Baker County, Oregon Basics:

Baker County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 15,914
Area: 3068 square miles
County seat: Baker City
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.5%
Median household income: $40,348
Persons in poverty: 19.6%
Home ownership rate: 68.2%
Mean travel time to work: 14.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Adams (ID)  Grant  Malheur  Union  Wallowa  Washington (ID)  

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Map of the Baker County area

Our detail map of Baker County shows the Baker County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Baker County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Baker City Municipal Airport, Bald Mountain Airport, Boulder Park Resort Airstrip, Ellingson Lumber Company Airstrip, Jensens Strip Airport, Muddy Creek Airport, Oxbow Airport, Pine Valley Airport, Saint Elizabeth Community Hospital Helipad, Saint Elizabeth Hospital Heliport

  Areas     show all on map

Antone Burn, Big Cow Burn

  Bars     show all on map

Caribou Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Angell Basin, Baker Valley, Bear Valley, Cable Cove, Cougar Basin, Gravelly Cove, Koski Basin, Lost Basin, Lower Powder Valley, North Powder Valley, Norway Basin, Sawmill Basin, Stein Basin, Western Union Basin

  Bends     show all on map

Farewell Bend, The Oxbow

  Bridges     show all on map

Miles Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Adler House, American Red Cross Northeast Oregon District Baker City Office, Baker City Fire Department, Baker City Hall, Baker City Police Department, Baker City Public Works Department Office, Baker County Courthouse, Baker County Library Baker City Main Branch Library, Baker County Library Haines Branch Library, Baker County Library Halfway Branch Library, Baker County Library Huntington Branch Library, Baker County Library Richland Branch Library, Baker County Library Sumpter Branch Library, Baker County Public Health Department, Baker County Sheriff's Office, Baker Heritage Museum, Baker Ranger Station, Baker Rural Fire Protection District Lindley Road, Baker Rural Fire Protection District Pine Creek Lane, Baker Rural Fire Protection District Pocahontas Road, Bureau of Land Management Vale District Baker Field Office, Cracker Creek Museum of Mining, Crossroads Carnegie Art Center Theatre, Department of Motor Vehicles Baker City, Eagle Valley Rural Fire Protection District, Eastern Oregon Museum, Haines 1800s Dick Camp Memorial Park, Haines City Hall, Haines Fire Protection District Cole Road, Haines Fire Protection District Muddy Creek Road, Haines Fire Protection District Old Slough Road, Haines Public Works Department Office, Halfway City Hall, Halfway Oxbow Ambulance Service, Halfway Public Works Department Office, Huntington City Hall, Huntington Historical Museum, Huntington Public Works Department Office, Huntington Volunteer Fire Department, Iron Gate Theatre, Keating Grange Hall, Keating Rural Fire Protection District, Leo Adler Theatre, Mehlhorn Mill, National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Oregon State Police Department Baker City, Pine Ranger Station, Pine Valley Community Museum, Pine Valley Rural Fire Protection District, Powder River - Mosquito Flat North Rural Fire Protection District, Powder River Correctional Facility, Richland City Hall, Richland Public Works Department Office, Sumpter City Hall, Sumpter Utilities Manager Office, Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge Museum, Sumpter Valley Railway - McEwen Station, Sumpter Volunteer Fire Department, Surprise Springs Rural Fire and Rescue, Unity City Hall, Unity Ranger Station, Unity Volunteer Fire Department, Wallowa Whitman National Forest Whitman Ranger District, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Headquarters

  Canals     show all on map

Baker Municipal Aqueduct, Baldock Ditch, Banks Ditch, Basche Ditch, Big Flat Ditch, Blume Zilkey Ditch, Brooks Ditch, Brown Loennig Ditch, Buchanan Ditch, Bulger Ditch, Camp Creek Ditch, Cavin Ditch, Chambeam Ditch, China Creek Ditch, Clarks Creek Ditch, Cleary Ditch, Cleary Ditch, Clement Ditch, Colt Ware Ditch, Cook Ditch, Corral Ditch, Correll Ditch, Cranston Ditch, Curop Ditch, Dry Gulch Ditch, Duncan Ditch, Eldorado Ditch, Elliot Ditch, Elms Ditch, Emele Ditch, Erwin Ditch, Estes Ditch, Farmers Ditch, Foothill Ditch, Ford Ingram Ditch, Gardner Mill Race Ditch, Greener Ditch, Hawley Ditch, Hereford Ditch, High Line Ditch, Howell Ditch, Huff Ditch, Hutchinson Ditch, I N Young Ditch, Independence Creek Ditch, Jacobsen Ditch, Kelsey Wilson Ditch, Kennedy Ditch, Lillard Ditch, Littlefield Ditch, Love Ditch, Lower Fisher Long Ditch, Mansfield Ditch, Maxwell Ditch, McCord Ditch, McEwen Valley Ditch, McMullen Ditch, McPherson Ditch, Mill Ditch, Miller Ditch, Mining Channel, Moore Pratt Ditch, Nelson Ditch, New Home Ditch, Newt Young Ditch, North Dixie Ditch, Packwood Ditch, Payton Ditch, Pearson Ditch, Penstock Olsen Ditch, Perkins Ditch, Phillips Ditch, Phillips Ditch, Phillips Ditch, Posy Valley Ditch, Powers Ditch, Reed Ditch, Reeds Ditch, Shaw Stewart Ditch, Siegle Ditch, Smith Ditch, Smith McPhee Ditch, South Dixie Ditch, Spring Creek Ditch, Steward Ditch, Swinger Ditch, Taylor Ditch, Thompson Ditch, Tiger Ditch, Tobin Ditch, Travillion-Koester ditch, Upper Fisher Long Ditch, Waterbury Ditch, Weatherspoon Ditch, Wendt Ditch, Wham Whited Ditch, Wilcox Ditch, Williams Ditch, Williams Ditch, Williams Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Asa Fleetwood Family Cemetery, Auburn Cemetery, Aunt Polly Cemetery, Baker City Chinese Cemetery (historical), Bastian Family Cemetery, Big Creek Cemetery, Big Flat Cemetery, Blue Mountain Cemetery, Boot Hill Cemetery, Bourne Cemetery, Boyer Family Cemetery, Bridgeport Cemetery, Burkemont Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clarksville Cemetery (historical), Clawson Cemetery, Connor Creek Cemetery, Copperfield-Homestead Cemetery, Cornucopia Cemetery, Durkee Cemetery, Eagle Valley Cemetery, Ebenger Family Cemetery, Emigrant Graves Cemetery, Frank Gordon Grave, Gold Ridge Mine Cemetery, Goose Creek Cemetery, Grandma Devin Grave, Greenhorn Cemetery, Haines Cemetery, Hardman Cemetery, Haskins Yard Cemetery, Hattie Whelock Grave, Hibbard Creek Cemetery, Hoopinggardner Cemetery, Huntington Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Huntington Old Cemetery, Isaac Colt Grave, J F J Cooper Grave, Jim Fleetwood Family Cemetery, John T Parkinson Grave, Koontz Family Cemetery, Lime-Dixie Cemetery, Love Family Cemetery, McEwen Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Nathaniel Hamlin Grave, Pine Haven Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Pocahontas Cemetery, Robinette Cemetery, Rock Creek Cemetery, Rosenberg Hill Cemetery, Rye Valley Cemetery, Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Cemetery (historical), Sisley Family Cemetery, Sparta Cemetery, Sparta Chinese Cemetery (historical), Speak Ranch Cemetery (historical), Thomas Bobbington Grave, Tom Heath Grave, Trimble Family Cemetery, Unity Cemetery, Utter Party Cemetery, Wagon Box Burial Cemetery, Weatherby Cemetery, Whitney Cemetery, Wingville Cemetery

  Cliffs     show all on map

Granite Cliff

  Crossings     show all on map

Benson Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

Balm Creek Dam, Bennett Dam, Benson Dam, Brownlee Dam, Clear Creek Dam, Colton Dam, Crater Lake Dam, East Lakes Dam, Elms Dam, F M Crow Dam, Fish Lake Dam, Goodrich Dam, Higgins Dam, Killamacue Dam, Kivett Dam Number 3, Laird Dam, Licklider Dam, Long Creek Dam, Love Dam, Lower Pine Lake Dam, Mason Dam, Mehlhorn-Bassett Dam, Morfitt Dam, Munn Dam, Murray Dam, Pine Creek Dam, Pollman Dam, R K Moseley Dam, Rock Lake Dam, Saw Mill Gulch Dam, Smith Lake Dam, Sugarloaf Dam, Unity Dam, Upper Pine Lake Dam, Van Patten Lake Dam, Vaughn Dam, Whited Dam, Widman Dam, Wirth Dam

  Falls     show all on map

East Fork Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alder Creek Meadow, Big Flat, Birch Creek Meadows, Bobier Meadow, Bowman Flats, Buck Flat, Bulger Flat, Clapp Meadow, Cougar Meadows, Coyote Flat, Deer Flats, Denny Flat, Dutch Flat, Eilertson Meadow, Elk Flat, Erin Meadow, Fannie Meadows, Floodwater Flats, Forshey Meadow, Gravel Flat, Griffin Meadow, Grouse Flat, Hale Meadow, Head Meadow, Hooker Flat, Howard Meadow, Juniper Flat, Locken Meadow, Lower Peavine Flat, Lyman Meadow, Mahogany Flat, McHenry Flat, Missouri Flat, Murray Pasture, Oakerman Lakes, Patrick Meadow, Pritchard Flat, Quaking Aspen Flat, Schneider Meadows, Schofield Flat, Sheep Flat, Sunflower Flat, Sunflower Flat, Tamarack Flat, The Sag, Trout Meadow, Upper Peavine Flat, Virtue Flat, Warfield Meadow, Whitney Meadow

  Gaps     show all on map

Blue Mountain Summit, Dean Pass, Dooley Summit, Dutch Flat Saddle, Larch Summit, Sawtooth Crater, Shasta Gap, Shasta Gap

  Harbors     show all on map

Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Baker City

  Islands     show all on map

Eagle Island, Oregon Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Adobe Pond, Anthony Lake, Anthony Lakes, Badsky Pond, Beaverdam Pond, Benchmark Waterhole, Between Pond, Black Lake, Bucket Lake, China Creek Corral Pond, China Lake, Cougar Pond, Coyote Waterhole, Crater Lake, Curtis Lake, De Vos Pond, Denny Pond, Divide Pond, Dooley Gulch Pond, Downie Lake, Dutch Flat Lake, Feller Pond, Fish Lake, Goodrich Lake, Goose Lake, Haines Pond Number One, Haines Pond Number Two, Highway 203 Pond, Hoffer Lakes, Iris Pond, Juniper Mountain Waterhole, Juniper Mountain Waterhole Number Two, Killamacue Lake, Lilypad Lake, Lone Pine Waterhole, Lost Lake, Lost Lake Reservoir, Maxwell Pond, Meadow Lake, Midway Pond, Mill Pond, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Spring Pond, North Powder Pond Number One, Old Camp Pond, Pine Lakes, Railroad Pond, Red Mountain Lake, Rock Creek Lake, Rock Pond, Seig Ponds, Smith Lake, Soda Lake, Summit Lake, Sunflower Flat Pond, Swale Pond, Tammy Pond, Twin Lakes, Two Color Lake, Van Patten Lake, Willow Creek Lake, Y Reservoir

  Locales     show all on map

Aitken (historical), Alder Springs (historical), Amelia Trailhead, Anthony Lake Campground, Anthony Lakes Shoreline Recreation Site, Anthony Lakes Sno-Park, Antlers Recreation Site, Auburn Sno-Park, Baker City Golf Club, Baker City Sanitary Landfill, Baker City Wastewater Treatment Facility, Baker County Fairgrounds, Baker County Fairgrounds and Rodeo Grounds, Baker County Fairgrounds Cockram Arena, Baker County Fairgrounds Office, Baker County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena, Baker County Panhandle Rodeo Arena, Baker Valley Safety Rest Area, Ballard Landing (historical), Balm Creek Reservoir Boat Launch, Balm Creek Reservoir Recreation Site, Blakes (historical), Blakes Junction (historical), Boulder Gorge (historical), Boulder Park Recreation Site, Boulder Park Resort (historical), Bowen (historical), Bureau of Land Management Wastewater Treatment Lagoons, Burkemont (historical), C and H Riders Camp, Camp Lee, Caton (historical), Clear Creek Sno-Park, Cleveland (historical), Clifford, Colvard Station, Community Connection of Baker County Transit and Trolley District, Copperfield Boat Ramp, Copperfield Campground, Corral Camp, Cracker Camp, Curry (historical), Day (historical), Deer Creek Recreation Site, Denny (historical), Dixie, Dutch Flat Creek Trailhead, Eagle Creek Forest Camp, Eagle Forks Recreation Site, Eagle Island (historical), East Eagle Trailhead, Eldorado Recreation Site, Elk Creek Recreation Site, Elkhorn Microwave Station, Farewell Bend (historical), Farewell Bend State Park Boat Ramp, Fish Lake Campground Boat Launch, Fish Lake Guard Station, Fish Lake Recreation Site, Fopian Campground, Forks Forest Camp, Forshey Corral, Fourth Creek Camp, Geiser, Gimlet (historical), Goslin Corral, Greyhound Station Baker City, Gypsum (historical), Hack (historical), Haines Stampede Rodeo Grounds, Haines Waste Treatment Ponds, Hale Ranch, Halfway Recreation Site, Halfway Sewage Treatment Lagoons, Hanover (historical), HB Murray, Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp, Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp 2, Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp 3, Hindman (historical), Hoffman Ranch, Home, Hudspeth Corral, Hudspeth Cow Camp, Hudspeth Guard Station, Huntington Wastewater Treatment Ponds, Ironside C and H Corrals, Jamestown (historical), Killamacue Trailhead, King Ranch, Lake Fork Recreation Site, Lander (historical), Larch (historical), Leonard (historical), Lilly Pump, Lily White Guard Station, Lockhart (historical), Long Creek Recreation Site, Macfer (historical), Main Eagle Bridge Campground, Malloy Cabin, Mammoth Spring Recreation Site, Marble Creek Recreation Site, Martins Mill, Mason (historical), Mason Boat Ramp, Mason Dam Recreation Site, McBride Guard Station, McBride Recreation Site, McCornick Campground, McCully Recreation Site, Middle Bridge, Miles (historical), Miller Lane Recreation Site, Mineral (historical), Minersville (historical), Missouri Flat (historical), Mount Carmel (historical), Mowich Recreation Site, Murray Reservoir Recreation Site, Nagle (historical), Nelson (historical), Nelson Place, North Pine Recreation Site, North Pine Rest Area, Norton (historical), Oliver Homestead, Oregon Recreation Site, Oregon Trail Historic Interpretive Center Amphitheater, Oxbow Boat Dock, Oxman, Palmer (historical), Park (historical), Parkers (historical), Pheney (historical), Pleasant Valley Speedway and Dragstrip, Pole Creek Camp, Powder River Recreation Site, Powderville (historical), Powell Ranch, Prevost (historical), Quartz, Radium (historical), Realore (historical), Retrah (historical), Richland Wastewater Treatment Ponds, Rock Creek Powerplant, Rocky Ford Campground, Rogers, Romeo (historical), Salisbury (historical), Sheep Rock, Short Creek Forest Service Station, Silver Creek Camp, South Baker (historical), South Fork Camp Creek Campground, South Fork Recreation Site, South Wye (historical), Southeast Shore Recreation Site, Southwest Shore Phillips Reservoir Boat Launch, Southwest Shore Recreation Site, Spring Recreation Site Boat Ramp, Stevens Creek Recreation Site, Still (historical), Sturgill (historical), Summit Point Trailhead, Sumpter Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, Sun (historical), Sutton (historical), Swede's Landing Boat Launch, Swedes Landing (historical), Table Rock Trailhead, Tamarack Recreation Site, Tamarack Spring Campground (historical), Thompson (historical), Tipton (historical), Titus (historical), Trinity Guard Station, Tucker Ranch, Twin Lakes Recreation Site, Two Color Guard Station, Two Color Horse Camp, Two Color Recreation Site, UNC Cornucopia Mining Wastewater Treatment Plant, Union Creek Boat Ramp, Union Creek Recreation Site, Unity Lake State Recreation Site Boat Ramp, Unity Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, Walker Ranch, Weatherby Safety Rest Area, Wetmore Recreation Site, Wing, Winslow (historical), Yankey Sawmill, Yellow Pine Recreation Site

  Military     show all on map

Baker Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Amalgamated Mine, Amazon Mine, Analulu Mine, Argonaut Mine, Aurora Mine, Bald Mountain Mine, Balm Creek Shaft, Banner Mine, Basin Mine, Belle of Baker Mine, Bonanza Mine, Bradley Creek Mine, Brazos Mine, Broken Pick Mine, Brooklyn Mine, Buck Gulch Mine, Buckeye Mine, Bullrun Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, Burn Creek Mine, California Mine, Chloride Mine, Cliff Mine, Columbia Mine, Columbia Mine, Con-Virginia Mine, Connor Creek Mine, Corey & Meadows Placer, Cornucopia Mines, Coulter Tunnel, Crown Point Mine, Crystal Palace Mine, Cutting Mine, Daddy Lode Mine, Dawson Mine, Del Monte Mine, Diamond Jack Mine, Don Juan Mine, E and E Mine, East Eagle Mine, Elliot Mine, Emma Mine, Esmeralda Mine, Eureka Mine, Excuse Mine, Flagstaff Mine, Friday Mine, Fryes Mine, Gem Mine (historical), Golconda Mine, Gold Ridge Mine, Golden Boy Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Grand Trunk Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Herculean Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Highland Mine, Imperial Eagle Mine, Iron Door Mine, Irondyke Mine, Kelly Mine, Keystone Mine, Last Chance Mine, Liston Lake Mine, Lone Star Mine (historical), Lower Baisley-Elkhorn Mine, Loy Mine, Macy Mine, Maidens Dream Mine, Mammoth Mine, Maxwell Mine, Middle Camp Baisley-Elkhorn Mine, Mile High Mine, Minnie May Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Star Mine, Mountain Belle Mine, Mountain View Mine, North Pole Mine, Oregon Chief Mine, Oregon Chief Mine, Orion Mine, Parkerville Mine, Phoenix Mine, Poorman Mine, Queen Mine, Queen of the West Mine, Rachel Mine, Rainbow Mine, Ranes & Borger Mine, Record Mine, Red Chief Mine, Roberts Mine, Rosebud Mine, Saint Paul Mine, Sanger Mine, Schwayder Mine, Silver Dick Mine, Snake River Mine, South Pole Mine, Stub Mine, Summit Mine, Sunnybrook Mine, Thomason Mine, Uncle Dan Mine, Union Mine (historical), Upper Baisley-Elkhorn Mine, Virtue Mine, Weaver Placer, Western Union Mine, White Swan Mine, Young America Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Ebell Picnic Area, Elkhorn Wildlife Area, Farewell Bend State Park, Harry M Hewitt Memorial Park, Oregon Trail Historical Monument, Oregon Trail Monument, Rattlesnake Springs Wayside Park (historical), Spring Recreation Site, Unity Forest State Park, Unity Lake State Recreation Site

  Populated Places     show all on map

Auburn (historical), Audrey (historical), Baker City, Bourne, Bridgeport, Brownlee, Cableville (historical), Carroll (historical), Carson, China Town, Clarksville, Conner Creek (historical), Cornucopia, Cracker City (historical), Durkee, Encina, Erwin (historical), Estes (historical), Greenhorn, Haines, Halfway, Hereford, Homestead, Huntington, Hutchinson, Jett (historical), Jimtown, Keating, Lime, Little Alps, McEwen, New Bridge, Oxbow, Oxbow (historical), Parkersville (historical), Pine, Pine Creek, Pleasant Valley, Pocahontas (historical), Richland, Robinette, Rock Creek, Rye Valley, Sparta, Sumpter, Sunset, Unity, Weatherby, Whitney (historical), Wingville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anthony Post Office (historical), Arthur Post Office (historical), Auburn Post Office (historical), Audrey Post Office (historical), Augusta Post Office (historical), Baker City Post Office, Bourne Post Office (historical), Bridgeport Post Office, Britten Post Office (historical), Brownlee Post Office (historical), Burkemont Post Office (historical), Cableville Post Office (historical), Carson Post Office (historical), Chloride Post Office (historical), Clarksville Post Office (historical), Clifford Post Office (historical), Connor Creek Post Office (historical), Cornucopia Post Office (historical), Cracker Post Office (historical), Cullom Post Office (historical), Dixie Post Office (historical), Durkee Post Office, Eagleton Post Office (historical), Erwin Post Office (historical), Eureka Post Office (historical), Farewell Bend Post Office (historical), Flickbar Post Office (historical), Geiser Post Office (historical), Gem Post Office (historical), Greenhorn Post Office (historical), Gypsum Post Office (historical), Haines Post Office, Halfway Post Office, Hanover Post Office (historical), Hereford Post Office, Hershal Post Office (historical), Home Post Office (historical), Homestead Post Office (historical), Huntington Post Office, Hutchinson Post Office (historical), Jamestown Post Office (historical), Jett Post Office (historical), Keating Post Office (historical), Landing Post Office (historical), Lime Post Office (historical), McEwen Post Office (historical), Miles Post Office (historical), New Bridge Post Office (historical), Olden Post Office (historical), Oxbow Post Office, Parkersville Post Office (historical), Pedro Post Office (historical), Pine Post Office (historical), Pix Post Office (historical), Plano Post Office (historical), Pocahontas Post Office (historical), Prichard Post Office (historical), Range Post Office (historical), Richland Post Office, Robinette Post Office (historical), Rockcreek Post Office (historical), Rye Valley Post Office (historical), Salisbury Post Office (historical), Sanger Post Office (historical), Sparta Post Office (historical), Sumpter Post Office, Sunset Post Office (historical), Tipton Post Office (historical), Tracy Post Office (historical), Unity Post Office, Weatherby Post Office (historical), Whitney Post Office (historical), Wingville Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Coyote Hills, Farley Hills, Virtue Hills

  Rapidss     show all on map

Cattle Rapids (historical), Sturgill Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Monument Rock Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

A Reservoir, Ant Waterhole, Bacher Creek Reservoir, Balm Creek Reservoir, Bearwallow Reservoir, Bedsprings Flat Reservoir, Bennehoff Reservoir, Bennett Reservoir, Benson Reservoir, Buck Flat Waterhole, Bug Waterhole, Butler Reservoir, Clear Creek Reservoir, Constance Reservoir, Cow Waterhole, Cranston Reservoir, Crow Reservoir, D Reservoir, Densley Reservoir, E T Reservoir, East Fork Reservoir, East Lakes Reservoir, Elk Creek Settling Tank, Elms Reservoir, F Reservoir, G Reservoir, Gover Reservoir, Gulch Reservoir, Hanby Reservoir, Haskell Reservoir, Higgins Reservoir, Homesite Reservoir, Inman Reservoir, J Reservoir, K Reservoir, Kirby Reservoir, Kivett Reservoir Number 1, Kivett Reservoir Number 2, Kivett Reservoir Number 3, Kolb Reservoir, L Reservoir, Laird Reservoir, Licklider Reservoir, Long Creek Reservoir, Love Reservoir, Lower Pine Lake, Mehlhorn Reservoir, Miles Pond, Moore Reservoir (historical), Morfitt Reservoir, Motley Reservoir, Mud Lake, Munn Reservoir, Murray Reservoir, N Reservoir, Nault Reservoir, O Reservoir, Old Auburn Reservoir, Oxbow Reservoir, Oxbow Reservoir, P Reservoir, Phillips Lake, Pierce Waterhole, Pine Creek Reservoir, Pole Gulch Reservoir, Powell Creek Reservoir, Prowell Reservoir, Q Reservoir, R Reservoir, Red Mountain Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, S Reservoir, S V Reservoir, Sackos Pond, Schuck Waterhole, Sheep Waterhole, South Guzzler Waterhole, Steele Reservoir, Stices Gulch Reservoir, Stoddard Reservoir, Sugarloaf Reservoir, Sumpter Reservoir, T Reservoir, Taylor Reservoir, Thief Valley Reservoir, Timber Canyon Waterhole, Toney Reservoir, Triangle Reservoir, Trout Creek Reservoir, True Blue Reservoir, Truscot Waterhole, Unity Reservoir, Upper Pine Lake, Vaughn Reservoir, Vogel Reservoir, Welch Reservoir, Wendt Reservoir, West Fork Reservoir, Whited Reservoir, Widman Reservoir, Wirth Reservoir, Wyatt Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bald Ridge, Bearwallow Ridge, Chloride Ridge, Ebell Creek Divide, Elkhorn Ridge, Four Point Ridge, Gold Ridge, Mine Ridge, Pleasant Ridge, Pole Creek Ridge, Red Ridge, Rough Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge, Slaughterhouse Range, Spaulding Ridge, Van Patten Ridge, Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Baker College, Baker High School, Baker Middle School, Baker Valley Seventh-day Adventist School, Blue Mountain School (historical), Brooklyn Elementary School, Brownlee School (historical), Burnt River School, Churchill School (historical), Haines Elementary School, Halfway Elementary School (historical), Huntington School, Keating Elementary School, Lighthouse Christian School, Muddy Creek School (historical), North Baker Elementary School, Oxbow School (historical), Pine Eagle Elementary, Pine Eagle High School, Plano School (historical), Richland Elementary School (historical), Saint Francis High School (historical), South Baker Elementary School, Stack Junior High School, Stewart School (historical), Union High School (historical), Weatherby School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Shoestring Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Abram Spring, Adams Spring, Alder Creek Spring, Alder Loop Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alkali Spring, Andrew Spring, Antelope Spring, Bacher Spring, Back Swimmer Spring, Badger Hole Spring, Bald Mountain Spring, Barnes Spring, Barrel Spring, Bastard Spring, Bathtub Spring, Bathtub Spring, Bay Horse Spring, Bear Spring, Bedspring Flat Spring (historical), Benson Spring, Big Buck Spring, Big Creek Spring, Big Fir Spring, Big Fir Spring, Billy Gulch Spring, Binder Spring, Binder Spring Number Two, Birch Spring, Black Flat Spring, Black Rock Spring, Black Springs, Blue Spring, Boat Dock Spring, Bog Spring, Boiler Spring, Boyce spring, Brattan Spring, Broken Top Spring, Brown Bear Spring, Brown Gulch Spring, Brush Spray Spring, Brush Spring, Brush Spring Number Two, Buck Spring, Buckley Spring, Bull Spring, Bullrun Spring, Bullrun Spring, Burnt River Spring, Busby Spring, Cabin Spring, Camp Crunch Spring, Camp Spring, Camp Spring, Caviness Spring Number Two, Celia Spring, Chaud Spring, Cherry Spring, China Creek Spring, China Spring, Chukar Spring, Clayton Spring, Cloverleaf Spring Number Two, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Colton Spring, Compton Spring, Cosena Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cowboy Spring, Coyote Spring, Cree Spring, Crusher Spring, Crystal Spring, Cup Spring, Curran Mountain Spring, Currey Spring, Curup Spring, Dave Spring, Day Spring, Dead End Spring, Densley Spring, Derringer Spring, Devils Spring, Ditch Spring, Divide Spring, Dons Spring, Dribble Spring, Dry Gulch Spring, Dyne Spring, Earl Spring, Earmuff Spring, East China Spring, East Morgan Spring, Egg Spring, Elk Camp Spring, Elk Camp Spring, Elk Flat Spring, Elk Spring, Elk Spring, Elk Wallow Spring, Elliot Spring, Ernie Spring, Falkner Spring, Fawn Spring, Fence Spring, Fir Tree Spring, First Canyon Spring, Fisher Hot Springs, Fizz Spring, Fleming Spring, Foley Spring, Foley Spring, Fourth Creek Trail Spring, French Spring, Frog Spring, Fruit Springs, Gee Creek Swamp, Glass Spring, Gold Hill Spring, Gravel Spring, Gregg Spring, Griffin Camp Spring, Groover Spring, Grouse Spring, Hamer Spring, Hamms Spring, Happy Spring, Harrison Spring, Hart Spring, Hawk Spring, Hawks Nest Spring, Hayward Spring, Heedie Spring, High Up Spring, Holcomb Spring, Hole in the Ground Spring, Hondu Spring, Horse Spring, Huckleberry Spring, Huff Spring, Hush Spring, Ike Spring, Ireland Spring, Iron Mountain Spring, J N Bishop Spring, Jack McCord Spring, Jack Wilson Spring, Jackass Spring, Jackson Spring, Jeep Ride Spring, Jenkins Spring, Jerry Spring, Jett Spring, Joe Spring, Johnson Ditch Spring, Johnson Gulch Spring, Johnson Spring, Johnston Spring, Juniper Hill Spring, Juniper Spring, Junkpile Spring, Justus Spring, King Spring, Kingbolt Spring, L T Spring, Lee Spring, Lew Spring, Little Spring, Littlefield Spring, Lizard Spring, Log Cabin Spring, Logging Camp Spring, Lookout Spring, Lost Cow Spring, Low Pass Spring, Lowell Spring, Lower First Creek Spring, Lower Mosquito Creek Spring, Lower Mud Spring, Lucky Spring, Lyle Spring, Lyman Meadow Spring, Maggie Spring, Magpie Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mammoth Spring, Mammouth Spring, Maple Spring, Marble Creek Spring, Max Spring, McCann Spring, McCullough Spring, McGee Spring, McHenry Spring, Metsker Spring, Microwave Spring, Miller Spring, Mine Ridge Spring, Mine Spring, Montezuma Spring, Moody Spring, Moonshine Spring, Morg Spring, Morgan Mountain Spring, Morgan Mountain Spring Number Two, Morin Spring, Morris Spring, Mosquito Spring, Mud Lake Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mule Spring, Mullen Spring, Mun Spring, Murray Hill Spring, Nay Spring, Nettle Spring, New Seeding Spring Number One, New Seeding Spring Number Three, New Seeding Spring Number Two, Nickols Spring, Norna Spring, Old Cabin Spring, Onion Spring, Orman Spring, Overhead Flat Spring, Pasture Spring, Patrick Spring, Payraise Spring, Payton Spring, Picnic Spring, Picnic Spring, Pinegrass Spring, Pipeline Spring, Pluto Spring, Poison Spring, Pole Spring, Porcupine Spring, Pothole Spring, Powell Spring, Powell Spring, Powell Spring, Powerline Spring, Prospect Spring, Quaker Spring, Quaking Aspen Spring, Quaking Aspen Spring, Quick Step Spring, Radium Hot Springs, Rail Gulch Spring, Rastus Camp Spring, Reed Spring, Reiber Spring, Ridge Top Spring Number Four, Ridge Top Spring Number Three, Ridge Top Spring Number Two, Rim Spring, Road Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rooster Comb Spring, Rooster Rock Spring, Roys Spring, Rye Valley Spring, Saddle Spring, Salt Spring, Salt Spring Number One, Sam O Spring, Sardine Spring, Sawtooth Spring, Second Creek Spring, Segundo Spring, Shasta Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Sidehill Spring Number Two, Silver Spring, Simonis Spring, Skull Gulch Spring, Skull Spring, Slaughterhouse Spring, Slide Spring, Smith Spring, Smith Spring, Smokey Bear Spring, Snag Spring, Soda Lake Spring, Soda Spring, South China Spring, Sparta Spring (historical), Spring Gulch Spring, Spud Spring, Squaw Spring, Squaw Spring, Starveout Spring, Station Spring, Steep Slope Spring, Steiger Spring, Stickler Spring, Storie Spring Number Two, Stump Spring, Sufferin Smith Spring, Suitter Spring, Summit Spring, Sunflower Flat Spring, Surface Spring, Surprise Spring, Surprise Spring, Table Mountain Spring, Table Mountain Spring Number Two, Tamarack Spring, Tarter Spring, Tate Spring Number Two, Telephone Spring, Third Creek Spring, Thirsty Gulch Spring, Thompson Spring, Three Cent Spring, Three M Spring, Timber Canyon Spring, Tope Spring, Torchlight Spring, Trail Creek Spring, Try Spring, Tub Spring, Tub Spring, Tuck Spring, Tucker Spring, Tule Spring, Tumbledown Spring, Tyrell Spring, Union Spring, Universal Spring, Upper First Creek Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Nodine Spring, Waldo Spring, Walnut Spring, Warm Spring, Washout Spring, Water Tank Spring, Waterbirch Spring, Waterhole Spring, Weatherby Spring, West Fork Road Spring, Wiggler Spring, Willow Spring, Wonder Spring, Worley Spring

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Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Amelia Creek, Andersen Creek, Antelope Creek, Anthony Creek, Antone Creek, Ashby Creek, Aspen Creek, Auburn Creek, Ayers Creek, Baboon Creek, Bacher Creek, Badland Creek, Baiseley Creek, Baker Creek, Baldock Slough, Ballard Creek, Balm Creek, Barnard Creek, Barney Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Bay Horse Creek, Beagle Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beecher Creek, Benham Creek, Bennet Creek, Bennett Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Deacon Creek, Big Elk Creek, Big Muddy Creek, Big Springs Creek, Birch Creek, Black Springs Creek, Bob Creek, Bobcat Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Bradley Creek, Brady Creek, Bragg Creek, Bridge Creek, Bulldozer Creek, Bullrun Creek, Burn Creek, Burnt River, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Carson Creek, Cattrill Creek, Cavanaugh Creek, Cave Creek, Cave Creek, Chalk Creek, Cherry Spring Creek, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek, Chimney Creek, China Creek, China Creek, Christensen Slough, Clarks Creek, Clarks Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clover Creek, Coin Creek, Connor Creek, Conundrum Creek, Conundrum Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Cornet Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cracker Creek, Crandall Creek, Crevice Creek, Crews Creek, Cub Creek, Cundiff Slough, Daly Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deafy Creek, Dean Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Dempsey Creek, Denny Creek, Dixie Creek, Dixie Creek, Dixie Creek, Dogtown Creek, Douglas Creek, Driveway Creek, Dry Barnard Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Creek, Duke Creek, Durbin Creek, Durkee Creek, Dutch Flat Creek, Dutchman Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Island Creek, East Camp Creek, East Clover Creek, East Fork Alder Creek, East Fork Birch Creek, East Fork Clear Creek, East Fork Cornet Creek, East Fork Eagle Creek, East Fork Gimlet Creek, East Fork Goose Creek, East Fork Koontz Creek, East Fork Love Creek, East Fork Miners Creek, East Fork Pine Creek, East Fork Pole Creek, East Fork Tucker Creek, East Pine Creek, East Rock Creek, East Trinity Creek, Ebell Creek, Eddy Slough, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Flat Creek, Erin Creek, Estes Slough, Ethel Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Favorite Slough, First Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Lake Branch, Fivemile Creek, Flat Creek, Flint Creek, Fopian Creek, Forshey Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourth Creek, Fox Creek, French Creek, Fruit Creek, Fuller Creek, Gee Creek, Geiser Creek, Gentry Creek, Gimlet Creek, Glascow Creek, Glendenning Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Gold King Creek, Goodman Creek, Goodrich Creek, Goose Creek, Grave Creek, Greenhorn Creek, Grove Creek, Hale Creek, Happy Camp Creek, Harris Creek, Heater Creek, Heiney Creek, Herman Creek, Hibbard Creek, Hill Creek, Hogback Creek, Holbrook Creek, Holbrook Creek, Holcomb Creek, Holman Creek, Holt Creek, Homestead Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Hot Creek, Houghton Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Hudson Creek, Hunsaker Creek, Hunt Creek, Hunter Creek, Hutchinson Slough, Independence Creek, Indian Creek, Irondyke Creek, Jack Creek, Jackknife Creek, Jett Creek, Jim Fisk Creek, Jimmy Creek, Job Creek, Jolly Creek, Jordan Creek, Jordan Creek, Judd Creek, Kane Creek, Kettle Creek, Killamacue Creek, King Creek, Kirby Creek, Kitchen Creek, Koontz Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Fork Creek, Larkspur Creek, Last Chance Creek, Lawrence Creek, Lawrence Creek, Ledge Creek, Lee Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lime Creek, Line Creek, Little Alder Creek, Little Antone Creek, Little Buck Creek, Little Cow Creek, Little Cracker Creek, Little Deacon Creek, Little Dean Creek, Little Deer Creek, Little Eagle Creek, Little Elk Creek, Little Fall Creek, Little Kettle Creek, Little Marble Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Little Salmon Creek, Lockhart Creek, Lodge Creek, Lonesome Creek, Long Branch, Long Creek, Long Creek, Lookout Creek, Lost Cabin Creek, Lost Horse Creek, Lost Tom Creek, Love Creek, Low Creek, Lunch Creek, Lyle Creek, Magpie Creek, Mahogany Creek, Manning Creek, Marble Creek, Marble Creek, Marble Creek, Marble Creek, Marshall Creek, McCarty Creek, McClellan Creek, McCully Fork, McDougal Creek, McKinnon Creek, Meadow Creek, Mid Slough, Middle Fork Burnt River, Middle Fork Dry Creek, Middle Fork Pine Creek, Middle Fork Swayze Creek, Middle Sister Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Miners Creek, Mink Creek, Morgan Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mud Creek, Muncey Creek, No Business Creek, Nodine Creek, North Creek, North Fork Burnt River, North Fork Daly Creek, North Fork Dixie Creek, North Fork North Powder River, North Fork Pine Creek, North Fork Rock Creek, North Fork Ruckles Creek, North Fork Swayze Creek, North Fork West Camp Creek, North Pine Creek, North Powder River, North Sister Creek, Norway Creek, O'Brien Creek, Okanogan Creek, Old Settlers Slough, Packsaddle Creek, Packsaddle Creek, Paddy Creek, Panter Creek, Papoose Creek, Park Creek, Parker Creek, Patrick Creek, Petticoat Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pinus Creek, Poker Creek, Pole Bridge Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Posthole Creek, Powder River, Powell Creek, Powell Creek, Pritchard Creek, Puzzle Creek, Quartz Creek, Quicksand Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rastus Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Ray Creek, Reagan Creek, Reed Creek, Reeds Creek, Reiber Creek, Rich Creek, Ridley Creek, Ritter Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Roger Creek, Ruckles Creek, Sag Creek, Salmon Creek, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Sardine Creek, Sawmill Creek, Schlinkman Creek, Second Creek, Second Creek, Shaffner Creek, Shanghai Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sherman Creek, Shirts Creek, Shirttail Creek, Short Creek, Silver Creek, Simmons Creek, Simpson Creek, Sinker Creek, Sisley Creek, Skookum Chuck Creek, Skookum Creek, Skull Creek, Slab Creek, Slide Creek, Slim Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Fork Creek, Soda Creek, South Bullrun Creek, South Fork Burnt River, South Fork Dixie Creek, South Fork Gimlet Creek, South Fork Lawrence Creek, South Fork Mosquito Creek, South Fork Rock Creek, South Fork Spring Creek, South Fork West Camp Creek, South Prong Pine Creek, South Sister Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Stack Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Stevens Creek, Straw Ranch Creek, Sucker Creek, Sullivan Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Sutton Creek, Swamp Creek, Swayze Creek, Table Creek, Third Creek, Thistle Creek, Tibbs Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek (historical), Trap Creek, Trinity Creek, Trouble Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Tucker Creek, Tunnel Creek, Turnbull Creek, Turner Creek, Twin Bridge Creek, Twin Mountain Creek, Two Color Creek, Union Creek, Unity Creek, Velvet Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Waterspout Creek, Webfoot Creek, West Beaver Creek, West Camp Creek, West Fork Birch Creek, West Fork Burnt River, West Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Dry Creek, West Fork Goose Creek, West Fork Koontz Creek, West Fork Lake Creek, West Fork Phipps Creek, West Fork Pine Creek, West Fork Stack Creek, West Fork Sutton Creek, West Fork Tucker Creek, West Trinity Creek, Wet Creek, Whiskey Creek, Wilkins Creek, Williams Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wind Creek, Winterville Creek, Wood Creek, Worley Creek

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Angel Point, Antelope Peak, Antone Butte, Bald Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Bear Butte, Beaver Mountain, Beaverdam Buttes, Bennet Peak, Big Huckleberry Butte, Big Lookout Mountain, Bill Neighbor Peak, Black Mountain, Buck Mountain, Bulger Hill, Bullrun Mountain, Bullrun Rock, Chicken Peak, Cinder Butte, Columbia Hill, Copper Buttes, Cornucopia Peak, Cottonwood Buttes, Coyote Peak, Coyote Point, Crown Point, Deardorff Mountain, Dooley Mountain, Elkhorn Mountains, Elkhorn Peak, Fairview Point, Flagstaff Hill, Fur Mountain, Glacier Mountain, Glasgow Butte, Gobblers Knob, Gold Hill, Granite Mountain, Grays Peak, Gunsight Mountain, Hoffer Butte, Huckleberry Mountain, Hunt Mountain, Hutchinson Hill, Iron Mountain, Juniper Mountain, King Mountain, Krag Peak, Limestone Butte, Little Bald Mountain, Little Baldy Mountain, Little Lookout Mountain, Lone Pine Mountain, Lone Rock, Lost Tom Mountain, Luther Butte, Magpie Peak, Marble Point, Mehlhorn Butte, Monument Rock, Morgan Mountain, Murray Hill, Murray Peak, Officer Butte, Pedro Mountain, Rastus Mountain, Red Knob, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Riverdale Hill, Road Mountain, Rock Creek Butte, Rock Creek Butte, Russel Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sparta Butte, Squaw Butte, Stump Spring Butte, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Summit Point, Table Mountain, Table Rock, Table Rock, Three Pine Butte, Truax Mountain, Twin Mountain, Van Patten Butte, Weatherby Mountain, Wendt Butte, Wind Creek Peak

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Cavin Swamp, Horse Lake, Little Summit Lake, Mayflower Meadow, Salisbury Marsh, The Swamp

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KBKR-AM, KBKR-FM, Table Rock Fire Lookout Tower

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Elkhorn Crest Trail, Highland Trail, Martin Bridge Trail, Oregon Trail, Rock Creek Lake Trail, Starvation Trail, Sunshine Flat Trail, Twin Lakes Trail, West Eagle Trail

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Anderson Gulch, Anthony Gorge, Arrastra Gulch, August Meyer Gulch, Baldy Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Valley Gulch, Bearwallow Gulch, Belgian Gulch, Billy Gulch, Binder Gulch, Black Canyon, Blue Canyon, Blue Canyon, Blue Gulch, Blue Spring Gulch, Blue Trigger Gulch, Bobier Slide, Boneyard Gulch, Borden Gulch, Bowen Valley, Box Canyon, Brannan Gulch, Bridgeport Valley, Brouchaux Gulch, Brown Draw, Browns Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buckhorn Gulch, Buffalo Gulch, Burnt Cabin Gulch, Burnt River Canyon, Burnt River Valley, California Gulch, California Gulch, Campbell Gulch, Cannon Gulch, Clough Gulch, Cochran Gulch, Cook Gulch, Corey Gulch, Corral Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Crenshaw Gulch, Crystal Palace Gulch, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Deadman Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Devils Canyon, Dooley Gulch, Drindarry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dumas Gulch, Durkee Valley, Dutch Gulch, Eagle Creek Canyon, Eagle Valley, East Fork Evans Gulch, East Fork Rattlesnake Gulch, East Long Hollow, East Tarter Gulch, Empire Gulch, Evans Gulch, Excelsior Gulch, Fawn Gulch, Ferry Canyon, Fivebit Gulch, Flagstaff Gulch, Foster Gulch, Freeze Out Gulch, Freezeout Gulch, Freezeout Gulch, French Gulch, French Gulch, George Henry Gulch, Glasgow Gulch, Gold Cliff Gulch, Goodwin Gulch, Gorham Gulch, Gravelly Gulch, Grays Gulch, Grays Gulch, Griffin Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Grove Gulch, Guyer Gulch, Happy Canyon, Harrison Gulch, Haskins Gulch, Hawley Gulch, Hervey Gulch, Hibbard Gulch, Hickerson Gulch, Hole in the Wall Gulch, Hollowfield Canyon, Hooker Gulch, Hyall Gulch, Immigrant Gulch, Iron Gulch, Jennison Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Juniper Gulch, Juniper Gulch, Kitchen Gulch, Kuykendahl Gulch, Lake Gulch, Langrell Gulch, Little Timber Canyon, Little Valley, Lone Pine Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Hollow, Lost Gulch, Lost Gulch, Lower Timber Canyon, Lower Turner Gulch, Magpie Gulch, Maiden Gulch, McLain Gulch, McNamee Gulch, McPherson Gulch, Middle Long Hollow, Miller Gulch, Mud Springs Gulch, Murray Gulch, Myers Gulch, O'Farrel Gulch, Olsen Gulch, Opal Mine Draw, Payton Gulch, Pearce Gulch, Pine Valley, Pittsburg Gulch, Plummer Gulch, Pole Gulch, Pole Gulch, Pole Gulch, Pole Gulch, Posy Valley, Powell Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Ragged Gulch, Rail Gulch, Rail Gulch, Rainbow Gulch, Raster Gulch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Red Gulch, Red Rock Gulch, Ripley Gulch, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Gulch, Road Gulch, Robinson Gulch, Rock Gulch, Rockne Gulch, Rouen Gulch, Ruth Gulch, Ryan Gulch, Rye Valley, Sagebrush Gulch, Sampson Gulch, Sanger Gulch, Sardine Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Simonis Gulch, Six Dollar Gulch, Skin-it Gulch, Skull Gulch, Skunk Gulch, Smith Gulch, Snell Hollow, Snowshoe Gulch, Snowslide Canyon, Spaulding Gulch, Spring Creek Gulch, Spring Grove Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Squaw Gulch, Stevens Gulch, Stices Gulch, Storie Gulch, Stovepipe Gulch, Sumpter Valley, Tackle Gulch, Tarter Gulch, Tater Patch Gulch, The Box, Thirsty Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Thorn Gulch, Thornton Gulch, Three Canyon, Three Cent Gulch, Timber Canyon, Timber Gulch, Timber Gulch, Torchlight Gulch, Town Gulch, Towne Gulch, Trail Gulch, Trail Gulch, True Blue Gulch, Twin Canyon, Umpqua Gulch, Upper Timber Canyon, Upper Turner Gulch, Wagner Gulch, Wahoo Gulch, Waldo Gulch, Washington Gulch, Washington Gulch, Water Gulch, Water Gulch, Water Pipe Gulch, Water Trough Draw, Waterbury Gulch, Watering Trough Draw, Webb Gulch, Weber Gulch, Wendt Gulch, West Fork Evans Gulch, West Fork Upper Timber Canyon, West Tarter Gulch, Whipple Gulch, Whisky Gulch, White Rock Gulch, White Swan Gulch, Whitney Valley, Windless Gulch, Wood Gulch, Wyatt Gulch

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Cinder Butte Well, Flowing Well, Table Mountain Well,

Baker County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteBaker County White population 15,18215,181  
MixedBaker County Mixed population 366366
American IndianBaker County American Indian population 207206
AsianBaker County Asian population 8079
BlackBaker County Black population 6463
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderBaker County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1615

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county