Lake County, Oregon Basics:

Lake County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 7,785
Area: 8139 square miles
County seat: Lakeview
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 86.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.8%
Median household income: $40,049
Persons in poverty: 17.2%
Home ownership rate: 67.4%
Mean travel time to work: 12.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Deschutes  Harney  Klamath  Modoc (CA)  Washoe (NV)  

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Map of the Lake County area

Our detail map of Lake County shows the Lake County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lake County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Alkali Lake State Airport, Christmas Valley Airport, Farr Airport, Lake County Airport, Lake District Hospital Heliport, Mahogany Mountain Airport, Mc Ranch Airport, Paisley Airport, Red and White Airport, Saxon Sycan Airport, Silver Lake Forest Service Strip, Table Rock Airport, Withrotor Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Chase Spring Administrative Study Plot, Lost Forest Research Natural Area, Sunstone Area

  Basins     show all on map

Animal Bedground, Badger Hole, Big Basin, Big Cove, Bitter Brush Basin, Browns Valley, Chicago Valley, Christmas Lake Valley, Coffeepot Basin, Depression Sump, Dry Valley, Fort Rock Valley, Greaser Basin, Hansen Valley, Hole-in-the-Ground, Ice Cave Pothole, Jackings Hole, Jew Valley, Poverty Basin, Rabbit Basin, Sand Hollow, Sherman Valley, Sinks of Lost Creek, The Pothole, The Punchbowl, Weaver Waterhole, Yocum Valley

  Bends     show all on map

Hoyts Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Stone Bridge, The Narrows Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bureau of Land Management Lakeview District Office, Cabin Lake Ranger Station (historical), Christmas Valley Rural Fire Protection District, Department of Motor Vehicles Lakeview, Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum, Fremont Winema National Forest Fire Center, Fremont Winema National Forest Headquarters, Fremont-Winema National Forests Headquarters, Green Mountain Lookout, Lake County Courthouse and Circuit Court, Lake County Libraries Christmas Valley Branch, Lake County Libraries Paisley Branch, Lake County Libraries Silver Lake Branch, Lake County Museum, Lake County Public Health Office, Lake County Public Library Lakeview Main Library, Lake County Search and Rescue, Lakeview Fire Department, Lakeview Interagency Fire Center, Lakeview Police Department, Lakeview Ranger Station, Lantern Flat Guard Station, New Pine Creek Rural Fire Protection District, Paisley City Hall, Paisley Public Works Department Office, Paisley Ranger Station, Paisley Volunteer Fire Department, Schminck Memorial Museum, Silver Lake Ranger Station, Silver Lake Rural Fire Protection District, Thomas Creek Rural Fire Department, Town of Lakeview Emergency Medical Services, Town of Lakeview Public Works Department Shop / Office, Town of Lakeview Town Hall, Warner Creek Correctional Facility, Westside Rural Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Allen Ditch, Ashcraft Flume, Bagley Ditch, Baldwin Ditch, Conn Ditch, Crump Ditch, Curtis Ditch, East Canal, Fitzgerald Ditches, Gray Lateral, High Line Ditch, Hotchkiss Ditch, Jones Canal, Lower Marsh Canal, Luce Ditch, Moss Ditch, North Canal, North Canal Flume, Number Six Canal, O V L Ditch, Outside Canal, Priday Ditch, Red House Ditch, Rehart-Salt Creek Ditch, Silver L Canal, South Canal, Stock Ditch, Summer Lake I D Canal, Wilcox Ditch, Wilson Ditch, ZX Brattain Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Fort Rock Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, New Pine Creek Cemetery, Silver Lake Cemetery, Summer Lake Cemetery, Sunset Cemetery, West Side Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

New Pine Creek Census Designated Place, Plush Census Designated Place, Silver Lake Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Abert Rim, Barnes Rim, Black Rim, Black Rim, Burma Rim, Coleman Rim, Coleman Rim, Collins Rim, Cub Cliff, Dead Horse Rim, Dead Indian Rim, Diablo Rim, Egli Rim, Guano Rim, Klippel Point, Saunders Rim, Shirk Rim, Stauffer Rim, Viewpoint

  Craters     show all on map

Big Hole

  Dams     show all on map

Albertson Dam, Ana River Dam, Andy Hill Dam, Arkansas Dam, Benjamin Lake Dam, Big Rock Dam, Big Swamp Dam, Calderwood Dam, Cottonwood Dam, Cottonwood Meadow Dam, Crump Dam, Dallas Lake Dam, Devaul Dam, Drews Dam, Duncan Dam, Fenmore Dam, Fitzgerald Dam, Flynn Dam, Greaser Lake Dam, Hallinan Dam, Hart Lake Dam, Hickey Dam, Holbrook Dam, Lapham Dam, Lofton Dam, Mud Lake Dam, Muddy Creek Dam, Nick Barry Dam, Ornoname 2 Dam, Ornoname 3 Dam, Ornoname 4 Dam, Pitt Lake Dam, Piute Dam, Priday Dam, Renner Dam, Robinson Dam, Sevan Dam, Sherlock Gulch Dam, South Arm Dam, Spalding Dam, Thompson Dam, Thompson Valley Diversion Dam, White Rock Dam, Willow Creek Dam, Withers Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Deep Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Anderl Lake, Ant Flat, Antelope Flat, Antelope Flat, Arkansas Flat, Aspen Flat, Augur Creek Meadows, Ballew Lake, Bare Flat, Bear Flat, Bear Wallows, Bennett Flat, Big Flat, Big Lake, Bottomless Lake, Boundary Lake, Brooks Lake, Browns Lake, Buffalo Flat, Bull Lake, Bull Lake, Bull Meadow, Bull Prairie, Butcher Flat (historical), Calahan Meadow, Camas Prairie, Cashow Flat, Chicken Feed Lake, Clover Flat, Coffeepot Flat, Coleman Flat, Corral Lake, Cox Flat, Coyote Flat, Cracker Lake, Crane Lake, Cream Lake, Creed Field, Dead Horse Lake, Devils Ball Diamond, Dog Lake, Duck Lake, Dutch Oven Flat, East Whiskey Lake, Egg Lake, Fairy Flat, Famine Lake, Foster Flat Meadow, Gibson Lake, Grasshopper Flat, Grasshopper Flat, Grouse Flat, Grouse Prairie, Harvey Flat, Hassler Lake, Hat Lake, Hatch Lake, Horse Prairie, Horseshoe Meadow, Indian Creek Flat, Indian Lake, Jack Flat, Joe Lake, Jones Lake, Juniper Lake, Kates Dairy, Lamb Field, Lantern Flat, Last Chance Lake, Lee Thomas Meadow, Little Antelope Flat, Little Benjamin Lake, Little Butcher Flat, Lynch Flat, Lyons Meadow, Mahogany Flat, McCall Lake, McCarty Field, Midway Lake, Mill Flat, Mill Flat, Monument Flat, Morehouse Lake, Mosquito Flat, Moss Meadow, Mulky Meadow, Murphys Lake, Myers Meadow, New England Flat, O'Keefe Meadow, Oatman Flat, Overall Flat, Paisley Flat, Paiute Lake, Pasture Lake, Paxton Meadows, Perry flat, Peters Lake, Picketpin Flat, Picture Flat, Pistol Lake, Porcupine Flat, Post Lake, Post Meadows, Pot Flat, Rock Lake, Rock Lake, Rogger Meadow, Round Lake, Sage Flat, Saint Patrick Lake, Schaub Lake, Sears Flat, Sheeplick Lake, Shoesole Flat, Snyder Meadow, South Flat, Spanish Flat, Spur Rowel Lake, Squaw Flat, Squaw Flat, Squaw Flat, Stratton Meadow, Strawberry Flat, Summit Prairie, Thompson Lake, Thorn Lake, Trail Flat, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Upper Chewaucan Marsh, Wagon Wheel Flat, Walking Plow Lake, Washing Machine Flat, West Whiskey Lake, Whiskey Flat, Whiskey Lake, Wildlife Lake, Windmill Lake, Wire Corral Flat, Wise Flat, World Lake

  Forests     show all on map

Fremont National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Arrow Gap, Avery Pass, Blizzard Gap, Buckaroo Pass, Buckaroo Pass, Drews Gap Summit, Fitzwater Pass, Government Harvey Pass, Hogback Summit, Horning Gap, Hunter Hill Pass, Moss Pass, Quartz Mountain Pass, Round Pass, The Narrows, The Narrows

  Hospitals     show all on map

Lake District Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Alger Lake, Alkali Lake, Anderson Lake, Antelope Lake, Beasley Lake, Benjamin Lake, Billy Burr Lake, Binkey Lake, Blue Lake, Blue Lake, Bobs Lake, Bowersox Lake, Cabin Lake, Campbell Lake, Campbell Lake, Cat Lakes, Christmas Lake, Christmas Valley Lake, Coffee Lake, Coleman Lake, Commodore Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Crump Lake, Davis Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Depaoli Lake, Desert Lake, Diatomite Reservoir, Dicks Pond, Dobyns Lake, Dog Lake, Dog Lake, Dutchy Lake, Elmers Waterhole, Emigrant Lake, Feather Bed Lake, Fire Lake, Fish Lake, Fish Lake, Fish Lake, Fisher Lake, Fitzgerald Lake, Flagstaff Lake, Flook Lake, Foley Lake, Fortyfour Lake, Fossil Lake, Foster Lake, Fred Pond, Frog Ponds, Greaser Lake, Guano Lake, Halfway Lake, Heart Lake, Hidden Lake, High Rim Waterhole, Hitching Post Water Hole, Horsehead Lake, Jack Lake, Jacks Lakes, Juniper Lake, La Brie Lake, Lake Abert, Lake Henry, Lane Lake, Leyva Lakes, Lily Lake, Link Lake, Little Lakes, Little Skookum Lake, Loco Lake, Lofton Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Louse Lake, Lower Pitt Lake, May Lake, May Lake, Meadow Waterhole, Mill Lake, Moon Lake, Moon Lake, Morehouse Lake Reservoir, Mound Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mugwump Lake, Mule Lake, Murphy Waterhole, Murphy Waterholes, Nasty Pond, Nora Pond, North Alkali Lake, North Lakes, Outside Waterhole, Parachute Pond, Paradise Lake, Pelican Lake, Petes Puddle, Petroglyph Lake, Pinto Lake, Pitt Lake, Poker Jim Lake, Potato Lake, Priday Lake, Renner Lake, Reservoir Lake, Rest Lake, Rocky Waterhole, Sammys Horse Pen Waterhole, School Section Lake, Shores Waterhole, Silver Lake, Skookum Lake, Slide Lakes, Slide Waterhole, Soda Lake, Soup Lakes, Spanish Lake, Spanish Lake, Spatterdock Lake, Squaw Lake, Stone Corral Lake, Studhorse Waterhole, Summer Lake, Swamp Lake, Thorne and Wisdom Lake, Thunder Egg Lake, Thunderbird Lake, Tule Pond, Turpin Lake, Twelvemile Creek, Twentymile Creek, Twentymile Slough, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Upper Campbell Lake, Vee Lake, Walker Lake, Ward Lake, Warner Lakes, Webb Lake, Weed Lake, Wilson Lake, Wolter Lake, Wool Lake, Z N Reservoir Number 5, Zero Waterhole

  Lava     show all on map

Four Craters Lava Field, The Devils Garden

  Levees     show all on map

Bullgate Dike

  Locales     show all on map

Albertson Ranch, Albertson Ranch, Alder Spring Recreation Site, Alkali Lake Station, Ana Reservoir Boat Ramp, Anderl Place, Anderson Ranch, Andrews Ranch, Angel Camp, Antelope Cow Camp, Antler Trailhead, Arrow, Ashcraft Ranch, Aspen Cabin, Aspen Cabin Recreation Site, Aspen Ridge Trailhead, Barley Camp, Barnhardy, Barry Cabin, Barry Ranch, Barry Ranch, Beachlers Union Trading Post, Bear Creek Trailhead, Becraft Ranch, Behm Ranch, Blue Buck Camp, Blue Sky Hotel Camp (historical), Bluejoint Ranch, Boley Ranch, Brattain Ranch, Brattain Ranch, Brewer Ranch, Briggs Ranch, Buck Creek Crossing, Builta Ranch, Bunyard Crossing Recreation Site, Cabin Lake Recreation Site, Cache Camp, Calderwood Ranch, Camp Fifteen, Camp Nine, Campbell Lake Boat Ramp, Campbell Lake Recreation Site, Campbell Mill, Can Spring Recreation Site, Carlon Corral, Carlon Ranch, Carton Ranch, Century Ranch, Chambers Ranch, Chandler Cabin, Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead, Chinatown Pump, Clear Spring Recreation Site, Cliff Ranch, Collins Cabin, Con Lynch Ranch, Connley, Cookes Camp, Corral Creek Recreation Site, Cottonwood Complex Campground, Cottonwood Creek Trailhead, Cottonwood Meadow Campground Boat Ramp, Cottonwood Meadow Recreation Area Boat Ramp, Cottonwood Recreation Site, Counts Ranch, Cox Pass Trailhead, Coykendall Cabin, Crane Mountain Viewpoint, Crump Lake Landing, Crump Ranch, D A Tracy Ranch, D Emery Ranch, D Fitzgerald Ranch, Dairy Creek Campground (historical), Dairy Creek Guard Station, Dairy Point Recreation Site, Dead Horse Lake Recreation Site, Dead Horse Recreation Site, Deadhorse Lake Campground Boat Ramp, Deadmond Place, Deboy Ranch, Deely Twomey Ranch, Deep Creek Recreation Site, Dehne Ranch, Desert Ranch, Deter Ranch, Dicks Ranch, Dismal Creek Recreation Site, Dixon Place, Dog Lake Campground Boat Ramp, Dog Lake Guard Station, Dog Lake Recreation Site, Dog Lake Work Center, Doherty Ranch, Doherty Summit Safety Rest Area (historical), Drake Peak Lookout, Drews Creek Recreation Site, Drews Reservoir Boat Ramp, Drews Valley Ranch, Duncan Place, Duncan Reservoir Boat Ramp, East Bay Recreation Site, East Bay Thompson Reservoir Campground Boat Ramp, Elder Cabin, Elder Ranch, Elk Butte Camp, Eskelin Ranch, Ewauna Camp, Farm Well Recreation Site, Finley Corrals, Fisher Ranch, Fishhole Guard Station, Fishhole Recreation Site, Fitzgerald Ranch, Fleetwood, Flook Ranch, Flynn Ranch, Fort Rock Station, Fort Rock Substation, Frakes Cabin, Frazee Ranch, Fred Ross, Freeman Dry Camp, Freeman Ranch, Friday Ranch, Garrett Place, Gaylord Ranch, Geo Peyerl Ranch, Glen Cabin, Goose Lake Timber Camp, Gowdy Ranch, Gunkel Ranch, Hadley Butte Launch Area, Hammersly Ranch, Hanan Sycan Trailhead, Hanan/Coffeepot Spring Recreation Site, Happy Camp Recreation Site, Harvey Ranch, Haw Cabin, Hay Creek Ranch, Hayes Place, Heart Lake Landing Boat Launch, Heart Lake Recreation Site, Hickey Ranch, Hill Ranch, Holbrook Reservoir Boat Launch, Holbrook Reservoir Recreation Site, Horse Ranch, Hot Springs Campground (historical), Hotchkiss Ranch, Howard Ranch, Ingram Guard Station, Irishmans Campground, J V Withers Ranch, Jacks Place, James Dyke Place, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Jones Crossing Recreation Site, Jones Well Guard Station, Kiely Ranch, Kings Cabin, Kippel Place, Kittleson Place, Laird Ranch, Lake County Fairgrounds, Lake County Fairgrounds Arena, Lakes Loop Trailhead, Lakeview Dragstrip, Lakeview Water Users Headquarters, Lamb Ranch, Lane Ranch, Lapham Ranch, Lee Thomas Crossing, Lee Thomas Recreation Site, Leehmann Ranch, Limburger Cabin, Linebaugh Ranch, Lofton Campground Boat Ramp, Lofton Reservoir Recreation Site, Loma Vista, Lookout Rock Trailhead, Lost Cabin, Loveless Homestead, Lower Buck Creek Recreation Site, Lucky Camp, M C Ranch, Mallets Ranch, Mark Clark Golf Course, Marsters Spring Recreation Site, Mate Cabin, Mattis Ranch, Maxwell Ranch, McBroom Administrative Study Plot, McBroom Ranch, McDonald Camp, McGee Ranch, McGee Sawmill, McKee Ranch, Mendell Ranch, Miles Ranch, Mill Trailhead, Morehouse Ranch, Moss Ranch, Mrs B A Gordon Ranch, Mud Creek Recreation Site, Murphy Corral, Murphy Ranch, New Idaho, North Creek Campground, North Fork Sprague River Trailhead, North Warner Viewpoint, O'Keefe Ranch, O'Leary Ranch, Old Camp Warner, Old Stage Station (historical), Overton Reservoir Recreation Site, Owen Pitcher Ranch, Paisley Sewage Treatment Plant and Lagoons, Parks Ranch, Passage Ranch, Peterson Cabin, Petes Camp, Pike Ranch, Pitcher Ranch, Pitcher Ranch, Poindexter Place, Pole Butte Sno-Park, Ponderosa Paraglide Launch Area, Poplars Ranch, Porter Ranch, Puddle Spring Work Center, Quartz Mountain Sno-Park, R Morehouse Place, Ramsey Springs (historical), Reed Ranch, Reed Ranch, Rehart Ranch, Remery Ranch, Renner Ranch, River Ranch, Roberts Ranch, Robinson Ranch, Rock Creek Recreation Site, Rock Springs Camp, Rogers Ranch, Rogger Meadow Trailhead, Ross Ranch, S D Harris Ranch, Sage Hen Crossing, Sams Cabin, Sandhill Recreation Site, Schadler Cow Camp, Schmidt Ranch, Schuster Place, Scissors Cabin, Shafter Ranch, Shanahan Place, Shepard Camp, Sherlock Ranch, Shirk Ranch, Silver Creek Marsh Recreation Site, Simmons Ranch, Simms Ranch, Skull Creek Camp, Slide Lake Recreation Site, Small Ranch, Snelling (historical), Snider Ranch, Snow Cabin, South Fork Crooked Creek Horse Camp, South Ice Cave Recreation Site, South Lava Trailhead, Spalding Ranch, Spring Butte Well Camp, Squaw Spring Corral, State Line Guard Station (historical), Stauffer, Stone Corral, Stratton Place, Summer Lake Hot Spring, Summer Lake Safety Rest Area, Swale Trailhead, Sycan Capacitor Station, T Emery Ranch, Taylor Place (historical), Taylor Ranch, Taylor Ranch, The Rosebud, Thomas (historical), Thomas Creek Campground (historical), Thomas Creek Work Center, Thompson Cabin, Thompson Reservoir Recreation Site, Thousand Springs Ranch, Three-Mile Corner, Town of Lakeview Sewage Treatment System, Trapper Spring Recreation Site, Tuff Cabin, Turner Place, Twin Spring Recreation Site, Upper Buck Creek Recreation Site, Upper Jones Recreation Site, Upper Marsters Spring Recreation Site, Utley Cabin, Utley Ranch, Vee Lake Boat Access, Vee Lake Trailhead, Vernon Ranch, Vernon Ranch, Viewpoint Ranch, Vinyard Cabin, Wakefield Cabin, Walker Cabin, Walker Trailhead, Warner Canyon Ski Area, Warner Lake (historical), Warner Work Center, Wastina (historical), Weir Ranch, Wendell (historical), Whipple Place, Whitaker (historical), White Place, White Rock Ranch, Whitehouse Place, Wickiup Spring Forest Service Station, Williams Mill (historical), Willow Creek Cabin, Willow Creek Guard Station, Willow Creek Recreation Site, Wing Butte Cabin, Winter Rim Trailhead, Withers Lake Recreation Site, Woodrow (historical), Wright Ranch, XL Ranch, ZX Ranch, ZX Ranch, ZX Ranch, ZX Ranch Grain Camp, ZX Ranch Red House

  Military     show all on map

Camp Warner (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

American Fossil Mine, Angel Peak Mine, Lava Crossing Cinder Pit, Lucky Lass Mine, Rosalite Mine, Soda Mine, South Ice Cave Cinder Pit, Sunstone Mine, White King Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Abert Rim Historical Marker, Abert Rim Viewpoint, Ana Reservoir County Park, Beaver Dam Picnic Ground (historical), Booth State Scenic Corridor, Cabin Lake Wildlife Area, Campground Number One (historical), Campground Number Two (historical), Chandler State Park, Cottonwood Reservoir County Park, Dairy Creek Campground (historical), Drews Reservoir County Park, Egan County Park, Fort Rock State Park, Goose Lake State Park, Langslet Monument Rest Area, McDonald City Park, Mitchell Monument, Mitchell Recreation Area, Summer Lake State Wildlife Area, Swimming Pool City Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Lookout Rock, Monument Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Sage Plains

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adel, Blaisdell, Chewaucan (historical), Christmas Valley, Drews Valley (historical), Five Corners, Fort Rock, Hot Springs (historical), Lakeview, New Pine Creek, Paisley, Plush, Quartz Mountain, Silver Lake, Summer Lake, Valley Falls, Vistillas (historical), West Side, Yocum (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adel Post Office, Antler Post Office (historical), Arrow Post Office (historical), Buffalo Post Office (historical), Burleson Post Office (historical), Butte Post Office (historical), Chewaucan Post Office (historical), Christmas Valley Post Office, Cliff Post Office (historical), Clover Flat Post Office (historical), Connley Post Office (historical), Cottonwood Post Office (historical), Delaine Post Office (historical), Drews Valley Post Office (historical), Embody Post Office (historical), Fleetwood Post Office (historical), Fort Rock Post Office, Fremont Post Office (historical), Goose Lake Post Office (historical), Hot Springs Post Office (historical), Juniper Post Office (historical), Lake Post Office (historical), Lakeview Post Office, Loma Vista Post Office (historical), Lonely Post Office (historical), New Pine Creek Post Office, Paisley Post Office, Plush Post Office, Porterville Post Office (historical), Quartz Mountain Post Office (historical), Sherrill Post Office (historical), Shirk Post Office (historical), Silver Lake Post Office, Sink Post Office (historical), Stauffer Post Office (historical), Summer Lake Post Office, Theora Post Office (historical), Valley Falls Post Office (historical), Viewpoint Post Office (historical), Vistillas Post Office (historical), Warner Lake Post Office (historical), Wastina Post Office (historical), West Side Post Office, Whitehill Post Office (historical), Woodrow Post Office (historical), Yocum Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Black Hills, Coleman Hills, Connley Hills, Whiskey Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Slide Mountain Geological Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Admans Mill Pond, Airstrip Reservoir, Albertson Reservoir, Ana Reservoir, Andy Hill Reservoir, Arkansas Reservoir, Bailey Waterhole, Bald Waterhole, Ballew Reservoir, Barry Reservoir, Basalt Reservoir, Best Waterhole, Between Rim Waterhole, Big Hole Reservoir, Big Hole Reservoir, Big Reservoir, Big Reservoir, Big Rock Reservoir, Big Swamp Reservoir, Black Rock Reservoir, Blow Mud Reservoir, Blow Waterhole, Blue Reservoir, Bluejoint Lake, Boilout Waterhole, Boulder Waterhole, Boundary Reservoir, Boy Lake Waterhole, Brattain Reservoir Number 11, Brattain Reservoir Number 13, Brattain Reservoir Number 8, Brattain Waterhole Number 10, Brattain Waterhole Number 4, Brattain Waterhole Number 5, Brattain Waterhole Number 5, Brattain Waterhole Number 7, Bridge Creek Waterhole, Broken Coffee Pot Waterhole, Bug Waterhole, Bull Lake, Bull Lake Waterhole, Burn Waterhole, Burrows Lake Reservoir, Butcher Flat Reservoir, Button Waterhole, Cahill Reservoir, Calderwood Reservoir, Camp Tank Waterhole, Campground Reservoir, Canterbury Reservoir, Card Reservoir, Chicago Pond, Club Reservoir, Clyde Fenimore Reservoir, Coffee Pot Reservoir, Coffee Pot Reservoir, Collins Waterhole, Colvin Lake, Community Reseeding Waterhole, Concentration Reservoir Number Three, Cork Reservoir Number Seven, Corral Waterhole, Cory Reservoir, Cottonwood Meadow Lake, Cottonwood Reservoir, Cottonwood Spring Reservoir, County Waterhole Number 11, County Waterhole Number 15, County Waterhole Number 18, County Waterhole Number 2, County Waterhole Number 3, County Waterhole Number 4, County Waterhole Number 7, County Waterhole Number 9, Cox Butte Waterhole, Coyote Bedground Reservoir, Coyote Flat Reservoir, Coyote Hole Reservoir, Crested Reservoir, Crump Reservoir, Curve Waterhole, Dallas Lake, Dead Reservoir, Deboy Reservoir, Division Reservoir, Dog Lake Waterhole, Draw Fork Waterhole, Drews Reservoir, Dry Creek Waterhole, Dry Lake Waterhole, Dudley Waterhole, Duncan Reservoir, East Barry Reservoir, East Immigrant Waterhole, East Reservoir, East Walker Reservoir, Egli Rim Reservoir Number One, Egli Rim Reservoir Number Two, Expand Reservoir Number Thirty, Faber Waterhole, False Waterhole, Farleighs Reservoir, Feather Bed Lake Waterhole, Fish Creek Waterhole Number Forty, Fish Creek Waterhole Number Forty-four, Fish Creek Waterhole Number Forty-seven, Fitzgerald Reservoir, Fitzgerald Reservoir Number Two, Flynn Reservoir, Folder Waterhole, Forks Waterhole, Foster Reservoir, Foster Reservoirs, Four Draws Waterhole, Game Reservoir, General Reservoir, Geyser Waterhole, Giant Waterhole, Good Seep Waterhole, Greaser Reservoir, Great Basin Waterhole, Guinee Reservoir Number 1, Guinee Reservoir Number 2, Guinee Reservoir Number 3, Hagadorn Waterhole, Hahilly Reservoir Number Four, Hammersley Creek Reservoir, Handle Reservoir, Handy Waterhole, Hard Pan Reservoir, Hart Lake, Heads Waterhole, Heckman Reservoir, Heckman Reservoir Number Two, Hickey Reservoir, Hickey Waterhole, Hill Top Waterhole, Hilltop Reservoir, Holbrook Reservoir, Hollow Waterhole, Horse Corral Reservoir, Horse Trap Waterhole, Horsetail Waterhole, Immigrant Waterhole, Impossible Waterhole, Inter Mountain Waterhole, Jack Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jacobs Reservoir, Jewel Waterhole, June Reservoir, Juniper Lake Reservoir, Juniper Reservoir, Juniper Reservoir, Juniper Waterhole, Juniper Waterhole, Junipers Reservoir, Keen Waterhole, Kelso Reservoir, King Dogs Waterhole, Kitteredge Reservoir, Knob Waterhole, Kyhoya Waterhole, L J H Reservoir, Lane Reservoir Number Four, Lane Reservoir Number One, Lane Waterhole Number Eleven, Lane Waterhole Number Twelve, Lapham Reservoir, Lasater Reservoir, Lassie Waterhole, Legal Waterhole, Little Reservoir, Little Ross Reservoir, Little Sagehen Waterhole, Little Soup Lake Waterhole, Little Waterhole, Locust Butte Reservoir, Lofton Reservoir, Logger Waterhole, Lone Grave Waterhole, Lone Reservoir, Lonely Reservoir, Look Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir, Lower Basin Draw Reservoir, Lower Juniper Waterhole, Lower Reservoir, Luce Reservoir, Lucky Reservoir, M C Reservoir, Mahogany Waterhole, Mercury Reservoir, Miners Draw Waterhole, Mud Lake Reservoir, Mud Reservoir, Muddy Waterhole, Musser Reservoir, Musser Waterhole, New Waterhole, North Barry Reservoir, North Butte Waterhole, North Coyote Hills Reservoir, North DC Waterhole, North Glass Butte Reservoir, North Glass Butte Reservoir Number Two, North Saint Patrick Reservoir, O'Keefe Reservoir, O'Keefe Reservoir, O'Keefe Reservoir Number Four, O'Keefe Reservoir Number Six, O'Keefe Waterhole, O'Leary Reservoir, O'Leary Reservoir Number 1, O'Leary Reservoir Number 3, O'Leary Reservoir Number 4, Oblong Waterhole, Oletay Reservoir, One Crock Waterhole, Paddys Lake, Paiute Reservoir, Parks Reservoir, Pattern Reservoir, Patton Meadow, Pausch Lake, Pete Lake, Peter Creek Reservoir, Pilot Lake Reservoir, Pine Lake, Piute Reservoir, Potts Lake, Poverty Corners Waterhole, Priday Reservoir, Question Reservoir, Rams Butte Reservoir, Red Knoll Reservoir, Renner Reservoir, Reservoir Lake, Reynolds Reservoir, Rick Reservoir, Rim Waterhole, Ripper Waterhole, Robinson Lake, Rock Spring Gulch Reservoir, Rocky Waterhole, Rocky Waterhole, Rocky Waterhole, Rodgers Reservoir, Round Reservoir, Sagehen Waterhole, Saint Patrick Mountain Reservoir Number 4, Saint Patrick Mountain Reservoir Number Two, Saint Patrick Reservoir, Saunders Waterhole, Schlitz Waterhole, Schoolhouse Lake, Section Line Waterhole, Settlement Waterhole, Sevan Lake, Sheep Corral Reservoir, Sheep Rock Waterhole, Sherlock Gulch Reservoir, Shirk Lake, Shumacher Reservoir Number Five, Sidewinder Waterhole, Silver Creek Reservoir, Sioux Reservoir, Six Pack Reservoir Number Four, Skookum Lake Waterhole, Slice Reservoir, Slim Reservoir, Smokey Waterhole, Snipe Waterhole, Socket Waterhole, Soup Lake Waterhole, South Arm Reservoir, South Buffalo Waterhole, South Cat Waterhole, South Cat Waterhole, South DC Waterhole, South Reservoir, South Spring Reservoir, Spalding Reservoir, Spawn Reservoir, Spook Waterhole, Spring Reservoir, Sprinkle Waterhole, Square Waterhole, Squib Waterhole, Staked Waterhole, State Game Reservoir Number 6, State Game Reservoir Number 7, State Game Reservoir Number Two, Stauffer Reservoir, Stingley Reservoir, Stover Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, Swale Reservoir, Sweeney Waterhole, Ted Reservoir, Tee Reservoir, Thompson Reservoir, Tired Horse Reservoir, Toothless Waterhole, Trial Reservoir, Two Sheep Waterhole, Upper Juniper Reservoir, Upper Reservoir, Upper Sheep Corral Reservoir, Vinyard Lake, Viv Waterhole, Wagner Waterhole, Wagontire Mountain Reservoir, Wakefield Reservoir, Wakefield Waterhole, Ward Reservoir, Webster Waterhole, West Reservoir, West Saunders Waterhole, West Sheep Mountain Reservoir, West Waterhole, Westside Waterhole, White Rock Reservoirs, Wickiup Reservoir, Wildcat Waterhole, Willow Creek Reservoir, Windy Waterhole, Winkle Flat Reservoir, Withers Lake, Withers Reservoir, Woodward Reservoir Number One, Woodward Reservoir Number Two, Yankee Waterhole, ZX Reservoir Number 1, ZX Waterhole Number 2

  Ridges     show all on map

Alder Spring Ridge, Antelope Mountain, Benjamin Point, Blizzard Ridge, Booth Ridge, Brattain Ridge, Buck Ridge, Commodore Ridge, Dudeck Ridge, Fitzwater Point, Flint Ridge, Gray Buttes, Greaser Ridge, Hoona Ridge, Indian Spring Ridge, Lynchs Rim, Parmele Ridge, Peddlers Ridge, Pine Ridge, Poker Jim Ridge, Razor Back Ridge, Sevenmile Ridge, South Warner Rim, Sugar Pine Ridge, Taylor Buttes, Tenmile Ridge, Turpin Ridge, Winter Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Adel Elementary School, Ana River School (historical), Bullard School (historical), Daly Middle School, Fort Rock Elementary School (historical), Fremont Hay Elementary School, Hay School (historical), Lakeview Senior High School, McDonald School (historical), New Idaho School (historical), North Lake School, Paisley School, Silver Lake Elementary School (historical), Sink School (historical), Vernon School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Doherty Slide, Wagonslide

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Abert Spring, Adams Spring, Adams Spring, Albertson Spring, Alder Spring, Angel Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Anthony Springs, Antler Springs, Arkansas Spring, Aspen Spring, Bagley Spring, Bald Butte Spring, Ballet Spring, Ballew Lake Spring, Barnes Spring, Barrel Spring, Barry Spring, Basin Spring, Baskin Spring, Bean Spring, Bed Spring, Bee Spring, Beer Garden Spring, Big Dog Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Bill Spring, Blonde Spring, Blue Buck Spring, Blue Monday Spring, Blue Spring, Boggs Spring, Bottle Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring, Bow Spring, Box Spring, Box Spring, Box Spring, Bradley Spring, Brattain Canyon Spring, Brush Spring, Buck Spring, Buckaroo Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Burro Spring, Button Springs, Buzzard Roost Spring, Cabin Spring, Can Spring, Cannon Spring, Cashow Springs, Cat Canyon Spring, Cattle Guard Spring, Cedar Spring, Cement Spring, Chase Spring, Chesebro Spring, Chocktoot Spring, Chukar Spring, Clear Spring, Cleland Spring, Clem Spring, Cliff Spring, Cliff Spring, Coffeepot Spring, Coffeepot Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Coleman Spring, Colt Spring, Colvert Spring, Cooper Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cougar Springs, County Spring, Court Spring, Cox Spring, Crump Geyser, Crump Spring, Currier Spring, Dead Indian Spring, Deadhorse Spring, Deep Creek Spring, Deer Head Spring, Deer Spring, Dicks Spring, Dip Spring, Dismal Spring, Doe Spring, Dog Lake Burn Spring, Dog Lake Spring, Dolton Spring, Drake Spring, Dribble Spring, Eagle Spring, Echo Spring, Edler Spring, Ellie Spring, Emery Spring, Ennis Butte Spring, Fang Spring, Fawn Spring, Fern Spring, Finucane Spring, Fir Spring, Fitzwater Pass Spring, Flynn Spring, Forward Spring, Foskett Spring, Foster Spring, Freeman Spring, Frigid Spring, Game Spring, George Spring, Gibson Hot Spring, Gober Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Green Valley Spring, Hager Spring, Hanan Spring, Harmon Spring, Harp Spring, Harry Spring, Harvey Spring, Hawk Spring, Hayes Spring, Head of River Spring, Herder Spring, Hidden Spring, Hidden Springs, Highway Spring, Hilario Spring, Hill Camp Spring, Hill Spring, Hogwallow Spring, Horn Spring, Horror Spring, Horse Mountain Spring, Horse Spring, Horsehead Spring, Horseshoe Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Hotchkiss Springs, Hunter Spring, Hunters Hot Springs, Hunters Spring, Hutton Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Irish Spring, Jackass Spring, Jenny Spring, Jerry Spring, Johnson Creek Spring, July Spring, June Spring, Jungle Spring, Juniper Spring, Kenny Spring, Kerman Spring, Kitty Spring, Lane Spring, Lewis Spring, Little Bear Spring, Little Coffeepot Spring, Little Dog Spring, Little Horseshoe Spring, Log Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Lookout Spring, Lookout Spring, Lucky Six Spring, Lundy Spring, Lynch Spring, Mammoth Spring, Marsters Spring, McBroom Spring, McCall Dipping Vat Spring, McCall Spring, McClendon Spring, Melix Spring, Military Spring, Mill Spring, Mine Draw Spring, Mine Spring, Miners Cabin Spring, Mitten Spring, Morgan Butte Spring, Morgan Spring, Moss Flat Spring, Moss Spring, Moss Springs, Mud Creek Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Myers Meadow Spring, Navy Spring, Nick Barry Spring, Noonan Springs, North Willow Spring, O'Hallihan Spring, Obernolte Spring, Oregon Spring, Paddy Spring, Parallel Spring, Parsnip Springs, Partin Spring, Peck Spring, Phelps Spring, Picketpin Spring, Picture Tree Springs, Pine Spring, Pipe Spring, Pipe Spring, Poker Jim Spring, Pope Spring, Pothole Spring, Priday Spring, Puddle Spring, Puppydog Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Rock Spring, Rim Rock Spring, Road Bend Spring, Road Spring, Road Spring, Road Springs, Roaring Spring, Roaring Spring, Robins Spring, Rosebriar Spring, Ross Spring, Round Mountain Spring, Round Spring, Sage Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Salt Spring, Salt Spring, Schuster Spring, Scotts Cabin Spring, Section One Spring, Sheep Creek Spring, Sherlock Dipping Vat Spring, Shoesole Spring, Shoestring Spring, Ski Lodge Spring, Slash Spring, Slide Spring, Smoke Creek Spring, Snag Spring, Snake Eyes Spring, Snake Spring, Soda Springs, South Arm Spring, South Spring, Spearpoint Spring, Squaw Spring, Squaw Spring, Squirrel Spring, Stairstep Spring, Strawberry Spring, Strawberry Spring, Sullivan Spring, Summer Lake Hot Springs, Sunset Spring, Surveyor Spring, T Spring, Telephone Spring, Terry Spring, Thirteenmile Spring, Tim Spring, Toolbox Spring, Tower Spring, Trail Spring, Trapper Spring, Triple Spring, Trough Spring, Turpin Spring, Twin Spring, Twin Springs, Upper Road Spring, Upset Spring, Valet Spring, Vee Springs, Vernon Spring, Watson Spring, Webb Springs, Welker Spring, Whiskey Spring, White Rock Spring, White Rock Spring, White Spring, Willow Camp Spring, Willow Spring, Wilson Spring, Woodchopper Spring, Woodchopper Spring, Wooden Trough Spring, XL Spring, Y Spring

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Alder Creek, Ana River, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Antone Creek, Auger Creek, Augur Creek, Augur Creek, Avery Creek, Bachelor Creek, Barley Camp Creek, Barnes Slough, Barrington Creek, Bauers Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Ben Young Creek, Benefiel Creek, Benny Creek, Big Cove Creek, Big Swamp Creek, Blue Creek, Bond Creek, Bottle Creek, Boulder Creek, Bowers Bridges Creek, Box Creek, Bridge Creek, Buck Creek, Buckboard Creek, Bullard Creek, Bunyard Creek, Burnt Creek, Calahan Creek, Camas Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Chandler Creek, Cheney Slough, Chewaucan River, Chocktoot Creek, Church Creek, Clover Creek, Clover Creek, Coffeepot Creek, Cogswell Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Coleman Creek, Colt Creek, Colvin Creek, Conley Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Head Slough, Cox Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Crane Creek, Crane Creek, Cressler Creek, Crooked Creek, Cummings Creek, Dairy Creek, Dead Cow Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Dent Creek, Dent Creek, Deppy Creek, Dicks Creek, Dismal Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Mountain Creek, Drake Creek, Drews Creek, Drews Creek Slough, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duke Creek, Dukes Canyon Creek, Duncan Creek, East Branch Thomas Creek, East Camp Creek, East Duncan Creek, East Fork McCoin Creek, East Willow Creek, East Witham Creek, Elder Creek, Ennis Creek, Fall Creek, Farrow Creek, Fawn Creek, Fifteenmile Creek, First Swale Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fisher Creek, Fisher Slough, Foley Creek, Fort Creek, Fort Jones Creek, Foster Creek, Givens Slough, Goat Creek, Gold Creek, Graham Creek, Green Creek, Green Creek, Grizzly Creek, Guano Creek, Guyer Creek, Hadley Creek, Hammersley Creek, Hammond Creek, Hampton Creek, Harvey Creek, Hawk Creek, Hay Creek, Helphenstein Creek, Hole Creek, Honey Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Howard Creek, Indian Creek, Indigo Creek, Island Branch, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jade Creek, Johnson Creek, Jones Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Kelley Creek, Kelly Creek, Kelly Creek, King Creek, La Sere Creek, Leonard Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Coffeepot Creek, Little Cougar Creek, Little Cove Creek, Little Honey Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Little Parsnip Creek, Loftus Creek, Long Creek, Long Creek, Long John Creek, Lost Creek, Loveless Creek, Mapes Creek, McCall Creek, McCoin Creek, McDowell Creek, Mesman Creek, Middle Fork Crooked Creek, Middle Fork Deep Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Flat Creek, Morgan Creek, Mosquito Creek, Moss Creek, Moss Creek, Mud Creek, Muddy Creek, Murdock Creek, Newell Creek, Nixon Creek, North Creek, North Fork Augur Creek, North Fork Chocktoot Creek, North Fork Cogswell Creek, North Fork Cox Creek, North Fork Crane Creek, North Fork Crooked Creek, North Fork Deep Creek, North Fork King Creek, North Fork McDowell Creek, North Fork Silver Creek, North Fork Twelvemile Creek, Norton Creek, Nottin Creek, Paiute Creek, Parker Creek, Parsnip Creek, Peddlers Creek, Peters Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Piute Creek, Poison Creek, Polander Creek, Pole Creek, Porcupine Creek, Pothole Creek, Puppydog Creek, Quartz Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rifle Creek, Ring Corral Creek, Rock Creek, Rosa Creek, Rye Branch, Sage Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sagehen Creek, Salt Creek, School Creek, Schoolhouse Creek, Scotts Cabin Creek, Second Swale Creek, Seventy Creek, Shake Creek, Shingle Mill Creek, Shoestring Creek, Silver Creek, Small Creek, Snyder Creek, Snyder Meadow Creek, South Creek, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Bridge Creek, South Fork Coffeepot Creek, South Fork Cogswell Creek, South Fork Crooked Creek, South Fork Deep Creek, South Fork King Creek, South Fork McDowell Creek, South Fork Snyder Creek, South Fork Sycan River, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Butte Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Stevenson Creek, Stockade Creek, Strawberry Creek, Strawberry Creek, Sucker Creek, Sugar Creek, Suipe Creek, Swamp Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tandy Creek, Teepee Creek, Thomas Creek, Tim Long Creek, Timothy Creek, Tom Young Creek, Trapper Creek, Traverse Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Upset Creek, Venator Creek, Wagon Wheel Creek, Walker Creek, Walker Creek, Walker Creek, Warner Creek, Warner Creek, Watson Creek, Welker Creek, West Fork Dismal Creek, West Fork Shoestring Creek, West Fork Silver Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Creek, White Creek, White Hill Creek, White Horse Creek, Whitworth Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Witham Creek, Withers Creek, Wooley Creek, Worlow Creek

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Adams Butte, Alkali Buttes, Amota Butte, Angel Peak, Antelope Butte, Aspen Butte, Bald Butte, Bald Hills, Bald Mountain, Barry Point, Big Baldy, Big Hole Butte, Biscuit Point, Black Cap, Black Points, Blue Mountain, Brattain Butte, Brattain Hill, Brushy Mountain, Buck Butte, Buck Mountain, Bunchgrass Butte, Bunker Hill, Burnt Butte, Buzzard Rock, Campbell Hill, Castle Rock, Cat Butte, Center Peak, Coglan Buttes, Coleman Point, Cougar Mountain, Cougar Peak, Coyote Butte, Coyote Hills, Crane Mountain, Crater Buttes, Crook Peak, Dairy Point, Dead Indian Mountain, Deadlog Butte, Deer Head, Diablo Peak, Doe Mountain, Dog Mountain, Doughnut Mountain, Dragon Rock, Drake Peak, Drum Hill, East Butte, East Green Mountain, Elk Butte, Elk Mountain, Ennis Butte, Euchre Butte, Fir Timber Butte, Fishhole Mountain, Fisk Hill, Fivemile Point, Flat Top, Flatiron, Flatiron Point, Flint Hills, Fort Rock, Foster Butte, Fourmile Point, Fox Hill, Frederick Butte, Fremont Point, Gearhart Mountain, Gilmore Peak, Glass Butte, Glass Buttes, Grays Butte, Green Butte, Green Mountain, Grizzly Peak, Hadley Butte, Hager Mountain, Hamelton Butte, Harder Butte, Harp Mountain, Hart Mountain, Hayes Butte, Haystack Rock, High Point, Hogback Butte, Horse Mountain, Horseshoe Butte, Hunter Hill, Indian Butte, Indian Butte, Irish Hill, Jack and Jenny Buttes, Jug Mountain, Juniper Mountain, Juniper Mountain, Juniper Top, La Sere Point, Light Peak, Little Baldy, Little Glass Butte, Little Juniper Mountain, Lone Grave Butte, Long Butte, Lookout Point, Lookout Point, Mahogany Mountain, McCarty Butte, McCarty Butte, McComb Butte, McDowell Peak, Midnight Point, Moohoo'oo Mountain, Moonlight Butte, Morgan Butte, Moss Pass Butte, Muldoon Mountain, Myers Butte, Negroheel Butte, No Name Butte, North Butte, North Butte, North Warner Viewpoint, Oat Butte, Onion Knoll, Owen Butte, Palisade Rocks, Parker Hills, Partin Butte, Peters Butte, Pilot Butte, Pole Butte, Quarter Butte, Quartz Butte, Quartz Mountain, Quartz Valley Mountain, Rabbit Hills, Rams Butte, Red Butte, Red Peak, Reed Rock, Reub Long Butte, Rocky Butte, Rodman Rock, Rogger Peak, Round Butte, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Top Butte, Saddle Butte, Sage Butte, Sage Hen Butte, Sage Hen Butte, Sage Hen Butte, Saint Patrick Mountain, Sand Rock, Sandy Butte, Sawed Horn, Sharp Top, Sheep Rock, Shoestring Butte, Short Butte, Sixteen Butte, Slide Mountain, South Butte, South Green Mountain, South Peak, Spike Butte, Squaw Butte, Squaw Butte, Squaw Butte, Stevens Butte, Strawberry Butte, Studhorse Butte, Sugar Peak, Swede Knoll, Sycan Butte, Table Mountain, Table Rock, Tenmile Butte, The Blowouts, The Dome, The Pyramid, Timber Fall Butte, Timothy Butte, Tired Horse Butte, Trail Butte, Tucker Hill, Tuff Butte, Twelvemile Peak, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Venator Butte, Walker Butte, Warner Peak, Wart Peak, Wastina Butte, West Butte, Wickiup Butte, Wigtop Butte, Willow Butte, Willow Creek Hills, Willow Point, Wing Butte, Youtlkut Butte

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Beaverdam Lake, Big Flat, Boggy Lake, Buckaroo Lake, Gearhart Marsh, Grassy Lake, Holmes Meadow, Long Prairie, Lower Chewaucan Marsh, Moss Flat, Paulina Marsh, Sarah Lake, Silver Creek Marsh, Sycan Marsh, Tule Swamp, White Pine Marsh

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Bald Butte Lookout, Bald Mountain Lookout, Fremont Point Lookout (historical), Hager Mountain Lookout, KQIK-AM, Lookout Rock Lookout, Morgan Butte Lookout, Slide Mountain Lookout Tower, Sycan Butte Lookout

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Boulder Spring Trail, Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail, Hager Trail, Hanan Trail, Jones Trail, Old Hotchkiss Road Jeep Trail, Whisky Spring Trail

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Alkali Valley, Antelope Canyon, Arsenic Canyon, Auger Valley, Big Valley, Black Canyon, Blocks Canyon, Brattain Canyon, Bridge Creek Draw, Bullard Canyon, Burford Canyon, Cat Canyon, Clover Swale, Coglan Canyon, Coleman Valley, Coon Hollow, Cooper Draw, Crack in the Ground, Crooked Creek Valley, De Garmo Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deep Canyon, Division Canyon, Drews Gap, Drews Valley, Elvies Canyon, Fall Valley, Fandango Canyon, Fisher Canyon, Gibson Canyon, Goose Swale, Greaser Canyon, Green Valley, Guano Canyon, Guano Valley, Hammersley Canyon, Hart Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Jones Canyon, Jones Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Juniper Spring Draw, Long Canyon, Long Hollow, Long Valley, Martin Canyon, Mary Ann Draw, Miners Draw, Mule Draw, Mulkey Canyon, Mulkey Wells Draw, Musser Draw, Myers Canyon, North Fork DeGarmo Canyon, Potter Canyon, Quartz Valley, Rattlesnake Draw, Riffle Canyon, Robinson Draw, Rocky Canyon, Sage Hen Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Hollow, Secret Valley, Sheeplick Draw, Shell Rock Canyon, Sibley Draw, Sixmile Draw, Skunk Hollow, Smoky Hollow, Snyder Canyon, South Arm Yokum Valley, South Fork DeGarmo Canyon, State Line Canyon, Sweeney Canyon, Thompson Valley, Venator Canyon, Warner Canyon, Warner Valley, Watson Draw, Wells Draw, West Road Gulch, Windy Hollow Draw, Young Valley

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Antelope Well, B.S. Well, Banta Well, Boundary Well, Bowman Wells, Bridge Well, Brim Well, Browns Valley Well, Browns Well, Browns Well, Buffalo Well, Carroll Well, Chicago Valley Well, Community Seeding Well, Cook Well, Cronin Well, De Witt Well, Derrick Well, Devil Well, Eades Well, East Pine Lake Well, Emery Well, Euchre Butte Well, Gauldin Well, Gebhard Well, Gerkin Well, Glades Well, Government Well, Gubser Well, Hale Well, Hansen Well, Harney Well, Highway Well, Hinton Well, Hogback Well, Horse Mountain Well, Jaynes Well, Jinx Well, Jones Well, Klippel Well, Last Chance Well, Leehmann Well, Lost Creek Well, Ludi Well, Matts Well, MC Well, Midway Well, Morehouse Well, Musser Well, Narrows Well, Paisley Flat Well Number One, Paisley Flat Well Number Three, Paisley Flat Well Number Two, Parmele Well, Poor Jug Well, Poverty Basin Well, Rogers Well, Sand Hollow Well, Saunders Well, Sedora Well, Seventeen Well, Shull Well, Sixteen Well, South Beeler Well, Sprague Well, Sprague Well, Squaw Butte Well, State Block Well, Stauffer Well, Stauffer Well, Swanton Well, Thomas Well, Timothy Well, Two by Four Well, Vaughn Well, Walker Cabin Well, ZX Well

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Colvin Timbers,

Lake County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLake County White population 7,2327,232  
MixedLake County Mixed population 249249
American IndianLake County American Indian population 171171
AsianLake County Asian population 7877
BlackLake County Black population 3938
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLake County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 87

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county