Malheur County, Oregon Basics:

Malheur County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 30,632
Area: 9888 square miles
County seat: Vale
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 79.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.7%
Median household income: $37,191
Persons in poverty: 25.0%
Home ownership rate: 64.4%
Mean travel time to work: 17.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Baker  Canyon (ID)  Grant  Harney  Humboldt (NV)  Owyhee (ID)  Payette (ID)  Washington (ID)  

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Map of the Malheur County area

Our detail map of Malheur County shows the Malheur County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Malheur County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Allen Airstrip, Bybee Field Airport, Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport, Crowley Ranch Airstrip, Harper Airstrip, Holy Rosary Medical Center Heliport, Jordan Valley Airstrip, Juntura Airport, Lockhart Airport, McDermitt State Airport, Miller Memorial Airpark, Murphy Ranch Airport, Ontario Municipal Airport, Owyhee Reservoir State Airport, Rome Service Airport, Rome State Airport, Skinner Ranch Airport, The Pinnacle Ranch Airstrip

  Areas     show all on map

Agate Field, Beaver Charlie Breaks, Black Rocks, Fish Creek Breaks, Honeycombs, Oregon Slope, Snake River Slides Safety Rest Area (historical), Squaw Creek Vee, The Difficulty, The Hole in the Ground, The Yellow Jacket, Toppin Creek V

  Bars     show all on map

Greeley Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Swale, Barren Valley, Big Basin, Blue Mountain Basin, Boney Basin, Chalk Basin, Cook Stove Basin, Crows Nest, Daisy Basin, Drummond Basin, Freezeout Basin, Gin Basin, Harper Basin, Hawkins Basin, Hickey Basin, Hole in Ground, Hole in the Ground, Juans Forty, Juniper Basin, Kern Basin, Lake Pit, Lequerica Trap, Log Creek Basin, Mormon Basin, Mustang Basin, Old Maids Basin, Opal Valley, Oxbow Basin, Poison Basin, Pole Creek Basin, Quartz Mountain Basin, Red Basin, Red Rock Basin, Rim Basin, Sand Basin, Sand Hollow, Sheephead Basin, Shovel Basin, Snow Basin, Sourdough Basin, Spanish Charlie Basin, Stemler Basin, The Basin, The Basin, The Basin, Thomas Creek Basin, Wheel Gulch Basin, Wild Horse Basin, Wildhorse Basin, Willow Basin, Willow Spring Basin, Wrangle Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Dry Creek Arm

  Benches     show all on map

Bogus Bench, Dry Creek Bench, East Bench, Lincoln Bench, Nyssa Bench, Owyhee Bench, West Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Bend-of-Pole Creek, Big Bend, Big Elbow, Burnt Elbow, High Point, Horseshoe Bend, Jackson Hole, The Elbow, Upper Bend Big Antelope Creek

  Bridges     show all on map

Gwynn Bridge, Horseshoe Bend Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Adrian Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management Vale District Field Office, Department of Motor Vehicles Ontario, Foundations Services Center, Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum, Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum Convention Center, Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum Meyer McLean Theater, Jordan Valley and Owyhee ION Heritage Museum, Jordan Valley City Hall, Jordan Valley Public Works Department, Jordan Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Malheur County Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, Malheur County Courthouse, Malheur County Health Department Office, Malheur County Justice Court, Malheur County Sheriff's Office, Nyssa City Hall, Nyssa City Library, Nyssa City Police Department, Nyssa Fire Department, Ontario City Hall, Ontario City Police Department, Ontario Community Library, Ontario Fire and Rescue, Ontario Municipal Court, Ontario Public Works Department, Oregon State Police Department Ontario Area Command, Oregon Trail Agricultural Museum, Rinehart Stone House Museum, Snake River Correctional Institution, Vale City Hall, Vale City Sheriff's Office, Vale Emma Humphrey Library, Vale Fire and Ambulance, Vale Public Works

  Canals     show all on map

A Drain, Allen Ditch, Allen Drain, Anawalt Drain, Anderson Ditch, Annex Canal, Antelope Feeder Canal, Arritola Ditch, Beers Ditch, Biggs Ditch, Birch Creek Ditch, Bishop Ditch, Black Willow Siphon, Blanton Drain, Boston Drain, Brogan Ditch, Brosman Ditch, Bullock Drain, Bully Creek Siphon, Butte Drain, Central Alkali Drain, Chance Lateral, Coates Drain, Cole Ditch, Coyote Drain, Coyote Gulch Siphon, Crutcher Ditch, Dead Ox Canal, Domby Ditch, Dork Canal, Duncan Ditch, East Side Ditch, Easterday Ditch, Echave Ditch, Farmers Ditch, Five and Seventenths Canal, Gellerman Canal, Gibson Drain, Golden Gate Canal, Halliday Drain, Happy Valley Ditch, Harper Southside Canal, Hendrix Siphon, High Line Ditch, Holly Drain, Hope Ditch, Hope Drain, Hubble Ditch, Hunter Ditch, J-H Canal, Jonesboro Canal, Jordan Drain, Juntura Investment Company Canal, Kanehinke Ditch, King Drain, Kingman Drain, Kingman Lateral, Lateral 197, Little Valley Lateral, Locket Gulch Siphon, Low Line Ditch, Lower Ditch, Lower Pump Canal, Lynns Ditch, Lynns Ditch, Malheur Siphon, Mallett Drain, McBride Ditch, McKenzie-Greeley Ditch, Middle Ditch, Mill Ditch, Mitchell Butte Lateral, Morfitt Ditch, Nevada Canal, North Alkali Creek Siphon, North Antelope Canal, North Canal, North Canal Lateral, North Oakander Drain, North Side Canal, Nouque Ditch, Nyssa Drain, Nyssa-Arcadia Drain, Oakander Drain, Oliver Drain, Ontario Nyssa Canal, Owyhee Canal, Owyhee Ditch, Owyhee Siphon, Parker Ditch, Pump Ditch, Purvis Drain, Red Drain, Riverside Canal, Robbins Drain, Rock Spring Siphon, Russell Drain, Rutherford Ditch, Scott Ditch, Scotts Ditch, Segundo Ditch, Sharp Ditch, Sheep Creek Siphon, Singer Drain, Slide Ditch, Snively Siphon, South Alkali Drain, South Antelope Canal, South Canal, South Side Canal, Stacey Ditch, Star Creek Ditch, Stewart Carter Ditch, Stradley Drain, Strode Ditch, Succor Creek Siphon, Townsite Ditch, Tudor Ditch, Upper Ditch, Upper Pump Canal, Urlezaga Ditch, Vale Oregon Main Canal, Valley View Drain, Vines Ditch, Visher Feed Canal, Walker Drain, Ward Drain, Warm Springs Pump Canal, Welch Drain, Young Ditch, Zimmerman Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Hard Up Point, Pelican Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Agency Valley Cemetery, Arock Cemetery, Brogan Cemetery, Dell Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Harper Cemetery, Ironside Cemetery, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Grave, Jordan Valley Cemetery, Juntura Cemetery, Littlefield Cemetery, Malheur Cemetery, Nyssa Cemetery, Owyhee Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Rockville Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Seward - Curks Cemetery, Valley View Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Westfall Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Annex Census Designated Place, Brogan Census Designated Place, Harper Census Designated Place, Juntura Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Malheur Butte Church, Ontario Heights Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Big Antelope - Pole Creek V, Bogus Rim, China Rock, Danger Point, Dry Creek Rim, Graveyard Rim, Merrill Springs Rim, Riley Horn Point, Rome Cliffs, Steamboat Rock, The Big Slide, The Tongue, Three Forks Rim

  Craters     show all on map

Bowden Crater, Coffeepot Crater, Jordan Craters, West Crater

  Crossings     show all on map

Anderson Crossing, Deacon Crossing, Flag Crossing, Lower Crossing Big Antelope Creek, The Big Horse Trails, The Indian Trails

  Dams     show all on map

Agency Valley Dam, Albertsons Dam, Anderson Dam, Antelope Dam, Arock Diversion Dam, Arritola Dam, Becker Dam, Beers Dam, Black Canyon Creek Dam, Blevins Dam, Box Springs Dam, Broken Rim Check Dam, Bully Creek Dam, Butte Dam, Chapman Dam, Cheyally Dam, Clark Dam Number 1, Clark Dam Number 2, Cob Creek Dam, Corless Dam, Crowley Dam, David Kent Dam, Deary Dam, Dickson Dam, Easterday Dam, Echave Dam, G A Parker Dam, Greenley Dam, Harper Dam, Jaca Dam, Lower Chapman Dam, Maher Dam, Malheur Dam, Mills Dam Number 1, Mills Dam Number 2, Mills Dam Number 3, Moores Hollow Dam, Morrison Dam, Murphy Dam, North Fork Indian Creek Dam, Owyhee Dam, Palmer Dam, Parks Dam, Parsnip Creek Diversion Dam, Parsnip Dam, Pole Creek Dam, Pole Creek Dam, Rock Creek Dam, Rock Dam, Rock House Dam, Ruby Dam, Salt Lick Dam, Scott Dam, Scott Dam, Shumway Dam, Skinner Dam, Smith Dam, Sommerville Dam, Squaw Creek Dam, Star Creek Dam, Stimmel Dam, Two Forks Check Dam, Vane Ranch Dam, Vaughn Dam, Warm Springs Dam, Wheaton Creek Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Groundhog Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flats, Anacabe Field, Antelope Flat, Antelope Flat, Azcuenaga Meadows, Badger Hole Flat, Barber Flat, Beaver Dam Flat, Bensley Flat, Big Flat, Big Flat, Big Flat, Big Mud Flat, Big Sage Flats, Black Butte Lake Reservoir, Black Pasture, Bobs Field, Bull Flat, Burnt Flat, Chipmunk Basin, Coyote Lake, Coyote Meadows, Crane Flat, Deacon Field, Deacon Flat, Dead Ox Flat, Deary Pasture, Deer Flat, Deer Park, Dog Creek Meadow, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Duck Creek Flat, Duck Creek Lakebed, Emmets Hole, Fenton Flat, Folly Farm Flat, Grasshopper Flat, Grasshopper Flat, Grassy Mountain Lake, Guadalupe Meadows, Hanson Flat, Hole-in-the-Ground, Hope Flat, Horse Flat, Hurley Flat, Indian Fort Flat, Kentucky Flat, Little Flat, Little Mud Flat, Long Field, Lower Dead Ox Flat, Lower Deary Pasture, McCutcheon Flat, Miller Flat, Mosquito Flat, Mud Flat, Mud Lake, Mustang Lake, Perkins Flat, Pigeon-toe Lake, Piute Lake Bed, Pole Patch, Porter Field, Porters Flat, Poverty Flat, Racehorse Flat, Richie Flat, Rock Creek Flat, Rye Field, Rye Flat, Shadscale Flat, Simon Flat, Soldier Creek Vee, Soldier Meadows, Spring Creek Meadow, Squaw Flat, Squaw Flat, Swede Flat, The Flats, The Meadow, Thorn Flat, Turnbull Lakebed, Wheeler Flat, White Mule Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Baker Pass, Blue Mountain Pass, Brogan Hill Summit, Captain Keeney Pass, Devils Gate, Dry Creek Pass, Eldorado Pass, Gunsight Pass, Hodge Pass, Jackson Summit, Little Selle Gap, Mahogany Gap, Overshoe Pass, Selle Gap, The Narrows, Twelvemile Summit, Wall Rock

  Hospitals     show all on map

Malheur Memorial Hospital, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Billy Goat Island, Darrows Islands, Doe Island, Duncan Island, Goose Egg Island, Hettinger Island, Huffman Island, Johnson Island, Larson Island, McPhersons Island, Morton Island, Ontario Island, Patch Island, Perrin Island, Porters Island, Prati Island, Suzy Island, Welch Island, Westlake Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Batch Lake, Bogus Lake, Bull Creek Pond, Bull Flat Lake, Creston Waterhole, Deadman Water Hole, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lakes, East Beaver Charlie Reservoir, Frank Maher Flat, Freezeout Lake, Hat Butte Waterhole, Head of the Creek Waterhole, Hole in the Rock, Lake Bed Waterhole, Lakebed Waterhole, Long Water Holes, Lookout Lake, Lower Batch Lake, Mouse Lake, Mud Lake, Mustang Water Hole, Newts Waterhole, Oregon Lake, Palomino Lake, Peacock Lake, Penn Slough, Sherwood Lake, Tex Martin Lake, Tule Lake, Westfield Pit, Wildcat Waterhole, Williams Charco

  Lava     show all on map

Lambert Rocks, Saddle Butte Lava Field, Saddle Butte Lava Tube

  Locales     show all on map

4 D J Farm, Adrian Boat Launch, Amelia (historical), Anawalt Lake Ranch, Ancil Miller Ranch, Andersons Corral, Ansotegui Place, Antelope Corral, Antelope Reservoir Boat Launch, Arritola Ranch, Ballwood (historical), Barnes Cabin, Barrick and Shannon Ranch, Battle Creek Ranch, Beaver Charlie Cabin, Beber Ranch, Becker Horse Camp, Becker Ranch, Beulah Reservoir Ramp, Big Field Pit, Big Loop Rodeo Grounds, Bishop Ranch, Bogus Ranch, Boston Horse Camp, Bowden Ranch, Brewster Ranch, Brooks Cabin, Brown Place, Buckaroo Cabin, Buckboard, Bully (historical), Bully Creek Campground, Bully Creek Campground, Burns Junction, Butler Ranch, Cairo Junction, Callahan Place, Camp Cabin, Camp Lyons (historical), Carter Ranch, Castle Rock Fire Station, Castro Corral (historical), Cathcart Place, Chino Homestead (historical), Circle Bar Ranch, Clark Ranch, Claude (historical), Cleveland Ranch, Clover Creek Ranch, Cold Springs Ranch, Collumbaugh Corral, Copeland Place, Corrigal Ranch, Cow Camp, Cow Hollow Siphon, Creston Cabin, Crooked Creek Ranch, Crowley Guard Station, Crowley Ranch, D Jones Ranch, Davis Ranch, Dickinson Brothers Ranch, Doolittle Camp, Dowell Ranch, Dry Creek Camp, Duck Pond, Dunaway, Dunaway Pumping Station, Dutch John Cabin, Dutch John Section, E Jones Ranch, Eddy Place, Edmundsen Ranch, Eiguren Ranch, Elwood Ranch, Five Bar, Five Points, Folly Farm, Fort (historical), Fort Dobie (historical), Fretwell Ranch, Frying Pan Ranch, Gavica Place, George Ranch, Gilbert Ranch, Glover Ranch, Goodwin Tomb, Goose Ranch, Grafton Ranch, Greeley Ranch, Greene Ranch, Greyhound Bus Station Ontario, Gulch Place, Gwinn (historical), Hanna Ranch, Harper Junction, Harry Littlefield Ranch, Henry Ranch, Hinkle Ranch, Hope (historical), Hunter Campground, Hunter Ranch, Huntington Junction, Hyline Hall, Indian Camp, Indian Creek Campground Boat Ramp, Indian Fort, Indian Fort Cabin, Jaca Place, Jackson Creek Ranch, Jenkins Ranch, Jenkins Ranch, John Lequerica Ranch, Jones Horse Camp, Jonesboro (historical), Jordan Ranch, Jordan Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant, Juniper Mountain Ranch, Kime (historical), King Brown Cabin (historical), Kingman, Kingman Kolony, Lake Owyhee Gordon Gulch Day Use Boat Ramp, Lake Owyhee McCormack State Park Boat Ramp, Larrusea Ranch, Lasa Place, Lawrence Ranch, Leslie Gulch Boat Ramp, Leslie Gulch Camp, Levanger Well, Little Valley (historical), Lodge Ranch, Lone Tree Ranch, Long, Loren Miller Ranch, Loveland Horse Camp, Lucky Seven Cow Camp, Luse (historical), Magoffin (historical), Malheur County Fairgrounds, Malheur Junction, Malheur Reservoir Boat Ramp, Mallett, Malloy Ranch, Mayberg (historical), McCormick Ranch, McEwen Ranch, McRae Homestead, Miller (historical), Miller Cabin, Mitchell Ranch (historical), Mooreville, Morcom Cow Camp, Morcom Ranch, Morcom Ranch, Mosquite (historical), Mud Flat Ranch, Munkers Ranch, Murphy Brothers Ranch, Musser (historical), N G Horse Camp, Namorf (historical), Napton, No Crossing Crossing, Nyssa River Park Boat Ramp, Nyssa Rodeo Grounds, Nyssa Wastewater Treatment Plant, Oasis RV Park Boat Ramp, Old Stoney Corral, Oliver Ranch, Ontario Municipal Golf Course, Ontario Safety Rest Area, Ontario State Park Boat Ramp, Ontario Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ontario Water Treatment Plant, Oregon Canyon Ranch, Oregon Slope, Oregon Slope Community Hall, Overstreet, Owyhee Canyon Overlook, Owyhee Lake Dam Boat Ramp, P Coyne Ranch, P Hart Ranch, Page Place, Payette Junction, Peach (historical), Perry Ranch, Potomac Ranch, Redmond Ranch, Richland, Riley Place, Rinehart Ranch, Rockville, Rocky Ford, Rodger Ranch, Rogers Place, Rome Access Boat Launch, Ryegrass Ranch, Sage Hen Pen, Sargent Place (historical), Schaffer Cabin, Scott Ranch, Scotts Ranch, Sheep Ranch, Shumway Ranch, Skinner (historical), Skull Spring, Sperry (historical), Spring Coyote Wells, Spring Creek Camp, Spurlock Ranch, Star Ranch, Still Place, Stitzel Ranch, Stone (historical), Stoney Corral, Stringer Shearing Plant, Strode Ranch, Sutherland Cabin, Swamp Creek Place, Swamp Creek Ranch, Sweeney Ranch, Swigert Cow Camp, Swisher Ranch, Tenmile Ranch, Tent Creek Cow Camp, Terry Ranch, The Holdout Cow Camp, The Homestead Cabin, Three Forks, Three Forks Access Boat Launch, Tom Dowell Ranch, Tudor Ranch, Tunnel Number 4, Tunnel Spur, Turner Ranch, Twelvemile Ranch, Uriquiaga Ranch, Vale Rodeo Grounds, Vale Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vance Ranch, Vaughn Peach Ranch, Warm Springs Reservoir Boat Landing South, Weiser Junction, White Ranch, White Settlement, Willow Springs Camp, Winter Camp, Wisner (historical), Zimmerman Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Camp Colfax (historical), Camp Henderson (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Blue Mud Mine, Bretz Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Cleveland Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Humboldt Mine, Little Queen Mine, Monohon Tunnel Mine, Opalite Mine, Overshot Group Mine, Red Rock Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Beck-Kiwanis Park, Big Bend Park, Chukar Park, Cottonwood City Park, Cow Lakes Recreation Area, Crooked Creek State Park, Eastside Park, Lake Owyhee State Park, Laxson Park, Lewin City Park, Lions Park, North Park, Ontario State Park, Owyhee Dam Park, River Park, South Park, Succor Creek State Park, Treasure Valley Ball Park, V W McCormack Area, Wadleigh City Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Balancing Rock, Black Rock, Devils Heel, Dixons Rock, Holdup Rock, Negro Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adrian, Annex, Arcadia, Arock, Basque, Beulah, Bohna (historical), Bonita, Brogan, Cairo, Cake (historical), Caviness (historical), Clover (historical), Cord (historical), Creston, Crowley, Danner, Dell (historical), Dennis, Eldorado, Harper, Home (historical), Humboldt Basin (historical), Ironside, Jamieson, Jordan Valley, Juntura, Malheur City (historical), Nyssa, Nyssa Heights, Ontario, Ontario Heights, Owyhee, Paris (historical), Riverside, Rome, Sheaville, Vale, Warm Springs (historical), Watson (historical), Westfall, Willowcreek

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adrian Post Office, Arcadia Post Office (historical), Arock Post Office, Bar Post Office (historical), Basin Post Office (historical), Beulah Post Office (historical), Bonita Post Office (historical), Bowdens Post Office (historical), Brogan Post Office, Bully Post Office (historical), Cake Post Office (historical), Camp Lyon Post Office (historical), Carter Post Office (historical), Caviness Post Office (historical), Clover Post Office (historical), Columbine Post Office (historical), Cord Post Office (historical), Creston Post Office (historical), Crowley Post Office (historical), Crutcher Post Office (historical), Danner Post Office (historical), Dell Post Office (historical), El Dorado Post Office (historical), Fangollano Post Office (historical), Follyfarm Post Office (historical), Glenn Post Office (historical), Grove City Post Office (historical), Harper Post Office, Home Post Office (historical), Humboldt Basin Post Office (historical), Ironside Post Office, Jamieson Post Office, Jordan Valley Post Office, Juntura Post Office, Llano Post Office (historical), Malheur Post Office (historical), Mason Post Office (historical), McDermitt Post Office (historical), Miller Post Office (historical), Mooreville Post Office (historical), Morton Post Office (historical), Mosquite Post Office (historical), Nyssa Post Office, Ontario Post Office, Owyhee Ferry Post Office (historical), Owyhee Post Office (historical), Owyhee Post Office (historical), Rainbow Mine Post Office (historical), Riverside Post Office, Rockville Post Office (historical), Rome Post Office (historical), Sheaville Post Office (historical), Skullspring Post Office (historical), Stone Post Office (historical), Sucker Post Office (historical), Tenysville Post Office (historical), Vale Post Office, Vernie Post Office (historical), Watson Post Office (historical), Westfall Post Office, Willowcreek Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Cottonwood Mountain, Crooked Creek Range, Hot Spring Hills, Oregon Canyon Mountains, Pole Creek Breaks, Sheepshead Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adobe Reservoir, Airplane Reservoir, Albertsons Reservoir 'A', Albisu Reservoir, Alfred Reservoir, Alkali Draw Reservoir, Alkali Flat Reservoir, Alkali Gulch Reservoir, Alkali Reservoir, Alkali Reservoir, Allen Reservoir, Allotment Four Reservoir, Allotment Reservoir Number Three, Anawalt Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir, Andy Wilson Reservoir, Angel Wells Reservoir, Angus Reservoir, Annies Reservoir, Ant Hill Reservoir, Antelope Flat Reservoir Number One, Antelope Flat Reservoir Number Two, Antelope Pond, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Spring Reservoir, Antelope Swale Reservoir, Antelope Swale Reservoir, Arcadia Lake, Arrien Reservoir, Arrien Reservoir Number Six, Arrowhead Reservoir Number One, Arrowhead Reservoir Number Three, Arrowhead Reservoir Number Two, Association Reservoir, Atterbury Reservoir, Avery Reservoir, B V Reservoir, Backside Reservoir, Bad News Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Banana Lake, Bankofier Reservoir, Bar Cross Basin Reservoir, Bar Heart Reservoir, Barber Reservoir, Barlow Reservoir, Barren Basin Reservoir, Bas Reservoir, Basque Flat Reservoir, Basque Pit Reservoir, Battle Mountain Reservoir, Baxter Creek Reservoir, Bay Duke Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, Becker Ponds, Becker Reservoir, Becker Reservoir, Bedground Reservoir, Bellmare Reservoir, Ben Odell Reservoir, Bench Reservoir, Bench Reservoir, Bens Reservoir, Beulah Creek Reservoir, Beulah Reservoir, Big Arrow Reservoir, Big Bend Reservoir, Big Brush Reservoir, Big Curve Reservoir, Big Cut Reservoir, Big Flat Reservoir, Big Flat Reservoir, Big Gulch Reservoir, Big Lake Reservoir, Big Ridge Reservoir, Big Swale Reservoir, Birch Creek Reservoir, Black Butte Reservoir, Black Canyon Reservoir, Black Sage Reservoir, Black Snake Reservoir, Blackjack Butte Reservoir, Blevins Reservoir, Blowout Reservoir, Blue Canyon Reservoir, Blue Mountain Basin Reservoir, Blue Mountain Basin Reservoir Number Two, Blue Mountain Pit Reservoir, Blue Mountain Reservoir Number 8, Blue Mountain Reservoir Number Five, Blue Mountain Reservoir Number One, Blue Mountain Reservoir Number Two, Blue Reservoir, Board Corral Reservoir, Bobcat Reservoir, Bog Hole Reservoir, Bogus Bench Reservoir, Bogus Rim Reservoir, Boney Basin Reservoir, Bostic Lake Reservoir, Boulder Reservoir, Boundary Fence Reservoir, Boundary Reservoir, Bowden Guzzler, Bowden Waterhole, Box Canyon Reservoir, Box Canyon Reservoir, Box Spring Reservoir, Brass Cap Reservoir, Bretz Reservoir, Brewster Reservoir, Brewster Reservoir Number Two, Bridge Creek Draw Reservoir, Bristol Reservoir, Broken Rim Reservoir, Brown Reservoir, Buck Gulch Reservoir, Buck Reservoir, Buckbrush Reservoir, Buckskin Reservoir, Bull Canyon Reservoir, Bull Canyon Reservoir, Bull Creek Reservoir, Bull Creek Reservoir, Bull Creek Reservoir, Bully Creek Reservoir, Burnt Flat Reservoir, Burnt Mountain Reservoir, Burnt Stump Reservoir, Butte Reservoir, Butte Waterhole Reservoir, C T Reservoir, Cabin Reservoir, Calf Creek Waterhole, Calhoun Reservoir, Camp Creek Reservoir, Camp Kettle Reservoir, Campbell Reservoir, Campground Reservoir, Canyon Reservoir, Canyon Reservoir, Capp Reservoir, Car Reservoir, Carter Reservoir, Cat Reservoir, Caterpillar Butte Reservoir, Cave Reservoir, Cave Reservoir, Cavieta Reservoir, CCC Reservoir, Cedar Mount Reservoir, Cellar Reservoir, Chalk Bank Reservoir, Chalk Reservoir, Chaney Reservoir, Channel Reservoir, Chapman Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Chest Canyon Reservoir, Chevally Reservoir, Chicken Creek Reservoir, Chico Reservoir, Chipmunk Reservoir, Chipmunk Spring Reservoir, Clark Canyon Reservoir, Clark Canyon Reservoir Number Two, Clark Reservoir, Claude Reservoir, Clay Reservoir, Cob Creek Reservoir, Coffeepot Reservoir, Cold Wind Reservoir, Collumbaugh Reservoir, Colossal Reservoir, Conroy Canyon Reservoir, Conway Reservoir, Cook Reservoir, Cook Stove Reservoir, Copeland Reservoirs, Corless Reservoir, Corner Reservoir, Corral Reservoir, Corral Reservoir, Corta Reservoir, Cottonwood Creek Reservoir, Cougar Canyon Reservoir, County Line Reservoir, Cow Lakes, Coyote Creek Reservoir, Coyote Holes Reservoir, Coyote Reservoir, Coyote Wells Reservoir, Crater Lake, Crawley-Rinehart Reservoir, Crossroad Reservoir, Crowley Reservoir, Crows Nest Reservoir, Cunningham Reservoir, Currey Canyon Reservoir, Currey Reservoir, David Kent Reservoir, Davis Reservoir, Davis Reservoir Four, Davis Reservoir Three, Dawson Reservoir, Deacon Reservoir, Dead Horse Butte Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Deadman Creek Reservoir Number One, Deadman Creek Reservoir Number Three, Deadman Creek Reservoir Number Two, Deadman Reservoir, Deafenbough Reservoir Number 1, Deafenbough Reservoir Number 2, Deary Pasture Reservoir, Deary Reservoir, Deep Draw Reservoir, Deep Draw Reservoir, Deer Butte Reservoir, Deer Butte Reservoir Number One, Deer Butte Reservoir Number Two, Defeat Butte Reservoir, Defeat Lake Reservoir, Dennison Reservoir, Desperation Reservoir, Diamond Pit, Dickson Reservoir, Dinky Reservoir, Dinner Creek Reservoir Number One, Dinner Creek Reservoir Number Three, Dinner Creek Reservoir Number Two, Disaster Peak Reservoir, Diversion Ditch Reservoir, Division Fence Reservoir, Division Reservoir, Divison Reservoir, Dixons Rock Reservoir, Doe Reservoir, Dog Lake Reservoir, Dogs Reservoir, Doubtful Reservoir, Dowell Reservoir, Dowell Reservoir, Downey Creek Reservoir, Drummond Basin Reservoir, Dry Canyon Reservoir, Dry Corner Reservoir, Dry Creek Buttes Reservoir, Dry Creek Reservoir, Dry Creek Reservoir, Dry Creek Reservoir, Dry Draw Reservoir, Dry Gulch Reservoir (historical), Dry Hole Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Dry Pit Lake, Dry Reservoir, Dubious Reservoir, Duck Pond Reservoir, Dugout Reservoir, East Black Butte Reservoir, East Copeland Reservoir, East Cow Hollow Reservoir, East Hoodoo Butte Reservoir, East Pit, East Side Reservoir, East Toppin Creek Reservoir, Easterday Reservoir, Echave Reservoir, Echave Reservoir, Echave Reservoir, Eiguren Reservoir, Eiguren Reservoir, Eiguren Reservoir Number One, Eiguren Reservoir Number Two, Emil Reservoir, Esplin Reservoir, Euglena Reservoir, Evan Reservoir, Fearless Reservoir, Fectley Reservoir, Fence Line Reservoir, Fenton Flat Reservoir, Fenton Reservoir, Field Creek Reservoir, Fifteenmile Reservoir, Findley Reservoir, Fish Reservoir, Five Bar Reservoir, Five Points Reservoir, Flat Tire Reservoir, Flattop Reservoir, Forest Reservoir, Four Points Reservoir, Freezeout Reservoir, Freezeout Summit Reservoir, Frenchys Reservoir, Fretwell Reservoir, Funny Face Reservoir, G A Parker Reservoir, Gabriel Reservoir, Gage Reservoir, Gallagher Reservoir, Gallagher Reservoir, Games Reservoir, Garlow Butte Reservoir, Gartin Reservoir, Gild Reservoir, Gin Basin Reservoir, Glover Reservoir, Goat Creek Reservoir, Gold Creek Reservoir Number One, Gold Creek Reservoir Number Two, Goldy Reservoir, Good Place Reservoir, Goodyear Reservoir, Goose Reservoir, Granite Creek Reservoir, Grasshopper Spring, Grassy Mountain Reservoir, Grassy Reservoir, Gray Stud Reservoir, Greeley Reservoir, Green Pond, Gregory Creek Reservoir, Groundhog Reservoir, Halfway Reservoir, Hanna Reservoir, Hanna Reservoir, Hanson Canyon Reservoir, Hanson Reservoir Number Two, Hard Hole Reservoir, Hard Rock Reservoir, Hard Time Reservoir, Harper Basin Reservoir, Harper Reservoir, Harper Road Reservoir, Harris Reservoir, Harry Page Reservoir, Hart Creek Reservoir, Harvey Cracker Reservoir, Hawkins Basin Reservoir, Hawks Nest Reservoir, Hay Canyon Reservoir, Head of Hoodoo Reservoir, Head of Keeney Creek Reservoir, Henry Gulch Reservoir, Hickey Basin Reservoir, Hidden Reservoir, High Butte Reservoir, High Horn Reservoir, High Ridge Reservoir, Hog Creek Reservoir Number One, Hog Creek Reservoir Number Two, Hog Leg Reservoir, Holding Corral Reservoir, Holdout Reservoir, Hole-in-the-Ground Reservoir, Hollow Reservoir, Homestead Reservoir, Hoodoo Butte Reservoir, Hooker Reservoir, Hope Flat Reservoir, Horse Brush Reservoir, Horse Flat Reservoir, Horse Hill Reservoir, Horse Trail Reservoir, Horsetail Reservoir, Hot Rock Reservoir, Hub Reservoir, Hunter Creek Reservoir, Hurley Reservoir, Inbetween Reservoir, Indian Camp Reservoir, Indian Canyon Reservoir, Indian Creek Reservoir, Indian Fort Reservoir, Iron Pit Reservoir, Iron Point Reservoir, Jaca Reservoir, Jackson Creek Reservoir, Jackson Creek Reservoir, Jackson Summit Reservoir, Jake Hughes Reservoir, Jamieson Gulch Reservoir, JD Reservoir, Jenkins Reservoir Number One, Jimmy Spring Reservoir, Joaquin Reservoir, Johnston Gulch Reservoir, Jones Reservoir, Jones Reservoir Number One, Jordan Reservoir, Jordan Waterhole Reservoir, Joyce Reservoir, Junction Reservoir, Juniper Basin Reservoir, Juniper Canyon Reservoir, Juniper Creek Reservoir, Juniper Point Reservoir, Juniper Ranch Reservoir, Juniper Reservoir, Juniper Tree Reservoir, Juniper Tree Reservoir, Kane Spring Reservoir, Keeney Creek Reservoir Number Four, Keeney Creek Reservoir Number Three, Keeney Creek Reservoir Number Two, Kern Creek Reservoir, Kid Flat Reservoir, Kitten Canyon Reservoir, Knottingham Reservoir, Knucklebone Reservoir, Lake Edge Reservoir, Lake Owyhee, Lake Ridge Reservoir, Lake Shell Rock, Lambing Camp Reservoir, Larribeau Reservoir, Last Change Reservoir, Lava Reservoir, Lava Ridge Reservoir, Lava Sinks Reservoir, Leaky Reservoir, Ledge Rock Reservoir, Leppy Reservoir, Lincoln Bench Reservoir, Little Arrow Reservoir, Little Bull Creek Reservoir, Little Crater Reservoir, Little Cut Reservoir, Little Dry Reservoir, Little Flat Reservoir, Little Flat Reservoir, Little Grassy Reservoir, Little Groundhog Reservoir, Little Hole Reservoir, Little Joe Reservoir, Little John Reservoir, Little Lake, Little Louse Canyon Reservoir, Little Mud Flat Reservoir, Little Peacock Reservoir, Little Pink Reservoir, Little Sandy Reservoir, Little Sandy Reservoir, Little Selle Gap Reservoir, Little Snake Reservoir, Little Spring Creek Reservoir, Littlefield Reservoir, Lockett Reservoir, Lodge Reservoir Number One, Lodge Reservoir Number Two, Log Creek Basin Reservoir, Lone Star Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir, Long Canyon Reservoir Number One, Long Canyon Reservoir Number Two, Long Drain Reservoir, Long Draw Reservoir, Long Gulch Reservoir, Long Haul Reservoir, Long Ridge Reservoir, Long Walk Reservoir, Long Water Holes, Lookout Butte Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir, Lost Fork Reservoir, Love Reservoir, Loveland Canyon Reservoir, Lowe Reservoir, Lower Black Canyon Reservoir, Lower Boney Reservoir, Lower Chapman Reservoir, Lower Chimney Creek Reservoir, Lower Clark Reservoir, Lower Cow Lake, Lower Cow Reservoir, Lower Deacon Flat Reservoir, Lower Deer Creek Reservoir, Lower Dugout Creek Reservoir, Lower Fort Creek Reservoir, Lower Hope Butte Reservoir, Lower McNulty Reservoir, Lower Miller Reservoir, Lower Slaughter Gulch Reservoir, Lower Slim and Fatty Reservoir, Lower Stockpile Reservoir, Lower Wildhorse Reservoir, Lucky Seven Reservoir, Lynde Reservoir, Maher Reservoir, Mahogany Long Draw Reservoir, Mailbox Canyon Reservoir, Malheur Reservoir, Manydraw Reservoir, McBride Reservoir, McCain Creek Reservoir, McCain Reservoir Number One, McCain Reservoir Number Two, McCarthy Ridge Reservoir, McCloud-Field Reservoir, McConnell Reservoir, McDermitt Creek Reservoir, McDowell Butte Reservoir, McEwen Reservoir, McIntyre Reservoir, McIntyre Reservoir Number Two, McKay Reservoir, McNulty Reservoir, Medlin Reservoir, Meeker Mountain Reservoir, Mesa Reservoir, Middle Fork Rim Reservoir, Middle Rim Reservoir, Military Reservoir, Miracle Reservoir, Mitzi Reservoir, Moltham Reservoir Five, Moltham Reservoir Four, Moltham Reservoir One, Moltham Reservoir Three, Moltham Reservoir Two, Monument Peak Reservoir, Monument Reservoir, Moores Hollow Reservoir, Morcom Reservoir, Morcom Reservoir Number Two, Morrison Reservoir, Mosquito Mountain Reservoir, Mouse Trap Reservoir, Mud Creek Reservoir Number One, Mud Flat Creek Reservoir, Mud Flat Reservoir, Mud Flat Waterhole, Mud Lake Reservoir Number Two, Mud Puddle Pit, Muir Reservoir, Mule Lake Reservoir, Mules Ear Reservoir, Murdock Reservoir, Murphy Reservoir, Mustang Lake reservoir, Mustang Reservoir, Mustang Reservoir, Myers Reservoir, Myers Waterhole, N G Creek Reservoir, Nanny Reservoir, Napoleon Reservoir, Needham Reservoir, Negro Rock Reservoir, New Place Reservoir, New Visher Reservoir, Ninety Five Reservoir, No Catchum Reservoir, Noon Reservoir, North Alkali Draw Reservoir, North Blue Reservoir, North Cottonwood Reservoir, North Drip Reservoir, North Fork Reservoir, North Fork Squaw Creek Reservoir, North Grassy Mountain Reservoir, North Heath Creek Reservoir, North Hoodoo Butte Reservoir, North Lookout Butte Reservoir, North Oregon Hill Reservoir, North Whitehorse Reservoir, Northwest Oregon Hill Reservoir, O'Toole Reservoir, Obenchain Pit, Oke Reservoir, Old Fence Reservoir, Oliver Reservoir, Opal Reservoir, Optimism Reservoir, Oregon Canyon Reservoir, Oregon Canyon Reservoir Number Two, Oregon Hill Reservoir, Oregon Lake Creek Reservoir, Oregon Lake Reservoir, Overtime Reservoir, Owyhee Butte Reservoir, Owyhee Reseeding Reservoir, Owyhee Rim Reservoir, Owyhee Spring Reservoir, Pack Rat Reservoir, Page Place Reservoir, Page Reservoir, Painted Canyon Reservoir, Palmer Reservoir, Palomino Creek Reservoir, Parker Reservoir, Parks Reservoir, Parsnip Creek Diversion Reservoir, Parsnip Reservoir, Pascual Reservoir, Paus Reservoir, Payne Reservoir, Peacock Pond Reservoir, Peavine Reservoir, Pence Spring Reservoir, Petrified Reservoir, Pigtail Reservoir, Pinhead Reservoir, Pinky Reservoir, Pinnacle Reservoir, Pinto Horse Reservoir, Pitch Fork Reservoir, Plateau Reservoir, Poison Creek Reservoir, Poison Spring Reservoir, Pole Creek Reservoir, Pole Creek Reservoir, Pole Creek Reservoir, Pole Reservoir, Porcupine Reservoir, Porcupine Reservoir, Post Camp Reservoir, Pothole Reservoir, Potholes Creek Reservoir, Prava Peak Reservoir Number Four, Prava Peak Reservoir Number One, Prava Peak Reservoir Number Three, Prava Peak Reservoir Number Two, Pretty Rock Reservoir, Prince Albert Reservoir, Pritchard Reservoir, Prospect Reservoir, Quick Fill Reservoir, Quicksand Reservoir, Rabbit Run Reservoir, Rattlesnake Reservoir, Rattlesnake Reservoir, Rattlesnake Reservoir Number 2, Red Basin Reservoir, Red Butte Reservoir Number One, Red Butte Reservoir Number Two, Red Canyon Reservoir, Red Head Reservoir, Red Line Reservoir, Red Line Reservoir, Red Tank, Ridge End Reservoir, Ridge Road Reservoir, Riley Horn Reservoir, Rim Reservoir, Rim Reservoir, Rimrock Reservoir, Rinehart Creek Reservoir, Riverside Reservoir Number One, Riverside Reservoir Number Two, Road Reservoir, Robinson Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Rock Fence Reservoir, Rock Quarry Reservoir, Rock Reservoir, Rock Reservoir, Rock Spring Reservoir, Rockhouse Reservoir, Rockville Seeding Reservoir Number One, Rockville Seeding Reservoir Number Two, Rocky Bottom Reservoir, Rocky Hill Reservoir, Rocky Road Reservoir, Rodger Reservoir, Rosio Reservoir, Rough Hole Reservoir, Roy Reservoir, Rufino Butte Reservoir, Ryegrass Reservoir, S E Reservoir, Sack Canyon Reservoir, Saddle Butte Reservoir, Saddle Butte Reservoir, Saddle Butte Reservoir 2, Saddle Reservoir, Salt Lick Reservoir, Santy Reservoir, Scale Reservoir, School Section Reservoir, Schoolhouse Pit Reservoir, Schweizer Reservoir, Scott Reservoir, Scott Reservoir, Seaburn Reservoir, Section Line Reservoir, Section Sixteen Reservoir, Seldom Reservoir, Seldom Reservoir, Selle Gap Reservoir, Selle Gap Reservoir Number Two, Sexton Reservoir, Shaeffer Butte Reservoir, Sharon Creek Reservoir, Shearing Plant Reservoir, Sheep Camp Reservoir, Sheep Corral Reservoir, Sheep Creek Reservoir, Sheep Reservoir, Sheep Rock Reservoir, Sheephead Reservoir, Sheephead Reservoir, Shell Rock Reservoir, Shifting Sands Reservoir, Short Canyon Reservoir, Short Creek Reservoir, Short Draw Reservoir, Shumway Reservoir, Skull Cap Reservoir, Skull Creek Reservoir, Skull Springs Reservoir, Skyline Reservoir, Slaughter Gulch Reservoir, Slim and Fatty Reservoir, Slipper Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Snowberry Reservoir, Solders Canyon Reservoir, Sometime Reservoir, South Bull Canyon Reservoir, South Cottonwood Reservoir, South Drummond Basin Reservoir, South Dry Creek Reservoir, South Gregory Creek Reservoir, South Jacobsen Reservoir, South Mountain Reservoir, South Oregon Hill Reservoir, South Quartz Mountain Reservoir, South Reservoir, South Sheep Creek Reservoir, South Toppin Butte Pit, South Turnbull Reservoir, South Wall Rock Reservoir, South Willow Creek Butte Reservoir, Spear Head Reservoir, Spring Creek Pit Reservoir, Spring Reservoir, Squaw Creek Reservoir, Squaw Flat Reservoir, Squaw Flat Reservoir Number Two, Stacey Reservoir Number Four, Stacey Reservoir Number One, Stacey Reservoir Number Three, Stacey Reservoir Number Two, Stanfield Reservoir, Star Creek Reservoir, Stark Reservoir, State Line Reservoir, Stateline Reservoir, Stearns Reservoir, Steel Post Reservoir, Steens View Reservoir, Steer Canyon Reservoir, Stemler Ridge Reservoir, Stoddart Reservoir, Subsoiler Reservoir, Summit Reservoir, Summit Reservoir, Sunnyslope Pit, Swamp Creek Reservoir, Swede Flat Reservoir, Swisher Reservoir, Table Mountain Reservoir, Table Reservoir, Table Reservoir, Table Top Reservoir, Tableland Reservoir, Tadpole Spring Reservoir, Taylors Reservoir, Ten Year Reservoir, The Ponds Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Three Forks Rim Reservoir, Tiffin Reservoir Number One, Tiffin Reservoir Number Two, Tims Peak Reservoir, Tin Can Draw Reservoir, Tin Can Reservoir, Top Hat Reservoir, Top Reservoir, Toppin Creek Reservoir, Trail Creek Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Trespass Reservoir, Truck Trail Pit, Tub Mountain Reservoir, Tub Springs Reservoir, Tuesday Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir, Turnbull Peak Reservoir, Turner Reservoir, Turner Reservoir, Turner Spring Reservoir, Twelvemile Reservoir, Twin Buttes Reservoir, Twin Lakes, Twin Reservoir, Twin Springs Reservoir, Two Day Reservoir, Two Way Reservoir, Twomile Reservoir, Upper Bridge Creek Draw Reservoir, Upper Buckbrush Reservoir, Upper Chimney Creek Reservoir, Upper Clark Reservoir, Upper Cow Lake, Upper Cow Reservoir, Upper Dry Lake Number 1, Upper Dry Lake Number 2, Upper Dugout Creek Reservoir, Upper Duncan Reservoir, Upper Fort Creek Reservoir, Upper Gregory Creek Reservoir, Upper Hole Reservoir, Upper Horse Camp Reservoir, Upper Kane Spring Reservoir, Upper McDermitt Creek Reservoir, Upper McNulty Reservoir, Upper Meadow Reservoir, Upper Rattlesnake Reservoir, Upper Saddle Butte Reservoir, Upper Sheep Creek Reservoir, Upper Slim and Fatty Reservoir, Upper Tenmile Reservoir, Vane Ranch Reservoir, Varment Creek Reservoir, Venator Reservoir Five, Visher Reservoir, Walls Reservoir, Warm Springs Reservoir, Washboard Reservoir, Water Hole Reservoir, Wednesday Reservoir, West Beaver Charlie Reservoir, West Black Butte Reservoir, West Blue Reservoir, West Cherokee Reservoir, West Dry Creek Reservoir, West Fork Butte Creek Reservoir, West Fork Juniper Creek Reservoir, West Grassy Reservoir, West Mine Reservoir, West Pasture Reservoir, West Pit, West Side Reservoir, West Tub Mountain Reservoir, West Turnbull Pit, West Whitehorse Reservoir, Wheaton Creek Reservoir, White Cow Pit Reservoir, White Reservoir, White Rock Reservoir, White Wash Reservoir, Whitehorse Butte Reservoir, Whitehorse Creek Reservoir, Whitehorse Reservoir, Wild Rose Reservoir, Wildcat Canyon Reservoir, Wildcat Creek Reservoir, Wildcat Reservoir, Wildcat Reservoir Number Two, Wildhorse Basin Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, Willow Basin Reservoir, Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Creek Reservoir 1, Willow Creek Reservoir 2, Willow Creek Reservoir Four, Willow Creek Waterhole, Willow Reservoir, Wilsey Reservoir, Windy Reservoir, Wire Reservoir, Wood Reservoir, Wood Road Reservoir, Woolhawk Reservoir, Wroten Reservoir 1, Wroten Reservoir 2, Yellow Fingers Reservoir, Yellowjacket Reservoir, Zotto Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bannock Ridge, Bendire Ridge, Big Ridge, Brown Ridge, Castro Ridge, Caviatta Ridge, Cone Ridge, Defeat Ridge, Duck Pond Ridge, Flattop, Grassy Ridge, Grassy Ridge, High Ridge, Hog Creek Ridge, Hogback, Hoodoo Ridge, Horse Ridge, Indian Fort Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Keeney Ridge, Lake Ridge, Lake Ridge, McCarthy Ridge, McGinnis Ridge, McIntyre Ridge, Owyhee Ridge, Pine Tree Ridge, Purser Ridge, Roostercomb, Sheephead Ridge, Snowmoody Ridge, Spring Mountain, Steamboat Ridge, Stemler Ridge, Stoney Corral Ridge, The Flatiron, Thomas Creek Ridge, Twelvemile Ridge, Wall Rock Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Adrian Elementary School, Adrian High School, Aiken Elementary School, Alameda Elementary School, Annex School, Arcadia School (historical), Big Bend School (historical), Brogan Elementary School (historical), Bully Creek School (historical), Cairo Elementary School, Harper School, Hope School (historical), Huntington School, Ironside School (historical), Jefferson School (historical), Jones School (historical), Jordan Valley Elementary School, Jordan Valley High School, Juntura Elementary School, Lindbergh School (historical), May Roberts Elementary School, Nyssa Elementary School, Nyssa High School, Nyssa Middle School, Ontario High School, Ontario Middle School, Park School (historical), Pioneer Elementary School, Rockville Elementary School, Saint Peter Catholic School, Treasure Valley Christian School, Treasure Valley Community College, Vale Elementary School, Vale High School, Vale Middle School, Willowcreek Elementary School

  Slopes     show all on map

Jack Creek Hill, Mendi Gori Posue, Military Grade, Pedro Trails, Rawhide Pocket, Soldier Creek Trails, Twelvemile Hill Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Achabal Spring, Alder Creek Spring, Alkali Spring, Alkali Spring, Alkali Spring, Alkali Spring 2, Alkali Springs, Andy Five Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring Number Three, Antelope Swale Spring, Aspen Spring, Aspen Spring, Avery Spring, Badger Spring, Badger Spring, Baker City Springs, Baker Spring, Baltzar Spring, Bankofier Spring, Bannock Corral Spring, Bannock Gulch Spring, Bannock Spring, Barrel Spring, Baxter Spring, Beaver Log Spring, Beirman Spring, Bench Spring, Bend Spring, Bennett Spring, Bentonite Spring, Big Flat Spring, Big Hill Spring, Big Spring, Big Springs, Biley Spring, Black Bull Spring, Black Bull Spring, Black Bull Springs, Black Rock Spring, Blaylock Canyon Spring, Block and Tackle Spring, Board Corral Spring, Boghole Spring, Bone Spring, Boney Spring, Boney Spring Number 1, Boney Spring Number 2, Boswell Spring, Bottle Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring Number 2, Box Spring, Brewery Spring, Brokendown Waterhole, Brown Spring, Bryson Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buckaroo Corral Spring, Buckaroo Spring, Buckaroo Spring, Buckboard Spring, Buckskin Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Spring, Burnout Spring, Burnt Willow Spring, Burro Spring, Butterfield Springs, Butterfly Spring, Buzzard Spring, Byars Spring, C T Spring, Cabin Springs, Callahan Spring, Campspot Spring, Canyon Spring, Canyon Springs, Carl Spring, Cary Spring, Cascade Spring, Castle Rock Spring, Castle Spring, Castle View Spring, Castro Spring, Cat Spring, Cave Hollow Spring, Cemetery Spring, Chalk Spring, Chalk Spring, Chalk Spring, Chalk Spring, Charcoal Spring, Chastain Spring, Chato Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Chicken Spring, Chicken Springs, Chipmunk Spring, Chitsey Spring, Chokecherry Spring, Clara Spring, Cobb Spring, Coffee Pot Spring, Coffeepot Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Coleman Spring, Copeland Trough Spring, Corless Spring, Corral Spring, Corrigal Spring, Cottonwood Cabin Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cow Camp Spring, Cow Camp Spring, Cow Hollow Spring, Coyne Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Springs, Crooked Creek Spring, Cube Spring, Currant Spring, D M Spring, Dahle Spring, Daisy Basin Spring, Daly Spring, Danny Boy Spring, Darkey Mountain Spring, Dead Cow Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Deadhorse Spring, Deer Butte Spring, Deer Creek Spring, Diamond Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Dishrag Spring, Ditch Spring, Dog Spring, Dog Spring, Doolittle Spring, Double Mount Spring, Downey Canyon Spring, Drip Spring, Drip Spring, Duck Creek Spring, Eads Springs, Early Spring, Earp Spring, East Harper Basin Spring, East Prong Spring, East Spring, East Spring, East Wall Rock Spring, Eddy Spring, Edge Spring, Eiguren Spring, Emery Spring, Exchange Spring, Fan Spring, Fells Spring, Fenceline Spring, Fenton Spring, Fenwick Spring, Ferguson Spring, Foster Spring, Fox Spring, Freezeout Spring, Gacey Spring, Gacey Spring, Gap Spring, Gap Spring, Garlow Butte Spring, Gillespie Spring, Gin Spring, Gold Spring, Gopher Spring, Government Corral Spring, Grasshopper Flat Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Grassy Mountain Spring, Grassy Spring, Gravel Spring, Green Gulch Spring, Green Spot Spring, Green Spring, Gregory Spring, Grey Horse Spring, Grouse Springs, Grove Spring, Halladay Spring, Hanging Rock Spring, Hanson Waterhole, Hardin Spring, Harper Basin Spring, Harper Spring, Harper Springs, Hart Spring, Hart Spring, Hawkins Spring, Hay Corral Spring, Heath Creek Spring, Helpful Spring, Henry Gulch Spring, Hereford Spring, Hickey Spring, Homestead Spring, Hoodoo Spring, Hoot Owl Spring, Hope Butte Spring, Hoppin Springs, Horse Camp Spring, Horse Creek Spring, Horse Hill Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Trap Spring, Horseshoe Bend Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hub Spring, Hugg Spring, Hunter Mountain Spring, Hunter Spring, Hunter Spring, Hurley Spring, Indian Creek Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Ingram Spring, Irish Spring, Isaac Canyon Spring, Ivers Spring, Jack Creek Spring, Jack Spring, Jackson Creek Spring, Jasper Spring, Jim Spring, Jimmy Spring, Joes Spring, Jug Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Jurries Springs, Kane Springs, Keeney Creek Spring, Kenny Spring, Kern Creek Spring, King Spring, Kink Spring, Kitten Canyon Spring, Kool Spring, Lake Ridge Spring, Lake Spring, Lamb Spring, Ledge Spring, Lime Spring, Little Alkali Spring, Little Creek Spring, Little Crowley Springs, Little Hole Spring, Little Juniper Spring, Little Louse Canyon Spring, Little Selle Spring, Little Willow Creek Spring, Locust Spring, Log Spring, Lone Juniper Spring, Lone Willow Spring, Long Gulch Spring, Long Spring, Lost Creek Spring, Lost Spring, Lowe Spring, Lower Bell Spring, Lower Burnt Spring, Lower Drummond Waterhole, Lower Kern Creek Spring, Lower Kern Spring, Lower McCain Springs, Lower Morton Spring, Lower Mud Spring, Lower Mud Spring, Lower Selle Spring, Lower Sourdough Spring, Luce Hot Springs, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Maiden Spring, Malheur Spring, Marking Corral Springs, Mattie Spring, Mattingly Spring, McArthur Spring, McCarthy Spring, McCloud Spring, McConnell Springs, McDowell Spring, McIntyre Spring, Meadow Spring, Meadowlark Spring, Mendiola Spring, Merrill Springs, Mickey Spring, Mineral Springs, Mitchell Butte Hot Spring, Monument Spring, Monument Springs, Moonshine Spring, Moonshine Spring, Morrison Spring, Morton Spring, Mouse Spring, Mud Flat Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Muir Spring, Muley Spring, Munkers Spring, New Juniper Spring, New Road Spring, Ninemeyer Spring, No Name Springs, North Alkali Spring, North Salter Spring, O'Neil Spring, Oil Well Spring, Old Maids Spring, Oliver Spring, Oregon Butte Spring, Oreida Spring, Oriano Spring, Owyhee Spring, Oxbow Spring, Oxyoke Spring, Palmer Spring, Palmer Spring, Parks Spring, Pedroli Spring, Perry Spring, Pinto Springs, Piute Spring, Poison Spring, Pole Creek Spring, Poplar Spring, Porter Spring, Portuguese Spring, Potato Water Spring, Pothole Springs, Pouge Holes Spring, Poverty Flat Spring, Poverty Spring, Pug Allen Spring, Purser Spring, QT Spring, Quick Draw Spring, Quicksand Spring, R W Spring, Racey Brothers Spring, Ralph Camp Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rawhide Springs, Red Rim Spring, Red Rock Spring, Red Willow Spring, Refuge Spring, Rim Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimtop Spring, Rinehart Spring, Road Spring, Roadside Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Cabin Spring Number 1, Rock Cabin Spring Number 2, Rock Pile Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rocky Butte Spring, Rodeo Spring, Rodeo Spring, Roger Spring, Rookie Canyon Spring, Rose Spring Number 1, Rose Spring Number 2, Round Peak Spring, Rush Spring, Rutherford Spring, Saddlehorse Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sagehen Spring, Salt Spring, Sand Spring, Scab Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Schoolhouse Spring Number 2, Schoolmarm Spring, Scottys Springs, Seep Spring, Seven Springs, Shadscale Spring, Shaw Spring, Shaw Spring, Shearing Corral Spring, Sheep Corral Spring, Sheep Rock Springs, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Trough Spring, Sheephead Mountain Spring, Sheephead Spring, Sheepline Canyon Spring, Shell Rock Spring, Shell Rock Spring, Short Draw Spring, Shorthorn Spring, Shovel Spring, Side Spring, Sidehill Spring, Simmons Gulch Spring, Skelton Spring, Skull Spring, Skylight Spring, Slayton Well, Slim and Fatty Spring, Snively Hot Spring, Solders Spring, Soldier Spring, Sourdough Spring, South Mud Spring, South Sheephead Spring, South Star Spring, Spare Spring, Sponge Spring, Squaw Creek Spring, Squaw Creek Spring, Starvation Spring, State Section Spring, Steamboat Spring, Sticky Joe Spring, Stinger Spring, Stone Quarry Spring, Stove Spring, Street Canyon Spring, Stringer Spring, Stump Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Swede Spring, Sylvester Spring, T J Spring, T P Spring, The Waterfall, Thompson Spring, Thorn Spring, Three Fingers Spring, Three Week Spring, Tims Peak Spring, Tin Trough Spring, Tin Troughs Spring, Trail Creek Spring, Trail Spring, Tree Spring, Tub Spring, Tub Spring, Tub Springs, Tudor Warm Springs, Tumbleweed Spring, Tunnel Spring, Turner Spring, Turner Spring, Twin Butte Spring, Twin Knolls Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Tank Spring, Twomile Spring, Upper Blaylock Canyon Spring, Upper Cherry Spring, Upper Drummond Waterhole, Upper McCain Springs, Upper Mitchell Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Turner Creek Spring, Vale Hot Springs, Venta Spring, Wall Rock Springs, Walters Spring, Warm Spring, Wash Rock Spring, West Page Cabin Spring, West Spring, Wheel Gulch Basin Spring, Whiskey Jack Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whiskey Spring Number Two, Whiskey Springs, Whiskey Springs, Whiskey Springs, Whisky Gulch Springs, Whitby Spring, Whitehorse Spring, Wickiup Springs, Widow Spring, Wild Rose Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Wildhorse Spring Number One, Wildhorse Spring Number Three, Wildhorse Spring Number Two, William Spring, Williams Spring Number Four, Williams Spring Number Three, Williams Spring Number Two, Willow Basin Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Wilson Creek Spring, Wilson Spring, Winter Spring, Wire Corral Springs, Wood Spring, Wood Spring, Worthington Spring, Y Spring, Zink Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Springs Creek, Avery Creek, Baker Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Battle Creek, Baxter Creek, Baxter Creek, Beam Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Becker Creek, Bendire Creek, Benson Creek, Beulah Creek, Big Antelope Creek, Big Granite Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Black Creek, Blue Creek, Bogus Creek, Bone Creek, Box Spring Creek, Bradley Creek, Brady Creek, Brian Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Brinker Creek, Buck Creek, Buckbrush Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bully Creek, Burnt Flat Creek, Burnt Willow Creek, Butte Creek, Butte Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Kettle Creek, Cantor Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Carter Creek, Castle Rock Creek, Castle Slough, Cattle Creek, Cave Creek, Cavieta Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek, Chimney Creek, Chimney Creek, China Creek, Chipmunk Creek, Clover Creek, Coal Mine Basin Creek, Cobb Creek, Coburn Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Corbett Creek, Corbin Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Couch Creek, Cove Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek Slough, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Crooked Creek, Crow Creek, Crowley Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Dick Creek, Dinner Creek, Dog Creek, Doolittle Creek, Downey Creek, Drought Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Grouse Creek, Duck Creek, Duck Creek, Dugout Creek, Dutch John Creek, East Cow Creek, East Fork First Creek, East Fork Oregon Canyon Creek, East Mine Creek, East Prong Dry Creek, East Swamp Creek, Emigrant Creek, Falice Creek, Field Creek, Fifteenmile Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Flat Creek, Fort Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Freezeout Creek, Garner Creek, Glasscock Creek, Godding Creek, Gold Creek, Goose Ranch Slough, Gordon Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Gregory Creek, Grouse Creek, Gum Creek, Hansen Flat Creek, Hart Creek, Heath Creek, Hickey Creek, High Horn Creek, Hog Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hooker Creek, Horse Corral Creek, Horse Creek, Hot Creek, Hot Springs Creek, Howard Creek, Hugg Creek, Hunter Creek, Hunter Creek, Hunter Creek, Hurley Spring Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Fort Creek, Jaca Creek, Jack Creek, Jackson Creek, Jackson Creek, Jeff Davis Creek, Jim Ewing Creek, Johnny Creek, Johnson Boulder Creek, Juniper Basin Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Keck Slough, Keeney Creek, Kern Creek, Lake Fork West Owyhee River, Lasa Creek, Lick Creek, Little Antelope Creek, Little Antelope Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Creek, Little Crowley Creek, Little Granite Creek, Little Grouse Creek, Little Lost Creek, Little Rattlesnake Creek, Little Spring Creek, Little Whitehorse Creek, Little Willow Creek, Log Creek, Log Town Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Willow Creek, Long Creek, Long Creek, Long Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Valley Creek, Lost Watch Creek, Loveland Creek, Lyman Creek, Mahogany Creek, Malheur River, Marble Creek, McArthur Creek, McBride Creek, McCain Creek, McEwen Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Jackson Creek, Middle Fork Owyhee River, Middle Willow Creek, Milk Ranch Boulder Creek, Mill Boulder Creek, Miller Creek, Miller Creek, Mine Creek, Minehole Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Flat Creek, Mud Flat Creek, N G Creek, North Alkali Creek, North Branch Camp Kettle Creek, North Bully Creek, North Clover Creek, North Fork Bully Creek, North Fork Indian Creek, North Fork Jackson Creek, North Fork Little Willow Creek, North Fork Malheur River, North Fork McDermitt Creek, North Fork Owyhee River, North Fork Squaw Creek, North Fork Warm Springs Creek, North Heath Creek, North Willow Creek, O'Keefe Creek, Old Maids Creek, Oregon Canyon Creek, Oregon Lake Creek, Owyhee River, Palmer Creek, Palomino Creek, Pancake Creek, Parsnip Creek, Payne Creek, Peacock Creek, Phipps Creek, Picnic Boulder Creek, Pine Tree Ridge Creek, Piute Creek, Plummer Slough, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Post Creek, Puckett Creek, Rapid Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Reds Creek, Rich Creek, Rinehart Creek, Rinehart Creek, Riser Creek, Road Canyon Creek, Rock Cabin Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Spring Creek, Rockaby Creek, Rookie Creek, Rose Creek, Runaway Creek, Ryegrass Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Creek, Sand Hollow Creek, Schnable Creek, Scott Butte Creek, Sharon Creek, Shearing Corral Creek, Sheep Corral Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Spring Creek, Sheepshead Canyon Creek, Short Creek, Simpson Creek, Sixteenmile Creek, Skull Creek, Skull Creek, Slocum Creek, Smith Creek, Snake Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Meadows Creek, South Alkali Creek, South Branch Camp Kettle Creek, South Bully Creek, South Clover Creek, South Fork Black Creek, South Fork Carter Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Fish Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, South Fork Little Willow Creek, South Fork Malheur River, South Fork Pole Creek, South Fork Ryegrass Creek, South Fork Squaw Creek, South Fork Toppin Creek, South Fork Visher Creek, South Sheep Creek, South Willow Creek, Spaulding Creek, Sperry Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Star Creek, Station Creek, Steamboat Creek, Steer Canyon Creek, Stockade Creek, Stove Creek, Suitter Creek, Sutton Creek, Swamp Creek, Swede Flat Creek, Tenmile Creek, The Whitenburg, Thomas Creek, Thorn Creek, Tims Creek, Toppin Creek, Toppin Creek, Trail Creek, Trimbly Creek, Trout Creek, Turner Creek, Turner Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Springs Creek, Twomile Creek, Visher Creek, Wall Rock Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Washington Creek, Waterfall Creek, Wertz Draw, West Cow Creek, West Fork Bendire Creek, West Fork Butte Creek, West Fork Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Cottonwood Creek, West Fork First Creek, West Fork Oregon Canyon Creek, West Little Owyhee River, West Mine Creek, Wheaton Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Creek, White Rock Creek, Whitehorse Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Basin Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Spring Creek, Willow Springs Creek, Wilson Creek, Wiser Creek, Wiser Creek, Woods Creek

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Acton Butte, Agency Mountain, Amelia Butte, Atkins Butte, Baldy Mountain, Battle Mountain, Bendire Mountain, Beulah Butte, Big Poison Butte, Biscuit Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Hills, Blackjack Butte, Blue Mountain, Board Corral Mountain, Bowden Hills, Brogan Hill, Brosman Mountain, Brown Butte, Buck Mountain, Buckbrush Poison Butte, Burnt Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Burnt Stump Butte, California Mountain, Castle Rock, Cedar Mountain, Chalk Butte, Chanis Rock, Circle Butte, Clarks Butte, Clevenger Butte, Copeland Butte, Cow Valley Butte, Coyote Butte, Coyote Point, Crisman Hill, De Armond Mountain, De Bord, Dead Horse Butte, Deadman Butte, Deer Butte, Deer Butte, Deer Butte, Defeat Butte, Diamond Butte, Double Mountain, Dowell Butte, Dry Buttes, Dry Creek Buttes, Duck Creek Butte, Edwards Butte, Flat Top Mountain, Freezeout Mountain, Garlow Butte, Grahams Hill, Grass Mountain, Grassy Mountain, Grassy Mountain, Hammond Hill, Hat Butte, Hat Top, Haystack Rock, High Peak, Hoodoo Butte, Hope Butte, Horse Hill, Hunter Mountain, Hunter Peak, Indian Creek Buttes, Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain, Iron Point, Ironside Mountain, Jackies Butte, Jones Butte, Juniper Mountain, Juniper Point, Kelsay Butte, Knottingham Butte, Lava Butte, Little Grassy Mountain, Little Grassy Mountain, Little Owyhee Butte, Little Poison Butte, Lookout Butte, Mahogany Butte, Mahogany Mountain, Malheur Butte, McClellan Mountain, McDowell Butte, McEwen Butte, Meeker Mountain, Mendi Suri, Mitchell Butte, Monument Peak, Monumental Rock, Mosquito Mountain, Mouse Trap Butte, Mustang Butte, Mustang Butte, Nannys Nipple, Negro Rock, North Table Mountain, Oregon Butte, Oregon Hill, Owyhee Breaks, Owyhee Butte, Palomino Hills, Parsnip Peak, Petes Mountain, Pharmacy Hill, Pinnacle Point, Pole Creek Top, Prava Peak, Quartz Mountain, Red Butte, Red Butte, Red Hill, Red Hills, Reservoir Butte, Rhinehart Buttes, Ring Butte, Rocky Butte, Rooster Comb, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Peak, Rufino Butte, Runaway Hill, Ryegrass Butte, Sacramento Butte, Sacramento Hill, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Sagebrush Mountain, Sand Hills, School Section Table, Schoolhouse Hill, Scott Butte, Scratch Post Butte, Shasta Butte, Sheep Heads Mountain, Sheep Rock, Sheep Rock, Sheephead Mountain, Shell Rock Butte, Small Butte, Smith Butte, Sourdough Mountain, South Mountain, South Table Mountain, Spirit Hill, Squaw Butte, Star Mountain, Star Valley Knoll, Stockade Buttes, Stockade Mountain, Striped Mountain, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Butte, Sunday Hill, Swamp Creek Buttes, Table Mountain, Table Top, The Butte, The Cap, The Monuments, The Table, The Tongue, Three Fingers Rock, Three Forks Dome, Three Man Butte, Threemile Hill, Tims Peak, Toppin Creek Butte, Tub Mountain, Turnbull Mountain, Turnbull Peak, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Twin Knolls, Twin Peaks, Vale Butte, Vines Hill, Water Hole Butte, Westfall Butte, Whitehorse Butte, Whitehorse Mountain, Willow Creek Butte, Worsham Butte, Wrangle Butte

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KSRV - AM, KXBQ-FM, KXBQ-FM, Water Tower Number Four, Water Tower Number Two

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Eads Hill Trail

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Tunnel Number 1, Tunnel Number 3, Tunnel Number 5, Tunnel Number 6, Tunnel Number 7

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Acton Gulch, Adobe Gulch, Agency Valley, Alkali Gulch, Angel Canyon, Baker City Canyon, Baker City Draw, Bannock Gulch, Barn Canyon, Basin Gulch, Basque Canyon, Big Antelope Canyon, Big Mosquito Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Stump Canyon, Black Stump Gulch, Black Willow Gulch, Blaylock Canyon, Blue Canyon, Blue Mountain Draw, Board Corral Gulch, Bobs Draw, Bone Canyon, Bone Canyon, Boney Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Bridge Gulch, Bridge Gulch, Brushy Hollow, Buck Corral Canyon, Buck Gulch, Buck Gulch, Bull Canyon, California Gulch, Cannon Gulch, Canyon Number 1, Canyon Number 2, Canyon Number 3, Carlton Canyon, Cash Canyon, Cash Gulch, Cave Canyon, Cave Hollow, Cherokee Canyon, Chest Canyon, Chicken Springs Canyon, China Gulch, City Gulch, City Gulch, Clark Canyon, Conroy Canyon, Cottonwood Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cougar Canyon, Cow Hollow, Cow Valley, Coyote Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Craig Gulch, Cripple Gulch, Currey Canyon, Dago Gulch, Danner Valley, Dead Horse Canyon, Deadhorse Canyon, Deadman Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Death Trap, Discovery Gulch, Dishrag Canyon, Downey Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Creek Gorge, Dry Draw, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, East Cow Hollow, Fairman Coulee, Fall Canyon, Ferriers Gulch, Fletcher Gulch, French Gulch, French Gulch, George Washington Gulch, Glengarry Gulch, Gordon Gulch, Green Gulch, Greenhorn Gulch, Groan Canyon, Groundhog Gulch, Halladay Gulch, Hanson Canyon, Happy Valley, Harper Valley, Hay Canyon, Haymaker Gulch, Henry Gulch, Hidden Valley, Hog Gulch, Hon Gulch, Hoot Owl Canyon, Indian Canyon, Indian Gulch, Indian Gulch, Iron Gulch, Iron Mountain Canyon, Ironside Valley, Isaac Canyon, Island Canyon, Jacobsen Gulch, Jamieson Gulch, Jerry Canyon, Johnson Gulch, Jordan Creek Canyon, Jordan Valley, Juniper Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Juniper Gulch, Juniper Gulch, Juntura Valley, Kane Spring Gulch, Kentucky Gulch, Kingsbury Gulch, Kitten Canyon, Lasa Canyon, Last Chance Gulch, Leslie Gulch, Line Canyon, Little Black Canyon, Little Black Stump Gulch, Little Louse Canyon, Little Mosquito Canyon, Little Valley, Locket Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Draw, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Lost Valley, Louse Canyon, Loveland Canyon, Lowry Canyon, Mailbox Canyon, Malheur Canyon, Massey Canyon, Matthew Gulch, Mattock Gulch, McClellan Gulch, Mickey Canyon, Moonshine Canyon, Moores Hollow, Moss Gulch, Mud Springs Gulch, Negro Rock Canyon, North Cross Canyon, North Fork Jacobsen Gulch, North Fork Rock Spring Canyon, Oregon Canyon, Owyhee Canyon, Painted Canyon, Patch Gulch, Pistol Canyon, Pleasant Valley, Poison Root Gulch, Pole Gulch, Porcupine Canyon, Porter Gulch, Puget Sound Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Rail Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Gulch, Red Butte Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Renwick Canyon, Rich Gulch, Rinehart Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Gulch, Road Gulch, Rock Canyon, Rock Spring Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rufino Gulch, Sack Canyon, Sagebrush Gulch, Sand Gulch, Sand Hollow, Sand Hollow, Scab Gulch, Schoolhouse Canyon, Schoolhouse Gulch, Schoolhouse Gulch, Shasta Gulch, Sheep Dip Canyon, Shepherd Gulch, Short Canyon, Simmons Gulch, Slaughter Gulch, Slaughter Gulch, Snively Gulch, Solders Canyon, Sourdough Gulch, South Bull Canyon, South Cross Canyon, South Fork Jacobsen Gulch, Steer Canyon, Stone Quarry Gulch, Stoney Gulch, Street Canyon, Sunflower Canyon, Sunrise Valley, Three Fingers Gulch, Timber Canyon, Timber Gulch, Timber Gulch, Toppin Creek Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Gulch, Tudor Canyon, Tuesday Gulch, Tunnel Canyon, Twin Springs Gorge, Tyler Draw, Vale Valley, Warm Springs Canyon, Warm Springs Valley, Water Gulch, Water Gulch, Wheel Gulch, Whiskey Canyon, Whiskey Gulch, Whisky Gulch, Whitley Canyon, Wickiup Gulch, Wildcat Canyon, Willow Creek Valley, Wire Corral Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woolhawk Canyon

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Ancient Lake Well, Barlow Well, Basque Well, Bogus Creek Well, Canyon Well, Cherry Well, Cowgill Well, Coyote Wells, Crater Lake Well, Dry Well, Echave Well, Grafton Well, Grassy Ridge Well, Jack Well, Lava Well, McDermitt Well Number 1, McDermitt Well Number 2, McKay Well, Mud Lake Well, Myers Well, Needham Well, Overshoe Well, Owyhee Butte Well, Poison Basin Well, Pole Creek Well, Racehorse Well, Red Well, Redsull Well, Round Mountain Well, Seaburn Well, Smiths Well, Table Mountain Well, Three Man Butte Well, Turnbull Well, White Trail Well, Wildcat Well Number Two, Winter Range Well

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Half Way Tree,

Malheur County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMalheur County White population 28,33528,334  
MixedMalheur County Mixed population 674673
American IndianMalheur County American Indian population 613612
AsianMalheur County Asian population 551551
BlackMalheur County Black population 429428
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMalheur County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 6161

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county