Clinton County, Pennsylvania Basics:

Clinton County Pennsylvania - Government Site

Population: 39,738
Area: 888 square miles
County seat: Lock Haven
Area code(s) in use: 570
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 86.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.1%
Median household income: $40,682
Persons in poverty: 17.0%
Home ownership rate: 71.0%
Mean travel time to work: 23.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cameron  Centre  Clearfield  Lycoming  Potter  Union  

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Map of the Clinton County area

Our detail map of Clinton County shows the Clinton County, Pennsylvania boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Clinton County, Pennsylvania

  Airports     show all on map

Buzzards Field Airport, Hyner Landing Field, Lock Haven Hospital Heliport, Piper Memorial Airport, Ponderosa Airport, Poverty Airport, Tall Pines Airfield, William T Piper Memorial Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Beech Bottom Natural Area, Cranberry Swamp Natural Area, Jesse Hall Picnic Area, Rosecrans Bog Natural Area

  Bays     show all on map

The Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Oxbow Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Albert N Raub Hall, Annie Halenbake Ross Library, Archibald Paul Akeley Building, Avis Volunteer Fire Company 1, Beech Creek Blanchard Volunteer Fire Company, Campus Village, Castanea Fire Company 1, Chapman Township Volunteer Fire Company 1, Citizens Hose Company 1, Citizens Hose Company 5, Cornelius M Sullivan Hall, David W Thomas Fieldhouse, Deborah M Bentley Hall, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Sproul State Forest 10, Dunnstown Volunteer Fire Company, Elizabeth K Zimmerle Gymnasium, Firemens Ambulance Service Team, George B Hursh and E Ross Nevel, Senior Building, George B Stevenson Library, Gerald R Robinson Learning Resource Center, Goodwill Hose Fire Company, Hand - In - Hand Hose Company, Haneyville Volunteer Fire Company, Harold D Woolridge Hall, Helen L McEntire Hall, Hope Hose Company 2, James H Rogers Gymnasium, Jesse Scott Himes Hall, John Sloan Fine Arts Center, Lamar Township Volunteer Fire Department, Levi J Ulmer Hall, Lock Haven Emergency Medical Services, Lydia Gross Hall, Morris De Turk High Hall, Nippenose Valley Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Nittany Valley Volunteer Fire Company, Pennsylvania Conservation and Natural Resources District 12 Tiadaghton Forest, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Services Hyner Run Maintenance Division, Philip M Price Performance Center, Recreation and Honors Building, Renovo Fire Department, Richard T Parsons Union Building, Samuel Jacob Smith Hall, SCC Student Recreation Center, Sugar Valley Volunteer Fire Company, Thomas Annex, Volunteer Fire Company of Mill Hall, Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Company, William R North Hall, Woolrich Volunteer Fire Company 1

  Capes     show all on map

Boweyes Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bellevue Cemetery, Beth Yehuda Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Disciples Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Ganoe Cemetery, Hays-Fearon Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Laurel Hill Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Noyes Cemetery, Old Schracktown Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Rest Haven Memorial Park, Robbins Cemetery, Saint Agnes Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Summerson Cemetery, Sunnyside Cemetery, Union Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Castanea Census Designated Place, Dunnstown Census Designated Place, Lamar Census Designated Place, McElhattan Census Designated Place, Rauchtown Census Designated Place, Rote Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Caldwell Church, Fairpoint Church, Garman Church, Gospel Camp Church, Haneyville Church, Laurel Run Church, Liberty Church, Mount Bethel Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Union Church, Mount Zion Church, Peoples Church, Phelps Chapel, Saint Pauls Church, Sugar Valley Church

  Dams     show all on map

Boyd Keller Reservoir Dam, Keller Reservoir Dam, Kettle Creek Lake Dam, Upper Castanea Reservoir Dam, Warren H Ohl Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Chestnut Flat, Sand Spring Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Sproul State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Beech Creek Gap, Bull Run Gap, Colvey Gap, Colvey Narrows, Green Gap, Greenburr Gap, Schreckengast Gap, Schwenks Gap, Spangler Gap, Wolf Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bucktail Medical Center, Katherine A Glennon Health Center, Lock Haven Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Great Island, McCloskey Island, Round Island, Tamarack Island

  Locales     show all on map

Avis Yard, Bald Eagle State Forest Ranger Station, Bear Wallow Camps, Beech Creek Station, Big Rock Vista, Black Stump Siding, Bloody Run Camp, Boiling Spring Camp, Browns, Browns Station, Buck Harbor Camp, Burns Run Camp, Camp Big Horn, Camp Chestnut Hill, Camp Miller, Camp Podunk, Camp Rockspar, Clear View Camp, Coleman Siding, Deer Lick Camp, Dry Run Camp, Endless Mountain Camp, Fisher Hill Camp, Gaines (historical), Lamar Camp, Lamar National Fish Hatchery, Lewis Camp, Little Beaver Camp, Loop Run, Mohawk Club, Mount Blessing Camp, Penrose, Pine Station (historical), Ralphton Camp, Renovo View, Soldiers Home Camp (historical), Sowot Camp, Spike Buck Camp, Spring Run Camp, Springer Corners, State Camp, Sugar Camp, The Hemlocks Camp, Triple Oaks Camp, Tylersville, Tyro Camp, Walnut Bottom Camp (historical), Wayne Township Landfill, West View Camp, Wildcat Camp, William Penn Camp (historical), Zanmore (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Perry Moshannon Mine, Salona Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Bucktail State Park Natural Area, Captain Green Monument, Fredericks Family Carillion, Hanna Park, Hubert H Jack Stadium, Hyner Run State Park, Hyner View State Park, Kettle Creek State Park, Ravensburg State Park, State Game Lands Number 89, William McCollum Field, Woolrich Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abdera, Avis, Bear Swamp, Beech Creek, Birch, Bitumen, Booneville, Carroll, Castanea, Castle Rocks, Cedar Springs, Charlton, Chatham Run, Clintondale, Cooks Run, Crestmont, Draketown, Drury Run, Dunnstown, Eagleton Fields, East Beech, East Ferney, Eastville, Farrandsville, Farwell, Ferney, Flemington, Gallagher, Gleasonton, Glen Union, Greenburr, Hammersley Fork, Haneyville, Hyner, Hyner View, J M Junction, Keating, Lamar, Leidy, Lock Haven, Lockport, Logan Mills, Loganton, Mackeyville, McElhattan, Mill Hall, North Bend, Panther, Parvin, Pine, Queens Run, Rauchtown, Renovo, Ritchie, Riverview, Rosecrans, Rote, Salona, Schracktown, Shintown, South Renovo, Spruce, Sunset Pines, Swissdale, Tamarack, Tylersville, West Renovo, Westport, Whetham, Woolrich, Youngdale

  Post Offices     show all on map

Avis Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Bald Eagle Mountain

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Jerry Hollow Reservoir, Keller Reservoir, Kettle Creek Lake, McElhattan Reservoir, Number One Reservoir, Number Two Reservoir, Ram Hollow Reservoir, Renovo Reservoir, South Renovo Reservoir, Upper Castanea Reservoir, Warren H Ohl Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Barneys Ridge, Big Ridge, Bushley Ridge, Drury Ridge, Laurel Ridge, Shoemaker Ridge, The Talladega

  Schools     show all on map

Bitner School, Brady School, Brick School, Brown School, Cedar Spring School (historical), Center School, Central School, Clinton School, Deise School, Dickey School, Garman School, Gravel Hill School, Haagen School, Heckler School, Hoffey School (historical), Immaculate Conception School, Kemmerer School, Lamar School, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Masden Run School, McGhee School, New Garden School (historical), Penn School, Plunket Run School (historical), Red School, Ridge School, Robb School, Rockey School (historical), Saint Agnes School, South Avis School, Sugar Grove School, Sugar Run School, Sugar Run School, Sugar Valley Area School, Swissdale School (historical), Woodward School

  Springs     show all on map

Big Rock Spring, Big Spring, Blue Spring, Cedar Spring, Crystal Spring, Hall Spring (historical), Hemlock Spring, Kemmerer Spring, Lamar Spring, Lamey Spring, McLane Spring, Sand Spring, Seven Spring, Steel Spring, Sulphur Spring, Tea Spring, Tylersville Spring, Valley Dairy Spring, Washington Furnace Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Abes Run, Amos Branch, Axe Factory Run, Baker Run, Bald Eagle Creek, Baldwin Branch, Barney Run, Bear Pen Run, Bear Run, Bear Run, Bearfield Run, Beaverdam Run, Beech Creek, Benjamin Run, Benson Run, Big McCloskey Run, Big Plum Run, Big Run, Birch Island Run, Bird Run, Bitner Run, Black Stump Run, Bloody Run, Boiler Run, Brewery Run, Bruner Branch, Bull Run, Bull Run, Caldwell Run, Calhoun Branch, Camp Run, Campbell Run, Carey Run, Chatham Run, Cherry Run, Chub Run, Clendenin Branch, Cold Fork, Cole Run, Commissioners Run, Cook Run, Cooks Run, Coon Run, Cooper Run, Cougar Run, Council Run, County Line Branch, Cowlick Run, Crabapple Run, Craig Fork, Cranberry Run, Crawford Branch, Daugherty Run, Dennison Fork, Drury Run, Dry Run, Dry Run, Dry Run, Dry Run, Eagleton Run, East Branch Big Run, East Branch Hyner Run, East Branch Queens Run, East Ferney Run, East Kammerdiner Run, Eddy Lick Run, Elm Camp Run, Ferney Run, First Fork Barney Run, Fish Dam Run, Fishing Creek, Furnace Run, Gann Run, Gottshall Run, Graham Run, Grass Flats Run, Gravel Lick, Green Run, Green Run, Greene Branch, Greenlick Run, Grove Run, Hall Run, Hammersley Fork, Harveys Run, Hastings Branch, Henry Run, Hensel Fork, Hevner Run, Hogstock Run, Holland Run, Honey Run, Huff Run, Huling Branch, Hyner Run, Indian Camp Run, J U Branch, Jamison Run, Jews Run, John Summerson Branch, Johnson Run, Kettle Creek, Krape Run, Laurel Fork, Laurel Run, Laurelly Fork, Laurely Fork, Leaning Pine Run, Lebo Branch, Lebo Run, Left Branch Boiler Run, Left Branch Hyner Run, Left Branch Lieb Run, Left Branch Montour Run, Left Branch Puncheon Run, Left Branch Young Womans Creek, Left Fork Bearfield Run, Left Fork Beaverdam Run, Left Fork Green Branch, Left Fork Hevner Run, Left Fork Smith Run, Lick Run, Lick Run, Little Birch Island Run, Little Bougher Run, Little Eagleton Run, Little Greenlick Run, Little McCloskey Run, Little Plum Run, Lock Branch, Logway Run, Long Fork, Long Run, Loop Run, Love Run, Lucus Run, Lusk Run, Masden Run, Matter Run, McCloskey Run, McCoy Run, McCraney Run, McElhattan Creek, McNerny Branch, Middle Branch Big Run, Middle Branch Queens Run, Middle Branch Twomile Run, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Run, Mill Run, Milligan Run, Moccasin Run, Montour Run, Monument Run, Morris Run, Mudlick Run, North Fork Tangascootack Creek, North Smith Run, Onion Run, Osborne Branch, Owl Run, Packer Fork, Paddy Run, Page Run, Panther Branch, Panther Run, Pepper Run, Peters Run, Pfoutz Run, Plunket Run, Porter Branch, Queens Run, Rattlesnake Run, Rauchtown Creek, Reeds Run, Right Branch Hyner Run, Right Branch Lieb Run, Right Fork Bearfield Run, Right Fork Beaverdam Run, Right Fork Green Branch, Right Fork Hevner Run, Ritchie Run, Robbins Run, Rock Run, Rock Run, Rockey Run, Roger Run, Round Island Run, Saltsman Run, Sandy Run, Scoval Branch, Second Fork Barney Run, Shade Fork, Shaney Brook, Shingle Branch, Shintown Run, Shoemaker Branch, Short Bond Run, Sinking Spring Branch, Sinnemahoning Creek, Smith Run, Smokehouse Run, Spicewood Run, Spring Run, Spring Run, Spring Run, Spruce Run, Staver Run, Stewart Run, Stony Run, Sugar Camp Run, Sugar Run, Sugar Run, Sugarcamp Run, Sulphur Run, Summerson Run, Summerson Run, Swamp Branch, Tangascootack Creek, Tarkiln Branch, Taylor Fork, Teats Run, Three Rock Run, Trout Run, Tuttle Run, Twin Run, Two Rock Run, Twomile Run, Upper Stimpson Run, Veley Fork, Walters Run, Washburn Run, Weed Run, West Branch Lick Run, West Branch Queens Run, West Kammerdiner Run, Whisky Run, Wistar Run, Wykoff Branch, Young Womans Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Big Kettle Mountain, Big Mountain, Big Mountain, Bunker Hill, Coal Hill, Cole Hill, Dykes Peak, Fork Hill, Fork Hill, Fork Hill, Grove Hill, High Knob, Hyner Mountain, Little Kettle Mountain, Little Round Top, McCormack Hill, Nippenose Mountain, Riansares Mountain, Round Top, Round Top, Round Top Mountain, Roundtop, Savage Mountain, Simcox Mountain, Sugar Valley Mountain, Summerson Mountain, The Bunk, Trout Run Mountain, Turtle Point

  Swamps     show all on map

Bear Swamp, Cranberry Swamp, Tamarack Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Beech Creek Tower, Coffin Rock Fire Tower, Coffin Rocks Tower (historical), East Point Fire Tower (historical), Rauchtown Lookout Tower, Tamarack Lookout Tower, WBPZ-AM (Lock Haven), WBPZ-FM (Lock Haven), Whetham Fire Tower, WSQV-FM (Jersey Shore)

  Trails     show all on map

Amos Branch Trail, Amos Ridge Trail, Ash Hollow Trail, Baker Run Trail, Baldwin Point Trail, Bear Pen Hollow Trail, Bear Trail, Bechtel Trail, Beechwood Trail, Beer Hollow Trail, Benson Trail, Big Boyer Trail, Big Mountain Trail, Big Ridge Trail, Boiler Run Trail, Boiler Trail, Boone Road Trail, Boundary Line Trail, Boyer Trail, Brink Hollow Trail, Buckhorn Trail, Buckhorn Trail, Bucks Gap Trail, Butler Trail, Caldwell Run Trail, Camp Trail, Cannon Hole Trail, Chicken Farm Trail, Chuck Keiper Trail, Cold Fork Trail, Commissioner Run Trail, Cooks Run Trail, Coon Run Trail, County Line Trail, Cowlick Trail, Crowley Trail, Cut Off Trail, Cut Off Trail, Dark Hollow Trail, Dark Hollow Trail, Daugherty Hollow Trail, Daugherty Trail, David Farm Trail, Drake Hollow Trail, Drury Ridge Trail, Dry Hollow Trail, Dug Road Trail, Dutchmans Trail, Eagleton Run Trail, East End Trail, Eddy Lick Trail, Elk Hollow Trail, Eravel Trail, Erron Trail, Ferney Run Trail, Fish Dam Trail, Flat Ridge Trail, Fork Hill Trail, Fork Hill Trail, Four Ridge Trail, Fye Camp Trail, Game Refuge Trail, Gardner Trail, Ginseng Hollow Trail, Goldenrod Trail, Gravel Lick Trail, Green Run Trail, Grove Run Trail, Gruger Hollow Trail, Hendricks Trail, Holland Run Trail, Huling Ridge Trail, Hyner View Trail, J U Branch Trail, Jews Run Jeep Trail, Johnson Ferney Trail, Jordan Hollow Trail, Juneberry Trail, Kammerdiner Cross Line Trail, Kelly Trail, Kellys Field Trail, Kettle Trail, King Hollow Trail, Kissel Trail, Kyler Trail, Laurelly Hill Trail, Lee Hollow Trail, Left Branch Trail, Left Fork Trail, Lerch Trail, Lick Run Trail, Lick Run Trail, Little Boyer Mill Trail, Little Boyer Trail, Little Buckhorn Trail, Little Gap Trail, Little McCloskey Trail, Log Hollow Trail, Long Fork Trail, Long Hollow Trail, Long Hollow Trail, Long Trail, Lookout Trail, Marsh Hollow Trail, McCloskey Trail, McClure Ridge Trail, Meixell Trail, Mill Hollow Trail, Miller Trail, Mitchell Trail, Mix Hollow Trail, Morgan Hollow Trail, Morris Run Trail, Mudlick Trail, Nelson Trail, Nittany Mountain Trail, North Fork Trail, Oak Ridge Trail, Oak Ridge Trail, Owl Hollow Trail, Oxbow Hollow Trail, Panther Trail, Park Line Trail, Parker Shanty Trail, Patchell Trail, Pfoutz Valley Trail, Pine Hollow Trail, Pitch Pine Trail, Plantation Trail, Puncheon Run Trail, Rands Hole Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, Reeder Trail, Refuge Trail, River Hollow Trail, Robins Ridge Trail, Rock Hollow Trail, Rock Run Trail, Round Island Run Trail, Sandy Ridge Trail, Sandy Trail, Savage Trail, Schroyer Trail, Shaney Brook Trail, Sheap Trap Trail, Shingle Mill Hollow Trail, Shintown Run Trail, Shoemaker Trail, Sinking Spring Trail, Slaughtering Ground Trail, Slide Hollow Trail, Smeltz Pond Trail, Smiths Run Trail, Smiths Run Trail, Smokehouse Hollow Trail, Snead Hol Trail, Stamm Trail, Stible Hole Trail, Stout Hollow Trail, Swamp Branch Trail, Swamp Trail, Teats Run Trail, Tempsmith Trail, Three Ridge Trail, Threepoint Hollow Trail, Trout Run Ridge Trail, Tub Trail, Turnippatch Trail, Twin Springs Trail, Van Ripper Trail, Walker Trail, Walters Run Trail, Water Trough Trail, Weaver Trail, Weaver Trail, West Branch Lick Run Trail, Wet Rock Trail, Whetham Tower Trail, Wideview Trail, Wildcat Trail, Winter Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Hogback Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Ash Hollow, Austin Hollow, Austin Hollow, Axe Factory Hollow, Baldy Hollow, Bark Shanty Hollow, Bark Shanty Hollow, Bear Hollow, Bear Hollow, Bear Pen Hollow, Bear Trap Hollow, Bear Wallow Hollow, Bearfield Hollow, Beaver Hollow, Bee Tree Draft, Bee Tree Hollow, Bee Tree Hollow, Beech Bottom Hollow, Big Basin Hollow, Big Slide Hollow, Birch Hollow, Bletz Hollow, Bobsled Hollow, Boggs Hollow, Brick House Hollow, Brown Hollow, Browns Mill Hollow, Buckhorn Hollow, Buckhorn Hollow, Butler Hollow, Butler Hollow, Butler Hollow, Cal Hollow, Calamity Hollow, Cleveland Hollow, Conklin Hollow, Cove Hollow, Cow Hole, Cow Hollow, Crabapple Hollow, Crawford Hollow, Crowley Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dark Hollow, Daugherty Hollow, Davis Cabin Hollow, Deep Hollow, Delaney Hollow, Devils Elbow Hollow, Diamond Rock Hollow, Dishpan Hollow, Drake Hollow, Drake Hollow, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, Duck Hollow, Dugan Hollow, Dutch Hollow, Eightmile Dam Hollow, Eli Hollow, Elk Hollow, First Fork Hollow, Fisher Hollow, Fivemile Hollow, Georges Hollow, Geyser Hollow, Ginseng Hollow, Goodman Hollow, Grandpap Hollow, Green Timber Hollow, Grugan Hollow, Gum Draft, Hall Hollow, Hickory Hollow, Hicks Hollow, Holt Hollow, Hoover Hollow, Hopple Hollow, Hunter Hollow, Ingram Hollow, Jacob Hollow, Jimmy Hollow, Jordan Hollow, Kates Hollow, Kelly Hollow, Kirk Hollow, Kryder Hollow, Kyler Hollow, Leeds Hollow, Left Fork Stink Hollow, Lick Hollow, Little Basin Hollow, Little Buckhorn Hollow, Log Hollow, Log Road Hollow, Log Slide Hollow, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Mackintosh Hollow, Macks Hollow, Manning Hollow, Manning Hollow, Marsh Hollow, Merriman Hollow, Merriman Hollow, Mountain Glen, Muschino Hollow, Nefure Hollow, Nippenose Valley, Owl Hollow, Oxbow Hollow, Painter Hollow, Pecking Patch Hollow, Peters Hollow, Pine Stump Hollow, Pitch Pine Hollow, Pong Hollow, Port Stewart Hollow, Post Draft, Post Hollow, Proctor Hollow, Quiggle Hollow, Renz Hollow, Road Hollow, Robbins Hollow, Rock Hollow, Roger Hollow, Roundtop Hollow, Savage Hollow, Sawmill Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Sixth Street Hollow, Skunk Hollow, Skunk Hollow, Slab Hollow, Sled Road Hollow, Slide Hollow, Slide Hollow, Smokestack Hollow, Splash Dam Hollow, Stevens Valley, Stink Hollow, Stone Hollow, Stout Hollow, Stump Hollow, Sugar Valley, Summerson Hollow, Swamp Draft, Swede Shanty Hollow, Tank Hollow, Tegerman Hollow, The Rocky Gorge, Threepoint Hollow, Tin Can Hollow, Tinsmith Hollow, Tub Hollow, Tub Hollow, Turtle Point Hollow, Twin Dam Hollow, Twin Hollow, Van Oak Hollow, Van Sickle Hollow, Water Trough Hollow, Weaver Hollow, Wertz Hollow, Wheaton Hollow, White and Burney Hollow, Wildcat Hollow, Wildcat Hollow, Woodley Draft,

Clinton County, Pennsylvania Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteClinton County White population 38,42738,426  
BlackClinton County Black population 676675
MixedClinton County Mixed population 318317
AsianClinton County Asian population 238238
American IndianClinton County American Indian population 4039
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderClinton County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
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