Morgan County, Ohio Basics:

Morgan County Ohio - Government Site

Population: 14,926
Area: 416 square miles
County seat: McConnelsville
Area code(s) in use: 740
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 84.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 7.7%
Median household income: $37,152
Persons in poverty: 18.0%
Home ownership rate: 77.2%
Mean travel time to work: 30.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Athens  Muskingum  Noble  Perry  Washington  

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Map of the Morgan County area

Our detail map of Morgan County shows the Morgan County, Ohio boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Morgan County, Ohio

  Airports     show all on map

Bald Eagle Field Airport, Burr Oak Lodge Heliport, Center LBJ Airport, Morgan County Airport, Pennsville Heliport

  Bridges     show all on map

Cotton Bridge, Helmic Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Center Township Volunteer Fire Department, Chesterhill Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Kate Love Simpson Library, M and M Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, Morgan County Bar Association Library, Morgan County Courthouse, Morgan County Jail, Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Pennsville Volunteer Fire Department, Reinersville Volunteer Fire Department, Stockport Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Albright Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Andrews Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bain Cemetery, Barr Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Black Oak Cemetery, Blackemar Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Brick Church Cemetery, Bristol Cemetery, Cary Cemetery, Centerville Cemetery, Chesterhill Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Crossroads Cemetery, Deen Cemetery, Deerfield Cemetery, Dutch Hill Cemetery, East Branch Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Emery Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Methodist Protestant Cemetery, Free Grace Cemetery, Friends Burial Ground, German Cemetery, Harr Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Infirmary Cemetery, Jacklot Cemetery, Jerusalem Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Joy Cemetery, Kuntz Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Lemon Hill Cemetery, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Lightner Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Lovel Cemetery, Malta Cemetery, McConnelsville Cemetery, McKendree Cemetery, Meigs Church of Christ Cemetery, Meigsville Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Olivet Methodist Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, Old Quaker Cemetery, Olney Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Pennsville Cemetery, Phillis Cemetery, Pisgah Methodist Cemetery, Pisgah Methodist Protestant Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Rehobeth Cemetery, Reinersville Cemetery, Ringgold Cemetery, Risen Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Saint Margaret Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Smiths Chapel Cemetery, Stockport Cemetery, Swickard Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Unionville Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Westland Cemetery, Windy Hill Cemetery, Wiseman Cemetery, Wolf Creek Cemetery, Wrightstown Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Rose Farm Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Albright Church (historical), Antioch Church, Bailey Church, Bethel Church (historical), Bethel Methodist Church (historical), Bethel Ridge Apostolic Tabernacle, Bishopville Church of Christ, Brick Church (historical), Bristol Presbyterian Church, Carmel Church, Centerville Community Church, Chapel Church, Chesterhill Church of the Nazarene, Chesterhill United Methodist Church, Church of the Nazarene, Crossroads Church, Deerfield Presbyterian Church, Eagleport Methodist Church (historical), East Branch Church, Ebenezer Mennonite Church, Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Emery Church, Fairview Church, Fairview Mission, Ferndale Methodist Church, Grace Methodist Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church (historical), Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Joy Christian Church, Joy Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Lebanon United Methodist Church, Lemon Hill United Brethren Church (historical), Liberty Hill Methodist Church, Locust Grove Methodist Church (historical), Main Street Christian Church, Malta Methodist Church (historical), McKendree United Methodist Church, Meigs Church of Christ, Meigsville Church of Christ (historical), Mount Carmel United Methodist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olivet Church, Mount Zion Bible Christian Church, Mountville Methodist Church (historical), Neelysville Baptist Church (historical), Oakland United Methodist Church, Pennsville Church of Christ, Pennsville United Methodist Church, Pisgah United Methodist Church, Pisgah United Methodist Church, Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Valley Church (historical), Reinersville Methodist Church, Ringgold Free Methodist Church, Rose Farm Church of Christ, Saint James Roman Catholic Church, Seventh Street Church of Christ, Sherwood Church (historical), Smiths Chapel United Methodist Church, Solomon Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tabor Church of Christ, Todds Methodist Church, Triadelphia Church of Christ, Triadelphia Methodist Church, Trinity Methodist Church, Unionville Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), United Brethren Church, Wesley Chapel Church (historical), Wolf Creek Church of Christ, Woodgrove Methodist Church (historical), Wrightsville Bible Christian Church, Zion Church (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Comstock Pond Dam, Crooksville Reservoir Number One Dam, Crooksville Reservoir Number Two Dam, Halley Pond Dam, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number Eight, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number Five, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number Seven, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number Six, Ohio Power Company Dam 9515-001, Ohio Power Company Dam 9515-002, Ohio Power Company Dam 9515-004, Ohio Power Company Dam 9515-007, Ohio Power Company Dam 9515-011, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-013 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-018 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-019 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-021 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond 9516-010 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-118 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-120 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-133 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-141 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-144 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-165 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-166 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-46 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mbl-1 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-29 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-34 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-46 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-49 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-52 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-62 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-85 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mmv-5 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Mmv-9 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Number 9515-012 Dam, Ohio Power Company Pond Number 9515-025 Dam, Wildlife Pond Dam 9417-001

  Islands     show all on map

McConnells Island

  Locales     show all on map

Boat Dock Number 1, Boat Dock Number 2, Boat Dock Number 3, Boat Dock Number 4, Burr Oak Lodge, Marlane Farm, Morgan County Fairgrounds, Shawnee Junction (historical), Tropic Station (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Big Bottom State Memorial Park, Burr Oak State Park, Downtown Chesterhill Historic District, Fairview Park, McConnelsville Historic District, Muskingum River Parkway State Park, Wolf Creek Wildlife Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Airington (historical), Andersons Store (historical), Big Bottom (historical), Bishopville, Blackburn (historical), Brill (historical), Bristol, Brokaw, Cabinville (historical), Center Bend, Centerville, Chadwick (historical), Chaneyville (historical), Chesterhill, Cloud (historical), Deavertown, Durant, Eagleport, Elliott Crossroads, Gardner (historical), Gladdens Trailer Court, Hackney, Halls Valley (historical), Hickersons Cross Roads (historical), Hiramsburg (historical), Hooksburg, Hoskinsville (historical), Huffmans (historical), Joetown, Joy, Lathrop, Lewis (historical), Linscott (historical), Lovell, Malta, McConnelsville, Meigs, Mill Grove, Morgan Meadows Mobile Home Park, Morganville, Moscow Mills, Mountville, Neelysville, New Bedford (historical), Oil Spring (historical), Otho (historical), Pennsville, Plantsville, Pleasant Valley (historical), Reinersville, Ringgold, Rokeby Lock, Rosseau, Rowland (historical), Roxbury, Sand Hollow (historical), Seeleyburg (historical), Sharon (historical), Shilling (historical), Shinn (historical), Slemmons (historical), Stockport, Stubbs (historical), Todds, Triadelphia, Tropic, Unionville, Vicksville, Westland, Whartons (historical), Windsor (historical), Wrightstown

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bishopville Post Office (historical), Blackburn Post Office (historical), Brill Post Office (historical), Bristol Post Office (historical), Brokaw Post Office (historical), Calvary Post Office (historical), Centerbend Post Office (historical), Cheneyville Post Office (historical), Chesterhill Post Office, Cloud Post Office (historical), Deavertown Post Office (historical), Durant Post Office (historical), Dyesville Post Office (historical), Eagleport Post Office (historical), Elliott Post Office (historical), Farley Post Office (historical), Fisherville Post Office (historical), Hackney Post Office (historical), Halls Valley Post Office (historical), Hickersons Cross Roads Post Office (historical), Hooksburg Post Office (historical), Hoskinsville Post Office (historical), Huffmans Post Office (historical), Joy Post Office (historical), Lewis Post Office (historical), Ludlow Post Office (historical), Malta Post Office, McConnelsville Post Office, Meigs Post Office (historical), Meigsville Post Office (historical), Millgrove Post Office (historical), Moodys Mills Post Office (historical), Morgansville Post Office (historical), Moscow Mills Post Office (historical), Mountville Post Office (historical), Neelysville Post Office (historical), Oscar Post Office (historical), Otho Post Office (historical), Parrish's Mills Post Office (historical), Pennsville Post Office, Plantsville Post Office (historical), Reinersville Post Office, Ringgold Post Office (historical), Rokeby Lock Post Office (historical), Rose Farm Post Office (historical), Rosseau Post Office (historical), Rowland Post Office (historical), Roxbury Post Office (historical), Sand Hollow Post Office (historical), Shilling Post Office (historical), Shinn Post Office (historical), Stockport Post Office, Stubbs Post Office (historical), Tallytown Post Office (historical), Taylors Post Office (historical), Todds Post Office (historical), Triadelphia Post Office (historical), Westland Post Office (historical), Wolf Creek Post Office (historical), Woodgrove Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Burr Oak Reservoir, Comstock Pond, Crooksville Reservoir Number One, Crooksville Reservoir Number Two, Halley Pond, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number, Muskingum River Lock and Dam Number, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-001, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-002, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-004, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-007, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-011, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-013, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-018, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-019, Ohio Power Company Pond 9515-021, Ohio Power Company Pond 9516-010, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-118, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-120, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-133, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-141, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-144, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-165, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-166, Ohio Power Company Pond Mb-46, Ohio Power Company Pond Mbl-1, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-29, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-34, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-46, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-49, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-52, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-62, Ohio Power Company Pond Mm-85, Ohio Power Company Pond Mmv-5, Ohio Power Company Pond Mmv-9, Ohio Power Company Pond Number 9515-012, Ohio Power Company Pond Number 9515-015, Ohio Power Company Pond Number 9515-025, Wildlife Pond 9417-001

  Ridges     show all on map

McCoy Ridge, Patterson Ridge, Poplar Ridge, Spurrier Ridge, Zion Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Anderson School (historical), Armstrong School (historical), Bailey Ridge School (historical), Bain School (historical), Bald Knob School (historical), Barkhurst School (historical), Bartlett School (historical), Bethel School (historical), Big Bottom School (historical), Blackoak School (historical), Border School (historical), Brick School (historical), Bristol Elementary School, Brokaw School (historical), Buck Run School (historical), Buckeye School (historical), Cabin Vale School (historical), Carmel School (historical), Center Bend School (historical), Center School, Center School (historical), Centerville School (historical), Chadwick School (historical), Chaneyville School (historical), Chappelear School (historical), Colburn School (historical), Combs School (historical), Crisman School (historical), Deerfield School (historical), Dougan School (historical), Dry Run School (historical), Dutch Hill School (historical), Eagleport School (historical), Earley School (historical), Eastview School (historical), Eight Square School (historical), Election School (historical), Elliot School (historical), Elliotts Crossroads School (historical), Ellis School (historical), Emery School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fletcher School (historical), Foster School (historical), Goshen School (historical), Goshen School (historical), Grand View School (historical), Green School (historical), Grimes School (historical), Hackney School (historical), Hague School (historical), Harmony Hill School (historical), Hickory Ridge School (historical), Hog Hollow School (historical), Hooksburg School (historical), Hopedale School (historical), Hopewell School (historical), Hopkins School (historical), Hossom School (historical), Irish Ridge School (historical), Jordan School (historical), Joy School (historical), Laurel Point School (historical), Lawrence School (historical), Lemon Hill School (historical), Lewis School (historical), Lightners School (historical), Little Belmont School (historical), Malta Elementary School, Maple Grove School (historical), Marion Elementary School, McCarty School (historical), Meigs School (historical), Moody, Morgan High School, Morganville School (historical), Moscow School (historical), Mountville School (historical), Neelysville School, Newsom School (historical), Newton Ridge School (historical), North Star School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oak Hill School (historical), Oakgrove School (historical), Oil Springs School (historical), Olivet School (historical), Parmiter School (historical), Patterson School (historical), Patterson School (historical), Pedicord School (historical), Peeper Run School (historical), Pennsville Elementary School, Pisgah School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Point Lookout School (historical), Poplar Ridge School (historical), Red Clay School (historical), Reeds School (historical), Reinersville School (historical), Ringgold School (historical), Rock Hollow School (historical), Rokeby Locks School (historical), Rose Farm School (historical), Rose Hill School (historical), Rosseau School (historical), Rowland School (historical), Salem School (historical), Sand Hill School (historical), Sharp Ridge School (historical), Sherwood School (historical), Shields School (historical), Simpson School (historical), Smith School (historical), Smithtown School (historical), Spencer School (historical), Spurrier School (historical), Stockport School (historical), Stony Point School (historical), Todds School (historical), Triadelphia School (historical), Tunnel Hill School (historical), Union-Homer Elementary School, Unionville School (historical), Valley School (historical), Wade School (historical), Ward School (historical), Weitzel School (historical), Wells School (historical), West Liberty School (historical), West Union School (historical), Westland School (historical), White Pigeon School (historical), Whitewash School (historical), Wilson School (historical), Windsor Elementary School, Windy Hill School (historical), Wise School (historical), Wrightstown School (historical), York Elementary School

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Run, Andrews Run, Bald Eagle Run, Bear Run, Bell Creek, Big Bottom Run, Bloody Run, Browns Run, Buck Run, Cabin Run, Carters Run, Chaneyville Run, Cow Run, Doudna Run, Dry Run, Dyes Fork, East Branch Sunday Creek, Fourmile Run, Goshen Creek, Hedgehog Creek, Hooks Run, Horse Run, Island Run, Joy Run, Keith Fork, Kickapoo Creek, Lick Run, Limestone Run, Little Fourmile Run, Little Olive Green Creek, Little Wolf Creek, Lucas Run, Luck Run, Madison Run, Manns Run, Mans Fork, McElfresh Run, McPherson Run, Meigs Creek, Mill Run, Millers Run, Miners Fork, Moores Run, North Branch Coal Run, North Branch Oilspring Run, Oilspring Run, Olive Green Creek, Olney Run, Onion Run, Opossum Run, Peeper Run, Perry Run, Pleasant Run, Reasoners Run, Salt Run, San Toy Creek, Scott Run, Scott Run, Sharon Fork, Sharps Fork Federal Creek, Sherwood Run, Shrader Run, Simpson Run, Slemmons Creek, Smith Run, South Branch Island Run, Spring Run, Starling Run, Stong Creek, Stony Creek, Sugartree Run, Turkey Run, Tyson Run

  Summits     show all on map

Buttermilk Hill, Cherry Hill, Cotton Hill, Green Knobs, Willis Hill

  Towers     show all on map

WYBH-FM (McConnelsville)

  Trails     show all on map

Wild Cat Hollow Hiking Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Anderson Hollow, Coopershop Hollow, Henry Hollow, Opossum Hollow, Quickbum Hollow, Taylor Hollow, Tharp Hollow,

Morgan County, Ohio Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMorgan County White population 13,92613,925  
MixedMorgan County Mixed population 463462
BlackMorgan County Black population 448447
American IndianMorgan County American Indian population 6059
AsianMorgan County Asian population 3029
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMorgan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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