Pennington County, South Dakota Basics:

Pennington County South Dakota - Government Site

Population: 104,363
Area: 2777 square miles
County seat: Rapid City
Area code(s) in use: 605
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.8%
Median household income: $50,253
Persons in poverty: 13.2%
Home ownership rate: 65.4%
Mean travel time to work: 17.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Crook (WY)  Custer  Haakon  Jackson  Lawrence  Meade  Shannon  Weston (WY)  Ziebach  

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Map of the Pennington County area

Our detail map of Pennington County shows the Pennington County, South Dakota boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Pennington County, South Dakota

  Airports     show all on map

Barber Airstrip, Clark Landing Strip, Dan's Airport, Heinrich Airstrip, Hoffman Landing Strip, Indian Village Landing Strip, Lien Airfield, Rapid City Regional Airport, Rapid City Regional Hospital Heliport, Rockerville Airport, Rushmore Airport, Wall Municipal Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Mountain Basin, Bloom Basin, Conata Basin, Sage Creek Basin, Scenic Basin, Tyree Basin

  Buildings     show all on map

109 Community Hall, Black Hills Life Flight, Black Hills Rehabilitation Hospital, Black Hills Visitor Information Center, Box Elder City Hall, Box Elder Fire Department, Bump-Macdonald Paleontology Library, Connolly Hall, Creighton Community Hall, Devereaux Library, Doty Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Hayward Fire Department, He Sapa College Center Library, Hill City Ambulance Service, Hill City City Hall, Hill City Community Library, Hill City Fire Department, Howard Peterson Hall, Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Journey Museum, Keystone Ambulance Service, Keystone City Hall, Keystone Fire Department, Keystone Town Library, Medical Air Rescue Company, Museum of Geology, National Grasslands Visitors Cnter, National Presidential Wax Museum, New Underwood City Hall, New Underwood Community Center, New Underwood Fire Department, North Haines Volunteer Fire Department, Palmerton Hall, Pennington County Courthouse, Pennington County Jail, Peno Basin Civic Center, Pioneer Museum, Quinn Volunteer Fire Department, Rapid City City Hall, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 1, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 3, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 4, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 5, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 6, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 7, Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services Station 8, Rapid City Public Library, Rapid City Public Library North, Rapid City Visitor Information Center, Rapid Valley Community Hall, Rapid Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Regional Behavioral Health Center, Rimrock Community Center, Rochford Volunteer Fire Department, Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Scenic Volunteer Fire Department, Silver City Volunteer Fire Department, Sioux Indian Museum, South Dakota Air and Space Museum, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Geology Museum, South Dakota State Railroad Museum, Storm Mountain Retreat Center, Thomas Jefferson Library, Wall City Hall, Wall Community Center, Wall Community Library, Wall Volunteer Ambulance Service, Wall Volunteer Fire Department, Wasta Fire Department, Westjet Air Center, Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Protection District, Wounded Knee Museum

  Canals     show all on map

Cyclone Ditch, Hawthorne Ditch, Iowa Ditch, Lone Tree Ditch, Murphy Ditch, Saint Germaine Ditch, South Side Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Commissary Point, Tomaha Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Creighton Cemetery, Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Keystone Cemetery, Larsen Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Owanka Cemetery, Pine Lawn Memorial Park, Rochford Cemetery, Rockerville Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Saint Paul Cemetery, Scenic Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ashland Heights Census Designated Place, Caputa Census Designated Place, Colonial Pine Hills Census Designated Place, Green Valley Census Designated Place, Johnson Siding Census Designated Place, Rapid Valley Census Designated Place, Unorganized Territory of Badlands (historical), Unorganized Territory of Lake Creek (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Big Foot Church, Emmanuel Church, Slate Prairie Church, Stavekirke Chapel

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 101, Interchange 107, Interchange 109, Interchange 110, Interchange 112, Interchange 116, Interchange 121, Interchange 1C, Interchange 55, Interchange 57, Interchange 58, Interchange 59, Interchange 60, Interchange 61, Interchange 63, Interchange 67, Interchange 78, Interchange 84, Interchange 88, Interchange 90, Interchange 99

  Dams     show all on map

Bloom-Shearer Dam, Bruce Dam, BSA Dam, Bud Bloom Dam, Canyon Lake Dam, Conata East 302 Dam, Crowndam Dam, Dannie O'Connell Dam, David Kitterman Dam, Deerfield Dam, Donald Kelly Dam, Ed Frien Dam, Elmer Olseon Dam, Erwin Eisenbraun Dam, Farming Dale 1 Dam, Farming Dale Dam, Frank Anderson Dam, Geigle Dam, George Kjerstad Dam, George Knapp Dam, Gordon Babcock Dam, Harold Severson Dam, Hoffman Dam, Horse Thief Lake Dam, James Kjerstad Dam, Jerry Willuweit Dam, Joe Papousek Dam, Julian Cheney Dam, Kirk Cordes Dam, Kirk Cordes Dam, Kirk Cordes Dam, Kirk Cordes Dam, Konrad Kjerstad Dam, Lakner Dam, Larsen Lyman 1 Dam, Larsen Lyman 2 Dam, Lavon Shearer Dam, Lavon Shearer Dam, Leonard Kjerstad Number 2 Dam, Leonard Kjerstad Number 3 Dam, Lewis Dam, Lurz Dam, Milton Trask Dam, Missile 249 Dam, Mitchell Lake Dam, New Underwood Dam, New Wall Lake Dam, Old Town Dam, Owanka 1 Dam, Pactola Dam, Peno Grazing Association Dam, Percy Dam, Pierce Dam, Quinn Dam, Quinn Township Dam, Red Dale Gulch Dam, Roy Schull Number 1 Dam, Roy Schull Number 2 Dam, Sage Creek 344 Dam, Selvin Johnson Dam, Sheridan Lake Dam, Shyne 1 Dam, Sieler Dam, Slate Creek Dam, South Whitewater 251 Dam, Tennyson Dam, Theodore Kjerstad Dam, Tony Krebs Dam, Veryl Schroeder 1 Dam, Veryl Schroeder 2 Dam, Vesta Dam, Victoria Dam, Virgil Horton 1 Dam, Virgil Horton 2 Dam, Virgil Horton 4 Dam, Walt Hoffman Number 1 Dam, Wicksville 1 Dam, William Huether Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Grizzly Bear Falls, Thunderhead Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Baker Park, Blind Park, Brennan Flat, Cow Flat, Duhamel Flat, Fox Flat, Gillette Prairie, Holcomb Flat, Hunt Table, Keester Table, Newton Park, Reynolds Prairie, Slate Prairie

  Forests     show all on map

Black Hills National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Big Foot Pass, Black Gap, Custer Gap, Dillon Pass, Sage Creek Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bennett Clarkson Hospital, Black Hills Surgery Center, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Same Day Surgery Center, Sioux Sanitorium, Sioux Sans Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Cameron Pond, Duck Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Pole Creek Pond Lake, Rogers Lake, Twin Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Alta (historical), Arrowhead Country Club, Badget Ranch, Baken Park Shopping Center, Baken Park Shopping Center, Bastian Ranch, Bear Gulch Campground, Bear Gulch II (historical), Bear Mountain Lookout, Beaver Creek Camp, Beaver Creek Campground, Berry Patch Campground, Berry Ranch, Black Hills Country Club (historical), Black Hills Kennel Club, Black Hills Maze, Bourne Ranch, Boutwell Ranch (historical), Burnt Ranch, Camp Columbus, Camp Fifteen (historical), Camp Judson (historical), Camp One (historical), Camp Prospect (historical), Camp Rapid, Camp Rapid, Canyon Junction (historical), Captain Jacks Dry Diggins (historical), Castle Peak Campground, Cattles Ranch, Cave Draw Summer Homes, Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery, Comptons Ranch (historical), Conata Picnic Ground, Cornelison Ranch, Creighton (historical), Crouch Ranch, Crowser Ranch, Custer Trail Campground, Dahl Fine Arts Center, Dale Ranch, Dale Ranch, Davis Ranch, Deer Head Lodge, Deer Lodge, Deerfield Lake Boat Ramp Campground, Denke Ranch, Dillon Campground, Ditch Creek Gampground, Dolan Ranch, Doll Ranch, Dunham Field, Dutchman Campground, Elkhorn Picnic Area, Elm Creek Ranch, Erickson Ranch, Erickson Ranch, Executive Golf Course, Eyster Ranch, Fish and Hunter Siding (historical), Flannigan Cabin, Floyd Fitzgerald Stadium, Four Ranch (historical), Gabriel Ranch, Gillettes Ranch (historical), Glendale (historical), Gold Run Campground, Grizzly Bear Picnic Ground, H O Siding, Haines Station Shopping Center, Harney Ranger Station, Harper Ranch, Hausle Ranch, Hawks Ranch (historical), Herman Matt Ranch, Hill City Sewage Lagoon, Hoar Ranch, Hoffman Ranch, Horse Thief Lake Campground, Howell Ranch, Huckens Ranch (historical), Hupp Ranch, Irwins Ranch (historical), Jackson Ranch (historical), Jenney Gulch Picnic Area, Johnson Ranch, Kimballs Ranch (historical), Kinney Ranch, Knutson Ranch, LaCroix Links Golf Course, Lake Park Campground, Lake Shore Picnic Area, Lazy J RV Park and Campground, Lessering Ranch, Lind Camp, Lookout Mill, Luhtasaari Ranch, Maco Sica Picnic Ground, McCoy Ranch, McCullough Ranch, McIlraby Ranch, Meadowbrook Golf Course, Medicine Mountain Ranch, Merry-Go-Round Camp, Mickelson Ranch, Miller Camp, Miller Camp (historical), Miller Ranch, Miller Ranch, Monheim Ranch, Montezuma (historical), Moon (historical), Moon Campground, Moose Camp (historical), Mount Rushmore KOA, Mount Rushmore Memorial, Mountain City Picnic Area, Neuman-Scott Ranch, Newton Lake Picnic Grounds, Norbeck Memorial Overlook, North Cove Campground, North Rapid Shopping Center, Northgate Shopping Center, Northside Campground, O'Connell Ranch, O'Harra Stadium, Oberg Ranch, Oblivion (historical), Ochre City (historical), Old Smelter (historical), Oreville Campground, Pactola Campground, Pactola Campground, Pactola Forest Service Facility, Pactola Point Picnic Area, Pactola Point Picnic Area, Pactola Visitor Center, Paulson Ranch, Pedro (historical), Peterson Ranch, Pine Camp (historical), Pinedate (historical), Pinnacles Ranger Station, Placerville Camp, Power House (historical), Prickett Ranch, Rapid City Fairgrounds, Rapid City KOA, Redbank Spring Campground, Reder Ranger Station, Reynolds Ranch, Reynolds Ranch, Rhiley Ranch, Rhoads Ranch, Robbinsdale Shopping Center, Rockford Forest Service Facility, Rosedale (historical), Rossville (historical), Rushmore Mall, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rushmore Shadows Resort, Sage Creek Primitive Ground, Sanders Corral, Sasse Ranch, Schroeder Ranch, Scott Ranch, Sears Ranch, Severson Ranch, Shick Ranch, Soholt Ranch, South Beach Campground, South Town Mall, Southside Campground, Spring Creek Picnic Area, Storybook Island, Strandell Ranch, Strato Rim Overlook Campground, Summit Ridge Lookout, Teddy Bear (historical), The Ranch Amusement Park, Thompson Ranch, Three Forks (historical), Three Forks Campground, Tomaha Camp, Tony Matt Ranch, Trask Ranch, Tysdal Ranch, Vanderlehrs Ranch (historical), Villa Ranchero Shopping Center, Wall Electronic Site, Whispering Pines Campground and Lodging, White Ranch, White Tail Peak Campground, Whites Ranch (historical), Willow Creek Horse Campground, Willuwett Ranch, Wilsey Ranch, Wilson Ranch, Y-Park

  Military     show all on map

Camp Rapid

  Mines     show all on map

Accidental Mine, Addie Lode Mine, Annie Number 1 Lode Mine, Antler-Burlington Mine, Big Chief Mine, Big Hit Mine, Big Shot Mine, Big Smoke Mine, Bismark-Ida Florence Group Mine, Black Crystal Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Metal Mine, Black Tunnel Mine, Blackbird Mine, Bluebird Claim Mine, Buckeye and Lena Mine, Bullion Mine, Butte Group Mine, Calumet Mine, Campaign Mine, Carnbray Mine, Cassiterite Mine, Century Mine, Champion Mine, Champion Mine, Clara Belle Mine, Coats Dike Mine, Columbia Mine, Confidence Mine, Copper Mountain Gravel Pit, Cowboy Mine, Crain Mine, Custer Group Mine, Cuttys Ark Mine, Dakota Calmet Mine, Dan Patch Mine, Deacon Wright Lode Mine, Dewey Mine, Diana Mine, Dike Mine, Divide Lode Mine, Dolcode Mine, Dyke Mine, Eclipse Group Mine, Edison Mine, Edna Hazel Mine, Egyptian Group Mine, El Dorado Mine, Eldorado Mine, Elkhorn Mine, Elta Mine, Empire Mine, Empire Mine, Eureka Mine, Excelsior Mine, February Mine, Ferguson Mine, First Find Mine, Forrest City Mine, Gap Lode Mine, Gertie Mine, Giltedge Mine, Giras Claim Mine, Glendale Mine, Gold Dirt Mine (historical), Gold Hill Lode Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Gold Mountain Mine, Golden Slipper Mine, Golden Slipper Mine (historical), Golden Summit Mine, Golden West Mine, Good Luck Mine, Grand Island Group Mine, Greenback Mine, Grizzly Bear Mine, Halcyon Mine, Hardesty Homestead Mine, Henry Tin Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, High Lode Mine, Holy Smoke Mine, Holy Terror Mine, Homelode Mine, Hugo Mine, Hugo Mine, Ida Mine, Ingersoll Mine, J R Extension Mine, J R Mine, Jenney Mine, Joe Dollar Mine, Jolly Mine, Juniper Mine, Keystone Mine, King Lithia Prospect Mine, King Mica Mine, King of the West Mine, Legal Tender Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Lucky Cuss Mine (historical), Maderposson Mine, Martha Washington Mine, Mastiff Mine, McKinnon and Millers Claim Mine, Mica Mine, Michigan Placer Ground Mine, Mohawk Mine, Monkey Lode Mine, Mud Lake Gravel Pit, Naiad Queen Lode Mine, Nathaniel Pope Mine, Nichols Creek Gravel Pit, OK Lode Mine, Olympia Mine, Omega Mine (historical), Oreville Spar Mine, Otlershagen Prospect Mine, Peerless Mine, Pettit and Pfanders Claim Mine, Pink Elephant Beryl Prospect Mine, Plate Mica Prospect Mine, Ponca Group Mine, Queen Bee Mine, Queen Claim Mine, Rattlesnake Mine, Reinbold Claim Mine, Rosebud Mine (historical), Saint Elmo Mine, Sally Cavanaugh Mine, Samelias Mine, Silica Sand Mine, Sitting Bull Mine, Soda Spar Mine, Stan-Penn Lodge Mine, Standby Mine, Star Lode Mine, Summit Mine, Sunbeam Mine, Sunflower Mine, Sunnyside Mine, Tiffel Mine, Tiger Lode Mine, Tim Plate Mine, Tin Boom Mine, Tin Center Mine, Tin Chance Mine, Tin King Mine, Tin Queen Mine, Tungsten Lode Mine, Vida May Mine, Watson Mine, Western Feldspar Mine, White Swan Mine, White Whale Mine, Wolfram Lode, Wood Tin Mine, Woodchuck Mine, Yellow Bird Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Badlands National Park, Canyon Lake Park, College Park, Deerfield Lake Recreation Area, Dinosaur Park, Dinosaur Park, Hall Park, Halley Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Pactola Reservoir Recreation Area, Presbyterian Church Camp, Reno Gulch Park, Robbinsdale Park, Roosevelt Park, Sioux Park, Storybook Island, Upper Pine Creek Natural Area, Wheaton College Summer Camp, Wilson Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, The Pinnacles

  Populated Places     show all on map

Ajax, Arrowhead Estates, Ashland Heights, Big Bend, Box Elder, Broadmoor Subdivision, Canyon City (historical), Caputa, Castleton (historical), Clara Belle Camp (historical), Clarkson Addition, Colonial Pine Hills, Conata, Copper Camp (historical), Creighton, Creston, Deerfield, Fairview (historical), Farmingdale, Five Points, Florence (historical), Frenchtown (historical), Gold Mountain Subdivision, Gossage Memorial, Green Valley, Harney, Hayward (historical), Hill City, Hisega, Imlay, J and E Trailer Court, Johnson Siding, Kennedyville, Keystone, Lakota Homes, Mawl Springs, McGee, Melcore Acres Subdivision, Merritt, Moon, Murphy, Myersville, Mystic, New Underwood, Oreville, Owanka, Pactola (historical), Pedro, Quinn, Rapid City, Rapid Valley, Redfern, Reno, Ridgeland Heights, Rochford, Rockerville, Scenic, Schaeferville, Sheridan (historical), Silver City, Sioux Village, South Canyon Country Estates, Stratosphere Bowl, Thunderbird Homes Addition, Tigerville, Twilight Hills Addition, Wall, Warbonnet, Wasta, Wicksville, Wildwood Addition

  Post Offices     show all on map

Box Elder Post Office, Camp Judson Post Office (historical), Caputa Post Office, Casey Post Office (historical), Dakota City Post Office (historical), Harney Peak Post Office (historical), Hill City Post Office, Hisega Post Office (historical), Keystone Post Office, New Underwood Post Office, Quinn Post Office, Rapid City Post Office, Rockerville Post Office (historical), Scenic Post Office, Silver City Post Office (historical), Wall Post Office, Wasta Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Bald Hills, Bald Hills, Railroad Buttes, Stony Buttes

  Reserves     show all on map

Badlands Wilderness, Black Elk Wilderness, Sage Creek Wilderness Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Big Foot Pass Reservoir, Boggy Reservoir, Canyon Lake, Conata East 302 Reservoir, Deerfield Lake, Farmingdale Reservoir, Hammann Lake, Horse Thief Lake, Kirk Cordes Number 10 Reservoir, Kirk Cordes Number 20 Reservoir, Kirk Cordes Number 30 Reservoir, Kirk Cordes Number 40 Reservoir, Major Lake, Missile 249 Reservoir, Mitchell Lake, Pactola Reservoir, Pierce Lake, Red Dale Gulch Reservoir, Redbank Spring Reservoir, Reno Gulch Reservoir, Sage Creek 344 Reservoir, Shearer Lake, Sheridan Lake, Shyne Lake, Thompson Reservoir, Willow Springs Reservoir, Willuweit Dam Number 10 Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Calumet Ridge, Coad Hill, Dumbuk Ridge, Murphy Ridge, Rimmer Ridge, Sherwood-Kinney Divide, Spiken Ridge, Summit Ridge, The Pulpit, Thomson-Kinney Divide, Tunnel Ridge, Zimmer Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Badger Clark/Carrousel Elementary School, Bergquist School, Big Foot School, Big White Elementary School, Black Hills Lutheran Middle School, Blair School, Bourne School, Calvary Christian Elementary School, Canyon Lake Elementary School, Castle Rock School, Cedar Butte School, Centerville School, Central High School, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Building, Civil/Mechanical Engineering Building, Cleghorn School, Corral Drive Elementary School, Cottonwood School, Dakota Middle School, Dawkins School, Deerfield School, Dodge School, Doty School, Douglas High School, Douglas Middle School, Electrical Engineering/Physics Building, Elm Springs Elementary School, Evergreen School, Francis Case Elementary School, Fuller School, Garfield School, General Beadle Elementary School, Grandview Elementary School, Hammann School, Harmony School, He Sapa College Center, Hill City Elementary School, Hill City High School, Hill City Middle School, James E Martin Paleontology Research Laboratory, Jefferson Academy, Jobgen School, Kibben-Kuster School, King Center, Knollwood Heights Elementary School, Knuppe School, Kube School, Lincoln School, Lincoln School, Lone Tree School, Mann School, Mann School, McLaury Building, Meadowbrook Elementary School, Mineral Industries Building, National American University - Rapid City, Neely School, New Underwood Elementary School, New Underwood High School, New Underwood Junior High School, North 71 Table School, North Creighton School, North Middle School, North Star School, North Star School, O'Hara Building, Pactola School, Pennington Square School, Pine Grove School, Pinedale Elementary School, Pinkerton School, Pleasant Hill School, Pleasant View School, Quinn Table School, Rapid City Christian High School, Rapid City Christian Middle School, Rapid City Lutheran Elementary School, Rapid Valley Elementary School, Reich School, Reynolds Prairie School, Robbinsdale Elementary School, Roosevelt School, Saint Paul's Elementary School, Saint Thomas More High School, Seton Elementary School, Seton Middle School, Seton Pre-Kindergarten School, Simon School, Slate Prairie School, South Canyon Elementary School, South Creighton School, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Middle School, South Park Elementary School, South Slate School, Southwest Middle School, Squaw Creek School (historical), Stevens High School, Sunnyside School, Surbeck Center, Upper Rapid School, Valley View Elementary School, Vandenberg Elementary School, Wall Elementary School, Wall High School, Wall Middle School, Wayside School, West High School, West Middle School, Western Dakota Technical Institute, Whispering Pine School, White Eagle School, Wicksville Community School, Winther School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Antelope Springs, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Briggs Spring, Cabin Spring, Doty Spring, Dougherty Spring, Dowell Spring, Freel Spring, Freel Spring, Gillum Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Green Mountain Spring, Howell Spring, Huss Spring, Jackson Spring, Johnson Spring, Kinney Spring, Knutsen Spring, Lost Park Spring, Lyons Spring, Maitland Spring, Miller Spring, Mix Spring, Musser Spring, Oatman Spring, Park Spring, Preacher Spring, Procunter Spring, Rhoads Spring, Rogers Spring, Rudenvale Spring, Seep Spring, Sherwood Spring, Silver Spring, Sixmile Spring, Slicker Dick Spring, Spring Creek Spring, Stots Spring, Strickland Spring, Summit Spring, Taylor Spring, Thomson Spring, Twin Springs, White Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Ash Creek, Battle Creek, Battleax Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Foot Creek, Bitter Creek, Bittersweet Creek, Bogus Jim Creek, Boxelder Creek, Brush Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Burnt Fork, Calf Creek, Castle Creek, Cedar Breaks Creek, Clear Creek, Coon Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Ditch Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutchman Creek, East Fork Deep Creek, East Gimlet Creek, Elm Creek, Gimlet Creek, Gold Run, Grizzly Bear Creek, Heely Creek, Hop Creek, Horse Creek, Horsethief Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Creek, Kimball Creek, Marble Creek, Middle Bogus Jim Creek, Middle Fork Sage Creek, Mixes Food Creek, Negro Creek, Nelson Creek, Newton Fork, Nichols Creek, North Bogus Jim Creek, North Fork Castle Creek, North Fork Rainy Creek, North Fork Rapid Creek, Palmer Creek, Patterson Creek, Patterson Creek, Pine Creek, Poeno Creek, Pole Creek, Prairie Creek, Rainy Creek, Rapid Creek, Rhoads Fork, Sage Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Slate Creek, South Bogus Jim Creek, South Branch Prairie Creek, South Fork Castle Creek, South Fork Crooked Creek, South Fork Rainy Creek, South Fork Rapid Creek, South Fork Sage Creek, South Slate Creek, South Victoria Creek, Stone Draw, Tenderfoot Creek, Vanderlehr Creek, Victoria Creek, White Horse Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bear Mountain, Bishop Mountain, Bliss Hill, Bluelead Mountain, Boulder Hill, Brennan Hill, Buck Mountain, Buzzards Roost, Campaign Hill, Castle Peak, Cedar Butte, Clark Mountain, Copper Mountain, Cowboy Hill, Crows Nest Peak, Doane Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Echo Peak, Elkhorn Mountain, Flag Mountain, Flag Mountain, Flattop Butte, Ford Mountain, Gobbler Knob, Gold Hill, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Hangman Hill, Hardesty Peak, Harney Peak, Hart Table, Hat Mountain, Hat Mountain, Heck Table, Horse Tooth, Hubbard Hill, Humbolt Mountain, Hurley Butte, Hutmacher Table, Ingersoll Peak, Iron Mountain, Kelier Butte, Kube Table, Lake Hill, Lakota Peak, Lowden Mountain, Marvin Butte, Medicine Mountain, Merritt Peak, Mount Rushmore, Mount Wheaton, Nipple Butte, Norris Peak, Odakota Mountain, Old Bald Peak, Old Baldy Mountain, Perrin Mountain, Potato Butte, Quinn Butte, Quinn Table, Redfern Mountain, Saint Elmo Peak, Samelias Peak, Scruton Mountain, Seventyone Table, Signal Knob, Silver Mountain, Silver Peak, Smith Mountain, Storm Hill, Storm Hill, Street Hill, Summit Peak, Swinehart Hill, Tepee Peak, The Castle, Thompson Butte, Thrall Mountain, Turkey Hill, Twin Sisters, Union Hill, White Butte, White Tail Peak, Zebell Table

  Towers     show all on map

Bullock Lookout Tower, KGGG-FM (Rapid City), KIMM-AM (Rapid City), KKHJ-FM (Rapid City), KKLS-AM (Rapid City), KOTA-AM (Rapid City), KTEQ-FM (Rapid City), KTEQ-FM (Rapid City), KTOQ-AM (Rapid City), KVSR-FM (Rapid City)

  Trails     show all on map

Blackberry Trail, Flume Trail, Grizzly Creek Trail, Horse Thief Lake Trail, Lost Cabin Trail, Rapid Creek Trail, Silver Arrow Trail, Sylvan Lake Harney Trail, Willow Creek - Rushmore Trail, Willow Creek Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Thunderhead Falls Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Allen Gulch, Anderson Draw, Antelope Draw, Banner Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bearcat Gulch, Bee Draw, Benner Gulch, Big Canyon, Big Corral Draw, Bjornland Draw, Black Miner Gulch, Blind Gulch, Bloody Gulch, Boarding House Gulch, Bobcat Gulch, Bobcat Gulch, Bobtail Gulch, Bombard Draw, Boone Draw, Bourne Draw, Broad Gulch, Brown Jug Draw, Brushy Draw, Buckeye Gulch, Cabin Draw, California Gulch, Cameron Draw, Carley Draw, Cave Draw, Cedar Canyon, China Gulch, Cleghorn Canyon, Clog Gulch, Cluder Gulch, Cole Draw, Coon Hollow, Coulsen Hughes Draw, Cowboy Gulch, Coyote Draw, Custer Gulch, Dalzell Canyon, Dark Canyon, Day Brown Draw, Deadman Gulch, Dipping Vat Draw, Dougherty Gulch, Dump Draw, East China Gulch, East Nugget Gulch, Elkhorn Draw, Empress Gulch, Fall Draw, Farnum Draw, Fivemile Draw, Foster Gulch, Fourmile Draw, Friday Gulch, Frink Draw, Fulton Draw, Gold Standard Gulch, Goose Pasture Draw, Gooseberry Draw, Gordon Gulch, Gorman Gulch, Grand Vista Draw, Greyhound Gulch, Hawk Canyon, Hay Draw, Hay Draw, Hay Draw, Hoodoo Gulch, Horsely Gulch, Horton Gulch, Hughes Draw, Irish Gulch, Jenks Draw, Jenney Gulch, Joe Dollar Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Kelly Gulch, Lafferty Gulch, Lead Draw, Lena Gulch, Lessering Draw, Lind Gulch, Lindsey Draw, Little Canyon, Little Corral Draw, Little Thompson Draw, Long Draw, Long Draw, Long Draw, Loveland Canyon, Lyons Draw, Madison Draw, Magpie Gulch, Maitland Draw, Manganese Draw, Mannhan Canyon, Marshall Gulch, McCurdy Gulch, Mercedes Gulch, Middle Nugget Gulch, Minnesota Gulch, Moonshine Canyon, Moonshine Gulch, Nugget Gulch, Pats Draw, Penalua Gulch, Poison Weed Draw, Pony Gulch, Post Draw, Poverty Gulch, Powerhouse Gulch, Prairie Chicken Draw, Rabbit Gulch, Ralph Draw, Red Dog Gulch, Redbird Draw, Reno Gulch, Rockerville Gulch, Rocky Gulch, Ruby Gulch, Sand Draw, Sawbuck Draw, Sawmill Draw, Seven D Draw, Seventysix Draw, Shanks Gulch, Simkins Draw, Sixmile Draw, Skull Gulch, Sled Canyon, Smith Draw, Smith Gulch, Smoker Gulch, Soholt Draw, Solomon Gulch, South Canyon, South Fork Whaley Gulch, Spaw Gulch, Spring Draw, Spruce Gulch, Spurgeon Gulch, Stewart Gulch, Stony Buttes Draw, Sunday Gulch, Sunnyside Gulch, Swinehart Draw, Tamarack Gulch, Telegraph Gulch, Tepee Gulch, Thompson Draw, Three Tree Draw, Timber Draw, Trail Draw, Tree Draw, Van Lone Draw, Victoria Gulch, Walt Smith Canyon, Webb Draw, West Nugget Gulch, Wet Parmlee Canyon, Whaley Gulch, Wheeler Gulch, White Horse Gulch, White House Gulch, Whitetail Gulch, Wild Irishman Gulch, Wildcat Draw, Williams Draw, Windmill Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Four Corners Well, Gillette Well,

Pennington County, South Dakota Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePennington County White population 87,76987,769  
American IndianPennington County American Indian population 10,12310,123
MixedPennington County Mixed population 3,5483,548
BlackPennington County Black population 1,5651,565
AsianPennington County Asian population 1,1481,147
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPennington County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 104104

Additional population tables :
State population table
South Dakota population by county