helens School, Saint James School, Saint John Child Care Center, Saint John Fisher College, Saint John Neumann School, Saint John of Rochester School, Saint John the Evangelist School, Saint John the Evangelist School, Saint Johns School, Saint Johns School, Saint Josephats School, Saint Josephs High School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Lawrence School, Saint Louis School, Saint Margaret Mary School, Saint Monicas School, Saint Paul Lutheran School, Saint Peter's Child Care Center, Saint Phillip Neri School, Saint Pius X School, Saint Ritas School, Saint Stanislaus School, Saint Thomas School, Sands Academy, Schlegel Road Elementary School, School Number 1 (historical), School Number 1 (historical), School Number 1 (historical), School Number 1 (historical), School Number 1 (historical), School Number 1 (historical), School Number 10, School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 10 (historical), School Number 11, School Number 11 (historical), School Number 11 (historical), School Number 11 (historical), School Number 11 (historical), School Number 12, School Number 12 (historical), School Number 12 (historical), School Number 12 (historical), School Number 12 (historical), School Number 12 (historical), School Number 12 (historical), School Number 13 (historical), School Number 13 (historical), School Number 13 (historical), School Number 13 (historical), School Number 13 (historical), School Number 14 (historical), School Number 14 (historical), School Number 14 (historical), School Number 15, School Number 15 (historical), School Number 16 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 2 (historical), School Number 21, School Number 24, School Number 26, School Number 27, School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 3 (historical), School Number 33, School Number 37, School Number 38, School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical), School Number 40, School Number 45, School Number 5, School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 5 (historical), School Number 50, School Number 53, School Number 54, School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 6 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 7 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 8 (historical), School Number 9, School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical), School of the Arts, School of the Good Shepherd, School of the Holy Childhood, School Without Walls, Scribner Road Elementary School, Seneca School, Seton Catholic School, Siena Catholic Academy, Small World Nursery, Southlawn School, Spencerport High School, Sperry High School, Spry Middle School, State Agricultural and Industrial School, State Road Elementary School, State University of New York College at Brockport, Storybook Child Care Center, Storybook Child Care Center, Storybook Child Care Center, Storybook Child Care Center, Strong School, Sunshine Daycare Center, T J Connor Elementary School, Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York, The Children's Center of Brighton, The Unique Child Daycare Center, Theodore Roosevelt School, Thomas High School, Thomas Jefferson High School, Thornell Road School, Toddlers' Workshop Kindergarten, Tots University Child Care Campus, Town Line School, Trinity Montessori School, Trinity School, Trowbridge School, True North Rochester Prepatory Charter School, Twelve Corners Daycare Center, Twelve Corners Middle School, Underwood School, University of Rochester, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester South Campus, Urban Choice Charter School, Village Elementary School, Virgil Grissom School, Vollmer School, Volunteers of America Children's Center, Walt Disney School, Warren Harding School, Washington Irving School, Webster - Schroeder High School, Webster Christian School, Webster Junior High School, Webster Montessori School, Wegmans School of Nursing, Wegmans School of Pharmacy, West Avenue School, West Church Street Public School (historical), West Junior High School, West Ridge Elementary School, Westfall Academy, Wheatland-Chili High School, William C Munn Elementary School, Willink Middle School, Willson School, Wilson Commencement Park Early Learning Center, World of Inquiry School

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Allen Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Brockport Creek, Brush Creek, Buttonwood Creek, Cowsucker Creek, Cross Canal Brook, Densmore Creek, East Branch Allen Creek, East Creek, East Creek, Fleming Creek, Fourmile Creek, Genesee River, Hobbie Creek, Honeoye Creek, Hotel Creek, Irondequoit Creek, Kirk Creek, Larkin Creek, Little Black Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moorman Creek, Northrup Creek, Otis Creek, Paddy Hill Creek, Red Creek, Round Pond Creek, Salmon Creek, Sandy Creek, Slater Creek, Smith Creek, Spring Brook, Spring Creek, Thomas Creek, Thousand Acre Brook, Trout Creek, West Brook, West Creek, West Creek, West Fork Moorman Creek, White Brook, Yanty Creek

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Blue Hill, Cobbs Hill, Craig Hill, Frisbee Hill, Groundhog Hill, Junction Hill, Methodist Hill, Munson Hill, Paddy Hill, Pine Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Ryder Hill, Science Hill, Turk Hill, Woodchuck Hill

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Thousand Acre Swamp, Yanty Marsh

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WASB-AM (Brockport), WBBF-AM (Rochester), WBEE-FM (Rochester), WBKT-FM (Brockport), WBSU-FM (Brockport), WCMF-FM (Rochester), WDKX-FM (Rochester), WGMC-FM (Greece), WHAM-AM (Rochester), WHEC-TV (Rochester), WIRQ-FM (Rochester), WITR-FM (Henrietta), WKLX-FM (Rochester), WMHN-FM (Webster), WOKR-TV (Rochester), WOSB-FM (Irondequoit), WOSB-FM (Irondequoit), WPXY-AM (Rochester), WPXY-FM (Rochester), WRMM-AM (Rochester), WRMM-FM (Rochester), WROC-TV (Rochester), WRUR-FM (Rochester), WRUR-FM (Rochester), WUHF-TV (Rochester), WWWG-AM (Rochester), WXXI-AM (Rochester), WXXI-FM (Rochester), WXXI-TV (Rochester),

Monroe County, New York Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMonroe County White population 582,736582,736  
BlackMonroe County Black population 119,689119,689
AsianMonroe County Asian population 25,43425,433
MixedMonroe County Mixed population 17,20517,205
American IndianMonroe County American Indian population 2,9922,992
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMonroe County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 748748

Additional population tables :
State population table
New York population by county