Crawford County, Pennsylvania Basics:

Crawford County Pennsylvania - Government Site

Population: 87,687
Area: 1012 square miles
County seat: Meadville
Area code(s) in use: 724 814
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 86.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.6%
Median household income: $41,664
Persons in poverty: 16.8%
Home ownership rate: 73.2%
Mean travel time to work: 21.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Ashtabula (OH)  Erie  Mercer  Trumbull (OH)  Venango  Warren  

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Map of the Crawford County area

Our detail map of Crawford County shows the Crawford County, Pennsylvania boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Crawford County, Pennsylvania

  Airports     show all on map

Conneaut Lake Airport, Gravel Run Airport, Holsing Airport, Jim Lee Airport, Merrys Pymatuning Airport, Morton's Airport, Paul Personal Use Airport, Pontius Airport, Port Meadville Airport, Pyma-Love Airport, Rolling Acres Farm Airport, Spauldings Incorporated Airport, Summers Heliport, Vosburgh Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Broadford Bridge, Finley Bridge, McGuffintown Bridge, Smock Memorial Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Allegheny Hall, Allegheny Hall, Arnold Hall of Music, Arnold Hall of Music, Arter Hall, Arter Hall, Bethesda Home, Bloomfield Township Volunteer Fire Department, Blooming Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Brooks Dining Hall, Brooks Dining Hall, Caflisch Hall, Caflisch Hall, Cambridge Area Volunteer Ambulance Service, Cambridge Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Centerville Volunteer Fire Department, Cochranton Volunteer Fire Department, Conneaut Lake Area Ambulance Service, Conneaut Lake Park Volunteer Fire Department, Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Doane Hall (Art), Doane Hall (Art), Doane Hall of Chemistry, Doane Hall of Chemistry, Dutch Hill Greenhouses, East Fallowfield Township Volunteer Fire Department, East Mead Volunteer Fire Company 1 and Relief Association, EmergyCare Titusville, Fallowfield Volunteer Fire Department, Fellows Club Volunteer Fire Department, Greenwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Hayfield Hose Company 1, Henderson Campus Center, Henderson Campus Center, Hulings Hall, Hulings Hall, Hydetown Volunteer Fire Department, Linesville Area Ambulance Service, Linesville Volunteer Fire Department, McKinley's Food Court, McKinley's Food Court, Meadville Area Ambulance Service, Meadville Fire Department, Meadville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Mellon Recreation Building, Mellon Recreation Building, Montgomery Gym, Montgomery Gym, North Shenango Volunteer Fire Department, Oddfellows Building, Oddfellows Building, Pelletier Library, Pelletier Library, Pettis Road Greenhouse, Randolph Volunteer Fire Department, Ravine-Narvik Hall, Ravine-Narvik Hall, Reis Hall, Reis Hall, Ridgeview Greenhouse, Ruter Hall, Ruter Hall, Saegertown Volunteer Fire Department, Schultz Banquet Hall, Schultz Banquet Hall, Shafer Auditorium, Shafer Auditorium, Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department, Springboro Volunteer Fire Department, Steffee Hall of Life Sciences, Steffee Hall of Life Sciences, Summit Township Volunteer Fire Department, Titusville Fire Department, Townville Volunteer Fire Department, Venango Volunteer Fire Department, Vernon Central Hose Company, Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department, West Mead District 2 Volunteer Fire Department and Relief, West Mead Township District 1 Volunteer Fire Company Alden Street Station, West Mead Township District 1 Volunteer Fire Company Liberty Street Station, Winslow Health Center, Winslow Health Center, Wise Sport and Fitness Center, Wise Sport and Fitness Center

  Canals     show all on map

Erie Extension Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adsit Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Andrews Cemetery, Baldwin Cemetery, Barber Cemetery, Bloomfield Burying Ground, Blooming Valley Cemetery, Brawley Cemetery, Breckenridge Cemetery, Brookhouser Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Carmel-Freeman Cemetery, Chapinville Cemetery, Cole Cemetery, Conneaut Center Cemetery, Cribbs Cemetery, Curry Cemetery, Denny Cemetery, Dicksonburg Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, East Troy Cemetery, Gilson Ridge Cemetery, Gravel Run Cemetery, Greendale Cemetery, Greendale Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Hatch Cemetery, Hood Cemetery, Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jolly Cemetery, Kiser Hill Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Littles Cemetery, Loomis Cemetery, Manning Cemetery, McDowell Cemetery, McMichael Cemetery, McMichael Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mount Blair Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mushrush Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Peterson Cemetery, Rocky Glen Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Rundell Cemetery, Saegertown Cemetery, Saint Agathas Cemetery, Saint Brigids Cemetery, Saint Catherines Cemetery, Saint James Cemetery, Shaw Cemetery, Shreve Ridge Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Southside Cemetery, Spring Cemetery, Sunnyside Cemetery, Townley Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Venango Cemetery, White Cemetery, Whitney Cemetery, Willson Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Adamsville Census Designated Place, Atlantic Census Designated Place, Canadohta Lake Census Designated Place, Conneaut Lakeshore Census Designated Place, Fredericksburg Census Designated Place, Geneva Census Designated Place, Guys Mills Census Designated Place, Harmonsburg Census Designated Place, Hartstown Census Designated Place, Kerrtown Census Designated Place, Lincolnville Census Designated Place, Pymatuning Central Census Designated Place, Pymatuning North Census Designated Place, Pymatuning South Census Designated Place, Riceville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Bethel Church, Black Ash Church, Bootis Church (historical), Calvary Church, East Spring Church, East Troy Church, Emanuel Church, Excelsior Church, Fairview Church, Fallowfield Church, Fink Ridge Church, Ford Memorial Chapel, Ford Memorial Chapel, Free Church, Frey Church (historical), Gilson Ridge Church, Gospel Hill Church, Gravel Run Church, Greenwood Church, Harper Hill Church, Henderson Church, Highway Tabernacle, Immaculate Conception Church, Jervis Church, Kerr Hill Church, Lady of Fatima Chapel, Lewis Church (historical), Mackey Hill Church, Maple Grove Church (historical), McDaniel Church, Mount Hope Church, Mount Joy Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mumford Church, North Richmond Church, North Shenango Church, Oil Creek Chapel, Our Lady of Victory Church, Pine Grove Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Rometown Church, Saint Church (historical), Saint Hippolytes Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Stephens Church, Saint Walburgas Church, Saints Peter and Paul Church, Shreve Ridge Church (historical), South Shenango Church, State Line Church, State Road Church, Sugar Lake Church, Sunnyside Church, Thompson Creek Church (historical), Valley View Church, Watson Run Church, Wesleyan Church, White Oak Church, Wilkins Church

  Dams     show all on map

Clear Lake Dam, Conneaut Marsh Dam, Custards Dam, Erie NWR Pool Number Nine, Erie NWR Pool Number Seven, Little Sugar Creek Dam, Meadville Dam, Pymatuning Reservoir Dam, Tamarack Lake Dam A, Tamarack Lake Dam B, Troyer Dam, Upper and Lower Dams, Woodcock Creek Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Rock Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Fish Flats

  Hospitals     show all on map

Meadville Medical Center, Spencer Hospital, Titusville Area Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Ackerman Island, Clark Island, Ford Island, Glenn Islands, Harris Island, Stocker Island, Whaley Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Clearwater Lake, Conneaut Lake, Dollar Lake, Hemlock Lakes, Hidden Lake, Lake Canadohta, Lower Lake, Mitchell Lake, Mud Lake, Puckerbrush Lake, Spring Lake, Sugar Lake, Yosets Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Aldorf Corners, Allison Corners, Altenburg Corners, Basil Corners, Blakeslee Corners, Blystone Junction, Boussons Corners, Boyles Corners, Brimstone Corners, Brunot Corners, Buchanan Station, Buckley Corners, Buell Corners, Calvin Corners, Camp Iroquois, Canadohta Ski Slope, Center Road Corners, Chest Park Mini Mall, Chestnut Corners, Clarks Corners, Clements Corners, Cloverdale Corners, Concord Corners, Crabs Corners, Cussewago Creek Access Area, Dannart Corners, Drake Corners, Eaton Corners, Espyville Station, Ewing Corners, Fish Corners, Forest Home Corners, Foxburg Corners, Gallant Farms, Gilbert Corners, Glover Corners, Glynden, Grange Centre, Grays Mills Station, Green Acres Golf Course, Hailwood Golf Course, Halls Corners, Harbor Valley Farm, Harmonsburg Station, Hartstown Golf Course, Hawthorne Corners, Hickory Corners, Iron Wood Golf Course, Jervis Corners, Jewel Corners, Kasters Corners, Kings Corners, Koochogey Corners, Lonetot Corners, Mageetown Corners, Markley Corners, Marshall Corners, McGinnet Corners, McNamaras Corners, Meadville Mall, Merchant Corners, Miles Corners, Morehead Corners, Moss Grove Corners, Oregon Corners, Pages Corners, Park Golf Course, Pettis Corners, Racops Siding, Rendalls Corners, Riverside Golf Course, Robertson Athletic Complex, Robertson Athletic Complex, Shadeland Station, Sherwood Corners, Smith Corners, South Richmond Corners, Springboro Station, State Lot Corners, Steuben Corners, Stockton Corners, Sturgis Corners, Summit (historical), Titusville Country Club, Tryonville Station, Turkey Track Corners, Venango Valley Golf Course, Walnut Creek Golf Course, Wecas Corners, Wheelock Corners, Whispering Pines Golf Course, Whiting Corners, Whitman Corners, Wing, Wing

  Oilfields     show all on map

Church Run Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Burgess Park, Cora Clark Park, Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Hillcrest Park, Hudekoper Park, Pymatuning State Park, Shady Brook Park, State Game Lands Number 122, State Game Lands Number 144, State Game Lands Number 146, State Game Lands Number 152, State Game Lands Number 199, State Game Lands Number 200, State Game Lands Number 202, State Game Lands Number 213, State Game Lands Number 214, State Game Lands Number 269, State Game Lands Number 277, State Game Lands Number 69, State Game Lands Number 85

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adamsville, Andersons Corner, Atlantic, Beaver Center, Black Ash, Blacks Corner, Blooming Valley, Britton Run, Brown Hill, Cambridge Springs, Canadohta Lake, Center Road, Centerville, Clappville, Cochranton, Conneaut Center, Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Lake Park, Conneautville, Conneautville Station, Coons Corners, Crossingville, Custards, Dantown, Deckard, Delamater Corners, Dennys Corners, Dicksonburg, Drakes Mills, East Titusville, East Wayne, Espyville, Fauncetown, Ferris Corners, Five Corners, Fountain House Corners, Franklin Pike Corners, Fredericksburg, Frenchtown, Geneva, Gresham, Guys Mills, Harmonsburg, Hartstown, Hatchtown, Hickernell, Hydetown, Kantz Corners, Keborts Corners, Kerrtown, Lakeville, Lincolnville, Linesville, Little Cooley, Littles Corners, Luces Corners, Lynces Junction, Lyona, McLaughlin Corners, Meadville, Meadville Junction, Millers Station, Mosiertown, Mount Hope, Mystic Park, Neason Hill, New Richmond, Norrisville, Onspaugh Corners, Palmer, Paperville, Pennline, Pinney Corners, Porters Corners, Riceville, Rockdale Acres, Rootville, Rundell, Saegertown, Shadeland, Shaws Corners, Shaws Landing, Shermansville, Skeltontown, Spartansburg, Spring, Springboro, Steamburg, Stewartville, Stony Point, Teepleville, Thompsons Mills, Tillotson, Titusville, Townville, Troy Center, Tryonville, Turner, Turnersville, Tuttle Lake, Venango, Vrooman, Waring, Watson Run, Watson Run, Wayland, West Vernon, Westford, Woodcock, Woodcock Grange

  Post Offices     show all on map

Center Road Station Post Office (historical), Conneaut Lake Post Office (historical), Exposition Post Office (historical), Lake Canadohta Post Office (historical), Millers Station Post Office (historical), Oakland Beach Post Office (historical), Teepleville Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Clear Lake, Conneaut Marsh Reservoir, Pa-487 Reservoir, Pymatuning Reservoir, Pymatuning Reservoir, Rainbow Lake, Tamarack Lake, Woodcock Creek Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Dead-Ice Terminal Moraine, Fink Ridge, Gilson Ridge, Shreve Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Allegheny College, Allen School (historical), Alliance College (historical), Barlow School (historical), Beardsley School, Beech School, Beech School, Bell Hill School (historical), Bentley School, Berrie School, Big Road School, Birchard School, Bloomfield School, Bousson School (historical), Breckenridge School (historical), Brick Schoolhouse, Brier Hill School, Broadford School, Brookhouser Elementary School, Brooks School (historical), Brown Hill School (historical), Brown School, Brush College School, Burns School, Byham School, Cambridge Springs Elementary School, Cambridge Springs High School, Cambridge Springs Junior Senior High School, Carr School, Center School, Center School, Center School (historical), Center School (historical), Center School (historical), Center School (historical), Church School, Clark School (historical), Clausen School, Cochranton Area Elementary School, Cochranton Area Junior Senior High School, Coil School, Compton School, Conneaut Lake High School, Conneaut Valley Elementary School, Conneaut Valley High School, Cooper School (historical), Coulter School (historical), Crawford County Area Vocational Technical School, Cummings School, Curtis School, Cussewago Township School, Daniels School (historical), Davis School, Daytown School, Dean School, DeArment School (historical), Delamater School (historical), Dennis School (historical), Denny School (historical), Dice School (historical), Dobbs School, Drake School, Dundon School, Dunn School (historical), East End Elementary School, Ellis School, Elm Street School, Enterprise School (historical), Farrel School, Fink Ridge School, First District Elementary School, Forman School (historical), Freeman School (historical), Gamble School, Gehrton School (historical), Gibson School, Gibson School, Gilmer School, Gilson Ridge School, Grinell School (historical), Grubb School, Harbor Hall School, Hatch School, Hatch School, Hatch School, Henderson School, Higby School (historical), Himebaugh School, Homan School, Horn School (historical), Horton School, Hotchkiss School, Huller School, Hummer School (historical), Inlet School (historical), Jennings School (historical), Kearney School (historical), Kebort School (historical), Kerr School, Kerrtown Elementary School, Kinter Hill School, Kiser School, Kiters School, Kreiter School, Laird School, Lamb School, Lang School, Lefevre School, Lindsey School, Linesville Conneaut Summit High School, Main Street Elementary School, Main Street School, Mallard School, Mallory School, Maple Grove School, Martin School, McCullough School, McCurdy School (historical), McDaniels School, McIntyre School, Meadville Area High School, Meadville Area Junior High School, Melvin School, Mohawk School, Moore School, Moore School (historical), Moss Grove School, Mount Joy School (historical), Neason Hill Elementary School, North End School, North Shenango School, Oakes School, Orris School, Oxbow School, Peterson School (historical), Pierson School, Pine School (historical), Pinney School (historical), Plank Road School, Pleasant Point School (historical), Prospect School, Putnam School, Quarry School, Raceground School (historical), Randolph-East Mead High School, Red Oak School (historical), Richmond School, Rockdale Center High School, Rockwall School, Rolf School, Root School, Rosedale School, Rung School, Rynd School, Saegertown High School, Saegertown Middle School, Saint Josephs High School, Saint Titusville School, Sandbank School, Sayre School (historical), Second District Elementary School, Shafer School (historical), Sherred Hill School, Sherred School (historical), Shreve School, Shutz School, Slavens School (historical), Smith School, South Richmond School, Stanford School (historical), Steuben School, Sugar Lake School, Summit School (historical), Swamp School, Taylor Strand School, Third District School, Titusville Junior High School, Titusville Senior High School, Torry School, Townline School (historical), Trace School, Trace School, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville, Wade School, Waldo School, Walker School, Ward School, Weston School, White Oak School, White School (historical), Whites School, Whitman School, Wilkinson School (historical), Willey School (historical), Yankee Hill School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Ponce de Leon Spring, Shelmadine Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Adsit Run, Barber Run, Bennett Run, Bennyhoof Creek, Bloomfield Run, Boles Run, Bossard Run, Brannon Run, Brawley Run, Britton Run, Brookhouser Creek, Campbell Run, Carr Run, Cascade Creek, Cemetery Run, Church Run, Conneaut Outlet, Coon Run, Crazy Run, Cummings Run, Cussewago Creek, Dead Creek, Deckard Run, DeWolfe Run, Dick Run, Dillinger Run, Dolly Run, Dry Run, East Branch Muddy Creek, East Branch Oil Creek, East Branch Sugar Creek, East Shreve Run, Federal Run, Fish Creek, Fivemile Creek, Foster Run, Gravel Run, Henderson Run, Hummer Creek, Inlet Run, Jackson Run, Kelly Run, Kerns Run, Linesville Creek, Little Conneauttee Creek, Little Federal Run, Little Sugar Creek, Little Sugar Creek, Mackey Run, Marsh Run, McDowell Run, McLaughlin Creek, McMichael Run, Meyler Run, Middle Branch Conneaut Creek, Mill Run, Mohawk Run, Mosey Run, Mud Run, Mud Run, Mud Run, Muddy Creek, Navy Run, Paden Creek, Patton Run, Pine Hollow Run, Pine Run, Porky Run, Potash Run, Randolph Run, Rock Creek, Rundelltown Creek, Shirley Run, Spa Run, Spaid Run, Spring Run, Stone Run, Stranahan Run, Sugar Run, Temple Run, Thompson Creek, Torry Run, Trout Run, Twomile Creek, Unger Run, Van Horne Creek, Watson Run, West Branch Conneaut Creek, West Branch Cussewago Creek, West Shreve Run, Williams Run, Wolf Run, Woodcock Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Conneaut Lake Kame, Dutch Hill, Eastman Hill, Mackey Hill, Pine Knoll, Pleasant Hill, Round Knob, Round Top

  Swamps     show all on map

Black Ash Swamp, Blue Swamp, Conneaut Marsh, Pymatuning Swamp, Pymatuning Swamp (historical)

  Towers     show all on map

WARC-FM (Meadville), WMGW Radio Tower (Ticonderoga), WMGW-AM (Meadville), WVCC-FM (Linesville), WYSS-FM (Saegertown), WZPR-FM (Meadville)

  Valleys     show all on map

Bates Hollow, Bog Hollow, McMillen Hollow, Shelhammer Hollow,

Crawford County, Pennsylvania Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCrawford County White population 84,44384,442  
BlackCrawford County Black population 1,5781,578
MixedCrawford County Mixed population 965964
AsianCrawford County Asian population 438438
American IndianCrawford County American Indian population 175175
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCrawford County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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