Pike County, Pennsylvania Basics:

Pike County Pennsylvania - Government Site

Population: 56,782
Area: 545 square miles
County seat: Milford
Area code(s) in use: 570
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 91.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.6%
Median household income: $58,474
Persons in poverty: 10.1%
Home ownership rate: 83.1%
Mean travel time to work: 41.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Monroe  Orange (NY)  Sullivan (NY)  Sussex (NJ)  Wayne  

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Map of the Pike County area

Our detail map of Pike County shows the Pike County, Pennsylvania boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Pike County, Pennsylvania

  Airports     show all on map

Arthur Airport, Boehm's Field Airport, Dervend Airport (historical), Mountain Bay Air Park Inc, Myer Airport, Tanglewood Golf Course Airport, Tanglwood Ski Area Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Bruce Lake Natural Area, Buckhorn Natural Area, Fivemile Meadow, Owego Picnic Area, Pecks Pond Picnic Area, Pennel Run Natural Area, Pine Lake Natural Area, Stillwater Natural Area, Tarkill Demonstration Area

  Bars     show all on map

Buck Bar

  Bays     show all on map

Wallowing Hole

  Buildings     show all on map

Blooming Grove Fire Department Main Station, Blooming Grove Fire Department Substation, Bushkill Emergency Corps Station 3 Bushkill Station, Bushkill Fire Company Main Station, Bushkill Fire Company Oak Ridge Substation, Central Volunteer Fire Department, Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Dingman Township Volunteer Fire Department, Forest Volunteer Fire Department, Greeley Volunteer Fire Department, Hemlock Farms Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Lackawaxen Township Volunteer Ambulance Service Bohemia Station, Lackawaxen Township Volunteer Ambulance Service Greeley Station, Lackawaxen Township Volunteer Fire Department, Matamoras Fire Department, Milford Fire Department and Ambulance Service, Mill Rift Fire Department, Mill Rift Fire Department Substation, National Park Service - Bushkill Fire Department, National Park Service - Digmans Ferry Fire Department, Pike County Advanced Life Support, Promised Land Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Main Station, Promised Land Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Substation, Shohola Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company 1 Main Station, Shohola Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company 41, Tafton Fire Department Main Station, Tafton Fire Department Substation, Westfall Volunteer Fire Department, Zane Grey Museum

  Capes     show all on map

Pickerel Point, Point Peter, Ridgefield Point, Spinnler Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Delaware Cemetery, German Hill Cemetery, Milford Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Paupack Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Woodtown Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Birchwood Lakes Census Designated Place, Conashaugh Lakes Census Designated Place, Fawn Lake Forest Census Designated Place, Gold Key Lake Census Designated Place, Hemlock Farms Census Designated Place, Masthope Census Designated Place, Pine Ridge Census Designated Place, Pocono Mountain Lake Estates Census Designated Place, Pocono Ranch Lands Census Designated Place, Pocono Woodland Lakes Census Designated Place, Saw Creek Census Designated Place, Sunrise Lake Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Good Shepherd Church, Holy Trinity Church, Paupack Church, Pillar of Fire Church, Saint Anns Church, Saint Jacobi Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Veronicas Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

The Cliff

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Brook Dam, Beaver Lake Lodge Dam, Beaver Pond Dam, Beaver Run Dam, Benewater Dam, Billings Pond Dam, Boehm Dam, Buehler Dam, Cadoo Dam, Camp Massad Dam, Camp Netimus Dam, Cobey Dam, Cresent Lake Dam, Cross Dam, Decker Swamp Dam, Dorys Dam, Egypt Meadow Dam, Fairview Lake Dam, Fawn Lake Dam, Felix Fold Dam, Forest Lake Dam, Freeling Run Dam, Geiges Dam, Gorson Dam, Gregory Dam, Gumble Brothers Dam, Gun Club Dam, Hemlock Lake Dam, Hemlock Pond Dam, Hirsch Dam, Hirsh Dam, Keeney Dam, Kintz Creek Dam, Krautter Dam, Lake Giles Dam, Lake Greely Dam, Lake Kernadobi Dam, Lake Latimore Dam, Lake Lattimore Dam, Lake Laura Dam, Lake Laura Dam, Lake Minisink Dam, Lake Renee Dam, Lake Russell Dam, Lake Wallenpaupack Dam, Lake Wynooska Dam, Lake-In-The-Clouds Dam, Lakes in the Clouds Dam, Lehman Lake Dam, Lily Pond Dam, Long Ridge Dam, Lower Birchwood Lake Dam, Lower Hemlock Dam, Lower Lake Dam, Lower Rickards Dam, Lumber Company Dam, Maple Lake Dam, Marcel Lake Dam, Maskenozha Lake Dam, Mcconnell Lake Dam, McConnell Lake Dam, Metz Dam, Mill Rift Pond Dam, Minks Dam, North Lake Dam, Number Three Dam, Old Mill Dam, Olson Dam, PA-446 Dam, Pa-455 Dam, Panther Lake Dam, Pecks Pond Dam, Phillips Dam, Pickeral Pond Dam, Pierson Dam, Pocmont Lodge Dam, Pocono Mountain Lake Dam, Pocono Woodland Lake Dam, Pond Lily Dam, Porters Lake Dam, Promised Land Dam, Richards Dam, Richartz Dam, Rickard Dam, Roth Dam, Rowe Dam, Saw Creek Club Dam, Sawkill Dam, Sawkill Pond Dam, Second Pond Dam, Seely Dam, Shohola Marsh Dam, Snyder Dam, Snyder Dam, South Pond Dam, Spring House Dam, Springhouse Dam, Stairway Hunt Club Dam, Taylor Pond Dam, Tinkwig Dam, Trout Dam, Twelve Mile Pond Dam, Twin Lakes Dam, Upper Morningstar Dam, Valley View Dam, Van Bushkirk Dam, Walker Lake Dam, Wallenpaupack Dam, Westbrook Estate Dam, Westcolang Lake Dam, White Dam, Whitesell Dam, Whittaker Dam, Wicks Dam, Wicks Dam, Wild Acres Lake Dam, William Penn Dam, Wilson Creek Dam, Winkler Dam, Wyler Dam, YMCA Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bushkill Falls, Deer Leap Falls, Dingmans Falls, Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls, High Falls, Little Falls, Pinchot Falls, Raymondskill Falls, Ridgeway Falls, Shohola Falls, Silverthread Falls, Snow Hill Falls, Winona Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Gates Meadow, Lavice Meadow Barren, Wild Meadows

  Forests     show all on map

First Forest Tree Planting

  Gaps     show all on map

Shimers Rock Cut, The Notch

  Islands     show all on map

Cairns Island, Conservation Island, Kipp Island, Nebo Island, Pinchot Island, Shapanack Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Beaver Lake, Bruce Lake, Corilla Lake, First Pond, Fourmile Pond, Goose Pond, Hirsh Pond, Killams Pond, Kleinhans Lake, Lake Belle, Lake Earnest, Lake Kemadobi, Lake Minisink, Lake Scott, Little Mud Pond, Little Teedyuskung Lake, Little Walker Lake, Log Tavern Pond, Mainses Pond, Nichecronk Pond, Nitche Pond, Persons Pond, Pine Lake, Rock Hill Pond, Sunny Hill Lake, Sylvania Lake, Third Pond, Twelvemile Pond, Twin Lakes, Verga Pond, Welcome Lake, White Deer Lake, Whittakers Pond, Wilsons Swamp Pond, Wolf Lake, Woodpecker Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Tafton Dike

  Locales     show all on map

Beaver Run Club, Camp Brooklyn, Camp Colang, Camp Fire Girls Camp, Camp Girard, Camp Log-N-Twig, Camp Massad, Camp Speers, Cliff Park Inn Golf Course, Glen Ridge Club, Hunters Range, Ledgedale Recreation Area and Boat Launch, Marcel Lake Estate, Masthope Ski Area, Mishawaka Club, Mongaup Station (historical), New Jersey Camp, Pocono Mountain Lake Resort, Pocono Mountain Water Forest, Porters Lake Club, Rock Hill Camp, Saw Creek Ski Area, Shohola Falls Trails End, Tamiment Resort Golf Course, Tamiment Ski Area, Tanglewood Golf Course, Tanglewood Ski Area, Wilsonville Recreation Area and Boat Launch

  Parks     show all on map

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, George W Childs State Park, Ironwood Park, Middle Delaware National Scenic River, Promised Land State Park, State Game Lands Number 116, State Game Lands Number 180, State Game Lands Number 183, State Game Lands Number 209, Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

  Pillars     show all on map

Elephants Feet

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baoba, Birchwood Lakes, Blooming Grove, Bohemia, Bushkill, Conashaugh, Conashaugh Lakes, Delaware, Dingmans Ferry, Edgemere, Egypt Mills, Fawn Lake Forest, Forest Lake Park, Forest Park, Frenchtown, Friendly Acres, Germantown, Glen Eyre, Gold Key Lake, Greeley, Greentown, Hemlock Farms, Hemlock Grove, Indian Point, Kimble, La Anna, Lackawaxen, Lake in the Clouds, Lake Wallenpaupack Estate, Ledgedale, Lords Valley, Masthope, Masthope Rapids, Matamoras, McCartys Corner, Melchris Wood, Milford, Millrift, Panther, Parkers Glen, Paupack, Pecks Pond, Pine Flats, Pine Ridge, Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Pocono Mountain Woodland Lakes, Pocono Ranch Lands, Pond Eddy, Promised Land, Quinns Corner, Roemersville, Rosas, Rowland, Sagamore Estates, Sandyville, Saw Creek, Shohola, Shohola Falls, Silver Spring, Sky View, Sky View Lake, South Sterling, Spencer Corner, Sunrise Lake, Tafton, Tamiment, Tanglewood, Tanglewood Estate, The Escape, Twin Lakes, Walker Lake, Westcolang, Westcolang Park, Wild Acres, Wilsonville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Forest Park Post Office (historical), Forest Post Office (historical), Pecks Pond Post Office (historical), Porters Lake Post Office (historical), Teedyuskung Post Office (historical), Twin Lakes Post Office (historical), Walker Lake Post Office (historical), Westcolang Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Brook Reservoir, Beaver Lake, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Billings Pond, Blue Heron Lake, Buehler Lake, Camp Netimus Lake, Camp William Penn Lake, Case Ponds, Cobey Pond, Crescent Lake, Decker Pond, Egypt Meadow Lake, Elm Lake, Fairview Lake, Fairview Lake, Fawn Lake, Forest Lake, Gold Key Lake, Hemlock Lake, Hirsh Pond, Icks Pond, Kiel Lake, Kintz Creek Lake, Lake Giles, Lake Greeley, Lake in the Clouds, Lake Laura, Lake Log-n-Twig, Lake Maskenozha, Lake Paupack, Lake Renee, Lake Russell, Lake Wallenpaupack, Landis Lake, Lehman Lake, Lily Pond, Long Ridge Reservation Reservoir, Lower Birchwood Lake, Lower Hemlock Lake, Lower Lake, Maple Lake, Marcel Lake, McConnell Pond, Middaugh Pond, Milford Reservoir, Mill Brook Pond, Minks Pond, Mud Pond, North Lake, Nyce Lake, Panther Lake, Panther Lake, Pecks Pond, Pickerel Lake, Pine Crest Lake, Place Pond, Pocono Mountain Lake, Pocono Woodland Lake, Porters Lake, Promised Land Lake, Richard Lake, Robinson Lake, Saw Creek Club Dam, Saw Creek Pond, Sawkill Pond, Second Pond, Selma Lake, Shohola Marsh Reservoir, Silver Lake, Silver Springs Lake, South Pond, Stairway Lake, Sunrise Lake, Sunset Lake, Taylor Pond, Teedyuskung Lake, Tinkwig Lake, Valley View Lake, Walker Lake, Westcolang Pond, Wild Acres Lake, Wilson Creek Lake, Wynooska Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Aces Ridge, Big Dam Ridge, Big Ridge, Buckhorn Ridge, Burleigh Ridge, Cranberry Ridge, Fish Cabin Ridge, Flat Ridge, Indian Cabin Ridge, Lake Laura Ridge, Little Mud Pond Ridge, Mud Pond Ridge, Pine Knot Ridge, Red Ridge, Rock Oak Ridge, Tarburner Ridge, Yellow Pine Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Blooming Grove School, Dark Swamp School (historical), Delaware Valley High School, Dingman Delaware Elementary School, Franklin School, German School (historical), German Valley School (historical), Greeley School, Hunters Range School, Long Meadow School, McCain School (historical), Mountain View School, Pocono Environmental Education Center, Quicktown School, Sawkill School (historical), Shohola Elementary School, Shohola School, Simmons School, Simonstown School, Spring Brook School, Union School, Wallenpaupack Area High School, Wallenpaupack Area Middle School, Wallenpaupack Elementary School, Wallenpaupack North Elementary School, White School, Woodtown School (historical), Yale Forest School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Dingman Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Balliard Creek, Bear Brook, Beaver Run, Big Inlet, Billings Creek, Birchy Creek, Blooming Grove Creek, Bridge Creek, Burchards Creek, Bush Kill, Bush Kill, Conashaugh Creek, Craft Brook, Crawford Branch, Cummins Creek, Dark Hollow Run, Decker Creek, Deep Brook, Diamond Creek, Dimmick Meadow Brook, Dingmans Creek, Dry Brook, Dwarfs Kill, East Branch Wallenpaupack Creek, East Spring Run, Egypt Creek, Fairview Outlet, Freeling Run, Gates Run, Gin Brook, Grassy Brook, Grassy Island Creek, Gum Brook, Holsey Run, Hooper Creek, Hornbecks Creek, Kintz Creek, Kirkham Creek, Kleinhans Creek, Lackawaxen River, Laurel Brook, Little Blooming Grove Creek, Little Bush Kill, Long Meadow Brook, Lords Creek, Maple Brook, Maple Creek, Masthope Creek, McConnell Creek, Middle Branch Bush Kill, Mill Brook, Mill Creek, Mount Run, Mozette Creek, Nichecronk Brook, Notch Brook, O'Donnell Creek, Panther Creek, Pennel Run, Perch Run, Pinchot Brook, Poison Brook, Pond Eddy Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Raymondskill Creek, Red Rock Run, Rock Hill Creek, Rosetown Creek, Sand Spring Creek, Sap Brook, Savantine Creek, Saw Creek, Sawkill Creek, Sheridan Brook, Shohola Creek, Sloat Brook, Spackmans Creek, Spring Brook, Spring Brook, Spruce Mountain Run, Spruce Run, Steam Mill Run, Sugar Hill Creek, Swale Brook, Swamp Brook, Tarkill Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylortown Creek, Teedyuskung Creek, Tinkwig Creek, Toms Creek, Twin Lakes Creek, Vandermark Creek, Vantine Brook, Walker Lake Creek, Wallenpaupack Creek, West Falls Creek, Westcolang Creek, Wilson Creek, Wolf Lake Run, York Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Barren, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Bear Trap Mountain, Belle Mountain, Big Hill, Buckhorn Mountain, Carlton Hill, East Mountain, Foster Hill, Gates Hill, German Hill, High Knob, Little Bald Hill, Low Knob, Madden Hill, Maley Hill, Mud Pond Mountain, Pine Hill, Pow Wow Hill, Rock Hill, Round Hill, Shimers Mountain, Tarey Hill, The Knob, West Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Bald Hill Swamp, Balsam Swamp, Bear Rock Swamp, Bear Swamp, Beaver Swamp, Ben Bush Swamp, Ben Hanna Swamp, Big Bear Swamp, Big Inlet Swamp, Big Swamp, Black Ash Swamp, Bobs String Swamp, Bushkill Swamp, Cattail Swamp, Cattail Swamp, Company Swamp, Crooked Swamp, Dark Swamp, DuBois Swamp, Elbow Swamp, Elbow Swamp, Holsey Meadow Swamp, Horseshoe Swamp, Indian Swamp, Inlet Swamp, Koski Swamp, Laurel Swamp, Little Bear Swamp, Little Mud Pond Swamp, Little York Swamp, Long Pond Swamp, Long Swamp, Long Swamp, Long Swamp, Maple Swamp, Nebo Swamp, Nelson Swamp, Nicks Swamp, Painter Swamp, Panther Swamp, Rowland Swamp, Sap Swamp, Shaffer Swamp, Smiths Swamp, Spruce Swamp, Steam Mill Swamp, Townsend Swamp, Turner Swamp, Utts Swamp, White Birch Swamp, Wilson Swamp, Wolf Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Buckhorn Ridge Fire Tower, Dry Meadow Fire Tower, High Knob Fire Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Bald Barren Trail, Bald Hill Trail, Blooming Grove Trail, Boundary Trail, Brown Trail, Bruce Lake Trail, Burley Inlet Trail, Camp Biff Trail, Crawford Trail, East Branch Bruce Lake Trail, Flat Ridge Trail, Kinney Trail, Lake Laura Trail, Lost Cabin Trail, Maple Brook Trail, Rock Oak Trail, Rock Oak Trail, Smith Trail, Snow Shanty Trail, Steam Mill Trail, Telephone Trail, West Branch Bruce Lake Trail, White Deer Trail, Whittaker Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Delaware River Gorge, Tarkiln Draft,

Pike County, Pennsylvania Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePike County White population 51,44451,444  
BlackPike County Black population 3,5203,520
MixedPike County Mixed population 909908
AsianPike County Asian population 681681
American IndianPike County American Indian population 227227
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPike County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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