Athens County, Ohio Basics:

Athens County Ohio - Government Site

Population: 64,489
Area: 504 square miles
County seat: Athens
Area code(s) in use: 740
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 88.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 28.3%
Median household income: $33,836
Persons in poverty: 32.2%
Home ownership rate: 56.8%
Mean travel time to work: 20.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Hocking  Meigs  Morgan  Perry  Vinton  Washington  Wood (WV)  

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Map of the Athens County area

Our detail map of Athens County shows the Athens County, Ohio boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Athens County, Ohio

  Airports     show all on map

McBee Heliport, Ohio University Airport-Snyder Field

  Arches     show all on map

Mustapha Island Bridge

  Bridges     show all on map

Blackwood Bridge, Kidwell Bridge, Kidwell Covered Bridge, Palos Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Albany Area Volunteer Fire Department, Alden Library, Amesville Ames - Bern Township Volunteer Fire Department, Anderson Hall, Armbruster Hall, Athens City Hall, Athens County Courthouse, Athens County Law Library, Athens County Sheriff's Office, Athens Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Athens Fire Department Station 2, Atkinson Hall, Baker Center, Beasley Convocation Center, Bentley Hall, Biddle Hall, Bird Arena, Boyd Hall, Brough Hall, Brown Hall, Bryan Hall, Bush Hall, Cady Hall, Chauncey - Dover Volunteer Fire Department, Chubb Hall, Clippinger Hall, Coolville Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Coolville Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Copeland Hall, Crawford Hall, Cutler Hall, Dougan Hall, Edwards Accelerator, Ellis Hall, Ewing Hall, Fenzel Hall, Foster Hall, Gamertsfelder Hall, Glouster Fire Department, Glouster Police Department, Gordy Hall, Grosvenor Hall, Haning Hall, Hoover Hall, Irvine Hall, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, James Hall, Jefferson Hall, Jennings Hall, Johnson Hall, Kantner Hall, Konneker Alumni Center, Lasher Hall, Life Ambulance Service, Lincoln Hall, Lindley Hall, Mackinnon Hall, Martzolf Hall, McCracken Hall, McGuffey Hall, Memorial Auditorium, Morton Hall, Nelson Commons, Nelsonville Division of Fire, Nelsonville Police Department, Nelsonville Public Library, O'Bleness Hall, Ohio State Highway Patrol - Athens Patrol Post, Parks Hall, Perkins Hall, Pickering Hall, Porter Hall, Putnam Hall, Read Hall, Richland Area Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Richland Area Fire Department Station 2, Rome Township Volunteer Fire Department, Ryors Hall, Sargent Hall, Scott Quadrangle, Scripps Hall, Seigfred Hall, Shively Hall, Smith Hall, Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services Station 1 Athens, Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services Station 2 Coolville, Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services Station 3 Glouster, Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services Station 4 Nelsonville, Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services Station 5 Albany, Stocker Hall, The Plains Fire Department, Tiffin Hall, Treudley Hall, Trimble Village Rescue Squad, Trisolini Gallery, True Hall, Tupper Hall, Voight Hall, Washington Hall, Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department, Weld Hall, Wilson Hall, Wilson Hall, Wray Hall, York Township Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alexander Union Cemetery, Angel Cemetery, Asbury Cemetery, Athens Cemetery, Augustine Cemetery, Barnhill Cemetery, Bassett Cemetery, Bates Cemetery, Bean Cemetery, Beasley Cemetery, Beebe Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Ridge Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Bishopville Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Buck Cemetery, Burson Cemetery, Butts Cemetery, Canaanville Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carthage Cemetery, Chase Cemetery, Clarks Chapel Cemetery, Concord Cemetery, Connett Cemetery, Coolville Cemetery, Copeland Cemetery, Crippen Cemetery, Crossroads Cemetery, Cumberland Cemetery, Cutler Cemetery, Factory Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Federal Hill Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Finsterwald Cemetery, Fort Street Cemetery, Frame Cemetery, Garden Cemetery, Gates Cemetery, Gilham Cemetery, Glouster Cemetery, Graham Chapel Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Guysville Cemetery, Haga Church Cemetery, Haines Cemetery, Haning Cemetery, Henrys Cemetery, Hewett Cemetery, Hewitt Cemetery, Higgin Cemetery, Hocking Cemetery, Hockingport Cemetery, Holmes Cemetery, Hooper Ridge Cemetery, Howson Cemetery, Humphrey Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Ireland Cemetery, Jeffers Cemetery, Jerseyville Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Judd Cemetery, Kilvert Cemetery, Lefever Cemetery, Littler Cemetery, Lottridge Cemetery, Lyndon Cemetery, Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Marshfield Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, McCole Cemetery, McDougall Cemetery, Memory Gardens Cemetery, Millfield-Hilltop Cemetery, Minear Cemetery, Moss Cemetery, Mound Hill Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Herman Cemetery, Mud Sock Cemetery, New Athens Hospital Cemetery, New England Cemetery, New Torch Cemetery, Nye Cemetery, Old Athens Hospital Cemetery, Old Coolville Cemetery, Old Torch Cemetery, Orange Cemetery, Pedigo Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pratts Fork Cemetery, Pruden Cemetery, Quail Trap Cemetery, Queen of Heaven Cemeteries, Ross Cemetery, Rowell Cemetery, Rush Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Sand Rock Cemetery, Sands Cemetery, Snowden Cemetery, South Canaan Cemetery, State Street Cemetery, Sterling Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stover Cemetery, Taylor Ridge Cemetery, Timothy Jones Cemetery, Town House Cemetery, Troy Cemetery, True Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Vanderhoof Cemetery, Weatherby Cemetery, Wesleyan Cemetery, Whitmore Cemetery, Woodyard Cemetery, Wyers Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Zion Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Hockingport Census Designated Place, Millfield Census Designated Place, New Marshfield Census Designated Place, Stewart Census Designated Place, The Plains Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Airline Union Church, Albany Baptist Church, Alexander Presbyterian Church, Angel Ridge Church, Apostolic Church, Ashbury Church, Bates Church, Bethany Church, Bethel Church, Carthage Church, Centennial Church, Central Avenue United Methodist Church, Chase Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ the King Catholic Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Clarks Chapel United Methodist Church, Concord Church, Dorr Run Church, East Athens Church of Christ, East Canaan Church, Fairview Church, Federal Valley Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Free Will Baptist Church, Galbreath Chapel, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Graham Chapel, Haga Mission, Hanning Church, Hooper Ridge Church, Independent Holiness Church, McDougall Church, Mound Hill Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Hermon Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Oak Grove Church, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Poston Church, Pratts Fork Church, Saint Andrews Roman Catholic Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Pauls Catholic Church, Salem Church, South Canaan Church, Strouds Run Church, Taylor Ridge Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Townhouse Church, Troy Church, Union Church, Vanderhoof Church, Vore Ridge Church, Wilson Chapel, Zion Church, Zion Church

  Dams     show all on map

Athens Fish and Game Club Lake Dam, Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company Ash Pond Dam, Margaret Creek Watershed Project Number One Dam, Matters Pond Dam, Modoc Reservoir Dam, Rainbow Lake Dam, Slater Brothers Pond Dam, Strouds Run Dam, Tom Jenkins Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Wolfs Plains

  Forests     show all on map

Gifford State Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare Athens Campus, Athens Mental Health Center, Doctors Hospital of Nelsonville, Hudson Medical Center, O'Bleness Memorial Hospital, Sheltering Arms Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Buck Lake, Rays Lakes, Woods Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Athens - Hocking Reclamation Center, Athens Country Club, Athens County Childrens Home, Athens County Fairgrounds, Athens Mall Shopping Center, Boyd Allen Dairy Farm, Burr Oak Cove Recreation Site, Burr Oak Regional Water Treatment Plant, Coolville Station, Curtis Junction (historical), Devils Tea Table, Duttons Landing, Elm Golf Course, Kennedys Landing, Kings Station (historical), Moores Landing, Myers Crossing (historical), Number Ten Mission, Parkers Landing, Peden Stadium, Sand Rock, Snow Fork Junction (historical), Torch Speedway, University Mall Shopping Center, Waterloo Wildlife Area, Woodyard

  Mines     show all on map

Buckingham Mine Number 2, Diamond Number 1 Quarry, Diamond Stone Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Athens Downtown Historic District, Ohio University Campus Green Historic District, Strouds Run State Park, Trautwein Field, Trimble State Wildlife Area, Waterloo State Forest

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albany, Alexander (historical), Amesville, Anthony, Armadale, Armitage, Athens, Beachwood Lake Estates, Beaumont, Beebe, Bessemer, Big Hocking (historical), Big Run, Bolens Mills (historical), Broadwell, Brookville, Buchtel, Burr Oak, Canaanville, Carbondale, Carsey Town, Chase, Chauncey, Clearview, Cole, Connett, Coolville, Deans (historical), Derthick, Detroit (historical), Doanville, East Clayton, East Millfield, Elliottville, English Town (historical), Ewing (historical), Fairway Oaks, Federal, Fisher, Five Points, Frost, Fullview Heights, Garden, Glen Ebon, Glouster, Goose Run (historical), Greens Run, Grosvenor, Guysville, Hamley Run, Harmony (historical), Hartleyville, Hebardville, Hickory Hills, Highland Park Estates, Hixon (historical), Hocking, Hocking (historical), Hockingport, Hollister, Horton (historical), Hull, Hunterdon, Ingham (historical), Ireland, Jacksonville, Kilvert, Kimberly, La Mar Heights, Laurel Hill (historical), Liars Corner, Longview Heights, Lottridge, Luhrig, Lyda (historical), Lysander, Marshallville (historical), Marydale, McLeish, Medill (historical), Millfield, Mineral, Modoc, Morristown, Mortonville (historical), Mount Auburn (historical), Nelsonville, New Bern (historical), New England, New Floodwood, New Mansfield, New Marshfield, Newbury (historical), Oakdale, Olbers, Palos, Pine Grove Heights, Pleasanton, Poston, Pratts Fork, Raccoon (historical), Redtown, Rock Oak (historical), Rolling Hill Acres, Rolling Hills, Salina (historical), Shade, Sharpsburg, Sparta (historical), Stewart, Stringtown, Sugar Creek, The Plains, Torch, Trimble, Truetown, University Heights, Utley, Valley View, Vanderhoof, Wonder Hills, Wonder Hills, Youba

  Post Offices     show all on map

Albany Post Office, Alexander Post Office (historical), Amesville Post Office, Anthony Post Office (historical), Armdale Post Office (historical), Athens Post Office, Broadwell Post Office (historical), Buchtell Post Office, Carbondale Post Office, Chauncey Post Office, Coolville Post Office, Floodwood Post Office (historical), Frost Post Office (historical), Garden Post Office (historical), Glenebon Post Office (historical), Glouster Post Office, Guysville Post Office, Hamley Run Post Office (historical), Hartleyville Post Office (historical), Hawkeye Post Office (historical), Hebbardsville Post Office (historical), Hixon Post Office (historical), Hocking Post Office (historical), Hockingport Post Office, Hollister Post Office (historical), Horton Post Office (historical), Hull Post Office (historical), Jacksonville Post Office, Judson Post Office (historical), Kilvert Post Office (historical), Kimberly Post Office (historical), Kings Post Office (historical), Lathrop Post Office (historical), Latrobe Post Office (historical), Lick Ridge Post Office (historical), Lick Run Post Office (historical), Linscotts Post Office (historical), Lottridge Post Office (historical), Lowry Post Office (historical), Luhrig Post Office (historical), Lyda Post Office (historical), Lysander Post Office (historical), Marchmont Post Office (historical), Medill Post Office (historical), Millfield Post Office, Millfield Post Office (historical), Mineral Post Office (historical), Modoc Post Office (historical), Nelsonville Post Office, Nelsonville Post Office, New England Post Office (historical), New Marshfield Post Office, Oakdale Post Office (historical), Olbers Post Office (historical), Pleasanton Post Office (historical), Poston Post Office (historical), Pratts Fork Post Office (historical), Selby Post Office (historical), Shade Post Office, Sharpsburg Post Office, Stewart Post Office, The Plains Post Office, Trimble Post Office, Utley Post Office (historical), Vanderhoof Post Office (historical), Woodyards Post Office (historical), Youba Post Office (historical), Zelda Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

210 Reservoir, Athens Fish and Game Club Lake, Beal Lake, Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company Ash Pond, Dow Lake, Fox Lake, Lake Snowden, Margaret Creek Conservancy District Reservoir, Margaret Creek Conservancy District Reservoir, Margaret Creek Conservancy District Reservoir, Matters Pond, Modoc Reservoir, Rainbow Lake, Slater Brothers Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Angel Ridge, Bethel Ridge, Brimstone Ridge, Coolville Ridge, Cubbison Ridge, Dutch Ridge, Gowler Ridge, Haga Ridge, Hooper Ridge, Lightfritz Ridge, Oregon Ridge, Peach Ridge, Robinett Ridge, Sand Ridge, Scatter Ridge, Scatter Ridge, Taylor Ridge, Tick Ridge, Utah Ridge, Vore Ridge, Youba Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alexander Elementary School, Alexander High School, Alexander Junior High School, Alexander Middle School, Amesville Elementary School, Athens High School, Athens Middle School, Atwood Institute (historical), Beacon School, Carthage-Troy High School, Central School (historical), Chauncey Elementary School, Coolville High School (historical), Coolville Seminary (historical), East Side Elementary School, Enterprise Institute (historical), Federal Hocking Middle School, Floodwood School (historical), Hocking College, Jasper Hill School (historical), Mills School (historical), Morrison Elementary School, Nelsonville Elementary School, Nelsonville-York High School, Nelsonville-York Middle School, Ohio University, Poston Elementary School, Rome-Canaan High School (historical), Saint Pauls School, The Plains Elementary School, Third Ward Public School (historical), Trimble Elementary School, Trimble High School, Trimble Middle School, Trimble Township High School, West Side Elementary School, York Elementary School, York Township School

  Streams     show all on map

Biddle Creek, Big Bailey Run, Big Run, Bogie Run, Boon Run, Bryson Branch, Buckley Run, Butts Run, Buzzard Run, Canaanville Run, Carbondale Creek, Carr Bailey Run, Carters Fork, Cherry Creek, Coal Fork, Coal Run, Coates Run, Congress Run, Dairy Run, Dirty Creek, Dorr Run, Drapers Run, Duck Run, Dutch Creek, Duvalls Run, Ervin Run, Ewing Run, Factory Creek, Federal Creek, Fourmile Creek, Frost Run, Goose Run, Grass Run, Green Run, Greens Run, Hamley Run, Hatch Fork Big Run, Herrold Run, Hocking River, Hyde Fork, Indian Run, Jackson Run, Joes Run, Johnson Run, Jordan Run, Kasler Creek, Kelleys Run, Kitten Run, Lead Run, Lick Run, Lick Run, Limestone Run, Linscott Run, Little Factory Creek, Little Greens Run, Long Run, Long Run, Long Run, Margaret Creek, Margaret Creek, Marietta Run, McCunes Run, McDougall Branch, McGill Run, Middle Bailey Run, Middle Branch, Middle Branch Shade River, Mill Creek, Miller Run, Minkers Run, Modoc Run, Monday Creek, Mud Fork, Mud Lick Run, Mush Run, Nellis Run, Nices Run, North Branch Margaret Creek, Picketts Run, Pine Run, Piper Run, Pratts Fork, Priests Fork, Riley Run, Rock Riffle Run, Rockcamp Creek, Rocky Run, Rodgers Fork, Ross Run, Rowell Run, Salt Creek, Scott Creek, Shade River, Sharps Run, Skunk Run, Snow Fork, Spring Branch, Spruce Run, Stony Camp Run, Strouds Run, Sugar Creek, Sulphur Run, Sunday Creek, Swan Run, Tar Creek, Thompsons Fork, Tiger Run, Trace Run, Tucker Run, West Bailey Run, West Branch Margaret Creek, West Branch Sunday Creek, Willow Creek, Wolfpen Creek, Woodburys Run, Wyatt Run

  Summits     show all on map

Chandlers Hill, Jasper Hill, Mount Nebo, Riley Hill, Signal Hill, Stage Mound Hill

  Towers     show all on map

WAIS-AM (Buchtel), Waterloo Lookout Tower, WATH Radio Tower, WATH-AM (Athens), WLVZ-AM (Athens), WOUB-AM (Athens), WOUB-FM (Athens), WOUB-TV (Athens), WSEO-FM (Nelsonville), WXTQ-FM (Athens), WYNO-AM (Nelsonville)

  Trails     show all on map

Beaver Pond Trail, Broken Rock Trail, Homestead Trail, Indian Mound Trail, Lakeview Trail, Sycamore Valley Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Bennett Hollow, Brawley Hollow, Buckeye Hollow, Cherry Hollow, Chimney Rock Hollow, Coe Hollow, Deep Hollow, Dog Hollow, Oakdale Hollow, Palk Hollow, Ross Hollow, Snake Hollow, Tucker Hollow,

Athens County, Ohio Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteAthens County White population 59,26559,265  
AsianAthens County Asian population 1,8701,870
BlackAthens County Black population 1,8061,805
MixedAthens County Mixed population 1,3541,354
American IndianAthens County American Indian population 193193
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderAthens County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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