Klamath County, Oregon Basics:

Klamath County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 66,071
Area: 5941 square miles
County seat: Klamath Falls
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 87.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.5%
Median household income: $41,066
Persons in poverty: 18.7%
Home ownership rate: 66.3%
Mean travel time to work: 18.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Deschutes  Douglas  Jackson  Lake  Lane  Modoc (CA)  Siskiyou (CA)  

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Map of the Klamath County area

Our detail map of Klamath County shows the Klamath County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Klamath County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Allen's Airstrip, Beaver Marsh State Airport, Central Cascade Fire and Emergency Medical Services Heliport, Chiloquin State Airport, Compressor Station 14 Airstrip, Crescent Airport, Crescent Lake State Airport, Flying T Ranch Airport, Hyde Airstrip, Klamath Falls Airport, Long Ranch Landing Strip, Malin Airport, Merle West Medical Center Helipad, Moondance Ranch Airport, Rayenoof Field (historical), Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport, Sky Wagon Ranch Airport, Wilderness Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Bad Lands, Base of Mount Mazama, Bedpan Burn, Devils Garden, Devils Garden, Dwarf Lakes Area, Junction Burn, Sky Lakes Area, Special Trust Land, Sugarpine Burn, The Rhubarb Patch

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Valley, Bear Wallow, Fourmile Flat Quarry, Long Lake Valley, Pankey Basin, Sand Hollow, Seven Lakes Basin, The Basin, Twomile Valley

  Bays     show all on map

Ball Bay, Basin Cove, Chaski Bay, Cleetwood Cove, Cloudcap Bay, Danger Bay, Eagle Cove, Fumarole Bay, Governors Bay, Grotto Cove, Howard Bay, Little Wocus Bay, Llao Bay, Pebble Bay, Pelican Bay, Rainbow Bay, Rainbow Cove, Serenity Bay, Shelter Cove, Shoalwater Bay, Simax Bay, Steel Bay, Sunset Cove, Tandy Bay, Tranquil Cove, West Bay, Wocus Bay

  Benches     show all on map

High Tableland

  Bends     show all on map

Big Bend, The Elbow

  Bridges     show all on map

Fremont Bridge, Keller Bridge, Kemp Bridge, Keno Bridge, Middley Bridge, Spencer Bridge, Stone Bridge, Stukel Bridge, Whitney Bridge, Wilson Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

American Red Cross Klamath Falls Donor Center, American Red Cross Klamath Lake District Office, Bill Collier Community Ice Arena, Bly Branch Library, Bly Ranger Station, Bly Rural Fire Protection District, Bonanza Rural Fire Protection District, Bonanza Town Hall, Bureau of Land Management Klamath Falls Resource Area Field Office, Bureau of Reclamation Klamath Basin Area Office, Central Cascades Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Chemult Ranger Station, Chemult Rural Fire Protection District Station 1 Headquarters, Chemult Rural Fire Protection District Station 2, Children's Museum of Klamath Falls, Chiloquin Agency Lake Fire District Station 1, Chiloquin Agency Lake Fire District Station 2, Chiloquin Agency Lake Fire District Station 3, Chiloquin City Hall, Chiloquin Public Works Department Office, Chiloquin Ranger Station, Chiloquin State Park Collier Memorial Logging Museum, Crater Lake National Park Fire Department, Crescent Rural Fire Protection District Station 1 Headquarters, Crescent Rural Fire Protection District Station 2, Department of Motor Vehicles Klamath Falls, Deschutes National Forest Crescent Ranger District, Favell Museum, Fort Klamath Museum, Fremont Winema National Forest Klamath Falls Ranger District, Harriman Rural Fire Department, Keno Rural Fire Protection District Station 1Headquarters, Keno Rural Fire Protection District Station 2, Keno Rural Fire Protection District Station 3, Kingsley Field Fire Department, Klamath County Circuit Courthouse, Klamath County Department of Public Health, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 1, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 2, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 3, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 4, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 5, Klamath County Fire District 1 Station 6 Headquarters, Klamath County Fire District 3, Klamath County Fire District 4, Klamath County Jail, Klamath County Justice Court, Klamath County Library, Klamath County Library Bonanza Branch, Klamath County Library Chemult Branch, Klamath County Library Chiloquin Branch, Klamath County Library Gilchrist Branch, Klamath County Library Keno Branch, Klamath County Library Klamath Community College Branch, Klamath County Library Malin Branch, Klamath County Library Merrill Branch, Klamath County Library South Suburban Branch, Klamath County Library Sprague River Branch, Klamath County Loyd de Lap Law Library, Klamath County Museum, Klamath County Museums Baldwin Hotel Museum, Klamath County Public Works Department Office, Klamath County Sheriff's Office, Klamath Falls City Hall, Klamath Falls Interagency Fire Center, Klamath Falls Municipal Court, Klamath Falls Police Department, Klamath Falls Public Works Department Office, Klamath Youth Development Center, Linkville Playhouse, Lost Creek Ranger Station, Malin City Hall, Malin Irrigation District Pumps, Malin Municipal Court, Malin Police Department, Malin Public Works Department Office, Merrill City Hall, Merrill Police Department, Merrill Public Works Department Office, Merrill Rural Fire Protection District, Midland Grange, National Park Service Crater Lake National Park Ranger Station, North Entrance Station, Oregon State Police Department Klamath Falls, Pacific Power & Light Substation, Rocky Point Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Ross Ragland Theater, Shaw Historical Library, United States Fish and Wildlife Service Klamath Falls, United States Forest Service Crescent Ranger District

  Canals     show all on map

A Canal, A Canal, Ady Canal, B Canal, B Canal, Blue Springs Ditch, C Canal, C Canal, C-G Cutoff, Caledonia Canal, Cascade Canal, Center Canal, Central Canal, Corbell Ditch, D Canal, E Canal, East Canal, East Lateral, East Malone Lateral, Elder Ditch, F Canal, F-1 Lateral, Fort Creek Ditch, Fourmile Canal, G Canal, G-Three Canal, Gerwick Ditch, High Line Canal, High Line Ditch, Hobbs Ditch, J Canal, J-1 Canal, Keno Canal, Kittredge Canal, Klamath Strait, Klamath Strait Drain, Lorella Drain, Lorella Lateral, Low Line Canal, Low Line Ditch, Lower Sevenmile Ditch, Mayfield Ditch, Melhase Ditch, Modoc Point Main Canal, North Canal, North Canal, North Fork Ditch, Number One C-Drain, Pelican Cut Canal, Plevna Ditch, Sand Creek Canal, Sevenmile Canal, Sevenmile Ditch, T Canal, V Canal, Van Brimmer Canal, W A Lateral, Walker Basin Canal, West Canal, West Canal, Whiteline Ditch, Williams Drain, Williamson River Ditch, Willow Valley Canal, Wocus Drainage Canal, Wood River Canal, Y J Canal, Yamsay Land and Cattle Company Ditch, Yonna Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Ball Point, Bennett Point, Bloody Point, Breezy Point, Chinquapin Point, Contorta Point, Coon Point, Cove Point, Discovery Point, Eagle Point, Eagle Point, Greenwood Point, Hoey Point, McCornack Point, Mortar Point, Palisade Point, Point Comfort, Pumice Point, Rainbow Point, Rattlesnake Point, Roosevelt Point, Sagebrush Point, Sesti Tgawaals Point, Skillet Handle, The Neck, Zims Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bedfield Cemetery, Bonanza Memorial Park, Chief Schonchin Cemetery, David Hill Cemetery, Eternal Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Fort Klamath Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Gabriel Cemetery, Haynesville Cemetery, Hibbert Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Indian Burial Ground, Jackson Cemetery, Keno Cemetery, Klamath Memorial Park, Linkville Cemetery, Lobert Cemetery, Malin Cemetery, Masekesket Cemetery, Merrill IOOF Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Laki Cemetery, Paiute Cemetery, Rock Creek Cemetery, Spencer Cemetery, Way Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Worden Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Altamont Census Designated Place, Beatty Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Agency Straits, Chiloquin Narrows, Lost River Diversion Channel, Skell Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Williamson River Mission

  Cliffs     show all on map

Algoma Incline, Anderson Bluffs, Bear Bluff, Boston Bluff, Burley Bluff, Dutton Cliff, Gerber Rim, Goodlow Rim, Hamaker Bluff, Horse Camp Rim, Horton Rim, Merriam Point, Modoc Point, Modoc Rim, Palisades, Pumice Castle, Redcloud Cliff, Rim of the Crater, Rock Slide, Rocky Point, Rugged Crest Palisades, Scott Bluffs, Skell Head, Swan Lake Rim, Victor View, Vidae Cliff, Walker Rim, Whitehorse Bluff, Windmill Point, Wineglass, Ya Whee Plateau Rim

  Craters     show all on map

Diamond Crater, Timber Crater, Witches Cauldron

  Dams     show all on map

Anderson-Rose Diversion Dam, Antelope Dam, Big Adobe Dam, Buck Butte Dam, Bumphead Dam, Campbell Dam, Crescent Lake Dam, Dog Hollow Dam, Dry Prairie Dam, Fourmile Lake Dam, Fritz Creek Dam, Gerber Dam, Grohs Dam, Gulch Dam, Harpold Dam, Horton Dam, John C Boyle Dam, John McFall Dam, Keno Dam, Keno Dam, Kilgore Dam, Link River Dam, Lloyd Gift Dam, Lost River Diversion Dam, Malone Dam, Malone Diversion Dam, McCoy Dam, Meadow Lake Dam, Miller Diversion Dam, O'Connors Puddle Dam, Obenchain Dam, Oxbow Dam, Randall Dam, Randall Dam Number 3, Round Valley Dam, Simms Dam, Smith Dam, Threemile Dam, Upper Midway Dam, Whiteline Dam, Willow Valley Dam, Wilson Lake Dam, Worden Dam Number Two, Worlow Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Annie Falls, Duwee Falls, Klamath Falls, Red Blanket Falls, Stuart Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Abraham Flat, Anderson Field, Antelope Flat, Bailey Flat, Bear Flat, Bear Flat, Bechdoldt Flat, Big Meadow, Bingham Meadow, Bingham Park, Bob Flat, Capon Flat, Cliney Flat, Cordelia Flat, Coyote Flat, Crazyman Flat, Crooked Meadow, Dams Meadow, Deely Meadow, Dockney Flat, Dry Lakes Flat, Dry Prairie, Dutchman Flat, Elde Flat, Fat Klamath Meadows, Gooch Meadow, Grizzly Flat, Horse Glade, Horsefly Valley, Indian Spring Flat, Johnson Meadow, Keddy Field, Long Prairie, Long Prairie, Long Prairie, Long Prairie, Lucky Meadows, Maynard Flat, McCarty Flat, Meadow Lake Valley, Millhayes Meadow, Mineral Prairie, Mortar Prairie, Mosquito Flat, Murray Field, No Name Flat, Odell Pasture, Otto Boye Flat, Paddys Meadow, Pine Flat, Preacher Flat, Pumice Flat, Pumice Flat, Rabbit Flat, Rail Glade, Randolph Flats, Rocky Flat, Round Prairie, Sagebrush Flat, Sand Flat, Sawmill Field, Silver Dollar Flat, Soloman Flat, Sorghum Flat, South Flat, Spring Flat, Squaw Flat, Summit Prairie, Sun Meadows, Sunset Prairie, Swan Lake Meadow, Swede Cabin Flat, Switchback Flat, Sycan Flat, Teddy Powers Meadow, Telephone Flat, The Bull Pasture, Threemile Flat, Van Meter Flat, Whiskey John Flat, Whitehouse Flat, Wickiup Meadow, Wildhorse Meadow, Willow Flat, Willow Valley, Wilson Flats, Wolf Flat, Wrights Meadows, Yaden Flat, Yellow Jacket Flat, Yoss Creek Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Sun Pass State Forest, Winema National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Beatty Gap, Bly Mountain Pass, Emigrant Pass, Hayden Mountain Summit, High Lakes Pass, Kerr Notch, Maklaks Pass, Marmot Pass, South Pass, Sun Notch, Sun Pass, The Gap, Tututni Pass, Willamette Pass

  Harbors     show all on map

Crescent Lake Resort Marina, Lake of the Woods Resort Marina, Moore Park Marina 2, Odell Lake Resort Marina, Pelican Marina, Shelter Cove Resort Marina, Veterans Memorial Park Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Sky Lakes Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Bare Island, Buck Island, Dreadnought Island, Gorr Island, Hog Island, Miller Island, Phantom Ship, Wizard Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Ace Pond, Agency Lake, Alkali Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Aspen Lake, Avalanche Lake, Beal Lake, Bert Lake, Bingham Lakes, Blue Lake, Boggs Lake, Bonnie Lake, Boulder Pond, Buck Lake, Budger Lake, Captain Jack Lake, Carey Lake, Center Lake, Cliff Lake, Cloud Lake Group, Clover Lake, Cornett Lake, Coyote Lake, Crater Lake, Crescent Lake, Darlene Lake, Dee Lake, Deep Lake, Deep Lake, Deer Lake, DeVaul Lake, Diamond View Lake, Donna Lake, Dry Gulch Pond, Dry Lake, Dry Prairie Number One Pond, Eb Lake, Echo Lake, Effie Lake, Electric Pond, Farrell Lake, Fawn Lake, Finch Lake, Flat Lake, Fly Lake, Forty Pond, Fourmile Lake, Fox Lake, Freye Lake, Frog Lake, Grass Lake, Gully Pond, Hawks Lake, Heavenly Twin Lakes, Hemlock Lake, Hemlock Lake, Hidden Lake, Holst Lake, Horn Pond, Horseshoe Lake, Isherwood Lake, Island Lake, J Pond, Johnny Lake, Karen Lake, Klipple Lake, Lake Alta, Lake Aphis, Lake Bernice, Lake Clovis, Lake Como, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Ewauna, Lake Florence, Lake Francis, Lake Gladys, Lake Harriette, Lake Hunice, Lake Ivern, Lake Janice, Lake Land, Lake Liza, Lake Malice, Lake No-Se-Um, Lake Notasha, Lake of the Woods, Lake Ruden, Lake Sonya, Lake Waban, Largent Pond, Lilly Pond, Lils Lake, Lockey Flat, Log Lake, Lonesome Pond, Long Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Rosary Lake, Maiden Lake, Margurette Lake, Martin Lake, Meadow Lake, Meek Lake, Middle Lake, Middle Rosary Lake, Miller Lake, Miner Pond, Mirror Pond, Mosquito Lake, Muckney Lake, Mud Lake, Mystic Lake, Nip and Tuck Lakes, Nobel Pond, Norris Pond, North Lake, North Rosary Lake, Nuss Lake, Oatman Lake, Odell Lake, Oldenburg Lake, Orris Pond, Pankey Lake, Paragon Lake, Pear Lake, Pinewan Lake, Pitch Lake, Powerline Pond, Prairie Pond, Pretty Lake, Puck Lakes, Punky Lake, Quillwort Pond, Red Lake, Riddle Field, Rock Pond, Rocky Pond, Rosary Lakes, Rose Mary Pond, Round Lake, Saddle Lake, Short Lake, Snell Lake, Snow Lakes, Snow Lakes, Some Chance Pond, South Blue Lake Group, South Lake, South Pass Lake, Sow Bug Lake, Spring Lake, Squaw Lake, Stag Lake, Storm Lake, Stump Pond, Summit Lake, Suzanne Lake, Swan Lake, Timberline Lake, Trapper Lake, Tsuga Lake, Upper Klamath Lake, Vinson Pond, Weston Lake, White Pine Lake, Whitehorse Pond, Wild Billy Lake, Wild Pond, Wind Lake, Windigo Lakes, Windy Lakes, Wizzard Lake, Woodpecker Lake, Yoran Lake, Zeb Lake

  Lava     show all on map

Black Rock, Godfrey Glen and Colonnades

  Levees     show all on map

Caledonia Dike, Cross Dike, Sevenmile Canal Levee

  Locales     show all on map

Adams Point, Ady (historical), Agency Lake Resort, Agency Lake Resort Boat Ramp, Agency Landing (historical), Airport - Kinsgley Field Wastewater Treatment Plant, Algoma Siding, Anderson Cabin, Annie Creek Sno-Park, Antelope Ranch, Aspen Point Campground Boat Ramp, Aspen Point Recreation Site, B K Corral, B K Ranch, Barnes Valley Boat Launch, Barnes Valley Boat Ramp, Barnes Valley Guard Station, Bartley Headquarters, Basin Transit Service Downtown Transit Center, Basin Transit Service Fairgrounds Transit Center, Beal, Bear Flat Station, Beatty Station, Beaver Marsh, Beaver Marsh Guard Station, Beaver Marsh Safety Rest Area, Bieber Line Junction, Bieler Ranch, Big Springs Pump, BK Ranch, Black Hills Guard Station, Black Rock Ranch, Blue Lake Camp, Bly Sanitary District Treatment Lagoons, Bly Siding, Bly Trailhead, Bodnar Ranch, Boundary Springs Recreation Site, Bray Mill (historical), Braymill, Calamity Forest Camp (historical), Calimus, Calor (historical), Camp Esther Applegate, Camp Four, Camp Fourteen, Camp Makualla, Camp Makualla, Camp McLoughlin, Camp Sa-wa-li-na-is, Camp Six, Camp Six Guard Station, Campbell Ranch, Carney Lake Camp (historical), Cascade Summit, Casebeer Ranch, Casebeer Ranch, Chelsea, Chiloquin Boat Access, Chiloquin Sewage Treatment Facility, Chinchalo, Clinton (historical), Cold Spring Camp, Cold Springs Campground, Cold Springs Recreation Site, Coleman Ranch, Conrad Place, Contorta Point Recreation Site, Corral (historical), Corral Spring Forest Service Station, Corral Springs Recreation Site, Cottonwood Camp, Cow Camp, Crater Lake Camp, Crater Lake Lodge, Crater Lake National Park Headquarters, Crater Lake Ski Bowl, Crescent Creek Recreation Site, Crescent Lake, Crescent Lake Guard Station, Crescent Lake Junction, Crescent Lake Recreation Site, Crescent Lake Recreation Site, Crescent Lake Resort, Crescent Lake Resort Boat Ramp, Crescent Lake Sno-Park, Crescent Siding, Crystal Spring Trailhead, Crystal Springs Boat Ramp, Crystal Springs Recreation Site, Currier Guard Station, Dairy Pump, Dairy Siding, Davis Lake Guard Station, Deep Creek Ranch, Dehlinger (historical), Deming Creek Trailhead, Devaul Ranch, Devils Flat Recreation Site, Diamond Lake, Diamond Lake Junction, Digit Point Campground Boat Ramp, Digit Point Recreation Site, Digit Point Trailhead, Dixie (historical), Drews Ranch, Dry Creek Camp, Eagle Ridge Boat Launch, East Davis Lake Recreation Site, East Switchback (historical), Edgewood Ranch, Egert Place, Emigrant Crossing, Emigrant Crossing (historical), Fishhole Substation, Forest (historical), Fort Klamath Junction, Forty-one Ranch, Fourmile Lake Boat Ramp, Fourmile Lake Recreation Site, Fremont (historical), Frog Camp Recreation Site, Fuego, Gem (historical), Gerber Ranch, Gerber Reservoir North Recreation Site, Gerber Reservoir South Recreation Site, Gilchrist Junction, Gilchrist Sewer Company, Glover Ranch, Great Meadows Recreation Site, Green Springs Junction, Griffin Ranch, Hagelstein Park Boat Ramp, Halfway House, Harriman Lodge, Harriman Lodge (historical), Head of the River Recreation Site, Hemlock Lake Campground, Henzel Park Boat Ramp, Hildebrand Station (historical), Holland (historical), Horton (historical), Hosley, Hoyt Ranch, Hunt Ranch, Idlerest (historical), Interfor Pacific Gilchrist Biomass Facility, Irwins Pump, Ivan (historical), Ivory Pine Mill, Jack Creek Corral, Jackson Creek Guard Station, Jackson Creek Recreation Site, Jamison Ranch, Janssen Ranch, JC Collins Ranch, John C Boyle Power Plant, John F Moehl Stadium, John Hancock Events Center Indoor Arena, Johnson Barn, Johnson Meadow Guard Station, Johnson Ranch, Jones Number 2 Pump, Junction Sno-Park, Keno Guard Station, Keno Recreation Area Boat Ramp, Keno Springs Ranch, Kesterson Spur (historical), Kiger Stadium, Kiger Stadium, King Cole, King Spruce Camp, Kittredge Ranch, Kitts Mill, Klamath County Dump, Klamath County Dump, Klamath County Fairgrounds, Klamath County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena, Klamath County Fairgrounds Outdoor Arena, Klamath County Fairgrounds Outdoor Stage, Klamath Falls Greyhound Station, Klamath Falls Sports Complex / Skatepark, Klamath Falls Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility, Klamath Falls Yard, Klamath Generation Project, Klamath Hills Trailhead, Klamath Junction, Klamath State Fish Hatchery, Kodiac, Kotan (historical), Lake of the Woods Resort, Lamm Camp, Lamm Crossing, Lamms Camp, Lane Ranch, Lee Adkins Place, Lenz, Lenz Ranch, Lily Camp, Little River, Lobert (historical), Lodgepole Picnic Area, Log Cabin (historical), Lone Pine, Lone Rock Place (historical), Long Lake Camp, Long Prairie Corral, Lost Creek Recreation Site, Lost River, Low Echo Camp, Lower Walker Quarry, Lucky Camp, Lumberton (historical), Lytle Pump, Maggard (historical), Malin Sewage Treatment Lagoons, Malin Station, Malone Springs Boat Ramp, Malone Springs Recreation Site, Martin (historical), Mazama, Mazama Campground, Mazama Junction, Mazama Sheep Corral, McCartie Ranch, McCartie Ranch, McCollum (historical), McCready Ranch, McKie Camp, McKinley Ranch, McKinney Ranch, Meadow Lake Camp, Merrill Siding, Merrill Wastewater Treatment Lagoons, Midland Safety Rest Area, Military Crossing, Miller Creek Camp, Miller Island Boat Ramp, Monroe Park Marina Boat Ramp 1, Monroe Park Marina Boat Ramp 2, Mount Scott Lookout, Mountain Lakes Organizational Camp, Mowich, Moyina (historical), Mud Spring Camp, Naylox (historical), Nichols Pump, Noble Ranch, North Entrance Crater Lake National Park, North Fork (historical), North Fork Ranch, North Gerber Campground Boat Ramp, Northfork, Notch Corrals, O'Shea Cabin, Oatman Junction, Obenchain Ranch, Obenchain Ranch, Odell Creek Recreation Site, Odell Lake Resort Boat Ramp, Odessa Campground Boat Launch, Odessa Recreation Site, Old Forest Camp, Old Pelican Bay Camp (historical), Oreoil (historical), Oriana Corrals, Oux-Kanee Overlook, Oux-Kanee Recreation Site, Ouxy (historical), Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Substation, Pankey Ranch, Paradise Ranch, Parker (historical), Parker Place (historical), Paunina (historical), Pear Lake Camp, Pebble Bay Recreation Site, Pelican (historical), Pelican Bay Camp (historical), Pelican Fire Guard Station, Pelican Guard Station, Penny Spring Station, Petric Park Boat Ramp, Picnic Area Number Two, Pikes Crossing Recreation Site, Pine Ridge, Pioneer Park Boat Ramp, Pitch Log Recreation Site, Ponderosa Picnic Area, Porter Ranch, Pothole Well Guard Station, Potholes Camp, Princess Creek Campground Boat Ramp, Princess Creek Recreation Site, Rafter Ranch, Rainbow Bay Boat Launch, Rainbow Bay Recreation Site, Ray Ranch, Raymonds Camp (historical), Reames Country Club, Riders Camp, Rim Village, Rim Village Picnic Area, Ritter (historical), Rock Creek Ranch, Rocky Ford, Rocky Point Recreation Site, Rocky Point Resort Boat Launch, Rogue Head Camp, Rosedale (historical), Round Grove Ranch, Round Grove Weather Station, Round Lake Utilities Wastewater Treatment Lagoons, Royce Mountain Snow Park (historical), Royce Ranch, Running Y Ranch, Ryan Cabin, S'Ocholis Campground (historical), Sand Creek, Sand Creek Junction, Sandhill Crossing, Schmore Place (historical), Scott Creek Recreation Site, Seven C Ranch, Seven Springs Ranch, Sevenmile Guard Station, Sevenmile Marsh Campground, Sevenmile Marsh Trailhead, Shaws Camp, Shelter Cove Boat Ramp, Shevlin (historical), Shevlin (historical), Simax Beach Recreation Site, Simax Group Camp, Skeen Ranch, Skellock Guard Station, Solace Camp, South Entrance Crater Lake National Park, South Gerber Campground Boat Ramp, South Klamath (historical), South Suburban Sanitary District Sewage Treatment, Sprague River Park Recreation Site, Spring Campground Boat Ramp, Spring Forest Camp, Spring Lake (historical), Squirrel Camp, Stan H Springs Camp, Stuart Falls Camp, Stukel, Sugarpine Mountain Lookout, Summers Ranch, Summit Lake Boat Launch, Summit Lake Recreation Site, Summit Sno-Park, Sunset Campground, Sunset Campground Boat Ramp, Sunset Cove Campground Boat Ramp, Sunset Cove Recreation Site, Sunset Recreation Site, Surveyor Mountain Recreation Site, Swan (historical), Swan Lake (historical), Swede Cabin, Sycan (historical), Sycan (historical), Sycan Fire Guard Station, Sycan Ford, Sycan Siding, Sycan Siding Trailhead, Tandy Bay Recreation Site, Teeters Landing, Texum (historical), Thielsen Creek Recreation Site, Three Creek Guard Station, Tobin Cabin, Tomahawk Ski Bowl (historical), Topsy Boat Ramp, Town of Bonanza Sewage Treatment Lagoons, Tranquil Cove Recreation Site, Trapper Creek Boat Ramp, Trapper Creek Recreation Site, Trout Creek Ranch (historical), Tulana Farms, Umli, United States Bureau of Reclamation Pumping Plant E, United States Bureau of Reclamation Pumping Plant F, Veterans Memorial Park Boat Ramp, Veterans Memorial Park Outdoor Stage, Vinson Ranch, Wagon Trail Ranch, Wakefield (historical), Walker Mountain Lookout station, Walt Haring Sno-Park, Warco (historical), Waterwheel Campground Boat Launch, Watts, West Davis Lake Recreation Site, West Switchback (historical), White Pine Campground (historical), Whitefish Horse Camp, Wickiup Shelter, Wildcat Camp, Wildhorse Recreation Site, Willamette Pass Ski Area, Williamson River Pumping Plant, Willow Campground, Willow Valley Boat Ramp, Willow Valley Campground, Wilson Ranch, Windy Group Camp, Wocus, Wocus Bay Boat Ramp, Wocus Bay Guard Station, Wolff Ranch, Wood River Recreation Site, Yainax Agency, Yainax Forest Service Station, Yainax Guard Station, Yamsay, Yamsay (historical), Yamsay Guard Station, Yamsay Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Camp Day (historical), Fort Klamath (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Annie Creek Pit, Aspen Butte Cinder Pit, Aspen Lake Cinder Pit, Balsam Road Quarry, Braymill Cinder Pit, Corbell Cinder Pit, Fourmile Rock Pit, Lavenik Cinder Pit, Lone Pine Quarry, Long Rifle Cinder Pit, Lost Creek Cinder Pit, Odessa Cinder Pit, Pelican Cinder Pit, Schonchin Cinder Pit, Silver Dollar Cinder Pit, Threemile Cinder Pit, Threemile Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Alta Campground (historical), Alva Park, Antelope Reservoir Day-Use Area, Bear Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Bluejay Spring Research Natural Area, Cliff Lake Campground (historical), Collier Memorial State Park, Conger Heights Park, Conger School Park, Crater Lake National Park, Crest Park, Crystal Creek County Park, Denny Creek Historic Monument, Eagle Ridge County Park, Eldorado Park, Ella Redkey Municipal Pool, Etna Park, Exchange Park, Fairview Park, Fort Klamath Park, Fort Klamath Park Museum, Foster Field, Goodlow Mountain Research Natural Area, Grass Lake Campground (historical), Grass Lake Campground Number 2 (historical), Hagelstein County Park, Henderson Park, Henzel County Park, Howard Bay Park, Island Lake Campground (historical), Jackson F Kimball State Park, Keller Park, Kit Carson Park, Klamath Falls-Lakeview Forest State Park, Klamath River Recreation Site, Klamath Wildlife Area, Klein Park, Krause Park, Little Deschutes Campground (historical), Mills Little League Park, Mills-Kiwanis Park, Moore Park, Nimrod River County Park, Pacific Terrace Park, Paddock Camp, Petric County Park, Putnams Point, Red Lake Campground (historical), Richmond Park, Sinnott Memorial, South Island Campground (historical), South La Pine Roadside Rest (historical), South Lake Campground (historical), Southside Park, Spring Creek Recreation Site, Stevenson Park, Stukel Park, Thunder Beast Park, Topsy Recreation Site, Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Veterans Memorial Park, Warford Park, Wiard Park, Williamson River Access Park, Wocus Bay Boat Launch

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Dyar Rock, Eagle Rock, Jumping Rock, Llao Rock, Piute Rock, Pulpit Rock, Sentinel Rock, Summit Rock, The Pinnacles, Victor Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Antelope Desert, Knot Tableland, Oregon Desert, Pumice Desert, Rocky Plateau, Ya Whee Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Algoma, Altamont, Barkley (historical), Beatty, Bedfield (historical), Bly, Bonanza, Chase (historical), Chemult, Chiloquin, Clover Station (historical), Crescent, Crystal (historical), Dairy, Fairhaven, Falcon Heights, Fort Klamath, Gilchrist, Hager, Haynesville, Henley, Hildebrand, Hot Springs, Keno, Kirk, Klamath Agency, Klamath Falls, Lake of the Woods, Langell Valley, Lorella, Malin, Malone, Merganser (historical), Merrill, Midland, Modoc Point, Odell Lake, Olene, Pelican City, Pine Grove, Plevna (historical), Pokegama (historical), Potter Mill (historical), Recreation (historical), Rocky Point, Shady Pine, Sprague River, Stewart Lenox, Terminal City, Tule Lake (historical), West Klamath (historical), White Lake City (historical), Worden, Yonna

  Post Offices     show all on map

Algoma Post Office (historical), Altamont Post Office (historical), Beatty Post Office, Beaver Marsh Post Office (historical), Bedfield Post Office (historical), Bly Post Office, Bonanza Post Office, Braymill Post Office (historical), Cascade Summit Post Office (historical), Chemult Post Office, Chiloquin Post Office, Colson Post Office (historical), Crater Lake Post Office, Crescent Lake Post Office, Crescent Post Office, Crystal Post Office (historical), Dairy Post Office, Forest Post Office (historical), Fort Klamath Post Office, Garner Post Office (historical), Gilchrist Post Office, Hildebrand Post Office (historical), Ivan Post Office (historical), Keno Post Office, Kingsley Field Post Office (historical), Kirk Post Office (historical), Klamath Agency Post Office (historical), Klamath Falls Post Office, Lake of the Woods Post Office (historical), Langell Valley Post Office (historical), Log Cabin Post Office (historical), Loraton Post Office (historical), Lorella Post Office (historical), Lost River Post Office (historical), Malin Post Office, McCurdy Post Office (historical), Merganser Post Office (historical), Merrill Post Office, Midland Post Office, Modoc Point Post Office (historical), Morton Post Office (historical), Mowich Post Office (historical), Navy 10269 Post Office (historical), Navy 12028 Post Office (historical), Naylox Post Office (historical), Odessa Post Office (historical), Olene Post Office (historical), Olete Post Office (historical), Oretech Post Office, Pine Ridge Post Office (historical), Plevna Post Office (historical), Pokegama Post Office (historical), Recreation Post Office (historical), Rocky Point Post Office (historical), Royston Post Office (historical), Shevlin Post Office (historical), Snow Post Office (historical), Sprague River Post Office, Swan Post Office (historical), Topsy Post Office (historical), Tule Lake Post Office (historical), Tule Lake Post Office (historical), Wampus Post Office (historical), Whitelake Post Office (historical), Winema Post Office (historical), Worden Post Office (historical), Yainax Post Office (historical), Yamsay Post Office (historical), Yonna Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Canby Mountains, Grampian Hills, Hagerhorst Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Chiloquin Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Klamath Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Mountain Lakes Wilderness, Sesti Tgawaals Wildlife Area, Sky Lakes Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Airstrip Pond, Anderson-Rose Pool, Antelope Reservoir, Aspirin Pond, Barton Reservoir, Bechdoldt Reservoir, Beetles Rest Reservoir, Big Adobe Reservoir, Bootleg Pond, Borrow Reservoir, Botens Reservoir, Buck Butte Reservoir, Buck Spring Pond, Bumphead Reservoir, C C Porter Reservoir, Camp Four Reservoir, Camp Three Reservoir, Campbell Reservoir, Capek Reservoir, Chapman Reservoir, Cliff Spring Reservoir, Coke Pond, Copeland Reservoir, Cox Reservoir, Coyote Bucket Pond, Crescent Reservoir, Cronin Reservoir, Dearborn Reservoir, Dehlinger Reservoir, Devil Lake, Dog Hollow Reservoir, Echo Pit Tank, Evans Pit Tank, Fivemile Reservoir, Flu Pond, Gary Reservoir, Gem Pond, Gerber Lower Division Reservoir, Gerber Reservoir, Gilchrist Log Pond, Gilchrist Reservoir, Gordon Lake, Grade Reservoir, Griffith Reservoir, Grohs Reservoir, Grohs Reservoir, Grub Spring Reservoir, Guard Pond, Harpold Reservoir, Harris Reservoir, High Table Pond, Hill Reservoir Number One, Hill Reservoir Number Two, Hill-Johnson Reservoir, Hilltop Reservoir, Hope Reservoir, Horse Camp Reservoir, Horsefly Reservoir, Horton Reservoir, Hyde Reservoir, Jake Spring Reservoir, John C Boyle Reservoir, John McFall Reservoir, John Smith Reservoir, Johns Waterhole, Johnston Reservoir Number Two, Junction Reservoir, Junction Waterhole, Keno Reservoir, Kent Reservoir, Keyser Reservoir, Kilgore Reservoir, Knife Pond, Kodiak Pond (historical), Little Hole Reservoir, Little Reservoir Number Five, Little Reservoir Number One, Little Reservoir Number Six, Little Reservoir Number Three, Little Squaw Flat Reservoir, Lobert Draw Reservoir, Logger Waterhole, Lone Pine Reservoir, Lone Pine Reservoir, Long Lake, Long Prairie Reservoir, Long Reservoir, Lost River Pool, Lower Sheepy Reservoir, Lucky Reservoir, Mahogany Ridge Reservoir, Mahoney Reservoir, Mallory Reservoir, Malone Pool, Marsh Reservoir, May Reservoir, McCartie Reservoir, McCoy Reservoir, McKendree Reservoir, Meadow Lake, Melvins Pond, Merritt Reservoir, Midway Reservoir, Miller Pond, Near Pond, Noble Canyon Reservoir, Noble Reservoir, Noble Reservoir Number One, Nut Reservoir, O'Connor Reservoir, O'Connors Puddle Reservoir, Obenchain Reservoir, Oberman Reservoir, Olive Reservoir, Pankey Reservoir, Parker Reservoir, Parker Reservoir, Pelican Reservoir, Pill Pond, Pope Reservoir, Pothole Reservoir, Potter Reservoir, Prairie Reservoir, Quarry Reservoir, Randall Reservoir, Randall Reservoir Number 3, Raymonds Pond, Rena Reservoir, Ritter Reservoir, Ritter Reservoir, Rocky Hole Reservoir, Round Pond, Round Valley Reservoir, Rum Pond, Sheepy Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Smokey Lake, South Grade Reservoir, Spreader Reservoir, Sunset Prairie Reservoir, Threemile Reservoir, Timber Hill Reservoir, Tom Reservoir, Tree House Pond, Tull Reservoir, Twenty One Reservoir, Upper Midway Reservoir, Upper Potter Reservoir, Warden Reservoir, Whiteline Reservoir, Whitmore Reservoir, Wigwam Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, Williams Reservoir, Willow Flat Reservoir, Willow Pond, Willow Valley Reservoir, Wilson Lake, Witch Drain Pond, Word Reservoir, Worden Reservoir, Worlow Reservoir, Yamsi Reservoir

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Adams Point, Bly Ridge, Buckmaster Point, Castle Crest, Cedar Point, Chiloquin Ridge, Clover Butte, Crescent Ridge, Desert Ridge, Devils Backbone, Dutton Ridge, Eagle Ridge, Elephants Back, Gopher Ridge, Gray Ridge, Grayback Ridge, Hollys Ridge, Indian Spring Ridge, Jackson Ridge, Klamath Ridge, Long Point, Manning Ridge, Modoc Ridge, Munson Ridge, Parker Butte, Rimrock Point, Rogue Watershed, Rugged Crest, Rye Spur, Saddle Butte, Sand Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge, Summit Cascade Divide, The Peninsula, Three Creek Ridge, Twomile Ridge, Vidae Ridge, Wildhorse Ridge, Yainax Ridge

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Altamont Elementary School, Bonanza Elementary School, Bonanza Junior and Senior High School, Brixner Junior High School, Buena Vista Elementary School, Chiloquin Elementary School, Chiloquin High School, Eagler Ridge High School, Fairhaven Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School, Falcon Heights School, Ferguson Elementary School, Fort Klamath Elementary School (historical), Gearhart School, Gilchrist Elementary School, Henley Elementary School, Henley High School, Henley Middle School, Hilltop Christian Academy, Joseph Conger Elementary School, Keno Elementary School, Klamath Community College, Klamath Union High School, Lost River High School, Malin Elementary School, Mazama High School, Merrill Elementary School, Mills Elementary School, O'Neill School (historical), Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon Technical Institute (historical), Pelican Elementary School, Peterson Elementary School, Ponderosa Junior High School, Riverside Elementary School (historical), Roosevelt Elementary School, Sacred Heart Academy (historical), Shasta Elementary School, Stearns Elementary School, Triad School

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Agency Spring, Aleys Spring, Algoma Spring, Alkali Spring, Anderson Spring, Annie Spring, Antelope Spring, Antler Spring, Applegate Spring, Applegate Spring, Barkley Spring, Barrel Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Wallows Spring, Beaverdam Springs, Bedpan Spring, Ben Hall Spring, Big Hot Spring, Big Springs, Big Springs, Bitter Spring, Black Hills Guard Station Spring, Blue Creek Spring, Blue Spring, Bluejay Spring, Bob Plank Spring, Bodnar Springs, Bonanza Springs, Book Spring, Bootleg Spring, Bottle Spring, Boulder Spring, Boundary Spring, Boundary Spring, Boundary Spring, Boundary Spring, Boundary Springs, Boyd Spring, Briggs Spring, Brookside Spring, Brown Spring, Brush Spring, Buck Spring, Buckeroo Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Springs, Buckmaster Spring, Bud Spring, Bug Spring, Bull Jack Spring, Bull Spring, Bullfrog Spring, Burnt Log Spring, Butte Spring, Buzz Spring, Cabin Creek Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Calico Spring, Calohan Spring, Campbell Spring, Camporee Spring, Cascade Spring, Cascade Springs, Casebeer Spring, Caseview Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Chester Spring, Chipmunk Spring, Chipps Spring, Chitwood Spring, Christis Spring, Cleary Spring, Cliff Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Coleman Spring, Copeland Spring, Corbell Spring, Corral Spring, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Springs, Coulter Spring, Cowboy Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Crater Springs, Crippled Horse Spring, Cronin Spring, Cruikshank Spring, Crystal Castle Spring, Crystal Spring, Crystal Spring, Crystalline Spring, Dead Spring, Deely Spring, Deer Scaffold Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Dell Spring, Dempsey Spring, Dibbon Cook Spring, Dice Crane Spring, Dice Spring, Dicks Camp Spring, Dixie Spring, Driscol Spring, Driscoll Spring, Dry Spring, Duncan Spring, Eagle Spring, Edgewood Spring, Egan Springs, Egert Spring, Erskine Beal Spring, Essex Springs, Fawn Spring, Field Spring, Fire Spring, Fire Spring, First Sheep Camp Spring, Forest Spring, Forked Horn Springs, Fort Spring, Four Point Spring, Fourmile Spring, Fourmile Spring, Frying Pan Spring, Gerber Spring, Gillette Spring, Godowa Spring, Goop Spring, Grimmet Spring, Grouse Spring, Gwinn Spring, Halfway Spring, Hallet Spring, Hamaker Spring, Harbison Spring, Hargadine Spring, Harriman Spring, Hatchery Spring, Heffner Spring, Holbrook Spring, Holcomb Spring, Horse Canyon Spring, Horseglade Spring, House Spring, Huckleberry Spring, Hummingbird Spring, Ichabod Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, J Spring, Jack Frost Spring, Jack Spring, James Spring, Janssen Spring, Jennette Spring, John Cole Spring, John Spring, Kamkaun Spring, Keno Spring, Kicking Horse Spring, Kilgore Spring, Larkin Spring, Last Chance Spring, Lewis Spring, Lightning Spring, Linsay Spring, Little Blind Spring, Little Odell Spring, Log Cabin Spring, Log Spring, Lola K West Spring, Long Branch Spring, Lost Creek Spring, Lost Creek Spring, Lost River Spring, Lower Swiss Spring, Maklaks Spring, Mallory Spring, Malloy Spring, Malone Spring, Manhattan Spring, Mares Egg Spring, McCartie Spring, McCord Cabin Spring, McCoy Spring, McReady Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadow Spring, Merritt Spring, Meryl Springs, Mill Creek Spring, Miller Creek Spring, Mineral Spring, Miranda Spring, Mixup Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Muddy Spring, Munson Springs, Murphy Spring, Nail Spring, Neubert Spring, Norcross Spring, North Calimus Spring, North Spring, Nuthatch Springs, O'Shea Spring, Oasis Spring, Odessa Spring, Olene Hot Springs, Onion Spring, Onion Spring, Otwin Spring, Ouxy Spring, Packsaddle Spring, Painter Spring, Pankey Springs, Paper Spring, Pelland Spring, Pine Spring, Pitch Log Spring, Ponina Spring, Pothole Spring, Pre-exemption Spring, Privy Spring, R N A Spring, Rainbow Springs, Ralston Spring, Ranger Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Recovery Spring, Red Cone Spring, Red Cone Spring, Reservation Spring, Rimrock Spring, Riverbed Butte Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Camp Spring, Rock Creek Springs, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rodeo Spring, Royston Spring, Saddle Mountain Spring, Sawmill Spring, Schnipps Valley Spring, Second Sheep Camp Spring, Section 9 Spring, Seven Springs, Sheep Spring, Sheepherder Spring, Sheepy Spring, Shell Rock Spring, Shoestring Spring, Shone Spring, Shook Springs, Skedaddle Spring, Skookum Spring, Slabhouse Springs, Small Spring, South Boundary Spring, South Fork Spring, South Mound Spring, South Walker Spring, Stan H Spring, Stewart Spring, Stiles Spring, Still Spring, Sucker Spring, Sullivan Spring, Surveyor Spring, Surveyors Spring, Swamp Spring, Swiss Spring, Switchback Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tank Spring, Tank Spring, Tecumseh Spring, Thicket Spring, Thimbleberry Spring, Three C Spring, Tiger Lily Spring, Tillie Spring, Tim Brown Spring, Tobin Spring, Torrent Spring, Tub Spring, Tumble Spring, Tunnel Spring, Union Creek Spring, Upper Manhattan Spring, Wagon Road Spring, Walker Rim Spring, Wampler Spring, Warm Spring, Watkins Spring, Watson Spring, Welsh Spring, West Keno Springs, Whisky Spring, Whitehorse Spring, Whitehouse Spring, Whiteline Spring, Wickiup Spring, Wickiup Spring, Wild Gal Spring, Wild Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Wilkerson Horse Camp Spring, Williamson River Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Wocus Butte Spring, Wood River Springs, Woolen Canyon Spring, Wrights Spring, Yamsay Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring

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Agency Creek, Alder Creek, Anderson Creek, Anderson Creek, Annie Creek, Annie Creek Slough, Antelope Creek, Antler Creek, Aspen Creek, Badger Creek, Barnes Creek, Barnes Valley Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Ben Hall Creek, Berry Creek, Big Marsh Creek, Big Springs Creek, Billie Creek, Blue Creek, Bluejay Creek, Bob Creek, Boulder Creek, Bridge Creek, Brookside Creek, Brown Creek, Brownsworth Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Burn Creek, Cabin Creek, Cain Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Four Creek, Cavern Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Clayton Creek, Clover Creek, Clover Creek, Clover Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Cole Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cowhorn Creek, Cox Creek, Crane Creek, Crazy Creek, Crescent Creek, Crooked Creek, Crystal Creek, Crystal Creek, Currier Creek, Cys Branch, Deely Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deming Creek, Denny Creek, Desert Creek, Dillon Creek, Dixon Creek, Dobe Creek, Doe Creek, Doeskin Creek, Douglas Creek, Dry Boulder Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dubin Creek, Dutton Creek, East Branch Whisky Creek, East Fork Annie Creek, Easy Creek, Edgewood Creek, Engineer Creek, Evans Creek, Evening Creek, Fire Creek, Fisher Creek, Fishhole Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fly Creek, Fort Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Slough, Fritz Creek, Gayheart Slough, Gearhart Creek, Gideon Creek, God Creek, Goodbye Creek, Halifax Creek, Hayden Creek, Hemlock Creek, Hog Creek, Home Creek, Honeymoon Creek, Horse Creek, Howlock Creek, Hoyt Creek, Irving Creek, Ish Tish Creek, Jack Creek, Jackson Creek, Janssen Spring Creek, Jenny Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnston Creek, Junco Creek, Jungle Creek, Knight Creek, Lajeunesse Creek, Lane Creek, Lapham Creek, Larkin Creek, Lenz Creek, Leonard Slough, Link River, Little Castle Creek, Little Creek, Little Odell Creek, Long Branch Creek, Long Creek, Long Creek, Long Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Valley Creek, Mafler Creek, Maklaks Creek, Meadow Creek, Merritt Creek, Meryl Creek, Middle Fork Annie Creek, Middle Fork Copeland Creek, Middle Fork National Creek, Middle Fork Trout Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Millsite Creek, Mineral Creek, Modoc Billy Creek, Modoc Creek, Mosquito Creek, Moss Creek, Mountain Creek, Mud Creek, Munson Creek, Nannie Creek, No-See-Em Creek, Noble Creek, North Fork Castle Creek, North Fork Copeland Creek, North Fork Sprague River, North Fork Trout Creek, Odell Creek, Odessa Creek, Orphan Creek, Otter Creek, Paradise Creek, Paradise Creek, Penn Creek, Pine Creek, Pitch Log Creek, Pole Bridge Creek, Pole Creek, Ponina Creek, Pothole Creek, Princess Creek, Quita Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rainbow Creek, Rainbow Creek, Ranger Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Recreation Creek, Refrigerator Creek, Reservoir Creek, Resort Creek, Rhodod Creek, Robinson Spring Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rocky Canyon Creek, Rosary Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Scott Creek, Seldom Creek, Sellers Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheepy Creek, Sheepy Creek, Shoestring Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Silent Creek, Simms Creek, Sink Creek, Skull Creek, Sky Creek, Snake Creek, Solomon Creek, South Creek, South Fork Copeland Creek, South Fork Sprague River, South Fork Trout Creek, Spencer Creek, Sprague River, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Summit Creek, Sun Creek, Swamp Creek, Swamp Creek, Swan Creek, Swan Creek, Sycan River, Thomason Creek, Threemile Creek, Thunder Creek, Tiny Creek, Tipsoo Creek, Tom Creek, Trapper Creek, Trapper Creek, Triple Creek, Trout Creek, Tunnel Creek, Varney Creek, Vidae Creek, West Bay Creek, West Fork Thomason Creek, Wharf Creek, Wheeler Creek, Whisky Creek, Whitefish Creek, Whitehorse Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Williamson River, Windfall Creek, Wood River, Wooden Creek, Wright Creek, Yaden Creek, Yoss Creek

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Adell Butte, Agency Hill, Antler Point, Antone Butte, Applegate Butte, Applegate Peak, Arant Point, Aspen Butte, Bald Crater, Bald Hill, Bald Top, Bareface Butte, Beales Butte, Bear Butte, Bear Butte, Big Bunchgrass, Black Butte, Black Hills, Black Rock Butte, Bly Mountain, Boundary Butte, Brady Butte, Brown Mountain, Bryant Mountain, Buck Butte, Buck Mountain, Buck Peak, Buckeye Butte, Buckskin Butte, Bug Butte, Bunker Hill, Bunny Butte, Burn Butte, Burton Butte, Buttes of the Gods, Calimus Butte, Cappy Mountain, Captain Jack, Castle Point, Cave Mountain, Chase Mountain, Cherry Peak, Chicken Hills, Chinquapin Butte, Cinnamon Peak, Cloudcap, Clover Butte, Cooks Mountain, Corbell Butte, Corral Butte, Council Butte, Cowhorn Mountain, Coyote Butte, Coyote Butte, Crater Butte, Crater Mountain, Crater Peak, Crawford Butte, Crescent Butte, Cruikshank Butte, Cryder Butte, Dead Indian Hill, Deer Butte, Desert Cone, Devils Peak, Dillon Butte, Doak Mountain, Doe Butte, Doeskin Butte, Dry Butte, Eagle Butte, Eagle Crags, Eagle Rock, Edgewood Mountain, Ethel Mountain, Ferguson Mountain, Fire Butte, Fuego Mountain, Gardner Peak, Garfield Peak, Gaywas Peak, Gift Butte, God Butte, Goodlow Mountain, Goose Egg, Goose Nest, Government Hill, Green Mountain, Grenada Butte, Greylock Mountain, Grizzly Butte, Grizzly Butte, Grizzly Mountain, Grouse Butte, Grouse Hill, Hamaker Mountain, Hamner Butte, Hayden Mountain, Hemlock Butte, High Knob, Hillman Peak, Hogback Mountain, Hooligan Hill, Hopper Hill, Horse Butte, Horsefly Mountain, Horsehead Island, Howlock Mountain, Imagination Peak, Ipsoot Butte, James Butte, Jerry Mountain, Jupiter, K Davis Hill, Kent Peak, Kerby Hill, Klamath Hills, Klamath Point, Lakeview Mountain, Lather Mountain, Lee Peak, Little Applegate Butte, Little Aspen Butte, Little Odell Butte, Little Walker Mountain, Little Wocus Butte, Little Yamsay Mountain, Location Butte, Lone Wolf, Lookout Butte, Lost Peak, Lucifer, Luther Mountain, Magpie Butte, Maklaks Crater, Maklaks Mountain, Marmot Butte, Maude Mountain, Mazama Rock, McCool Butte, Medicine Mountain, Miller Hill, Miller Mountain, Moffitt Butte, Mount Carmine, Mount Harriman, Mount Mazama, Mount Scott, Mousehawk Butte, Mowich Spring Butte, Moyina Hill, Mud Spring Mountain, Mudjekeewis Mountain, Mule Hill, Munson Point, Muttonchop Butte, Naylox Mountain, Oasis Butte, Odell Butte, Paddock Butte, Paradise Mountain, Parker Mountain, Pearce Point, Pearson Butte, Pelican Butte, Penney Hill, Plum Hills, Ponina Butte, Porter Butte, Pothole Butte, Pumice Butte, Ranger Butte, Rat Butte, Red Cone, Red Cone, Redtop Mountain, Ringo Butte, Riverbed Butte, Rock Butte, Rock Point, Rodeo Butte, Round Butte, Round Butte, Round Butte, Round Lake Hill, Round Mountain, Roundtop, Royce Mountain, Ruth Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Sand Point, Scoria Cone, Scout Hill, Shake Butte, Shale Butte, Sharp Peak, Short Lake Mountain, Skeeter Butte, Skookum Butte, Skull Island, Skunk Butte, Soloman Butte, Spence Mountain, Spodue Mountain, Spring Butte, Spring Butte, Spring Creek Hill, Spring Hill, Stams Mountain, Steiger Butte, String Butte, Stukel Mountain, Sugar Hill, Sugarpine Mountain, Summit Rock Point, Sun Mountain, Surveyor Mountain, Surveyor Peak, Swan Lake Mountain, Swan Lake Point, Switchback Hill, Switchboard Hill, Taylor Butte, Tea Table Mountain, The Bumpheads, The Watchman, Timber Butte, Tom Mountain, Tub Butte, Turkey Hill, Union Peak, Venus, Violet Hill, Walker Mountain, Watchdog Butte, Welch Butte, Whiteface Peak, Wild Horse Butte, Williams Crater, Wocus Butte, Wolf Butte, Yainax Butte, Yamsay Mountain, Zuckerman Island

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Adobe Flat, Bear Wallow, Bear Wallows, Beaver Marsh, Big Marsh, Big Meadows, Blue Creek Meadows, Buckmaster Flat, Bull Swamp, Caledonia Marsh, Cherry Glade, Choptie Prairie, Davis Flat, Desolation Swamp, Doaks Marsh, Dry Meadow, Dry Prairie Reservoir, Four-bit Flat, Furber Marsh, Goodlow Pond, Hanks Marsh, Hidden Meadow, Jackies Thicket, Jamison Meadow, Johnson Meadow, Kingry Marsh, Klamath Marsh, Little Round Meadow, Little Squaw Flat, Lower Davis Flat, Lower Fishhole, McCarty Meadow, Middle Fishhole, O'Conner Meadow, Parker Meadow, Penn Prairie, Puckett Glade, Rakes Meadow, Round Grove, Round Lake, Round Meadow, Sellers Marsh, Sesti Tgawaals Marsh, Sevenmile Marsh, Shoalwater Bay Marsh, Sphagnum Bog, Sproats Meadow, Squaw Flat, Stimson Meadow, Swing Field, Three Creek, Wampler Marsh, Wocus Marsh, Wolf Lake, Wood River Marsh, Worlow Meadow

  Towers     show all on map

Bear Butte Lookout, Black Hills Lookout, Horsefly Mountain Lookout, KAGO - AM, KAGO - FM, KFLS - AM, KLAD - AM, KLAD - FM, KLAD-AM, KOTI-TV, KOTI-TV, KTEC - FM, Shake Butte Lookout

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Alta Lake Trail, Bear Creek Trail, Blue Canyon Trail, Blue Rock Trail, Brown Mountain Trail, Bybee Meadow Trail, Cascade Divide Trail, Castle Creek Trail, Cold Spring Trail, Crater Butte Trail, Crater Peak Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Dutton Creek Trail, Fawn Lake Trail, Fawn Lake Way, Four Mile Lake Trail, Garfield Peak Trail, Gearhart Trail, Greylock Mountain Trail, Halifax Trail, Hemlock Lake Trail, King Spruce Trail, Lightening Spring Trail, Lost Peak Trail, Moss Creek Trail, Moude Mountain Trail, Mount McLoughlin Trail, Mount Scott Trail, Mountain Lakes Trail, Munson Valley Trail, Nannie Creek Trail, OC&E Woods Line State Trail, Pelican Butte Trail, Pretty Lake Trail, Red Lake Trail, Rocky Point Trail, Rye Spur Trail, Sevenmile Trail, South Fork Trail, South Pass Lake Trail, Sun Notch Trail, Tom and Jerry Trail, Twin Ponds Trail, Union Peak Trail, Varney Creek Trail, Wickiup Trail, Windy Lakes Trail, Yoran Lake Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Antelope Valley, Barnes Valley, Bear Flat Draw, Bear Valley, Bear Valley Canyon, Bechdoldt Gulch, Calico Gulch, Cooks Canyon, Copeland Canyon, Copperfield Draw, Coyote Bucket, Dams Canyon, Deer Draw, Dodds Hollow, Dry Gulch, Hamaker Canyon, Haystack Draw, Hell for Slim Draw, Herlihy Canyon, Huckleberry Draw, Hungry Hollow, Jims Valley, Jory Canyon, Kerr Valley, King Cabin Canyon, Klamath Canyon, Langell Valley, Llaos Hallway, Lobert Draw, Lost Valley, Munson Valley, Payne Canyon, Pinnacle Valley, Plum Valley, Poe Valley, Rock Canyon, Rocky Canyon, S'Ocholis Canyon, Sagebrush Draw, Schnipps Valley, Simpson Canyon, Skellock Draw, Sprague River Valley, Spring Lake Valley, Swan Lake Valley, Telephone Draw, Tule Lake Valley, Welsh Gulch, Wildhorse Canyon, Wood River Valley, Woolen Canyon, Yonna Valley

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Deadman Well, Dealys Well, Dicks Well, Emery Well, Fivemile Well, Grass Well, Gunsight Well, Lane Well, Nelson Well, Pothole Well, Pumice Well, Shevlin Well, Spring Butte Well,

Klamath County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKlamath County White population 59,26659,265  
American IndianKlamath County American Indian population 2,9732,973
MixedKlamath County Mixed population 2,5112,510
AsianKlamath County Asian population 661660
BlackKlamath County Black population 529528
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKlamath County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 132132

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county