Nassau County, New York Basics:

Nassau County New York - Government Site

Population: 1,348,283
Area: 285 square miles
County seat: Mineola
Area code(s) in use: 516
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 90.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 41.4%
Median household income: $97,049
Persons in poverty: 5.8%
Home ownership rate: 81.3%
Mean travel time to work: 33.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Nassau County area

Our detail map of Nassau County shows the Nassau County, New York boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Nassau County, New York

  Airports     show all on map

Alexanders-Roosevelt Heliport, Aviation Country Club Airport (historical), Belmont Park Heliport, Cove Neck Heliport, Curtiss Wright Airport (historical), EAB Plaza Heliport, Fitzmaurie Field (historical), Grumman-Bethpage Airfield, Island Heliport, Long Beach Memorial Hospital Heliport, Medical Center Heliport, Merrill Glen Cove Heliport, Nassau Airport (historical), North Shore University Hospital Heliport, Roosevelt Field (historical), Sands Point Seaplane Base, Thomson Industries Incorporated Heliport, Tobay Beach Park Heliport, Unisys Heliport, Winthrop University Hospital Heliport

  Bars     show all on map

Centre Island Reef, Diamond Shoals, Gangway Rock, Old Hen, Picket Rock, Stepping Stones, Success Rock

  Bays     show all on map

Baldwin Bay, Bannister Bay, Bay of Fundy, Brosewere Bay, Cold Spring Harbor, East Bay, Hempstead Bay, Hempstead Harbor, Hewlett Bay, Inner Harbor, Island Park Harbor, Jones Bay, Manhasset Bay, Massapequa Cove, Merrick Bay, Middle Bay, Mosquito Cove, Mott Cove, Motts Basin, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Harbor, Parsonage Cove, Randall Bay, Shell Harbor, South Oyster Bay, The Cove, The Lagoon, The Run, Tobay Heading, West Harbor, West Harbor, Zachs Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Atlantic Beach, Bar Beach, Beekman Beach, Centre Island Beach, Cold Spring Beach, Creek Club Beach, East Atlantic Beach, East Beach, Ferry Beach, Hicks Beach, Jones Beach, Lido Beach, Long Beach, Meudon Beach, Oak Neck Beach, Pratts Beach, Short Beach, Stehli Beach, Tappen Beach, The Creek Beach, Tobay Beach, West Harbor Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Atlantic Beach Bridge, Bayville Bridge, Colonial Road Bridge, Goose Creek Bridge, Long Beach Road Bridge, Long Creek Bridge, Sloop Channel Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

A Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility, A Holly Patterson Geriatric Facility, A Holly Patterson Library, Abrams Communication Center, Adams Hall, Adams Playhouse, African American Museum, Albertson Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Company 1 Dewey Avenue, Albertson Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Company 1 Headquarters, Alden Manor Branch Elmont Public Library, Alert Engine Hook Ladder and Hose Company 1 Station 1, Alert Engine Hook Ladder and Hose Company 1 Station 2, Alliance Hall, Alumnae Hall, Amber Court Assisted Living Facility, American Institute of Physics, American Legion Post Number 122, Arnold S Winnick Student Center, Atlantic Beach Fire Rescue, Atlantic Steamer Fire Company 1, Atria Great Neck Assisted Living Facility, Atria Lynbrook Assisted Living Facility, Atria Plainview Assisted Living Facility, Atria Tanglewood Assisted Living Facility, Axinn Hall, B Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, Baldwin Public Library, Baldwin Volunteer Fire Department Hook and Ladder Company 2 Hose Company 4, Baldwin Volunteer Fire Department Hook Ladder and Hose Company 1, Baldwin Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 2, Baldwin Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 3, Barnard Hall, Barry Hall, Baxter Estates Village Hall, Bayview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Bayview Nursing Home, Bayville Fire Department, Bayville Free Library, Bayville Village Hall, Beach Terrace Care Center, Belair Care Center, Bellerose Terrace Volunteer Fire Department, Bellerose Village Hall, Bellerose Volunteer Fire Department, Bellmore - Merrick Emergency Medical Services, Bellmore Memorial Library, Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department Harbor Engine Company 2, Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 1 Advance Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1, Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department West End Engine Company 3, Berger Hall, Bernon Hall, Bethpage Public Library, Bethpage Volunteer Fire Department Engine and Ladder Company 4, Bethpage Volunteer Fire Department Engine Company 5, Bethpage Volunteer Fire Department Engine Company 7 and Ladder Company 3, Bill of Rights Hall, Blodgett Hall, Bowditch Hall, Bradley Hall, Breslin Hall, Brookville Residence Hall, Brower Hall, Bryant Library, Butler Annex, C V Starr Hall, Calderone Theater (historical), Calkins Hall, Carle Place Fire Department, Casey Center, Cedarhurst Village Hall, Cedarhurst Village Hall, Central Avenue Branch Massapequa Public Library, Central Theatre, Centre Island Police Station, Chapman Hall, Cleveland Hall, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Cancer Genome Research Center, College Hall, Conolly Gymnasium, Constitution Hall, Continental Hall (historical), Cradle of Aviation Museum, Davison Hall, Delano Hall, Dematters Center for Cardiac Research and Education, Dempster Hall, Dollhouse, Earle - Wightman House Museum, Earle Hall, East Meadow Fire Department Headquarters, East Meadow Fire Department Station 1, East Meadow Fire Department Station 2, East Meadow Fire Department Station 3, East Meadow Fire Department Station 4, East Meadow Public Library, East Norwich Volunteer Fire Company 1, East Rockaway Progressive Care Facility, East Rockaway Public Library, East Rockaway Village Hall, East Rockaway Village Hall, East Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 1, East Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department Liberty Hose Company 2, East Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department Rescue and Floodlight Company, East Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department Vigilant Engine Company 5 and Protector Hook Ladder Hose 1, East Williston Fire Department, East Williston Public Library, Eddy Hall, Edward F Barrett Power Station, Elmont Public Library, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Belmont Chemical Engine and Hose Company 1, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Belmont Hook and Ladder Company 1, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department East End Chemical Engine and Hose Company 3, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Elmont Engine and Hose Company 2, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Elmont Engine Company 4, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Squad, Elmont Volunteer Fire Department Heavy Rescue Company 1 Hook and Ladder Company 2, Enterprise Hall, Enterprise Hose Company, Estabrook Hall, Execution Rocks Lighthouse, Farmingdale Fire Department, Farmingdale Public Library, Farmingdale Village Hall, Fine Arts Museum of Long Island (historical), Fitch Building, Five Towns Community Chest Center, Five Towns Community House, Floral Park Public Library, Floral Park Village Hall, Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department Active Engine Company 3, Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department Alert Engine and Rescue Company 1 Hook and Ladder Company 2, Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department Reliance Engine Company 2, Flower Hill Village Hall, Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department, Franklin Square Public Library, Freeport Memorial Library, Freeport Village Hall, Freeport Village Hall, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Bayview Hose Company 3, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company 1, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 1, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 4, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 5, Freeport Volunteer Fire Department Vigilant Hose Company 2 Wide Awake Engine Company 1, Fulton Hall, Furuseth Hall, Garden Care Center, Garden City Fire Department Eagan, Garden City Park Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Garden City Park Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Garden City Public Library, Garden City Village Hall, Garden City Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Garden City Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Garden City Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Garvies Point Museum, Gibbs Hall, Gittleson Hall, Glen Cove Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, Glen Cove City Hall, Glen Cove Fire Department, Glen Cove Public Library, Glengariff Health Care Center, Glenwood Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Fire Company Station 1 Headquarters, Glenwood Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Fire Company Station 2, Glenwood Power House, Gold Coast Public Library, Gold Coast Public Library, Goudreau Museum of Mathematics, Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Great Hall, Great Neck Estates Village Hall, Great Neck Library, Great Neck Library Lakeville Branch, Great Neck Library Parkville Branch, Great Neck Village Hall, Griffing Hall, Grist Mill Museum, Guther Boat House, Hagedorn Hall, Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, Harbor House Assisted Living Facility, Harvey Hall, Heger Hall, Heitz Place Courthouse, Helen Keller National Center Assisted Living Facility, Hempstead Public Library, Hempstead Village Hall, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department Eagle Engine Company 1 Reliance Engine Company 3, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department East End Enterprise Hose Company 1 Protection Hose Company 2, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department Southside Hose Hook and Ladder Company 2, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department Union Engine Company 2 Harper Hook and Ladder Company 2, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department Victory Engine Company 4, Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department West End Engine Company 5, Henry Waldinger Memorial Library, Hewlett - Woodmere Public Library, Hewlett Bay Park Village Hall, Hewlett Fire Department, Hi-Hello Child Day Care Center, Hicksville Gregory Museum, Hicksville Medical Arts Building, Hicksville Public Library, Hicksville Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Citizens Engine Company 3 Heavy Rescue 8, Hicksville Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Independent Engine and Hose Company 2, Hicksville Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Emergency Company 5 Hook and Ladder Company 6, Hicksville Volunteer Fire Department Station 4 Protection Hook and Ladder 1 Engine 7 Hose Company 4, Hillside Public Library, Hillwood Commons, Hoffmann Manor of Long Beach Assisted Living Facility, Hofstra Arena, Hofstra Dome, Hofstra Hall, Houser Hall, Hoxie Hall, Humanities Hall, Hy Weinberg Center, Interfaith Center, Inwood Fire Department, Island Park Fire Department, Island Park Public Library, Island Park Village Hall, Island Park Village Hall, Island Trees Public Library, Jane Street House, Jericho Public Library, Jericho Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Jericho Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Engine and Ladder 1 Guardian Engine 2 Rescue Company 4, Jericho Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Trident Engine Company 3, Jewish War Veterans Memorial Building, John A Hessel Memorial Hall, Jones Hall, Jones Manor Adult Home, Jones Manor on the Sound Assisted Living Facility, Kellenberg Hall, Kennedy House, Kings Residence Hall, Komanoff Center for Geriatric and Rehabilitative Medicine, Kumble Hall, Kushner Hall, Lakeview Fire Department, Lakeview Public Library, Land Hall, Laurel Theatre, Lawrence Cedarhurst Fire Department, Lawrence Village Hall, Levermore Hall, Levittown Fire Department, Levittown Fire Department Station 2, Levittown Fire Department Station 3, Levittown Public Library, Liberty Hall, Lido and Point Lookout Fire District Action Engine Company 1, Lido and Point Lookout Fire District Lido Engine Company 1, Lido and Point Lookout Fire District Ye Olde Firehouse, Linen Hall, Little Theatre, Locust Valley Library, Locust Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Long Beach City Hall, Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Long Island Children's Museum, Lowe Hall, Lynbrook Fire Department Emergency Medical Company, Lynbrook Public Library, Lynbrook Village Hall, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Company 1, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Engine Company 1, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Floodlight Unit 1, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company 1, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Hook Ladder and Bucket Company 1, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Tally - Ho Chemical Engine Company 3, Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department Vulcan Chemical and Hose Company Engine 2, M Robert Lowe Hall, Mack Hall, Malverne Public Library, Malverne Village Hall, Malverne Volunteer Fire Department Norwood Hook Ladder and Hose Company, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Company 1, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Company 2, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Company 3 and Ambulance Squad, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Company 4, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Company 5, Manhasset - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Manorhaven Village Hall, Manorhaven Village Hall, Maple Pointe at Rockville Center Assisted Living Facility, Margiotta Hall, Marine Theater, Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Mason Hall, Massapequa Park Village Hall, Massapequa Park Village Hall, Massapequa Public Library, Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department East End Station 3, Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department Park House Station 2, Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department West End Station 1, Mayfair Care Center Nursing Home, McEwen Hall, Meadowbrook Care Center Nursing Home, Meadowmeer Park Fire Department, Melville Hall, Memorial Hall, Merrick Fire Department Empire Hose Company 3, Merrick Fire Department Friendship Engine and Hose Company, Merrick Fire Department Hook and Ladder Company 1, Merrick Library, Mineola Fire Department Company 3, Mineola Public Library, Mineola Village Hall, Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Monroe Lecture Center, Murphy Hall, Nassau County Executive Building, Nassau County Jail, Nassau County Museum of Art, Nassau County Supreme Court, Nassau Extended Care Facility, Nassau Hall, Nassau Hall, Nassau Residence Hall, Nassau Shores Bathing Pavillion (historical), New Hyde Park Public Library, New Hyde Park Village Hall, New Hyde Park Village Hall, New Hyde Park Volunteer Fire Department Enterprise Engine and Active Ladder Company 1 and Rescue 4, New Hyde Park Volunteer Fire Department Estates Engine Company 3, New Hyde Park Volunteer Fire Department Protection Engine Company 2, North Bellmore Engine and Rescue Company 2, North Bellmore Fire Department Smithville South Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1, North Bellmore Public Library, North Hall, North Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters Station 1, North Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, North Memorial Arbor, North Merrick Fire Department, North Merrick Public Library, North Shore Schools Board of Education, O'Hara Hall, Oceanside Care Center, Oceanside Library, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department Columbia Engine Company 1, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department Oceanside Hose Company 1, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Company 1, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department Salamander Hook Ladder and Bucket Company 1, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department South Side Hose Company 2, Oceanside Volunteer Fire Department Terrace Hose and Chemical Company 3, Old Nassau County Courthouse, Old Orchard Museum, Olmsted Theatre, Oyster Bay - East Norwich Public Library, Oyster Bay Fire Company 1, Palmer Hall, Park Avenue Extended Care Facility, Parkview Care and Rehabilitation Center, Pell Hall, Peninsula Public Library, Phillips Hall, Plainedge Public Library, Plainview - Old Bethpage Public Library, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters Engine Company 1 Truck Company 3, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Engine Company 2, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Engine Company 4, Plandome Volunteer Fire Department, Play House Theatre, Port Washington Public Library, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Atlantic Hook and Ladder Company 1 Station 1, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Atlantic Hook and Ladder Company 1 Station 2, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Fire Medic Company 1, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Flower Hill Hose Company 1, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Protection Engine Company 1 Station 1, Port Washington Volunteer Fire Department Protection Engine Company 1 Station 2, Post Hall, Post Hall, Pratts Dairy Barn (historical), Prosser Boat House, Quealy Hall, Queens Residence Hall, Raynham Hall Museum, Renegade Hook and Ladder Company 2, Republic Hall, Riggs Residence Hall, Rock Hall Museum, Rockville Centre Public Library, Rockville Centre Village Hall, Rockville Centre Volunteer Fire Department Defender Hose Company 1, Rockville Centre Volunteer Fire Department Floodlight Company 1 Alert Engine and Hose Company 2, Rockville Centre Volunteer Fire Department Live Oak Engine Company 1, Rockville Centre Volunteer Fire Department Reliance Hose Company 3, Rockville Centre Volunteer Fire Department Woodland Engine Company 4, Rockville Nursing Center, Rockville Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Roger Hall, Roosevelt Hall, Roosevelt Public Library, Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters Station 1, Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Rosewood Nursing Home, Roslyn Highlands Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Company Station 1, Roslyn Highlands Hook and Ladder Engine and Hose Company Station 2, Roslyn Police Station, Roslyn Rescue Hook and Ladder Company Station 1, Roslyn Rescue Hook and Ladder Company Station 2, Roslyn Rescue Hook and Ladder Company Station 3, Roslyn Village Hall, Roslyn Village Hall, Roslyn Water District Pumping Station, Roth Hall, Saint Christophers Home For Babies, Saint John's Home (historical), Saint Josephs Villa, Saint Mary of the Angels Home, Saltzman Community Services Center, Samuels Hall, Sands Point Center for Health and Rehabilitation, Sands Point Lighthouse, Sands Point Village Hall, Sands Point Village Hall, Schuyler Otis Bland Library, Science Museum of Long Island, Scott Skodneck Business Development Center, Sea Cliff Fire Department, Sea Cliff Village Hall, Sea Cliff Village Library, Sea Cliff Village Library, Seaford Fire Department, Seaford Public Library, Seaview Terrace, Senior Care at Lynbrook, Shelter Rock Public Library, Somerset Gardens Assisted Living Facility, Sonabend Family Library, Sondra And David S Mack Student Center, South Farmingdale Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters Rebel Engine and Truck Company 1, South Farmingdale Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Engine Company 2, South Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department, South Hall, South Hempstead Fire Department, South Memorial Arbor, South Shore Healthcare Center, Speech And Hearing Center, Spiegel Theater, Stepping Stones Light, Stewart Manor Branch Elmont Public Library, Stewart Manor Village Hall, Suffolk Hall, Suffolk Residence Hall, Sunharbor Manor Nursing Home, Swirbul Library, Syosset Depot, Syosset Public Library, Syosset Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Syosset Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Syosset Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Tackapausha Museum, Tackapausha Museum Library, The Bristal at North Hills Assisted Living Facility, The Bristal at North Woodmere Assisted Living Facility, The Bristal at Westbury Assisted Living Facility, The Regency at Glen Cove Assisted Living Facility, The Tides Nursing Home, Tilles Center For The Performing Arts, Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, Uniondale Public Library, Uniondale Volunteer Fire Department Brookside Engine Company 2, Uniondale Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Company 1 Manor Engine Company 3, Uniondale Volunteer Fire Department Protection Ladder Company 4, Uniondale Volunteer Fire Department Protection Ladder Company 4 Headquarters, Valley Stream Village Hall, Valley Stream Village Hall, Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Relief Squad 1 Nassau Hose Company 1, Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department Nassau Chemical and Hose Company 1 Hook and Ladder Company 2, Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department Nassau Chemical and Hose Company 2, Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department Nassau Engine and Hose Company 3, Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department Nassau Hook and Ladder Company 1, Van Nostrand - Starkins House And Museum, Vander Poel Hall, Vickery Gate, Vigilant Engine Hook and Ladder Company, Village of Mineola Fire Department, Waldo Hall, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 1 Headquarters, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 2, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 3, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 4, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 5, Wantagh Hook Ladder and Engine Company 1 Station 6, Wantagh Levittown Volunteer Ambulance, Wantagh Museum, Washington Manor, Weed Hall, Weller Hall, West End Library, West Hempstead Fire Department, West Hempstead Public Library, Westbury Fire Department, Westbury Memorial Public Library, Westbury Village Hall, White Oaks Nursing Home, Wilbur Arts Center, Wiley Hall, William S Pettit Memorial Branch YMCA, Williston Park Fire Department, Williston Park Public Library, Williston Park Village Hall, Woodbury Nursing Home, Woodmere Fire Department, Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Woodruff Hall, Woodsburgh Village Hall, Yocum Sailing Center

  Canals     show all on map

Alder Canal, Beach Canal, Bellmore Canal, Bob Jones Canal, California Canal, Canal 10, Canal 6, Canal 7, Canal 8, Canal 9, Cauerbach Canal, Club House Canal, East Canal, Grand Canal, Grand Canal, Grand Lagoon, Hagen Canal, Hairpin Canal, Hudson Channel, Island Park Channel, Jefferson Canal, Landing Canal, Newbridge Canal, North Canal, North Canal, Ouimet Canal, Roosevelt Canal, Sarazen Canal, Schmidt Canal, Seabreeze Canal, South Bay Inlet, South Canal, Stadium Park Canal, Sunrise Lagoon, Tern Canal, Venetta Lagoon, Waukena Waterway, Wilson Canal, Woodclift Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Barker Point, Brickyard Point, Carpenter Neck, Carpenter Point, Carpenters Neck, Centre Island, Charles Point, Cove Neck, Cove Point, Cyrus Point, Duck Point, Elm Point, Fort Neck, Fox Point, Great Neck, Green Sedge Point, Hewlett Point, Hewlett Point, Manhasset Neck, Matinecock Point, Merrick Point, Mill Neck, Moses Point, Mosquito Neck, Mosquito Neck, Mott Point, Nicks Point, Northwest Point, Norton Point, Oak, Oak Neck Point, Peacock Point, Plum Point, Plum Point, Prospect Point, Red Spring Point, Rocky Point, Sand Bar Point, Sands Point, Silver Point, Toms Point, Uncle Daniels Point, Unqua Point, Weeks Point, Weeks Point, West End, Whaleneck Point, White Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

All Saints Cemetery, Bayville Cemetery, Beth David Cemetery, Brookville Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Clark Memorial Garden, Council Rock Cemetery, East Hillside Cemetery, Elmont Cemetery, Episcopal Cemetery, Friends Cemetery, Greenfield Cemetery, Holy Rood Cemetery, Locust Cemetery, Locust Valley Cemetery, Maimonides-Elmont Cemetery, Matinecock Cemetery, Monfort Cemetery, Nassau Knolls Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakfield Cemetery, Old Grace Cemetery, Pet Cemetery, Plainedge Cemetery, Plainlawn Cemetery, Pratt Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Rockville Cemetery, Roslyn Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Memorial Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Patrick Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Searington Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Theodore Roosevelt Grave, Trinity Cemetery, Underhill Cemetery, Wantagh Cemetery, Wesley United Methodist Church Cemetery, Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Albertson Census Designated Place, Baldwin Census Designated Place, Baldwin Harbor Census Designated Place, Barnum Island Census Designated Place, Bay Park Census Designated Place, Bellerose Terrace Census Designated Place, Bellmore Census Designated Place, Bethpage Census Designated Place, Carle Place Census Designated Place, East Atlantic Beach Census Designated Place, East Garden City Census Designated Place, East Massapequa Census Designated Place, East Meadow Census Designated Place, East Norwich Census Designated Place, Elmont Census Designated Place, Franklin Square Census Designated Place, Garden City Park Census Designated Place, Garden City South Census Designated Place, Glen Head Census Designated Place, Glenwood Landing Census Designated Place, Great Neck Gardens Census Designated Place, Greenvale Census Designated Place, Harbor Hills Census Designated Place, Harbor Isle Census Designated Place, Herricks Census Designated Place, Hewlett Census Designated Place, Hicksville Census Designated Place, Inwood Census Designated Place, Jericho Census Designated Place, Lakeview Census Designated Place, Levittown Census Designated Place, Lido Beach Census Designated Place, Locust Valley Census Designated Place, Malverne Park Oaks Census Designated Place, Manhasset Census Designated Place, Manhasset Hills Census Designated Place, Massapequa Census Designated Place, Merrick Census Designated Place, New Cassel Census Designated Place, North Bellmore Census Designated Place, North Lynbrook Census Designated Place, North Massapequa Census Designated Place, North Merrick Census Designated Place, North New Hyde Park Census Designated Place, North Valley Stream Census Designated Place, North Wantagh Census Designated Place, Oceanside Census Designated Place, Old Bethpage Census Designated Place, Oyster Bay Census Designated Place, Plainedge Census Designated Place, Plainview Census Designated Place, Point Lookout Census Designated Place, Port Washington Census Designated Place, Roosevelt Census Designated Place, Roslyn Heights Census Designated Place, Saddle Rock Estates Census Designated Place, Salisbury Census Designated Place, Seaford Census Designated Place, Searingtown Census Designated Place, South Farmingdale Census Designated Place, South Hempstead Census Designated Place, South Valley Stream Census Designated Place, Syosset Census Designated Place, Uniondale Census Designated Place, University Gardens Census Designated Place, Wantagh Census Designated Place, West Hempstead Census Designated Place, Woodbury Census Designated Place, Woodmere Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Amity Channel, Barnums Channel, Broad Channel, Broad Creek Channel, Bulkhead Drain, Cedar Island Creek, Cinder Creek, Crooked Lead, Crow Island Lead, East Channel, East Rockaway Channel, East Rockaway Inlet, False Channel, Flat Creek, Fundy Channel, Garrett Lead, Georges Creek, Glen Cove Creek, Goose Creek, Goose Island Drain, Great Island Channel, Haunts Creek, Hog Island Channel, Island Creek, Jones Inlet, Long Creek, Macy Channel, Neds Creek, Neds Hole Creek, Negro Bar Channel, North Channel, Nums Channel, Olivers Channel, Post Lead, Ramscat Channel, Reed Channel, Reynolds Channel, Scow Creek, Sea Dog Creek, Sloop Channel, Stone Creek, Swift Creek, Swift Creek, The Drain, The Narrows, Wife Lead, Woodmere Channel, Woodsburgh Channel, Wreck Lead Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Advent Lutheran Church, Afghan Hindu Temple, All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle Church, All Saints Episcopal Church, All Saints Episcopal Church, All Saints Temple Church of God, Antioch Baptist Church, Ascension Lutheran Church, Assembly of God Church of Hempstead, Assembly of Prayer Baptist Church, Ave Maria Chapel, B'nai Israel Jewish Association Center, Bachurei Chemed Synagogue, Bayville Church (historical), Beacon Church, Beginning Anew Christian Church, Bellmore Community Church, Bellmore Jewish Center, Bellmore Presbyterian Church, Bellmore United Methodist Church, Bethany Bible Church, Bethany Congregational Church, Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Assembly of God Church, Bethel Bible Christian Church, Bethel Church of God and Christ, Bethel International Church, Bethel United Pentecostal Church, Bethlehem Assembly of God Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bethpage Assembly of God Church, Bethpage Friends Meetinghouse Church, Bethpage United Methodist Church, Bible Church of Port Washington, Bible Vision Church of God, Blessed Sacrament Church, Brooklyn Church of God, Brookville Church, Calvary African Methodist Episcopal Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Faith Tabernacle, Calvary Lutheran Church, Calvary Protestant Church, Cathedral of the Incarnation, Central Synagogue of Nassau County, Chamsarant Korean Methodist Church, Christ Church of Oyster Bay, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ First Presbyterian Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ the King Episcopal Church, Christian Family Fellowship Church, Christian Joy Fellowship Church, Christian Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Church of God In Christ Jesus, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Our Lady of Kazan, Church of Saint Bede, Church of Saint Ignatius Martyr, Church of Saint Matthew, Church of Spiritual Truth, Church of the Advent, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Four Leaf Clover, Church of the Intercessor, Church of the Nativity, Church of the Redeemer, Church of the Transfiguration, Community Bible Church, Community Church, Community Church of East Williston, Community Church of Syosset, Community Congregational Church, Community Gospel Church, Community Presbyterian Church, Community Reformed Church, Community Synagogue, Community United Methodist Church, Congregation Ahavat Yisrael, Congregation Aish Kodesh, Congregation Beth David, Congregation Beth Shalom, Congregation Beth Sholom, Congregation Beth-El, Congregation Bnai Israel, Congregation Darchei Noam, Congregation Ohr Torah, Congregation Shaaray Tefila, Congregation Sons of Israel, Congregation Tifereth Israel, Congregation Torah Chaim, Congregation Tree of Life, Corpus Christi Church, Cure of Ars Church, Dean Street Chapel, East Bay Reform Temple, East Meadow Assembly of God Church, East Meadow Church (historical), East Meadow Jewish Center, East Meadow United Methodist Church, East Nassau Hebrew Congregation, East Norwich Church, East Rockaway Church of the Nazarene, East Williston Baptist Church, Eben - Ezer Baptist Church, Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church, Eglise De Dieu, Eglise Pentecotiste De Pecheur, Elmont Bible Baptist Church, Elmont Temple of Seventh Day Adventists, Emanuel Baptist Church, Evangelical Christian Church, Faith Apostolic Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Faith Fellowship Christian Center, Faith Hope and Charity Church, Family Life Worship Center Church, Farmingdale Assembly of God Church, Farmingdale Baptist Church, Farmingdale Christian Church, Farmingdale United Methodist Church, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Freeport, First Baptist Church of Hempstead, First Calvary Baptist Church, First Church In the Garden, First Church of Baldwin, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God in Christ, First Hempstead African Methodist Episcopal Church, First Latin American Church of Nassau County, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of New Hyde Park, First United Methodist Church, Fivetown Seventh Day Adventist Church, Floral Park United Methodist Church, Fountain of Life Church, Franklin Square Jewish Center, Franklin Square Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Free And Independent Church, Freeport Full Gospel Assembly Church, Freeport United Methodist Church, Freewill Baptist Church of Freeport, French Speaking Baptist Church of Nassau County, Friendship Baptist Church, Garden City Community Church, Garden City Presbyterian Church, Genesis Assembly of God, Gethsemane Church of God, Glen Cove Christian Church, Glenwood Presbyterian Church, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, God's Miracle Temple, Good Shepherd Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gospel Faith Mission International, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Cathedral International, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Grace Temple Church of God, Grace United Methodist Church, Greater Bethel Tabernacle Church, Guiding Light Tabernacle Church, Haitian American Apostolate Church, Hempstead Church of God of Prophecy, Hempstead Hispanic Methodist Church, Hempstead Pentecostal Church, Hempstead Seventh Day Adventist Church, Hempstead Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church, Hendrickson Avenue Bible Church, Hewlett Temple, Hicksville Christian Church, Hicksville Methodist Church, Hillside United Methodist Church, Holiness Church of the Nazarene, Holy Family Church, Holy Name of Jesus Church, Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church, Holy Spirit Christian Church, Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Holy Trinity Baptist Church of Uniondale, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Iglesia Apostoles Y Profetas, Iglesia Chritiana, Iglesia de Dioa de Prophecies, Iglesia Jesus Cristo La Esperanza, Iglesia Luterana, Iglesia Ni Christo, Iglesia Pentacostal Jesus, Iglesia Presbyterian Hispana, Iglesia Profetica La Cuida, Immanuel Baptist Church, India Gospel Assembly Church, India Pentecostal Assembly Church, Islamic Center of Long Island, Islamic Center of South Shore, Island Park Jewish Center, Jackson Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Jericho Jewish Center, Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach, Jewish Community Center of Inwood, Judea United Baptist Church, Key to Faith Ministries, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kings Chapel of Hempstead, Kings Memorial Temple, Korean Church of Brooklyn, Korean Church of Greater New York, Korean Evangelical Church, Korean United Methodist Church, Lawrence Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Levittown Baptist Church, Levittown Baptist Church, Levittown Presbyterian Church, Lido Beach Synagogue, Long Island Abundant Life Church, Long Island Bible Baptist Church, Long Island Korean Catholic Church, Long Island Muslim Society of East Meadow, Long Island Unitarian Universalist Church, Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Lutheran Church of the Epiphany, Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Lynbrook Baptist Church, Mahanaim Seventh Day Adventist Church, Malverne Bible Church, Malverne Community Presbyterian Church, Malverne Jewish Center, Mason Temple Church, Massapequa Park Nazarene Church, Massapequa Reformed Church, Matinecock Quaker Meeting House, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Merrick Community Presbyterian Church, Merrick Jewish Center, Merrick United Methodist Church, Mineola First Presbyterian Church, Mineola Korean Presbyterian Church, Miracle Revival Center Interfaith, Miracles Outreach Tabernacle, Mission Pentecostal Church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Church of God in Christ, Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Mount Zion Apostolic Church, Mount Zion Baptized Holiness Church, Muhammadi Masjid Mosque, Neighborhood Assembly of God Church, New Apostolic Church, New Church of New York, New Covenant Baptist Church, New Covenant Community of Believers, New Generation Church, New Hope Community Church, New Hope Mission Church, New Hyde Park Baptist Church, New York Bible Assembly of God Church, New York Evergreen Presbyterian Church, New York Messianic Witness Church, New York Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, New Zion Fire Baptized Holiness Church, No Greater Love Fellowship Church, No Greater Love Fellowship Church, North Bellmore Neighborhood Assembly of God Church, North Shore Assembly of God, North Shore Community Church, North Shore Presbyterian Church, North Shore Synagogue, Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church, Oceanside First United Methodist Church, Oceanside Lutheran Church, Old Westbury Seventh Day Adventist Church, Olive Tree Congregation, Olivet Baptist Church, Open Hand of God Church, Our Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Victory Church, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Outreach Church of God, Parkway Community Church, Pentecostal Maranatha Church, Pentecostar Iglesia, People's Church of Long Beach, Perfecting Faith Church, Pilgrim Tabernacle Seventh Day Adventist Church, Plainview Church of Saint Margaret, Plainview Reformed Church, Plainview United Methodist Church, Port Washington Assembly of God, Port Washington United Methodist Church, Powered by Christ Church, Powerhouse Church of God in Christ, Presbyterian Christian Community Church, Presbyterian Church In Elmont, Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove, Progressive Holiness Church, Prophets Church of God, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, Reconstructionist Congregation Church, Reconstructionist Synagogue, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reformed Church of Locust Valley, Refuge Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Refuge Church of Christ, Rhema Life Family Church, Riches of Christ Church, Rockville Centre Seventh Day Adventist Church, Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart, Roosevelt African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Roosevelt Bible Church, Roosevelt Church of Christ, Roosevelt First Baptist Church, Roslyn Heights Methodist Church, Roslyn Presbyterian Church, Roslyn Synagogue Orthodox, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Agnes Cathedral, Saint Aiden's Church, Saint Alaoysius Korean Community Catholic Church, Saint Andrew Apostle Byzantine Church, Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Lutheran Church, Saint Anne's Church, Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Barnabas Church, Saint Basil Orthodox Church, Saint Bernard's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Boniface Martyr Church, Saint Boniface Roman Catholic Church, Saint Brigid Catholic Church, Saint Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Church, Saint Christopher's Church, Saint David's Lutheran Church, Saint Demetrius Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Dominic Church, Saint Edwards Church, Saint Elizabeth Church, Saint Frances De Chantal Church, Saint Francis Episcopal Church, Saint Francis Polish National Church, Saint George's Episcopal Church, Saint Gertrude's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Gregorio's Malankara Church, Saint Gregorios Orthodox Church, Saint Hedwig's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Lutheran Community Church, Saint James the Just Church, Saint James United Methodist Church, Saint Joachims Roman Catholic Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John Orthodox Church, Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church, Saint John's Baptist Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church by the Sea, Saint John's United Methodist Church, Saint Johns Baptist Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church (historical), Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Saint Joseph's Convent, Saint Josephats Monastery, Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church, Saint Kilian Roman Catholic Church, Saint Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Saint Luke's Lutheran Church, Saint Luke's Pentecostal Church, Saint Mark Coptic Church, Saint Mark the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Saint Markella Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Marks Methodist Church, Saint Marks Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church, Saint Martin of Tours Church, Saint Mary of the Isle Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Syro Malab Catholic Church, Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, Saint Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Saint Michaels Episcopal Church, Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Paul's African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Methodist Protestant Church (historical), Saint Pauls Church (historical), Saint Peter of Alcantara Catholic Church, Saint Peter's Evangelical Church, Saint Phillips and Saint James Church, Saint Pius X Church, Saint Raphael's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Raymond's Church, Saint Rocco's Church, Saint Rose of Lima Church, Saint Seraphim's Church, Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Saint Stephen's Lutheran Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas The Apostle Church, Saint Vincent De Paul Church, Saint Vladimir's Catholic Church, Saint William The Abbot Church, Salem African Methodist Episcopal Church, Salem Assembly of God, Salem Baptist Church, Salvation Army, San Jeong Hyon Alliance Church, Sea Cliff Gospel Chapel, Sea Cliff Methodist Church (historical), Searington Church, Second Baptist Church, Segunda Iglesia Pentecostal, Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shelter Rock Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Showers of Blessings World Church, Shuva Yisrael Messianic Church, Soonshin Bible Presbyterian Church, South Hempstead Baptist Church, South Hempstead Congregational Church, South Nassau Christian Church, South Nassau Unitarian Church, Spanish Evangelic Church, Stuart Avenue Church, Sunrise Jewish Center, Syosset Gospel Church, Tabernacle of Faith Church, Tabernacle of Joy Baptist Church, Temple Avodah, Temple B'nai Israel, Temple B'nai Sholom, Temple Beth Am, Temple Beth El of Long Beach, Temple Beth Israel, Temple Beth-El, Temple Beth-El of Bellmore, Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, Temple Emanu-El, Temple Emanuel, Temple Emanuel of East Meadow, Temple Emanuel of Lynbrook, Temple Israel, Temple Israel, Temple Israel of Great Neck, Temple Israel of South Merrick, Temple Sinai of Rosyln, Temple Zion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Community Church, Throne of Grace Bible Church, Trinity Baptist Church French Ministry, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Evangelical Free Church of Lynbrook, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Saint John's Church, Unification Church of Long Island, Union Baptist Church, Union Christian Church, Uniondale Seventh Day Adventist Church, United Church of Rockville Centre, United Methodist Church of Glen Cove, United Methodist Church of Sea Cliff, United Methodist Church of Uniondale, United Methodist Church of Woodbury, Unity Church of Hempstead, Universal Tabernacle of Love, Valley Stream Baptist Church, Valley Stream Church of the Nazarene, Valley Stream Presbyterian Church, Valley Stream Unity Church of Christianity, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Wantagh Memorial Church, Wantagh Suburban Temple, Wesley United Methodist Church, West End Synagogue, West Hempstead Christian Heritage Church, West Hempstead Community Baptist Church, Westbury African Methodist Episcopal Church, Westbury Community Church, Westbury Community Reform Temple, Westbury Divine Congregational Church of God, Westbury Gospel Tabernacle, Westbury Temple, Westbury United Methodist Church, Woodbury Church, Woodmere-Lawrence Methodist Church, Word of Life Ministries, Yale Presbyterian Church, Young Israel of Merrick Temple, Young Israel of North Bellmore Temple, Young Israel of North Woodmere Temple, Young Israel of Oceanside, Young Israel of Valley Stream Temple, Young Israel of Woodmere Temple, Zion Baptist Church, Zion Church (historical)

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cooper Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 10, Interchange 13, Interchange 14, Interchange 14, Interchange 15, Interchange 16, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 19, Interchange 2, Interchange 20, Interchange 21, Interchange 22, Interchange 23, Interchange 24, Interchange 25, Interchange 25, Interchange 25A, Interchange 26, Interchange 26, Interchange 27, Interchange 27, Interchange 28, Interchange 28, Interchange 28, Interchange 29, Interchange 29, Interchange 29 a, Interchange 3, Interchange 30, Interchange 30, Interchange 31, Interchange 31, Interchange 32, Interchange 33, Interchange 33, Interchange 34, Interchange 34, Interchange 35, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 36, Interchange 36A, Interchange 37, Interchange 37, Interchange 37A, Interchange 38, Interchange 38, Interchange 39, Interchange 4, Interchange 40, Interchange 41, Interchange 42, Interchange 43, Interchange 44, Interchange 45, Interchange 46, Interchange 5, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange B1, Interchange B2, Interchange B3, Interchange B4, Interchange B5, Interchange M 1, Interchange M 10, Interchange M 2, Interchange M 3, Interchange M 4, Interchange M 5, Interchange M 6, Interchange M 7, Interchange M 8, Interchange M 9, Interchange W 3, Interchange W 4, Interchange W 5, Interchange W 6, Interchange W1, Interchange W2

  Flats     show all on map

Deep Creek Meadow, East Meadow, High Meadow, Long Meadow, North Meadow, Port Neck Meadow (historical), Smith Meadow, West Meadow

  Guts     show all on map

Bush Creek, Cheshires Creek, Crooked Creek, Oak Neck Creek

  Harbors     show all on map

Hague Basin

  Hospitals     show all on map

Doctors Hospital, Franklin Hospital Medical Center, Glen Cove Hospital - The Mildred and Frank Feinberg Campus, Haas Pavilion, Hannah And Isidore Komanoff Pavilion, Hempstead Town Home Hospital (historical), Hewlett Medical Center, Janet Leigh Hearing and Speech Center, Long Beach Medical Center, Long Island Doctors Hospital, Manhasset Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, Morgan Stern Pavilion, Nassau Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Nassau County Sanitarium (historical), Nassau University Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital - The Sandra Atlas Bass Campus, Plainview Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, Saint Giles Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Syosset Hospital, Winthrop - University Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Alder Island, Big Crow Island, Big Hassock, Black Banks Island, Cedar Island, Cedar Island Marsh, Center Island, Cinder Island, Croyle Island, Cuba Island, Dosoris Island, East Aler Island, East Channel Islands, East Crow Island, East Island, East Island, Egg Island, Fighting Island, Goose Island, Great Island, Green Island, Hawlett Hassock, Ingraham Hassock, Jeckyl Island, Jones Beach Island, Jones Island, Little Goose Island, Long Meadow Island, Low Island, Meadow Island, Middle Crow Island, Middle Island, Middle Island, Middle Line Island, North Black Banks Hassock, North Cinder Island, North Line Island, North Meadow Island, Olivers Island, Parsonage Island, Pearsalls Hassock, Pine Island (historical), Post Marsh, Sanford Island, Sea Dog Island, Seamans Island, Short Beach Island, Simmons Hassock, Snipe Island, South Black Banks Hassock, South Line Island, Squaw Island, Three Cornered Hassock, Townsend Island, West Crow Island, West Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Dosoris Pond, East Meadow Pond, Grant Pond, Grant Pond, Gugenheim Pond, Kentuck Pond, Lake Success, Leeds Pond, Milburn Pond, Mill Pond, Mullener Pond, Old Westbury Pond, Ridder Pond, Roslyn Pond, Sage Pond, Schodack Pond, Scudders Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Spring Lake, Swan Lake, West Pond, Whitney Lake, Willow Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Albertson Station, Allan Estate, Americana Manhasset Shopping Center, Baldwin Golf Course (historical), Baldwin Station, Barney Square, Bay Park Golf Course, Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, Bayville Aquatic Club, Bayville Rod and Gun Club, Bellerose Station, Bellmore Station, Bethpage State Park Golf Course, Bethpage Station, Biltmore Shores Golf Course (historical), Brewster Estate, Broadlawn Harbor Yacht Club, Broadway Mall Shopping Center, Brooklyn Pumping Station, Brooks Stadium, Brookville Country Club, Cantiague Park Golf Course, Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, Cedarbrook Golf and Tennis Club, Cedarhurst Sewage Treatment Works, Cedarhurst Station, Cedarhurst Yacht Club, Centre Avenue Station, Charles L Tiffany Estate (historical), Cherry Valley Country Club, Chicken Valley Farm (historical), City of Long Beach Water Treatment Plant, Clinton Station, Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium, Country Life Press Station, Crossways Industrial Park, Crowninshield Pier, Daurenheim Estate (historical), Davison Estate (historical), Dee's Nursery, Deep Dale Country Club (historical), Deepdale Golf Club, E F McCann Estate (historical), E T Hatch Estate (historical), East Rockaway Station, Eisenhower Park Golf Course, Engineers Country Club, Falcaros Plaza Shopping Center, Farmingdale Station, Floral Park Station, Freeport Disposal Plant, Freeport Marina, Freeport Stadium (historical), Freeport Station, Fresh Meadow Country Club, Garden City Country Club, Garden City Golf Club, Garden City Station, Gateways Office Park, Gebbs Estate, Gibson Station, Glen Cove Golf Course, Glen Cove Station, Glen Head Country Club, Glen Head Station, Glen Oaks Club, Glen Street Station, Godfrey Preece Racing Stables (historical), Great Neck Station, Great Neck Yacht Club (historical), Green Acres Mall Shopping Center, Green Tree Golf Club (historical), Greenvale Station, Grossmann's Farm, Guggenheim Golf Club, Guther Estate, Harbor Isle Beach Club, Harbor Links Golf Course, Hempstead Country Club, Hempstead Gardens Station, Hempstead Golf Club, Hempstead Harbor Club, Hempstead Harbor Industrial Park, Hempstead Sewage Disposal Plant (historical), Hempstead Station, Hewlett Shopping Center, Hewlett Station, Hicksville Industrial Park, Hicksville Station, Hitchcock Race Track, Inwood Country Club, Inwood Station, Island Park Station, J Clews Estate, James M Shuart Stadium, Jones Beach Life Saving Station (historical), Kelly Estate, Keystone Yacht Club, Knickerbocker Yacht Club, L E Hitchcock Racing Stables, Lake Kathleen Golf Course (historical), Lake Success Park Golf Course, Lake Success Shopping Center, Lakeview Station, Lawrence Country Club, Lawrence Station, Lido Golf Club, Locust Grove, Long Beach Sewage Disposal Plant, Long Beach Station, Lynbrook Station, Makaroff Estate (historical), Mallory Pier, Malverne Station, Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, Manhasset Station, Manorhaven Beach Club, Massapequa Drive-In (historical), Massapequa Park Station, Massapequa Station, Meadow Brook Country Club, Meadow Brook Country Club (historical), Meadowview Golf Links (historical), Merillon Avenue Station, Merrick Golf Course, Merrick Station, Middle Bay Country Club, Milburn Pumping Station (historical), Mill Neck Station, Mill River Country Club, Mineola Fair Grounds (historical), Mineola Station, Morley Park Golf Course, Muttontown Country Club, Nassau Boulevard Station, Nassau Country Club, Nassau County Department of Public Works, Nassau County Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Nassau Shores Golf Course, New Hyde Park Golf Club (historical), New Hyde Park Station, New York State Poor Farm (historical), North Hempstead Country Club, North Hempstead Town Dock, North Hills Country Club, North Shore Country Club, North Shore Yacht Club, North Woodmere Golf Course, O'Hara Landing, Oceanside Station, Old Camp Meeting Grounds (historical), Old Westbury Golf and Country Club, Old Westbury Golf Club (historical), Oyster Bay Station, Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Park Place Water Treatment Plant, Peninsula Golf Club, Peninsula Shopping Center, Pine Hollow Country Club, Piping Rock Country Club, Plandome Country Club, Plandome Mill (historical), Plandome Station, Port Washington Station, Port Washington Yacht Club, Postley Estate, Pratts Estate, Pulitzer Farms, Renaissance Country Club, Rockaway Hunt Club, Rockaway Hunting Club, Rockville Centre Station, Rockville Country Club, Roosevelt Field Shopping Center, Roosevelt Raceway, Roslyn Country Club, Roslyn Station, Rottkamp Brothers Farm, Ryan Estate (historical), Salisbury Links (historical), Sands Point Beach Club, Sands Point Country Club, Schiff Estate, Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Seaford Station, Searingtown Tennis Club, Seawane Country Club, Seawanhaka - Corinthian Yacht Club, Seawene Links (historical), Shelter Harbor Marina, Shelter Rock Golf Club (historical), Sound Shore Golf Club (historical), Stewart Manor Station, Strathmore Country Club, Sunrise Drive-In (historical), Sunrise Yacht Club, Syosset Station, Tam O'Shanter Country Club, Terminal Industrial Park, The Creek Club, The Creek Club, The Source Mall Shopping Center, Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course, Valley Stream Golf Club (historical), Valley Stream Station, Vanderbilt Estate, Village Club of Sands Point, Village Club of Sands Point, Village Green, Village of Roslyn Sewage Treatment Plant, Wantagh Station, West Hempstead Station, Westbury Drive-In Theater (historical), Westfield Sunrise Shopping Center, Wheatley Hills Golf Course, Wheatley Stables (historical), Whitney Estate, William B Leeds Estate, Williston Station, Woodcrest Country Club, Woodmere Club, Woodmere Station, Young's Farm, Zachs Inlet Life Saving Station (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Bellmore Maintenance Facility, Camp Mills (historical), Coast Guard Station Jones Beach Freeport, Freeport Armory, Mitchell Air Force Base (historical), Naval Air Facility Roosevelt Field (historical), Nike Site NY-23C (historical), Nike Site NY-23L (historical), Nike Site NY-29/30C (historical), Nike Site NY-29/30L (historical), Roslyn Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Robertson Gravel Pit (historical), Searington Gravel Pit (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Albertson Park, Allenwood Park, Amphitrite Pool, Averill Boulevard Park, Bailey Arboretum County Park, Baldwin Harbor Town Park, Bar Beach Town Park, Battle Row Park, Baxter Pond Park, Bay Park, Beckman Beach Town Park, Belmont Park, Bethpage Community Park, Bethpage State Park, Bligh Field, Brady Park, Brierley Park, Brook Road Park, Brookside Preserve, Brookville Nature Park, Cammanns Pond County Park, Campbell Park, Cantiague Park, Carle Place Park, Cedar Creek County Park, Centennial Park, Central Park, Centre Island Town Park, Christopher Morley County Park, Clifton Park, Coes Neck Park, Cow Meadow Preserve, Creek Park, Cutter Mill Park, Doxey Brook Park, Dutch Broadway Park, E W Allen Town Park, East Village Green, Echo Park, Eisenhower Memorial Park, Eldridge Pool, Elm Park, Elmont Road Park, Firemens Memorial Field, Floral Park Playground, Flower Hill Park, Forest City Park, Fox Hollow Preserve, Garvies Point Preserve, Grace Avenue Park, Grant Park, Great Neck Estates Park, Greis Park, Gunther Field, Halls Pond Park, Hemlock Playground, Hempstead Harbor Park, Hempstead Lake State Park, Hempstead Plains Preserve, Hempstead Town Park, Henry Street Park, Herricks Park, Herricks Road Park, Hewlett Point Park, Hickey Field, Hickox Field, Hoffman Center Nature Preserve, Howie Vogts Field, Inwood Park, Jersalem Avenue Field, John J Burns Park, Jones Beach State Park, Julian Lane Park, Kelleher Field, Kennedy Memorial Park, Kings Point Park, Lawrence Nature Preserve, Leeds Pond Preserve, Lido Boulevard Park, Lido West Town Park, Lincoln Park, Lister Park, Lotts Pond County Park, Lower Roosevelt Field, Manhasset Valley Park, Mannetto Hills Park, Manorhaven Beach Town Park, Marjorie Post Park, Martin Park, Martin Reid Town Park, Massapequa Preserve, Meadow Brook Polo Field (historical), Meroke Preserve, Merrick Road Park, Milburn Creek Park, Mill Neck Preserve, Millpond Park, Morgan Memorial Park, Muttontown Preserve, Newbridge Road Park, North Village Green, North Woodmere Park, Northeast Park, Northwest Park, Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Plainview - Old Bethpage Community Park, Plandome Park, Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, Plaza Park, Polaris Field, Pond Park, Pratt Park, Prospect Park, Randall Memorial Park, Rath Park, Reservoir Park, Riggs Park, Roosevelt Park, Roslyn Park, Roslyn Park, Roslyn Road Park, Saddle Rock Park, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Sands Point Park And Preserve, Seamans Neck Park, Shell Creek Park, Shu Swamp Nature Preserve, Silver Lake Park, Silver Point County Park, Soundside Beach Park, South Village Green, Stannards Brook County Park, Stecklow Gardens, Stehli Town Beach, Stepping Stones Park, Stiles Athletic Field, Stillwell Woods Park, Sunset Park, Syosset Woodbury Park, Tackapausha Preserve, Tanglewood Preserve, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, Tiffany Creek Preserve, Tobay Beach Bird and Game Sanctuary, Tobay Beach Park, Tomb Memorial Field, Triangle Park, Tullamore Playground, Uniondale Park, Upper Roosevelt Field, Valley Stream State Park, Veteran's Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Village Park, Village Park, Village Woods Park, Wantagh County Park, Washington Avenue Park, Waterfront Park, Welwyn Preserve County Park, West Village Green, Whitney Polo Field, Whitney Pond Park, William Cullen Bryant Preserve, Wilson Park, Wyngate Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albertson, Alden Manor, Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Beach Estates, Baldwin, Baldwin Harbor, Barnum Island, Baxter Estates, Bay Colony, Bay Park, Bayville, Bellerose, Bellerose Terrace, Bellmore, Bethpage, Biltmore Shores, Bird Grove, Brookville, Carle Place, Cedarhurst, Centre Island, Cove Neck, East Atlantic Beach, East Garden City, East Hills, East Massapequa, East Meadow, East Norwich, East Rockaway, East Williston, Elmont, Farmingdale, Floral Park, Flower Hill, Franklin Square, Freeport, Garden City, Garden City Park, Garden City South, Glen Cove, Glen Cove Landing, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Gardens, Great Neck Plaza, Green Acres, Greenvale, Harbor Green, Harbor Hills, Harbor Isle, Hempstead, Hempstead Gardens, Herricks, Hewlett, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Neck, Hicksville, Hillside Manor, Inwood, Island Park, Jericho, Kensington, Kings Point, Lake Success, Lakeview, Lattingtown, Laurel Hollow, Lawrence, Levittown, Lido Beach, Locust Grove, Locust Valley, Long Beach, Lynbrook, Malverne, Malverne Park Oaks, Manhasset, Manhasset Hills, Manorhaven, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Matinecock, Meadowmere Park, Merrick, Mill Neck, Millburn, Mineola, Munsey Park, Muttontown, Nassau Shores, New Cassel, New Hyde Park, North Bellmore, North Hills, North Lynbrook, North Massapequa, North Merrick, North New Hyde Park, North Valley Stream, North Wantagh, North Woodmere, Ocean Point, Oceanside, Old Bethpage, Old Brookville, Old Westbury, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Cove, Plainedge, Plainview, Plandome, Plandome Heights, Plandome Manor, Point Lookout, Port Washington, Port Washington North, Rockville Centre, Roosevelt, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates, Roslyn Harbor, Roslyn Heights, Russell Gardens, Saddle Rock, Saddle Rock Estates, Salisbury, Sands Point, Sea Cliff, Seaford, Searingtown, Seasons of East Meadow, South Farmingdale, South Floral Park, South Glenwood Landing, South Hempstead, South Valley Stream, Stewart Manor, Strathmore, Swedetown Village, Syosset, Syosset Mobile Home Park, Thomaston, Uniondale, University Gardens, Upper Brookville, Valley Stream, Wantagh, West Amityville, West Hempstead, Westbury, Westbury South, Wheatley, Williston Park, Woodbury, Woodmere, Woodsburgh

  Post Offices     show all on map

Albertson Post Office, Alden Manor Branch Elmont Post Office, Atlantic Beach Post Office, Baldwin Post Office, Bank Plaza Station Merrick Post Office, Bayville Post Office, Bellmore Post Office, Bethpage Post Office, Carle Place Post Office, Cedarhurst Post Office, East Meadow Post Office, East Norwich Post Office, East Rockaway Post Office, Elmont Post Office, Farmingdale Post Office, Floral Park Post Office, Franklin Square Post Office, Freeport Post Office, Garden City Post Office, Glen Cove Post Office, Glen Head Post Office, Glenwood Landing Post Office, Great Neck Post Office, Greenvale Post Office, Hempstead Post Office, Hewlett Post Office, Hicksville Post Office, Hillside Manor Post Office, Island Park Post Office, Jericho Post Office, Kings Point Post Office, Levittown Post Office, Locust Valley Post Office, Long Beach Post Office, Lynbrook Post Office, Malverne Post Office, Manhasset Post Office, Massapequa Post Office, Meachum Branch Elmont Post Office, Merrick Post Office, Mineola Post Office, New Hyde Park Main Post Office, North Baldwin Station Baldwin Post Office, North Bellmore Post Office, Oceanside Post Office, Old Bethpage Post Office, Oyster Bay Post Office, Plainview Post Office, Port Washington Post Office, Rockville Centre Post Office, Roosevelt Post Office, Roslyn Heights Post Office, Roslyn Post Office, Sea Cliff Post Office, Seaford Post Office, Station A Wantagh Post Office, Syosset Post Office, Uniondale Post Office, Valley Stream Post Office, Wantagh Post Office, West Hempstead Post Office, Westbury Post Office, Western Nassau Post Office, Williston Park Post Office, Woodbury Post Office, Woodmere Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Beaver Lake, Bunkers Lake (historical), Hempstead Lake, Loffs Lake, Lower Francis Pond, Lower Glen Lake, Massapequa Lake, Mill Pond, Newbridge Pond, Paper Mill Pond, Pines Pond (historical), Seaman Pond, Simmonds Pond, South Pond, Udalls Millpond, Unqua Lake, Upper Francis Pond, Upper Glen Lake (historical), Valley Stream Pond, Wantagh Pond, Wantagh Reservoir, Watts Pond (historical)

  Schools     show all on map

Abbey Lane School, Adelphi University, Advent Tuller School, Agape Christian Academy, Albany Avenue School, Alden Terrace Elementary School, All Saints Regional Catholic Elementary School, Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School, Archer Street School, Arrandale School, Atlantic Avenue Elementary School, Baldwin Drive School, Baldwin High School, Baldwin Junior High School, Baldwin Middle School, Barack Obama Elementary School, Barnum Woods School, Baylis School, Bayview Avenue School, Bayville Elementary School, Beechwood School, Bellerose School, Bermingham School, Berner Middle School, Berry Hill Elementary School, Bethesda Elementary School, Bethpage High School, Bethpage School (historical), Birch Lane Elementary School, Birch School, Blessed Sacrament School, Bloomingdale School, Boardman School, Bowling Green School, Brandeis School, Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School, Brookside Elementary School, Brookside Junior High School, Brookville School, Buckley School, Bundle of Joy Kindergarten, Burns Avenue School, California Avenue Elementary School, Camp Avenue School, Cantiague Elementary School, Carle Place Middle-Senior High School, Carman Road School, Carnegie Institute, Carnegie Institution of Washington School of Genetics (historical), Caroline G Atkinson School, Carousel Day School, Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School, Cathedral School of Saint Mary (historical), Cedar Street School, Centennial Avenue School, Center Street School, Central Boulevard Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Central Hebrew High School, Central Park Road School, Centre Avenue Elementary School, Chaminade High School, Charles Campagne School, Charles E Schwarting School, Cherry Lane School, Cherry Lane School, Cherrywood School, Chestnut Street Elementary School, Children's World Montessori School, City of Children School, Clara H Carlson School, Clarke Middle School, Clearstream Avenue School, Cleveland Avenue School, Coles School, Columbus Avenue School, Connolly School, Coolidge School, Cornelius Court School, Cornwell Avenue Elementary School, Corpus Christi School, Covert Avenue Elementary School, Cross Street School, Cumberland School, Cure of Ars School, Cutter Mill School, Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School for Boys, Davison Avenue Elementary School, De La Salle School, Deasy School, Denton Avenue School, District School Number 6 (historical), Division Avenue High School, Drexel Avenue School, Dryden Street School, Dutch Broadway Elementary School, Dutch Lane School, E M Baker School, Eagle Avenue Elementary School, East Broadway School, East Elementary School, East Hills School, East Lake Elementary School, East Meadow High School, East Meadow School (historical), East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School, East Street Elementary School (historical), East Woods School, Eastplain School, Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School, Elmont Road Elementary School, Fairfield Elementary School, Farmingdale High School, Fern Place School, Floral Park Memorial High School, Forest Lake School, Forest Road Elementary School, Fork Lane School, Francis X Hegarity Elementary School, Franklin Avenue Elementary School, Franklin Early Childhood Center, Franklin School, Franklin Square Grade School (historical), Freeport Christian Academy, Freeport High School, Friends Academy, Fuller School, Fulton Elementary School, Gallow School, Garden City High School, Garden City Middle School, Garden City Park School, Gardiners Avenue School, General Douglas MacArthur Memorial High School, George A Jackson School, George W Hewlett High School, George Washington Elementary School, Glen Cove English and Classical School (historical), Glen Cove High School, Glen Cove Middle School, Glen Head Elementary School, Glenwood Landing Elementary School, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Gotham Avenue Elementary School, Grace Avenue School, Grace Day School, Grace Lutheran School, Grand Avenue Elementary School, Grand Avenue Middle School, Great Neck Adult Learning Center, Great Neck North Middle School, Great Neck Preparatory School, Great Neck South Middle School, Green Vale School, Greentrees Country Day School, Growing Life Christian Academy, Guggenheim Elementary School, H B Mattlin Middle School, H B Thompson Middle School, H Frank Carey High School, Haftr Middle School, Hampton Street School, Hamza School, Happy Montessori School of Port Washington, Harbor School, Harold D Fayette School, Harriet Eisman Community School, Harry D Daniels Elementary School, Hawthorn School (historical), Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, Hebrew Academy of Nassau, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, Hebrew Academy of Nassau Plainview Campus, Hebrew Academy-Elementary School, Hebrew Academy-Senior High School, Hemlock Elementary School, Hempstead High School, Herricks High School, Herricks Junior High School, Herricks Middle School, Hewitt Elementary School, Hewlett Elementary School, Hickory Hill Day School, Hicksville High School, Hicksville Middle School, Hillel School, Hillside Grade School, Hofstra University, Hofstra University Old Westbury Campus, Holy Family School, Holy Name of Mary School, Holy Spirit School, Holy Trinity Diocesan High School, Homestead Elementary School, Howard T Herber Middle School, Howell Road Elementary School, Howitt Junior High School, Human Resources School, Island Park Junior High School, Island Trees High School, Island Trees Middle School, J Fred Sparke School, Jack and Jill Montessori School, Jackson Avenue Public School, Jackson School, Jackson School Annex, Jacob Gunther Elementary School, Jamaica Avenue School, James A Denver Elementary School, Jericho High School, Jericho Station School (historical), Jersalem Avenue Junior High School, Jerusalem School (historical), John F Kennedy High School, John F Kennedy Middle School, John F Kennedy School, John G Dinkelmeyer School, John H West School, John J Daly School, John L Miller Great Neck North High School, John Lewis Childs Elementary School, John Philip Sousa Elementary School, John Street Elementary School, John W Dodd Middle School, Jonas E Salk Middle School, Jones Institute, Joyce-Road School, Karopczyc School, Kellenberg Memorial High School, Kennedy High School, Kensington-Johnson School, Kindergarten Center at Atlantic Avenue Elementary School, Kramer Lane Elementary School, Lakeside School, Lakeville School, Landing School, LaSalle Regional School - Bethpage Campus, Laurel Lane School, Lawrence Country Day School (historical), Lawrence Middle School, Lawrence Road Junior High School, Lawrence School, Lawrence Senior High School, Lawrence Woodmere Academy, Lee Avenue School, Lee Road School, Lenox Elementary School, Leo F Giblyn School, Levittown Memorial Special Education Center, Lindell Boulevard School, Lockhart Elementary School, Locust Grove Public School (historical), Locust School, Locust Valley Elementary School, Locust Valley High School, Locust Valley School, Long Beach Catholic Regional School, Long Beach Middle School, Long Beach Senior High School, Long Island Christian Academy, Long Island High School, Long Island Lutheran High School, Long Island University C W Post Campus, Lynbrook North Middle School, Lynbrook Senior High School, Lynbrook South Middle School, Madrassa Zia-Ui-Quram, Main Street School, Malverne Senior High School, Manadalay School, Manhasset High School, Manhasset Middle School, Manhasset Valley School, Mannetto Hills School, Manor Oaks William Bowie School, Manorhaven Elementary School, Maplewood School, Maria Regina School, Marion Street School, Martin Avenue Elementary School, Massapequa High School, Maurice W Downing Elementary School, McKenna Elementary School, McVey Elementary School, Meadow Drive School, Meadow Elementary School, Meadowbrook Elementary School, Meadowbrook High School, Memorial High School, Memorial Junior High School, Meriman School, Merrick Avenue Junior High School, Merrick Avenue School, Mesivta of Roslyn, Michael F Stokes School, Milburn Elementary School, Mill Neck Manor School, Mineola High School, Mineola Middle School, Miss Sue's Nursery School and Kindergarten, Mitchel College, Molloy College, Monroe Street Elementary School, Morgan Stern Elementary School, Morris School, Munsey Park Elementary School, Nassau Community College, Nassau County Police Academy, Nassau School, New Hyde Park Memorial Junior-Senior High School, New Jerusalem Christian Academy, New Visions Elementary School, New York Institute of Technology, Newbridge Road School, Newbridge Road School, Nicholai School, North Roslyn School, North Shore Day School, North Shore Hebrew Academy, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, North Shore High School, North Shore Middle School, North Shore School (historical), North Side School, North Side School, Northedge School, Northern Parkway Elementary School, Northside Elementary School, Notre Dame School, Oak Drive School, Oceanside Senior High School, Ogden Elementary School, Old Bethpage School, Old Country Road School, Old Mill Road School, Old Westbury School - Holy Child, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parochial School, Our Lady of Grace Montessori School, Our Lady of Loretto School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Our Lady of Mercy School, Our Lady of Peace School, Our Lady of Victory School, Oyster Bay High School, Park Avenue School, Park Avenue School, Park School, Parkside Junior High School, Parksville School, Parkway Oaks School, Parkway School, Parkway School, Pasadena Elementary School, Pat-Kam School Early Childhood Center, Paul D Schreiber Senior High School, Picken School, Pierce School, Pine Avenue School, Pintail Lane School, Plainedge High School, Plainedge School (historical), Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School, Plandome Road School, Plaza Elementary School, Polk Street Elementary School, Port Washington Children's Center, Portledge School, Powells Lane School, Prospect Avenue School, Prospect Avenue School, Prospect School, Public School 1, Red Robin Country Day School, Reenas Bais Yaakov School, Reinhard Early Childhood Center, Rhame Avenue Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, Robbins Lane Elementary School, Robert Seaman Elementary School, Robert W Carbonaro Elementary School, Roosevelt Children's Academy Charter School, Roosevelt High School, Rosalee Young Childhood Center, Roslyn Flower Hill School, Roslyn Heights School (historical), Roslyn High School, Roslyn Highlands School, Roslyn Middle School, Roslyn Village School, Rushmore Avenue School, Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart School, Saddle Rock School, Saint Agnes Cathedral Elementary School, Saint Agnes Cathedral High School (historical), Saint Aidan School - East Campus, Saint Aidan School - West Campus, Saint Aloysius School, Saint Annes School, Saint Anthonys School, Saint Bernards School, Saint Boniface Parochial School, Saint Boniface School, Saint Brigid - Our Lady of Hope Regional School, Saint Catherine of Siena School, Saint Christophers School, Saint Dominic Elementary School, Saint Dominics High School, Saint Edward Confessor School, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Regional School, Saint Francis de Chantal School, Saint Hedwigs School, Saint Hyacinth School, Saint Igantius Loyola School, Saint James School, Saint Joachim School, Saint John Baptist De LaSalle Regional School, Saint Josephs Parochial School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Ladislaus School, Saint Martin De Porres Regional School, Saint Mary's Elementary School, Saint Mary's High School, Saint Mary's Parochial School, Saint Pauls School (historical), Saint Peter of Alcantara School, Saint Pius X Seminary, Saint Raphaels School, Saint Raymonds Parochial School, Saint Rose of Lima School, Saint Thomas the Apostle School, Saint Vincent de Paul School, Saint William the Abbot School, Salisbury School, Sanford Calhoun High School, Saw Mill Road School, School For Language And Communications Development, School Number 1, School Number 2, School Number 3, School Number 3, School Number 4, School Number 4, School Number 5, School Number 5, School Number 5 (historical), School Number 6, School Number 8, Sea Cliff Elementary School, Seaford Avenue School, Seaford Harbor School, Seaford High School, Seaford Manor School, Seaford Middle School, Seamans Neck School, Searingtown School, Sewanhaka Central High School, Shaw Avenue School, Shelter Rock Elementary School, Shore Road Intermediate Center, Shubert Elementary School, Shulamith School, Smith School, Smith Street Elementary School, Solomon Schechter Middle-High School, South Grove Elementary School, South Salem School, South School, South Shore Country Day School, South Side High School, South Side Middle School, South Woods Middle School, Southedge Junior High School, Split Rock School, Stanforth Junior High School, State University College at Old Westbury, Steele Elementary School, Stella K Abraham High School for Girls, Stewart Avenue School, Stewart Manor Elementary School, Stratford Avenue Elementary School, Stratford Road School, Summers School, Summit Lane School, Sunrise Park School, Sylvia Packard Middle School, Syosset High School, Temple Emanuel School, Temple Israel School, The State University Conference Center, Theodore Roosevelt High School, Theodore Roosevelt School, Tifereth Israel School, Torah Academy of Lawrence, Torah Academy of Long Island, Torah High School of Long Beach, Town And Country School, Transfiguration School, Trinity Lutheran School, Trinity School, Turtle Hook Middle School, Twin Oaks Country Day School, Union Free School District Number 21 (historical), Uniondale High School, United States Merchant Marine Academy, Unqua Elementary School, Valley Stream Central High School, Valley Stream North High School, Valley Stream South High School, Variety Child Learning Center, Vernon School, Village Elementary School, Village School, Vincent Smith School, W Tresper Clarke High School, Waldorf School, Walnut Street School, Walt Whitman School, Wantagh High School, Wantagh Middle School, Wantagh School, Washington Avenue Elementary School, Washington School, Washington Street School, Washington-Rose Elementary School, Watson Elementary School, Waverly Park Elementary School, Wayside Elementary School, Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Wellington Mepham High School, West Elementary School, West End Elementary School, West Hempstead High School, West Hempstead Middle School, West Side School, Westbury Friends School, Westbury High School, Westbury Middle School, Westbury School, Wheatley School, Wheeler Avenue Elementary School, Whispering Pines Seventh Day Adventist School, Wickshire School, Willets Road School, Willett Avenue School, William A Shine Great Neck South High School, William L Buck Elementary School, William S Covert School, Williams School, Willis Avenue Elementary School, Willits Elementary School, Willow Road School, Wilson Elementary School, Winthrop Avenue Primary Center, Wisdom Lane Middle School, Wisdom Lane School Annex, Woodbury Grade School, Woodfield Road Elementary School, Woodland Avenue School, Woodland Middle School, Woodmere Grammar School (historical), Woodmere Junior High School (historical), Woodmere Middle School, Woodward Parkway School, Word of Life Ministries Academy, Yeshiva Ketana School of Long Island, Yeshiva of South Shore School, Yeshiva Or Chadash

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Bread Spring

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Bannister Creek, Beaver Brook, Bedell Creek, Bellmore Creek, Carman Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Swamp Creek, East Creek, East Meadow Brook, Emory Creek, Freeport Creek, Frost Creek, Great Sand Creek, Hook Creek, Island Swamp Brook, Jones Creek, Massapequa Creek, Merrick Creek, Milburn Creek, Mill Neck Creek, Mill River, Mitchells Creek, Motts Creek, Mud Creek, Narraskatuck Creek, Newbridge Creek, Parsonage Creek, Powell Creek, Schodack Brook, Seafood Creek, Seamans Creek, Shell Creek, Simmond Creek, Thixton Creek, Tiffany Creek, Valley Stream

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Harbor Hill, Mannetto Hills, Sagamore Hill

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False Channel Meadow, Garrett Marsh, High Flats Marsh, Lawrence Marsh, Neds Meadow, North Green Sedge, Nums Marsh, Pettit Marsh, Pine Marsh, Shu Swamp, South Green Sedge

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WBAB-AM (Freeport), WBAU-FM (Garden City), WCWP-FM (Brookville), WGBB, WHLI-AM (Hempstead), WHPC-FM (Garden City), WKJY-FM (Hempstead), WKWZ-FM (Syosset), WKWZ-FM (Syosset), WLIW-TV (Garden City), WPOB-FM (Plainview), WPOB-FM (Plainview), WRHU-FM (Hempstead), WTHE-AM (Mineola),

Nassau County, New York Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteNassau County White population 1,042,2231,042,222  
BlackNassau County Black population 164,491164,490
AsianNassau County Asian population 113,256113,255
MixedNassau County Mixed population 21,57321,572
American IndianNassau County American Indian population 6,7416,741
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNassau County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1,3481,348

Additional population tables :
State population table
New York population by county