Washington County, Rhode Island Basics:

Washington County Rhode Island - Government Site

Population: 125,987
Area: 329 square miles
County seat: Wakefield
Area code(s) in use: 401
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 92.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 42.7%
Median household income: $72,391
Persons in poverty: 8.3%
Home ownership rate: 75.2%
Mean travel time to work: 25.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Kent  New London (CT)  Newport  Providence  

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Map of the Washington County area

Our detail map of Washington County shows the Washington County, Rhode Island boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Washington County, Rhode Island

  Airports     show all on map

Albert Farms Airport, Block Island State Airport, Langworthy Field, North Kingstown Emergency Operations Pad, Quonset Point State Airport, Quonset State Airport, Quonset State Ang Helipad, Richmond Airport, Slocum Airport, South County Hospital Airport, Westerly State Airport, Willows Resort Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Devils Foot, The Plains

  Bars     show all on map

Bass Rock, Block Island North Reef, Catumb Rocks, Cedar Swamp Ledge, Coon Ledge, Dickens Reef, East Ground Shoal, James Ledge, Lawrence Ledge, Nebraska Shoal, Old Antgonio, Rocky Reef, Settlers Rock, Southwest Ledge, Sugar Reef, Viall Creek Ledge, Watch Hill Reef

  Bays     show all on map

Academy Cove, Allen Cove, Allen Cove, Allen Harbor, Babcock Cove, Balls Cove, Billington Cove, Bissel Cove, Block Island Sound, Bluff Hill Cove, Boiling Lot Cove, Buttonwood Corner, Cat Rock Cove, Champlin Cove, Champlin Cove (historical), Children Cove, Colonel Willie Cove, Congdon Cove, Coon Cove, Cormorant Cove, Corn Cove, Cow Cove, Deep Hole, Dories Cove, Fishers Island Sound, Fishing Cove, Flat Meadow Cove, Foster Cove, Foster Cove, Galilee Salt Pond Harbor, Grace Cove, Great Salt Pond, Green Hill Cove, Harbor Pond, Iron Mine Cove, Isaiahs Gully, Ladd Cove, Lighthouse Cove, Little Narragansett Bay, Logwood Cove, Long Cove, Mastuxet Cove, Mill Cove, Mud Cove, New Harbor, Old Breach Cut, Perch Cove, Pettaquamscutt Cove, Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, Potter Cove, River Ledge, Roiles Harbor, Sand Bank Cove, Sand Hill Cove, Seaweed Cove, Segar Cove, Silver Spring Cove, Smelt Brook Cove, South Jerry Cove, Split Rock Cove, Spring Cove, Stallion Cove, Stevens Cove, Stone Water Fence Cove, Sugarloaf Cove, Sycamore Cove, Tautog Cove, The Pots, Thompson Cove, Thule Cove, Tilson Cove, Trims Pond, Turner Cove, Watch Hill Cove, Welcome Cove, Wheatfield Cove, Wickford Cove, Wickford Harbor, Wolcott Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

A B Carpenters Beach, Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ballards Beach, Black Rock Beach, Block Island State Beach, Bonnet Shores Beach, Browning Mill Pond Area Beach, Burlingame State Park Beach, Calf Pasture Point Beach, Captain Roger W Wheeler State Beach, Charleston Beach, Charlestown Beach, Conochet Club Beach, Crescent Beach, Dunes Club Beach, Dunes Park Beach, East Beach, East Matunuck State Beach, Fenway Beach, Galilee Beach Club Beach, Mansion Beach, Matunuck Beach, Misquamicut Fire District Beach, Misquamicut State Beach, Monhegan Bluffs Beach, Ninigret Beach, North Kingstown Beach, North Kingstown Town Beach, North Ligth Beach, Ocean House Beach, Pebbly Beach, Pebby Beach, Plum Beach, Plum Point Beach, Quonochontaug Beach, Roger Wheeler State Beach, Roy Carpenters Beach, Salty Brine State Beach, Sam Ferretti Blue Shutters Town Beach, Sand Hill Cove State Beach, Scarborough South State Beach, Scarborough State Beach, Scotch Beach, Seaside Beach Club Beach, Seaweed Beach, Vaills Beach, Watch Hill Beach Association Beach, Weekapaug Beach, Weekapaug Inn Beach, West Beach, Westerly Town Beach, Willow Dell Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Brig Ledge, Halfway Ledge, Jones Ledge, Napatree Point Ledge, Wild Goose Ledge

  Bridges     show all on map

Hunts River Bridge, Jamestown Bridge, Meeting-House Bridge, Pawcatuck Bridge, Peter Crandall Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

A Place to Grow, Ashaway Ambulance Association, Ashaway Free Library, Ashaway Volunteer Fire Association, Babcock-Smith House Museum, Beachwood House Senior Center, Block Island Free Library, Block Island Health Services Building, Block Island Historical Society Museum, Bradford Volunteer Fire Department, Charlestown - Richmond Fire Station, Charlestown Ambulance Rescue Service, Charlestown Historical Society Building, Charlestown Police Department, Charlestown Town Hall, Clark Memorial Library, Cross Mills Fire Station, Cross Mills Public Library, Davisville Library, Dunns Corner Fire Department Station 1, Dunns Corner Fire Department Station 2, Exeter Fire Department 1 Station 1, Exeter Fire Department 1 Station 4, Exeter Fire Department 2 Station 2, Exeter Fire Department 2 Station 3, Exeter Patrol Barracks, Exeter Rescue Corps, Exeter Town Constable, Exeter Town Hall, Exeter Volunteer Company Number 1, Fayerweather House, First Step at Kingston, Frosty Drew Memorial Nature Center, Growing Children of Rhode Island Day Care Center, Growing Children of Rhode Island Day Care Center, Hazard Memorial Library, Helme House Gallery, Hope Valley - Wyoming Fire District Camp Yawgoog Station, Hope Valley - Wyoming Fire District Station 1, Hope Valley - Wyoming Fire District Station 2, Hope Valley Ambulance Squad, Hope Valley Barracks, Hopkinkton Police Department, Hopkinton Town Hall, Jamestown Police Department, Kingston Fire Department, Kingston Free Library Branch South Kingston Public Library, Langworthy Public Library, Little People of Westerly Day Care Center, Littlebrook Kids Day Care Center, Manton Free Library, Matunuck Volunteer Fire Department, Misquamicut Fire Department, Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Information Center, Narragansett Fire Department Station 1, Narragansett Fire Department Station 2, Narragansett Fire Department Station 3, Narragansett Police Department, Narragansett Public Library, Narragansett Town Hall, Neptune Lodge Number 21, New Shoreham Fire and Rescue Block Island Station, New Shoreham Police Department, New Shoreham Town Hall, North Kingstown Fire Department Station 1, North Kingstown Fire Department Station 2, North Kingstown Fire Department Station 3, North Kingstown Free Library, North Kingstown Police Department, North Kingstown Town Hall, North Light Interpretive Center, Octagon House, Old Washington County Courthouse, Old Washington County Jail, Oliver Watson House, Peace Dale Fire Department, Pell Library National Sea Grant Depository Library, Pettaquamscutt Historical Society Building, Pettaquamscutt Historical Society Library, Quonset Air Museum, Quonset State Airport Fire Department, Red House, Richmond - Carolina Fire District Station 1, Richmond - Carolina Fire District Station 62, Richmond - Carolina Fire District Station 63, Richmond Police Department, Richmond Town Hall, Robert Beverly Hale Memorial Library, Scarboro Beach Bathing Pavilion (historical), Smiths Blockhouse (historical), Smiths Castle, Smiths Castle, Snug Harbor Volunteer Fire Department, South County Art Association, South County Center for the Performing Arts, South County Museum, South Kingston Town Hall, South Kingstown Emergency Medical Services, South Kingstown Fire Department, South Kingstown Police Department, South Kingstown Public Library, Theater by the Sea, Tomaquag Indian Museum, Tower Hill Fire Department, Tuckertown Fire Department, University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute on Narragansett Bay Conference and Visitor Center, University of Rhode Island College of Continuing Education Library, University of Rhode Island Emergency Medical Services Headquarters, University of Rhode Island Library, Wakefield Fire Department, Watch Hill Fire Department, Watch Hill Lighthouse Museum, West Kingston Fire Department, Westerly Ambulance Corps, Westerly Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Westerly Fire Department Station 2, Westerly Hospital Medical Association Library, Westerly Memorial Building, Westerly Police Department, Westerly Preschool Childhood Center, Westerly Public Library, Westerly Town Hall and Courthouse, Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerc, Wickford Art Association Gallery and Art Center, Wickford Barracks, Wickford Town Hall, Willett Free Library, Woonsocket House, YMCA, YMCA of South County

  Capes     show all on map

Balls North Point, Balls Point, Barlows Point, Beach Plum Neck, Betty Hull Point, Big Rock Point, Black Point, Black Rock Point, Bluff Point, Bonnet Point, Boston Neck, Browning Point, Buttonwood Point, Calf Neck, Calf Pasture Point, Case Point, Casey Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Tree Point, Clark Point, Cormorant Point, Cormorant Point, Corn Neck, Crown Point, Dickens Point, Flat Meadow Point, Fort Neck, Frank Point, Gould Neck, Grace Point, Grassy Point, Grassy Point, Graves Neck, Great Point, Green Hill Point, Greene Point, Grove Point, Hall Point, Harbor Neck, Harris Point, High Neck, Horseshoe Point, Horseshoe Point, Indian Head Neck, Jerrys Point, Knowles Point, Lewis Point, Limber Point, Little Neck, Little Neck Point, Little Point Judith, Little Tree Point, Locke Point, Lone Tree Point, Long Bar Point, Long Point, Marsh Point, Marshneck Point, Martins Point, Matunuck Point, Meadow Point, Napatree Point, Old Harbor Point, Pickerel Point, Pine Tree Point, Plum Beach Point, Point Judith, Point Judith Neck, Point Wharf, Pojac Point, Poplar Point, Potato Point, Potato Point, Quahaug Point, Quonochontaug Neck, Quonset Point, Ram Head Point, Ram Point, Ram Point, Ram Point, Reeds Point, Reel Point, Regatta Point, Rhodes Point, Rome Point, Rye Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Point, Sassafras Point, Sauga Point, Schooner Point, Short Point, Slocum Point (historical), Southeast Point, Southwest Point, Spar Point, Spink Neck, Squally Point, Stony Point, Stub Point, Succotash Point, The Bonnet, The Naps, Thomas Point, Toby Point, Toms Point, Tuck Point, Turner Point, Watch Hill Point, Weekapaug Point, Whaleboat Point, Wheat Point, Wild Goose Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Albert Sweet Lot, Allen Lot, Allen-Pierce Farm Cemetery, Amos Whitford Lot, Anthony-Arnold Lot, Arnold Cemetery, Arnold-Shearman Lot, Austin Cemetery, Austin Cemetery, Avis Barber Lot, Babcock Family Lot, Barber Cemetery, Barber Lot, Barber Lot, Barber Lot, Barber Lot, Bates Lot, Bitgood Lot, Bliven Burial Ground, Boone Cemetery, Boone Family Lot, Boss Lot, Brainard Lot, Braman Lot, Bramen Lot, Briggs Cemetery, Brightman Family Lot, Burdick Cemetery, Burdick Lot, Burlingame Cemetery, Burlingame Cemetery, Burton Lot, Caleb Allen Cemetery, Card Lot, Carpenter Cemetery, Carpenter Lot, Carr Cemetery, Casey Cemetery, Cashman Cemetery, Caswell Lot, Cezar Onion Lot, Chadsey-Gardiner Cemetery, Champlin Lot, Champlin-Greene Burial Ground, Chapman Cemetery, Charlestown Indian Burying Ground, Chase Cemetery, Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Congdon Cemetery, Congdon-Gardiner Cemetery, Congton-Packard Cemetery, Crandall Lot, Curtis Maine Lot, Daniel Lewis Lot, Daniel Peckham Lot, David Greene Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dawley Lot, Dawley Lot, Dawley-Brown Lot, Dawley-Straight Lot, Doctor Isaac Collins Lot, Dodge Cemetery, Dowley Lot, Eldred Cemetery, Eleazer Slocum Lot, Elias Lewis Lot, Elm Grove Cemetery, Enos-Crandall Lot, Exeter Historical Cemetery, Exeter School Cemetery, Fenner Lot, Fernwood Cemetery, Flagg Lane Cemetery, Fones Palmer Lot, Fones-Brown Cemetery, Fones-Haszard Cemetery, Foster-Spencer Lot, Francis Tanner Lot, Friends Burial Ground, Gardiner Cemetery, Gardiner Lot, Gardiner-Green Lot, Gardner Lot, Gardner Lot, Gardner Lot, Gardner Lot, General George Thurston Lot, George Babcock Lot, George Thomas Cemetery, Greene Cemetery, Greene Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall-Geer Lot, Hammond Cemetery, Hathaway Cemetery, Hazard Sherman Lot, Henry Barber Lot, Henry Family Lot, Henry Maryott Lot, Hezekiah Collins Lot, Hill Cemetery, Himes Cemetery, Himes Cemetery, Hiscox Cemetery, Hopkinton Cemetery, Hoxie Family Lot, Hoxsie-Cayer Lot, Huling Cemetery, Hunt Cemetery, Hunt-Hall Cemetery, Indian Rock Cemetery, Island Cemetery, James Lot, Job Kenyon Lot, John Gardiner Cemetery, John Wightman Cemetery, Joseph Burdick Lot, Kenyon Lot, Larkin Lot, Lawton Cemetery, Lawton Foster Lot, Lewis Family Cemetery, Lewis Family Cemetery, Lewis Lot, Lewis-Himes-Tillinghast Lot, Lillibridge Burial Ground, Lillibridge Cemetery, Lillibridge Lot, Lillibridge Lot, Locke Cemetery, Lockwood Lot, Mary Lewis Lot, Murre Lot, Narragansett Cemetery, Nathan Collins Lot, Nathan Kinyon Lot, Nathaniel Cook Lot, Nathaniel Hall Lot, Nichols Lot, Noyes-Wells Lot, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oatley Lot, Old Baptist Church Yard, Old Baptist Meetinghouse Yard, Old Gardner Cemetery, OLiver Gardiner Cemetery, Palatine Cemetery, Palmer Family Lot, Palmer-Burdick-Appley Lot, Pearce Watson Cemetery, Peleg Card Cemetery, Perkins Family Lot, Perkins Lot, Perkins Lot, Peter Davis Lot, Phenix-Brown-Hendrick Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Phillips-Gardiner Cemetery, Pierce-Phillips Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Potter Lot, Potter Lot, Preacher Smart Burial Yard, Quidnessett Cemetery, Quidnessett Cemetery, Ray Lot, Reverend Solomon Sprague Lot, Reynolds Cemetery, Reynolds Lot, Reynolds-Johnson Lot, Rhode Island State Veteran Cemetery, Richmond Family Lot, Richmond Lot, River Bend Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Robert Browning Lot, Robinson Cemetery, Rockville Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rose Lot, Rothburn Cemetery, Royal Indian Burial Ground, Saint Paul-Updike Cemetery, Saint Sebastian Cemetery, Samuel Arnold Lot, Sarah Larkin Lot, Sedgefield Road Cemetery, Sheffield Cemetery, Sheldon Lot, Sherman Burial Ground, Sherman Cemetery, Sherman Cemetery, Sherman Lot, Sherman Lot, Sherman Lot, Sherman Lot, Sherman-Shearman Cemetery, Slocum-Sweet Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Lot, Spicer Lot, Straight Lot, Sunderland-Tarbox Lot, Sweet Lot, Sweet Lot, Sweet-Austin Cemetery, Sweet-Tripp Lot, Taylor Cemetery, Tefft Family Cemetery, Tennabt Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thomas Wilbur Lot, Thomas Wilcox Lot, Thompson Wells Lot, Tillinghast Lot, Tillinghast Lot, Tillinghast Lot, Tisdale Lot, Tourgee Cemetery, Tower Hill Cemetery, Tripp Family Lot, Vaughan-Arnold Cemetery, Walker Lot, Watson Cemetery, Welling Cemetery, Wells Lot, White Brook Cemetery, Whitford Cemetery, Whitford Lot, Whitford Lot, Whitman-Thurston Lot, Wightman Cemetery, Wilbur Lot, Wilcox Lot, Wilcox-Durfee Lot, Willcox Lot, Willcox-Tate Lot, Willettt Carpenter Cemetery, William Reynolds Cemetery, Witter Lot, Woodmansee Lot, Worden Lot, Young Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ashaway Census Designated Place, Bradford Census Designated Place, Carolina Census Designated Place, Charlestown Census Designated Place, Exeter Census Designated Place, Hope Valley Census Designated Place, Hopkinton Census Designated Place, Kingston Census Designated Place, Misquamicut Census Designated Place, Narragansett Pier Census Designated Place, New Shoreham Census Designated Place, Quonochontaug Census Designated Place, Wakefield-Peacedale Census Designated Place, Watch Hill Census Designated Place, Weekapaug Census Designated Place, Westerly Census Designated Place, Wyoming Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Catumb Passage, Judith Pond, Lords Passage, Sugar Reef Passage, The Narrows, Watch Hill Passage

  Churches     show all on map

Ashaway Bible Chapel, Babcock Presbyterian Church, Central Baptist Church, Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ the King Church, Christ United Methodist Church, Christadelphian Ecclesia Church, Church of the Holy Spirit, Curtis Corner Baptist Church, Dunns Corners Community Church, First Baptist Church in Wickford, First Baptist Church of Charlestown at Quonochontaug, First Baptist Church of North Kingstown, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of the Nazarene, Free Will Baptist Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Harbor Church, Harvest Chapel, Immaculate Conception Church, Kingston Congregational Church, Liberty Church, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Narragansett Church, Narragansett Indian Church, Narragansett Indian Church, New Hope Chapel, New Life Assembly Church, North Kingstown Assembly of God, North Kingstown United Methodist Church, Old Narragansett Episcopal Church, Old Sabbatarian Meeting-House, Our Lady of Victory Church, Pawcatuck Seventh Day Baptist Church, Peace Dale Congregational Church, Perryville Baptist Church, Pilgrims Baptist Church, Primitive Methodist Church, Quidnessett Baptist Church, Rockville Seventh Day Baptist Church, Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, Saint Augustines Church, Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Church, Saint Francis Church, Saint Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, Saint John the Divine Episcopal Church, Saint Josephs Chapel Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church (historical), Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, Saint Puis X Church, Saint Thomas More Church, Seventh Day Baptist Church, Society of Friends Church, South County Church of Christ, Trinity Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County, Wakefield Baptist Church, West Exeter Church, West Kingston Baptist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Clay Head, Mohegan Bluffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 2, Interchange 3, Interchange 3, Interchange 3A, Interchange 3B, Interchange 4, Interchange 4, Interchange 5, Interchange 5, Interchange 5A, Interchange 5B

  Dams     show all on map

Alton Pond Dam, Ashville Pond Dam, Bellville Pond Dam, Blue Pond Dam, Boone Lake Dam, Breakheart Pond Dam, Browning Mill Pond Dam, Carr Pond Dam, Glen Rock Reservoir Dam, Great Swamp Goose Marsh Dam, Horseshoe Falls Dam, Indian Lake Dam, Locustville Pond Dam, Long Pond Dam, Metcalf Wildlife Marsh Dam, Millbrook Pond Dam, Mount Tom Club Wildlife Marsh Dam, Peace Dale Pond Dam, Potowomut Pond Dam, Potter Hill Dam, Silver Spring Lake Dam, Slocum Reservoir Dam, Wertz and Viall Pond Dam, White Rock Dam, Wincheck Pond Dam, Wood River Junction Dam, Woodville Pond Dam, Wyoming Pond Upper Dam, Yawgoog Pond Dam, Yorker Mill Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Horseshoe Falls, Stepstone Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Borland Wood

  Guts     show all on map

Charlestown Breachway, Quonochontaug Breachway, The Breachway, The Narrows, The Narrows, Weekapaug Breachway

  Harbors     show all on map

Old Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Crawford Allen Hospital, Health Center of South County, Rhode Island State Hospital (historical), South County Hospital, WellOne Primary Medical Care Center North Kingstown, Westerly Hospital, Wood River Health Services

  Islands     show all on map

Albro Island, Beach Island, Beef Island, Bill Island, Bills Island, Block Island, Browning Isles (historical), Bush Island, Cedar Island, Cedar Island, Cornelius Island, Cummock Island, Fort Island, Fox Island, Gardner Island, Gardner Island, Goose Island, Goose Island, Gooseberry Island, Gooseberry Island, Gooseberry Island, Governors Island, Great Island, Harbour Island, Harvey Island, Hazard Island, Heather Island, Hell Island, Hog Hill Island, Horace Island, Jacob Island, Jonathan Island, Kedinker Island, Little Comfort Island, Phillips Island, Plato Island, Potato Island, Rabbit Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Rat Island, Rocky Island, Sagebed Island, Sedge Beds Island, Skippers Island, Stevens Island, The Hummocks, Twin Islands, Ward Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alton Pond, Annaquatucket Mill Pond, Asa Pond, Ashville Pond, Austin Farm Pond, Bailey Pond, Ball Pond, Barber Pond, Beach Pond, Belleville Pond, Betty Pucky Pond, Blue Pond, Boon Lake, Breakheart Pond, Bull Head Pond, Canob Pond, Card Ponds, Carolina Trout Pond, Catch Pond, Cedar Swamp Pond, Chapman Pond, Clayhead Swamp, Continental Pond, Cross Mills Pond, Dam Pond, Davol Pond, Deep Pond, Deep Pond, Deep Pond, Deep Pond, Dees Tug Hole, Diamond Pond, Doctor Lewis Pond, Duck Cove, Duck Pond, Edwards Pond, Ell Pond, Factory Pond, Fresh Pond, Fresh Pond, Frying Pan Pond, Frys Pond, Garden Pond, Gates Pond, Georgian Swamp, Grass Pond, Grassy Pond, Green Hill Pond, Hallville Pond, Hannah Clarkin Pond, Hot House Pond, Hundred Acre Pond, Indian Lake, James Pond, Jenkins Pond, John E's Pond, Kettle Hole Pond, King Tom Pond, Lake Canonchet, Larkin Pond, Lillibridge Pond, Lily Pond, Little Maschaug Pond, Little Neck Pond, Little Sachem Pond, Little Wash Pond, Locustville Pond, Long Lot Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Maple Lake, Maschaug Pond, Meadow Brook Pond, Mickill Pond, Middle Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Millbrook Pond, Mitchell Pond, Money Pond, Moscow Ponds, Ninigret Pond, No Bottom Pond, No Bottom Pond, Oak Hill Pond, Pasquiset Pond, Payne Pond, Peckham Pond, Peddlers Pond, Perry Pond, Plain Pond, Point Judith Pond, Potowomut Pond, Potter Pond, Quonochontaug Pond, Rodman Pond, Round Pond, Rum Pond, Sachem Pond, Sandhill Pond, Sands Pond, Sandy Pond, Saugatucket Pond, Saw Mill Pond, School House Pond, Scotch Pond (historical), Secret Lake, Siahs Swamp, Silver Lake, Silver Spring Lake, Spectacle Ponds, Sprague Pond, Spring House Ice Pond, Spring Pond, Teal Pond, Thirty Acre Pond, Trustom Pond, Tucker Pond, Turtle Pond, Upper Pond, Wash Pond, Wash Pond, Watchaug Pond, Wells Pond, Wesquage Pond, White Pond, Winnapaug Pond, Worden Pond, Worden Pond, Yawgoo Mill Pond, Yawgoo Pond, Yawgoog Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Baptist Plantations, Bedrock Farm, Belmont Shoppers Park Shopping Center, Block Island North Lighthouse, Block Island Southeast Lighthouse, Boulder HIlls Country Club, Browning Beach, Burlingame Brook, Camp E-Hun-Tee, Camp Fire Girls Camp (historical), Camp Fuller, Camp Hoffman, Camp Saugatucket, Canochet Station, Cards Camp, Carolina Mill (historical), Carolina Station, Carpenters Grist Mill, Carpenters Mills (historical), Champlins Dock, Charlestown Driving Range, Colonial Shopping Center, Cross Mills (historical), Dale Carlia Shopping Center, Davis Mill (historical), Davisville Depot, Deep Hole Public Fishing Area, Exeter Country Club, Fiddlesticks Recreational Sports Facility, Flying Horse Carousel, Franklin Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Frenchtown Plaza Shopping Center, Frosty Drew Observatory, Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Snuff Mill, Governor Gorton Farm, Granite Hills Shopping Center, Granite Street Shopping Center, Green Hill Beach, Hammonds Mill (historical), Hulings Corner, Independence Mill (historical), Jamestown-Saunderstown Ferry (historical), Kenyon Grist Mill, Kingston Fairgrounds, Kingstown Plaza Shopping Center, Lafayette State Trout Hatchery, Laurel Lane Golf Course, Lindhbrook Country Club, Locustville Pond Public Fishing Area, Meadow Brook Golf Club, Miskiania Camp, Misquamicut Club Golf Course, Moonstone Beach, Napatree Beach, Narragansett Ferry (historical), Narragansett Indian Longhouse and Cultural Center, Narragansett Marine Lab, Narragansett Pier Life Saving Station, Narrow Lane Farm, North Kingston Shopping Center, North Kingstown Golf Course, Oak Harbor Village Shopping Center, Old Exeter Poor Farm (historical), Old Harbor (historical), Old Meetinghouse, Old Plum Beach Ferry (historical), Oliver Watson Farm (historical), Peace Dale Museum of Primitive Culture and Nineteenth Century Mill Village, Pepper Pond Camp, Perryville State Trout Hatchery, Plum Beach Lighthouse, Point Judith Country Club, Point Judith Lighthouse, Pond View Country Club, Poplar Point Lighthouse (historical), Quidnesset Golf and Country Club, Richmond Country Club, Richmond Grange, Robbers Corner (historical), Rodman Mill (historical), Rolling Greens Golf Course, Saint Savios Boys Center, Sakonnet Light, Salt Pond Shopping Center, Saunderstown Yacht Club, Scrabbletown, Shannock Mill Complex, Silas Casey Farm, Silver Spring Lake Public Fishing Area, Smiths Trading Post (historical), South County Museum at Conochet Farms, State Pier Number 5, The Towers (historical), The Wakefield Mall Shopping Center, United States Weather Bureau Station, Upper Iron Works (historical), Warwick Sportsmans Club, Watch Hill Lighthouse, Watson Pier, Weekapaug Yacht Club, West Side Life Saving Station, Westerly Yacht Club, Wickford Commons Mall, Wickford Lighthouse, Wickford Yacht Club, Winnapaug Golf Course, Woodland Golf and Country Club, Yawgoo Valley Ski and Recreation Area, Yawgoog Scout Camp (historical), Yorktown Shopping Center

  Military     show all on map

Battery Connell (historical), Battery Crawford (historical), Battery Wooster (historical), Camp Endicott (historical), Camp Thomas (historical), Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Air Station (historical), Conanicut Battery (historical), Davisville Construction Battalion Center, Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center (historical), Fort Mansfield (historical), Fort Nathaniel Greene (historical), Fort Philip Kearney (historical), Fort Woolcot (historical), Naval Air Station Quonset Point (historical), Quonset Air Guard Base, Westerly Armory (historical), Westerly Naval Auxiliary Air Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Cojoot Mine (historical), Smith Granite Quarry (historical), Sullivan Quarries (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Adventureland Amusement Park, Arcadia Management Area, Atlantic Beach Amusement Park, Beach Pond Forest Environment Site, Black Farm State Management Area, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, Burlingame Management Area, Burlingame State Management Area, Burlingame State Park, Canochet Memorial, Carolina Management Area, Carolina Village Historic District, Central Street Historic District, Cocumscussoc State Park, Davisville Historic District, Dawley Memorial State Park, Earlscourt Historic District, Enchanted Forest, Feurer Park, Fishermans Memorial State Park, Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge, Forge Road Historic District, Galilee Bird Sanctuary, General Stanton Monument, Great Swamp Fight Site, Great Swamp Wildlife Reservation, Hamilton Mill Village Historic District, Hopkinton City Historic District, Indian Cedar Swamp Management Area, Kimball Wildlife Refuge, Kingston Village Historic District, Main Street Historic District, Middletown Square, Narragansett Indian Monument, Newton Swamp Management Area, Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge, Ninigret Park, Ninigret State Conservation Area, Ninigret Statue, Ocean Road Historic District, Old Harbor Historic District, Old Mountain Field, Packer State Fishing Access, Pawcatuck River State Wildlife Management Area, Peace Dale Historic District, Pettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge, Pettaquamscutt Park, Queens Fort (historical), Richard Smiths Grove, Rockville Management and Public Fishing Area, Rockville State Management Area, Ryan Park, Sahnnock Historic District, Saunderstown Historic District, Shady Lea Historic District, South Shore Management Area, Sprague Memorial Field, Sprague Park, Succotash Marsh State Management Area, Towers Historic District, Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Usquepaug Road Historic District, Veterans Park, Watch Hill Historic District, Westerly Downtown Historic District, Wickford Historic District, Wilcox Arboretum, Wilcox Park Historic District, Wood State Hunting and Fishing Area, Woody Hill Management Area, Woody Hill State Management Area, Wyoming Village Historic District

  Pillars     show all on map

Beach Rock, Bill Dyer Rock, Black Point Rock, Black Rock, Black Rock, Bog Rock, Calf Pasture Rock, Catumb Rocks, Champlin Rock, Charles Rock, Clump Rock, Clump Rocks, Cold Spring Rock, Cormorant Rock, Coronation Rock, Crying Rocks, Dennison Rock, Flat Rock, Flat Rock, Flat Rock, Gangway Rock, General Rock, Goat Rock, Grove Point Rock, Gunning Rock, Hannah Robinson Rock, Indian Rock, Lantern Rock, League Rock, Little League Rock, Little Whale, Manney Rock, Mill Rock, Old Ballast Rock, Old Briton Rock, Old Daniel Rock, Old Gay Rock, Old Sergeant, Old Sow Rock, Old Whale Rock, Packard Rocks, Peaked Rock, Pettaquamscutt Rock, Quahaug Rock, Red Rock, Rhodes Folly Rock, River Rock, Round Rock, Sassamore Rock, Scragg Rock, Seal Rock, Snores Rocks, The Brothers, The Brothers, The Brothers, The Clump, The Hummocks, Three Sisters, Thurston Northrup Rocks, Tom Congdon Rock, Van Buren Rock, Whale Rock, White Rocks

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allenton, Alton, Annaquatucket, Arcadia, Arnolda, Ashaway, Austin, Avondale, Barberville, Belleville, Bethel, Biscuit City (historical), Black Plain, Bonnet Shores, Bradford, Bridgetown, Brudickville, Bungtown (historical), Burdickville, Canonchet, Carolina, Centerville, Charlestown, Charlestown Beach, Cocumscussoc (historical), Cold Spring Beach, Columbia Heights, Congdon Hill (historical), Cranstons Corner (historical), Curtis Corner, Davisville, Dunn Corner, Dunn Landing, Ellis Flats, Elmhurst (historical), Exeter, Fisherville, Fort Ninigret, Galilee, Gardners Corner, Glen Rock, Gould, Green Hill, Hamilton, Haversham, Hillsdale, Hope Valley, Hopkinton, Horn Heap, Indian Lake Shores, Isaacs Corner, Jerusalem, Kenyon, Kiefer Park, Kingston, Kingston Station, Lafayette, Langworthy Corner, Lewis City, Liberty, Locustville, Matunuck, McGowan Corners, Mill Village (historical), Millville, Misquamicut, Misquamicut, Mooresfield, Moscow, Mount View, Narraganset (historical), Narragansett, Narragansett Beach, Narragansett Pier, New Shoreham, New Shoreham Center, North Kingstown, North Quidnessett, Old Harbor Landing, Pawcatuck (historical), Peace Dale, Perryville, Pettaquamscutt Lake Shores, Pine Hill, Plum Beach, Plum Point, Point Judith, Potter Hill, Quidnessett, Quonochontaug, Quonochontaug Beach (historical), Rockville, Rocky Brook, Rodman Crossing (historical), Saunderstown, Scarborough Hills, Seaweed Beach, Shady Harbor, Shady Lea, Shannock, Shelter Harbor, Shore Acres, Slocum, Snug Harbor, South Ferry, South Hopkinton, Stillmanville, Tower Hill (historical), Tripps Corner, Tuckertown, Tuckertown Four Corners, Tug Hollow, Usquepaug, Wakefield, Watch Hill, Weekapaug, Wekapaug (historical), West Kingston, Westerly, Whale Rock Light (historical), White Rock, Wickford, Wickford Junction, Wood River Junction, Woodville, Wyoming

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adin Post Office (historical), Allenton Post Office (historical), Alton Post Office (historical), Arcadia Post Office (historical), Ashaway Post Office, Austin Post Office (historical), Avondale Post Office, Barberville Post Office, Canochet Post Office (historical), Carolina Post Office, Charlestown Post Office, Davisville Post Office (historical), East Matanuck Post Office, Elmhurst Post Office (historical), Exeter Post Office, Gould Post Office (historical), Green Hill Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Haversham Post Office (historical), Hope Valley Post Office, Hopkinton Post Office, Jamestown Post Office, Kenyon Post Office, Kingston Station Wakefield Post Office, Kingstown Post Office (historical), LaFayette Post Office, Liberty Post Office, Matanuck Post Office, Mumfords Mill Post Office (historical), Narragansett Pier Post Office (historical), Narragansett Post Office, Narragansett Station Wakefield Post Office, North Kingstown Post Office, North Kingstown Post Office, Noyes Beach Post Office (historical), Peace Dale Post Office (historical), Perrysville Post Office, Pinehill Post Office (historical), Point Judith Post Office (historical), Potter Hill Post Office (historical), Quonochontaug Post Office (historical), Quonset Point East Greenwich Post Office (historical), Richmond Post Office (historical), Rockville Post Office, Rocky Brook Post Office (historical), Saunderstown Post Office, Saunderstown Post Office, Scarborough Beach Post Office (historical), Shannock Post Office, Slocum Post Office, South Ferry Post Office (historical), South Kingston Post Office (historical), South Pier Post Office (historical), Tower Hill Post Office, Usquepaugh Post Office (historical), Wakefield Post Office, Watch Hill Post Office, Weekapaug Post Office, West Kingston Post Office, Westerly Post Office, White Rock Post Office, Wickford Post Office, Wood River Junction Post Office, Woodville Post Office (historical), Wyoming Post Office

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The Hills

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Annaquatucket Reservoir, Boone Lake, Browning Mill Pond, Carr Pond, Dawley Pond, Glen Rock Reservoir, Great Swamp Goose Marsh, Indian Run Reservoir, Ishmael Lake, Metcalf Wildlife Marsh, Mill Pond, Money Swamp Pond, Mount Tom Club Wildlife Marsh, Peace Dale Reservoir, Potowomut Pond, Rocky Brook Reservoir, Rodman Mill Pond, Saw Mill Pond, Slocum Reservoir, The Reservoir, Wakefield Mill Reservoir, Wertz and Viall Pond, Wincheck Pond, Woodville Pond, Wyoming Pond, Yorker Mill Pond

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Ashaway Elementary School, Austin School (historical), Babcock Middle School, Bell Schoolhouse (historical), Block Island Early Learning Center, Block Island School, Bradford School, Bradley School, Broad Rock Middle School, Cane Educational Center, Central Nursery School, Chariho Area Career and Technical Center, Chariho Regional High School, Chariho Regional Middle School, Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Historical Society Schoolhouse (historical), Charlestown School, Chestnut Hill School (historical), Compass Charter School, Creative Activities Center, Curtis Corner Middle School, Davisville Elementary School, Davisville Middle School, District Schoolhouse Number 2 (historical), Doctor Joseph H Ladd School, Dunns Corner School, Dunns Corners Church Preschool, Fifth Avenue School (historical), Fishing Cove Elementary School, Forest Park School, Gingerbread House Nursery School, Hall School (historical), Hamilton Elementary School, Hazard School, Hope Valley Elementary School, Hoskins School, Immaculate Conception Academy, Jamestown School at Lawn, Kingston Hill Academy, Littlebrook Child Development Center, Lower Point Judith Schoolhouse, Matunuck School, Metcalf School, Monsignor Matthew F Clarke Catholic Regional School, Montessori Toddlers Plus, Narragansett Elementary School, Narragansett High School, Narragansett Pier School, North Kingston Day Care and Pre-School, North Kingstown Day Care and Preschool, North Kingstown Senior High School, Nuweetooun School, Old Center School House, Pawcatuck Academy (historical), Peace Dale Early Learning Center, Peace Dale Elementary School, Quarry Hill School (historical), Quest Montessori School, Quidnessett Elementary School, Quidnessett School for Young Children, Quonset School, Red Schoolhouse (historical), Richmond Elementary School, Saint Andrew Preschool, Saint Bernards School, Saint Paul Nursery, Saint Pauls Nursery School, Saint Peters Play School, Saint Puis X School, Scallop Shell Day Care Center, Schoolhouse Number 2 (historical), Sea Breeze Early Learning Center, South County Montessori School, South Kingston High School, South Kingstown Junior High School, South Road Elementary School, South Shore School, Southern Rhode Island Regional Collaborative School, Springbrook Elementary School, State Street Elementary School, Stony Lane School, Sunshine Child Development Center, The Farm School, The Prout School, Tower School (historical), Tower Street School, Trinity Lutheran Preschool, Tripps Corner Schoolhouse (historical), Union School (historical), University of Rhode Island, University of Rhode Island Bay Campus, University of Rhode Island Child Development Center, University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus, Village Cooperative Nursery School, Wakefield Elementary School, Washington Academy (historical), Watch the Lamb Preschool, Wawaloam School, West Bay Christian Academy, West Kingston Elementary School, Westerly High School, Westerly Junior High School, Westerly-Pawcatuck YMCA Preschool, Wickford Elementary School, Wickford Middle School, Wickford Nursery School, Wood River Preschool, Yawgoo School (historical), YMCA Nursery School

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Boiling Spring, Dead Man Spring, Gin Spring, Goose Nest Spring, Niles Spring

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Aguntang Brook, Alewife Brook, Ashaway River, Baker Brook, Beaver River, Boiling Spring Brook, Breakheart Brook, Browns Brook, Brushy Brook, Canonchet Brook, Cedar Swamp Brook, Chickasheen Brook, Chipuxet River, Cocumcussoc Brook, Congdon River, Crooked Brook, Dead Man Brook, Diamond Brook, Dutemple Brook, Dutemple Brook, Eldridge Creek (historical), Fisherville Brook, Flat River, Fresh Meadow Brook, Genesee Brook, Glen Rock Brook, Green Fall River, Hall Creek, Halls Creek, Indian Run, Locke Brook, Log House Brook, Mastuxet Brook, Mattatuxet River, McGowan Brook, Meadow Brook, Mile Brook, Mill Creek, Mink Brook, Moscow Brook, Mud Brook, Parmenter Brook, Parris Brook, Pasquiset Brook, Pawcatuck River, Pendock Brook, Perry Healy Brook, Pettaquamscutt River, Pine River, Poquiant Brook, Queen River, Queens Fort Brook, Raccoon Brook, Rake Factory Brook, Rankin Brook, Red Brook (historical), Reuben Brown Brook, Roaring Brook, Sandhill Brook, Saugatucket River, Scrabbletown Brook, Sherman Brook, Shewatuck Brook (historical), Smelt Brook, Sodom Brook, Spring Gutter Brook (historical), Taney Brook, Tanyard Brook, Tibbets Creek, Tomaquag Brook, Usquepaug River, Viall Creek (historical), Wannuchecomecut Brook, White Brook, White Horn Brook, Wine Brook, Wood River, Woody Hill Brook, Yawgunsk Brook

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Bailey Hill, Bald Hill, Barber Heights, Beach Plum Hill, Beacon Hill, Bear Hill, Big White Hill, Blackberry Hill, Bluff Head, Bluff Hill, Border Hill, Briggs Corner, Brightman Hill, Broad Hill, Bumpin Hill, Bush Lot Hill, Casey Hill, Champlin Hill, Chase Hill, Cherry Tree Hill, Cocumcussoc, Congdon Hill, Cooky Hill, Coon Hill, Diamond Hill, Dumping Rock, Dye Hill, Exeter Hill, Fenner Hill, Great Neck, Green Hill, Gunners Hill, Hammond Hill, Harbor Hill, High Point, Hornbeam Chapel, Huckleberry Hill, Indian Burying Hill, Jobs Hill, Jumping Hill, Kenyon Hill, Kingston Hill, Little Sugarloaf Hill, Maxon Hill, McSparran Hill, Meetinghouse Hill, Mount Moriah, Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, Mount Tom, Mouwneit Hill, Pilot Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Plover Hill, Pork Hill, Potter Hill, Rabbit Hill, Ridge Hill, Rose Hill, Sand Hill (historical), Sandy Hill, Shannock Hill, Sherman Hill, Shrub Hill, Shumunkanuc Hill, Skunk Hill, Stook Hill, Strawberry Hill, Sugarloaf Hill, Sunset Hill, Swede Hill, Tefft Hill, Tefft Hill, The Mount, Tobey Neck, Tower Hill, Watch Hill, Wilbur Hill, Wolf Rocks, Woody Hill, Yorker Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Ambrose Swamp, Arrow Swamp, Bear Swamp, Black Swamp, Coonimus Swamp, Crying Bog, Dawley Swamp, Franklin Swamp, Fresh Swamp, Genesee Swamp, Great Swamp, Great Swamp, Green Hill Swamp, Indian Cedar Swamp, Locke Swamp, Mill Tail Swamp, Money Swamp, Moonshine Swamp, New Meadow Hill Swamp, Niles Swamp, Rossis Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Beacon Hill Stone Tower, Hannah Robinson Obeservation Tower, Pine Hill Lookout Tower, WERI-AM (Westerly), WERI-FM (Westerly), WKFD, WKFD, WMYD-AM (Wickford), WRIU-FM (Kingston)

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Clayhead Nature Trail

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Rodman Hollow

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Genesee Woods,

Washington County, Rhode Island Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWashington County White population 118,554118,553  
AsianWashington County Asian population 2,2682,267
MixedWashington County Mixed population 2,1422,141
BlackWashington County Black population 1,6381,637
American IndianWashington County American Indian population 1,1341,133
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWashington County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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