Cocke County, Tennessee Basics:

Cocke County Tennessee - Government Site

Population: 35,594
Area: 435 square miles
County seat: Newport
Area code(s) in use: 423
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 75.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 8.6%
Median household income: $29,764
Persons in poverty: 26.0%
Home ownership rate: 71.2%
Mean travel time to work: 27.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Greene  Hamblen  Haywood (NC)  Jefferson  Madison (NC)  Sevier  Swain (NC)  

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Map of the Cocke County area

Our detail map of Cocke County shows the Cocke County, Tennessee boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cocke County, Tennessee

  Arches     show all on map

Big Oven, Little Oven

  Bars     show all on map

Allens Shoals, Andersons Shoals, Chunns Shoals, Hamptons Shoals, Robinson Ferry Shoals, Robinson Ford Shoals, Smith Shoals, Taylor Shoals

  Benches     show all on map

The Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Beech Bottoms, Chucky Bend, Inman Bend, Irish Bottoms, Mile Bottom, Mile Bottom, Weaver Bend, Weaver Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Conway Bridge, Deep Ford Bridge (historical), Grooms Bridge, Hale Bridge, James T Huff Bridge, John W Fisher Bridge, Lower Twin Bridge, Lower Twin Bridge, McSween Memorial Bridge, Upper Twin Bridge, Upper Twin Bridge, Wolf Creek Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Allied EMS of Cocke County, Centerview Volunteer Fire Department, Cocke County Ambulance Service, Cocke County Courthouse, Cocke County Fire Department, Cosby Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Cosby Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Davenport Gap Shelter, Del Rio Volunteer Fire Department, Grassy Fork Volunteer Fire Department, Long Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Magnum EMS, Newport Fire Department Station 1, Newport Fire Department Station 2, Newport Rescue Squad, Newport Rescue Squad, Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abe Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Ball Cemetery, Baxter Cemetery, Breeden Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Calder Cemetery, Calfee Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Crowder Cemetery, Cutshall Cemetery, Cutshall Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Denton Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, Faubion Cemetery, Finchum Cemetery, Fox Cemetery, Frances Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Grigby Cemetery, Gunter Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hannon Cemetery, Harneds Chapel Graveyard, Hartsell Cemetery, Hearst Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Inman Cemetery, Inman Cemetery, Inman Cemetery, Jack Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Justis Cemetery, Justis Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, Kyker Cemetery, Lane Cemetery, Mack Cemetery, Mantooth Cemetery, McMillan Cemetery, McNabb Cemetery, Mooneyham Cemetery, Mooneyham Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Nazarene Cemetery, Nichols Cemetery, O'Dell Cemetery, O'Haver Cemetery, Ottinger Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Shultz Cemetery, Slate Creek Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Solomon Cemetery, Susong Cemetery, Talley Cemetery, Tritt Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Valentine Cemetery, Varner Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Woods Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Centerview Division (historical), Del Rio Division (historical), Hartford Division (historical), Newport Division (historical), Parrottsville Division (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Allen Chapel, Allen Grove Church, Andrews Chapel, Bat Harbor Church, Bear Creek Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Big Pigeon Church, Big Pigeon Church, Black's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Briar Thicket Church, Brown Chapel, Browns Baptist Church, Bruner Grove United Methodist Church, Bybee United Methodist Church, Calvary Church, Catons Grove Methodist Church, Cave Hill Church, Center View Church, Centerview Church, Clay Creek Church, Cogdill Chapel, Deep Gap Church, Del Rio Baptist Church, Denton Baptist Church, Ebenezer Church (historical), Edgemont Church (historical), English Creek Baptist Church, Faith Mission, Forest Hill Church, Fowlers Grove Church, French Broad Church, Frog Pond Church, Glendale Church, Gospel Tabernacle, Gregg Chapel, Harned Chapel, Holder Grove Church, Houston Chapel, Houston Valley Church, Houston Valley Church, Jenkins Chapel, Jones Chapel, Joseph Chapel, Larges Church, Laurel Spring Church, Liberty Hill Baptist Church, Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church, Lindsey Church (historical), Little Pigeon Church, Long Creek Church, Lowes Chapel, Luther Memorial Church, Mannings Chapel Baptist Church, Maple Grove Church, McCowan Creek Church, McFalls Chapel (historical), McGaha Chapel, McMillan Church, Moraine Seminary Church, Mount Bethany Church, Mount Bethel Church (historical), Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Muberry Church, Nazarene Church, New Bethel Church, New Home Church, New Prospect Baptist Church, New Testament Church, Newport First Baptist Church, Nichols Chapel, Northport Baptist Church, O'Havers Chapel (historical), Ogle Chapel, Open Door Union Church, Oven Creek Church, Parrottsville United Methodist Church, Pigeon Valley Church, Piney Grove Church, Piney Mountain Mission Union Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pleasant Point Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Rays Chapel, Rice Church, Rorex Chapel, Russell Chapel, Saint Tide Church, Salem Church, Shady Grove Church, Six Forks Church, Southside Baptist Church, Stokely Chapel, Stokely Chapel, Timber Ridge Church, Union Baptist Church, Union Church, Union Hill Church (historical), West End Baptist Church, West End Church, Whaley Church (historical)

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chimney Rocks, McNabb Bluff, Skulley Bluff, Stanley Cliff

  Crossings     show all on map

Cane Ford, Interchange 432, Interchange 435, Interchange 440, Interchange 443, Interchange 447, Interchange 451, Robinson Ferry (historical), Robinson Ford (historical), Solomon Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Allen Branch Fish Pond Dam, Enka Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Dutch Bottoms, Holly Flats, Millstone Flats, Rankin Bottoms

  Forests     show all on map

Cherokee National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bear Neck Gap, Beech Gap, Beech Gap, Birchfield Gap, Brown Gap, Bull Mountain Gap, Burnett Gap, Burnett Gap, Camel Gap, Davenport Gap, Deep Gap, Deer Creek Gap, Dogwood Gap, Dogwood Gap, Dry Pond Gap, Dry Pond Gap, Gold Mine Gap, Gold Mine Gap, Hickorynut Gap, Hollow Field Gap, Huff Gap, Kale Gap, Lemon Gap, Little Pine Gap, Locust Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Maple Spring Gap, Marrow Gap, Miller Gap, Mocassin Gap, Mocassin Gap, Morgan Gap, Muberry Gap, Peach Orchard Gap, Pheasant Gap, Pigeonroost Gap, Rattlesnake Gap, Raven Gap, Rocky Top Gap, Sandy Gap, Split Gap, Sunset Gap, Talton Gap, Toms Gap, Turkey Gap, Yellow Creek Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Baptist Hospital of Cocke County, Cocke County Baptist Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Boyer Island, Briggs Island, Briggs Island, Brown Island, Fork Island, Huff Island, Hurley Island, Joe Green Island, Johnson Island, Morris Island (historical), Naillon Island, Peats Island, Ryal Island, Sisk Island, Smith Island, Solomon Island, Steele Island, Stokelys Island (historical), Susong Island, Tannery Island, Vinson Island, Wilson Island, Woods Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Crawley Pond, Scott Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Atchleys Mill (historical), Brooks Mill (historical), Bubbling Spring Shooting Range, Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Number 423 (historical), Cocke County Farm (historical), Cosby Ranger Station, Curentons Ferry (historical), Davenport Gap Appalachian Trail Shelter, Dayenport Gap Appalachian Trail Shelter, Deep Gap Shelter, Denton Mills (historical), DeWitt Mill (historical), Douglas Shores Campground, East Meyer (historical), Erpes Bloomary Forge (historical), Fines Ferry (historical), French Broad, French Broad Boating Site, Fugate Siding (historical), Gilliland Creek Campsite, Houston Valley Campground, Junction, Kyle Carver Orchards, Laws, Long Creek Mill (historical), Meadow Creek Lookout, Mitchell Wilson Mill (historical), Newport Junction, Otter Creek Campsite, Round Mountain Campground, Round Mountain Lookout, Smoky Mountain Golf Course, Snakeden Mountain Campsite, Sugar Cove Campsite, Walnut Mountain Appalachian Trail Shelter

  Mines     show all on map

Adams Mine, Bee Branch Prospect, Beetree Knob Prospect, Blanchard Mine, Brushy Mountain Prospect, Bry Fork Prospect, Cross Mountain Prospect, Darky Tom Mine, Dickey Mine, East Meyer Mine, Huff Prospect, Huff Prospect, Krebs Mine, Long Creek Prospect, Moccasin Gap Mine, Mooneyham Mine, Mud Tunnel Hollow Mine, Oliver Mine, Smith Quarry, Spence Mine, Stokely Prospect, Stone Mine, Waddell Mine, West Meyer Mine, White Rock Hollow Mine, Williams Mine, Willis Prospect, Wood Mine

  Parks     show all on map

French Broad Recreation Site, Houston Valley Recreation Area, Rattlesnake Branch Recreation Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Buffalo Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allen Grove, Bailey Town, Baltimore, Bat Harbor, Birdsville (historical), Blue Mill, Bluffton, Boomer, Briar Thicket, Bridgeport, Brookside Mill, Browns, Bruner Grove, Bybee, Carson Springs, Castle Heights, Catons Grove, Clevenger, Click Mill, Cosby, Del Rio, Denton, Eastport, Edgemont, Edwina, English Creek, Finney Patch, Forest Hill, Fowler Grove, French Broad, Glendale, Grassy Fork, Gum Spring, Gwinntown (historical), Harmony Grove, Hartford, High Point, Holttown, Inman (historical), Irish Cut, Jaybird, Jenkins Mill, Jimtown, Jonestown (historical), Lanceville, Leadvale, Liberty Hill, Licklog, Lilac (historical), London, Long Creek, Maple Spring, Midway, Naillon (historical), Naillontown (historical), Newport, Northport, Nough, Oak Hill, Oldtown, Ottinger, Padgett Mill, Parrottsville, Pleasant Grove, Point Pleasant, Rankin, Raven Branch, Read Hill, Redwine, Reidtown, Salem, Sunset Gap, Tom Town, Unaka Station (historical), Wasp, West End, West Myers, Wilsonville, Wilton Springs, Wolf Creek

  Post Offices     show all on map

Birdsville Post Office (historical), Bison Post Office (historical), Bluffton Post Office (historical), Boomer Post Office (historical), Bridgeport Post Office (historical), Broad Post Office (historical), Browns Post Office (historical), Bybee Post Office, Cato Post Office (historical), Cosby Post Office, Costner Post Office (historical), Del Rio Post Office, Drift Post Office (historical), Driskill Post Office (historical), Edwina Post Office (historical), English Post Office (historical), French Broad Post Office (historical), Givens Post Office (historical), Hartford Post Office, Help Post Office (historical), Jonestown Post Office (historical), Lemons Gap Post Office (historical), Moraine Post Office (historical), Naillon Post Office (historical), Newport Post Office, Ottinger Post Office (historical), Parrotsville Post Office, Peanut Post Office (historical), Phillips Post Office (historical), Punkton Post Office (historical), Rankins Depot Post Office (historical), Readhill Post Office (historical), Salem Post Office (historical), Sutton Post Office (historical), Tampa Post Office (historical), Unaka Station Post Office (historical), Wasp Post Office (historical), White Well Post Office (historical), Wilsonville Post Office (historical), Wilton Springs Post Office (historical), Wolf Creek Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Allen Branch Fish Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Arington Ridge, Bearpen Ridge, Bearpen Ridge, Big Flat Ridge, Big Hill, Big Ridge, Buck Ridge, Buckeye Lead, Calder Ridge, Calder Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Cut Ridge, Devils Backbone, Flat Ridge, Fork Ridge, Fowler Ridge, Gilliland Ridge, Gold Mine Ridge, Gold Mine Ridge, Green Ridge, Groundhog Ridge, Hurricane Ridge, Jake Ridge, Leadmine Ridge, Little Toper Ridge, Locust Thorn Ridge, Maddron Bald, Meadow Creek Mountains, Mine Ridge, Mine Ridge, Orebank Ridge, Piney Grove Ridge, Pond Ridge, Poor Ridge, Rowdy Ridge, Snakeden Ridge, Sutton Ridge, The Knobs, Timber Ridge, Timber Ridge, Toper Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alexander School (historical), Allen Chapel School, Anderson Academy (historical), Barnes Valley School, Bell Hill School, Black School, Bogard School (historical), Bridgeport Elementary School, Brown School, Bruners Grove School (historical), Bybee School (historical), Carson Springs School (historical), Catons Grove School (historical), Cave School (historical), Centerview Elementary School, Chavis School (historical), Cocke County High School, Cocke County Vocational School, Cosby Academy (historical), Cosby Elementary School, Davis School, Dawson Valley School (historical), Del Rio Elementary School, Denton School (historical), Easterly School (historical), Edgemont Elementary School, Edwina School (historical), English Creek School (historical), Fair Ground School (historical), Forest Hill School (historical), Fowler Grove School (historical), Fugate School, Garver Chapel School (historical), Glendale School (historical), Goodwater School (historical), Grandview School (historical), Grassy Fork Elementary School, Green Meadows School (historical), Gum Springs School (historical), Harmony Grove School (historical), Harned chapel School (historical), Hartford Elementary School, High Point School (historical), Holt School (historical), Holts Community School (historical), Irish Cut School (historical), Jones School (historical), Laws School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Long Creek School (historical), MacMillan School (historical), Manning Chapel School, McFall Chapel School (historical), McNabb School (historical), Meadow School House (historical), Middle Fork School, Midway School (historical), Moraine Seminary (historical), Mountain Grove School (historical), Mountain Rest School (historical), Mountain View School (historical), New Prospect School, Newport Academy (historical), Northport School (historical), Northwest Elementary School, O'Dell School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oldtown School (historical), Ottinger School (historical), Over Mountain School (historical), Parrotsville Elementary School, Parrotsville Seminary (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Possum College (historical), Rabbit Hill School, Rankin School (historical), Reid Hill School, Reidtown School (historical), Rock Hill School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical), Rowe School, Salem School (historical), Slab Town School (historical), Smoky Mountain Elementary School, Smoky Mountain School (historical), Sycamore Dell School (historical), Talley Memorial School (historical), Tanner School, Tannery School (historical), Unity School (historical), Waterville School (historical), Webb Springs School (historical), West End School (historical), Wilsonville School (historical), Wolf Creek School, Wolf Creek School, Zion Hill School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Ailey Spring, Burnett Spring, Carson Springs, Ellis Spring, Ellison Spring, Faubion Spring, Gum Spring, Gum Spring, Gurgling Spring, Hale Spring, Huff Spring, Junebug Spring, Lower Spring, McSween Spring, Morrell Spring, Nease Spring, Neddys Spring, O'Dell Spring, Ottinger Springs, Poplar Spring, Powder Spring, Powder Spring, Proffit Spring, Rock Springs, Sisk Spring, Spout Spring, Spout Spring, Stephens Spring, Sulpher Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Springs, Swaggerty Spring, Swatzell Springs, Wilton Springs, Yellow Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Abe Branch, Alexander Branch, Allen Branch, Allen Branch, Allen Creek, Austin Branch, Austin Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Baker Branch, Barnes Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Creek, Bearpen Branch, Bee Branch, Beech Branch, Beech Branch, Bennett Branch, Big Branch, Big Cliffy Branch, Big Clifty Branch, Big Cove Branch, Boardtree Branch, Bogard Creek, Breeden Branch, Brown Branch, Brown Gap Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Branch, Buckeye Creek, Bug Branch, Busler Branch, Camel Hump Creek, Cameron Branch, Camp Bell Branch, Camp Moss Creek, Caney Creek, Capps Branch, Capps Branch, Carney Branch, Carolina Prong, Cates Creek, Catgut Branch, Chavis Creek, Chute Branch, Clay Creek, Clear Creek, Coldspring Branch, Cole Creek, Cool Branch, Coon Branch, Coon Branch, Copperhead Branch, Cosby Creek, Cricket Branch, Cripple Creek, Crying Creek, Darky Tom Branch, Deep Gap Creek, Deer Hill Branch, Diamond Creek, Doe Branch, Doe Branch, Double Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Fork, English Creek, Fall Branch, Fall Rock Branch, Fancher Branch, Fed Fork, Fed Fork, Fern Springs Branch, Fine Branch, Fine Trail Branch, Flat Branch, Fletcher Spring Branch, Fowler Grove Creek, Fox Hollow Branch, Freshour Branch, Gabes Creek, Gilliland Fork, Gillot Branch, Good Hope Branch, Goodwater Branch, Goose Branch, Granny Branch, Granny Branch, Grassy Fork, Gray Branch, Greenbrier Creek, Groundhog Creek, Gulf Branch, Gulf Fork Big Creek, Gum Spring Branch, Halltop Branch, Haney Branch, Hen Wallow Creek, Hood Branch, Hootowl Branch, Huff Branch, Hunter Creek, Hurricane Branch, Huskycamp Branch, Ike Wright Branch, Inadu Creek, Indian Camp Creek, John Creek, Johnson Branch, Jones Branch, Jones Branch, Kelly Branch, Kill Dee Branch, Kneelas Creek, Knob Creek, Kyker Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Laurel Fork, Lemon Prong, Little Cliffy Branch, Little Clifty Branch, Little Fall Rock Branch, Little Rock Creek, Long Branch, Long Creek, Lovell Creek, Lower Falling Branch, Maddron Creek, McCowan Creek, McFalls Branch, McKinney Branch, McMahan Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Messer Branch, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Gulf Fork Big Creek, Middle Prong Gulf Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Branch, Mooneyham Branch, Mooneyham Branch, Moore Branch, Morell Springs Branch, Morgan Branch, Mud Tunnel Branch, Muddy Branch, Murray Branch, Naillon Branch, Needmore Branch, Negro Branch, Nolichucky River, North Fork Bogard Creek, North Fork Clear Creek, North Fork McCowan Creek, O'Neil Branch, Otter Creek, Ottinger Creek, Oven Creek, Palmer Creek, Panther Branch, Pauldo Branch, Pheasant Branch, Pigeon River, Pigeonroost Branch, Pigeonroost Branch, Pigpen Branch, Piney Branch, Polecat Branch, Polly Elbert Branch, Possum Branch, Rabbit Branch, Rader Branch, Rattlesnake Branch, Raven Branch, Richtop Branch, Riding Fork, Robinson Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rowdy Creek, Shanty Branch, Shelton Branch, Shoestring Branch, Shop Branch, Simmons Branch, Sinking Creek, Sinking Creek, Slate Creek, South Fork Bogard Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, Sowbed Branch, Spencer Branch, Spicewood Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Summerhouse Branch, Sweetwater Creek, Taddling Branch, Teague Branch, Tinker Branch, Tobes Creek, Tobes Creek, Toby Branch, Tom Creek, Toms Creek, Trail Fork, Trail Hollow Branch, Turkeypen Branch, Turnalay Creek, Upper Falling Branch, Vinson Branch, Watertank Branch, Weaver Branch, Webb Branch, West Branch Brush Creek, West Branch Cove Creek, White Branch, Whitesprings Branch, Wolf Creek, Yellow Spring Branch, Yellow Springs Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Baker Knob, Beetree Knob, Big Bull Mountain, Big Hill, Big Hill, Bluff Mountain, Broad Axe Hill, Brush Creek Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Buffalo Rock, Buzzard Roost, Camel Hump Knob, Camel Hump Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, Chimney Rocks, Cosby Knob, Cross Mountain, Cross Mountain, Dan Top, Denton Knob, Gabes Mountain, Green Knob, Green Mountain, Grindstone Mountain, Gulf Mountain, Hall Mountain, Hall Top, Harrison Knob, Inadu Knob, Inadu Mountain, Jeffs Knob, John Mountain, Kelly Knob, Laurel Mountain, Little Bull Mountain, Lynch Hill, Messer Mountain, Neddy Mountain, Padgett Knob, Panther Mountain, Peaked Knob, Piney Mountain, Potato Hill, Potter Knob, Punch Bowl Mountain, Punch Bowl Mountain, Rag Mountain, Raines Knob, Ramsey Mountain, Raven Mountain, Rich Butt Mountain, Rich Mountain, Rich Mountain, Rich Top, Rocky Face Mountain, Rocky Top, Ross Knob, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sand Mountain, Sawyer Mountain, Sawyer Mountain, Short Mountain, Snake Den Mountain, Snowbird Mountain, Sol Messer Mountain, Stone Mountain, Sunup Knob, The Pinnacle, Three Top Mountain, Turkey Knob, Walnut Mountain, Wildcat Knob, Wildcat Top, Yellow Springs Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

Hall Top Lookout, WLIK-AM (Newport), WNPC-AM (Newport)

  Trails     show all on map

Chimney Rocks Trail, Gum Springs Trail, Lower Whiterock Trail, Meadow Creek Mountain Trail, Messer Trail, Paint Mountain Trail, Stone Mountain Trail, Tweed Trail, Tweed Trail, Walnut Mountain Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Barger Hollow, Barnett Hollow, Baysinger Hollow, Bear Wallow Hollow, Bearneck Cove, Beetree Hollow, Benson Hollow, Betree Hollow, Big Fill Hollow, Boardtree Hollow, Bridges Hollow, Britt Hollow, Brooks Hollow, Brown Hollow, Bruner Hollow, Bryant Hollow, Bryant Hollow, Buckner Hollow, Bull Hollow, Bull Hollow, Burnett Hollow, Busler Hollow, Butler Hollow, Byrd Holt Hollow, Cane Hollow, Chicken Hollow, Cindy Cove, Cindy Cove, Cloverfield Hollow, Cool Hollow, Cooper Hollow, Corn Hollow, Crumb Hollow, Dark Hollow, Darky Tom Hollow, Duck Hollow, Fain Cove, Fox Hollow, Freshour Hollow, George Hollow, George Hollow, Gibson Hollow, Goose Hollow, Greasy Cove, Gunter Hollow, Gunter Hollow, Holt Hollow, Hootowl Hollow, Horseshoe Hollow, Iron Mine Hollow, Keesel Hollow, Keller Hollow, Lamb Gulf, Landin Cove, Laurel Hollow, Laurel Hollow, Marshall Hollow, Mill Rock Hollow, Mill Rock Hollow, Moore Hollow, Moore Hollow, Moore Hollow, Moore Hollow, Mud Hollow, Mud Hollow, Mud Tunnel Hollow, Palmer Hollow, Phillips Hollow, Pigeonroost Hollow, Pole Road Hollow, Pole Road Hollow, Possum Hollow, Prader Hollow, Reece Hollow, Reed Hollow, Ridge Hollow, Saint Tide Hollow, Sandy Hollow, Sawyer Hollow, Sheep Hollow, Strange Hollow, Sugar Cove, Sugar Hollow, Summer House Hollow, Talley Hollow, Tee Hollow, Teno Hollow, Tobey Hollow, Trail Hollow, Trantham Hollow, Trantham Hollow, Watertank Hollow, Watertank Hollow, Webb Hollow, White Rock Hollow, Zachy Hollow,

Cocke County, Tennessee Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCocke County White population 33,99233,992  
BlackCocke County Black population 712711
MixedCocke County Mixed population 534533
American IndianCocke County American Indian population 178177
AsianCocke County Asian population 142142
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCocke County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3635

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