Henry County, Tennessee Basics:

Henry County Tennessee - Government Site

Population: 32,338
Area: 562 square miles
County seat: Paris
Area code(s) in use: 731
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 83.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.7%
Median household income: $36,593
Persons in poverty: 17.4%
Home ownership rate: 74.6%
Mean travel time to work: 20.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Benton  Calloway (KY)  Carroll  Graves (KY)  Houston  Stewart  Weakley  

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Map of the Henry County area

Our detail map of Henry County shows the Henry County, Tennessee boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Henry County, Tennessee

  Airports     show all on map

Henry County Airport, Henry County Hospital Airport, Meadowlark Airport, Oliver Landing Airport, Paris Landing Airpark

  Bars     show all on map

Big Sandy Bar, Leatherwood Shoals

  Basins     show all on map

Big Sandy River Dewatering Area, Ward Bottom, West Sandy Creek Dewatering Area

  Bays     show all on map

Swan Bay

  Bridges     show all on map

Mays Bridge, Parker Bridge (historical), Ray Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Cottage Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Henry County Courthouse, Henry Volunteer Fire Department, Mansfield Fire Department, Oakland Volunteer Fire Department, Ore Springs / Como Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Paris City Hall, Paris Fire Department Station 1, Paris Fire Department Station 2, Paris Henry County Rescue Squad, Paris Landing Fire Department Station 1, Paris Landing Fire Department Station 2, Paris Landing Fire Department Station 3, Paris Landing Fire Department Station 4, Puryear Volunteer Fire Department, Springville Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Springville Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry Routin

  Canals     show all on map

Blood River Drainage Ditch, North Fork Blood River Drainage Ditch, South Fork Blood River Drainage Ditch, West Sandy Creek Drainage Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Pace Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alexander Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allison Cemetery, Allman Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Atkin Cemetery, Atkins Cemetery, Atkins Cemetery, Babb Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barber Cemetery, Barrs Chapel Cemetery, Beasley Cemetery, Beaver Dam Cemetery, Beaverdam Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethesda Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Bevill Cemetery, Bird-Miller Cemetery, Birds Creek Cemetery, Birds Creek Cemetery, Blake Cemetery, Blanchett Cemetery, Bomar Cemetery, Bond-Limekiln Cemetery, Boothe Cemetery, Bostick Cemetery, Bowden Cemetery, Bowden Cemetery, Bowden Cemetery, Bowden Cemetery, Bowers Cemetery, Bowers Cemetery, Bradford Cemetery, Bradford Cemetery, Bradford Cemetery, Bradford Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Bradshaw Cemetery, Brannon Cemetery, Braswell Cemetery, Brent Cemetery, Brisendine Cemetery, Broach Cemetery, Brogdon Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Bruce Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Bucy Cemetery, Bucy Cemetery, Burke Cemetery, Caldenoia Cemetery, Caldwell Cemetery, Caldwell Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Carson Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Cates Cemetery, Caton Springs Cemetery, Cavitt Cemetery, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Chapel Hill Cemetery, Cherry Cemetery, Chick Cemetery, Chilcutt Cemetery, Chilcutt Cemetery, Chumley Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clary Cemetery, Claxton Cemetery, Cobb Cemetery, Coley Cemetery, Conyersville Cemetery, Conyersville Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cope Cemetery, Cottage Grove Cemetery, Country Home Cemetery, Covington-Wall Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Crawley Cemetery, Crouch Cemetery, Crutchfield Cemetery, Culpepper Cemetery, Dale Cemetery, Dellahunty Cemetery, Dinwiddie Cemetery, Dinwiddie Cemetery, Dinwiddie Cemetery, Dobbins Cemetery, Dodson Cemetery, Dortch Cemetery, Dumas Cemetery, Dumpling Hill Cemetery, Dunlap-Hall Cemetery, Easley Cemetery, Eastwood Cemetery, Edgar Cemetery, Edmunds Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, El Bethel Cemetery, Elkhorn Cemetery, Elliott Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Fields Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Fodge Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foundry Hill Cemetery, Francisco Cemetery, Freeland Cemetery, French Cemetery, Gilliam Cemetery, Glisson Cemetery, Glover Cemetery, Gore Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Grooms Cemetery, Gwinn Cemetery, Haglerville Cemetery, Haines Cemetery, Hancel Cemetery, Hansel Cemetery, Harman Cemetery, Harper Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Hartsfield Cemetery, Hatman Cemetery, Hays Cemetery, Heglar Chapel Cemetery, Hendrix Cemetery, Hendrix Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Henry County Memorial Gardens, Hickory Grove Cemetery, Hicks Cemetery, Hicks Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill Crest Memorial Cemetery, Hinchey Cemetery, Hopkins Cemetery, House Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Huddleston Cemetery, Hudgens Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Humphreys Cemetery, Irby Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, James Cemetery, Janes Cemetery, Jarrell Cemetery, Johnson Chapel Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Chapel Cemetery, Joyner Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kemp Cemetery, Kemp Cemetery, Kendall Cemetery, Kendall Cemetery, Kendall Cemetery, Kennerly Cemetery, Key Cemetery, King Cemetery, Kuykendall Cemetery, Lafever Cemetery, Lampkins Cemetery, Lankford Cemetery, Lassiter Cemetery, Lawrence Cemetery, Lawrence Cemetery, Lax Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Leeper Cemetery, Lemond Cemetery, Leoney Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Linville Cemetery, Littleton Cemetery, Lowry Cemetery, Lumbix Cemetery, Manley Cemetery, Manleys Chapel Cemetery, Manleys Chapel Cemetery, Manleyville Cemetery, Mansfield Cemetery, Manteys Chapel Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Mathis Cemetery, Maxwell Cemetery, McCall Cemetery, McCampbell Cemetery, McClain Cemetery, McCuthen Cemetery, McDavid Grove Cemetery, McFarland Cemetery, McGhee Old Slave Cemetery, McLester Cemetery, Memorial Cemetery, Mill Creek Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Milliken Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Moody Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Morrow Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Muzzall Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Neal Cemetery, Neece Cemetery, New Bethel Cemetery, New Bethel Cemetery, New Boston Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, New Liberty Cemetery, Nichols Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Odom Cemetery, Old Antioch Cemetery, Old Ebenezer Cemetery, Old El Bethel Cemetery, Old Foundary Hill Cemetery, Old Moody Cemetery, Old Salem Cemetery, Old Soldiers Cemetery, Olive Branch Cemetery, Olive Cemetery, Oliver Cemetery, Oliver Cemetery, Overcast Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Pace Cemetery, Page Cemetery, Palestine Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Paris City Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parrish Cemetery, Paschall Cemetery, Paschall-Wall Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Peeples Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Phelps Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Point Pleasant Cemetery, Poplar Grove Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Price Cemetery, Pride Cemetery, Pritchett Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Provine Cemetery, Provo Cemetery, Pryor Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Puryear Cemetery, Puryear Memorial Garden, Ralls Cemetery, Ratteree Cemetery, Rennolds Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Rowden Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Rushing Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Salmon Cemetery, Scarbough Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Shells Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Simmons Cemetery, Simmons Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Snider Cemetery, Spann Cemetery, Speight Cemetery, Spring Creek Cemetery, Spring Hill Cemetery, Stephens Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Street Cemetery, Sulphur Well Cemetery, Sunny Side Cemetery, Swift Cemetery, Tabernacle Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Tharp Cemetery, Tharpe Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Tick Point Cemetery, Townley Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Trevathan Cemetery, Tyler Cemetery, Tyler-Compton Cemetery, Tyson Cemetery, Underwood Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, Union Hall Cemetery, Upchurch Cemetery, Upchurch Cemetery, Valentine Cemetery, Van Dyke Grove Cemetery, Vandyke Cemetery, Vaughn Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Wallace Cemetery, Walters Cemetery, Walton Cemetery, Weaks Cemetery, Weaks Cemetery, Weaks Cemetery, Whipple Cemetery, Whitehead Cemetery, Wiggins Cemetery, Wilburn Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams-Nathan Cemetery, Willoughby Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Winsett Cemetery, Wiseman Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Wynns Cemetery, Yow Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Buchanan-Elkhorn Division (historical), Cottage Grove Division (historical), Henry Division (historical), Nobles Census Designated Place, Paris Division (historical), Puryear Division (historical), Springville Division (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Barrs Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Beaverdam Church (historical), Berea Church (historical), Bethany Church, Bethesda Church, Bethlehem Church, Big Eagle Creek Church (historical), Birds Creek Church, Birds Creek Church, Blood River Church, Buchanan Baptist Church, Caledonia Church, Cedar Hill Church, Central Point Baptist Church, Chapel Hill Church, Chestnut Grove Church, Coldwater Church, Cottage Grove Baptist Church, Dumpling Hill Church (historical), Evergreen Church, Fairview Baptist Church, Fairview Church (historical), Friendship Church, Friendship Church, Gum Spring Church, Henry Baptist Church, Hephzibah Church (historical), Hico Church, Johnson Chapel, Jones Chapel, Latterday Saints Church, Lebanon Church, Lebanon Church, Lebanon Church (historical), Little Rock Church, Manleys Chapel, Mansfield Baptist Church, Manteys Chapel, Maplewood Church, Mays Hill Church (historical), McDavid Grove Church, Milton Grove Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Sinai Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), Mount Zion Church (historical), Nelson Creek Church, New Bethel Baptist Church, New Bethel Church, New Bethel Church, New Bethel Church (historical), New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Church, New Liberty Church, Noah Chapel (historical), North Fork Church, Northside Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Hill Church, Old Antioch Church (historical), Old Foundry Hill Church, Old Liberty Church (historical), Old Maple Grove Church (historical), Olive Branch Church, Paris First Baptist Church, Pentecostal Church, Pilgrim Church, Pleasant Grove Church (historical), Pleasant Grove Church (historical), Pleasant Hill Church, Point Pleasant Church, Poplar Grove Church, Puryear First Baptist Church, Salem Church, Sand Hill Church (historical), Shady Grove Church, Shiloh Church, Spring Creek Church, Springhill Baptist Church, Springville Church, Springville Church, Sulphur Well Academy Church, Temple Church, Trinity Church, Union Church, Union Church (historical), Union Grove Church, Union Grove Church, Union Hall Church, Van Dyke Grove Church (historical), Walnut Fork Church, Warners Creek Church (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Flood Water Retarding Dam Number One, Fogelman Dam, H C Spinks Company Lake Dam, Middle Fork Obion Dam Five, Middle Fork Obion Dam Number Seven, Middle Fork Obion River Dam Number Four, Middle Fork Obion River Dam Number Six, Middle Fork Obion River Dam Number Three, Middle Fork Obion River Dam Number Two, Middle Fork Obion River Number Nine Dam, Smith Lake Dam, Taylor Lake Dam, Thompson Creek Number Five Dam, Weaks Lake Dam, West Sandy Dike

  Guts     show all on map

Tupelo Slough (historical)

  Hospitals     show all on map

Henry County Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Leatherwood Island (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Briarpatch Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Abernathy Landing (historical), Allen Store (historical), Antioch Boat Harbor, Antioch Landing, Bear Creek Mill (historical), Bradford Landing (historical), Britton Ford Campground, Buchanan Landing, Buchanans Resort, Bull Durhan Resort Dock, Burtons Landing (historical), Camp Running Deer, Center, Centerville Landing (historical), Chapel Hill, County Junction Resort, Cypress Bay Resort, Cypress Creek Cabin Area, Dodson Landing (historical), Dottys Store (historical), Dunaway Landing (historical), Eagle Nest Marina, Elkhorn Park Community Center, Grovers Mill (historical), Hastings Store (historical), Hollands Store (historical), Iron Bridge Landing, J and S Poultry Farms, Kays Landing (historical), Kentucky-Tennessee Spur, LaGrange Landing (historical), Lee Greer Shopping Center, Mansard Island Resort, Martins Mill (historical), Morgans Dock, Mouth of Sandy Landing (historical), Murphy Landing (historical), Nelson Community Center, Oak Haven Acres Dock, Paris - Henry County Landfill, Paris Golf and Country Club, Paris Landing, Paris Landing Marina, Paris Shopping Center, Paris Square Shopping Center, Pine Point Dock, Pleasant View Dock, Pleasant View Resort, Price Store (historical), Princes Store (historical), Quillens Store (historical), Reelfoot Girl Scout Council Camp, Rogers Mill (historical), Shamrock Dock, Shamrock Resort, Slaughters Dock, Sorrells Dock, Spinks Spur, Sulphur Well Landing, Swan Bay Resort Dock, Todds Landing (historical), Underwoods Store (historical), Walters Store (historical), Weldon Landing (historical), West Sandy Landing, Williams Dock, Yarbrough Store (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Cottage Grove Mine Number 4, Moore Mine, Oak Grove Gravel Pit, Shankle Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Barton Field, Big Eagle Recreation Area, Big Sandy Unit Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, Greenhead Recreation Area, Johnson Park, Ogburn Park, Paris Landing State Park, Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, West Sandy Wildlife Management Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Antioch Harbor Resort, Bethlehem, Buchanan, Buchanan Subdivision, Cabana Estates, Chickasaw Heights, Como, Conyersville, Cottage Grove, Durham Subdivision, Elkhorn, Foundry Hill, Freeland, Haglerville (historical), Haigler Ridge, Hancock, Hearndale, Henry, Hilltop, India, Jones Mill, Lakeview Manor, Liberty, Mandels (historical), Manleyville, Mansfield, Meadow Mead, Midway, Midway, Mill Creek, Mills Subdivision, Moons, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vista (historical), New Boston, New Hope, Nobles, Oak Grove, Oak Haven Acres, Oak Hill, Oak Wood Estates, Oakland, Old Springville, Osage, Pace (historical), Palestine, Paris, Pine Hill, Pine Point Subdivision, Pleasant Hill, Porter Court, Porters (historical), Puryear, Riverwood Hills, Routon, Salem, Spring Creek, Springville, Sunny Side, Van Dyke, Whitlock, Woodland Acres

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bayne Post Office (historical), Buchanan Post Office, Como Post Office, Conyersville Post Office (historical), Cottage Grove Post Office, Dulac Post Office (historical), Elkhorn Post Office (historical), Freeland Post Office (historical), Haglersville Post Office (historical), Hastings Post Office (historical), Henry Post Office, India Post Office (historical), Kilbridge Post Office (historical), Live Oak Post Office (historical), Manlyville Post Office (historical), Mansfield Post Office, Mount Vista Post Office (historical), New Boston Post Office (historical), North Fork Post Office (historical), Paris Landing Post Office (historical), Paris Post Office, Puryear Post Office, Routon Post Office (historical), Spring Hill Academy Post Office (historical), Springville Post Office, Townsend Post Office (historical), Whitlock Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Farmer Pond, Green Acres Lake, H C Spinks Company Lake, Jones Bend Lake, Mason Lake, Middle Fork Obion Lake Five, Middle Fork Obion Lake Number Seven, Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Four, Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Six, Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Three, Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Two, Middle Fork Obion River Number Nine Lake, Platts Pond, Robertson Lake, Smith Lake, Smith Lake, Taylor Lake, Thompson Creek Number Five Lake, Twin Lakes, Weaks Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Adams School (historical), Antioch School (historical), Atkins Porter School, Barris Chapel School (historical), Birds Creek School (historical), Blake School, Blood River School (historical), Booth School (historical), Buchanan Elementary School, Bunn School (historical), Caledonia School (historical), Carter School (historical), Caton School, Center School (historical), Central High School, Central Point School (historical), Chapel Hill School (historical), Clifty School (historical), Cochran Grove School (historical), Conyersville School (historical), Cottage Grove Elementary School, Cottage Grove High School (historical), Delno School (historical), Dogwood School (historical), Elbethel School (historical), Eureka School (historical), Evergreen School (historical), Fairview School, Fairview School (historical), Foundary Hill School (historical), Fowler School (historical), Grove Junior High School, Halls Chapel School (historical), Henry County High School, Henry County Training School, Henry Elementary School, Hico School (historical), Hooper School (historical), Hunt School (historical), Hutson School (historical), India School (historical), John R Miller School for Retarded, Lawrence School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Liberty School Number 13 (historical), Manleyville School (historical), Mansfield School (historical), Mays School (historical), McDavid School (historical), Mill Creek School (historical), Mitchem School (historical), Morning Shade School (historical), Morphis School (historical), Mount Sinai School (historical), Nelson Creek School (historical), New Boston School (historical), New Hope School (historical), Nichols School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oak Hall School (historical), Oak Hill School (historical), Oak Hill School (historical), Oakland School (historical), Osage School (historical), Panhandle School (historical), Pascal School (historical), Perry School (historical), Pine Hill School (historical), Pleasant Grove School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Point Pleasant School (historical), Providence School (historical), Puryear Elementary School, Puryear School, Redtop School (historical), Robert E Lee School, Rowe School (historical), Salem School (historical), Shady Grove School (historical), Shell Academy (historical), Solomon School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Spring Hill School (historical), Spring Hill School (historical), Springville Elementary School, Success School (historical), Sulphur Well Academy (historical), Sunnyside School (historical), Thompson Grove School (historical), Union Grove School (historical), Van Dyke School (historical), Whitlock School (historical), Young School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Betsy Spring, Lashlee Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Bailey Fork Creek, Barnes Fork, Bear Creek, Beasley Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beechy Creek, Bennetts Creek, Betsy Branch, Big Sandy River, Billie Branch, Birds Creek, Blood River, Boaz Creek, Bomar Branch, Bomar Creek, Bowles Branch, Brushy Branch, Brushy Creek, Bryant Branch, Buck Branch, Caledonia Creek, Camp Branch, Cane Creek, Cane Creek, Chandler Ditch, Chapel Branch, Clayton Branch, Clear Creek, Clifty Creek, Coleman Branch, Collins Branch, Comer Branch, Conyers Branch, Cox Branch, Crossnoe Slough, Cullage Branch, Cypress Creek, Dale Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Eagle Creek, Ferguson Branch, Gillooly Branch, Gin Creek, Greenbriar Creek, Grudge Ditch, Harris Spring Branch, Hastings Branch, Hawley Branch, Henderson Branch, Henson Branch, Hill Creek, Holly Fork Creek, House Creek, Jones Bend Creek, Lawrence Branch, Lawrence Creek, Little Eagle Creek, Marberry Branch, McDavid Branch, McFadden Branch, McGehee Branch, McGowan Branch, Merrill Branch, Middle Fork Blood River, Mill Creek, Moody Branch, Mormon Branch, Neil Ditch, Nelson Creek, North Fork Blood River, North Fork Eagle Creek, Old Town Creek, Panther Creek, Pettijohn Creek, Phillips Creek, Porter Branch, Prairie Branch, Rabbit Creek, Robbins Creek, Rocky Branch, Ross Branch, Rowe Creek, Sandy Branch, Slickup Creek, Smallwood Branch, Smith Branch, South Fork Blood River, South Fork Eagle Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Hill Creek, Springville Branch, Sugar Creek, Sulphur Branch, Swamp Creek, Swan Pond Branch, Terrapin Creek, Thompson Creek, Threemile Branch, Town Creek, Trainer Creek, Turkeypen Creek, Twomile Branch, Vaughn Branch, Wade Branch, Walker Branch, Walnut Fork Creek, West Sandy Creek, White Oak Creek, Woodson Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Owens Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Beaverdam Lake, Sulphur Well Swamp (historical), Swan Pond Swamp (historical)

  Towers     show all on map

WMUF-AM (Paris), WTPR-AM (Paris), WTPR-FM (Paris)

  Valleys     show all on map

Clayton Hollow, Crass Hollow, Morgan Hollow,

Henry County, Tennessee Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteHenry County White population 28,94328,942  
BlackHenry County Black population 2,6192,619
MixedHenry County Mixed population 517517
AsianHenry County Asian population 129129
American IndianHenry County American Indian population 9797
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHenry County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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